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Tin: Mortens llAttmvAnn atons
loo Cream Making
Id an My t .1 !: II joii lira .1 S!I!:P
.WW? J.lfll'TS'IS'O r'H:i:y.l:il. Vou
r.-n S''l i'i"in li'ioj till sl.-c..
Foote & Shear Co. Jj
IJ9N. Washington Ave
Wadding Presents
A rather dlllk'tllt problem
sometimes to make ii s'dootion
tluit (Its your tnst" and ic
hiiiivcji, Isn't It? Kive iiinutps
spent here will do mure to settle
the question Hum a. wi'i'k of con
.iitr wr nt home.
Irimh t;tp '""liini, In .u'ts or srpir.ite
ncfi'. A tine il'n.r.ilul tclciy
n.iy 11 f th, Ijc.imlml C Tis
W.lll' " -''
I ut IJla- in inmnnci.tMi' inpcs ami ilc
naiw, I'm 1 .i, IVpp.Ts mil Zilit-
.-.i.t.-, mpiIIiik ,-ihcr Tnp .. M-C
Vli'iM I liinu )trnr,niil C'hoiilirr
.mm. .'!'.aA-. !'.V. .'.w v.: . ! I1: .T $ . -3 5
Vi.-t a stigupstlon nr tuo:
Htmdrds of handsome, appro
priate and inexpensive ubjeets
iilll reward you:1 c.ill on
Gruener & Co.
205 Wyoming Avenue.
The Peeress
Ironing Board
For ironing- LADIES' SHIRT
WAISTS and children'? cloth
inp;. every mother knows how
difficult it is to properly iron
Bnbief' Caps, Guimpcs, Sleeves
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Telephone r.r mill us a iin-t.i to r.ill at your
lining anil iU'te prn 0 on lauti'lpiiui any nullity
01 Mwl of or m-h cuit.un-. llcuUs guai
UllKcrl. 1 ACKAWAN!
fj THE"
William Kiist and Miss Katie llilde
lirand -e nnltrd in marriage yester
day afternoon at 2 o'clock In the Hick
ory Street i'losbyterlan church by the
nstor, Kov. "v. A. Xordt. The interior
ot the cliuich was beautifully decor
ated for the occasion, and tho coro
lr.ony was witnessed by u largo num
ber of f rh wis and relatives. The bride
was attired in a handsome gown, and
ci tried a shower bouquet of bridal
uses, TIip bridesmaid, who Is a sister
of the Kroom. Miss Katie Kirst, carried
si bouquet of pink roses, Tho groom
was .minded by li, S-hunI.
The. ushers weio rjeorge Wlrth, Jo
Fiph llehkgel. Frank UessiiiKer and
Jacob I'mmlg. After tho ceremony
tlii-re was a icceptlnn at the homo of
the groom, en t'lPdur avenue, after
which 11 bridal supper was served and
congratulations extended to the happy
couple. The out-of-town were
Mr, and Mrs. John Pchanls and daugh
ter, ('race, of Sutlicrford, N. Y. Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob lfildobiniid, of Taylor;
Jibs Anna Hode, of irnnesdule; I'at
liek Mullrn, of Taylor; .Mr. and Mrs.
I'lorey Uehiegel. of Carlisle, Pa,; Mrs,
Cintllcti Vrrt and daughter, TCsthor, of
Madison, l'u.; Mrs. John Nothaeker, of
Klmdale, V..: Air. and Mrs. '.humor,
of New Yoik. Mr. and Mis. Klrst will
begin housekeeping at lil Cedar live-
A cheeiy company of relatives nnd
fi lends assembled at tho resldeneo of
Mr. and Mrs. C'hailep Unison, of .Scott
streel, JJiakely, Wednesday, to witness
tht niarrltigo of Miss Olit istlunn Hut
Fon to Tl'.omas I.ulrd, jr., of North
f-'crantoii. Miss flrnce Pettigrew began
the wedding march nt S.:;o, nnd a mo
mtnt later David Iahd nnd Mary Uut-t-on,
groomsman find maid of honor, led
the way to tho placo assigned, and tho
marriage, tervlco of tho Methodist
h'plscnpal chinch was performed by
It. v (J"orst) A. Cure, After an hour,
delightful with refreshment nnd social
plint, tho company dispersed, the new
ly wedded couplo If ailing tho Scranton
delegation back to the city, where they
hticl provider, and furnished rooms at
i"0 I'm her street. The following are
Bfimo of the guests:
Mr, and Mrs. Julm 't'ciiaiy, John Mtlsivv atnl
jinilj, of Mr. Jciiiilc .M.i;uit uinl fam
lly nml Vr. and Mm. Kuijliton, ijf l)l.v
plil.t Aill13.11 I'lupiK'H ami Mis'. Helm l.onli,
cf Will r.-lljri c ; .Mlid Anna llioun, of J)unuioii;
Mr nn.l Slu. AHIIiini Wl.n, Mr. and .Mi. Mur-rl-i
PtoHii, Mr. anil Mi. Pobprt l'altcfon, Mr.
ami His. P.ivld I'Jttrison, William luviilton,
M'. '1jci:12s I.alrd, -lulin I..1I11!, f).til I.jIm,
Alice Laird, Jamrs baitd, WillUm I.aitd, Hubert
l.alril and Jlaiy J.alrd.
Dr, J, ?, Ford ham has Issued Invi
tations to the marriage of his daugh
ter, Sarah, and Evan Stanley Blxler,
tho. ceremony to take placo at his
home, 1531 rapouse avenue, Thursday
afternoon, June 20th.
Miss Gertrude Miles Davis, of this
city, and Alvoyd Henry Smyth, of
New York, were innrrled In tho latter
city on May 1 by the pastor of tho
Lexington Avenue Hantlat church.
They wilt loslile nt O'th street, New
York city. Mi's. Smyth was formerly
employed by J-'iU'a Allyll, of the
Mo.'U'M building.
.Tolin M. Itttuhi's and Miss' Josephine
llealuy, of Oi nmnrc, went, to Havvey'H
lake ycsleiibiy aflornnrjli, where tll'y
W'ore ni.i tried by Uv. M, 11. Donlnti,
ptiitnr of SI. Mary's church, who Is rm
a retreat there. They will be at home
nl'ier today at Tlio Holland, on AdnntH
nv.'HUe. Mr. Hutthes Is Insurance sur
veyor of the Mlddl-' department, with
headiitlnr'els In tills city. ,
In HI. reler'H rathodrat, Wednesday
afternoon, Miss Katharine Cuinmlncs
was married to James (lllksplc by Hev.
J. J, tlrllllti. Miss Mary t'umnilngs was
bildesmaid, and .lames J. Padden
gronmsma'i. Following the ceremnny
n leeetitlon was held at Mr. Cilllcsplo'a
home on Wyoming avenue.
Mrs. Hugh nonn-lly. of Drinker
sticet, has Issued cards for the mar
riage of her daughter. Florence, to
Floyd Sehoonover, of Cherry street,
on Wednesday, Juno 10th.
llpvtrr V. I'rllnw, the prf.' airnt of Hie
nulniln Dill WJIil rl Show, nriHed In tlio rlly
h(t niclit fioni l:.'ilon.
Mr.. I,. X. Connor and iliuzhtrr. nf n'1 r'ojtcllo
fPiirf, liiiic irtmiird from a I'll with dirndl at
1'hll.iiJclplii.r.inil All.itiHc City.
-. - -. .
Arrangements Thnt Are Bcinc; Made
nt Louisville for Event.
The trietiiial conclave nf Knights
Templar, to be held at Louisville, Ky.,
in August, promises In bo tho largest
gathering of the kind ever held. Con
tracts for the accommodation of thou
sands of visitors have already been
entered into, and tho attendance; will
be drawn I'ror.i ivery section of tho
L'nlteil States. Plenty of room remains,
however, for the accommodation of
those who lmvc not yet applied, nnd
suitable quiii'let'S are assured by the
Louisville neople to all in houses at the
disposal of Knight Templars.
In a leci'iit report submitted to the
conclave executive committee by the
hotels and accommodations committee
on the number of persons already sup
plied witli quarters, It was shown that
contracts have been entered into by
thirty four grand eoinmandcries, out
of a total of forty-three in tho Unltod
Slates. The remaining nine grand com
niandfi'les will undoubtedly bo located
In due time.
These contracts have been made for
four days' attendance 011 the celebra
tion. Insuring ample time for all to sen
Louisville thoroughly. A total of one
hundred subordinate coininauderies
have already closed contracts for ac
commodations. The state nf Illinois
heads tho list with nineteen bodies,
outside the (irand commandery. Indi
ana is next with n total of eleven, and
Ohio and Missouii each have seven
comnianderles already emailed for at
tendance. The total number of sir knights and
their frieniW represented in the con
tracts already closed is nearly 10,0(10,
but this number does not begin to rep
lesent the total number of vistors that
will be In Louisville during tho con
clave. An illustrated booklet containing the
Itlneraryand other information regard
ing the trip will be issued in tills city
in a few days, and it will be one of the
prettiest souvenirs of the trip.
The Coyne Provides tho Much.
Needed Hoof Garden.
Tho Coyne lias established what
Scrantonlans have long been looking
for: what the hearts of the people
have lonsocl tor; what they will ever
be thankful for a roof garden. Tho
balcony along the Pour, avenue side
of the hotel has been converted into
one of the prettiest, coolest and most
attractive resorts that Scranton pos
sesses. Canvas canopy and side curtains ob
scure the patron from the curious g.i.e
of the multitudes on the avenues be
low. A perfect retreat quiet and
cozy. Air circulating freely will make
it a cool place during the hot sunny
days of slimmer. Palms and flowers
give it a tropical appearance that
makes a man's heart glad and enables
him to feel that he is enjoying sylvan
shades of nature's foresfs.
Tables are carefully arranged where
regular meals will be served, also all
kinds of liquid refreshments. No more
Inviting placo can he found in this
part of the slate than the garden.
Band concerts will be given occasion
ally during tho summer, and every ef
fort made for the pleasure ami com
fort nf visitors.
Chosen for the Position of Depart
ment President,
Mrs. Casslo Koehe, 'of this city, wn.i
yestor lay elected department presi
dent of the Ladles of tho (I, A. IJ., at
tho convention held in Oettysburg.
Mrs. Hooho's jurisdiction will extend
over tho state. (
Sho is the daughter of Captain P.
DeLacy, nf Capouso avenue, and for
several years has been prominent In
tho work of the l.tdies of the CI. A. It,
of the state, Her choice for tho high
onion of department president Is a
fitting recognition of tho work In the
Wnldron lia arrlvrd again with two
car loads of horses for today's big
sale. Among tho lot are a grand col
lection of coal blacks for undertakers'
use, In matched pairs and singles;
also a number of good mailers, a fine
lot of business chunks and draughters,
This drove should bo seen by all lov
ers nf horses, as they outclass all pre
vious shipments to this market. Sale
begins promptly at 1 o'clock at Cu
Bick's stables, this afternoon.
Man Who Is Charged with Killing
Him Is in County Jail,
Pavld Thomas, the young man who
was hit in tho head by a pick In tlni
hunds of Anthony Thomnsaskl In tho
Archbald mine Wednesday, died early
yesterday morning at the homo of his
pareuis In FolUvlllo.
Coroner lloberts performed a post
mortem yesteiday and found that the
pick bad crushed through Thomas's
skull and caused a blood clot on tho
brain as big as a hen's egg. An In
quest will be held later. Tnomasaski
Is in the county jail.
(fentliiilfil (rntn Paste 1.1
When the governor remarked that It
was for tlio bent that the hearing had
been made unnecessary, Mr. Ktnrgea
tisstti'd the governor that the commit
tee would have had nothing to present
against Mr. Molr excepting the charge
thnt he had made hlhHolf Incompetent
for tlie ofllce of recorder by his notion
In tho Hitchcock matter.
A few minutes were pursed In n chat
on iienoral rubjeeln, nnd tho committee
I retired. The visit did not occupy moio
than slv or ncvcn minutes.
Committee's Statement.
Bofora returning home, tho commit
tee gnvo 1110 tho following statement,
In response to a request for an expres
sion on the events of the day:
'Hie main iilijcct of the Imuuc win tn convince
tlie public and futtiro nllkl.its that IIIiicm for
of Hie r.innot (in Scr.intnn at Ic.iil), he i.nii'
for rcmoul tlieicliom.
AfMliwt .tames Molr, peisonslly, Hie league
would have made 110 lompl.iliit. l'or hl many
misfortune ho has the shote sympathy nf ll
members, lie meant to o.wribo the laws when
elected and mule miln-equcnl ft.irU in
that direction, but he nerni" tn g larked tlii'
neiie to keep iljrlit on or w.ia badly adtheil when
he desired to to do.
Mho league would have piei'tilrd no "(aoillo
son" as a candidate. If aked, IN tepie-entatived
might have meaiMed Colonel llllehiock ai the
loulial Miieetsor to Kri order Moil'. The coiernor
would hale shown moie rnmtry and mine Uei he iiu.lilnl the Intrnh'W, tn which lie had
Mitu.illy hulled the league icpieHiiilatlMH, befoie
iraklne the appointment. 'I he failure to do m
taken in connection wllh a leeline of insecurity
that has arisen since .Indue Carpenter (who will
probably be the tnaildiic candidate for Judge)
tailed to rebuke the jury that gale the lemaik
able verdict In the lliiior cave ncraln-t Henry
Uallhci, will piobably rc-ull In Colonel llltih
coik's candidacy for Iho common pleas Judso
tlii. Of the appointment of .Recorder
Council the representatives of the
league had nothing to say, furthor
than if the laws are enforced, ap
pointments arc nimlu nf good men to
.'III all otllcos under his control, and
the order and good name of tlie. city
maintained, Kecorder Council wilt
have no stronger supporters than tho
Municipal league.
Colonel Poles continued on to New
York. Messrs. St urges and Lansing
returned home on tho 4 o'clock p. m.
T. J. Duffy.
Handed to New Recorder by Con
gressman Connell.
Congressman Connell, accompanied
by his private secretary, John IJ. AVil
llams. ai rived Irom Harrisburg at 5
o'clock last evening, bearing Kecor
der Council's commission. They re
paired tit once to the Connell building.
where the. now recorder was found In
bis otllce, and he was presented with
the governor's message.
There were present at tho time, S.
W. Kdgar, Hon. Alex T. Council,
(ieueral Manager S. :. Wajland, of
the Lackawanna Telephone company,
and Marls K. Kdgar, private secro
.tary to W, L. Connell. While dis
cussing tlie matter of taking the oath,
it was suggested that S. W. Kdgar was
a notary public and forthwith Mr. Kd
gar administered tlio oath of ollicc
to the new chief executive.
The new recorder would say noth
ing of bis future course further than
that Mark K. Kdgar would succeed II.
C. llnttnn as recorder's secretary.
When questioned as to tin; truth of
a statement in an afternoon paper
that ex-cliief W. T. Simpson would
be bis superintendent of police, Ke
corder Connell said that the young
man who wrote tlio stoiy was ro
mancing. At hist night's meeting of select
council, (lie commission and oath of
tillioc of tlie now recorder were pre
sented and read. "It gives me great
pleasure to move that they be ac
cepted," said Mr. Clcmmons, -with, a
broad grin that betokened a gratify
ing contemplation of things. The
new recorder will enter upon his
duties to-day.
Kx-Roeordor Molr, when seen yester
day nfternoon In his nflice in the
municipal building in the brief Interval
between a conference behind closed
doors with John O. MeAsklo nnd an
other witli City Solicitor Watson, was
not inclined to bo very tnlkative.
"My reasons for resigning," said he,
"are fully set forth .11 my letter of tes
Ignation. I did It for tho sake of M10
party, I realized that liovernor Stone
had been asked by certain influential
persons to remove me, and to relievo
him of any embarrassment, 1 resigned,
"I realized also that as long as I held
the olllce there would be continual
strife and a generally unsettled condi
tion of affairs, simply because l would
never be entirely in harmony with tho
powers that b. Therefore, 1 consid
ei oil It to be tho very best thing I could
do to resign, I showed that I favored
this plan when things came to a crisis
by my request to Colonel Hitchcock
that he resign.
"I know that I will bo ciltlclaed for
not permitting myself to bn removed,
but I think that such criticism is an
swered sutllclently by my letter to th"
governor. 1 did not icslgn because 1
felt that I had done something 1 should
lot have done, as sonio may say, but
simply and solely for the host inlcr
ists of the Republican party."
The recorder would not say directly
whether or not he would be a candldato
for the nomination for recorder in 1903,
lie intimated, however, that ho might
run at that time, "You know," said he,
"that I might bo taken with small-pot,
or pneumonia, or something before that
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time, tt'fl 11 little too enrly to tstlli
about that just now." .
Ho seemed to be In high glee tn think
Hint he had successfully forestalled
the Municipal league committee1. Which
went down tn Harrlsburg yesterday
morning to nppenr berore the governor
with n request for his removal,
"I say," said he, "you might make u
good Joks nut of tlml. The committee
had their trip for nothing. 1 can' Im
agine the members walking Into the
ptcfencc of Covernor Slone and b-dng
dismissed With n wave ot his hand and
informed that they cnnio too late.
Heally, It must In vi! been dcllclously
There are some who are mean enough
to say that ex-Recorder Molr did not
give out the news of his resignation
on Wednesday night, for the express
purpose of sending the Municipal
league committee on the long, tiresome
Journey to Hnrrlsburg.
He spent a considerable part of yes
terday afternoon In winding up his nf
fiilrs In city hall and In settling his
piillco tine account. Ho stated to The
Tribune man that when he leaves the
nfllco ho will not owe the city one cent.
He pltowed a statement of the police
fines collected during the fiscal year
lflflO-lfioi, amounting to $7,::as. I.'. This
ntnount will bo paid Into the city treas
urer In full by this morning, ho said.
He further stated that he would re
linquish all claim to the ofllce of 10
corder just as soon as he received ofll
clnl notification thnt his resignation
had been accepted and as soon as Ills
successor presented himself with his
Interest in the Event All Over This
Part of tho State Is Con
stantly Growing.
Tlie presence In this city today of
Colonel William Cody, more widely
known as "Kul'fnln Hill." may bo of
considerable importance as far as the
securing of tho presence of Lieutenant
C.oneral Nelson A. Miles at the Thir
teenth regiment's military ball is con
cerned. Colonel Cody, who has a lar
ger acquaintance among the military
celebrities of tlio nation than any
other living man, Is a warm, personal
friend of General .Miles, having scout
ed for him on tho plains of tho West
through many a hard fought Indian
campaign, nnd it is almost certain
that If Cody took it upon himself to
make an appeal to General Miles to
be present at the armory opening the
latter would come, no matter what
barrier presented itself.
Colonel L. A. Watres and Captain
D. U. Alherton have already made ar
rangements to have a, talk with Col
onel Cody when he comes to the city
with his rough riders this morning,
and will endeavor to Interest him in
tho armory opening project to the ex
tent of having him write to General
Miles. As has been stated In previous
Issues of this paper, .Miles promised
the invitation committee that he would
attend tho ball if such a thing were
possible, but Colonel Wat res is deter
mined to make assurance doubly sure
and will take this method to do it.
Yesterday afternoon, John M. Mc-
Court, press agent for tho executive
committee, returned from Kaston, af
ter having completed an extensive tour
among tlio cities and towns of North
eastern Pennsylvania in tho interest
of tho armory opening. In. Kaston,
where Company I nf the Thirteenth
regiment is located, the Interest In the
coming ball is nearly as high as It la
In Scranton. Tlio company is com
posed of the society young men of lias
ton, their olllcers being the social lead
ers of that city, and parties, aggregat
ing nearly n hundred people are be
ing organized to attend the ball. In
Wllkes-Harre and Plttston the officers
of tlie Ninth regiment arc taking care
of Serantoii's great social event.
Yesterday morning a force of men
from Williams & McAnulty's store be
gan the laying of tlie carpet in tho
oflicers' and companies' rooms of the
new armory. The carpets are of tho
best Brussels in pretty flowered pat
terns and do credit to tho taste of the.
details of men from tho various com
panies who selected it. Tho senior of
ficers of the regiment, whoso rooms In
tlie new armory all adjoin each other,
have selected the same pattern of car
pot for their quarters.
The request which tlie executive
committee made last week to have
the order of running the Croon Ridge
street cars reversed on tho evening
of the ball so as to nccommodato per
sons unable to sectiro carriages that
night was yesterday granted by Gen
eral Manager SUlimnn in tho following
W.iltir ):, r.'uiMcr, Secretary l.'.wcutue Commit
tee. Sir: 1 bet: to siy in answer tn your ie
iin.t of iho Ift Inst., with refeience to tlie run
run:; of tan on Aduua aiciuir mi the night nf
the nimoiy ball, .luno I lib, that we will be '.ciy
Rli'l to do this if it will be rm aivniiimoi.iliun
P. tlio.e Inning ihau'e of tliu ball and lo tlw
Jicipli.' uin;,' and cniuing.
Vny truly jours,
l'rank Mllinun, Jr.,
(iintial Manager,
Pound Hidden in a Garret at Austin
William Sclkapke, of Austin Heights,
who has been wanted for s.01110 tfnio for
a criminal assault on a twelve-year-old
girl, who lives at tho heights, was
found yesterday by Special Ofllcer Jior
lis hidden away in tho Barret of his
He was turned over to the burgess of
Old Forge, who committed him to tho
county jail,
Books for Graduating Gifts.
nt Norton's, opposite Hotel Jormyn.
Lewis, Miles and Anderson All Gain
on Schwcnker Kemmaver and
Drunner Also Strengthen Their
Positions Tho Last Six of the
Leaders Remain Stationary New
Contestants Should Start Soon.
X Standing of the :
I Leading Contestants
f Point.
f 1. Meyer Lewis, Scran- T
X ton 143
x 2. Henry Schwenker,
South Scranton... 123
3. William Miles, Hyde
Tark ... ..' 107
f 4. J. Garfield Ander-
son, Carbondale. . . 88
5. August Brunnor, jr.,
T Carbondale 44 -f
4. G. Frank Kemmerer, "f
Factoryville 35
f 7. Miss Norma Mere- .
4- dith, Hyde Park.. 31
8. Miss Wilhelmina 4
Griffin Providence. 31 4.
0. W. H. Harris, Hyde
Park 23
10. Bay Buckingham, .
Elmhurst 17
4. 11. Miss Vida Pedrick,
4- Clark's Summit. . . 0 4.
4- 12. David 0. Emery,
4- Wimmers, Pa. ... 74
Yesterday tho first six leaders turned
in points in tho Tribune's Educational
Contest. Lewis, who shot up to first
place yesterday morning, Increased his
lead over Schwenker an additional
point, while Miles, now In third place,
crept eight points nearer Schwenker
and Is now hut seventeen behind him,
Garlleld Anderson, of Carbondale, also
was much In evidence and is one point
nearer Miles than he was yesterday.
Frank Kemmerer, of Factoryville,
gained two points on the Misses Mere
dith and Griffin, who are now tied for
seventh place.
There are new applicants for the
bonks of subscription blanks almost
dally, they seeming to realize that
there are nearly three months left
for them in which to better them
selves and that they have fully as
good a chance yet as those who have
already recorded points.
Read tlio advertisement on the
fourth page of this morning's Tribune.
It contains much additional informa
tion about the contest. If you would
like to secure a handsomely illus
trated booklet descriptive of the
scholarships, or would like to obtain
a book of subscription blanks, address
"Editor Educational Contest, Scran
ton Tribune, Scranton, Pa."
Lace Curtains Cleaned.
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Davis Steam Dyo Works,
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Scranton Gas & Water Co
115 Wyoming Avenue.
MAY l. I90t,
Wedding Invitations
Are you interested In this particu
lar lino'' And have you seen our now
line of Whitney's Wedding Papers, in
all tlio new sizes?
1 Oils, Paints
a Maloney Oil & MantifacUmng Company,
141-149 Meridian Strest,
W m
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.
Juno fi, loot.
A number of men In Knhkle uni
forms and white cork helmets left by
the P., L. & W. ltnllroad at 12:55 for
New York, enroute. for Patucit, Hon
duras, Central America, where they
have Invested In fruit plantations, and
are going under contract to work for
the Pntueii Plantation company, build
ing wharf1), saw mills, sugar mill and
canning factory. They were a hearty
lot of colonists, and will no doubt do
credit to Scranton In their now under
taking. m ii.
Buy Your Hammocks
At Coursen's.
special prices.
Handsomest llne-
Whitlng's Line of Fine Stntionery
at Norton's, opposite Hotel Jcrmyn.
Smoke the Pocono 5c cigar.
Ask for Kelly's union crackers.
The Worry
of Buying
A bat and the fear of not
getting style and value is
all taken away when you
come to us.
Our hats lead in beauty
of design and reasonable
prices. Two lines of ''Made"
hats for today.
I Made of fine fancy straw
and chiffon and trimmed with
dainty flowers, at " A f
each T'F
II Pretty lace straw and
chiffon were used in making
these hats, for trimming
beautiful summer f Qfi
foliage. Each I VO
Clarke Bros
Shifting Responsibility
Is always exct,. " when It may be
done conscientiously. '
Every owner ot real estate carries
responsibilities that do not appear In
his accounts, yet, they are imperatively
Tho opinion of an attorney upon the
security of your land titles must bo
backed by your own assets.
P.y tho payment of ti reasonable fee
you may shift this liability on tho
Title Guaranty and Trust Company
Of Scranton, Penna.
512 Spruce Street.
I,. A, W.ilrrs, Itlicit. ,11. A. Kn.ipp, WPrcs.
A. II, JkOllnlntk, llalph S. Hull,
Vii'C'iuMiilerit.l Trut Officer.
Men's Suits lo oulcr, 15 ami up. I'juU, $7.j0,
Ladies' Suits to nnlcr, SIH..W auj up.
hMiu, Sn.tti ami up.
Kinjr Miller, Merchant Tailor,
end Varnish
We are very anxious to make you
acquainted with our goods. Of course,
we don't expect you to gratify our
wishes Just because we want you to
do so, but there Is no argument half so
convincing as the evidence of your
own taste. Our
Green Valley Rye
Will be a revelation to you
"T Loul Arthur Wntreoi President
T Orlando S. Johnson, Vlco Prs.
Arthur Hi Christy, Cashier
Capitnl, $100,000
Surplus, $100,000
Court House Square,
Interest Paid on Savings Accounls
f A tlTIIOIllXKP Iiy Hi Charter to accept
4. all manner of Trusts; to act as a.
Keceitcr, Tiustcc, Uuaiillan, Admlnlstra. i
a tor or Kxci-iitor. T
TTIIH VAULTS ot tills Bank are protect- 4.
x, ed by tho Holmes Elcctrlo Alarm T
T Sstem. "
L. A. Watres, O. S. Johnson
J Wm. F. ttallstcad E. P. Klnirshury
"T Everett Warren Aug. Robinson
T Joseph O'Brien
Look all around the town if you
will you cannot find as good quali
ties in Negligee Shirts (or
50c and $1.00
as are to be had here.
"A Gentleman's Furnishing Store."
305 Lackawanna Avenue.
325-327 Penn Avenue,
Our Reputation
For Making
Things Good
13 so generally known and so
sonorously maintained that
every day wo hoar somo cus
tomor fay: "We'd rather buy
of you." There aro other
reasons why It Is to your inter
est to do your trading hot-p.
Without nuestlon wo show In all
departments the larsest stock
and most certainly our prices
are not discounted by any store
in this city or any other city.
Occasionally, of course, some
store will make n specialty of
some few Items at special prices,
but when you take our prices
from start to finish, we. are right
when we claim them as the low
t,r " s
i 8 m
'i&y-$nvi -t