The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, June 22, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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Pwrw " VPW " ' 3i fcr i trjn V i -l, AwJv -V V ? -W , t , ,
Oloien the First Quarter of a Contury
of Iti Exlstenco with a Record
Breaking Class Miss Olive H.
Munn, the Valedictorian, and Miss
Holen Elizabeth Jones, tho Saluta
torlan Buperlntondant Howell
Addresses tho Clans and President
Oibbons Presents tho Diplomas.
How appreciation of Hip pscoIIpiko of.
ci anion's HlRh soliool Is KinwIriK was
nttcslpit nt the twctiiy-llftli minimi
commencement, last nlKlit, ulion llieii
iii Ruulualctl one liumltcd and sommi
Bills and fotty-rotir boys, n total .
LPPdlnpr tfint ot tlif class of last jour
bv folty-nliic. TliPic was nlho a ii
tided mink of appioi I.Ulon In the
tlnonw of .spcctatoi.s which ovei Mowed
the spacious audltoiluin, as far Into thu
pstlbulc as one could possibly guln a
jippp at the MtaRO.
Tho cculses vailed none in their
Renual chai.ietei fioni those of locent
toniiniiceiiicnts, Tlip ihiss poem, and
history piophccy, and other like exei -cKt'b.
which In j,o,im gone liv weie
troweled Into the. toinnieiu cinent pio
ri .unine, vveip disponed of the hIkIU lie
foie, as has been the tustoui ot Lite,
and .ill that was left ftn last iiIrIh
weio the nuinbeis bv the honor stu
dents., the music, the piesentatlon of
diplomas mid u lulof addicts to the
The gi .utilities muelied to Hie si, me
ft um the lcnr estlbule, in two lilies,
nieetiliK .it an enli.ilite in it'll i enter
of the .stase, nppio.uhliiK the nont In
pahs, and then sep.u. UIiik to the ilnlil
mid loft, soukIU tholl places on the
four tleis of seats, whlih oiciiplud the
full hp.ite of tlio Ktase, fNteptliiK foi
tho aMes and the tenttr and on the
sides nnd n iintrow wnv In fiont.
In the (isles nt (Ithei side s-nt lte.
noBeis Isuel, J). D, of St. Luke's, who
made the ln motion and rum' the
benediction, Bupeiintendent of Sihools
(Icoirp Howell, who nude the addies-s
to the Kiaduates; AetiiiR
John V. Wuriipi, who pi i sided oor thu
(Seiclses; PieMtlent John Gibbons, ol
the lio.ud of eontiol: Chalinuu T. .1.
.Tennln?s, of tlio lilsh and tialniiiR
t-tlionl committee, and Contiollei -,
(.!eoi-,e II. Sliiie-, P. .1. I.aiiRin and
Otto 15 Hchtlefei Otliers of the ioii
ttollers wexe anioni; the audience
After mi oeituie bv R.iuei i or.
rliestia, r$p. Di. Ivi.iel made the in-
citation, leleiiiiiff Itelinslv In his
pi.oei to the utently deceased piln
cipal, W. V. Giant.
The KiaduatliiRr (lass, icinfoned bv
a do.f n ot the best oltes fioni anions
the undt'iRindu.ilcs, thou lendeied
Jloait's 'Gloiin," under the dlicttion
nl the pinlesor of Mical inusU, Pint,
i' B Dei man. This beautiful tompo
"Itlnii, vi is attempted with any de
Kieo ol sillier only bv the best trained
i lionise was sheii a lendition whkh
bespoke tho most taieful dtlllliiK.
Helen Kliabeth Jones, tho snluta
toiian bad "Tlie Ohnipic Games" as
the subject of liei ess.n. Slie tieated
it in i ci thoiiKhtlul and ItitciesUnf?
iii-ilili-. i The lecuiience of tiutes
anions: the dilleieut peoples, deilaied
i nib lulu etis at tlio times nt llic-o
sanies, the comniinsllns ot the
Ladies' Ribbed Vests, lace trimmed 10c
Ladies' Ribbed Vests, silk tape 12&C
Ladies' Fine Mercerized Vests; regular 25c goods... 19c
Misses' Grenadine Stripe Hose 25c
Misses' Mercerized Red Hose ; 25c goods 21c
Boys' Fast Black Hose 12c
Vacation Stockings for Boys, Black Cat brand 25c
Ladies' Fine Drop-Stitch Hose 25c
Infants' Cashmere Hose, silk heel and toe 25c
Infants' Robes, Swiss and lawn cap3 at special prices
Corset Covers, good quality 7c
Corset Covers, Val. lace trimming 39c
Corset Covers, cambric hemstitched 25c
Corset Covers, cambric, for stout forms 25c
Gowns, good muslin embroidery trimmed 59c
Gowns, fine cambric lace and embroidery trimmed 95c
Skirts, fine cambric or muslin 95c
Skirts, fine long cloth or lawn, slightly soiled 95c
Collars, new lawn and open lace 35ciir
Collars, white soft hemstitched 5c'
Dresden Neck Ribbons i2j4c grade for 9c; 20c;
grade for 15c; 29c grade 19c
Hair Ribbons, faucy plaid stripe 4c
Polk Spot Ribbons, for hat or neckwear 25c
Large Palm or Jap., three for 5c
Belt Buckles, gilt and silver; 25C value 15c
New Torchon Lace and Inserting 5c
Black Velvet Ribbons, all widths. Parasols at l price
Umbrellas, colored twill silk; $2.50 grade $1.95
Umbrellas, twill silk, patent push, new handles $1.00
All in the very proper new work, white ground, black
scroll figures and lace stripes; an exact copy of
English 45c goods. Our price 12Jc
India Linens, White Shear; Special values fiom
6c to 35c
Piques, new, Corded Welt, white black aud navy
I2y2c to 40c
Lace Stripe and Grenadiue effects, White Lawns and
Muslins; a fine selection of new goods for waists
and dresses 15c to 75c
A shilling a yard tor the best selected styles shown this
season of dainty Dimity and Batistos, in eveti aud broken
stripes, spots and scroll desigus,
New printed Linen Colors, Batistes, Lawns, etc.
The latest craze; a very large assortment at I2jc
Mouseline de Soie, in exquisite plain shades, with
silk broken stripe of silk colors; cheap at oc;
some ask 6jc for this new assortment, Our
"rice is .. .......,.)," . ..,,,, ,,, .,...,.,,,,,,,,,,, 39c
men of the dlffoiont stales, the dis
plays of the sculptors, the literary cx
oiclses and the 1 1 vnli y for excellence In
the sanies had the effect of sflmillat
Ins the nation to Rioittcr exertions,
nnd Riadiially uniting thorn, bioiisht
nholil a hptter (ondltlnn of society and
consequently n hotter Rovpintueiit.
Miss ctnup Amies Liuipr, ulio took
spcond honnis In the 1. itlli-Hclelitlllc
coin so, cho"P ns her subject, ''The
Iji'iiU'iiliiR I'ower of the Ciusndes."
She niRiicd that notwttlistntidliiR tho
rallllle or the ei ltades to nccoinpllsh
Ihcli' pi line plllposp, thoy effected lin
llieasurahle Rood for the i hill eh, leain
Iiir and material proRiess. 1'eler Hie
lit i ml t. she said, was the foieiunticr
of the salvation of Huiopc, The move
ment piojected by him, lad to the
eiiiaiKlpntlotl of the seif to the substi
tution of loyal for feudal power and
lolled back the wnvo of Mohamme
danism whli It tlnentelied to eiiRilIf
Hill ope. The best Ideas of Oilenttil
( ,lll7 illon, bullish back bv the cril
"iiileis weic disseminated through Ku
lope' the needs of the ciusailers in
tlio Holds em nullified maritime entei
pilsos; their tin Vols Incited RPORinphl
inl Intel est and ecnttially ld to the
Rieat dls(oeilps of the few su.iccdlns
("iituiles, if the pilRiinmRP of tho
eillsadeis was not successful, slio s.i'd,
It' could at least he char.itt(iled as
the lcinenliiR Htihstuncc of rlMlintbn.
"Thnieaii. the Heinilt of AValden
Pond," was the subject of the essnv of
Mis Ills Hstelle Minns, who took Ilist
Illinois In the HurIIsIi toiliso. She
told enteitnlnliifily ot the history of
this letiiise-phlloHopIier, who made It
his lire work to ptoo the tl'eoiv Hint
el"lcn(o Is not a dshlp but a pas
time If men will IIp simply.
In a pini' and thoroiiRh av,
Mls Lima Ituth Thomas, who took
Hi si houois In the ( pouisp,
sap an Intel estlns dispel tatlon on
"The Hlements of Success." To know
the ch.naetei of the woik no aie best
fitted for was claimed by Miss Thomas
to be the Hist element ot lliiess.
Health is the basis of nil sin toss, she
sabl. Ambition and i heei fulness me
in line essentials and these depend in a
Sieit measiiie on health. TlinldltV
nnil heslt.iiiev wtie tluiractois'ed ns
two danseious foes to success.
One tan li.ixe too much lonlldence Iti
otlieis but seldom In onceir. Sllteess
denninN inmentulion and Ae should
tlieiefoie online ouisoles to one line
of woik. Detail Is ceiythlns The
win id Is made of tillles. Seemingly
tihlal details must be mnsteied, no
ma Iter Mhat the line of woik we fol
low. Method, ptmctualltv, application,
peieeiance and splf-rellnnee were
lnentloned as other "passpoits to ic
toi v."
The most pietontlous lltcimv elTort
of the eening was the oiiglnal .stoty,
"The White Chief of the Nnvajns," by
Miss Mmv Aliio Hieck, who was sec
ond in the classical coitise. It was a,
ei meiltoiious jnodtK lion and indi
cated Its author possesses taie sifts
as a s-toiv teller. The name ol the
stoty might lead one to consider It
as an Indian stoiy. It is that in onlv
a seiond.ity way. Tts fentuie is n ple
luiesque deseiiption of the Nnx.ijo die
The alPdictotlan. Miss Olle If.
Munn. soes itom tlie high school with
a iccoid nt an nei ase of 9S out of
a possible bundled In eath llnal e
nmin.itton dm ins lier foiu-ear
toinse Tliiit she is popular as well
as studious was attested bv the ap
plause whiih Rieeted her appraiame.
lift ilissmates weie the most en
tliusi.istii appluulois.
In hei esay, JIl's Jfiinn dealt with
tho life of Hoiaca Mann, "The Apos
Lackawanna Ave.
tle of the Common Schools," chin no
lerlzlng him ns tho man whom Amer
ica gives first place on the roll nt
honor among educatoi.'V Ills bit MM
to ax ci come Ignornnco nnd prejudlte,
In reviving the public schools and tho
liilluoncp his wotk had on the educa
tional Inteiesls of this countiy, weie
told nn n Miy Inleioslltig manner.
In dpllvcilng tho valcdlctoiy, Miss
Munn tuok as her themo tho eclc
hiated iilcluie, "Ilieuklng lloinc
Ties," nnd In n vciy clever manner
likened tho departure of tho grad
uates fiom their nliua. mater to thu
hoy taking farewell ot his mother, to
go out in the world they weie anx
ious lor' the moment to come, but
when It ciimo they Wore splcd with
n longing to letnaln amid the scenes
thev loved so well.
C'onti oiler If. S. Uiukcr, who was to
l-tno delivered the nddrpss to tho
graduates and piesentcd the diplomas,
was unavoidably absent, nnd these
diitlps weie divided between Super
intendent Howell nnd l'lesldcnt Oib
Hupeilntendelit How ill's advice to
the gindiitttps Is "iinimed up in the
one wnul, "Woik." This Is an ago
ot lightning inpldltv, he said, but one
must remember that the ngeiules of
this inpldltv in c the it-suits ol thu
work of ages idled mountains high.
Work Is tho measiiie ot all values. It
Is the time and eneigv spent In cut
ting nnd polishing n diamond to hi lug
out its luslie that ninkes a diamond
vulnnblc. Idleness Is tieason to
Natuip and nn Impiety to Heaven
No man eer leaped Into ecellence
nt a single bound. All who m
achieved icnl gi outness weie self
made men Sliakespeaie was a door
tender In a theater, rianklln was n
job pilnler. Ituultt was a, bliuk
Mtiltli. The woild (.tiled them sclf
madp men. .Moio tiuly wetc they
honor men In the great iinlieisitv of
labor, niheislty and haul knoiks,
The dlplom is wile then piesented bv
riesident Gibbons. Prof. Wagner called
the names, successively, and each stu
dent In turn ioe and leinalncd stand
ing until his oi her diploma was re
i oh cd, two of the pilmaiy school bos
cm i lug them fiom the hands of Piesl
dent Gibbons to the lecipicnts Hath
St.ldlinte was gieeted with hmid-clnp-plng
fiom tlio under "si ads," and their
own classmates. The honor students
and the bos who bad achieved siuiip
Sieatness on the dlaniond or gildliou
came in foi un especially sh.uc
of tho applnutllng.
Two cboiuses by the class and n se
lection by tlie mchesti.i Intel spcised
the liteimv nimibers. The eeiclses
wore dosed with benediction by Hov.
Dr. Isiael.
Tho usually almost toi tin oils heat of
the audltoiium on commencement nlsht
was lessened to a veiv appteclnble de
S ee by the bappv idea of dlsti Uniting
eight tons of ciacked ho in tho air
dm ts whkh feed the ventilating sjs
tem. At tlio conclusion ot the pi ngi amine
the giadiiotes and their friends enjojud
a dance at bicgel's academy.
A fentuie of the new nnnniv whidi
Is pttttlciildily intei estiiiR for vlsltois
to contemplate ((insist, ot tlie cninp.iiiy
looms EiK b individual company
stioe it1 utmost to muKo its abode
the best furnished and most home
like In the aiuioiy, nnd the icsult Is a
suite of as about pleasing1 npni tinents
as any pcison, no inattci bow fastidi
ous, would deslie.
The st.ite allowed foi each loom the
0,11 pot, .1 table, a lollei-top desk and
f-l diiiiis The (ompaiiv tie.isuiv
was di.iwu upon to finiii'di the le
maininp: acooisoiies nnd as a lesult
there aie pianos seen in the
. 11 Ions looms, hnmNoine tapestiies in
nbiindauee, pietty lamps nnd taslv
Ju tlie loom of Compiuy K hinc,s n
Iiiro and ovellent likeness of tho
Inte Isohc lit on n, flist Uoutenint of
the company and one of the most pop
ulai ottlteis of tho legiinent.
The I.iiffi Ametlo.111 II. ir which
wnes ofi tlie enticime to Conip.iuv
Fs tine 100111 In tho new nunoiy is
.1 (hiff with .1 hlstniy. It is the piop-
ei tv of Coinmissni y Seicreint llimr
lleei 1111111, of the non-eninmlssionod
stnfl, and has tested hut the ie
mnlns of evety dead member of tho
lPKiinenu Keneath Its folds thltt
tuo men have been laid to test.
Theie will be n foimal ill 111 and
Kiuiid mount of the Tliiul battalion,
(onimauded bv Major Robllng,
it tho nimoiy Monday nlfcht. 'I ho
Seiond battalion, uiuUt Lleiitennnt
C'olotipl r. W. Stlllwell, will hae Its
dilll and suaid mount Tues-da nlKlit.
One of the lentiii os of the new nim
oiy and Impoitant adjuncts to the nd
.intiipri" pie'-entid to tho atliletlcally
inclined will be the howling nllejs,
woik upon which Is to ho 1-0011 begun.
A leiflmeutal bow litis team is tlieie
foie n Mmnfj possibilltj of the ccnn
iliK ulntei, Tlieie nie many Htioiii,'
hnuleis in the lOKlmont, and an e( el
leut team 1 mild be tm mod,
Tlie attendance at the PUIcson City
11111RP (ontlnues Ibik1, and cneiy day
nnibltlous jnuths ot the kiiiiiiI upend
their lelsiuo time in htilvlin; to make
luaiksmeii out of theiuseHos. IIiiiIiik
last week two mom men iiuulilloil as
tliiiip,-liooes Moth weie ollUei.s of
rompan It. I'aptnln John Knmbeek
niacin 70 out of 7."i which eiowds Hniiv
Ileciiiiiiii'h leioid nt 71 lor this Heason
pietly ilosol, Lieutenant Many
(liiallllod witli liS. Tlieie Is plenty of
ffood iiiateiiiil nn hand for the team,
and theie is little doubt that tho iokI
inent will bo lepiecenled by n cinik
eijaik ItBKieB.ltioit Of tlllo men tills
jeiir. Tho team will not be picked un
til alter ,Iul 1.
4 Ji
Theie Is homo tnlk that 1'ilvnte ru-d
Van Huien, the newly appointed ru -momer,
will pot have sole rbniRo of
tho new .itmoi Hairy lleeiinann.
Iteebo W'oiUlns' muces.sor iih Mipoilu
teiident ot tho iiimoij and i.infreiniis
tfr will, It Is wild, acconipiiiy tho
H lent appointee, and the two assume
Joint eontiol. Alter July 1 It will be
clellnllt'b iiiiuntiiHod what thu in.
laiiKemeiit will be.
Aftei the buttilion dilll Monday
nltjlit tliu Hist RnniB of Indoor bT-e
ball to be played in tlio new nunoiy
v. Ill take plaie.n and V will stiuijKle
toi Mipienutcy.
Marriage Certificates, Wedding
Norton's, opposite Hole; Jtiiujn.
An Examination of the Oreat Piece
of Mnsonary the Bprinir Brook
Water Company Has About Com
pleted From Red Rook to Spill
way It Is One Hundred and Four
Feet High and at It Base Is
Eighty Eight Feot Thick Storago
In ledeinptlon of n promise inndc tast
w Intel, Colonel I. A. AVutres, presi
dent of the Hpilni; Urook Water Sup
ply romp.uiy, yesletdny cscoi ted the
Sci anion Unglnoem' club to tho slto ot
the (ompain'M lino new dam, seven
miles up the SpiliiK Hiook from Moosle,
and after n thoioiiRli Inspection of Its
eiiBltieeilnu featllies entei tallied tho
elub nnd a few other kuohis at u
luncheon sencd In a pavilion on the
i oiup.iny'.s faun near the distributing
diini, Coineyaneo was by n pcclnl
tiolley to Moosle and thence by the
rnnipany'.s fielnht railroad to the new
dnin and to the ronKlomei.ite niiniiy
near thu foiiner site of tho Stalk ltonie
stead. This lnllioad, with Its stoop
Kiatbs In places llslng neaily 500 feot
to the mile, was almost ns Interesting
nn eiiBlneeiliiB proposition as the dam,
Anhed at the dam, the patty was
token In tow by the eonstiuctltip en
rIiioci, John H. l.nnce, and Infoimcd of
its dimensions and special fealutos.
The dam lepiesents 30,100 cubic 3atdsof
iniisoniy and 11,000 cubic j.itds of em
bankment. Tioin bed-rock to spillway
It is 101 feet hiKh and at b.iso Is SS foot
Th wuter depth Is S7 feet. Tlieie
aie M0 feot length of masomy and LMO
feet lenglh of embankment. One end
Is wedged into a natural wall of solid
lock, ilnj other Is bounded by a mass
he wall n't light angles, riom com
ments bv the opeits the dnm must be
oted a distinct success. It backs water
a mile and a, quaiter and gives a stot
uge rnpaclH of 2,000 000,000 gallons, the
(linlmgo of a walei shed of sixty
sqtuie miles The masonry in It Is of
tin- most dm able (onglomerate quai
ilod at the company's qtinny, at which
tlie supplv is seemingly unlimited. Col
onel Wattes' new home on the boule
anl, now uiidet ( onsti notion, is to bo
built hugely of lock from this qunuv.
"When the visiting englneeis had sur
eved the sights of professional Inlet -
est to them, the p.uty was convened
back to tho pavilion pievlously men
tloned, and otter making way with
the (Oinniissaiy supplies listened to a
s niposiiini of eloquence nnd wit con
ti United by Colonel Wnties ns toast
ni tslor. Judges T,ynch, Kdwards, Cni-
pc liter nnd Ilute, nnd other gifted
speikois Vice I'tesidont II. H. Stoek,
of tlie Ihtgineeis' club, acknowledged
in behalf of tlie club the ilsitois' np
pieelation of tho outing and tills was
ftntliei attested by a Using vote of
mi:mw:iis or tarty.
Tlie p.uty rnmpiised: Judges Ljnch
and Darte, Hon Chillies A. Miner, Kli
T. Connei. 13 It. Pettebone, John A.
Sehmltt, W. J. Illcliiuds and A. I Wil
liams, of Wllkes-Uaue; M. J. Hamil
ton and Walter Ttiek, of C.ubondale;
ico. T. Gwillinni and Charles AV.
Thompson, of I'hll.idelplila; Wlllnrd
Young, of Ilnzlelon; Ale. Htjden, of
Dunmoie; Messts Wattes, O. M.
I.niue, John II. I.ance and S. II. Hicks,
ol" the Spring r.iook Watu Supply
eoinpuny, and thu following ftom
Sciauton: Hon. II. JT. Kdwnids, Hon.
J. AV. C.u pouter, H. H. Stock, T. MII
noi Moms, AVIlliatn 51. Mai pie, J. 1j
Ciawford, J 13. P.u l Ish, J. If. richer.
13 M. Zehnder, James netting, II. P.
Cox, W. T. Andeison, Ki ed. H. Ci lp
pfii, IJevbmn AVnties, Alev. Kethel,
Tied. C. Raker, James II. Hughes, Eu
gene H. Wilson, riedeilck K, Tiney,
A W Long, Thomas V. May, d. 13.
Iliittelin.iid, Willi mi A. Mint7cr. II.
A X. Line. J. . ltlttenhouse, IJ. I,., I!, 13 Iliu lev, Joseiih P.
Phillips. Howell Hani'-, F. B Hamil
ton, William, IT S. Webb, ID. B.
Alheiton, A. H Dijnnlng, Ij II.
ies, J. Oatdner S.indeison, 13. M. Slack,
W. G. P.uke and My S. P.ichnul.
Washington Physician Snys Aqueous
Remedy Has Gient Results.
'The simplest tenipomiy cute for a
stiff neck or miv similar nttiuk of the
urns les, anvwheie," explained a well
known ph.vsiclan to n tepoitor, "Is tho
veiv tue dilnklnir of vater, A lnige
glass lull of water eveiv linlf hour, or
even ottoii'M, should be taken, and the
In iitmeiit kept up for nt least hair a
di. This, it must be lemembeted,
only cm es the effect, and unless It Is
ke t up for n long time will hnidly
get at the cause, which Is now gener
ullv undei stood to be nn eeiss of tnlo
acid in the blood. The laii'-e of a veiy
Ir.igo amount of wntet lias a tend
ency to dilute the blood and lucie.ise
the supplv of the luhili.uits ubotit the
sheoll.s of the muselu. It Is tho de
lieleiuy or those Ittbileants that pio
duces Mint nie known as stiff necks,
still 'hnuldois and the like, Xeailv
all of the bo-1 ailed mlnowil w.itris can
be used, and those that havo lime,
lion, potash, lithla or Milium .should
be pi pick ul If tli-'.v aie handy, but If
none ol them mo gotatnble the ordin
al v diliihlng w.Ueis, hvdiiint, well or
spilng, (an he ti'ed, Tile point Is to
get an oMiaoidln uy ami mil, so ns to
dilute the blood as iiipldly as possible,
1 hnvo no obieition to the uso of Hnl-
miMit.s or eeiniil miso of lubili ants,
but water can be depended upon if
peiirlsted In to do tho .snnio
tiling. .Medldil tieatmeiit, If people
do pot e.iio to keep up tlio water
liailincnt, is, however, to
keep lioir a leiiiiience of the utUick.
I lenlly llilul; the sin cess of inmiy
of the famous water --uirs Is not tho
quality of tho water ud but tho
(liiaiitltv of it None of Hie water
lines would think of piomlslug anv
i ill nn i cliff pun III tho uso of tluee
ni four glasses of water In n day, but
tiny inve but little hesltiincv In doing
so If fiom tidily to foity glasses aio
ied each day. Tor the saino icason
it ii cine Is ppo(tod fiom di Inking
water a veiv Lugo quantity of It must
Ik ill link Sl bonis' ticutiuont, liow
iver, should eiuo the oidlntiry stiff
Special Low Rates vin the Lehigh
Valley Rnlhontl to
Cincinnati, O, account Ohilstlaii En
deavor i omentum. Tickets on sale
July Ith, fith. nud Cth,
Kan rinnclsco, , at count 13p
ivoith I.eaguo meeting. Tickets will ho
on sale fiom July 4th. to July Utli , In
clusive. Consult l.eblgh Valley Italhotd
ugcnU foi paitkulais.
Shoes for Every Member of the Family.
There are hundreds of people who postpone buying shoes until Saturday. That accounts for
our effort to try mid please everyone by offering the best possible values.
Made with flexible soles nnd
finished with patent leather
tips, in the newest shapes. . . .00c
Well made, of either Calf or
Vicl Kid, with solid leather
soles nnd counters. , 05c
In a nice qtinllty of leather,
in the new mannish Inst nnd
new heel $1.00
Babies' Soft Sole Button
iust as flexible as they can
These extraordinary offerings
in Ribbons seems to fall on the
right day every time. Today
it's about a lot at less than half
price. All Silk Satin nnd Oro
Gioin Ribbons in a laige vari
ety of colois. the widths are 12
102240 and 5 inch, the
vnlues range up to forty cents.
Saturday 12 l-2c
Lot No. 2 is nn All Silk Taf
feta Ribbon in Nos. 40, 60 and
80; also No. 40 fancy corded
Talfeta Ribbons, valne up to
50c. Sn tm day 12 l-2c
Fine quality Cashmeie, nil
sizes as far ns the giade goes.
They are equal to the twenty
five cent kind. Saturday, the
pair 15c
Thirty cents for a suit; it
would seem as though that was
Copyright: Books, $1.10
Winston Churchill's new novel is the talk of the town. The book teems with
historical facts so interestingly written that your interest is held from first to last.
Other new books as follows;
Mr. Dooley's Philosophy.
In Search of Mademoiselle by George Gibbs.
The Helmet of Navarre by Bertha Runkle.
The Master Knot of Human Fate by Ellis Meredith.
The Riddle of the Universe by Prof. Ernst HalckeK
Observations of Henry Jerome K. Jerome.
When Blades Are Out and Love's Afield Cyrus Townsend Brady.
"Inauurato knouleilKc is ft itangprniK tinner.
so in all lhii,i lit lis bi iccuiate "
Headers of the Sahil would i,reU lid me
In mj task In vUnir hhmIIoih (not necea
sarilj tor publication), which it possible will
1 1 unsuirnt in full in an arl) iii if the
Hrekh Siljil and lhir retclnt m iov Irilged
inimedntili lij nnil Ml such 1 1 inmtinn i
linns lnu-t, howier, ns i niat'er (if toi rse,
heir lhi wrilir'4 correit mm? aid addnw
as r,llmwie II e unnot be t iWci into con
sider it ion
DU Mil. SI II ill, of Siiinlon. V , pre
hiiIhI a papci it the mciiL iiinu il mill
inj ol tin- Ainiri an I iruuioloi.ioal nnc.iittwi
upon ' Hie Hints of Cim lumi-m I pon mdliri
in ii nnd rtiuilitinn " of whidi the follow mi;
is in elint He found m the llil pli(i lint
the oiillnin tlni ilus nudum dm to middle fir
iIimm neir li in-uii-ed Hit limits of pilih
liom II 1 (JI7 Mliiliins us the lowit point) to
the I (701 filiations) as the hle;hit, as ne-r
h It wis po-Mblo for him to determine, ind Hut
lh siibjuthe nol-t , illlmiili iiiihle in ipiul
ill or limine, Ind no iiprechhh ifTut iipiii
mm iliilion oi nrli' illation, bin tint lhe, would
Inwriilih mil cn tutlinallv nflict Ihe pnnp
inn of Miim.l-i width hid Hit Mini ol nf'illv the
Mine uiimbii of ilirillous pit hctond is the
Mibjuliw iut of tlie piliint 'Un uliJectlM
iiuims dm lo ipiinim, fiwiliti of soda, ahohol,
ilhu ind nun ollur iluws wtie Injilibl of a
tin hlu'h pin Ii, nuun' fiom is low is tin (i .1
U3s ibiilion) In .1-, InUi i I' il .'" wl 1 1.
Iloii'.), ind ofli u i'MII I luher, lie uUo oIimimJ
lint nn iiuiipiiti nui-.s ol liluh pilih not only
Inttitiiid with Hie piouiiui ution of 1 1 u-e ioiion
.nil', uhiih, uiioniin' lo Hie iriMi,th;itiuis of
lliliuholr ind otlnis, hate for their ill ii uli riitlc
hi mid 1 lomhliiithu of hi;h pitthid nouudx, Mil Ii
us "lb." ' V "Mi," ' ." and Hie like conviu.
tint Miuiids of iiluiilile -piuh, but iNo i
IIiiiii to be (lllj olililn Hid ind t oii-i .(lielitlj
miKt ilillltult I" nppieilate aud be ui ce.nitil 1)
IK i ii. -l'hilideliliU Mttlieil loiirnil.
Hill wlnt is limit impniliint ami iistoiiililiii;,
lie fiimid Hut Hie pill hid nibJe(liM iioims
ill Hie eir piodned lit dines nnd aiv not
dm lo initli lim.lll; pioiliunl sound Jii. ot thf
lir, nUo iiulirlill) Inliiliuil with the piomiii
1 1 il Ion of Ihe pitched uiiImjIuiiN lo mi in.
ItiftliiKt' whidi would iudii lie that siibjnlitc
m nn mil miiviiIuih me to Mime i Mint uiJinijI,
ollieiwi.e Hit i tuiihl not inltiftie with a pillely
uiiihiiilial piottsHMiih an .iillciilitloii,
Pntliogenlc Tmnsmutatlons of Bac
teiin. It H.I alluui.ttil, II doill M ll lll, ,llid 111
In i ii ion. I null in linl limcl h mini iudepnid
nit oh.iriirs. Hut the ihrliitlon ol p.itho-t nie
hnlnlt from the niiKlinlli ltiiii,u, In tut alls
nl Hull' lioini.-lilm ill on pinihn Is of coriuptiou,
.ilillrillli lllv 1(1(1111111111 ind lelilntil wllhlii
tout IiiiIuik oi iIim i-nl inlinil ni inUiiis, oi un
i in II il t (I JiiiikIos iiul iiuiIh.s wis not null
povililc, but HI) pioluble, I mill dull witdi
lul i Iim iijllini, lu.tiniiit minimi iloij of llils
li i jtlit j-l-i I olli b) lid ami ipltilun h ite ui.iilil
ulli mullipliiil, i tit 1 1 now It Is rMisiul; ni
lUtllniW aud i (Ii II iinltiiiol In oltnilim 1 1lo
(ptilminls add lo the t iiiiiuj pathoKinlu
tt Jti-nuit illons of Hie Ii.hIIIih toll luiiniiunl,
pit'iliiu.l.i iililiiiiid, hi itlual (li-iclnpmetit of
Hie liulioiik plum and lis Kirm liom Ilie In
it-tint of Ihut foul i in iiyi i if Hit utiil.l,
Hit Ml. M .1 Intiil mteiiuK of lli. Soiitle de, I'Jils, Dr. I lid is, ii lluiilijii Iniliri
oli'ki.l, liitilttl rxpiiiiutnls on tlie inhu I all
In. of tin iat lit tiilliiillin; IhU iiii;jiiUiii
with i uililii mold tit i in t liom tin, j,p n,i
In. oiioe, ami pasrliu it fn in lair lo in. lit
fit llli tlitiliKil a 1 nillu. il-tli n.-tiiililliv Hit
lipiial pli.-ue K0 mi. in unit luiiulurs, fiom
ihe lIjii'I--. i-plitn. tlouiiih and luteslliiti. of Hie
lufiilnl aiiiuuU, Willi h pioiltttdl, whin injtilnl
into l .it-., Uniil-ll iliiinal .iliiplcin, mid was
aliibis lapidli filal Hie blololial iluutiua
if this nrKJiil.-iii Ihiini, limit wrie the ame a
llitise if hlll.Ho'a baiillu-i pi.lU, ami he lus
iki doubt as In lluir riiilialime lit i Minis
innitoits:, In line tunccded in icndtrlui; a hoi.-e
immune h.i onoits itijittlons of at liikt iiij
tlilulttl rulluicn of Ihe (iiu, folloiidl In nn u
viiiilcnt outs, and with !!!, limb's .riinn has
In en able to sale rats that had pmiuu-lj httti
iiKtiiltlfil with the ilrnltnl tnllnres. He t,litj
il as Ids opinlm Ihat Hie pla.-ue in iu niik.'iu
ii a cvlvu batillojis ul uU, taivstd bx Hit. in
Made of Dongola Kid, in but
ton or lace. They have the lat
est stylo toe, the new military
heel and patent leather tips. $1.45
Made of Dongola Kid, with
light or extension soles, patent
or kd tips $1,45
PERS. Made of Turkish fabiic; of
numerous colois; for men, wo
men nnd chlldien 40c
Shoes in Tan and Black.
low enough. It is n cream col
oied garment, nicely finished in
shirts or drawers. Saturday,
each 15c
Keep the stray locks in place
by using an ideal Hair Retainer.
It's a neat little contrivance and
a long wanted article nt tho
same time. 10c and 15c each.
See them nt Jewelry dopnitment
As usual, Summer coinfoits
for men come to the fiont for
Saturday. Hnve Just opened
another lot of the famous Pey
ser Comfott Shhts 81.00
Have you bought any of
those Silk Heel and Toe Hose
for menP They are made of
cotton and come three pahs in a
box 50o
Other Needfuls for men at light
Long's Sons
Kfstion of nte coutitnini; 1 mold, Aspergillus
ori7ne, mil lint Hie colon bncillus, lij uccsive
pisiges from rat to rat, takes on the ihatatttrs
of the plague bacillus
The .loiirnil of Ihe incrn in Alulital asso iv
turn iKunt.s out that Cilrlas rliiun the 'minielli
bacillus ot jellow feur lo be liktwiv i modill
citlon of (he bacillus toll. Hie i-pmil ihulcinc
of ithtdi is due to Hie pitfftitie of 1 mold
The Low Tempeiatme of the Gooikha
Die botUli tenipei ilutt in i stile of lit illh is
Kcnei illi nicepttd a-, inioni; Ilie most tonlant
of phsioloeunl pin nonieni It stem-., howtttr,
Hat the notnial tenipentitrt of the (Jtnrkha
Stpn is below tint ol Hie emiilitt of nun
kind In the I'.'liruin liiimlur ot Ihe Indiiii
Medtnl l.iitlo llils fid is sd foitli b N. I'.
Oil Iihr. M II, II I'll, a t ipt.iin in the
llrltlsli Indian intdical s.nite Ciptitn I aim,
roisonine; tliai tins must he dm lo ihfntk
luelibolm, leslcd his tlieon bi idiutiilsttiiu
tui;)i, about six ouiues diil, foi a ptrlod of
ehien dai, In t hi iltlii linn of I (innrllii
tiRimtnt llieii aicnitt lempeiitiue for tlnen
this pittetliiie; Hi' uliniiiisiritinit of Hie siii,ir
wis ')" I derets lalircnheil, for ihe penotl of Us
administration t7 I defirtts, mid foi the tltiin folloiiini: Ihe iimiIioii of the xmlurilie
titalnient '' i dtuitts Ihe lempn itme io.-e in
niri c i-e ilntini; Ihe pi l mil of (tilling with
miii; il.
New Magnetic Obseivatoiy.
An iuliustiiiK mi les of biilldiui: his been
eitilcd nt ( In 'Inn linn. I'lluti (hoiki's toiiuli,
Muiliril 'lids is Hit niw iiiikintK ob-trialoii
of he I'tiUtd Slalts Culsl-nnl l.ioddii sitriti,
I 'op pi i .tnd lira--s are implnntl ft r nil pipt
.mil nielil woik, uml I lie slou, whiih bums
Mood extliiNiitl.i, is lui I L. of i, iipsloue. 1'he
ol -i' is (uiiii".-mI if two Iniililinir-. in one
of whiih the inlhii mi-on tin toiiipasi
will be mi imiuiI Ihe lli-lliilni ills will lie ki pi
it u inn-ljiit temptiituie if 111 d -,'lu.s 1'iiliu il
hi it bv mi in- of i n rtts of will- Mil llilul llllll
thitk paptr. .iml ntlitr patts He alsu fitiiitltd.
'lime ire fun hets ot tlioi. 'Hit oht-i naloi) is
lir ma) fioni ant ilKliuliiii).' ehtiruil iiillu
iiiiis, mi tin if is no ipii'llou that the ob-ei , i
Huts will be most uKin.ilL.
Danger of Oveihead Electiic Wiles.
Mi, Vulii, the b eh i ti lul inn'iniii of
lllukpool, ln,'liinl, Iijj piiltdid in inn litem
In whiih all iluik'Ui from oiiihe.ul ilittilt.
wiles aie oliiiattd Minn a wlie brriks, th
( urn nt in mill hid or! In a sullen which is
itilnin nil illi lelttstd, nud Hit wile lints n n
tl.riil hinnli--i In Hie en linn ills whiih wile
lailinl out In ptoir tin titWh lit i of tin inn n
inn, time Hlephone wins wire Mined uul Ml
upon in nl 1 1 lit ut t'tilrit! line liiil intly Hie
aitliiiiitlti ftiillili i pi iilnl, nn) the iuniilor
pliknl up one nn) of the hiohtu wire III this
uiiiiiiilli.n I mnt in iitlnii (hit mil) u fi w iU-
i-n Ilie inminis.iiinrr of liltthiiais of llionkliu,
N , H Ill-id to give hl.s pi imia-lnn In a new
liolhi lliifjot itidln,' pnli.s In lite rtreels of
Hie (II), iljlinliii,' that ntcilnad Irollty wins
lie not "nil il.lli'tnns lo lift, but also to plop,
nt) ill liaiiipirluir He Hit men In tin ir work.
Ameiicmi Tiains ami Engines.
In lull rt-poit of Ihe i rniCtdiiiKs (f (lie
liiliinitloual lliilwiv (ohkiiss Kins Ihe follow
lit;, amon' oilier dt tails, lelillne; lo tlie limit
ripld trains in tlie I nilnl St ins.
the Mlmlir tin llnr of tlie Phllai. Iphla
iml l(l'.nlii' lailioul Ins the neiliit aiuii;e
kpuil, ii , nn'. nulls pi r In ur
.Suite of Ihe I't nn linn I iiilmail tiains run
ut un .iteiaac tfn nl I 'i iitllni
linn No a'n of the I'eiui-jli mi i, lelwccn
I'hiliih Iphu .Hid Iiimj III), his M linu
plt'd of I.I s 10 milts pi i luiiii, etliidint,r Mi pi
IiiIii Nn 1 1 In Incut ( hloso and HiiiliiiLloii
Ins ', U milt.
Hid Ihe inns i lulu bcitircn Ikniiell.nllc
iml siisiiiibiniia al VP,. mill-
Ihe I inpile sine l'uu of the Ctntral fioni
Niu tnk in llul j In reus at t speid of SI niiita,
dnluilliiK' lh( Hint lost In lli I
lit Hie ripen Ihe i h ll.H Ii I Ulle (lian,'tl in
liulit in lii.h pt(il lotnniotilt- dinlliL, the
ilu. nie ISViUu aie nuiinutlrt'd as fullou..
Iiul Ihe later mcllirs lie Ilie lieailest and
lili-t pownfiil
-. uiiid Hie boiler prt.vuie has been lucrtjsed
ami Hie bollns lute biui Lrcatlt Impimid
1 Iilnl lie tompniuil iiiL'ina is ioiiiIiik rapitll)'
till t U-(
1 iiutlli- 'Ilie i alio if the heated Mtifaio to the
toliimi of tin i.tliii'U'M his btui ititiiasul
li(th-inl al.-o the toal and watir tapatil)
ot Ihe Inultr.
Sixth I line is a Itniluiit lo iucicase the
Km; Hi of the sttukt ui ihe latvii.
This grade is hand-turned
and Is made of Vicl Kid, in tho
new heel nnd toe shapes . . .81.89
In black or tan, button or
lace, made of solid leather all
through .OGo
In black and tan; all have
hand-sewed welts; values up to
84,00; now 82.00
T.h.i:y..are. 20 Cents 5
A hot-weather fad, Boy3'
Washable Caps, in Golf, Yacht
and long peak Eatons, sizes for
the large boy and tho small
boy too, each '. . 25c
Including plain white and
fpney colors. Same as the sail
or style with broad and narrow
rims. All have fancy bands of
Polka Silk 25o
In dark and light colors
they nie nil made with laig
sailor collars, and deep shield
fronts, neatly trimmed. Sizes
2 to 0 .... 50c, 00c, 75c, and 89a
Made of fine quality of Blue
Serge. The collars are trimmed
with Silk Soutash Braid in red
and white. Sizes 3 to 0 years.
Price S2.03
Vicnlh As well ns Inward i greater piston
Buying Car Tickets fiom Slot Ma
chines. 'Ihe nie of nllw iv litkcts from automatic
nni him s Ins proud i Rieat vmcisq in Berlin
ind its suburb- 'the eniphnncnl of Ihia nieth
of di linn is Ktnllv fiulitatcd lij the fatt
(hi! the out tinlf sin(cni is in forte on sonio
of the i lilwais whi( tun mound Uerlin, nut
on the (tluf Mihurbin lines n one In ntlownl
on the pi it form ituli-s he is koiiik by trim, or
piiidij-es a platform ticket, ind Hie isalc of
plillorm tickets, whiih test 10 pfennigs, and
nie nl-n siipplhd bi aulouulii niitliincs, nitj
ihe iiilwns our i inlt(m( i )t tr.
Method of Betecting Hypo in Photo
giaphic Woik.
Ihe impotlinte of llntoiultlt t limiiiatine; ilu
hipn fioni niailiii oi print- in photoe,! lphtc
work is i-o will tttontrid tint it nectl not lm
in-tstid upon, and il will thiitfoic be useful
In Kite a mi Hied ttliith lias bun brought nut in
the HiIkihi I'liotouiapliit Ilullclin for dittttin
Mil ill litrii of Inn) hi tin w l-liini; walti an J
thus obitrtinu' whin Ihe opu ilimi Is flnislied
lulu 1 del p tin is point u I sin ill tpinntit) of
Hie twin or t.o) it ion in question and a feiv
pints of ki mill Hid mt are thrown in, aft r
wlni Ii mid a ftw dt i s of linhoi hlnru ictd.
I' ue iboie Hie Ii it u hltti piper wt I with a P i
lilt Ion cf mt Ii if leid If Ihe lei-t Irace of
htpo-ul Idle run mis m the itulutiou the piper
will b (nine blown, and ifliiwiril n iiiiil a bllck
ludallii ap en iih i. Ilus .itlion is due In tint
foiinitioii of liidtiucii sulphide, with c-tipcs
In tin .Mil Cue mil i nliiis tue pip.r h,t' foimir
Ind siil huh In this w n it is ilwiis eay to
ihtiiiiilui win n Ihe w i-hii i; is fiiil-lteil or lo e
amine a -i liilitm -n-pulul of tnnl lining h)pt
Baisiug Hungarian Giapes.
n i ip.innuit in r.ii mir lluiiK.uhn supes is
In lie mole Ii ir Nolfolk lllllll l.ilnlsit, of
Niiifolk, n , i- Hit piojtdoi of Ibis cipirlmenr;
He till at lii-t plmt three un- m tlu-e vines,
ml if, villi lime tells Hie inrimcnt proi.s
a hiiki.s, lie will t'-ljlili-h i Inner vine)ard.
Mi, Iliid-i), who has Ind cipciicnte ns i vim
ilKrr in IIunKirv, con-iders the climite ami
mil of Ililri stttlni favoiable lo Ihe uroivth of
Ihl-t! tl ifies
Great Lakes as Fish Hatcheries.
ri-liirn en will be inliiiMiil In Ihe aiinoiimc.
menl Ihat Ji ihjO.ihio whili-IUli will he di-lnlmt-ul
in Hie tin it lakts fiom Hie alldiiiMii hilili.
triis liming the toiitin; F.a-nii In nilditioii In
lln-e, Ihe nine liilcheiies will di-tribute in Ihii
lii(.ir ftlitauts of MlthlLnn 7,0h0,uii) brook trout.
l,i)tiil,(Kl lake lioiil, 7,000 Offl Link bass ami 100,.
iHH.IkiO wallciul pikt Ihe woik ot plintlu
lisli Is as inli re-tlm,' nnd about as import int
m,i in the line ol pre.cnim; an Indu-lrv ivhicli
Is paid foi out of public funds.
The Effect of Electtic Ciuents Upon
Ililns are finill w iter miiniU of low nrde(
iml of Hie (.aiitti suli'lmii is toril ioltp.
If i India be irraiunl Willi Its lona: avis I cr
ptinllciilir to Ihe dilution ut an electric ciinrn;
il lias bun shnttn In the remit i pi thncnls of
lliviuond 1'e.lll, lint iu a short lime Hie litill l
tlun'is Its po. Illnii sn as to nrlint with ts
lieul toward lint anode Ilie limine of pn-ilini
is I110111.I1I uliuttt l) u rniitiaillou of lite li.nli 1
11 1 poliwjii.l ubote lite fool, mi the anodo side
ul its hodi. 'Ilie bcudiin; 1011II11110S until Hits
line: uxis Is ipille pulhl lo Hie 11111 rut If Um
1 111 rt nt is -Iroiik' iuoui.1i In kill Ihe animal linn a
nuiii- a slight inu-uilii ,-pisin on Hie rathodi)
niu of Hie hnili It Hie India I- nlnitli plaeul
p.Hlllel to Ihe dilution in which Ihe turifnC
Is In pass, then is a vlolrnl 1 null it t Ion on inak.
iiiK Hie 111111 ut if Hie In ul is toward the anode,
and mi Imuitillatt) iiuitijitinu H all If the hcjil
Is pliud in Hie oppo-lte Jiridioii
The siaudinl Aiunltan Mei-ttro for Ouiiti
li.lin x fftl.l. rf Hit, I nil.. I t.t.,,,4 n,.,,
and li'todctie sitriti, ulves Iu -tlciuo an oe.
1 miii t 01 a new inntiiiiinii netwreii tlio uiailly
tin n-nri a of I ntmw in.l flu, I'nlli.l Sinn. ...,,,.
pitied Ut )ear In I! II I'litnam, is.-i-taiit .111.
vtjor The result Rives tho siaviti "tonstanl"
.1 U..I.I ,.. -. .....t. -. I. . ... I.. .1 . !-,
ul it -iiiui,iiii, lis utMij us II tan ut- ULifiinincil
(10111 the dull at prifint available, 1 value of
li.-D.lll dines, npilt ilent in 1 nulih leiuu in
.l.'.ri fnt, whidi imam that tlio atmospheric
pic.siiite will balaiue a lolunui of dl-iillul wiiei
t a Iciuptratuie of Ml dcutcrs l'ahienhelt mri4.
nrlur iu U 1 1 1, 1 1 1 J.'.IJJ feel.
Carl Seller, JL H.