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Located In Many Ways Similar to
That of New York Facts About
Battery Park, St. Michael's Church
Chimes and Churchyard, With
Other Notes of Interest Concerning
the Most Curious of Southern
ipalal C'orrefpondontc ol The Tribune.
OlinrlOHtnn, S. C, Mnich 17.
CHARLESTON, the quaint old "eltv
ty the sen." wns befoio the civil
Miir, the typical city of the soiitli,
the chief xcapoit and cnnuneirlal city
of Hotith Carolina, and boltings to the
best typo nf the colonial cities of the
T'nltod StatCH. For the cnstial visitor.
Chin Irstnn piesents a lomantlc ami
cliarmlnB: n.peot, II has an archltec
tuie all Its own and lotnlni many of
the chaiactei Intlis of Its eailv Hiir-p-not
dny.s. Comddered fiom an Indni
Itllal and commercial fltnndpolii't,
C'haileston Is one of the ptofrrpislvp
cities of the south. Veatly bccoiiilnft
mote cosmopolitan In Its Intel pits, If
not In the character of Its population.
C'haileston Is located RcoBraphlcally
vrry much like New York, upon a low
tongue of land, between the Ashley
and Cooper livers, vciy much as New
Yoik lies between the East and North
llvcis that foim n conlluence at -i
called Hattery I'.nk.
The battel y of New Yoik and Hat
tery Park of C'haileston air quite
alike In mzp and similar Imposition.
A visitor standing on the Clmileston
batteiy, with a slight stietch of Ininjr
Inatlon, can feel he has diopped Into
Katteiy I'.nk, New Yoik. In Old
Knlekeil ocker days, -when fiom ras
tle ("Jaider. and sun minding It nottli
v est wmp the fashionable resldpnrcs
of the olty. On the west Is the Ash
ley iher, coiiespondlnpr to the Hudson
vvltn low marshes lylnpr beyond like
unto the shores of New .Terspy, fifty
or a hundred yoais ngo. On the east
is the Cooper iler, similar to East
iher, giving a Inige water ft out lined
with what vps nnd shipping, while
.soulhwaid, hp two i Ivpi s unite to
fonn a spacious and beautiful li.ubnr
or bay, vvhne bltip vv.itotti fjxteml
through a nattow passage to the sea.
Noithw.nd firm Ritteiy paik. like
the Hudson and Hast ilpis of New
Yoik, these ihpis ocpaiate and he
twppu them for a score of miles a rich
plain e tends, occupied by fiuit and
floial gaidens.
CliailPstnnbins aip .is pioud of their
Uattry as lh New Yoik, and
well thpv ni.iv he, for its one of the
rao't delightful of lesoits for lest and
recieatioii. . At the ontianeo of the
I'.nk. is a diluting fountain of giunlte
and bione, piected bv the DaiiKhteis
ot the i 'onfederacv of cl aileton. as
a luemoiial of the sailous of the Con
fedPiate .states. Another Is thp Jas
per Monument, elected bv the Pal
metto gunid. To the west Is a bron;:e
bust of William Ollmoip Slmms,
"f Confcdoiatp (pliacy) fame, also
fpvpi.iI palatial colonial rpsidonces
some da tins back to the last
centuiy. With all its beauty
of scenery and the liistoiic as
sociations attached to each point
upon which the pp tpsts, it is not
Mi.mge that the "Hattery" is thp
favoilte and constant lcsort of Ohar
hstonlans and that thpy speak of It
with pride and devotion.
Tlie park embraces the splendid sp.l
wall, in length some fifteen bundled
fpet. six feet high and tilt po feet wide
on top oxtcnclliifr in finnt of what is
c. lied Dast batteiy toSouth batteiy to
"White Point Raidcn. A paik cmitaln
irg seen acies of ginund, inteisected
by v alks anil shaded by live oak tipps
sonip of thPin two bundled vp.ii-. old.
No moi e hp'iutlful drive and pioni
cnade can be found in the countiy
than ltPie, while the lnoad esplan idp
of East battel y affords a magnificent
view of the hailior looking straight
out to the ocean with Foi t Similiter
In the middle distance, the shoies of
James Island to the light, the houses
of Moultrlevlllo and Mount Pleasant
in sight on the left and neater still,
Castle Pinknpy stnndlng In sight out
Ircm its little maish island in the
Cooper river.
The city stands on a suiface of made
ginund elevated some nine feet above
high water maik. Some thieo miles
in length and two in width and six
miles fiom the Atlantic, l.iko many
noithetu cities It It- not laid out on a
regular plan, but ! lectangular In
fonn, and nianv points of Inteiest
belonging to the two contutlos of thH
city's life .no not confined to a few
localities, but aie to bo found In evoiy
pait of the peninsula.
The stieeta arc, well shaded
with ancient trees and adoiucd with
many public and private buildings.
The main streets begin at the South
Hattery and run duo north. The
cioss sheets, stniting fiom the center
line of the city, tun east and west to
the water fronts, King stieet is the
ictail thoioughfaio, and Is oer throe
miles long; on It aiu some fine stiiie
tures and some of the oldest and his
toric edifices In the city. Meeting
'street, next to King, is the main
wholesale riunrtois, as well as the
principal hotels and numerous hand
some ipsldence, many of them a cen
tury old, with the colonial dooiwnys,
bioad plazas, two stoiles, nvei looking
a large flower garden enclosed by nn '
ornamental lion fence. Hroad sheet
Is the center of the financial interests
of the city, wheio am located hand
some bank and limn. men buildings.
A pecullaiity of neatly all of Charles
ton's houses aie that they nre built
with their iiatrow gable, ends to tho
streets, their broad sides, with spa
cious galleiles at ovcry door, facing
picturesque gardens jeplete with flow
ers and semi-tropical plants, enclosed
by high walls, over tho tops of which
climb MiaggHng vines, in the typical
Charleston houses the doorways open
from the sidewalk, and do not admit
anyone to the house itself, only to tho
lower piazzas. In tho center of tho
lower piazzas tho main door of the
house opens Into a spacious hallway,
with large rooms on either side, and
a colonial stairway winding to the
floors above, the galleries having a
southern exposutc,
The gardens nio enclosed by high
walls, and afford privacy fiom public
gaze to the dweller that Is not known
In the gardens of the north. Tho en
tice to the garden Is as pcisonal u
tribute as to the house, and the public
are excluded as effectually, for in
residences where the house Is sur
rounded or fronted by a garden the
gate is tecuiclv locked and a door-
hell Is placed thero so that tho caller
will ho obliged to rlnff and wait to
ho admitted. It Is said these high
walls wore built about tho gardens to
keep the negro slave at home In the
early days when they were not allow
ed on Iho streets at night without a
Tho "gateways" of early days were
of nrtlstlo merit, each homo striving
to excel Its neighbors. In no city of
thp country do they form such a per
manent feature. tThey nro mado of
wi ought Iron, with pretentious posts
of stuccoed brick, Iron nnd even gran
ite, of groat merit, giving an Inviting
enhance to a fine residence and mir
loundod by grounds literally filled
with luxuilant giowth. Tho gardens
aio fea titles of the homo rather than
for the public, more a pait of tho
house than of the stieet. Those old
baronial estates once belonged to the
wealthy slave-owners, lice and cotton
planters, who once constituted the
ailstocratlc class of South Carolina.
Many of the fertile old plantations
have boon abandoned because of now
conditions, but many of the old homos
arc still occupied by the families that
hnvo owned them for two centuries,
and within these homes If one can
gain admission, may he seen such
wonderful antique fttrnltuie, old por
tialts and mlnlatuies nnd other idles
of colonial days, that would surprise
the piesont generation nnd would do
light the collector of them.
Clmileston Is called a city of sun
shine nnd toBo, being famous for Ifs
lnlght and genial winter cllmnto and
for Its rose gardens and seml-hoplcal
How pis, which will form another para
C'hailpston is full ot objects of In
teiest to cciy Ameilcan, not th ot
south, and In ancient atchitectural
beauty exceeds any city of the south
fiom Its fifty or moip chinches and
semluniles, some date back for two
centuilps, now standing In a perfect
state of pipservatlon, I will briefly
mention two or three only of these
ecclesiastical edifices of the pre-i evo
lutional y pra, St. Michael's church
wns pipcted In 1752, built of brick,
lough cast, and Is now coloied white.
It Is l,T! fppt long by 60 feet wide nnd
IS j feet In height, and Is scarcely sur
passed In nrchitectaural beauty by
any In Ametlca. There is a peculiar
lepose and stability about the en
tile structure which never fails to
impress tho beholder, and it Is with
out doubt the most interesting build
ing In Clmileston today. Dining the
e.iithqunke In ISSfi Its massive plllninil
pcnch was wienched from the body of
the church nnd the foundation settled
eight Inches, making it necessary to
put a step hptwpen the floor of the
pstllmlp and the body of the church,
the building being also cracked In
four other places, but the steeple was
uninjured. Tho gilt ball, how
ex et, sill mounting the spire, was
blown down In 1S81, and subsequent
ly leplnced. It was a very prominent
landmaik, and can bo soph nt sea for
seeial miles. Duiing tho chll war
tho shells fitom the ITnlon batteries
on Monls Island (tho "Swamp Angel")
weie aimed dlrectlv at it, but strange
to say, It was not once struck. The
body of tho chinch, however, wns
shuck se en times only out of 325
shells fired within twenty-four hours,
but without ery serious Injmy. A
featuio to us on entering the gallery
was the old pipe oigan, made In Lon
don in 1707. It has three banks of
Ucs, thlity stops, with five octaves
and two octnes of sub-bass. Though
I'M yeais old, Its tones mo deep anu
clear and of good quality.
The chime of bells in the steeple
has a hlstoiy woithy of i elating. Tho
subscription for a "ting or Dells" was
started In 17R2, and In 1764 a chime ot
eight bells, together with thp clock,
weie hung upon the tower walls,
w hich rise through the roof of the
church, constructed upon independent
foundations. In 17R2 they were cap
tut ed by the Hiitlsh as a peiqulsite of
war nnd can led bacK to England.
They weie purchased by a Charleston
merchant and reshipped to tho city in
November 20, ITS !, when the over
joyed citizens took possession ofthem,
and again placed them in position
In the stpeple or belfry. Later two
hells weie found to bo cracked, which,
after vain attempts to mend them,
In IS'IS, they wore again shipped to
England to be iccast, and wete re
turned to their places In the steeplo
tho net yenr. Heie they remnlned
undlstuibed until 1862, when they were
sent to Columbia for safe keeping.
This ptoed a false move, for they
weie burned In Febiuary, 1S6.", by
Sherman's nrmy, and so badly In
jured as to bo entirely useless, while
two bells ucio stolen and never re
cox oi ed. They weio again sent to
England and recast by the successois
of the film that had made them over
a bundled years hefoio, fiom tho same
patterns, and the eight bells, as near
ly identical as possible with the oilg
inal ones, wpre landed in Chaileston
In 1S67. Kohiuary, ISfi", they were
held for a month, however, until the
customs duty nf $2,200 Imposed wns
raised, and again, on March 21, 1867,
the familiar chimes once moie uuig
out upon the onis of the people, the
sweet music of "Home, Sweet Homo"
and "Homo Again from a Foreign'
Shore," No sound nppenls so tniicli
lngly to tho heart ot a Charlestnnlnn
as those old bolls, and their i etui a
was a souice of deep emotion, and
since thnt day they have hung uudls
tutbPd In Ihelr belfry, where still tho
white-hnlied negro who has rung tho
chimes for sixty years strikes with his
aged hands tho well-worn handles,
which by the ropes overhead call forth
lesounding peals of the sweetest
miisle of the day.
In St. Michael's churchvaul, In tho
i car of the church, nro Intericd the
lemalns of many of Charleston's most
honoied citizens, among them tho bril
liant and dauntlea antagonist of Dan
iel "Wobstfr, Itobeit Y. Hnynoj nlso
James Louts Petlgru, tho antl-seces-slonlst,
who during tho war boldly
walked the sheets, voicing his loyal
sentiments unmolested. Heie nre a
number of curious epitaphs. I will
quota but one;
"View this tonili as j oil pasa by,
I'cir as J ou are so onto was I;
Ami as 1 am you nimt be.
Prepare joursclt to follow me,"
Another sacied landmark, and prob
ably only second In order ot Inteiest,
nnd that, too, of the pre-revolutlonniy
era, Is St. Philip's church, with light
house In Its tower, representing tho
first establishment of the church of
England In the Carollnns, It was
opened for divine servlc in 16S2, par
tially destroyed and rebuilt In 1723-7
and destroyed again In 1835 and lebullt
In 1S38. It has been foitunate, how
ex er, in escaping destruction from bat
tle and siege, ns well as wreck from
fire and catthquake. It lesembles St.
Michael's in appearance, an Imposing
structure rising two hun.dted feet into
tho air, nnd from Its steeple, n. fine
view Is had of tho fortified harbor and
the peninsula on which Charleston
stands. In 119 adjoining gravoynrd llo
tho remains of Carolina's Illustrious
statesman, John C. Calhoun (In a inar
blo sarcophagus). This cemetery Is
over two centuries old. There nro sev
eral other prominent nnd ancient build
ings. Tho first independent church
was erected In 1731, tho first Presbyter
Ian Scotch church, nn otitgTowth of tho
Independent, wns built in 1814, and af
ter tho earthquake was remodelled and
fitted up in tho most modern and con
venient style. Tho First Baptist church
was organized In 1822 nnd represents
the first organization of the Baptists
In all tho south. Tho first Methodist
n liars In South Carolina wero erected
In Charleston In 1736, and where John
nnd Chnrles Wesley pleached while on
a visit here In 1737. Oeorgo Whitfield
preached In tho Congregational chinch
In 173S nnd 18 III. Tho present Grnco
church Is one of tho more modern
among tho Episcopal churches of tho
city and presents a handsome specimen
of Gothic architecture. The Jewish
synagogue was Incorporated In 171)1,
though the first meeting of the Israel
ites In Charleston was lipid In 1750.
Tho present tabernacle Is a handsom
strucliiio and Interior richly finished.
Tho organ, scrolls of tho law and rec
ords were sent to Columbia during the
wnr nnd doshoyod at the burning of
thnt city In 1SG5.
Tho city hall Is a very handsome and
Imposing building, built of mnrblo,
with a double flight of marble steps.
Tho whole floor and walls from base
ment for three stories are finished and
paved with maible. The chief attiao
tlon to strnngors Is the number of por
traits and busts which adorn the coun
cil chamber nnd mayor's office. Spn
permits only a brief notice of the prin
cipal ones a full length portrait of
President George Washington, nlso
portraits of James Munroe, Andrew
Jackson, John C. Calhoun, Zachary
Taylor, Win. C. Preston, Wade Hamp
ton, General Moultrie, General Francis
Mai Ion, General Robert E. Lee, Rob
ert F. Hayne, etc. In the cases on the
walls hang the sword of General G. T.
Hpnuipgard, prpsonted by his family
after his death, and that of John
Mitchell, son of the Irish pntrlot, who
lost his life at Fort Sumter In the de
fense of Chaileston.
The new postoftlce is an imposing
structure. The walls are faced w 1th
granite and the whole building Is bpau
tlfully finished in maible and mahog
any. The now custom house, ns seen
from tho bay, Is an Imposing struc
ture. The building Is of white marble,
the style of architecture Is Roman
Corinthian, with Immense marble col
umns. To give some Idea of its mag
nitude nnd cost of construction, the
foundation consists of seven thousnnd
thirty feet piles, on which rests a
heavy lay of grillage; then follows a
thickness of eighteen inches of con
cicte, on which stand a number of
Invcited arches, built of brick and
about ten feet high. Tho supeishuc
tuie llsos fiom this foundation.
The Mllltaiy academy, conducted by
the state, somewhat upon tho lino of
the United States academy of West
Point, pro Ides free education to some
of tho manly youths of the state, and
Is recognized as one of the educational
institutions of the city. Above two
thousand youths have received its ben
efits since its opening, and It is claimed
Its cadets, who manned a battery on
Morris' Island, fired tho first shots of
tho Civil war and prevented tho land
ing of tho "Star of the West" on Jan.
0, 1861. The News and Courier is tho
only dally moinlng paper published In
Charleston and Is one of the oldest
and ablest and most Influential papeis
In the south, and a veiy important
clement in the life of Charleston.
The Chaileston Library society was
organized in 1748, nnd has a mine of
historical and local history of IntPiest
nnd value. This association Is the
earliest in the city, and third of Its
kind In the United States. During
the war many valuable books were sent
to Columbia nnd were saved. The
chamber of commerce was established
as early as 1783. It is made up of tho
piogrcsslve young element of Chailes
ton. It has a commodious loading
room. Tho Auditoilum is tho largest
and finest building of the kind in tho
south. Tho main hall is ISO feet square
with a spacious gallery on threo sides
and with a seating capacity of 10,000
persons. The stnge Is 00x100 feet. The
structure was erected hy tho city as a
memoilal to the late John Thomson,
who left his piopeity mainly to the
City of Benevolence.
St. Andiew's society, a Scotch char
itable organization, was the Hist one
of Its name oigani.ed In the United
States, about 17'J, Their descendants
are Justly pioud of the society, which
contains many valuable ancient relics
as well ns those of the Civil war.
Among tho latter ate tho secession
tablo and chads, ns well as the mnllet
used by the chairman at tho timo the
oidlnance of necesslon wns passed, rat
ified and signed, Dec. 20, 1860.
Among tho hotels of the city, tho
New Chaileston Is the most Imposing
structuie. The fiont presents a double
verandn, tho lower faced with massive
square-cut pillars nnd the upper with
a long colonnde, with eighteen Iconic
columns, comprising threo stories to
the roof, which gives an Imposing ap
peal ancc. It is four stoiles high and
occupies a block. Comfort, conveni
ence and luxury nre everywhere in tho
building. The sun pailois on fiist nnd
second floor nio popular featuies. The
bath and toilet looms aie supplied
with aitcslan water fiom a well 3,000
feet deep. The old Wonworth street
aiteslan well, water seemed on the
piemlses nnd used for di Inking pur
poses, Is claimed to he a suro cine for
dyspepsln. The hotel can neenmmo
dnte thieo humlied guests nnd Is tiuly
a luxurious and pilncely homo for a
winter resort or traveling public. Tho
eutllntlng nnd sanitary plumbing nio
perfect In every detail,
There Is much moie of Inteiest In
and about tho city that ennnnt bo do
icilbcd within tho limits of ono let
ter, In mv next I will give a hi let
historical sketch, showing tho liidom
Uablo pluck and enoigy of Ohm les
ion's citizens, even amid oveipowoilng
misfortunes of war, fire and eaith
quake,characterlstlo nf southern socie
ty compared with not them; Indus
tiles nr.d opportunities In tho com
mercial world for the twentieth cen
tuiy, und other Items of Inteiest.
J. E. Richmond.
William Hamlin Is attending the en
campment of tho Sons of Veterans at
Lebanon, this week.
Mrs. Gillespie, of Scotland, arrived
Saturduy evening, und Is visiting her
sister, Mrs. W. C. Monle, of Hiook
Miss Jessie Hessler, of Wilkes-H.uic,
Is isltlng her grandmother on North
Main street
" Atterbury
loans Smart Clothes
Atterbury V
fleans Smart Clothes
The teeltal of John T. Watklns'
pupils in Colk'KO hull lust night was n
brilliant and highly Miccessful event.
The audience wns a huge, one, ami tho
numbeis weie enthusiastically encored.
Tho ehoius of neaily ono hundied
voices wns piouped on the enlaiKed
stage, tho biickKiound of palms, hunt
lug, etc, showing In .stiong lellof the
evening gowns of the feuialo nieiuheis
of tho I'hnuiH and the mmo sombio
evening ill ess of tho malo voice.
Mr. Wntklns conducted tho wholo af
fair with Judgment. Ho has piosen
nltnself one of our repicsentnthu
teacheis, and his success is tho losult
of conscientious wotk and thoiough de
votion to Ills. ait. A pietty song, "Koi
gle anil Koiget," wns nicely sung by
William Pi Ice, tho of n good
tenor volie, and ".May Moiulug," by
.Miss Timlin, denioustiatcd good n!ce,
pioduetlou and style, Miss I'atten,
Miss Jackson, Mr. Willis Jones, Mr.
C'aipeutei weio well iccelved, and MKs
Iiepo Kami did lino woik lu her .sing
ing of tho dlllleult "l.oieloy," by ruiiu
Mis, Smith nnd Mis. Vlnaul huo
developed Hue voices, and theli singing
was hlghl appicclated. Mis, .John J.
O'Mnlley gau a very sntlsfacloiy len
deilng of Dudley Duck's "When tho
Heart Is young." Hut tho lino choral
singing eielled almost all of Mr, Wat
klns' past eitorts. Tho opera choiuses
weie given with n tlnones.s of phrasing
and shading and hioadth of style tluit
demolish ntos Mr. Watklns' geucialbhlp
of oeul foiees. Tho blending of the
voices was lefreshlng and tho vaiious
climaxes weie thrilling lu tho exticme.
Tho limbic all tluough was of u high
Tho celebiated fe.tetto and ehoius
fiom tho opeia "Laulu dl hammer
mooi" moused tbo mullein o to a high
pitch of enthusiasm, Miss Muitlin Mat
thews, Mis. M.iifMict James, (icotgo
DoWitt, David Stevens, Will W. Wat
klns and J, W. Jones making a s.tiong
Straw Hats
The flat brim Chip Straw has
always been a popular straw hat.
Ours are fitted with
the unbreakable ,- f
brim; from j"C 10 $Z
The rough double braid straw
is a decidedly new shape this
season and is very
popular among j f C(
young men P l0 p-6.3U
Soft rim Manilla Straws are
the most becomming to men of
middle age. An unlim- tn 1
ited assortment .here M 10 JJ)Z
The "Fedora" or "Alpine"
Straw is the newest thing this
season. We have a large assort
ment in style and 1 en f en
quality from l-W 10 J.OU
Leading: Outfitters.
so.tetteNof soloists, whose voices iverc
in fine condition ami seemed to vie in
the exquisitely melodious urns ono with
the other. Next week this chorus xvill
sing the hilllliint "Soldlei.s" Chorus,"
trom naunnd'h "Faust," and the
"Player nnd Finale," net of "I.o
hengilu," by Itlchuid Wagner. Tho
i losing rocltnl will be given next
Thuisdny night In College hall,
'Ilii ('nmrrvainry will she it? thirt) flitt re
cital (fifth in tlic 1I0-.I11,; scilo) m M. Lukc'i
I'.iri-li Ikiil-c this dltrrnomi .it .'1 o'clock, '1 lie
following jirogi iinino will lip prucntcd:
l.ittlu pieirs fiom l'ldlri I'unri uncut d Tnlnlnu
Clfiirnliiio Doim, nnctlc Itoucll, I.ulii
Kellrm, Muilo Walloia.
'liny Tot's Walt. Kroinann
Ilutli O'Connor,
I. Itllo I'.ilrfiot's Miuli Krogmann
I.ilillc Loniii'll,
Wnll. Sihmoll
.MuiuMrito Hj.i;,'.
'IIio Mill licit ,.,,,,,,,,,, Kingm.inii
iiiu dill,
'J ho HoMii's I.ullaliy ,,,,, Krogminn
l!v,i Mjiih.
Allegretto, opui 02, No, ' Ilicilcnnann
I'riuln buret.
Jlerry DobolInU ,,,, Krogmann
AmclU Wckliol.
In Happy Youth Ilolule
Could Hunter,
'llio fair , (iurlltt
(hate i'lttimn.
'I he I.lttla Jti.lcr Illllor
lialop , , lliii.i
Oi in ChiMlm.
l.ittlu Illnllc is l)eir ,,,, Ilolule
Anna speklicr,
Maiih Miller
(ialop ,,,,,.,,,., ,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,, WMili
August Hoffman,
I'alry I'iIikcsh ....,., Pelliru.k
OKI Man in leather ,.,,,,,,HUiltiinan
l.ulu Jones.
Peasant Dance I.,,.,.,.,,,,,, ltoh'le
li-a IlJIe liavlcs.
Mairli, opus it) ,, ,,.,,,,,,,,, I)an4
Mliottl-ih, opui '') , ,,,, Dana
bight I'IjjIiii; f ld.s duo pianos.)
Mai' HoHir, riounio Mchols, na llrllc
'Iraviis, Itonidlim !-piuk.
Itrturii ot the (ioiulnllcirf, opiu 50,. N.hiuo
lluntct'i stait rilimnuiili
Ktli il lh Miomas.
Polka Wihli
llekn MiKcc.
Jo.iful J He, cpui ,0, No. 17 nicilumann
l.'a Millar.
lllile anil Sick Dlknhci;;
I.cni Me irdalf) .
Chevaleiesipie, opm 10), No. J Iliirsmullri
Helen MiKcc, Millar, Lena DcanUlcy.
Madelalno Walt: s4iiu:kcr
May Dower.
Whether spent at the sea shore
or lake will give you more solid sat
isfaction if your clothes are smart
and up-to-date. Our Ready-to-Wear
Clothes System gives you an
opportunity to dress well at a nomi
nal outlay. There is an abundant
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Serge or Fancy. Flannels and many
new cloth patterns have been added
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Cheviots. If von will take the time
to examine our window displays we 9
nave no uouui uiai you win realize
the exceptionally good cloth qualities
we offer at (tr'frt1&
prices from P 1 U LO PlO
Madras Shirts; some new ef
fects have lately arrived in this
department. See them displayed
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window at Jpl.UU
We discovered a line of Mad
ras Shirts in the New York mar
ket that we think exceptionally
good values. We
marked them
Balbriggan Underwear, the fine
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at.. j"C
Fancy Balbriggan in plain
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color novelties
in this style of cn - ftn
underwear at... UC anu $1.UU
Pantalon ...Hculi
Itonialnc bpruks.
March WcUi
Lillian llcnson.
I'olki, opus 372, No. fl Enslcniann
May Ycagcr.
Hunting Song Mcrkel
Florence Kennedy.
Li Stjlenne, opus 100, No. II liiigrmullcr
Lillian flcnson, Mary Ycagcr.
'lhe Ciukou and tho Wanderer, opus H, Nn S
The Husslans Are Coming, opus 11, No. .1
Ensemble Cla-s (four pianos),
Miss tlrdfont, llctan, Krkardt, Kaufhold,
Lhrgood, Kills, Law, btcbciktr,
II II il
Ihc votal nuniliin elveu under tho direction
of Mrs, Annie Darnr ire among the mot
pleasing features of the graduating exercises
o the hcr.mton Training sihool on Meduesdiy
r ruing, Mrs. UaniM is a thorough and pains
taking leather, ami lesults fdinw that she is
successful in minting I lie Intcrtet of vocal
clabis in all noil, hcjoiu them.
Tin. following selections of music iil he ten.
dered at tomorrow's eirvkes In the Setond l'r.
hjterlan Church:
Organ Prelude ,. Selhv
ljuartette "How Amiable Ale Thy Tabcrniiles''
S huetker
Offertor) Solo "Slug ol the lomchnd".,l)aiCi
Mr, Morgin
Organ I'ostlude ,, ,,,, ..Voltknur
Organ Pielude Andinte Mcndlihn
Quartette "Nunc DimltU" ,,., ,.Nclin
Offermrj Dm I "Hear l', O rather". ...Lejoil
51 Us lllick and Mr. Clppd.
l)l.aii 1'o-llucle ,.,,,. ., Dubois
51 Us lilac k, sopriuo; Miss (iaiugan, alto; Mr,
tiipel, tenor, Mi, Moigan, hais; Mr, J. M,
Cluiuc, organist and dluclor,
Vli4 Joellc Webb, founerly one of the promt,
unit number of l,eoi,c Lederrr'a London torn.
pin.x, i.s in the lit) spending the summer. Mta
Wtbh Is a idealist of much ablljt) and has ap
ptaird in leading oh- In Mr. I ederer's London
succivoei., and liei fate U Umlliar to patrons of
tlie laigot Ibcatirs of Ihc continent The lem
poiaij lavs of her voice has forced I lie joung
prim i ilunni to rrfiain fiom tinging for .1 Ma
ton She is now under i lie of one of Sciunton't,
well known throat ipuiillsU and expects to lo
gain her vocal powers m time lo Join one of
Mr, l,iileier'' musical organization in the fall.
Albiu horn and hU pupil., ahtrd by MUs
Lllu (Saragan, will give 4 pianoforte lecital
Wednesday evening, June "0, at liuetiuey ball,
Washiugtoa avenue.
' The r. s
rieans Smart Clothe!
rfAll II VJ
"Atterbury "
Means Smart Clothes
if-ii i
LnicKens tome i
Home to Roost
riv l. b hiiiis.
Described by more than one
hundred critics, "The great
est novel of the age." More
natural than "To Have and
to Hold," and far ahead of
"Janice Meredith."
And selling faster than any
other novel, Isaac H. Blanch,
ard & Co., Publishers, New
York. Can be had at
Reisman Bros.
lo5 Spruce Street.
One Too Much for Mtinsflold,
"diehard Vlin.iHld I a nimble willed ftllow,"
sihl i minor numbir ol Mi compiii) the otlui
da, "but ho nut line manager out wi.l
cirl) this seisou who was rpilte his match 'lh
fcllow'n name i.s .lack tiiinn. He hid hern i
miliar in olden ib ullli llooth and McCulloiIgh,
und wan u piinie ut his wotk. Jack alwayt
toiiElit in avoid cause for complaint, aivt espa
dally did he n act In the case nt MaiulKld. Hut
a kick wa inevil iblc, A louple of tcene shlftcif,
after some laborious woik in the dies, came dole
to the rear of the stjge breathing rathei hcawly
as a result of their exertions. MnnVld cliancict
tu walk mar Ihrni. lie nearly froze them wttb
a look, Then lie summoned Quinn
"'lhe bieatlnug of thee men auuoja nie,'
tald ltichard.
" 'I'd answer to the law it I stopped It,' re
plied Jaik, with rcal wit.
A stage hand slipped and dinced about a llltli
in the ellort to re.-aln his balance.
"'Your mm nuke ton much noLse with t licit
feet,' rclalmeil the actor.
"Mlciiatui thej'll walk on their hands," wat
the icMionse.
"Maiistleld had no moie ue for Quinn, am
during the remainder of the engagement tht)
spoke to each other only when it was abolui'.
cecctsar)." New L'ogUud Magazlae.
I '