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Young; James Marloy of Blrkett
Btreol Buns from HI Play Direct
ly Into the Path of ft Traotion Car,
but Is Picked Up by the Fonder
Ho Was Painfully Bruised, but No
Bonos Woro Broken Anothor Lad
Shot in tho Leg by His Companion.
A tragedy of tho tiollcy was piob
nblv aveited on Belmont street on
Monday night, by the presence of the
fonder on h Traotion tar, Into tho path
of which S-ye.u-old James Mailcy inn
while at plav In the lo.idvvay with a
number of companion.
The boy and his playmates made the
d'UiRCiou selection of tho stteet foi
thtli playKiouiul. The pot iuii neai
V. R. Mot lis "tote. Mai ley i"
lomplns about and In his childish sloe
ho seemed to lose Ills seme of danger
and In setting away lioin one of his
playmates he lan dltoetly In fionl of
a tiollev tat. The niotortrnn hart nn
diance to stop or the uir, and
It seemed as though the playful boy
was to meet an awful fato. Tho ten lu
nate piosonco of tho fonder piuved tho
Salvation of tho bov and ho was
picked up and pi evented ftom real fill
Inlury, If not death,
'Vhen tho motoininn 10 tolled young
Matley he was out of harm's way,
though ho complained of pain from
In a I' e wheie the fcinlei stiuck him.
It foaied tint ome bones weie
hi okon, but v hen the fony was taken
to the oinee of Di D L, liully roi
examination the suigcon oould locate
no fi.ittuie Tho bov, however, was
noivous and dlstuibod, but this was
all he appealed to be Buffeting fiom,
beyond th hi ulsc.
Tho Toy Pistol Again.
A toy pistol in the hands of a fiolic
ome boy is capable of considerable
mischief, and thl simo kind of toy
and the same small boy sustained theli
leputation on Monehiv evening, when
in-pai-old Joe Sweet was uont to the
doctoi's with a snnll quantity "f stone
that came fiom tho afoic-ald toy pis
tol. Sweet lives on South Chinch stieot
lie had a to pistol that pi o bled
abundant diveiion while it whs being
put to Its oi dainod put poses His
companions, houevu. took to expeil
montlng and theiehv hangs this ttile.
The pihtol was janimed to the top
of the bm el with wto bits of stone,
big enough, how o oi. to biing disaster
to i small bo. oi a big bo foi that
mattei To ee bow the thing would
go on, ono ol Sweet's companions
pulled the tiiggei. Tho pistol wont off
and aftei theio whs a howl fiom Sweet
He was in the way of the "to" and
some of the "opci intent" onteioi' into
bis leg. lie was taken to tho oflko of
Dr. D U Biilcv, who had to make nn
inci-ion to lemovo tho piece of stone
fiom tho bo's leg. There is a small
wound left, which ymiiip; Sweet will
have to muse for a few days, and
which will piubablv eive as a re
minder of his toy pistol expoiioncc.
Lake Lodore to Be tho Scene of nn
Interesting Event in Odd Follows
Tiidny. August 2", pinmises to bo
nn inteiesting day at b.aKe Lodoic.
It will be 'Odd Fellows' Da." at
that delightful .spot ooi the mountain,
and membeis of thr oidei will bo at
ti acted fiom all puts of the alloy,
OUe Leaf lodge, Xo, of this
oily, will conduit the exclusion, and
the members aie alioady hustling foi
the event.
Tho featuio of the day will bo tho
confoning the dogieo or chivahv. The
cpreniony that accompanies this de
Brie is beaut if nil v impiosslvc The
last occasion was at K.n lew two
ve.irs ago, when it was tonfeited be
foie je-vetal thousand people. The
desiee can bo. conferred but once In
soetal yeai.s In the t-aiiio pai t of
the state, and Ulivo Leaf lodge la
i uirespondlngly appiedatlve tint It is
to bo given undet its auspiceb un this
Epworth League Affair That Prom
ises to Be Highly Enjoyable.
The Upwnith League will hold a
Chinese social In the lectuio mom of
tho Methodist Kplscopal chinch this
venins, which ptomlses to bo an on
Jojable nftalr.
Tho following piogiammo will be
given: Vocal duet, Clain Bronson,
Lottie AVikox. leoltatiiin, nmnia
Blaii : paper, "China Need," V. H.
Bionson, tableau, t,olo, Mlna
Finnk; papei "Out Opportunities, in
"hiiia." Elizabeth Thompson; vocal
iuet, May Kllpatilck, Mr. Claik; let
or from China: tableaux
After the enteitalninent, tefresh
nenta will bo seivod A sllvoi offer
ng will he taken at the dont for the
lenefit of the famine suftereis In
To Attend a Commencement.
Misses Mniy and Madeline Walker,
if Washington stieot, left yesterday
nor'ilng for Stroudsbuig to atloiiil tho
omineneenient exeiolses ot tho state
ornial school theie, Miss Agnes
Valker, their sister, Is ono of the
Meetings of Tonight,
Boaid of health.
Wm. H. David,' post, No, 1ST, Oiand
vrmy of the Itupubllc,
l'jimeor castle, No, iOZ, Ancient Oi
ler Knights of the Mystic Chain,
Fidelity conclave, No. 1J0, Improved
iieler Ueptasophs.
Rev, M. 0. Elliott's Vacation,
ltev. M. C, i:illott, of the Klut Con
givgatletial chuich, has been giauted a
tlnee weekV vacation, and goes lo Join
A row tier to be shaken Into (lie shoes Yuur
(eel feel swollen, ncnous al hot, and act tiiod
tiil. If )ou hive tmjilliij; (oil or t Is lit timet.
'ty Mini's Koot lasc. It iool$ the feet an 1
Tialcs ujlklnj C4s.. funs fuollui. iucjllnj
let. ingrowing; nail, hlhtcri and ullnit, ,ois,
F.elieus ccrn and bunlont ot all uln and thej
not and romtoit. Trj it torfaj, &oM lo all
dii:,UU and thee ttoirs (or 2V. filal pacL
ice 1 1(1 1'. ddrcts, Ulcn a uliutcd, Lc itiv,
ti y. '
Carbondale Department
H 1
bl wife and dalighlor at "Oak Levi I,"
tho oountiy homo of I. It. Lmtletbach,
esq., In fat i oil county, Mai land.
Mr. Klllott will seek loot and tpi'ot
lido dm hi!,' Ills vacation, thereby hoping
to lognlii bin Htioimth, nftei the ety
trjlng walk tlnough which ho lias
Ilev, .T, .1. JonklnM, of t'lilomlalo, wilt
look alter Mr. 1'lllott n liiloicst' dtli
Ing his ahsciHo. nnd will pi i null both
morning and evening next Sunday.
Mi. I'lllott will toturn In time to of
tlolnto at his church, Sunday, July II,
Exercises of tho Class of '01 and of
tho School Carried Out Most Credit
ably Before an Audience That
Filled St. Rose Hall The Pro
gramme of tho Night's Event.
The commencement exorcises of the
class of '01 of St. Hose Academy weie
olweivcd last evening In rit. Rose
Tho piogiommc included, as Is cus
toniaiy, oxoiclses by the younger pu
pils of the academy, who last night
woro given good scope tor the nutill
tlos which have boon developed
through tho taieful tialnlng ot the
Tho halt was lesplcndout with de
eoiatlons and lights, and it was
i low tied bv tho patents and fi lends of
the giaduales and othoi pupils, and
who weie given many oppoitunitlos to
ipeik kind woids of the jouug people
The pi ogt amine, which will also be
lopeated this evening, owing to the
onui ninus demand lot tickets, was as
lollows. Salutatnt.v, Ambio'-c Battle;
"In tho Time of Roses," Minims:
piano, Miss Maiy McOouly, confei
ling of medals: ouhestia selection,
piano, Miss M.ny Moian. violins, Mas
teis i:. Can oil. II. Qulnn, J. Loftus,
W. Smith. O. McHale. Miss V. Claik.
A. Mm rill L Dov Ino Juvenile can
tata, "Tho Little Cvpsv", plino, Miss
Mary Itoulnnd. Hovs' rli 111 Recttn
tion. Master Adam Schaff: piano. Miss
Mary Rouland, iolins, i; Can oil, r.
Claike LesIIoutcs, scnlois Olils'
il i ill -I'iino , Miss rioronce McHale,
violins, i: Can oil, F. Claike Valedio
toiv. Misses L Ooidon, Saiah
H McCany, Rose V. O'Romke. Faio
well, class 1101 IIinn, school.
Splendid Recital by Miss Rose Con
way at Haydon Evans' Home.
Miss rtoce Conw.iv, of Scianlon,
teachoi of the pianotoito and oiganist
at tho Chinch of tho Holy Cioss in that
cltv, conducted a iciltal last evening
at tho homo of hoi tone hoi. Piofcssoj
Ilndn Kvans, on Laiuol stioet
Miss Conwaj, who, tlnough constant
stildv an I cKvotion lo hoi ait, his
aihlevcd Known loi one ot hoi eus, liei leputation and won new
adiniioi.s and fi lends list night, which
was hci Hut appeal ance In Caibon
dalo. W. J. Unbelts, ot South Scianton.who
possesses a iiiltuicd voiio ot gieat
powoi, was l.eaid with splendid eltoct
in live niitnhci.s
The piogi iiniiio vvas as follows:
(j) Vndinto (li) Vliii'Clto from boinli (it 10,
Nn i Wnlicr
(c) V d-c, V lid M i . Uumi)
(I) Tllu-.llii01CM no ' C lowo
(li) In Vuot o( Inmlii Ikuu , Bcithoicti
Mr. Ilolicrt.
(a) Inipinniihi diutirit
(lii MiuiKa Mr-ln
(i ) Wlilni-. schumirm
Mi-s ( mitt iv
W il In lioil hionlzcr
Mi. ltclitii-
( i) iinllc Ituhrnstrln
(li) I'olKi Ijililkaw-KI
Mi1- ( nmij,
(II Viin.n I,.ipi rrlln Mn-iit
(li) smiOM llio Cclli l,a ll.illoii
Mi. Itulieil-.
IMonai-', .No 2 Chopin
Mis.-, 1 Pirn i.
Guests at the Home of Geo. S. Kim
ball on Spring Street.
The members of the Caibondaln Cy
cle club enjojed the vvaim-heaited
hospitality of Cleoigo .S. Kimball, at
his bountiful lesidenco on Opting
stioot last night.
This is the tliiid or foiittli of tho
tioats which Mr Kimball has given
tho club since becoming its president,
and on each succeeding occasion tho
membeis me given moie evidence or
tho foitunato selection thoy niado
when i hoy called Ml. Kimball to dlioct
tho affali.s of the club.
The chief iiumbei of last night's
piogininmo was the lectin o of Dr.
Wheelc. on "Modem Suigor.v," Dr.
Wheeler has been heaid befoio on this
subject which ho ueats In an Intoiesl
Ing mannei, and last night ho in
creased the number of admlicrs of this
sublet i.
The quartette, composed of H. V
Claik, Russell Shopheid, Chailcs Bild
gott and W, A. Claik, sang soveial se
lections Mr Kimball was oxceedinglv solici
tous of his guests during the social
hour. Theie was an Impiomptu musi
cal programme, dm lug which tho as
semblage sang "Ameilca" to a violin
accompaniment by Isaac Singer, which
was tloveily executed. Chailcs Ri id
sett sang a solo and acoigo Jamos
gave a piano selection.
The Misses Moras Entertain,
Ono of tho notably pleasant events
of the social season wan the tea given
Monda afternoon by Miss Mois.s and
Miss Lots Moiss nt the hiudsoino
Mots homestead, north of tho city,
Ncaily bovcnty-ilva ladles paitook of
thu liospitallfi of the Misses
Among the out ot town .ucsts weie;
MNs Hind, ut Flushing, L. 1 ; Mis.
Jackson, Miss Jackson, Mis, Aloiuo
Moiss. Piolil"liie; .Mis LaItuo,8ciaii
ton; Mis. Richmond, Mis. Tiacy.Miss
Claia Richmond. Richmond 111)1,
Set anion, and Mis. Day, Nowaik, N. J.
At the Pan-American,
Dr. W. J. Baker and Mis. RaUer
will leave today tor a ten davs lslt
at the Pan-.moilcan exposition at
Will go to Housekeeping.
Oeoige Lance, of feiillivan i Ryan'r,
who was mauled at Vlaik'b, (Summit,
iccentlj, Is back trom his honeymoon,
and will begin housekeeping: heie.
'Phone $
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Michaol Olenicz, of Hill, Jumps from
a Coal Train in Front of Passonger
Train No. 15, on the D. & H. nnd
Is Instantly Killed Ho Was Re
turning fiom tho Funoral of n
Countryman, Who Met Death in
Edgerton Mino,
Mlohnol Olonloz, of Mnylleld, a minor
employed In the Urle mine at that
place, wai stitick and Instantlv killed
by passenger train IS on tho Dolawaio
and Hudson rallrond shoitly afti'r 3
o'clock yesteiday atternoon.
Olcnlcz mot death nbout thico hun
dred feet south of the Maylletd sta
tion, and strangely colncldently, It wai
while he vvas lettunlng fiom tho fu
neial of an acquaintance, Antonio
Cuclla, who almost met a lolont
death by being caught under a fall of
coal In the l'dgerton mine.
After tho funeral, Olenicz boaided a
coal tialn which came to a standstill
bolow tho Mavfleld station. He Jump
ed fiom his place on the coal car, and
aftei alighting stopped on tho tracks
In fiont of tho passenger train, which
was just beginning to slnckon Us speed
as It itemed the station. Olonlcz's act
was so sudden that It gave tho engi
neer no time to chock the tialn, and
the unfoi lunate in in was hut led aside
and landed alongside of tho coal tialn.
His head was feaifullv ci ushed, both
logs weio binken, ono arm wns also
fiactuicd.and his side was tonlbh con
tused Theie weie only fcoblo Indica
tions of life when ho was i cached and
ho o.xpliod Immediately after his body
was located.
Olenlcv lived on Hill stieot, May
field, not fai fiom wheio he was killed.
He vvas about I!" of ago, mar
ilocl, and loaves two ihlldten beside his
w Idow.
'Squhe Mendelsohn empanelled a
jmv composed of Thomas Btuke, Pat
llck McDonald, Peter Gilgallou, John
Williams and William Jones. Thoy
found that Olonlcz's death was acci
An Affair That Will Take Place at
Berean Baptist Church.
An unique social affali will take
place at tho Retoan Baptist chinch this
evening, in tho chinch pailois
Tho voung people have ananged for
a 'pissing" social, which moans tint
all w ho atf nd hi lug some ai tic le w Inch
thov think will add to tho moi i imeiu
of tho occasion In being ' paed along '
Admission will bo ton cents. Light
lefieshments v. ill follow tho piogiammo
of musical numbeis, which Is as fol
lows: Piano solo Annie Lewis
Recitation Maile Robinson
Vocal miIo Blanche Cob In
Recitation Llla Stone
Clailonotte sole H J. illy
Vocal duet... Lucy and Annie Mllligan
Recitation Mis. H. Cornell
Piano duet,
Maude Haigh and Blonc he Colvin
Vocal solo fiiaco btono
Recitation Helen Watklns
Piano solo Alice Piice
Annual Gathering That Is to Take
Place at Lake Lodore.
Tho nnnual clambako of tho Older of
Railway Conductois, No lot! will take
place at Like Lodoic on Tluusday,
August JO.
This is an nffaii that furnishes un
limited fun and ploasuic In the lail
load men and theii tamilles and
fi lends, and it is alwajs a gieat sue
cps& This ear thete will be nothing
lacking, and tho giovo of Lake Lodoio
will no doubt contnin a gieat, jo'ly
cioivrl of oxcuislonists on the above
Older No lnfi of Railway Conductois
ombiaces In its nitmbeishlp all of tlw
lailway men on the Pennsylvania di
vision of the Delaware and Hudson,
and this will mean nn attendance fiom
points as far down the valley as
Jeisey Visitors
Willi im McLoughlln and wife, of
Patersnn, N. J., aie in town for a few
days, as the gii"st6 of M. F, Nearj.
They have been at the Pan-American
tor some time and Just stopped off hne
for a few days, while on their v ay
homo. Mr, McLoughlln, of the H. .1.
Bunnell Rleetilcul company, had been
placing his goods bofoio a convention
of i.illway supeiintendcnts at But
falo. A New Sunday School.
The local Piosbytoi laps have startol
a Sunday school In Caibondalo town
ship on thi Ciicentleld load, near tho
homo of William Lane. Tho flist ser
vice vvas held Sunday and tho large
attendance gave a xeiy encouraging
outlook. Spi vices will be held each
Sunday heieaftor at ;i p. m , and will
bo in chat go of niembeis of the main
Malta Degree,
The beautiful malta degree was con
foiled on a number of candidates at
the logulai mooting of Temple com
maucleiy, No -jdi., Ancient Older
Knights of Mntta, last evening. Ciiand
Recnider U.oige H. Ploice, of Phila
delphia, who was to have been present
to foiifei the higher degiee, has do
tened his visit until Tuesday evening,
July .'.
Ml.s Ida Pot hick, of Honesdale, Is
visiting ti lends In tliia city,
Mis, C, II, ninnson and daughtei,
Lena, uio visiting lelutlvcs in Sidney,
N. V.
The hou.scc of John Camcion, on OIL
belt stieot, aie being Impioved by new
Di. and Mifc. Ibikur '(111 ?pouJ the
coming week ut the Pan-Aineilcan ex
position. Royal Foster, of Plttston. spent Sun
day .ml Monday with his patents in
thlK dty.
Mt.. Will "Wagner and chlldien. Uthel
and Newell, aio visiting fi lends near
John Hvans Is home from the Boston
Conservatory of Music to spend his
summer vaiatlon.
Misses Hannah and Margaiet Kit-
leen, of Brooklyn street, spent Sunday
with Archhald friends.
Mr. nnd Mrs, D. Klaier and dnURhlor,
of Klzortown, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs, Mclgft Abbey.
Contractor A. !!. Tiffany Is having
his residence on Blrkett Terrace beauti
fied by a new coat of paint.
Mrs. F. Purdln has returned to her
homo on Gilbert street, after a, few
weeks' visit nt Tunkhnnnoek. k
Mrs. Irene McCotlum, of Montrose,
In vUltlng nt the home of Attorney II.
O. Watt ous, on Dai to avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Rotirke have re
turned fiom their wedding tour. They
will loslde on Wyoming stteet.
Mis. H. Illsted him returned to her
homo In this city, after a, few wceka'
visit In Honesclalo and Waymnrt.
Miss Caiolyn Stevens loaves today for
a visit with ft lends In Unnosdntc, nnd
befoio icturning home she will visit In
Haw ley.
Miss Millie Ooarhart.vvho Is employed
as BtcnORiaphcr In Now York city, la
spending her summer vacation with
f i lends In this city.
Mr. and Mrs. II, Wright have also
rMurned from their honeymoon, which
was spent pilnclpally at the Pan
American exposition.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Brcnnan, on Canaan street, wab made
more happy yesterdny morning: by the
arilval of a baby hoy.
Miss Virginia Stevens has returned
to her homo on Summit avenue, after
a two weeks visit with fi lends In
Honcsrlale and Prompton.
Mr. and Mis. H. H. Lewis, of Union
dale, and Mrs. Klshpaugh, of West Vli
glnia, wero the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
II. A. Lewis over Sunday.
Mis. William Wells left last evening,
over tho Erie, for her home In Anita,
Iowa. Mis. Wells Is returning after
attending the funoral services of her
Miss Nellie Veronica Campbell, of
Chinch street. Is ltlns her filcnd,
Miss Frances Roland, of Scranton, who
giaduatod fiom tho High school last
Fildav evening.
Mi. and Mis. John P. Budd, of Reach
Lake, aio tho guests of the lattci'fl
brothci, Frod Sluman, on Thoin street.
Thoy arc or. their way to f'oloiado for
the benefit of Mrs Budd's health, which
has been quite poor for tho last yeai.
Thoy loft last night over the JJiIe for
The Jormyn school hoard held an ad
journed meeting last evening, at which
all the mcmheis weio present. Mr.
Wnteis on behalf of the building- com
mittee, reported a number of repairs
needed, which weie afterwards au
thorized to ho done. Mr. Morcom ad
vised that the it on fence be scraped
and painted. The book and supply
committees both repotted pt ogress, and
a motion that the school funds bo de
posited in the Mlneis' and Mechanics
bank was adopted by a six to thiee
vote Ex-Tronsuiei M 01 com asked
that his bondsmen be leleased and his
bond lctuinod, tho request being
gi anted. The assessment for the com
Ing year was. placed at IS mills; 10 for
schools, 5 for buildings and .1 for spe
cial pin poses, same as last year. The
election of teacheis was then taken up
Mr. Blake alluded to the abusive terms
applied to a poition of tho board In
lctteis which had lecently appealed in
hoveial of tho papers nnd spoke strong
ly against tho scun lions aiticle reflect
ing upon the principal of tho schools,
which had appealed In tho Hlmli.i
Telegram, and cone luded his speech Viy
making the election of H. N. Barrett
as n'llncipTl lor thiee school teinis. Mr.
Giant objected. While he found no
fault with Mr. Ranctt as a man or as
a teacher he did not believe In the
thrco-ycar toini The yeas and nays
having boon called the motion was c.u
lied, with 0110 dissenting vote, that of
James T'dmunds. A motion was then
made that the boaid adjoin n for two
weeks. Tho motion was stiongly op
posed and a yea and nay vote deolcted
the matter In favor of the adjourn
ment, tho voto being as follows: To
adjourn, Moicom, Ciawfoid, Waters,
Rlako. Dopew ; against adjournment,
Oiant, Kdinunds, Collins, Hunter.
Tho Mayflold band will glvo an open
air conceit tomonow evening, on tho
lawn of William Walker, when the fol
lowing piogrammo will be ployed:
Mai oh, "Hall to the Spli It of Liberty,"
Sousa; oveiture, "Beautiful Galatea,"
Suppe: waltzes, "tjourlee d'Avrll," De
pret; "Spanish Beauty," Moiceau Cai
ncteribtique, Stlckney; medley over
ture, "A Suio Thing," DeWitt; "A
Little Bit of Rssonco," a two-step odd
ity, Koltinsou; "Star Spangled Ban
ner." A number of ladles fiom Joimyn
yesterday had the privilege and pleas
uio of Inspecting the conservatory and
giounds of Mr. Hendricks, of Carbon
dalo. The party vvas conducted through
tho gioundr and conservatory by Hen
ry Hemelrlght, to whom they wore in
debted for tho aftei noon's pleasuie.
Those who composed tho party were:
Mesdames W. C. Nicholson.. Wlllman,
Badger, Battcnberg, Coon, Sampson,
Houghton, Swlck, Paiks, Downing,
Mosler, Biay, Winter, Hemehlght,
Swlck, Barrett, Dodon and the Misses
Grace nnd Goitle Vail, Kate Sampson,
Tamma Mosier, Maigaict Thompson,
Hdlth Bray and Constance Houghton,
Mike LeiieA a Hungatlau lesidont of
May field, was instantly killed yester
day afternoon near tho Mayflold depot.
The unfoitunato man stopped off a
coal train light in fiont of a north
bound passenger tialn, He Is survived
by a wife and two young children.
Bookkeeper McGlnty, of tho Nelson
Morris wholesale, moat house, lias Just
returned from u two weeks visit to
the Pan-American exposition. During
his absence his place vvas ably filled
by his brother, James McGlnty, of Oly
phaut. J, J. Miller, of Main street, yesterday
piesontod his daughter, Floicneo, with
a lino upright piano,
Mrs. Y. M. Taggait, of L'ldoia, Ia
Is visiting her paients, Dr. and Mih.
S. D. Davis.
The ice cieam festival, under tho
auspices of tho Ladles' Aid of tho
Primitive Methodist chinch, will bo
held tomoirow evening.
Mis. Thomas M, Gilltlths, of Herond
stioet, lotuined yesteiduy fiom Atlan
tic City, wheio sins has been for tho
past tin 00 weeks,
In cninmemniatlon of the tenth an
nlveioiuv of their man Inge, Mr, and
Mis. H. J, Hull entoi tallied a number
of poisons at their tcsidoneo In Rlnkf
ly Monduy evening. The Intoiloi of
the houso was prettily dccoiatod with
palms and (lowers. Tho evening was
delightfully passed with cards, music
and other amusements. A delicious was served. The host and host
ess weio the leclplents of many hand
some and useful presents. Tho guests
weio: Mr. and Mrs. Capwcll, Mr. Rey
nolds, Factoiy vllle; Miss Blanche Hull,
Donald Hull, Mh-ses and L'dlth
Hull. Robeit Hull, Miss Helen Hull,
Aithur Hull, Mr. and Mrs. John Hull,
Miss Maiy Van Cleef, Gieen Ridge;
Mr. and Mis. T. J. Paisoiib. Mr. and
.. .,'
j-jl We extract teeth, fill teeth, and npply pold crowns and bridge work, with-
fa out the least pain, by a method patented and used by us only. When the Im-
'& pression is taken in the morning plates will be finished same day, if desired.
3 pDpp No charge
riVUU ingWheti
Wo give a written
The fact that this is an
nes.s under the laws of
!20 ofilces, Is a sufficient
that we Do Exactly at
WD MAKE A SPECIALTY of Gold Crown nnd Bridge Work. This Is a
system for inserting artificial teeth where one or more are missing without tho
use of a plate. This work Is most beau tlful nnd cannot be detected from the
natural teeth. When properly done, wl 11 last a lifetime. Call and see us opcr
' ate. It will bo a pleasure for us to carefully examine your teeth and tell you
exactly what your work will co3t. No charge for this. Hours, 8 to 8. Sun-
uu.ys, avi iu 1.
i The White Dental Parlors
hMrs. J. A. Hull, Dr. W. L. Van Bus-
klrk, Dr. T. L. Van Sickle. Mi. and
Mrs. George Hull, Misses Agnes Hull,
Flota David, Lucy Hull, Sadie Lllll
brldgo, Alice David and Mary Hull.
Darling's congress of tialned animals
will bo ut the base ball paik this after
noon and evening. Admlbslon, 13 nnd
2", cents.
Misses Hdlth and rtaehcl Hvans at
tended tho recital at tho Scranton Col
lego of Music Monday evening.
Loo Lyneh loft yesterday for Boston
to spend tho summer months.
Mis. J. A. Shultz and children have
leturncd fiom Now York. Thoy were
accompanied home by tho tormet's
father, Bernard Levy.
The Biowns will cross bats with the
Brothci s' team ot Plttston on tho local
giounds Thuisday, and on Satuiday
thoy will play tho Crescents of Car
bondalo here.
The Delaware and Hudson company
paid their employes at tho vailous col
lleilos in town vesterday.
Misses Mary and Sadie Rogan at
tended tho Rogan-Gaffcny wedding at
Scranton yesteiday.
P. J. McGintv has returned home
from Mansfield, where he attended the
commencement exorcises at the state
normal school.
Miss Maiy nutledgo. of Plttston,
spent Monday with friends In town.
Miss Nettle Mason and her guebt,
Miss Nellie Brent, of Wilkes-Banc,
spent yesterday with Jerniyn fi lends.
Mis Hdward Jones and dauglitci,
Miss Mamie Jones, of Blakoly. went to
Buffalo yestcidav to visit the Pan
Amoi ican exposition.
Miss Rachel TJvans left yesterday to
spend a week in New Yoik.
In honor of her sixth birthday annl-eii-nry,
Mibs Maiy Harris, daughter
of Mr. and Ml.s. William W. Hanls,
was tendeied a paity on Monday atter
noon by a number of her little tiiends
and associates. The afternoon was well
spent by the little ones. Refreshments
weio seived. The little folks present
weio: Misses Nellie, Geitiude, Ada and
L'sthor Lewis, Saiah Jenkins, Maiy and
Winifred Harris. Maiy Kvans, Lillian
and Myvanvvy Davis, Elizabeth Will
iams, Myvanwy Phillips, Maitha A.
William--, Melba Kvans, l'dlth Thomas,
and Masters Steve Bennett, Eugene
Rossar, John Jones and Samuel Jcn-kiiK-.
The maniago of Mr. James r. Tim
lin and Miss Jennie Loughney will oc
cur this morning at the St. Joseph
Kvoiy member of Minooka tribe, No.
-M7, Improved Older of Red Men, is re
quested to bo present at this evening's
session, as business of impoitance will
be tiansacted.
The tuncral of Mis. John Hodeo will
bo held tomorrow afternoon from hci
late home on Washington street.
Tho Aichbald and Pyne mines of the
Lackawanna company aio Idle for re
pa I is.
The benefit drawing and entertain
ment for Mrs. Goodwin has been post
poned fiom Thuisday to Friday even
ing. July Ti.
All membeis of Lackawanna lodge,
No. 18, Ameiican Piotestant Ladies'
association, aio lequestod to meet in
their rooms this morning at !.S0 o'clock,
to make auangements lor the funeral
of their beloved sister, Mis. John
The Antluacltc Glee eluh will meet
tomonow evening In their rooms In
Llewellyn's hall at 7.30 o'clock, on Im
portant business.
Mts. William Ganswer and chlldien,
of Lincoln Heights, weio the guests of
her mother, Mis. John Hughes, of Main
Th Lackawanna Telephone company
had a gang of men engaged In stilng
Ing wires for the placing of their tele
phones in this town.
Special to the. Scranton Tribunt
Susquehanna, Juno 21. A number of
Susquehanna boiler makcis aie in
Meadvillo today, attending a union
Fredcilclt Teal spent Sunday with
Bliighamtou t datives.
Chailcs n, Whitney, of Llmlia, spent
Sunday und Alonday at his homo In
this place,
Fred O. Mai tin, of Deposit, was, on
Sunday and Monday, tho guest of Sus.
quehannu lelatives,
A Susquehanna delegation on Sat
urday lotuined tiom the Pan-Amcil-can
Tho Union boiler makeia deny tho
cmient teport that tho committee of
local business men will visit Now York
ut their instigation, The committee,
ncveitheless, will confer with Piesldent
Underwood in tho near futuio.
The Avenuo Methodist cliuicli will
hold mi lio cream social in the chinch
basement, July 4.
A delegation of UiIq cngltiecis on
Satuiday afternoon accompanied tho
lemaius of the late Engineer Judbon
Lov eland fom lioinellsvllle to Susque
hanna. A largo delegation left today for
Hoait lake, to attend the summer
school for Sunday school vvoikers.
Tho Fox family leunton will be held
at the resilience of A. O. Fox, at Locutt
Hill, on Monday next.
nov. Dr. and Mis. J. L. Williams
weie at Troy, N. Y., on Wednesday,
wheie Mr. Williams officiated at tho
marriage of Miss Gertrude M. Shields
Note Our Prices for Perfect,
Full Set Teeth (that fit)
3old Fillings
Silver Fillings
Gold Crowns
Teeth Without Plates $5.00
CUtnlrg Teeth 50s
for Palnlew Kxtraot- CnCD-
Other Work Ih Done. "ICC
guarantee for 10 years on all work. 0.
Incorporated Company doing btisL
this State, and operating a system of O
guarantee of our responsibility and 9
We Advertise. "
Corner Lrkwanna and Wyoming avcnui o
Newark Shoe fitorc Scrinton. LarnMt dental
concern In tho world. 20 otflcc In United States.
and William F. Her. Mr. Her Is a
nephew of the officiating clergyman.
At Dopow, N. Y on Thuisday next,
Miss Carroll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. P. Weiss, will bo united In mar
riage to Robeit W. McDonald, of Hoi
nellsv llle.
Isaac Bond, tho Eile's master me
chanic In Iloinellsvlllo, is In town to
day. Tho annual commencement oxoiclses
of Lauiel Hill academy will bo held
In Hogan Opera houso on Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings. A splendid pro
giamme has been arranged.
The remains of the Into Erie engl
neei, Judson Lov eland, of Hornells
ville, were on Saturday afternoon in
terred in Eveigieen ccmeteiy.
The Susquehanna hand w ill this
evening hold a social hop and open
air conceit
Tho annual congiegational meeting,
for the purpose of electing trustees,
will be held in tho Piesbyterlan church
on Thuisday evening.
Rev. Bontlov and wife are visiting
Mrs Bentley's father, Mr. Thomas
The ladles' Mlssionaiy .society will
moot at the home of Mrs. It a Poitor,
on Thursday afternoon.
Miss Jennie Wlldrlck Is spending a
few days with fi lends In Avoca.
A supper w 111 bo served at the home
of Mis Gcarv Giay for tho benefit or
tho L idles' Aid society, on Wednes
day cv onlng, Juno 2i Ico cream and
cake will also ho solved. Everybody Is
cordially Invited to attend.
Arrangements- aio bolnp made for a
grand oelcbiation on tho Brick Metho
dist Episcopal chuich lawn July 4.
(Mline Stadies
of fltiman Nature
One on the Fiofessor.
Picsiricnt l.bcit, of II mini, told thu story at
the Cornell dnh ilinuir the oilier eccnins:
" fiicnd of mine, i college piofessor, went
into i nonilcil retiuianl in New oik city for
lmiUicon one lot djy lnt rnminrr lho nrRro
in cluie of Hie Ihr inniloi whcic the hat
j.liclus tnod wi-. nn IntilllRcnt Woking fellow,
md lit? licm and smile were nut of the ohacqui
on-, etupiil Kind -o oftin .ifTrttcd liy colored
waiters and doormen in lintel' lie took my
fiicnd'i 1m t anil ice no check for it in return.
n hour latci, when the piofesor nine out of
the dining loom, the ntKio Rhnceil .it him in a
lompiclienihc i, turned to the shclus and
luuded him his lint.
"V,y fiicnd U i man who piide himself on his
pourn of oli-i nation, and the negro's ability
to rcmcmlicr to whuh rich artnlo of clothing
licloiiRirl suuik him as lulng something vciy
'How did ou know tins was my hit!" lie
'I didn't Know it, fall,' wis the reply.
" 'Then whe did you jicc it to me(' the pro.
dor iitr-dUcd
" Tcijuc ou cic it to me, sail.' " Boston
A Misnamed Tiain.
He had dihen fiom i liukwood h unlet to the
t-tatlou, md aflcr making an il luiiy of tlv con
ductoi boarded the Inln for Philidclphla
Wlrn well on the way lie stopped the bluc
coaied ofhiial and alcd In all terlmi-.nes:
"I'm ocilei liungrc, 11 yt tell me jest
wheie the rjtin' .ai V"
"There Is none nn this tnin," was Hie answer.
"Its 'hut run does not rcqiiiie it "
'Huh!' fciunted tho miutionci "W'icli o"
yer keers is the one ihil ye jest loll atouud in
an' tin ii and twltt yrr cheer an wn yc plci"i
Hon't Iinaglno thit, liciu-.c I've never went
nllroidin' Jtoio 1 don't know nil about thee
"m prohilily me in Hie Pullman. c luvcn't
anc ulluhcii,"
"Well, bu'elln' scjiiithcil W'cie's ci tlgir
Hind, to' 1 kin le buy In' i weed an' llghtm'
"Wo don't have such t thing, min "
"An" ye'o no pl-ic fcr mc to git my shoes
shined, ur be sine!"
"No, nil."
"Course, I'd he cruy tcr think yo might have
a baibci lad abuam "
"We bKcii't am,"
The ruial gcnlleTiin eubjeLled the conductor
to a menacliu .-crutim tiom head to foot and
bnk ataln, Then Ua drawled out in an ansiy,
di-appolnted trne ol voice:
"Will, miiIi i In' loiunieil! I thou;ht yo said
this wiu an accoinmolatiou train!"
One on the Summer gill,
One of thee mils nt in i himmmk on a
Hollywood piarra when a tuiiimcr boy in a 1,1 ly
Milt tamo alone. Ho looked iinliupp,
1hi clrl looleil at lilin fclMdoutlc, and spied
a button of a pittcl tliade in Ids lipel,
"A new kludi'' nho asked, inquiringly, "What
Is It? lUe )o bwoin oft or aie you'a son l
tuinrililiic oi utherJ"
"So," he in-wned shortly, "I've Joined a
P-on't Wouy ( luh "
"Hheii did yon joint" shea.kcd
"lho diy afici 1 met you," he rcjoln-d
Her Revenge on Papa,
In a iiil.iln I'uiiivh u)l town lives a Utile
girl who liai i pi ii Hi it was horn in l.nglanl
Hie i xii iiitcii-c Mnrricin, and liei pipa d.
Hslns i terse hei by tilling hci Hut miiuc iliy
lie will talf her In I upland, wheie, a-. Hie
daughter of an rnglUhiiian, the will be icing
nlied us an l.nglUh girl 'Ihls.nukca her vciy
Tlic pipa dellgHs lo annoy his dauslitfi also
h uKrring lo Hi first piesldent ot tin I nluj
States as '0 Washlnsfton " he think, it is
extremely ilhrc-pilful to say ' ( " instead of
l.coige," nnd it docs not mollify licr in the
lecst to b told thit Washlngtcni wj acnis
limed to write his nunc with the ilmplc inl
Hal "0."
fills littla Anrriian eels even with her Fn,'
llih papa sometimes fchc i. fond of leading
stories v( the colonial and revolutionary uiiiod.
Painless Dentistry
$3.00 to $5.00
N U DCflli.
Money Will Tarn Big Monthly
The Ini est cr'a Fund Pay a Scml monthly.
Tho oldr-t ilih!lhcd In Amcrlci No certificate
holder has ecr last a tent. Payments made to
nil subscribers every 15 days No tiouble No
delay. Money refunded on dennnd Write to
day for particulars', flee to my nddres9
C. II. Jlackey i, Co , lludon Wd'g , New Yotk.
Rocky Mount, N. C,
Water, Sewer and
Electric Light
Yielding 4.40 Per Cent.
Write (or special circular.
Rudolph Kleybolte & Co.
1 Nassau St., New York.
.Not long ago she lead one of theso stories, an I
in the book she fund 111 illustration
lleised lur very much. Calling her papa to hrr
ship the pointed out 1 piUure of a ship's deck,
with a inn on his knee peeping down a dau
opening in tho floor.
"flo you sec this picture, papa!" she asked.
"V es, dear "
"ft is the picture of an Ameiican warship.''
"I sec"
"Do you sec that hole where that man U
peeping downf"
"ii, dear "
"Well," siie cvclanned triumphantly, "that
hole is full of bloomin' Liighshmcn " Harpct'i
The Invitation Accepted.
"I was stumping Pennsylvania during the last
lanipaign in company with Gencial Gobin," said
Kepiiseiitatlcc Olmsted, of Ilarnburg, recently
to the Washington Post "I had never acquired
a Knowledge of Pennsylvania Dutch, and f,eneiu
fiohin impressed upon mc the adcaniaRC lint
would result fiom such an aitomplishmcnt. Oi
ns-ionallv on our stumping trip he would under
take to teach me soniilldrg of that language,
and I flaUucd myself that 1 was making prellv
good piorc-s &o conhdent liad I become of tlw
advantage ot speaking Hutch thit befoio wu
iciclied a town I would generally ak him in
tiaih hip some ood Dutch phrase that I could
weave into my remarks
"One diy, 111 pirlicnlar, which I remrmbri,
ntn when we weio taking a carriage drive scveril
milts oier a inuntrv roid to till in engagement.
When the spues of the town were in view It 01.
c iircd 10 me to request Oencnl Gobin lor i
p'uaso ot Pennsylvania Dutch that I could rcp-it
before my audicwc. Ho icspondid rcidily an I
aclvUcd mc lc say, 'Wis nempst' at ihe clo 0
of niv discouic,
"Delighted with Hie suggestion, I addressed mv
audienie 111 enthusiastic terms, mil csicludcl
with this eloquent evordium: 'f-riends and fel
low citizens, put yom cioss at bead of tho
ticket, stand by the flag, and patilollcally sup.
port the ltcpubliian piny Wa.- nimpt!"
"such a rush for tho aonn in followed tlu
close of my speech was, I believe, never bcfor
witnessed in tint section of Pcnnsylvanii lbs
little phrase which ftoncial dnbin tauaht me 1?
the Pennylvanli Dutch foi 'What will you luva
to takr-V and it actinlly cot me "-IS to settle
with the delighted proprietor of Hut drink ei.
Loid Salisbury ns a Dresser.
Heie Is an amiMiig and characteristic story of
I oid NilMniiy, It Is known tint the premier i
most larclrss in his drrs., and that he Is much
too seilous in Ills mind ind occupations to luv
much rcgaid foi the nicicly cciemonlal side ot
lor homi years Ihi-i failing pioduced no evil
results, for 1 cid hallahmy had a faithful valit,
who looked after Mm, but one unhappy day tie
valit loft, and lord .Salisbury was rcduicd to his
own icsourioJ It wis levee day, and the min
ister was In the midst of serious business up to
lho last moment. Ho rushed home, turned nut a
laige bundle of unltoims, of which, of course, lis
his a quantity, and took the first t lut came in
Ids hind, with the astonishing icsiilt that lie
wore a loat that bclon.-ed to the l'.lder Itietlucn
of Trinity House, a deputy lieutenant's pair of
tinoseis, and i hat of lho P.oyal Vnheis l.vcn
that vvas not of tho woistT lie woie Ills garter "n
the vvion,' side, and thliiBS leached Ihelr cllnnx
in the waistcoast, which, elating fiom an citlbr
and less loinsiitlo period or his life, left hv
twccn it anl Hie linuscr vvlul was once laltcd,
in tho caso 1 f mother parliamentary, "a, lucid
irlerval," .New Lncland Vlagatine.
There aie not nany men who are better
known in Dftinll than Delcctive Pat O Nell.
He has two boy of whom he Is justly prouf,
Ihe other day he wis walking with his to
um, unit, mooting several friends, he sloppid
tn talk with llicm 1 he h"js weie, dieted cv
aitlv Hut fame way, and lo the outsider they
looked as marly alike as tvvu giapcs in a
In nih.
" Sru they twins, I'att" asked one of tin
lib, no." replied Mr (VNeil
"Well, bv (.eorgc, I ilon't sec how von (ill
them aput,'' vcntuicd another of the friends.
Oil, that's easy," taid I'll "IliU one is 3
and the oilier Is years oM "
"No, papa," rcjme1 (he Iitlei of (he tw
beys, "he's 0 and I in S " Detrult I'ree Press.
A Ctushing Betort.
loole, Hie great aclor, was the guest of a
wealthy banker at Ins iountiy house U
dinner a dispute arose between Ihe actor anl
a young nobleman who sought to disparage t'oot
ly asking what his father was " tradesman."
said Feotc. "Then, sir. It's, a pity he did n t
make you one." ' vnd puv, what js your
fither, my loidt" "My father, Mi Foote, wa,
a gentleman " "Then, my lord, it's a pity lie
did not mike you one,1'
IB&aL- 2
, jHo
I'BlLiM.i-pMiii. w