The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 14, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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t?sTi"' -- '- ' t5nj55J5$
A Special Meeting Will Be Cnlled
Later to Consider the Answers to
the Grievances Picseuted by the
Miners Condition of the Anthra
cite Coal Trade at Pi csent Make
up oC the D.. L. & W. Boaid for
Today An Electric Road Chnr
tcicd Olhor Mattois.
The sphhIou "I tin- linanl nf Dish let
No. I. I'nllP'l Aline Winki'is of Anicil
ii, wliluli was hlmtuil Hulurdiiv at
Inml liniiiliiiiiii'loiH. was concluded yoH
icnlny tiili'inonti. I'tcsldeiU XU'hollH
tiKliln pti'Hlilpit iinil "II those I'l-p.-clU
Satuifla.. Willi lli i'i'piltiin " VIip
1'ioslileiit Ailain Kwcuvlire, (if 1'lt
liimitli. M'ii' 111 alli'iiilanii'.
A numlipr nr Kili-vaiiii'x enine
up fur ilNi'iiw.slim ami unions oi Mmse
III I'M lit WOlf Xl"ltAllL'l I III UlP IllVt'Sll-
Kiitluii of tlii'in. loi. us I'leslilcnt
Nli'liolls i.c"t"t(ii sillied, no Stepsi will
ln tiiKcii iinl II ilii- iillleiis mi' "mi' nl
tlielr Ki-oiinil. TIip ii'l'iiils of tin'
euiiiinlttces nl inliieis wlio wulli'il upon
1 lift 1- WIllollH MllpCllllll'tlllt'lltS Xll'lc lip
for i oiisltli'iiUloii vpii Milnv Ian d-ll-nlte
iii'tliiit ut" pnstpiinnl. ii" in in'
nsi litis ,i full iinwi'i Iipi'Ii kIwii to
I In- men'!- milli'il-. Win n llu-i a if
ipppIm'iI. :i sin'ilnl iiiiM'tlnu "t ih'1
lllMllI 'xlll l' lllllld.
1'ii'sidi tit Nli hulls iinil T.i hi nl Aleni
lims Keiitnev mid Llewellyn Icive tor
lliiiiMimir this iiminiiii? In tin' in
teicsts nl" I Iip niliiiiiK li'Kl-lalion lietdi'e
tin- somite .mil In the npiiatp i uininltlee.
("oininlltppinan Hems I'olllnt. nl' fat
liiiud.ilo, "ill l"iie tl'l" lUfiiionii.
I'lpsldpnt Nii'IioIim ill i Ian d that In
Ills opinion the nilneis' nitiicli to II.u
iKlniif.' would not In- npipi-x.tiv. :i.s,
I ivin !if-fiii IndlPiitlons tin- "-I'liuto
loininlltpp will lppotf f.ioi.ilih" on tlio
hills now iinilpr i onsld"i.illon, .mil mice
In tlie -pii.ttp tlit v .lie almost sine to
lie passed.
Kochmen's Sttike.
.huiil lwput,v-llp io Knit n t tuplov ml
at thp .M.uxine oIIIpi.v ut the Uel.i
aio anil Hudson toiiii.itn tlie Dodqp
i nlllppiv of thp Deluui io. I..K Kaw.Mina
ami 'W'pstiin company, and In .i tun
iii'l Iitcli i'iip Lackawanna !s dtiviiu;
iipar Hip CKfnid eollleix. hue strilpl;
nfTMlnhL the pontrieiois who einploxe.l
A (UL hi wa-ps oi i .islolied till' stiiKc
which has hecii In ihokips-s sinip Til
day and S.i tin il.i . The univalent
xtas iioL in any way i .nispd by the c mn ollifl.ils. laiL is dhritly ljolxvwn
pontiai'toi.s .tidiii 1 Sow en, Davis and
Moses, van h.ip elmi'tre of the liiek
voi If, and lix their own ii'iins with tho
The ImpUc men at the Miiixine vent
out Kiid.'y. ISowoii inadp a put hi
tlmr Mnui't; of twonly-llvp i rat.-, tho
sealo foinieilv lunttiiik" fiom v, to lU.iiT.
At tho other two xxnikliiKs the (hop In
wanes (louried s-oine time iiko. Spp
letmy Hudson, ol" the Itoeknien'H
union, railed the men out Saturday,
about olKht Koincr out at both th"
MoiIbo and other poIUpiIps.
A inpetins: v. is held niffhl of the
Milkcis, but it is not thootiht that
any pioecetllnss towanlfi a settlement
will b" lnade until the end of Hip iepk.
'I'he lirnknipn'.s union meets, the first
and thiid Siuuhivs of each month in
St. Clary's hall. Xorth Seranlon.
The Antluacite Coal Trade.
The .mthi.ieltP trade is Keneially In
K'lud Miape tor tlli hP.ison of the yeai.
ThP Apt II output is ollieially pstimated
at .l,6s.,01" tons, about 100,000 tons mare
than hi Apiil, 1000, wlipn. dm ins: the
last neck ol the month, Hipio was a
heavy movement for shipment up the
lakes, This year aelual consumption
was miieh heavipr, as tho movement
nl' lake eoal is just under iinv. The
total toiman;p for the Ihet t months ot
tills year is 17,031,7.!:! ton.s.
The ice blockade In the St. Hall
iier i5; broken and vessels ato making
their way into T.iKp llelih?an. A coa
slderahle fleet has loaded eoal at llaf
Jalo and is on its way to upper lake
ports. There have been lift anivals at
Lake Superior points jet and uade in
bard eoal in the norl Invest is veiy
light Indeed. In t'liieago tenltniy Ims
Iness is quiet, with the maiKet very
Aim. IZeeeijits hy rail me falliiiR: off
Hen and Women Apparently Strong, Live in Fear of
Their Own Hearts Because They Realize Their
Weakened Heart Nerves Are
Easily Overtaxed,
Most heart troubles mean weakness of the heart nerves The power
that koops it regularly beating is Nervo Force, and that is why Dr. A. W.
Chase's Nerve Pills is cioditod with romarkable cures of heart disease.
Their wonderful influence in reviving that hidden current, Nervo Force,
ntl dispelling iluttoring and palpitation of tho heart-pain or tenderness
ibout the heart shortnoss of breath after exeicise oppressed feeling in
the chest inability to lie on one Bido irregular pulse weak and fainting
spells difllcult breathing feeling as though the heart would atop boating.
These symptoms disappear with tho use of Dr. A. W. Chase's Nervo Pills,
because thoro is very little Organic Heart Disease, and so soon as Heart
Nerves are right the heait becomes regular,
Mrs. Joseoh Mitchell, of No, T,s ' " !" ni nn of the
016 Linden street, West Scran-
ton Pa who writp; "Hr A
W Ph-icp'c Norw Pillc nm
fine, I was all out of order,
nervous, and could not sleep
weak and miserable, The
kidneys were sluggish and the
back lame nothing seemed
to help me until I got a box of
the nerve pills at Matthews
Bros.' drug store; corner Lack
wanna and Washington aves.
Since I took them I sleep well,
don't jerk and talk. My nerves
are steady, I feel strong, and
the kidneys are working well
aBuui, 1 ttin uiv.v. t.x.11 ,icnacu
and 11 aa to recommend the
,,i:: m
with the openlni? of lakn nnvlRatlon.
At tho lower lakn ports demand Is
fain At eastern anil scithoatil points
demand Ih its Rood as can ha expected
In May. I'rlce.s aie bclnty firmly main
tained and Iho leporU or coal huliw
sciiil at April IIkiiips mo prohahly hase
less, at leant tlipy eannut he mibstah
Haled. Demaiiil fioni pnlnls bejimil
Cape Cotl Is hotter than ti-nial at this
The May prltcs fo.' fiep-huinhiK
while ash eoal f. o. h. New York aie!
liroken, J3.C0! pku, W.Si! nut and stove,
yi.10. IhiRlticPililB and Mlnhifr .Toiir
nal. Italian JLnboicis Hcic.
A lai'Ke nuiuher of Italian workmen
In six box cars placed upon a swllch
alongside, the LitcKn wanna clndpr
dump on Hickory street created nitieh
PM'llement In South Scranton yester
day linn nl nw, as the men wcic at lirst
supposed to he hands hiotiKhl heio
to talto the phi ens of the taiekawaiiiia
Thoy wcic, however, lahoieis hired
hv the Delawaip and Hudson tom
piuy tor woik near Honesdale and In
Npw Yolk. They weip hroURlit fiom
in-ar I'lttshllls- and had refused to
leave when they heard the correct
uiirps. PlalmlliK to havp Iippii dpieivpil
iPKiudlne; thorn. A satisfactory ad
justment of the matter took placo yes
terday moinlllK and the tialu leftwlth
the men, leavlim behind about llfty
ile ol their number who lontiiiiled
sieadiast In their determination not to
accept the piolfpred wages.
Another Electtlc Road.
The WllU's-lSane and liai-Iilon iiiinpanj. capital VL')"i0n,0P0,
was ehaiteipd at Tiplitun, N. .)., on
S.iluidiiN "to eoiisliui't and opeiat-J, oiitv!dc ot Xpw .leiw'V." The
Imolpoi.itois ale H. rtfoid .lentlillKs,
llenjainlii II .Vilnius and ('hailes W".
.IlllK. of .lei spy City,
The lout" between Wllkis-liaiip and
Ua.lptoii lias been surveyed and it Is
as neai as iKsibk- an ah line. The
dislaiiep to llay.leloii . 1 1 1 be about
twiiily-lhe miles and It I." pioposed to
have a ijukker seiviie than by tialn.
Steel Mill Employes' Union.
A I. UK' number of the at
the Smith steel mill ot the Lackawan
na li on and Steel lompam met Sat
in day uIkIu at Nowlski's hull, South
Sei anion, and weie oiK.inlzod into a
The woiK of oiK.iui.atioii i imietly
beini; done .iniouu the mill hands and
ll will not be Ioiik bctote the enllie
oiMiik lone will li.ive been union
ized. D., L. & W. Boaid.
Follow ins is the make-up of tlie T).,
L. . W. boaid for today:
MiiMtW. M i:
wait t a Pi-t-s 1 1. in. ii. r. st,,i,., 1 1)
l, III , II ll, luilv.
II l.spu, ; ii
wiia as 1:1-112.11 .1. in . Hi i.nia. . 1 111 ,
P. llilli'l, in 1 mi. Ciui.e H111 1 ; 11 .1. in, I
.1. I'o.iclln; ' 111. .1. II vi-,i(i-; .1 p 111,
II. I. I .nl, m: 1, .1. in , II llnur.
siiinuiiN. la -a .1. 111. r.i-t, .l.i-'. C.iiii'-ir; l
p 111.. ..M. .1. lit m,ii;.iii; s 1 111. vt1, I,
ripiiiililkir s p. in, 1 i-l. W II. m!k1-.; 7
p in, n Viu. i: Mi Mll-in; 7 11 in,
iic-t trim ( 11111. vtLl.aie; 7 p 111, wn-t foiu
t'niici, I hull p-nii.
I'lillcis- HI ,1. in , V. 1 . s((i 1
I'll-lllK S .1. in, 1 itim, 1, Hi 1 m . s I'm
mn. II 11 .1. 111, M01 in; 7 i 111 , Muiile;
'1 p. 111. J,.iuipiu; !' p. 11,, H11I1111.
I'.i-iiij,ir l.iiKini 7 1 111. l.illtni: 7 i 111,
1;. link; ." 'n p in, si 11, ten, 7 p. in. Mi
Willi 1 ..! Wcl-1 1. 111., T. Iiiimlii in: 1. 1.
m, D. Hi.vnM , 7 ,1 111. I'. W.ill; s .1 1..,
M liiiliui; loi. 111,.'. lilnli,; ll .1 in, I)
1'ifVir.iM; I p 111, . (,' ll.iiniiiit, J p in,
.1. .. llu-li: '. ;i 111. M. fiunirli; ", p, in,
.1. T. Mmiii, MiC'iltlrt'i. nidi, ii p 111, 11
f !--
1 uiiilnctor Vimlv Mdliirull Mill inn ah P.
M( lliltV diir t.xinnniw nUht, Mil II, 7 p.
in., o I-.I finni .S.iv Vim,
111 ikiin.ui .1. .1. ( utniiiin- iipoiN frn iniiy
Willi I. Ve MINler tin' t I1I1. P. I'.nlillei un 11111111-. foi dun unli
0. (Vm mil I rip.
Ill iVeui 111 (. Iliiilvlnil up. nl-, fin iluu wall
P C .0.111 umli tic xt tiip
Willi 1111 siiiinli.i i iiMdih.i 1I1-1 lin. a i
nil in-.ihinl.
In tho i.ii-o ot PituiU fSilliqhrr .icainst Mar
lr.'l livt'it- ii.iirt iri.iiaul .1 rule tu npiu jmL
un lit.
.lolin M. Mrtouil w.i. m-1ih1j .ippuaitid
imiiiiilviiaiiir In t tKc tr-tliiinnv 111 the ilnoiic
1 ,-e of I Mill Mc Vim n'ilnl Ilinlrl "Mi'Viin,
'I hi ituiiil juri wn nnililo to loinplifl lis
wink ,(vterili.v, ,n wis cspcrlcil it wmilil In-,
lmt In ill piuliilnlili a llnal lrpcit will bo iiihIi
toil IX.
.Inlm 'l.ilor w.e .ii-lonliv ipiiiiitul 1111111111
-.lulu 1 f(i I il.c tiMiumm un llm inlc foi 1 innilt
tl,.it!.in in the iliuii 111 Ihu 1 .in 01 tho Wi!
ItiiU' l'"il fi'inpiin isiln.l lloheit Vuu stuiili
tt .ll.
K""ul,,e Dr- w-cn(Wh w.vo pm.
A" "thoib nio ImliuHous and daio not
"o thli, ileMun
0y ,)t aIIow anv ,,,,. tn pjt.
mic .1 1'lifeum lUieu rumi tin above
roc all dealeis or pi. A. V. Chao
JK-ilklue Co., Iluiralo, N, T.
Summoned to Show Cause Why They
Refuse to Accept the Extia Couti
cllmen Judge- Caipentcr Sustains
a Controverted Ruling of the Late
Judge Gunstcr Jackson Sheet
Baptist Church Case hi Common
Pleas Court Sister Sues Btother
No Repoit 10111 Grand Jury.
The dozen Ftopubllcani of the seven
teen "e.vtia" common rounellmon have,
at lam appealed to roust to hecine
their bcntH. A pplltlon for a wilt of
altci native mandamus was lllod p,
terday hy their attoiiiey., Voshui-R- and
liawfim, and court srautpil the peti
tion, making tho wilt returnahlo next
Monthly mornlnir at 0 o'clock. The
petition la as follows:
'Iho petition ul John 111 iu, .1, 11 ('Mid lint',
T. J. fcnouilcn, .iWpli i:.m, l:, ll. ltolntlnit,
11. I!. I'.ilno, Matlil.H Stlpp, 'lliomis W. 1Iiiiiib,
John T. Jimn, Kmiii I,.iih, IM ml SiciriiiB,
I'lul K- rifpirlfiillv hoHilli!
1. 'lint plini' tn J.nniiii, IIHIt, tin- illy of
Simtnii 1 i of ttn tlit 1 it (li-, iinilt r
Hie rl is-lih .itluii nt 0f the ropnnanwrnllli ol
Pi nii.ili.uil 1, .mil It ippi.irinsr by thu I niti-il
'I itri (cnsn-, tiKInc ilniliii; Iho 31 ir Pull, tint
the niil lily I111I .lilt.iiitnl to ii pnpiil ilinn in
tltllin; It to nn .iili.mtu In i1.i-nIi1iII"Ii fiom the
iltj (it thr- thtril tliss to 0111' of the iiianil cl i-".
lion. Willi 1111 , Monc, KOttinoi of the 1 0111
tiimmriltli of I'tnii-.tlt inh. ninlir the vl .il
of the tuiinnumu illli, c 1 tffinl tint f.itt niionl
hurl to tlip piopi-i- mnnl(lnl .inthorltlci of the
ill of s, ,, ton, -.ilil (i llllli .lie lirniif ilitul
Inn Pi. I "01, mid hiving In in Kidwil I 'J Hi"
pioptr .inlliorltic on Jin. 1(1. llidl, ilnlf rrconl
nl in tlie ollko foi Kioriliiitr of il.nN tn llm
imnitv of I.itl.iiM.inni on ihl list iliir,
1 U .1 ir-'iiln' initthiK nf tin' M-lnt iiinnill
of tlie tit of s, ! niton, the t-iliflt .it e of I tie
puirnor nfincil to In tiii,n;i ipli 1 nf tliN pelt.
tloii m moitid .nut ilhrilnl to lip (iitciril it
taii.c npon ttio inliniti-i of tint brunch of the
1 mini 11, .mil tint on '-'I, 1!)1, it a lopilu
milling cf the LOiiiinun cninirll of tho titv of
si 1 111(011, lhe suil (eitEfu.itr wis rrti'ot'il iml
ihniliil lit tint hrituh of tunntiN in In (iittrnl
up ni the itilnuti-.
, lint ninlir tho iiiiitNinn-, of tho tut n br
mx to (Eliit of Iho oionil (.l.e-, the (tniiidU
proiicitril itr;nl,ir .niit hjjll, it otn pttition.
its hohcti! mil ovjiott to ho nlilo to pioM", to ai
iot Un mil npoit tho nmnlir of ulilint. t is
.ililis in the t.n iiiii w.iriN of flio (lit of N 1 ni
ton, lint lopoitdl tho simo Ihiontth conmntlii""
of ttitiiKiN to tlio tlininiiii of tho rniinnnn ( 01111
1 il. the 11 poit in 111 -.iilnnlttdl ,iL 11 rinlii iniot
ni'j of iho (ointnini (onntit hold .1 111. L'l, Tml,
tthlih rrport Imius tho innnlii 1 or 11 siT ut tav
ihh -, in tho it 1..1I-. tt.oiN of tin til ol so mton
N .ih fiillow:
I 11-t v, ml
Sinnil wml
Ihlnl vtiiit
Piinilli w ml
Piflli w inl
sistli w.inl
spi ntli w ml ....
I.uhth w ml ....
Mnth w.inl
Toiitli w.tnl
I tin nth w ml ...
hwlftli w ml ....
tlilrlu nth w ml .
Pointrontli w 11, 1 .
I'ltKinlh wjhI ..
siMtinth wml .,
Sownti i nth w nil
I lirhlionlli .
Miioticnth w.iid
'lui ntli Hi ..
Iwinti Int
l.oi 1
..I, 'II
. fiTI
. . 7I
. 'Uii
. l.'.J'i
. 1,11
l inh 1 tins ipporiiuniiiont of tlio w itil
In. nno intllloil to .idilitlim il ( 011111 iIiikii, ind
the niittn nf tho 1 Hi of "i 1.111I1.11 11 lonlmirli ,
htrillt ind itnlirh ur il hN prm I un itinn ill
1 01 li,nr llnl llio .iililitnniil lonntiliniii in tho, should ho oliiitd ut tlio nol nninuipil
itulton, oiiiiiititt not It -,-, ih in 0110 month ,11111
iho ilito of 11. h rntitniti, in .iitoiiUmo with
tho i t ot Jin. s"i, Is'i",. .mil ollr pi I it 10m it
wtrr duly and losilly old tod 1 tnnnt ihnrn it
sin li 1I1 i'i mil. In wll, Pih 111, I'lHI. and who
rilnriiid le iho piojioi oloiiion oflkor, undwiii
tliiitnpoit intitlod in oit-, in tin i oininon 101111
ul 01 tin 1 lit of st 1 mton, 1-, 1111 inht r. thtnof,
mil 10 1 i-l in tlio in;; :ni.iti"ii nf tho ili sin
t mini nl on lie In-t Momln of piil not ( 11-.11
in,' llu'ir ill it inn, .i piotiilod In Im
I it tho ilefoiulinK .i"innin In 11 1 i tho
iininnm lonnill of tlio eltt nf Sainton, iiliwod
to .illou Mini prtitiouoi-. 01 Hit ol Ihim to In
swniu In .iii.l iin.ilthoil At iDininou 1 oum ilintn
nf llii; 1 itv of s( mton 1 Mill iifn-o to illow-
torn potiliomi 10 iiiilltt is 1110111I01-, of n I
1 1 1111 h
1n11 pi til inni 1 -i, linn slinnnist llnl ihot no
lri;ill iliittii toiiin iltni n nf the ill nl iiiii
ion mil iiiililud 11111I11 1I11 1 iw In nil .i- smli,
,md lint lh(i Into I101 11 illmilH iloputod of
Hull' llKht In .nl 11s .ii.l( lonntilnnn In tlio
difindiia--, u.pu Ifnlh pi it tint 1 iiiiiidiinn-i
nnv ho N-iml l Iho o.ihl dofi miauls, 1 niiini mil
ItU tin ill In locoho jrini iidillonois is nuialnn
of the ooiiiKil ot iho dl of union,
nut tn illnw tlioin 10 (iiillf .is miiIi. and to
nl is sin h lounoiliiiou in Iho ir 111- ictlun m the
liii-tnis.- of Iho lonniil tint tonus lufoio llnl
lll.llllll of tlio IOIIIIt.ll--.
111l Miur iptiliiiK'r- will nil pin, ilt
Vn.lniri! Inw-n'i.
MlnllK.ts ol till I'llillOIIII-,
The wilt is iliippleil to all of the
twenty-one moinhei.s of the oxlsilnpf
lommoii poiincll.
Much hnpoi t.incp altailips to this
action l)ppau!P ol tin- fact that pouii
( IN will he pallid upon to elPPt a
mayor if tlio "Ulppi'i" ai't li ileclared
imtoiihtltntloiial anil If neitlior I te
em ilft Molr nop ".Mayoi" Robinson
- 111 hp ablp to establish his illit to
Hip ihalr ot tlio plili'f cNPcntivp, As
the poiineils now atanil Hump Is a
Pemoiiallc niajoilty of two on lulnt
hallnt. Should conimon louiiell be c
pamleil the KpiiuliliraiatiWiailil have a
maioiliy ot tin pp.
In Common Pleas Couit.
Ki'imcr & C'hiiiicll walnut H. 11.
Hi lllilli.s, tho .lapKf.on .slu.'t-:
chuii'h, K.iiiilshpp, and A:,!a Kowph, e-
pintor of the I'hlatu ot .Muikhii lirnvpn,
dpi eased, IntprM'niim' PiPdltor, Is the
tltli' of a latht'i ponipHeatou iaso,
which xmih the Ih hi in pom.! hefo'e
.lllilKji .1. V. falpDllter ill tll main
(01111' 100111 when the tlueo weeks' .May
let 111 of common pleas opened yestei
day. In 1SH7 i:. 1!. (ItlllltiiH, ). iPiiKms
nml John DniM's bonowtd ifJ.oOO from
tho West Slilo Hank 'or the nsp of the
JtipUson stippt Uaplitft rlinrch, ot
chilli they wi'io oillcpfs, From liino
to limn $l,.!0fl ot this amount vtts paid,
Tho hank K'it judgment lor Uu ipmal'i
dpr iiKulnst K. II. .iUllllh. an I this
Judgment was hoimht tip by .MoiKan
llowt'ii, of Sprint,' Hiook, lutlier-ln-lnw
of Mr, (lililUhs. Uowi'ii iiiocppded to
have tho tdierlfr Ml out Utllllths and
tho salo loalUud ?J,77.". Fbiiiht
(Miappell hud 11 Judgment agalnm
Clililltlih tor monoy loaned him wIiph
ho was startfiiB In Iho KU'ceiy husl
nt"K Bomo yems bpfori The day of
the sheillf's sale they issued an at
tachment ppeution atruhiHt the rhuu-h
fot tlio money' they ilalmert the r hut eh
was owlmr linlliths. After these pro.
ceediuKs vveie bcRtin, MurKan Monnpii
camo In with an ,iMKiunrut ot ill if
lllhs" claim on tho cltuivh and was
allowed to Intervene,
Tills makes the suit h thrce.rnrnpiPl
one. The iiuestiou Is whether the
Chun h owes; (iulllllis aiiytlilntr and it
It does, who has Hist claim un it, 1-Vn
lii'i tiilll or the Jlorwin llotvcu
pftatc ViisliuiK .'i Dawson lepifscnt
Feiiuei' iV I'happcll. W. flajloul
Thomas lopiestailn tlio llowou etatp,
and V. S. Dlehl ici itsenls the chinch.
0. "
C2 . . ' 0
3 0
0ur Preparations
For Commencement
0I Are complete, and we now offer
X a most comprehensive line of
J5 materials for
m 1 in b
Mouseline de Soie, PHsse,
and Satin Stripe Dimities,
Persian Lawn, Wash Chif
fon and French Organdies,
Lansdowne, Albatross snd
Printed Foulards, Pongees,
Dimities, Silk Ginghams
Swiss s, Grenadines and
Mouseline de Soie, French
Challies, Lansdownes, AS
batross and Nun's Veilings
Elegant Line of Fan
for Graduating Presents,
126 Wyoming Avem
in a-
I'H'sldent .luds0 l-fhvaicli1. In luuit
loom No. .'. i iriiK.iiypil In Ir.MiiK tli.
cihi' uf iiik;ot (ioilnoy iiK-ilu-t 1' r.
Cod I toy. The'- .itc s-istM nml bioUcr
.Hid Use in Wintim. Mi. liodli( Kopi
lioltl and Ills Mslc'i' llvod uitli lilin,
.KlliiK ir the e.ip.idt.v of lioiicKcfpo''.
i'hif clair.i'- j-lic u:is. to lei-oixo (fituiii
:iK(h and iliut up to Lit IWi'inber
tlic aniiiuntc"! to S:w. Shi' olloi.'il io
((.ttlc toi $:i(H), hiiu v.iy.s, and lio imrc'd
to i.iy her thai .iniount, lmt now k
fdsi.f to lc up to his .ih'i( eiiKMii.
Hi- (luiiiot. thit! .ii'KtiniL'iit and claims
tluio nocr was any Lnnnact Ii-Iwimi
tl'i'in. Slio niiiile lior lionn ltli liim,
hi' .s.iys. was piovidi'd with I'Wi'vtlilii'j
-.In- wanton ard peiloinicd thi- clitilus
of lious"U(.'(.'pcr In loilhldi'iatioii oC his
upporllliK lit'i. laist CliiNtnius li'
was' mm lied and this pi ovol'.cd Ills Mh
tu'fc lie. W'lii'n lie camp lionio wltli
his hiidc ids Mmpi, lit' alk't-i's, as
saultPd hlni, and llien (pilt the hon".
It as vot until aftor tills ni'iuiiiMU".
h( alleges, tluit slie niailc any I'lalm
for .vastPh. llo i cfusod her dcinauil
and .slie liinit;hl .suit. Josopli O'l'.ilen
and M. .1. Martin rtppour lor tho plain
tirf. 'I'lii' ilpfpiulant's uttonipj.s aie
.lumps .1. U'Malley and 10. '. Newioiuli.
The oiist of tlie Uxtter Matdilne
iiflh usfilnst. ti'c Cnllion Coal euiu
panv and tlie ease of K. II. l.oi Kurd
im-aln.l M. T. Kollcr were repoited
m ItU'd. Til" ease of Thomas XU'IioImiii
HKiill'sl tii'oipe V. I'ottei was iIImiiii
lluueil. In I lie of V, M. UiIiiiipU nualnst
tlie KfjniiP Aeatleniy, .IikIk Caipon
ti r Used ndoii, to-day, as. li llnio lor
lieaiiiiK mmunents, tlie nttoriiiys
havlllK UKiL'i'tl upon tlie fin Ih, The
plaintiff li- represented by e-l)l.stlit!t
Attorney Miutln, of W'UKes.Mane, and
Mr, Mullen, of Man Is it Mullen, of
Philadelphia, htrt'etor I.owiy iep-les-ent
the defendant.
The follow lllfif u.if.e.s woip eontlnued:
Patrick Kfiichan against P., Ii. & V.
Itiiilioad fonipany; Mleh'iel Ktufforl
aRalnst Scianton Hallway company;
NcutfOss Hi os. auainst AVIIllam Shaffer;
W. . WllllimiH against John K.
Jones.; .liuncs a. Steveim nKnlui U .
1,. & Y. It, It. poinpany; Kmo Kee.
Kim nualnst Metropolitan Idfo lusur lompany,
Subtntns Judge Gun&ter's Ruling,
The eeWmitetl illsputu bo
Iweeii llllen O. Kelly anil Juines F.
Donnelly, ot' Jlurtlhon .xviiiu-'i mcr tlie
coiiHtiuetUm of a InrKe fence, was tho
Mihjfci of an opinion bunded down
ycfittiilay by JinUn J. W. Paipentor,
The ciiho was tiled by tho lite JudKo
iluiister. who sustained tho contention
of the plulntllf. .Mrs. Kelly. Hetoi.t
Hip exceptions could bo U"uid. Judge
Clunstt'i-'s den tli oceiuicd, anil the other
local judK.s tlPLlin'd lt hear Uipih
Tho inatter was lukrii to tlio supeilor
i mil t by the dofund int and tho supirloi
t oiu t sent the v.ik- ljuck with a lullnir
to the eltPit that .lie loen! JuiIkos, nr
one of th"in should dls.po"i of the pn
ctptlons. Tno case hoaid 'n t!f
e.Meptlons hefoie .llitlsjo C'aipentei and
lie decided that JittU'c Ounsur'.s iiilini?
.i. collect. The escpptlons nru dls
uiistd In tlio follow Ins opinion:
We Jj iivi 'livui it KuuiJry to ili.unj tin;
rxiiptiHUs fn tliU i ( (hi.iiI( inn at l(iia(li
lint vfini In lie lia.od upon (lie 1Ihii,, (s wis
Hh . 1 1 - m i u 1 1 1 u ...ii tin ni, Hi ll If llio in in il .i i- id
,nitc li ., . i to Pi molt ( (t, Un iinniliir of
1,1111.' ilnli.-. nl i lit initmil nl whiih llio I. m i litlh i oiitn i inl ..luiiild no) bo npi.ii llio
p' initio'-. -IiIi ol llio lino lino lultMin Im 1 md
nil tl n ot llic il. nml ml. -In tumid not Im i ii
ntlid to liln i. t. hi k f. ih. ihUi tho In ml liio
i t appi.iri 1 Into liwd liU i utit lii-lon- upon
a ililli li'.ll, iml, ui' tlillil , tlio iniiiit mil, llnl
.1. tin ti in i plop i lid lmt one in. li on to llio
I ind o Iho iloti ml. nt. and tioni thuo .nil tin.
Inlf to K l ih Ik- on to I In I ind ot iho plnnilir.
tin ditiiidn.l -huiild In tiijotmd fioni -ii ton
Mini liiu' il
'Iho i mi'.ii nil linn i.iiiinl In il- lo.-nal
n in In ion ttoitld null u iim n,t, in t i-t m
tin old httlc of v in in linn, tor in-tinn', tn
ai i it on llio n I ilito di mi ii-toii. ut Iho ii -pti tlto
ili'N nf tin Mtiial i iiN "( '.villi h il ni. ion
it I in 1 1 l. 'Ilii to thtiilv. a limit i not iillnl
upon to do
'I In l". I. iml. i Iniind i.j lilt "llm Hit fi in o
U Itmv in, .It un ih" 1 1 in', Iml In mi. li i mm
1 in lliat I In- nuilliiili fito nf Iho po-l-. i tii 1 1 ill
Mill ho tin in it li. in 1 1 ditlslun Inn RttMiti
,lu 1..I-. in iMi -linn, I. llli' Iho pn-l- ind l iil
ul un: nil Vl-, Itill.t'n; tthili tho Milllll
iilt tin ii tlio IioiiiK tu ho pnl nn tho line
ttill ho on Iho diM-1'.li lino, loitln' Iho Im li il
tuiii 1 v on tho 11.1111111111'- liinl "
'Ihi- Undine mi- tipiKiiiul li.t Hit ti-IIinoiif
nf tho ttilnt'-MS ttlm tii.. lallnl nn Inlnlf nf
t'e li-piillw. pintle, and in tthiili thuo m.m
ni iint'iii; .iini tti' no nl iho opinion Hut ih
Inl Un (Id film', which ttai Imill hhiio
ti ilrl l;n In in Iho n tl of tin hnn?i - li n k u llii'
alloy, tta- mi toii-ttni lid tint Un po-t- tii'
ttlnillt ill tho pi 11111111'" I mil, itliiln llio liuiul
ttuo uhnllt mi tho i'i li ml ml'-, Mnnld mil,
ttloti it li. i inn di!i.ilil( tn 1'iiild a finio In
I u oi li llio h.ii-i-, '-;lvo tho plalnlill ant llu'ht In
-ii inn-lint! it llnl ant pnl nl it uniihl 'I I'
ll i ( I Hilar on in tin planum'.-! I ind thin on In
imp. II tta- -lid In llt-.nt i-, latil-. 5 I'i , -t I.
"An I'linpoil hi- a lUhl In pljio Id- turn i
tn lit mi Id- Imiimliiy in anlit ipitloti id IU I o
i oiiitnir li diti-loii finio; iinil, iotiMiinntt, h
IiiiiiIi nn Id- iiiililioi' liml ii- mi Id- cmn I In
IlllllpllllV nl Ml llllldl ,n( it n- lllppilH l'l In
inn ---.lit , liki lln p.l.-l--ioll lit .1 lllllllt 111
iiiiiinion. li li"l adtt'i-o, lull for iho lam Ml n
linili; and, n il i- not an oii-i.i, il tan liiiliui
Kite lint tal.i' attav in.t llhl "
'Iho llm' lulttii'ii tho lols al Un point in urn-
lliitllr.t I- .it L ll'.hlllll inihi- limn Un -nil'
ot Iho pi linllll'.- Iiuii-o, and ai lliii niiiott -poo
I- n-nl hy Iho pliliiiill In purlin; H mil tlio limit
ti llio liar n( Im iiiiiim.-, -ho in n tn; iiop.
(lit niiini In no nili Miuttiiie ttlili.h ttill nn
ni'it--iillt liHonn ni. nn lino in llio u-o of II,
and a- Hit) ildtiidant l.n jupihnl nn ilhl hy
llio iini'in'i' in ttliitli tlio liiiio m tin inl tta-:
iiin-lintiiil, tt. tlillil. Un ih. ii. ii ul llio trial
jidao t ii lilil.
And lint. II iv 1 i. ll"'!. lln' iMiplioa- lilid t"
llic In dliu- ol lln ind.! it lio i nidilitnl tin'
trial tf tld- la-o kit ins lutii plmil up ni lln)
Ht,ukii iiiKUiiiint lii ami IntltiK lutii lull .r
Biidl hy ilium il litfori' llic mint in Iniu. tlie
niiilti alltl tliiu lOii'ltlctJlluii nf llif iiui.tlum
niopillt l'l lln in. tloM mil illmli tlio
txuptluni, and it l onliiid, adjutlu'i d ami tl'1
irnil tlut tlie ildiinlai.i, .Ijiuci. I. IKiiincll, lil
SLti, tiit.nil and niiplmn. I"' liricjflu pot
puiullt iiijolit'd fiom lon-litiitln,' i (euto on
tin- ilit'i'ion lino Imiui'iii Ills III ami llio lut ot
iho plaiiuilt in mii li iiunnii ll'Jt tin '' tllaH
I'Mrml ill m lliu land of llif plamllll u m itc
di.tiiut ill in on In tlio land ct lln dif.lidant
New Social and Athletic Club.
I'oloni'l P .1. FlUaliniininh .ipiillotl to
(nun .w'stt'itl.iy i'oi- ti ilidiui' j or Hie
South Hide Social and Atllli'lli' I'luli.
Tlio hiilisi'illit'i.-- am I'oiinty t'oniniis.
sinner John J. lurKln. foiiiily An'Utor
W. 11. .Inliiis. itfioiili-r of Oct'iLs l.'inil
lionn. i limits (1. l.mwui, John C.
Hchiiuli ami W'lllluin Tannler,
Our new stock of fabrics specially adapted for
this season, is now complete aud comprises all
the uew novelties in
Porch Rugs Porch Curtains
Fibre Carpets
Straw Mailings Summer Draperies
Temporary Store 126 Washington Ave.
Carpets. Wall Paper. Draperies.
Schedule in Effect March 17, 1001.
Trains leave Scianton:
G.4D a. m., week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and for Pitts
burg' and tho West.
0.38 a. m., week days, for Hazleton,
and for Sunbury, Hariisburg,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash
ington and Pittsburg ond tho
2.18 p. m., week days, (Sundays
1.58 p. m.,) for Sunbury, Harris
burg, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington and Pittsburg and
the West. For Hazleton, week
days only.
4.27 p. m., week days, for Sunbury.
Hazleton, Pottsville, Hariisburg,
Philadelphia and Pittsburg.
.r. n. IILrnilN&ON. Gin. Mgr.
J. U. V.O0D, Ucn. I'us3. Agt.
Delawnie, Lackawanna and Western
In l'llott Dec. '.'. 1000.
Soulli l.citc siunlon (or Xm Voilv .it I. ICI,
,11)1 r. no. seo and 10 0"i ,i. in.; lJ.Sr, 8JJ (i in.
Vtip riiilulolilil.i -it S (10 jikI 10 0" a. in.; l!jri
.niid ;i ;; p. m for Mruinisiwri- .it li III p. in.
Milk .iCLOinm.'ilition nl .110 p. in. Anivc .it
lloliokcn Jt l.-'O. 7.1S, 10 JS, U 03, .1.15. LIS,
7 l'l p. in. Anne ul I'liil.-.ddplii.i .it 1.0(1, 3 21,
'MKI and i-'ii P m AiiIvp fiom New Voil. .it
1.10, O.M awl lO.'iJ i in.: 10". IK, r. 11, S n
.nut 11 ..o p ni. 1 loin stioiiU-uiug .it S03 a.
Vnrlli I ciic '- i.mli'ii for tlulTilo iml inlrr
nitiliali latlini'. d 1.13. 1J3 ""'I '' IH1 a. m ;
16.1, aii .ind 11.13 P. l". ''"I Oiuea.0 anil
.stiai'iirc at I'.l"' a. in. nml 1.35 p. ni. Tor
l'tl( t nl 1 10 i in. "I"' l."1"' !' "I. Tor ilon-tic-c
at C"0 a in; 105 and 3.IS p. in. Tar
MilioNoi' l I 0" 1,,a ' ' I'- '" lor llhj?
luinlon it lu -0 i. An lit: In Scrintnn from
Unllalu .il I.-', - "'3. 3.1 1 and 1000 a. m.; "1.0
iml t.Ov' p li I'ro" O-wcgo and luu-c it
j 55 a. in.; I '' J"1' O P- '" ' mm I'tii i
jl 2.OT a. in; li .'3 and l.."0 i in, lroin
Mihol-uii at 7.30 .1. in. and 0 0(1 p m. I'lom
Mintiii-i" it- 1 1")" a- '" : "-'" ""ll s"1 I'- '"
Hlooni-liniK 1 iil-li.n-l.(H( Niatiton for
.Nmtliimilictliii'l. at I. 15 10 05 a in.; l.,Vj aid
5 50 p in. l"r I'ljinonlli at 10.5, 3.10, h 00 p
in I'oi Kingston at h.ll) i. in. Auiic at
.Nortlunnlicilanil at ') ..5 a. in , 1. 10, 5 00 and s r
ii in Srihf al lvinK-.ton at S 5J a in. .iiur
.il I'hniiiilli at -,10- ''- !l '"' I1 '" Anno
In Si.ranli'11 li""1 Noilliumlici I mil at fl IJ a. ri.;
1 150 and h 15 p. in. I'rom Kincitun at
ll 0.1 an. 1 I"'" l'l.tniuntli at 7.55 a. ni ; .J 20
ad5.:5p '"SIINIMV TinlNS
Sinilli- l.ivio siunlon al 1.10, ..'00, 5 50, Id 0.5
p m . .. .li and .. in p '
Nnitli t-i lantwii at 1 15, i 15 a. m.;
1 55. 3 lJ and 11 15 p. in
lllooin1mi: Unl-iuii '.crai' tuanton at 10 0j
in. and 3 50 p m.
Lehigli Valley Railroad
In i:n.t Mauh .!. 11H)1.
Tor I'lillidolpliii and Not
li It nl 0 15 ami 11.55 a
Voik ia I), t II.
aid 'J. 15, I SI
(III uk Diamond llxprt-o), aid 11 ..0 i
,i... It .1 II- It. II . I Til. S.-17 n. in
in. sun.
rn'i Wldle Ilitni. IhMon and piin.-ipil polnti
in the mil region-, li D. .v II. It It., n 15,
" IS and I IT P in. I'"1 I'litlnxlllc, I. .'7 i tn.
"lor Ilclliklnnt. I'ii-lrii. Hndliu, II iiiU'iors
and pilinipil liiliiintdian. -t itinn') lit I) .. II.
! It, 0.15, 11.35 a in ; 1 J7 (llluk Dn
in'ond 1'xp.i-). II "0 p. in. suiidit-, D. k II.
1!. K , 1.5s s"7 p. in.
lot- 'liinkliitmocl, I'ottindt, I'luiita, Win a,
Clniota mil pundpil liiliiiiuiliito -tallow, m
11., h. .X. . It. -s'te " "' ,'u" '""I " '"
'' 1'u'r (Jtncti, Itoilo-t.i. IlnPiilo. Nimaii Pallj,
f IiIlisd and all point, tti-,t, tit I) .x II. lt. It .
1115 .1. III. .i.'l iirniiuiiii Lxpiis-j
10 11. II .ll P. ni. Siindl
0. .x 11. It,
Jl 55, 'J7 p I" , ,
I'lillniin pnlt I i'i'' -lcpplns "'
LpIiIuIi Valley
r..i in- i us on an iiain
Imtttppii Mlkt- llirio
aid Vti "i 1-.
l'liilid(lilili, llo nfid Mt,
iirn-ltin Un lso
liOI.IIV II w n-nl II
2il Colli ind
.'u C'oitland
Al , S, uth
KtliLt. l'tt X"ll
r iiiii.i:s s i.i :,
Hi u
I'a-i t ,
Hit. Ii-
-tint. Noil .oik.
a w ,omiiin
11, II. ll 1., Ml. I' I.
I'oi lliktt- and I'ullii.iii lP-p-tiilioni applf
;W katt nun ilti'l u '.
S union, Pi,
Central Eailroad of New Joisey.
stitlon- in -tt "ik foot nt l.iln.ily -tunt,
c" It . and fJtitli 1'niJ.
1 itj tmii.i: in r.irnr ov .'5, i'i
I'nlm Uaio Kianli'ii lei Nut" iul Scttaik,
rilalptli, I'lillatli Iphia, lai-lon. Ilitlili In in, l
U ot n M.mli H'""1' '""' wl,il" ""','' -'l '"
a in . cxpii". 1 1". I'"'- :l'"" ' ln' !""
... .. ir. I. in
1'n'r Pill-ton and W ilkm-llmp. KM i
,i mi ,, in Mindijs, a I i p ill
"'"(Ir ll.'ltl.i'oK -"'I WH'liliiktln a
.M i. in
li nml Wrl '' l' tlililuio. s . 0 ,i, in ,
i rj, ,, ui hiindatrt. '.'.13 p
I 10
' ' . ' ... ....I. il I!,,... ... ...
l.lllln ItiaOLll. u",i" ,.., ... , in c, .11
,.l 1.10 P. III.
' I'ur ItiJilln-. krlniioii and lluul-lntr,;. xh M.
lilltutMi. b.iu ' ""' '", I' '" sillltl IJ-,
" I'oi I'olint lilt, Sin i in mid I 10 p. in
'lliimuli tlik' I- I" .'II pnliit "'i "'"Hi iii'l
mat al luMii ritin at Hi'" tiition.
II ! IHI.I1WIN. tli li. IM- V't.
.1, II. 01.11 l SI.S, tii n Nipt.
v . -. Irw tf-
lAfl 1 try :t?-1!L&
Time Caul in rfftct Dec. :10th, tVOO,
laJTawT"' oe
&i i'he bTATIOV. f Vzi
Isllilj II '12
i I fl "1 . AM
jj .' 7 io vi v w ijiiMj.v ' s n-
I i;j" PM " " "PM Pf
,,1015 ins Al Cadnnlii I.t . i 05 ISO
1010 1(1 " llaniMl. . " 3 114 Tb
1031 a IS " Slurlll'll " JK1 (S
,.to:t til " .Innoii I'aiL. " ... 2 suss
. 1015 125 " WIiiuoihI. . " . 8415 15
...1000 J10 " .lojruldlf... " . 360611
, ... 'J v l Aj. ' nrnou. . " , a 68 & cS
UHJItlt 1 li imaiit Mt , " . 3 01 5 f u
'JIIHi Lnlulnlillv , " . a IX) 6 31
,, S.itllll lortH til, " . 11U6I8
,,,, pst diiii.'i " luiboiiiiaiaVii " afaias'i
,.,.840 UIOII'.-'J " I'mbou Into "7 00aSI5 5l
,. aSd Hill " tXllllo Hll.tLTi'. " 7 01
. BSI llbltl II " MitlUlilYil " J Ml 115 18
,. f. S3 'J 01 II 11 ' lalMd "J073U(il
,. B20HMIIU Jillinjll "7UJJ1S61S
. i W 1.111 1 1 tlilllmll " 7 13 61 bill
. HI8.m1II(;I Ulnl.,0 "71'361UU
. 619 8 III ll) M l.-ktllli' " 7 j:'S 606 IS
. nil miiDM oiu.ii.iui 7 . . 4 cn 6 :i
. dll 1 10 III h) " I'lkihuip T Vj 07 1: 4
,.. 809II0 " 'tlllui.i " T SH lOCK
. bCn KIMOI' ' I'rutl'IPIlir " 7 IM I4C.11
. GUI t01 " link I lace " i M17bS?
bU, Ktoio ii.t birinKni ti :i'H,0t,S5
Plit IM IM IU PM H.ll
AJJitloiiat trains If art. I arkomlalf fcr Mattula md
6-IS I'm rtrint tii ila,onJ 7 bOptil ftumluy gnlx.airitiua
mMuvnill aril V CU pni au.! 8- Cd pin
a.aittiitiioln4liav i'i raiitoiiut-nii'inhiinaflti till,
itoniiiijiiltallilalluna l.i I arloimak. amtuiji al 7 la m.
i J train liatra Matac'.l Yar.l Wr rarliuuaali al tl.aai
Uall),orrUiiigat (oiiwo'liloato. iam.
Itate.i - .(-until pec mile, ,
I.oncat Iditt'i tn nil rnlnts West.
V. c
Cid'llaia'r Afiii
iw VurLi ilj.
. t. wusn,
I rav. Airnt,
frrraaUu. 1.
Capital $1500,000. Surplus $500,030.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday evcuings
from 8 to 9 o'clock.
Wm. Connli.i., President.
Hi.nky Biun, Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm.TI., Cashier.
Mannfiicturera or
435 to 455
N. Ninth Street,
Telephone Call. 2333.
vvSlnsteii hotel
for. Sixteenth St. and Inlnj I'lace,
Ami'ili.111 I'I in, si.Ml Pa- lHy and Upward'.
I'uiopean I'I in s,oo per iy and tlpttatd
t-iin i ll Ititts In r.innllct.
-- --------
l'or Business Men
In tlio heart ot tho wholcsal
For Shoppers
S minutes' walk to Wannmnkors;
S mlnutcn to SIoboI Coopar'a Bis
fcUore. lnsy of acccsa to tho treat
Dry CooUu Btorca.
For Sightseers
Ono blodc from B'wnx" Cari. glv
Inir cany transportation to all
pulntu of Intel cat.
Z. Only ono Block from Broadway. -r
X Rooms, $i Up. nao t
.... lli.I Tit 11.
iriu.i inn iLMII lilt II O
ltlllli:!,, ,n 1 1 l'l IU'
irtliir.lmi. mill ut iiiipiorii
Iml. .I...I lu...l. It HIXP1
mil liiitliiilirjuiiil (ijii; !'"' i ., u
lllt '(I'.IICl l,ll"..
Rutin ft.'), Timw nds , Nett Voik.
Dolawnio nnd Hudson,
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