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    4-tv VS
Au Excellent Conibhiution.
The pleasant method nml noneilelnl
effects of the well ltnowu remedy,
Smut of Fiob, manufactured hv tho
California. Fio Svnvi Co., Illustrate
thcvaliioof obtaining the liquid laxa
tio principles of plants ltnowu to bo
medicinally laxative und pri'sonttnff
them in the form moit refreshing to this
tasto and noccptnblo to the ay stem. It
h tho one perfect Htrengthonlng laxa
live, elcnuHing tlio system clTcctually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
gently yet promptly and enabling ono
toovorcomi) habitual constipation per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every object lonaolo quality nnd sub
stance, and its acting on the kidneys
liver and bowels, withou weakening
or irritating them, inqke it the ideal
In the process of manufacturing fign
are used, ns they arc pleasant to tho
taste, but the medicinal qualities of tho
lcmedy aro obtained from scnim and
other 'aromatic plants, by a method
known to the Camfohnia Fio Svhui
Co. only. In 01 der to get its beneficial
ffTccta'and to avoid imitations, please
remember the full namo of thcComrmny
printed on the front of every package.
Forsalobyall DniRKlsts PrlcoBOs. purBottlo.
Ice Cream.
OC Per
Jjc Quart.
'J rlfplione Orders Promptly D.llvoMi
!7t'3'7 Ad.mj Avenu
At Retail.
nriloi icdicr inomiit attention tir umi ho.
Iii' my iurt of (lie uil lot tml ul liot
i i. lit tot cloiin-tic up
Niullit '113 (or 4i mi md idUon pmpic
1 j rdaltc
II d of l.c-ilitics foi attending tuiK Jt
Miikcr ,
People's Coal Co.
Id phono Vn ri(S2 Oilier. Tuilli Mrni
Ilrul.ii lnlccn Ouotil ami 1tnlli
i.'iitiiN hum n imiiiUi- f tin
hiiu Woiiun's hnslljii jvuiiitlon wlm line
mi iittirmil Hie t ilutt "ill I'lei-i n turn Ihuii
it .'tuc
III it UN I II IMo - Ifilm Imm wlui I'M.
tiii liinil it ilie In It iml nut mtls April II,
-li ccr U tli itilx-t die u uk n ti tin ilniijt'iu tin v
ii .1. nji lur him
-lid UWVU1 IMC t OM I 111. Kit iliiL-rani
lu -lii 1 1 touted Mai- (oi llio Siiuiitunii.
limn. ( ci L opciis .it tlif I.Mium Ijiikiuu
in trir- lin-u ililiins iIkiui -i il -limilil
,11 till .
-I1IIM. lt)ltl: in MIMUt- I'lliiiliniu
I'oilti l.-i nUht -mfil win nits mi Irlm I!.
Ncllc. l W ( iptm-i' neiiiii'; Miclml M inlet,
i i 1 i IT I i .oti-i- iuiiiii, lli.l llin t U iMi,
un his i pi it it V..i-lilli,tuli in inn. Jlul
I'l.llpS I-tlltl, .ill nf Mill III 111 tlUU'dl li 111
IKtlll l I I'llMit. I f l t V 1 ll UltlllLlXU Willi
-I Hill- lilllU tl IllitHI-, lllt Mill ll ..lMII 1
lii nin, ,ii in o'lluk, tin- nuiiilni? h inn I'. lie
Mi.l tun - Mill ii
He Ha,., hi uli it in I tiniiiiiMi i Mini, I- to
li'i hi
I I. lll.ill"' i In 111- Will till, Um 1 lilt- 111 11.
ni. .il tho iwial liom .an I I'lui, A lull ttloiil.
aim la li qui ate I.
V tin" "iinnl I'u.-liMiiiiii ilmrtli In luii'
l i in tonU'lit (iiliuil will In. mvcii In Hi -ill
i illi si-lmul orclmlt i.
I Ik Nranloii llill.-' ioiiallnii, ti .11. lull
li 'M thtli ngiiln niittini; toiilt-tit it .s tAlnd.
ii ( ir(UWi' hull. Muniilnw iKiuu
Sliliuil (oiiMiitimi of tin' Cillnlii lot ll li.
tliunio imlmi n( tin' illiitiM' it s union in
"i lulin'.i lull, ('j)iou-ii iioiiue. iiiirnin, mil
tH(ul iiKiimi; of tin Jiui-li Wniiir nV
union will Ic hrlil I III- remit),; it 7.'H uMniK
at tho li lid. m i. u( Mi.' M Iiduiitll, (n M j 1 1 i -vll
ll:r lii.t of t).( ll.-iiu- uli. ,. udliU fm
llu i win will 1 1 uh. n In lit -01111011 lou
lultiv ff Mul. t!it Miiiiiie in ( IiiIi'j
I'..rili liOU'C, li similiic H s iiMuii
Irs ( (', l.iininV -iinhi miuu i, nf
in Court Sii.t MitlioilUt I il 1 1 j Orm n will
hold I social in tltd diurdi luiloi. 1I1U ruiiin,-
whittling sin! liilton liiilu ii'iili.l will Ln. i
li.itmc (il tho iifiiln:,' Ire niiiu jiid nlP v,
In temd. 1'ioiud. In jih ,cn di'jrdi ihl.t
rherf will I"- fpulal milif at it I uU's till- cunln, (.iiii1oii l)i)), jt .ihidi
mi uihor- of Vi lit i ami imur d I iuii mn.
tnindeiit., ltiivht-i 'lciitiir, will U prucnl
Mio ilii of tho dty will ldl.i juit in tht ,fi.
tp nml tin sonion will lie uiihcil dj IK
I ratici li. lineman, K. f , if tlm l imrcli if
Ihr fioo.l Slifphtr.!. (.men Hhl-e ll.i utue
mil ( eminence at 7 w
litre will In a oprd.ll tni.tllii' n il.t l.uml
of r.mujMi. ol ilis lliMno f.i ilm liiemlleM
I ridjj iiiorniii,' -it 10 ii'i !(!., at tin.' uiin.
Women'ii (Nluitlin awOcUHun loonn full
llendauee is rcquiattd.
llic lordfti Mikiioiurv toucti t( tnc t j ret
I'njljjteiian chuidi will lute a unique ccldirt
tkin el its tliirlleth annlier.ari or) 1 ridaj tiiflit
ni IliU wicV at tho home ol Mir. ll. I'. I ail or,
when a delightful programme will la "lun and a
pltaant t"tljl hour will be enjuwd.
tin.- Ilalinenianit hospital in iiuKiiiiont h
pluvd to announce ,.nt dm lloiiial dub, uu
der tho (li net Ion of Madame limiiban Ktndolph,
will give a t-crii-s of i liter lalniiHiitj, .Nor. -2
nil '-'!. for the liitapilal'i, Line HI 'Die aOair
ill Ic In llio ualmt! of the fiiuou opfra tar
nlwl, no wonder lully suoci!(ul in lu prcsenla.
lion Itkt MJiOii. It ii piobabli that thU eunt
vill b an annual featiitv l.eruftir. Mrs. Dii
ll (onduct hc dramatic part of the prcuriinmc,
"l tcfoic liufo will U tuo ijiiIimcu and mo
icuin; ptifcruauctt.
Subject of Atlthess of the Rev.
Jnmns Hughes,
The UpV, JnnteM HubIich detlvcietl nn
ntldretH tust nlltlit on what ho railed
tho Kivnlcst oilt In llio world, tinme
Iv, 'ToiclRn Mltdlotifi." TJieie was it
good roiiRteRiitltm In the Atlaiim Ave
title t Impel, when; the ittldiCMH was de
livered. Ily means of it map or the
wnilil, Mr. HukIiuh hhowed the men of
tho tiliilut tyouplt'd or coveted bv the
picVtilllllK lellulotiR ol' (he world, lie
said nn iippioslinnto eHtlmnte of tho
poiitilatlein ol Hie woiltl was 1 ,500,000,
000. Of thlt niimbur 40,000,000 ttto be
llevod to be membero ot I'lolosfnnt
chiiiiheu. Tlicsn ehlirchrH support 6,
000 misHimuii let,, hcslde whit'h tlicie
tiiv. 31,101) ntttlvo worlteix.
Tlu'ie Is onlv tme nilnslmriiy Htippllcd
by the Protestant church for oveiy iW,.
(WO or the uiievuiiRollzed population of
the (.nth. Tho totul (ttnount of moi'ey
l.ilsetl itnuually Ijy these thlltcht's in
iJuiope initl Ainerioa fop foiclun mlB
Hlons Im Stl.ti.'i.uSS, an itvritiKc or less
than lliltty tents per member a year.
Air. IUikIh'm mild the outlook wan
bilKlit, for cveiy count! y Is now o)ien
to the mhiHioniiiy of the cro."., of ClnJst.
The imijur ol (he church unc, about
llfty .e.iih asti, lor Ood to open tlm
doors of the nutioim to the inlbslonnry
mid Hie Kixtpul. In 1SS the thellnrr
wallw ot Idolativ rell and lite titlmlt
hIoii Riven thu Hlblc mid lltu CIiiIh
tlnn, who hi the ble.silnir of Ood aie
chmiKliiK the avpeet and ehtnaeter of
the woild. Only il ict ycats aso, by
the Krate of Ciotl, some sltv lliou-and
people turned fiom Idols In Tmlln In
mI months, nml tho simc iar twenty
peiMons avt $1,000,000 tor mission woil;.
w oi U.
They Celebiated the First Aaintvei-
saty of Their Camp Last Night
with a Stag Entertainment.
The inumheis of Gletli ttldire i amp,
No MiSO, Model n AVoodmen of Aniei
lea, telebtated the annlver..ny of
tltelt ots-anlatlon last night. In Ma
sonic hall, on Dickson avenue, with a
stair enteiialnineiil nnd smokei.
I'llni to the entertainment, tent
1! neu membtis woe obllualed into
the oin'.ii.lJtlou by Countv Deputy .lo
"epli It. Hughes. O. i:. Tobey presided
as ehaitman at the social hesslon,
which was enjoved by oot '200 of the
memberH and their ftiend-.
The pnncljial entei tainer w.i. chailts
A. Hartley, who dellghttd those pres
ent with bis inimitable miiuluy and
feats ot entiilorinIsm. lie hits lately
itddtd to his lepet telle a t,tilis ot inii
tatlons, ol the leading .tudeIlle tom
edliins, winch aie lematkable rot their
close nes to the oiiglnal in soice, ges
ture and facial epie-s!on. The itni
lallon of .lames Ittt limond (Stein oy,
'the man with the giren gloves." was
especially well dune.
ISauJo. mandolin ami nliat soke lions
weie lendued In-a dun of ruloicd men,
who also sang 'coon' songs.
Short addtisM', weie made by Dt pnty
Hughes, John G. MeAskie, John J. Da
ies and It. W. au: Mi. Hughes told
of the giowlh of the or
ganization in (his count j In the btief
-pace ot seventeen months, and t .
ptessed (he belli t that it had a blighter
tittute In this pa ii ot the stale than
an other bencllelul otdei. At the con
clusion of tilt- eiiteirainniotn a tiibtv
lunch was senod In. the l.ttH ft ic mis
ol the camp
tlieen Itielge camp was oigiuiinl on
Mav II, moo. with a ehaiter member
ship of tutu. In Hi,- one veil which
his (lapsed -inee that time the loitv
ineminis nave gtowa lo an even .'00,
and lit t aie foi tv 111010 who have
been aiteptid l,.v (lu. lodge, l)U ),
have not vt 1 ha 11 nbllgated. The pies
tnt ollhfis ol Hie tamp aie as tollows:
Veiui.iblt consul, (iioig,. f, Atkins;
advisot, c. v Sehank. b inker. James
Athcilnn, cleik, Joseph Fidiitm; ttus
tits, John I'. Uopcvvtll l II Tubev
anil T. 1! MeClintoek
Tlie ccitiitiiittee which had ihatge of
lit night's .hi, tip tompiised the 10I
lovving jiiembeis- f. r Tobov. j. it.
Hopewell, r. w. St hank. Ali. run.
( nis nml .1. 11 Atheiton
They Will Be Heaid Heu Next
Tuesday Night.
The music student of Sci.tnion and
vklnltv will be out In mien Tuesday
eveiiiiij,, Miiv , o heap the eele
lu.iKd c(iiuili(i1 j, niume Sclmmaii.
Heiuk, ot litiilii, London and New
Yoik gi and opeta Mine To listen to
bei slug (iiniiifin I.i.ilu uHt be a
le-son (hat vot .11 students launot .if.
ioid lo ml. s Kcuuitiiu has never had
within hei piccliiet.s any Mieh tontiaU
to. Hop .singing of "The Supple Ode."
by ibahnn "Im Meilist," iJV Kutn,
and "I) is Tod und Uas .Madehen,"
bv r-ehiibiil. has .Housed Uostqn and
New oik lUdkncts to enilius-lii-m
''lie iuiiiirtt,eni( lit I- 10 l,t ihiiiiki'il
loi nuking It possible 10 eujov .111
eM nlug ot iniisli by l, tuiihth.' who
ictelve lot tlli-h j-i fv ices dill lllg the
ope 1 n .season Horn ?iou ,1
night. Seianionians ina.v never ngalu
have the inivilige ot healing the gte'tit
est and most sublime eonti.illo voice
since the dfljh fit Mllil.llile Alboill,
Annie J.oul-o I'nn .md Adelaide
It l vei t'tatityiug to tin nmnagii
ineiit tliilt mi geneioiis 11 itpuip-n his
been made nml ii jiiainlv flmw.s the
keen iipjiicelt'lloii of mil pinpu f,,,.
the best. ,
The piof.iamiiki is one Hi it win sm,..
Iv plcn-e. foi a-Icle fiom tht be.iutl.
lul nuinber.s by Muilnnw St luiiiianii
Ui'lnk, Hip eniliunt b.ulioiK- M,
Fliaiin'oon Davie-, will slug Hie ' 'to.
logim" iiom "I I'agllaie!" Thrie imi't
jnintout btritone vocalist In tha
fount! y who his hitnlleti iJiiglng to
m cMeiii that has not taken up thin
diilletilt nml billlltnt t.olo n. .1 study,
with a view ol siuprlzlng Ills home
f 1 lends dm icu.iiiy, u i,S s-onovv. fur tin (11 fist can Mup, it und ono 01
.li I) ivies' taiibiD iinds in it full
scope foi his hlsti Ionic ink pis Mi,
PiaiiKLfiii Divlee hits, a ho-it ot admh.
us lu Hdo who have listened
(o Ids magnetic voice nnd lwnnl hts
womkitul .slngiuff at the AVelsh na
tlonal elsteddtods lu Wales where he
if- a pi line lavoilte.
The cllngiam opens tomoriow morn,
lug at the Lvteuun, and tho iK-liln
eholen .-cats Khnttld call eails
Lectmes and Demoitstiations.
Wi have s-ectned tho .serviccK of Mlts
Kmily Mai ion Colling to letuio on
and demonstrate the "An of Oooklng
by O.ts, or How to .Make Cooking
Hnsy," 1 eetures and demonstrations
dining tho week tommtnclng May !i0,
evtiy atteinoon tit 3 o'clock, at 507
Mnden street. Hoard of Tiade Uulld
Ing. The S( 1 niton fln tni Water Co.
Interesting Tiespass Suit Oiowlug
Out of the Digging of Watet Tun
nel on East Mountain Johu V.
Fowler tho Plaintiff and Meadow
Btook Water Company the Defend
ant Hon. Johu T, Williams and
W W. Scionton Testfy for the De
fenseOther Court Mattel s.
Under the Ian n contiact tan be
voided by a party If ho can show
that at the time he cuieicd Into It he
was diunk. Fiom tiicstlonH ptopouiitl
ed lo wltnesHos in u tase befoie Judge
C.npenler in common plots yesleultiy
ll Is gatheitd thut this will be a part
01 the defense.
It Is the Mtilt of .John 1'. PowJri
against the Meadow Btook Water
company, one of the eoneeniH ttllled
with the Scianton Oas and Water
company, tiid which has for Its presi
dent the distinguished president of the
lnttei big toipoiatlon, W. AV. .Scian
toit. The mathlmry and tootn used ln tho
const! iiutlou of the tunnel under the
hast mntinkun fiom the Btlint llildge
lesoivolt l it point near the Hotile
vtiid ate tin subjects ol dlnpute.
l.-. Fowler and Hun. John T. Wll
IIipm. on Jane C, IMts, contiatied to
dig the tunnel. They weie to leeelve
?3'J pel linerl yard, leceive .1 bontis of
$"0 :or evvtv tlav tint the woik .stood
completed befoie the contiact time,
unci loilelt f'O lor evtiy dav It te
maiued incomplete ifter the tonti.tct
Df'teinber I, or seven inoiiths itflei
they undt nook life job, thev cetisett
work on the contract, with the tunnel
only one-thud completed and moie
than one-link of the tontrart pet led
I ns-rd. The c omp.tuv sieved the tools
and pritidtd to prosecute the work
with 'tf owt men, while looking about
lor olln r tontiactors U step In and
take I he phi. e of Towler .1 Willi tins.
After iwct months had elapsed the
company siitctedtd In inducing Scott
tV- Qiiliin, who woiketl 011 the fatuous
Jetldo tunnel, to fitcept the job st
$f! 7i a. ard mote limn was oilginally
allowed Fowlet it Williams, and with
the furthei allow ante of the fie use
of the machlneiv .mil tools tit (t Fov
ler .t Williams had been using
cost wasj ixrnnAsnn
Scott A: Qtilnn ifmipleted tit 1 ib
h ilisf.K totilj. but instead of , i.'ln"
JJ'OflO. as was llguted culglnalh, tli
tompanv epnided $11,000 on th" iin
nel. Mi Foivler 1 Ininis he pi 1 . mally
owned i'.llOO woitll ol the tools md
machlneiv and his stilt is to tetovet
this amount lit the stand vesletdav
lie said that Mr. St i.inton told him in
Dectmber. ISP. that he need not go
on with the work and that his ma
ehincty ami tools wete loifetteil to
the eompitin.
This, or touise, was Hie plaintll'l's
meic statement of claim The uii
ease ol the plaintilf will route on le
btlltal. It will be In the shape of evl-dc-nte
In meet that whirli is now be
ing itddtitv d bj (he delensc Thislat
tet ev lilt me Is to the eiiect that Fow
ler .V William- pie nit d with the 0111- o be 1 eleased fioin thelt con
tiact, and finallv, atler sevetal 1 ofti
sals, the company agieed to nbiugiite
the (onti.tit, piovlcliug Fow li r 1?- Wil
liams would give ov.ei the tools, mi
cl'lnety and stijipilcs the 1 lite
gioiiml, that the company might pio
t oed 01' itself lo eomplete the woik.
A wiittin contiael. In which Fowler
A. Williams agieed lo this, Is the b.ic k
b(jiit of the defendant's case . luda
iug itoin the (iiiestions asked, bv the
plaintiffs tutoinev. it will be contend
id that Mr. Fowler did not sn this
ugiceirenl. ,,i if he did, II was done
at a lime when he was intolc alert
and when he did not know whnl he
was doing.
Mi. Williams, who look the .11,11 e
nifut to Fowlt-i's house to seeuio the
signatuie, was questioned at length by
the plaintilf s side ns to whethei or
jot .Mr. Fowlet was .ul suffering
fiom alcoholism on the day the agtee
ment Is pin ported lo have bten .signed
bv him. bill Mi. Williams would not
-itv tills was so. might be so, how
evei. Mi. Williams said, but he notlc 1 d
no evidence ol II. ,
m:porrroxs ufad
Deposit loiii. of Itcpiesintiillve IM
waul Joint s, Ji Aveie lead, in which
hi tc'stle! lo having witne-sed the
signatiiics. as is Indicated hi a loot
note to 1 be agieement.
Fiosident Sci. niton was on the stand
lor about an hour and told in detail
of the dealings- nlih Fowlei wil
lintus The eoiup.tnv bad llu It bond
und could have held them to the lor but lefiniued fiom doing so, he
Mild, const ntlug, artci Mi. Willlama
bad made nuiuetoiis pleas, to allow
tin lit to till on Up the Job. The tools
which the (onu.ietois tinned over lo
the company In consideration of the
abiogiitlou of Ihe eoutrntt weie not
w ruth moie than a thousand dollnts,
Mr. Sci.tnion clnlnud. At Hist tost
they weie not woith iiioio Hum 52,000
nml b the timet (hey tame into Urn
bauds of the eomptny they neie In
such bad re 1 air that they would iot
tiling- Ullv pei eenl of iheh original
Jtolitit lleoves, ihe coiiipanj'!, siipti
inttndtmt. vt" also tailed (to losllfy.
He (old thai tho woik was not pushed
as ll should have been end that Mr
Fowler who bad Immediate supei vis
ion of tlu wink, was fietiiteiitly nwav
When the tompanv iinilni(ool." thf
woik Itself, it was tmind, .1111011; othor
thing", thai one of the thiee mules hail
sii.'ived awav and the othei two weie
riinlnv lu tl.e woods, Iriving had no
feed oi tine foi n long lime Ml,
llreves coiioboriitf'd Mr. Scranlon as
lo Hie value 01 the iimls and ma
thlimiy mviied by .Mi, Fowlm
The case be toutliHind todav
A Vosburg. of Vosbiug .v. llnvvson
lepiesients the plaintiff. The defend,
mil's uttoineja aie Majoi IJwieU
Waneit. es..Judee H. A. Kunnp ami
Hon. C P O'JIallev. of Willaul. War
len X Knapp
V mm diet of $1,15125 lu favor of
the plaint If. was letuinetl yesteiduy
morning In tho tase of rennet & ('hap.
pell .igalnM F. H (iiilllths and the
Jjckson Stieet UaptUt thuith. gar
nishee, and Arj.i How en, executor of
llio estate 01 Moignu Hovven, deceased
Tho jury In tho ca&o of Maiy Mu
(lu.skl against I.aaitt.s MOier came ln
yt'Hteielay moiuiiig, after having been
out all night, and teportctl it could not
agiee. Judge Kclwatils. who pieulded
in the case, wos at homo III. and a,
tipstaff wan dispatched with the juiy'a
memifet. He neat batk woid l,liat
they might bo dlRfliaigcd, nnd Judge
f'ai pouter accoidlngly lelleved them
fiom ftulhtr (otiHldeiatlon of the
The etiKe of the County Savings Hunk
nnd Tutsi company agnlnat Klla M.
Wilson, executrix, was aolllcd. Jttdg.
monl, bv aRiceniPiit. wan enloied In
ravor or the plaintiff, for $4,fi0o, with
Inleiest fioin .Ian. 1, 1001.
Two New Tiespass Suits.
Alva M. Quick, n boy who was
binned by an explosion of gas at the
Mt. I'letisatit collleiy, Fob. I, 1901,
brought suit yesterday by his net
filend, tleoigo 1. Quick, his fnthei,
to set tile M10 damages fiom tho Flk
Hill foal ti'id lion company. Attor
nej 'I'huiniij F. Wells lopresentst the
phi hit Iff.
Suit lor $1,000 damages was begun
bv William tihcln against. Max ltutlKkl,
thioiigh Attorneys M. I.'. McDonald
and F7 J. McAndtew. Kheln tentetl u
house on Keyser n venue fiomTtutlskl had moved his lurnlturt wlieii
Itutlxkl came along, put hint oui nnd
neltd his belongings, so heclalmed.
In the Divorce Court.
An alius subpoena In tllvoice was
ypBtonluv dhetted in the case of Her
tlfi 1). Htuullton against Chatles 11am
tlto.. I'tlblleatiou was dliccled In the cases
of Minnie Thomas against Jaims
Thomas and Walter Wtlght against
.Muigiot Wilght.
In the ease of Maiy Mvers tgnlnst
Step'-eu Mveis a illle for a eleeiee in
dlvoite was gtaiited.
Two Names Added.
Julius Tiov and J. C. Rosar weie
tsteiday joined us plaintiffs and petl
tloneis in 1 he imincl.imus pioceediiigs
against eoiiinllnien.
A motion to amend the lecord In this
leguitl was made bv es-Clty Solicitor
Vosbtug betoie Jittlge Carpenter, and
theie being no opposition, It was al
lowtd tot llnvilh.
Dibcbaiged fiom County Jail.
Judge Carpenter signed an
older dischaiglni? from the county
Jail seven pilsomis, nhose cases weie
iMioicd by the grand jut y.
Thev an" Clottklb Kolb, Daniel
r.ollus. Dav ill Uobeils. Joc pit Mot
llska. Joseph XaivilsUI, Sam Fai
talne ind Nick Folltli.
Jtanlage Iiicenses.
Fietltilek I We.vandl.
loi ! T tvlor avenue
Helena A Stein liO Alder stieet
llenige Kronauski Moneevn, Pa.
Anrle Dltutih Ditkson City
Ainietaie 'lemaglnoll Jessup
Ann 1 Al.irmla Jessup
William A l'hilllps- Taylor
Annie llmini T.tlor
Viii'ii.' llu iuiimil lull'' nliiiiiiil In ..lie
1,1 mil jiuv ni- em ia tli" ( no 111 Hindi 1 1 or
iim t.(otet' W. Hi de f. 1- cliirtil l J client
Willi t nibi lenient
In tlie 1 1-0 1 1 liilni (.mini ijiiir llu sci lie
ton pjin ciiii 1111 i inlo i illnwtil to cine
pi I llii I (ilntiim il tin J'(jl In clvnu bonis
f 11 till' (l)-l-, Itlllll li 11 il IV
Decisions in Them Tiled Yesttiday
with Local Cleik of United
States Ciicuit Couit.
'1 he suit ol lite John Hancock Mu-
tu il I. lie Insuiauee tompan against
Missoiuia 1!. Jloupt. Wllkes-Uai te's
wealthv lumber man has been decided
111 lavorol the plfiintllt bv W. A Wil
cox, the inustet appointed b.v the t'nl
teil Slates titcull coin t to adjudicate
tlie tmittct
Ml. Wllcov's lepott w is tiled jies
Ui dav with Cleik A. J. Colboiu Jt is
a Milumluoiih clocumenl and goes into
eveiv dt tail ol the ease must mluuttlv.
Mi. lloupi some .e.iis ago took out
a $.'1,000 policy 011 his life in the pktin
till 1 out pa n v. The medical examina
tion was made bv a local physician,
who was .11 ting tempoiaillv for the
louip.inv. When the companv's staff
medic al examine! came upon the scene
and examined Mi. Houpt he touml he
was suffeilng liom seven- entaiihal
tiouble and lepotttcl the same to the
lompanj's home oillcc. The company
hail accepted the usual piemium fiom
.Mi. Houpt and dellveied to him his
pollt.v. I'pon lccciving the lepoit ot
Its slufl medital examiner the com
panv letuined the pieinltini and de
mandtcl thai Mr Houpt leliiiu the
lollt.v. Jli. Hiiiipt leltised to accept
the pieiniiun or tutu over the policy
and the 1 oiupan.v moved in the
1 0111 1 lot an iuiuiu'tlun lo compel him
lo give up the polie.v.
Mr. Wilcox's lepou dltxloses thai at
the lime the policy was wiltten. .Mt.
Houpt wits being docloted foi tluoit
double He llnds tliat the policy was
pun uied ihiough nilstepiesenlutlon
and thai, iheiefoie, it Is vltlnted. The
master leeommeuds that the Injunc
tion be gi anted
Another dot Islon In the Fulled
Stales touil was mtido .vestetdav by
Judge Ailufon. It was In the suit ot
Hllsltti A. Coiay against John Jeimyn,
i: It. Still ges, the Xew Voik. Sus
tiuelianna and Wesletn Itulhoad com
pany tuiil othiMs. Sir. Coiay In ought
still lu lsOl .ii.alust the above named
defendants, to ictover lor coal lauds,
Ho allowed the suit 10 He dotmnnt
and 11 year ago Ihe defendants pio
ceeilid to have It dismissed on the
gimiiid that it had not been diligently
pitisecuted, as the law ie(iiiies. Judge
Acheson dptlde.s that the couteiitlou ot
the detendiiiits Is a good one and ills,
misses Ihe suit al Ihe cost of the plain
It, Now Clmiged with Lniceny by
Peter Cannon,
M J Norton, of Newaik, but (or
ineilv 01 Si 1 union, who was .11 tested
oil Monday night op the I'h.llfio of
jumping his ball, ncarlv two jeai.s ago,
and who was leleand alter leaving
siilllelont security on Tuesday, was
again auesled estcudu, this Ihuo
iliiused with huceny.
The waiiaut was issued b.v Musis
II utu Howe, M tho instance of Peter
Cannon. Mi. Cannon eiihiud Hint he
slept over night "In tho same room lu
the Cn ne house with Mi. Not ton, ami
that ftf which was In his pocket when
he went to bid was missing when lie
He- thing"! Ml. Notion with taking
It 'ihe latter emphatically denied the
ihaige, and entered ball lu tho sum of
$J00 lot his appearance at coutt
Guernsey Hall,
314 Washington ae Sci anion, is the
btsl and most .'cllablo pltico lo pur
chuse 11 good "ano. It will pay you
to call and get pi Ices and teuns. J. W.
Ciiuinsey, 1'iop.
oinoke the new Kleon tlfjur. 5c.
Repoits of Pieslelent Owens nnd
Secretary Evnns Weie He aid Dur
ing the Day President's State
ment Contained Adjudications of
Various Mattcis Among the Lo
cals nnd the Sccietnry's Repot t
' Showed Iuteiestiiifj Statistics En
tertainment nnd Banquet Given
Last Nl&ht to the VJsltois.
The second day's session of Hit! na
tional convention of the Aineilenn
Title Ivorltes wits held ycteidnv at
Taylor, tho delegates holding buslnc
meeting dining the moinlngand after
noon, and being1 entei tnlnetl with a
banquet nnd entcrtulnmeiit during tho
night. The moinlnrj session was called
to oidei at 0 o'clock in the Welsh Con
gregational chinch by Pipsltlent Hum
phtey Owens, of Fair Haven, Vr.
A numbei of additional delegates
wete expected to be In attendance, but
disappointed the convention by lulling
lo put In an appaiance. The gi enter
part of tho morning was consumed In
listening to the leport of the presi
dent. His statement wa lengthy
and yet concise, and wns heard with
moikctl attention. It consisted ptlnei
pallv of answers to ciuestlons icfeiied
to the ( lilof executive for Judgment bv
membeis of the local lodges dining
the year, and Involving vutlous knotty
The leptul was lefeiud to the
spctktl commttttee whose names weie
given in vesterda.v's- Tiibune's story of
the pioceediiigs ol the convention. The
committee will In turn repent upon the
picsidcut's statement today. The af
ternoon session was called nbout .1
o'clock. An iinpoi tant fcntllle of the
ni 111 noun's dolng.s was the lepoit of
Secietatv Hvnns, of this elty. It
showed I hat Hit- total amount, in the
association's tie.istiry was $10,107.31. In
the peiiod Horn 187! to 1'Hll, the older
Ins buried -seven hundred and flltv
nlne membeis ami has pild out .
'Ilk benelits, sJ01,SM7-l.
Tin: i:i:1j1ff fcxd
Thus tat, $11, 100 31 have been donated
to wido.vs and otphans of deceased
membeis or to needy biotheis. For
butviug dead members 01 their wives,
jfil.ijOO )." have been ex'peiided. which
mokes a net total of S271.0S1 'M In
tv.enty-eight vt.ns. Dming the tc-mainde-r
of the atteinoon .1 lice dis
cussion was hold of matters pertaining
lo the older, either of an entlielv new
diameter or postponed fiom the lust
convention, which was held at Foiilt
nev. Vr.
11 was halt-decided thete lo hold a
yeai ly tisteddlod. and this epic'stlon
was hi ought up ycsteidav loi dual ac
tion. It was voted down. This inclin
ing and afternoon the convention w.ll
be lesumed ami fiom all indications
at least one moie session will be ntcs
aiy tomoirow Among the mntlei-n
upon which action Is et to be taken
tie the icpoifs eit Hie vailotts t ommlt
tees, election oi ollkets and ehot'-e i,f
a place for the next convention.
Kcianton. Xcw Castle, l'a .and Rome,
X Y, aie all miking u sttong light for
the convention, but it looks u.s though
this city's lame as a seat foi eomen
tions will be too ninth loi Ihe other
nspnants 101 the honoi. Piesldent
Owens will be a eantlldate lot 1 ('-election
to the piesitlency
Last night the visiting delegates wei
entei tallied by the membeis of Temple
ol Lov e lodge, Xo 7, with an entertain at the Welsh t lunch. An excel
lent piogramme was lt-ndeied. which
intituled 11 selection bv Antlnatlte Clee
tltib: . nidi ess, Chuirman Owens; solo,
Hieh.tid Watkins; leeitation, Thomas
J James; seltctlnn. Moait (imt telle;
addtess, rtev J. C. Kvans; solo, M. I!
Mcngans, leeitation. Miss Sallle Fiise;
solo. Arthur Moigttns; addtess, n. p.
Davis, Scraiiton; solo, W J. Jones; nd
diess, John J. Kv.tns, secittaty;
solo. Mrs Robert Mowelhn, selection,
Mo.ait eiuaitetle; leeitation, Miss Sal
lle Piltuj solo, J. C. Watkins; addiess,
Rev. V. C. IMwaids; solo, .Miss Uellth
W. Watkins; selection, Alillitacile tlleo
AnDitKsscs Dni.i vi:m:r.
The addiesses made bv Keiietiuy
Fvans anil 1'iesldeiit Owens weie along
the gem ml line of ivoiites' pinposes
and woiks, and .showed the advantages
of the oidei. The fvorltes were otgan
Ied in ISiV) In IM mouth, the lute Hen
jainln Hughes, ol' West Sci union, being
the talker of the older. Us Hi. si uiesl
dent und the man to whose eftoits mine
than any one else can be attiibuled its
Following the entertainment a lun
iiuct was seived by thn wives 01 the
On Time
With a bught new
dress wear. A bift
fill Silk Foulaids.
Black bilk 'I wist, Stiipe and Check
Hntnelv New Line ol
Swiss Mohair
j In dainty light shades of rose, blue and linen, aho g
Ug darker grounds of navy and black, with pietty Urines, Ip
'& Crepes g.
S This popular leather weight material, plain and
g figuied, of self the vei v proper spring shades g
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Graduation Dresses for All.
Mears & Hagen
415-417 Lackawanna Ayo.
O "
Geo. V. Millar &
Bicycles That Run Easy.
0 new X?ll
m a
Base Balls
Bats, Etc.
by equipping themselves from this excellent
Juvenile Base Ball Goods
We make a specialty of getting all the acces
sories used by grown-up men in the game of
base ball, such as gloves, masks, etc., in small
sizes for the little fellows. We now have a
large stock of these juvenile goods.
312-314 Lackawanna Avenue.
mcniheis- Tonight the iltleft.Ues will
be entei t lined hv ISolieit .Monis lixlfre,
ol West'in
Higher License and Refoim Does
Not Decrease Consumption.
Sales ot I.imi heei timing the month
or April, this eti, liy ihe feudal
I'eniisvlvanl.i Flieunih t timp.tny, e
ccul these let Apill. I'JliO. In .l.Olitl li.ii
telh, unci the stlts ul the K Itobinson'.s
Sons' bieiieiv, which supplied ,t l.tiKe
poiticiti ciT the saloons ol the city, ic
imi Is an outpiil lot la-l inimlh ol 1,1m)
battels moie thin in Apiil it ,eai a no.
In le of the lessenliiK ot the num
ber or i itv saloiin-, bj Ihe inls in the
pi In- cit llei.liM's. .mil the clcsiut, up of
iio ninny speakeasies the past
M'tti in and ahoul Hiiaulun, the I'aei
thai iheif is anv intie.tse at all, and
not a hlfr tli-eiease, in the amriiml of
heei i iiiisuineil, Is qulio ten! likable.
When You Get n Heatlnche
don't waste a minute but ri to iutii'
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lleitdai he Capsules. They will pie
venli pain eseu though our hUull
weie tiadietl. Thev ate hntiuloss,
too. Kead the gn ii.tntee. 'i li e ."Ic,
Polcl bv all tllilBKlsf "
Boilei Mnkeis, Notice.
All nti'inli'ts ul f.oilfre 71 ate lnv by
liolllletl tn be piesent at tlie leKtilar
ineetilM toiilllllt. II. I St ImiiR See'y.
line of choice novelties for S"'
array o! the most beauti-
a vi d .2
naiing uisnes
Just the thing for waim wcntlier. Al
ways ready. Lobster a la Ncwbeig, Welsh
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out heating the house, aj a. oj
'I lie pi ices aie from Pt" lO .p
Etc., Etc.
Co. t2Kl!LASS
II Is timt iiiipurtint tlul n lilmla 5?
llttlllat l I iM IllllllilU mg
Hi lltlillll i'rnivt I. Iiiiilleiil, illiS
Innl no I, I' iniiiiktii , 0
llio liuiiEtiKs in llie "si riitilon" JJ
pun ml lithium ni niiiiiliiK nml u JJ
nliiiiulli it lie tiiciH iluuu1,. mm
Vlll'll fill ill lIlnHI Cif iltlit. 0
I'nti h In milt Ihe pin ki 11 imk.
126-128 Franklin Ave. g
Our stock of Base Ball Goods
will surely prove interesting to
any player of the national game,
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clubs can certainly save nxoney
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Security of Possession
Is the titasinetl ilieititt of eei ptop.
eifc ownei oi piospetlie puiehasei.
riuiueiitH, it Is not until tlie sale or
exeli.'tnse uC a holding Is tleshcd thut
the-t loud upon a title is distocied and
contemplated plans .tie deleated.
Title Instil, tnec Iull inoteds against
delect uf ttatth, pense of litigation
in slim i. It pimiiks eomplete In
dt mnllicatioit lot anv ln-s at King liom
lite contestt il ,illtllt ol oui ptopetty
final il Mint liitetests will! a polity of
Title Guaranty and Trust Company
Of hcrantcin, Pcnna.
51G Spiuce Stieet,
W llu-, I'll -III, 111 .11
II Mil Hum. I,. ltil,ii
A kc i ic-uli il, i
Knii 1'ic
s Hull
liu-l Oifmr.
k n v. n n ki tf. v. n k w. v, r. r. h
! Clock's Best;
Union Hade
A Good Smoke or Chew.
A Tilol Solicited.
Satisfncttou Gu.irnWteadr .
The Clock Tobacco Co '
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Double Oven Bnnges, 0,75 nd up
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may i. wot.