The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, June 22, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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I'ublUluei TUIlr, Ftcepl Bundiy, by Hie Trili.
tine rubliihlng Company, t Tilly Cent, a Month.
LIVV B. IllCltArtn, Mltnr.
0. F. BVJHI.n, llmlncs JtJtutrer.
New York OTIitl 110 Nmsiu M.
s s vnnrt.ANt),
Boli) Agent tor IoiiIrii Aduttljltic
L'ntercd t (he Pintolfiee it sernntcn, l' i
Second CIim Mull Mailer.
When po will pennll, Hip Trllui i M i1i
di to print shot! lellin liom IH Irliwli bear
Jiiff nn uirreiit tnilt, but IH mle I' tint llii'i
lntit I c Igrn'l, Inr pulill' illif, I" !"- "''
real name, nnil the londlllim uieltiit t" "
irplntue I tint nil lontrlliutloni utialt lie sinjrct
to editorial reWnlon.
inn it.Mi: ion Auvrimsixo.
llm foi Inn In? table l i.w Hie prlee per Ineli
each Invrtlnii, upaio In he mid within on year:
Hun ot ildlntron 1 nil
niSI'f.W. Piper Ilea Mint Position
f' thin "KKl lnehe ,sj 7fi '.1"
W Inrhca ?n . ,2
ism ir, .its .1".
W " IV, .17 '
W ' 15 .K3 .U
for rirds ot llnniia, resolutions fit condotenei.
nil almllir contribution In the niture o( "
lertMnj: 'J he Irlnntie miKu n rli-ircc of 5 cento
a tine
Rites for Cluslfloil Aiherll'lnir fitriiMirtl on
Ml. Dimly Is cnmlnopel Hint Kenu
lno iolIpi nelly does not clst In the
btate sennto.
The New South.
fr-m: m:tti:hs of our pcrtni
I corinoiionilunt, Mi. ltiih-
J.. inonil, lime tin own much
lntei fstlnK IIrIiI, so far ..
they hap fronc, upon tin- Itielustiinl
and common Inl possibilities of the
"now Pouth;" and liv attcnlho lc.wlcis
of the d.illv and pios tin-so
nip well understood, In a kxmioiuI w.iv,
to bo onuiniouu; lint nothing tint wo
hie scon slatos them so rle.iilv as nn
addiess dolUpiod jpsti'iil.iy at Aslie-
illo. X. r, liy lilclinul IT. KelnioiieK
cdltoi of the Mnnufat tin pis' tpoid of
Baltimoio, liofoic tlie Noith (,ii ollna
Stnto nankins' ii-sndnllnii.
Mr. Kelnionils Raw Hist a statistical
synopsis of tlio woneloi fill Konnial ad
antc of Hip liusliipss Inloipsts of the
v.holp countiy .since tin Clll ai a
tliomo which oliftlit liv this time to be
familial and then pioceided to draw
compulsions between genual iiel
anLe mil the adaiue logisteied In
the .section ol the eoiintiv (omnionlv
Known ns the "new South" We quote:
"In ISSfl the Smith's lalhoid mileage
was JO.nlJ miles; Its lonls ueie inostlv
ehoit, dlsointed lines. and with few p
ceptlons, 1) ulh eiiulppeil 'l'oda it h is
SlOOrt mile-, mil its leading s stems, in
tiacK, in ioIIIuk st oik and In e ei de
tail ol m inaenient tompiie with the
best io ids in the win Id. Jn pen enlace ol
iiiLieTsc tlie K-.iln has been Kit Uei than
In the le-t of the iouiiIm. Twenty
c us ,un its uitton piodiii linn was ,,
To'i.tlflO biles, .mil its lotion nulls ion
hinnid IsS.TIl bales Its cotton nop
now meiagis oer (l,nnil,000 hales, and
its cotton mills consume tnei t 'OiiOOU
biles. Then It had W,7,00i spindles;
now it has oei I.,no0,0n0 The i.ipitil
inested In its uitton mills in Ismi was
J.M 11(111,0011 loda it Is nei $1, 10,1101) nntl.
Its cotton-oil IndiistiN, then hut an In
fant with foil mills, having, i
of nnlj !,1(i(i,0iHi, now has about .100
nulls, with a i ipltal or o ei $10 000 000.
Then lis lold nl Kiain was 411,000,000
liushels; list o.u its f.umeis K.itlieml
hdOOOOOOO biislids Tlun It mined (,,
000,000 tons of i ii.d, last yun It mined
4,000,000 tons Then it piodiind loT.OOO
tons of plK-iion; last jiai its fuinaees
turned out tons, much of wlileh
found a maiket in the lion rente s of
Utuopo. Jts luoiliu tion of phosphate
lock was I'.IO.OOO tons; list e.u it was
1,100 000 tons. The total alue of Its
faini produits In isso was $171,000,000;
last jpii Its fin ins luliled about $1,
20U 000,000. In 1SS0 it piodmed IT'1,000
ban els of ptti oleum, most otwhhhwas
fiom AVest VIikIuI.i; list eai its oil
veils jleldul 1,1,000,000 bin els, and now
Tesas alone bids fall to be able to pio
duce within the next jear oi two ns
much oil as I he piosent output of the
United States, If not of tlie woild. At
that time the total eaplial wlileh It had
imested in mauufactuiliiK was $.'11,
000,000, and the aluo of Its niaiiufae
tined pioducts was $411,000,000, The
new census will piolmbly show that its
manufai tuilnpr capital is not less than
$1,000,000,000, and the value of Its manu
f.ictuied output lonsideiablv nhoe $1,.
,100,000,000, in iso the alue of expoits
thioiish Southern pons was $"il,000,
Doo, in li'oo it whs $"i"
Statistically the pioKiess of the South
rluiilifr two ileiades was summed up
and shown by Mi. Udwauli by the fol
.cwlnff llsuies:
? i X1 : ," i: s " " ' i c
ii ; ," ti : i 5 ' ii s : i" 5 5 '
,;";;" -' s tf ? i -.
.i; " . '. '"! ;
tt 7s 7
u z: 7, ". if a sT ?; ii f ? ; 4 z r x -f
" tt rt . ,-; tr o - ?! ti S s
j i.
V") s i 1. - - r- " t a b S j i Z
- '7 i
!( S '
I 5-
Ifl "" f-
V - 2 w
- J B j
- fc 2 - T ,
- " f
S Cy
i 2
S 2 -
O j w . V
Tompnilm,' thct-o facts with
jeneial InduMilal advance of
United ytutes, It will be found,"
t hc
lio uldcd, "tJiat In nmiy llneb the south
1ms ntaclcs proportionately Rrenter pro
ricoi than the rcit nf tho cntintiy.
In tlmt twenty jents It litis so de
veloped , coti I litlsltiess Hint It t
now nlieaily Muted, mine
toil than tlm rnltie bituminous out
put or tlm T'ultoil Stntrs In ISsO. lit
lion ptnduction nlioadv ettiinlt tin
lion ntitptit of llm inimtry ns Into ni
JW. Twenty jeurs nRii tlm Routh had
tirti.nii) i nt inn oplndles and the reit
nf the rotititrv had tO.600.000 splndlem
todnv Hm wotitli Una (1,000,000 cotton
spindles, nn IneienHe of nearly R.ROO,
000 spindles while llm rest of tlm
cotitilty today hni about 12,000,000
uplnilles, or n sain since isso of leiu
limn 2,000,000 spindles.
"In the cotton mill Imlti'uly we have
won the tlRht! we have ilpiuonstrateil
Ih it tlm South Ii to he the domlnat
Iiik cotton mill center of Aiimilc.i, It
not ot the wot Id, Hut until the ills-
nvery of oil In Texas opened up new
possibilities which cannot yet be fullv
understood, the Hrutli vvns In dunrjer
of telatlvely falllnq- soniewhnt behind
In Its lion Mild Hteol ninl inneliliieiv
pioducInK InlPiests. 'As Kieat ns 1ms
lici'ii out ptoi;ips, we cannot pffotd
to put iinv obstiuptlon In the way of
material iidviiiicenipii'.. Ae must ilse
with the Hwelllnj- tide of Industilal
and fliimulnl activity for woild-wlile
"upietunev, or w tniist be etiKiilfid
If we fall It Is our fault, for when
we turn In the study nf our material
resources we find Hint no other coun
liv or no oilier section of any coun
tiv has such n inaiv elous combination
of wenlih-ciealliiK possibilities. Tt
has been .said Hut In the Brent
Htteleh of mountain country which
tuns from Wheeling to TTIimlnKhatn,
theie is foity times ns much coal n"?
Client Hillnln had befoie she stuck
tlm Hi st pick In tlm Riound. Wpst
VliKhili alone has 1(1,000 squaip miles
of coal, as compiled with (Tieat ni II
nln's U'.OOo. We have neaily one-half
of the standlnp timber or the United
States. We hold a practical monopoly
of the production of totton, and while
we rurnlsii three-font ths of the cot
ton for the 100,000 000 spindles In the
woild, we only have 6 000,000 spindles
ouiselves. AVe have almost n mono
poly of the phosphate, rock, the foun
dation or the reitllber business of
this counliv and of Iluiope. Alont?
our mountain lanse we hive coal In
Inexhaustible supply, furnishing abun
dant fuel at low cost, with vvatec
povveis, great and small, almost with
out end.' And now the Ouir and At
lantic coast bave In Texas oil a fuel
supply eijual to the utmost demands
of comnmice and maniifactuies. With
piophetle eye Oominodoie Mninv, the
pit at Ri'OKinphor or the sea, flftv
cais ao painted a training; pictme
or the Oulf of Mexico ns the i enter
of the world's conuneice when an
Isthmian canal ha 1 been built, but it
Is possibl-. that the fuel supply which
Teas olfeis to us will even in ad
vance of the canal piove almost equal
to making the Oulf so often i ailed
the .Meditei lanean ot Amei lea the
iin'er oT n lommeiilal and industilal
aillvitv siauely dieamed or, even by
Maui v.
' Oiii Industilal advancement, which
has been mi ffieat as to amae the
vol Id, must continue on a still hicnd-
ei si ale. If Hie South rullv utllles
its advantages, if Its people .lie
tiaiiKil Ten the oppoi (unities which
aie ahead or u, Iwentv veais hence
the South slicuild b pioduilng 'JO 000,
000 bales uf lottcm. and its fi 000 000
spindles should have inn eased to J1 -000
000 oi .10,000 000 oi mcie. Instead
or $1,0,000,000 capital in i uttou mills,
it oiiulit by that time to have M00,
000 000 to $100,000,000, its coal output
f i oni .10.000,000 tons ns a piesnit,
ought to be 1.10 000,000 tons, and In
even other line or Industiy theie
ought to be a late or piogiess which
will make the South or li.o as manv
tiiius failher ahead of the South of
todav than the South of today Is
ahead of 1SS0 Suiely what we have
aiiomplished since 1S0, stinting mi
dei all of the dp-advantages under
whli h we laboied, ought to In moie
thin doubled yes, moie thin iiiind
liiplrd dining the next twenty
Theie is no wise Anieiican who will
hi'giudgp the South her billllnnt m
tuie, nor hesitate to give moial aid
to the forces which aie biinglng tho
southern people into a realization of
the possibilities befoie them.
The Democtats at Hnnisbiug have
accomplished their piuposp, Ty a
(oalltion with the Insiugents In tho
srnate.theyhinodefpated ballot leroini.
Uveiy regular Heiiuhliiau senator
voted foi the Guffey bill as pi'opeily
ainended In the house; but Inasmueli
a1 Hip Deiiiociats wanted an Issue
lather than legislative simplification of
the pic-ent cuniborsonie ballot s.vstem,
the ineasiue tell down at the finish.
Now that the tusionlsts have ileieateil
what they piolessed to want, let them
make the most of t. Tho most will
not be much.
The conviction at Jeipy City of T.
G. ll.uker for the shooting of Itev. Mr.
Keller lepiesents substantial Justice,
for wlmthei his wife's stoiy was tiuo
m f ilse, hn chose tho cnunnlly way tn
senile lediess. The duty now lulls
upon .Mr. Keller to demand a Judicial
i'ifiili.v Into the utilisation of Mis
I'atkir, lu law this was llghtlv sep
atiiKil f i oni iwukei ii tiial. Um It
must be made,
lluik and peiseveiance on tho pait
cf Kdltoi I'. v, Ilailow have inuhied
tha ICInihuist SIruiiI to (oiiiilote ulnn
veali- of IliMti in live exiUfnie. Jluy
It have ninny moie, with prospeilty
In iiiLi eased piopoi tln'i.
It Is piobable that the Kiugor ie
ceiitlnn committee at New Yoik will
not he obliged o postpone theli .sum.
mer vaiattons n nider to give Oom
Paul the fipedom ot tho city.
Tlm laik of succffs that b.i.s nttrnd.
ed the effoits of the 'oilglnnr men,
has ilemonsttntPil that it Is still a
tillle caily to launch pienldcniUI
The new tlilitl paity Is In a rail
way to aufli'i the culy fate of the
I'tiinsylvania fctato busy bill leasur.
A l.oiiB Island City jouth who ic
fujcs to marry a woiiiun worth $700,
C00 has been ui tested as a yucsant
upon complaint ot his futhei. In this
Itistnnce llm coin st ot Hit patent
.ocim piopur. A hoy who will neither
wntlc nor tiiany nn heiress descives
Tlm pntilols nuislug n giudgo luive
ever be"ll displeased with l'cnnajlva
lila polllli's.
Sniljr Horoscopo Dravn by AJncchus,
The Tribune Astrologer.
Mrslilie citi I 00 a, in , lur Situulaj, .Inns ?J,
a kp
A clillil lintti rn thli thy will notice that the
hrad ot I lie met intellrcliul niicharine i;lil
Rialnilci is (.iiiriiilli Iniideneil with a "Int."
Thi nru i;uliil,lli 5 appnattK on court lionc
s.ii iro cm limlli In fii Io Iiiiu jet relilicd
ruin eiiulllni; ptuporlioui
A Rrnt inn ninl nt "iilin I111 fillrn by the
wjulde folrly In in Hit tint It I111 not been
narreil Willi (he ln nt a ih inter n.
V rll itits of the -n;nlu ulltun Mho formerly
dipped t li f r puis In mil lie liriunilii us sweet
n I tie r-ifiiiiii of the 1 tint bun' jmit klc.
Tin- man viliu hn heen n fillurt1 oiiEht to mile
n cood linlnutui. lie 1 111 it point out thu
palliH lint should he avoidnl,
It Is po'illih' for n Mom in to lop tier hnlnnd
mil Kt ill cihjnt Io (he 111 inner 111 which he ue
lib kliifo and loll, at tho t ihle.
Mbii'i lino n llglnn 1111 ofli n best he JmUcil
lij the luih'th of tho oicrih iv cluck en hi!
Sont? Kind Words
flbodf Th? Tribiine
Minks the night of Time.
I'ioiii (lit1 Set mil, i I mill
Hie Sininton 'lilhuno celebnte? Ill tenth iiint
iiKiM of lis iiccei"fiil cM-tiinc and in Imnor
of the w.ri'din his i-ued 1 h iniNf mo snmi nir
of nn io Hi in 1 hiimlinl pics foi ill-liiliutUn
Hinonif its 11 nil. rs lltlmin Ihe imm of this
.itli 11 live look is lohl the Rton of Ihe Inlnim'-.
tici, Ilic Miinnli (ohimtie nbo r ntiiu, 1
lnr.,1 lull i,IIii- I11-I1 n of tlie pislollltis of
I u Kiw mil 1 count.!, i hMnry of tie. Sx.i inlnii
boinl of (rule, and other vihnhle hi il dill.
'Ihe 'liHniiic's pomrntr Is 1 ruilitiMi pmdiic.
timi ind a line illu-tt 1I1011 of I ho 111cc.l1 111k il
Hid HlUtio irMjiuccs cit our i ti c mod coiifem.
poi m's mil iciii 1 nl (vtihlishmiiit It dt t s
not -i 1 tn 11 dot ido siino tin flr-t ntnnlior of tho
Siimlon lilliime ippintd, '-n fi-t Is Ihe HIl.Ii'.
of time lu this lm iri . still Ms Ittilh unmet
Fin souitnir mmcs is ti lnppi rcuimder of the
mi-ision Tin liutli (Ntipds Io lis (ontunpoiary
hraili congi iluhtions, nnil (,'uod willies fur con
tinued SUlllsS
Of Genoinl Intel est.
I'lotn the s, 1 nilrui ltp iilibr ill
The sn mi,,, 1 1 iimn, n trn jeirs old in
1 Inn - In In liinn of Ihe oirishn it issued in
illii'.liitrd bookht poitnr, ihieli is m tinttillv
line fptiitum of its kind, lioth fiom 1 lit 01 1 1
and a tjpiKiaplncil pi 1 tt t if vitw II kIus 1
'in inn I Ih.Iii.i nl I lu liihtuie ft, 111 its in.
ciption to th pii-iut dn, tud tN 1 conidit
iihle until r which lini-t In if pirliinlit tnlui-t
to the cineiil public .1- lluonhi.' luht on tin
inside wiiktns of 1 n wtptpu lime is il-o
1 in motel iph mi tin " Vile mtJis tnd Mtuttious
of s,tmtiii" Ihe booklet !, irineinu-U illns.
tilted with lulf lone cttsi imds, tnd in nnlrrhl
mid s(ve is 1 liiuliftil "piclmcu of tin
Ii I oiei tphn's in l( is tin ,lit (is 1 111 in 1 J1I1 r
Wi 1M111I Mil 1 11,1 lltlllll HIS f)" lljlll 111!
Miiiitur mil I ii. eiiiiann theuroi
Most Elaboiate Yet Issued.
troni the s, 1 hum, 'litm,
Ihe Sitititiiu liihuui iihlmhd (he inuipli
lion of ten 11 irs nf ixl.liiin In i-miiii t him
dlnl pi'o pimphht 1 lit iiniii- 1 lii-ton of the
lilhime It ,111 iis tiHcptiou, pi iitn-i 1 1 illu-ti 1I1.I
ulth 1 li"l"i ipliii news if its Imililiiu- mil
(In mull d pitlini til- II111111 nijiu- its
ollur coiituiN in 111 (n-iliiii of tlie nn 11
tuns mil idv nil luis of s,i intoti .111 1 1 In-lnn of
(hi s, rnitui pi-lilliii It 1- Hi in ,1 1 1 tin tile
koiiviuu mm is-111 d In 1 s, 1 intoti pip. 1 Hie
I ill inn 1111 will in lult.1 tin In. t tit ti il is
cue it sn-nit,,,-, u 1 ni tin til iii-liluli m- II n
tiiliipiiMUL,' ml 1 1 1 1 - -1 1 l' in I we ioiii itwlitc
il upon it-, in ce-
Both Good and Fiofitable.
I 10111 (hi WUkis tlun 1) lilt e-
1 b( s,t lutein IiiIiiiiil is jit-t d mil eclilint.
irnr in t . tit 1 1 biillidii llln iuli it is tin em
it il (lull mi-tikin) In Mi f in jeniin ilitk 1 in lis
Hut Hn vi tin -sin ins hem imfiilh niir
I11111I li piipiud fun U ml Hut he his nit ict
Ii 111111I (o lliuie of liuu-ilf, nev(illiilis Ii hn
nln us nl i int iiiiutiuinie in I b is
cihiiis linn Moult -titliiti- The i, 111,.
of lliv lut ol i 1 1 1 iii.l pipit-. 11 is ilLuiiii I, ml
(.me 1 ill jii-l , iml ilmio ill mil. 1 thiuirs II
in 1 -1 11I-. m i-( 1 11 .In ill' mil-. I'll..- Ii.tli nt
111 it Hid till ,l Iphlc 10I I- II K l lIOIlil
mu-pipir lln pnpli ninl. ' ., hoiu
an idiloiiil iin 11 nnl linn, tin Ii m of
Ihe liibiiiio is cinh 1, (11 iniK, its Ii mi. ilii,
mil lis leuhis pioud of II, md mh Ii is tn nun
I till lu Ihe iiuuuniiiti in ihiitul md otimis
tic Inhil ot II1011J1I Win, thl, ;,,,,! , fur
lueisuie of lln nn til mm 1 i -, It niuhl lo le eon
(enl ih, liiliiin, uhinvir (hi ii 1.
m ns fir lis liiiinu', his ml nub Kipt pur
uith Ihe 1 1 -t j iiuiiill-ni of it, Mttiou It his
nlsn hid llie cltut of rpili ki uliu the picis of lis
(pllnns .siililtmi niMspipits 11c nil
hitler for tho lifi of 1 lie lulnine, lust whit
that lielteiinint md Hut riiiiu his cost ih
poiunt isitclh let, Inn lli. int iiuuiiis lint 1 1 1 .
an lirtb Ihe lullini Is In b in J.
Eraliilitul on the j-Uns mil the s.ill-l n lion of
its iirocht-s ind wc in- itij t,h, m , nue
mud of filliilitlon ft i nn this nuk uf the woods,
Woith Pieseivlng'.
I mm the 1 tin islu I itnlner.
Hie tiiiuiiiili I--11. I In the s, , in, lt tribune,
III COIUIIIIIIlOl llliill of Hi, 1 1 lit II .lllllllllMtl, Is
not I luue, 1. 111 1 bi nitlfiilli it
IliMUIril pimphlit, mil liniuul .111 1 il.-llln.l ti
flii'l 11 piinuiiint pi 11 11 In tin III11 irr if ill its
rtiihis Ihe 1 1 ilium1 is 0111 ot out csiciiuul
itutuupi 1 nits, inn if It in. lini.s mme Hun lie
lliiuk jiialluil dm lid ihe lli-h pots of tin pi.-
cut pnllluili iLipl llul 1-hh In III III. nil
lOlill lllMr, It Is I pipit Mllllll tllll lipicslllll
1 mow In.' tiij 111 1 uiininiuiln, ninl lil 1 11 111.
bit uu iiiluii looks ion il. ntiui-l uflu hum j
Well Conducted.
1 1 oni the llilct.iu PI1I11 spetku.
Ihe I'liin spuhtr his rtuliul turn Ihe
s.iintMi liilniiii 1 Ii in l-.'iin Mititimi iucil 111
Hu ni.tsmn of lis 1 1 nlli .i.iiiiui.-iii, lu whltli
Is ';liiu l blult hlsloi of llu 1 1 1 In 1 Mine Us
u.t il'li-liliulit .lid ,iN) 1 ili-uiptiuii of llm ill)
of s, ,,111111 I lie IlilullK is liinlul in tie
iniinlii Iml his 1 uulropolitin iiiiki-up ami
t .jn ill. lite bit; lilt pip rs in 1 u Ik me so 11
.u ib 1. s nn I i.litnilil ft itiuis 1111 umicilicil,
It is .ihli idllcd iml iinuiKiil ,iin is 1I1.111
tliniiiuli.'iit II i Hipuhlleiu lu i"lltii ind l
one if tin upicciiil line J011111U of l'imi-)l-unla.
Won Piospeilty by Deseiving It.
I'lntn the I'liilidtlplu 1 Pic-Si
Hu Krinton liihuui' nlihialcs lu Until .inn I
iciuii uf lu ml ihlisliunul hi print ii 1. a Inn I
wiiii tciiunlr wh'cli Iclls all .ilmi t tin- n.u..
pipir mil 1 nund dial ihoul s, riiitnn It U uj
rire, iudud, lint a inmpipcr ainwlnic lu
Hihlcitd the glial M1111H.S tint Ills ulttnlu tic
Serauton liihunc in the .-licit tlun uluic US
I uulii 1II011 waj lickiin lit hu In idu its uj
in 1 field Hut ti iilrmh uicupinl with cv
uplioiull bright ami al h ill Ii pipers, an I It
li.ii net ir ftllul to diMitc all tin: iiu)pcul llm
hat ionic lu it.
Clean and Capible.
e'f. m tits hiuuiso Poit stJitdard
Ihe K.tjnlcn liibiiiio lus pulill.-lie.l a somciilr
In um niiuoiJtimi of Ihu Until aniitirr.aii n(
In o'lblMnmiil, wldi Ii ouuind 'IhuijJi). ' liic
miiMiilr 14 t i.sUlull) piipait-d ail jhuus luc
lictmt coiiiiii iilioiis ipinliis nf Ihu Irhuuc, anil
lieirni roiiiui iiiiotii ipiiinu ot mo Ir litinc, Jnel '
i iiiinilur uf impuilait IhiiIiIiii.' about ilw nij j
ut tMijntuu. Duiiii; lite dtiadc III niilili it lu
llnd lln lilliuitc In. piuHil Ittilf a ilian a nl
upibli mtUtr, 'lime is im iu.jii In I
hellevliu Hut durlnj tlie next tin jena It will
ro on In tho way t , dt. tilt ntiiUctl out lor
Nono Healthier.
I'ioiii tlie I'hlllijolplili Itcioid
'Ihe innlnn 'l rllntin ichhnkt lis tenth mc
nhcislrv bv the Initio nl n lienutlfullv lllti.tmlcil
ftnunli alilni the lililcuj if a my iuueifiil
iiMinpaper enterprise mnt an IntcirMlnit icvlcvi'
of hcrunlon mid lacLmmtit iiislltutlons and
liolili!i!le. The '1111111110 is an able mid cnlir
P1UI1115 Jomnil. 'Ilicn Is not n. heillhler Juiiiir.
stcr in the Hit of I'cniiwlwnla ililllca,
Bonutlfitlly Gotton Up.
from (ho Klmtiurst Mirml,
Th 'Irlhnne, In hoinr ol iti tenth nnnhrrcary,
prvcnleil to ll nuhscilhers n somnilr booklet
conl ilnlnif a hltlorr of tho piper and of the 1 lit,
toother with numerous hall tone pit lines ot
nt lies of Interest in connrrtlon Willi the link-Ins
of a iisw'pipei, and a niinil rr of puhlh build-
ires. J lie pioductlnn h brniitlfiills collcn lip,
and Is 1 Iclllne; ailiuibiniiiit foi the woik dono
at Hut ofllic.
Chtldion's Quaint Sayings.
Tho teithn of 1 IohpII shnol hid to leno
Hie room for n fe inlnutrs, ami ji,o the clil'
drill Mime drmltm to d 1. Win 11 "he 1 1111 Imi L
thiio was in Ho iittuosphiie semelhlli.' but
told hu ill Inl nil Mine Hl" iliirltttr In r lib
inie, mnl two ot (ho bnjs wete IiiiibIiir th Ir
licit', "Nun, h.s," flic askul, uiiimfiill,
"hue jcii been 1I01114 ginuthli a lint imi kiim
I ih mill not hue Hint jmi in ,u" "Wss'in,"
1 nm Ihe iiiuk nph, "Whit did ,1011 tin"
"Will, ,1011 Re, wc ll tiiuht jouM i-k wh i'iI
vvhUpiiiil ttluli .1011 e line link, hi wc Ju-t talk
ed nit Iiiii.I
e mio spending tho wlnlu lu old 1'orticss
Moninc, ml the -.111111 b,u nf the titnlh Ind
Inn uiiillciicd repc ilulh 111 1 to drlnU my
w iter Hut hid int hem Inllul, ns It wis 11 it
nfi dm dit, wliit Minvlhliu; bid ironc wion;
md hi wis M.iin,' luttul.i, his luutlur nllid
tin riiH lo him:
"kinnith, do um I new lint viitir b irn ir
wllK ( tlih (ho nevt em ami I isle il."
stopping his --ohs foi 1 iiiMuent, hi will vl
lot tli In the lunU ili-nill b m-
'Oh, no, I'm 'mlil tn it hi-n't hem boiled''
It wis (he tn-l time 1) n lh hid men a
Mint i-piiiiMer. 'Hit, iiiiiuini!" -he ixclilmel
with widi optn cus, "iiwt mi wlnt lint nun's
l.ot mi ld w i.nti to Kiep Hi, bios ftotn ruling
on I ihinil!"
A It nher wis espldnin (n 1 little u'irl Imw
Hie tins ilcvilnpcil tin ir fnliie in the fpriitc
tlun "Ah, vcs," oii, die tiP mi. mj .
elcislind; llm lc-n Iheir -imituci il ilhis in
their tninl" cw liultnd Viminc
To Wage Earners
and Others of
Moderate Income
To not sppntl your money foolishly
because j on mvo so little of It, but
-ive iv ji it von can nom mouth to
month unci invest It in something tint
will multiply m mv lohl The mll
lioinlies ot this section woie laboilng
nmn a geiieiatlon ago and they pui
sued this eouise while most of their
comiailes blew It all in The piit
ilent ones saw that fuel w is a good
thing, that the woild hnd to hive
it. and tliev bought .oil I ind, a. Utile
nt 1 time is thry could spue it, and
it has made them 1 1, h, anil llioii Himi
lics liv c aid will live in the gieitest
(oinlott, while the disienil nils ot
theli iiiipiiulent conuades .110 laboi
lng as tl.cli tatluis did fm dav1
Keep this obioet lisson In mind
The oppoi tiinltb s of tint culler llm -weie
In coil, imlav gnater oppoi tuni
ties o.slst in oil which Is fuel in a
moie coiuieti Hum mil is i.ipidlv
siippl lilting coil, because It Is easier
and cheaper to mine ami Inutile, and
is, beslilps being a imn i ion mile
rue I len nil luge 1 oiisiimeis, uolit-
able loi .1 bundled otliei iims. The
oil ot t'allloinU Is Itu iiMilng that
state with chpip fuel, fm th0 luck of
which hei piogiess bas I t on woelullv
irtaiiKd. The entile P it Ifie 101st
will iiiiisiinii- oil is a fml, so tint
the deiu mil upon the oil fields of Cil'
loinia is unlimited. ('ailloinla oil
lelineis will hold the m.ukits or the
r 11 Hast anil or the toist or
South AniPilia, It is plain lo be seen
tint tlie oil Holds or California, will
be the sonic o nf im ah u'.ihlp weilth.
1 .11 bevond what tlie coal mines ot
Ffiinsvlv mil hive been in the past.
All tl oiightfu1 men c in see that the
Ibing to do now to linko money H
to buv tl.o oliiies of nnsei ailv e, 10
putublv nialiiged oil eonipinies liav
Ing I.uge holdings of undoubted nil
I mils s, 1 111 oil at low pi lees, ninl only
ieiiiliinc, development to become the
snuice of 01101 moii, levinim-. for
s-hnioholilei ,
Oil. COMI'ANV has in ihe most Im
poitant oil llehli nnnigns of ability
and inlegiltv and of tlie highest pi. le
thal ciiialilliatlons foi theli liusliipss,
and tlm or this tompanv aie
todav, without doubt, tho best Invpsf
ment obtainable. These sh.ues would
be cheap at We, but aie selling ror
the time being at .'0e per share, to
pioiuie mini1)- lo bene tlm flist wells,
Tim pi Ice Is sme to achanie i.ipldly
to lteei) pue with the developments
on the mmp.inv'H lands mid on nd
.lnlniiig hinds, The niniknt value of
the lands Is lonstantlv advancing, Do
not dr'liv making an iuvestumut In
this .stock, As to tlm value of lids
oil piopeilv and tho thin liter and
ability of its niaiiiigfis this mnipany
11 ins, by pei mission, to llm pios
deut of thi llioadway llauk anil
Tlimt (nmp ill.v, of l.os Angeles, CU.
ror pni ilniliiis 1 inn 1 ii'lug tills in
p.stnmnt apply to tlie
Hoom 1, Dime Bank Building,
Scinnton. Pa.
ot'nx i:vi:.N'i.cis.
Our Oxfords
T.ow In cut 1.01V in pi 1(0. illgll 111
fiunllty. L idles' tiom 75c. up. Ocii
llcmcu'i, tium $1.'J2 up.
I Atftfin J?j t3 rs I I I I
.-Si? . 1-rTtHI nf
Wholesale and Retail.
Unusual Opportunity,
We have bought a ninnufacttner's
complete line of Ladles' and Chil
dren's Pninsols, nt much below reg
ular value In immense assoitmcnt
of styles and colors; everything that
can be asked for in the Parasol lino,
from tho popular plain Coaching
Fainsol in solid colors and In stilpes,
also solid colors with boiders, to the
Fancy Fniasol, elaborately trimmed
In chiffon and lace; very unique and
The Favorite
fiom a fashionable standpoint are of
wood in dlfleient shades and in great
vailety of shapes some in plain nat
urnl wood; other3 finished with
penil, silver or gold.
Tempting Prices
The one most atti active feature
about the entire line will be the ex
tremely low pi ices that we shall
place on them. Theie aie too many
to specify ptices, but will say what
ever price you may wish we are in
position to plense you.
See our window display for a sam
ple illustiation of our assortment
and styles.
Lackawanna Ave
Gifts of
Moderate Cost
tic of nitnost, in till t, 1.011 nf niiinunii,
urililiii-i IIil is-iiilt inuli In tlm
net imi ii iiiiiii 11111 piilrt limk roiiune
i 1I0I1 tw 111 11I0 'tip hi iionuiiui il juiIk
inrnt in I 1 iii fill bin int;
Our Mick tuiMitls iiiiiiitnot iblp nppnp
timitin fi 1 ilio cm ni.,. tf th,.,. qtnli.
lu- u II liiiiiiiuii time of t lie 111
Villi tun (,hsi Hon l,i.
I It ( si in Him) m nl,jL.
mnl colli
Aii-iii 111 (,li-. Vises -(.inn,
icil ni rlu Im
blni', tliim noil 111 'ili
II 11 II Ml lli-lu - tllh-t
cut .jli-., iulir i 1 1 lit .
ti ro
Gruerver & Co.
205 Wyoming Avenue.
Capital 5200,000. Surplus 5525,003.
United States Depositary.
Special attention giveu to
1NG.S accounts, whether large
or small,
Open Saturday eveuiugs
from S to 9 o'clock.
W.i. Con'ntii, President.
IIlnky Hi i,in, Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm. II. Pick, Cashiet.
OH Stoves,
Screen Doors,
Gas Stoves,
Window Screens,
325-327 Peon Ayenue.
If I Fill
Who Wants
For the Work of a Few Weeks.
The Scranton Tribune of foi s an exceptional oppor
tunity to the young people of Scranton and North
eastern Pennsylvania to its second great
The Special Rewards:
Scholarship in Lafayette College $1,000
Scholarship in Swarthmore College 1,000
Scholarship in Stroudsburg Normal School 675
Three Scholarships in Scranton Business
College, $60 Each 180
Two Scholarships in Scranton Conserva
tory of riusic, $75 Each 150
Each contestant (ailing to secuic one of these special rewards
will be given ten (io) per cent, of all the money he or she turns in.
N D rii first tnn ft Iiolailnpi do not Inilml" meiK but the eontesUnti securing
the'e tiill b ghrn tin (10) p i tent oi all the money lie or die turns in to Tlie
rribune, to isiist in pit hit; thii expuue.
Here is an opportunity for some ambitious young people to
earn the best college education without a great amount of effort,
and it is an opportunity that may nevei be repeated. The Trib
une may find the returns much less than the expense and would
then be unable to .tgain make such generous offers. Such a con
dition will be The Tribune's loss and the contestants' gain.
There are many young men, and young women, too, who
would be glad of an opportunity to "work their way through col
lege," in tact, the piestdents of these institutions are deluged with
applications for chances of this kind. Here the work for an entire
course of four years can all be accomplished in three small months,
and an education that would cost in cash $1,000 is assured with
out further outlay. Patents should urge their boys and girls to
enter the contest and work for one of the special rewards. One
of the eight is within the reach of everyone who really tries.
Send a letter to The Tribune for full particulars, including
handsomely illustrated booklet. Address,
Editor Educational Contest,
P. J. Hi
Merchant Tailor.
319 Lackawanna Avenue.
Grand Atlantic Hotel vo Annex
Micinii ie 1111! Di lib. Allinlic f it, -N I
bitb Ji ir, ill Iriiiilful n 1111 niiiiilc, tltule
mil null Intli, Int ami i ilil m i w Her I itln
ill liotil Jllll iiiiu x I nc tlillll MJOlt Hill I lltlllll,
uitliin few mis of l lie Mril I'm (luheMii.
Oilers cpiihl fiititi.; I lies 41- 1" '1' h iek,
nJ SO up bi ilii biul i ill-, to f imilics Coichia
unit all tiuin-.. Willo loi nioiviei
I'll Mill S P COPE
Mhnlic fill, V T One cniine from beieb
cn Tiinoni nun Moiletn ipi intimitis t'n
ixnlleil oiiiu Kites, 1 .3 the ilii, -l hi md up
u ml II llu oe!, "3 mil upwatd I ipiiltj,
4(h) P. I. D.botiii
fAi.'itlt Mc in lluildiiu I'nlors opin Mi luljy,
IIiutmIii aiil Mtiitiln e!eiiiii(
(Ii ni rol tonlliilm, lliilliler nnil 1) iler in
lltiililini; Mime. I um nun,' uf nil us i &pi
Hjlt. Jilipliine v;
Ofllie. .. 7 i.iin'ton Tienii"
3. iJJtfTI KUEl I iZL.,
rrnr ill I iiKuwniii mum, tiiiiiufii 'mer of
Wire --inns ( all Kiiid m'li pupiul fir
tie spun,: m.i.uii Mc lliaue all I. ml. it poiib
HI'I'IH. Ill
Attouiey.nt', Scniutoii, Pa.
Scranton Laundry.
Calls ly ulephoiiii ruiiii' piunint ntt ntlon
llunie oilii e '). .'IM Me - llul bin;, (iqii.ails a
luutal luiln ii'td t n Inn! lit "j tliiuUbliulU
Uiu uti it'i a.
Mcncs liiultt, I uiiiltuie an I It 1, jajc, Safes,
I'nnui an 1 MJiliiiiii,
az-i capousb Avarjuu,
Staple (iroc, rica and l,rostnn full line
ol iKi'talilid, in , leutuil lUil.
UU lailion Mint C'u Wj niint; Ue
Calli b lilqibonq Ituuie I'lumpl Mluitwn
H.S. TWINING, 131 Pe n Ave.
an Education
Tribune. Scranton, Pa.
A Second-Class
City with a
First-Class Stock of
Gul Glass,
Sterling Silverware
Clocks, Etc.
Suitable for
Wedding Gifts.
Mercereaii 5 Connell,
132 Wyoming Avenue.
1 fliitl luiinli fur I mpti Houses, 1 mpty Ilonaej
for 'luiiiiH, colleit lit ills. luok Alter mil
liisuie 1'iq cil.v and Hull lings
Itoomi I ami 5 Durr Oulldins
AND ntlPFtl HANQVR 321 HUL BglW S"
Ilil.iiU fiiinittire, bed llnir mil floor courlng
lei i ih ut nlioltsalo pines ai
'inceii. i In tin. Hunt t, I'unell t'o , in tit
tiiil shut in til unit, ninl wntllitlun Cat tun
Inn in , 1 1 )' ins uti I (.until lir. norl. a
luiiili Nn 1,J I itUiu fiuia airnue.
wolf &
Adams Ave,
I'raitiial Plumbers,
Ilium, iml (laMit.
Ins. I iiintiei a "i"
i tail) lb pairing
1 1 uti) ( itl done J 10
Vliins aie, biran
Im, Pi
lilitonillc lailon (Hotel lerimn lltilldina),
: " Miiuu iitiiili suaiii'ii, Pa snili prosed,
.juii ml piis.ed IDnnts llolhins re
lulled, i illul dranliMhcifil Nen I'lionc. mil
J. B. Woolsey C c
Dealer! in
Plate Glass and Lumber
Kingsbury & Scranton,
If i ii oft i Inter a1 krrnla
Dutiiit vrnU lor
John A lloibliui.' bJin lo' Wire Rope ana
lleariial Win (.'ilia Pcnlia ann Hubber Mlg
lu'. IU llm.-, PaiLiu;, Iloe anl Mcilnnlcal
Itubbir tiuuiU. UiiQwlion Paikin; Ctttcr'i
OH l loibmi, lluom 1D Paull Bldj
) ..