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Series of Articles In The Tribune
Subject of Discussion Other Mat
ters. The sehool bonid met In ndlollrnpd
'psdnn Saturday night to lake action
on such mallei s of biisties us needed
intention befoie the iporgnnls'iitlnii of
thp lintly. which tnkps place tonight.
All Hip nipnibois wimp In tlioli seats
when Piesldcnt Hoi kenboiiy tapped
for older.
An npplli iitlon from John Jennings
for it position ns Jiinltoi of No. school
Was iccoided
TIip building rntnmlttpp tppnitod the
receipt of ippnlis for No. S school, ll
wtis dcoldpd to tunc the woik done
tuning the .n tit ln season.
Chiiiiinnn llnekonben v called alien
Hon tn the series of iiitlelos which
hnve hPPti npivniing In the Scrnnlon
Irlhnnp ipIiUKp to ionises of stilelv.
'In vairl (hut th" licnd of educational
honcht toduv Is to allow Hip students
iioip latitude in Hip selection ot studies
nd thnt Instead nf mnilnliig nil Hip
uiplls to onp ronio. th" vogue Is In
nsnj pli'o, md soon "III lip Iipip, to
ivp dlplomns foi tlUT-p studios In
vhleh the pupil up plotlilPiit. All
nindi .up not .iIIIcp. i.ild lie. nnd the
'IffPiPiit studptiis should lip allowed to
eke iIiom studies most ndupiPil to
tlipin nnd which will thf Itottci pipp.up
tlicm tot t lie 1 1 different lllp vocations
Mi pet in undent tilt i dllfiMPil with
Ilim, and said iu h h coin to would
low ct tho statidntd of thp schools All
should Iip 11111(10 to tonfoini to oiip
Mosps I'ohpn aked foi ,i icb.ite of a
poitlon of Ills tnps o Is still as
'fsspd foi ,i hnu-p whlih was bin nod
i enuplp of c.iis ago The nuittpr was
plamd in tlip hands nf i'oIIpc tor Watt
Chaliman Hoc kenboi i v stated that
he been iiitoimed th n tho High
'(.hooi ippoit had not he on kept up, as
lnoid(d In liw, and asked that the
mnttPi he seen to
MipeilntriidPiit saiil the pi im I
pal had Intoinicd him thai Hip lepoit
was tilled out josteidav. Seoiet.uj
Hughes was iiisttiu tpd to look altci
the mattPi.
M'eiotaij Hughes jiipsontpd Ills an
nual ippoit, and It showed that ecol
lent woik had In en donp during the
past Despite the liu t that the
taxes weie lcduied one mill and that
spvenl s.iimlcs wpip lalsrd. iIilip Is
now on hind a gipatei balance. h sev
pi.i1 thousand doll it s, than .it this time
last jeai
The lejioil was as follows
Cish on hand in sinMiiA fund T.'i'K ST
( ash on hind in kciipi.iI I unci . I.T'd Vt
1'ioin Mi Clifloid fi ".no on
T'loni Mi. pallllll J.uil no
Pioin Mi Watt ".s.onn on
Proin tuition M
Ttoni lines 1 ;.' 4S
Pal t nf sta,te appiopi latiof . 11 0 !J Jl
Intel est on sinKliiK fund 'I0 '"
Tola! li'fpipls . .
i:xpi;.Di'i nu:
Pucl and ("-ontiiiKeiK ii s.. ,
Mhool siirl)lles
Teaiheis' Siilaiies
Hents and icpaiis
liulldliiKs and fin nishiiiRs .
IJround impunpiiients . .
Tct lioohs
Debts and inteiest.
fcahu les ot sen eta i and tic
uici, and im idciilals.. .
l.l.-.o on
Total PNppndittllps t'."Mi"0
Palancp on hand ll.iew VI
Theie was also due the boaid $-TiOO
iiom the state, aliout $1,100 fiom Col
let tor Seinian, $IO,450 fiom f'nlleitoi
CllfloKl.and 51 oni fiom follcctor Watt,
follectoi s.caiuan appealed to make n
final settlement The tn on llie ftixou
Iiurcr estate was, tinned oei to the
hoaid's Tttoi up foi collection, and Mi.
SeaniHii esmieiated limn its pavuient
lie tinned the hill In at the sheiiff's
salp, bin tailed K" EPt the inoue '
Ml s.e Milan's iluplli ate aluoiinteil to
$il M.'fi. He tinned in oiidiirIi Satin -dn
nlRht to leave nnl a lialame rri
JJO'i, ,,nil theie helns; some mistake in
the tic;iiiintc up of (he dliplhate, he
vas c;ipn an psttMisioit of tiino of ,sity
da. s.
The boaid then adjoin iipiI till to
Death's Sid Visitation nt the Home
of James Lannon.
UUP ot the mildest sitatinns of
df.'itli in this city In many months
has iiinie to the home ot Mi. and
Mis .lumes i.anuoii, on Pike stieet,
the past few dn..s
Sliue Tliuisila, lour of their diil
diPn hae hepn tnUn ftoiu tlipin, c.i
inc tin home hHddenerl and ilesolnte,
with hut one siuvhliiK elilld, tlio
ouiiKpst, uRcd iihoitt one nnd otio
half eiis,
T lie cnuse nf denlh In c.n li Instance
lias hppn .spinal meningitis The Hint
death nrcuiicd Thlll.sduv, the ,sei ond
I'lldav, and vcstPidny two of the fiu
iill& llueo iiassed nwny. 'I'licso
wete the of the little ones.
'the parents' luaits nte loin with
the Ktlf of their nfllletlon, and tho
p.wnpathy of the comniunlt rocs nut
to them in the net whcliuiiiK loss
they hne Mistnlned. ,
Back Pay for Cnniois
The mallcaiileis of the I'atho'udnle
postoflhv will shaio In the settlement
of claims for hack pay, due bv icason
of the mall men hainj; worked bejoud
the eight houis ptesnlbed by the pos
tal regulations. The Bownnnient, after
ImestlgHtlnn, decided some time iiro to
pay these claims, and nlloRother It has
expended several millions of dnlluii to
relnihui.op cat i lets,
Tho amount of the iluum nllowcd
rnch-v lno C'mbonilule i.itilcts is
THh (M.'
Hosemen as Ball Flnyeis,
The chullenBO of the lccently oiruii
l!td base ball team of tho Columbia
Hose compuny, which appealed In Tho
pnttder tn lie tlukcn into I lie khncs nnr
(ci'i fed uoIIm, nmnits jihI Imt, ami rt tiled
M'.fh. If OU lull' .MIUIlllll,- (ut M liglil tiller,
liy AllfnN tfiotd'ae. It rdoU I he frt Htu
naWc! ujlkint: CJ'. C in c s tv.ollui. )i-.iini.-''ft,
ii;rouns mils, MhtcH jimI i illim,, Ciu.
(rlietcit (oni ami luiiiioi ot .ill ulu mil uhn
iv I ami cinituil, h) il I oil i) s,)ii ,i ,,
Inigsltu jii'l simp tlniPs loi -', ij jijiK.
is Min. Wiliu. AlKii N llliiijtiil, lr Ito,
. ' 'j ..... , , ,
Carfeondale Department
i i
Tilbuno Inst week, Is llkelv to he heed,
ed by the Mitchell loinpnny, nnd thetp
Is ppiy piospect of a Rinne IicIhk
played between these nines nt Alumni
pnik on Satin day net.
The pcisonnel of Hip Columbia's team
has appealed In The Tilliunc, and
these ilti,(is hip iinslous to sciin the
list of thp Mitchells, It Is hoped that
this hint will Iip Itikpn up nnd the base
hall lighting hIipiikIIi of Hie Mitchell
ph!.pin -It they possess such an ui II. lo
be shown on papei, ut lciist.
A Rood tpp of tho successful busi
ness mini, as well iim a social llRht, Is
Isaac HIiirci, the nlctt and cnt"ipils
1iir piopilotor of the l'aik ClothliiR
Mr. HIiiRcr, or "Ikp" as he Is fnnill
Inily sllcd, Is n conspicuous Uruic
niuoiiR the oiliiRer men of the cltv's
husltipss and social woild, and thcic Is
no Individual In his spt who can count
mote admiring" nnd staunch fi lends
amniiR: ills neaimintumes.
( whole-souled, nlfiible nnd e
i eedliiRlv nccoiumndiitlnpr nnd nbllRlnR
-thc-to nip chniattPi Istli s of Mi SIiir
pi's social beiliR, while his dlllRpnce
and Industij and his rpsouicef illness
and his cndeavois to bp ahicasL of thp
times aie conspicuous In his business
Mr. .SliiRer Is nn Impoitant fat lor in
eveiv movement th it has toi Its pm -pose
the advancement of the (itv's In
teiest, but ids modest v often keeps him
In the bnckRiniiiUl when iiedlt Is heiiiR
passed aiound, IIioiirIi his InlliiciKe Is
(inletlv but cllectlvclv expiled
Mi. SIiirpi s llteiaiy inclinations
have led him to tike m .Ktive tntoi -pst
in about all o thp splendid cntei -tainments
Hi it have been rIvpii fiom
tiiup to tlnip In tills c itv, and It Is rIv
Iiir no senet away to vu- tliat he is
foiemost anuiuK the .voiiur men who
Inlend to pinvlde the Iccluics and en
tei talnincnts ot Hie ioiisp cniiteiupliit
ed foi the season ol 1001-0.'. Hv wav
of iiaieuthesis, e.ui bp said tliat this
(ouisp will piovide a niimbei ot iutd
Ici tual and ticals
Mi SliiRcr is also Intel est(d m Hie
dnliiRs ol fiatPinal so( ietles, nnd
stands hiRh in Hie lanks of odd Tcl-
In all HiiiiRs that mii,ii k of the mill
t.u oi wheie the (it and Aimv of the
Uepuhlii Is (oik pi ned, one cm l iRhtly
loiuit on Colonel John Md'omb. loni
niander ol William 11 Dav les' post,
this cltv, as bcliiff an active (Iriiip
CoIoik I McCninb havliiR ia'sed
tluoiiRh all the ui i ois tu a deuel
wnRPd war between the jienplcs of a
nation, he his u tme st nsp ot aiipie
clatiou ot what has In en the poition
of the old soldleis, and lie his a tiulv
s.Hied leRiid foi the tiicmoiv. of tho
depaited biave who weie his inmiailes
in Hie battle loi union It is unite be
(omlliR, tluicfon th it Coloni 1 Me
Conib siuiuld lose no oppoi tuiiitv to
hold up loi public icvei oiuo the uiciii
oi v of the deeds ot the linoic de id.
This Colonel M(Conil) docs and In a
pi.Kthal mannei, in a wa th it the
lessons ol patilntisin and Idevotion of
the Jop.ii ted .did suivIviiir snvioiiis
ol oni nation may not be lost to the
otith ol the I md Tho (olehiatlons or
cntei tainnienls or nubile functions of
whatcvci i hai.K ler aie so ai i.uiRed by
Colonel McComb th it thev aie leplete
with Insti in lion beside entii iniiiiiieul
Theie is spit it and Iroi wlieiever the
colonel lends Ids pi i seme and no I1r-
in o Is mine w.umly vvolcomed 1111101117
the eleianf than his and thev, all.
(hoi Mi the leudeiest ipr.ihI foi him
CoIoupI M'i Comb s huiiioi both in
sppei h and wiitiiiR 111 e keenlv appie
1 iatcd and mail a uicnibei of Ihe loi al
liost will lestifv to his ability to e heer
them eitliei bv a peisonal visit or a
humoi -filled missive when thej woip
dppi pssed li illnpss
Colonel M( Combs e onti iliutions of
humor and pnetiv have giaicd the
pulillo pilots on m my an 01 casino, and
The Tribunes icadeis aie iiiiioiir tliose
favoied hv his oiIrIiiiI and onti 1 tulli
IllR stle ol loiupositlnti,
A Caibondale voiiiir man wlin s pn
lltled to the hlshest 1 teeill 101 his uipiel
rise to IiIrIi honois in his ioIIowIiir is
William nlmoik, a leading 1111 inbei of
the Cook - Chun h e cini
pany. Mi. Dliuoclc has lust 1 etui nod home
after a most sue e csstul season with
many triumphs th it his ability has
won for him eliniiiR the jour just
1 leispd T?v dint ol liatd woik and .111
luielliKont application nf the talent
thai Is unnilHtakublv his, he has been
advanced .iIoiir a (.ucer that piomlses
to he all thnt the ambitious and zeal
ous jilting men, who is luillind to Mto
StaRC, ciaves loi.
Nest season Ml plmook will ap
pear In "An Aden's Ueimauce," a piece
which II Is believed has all ot the p!p
tupiits that the suce esfiil lnmiintlo
diain.i should eoiilaln It will plav tho
week stands In tho big iltles, Hosldps
IipIiir east foi one ol the inipni limt
loles, Mr, DiiiincK will also ai t as siiiro
Ul.ill.lRcr of the ptoiliictinu, ho having
a maiked aptitude for the coirpit anil
ailistlc staging of plajs.
Social Doings.
Mis lltlml AtikPn dpllRhtfullj piiIpi'
Inlncd at hei home, on fiiiideld ave.
nue, on t-a tin day fiom .', until p in
Tho function was u honoi ot her
finest, Miss Mills
Miss Hessle Hudson was pleasantly
sin prised nt her home, at Chihls, on
Friday evening Tho guests at tho en
Jnjahlo affair upio VpihIo Hlgelow,
of Tlunli, foia Williams, .Myttle Pen
nolt, Kiank neniietl, ClcntKo Ihunuius,
Cailtnn Iloiiliam, ot lleuiek Ceutie;
Uthel Stanton, Mattle .Stanton, Chiulcs
Stanton, Mr and Mis, James Mull,
Ileiman Muishall, ot Clllloid, ciiailos
KIllK, John Hudson, Alfied Swlgeit,
Piank Hudson, Cl.iiu Hudson nnd
Hlinon Lai kin. of Ohllds
Tonight's Council Meeting;.
Theie will be n icguhir nicetliig of
select council this evening
Tlu'rewill besoveiol Imp'iitunt mens,
tiles to coiuo betoie thlb bndj.but 1 hlef
among them will be the municipal
water plant oidliiame, which will conic
over fiom comiuon eouucll lor imiciu
lenie. How this measuto will tuio In the
upper bi.uuh iciuuius lo ho .seen Tho
missloiiaiy woik douo in iu behalf
among common I'ouiiiiliiicii was (piltc
etfectlve, anil theio will be 110 lessen
ing of the heietoloto lsotnis iliam
plonlnps during the stay of the null,
nance In tclei t euuiull.
'Phone t
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Anntinl Meeting of the City's In
sti uctois Set Down for Week Com
mencing Monday, Dec. 2 The P10
Etnmme as Pteparcd by Ptof. E. E.
Gnir, Superintendent of Schools.
Ptof. K, i:. (lair, city superintend
ent of schools, has (omplclpd the pio
gi amine for tho annual Institute ol the
(piicliPis, whlcli Is set down for the
wppk commencing Motidnj', Dctcinbor
The sessions foi tile teaehets, which
will he held each mottling and after
noon, will embody cveiy fc.ituie that
has pi oven helpful In school work, nnd
the most capable Institletois will be
sccuipilto ennv on Instiiictlon,
Vw 1I1V public, Plot, iiinr has aimed
at speiiilng hlgh-clnss cntei tainments,
which will lake pimp on thp evenings
of the week He has sought the aid of
the Hioclcwny hill can, and this menus
that Caibondale will lip piovlded with
derided tieats during Institute week.
The thst pntettalnment will he on
Mondny evening, Hccembei 2, when the
Slajtnn .lubllcp slngpis will bp thp at
ttactlon. The abllllj of these singers
is attested In the following clipping
Iiom Hie Chicago Intel -Ocean:
"'Old Plantation iJajs' was rKcii bv
Slnvtnn's lubllep slngpis. As thp cur
tain tolled up it showed the (ompanj'
In clipsse and .suits which might well
have been woiu amid the cotton lipids
and enin Thev sang old melodies and
Innins which pvcti todaj mnv he heaid
In the Smith, and sung them with such
pathos that the nudiemc le-called the
sliifiois again and again. hhe w iiom
tliev call the 'original ISlaek Pattl,'
sang 'Awav Down on thp Suvvaiipp
Itlvpi," and when slie tiled to cno the
slagp sin h an pihoip ivas given hei
that. sLirc maiuiRCi or no stage man
age 1, she was foi c eel to come out and
sing 'Annie Laurie,' and the stage
m inagei eleliccl, thp nile of 'No en
(dies' was hi niton, and that was w hj
the line of (.ullages befoie the audi
torium stood half an limn later than
thev wcie 01 doted.
An ticat will be otfeiPd
mi the following evening, when Colonel
Hpiiiv Witleison, the glttcd edlloi nf
the Louisville Com lei - lout nal. will ile
IIvpi one ol his eelpbialPcl lee tines,
"Abiaham Liuioln" and "Mejucv nnd
Ucv Di St ifloid of Washington, T)
C , the distinguished SliaKesppni ian
lee till PI will be help on thp mu ( ppiIIiir
night. Hi Slaffoid's ipiiown as a Ipc
tuipr ipudeis as superfluous nnv eom
nienl nn his abiliH.
'Ihe Smith sKieis.who have also hem
hcud and en loved in this eitv, will
give the (losing entei talnuient to thp
unrivaled spi r s aiianged fm bj Prnt
Tlie elfoits of Piof Omr in seeming
tliee ilistiiiRiiisbed enteitalneis will
undouhledlv bp met with a lieitlv ic
sioisp .md the capai Itv of the opcia
house will Iip laed during this ionise.
Expect an Answer Today ftom Presi
dent Tiautw ein.
The nuswei nl Piesident Tnutwein,
of 1Iip Ciibondalp Machine lompaiiv,
tn tlie demands of the emplojes, suli
mitted about two week ago. is po
lice led todav, as that pinm
jspd nn Pi Idav th it Hip men 1 mild p
ppe I a leplv bv the begh nlng ot this
The chief domand nf the men is fnr
n. nine-hour dav. AVhetliei 01 noi the
nun will go nut 1,111 rnlv be con
jpi tilled. Pioin tlie ( oiupisation of
the oiiiplovps. It ian be infeiipd that
thev ppect and will demand .1 dcll
nlle nuswei. Is, thej will not lie
satMipil with the nssuiance that the
machine rompanv will abide bv wlint-
ever densinn is aRippd upon bv the
other r nncoiis of this put of the
state. The men wnnt a definite nu
swei as tn whether nt not the nlne-houi-a-da
s, hpdule will go into ef
fect at npee, and It Is sil'ppplcd that
thev will not givp nny consldeiation
to a dincient answer.
Tonight's Meetings.
Selee t count II.
Si I100I boaid
Olive Lp.iI lndgp, No l,"(i, Independ
ent ejrctei or 1 mil rellows union, Nn :"o.
Fedeial union. Nn. 7 '.01.
Hwtinh Hit, National Association ot
Letter t',111 leis
Young Men's Institute.
Me idiiints' association.
Patriotic Older hnns of America,
Pai hois' union,
The McNulty Child's Wound Healed.
The l-jcai-old daughter of Mis.
Kate McNultj, n the West tilde, who
wat in a dangPious eonditiou tiom an
Infected wound Just under tho right
eo and which tliteotPiiPd the sight
of that oiRap, has been dlsi harRPd
tiom KniPiRcncy hospital. Tho lu
fediou In.s been Ptitlielv leinoved,
and the little one will soon bo Well,
despite tho Riavltj of tho atHle-tlon.
The Musicians' Union.
The local union of musicians held
Its tlual meeting jesteielay and se
illted Its rhaltet.
Tho union comprise-, about all of
the luilsldaiis within a i.idius of ten
miles fiom Caibondale, and Is nlieaely
ill n llniiiishlng condltlnn,
Piof. Allan Lawieneo. dlicctor nt
tho Law 1 cm e band, of Set unton, was
among the visitors piesent at the
Returned to New Yoik City.
(ipoiro W. Oiiiy, n ploneei resident
of Caibondale, who has been icnewing
ui'iualntiiiues In this cltj for about
two weeks, has letuinecl to his home
111 Now Ynriv city, lifter an enjoyable
visit among tho places of his joutli.
Home fiom Xaw School.
Joseph Jlicnnun, of South Mainstipet
foimcily principal of schools in Fell
township, Is home fiom nkklnson Law
s( hooi, at (Mi lisle, whpio he Is put mi
lug tho law cnuisu The school lei 111 at
lih klnson closed on hatuiduj
Ginley Is Impiovinn;,
Austin (ilnley, the juiiiig man 'who
almost lumped to his diath on Me
luoilil Diy, by lcason of Ills having
liiMidrd tho wiong ti.iln and then
hiinpltit; lioni It while alnmst under
full speed, Is rapidly Improving and
wilt br able to leave r.mergeiiey hos
pital nt the end of thin wceeW.
Olnley was painfully Injured about
the front part of tho head, and he
also sustained slight Intcrnnl Injuries.
' Home from Hospital
Miss Ruth Clark was discharged
as being well, from IJmergency hos
pital on Saturday, whither she went
for treatment about five weeks ago,
having been ovet conic by an attack
of pneumonia.
John flavin, a plumber emptojed by
Kulllviin K Ryan, stepped on a rusty
fall white nt woik on Wednesday. Ho
went to his home In Jennyn. Ills
condition became to serious that two
doctots had to ho called In. Hlgns of
leedtjavv aie manifesting themselves,
and cnnsldcinble appichenslon Is
show 11.
At a meeting of the district execu
tive boaid of the Young Men's Insti
tute. It was decided lo 11111 the an
nual eciislon nf the Institute to Lako
Lodore on August 21. The societies
piitlclpntlng will bo those In the dis
trict comprised by Luzerne, Lackn
wannn and hitsntichumia counties.
Charles Humphrey If contlned to his
hoiiifi on Saloni nvenuc as the result
of an accident to his knee. Some
time oro Iip wipnchcd his ktipp, but
nt tb. st thought It not veiy serious.
Lnlcr, hovsevpi, the member glow
woise, and now his leg Is confined In
a plaster cast,
Rov. Maynaid U. Thompson, of the
Plist Maptlst church of .Terinjn,
pleached In the Berean Rnptlst
chinch vpsteidaj. In Dr. Whalon's
place P.ov. W. B. Orovv, the foun
der of the Baptist chinch of Jeimyti
pienched In TSev. Mr. Thompson's
Jop Gans. nf BiltlmoiP. knocked nut
Bobby Dohbs. 0f MiniiPapolls, In the
seventh round at Bnlthr.oie Tilday
nighl In a bout scheduled for twenty
rounds Dobbs foimeilj' resided In
Cai hondtle.
The eontract fm riabi lei Pugllano's
new thiee-stoiv brick building tn be
elected on Dundnfr stteet. lins been let
to Contractor J. F. Boblnson. Work
will be begun immediatelj".
P. S Joslln lert Piidav for Burfnlo.
He will dslt bis daughtpr. Mis 1
len. nnd Incldetitalls' take In the Pan
Ameiiean exposition. He will be
awav about a month.
The Delawaie and Hudson Tlnllioad
compinv has sent a fnice nf men to
Hancock tn build a boaiding house
and pipcI a saw mill on the .Tonei
t'.nct nf land just neioss the river at
that place, piepaiatoiv to sawing the
timber nn the lot.
Chailes Hoe. of Mnl1old Yatd,
who was admitted (n Kmeigencv hos
pital some time oro fnr Injuries re
ceived nn Hip ih 111 nnd, lias fully ip
pnvprpd nun has been dlsehaiRpd from
Hip hospltnl.
Kevs a. r Chaffpp. of Caibondale.
and f! M Bell, nf Ariel, weie in
specting the SteilniR cliuicli last
week, with n levv to building a simi
lar one at Ariel, In the ne.11 futiiie.
Mis John Mouison. Misses Leiia
nnd Margaiol Mnnlson and A. I.
H insen. nf this cltv, weie in Sen an ton
Satiudn attending the f uncial of the
late Miss Sadie C.llmartln
Mr. and Mis. Deveio Chi Isllan, of
Lake Como. have taken up their icsi
deiyp heie for the piesent. wheie Mi.
Christian is winking.
Mi. and Mis John Matthews, or
iliove stieet. aie lejolcing ovei the
nil til of a b-ihv bnv.
Ailhni Pi7Pi, founeilv with J. D.
Sloe k( 1 it ('o . of Jetimn. has ac
cepted a position at Ciamei's matket,
on Lincoln avenue.
T. Aitliur Riitheifoid, of Princeton
univeisitj, Is home to spend the sum
mer with his paients, Ml. and Mis.
James TUltheifnid
(ieniRp Bainh.ut spent Sunday In
hei anion
Chniles Wilsnn, nf Oneonta, spent
Pi Idav in town
Peter Coleman, of Scianton, spent
vestridav at his home on the West
Mis Harding and daughter, Llia
beth, of Poiest I'lty. spent Sattuday
in town
Mis V. C. niv. of Salem avenue,
who hns been seriously ill, Is much
Impio' od
John Morgan, nf (lie Stir Clnthing
House, spent Kildav evening In Sus
quehann 1.
Miss Kiiilly Klik. of Philadelphia.
is the guest of hei slstei, Mis. jr.
Tin net, nn Uhei itieet.
L V. TuckPi, of Jackson, is visiting
nt the homo of bis son, J. M. Tucker,
on Belmont stiept.
Mi's LirzlP Ovvpiis, of Taj loi, spent
Saturdiv as the guest of MI'S May
T'lmei, op AVj'onilng stieet.
AValter Ciamer. who has been a
guest at the home of Councilninn
Uobeit Whitfield, has leturued to his
liome in Scianton,
Mrs. Clyrio Nlc ol and chlldien, nf
Jeimvn, and Miss Ada (longer, nf
Newark, X J spent Kildav with Mis.
fi H. Dlmock, of this c!tj
Mis, jifjH n, Johnson nnel Miss Min
nie Bliss, nf Washington place, have
letutncil fiom Washington, D, c.,
where they havp hppn visiting friends.
The Scianton Tiactlon company liar,
at last shown It-, pnteipilso by pul
tltig an etia cai on the Taylor and
Din j en line This affoids the publlei
a twenl minute seivlio and will be
gieally nppippiaiPd
Tho William Tell BHIo club held
their nnutinl shoot on M'emorial Da',
on tho Tell iiinge, West Tnjlor. Tho
vcoics of tho wlnneis weie as fol
lows: No. 1-John Hnigpr, fii points,
pilzo $7; No. L' John Sheilds, fii
points, prize d No. 3 Plilch Hotgei,
fiS points, pil.e, 5.5; No, I Casper
.uhiei, fis points, prUn $1; No. ri
John Pelningcr, 61 points, piUo U
No, t. Arnold Mnoie, fii points, prize
J.'.CO; No. 7-Mirhael Sttlne, 63 points,
piUo V No. R-Cusnitr C. Shields, 6J
points, prize $L."iO, No. 0 Carper L
Shields, fil points, pi lo W, N'. 10
Heiuy Welseiitluh, 61 points, piUe ,"0
icnth, No 11 -Casper Htal.ll, 60 points,
pi o SO cents.
This town has been vlslled quite
ficMiemly by luugluis of late, On
Satuiday inoinlug an attempt was
made to burglarize the sleue of Athei
ton Bios, on Main street. These
miscieants wero etfcctlug an entiuuio
Into the sloic, when dlscoveicd nnd
frightened awuy by aeveial lesldents
In that nelghboihnod,
Ono week fiom teiiuonou Juno 11
will occur the Joint exclusion of the
Taj loi Silver Comet baud and the
Tajloi hose companies, Nos. 1 and
-'. whlcli will be 11m to .Mountain
Paik. The committee and inenibeis
of those oiganliatlons aie working
llko beavers to make the event a)
iiHmotnblc one. Tickets aie being
lapldlj sold mid the tales arc very
reasonable 65 cents nnd 40 cents for
adults and children respectively.
The picnic of the Taylor Union
drum corps nt Weber's paik on Sat
urday evening, was a veiy success
ful affair. The event was llbeially
patronized nnd undoubtedly the pro
moters realized n neat sum ftotn the
undertaking, which Ihey will use In
purchasing equipment.
The game of base ball scheduled
foi the homo grounds, between the
Beds and the AVest Scianton Aletts
on Salutday, was called olT, owing to
the lain.
While out ndxet Using their mining
exclusion on l-'ilday evening, the Tay
lor Silver Cornet hand met with a
slight 'iccldent, when t minding the
tin 11 near the Pyno millet y. At that
point the road is veiy tun low and
whllo making the tutu the wiirou
came In contnet with a Ihirc stone
whlili Bopaiates the thoinuRhfaic and
the sidewalk. Tho pole of the wagon
was biokcn and the hoises became
frightened, and the nctlvoness of Hie
driver alone prevented serious te
sttlts. No one was hint, hut the hi
nt! urnents wcie somewhat damaged.
Acacia lodge, No 571, Piee nnd
Accepted Masons, will meet In session
this evening.
Mr. and Mis. Hemv Lewis, of Do
ver, N. J,, have returned home after
visiting lelatlves In South Tavlot.
t.nibleni division, No. f.7, Sons of
Tempeinncp, will meet In icgular ses.
slop this evening.
Mr. and Mis. John Gi lluths and
daughtoi spent the Sabnbth visiting
jel.itlvcs In Joinijn.
Dr. .1. S. Pniteus Is home fiom
Heading. Pa., where he attended the
grand conclave ot Knight Templars
during the past week.
Miss Susie Hntris, nf I'nlon stteet,
spent j'esteidav as the gupt of
ft lends In Moscow,
The school boaid held an adloinned
meeting Sattuday evening for the pur
pose of finishing up thp eai's busi
ness A number of bills weie read and
oiderpcl paid, and It was decided to
take up four one bundled dollar bonds.
Director liinnt, of the Third waid. pin
tested against the Idea nt the (lass nf
1901 attending the Methodist Lplsinpal
ilmn h to hear the pleaching of a bac
c.ilauieate spimon. Ho "aid ho madp
the piotest at the tequest nf a number
nf people, and eleslied that It be en
leied upon the minutes His icqucst
was gtanted. and the meeting allei
wards adjoin ned.
Thp sihool boaid will nippt for leot
ganbation this pvenlng. Thp retiring
membeis are Pilteb.ud, of the Klnt;
Mellow, of the Seiond, and Loughnev,
of the Thltd waid The new membeis
who will bp swoin In nip Samuel
Waters, of the Flist, T. B Ci aw foi el,
of the Second, and P. II Cnllins, ,(f the
Thlid. 11 Is pinhable that V L De
pew nnel .Samuel Wateis will be thp
next secretaiv and tieasuiei.
Pctiick Hiiddv. of the TJnst Sldp. was
painfully Injuied Saturday afteinonn,
while nn bis w ij tn woik in the minps
He in soiiip way stimibieii and t oil
headlong, his fniehead cnmlnR In inn
tact with a piece nf shaip brick, which
ut such a spvpip gash that it was
found necpssat v to usp seven stltdies
in diesslng the e ut.
C. 1 Bell and Judsnn Wall .11 c homo
fiom Cianfoid. N 1 , on a bnef visit
Thp 1 ongiegatinn 01 the I'ltst Bip
1 1st ehuieli will hold a llRlitnlng drill
sorial at Hip homo of Ml and Mis
Jacob Ilillci, of Bacon stieet, on the
Fiank Mavnaid and claughtei. Plen
eiKc, of Nanticokp, aie visiting kI.i
tivev, heie
Kdvvnrd Snjdei, of Duninoie, has ai -ceptcd
a position in Muviifoid's liveij
Piof. Rorcis, of Cite en HidBe, was a
v isitoi heie Satin dav.
The icoiganbation of the school
boaid will be held tonight. A slate has
been agreed upon which will gn
tlunuRh without any opposition. 'Ihe
new boaid will he composed of the
follow ing membeis Plist waul, Thos
Nealnn, Joseph KpIIj, D J. Howard,
Second waid, J. W. Patten, John J.
Lallj', Thomas Wc.nei, Thild waid,
Thomas Lenahan, Patrick Langan, Wil
liam Mc Means, Kouith waid. p II.
MeCanii, William ilojes, Thomas Sj -mons,
AVhat piomised In be an Intciesting
game of hasp hall was stoppod In Hip
spcoml inning hv lain on Satin dav af
tpinoon The International Coiiespoud
enee School's team and the Olvphant
club weie the opposing teams. Neither
side sioicd, nriflln idtched fui the
vlsltens, while Hall OKiipied the hn
for the locals Aiiolhei game is being
nnangcd between the two teams.
The mock trial, "The Celebiatcd Wat
pi melon Case." held in Kej stone hall
Satin dav night, was onjoved bv a
large nunibor of people Al the c 011
cluslon ot the trial a nodal was held,
The baaar of the Primitive Metho
dist congiegatlon, which has been In
Piogiess in tire Sweeney building on
Lackawanna stieet, during the past
week, was hi ought to a (dose Satuidaj
night. In tho contest for tho doll Mis;,
Sat nh Nichols had llm largest amount
nnd was avvaided the pri.e. A good
sum was lealied.
David Wnddel. of Wilkes. Bane, Is
tho guest nf Mr and Mis. D. W. llui
lis, nf Delawaie stieet,
Mis John ft Hdwiiids, of lMvv.uds
vllle, Is -visiting telutives at this phu e
Mr, and Mis. Ciooigo Wat It, ot the
Hloetiie Pity, spent jcsteiday with
Blakely trlends
Advoi Using Is One of Their Heavy
Mniurl Weorl In VinJcr's
All the big Uncus and nciriv all tho
little ones, with ships coming into tho
poll ot Now Voik, have their olihes
In the breezy now buildings of Stato
street or In lower Rioaclvvaj. No line
owns Its own otlhes In New Yoik, and
the rent that they paj nggiegates
about JluO.OOO per jeiu, Tho White
Stur lino and the Ninth neinmu l.lojd
line, In (ho new Howling Uieeu lluild
ing, and the Ametliau line, in the Km
pile Hulldlug, pay the laigest lentuls.
Lines with otllies in old bulldilii's pay
piobably half as much, ni about JlOfluO
a year each,
Aniniig the heavy epense.s of tin
tians-Atldiitio lines aio advcitlsing in
newspapets and iniigii.lnes, unci tin
printing of thousands of iliculais and
passenger list, baggage tugs and hooks
disciptlvo of the vessels nnd suivlic
of tlie lines, The printing bills of the
Iluiuhiltg-Auicilciu and tho Noith
Oei man l.locly lines aie lespei lively
100,000 a eai, and the bills of the
other Hues somoivhat less The big
lines cNpend little in iusiii.incc pie.
miums. Neatly all have tholi own in
sula nee funds, niudp up nf the money
that they would pay lor pieinlums If
they Insured In auj marine conipanj".
The insuiance fund of the llamlniig
American line Is nbout $1,000,000. The
Cunard, the White Star, the American,
1 l ej. 4, is, 4 4, $,
The Tribune's
Rrize Stories.
Y lIQStJ slork's wliioli ucrc awarded piics in Tlie
) Tiilutnc's icccut "Story Contcht" have all been
published and wo aio pleased to announce that
ncatlv all the contestants have consented to have their
sloiifs piinted. A very few have failed to leply to our
loiter of iiuptin. and from this wo conclude that "mIoiicc
fives' consent."
This means that The Tiibtttie will l)e able to publish
a very inletestino; series of stories, ncatlv all of which ate
based on local fact or itadition, the scenes beinp; laid in
the Lackawanna valley. The stories with but very few
exceptions, arc woven about mine incidents, making them
of still f,n eater interest.
The Tribune will publish these stories in the order
named below, and thosi wishing eslia copies of any par
ticular issue should place their oideis in advance to avoid
disappointment, as theie is alwavs an extra demand for
the paper on these davs.
Wednesday, Juno 5. "Number Elovon." by "Anssan."
Saturday, Juno 8. "Brave Lads," by A, Edna Malono.
Wednesday, Juno 12. "Tho Avon Strike," by Irving Sidney
Saturday, June 15. "A Romanco of tho Clear Spring," by
Agnes Joyce.
Wednesday, Juno 10. "Archer Trevford, J., Editor," by
Ernest L. Bovnid.
Oilier stories that will follow, the dates for which
will be alinounecd later, aie:
"A Christian Man," by Howard Lo Grande.
"Tho Scoptro of tho Coal Chute," by Martin Joyce,
"Little Dick, tho Driver Boy, by Duane R. Dills.
"Avenged," by Beatrice.
"Tho Little Silk Weaver," by Qoorgo Harvey.
"The Miner's Pride," by Regina Hotherton.
"Dick, the Drivor Boy," by L. Pauline Megargel.
"A Summer Holiday," by Abigail Greenough.
"And a Little Child Shall Load Them," by Doia Rowe.
'The Haunted Sprigloy," by Mary Nealon.
"Misunderstood," by Rose VanB. Speoco.
"Cousin Bill." by P. R. Ovid,
"The Hero of the Grange Disaster," by James Watkoss.
"A Peep Behind the Curtain," by William S. Hoskins.
"A Timoly Rescue," by Myrtle Reed.
"Won His Bride in n Coal Mine," by Mrs. L. E. Hammond.
el e ("X- cnT- (1 sh ("J- M -J ol- cl-
fi j .- rt. J . .. ft-
thp Ninth (ieiinan I.lovd have Insui
anie funds helow tills Ilginc. On a
gieat siip llko tlio Oceanie. the White
Stai line takes onlv a p.nt of its In
suiaiKe fund, putting the ipt of tlie
risk in the hands of some eonipiuj
The risk on twin scievvs is small, and
that Is one of the ii.imiiis w Iij the
single seiew his pi.u tiicillvippu hm
ishpil hj- the gtcatcst lines to caio
sei v Ice.
The lines that piv thp l.ngcst clivi-
dpiicls ,111' the Hauijiiiig-Anieiiean, the
Nnith (lei in in Move! and the While
Stai Tlie last dividend ilp
claieel bv tlie Jlainliuig-Aineih an was
ten pci 1 riit . and that ol the Ninth
(ieiinan I.lovd eight and one-halt pei
cent The Wliile Stat 01 easionallv de
edaies a dividend of fifteen pi 1 cent.
Thp earnings ot the ('undid line have
been smallei, hut thev will,
is th Iim li is t,one into the i .11 o eai
ijing luisliiess on a laige eale. This
Is thp estimated value of ships dock
ing at Ni w Voile belonging to Ihe chief
lines llanibuig-Ainetlian. 1 5.000 000 ,
Nrutli (Jplinan I.lovd $1.". lltlO.OUO, White
Stai, Mj.onoiiiin, "iiii.ii il. fioonn.ouo;
Aneilcan, Including Ued Stai, $10,000 -000;
'Atlllltlc Tianspoit, lOonOOOO,
Pieiidi. SS.nt'OOOO, 1 loll uid-Ainci lea,
Economical nnd Smo Compaicd
the Single Sciew,
S1111U1 IV Wi oil .11 Villain f
Ncatlv all the famous liiipis of tlie
wot Id aie twin siKvvs Tlieie ale.
however, ,1 few icinai kahle single
sciew ships, Willi li aio neailv as swilt
as sonic ol the sieat twin mmmis,
Notahli' among tliein aie the Cimaid-ei,-,
L'nibtli and Dtiuil.i, vvhlidi vveto
laiini heel ipspoctlvi'lv in issl and ISs'i.
Thev did not develop top speed until
they had been alnioit lifteen jeais
in soi v lie. 'Ihe White Stat llnois (!et
iniinii and liiitaniiii, which vveio
built in lTl, and an, tlieie loic, anion,;
the oldest .(Ingle s( tw s alloat. have
made quicken trips Iiom juiiisinvv u
within leicnt jeais than tlnv did when
thej wcie new. The chaiae lei Islii s ol
the White Slai single snew.i aie their
hlcadlness and cluiabilitv Kppiesen
tatlves of the line suv that tlie Dill
annle will be just as good as sin Is
todav piohahlj ten v pais la nee Tin se
ships will doiibtleis be the last sin
gin sciews of the Willie Stai line 'I he
single .-ileus aie luavv coal 1 oiisii
nieis, and, In oaso nt tho In caking nl'
a shaft, thej hip piaetleallv at tin'
IIIPUV o Hip pIpiiiciiIs , Tin twill M'H'lv
Is eomi nalivelj eeonmuiedl In I lie use
of mil, (oiisldei ing hei gnat spied,
Her piopellois maj be used to steoi In
1 ase tho .electing gnu giv.s vv ij 01
the 1 udder Is smashed bv the slupplng
of the seas under the (ouiilci. 'I'lieie
liavo hppn seveial lustancps when, on
111 1 mint of dainagcd steeling geai or
1 udder the twin ship has guided hei
sdt neailj Imlt-waj acioss seas by her
prnpellois alone.
'I'hu value ot tlu suovvs as .111 in -(Cssoiy
i steeling lias been tuqllPUI
ly d. The most notable
case, In tlie lU'inbillg-Ainori-(iill
liner Noimanllo innw the I'-ieiiell
llliei I.'Ailllltniliel, b.iinlj missed 1I1 -stiuitioii
by i.olllson with nu iec
betg, on ill led during hei uulclen,
trip nu .May -T, ism. Ti beis liad
been drifting down Into Hie steamship
lane, enveloped In fog, lor sneuil
weeks ('(plain diaries Ilehldi, the
cumin ill I pi ot the Noiniaiinlu,
thought he was steering a ionise far
below the perilous hebetg legion The
liner was steaming at the i.ile of
about seventeen kuols when the look
out on the loiPeastle s iw 11 1,1 out
Ihic-cpeakiil lee spe, tie matoilullpo
fiom Hie mist Captain llebhll. who
wan on the bridge, ohsiivid ilie vision
at aliout the same lime the lookouts
foi waul shouting w, lining 10 1 In-
couimandei tan alt tin iheh llvi-e
The (ommanilei shlveied a hit as lie
pietuicd the clestiuctloii of lh( slilp
against the wall of he lie oidcied
Ihe helm put haul e.vei Then he
tan to the level eoutiolling the signal
to Hie staiho.tul engine lociui and .sig
naled to tho engine ci lo stop Hie gicai
machine unit loveiso at full sliced
The shin swung 11s it she weie pivot
ed, just glazing with hei pint side
tlie picctpitoiib wall nl the beig one
joung woman on tic piomemnlc- ileik,
who was bitting near the 1.1II drink
4, ,fc 4, 4, . 4.
(M- pX n Pi c-J i7 i2e sl 2 I
i n J i fi. st. i H 1 A
ing soup, fancied that the spectacle
was ihiellv for her amusement. Sho
11 ached over Hie lail, so she declared,
and almost succeeded in patting the
be ig She was made awaio of tho
dangei when tho swinging stent of
tlie ship, assisted bv a Iiptaj- s,well,
thumped agilnst the beig, "pilling tlm
soup over her diess. The port entai
ler gangvvaj- was smashed by thlity
tons ot icp that toppled on the deck,
and some of the plates on the poi t
ciuiitei weie bent. Captain llehicli
said that if his ship had been a single
suevv theio would, have been littlo
hope for her and the 1,:!00 souls aboaiel
hei. One piopeller iushlng ono way
al full speeed, and the other churn
ing the other wav, with the aid of
tlie niddei, tinned the ship within her
own length.
Description of a Combat Between
Clouds and Cannon.
An actual combat between clouds
and cannon is an intciesting spectacle,
ajs Kugcne l'( Lvle in Kvetjhodjs
Jlagaino. It is innie than llkelj' lo be
sthrin.r. Heie is one that piovcd so,
though, aft""' all, it was bin .1 lively
skiiniish. Thioughoiit the moinlng
the sun had hiiined down on tlm
beautiful vinejaids of Dcnice Hut lo
waids noon hcavj' daik clouds began
to climb up sluggishly out ol the
southwe't. These vvete the Hist seouls
of the onpnij But thej" weie not 1111
epeeteHl. 101 ii bulletin of warning
I. ad goi e ot t long hetoie tiom the biiieau. It needed only
the hiiisliim ot a jellovv fl ig trom the station, ond within a few min
utes thoieattci all the guns wcie
manned. Hut now the foieiunntr of
the stoi m had 1 oiled 011 and up to
waids the enlth, and 1 lose behind
them doweled the solid I: phaluiu
ot the main .11 my ilselt. This was the
pinise see ond ten the attack to begin.
The eliioetni ol aitilleiv in tho cen
tial station give tlie sign it by filing
the Hist gun, Tlieie was tho sudden
imt ot riialkv smoke and the whist
ling nt tlie wliiilwlnd-ilng as It toie
into the (iouds. A second gun answei
oil, not .".00 j-aids awav, and a new
whistling icenfoiiPd tho eljlng awav
01 the thst. In the same Instant the
(ottnn-llke patches of smoke bin st
nut heie and theie over the vlneyaids
and with null came the dull boom and
tho angiv note m tho ptojoctlle. On
the pait of the eaith the engagement
had hei oiiip geneial,
As jet tho clouds had niacin nc
answer, hut thej" weie lowering anr
sullen, ruder them l.i.v the (amp ot
the hosoiged. In the gloom tlie long
lows of vines seemed a lonelj legion
ol' peine, but Hip.v vvoio lepnsing in
esliemest peril. I'lider the onilnoiri
daikeiilug of the elaj, tho epanso of
stillness had tlie rltcct nl cintn hlng a.s
in tent.
Then innie signs of a distill name
'going oil In the daikest 1 loud, Just
nv 01 the vltiej arils It looked like
billows of lolling, tossing smoke up
theie AH at once It opened, and
thtough Hie ritt was tho glorious gold
ot thealteiunon sun. At last, hetc was
it hiciuh In the euenijs' Hunk. A gun
ner below shouted luvoluiitai llj, and
till of them wot keel faster and faster
jet limit cannon was (.minting two
tin fo shots to the minute Other
bieaks showed In tho clouds Theio
was a moment of wavering, .uul the
panic. The daik-binvved Invader
bioko and lied, lie scutccinl ton aids
the hills and In his icttoat ho sent
down a dlsioui.igt'ci vollcj of lain
Hindering these sanio vlueynids, not
two miles nwuj, tlieie woio othets
not pioteiteil by cannon. Heie tlm
hull tell lu ilis.isttnus ahuudaiue,
A little language note is going (In
iminds of tin mess, whlih tells what
might be culled an Anglo-Saxon tale
It Is tliat I'lendi. which used 10 be
the wot Id language, has sunk to tho
iiink ot tho lit tli, it being spoken bin
by, next low est Is Spanish,
with .looooo'io then (oiiips fioinidtij
with 70.00O.00H. Russian, with 50,00,000,
while l.'ugllsh Is spoken by nn fewer
than 115,000 000, and with every tndi
i.itlim that tho lfli.oonooo mark will b
1 cached befoie the ccntuiy Is vcij old