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In Their Sciimmnge Smidny Night,
on Luzerne Stieot, the Alleged
Victim Used a Knife Vigorously.
Columbia Hose Company Membcis
Celebrate Their Retirement fiom
Volunteer Service Noted Temper
mice Advocnte Coming Fliflt Leg
islative District Convention.
Mil Intel Siinhlso mill .lolui Mm tin.
1 lir yiuim; lili'll who Welt iii'i lined nf
us-uitlltliur .Inlm l.tilms Sunilu nlt;ht,
appealed beCoie Alderman .loll tt lust
PViMiliifr for u houiiinr, ti ml told mi
oiltlli )y dlffeient stoiy fiom that told
by I.11U111 icKiitillm; tin- liijm ! In
Tllev niude It mil that l.ttUiis wns
tin1 chief nfii'inler. ii ml SushUn i'
lilliltt'il wounds to iiiii It
Suslfo iillcites I hut I. ilk. f- stubbed
him In 111" mill lue.isi and wluidied
Mm .hmip'-k the fine with u Unlfe, mill
'i v ii-- uhilo StlshUn wi.v r ! j"r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1?
Ii I ni-fl f 1 1 in I. lil is' :i; tluit lln
latter iitt himself. 'ri MilHtmitliiti'
1 lit Silshl.o -Iiowi(I tin- iililei in. ill
Mll'-ie lie lunl been slabbed mil lll-i
l lot 111". I'llt. Illlll ills stllll'lllcllls Hl'IO
oi'i oliiiuitf'il 1 .lolili Aim tin, wliu wit
t.esseil tli, .il'l'iiii.
The Double in lyhiiit' il over l.llKus'
I. illlll'" to pay oM'i mon.- in .Mis
IhIiii l im lil-in. wliu I now in Ain
t ill, Willi ll ! lit!" II'!' (Illlll Hip St
1'i'ter .in I I'jiiI oi . -IV nf the m tlin
ilnv l;ulnii i linn Ii, a ii ilt'.i i Ii i I, tin.
in her husband
A w;iiiiint via aiii'i w.inl- -iwoin mil
In! I.llltiis' lllli'-l nil lilt I'll.lIKi' uf .1
siult and bntt"iy, in i'tti i oil o StMil.n
Hill .1 lllllllllc Ili'.lllllH Will ll" lll'lll In
th" raw Thin -il.i, ' ciiiiiK.
First Legislative Distiict.
Tlii" piim'il. Hoi llou in til" Pll-l
cjlslullv di-ttiit fni th" selection
if iv.n ilIof3ii it- tn llii I: 'piihlii an
-tii i i on "iitinii m ii" ii-ui in I'.irns-
IIMK. Will bo Il 'III ,11 tin- ief.tll.1' poll
inu pl.ii t on i,ilutiln.v. .Inn. n. !i".
twfi'ti the 'nun-. dI I ami 7 p. mi I'l"
i inn f'litltni to i iiinniiif tin vote will In
held in 'n-np"iitl.-' hall. ."Ciiiii Main
a I'liiir, i1 In a in. nil 'riii'.!. iv .limo
Tin i.iuiliil.i - will li M'd'il I' i- Ti
ll i 1 1 V lil tile volois it lln pulls anil
nm-t tcpistoi with Mi. ih-n-ii'l 'i.iii
in.ili illlll pa, their a-. --,1111'lit-, fl-
1UH s. AT
Wash Suits,
Skirts and Smart
Shirt Waists
Exquisite Conceptions of Cor
rect Style and Perfect Taste, at
Prices That are a Surprise to
all Enquirers and Buyers.
We have previously called your
superb Shirt Waist Stock, and need
with a repetition of facts, Our shirt
all that we or anyone else
fact must be sufficient for the preseut, But
Wash Suits and Skirts
Have not hitherto beau brought to your attention for
the present season, consequently, a word on them now
is excusable.
Our immense Hue ot Suits and Skirts embraces all
the popular wash fabrics including Plain Ginghams,
Mercerized goods, Linens, Imported materials, in
plain aud figured effects, etc. If it's fashionable, we
have it made up, ready to wear, hi styles that are ab
solutely correct, while the cutting and finishiug has
uecu so carciuuy aicenaeu 10, mat any woman
wear a Globe Warehouse Wash Suit or Skirt, with
solute satisfaction, and knowledge that it cannot
improved on,
The variety of designs and trimmings is too
to even hint at.
Wash Apparel you will do yourself an injustice if
you fail to look over our lines.
Globe Warehouse
JtV .
(ecu dny.i befmc tho election, or I heir
names will not appear on tin oillelnl
Ijritlol, Neither will any votes ritut
for them be (ounto.l.
The only one menllnnol for dele
gate tlitis fur la John II. Williams nf
South Main HVentlp. cv-nchniil lotitiol.
ler of the Fifteenth wild, bill lie In
formed the Tribune correspondent that
h" will not be n rniitlldutu nnd does
not want the honor. He lit"; uheiiil.v
eivetl the district ns a ih'l.'jsnti', niul
Is wlltllif,' to let sinn" one el"" lmvv
the cull.
I'loin present Initio 1 1 Huri th"ie will
not be nny M'iniiilil" fur tho ilelnuatf
ship, ami In all pniluliilHv' liutli tin
.Vorth niul ami West Shle will'h bu
Nntlonnl Organizer Coming.
TIiiourIi the rlTulH of the Sons of
'ri'iniiernni'i'. tioynl ijomrntles niul W.
i'. T. I, tnnl the Uliulne-"! of the lrti-i-tccs
of tin- .TaeUson lrect BiiplNt
I'llUH'li, the lfople of Wel S-Vi.inlo'l
will lmi' nn oppm ttinlty of h.irliu
Mis. Itiilliv, a national sponk"r ami
niKitiiii'oi', .enl out liy tnc naiionai
anil s-lati' i onnnlttePM of the W. '. T.
She i onici hlyhl.v leiMiininenileil.
TIiom' who hn lunl Hit' oppnt lltt'lty
ol lu'iilllif,' her one" tno wlllintf to for
till a Ki"at iltiil () hear In-r uRiiln.
Th" mei'tliiR will he h-lil hi tlie
Jni'Uiiiii slii'i't llnptlit I'hiiK'l' J'.itui'
ila; e'uh'.K. llnj J1. Doiir-i oppn at
7::!n i'lournin linslns at s nVloiW.
Ailnil ilnti rice A 1),iI.iM .'ollcetl m
will lip t.'.kon lifter the i--tni -.
The epene nl In linslii' a nation. il
.NpciiKn lulu a I'ounty .nil ai i.iiminr;
I." iiic'iliicj l iiiuii' tlinii mrtny pco
I ili in-" aw. in' ol, 'itit th" I'omniiiti'e
ImvlPK tli" affair In ohnme ! Kl.i'Hv
wllll.iu to ."taml it.
Tho i iiininlttei' N anantiinv: .1
pi oi urn for the 01 r.islon. Tbev lnite
tin' iiicinlivrx of all phuieh"-'. ti inpi'r
iinie .-iu'li'tles fmciotio-i mil
t'veiy man, woman niul 1 liiltl who oV-..t-
to Mpenil .t iiiiiiltiiiii" I'Vf'iilnv.
Columbias Celebinte.
Tin- roluiuliiii Him- anil ("lu'iiihal
lonipaii.v hflil a s-peelnl inoi'tiiiK la-t
in'MiliiK to illeeu- wliat ill-pii-lllon
luill li" mini" ot' tin- piopi'ily now
lu'lil liy iliPin.
Th" inatti-r was ief'ireil to thr- tiii
t"i"!. witli power to net, anil w liutewr
piiilpmi'iit Is wanteil liy the elty will
In- -.nlil to it ami the lemalmler 1II1-pii-eil
or .11 pulillc -.lie
Th" hoys afti'i w.uils ailjnui iK'il to
KiiimIi Kv.ius' holi'l. on .ln l:son stit-et,
when- a .set-loii hi'lil to
1 1'li'liinte tile illsli.tnilment of the mm
pans Befoie Aldeunnn Kellow.
Two wives- appeared hofoie Alder
man Kellow jesteid.i). invoking the
aid ul 1 lie law in bi hiRinj; their ieii'
aul liil.-band.- to iustlee One .ns
Mis Stii.ii t. of WVst l.nka
w.inna aeniie, who ehaisps liei 1ms
I1.1111I with as-.iuli iiuii battel y, .tiul
ill" oilier Mis. W. W. I.itluj),
who .lid kps cle-"ltlon ami uoii-Mipp'H t
Stuart is ;i well known hue;-:ler
ainiind town and l-.itlnop is imt
11 edited with I1.1 Iiik- any pariieulai
attention to
not trouble
waists bear
can say in their favor.
If interested in Summer
ocettpntlon, Ciiiislablo I.mry ttooney
It looklnp for both of thotn, and when
he finds them, the nldciinun will dis
pose of their eases
No Change in Police Fotce.
lileuteunnl AVIIII'inis niul his siitiul
weie heitttlly euiiKintttliltcd Inst even
ItiB on their telenlluti of their 1 o""l
tlnlle ntul nil felt lelleveil riom the
anxiety which has e)iuriieterlseil their
tii'tlons for fevpral weeks. '
OU'r one-fourth of the pr-wiit police
ilepai'ttnent 11 iv residents of West
Serniiton. niul their ft lends woie imii'h
I'oiut'ineil rcKiiidltn; their wedfaii'.
Events of This Evening.
Meeting of the West .Side I'hinlly
flub, 7 p. m at the home of Mri. Al
bert Meeker, a.U Thirteenth stlret.
Meeting of the iilciitieis' soeli'ty of
the Simpson Methodist
elitneh, 7.30 p, in., for the put pen of
iiriaiiK-Ing for thu payment of the third
Installment of the mortKiiKe which tlie
sni'lety has pledged themselves to
.Meeting ut Hip Tlilinble club nt the
home of Mr. niul Mis. AV. N. Chase, l.'lti
uVoith Mtoinley uvemte. & p. in.
Meeting of l.eek illll) ut Ihioell
llvntis' hotel, .Iftekson stteet, p. m.
Wol k In the M. M. decii-p was tho
featuie of last night's meeting or Hyde
I'ntk lodge, No. :;:;o, Kiee and Accepted
A lad nami'il .lolin 1'Veney, ieldlng
011 West J.oeusl stieet, was bitten liy
11 dog ieceiill. Vv, .1. .1. Huberts euu
lei Ized tlie wounds.
Mls .Myitle r.ulltie, ur Kali view ave
nue, is eonvak'seing afler a long Ill
ness. .Mis, Kvan .r. Iai, of South Main
avenue, lettnneil home jesterdny utter
noon lioiu a ten weeks' .slay Willi her
ilaimhtei. Mis, l), Jenkins, at Albany,
X. Y
JSev. Thiimas dp (.!iuth. I. l) ilis
tor of the Jin ksnti Sheet isantlst
1 linn h, will leave today lor Sjirlng
lli'lil. Muss. .Mis. ,u Oiiiehy Is going
I" Piuxlili'iiee, I!. 1.
Mi. ami Mi. A. W. ('hasp, of Xot Hi
.Main uetitlP, iiud Mr. and Mis I-'ranlc
i'Iiii!.. and il.iugliter, I Ml tit. of North
Mroiiile avenue, have teiurned home
f 1 mil Hie met lean exposition.
William "Williams, of Plea.sant stieet,
i-mploeil as ,1 dihei in Ttipp lopp,
sllppfil tinilci a ear wlille at wink es
tetdiu and icielved an Injinj. to Ills
lea lie was ipuioveit to his home,
Wlleie Dr. MeKe.lge .lttPIlded Illlll
'hiiiles K. Jiirihiu. ol (104 Sei.mton
stieet. wan tiriesled jesletd.iv at the
iiisi.ime ui ms wile, ell.ilgeil with as
sault anil batleiy and making tlneats.
He waived a heal lug bel'ine Alilennan
John, and enieied bail In the sum of
The sun ul tli" West Side hospital
aekninvleiliji. with thanks- the leeeint
of diin.ition.s uf foodstuffs fiom tlie
linbeil Mollis .md Dew I Saul lodges
ol I VIII Itl'S
Mis, .Lino Jenkins ,,n, daughter.
I'liKalieth, me tlie gtt"s.s nf Mr. anil
Mi. I: J Hughes, of Ninth Hioniley
n emu
An Infant ihllil of lllishn Hodge of
111" An'lib.ilil mine, died last evening,
mid will lie Intel red tomoiiiiw in the
I'.linlnia eetnetei-v.
Miss i:ilali"tli .Veiedlth, of Phila
delphia I Kiting 1km paienl. Air.
and .Mis John Meieditli. or Ninth
I'lonilov aveniii
Mis (ii ilhths. nf Kingston,
is the Klies-t f Mls I'atllei ine Phillip,
of .eadeinv sti eet
! I' tiiiinl w.i.s .vi'steidav swum in
a a pel uianeni man at the Keyscr
V.illov llii'o 1 mnpanv .
Lectin e to Be Given by Rev. S.
Willis, of New Yoik Y.
W. C. A. Notes.
Ile S. T. Willi, .mi' nf y.-u V01U
I'it.v's best puliiileei.s will deliver his
lectin e on "Tlie Lights ,uid .Shadows
ol New- Vnik I. lie, ' at the I'luHtiaii
I'huieh this evening
Mr. Willis has been a pastor in New
Yoik for over twelve je.n.s and know.s
his subject thin iniRlily. Tlie people of
this .oellon should take advantuge of
tin uppoi ttinlty to hern- Jli. Willis, as
they may never huve anolhet chain e.
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
itev. IS-orge I.. .Mileli's Hlble .study
a usual Tuesday afieiuouu at t
ii'vloik. Tlie "I'lopliecies of Daniel"
will lie I'onsiiioii'il In tlie seventh clinp
ter of lunli'l. Ity tli, ue of eli.nt.s we
will be greatly helped in the .study
Yialv .tie most cordially Invitrd to
Join us in this must luteres-tlug and
uplifting .study.
Jlii-s Westcott's I'lnbioidei v 1 las
Tue-day evening at 7,30 o'clock. All
who wish to Join this class may do so
al tills time.
Kitchen girden Thuiday afleinoon
at 1 o'llock.
'I' 1 j- evening lllbln cla.s al 7.T)
o'elocl;. Sunday M'lionl les.sou will be
tile stud.v of the evening.
Runner Bndly Injmed.
-T ity Sliininii, 11 innner in the p.ui
ruast mini at Thump, wan ,-eveiely
Inluieil yesterday nfteriionn hy being
siiueiv.ed between two cms.
lie was ruuuinK 11 irlp of ems down
n plane, and w.i.s about, to uiuouple
tlieni, when the) I'.nno togotliei' with
a terrlilc iiusli, cahhing Stmitoit he
tween them, llo beemile lliU'ol).clou.s
niul wan leuioved to the Mil fine,
whi'ie he was renioveil to his home in
William liloili vva.s the only piiMiner
In tho Providence police .staliou yes
terday nunulng. lie was .uiesled by
P.itiolnian Juliu nuggan lor being
helplessly drunk In the t'lirlstluu
church, 011 Ninth Main avenue, itioch
was given 11 hen ring by Jlaglstiain
l-'ldler and (lneil $1. vvlilih he paid.
Jlls.s tiorti tulei Kens, of T'lltslon, Is
the guest of I.lbbh) Pavetipoi'i. of
North Main eveiinc.
Mrx. C. V. Hallstead, ot Oak Mieet.
and NVaype avenue, has gone to .Sun
luny, Pa., wlieio she Is attending to
her s-oii, who Is seilmisly ill with ty
phoid lever, at the Sunhury, hospltul
The iiluini of llio sent 1 1 from box
j.! yeslerday mniiiing was caused li
the lioiiio owned by Jl.irgau't Oougli
erty and occupied by l-'mnk Hehiilskl,
011 .Menonoiigh uveiun., catcliing tlie.
VVouM ii-p hcnii' Iljbani for llio 'lino it owl
Luis, H ii uiiiiii; nine Cmislu, (uMi,
Aillniu, Ilium lillli. fioup JiiJ ull Tli 1 04 1 aid
tuny 'liuiiblo... ilian jiij uthcr niciliiiiio. Tin;
.ivirittor lia sulliuilzi'it ony Uiu.'i;lt tu kivi
Jim a ,sjimi1(! Motile rice lu luuvlim- )va ut the
niilil vl I lus ipvat uimU.i. 1'ili.c Mm. and M.
Five Beasons Why You Should Use
the Pytnmld Pile Cure.
l'h si, It cm en rvery form of piles
wlthntii a particle of pnlli.
Second, It cures without nny Incon
venience or detention from dully wmk.
Third, Its effects are lusting and not
simply u tempmnry teller.
l'ourth, II Is the ehenpest and safest
pile chip hpfoic tho public.
l'lfth, II Is Piitltply hnttuless, pop.
talnlng no mlncm! poisons, and cannot
hat'in tho most delicate.
It has been thoroughly tested by
physicians In every slate In the union
and Is recognized by the best authori
ties tin the .safest, mil est and cheap
est pile cine known.
When It is remembered that usually
Idles Is p. most illllleult, obstinate dis
ease to cine, the lesults obtained from
iiflng a single package me 1 ertaltily
lemarkable In say the least, People
who have been unnoyed with piles for
yeais 11 10 astonished at the piiiuipt
results always .crured. ,
Th" Pyramid Pile Cure Is made by
th" Pyramid Co,, or .Marshall, Mich.,
and Is now also for sale at nil drug
stin es, together with a liealle on
cause and title of rectal dl.scaces.
Ml the North Ibid companies ip
sponded. The amount of dmnage dune,
was slight
Busy Session of the Borough Coun
cil Ptohibition Bnlly Other
Notes nnd Personnls.
I'olllli'll met in spei lal selnn last
night, with all ineinbei.s present ex
cept Jlr, Itrogun. 'I'he resignation of
. .1. Jllllur as a nieinhei of the lin.itd
of health was lecelved and accepted.
Jilid John 7;. r.lbbnns appointed to llll
the liuexplied tellil.
Air JlcLaughliii made a motion,
whli It was canied, that the boiuugli
'attoiney ho Inin ueteil to pioceed at
otni ugalnst all 1 oinp.inies having
poles in tins boiough, to setttie the en
forcement of the i event oidlntiiiee call
ing for painting and nuinbeiing of
their vailoiis poles and the paj Ing of
lllty 1 cuts pet pole per nr, a tax
wllieii thus tin- has been Ignined by all
the enmpnulr.
At a late hour the council was luwilv
engaged in naming mi apptnpiiatlon
oidlnanie lor tlie net venr
Piohibition Hnlly.
A In 1 40 nmnl'i'i' weie in attend. nice
at tin- Piohibition inlly held at Wnsh
ington hall last night. I'h.iiimiin i:. If.
Alteinos,' opened tlie meeting with a
few clieeiy leinaiks for those engaged
in tlie work-, and Jhs. .Morton, of
Seranton, eutei lained those piesent
with a musical selection.
.'tilth Jlny, ii little tot fiom tlie West
ine, was piaceil 011 the ilesif and te
cited a stlnlng temper-uiLe piece. I lev. West Ser.mton. .uldies-ed
the meeting in the Intel et of the
cause, and (.!. D Iteese outlined the
plan of the omaniz.itlon. after wliich
a peiinaneut Piohlhitlnii leamie was
I'm nieil.
t)u Wedneila.v evening l he Ninth
Hci anion tiJeo 1 lul). 1 omposuil of soine
ol the besl niiisii lans in tlie vallej, will
aivo a conieii In Odd l'ellow.s' hall,
which pinmisc's lo be a inusii al tie.u.
The fiiiu'iai ol the laie John Kt eager,
who iiu't a u.mle death on Sunilav af
ternoon, will lie held nn Wednesday
alliiiioon.u '."ii o'i loek 1 1 iiiii the Pies
b.vteii.ili chini h. The Junior Older of
I "lilt t l Anieiii'.iu aieeh iiiIls will be In
1 Inn go ol the seivlce and be iueenl
In a body.
The of No. ." siialt me if
UUcsinl o meet !U Teniperauie hall
till 11101 ning 111 0 n'elock.
The ineinbei.s ol tlie Juuiot Cinlei of
rniteil Jleihaulc. Nn. 10JJ.
ate lefuiested to bo ,n their hall on
Wednesday al i .111 o'clock, to attend
the luiieiril of John Kr-ager.
Jllss Annie Ilealy, of Pine stieet. is
visiting friend in Plttston.
Miss Jlaigaiet Thonias, 01 West Vir
ginia, is- the guet ol her eouin, Jllss
Clerliiide Hughes, of South niakely
I.ev. Jl. I! nonlau h 111 at tho pa
lochlal ieldence on Chestnut stieet.
Jlr. and .Mis. ileorge Tiegeou, of
Di Inker stieet, aie visiiing n lends in
Pea Coal !?l.rj0 a Ton Deliveied.
tu South Side, ccnlial eit.v and oential
Hyde P,nk. Addiess ordei.s to J. T.
Sharkey, 1011 Cedar avenue. 'Phone
lJlilon JJ, A. O. H,. will hold ,1
speiial meting tills evening it o'cloelc
In Phmniii y hall, to inake tniang'
inents for the Joint i";cuislon wlib'li
,vl ta'fe place June JO All ineinbei.s
aiv ii'(Ueatcd lo be pieseni at the
The niembii.s of Cni net l, nig'. J.'o.
I'll, Knights ol Pylhlass, will imet In
ii'sulnr i-esslon tills evening al
niun'.s hall.
Tin Ciithiille llcllef ami l.enellci il
ns.siul.itlon and l.ndie.i' Auxlliaiy, A.
(). 11.. will moot till evening In the St.
John's chin eh hall to make urr.nig'
nientti for the excursion vhlclt vvlll b'i
hold l Itiv Palhei; Jlell'y, pnoor nf
St. John's chmch. All membiM me
e.llliestlv )eiUe,sti'd to II" pieseut.
The St. JIuij's chinch .'hoi will
meet for reie,tral this evening al 7,;m
o'clock, nt St, JlaiyV hull,
A veiy pleasant siupilso pany was
tendeieil Jllss Jllnnl Klein at her
home on Alder street. Hames and
dancing Merc Indulged hi 'ind lei'iesh.
motll.s weie .seived, Thno ii-'-eill
were: Jllsses Jllnnlo Klein. Kmllln
and llarhar.i Wldniei'. Mniy K'lilln.i,
l.lllle Vunberg.iri, Clara (Iraver,
.Mamie Jlyets, f'nrrlc Klein, Annie
Klallle, Lena Tannler, Sophie llulioit,
JJagKle lloiinnn. and .Messrs. John
Halm, Allien Hindi, Philip Klein,
Samuel Under, tleorgo (Inidncr, Wil
lie (lelf-lienit, Ititdli) Cap, .VUlinr
Ui.ivei, Philip PIMht, (leorge I.aiibcr.
John Huliu sang a solo aud acted n.s
piotuptcr tor the daiii'lug.
The "Oi.ingeiuen" of (Ireeu llldgrt
Wheelmen, vvlll give tho iiiembfi of
that tilth a smoker Thursday evening,
May .'!. In liniior of tho "Whites,"
which. It will be lememlieied, won hi
the lei'eiii contest to lui lease the
memhcndilp of tlie eluh. The smoker
is lor members only.
.Measles me quite pievuleut among
the little ones hi thin section of thu
Class No. 10, of Anbury Methodist
Kpiscopul .Sunday school, vvlll give a
lltermy and musleul entertainment hi
the lectin o room of the church ThurSf
day evening ut 4 u'iueU. Ice cicain
Th) Cooking School
Under the direc
tion of a competent
Instructor will hold
its first session this
nucrnoon at three.
Today's Menu
in tlie Cooking
School as follows:
Mili.lilnl WliMt tlPinlt,
with iir.aii.
IVS Itlwull
Ui'Wi tl.11 i'MI,
Oiiliitfo (Vain
(III Itl'Hl.lllt.llll )
The Ontuiy Is a ilnwn-to-date
ttefilgctalor. It has a perfect In
sulation and Is made of seasoned
hurdwood In untliUi. Tim lining Is
of zinc niul gnlvunl'cil linn. Voti
can gain some Idea of tin; v 111 Ions
kinds by loiullnn i'.iiefull.v the fol
low lug pilee-llsl;
A Centuiy llefilgemlor,
; i'n
.t.V.iS with
piiclly Unity pounds ,
Same eonsti ui'llou us above
poieeliiln vvuli'i- cooler
11101 e In
this, (00,
Another style, a little
price, has carved panels;
has 11 capacity of !!0 pounds
.Same with a pni eeliiiu
. . ss :'.'
Another with liuud-caived pan
els, has 11 -10-1101111(1 Ice capailty,
sells at ..: 'js.u
Same with porcelain lined cooler,
nl $lv.7.-
A tiU-pound capacity P.elilgei
utor, with hand-carved panels, sells
ut $ll).."iU
Same witli poicelalu-lineii cnol
eis $1:100
A Ceuiuiy Itt'lilgeiator with
cm veil panels and Ice capacity for
inn pounds, sells at ?h"i.lo
Sume Willi poicelain lined cool
er $17.00
The well-known National Itelilg
erators site lieiu In coniplele assoi t
lueiit, and specially pi Iced lor lids
Nn. I A llaulwooil Fin
ish Door Scieen, coniplct 70c.
No. 'J Same as the above, except
for il few fancy ideas, loiupleti
lor !lSc.
Nn. -1 Is a well lln-hcil, liriniv
made scieen door, complete, at.V.:'(
Adjustable or extension Window
Scieen, as high or as low as oil
want them, in light or daik linisli.
IS inches bish. iidjuslalile in any
Ungth. Iioni "0 to :'.."". '.'.'e.
LM-Iiich high, adjustable 1 1 0111 11
lo :::: 2:.
;:0-lncli Iiiuii, adjustable, uoni J"
tn lo1.- Im li's ;iOe.
nnd im Up will be set veil,
me coidially invited.
All Intel ested
Admission, 10
.Mi and All. It II Campbell, of
Jlopsrv avenue, have letuiueil tioin a
few da.v s vlit at Avoen.
Attune Jlai Inn, n mechanic em
ployed in the Uelavv.iie and Hudson
simps at Carbniidale, is at the lininu
of liis parents. Mi. .mil Jlis. John liar.
Ion. of aimisey avenue, w IfS a pain
fully eilishid hand, ililuied while ,it
ills woil;.
T. J. Snowdi 11 mil ilauglitei, FI01 -once,
letuiueil lioine s.iturda even
ing, with a like mess ol 1 1 nut. caught
that day hi liultetuui 1 icek.
Al.l'.KUT VAX nOllDHi:, Jli. Al
beit Van Hinder died at bis home. Jlav
IS. at llolllsteivllle, Pa. He Is sut
vlved by his wile and one sw, Jlr
chillies Van Unrder, of tills clt.v, and
the follow ins lnothei.s mid slstois:
Malluiy and Jlrs. Hllziibeth Hoitiee. of
Steiling, P,t and Jlis. Ann JleVey, of
llolllstervlllc: Jlis. G. It. lhnvev. of
New Yoik; .Mrs. Uell.i Hie. of l.ittle
town, N. V. Tlie funeial will take place
fiom Ihe fainlh lesldeiue in llollls
teivllle at 2 p. in. today. Inteimont In
Holllsieivllle, I'a
JIUS. J. D. J.UI.AND. .Mr.. John II.
Tlnlaud, of 2"0J Plttston avenue, died
last evening ui 7 n't lock, utter ,1 tlnee
inonths's llngi'iing illness. Her death
brings grief in 11 huge number of
fi lends and 1 datives. She is suivived
by a husband and nine ehiidieu, Jlis,
Michael Hytoii. I.lzie P.olund. Nellie,
John, .Michael, Jluigaiet, ..Maiy, Alice
ami William. The luneinl anuounce.
meut will lie lllilde Ifllei.
Jins i:'an 1: joNKs-Ai sim
n'clnik last livening, .Mis. Kvan It.
Junes, nf filfi North Utomley avenue,
passed peacetully away. Pet eased was
II! .veins of uge, and is survived bv her
husband, two d.r ithteis, Jennie ami
Kdith. ami two adopted 1 hlldicu, Dav id
and JlaiKiiiei
Pioniietor B. E. Wnllnce Lives Up
to His Promises.
It Is so line nil oectirieuee lo see a
big show pill sue an nbsollllely hunor
uble cunise lu ndveitlsipi., especially
us to its size, that we he n lily com
mend the manner which The
Wallace shows' advance coips aie do
ing In this cltv. parilculuily as It ap
plies to the pie. Articles mo not
falsely willten up and then quoied us
mining fiom lespouslhle jouiiml.svvlieie
tho show has appealed, Inn Hie bona
llde 1 llpplugs taken just as 1 ut fiom
the columns of the newspapeis ahead,
mid the local lepoilcrs deal with them
as ihey deem proper. This Is wlint the
San I'Vimlsm l't.iniluer says of this
big sliow, coniliiB lo Sci anion on Fit
day, .May 21:
"We have been reading lately niiiliy
eomplinientuiy louimenis on the gieat
ly ineieused sl.e and iiiKiuesiiouable
nieiit of llio newly equipped fitful
Wallace shows now tout lug Ihe West,
hill weie agieeahly suipiised lod.i,.
first hi' the m.igultudn of the shuw as
u wliule. us h 1 nine lu set lions 011 its
elegantly loiisliucted (lulus, and iisiiln
by its stupendous, clean and novel pa.
tade. A show never pieseiuod .1 moie
goigeous pageant. We visited the
gi omuls later on a business eir.mcl and
again met a suipilse. The shoiv is ab
solutely new throughout, nnd covets
not only the enthe show lots, hut nil
tho stieets burrouuiliiig them. The
tents tu the ufieinoou performance
Today the Great Sale
House Furnishing Goods.
Enters its second day with assortments more com
plete than ever. Tlie new goods arriving daily will
make each successive day more and more inter
esitng. The prices at which the goods are being
sold will make many a longed-for article easy to
buy. Come every day if you can you will al
ways find something new.
Aictlc nnd White Mountain
2 illtilt sl.e .M.sri
'.'. itiait sl.e .10
I ipuirt sle l'.JO
The Aietle make Is tlie .same sine,
but a little less In pi lee.
L' ninirt tslxe fl , Iti
!! rililirt slr.e 1.TS
4 iiuiirt sl.e L'.lo
Also lat)e si.c, liicliidiug li, .S and
10 iiuai'ts sizes.
HAMMOCKS Specially Riicetl.
A well-iuade, full !-.' tlainiiiix k,
with pillow and balance. Four color
cuniblniitlou.s to select from. This
hummock Is legulmly worth Jl..'i.
.Sale pi lee, each 70c.
Little Needfuls nt Hnlf-Pilce.
We have gathered togethera l.ugu
lot of Ciockeiy mostly biokcii u
soi'tments mine ate seconds, more
are perfect. The pi Ices I111V0 been
cut In two.
Odd cups, le. each, seconds; odd
cups. 2c. each, perfect. Sauceis,
l'ic each; .". ii aud 7-ln. plates, te.
Vegetable dishes vvlthotir covets,
liie. Plates for Re.. He. 5e. and )0c,
iv null double. This is only a pni
tial list In udilltion llieie mo
bowls, basins, Jugs, salad dishes.
Individual butters, bakeis, soap
dishes, etc., all lit half-pi lev.
A l.nge assortment of .Tniillnleie.
ini hiding tlie pietty white nnd gold.
Pi lies fiom ITn'. to S3 -.".
Special for 11 few days In a Pinch
S Inch sl.e 10c.
0 inch sl.e 7Hc.
in inch sl.e !i.M
Jlis. Polls' Sadiron Handles, the
gilp Is of wood, not composition . ,"c.
You'll llnd them altogether on one
table. Scrub, Shoe, i'l umli, Nail,
Vegetable and Hair Blushes. Your
iboiee at each He.
Full assoi tnient of Window, Fiom,
Paint anil Vuinlsh Hrushes.
Long's Sons
TROUBI.HS than any other remedy. A HOME TREATMENT
METHOD. Endorsed by many Physicians.
If interested, write lor further information to C. J. Church, 1422
N. Main Avenue. Scranton, Pa.
weie packed with vlsltois. and Ihe cir
cus pingrainmo foi novelty, gieat reu
nites, corned v and 1e.1l leflncnient ex
cels anvthing San Ki.ineisco has seen
in many .veais. Tho Kxaniiner
The (heat Wallace shows to the vvoild
in geneial us the most mentoiioiis they
may possiblv evei see, a 1e.1I fashion
plate show If ever there was one."
Asphalting Work at the Armoiy Is
Under Way.
The wotlc of laying the asphalt on
the di ill loom lloor of tlie Tlinteentli
leglnient's new aimory is about half
completed. The woik has been tn pio
gress .since last Tliuisilay and will he
lmished in three more days.
Foity-two thousand, four hundred
and eighty squaie leet of asphalt will
be lequired to 1 over the lloor of Hie
illlll loom and as the plans icqilite
that II he laid perfectly level, tlie
work I being cnirieil 1111 with a good
deal of caution yesterday afternoon
Contractor Sehrneder Inspected and
accepted as much of the Hour as has
been uhendy laid.
The dmue Moor for Ihe military ball
will be hum over the asphalt and
envoi ed Willi Clash, 'I'he il.lliee lloor
Is alie.iily in 1 inn so of consli ui tlon.
Will Deliver an Address at Guern
sey Hall Tonight.
lOvanselist Kiank Diaper will make
mi addiess tonight at S o'clock at
iueinsey's coin en hall. North Wash
ington avenue, nn the sllhlect of "The
Fail, .Manner mid Puipue ul' Our
land's Itelnru" Th" uddiess will be
sti Icily uoii-seciarlaii, lel'eicnce being
untile 10 the Mllile us sole authority.
All iUCstlon,sof doubt will be given a
thoiougll and snllsfurtuty answer Ad
mission free, ami nn collection
If you have any questions about our
land's 1 olllillg. either questions of
llotlbl 01 dieinl. make note of them lie
foie mining to tlie hall, foi lit It I' the
address Mr. Diaper will uuswei all
questions asked I1I111, and will endeavor
to olfectuully set tin your doubts and
I . H iliinil tii uniln'-. i I , : r-1 c t a 1 n.-i ilir
l.llioi WiIkIiI mi tin- -uik, 1 (,-7 lull-, phi
111111', 'J0.--U ii:ii., illil.uiniini, .'lil.Tim I. .11.,
linitlli, Tim ii'il; l.irnlili, ;.' inn; ilipili, I'l t 1
liiimliir of ilu I.-., ti; hihIIm imui. Inn Kcti of
tn nil il 'li rviiii.'liiii ilmiiitv, 'I hi' Hiulaiu pills
nt' 0 1 Imnl Mi i'l, tlie 1 1. 1 nl. kImIi IicIiik I -iiiitui,
in illuimlii, Imiiil iillli 1 iliuli lint.
Hum iii.-iiiik iliitlui 1 1.IVm liois' iotl, ami arc
inin tnl tn iln 1' ilu- n' a in in 17 Inmu
snjiii 14 ?uiiul .it '.10 iiimiiii1 in ilu -ijiie
Hill), ll.l 1 Ullt lliilllll. I III It it lunli'l-, it t I. tl.l
'I iiiilu, by ) fi.t i, Inili-, with n nn. .11
iliaimta Ilu' ilisLuin' I111111 Mil iiiii.ntri !) ili
op uf tin' luiiiiil I, 1-H fid. 'Ilu iiniiili 1 il
Hill lj. IJ IIUUI till Wllilll I'lOM-IOII 1 11
lie lunl U ill; lluir jii I'liiliinililli'li will In
ii Ilu' uiti. Ilu' iiil;t'. .ni'l tlie U'i'i la idu
mil lie tiat ilt'i I,, linn illllln 91I111H1 ull ili
liiii iluk c-t 1 on liili. tin' win le viiillli ul In
lili, .ilnl urn- ililniMlliili llul is -in i' In tnnl linn
U .1 lllllllllll' III llljll'-llllil StjIllOfllK. Il"-
iuulii4 fur Hit' Kill si niul 1I.1-4 iiin-cni'in 111'
nn ilu.' iiitr Jii'l lui'Ui' il"il.-, tin liming wl"f
IhIii); uImi nil Ilu' fniiiiu ili'iK. I hlnl ili l'H
MllV'llS tn llll' lllllllllll III L'.'i'ii (.111 In' tjl.iMi nil
liie i)tl, nilililli' ami Inuit ilitk, niw In
Kl.itiioi'iii4 ami sunn' in i'uii ImiiIi). Manful
uniliw ami inilv wuuitii villi I"' aifuiiiiiiutlainl
The Evening
win coniam
full particulars (
regarding the i
free distribution
of Satin Skin
(In ttMt.uiuut )
The Best. Kind.
Wo know- of nothing In Tea or
fon'ei' Pots that can eclipse the
Uochesler. That's why wo sny they
me the best. Thev tnc made ot all
copper, nlekel-pluted. with insldo
siitln flnlsli, perfectly tint, iloiililc
semned botlom. Nutu pi ices;
'J pint size. Ten or Coffee, inc.
'.' pint sl.e fine.
I pint sl.e
"1 pint sle
fi pint sl.e. Coffee
. . . .7;!e.
, ...70e.
Big Special.
100-plece Dinner Sets-, with excep
tionally huge envoi ed dishes and
pliilteis, Thp sets ale made ot
Kngllsh undergla.e poicelain, ami
conic In thtee colors, peacock giecu,
In own iiiul dark blue. Sale price,
the set ?3.8
1." inch sl.e 15c.
3"i Inch Towel liolleifi, t Bosom
boards, full s.e tOc.
A well-llnlslieil llread 15naid....l0c.
Oak Towel Hack 10c.
The Holland Beauty.
Tlie Holland P.eattly Is a side mill
with canister holding one pound
coffee. Hale price 25c.
$'J. lit.
S, All Copper Wash
S. r.Ntra Heavy Tin
, copper bottom, $1.10.
Cheaper ones In the No. S size at
-(He. and 0c.
S feet high.
JO feet high.
EIS .I nt'nCtlNDHR. Lratccs.
A. J. 1JITI Y. Miuibcr.
om: 1c11r osiv
Hiss Rose Helville
IN 'llll. lit VI. lOVIMDV PHWIV,
Sis Hopkins
Piiin:s'-"-,i ,
Srats on mIu
c- .'A- ami 7V.
Mliicilay at 11 a.
Uanagtra and iVsseti. Local Manager.
M I. fills HIII.K,
Vera de Noie Stock Company
is iti.tM inoiiii:.
TiiomIiv M iIiiiol I iii-l "
'linvliv l.uiilna -"linn Vlu-ki'liin "
Vttiliii-ila VI in -'Hi'mIT, lilni'l '
Wiilm-Uii imiiIns; ' t 'li'is Duulitn."
Mitinci' il til v
I u nili? pi ius.
!, ID .mil '" 1 run.
'JO Tiul ..) tints
Oifiii I'roiil lliiitii' I il.v New .Idvc.v't Uinnui
lii.iltti ami ir.i-inc li'.-ull I.JIo.-t un the f 11.1, t.
Mn-l .iiuiut Hot ami t'nlil S..W,iir Intlit in
liriii, liei- l RiirH. spoiial -iiiiii; Ititcs.
Oitlirstiii lml l- us-i Jiir. ,
l II II M Hills (1UI1, ,111,1 I'mn'r
Villain M .mil lle.uli, Vllainl I tv, N I
Sivili .11.0, .1.0 li.iiilitul iixiiih on-iiiii', alnl
.mil Willi I'llli: hoi niul ihi sa w.ili'P hatlit
in hoti'l .1111 lainov .niathiii silnt am) untiil,
viilhin few j.uil' of lhi licl lioi Or. Iii'i-ti 1,
OITim inlil t.niiiar latn. t-' l'i s1 In re,
si .'Jl up In .In ici i.ii' - tu I iniilio- I'oiclua
unci all I1..I11', W1110 for Iniiikht
tllMtl.lS I I OI'I.,
Every Woman
.? I -?
IS lIHCIlolLiluii'ieiiwi'"'"""
MARVEL Whirling Spruy
riioneTHvluIHyriuf wr
w ca
flOlt tlll'l lUI'IWlit IFB pil
vh moh i nnvrinriu
ll'jlililcil I
Miuiuitt imitnu;
l.k ,n lr a.urilit fur II
II h.i 1. iliinil Hlpply llio
.llllllKlo m-'i'l'iiiu
.,.rur i.iii h. ti.l klnmi. 101 11
liiiiiiiit't Iniok -tali"! Ii mei
Illll )'.il 11 inn l il'l '.ui'. 'ii'iiv 111
.iilll.'. 'HlntlM 1lt'Hi !.,
Itocm Bfi) 'lliuoii Wb , New Yoik
flilUlrlDbU. I'a. Doll i;,rniLD SuicllH.t 111
luiriira. Iiuiraatrt In curt alio bf ntll I'riulf
l lii.f4.t.irrvb(iiii4tuludi)r.itfi,M.lbiiii.i
I, HIaaiI I'al.nn. I...... 11.1.111... lml HiBhouJ.
ILnJH Tarkori lr I SIrWIun Ui rullUai. I ml fflp-t
IairDl.briinhriil)rKiabrilrgrSMarn lr,llaivlUa lluvkl
Iriptliluf itiT- nrairtl uil trltrlrlrll frtuJ. Srulluii listiir.
111 Ilu' aftiT llul, ami riuulv null in Ilu turwirl
imt. all. Willi Ilu ainiiaiia nt a oni.iUnu loum
ami J iniiilVilahlt' mm ill iuuiii, will hi' licati-il
in a nj) viliiili wilt I' m Miikliit (Onlla.t lo
th.., whiili I'lt'i.uliil null a li-w 11 lis .inu. 'hc
iluk ii,w muiiliil Mil) him, 1I11 1D3I110 nioni
ami (Inlii-liiilit Utt iiIih Ij-li.o. ai. I the alewaiJ',
i ' aV
1;-K- GSi--
-'J .-a-
W V ' Jfc
yyaW (S-' A
v y
. TJ
t iHW