The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 08, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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' ' '-" 't- j v -fr'. - -m 75i i - .w wjk,?v'DCT'
;' v " 'v t 1
A t'CUH.I-Atl OH.Alll.SO IIOUSH for tlia Bf;
A fit of All 'h.i llif Himhm to Herd. ll
(Male or Oilier I'lopeity In Sell ur lAcliamje. f
l,n Ware SIlMilloni t.r llclp-T ws Ninl A"'
Ullkinii-iilii IV.I On CjlH "' a.'Vtfli
tliu for file Cents Wuiil-lltti-pt SitmWM
Wat.lcil. wiiltli Ate Inserted free.
W.M'I.H- Milliicr at wi i A I chows,
M i"llft1 lltllllC.
The Erhoo) Board's Meriting an In
teresting One Another Deadlock.
Tho tegular ni"otlng of tho school
bl.'llll W.'IS Ill-Ill mi Muniln OVlMllllg. Mil
I In- nicmb'M-s bolnc pr" -tn. Jolm W.
lfMI"S. Hi SoUlll I'llMU'U htl'iOt applied
.t i ii'i-lil"ii ns tnnltur. mid Miss
Mary H Cuiiuaughloii. now tit ttlnoins
tnirg Nonual school, asked for pol
i m as t-nohot Jlcitli eolitmuulea
t'i us worn placed i llli .
A complaint was ic-oliod tioin Jli?.
Uinl McMullon. stating tliul pupils
iiv.m .Wi. !i Hnml li id 110110 u,mnt datn
fic mound h'r piupcitj. btenklng
ilnn n ii l-iii" mkI ilnlntr uthcr nns.
IlI'Volls t,llng. 'Mill when spoken t"
limine t-ij yam v. Sim tviiir-itti (1 the
In mil t" t-ihe wiiii' action The build
ing c mmtil 1 1 " was Innlructod to report
i the li'i.nil what dnii'iige liml ben
. niftil. .mil tlii- misconduct of lit; pu
i.l w.i-. i-Piled In th- -upi-rlnt" tul
ri ,ni'l pilr.i-lp.'il "I ill'' -.liotil. with
net i net Ion-, in piovldi- in Immediate
" evl.v.
T vw lillli ,vem onl'Mul p.iiil.
William Nlid'sl i, i.utiiu . . . . ''
'in Hunt I il s"-ei
- I. will-. .; t ''''!
I K s,ij I !"
UnMilr l.lalii ii'Mpniy !,Ml
t . iiviMi'ui'il ti.iiti irmpit, . ''! 'l
I 1. 1 1 II ui-ti " 1
I.imii Wiiil.. . . -'"I
'.,11 IIks ... ... .J"
II.M. ll'.aiii.iiiil lui nin).ii' I'i'
I. .1.1 4J'il 'H
A bill df .'IT' iioiu tlic Knvnilian
it in t-t Wiitcr lotup.iny "as- liclil up. ns
li" iMiinpunv li.n not yi-t crimpleteil its
uiptriift. 3Ir. Moon, ol the liulldlin;
-Dlnml t It . upoif-il Unit In' liail li.irt
nptltH nitiilo mi Hip Itniuicc In No S
'I'hf J.nilloi.-' runnnttlfo icpoited im
favoi.ibly nri Ml. loV ili'inaiul tur ati
Iru'if-atp In pay. mid siigKehtnl Hint n.
iimv .lnnltor b- lilroil to takp liN pI.hv.
.Mr. I.'i' lias lifi'ii gpMili S 10 n nunitli.
The lcpnit rocfhi'd. mutioti
tu give Mr. $.'.". toi oxtin work
ivrif. Hdoptod.
Trcttf uier Moon icpoilPd tin'1 ro
pclpl of $'..600 ns follow.'-: Fiptn C'ol
lictor vr.itt. ?l,0'iil: f'ollfptor C'lllfoi-d,
JJ.Ciift: Collootor, Scaniiiii 'SOn.
A nintUm was nindf to lalse A. Wll-s-on
Oonry's. .salary to ' per inontli.
Mr. Cicmy Ket but 5.V pir month.
'J'liu motion was lot.
'X ho huperintendont rmnplaint'd that
student:) had been let Into the ivn
tinl bulldlns: befoio fhool houi.s by
the assistant Uliiarlaii.
Tlio youns nrin was pn?-eiit and
liroved to the board Hint he had noth
Ins to do with letting the boys in. A
U'Kilution wn passed, howovor. I'oi
biilillns' students to enter the building
iiiitt-icle ot . hool lioiu-.. nndei penalty
ol .siihpeiihlon.
The following tcaphers. made appli
f at Ion for the bomd'f. endoi.sement for
mastnr cei tificitc s: Mai'RJiut Mc
ndicw, r.liKaboth Thonips-on, Helen
I'.ifchinnic, 1311a Maty Miuphy,
H.nali riwifirrt and Wilson Gem. v. The
i.flli.'r.'. of the lion id weio instrueted to
linnlsh the leeonimendiitlont..
'I'Ik- High j-ehonl faculty, tluough
I'lliu'lpnl Urydeii, linked for the use "t
Hit- lliiih sphool arhembly mum on
lilt PMiiInt' ol Mi'iiiorial day for the
impost of hnldliiR -n enti'i tulnment,
I'm- nmocnls l h'IiIpIi .no to go to
i'ii' Ifich ,-ihooi pi. mo iiim! and the
".'.Mid Ajih nt tin' Heptlblie post.
: iip'jintiM!di'nt liau's monthly ie-i-irt
.'ai lead and unified ppicd on
Appli' iiiloii tni tli'i position of imii
lui of Hie ii'iiiial building were r
C'iwd lumi A. I.. V.iniioider mid V.
I'.. l.wm.i. The ii"nii'i otterPil to ilo tlie
intllO w'niktliat of Ml. l.oe and hi-
ns"isiuni nr ?ii0 iici- niontli. Mi.
i:uns pnij'o'il to do the entile woik
im 1-r.s pr month.
I'h.illllimi Mo. kellbiMiy stilled that
as Hip woman aisistant's time dues nut
mi out till June they eould nut va
' nil' hi r '" Hi'in at tliis tline. mid
ik;-s'i'i! tlif IlIllUK ot a janitor In
tempo), irlly till Mr.'.i plaee till
.Moon iii'l.iinatP 1 Ticuili
Inn tor Ihi' plute at ! pel uiuntli.
'I he roll uii.s railed mid Moon,
Ihighi't and iliillaglKT voted for Theo
pllllus '11111 lliii'keiili"ri', SwIrimI and
Ivitwlu lor r.vaus. It was declared u
H .
Tlif secii'tiii.N wis then llistiueled to
line a ti'iiiporaiy Junltor.
Delinquent I'olleetor'.s
uner;ittoii INt was thin lak'ii up.
The bonid nllowed $10;!, m.iUhis n total
of about ll.HOO.
MUs OUTRAM'S FUNE11AL. Body Wilt Bo Taken to Albany
Today for Burial.
The tuiwal &erveoH over th re
in.'ilu.s of Leoimid Outram, wm died
"n loiida,v nioniiny nt thu home of hln
hrothvr-ln-law, James I'.utl, on Ter
ineo Mtretn, were hold last nvenlng at
".Ou oMoch. Tlicy worn eondueted by
Itnv. Ch.irlts, pasilor of the First
frexbytftiian ehuteh, and worn htrietly
pilvntc. only the family partlelpailiig.
Today the body will he taken un the
T a. in. tlulii to Albany N, Y wi-oin
lennt'in will le nifiile in Hi" Hural
si' i net dry. by Hit -ile of hl late wife.
Tlio burial servlio will he by inn elei'sfyniaii who odlel.iteil at Mr'.
I'uti, tn'H tuneiol
A inblm'aiu Wiw rucolvud yesteiday
iiurnii'K ftom London fruin Alien out
ram, his brother, expresninif h sor
. and nsUiiig that burial bo mudn
as montlojied. V. V. S. Paul, of Omn
ia, hH, was heiu in at
i ml tin.' tuueial.
ptAul.i tn be ti.jl.'n into Hit rlioe . or
f (t fcil twclkri, rurioiii ami iljnip, gnj Ru
innl adly. If jnu hav Jiklr.i; ircl. Iry AlKn'
I .it-l.jv. It H6t tlic fat am! -iijIic, ika Ul
(slit l.u ciy. 'iirn Cil'Milu, sl!.n.
litlni; feel. WUUn mi' v-jl.oiii sjioti. )(.
luiik iuiih and liiinioi'i f all Pjiu ai.l em-i
Kit icmfurt. Tiy it, 1"Iji. 'snW by .ill ilny,.
i;l,l.. ilirl shoe iliulu.'. -.'i rtijt- liljl U' kj.t
till II. AiWn, Alkti J. UIwIjI. I.i ltvy, .S. v
Carbondale Department
Sin? .figures as a Comulnlunnt and
Then Is Aricsted.
3vi'fMiHt! In C'liibomlnla has lioanl
of th" ttotihloM butwren deorgc WiihIi
liiRtou fciiiiltli and his peiiodleal houae
krepei. Mis. 1311alieth rjliickmoie.
They have been ulU'd in nil the local
nldoriiR'ii'H I'ourls, the county courts,
and in every newHpiipcr in this. '
Hon, but they will nut stay settle 1.
Last nlfjhl them was. unuther otit
hiit'.l:, which ended in u curious mini
tier. Last :-atiiiday night tliete was a tint
mid n big one nt KiuIHi'h houie. "ti
tlieenlleli'l load. It aim ted after mid
night and trom what eould be picked
out lioiu several i onillctlmr stoik").
Hie woman was the cause of II all.
Mi." Ulaekmoie ullrl n otllig man
timii .Toi m it started In to see how
Utllekly tliey i ollld lid the hoif-P of
cii'orge Washington and his son, 1311s
worlh. by creating n ininpus. The
lather is a sickly old fellow mid was
so filghlened that he tun down to Ai
de) mini Atkinson's utllce at :t o'clock
on Sninlny iiioinlug. got the alder
uiiin out of bed, and ho and bin sun
(It.ngpd Mr-. 11. Willi assault and bat
tel. v. tliienli'iihig to kill, iniilliloiis nils
chief ninl a ml1-! ellaneoiis lot ul other
thlngi. Constable Moran w is .senii,iip
In the houe In fl" t Hie olstni bem
mid aiusi them, but they had lied.
on Monday and vpsieidny the con
slaole lid Dot have a i hmice to mm ve
the w.iiimits, bi'ciu-i' v was tcstily
liir betoie tlic giand Jure In Scratitnii.
Ycsli-l ili. .itteniiion Mis. lU.ickinor
went beioie Alderman .Imioi mil
s'worr nut :i wmralit (or the two
Smith -. on a ehmge of anil
balli'iy and thmats. The healing
came oil at ! 3" Inst night. It was a
hearing, sine enough, tor JIis. P.l.u I.
moie pouied out such a siting ol ve
hement di nunciatlons that evetyone
wilhln a wide laillui was lonip'dli'd
to listen. It was lumi work to ( het lc
the volley ol Itilid woii! mls-Mes that
she hurled nt the .Miunger Smith fthe
older one was too ill to While
he was nt the height ot her !iti.iiigu,
Conilable Jloimi glided in .ml sank
quietly Into a seat in the r".ir of tlio
i ourt. Sinitii pleade 1 not guilty and
131ii.abeth giew dramatic as sl.e toll
or tlie dire thing- that were goii' to
happen to III in and what would be his
ultimate fate. Her geslutes and oil e
mid expulsive Micabulary would cer
tainly oul-C'aiile I'm lie Nation. The
nldeimmi dually told smiilh he would
have to hold lilm !'i bail, alt'iougn it
appealed to mi unpiejudlceil '':' that
he wai in mi'.fh more danger of as
sault and lmtlPiy than the woman.
Then Mis. lilackmoie left the loom,
closely tol'owed bv th' i oast.ilil,
whom she had not poieeived. She got
outside in tlie street, when he sl"ppjl
up to hei, inodueed his wan ant and
stopped hei lurther piogiu's. Without
a liit ot leslHtuuee, other than a yet
moir lgoioiis ussmtlt upon the Eng
lish language than she bad given cnt
to pievionsly, Mr. ItlacKmoie sub
mlttod tu lior a I rest mid was led imko
nunc to tlie city's stionghold, widen
is a tmniliar stopping place Im her
This Is about the tenth time In about
three yeais that this tlio have -lought
the aid of the mints to straighten out
their difficulties. Two eais ago Ai
de) man Jones committed her daughter
to the House ot the lloud Slienli'id.
to shield her fiom harm. The healing
111 this i asp will lip betme Aldeiman
Atkinson this atternnnu.
Millie Louise Chuich.
Mis. Millie Loiiisi.- Chinch, wife of
Mauilie T. i 'hutch, ol this city, died
.esteidny nt 1- o'cloik noon at the
lesldeiKo ot hf sistei, Mis. William
.1. Moigan. at l.'lnti Wnshbuin slicct,
Scianton. after an Illness extending
oer several months. The cause of
duith was a complication of disease
Mrs.i'huieh was a natlo ot tills elty,
linvlng been bum beie on December f,
ISio. She was a dniigliter of John t.
rimer, who has been with the Van
I'.eigen i inipauy loi half a i ciitury. In
June of IMli she was mauled to
Maui Ice T. Chuiih, of this city. She
was an active nicmbi.r of the
1'usbytei Ian iliuicli and Sunday
school, and define lier maiilage was
assistant oiganist of the c lunch and a
member of the choir.
She went to visit her slstoi, Mis.
Morgan. In Scraiiton, about two mouths
ago and wu? taken seiiously III them
and had been compelled to lenialn. She
had been lulling steadily, On Sunday
morning last hei husband went tu
seianion to visit her and she had lin
pi oved so much during the dnv that
lie was gieatly eneouiaged when lie
let her In the evening to letuin ln-ie.
About S o'clock lie received a telephone
message that she had In come veiy 111
again. It being too late to get a train
to Scianton, he gu a caiilugc and
diove down. lie IPUl.lllleil with dor
until the end, Shu was unconscious
when she passed away. She Is sur
vive d by her lather and one sistei, Mm,
W. .1. Morgan.
The lenuliiH will be bmught tn tills
city today on tin I0..SH a. in, train fiuni
fc-ci anion. The fuue.nH will be held on
Fllday atteniooii at 2 o'clock-, the liov.
Chatles Lee dcliveiing a funeral ser
mon. The Intel incut, will be mnde nt
Sftw Viola Allen.
A large number of people fiom this
city, iiudHteried by tlie eMubliaiit
ptlce. ot seats, journeyed to Scraiiton
lust evening to see Viola Allen mid
her company play "In the Palace of
tlio King" at llio Lyceum theater.
Among tlioso wlio wont weio: All and
Mm. f. It. Manville, Mr. and Mm. N
II, Hlller, Mi, and Mis W. T. Cub
vllle Mr. iiml Mrs. Charles Perkins,
.Mr. and Mrs. Kiaiik Dennis, Mr and
Mrs. II. 11. Van Heigen, Mr. and Mis.
If, 1-3, May, C. P. Connoi,, Mrs. S Sing
er, .Mrs. Josoph Htlir, Miss Mlnnlo
Tioweu, V, C. Mminen, Mrs, l. c.
Wliffler ninl Niivvoll Van llergen.
To Ilan.lle the Dlagtiuu.
Mr. !eor&o 1. Avery will have
charge of the diagiatn ap Clatk'a lrug
moid Fii'lay Jiuf Saturdaj fven.ugs.
This fact in-iitU's courteous treatment
to all the p.-.trous of thu Mutionolltun'H
i-oneeit at th Uaptlst elriuh next
.Monday evening.
Tu M, and At i s. Mai tin Loftus, of
Vino strtt, a sou,
Phone s
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Mis. David Wilson Asks $20,000
from Van Bergen & Co. tor Hus
band's Death.
Aim. Louisa Wilson, widow of David
Wilson, who was killed by Hie es-plo.v
lun of a hollar at the foundry of Van
P.ergeu & Co., limited, on the morning
of Sunday. November IS. 1000. Ins
In ought suit against the eotporntlen to
tecover In the sum of S-.,00O
lor her husband's death. Site has ic
tulned Kilwmd C, Newconib of Suitin
ton, as hep attorney mid thu papeis
wem tiled in l'lollionolmy Oopclnnd's
ofllce on Monday of this week.
Mis. Wils'oii was Inteivliwed yestei
ilay alternooii by n Tribune leporter.
Shu would mil talk for publication nt
fltst, but loferred the leporter to her
attorney. She finally said that she
would nol have brought the suit un
less slip hud been certain of winning
II; that a number of experts had ex
utnlned the boiler soon after the ex
plosion mid hail found IL very defective
ami incapable of standing n strain.
Kui'theiniom, the sta bolts ot the
holier weie Misled ami rotioded to such
an extent that some of them were
bioken mid others greitly weakened.
Chailes o. Mcltm, iiiitnagcr of the
Van Meigfii company, was also Intel -
lew oil. He expressed sitrpilse that the
suit had iietuullv been brought, al
though he admitted that lie had been
told ij was I'lintempl.'ileil, He did not
i am to .state what steps the conuiany
would bike, hut said timt il had 10
talned Wlllnrd, Wntmn iS: Knapp. of
Siiunton. lo look alter its Inteiests in
llio maltei. Ho snlil that the company
had paid all of the funeral expenses of
Mi Wilson.
It will be leeallcd at the coto
nti'sj Inquest that u number ot peisons
testifier' Hint tile boiler was In good
shape, so far as they could ascertain,
that Mr Wilson had himself cleaned il
a .slim t time pmvlou.s to the explosion:
that he did nol mport any structural
weakness In It: that theic was only a
few iioiinds of steam on, owing to its
being Sunday, that in spite of the
colonel's Whirls no one could be found
to tcstit.v to any iluvv in the boilei, and
thu the jure mluined a verdict exon
ciatlng the company trom blame.
The case will be watched with much
inteiest in its luttiie developments.
Died in the West.
MkhaM Walsh, ot Pike stieet, le
ceived a telegiam on Monday evening
announcing the death that nioinlng of
his biotliei, Mm tin F. Walsh, ol Paik
Cltj, I "tall. The p.n tlclllai.s ale now
tliiknow u.
Tile deceased uas a native ot this
city, having been boi ne li e lil'ty years
ago. About a score pf ago ho
went west and spent many yens pros
pecting in Coloiado. Nevada, Wyom
ing mid I'tah. He was also In the cat
I'e business, but of late yeais had been
a meichant In Park City. Ho had
bteii quite successful and is believed
ti hai had considerable pt oporty. He
was anmarilcd and Air. Walsh s his
only -iitvlvlng i dative. Butial will be
made .uday ,u Pai k City.
The Cottage Fair.
Another l.nge eiovvd atlended the
Cottage Horn company's fair in tho
Muikc building last evening and every
one piesent had a most enioyalile time.
Them will now be a lapse until next
Snltiiilay night, when the last night of
lun will be given and the thaw bigs for
the MOD in gold and the dinner set will
take place.
Is There One for You?
List of letters lomaining in the
bondale piisloflice. Alay S, l!i01, for per
nios unknown.
J. II. Deny, Itolieit Pel kills. Aliss
Kalley, Mls"s Kliab-th Pari. v. Alls. Jo
sephine Williams Iiene Huluies, Julia
13. Cm lis, Poreign Krancesi o Man
( uso, Ciuseppe Allccoielli, rtosailo Cog
n.Uo di Iloeco (inetnuo.
A Coming' Concert.
The Young Ladies' Social club of the
I'll si Congregational chinch will give
a conreii In the auditorium of tho
chin cli on Wednesday evening, Alay IS.
Some of the best local vocalists and
Insli unientolists have been seemed for
the oi caslon and all enjoyable lime is
assuted all who attend.
Won a Pair of Shoes.
Tlie oidei for a pair of shoes ulteted
as a dour pi o nt the Cottage Hose
company's lair by Alannger Manners,
u tlie People's Shoe company, and
which was diawn by ticket No. llMS
was won by Allss Lizzie llurd, and was
ledeeiiH'd with a handsome pair ot loot
Governors Met.
The boat il of govwnoi.s of llio Car
bondale Cycle club met nt the dub
house, on Chuich stieet, last evening
to look over Hie business uifalisj of the
club for Hie past year, pmpaiatory to
thu geneial i lection to be held next
Tm.sdiiy evening.
Will Acidiess High School.
On Piidny afternoon lieoigu S. Kim
ball will make mi address lu the High
school auditorium, to which the public
is tin link Ills subject will be "Tho
Itattli' of Poit Hudson" and will bo
Identical with tho speech ho made at
the firaud Aiiny meeting a month ago.
Will Deliver Addie&s.
Piofivsor II ,1, Hockenbony, pms.
dent of Hip school bo.ud, hus been in
vited 'to deliver the annual addiess to
Hie literary society of Alibi Ight col
lege, at M.veislown, dining "Oiuineneo
meat week,
School Teachers III.
Aliss Miirgniot AlcAndievv, of Cottage
street, and Allss lliinna Ilanett, of
Kallbrook stieet, Icavhers in Hie pub
lic aoliools, aio 111, and thu Allsses Alary
Doildleau and Lucy Keaiiiej are sub
st'tutlng for llieiii
Mstings Tonight
Wllhani 11. Davles prt ,su u;, ij.
A. U.
Pioneer castle, No. 205, A. O K, AL C, I
Fidelity conclave, No, 130, I. u. li.
At Hie OpvA House.
Saturday night-"Way Down Kast." i
.. !
Clihugo of .Place of Meeting.
Thu Women's Home MUsionnty so.
clxty of tlie Klist Pre.sbyteilnn cliuich
will meet this at'Winuon in Hiu Icc-
tine loom of llio church. The meeting
Was to have been held at Ilia rosldenco
of Mrs, John J. Uelgeluth, on tfalJmi
avenue, but owliiff In the death of Mrs.
Chinch. It will be held In the lecture
loom m !l o'clock.
May Exhibit Old Machine.
11 Is rutnoied that some of the mem
bers of the Columbia Hose company
ato taking active steps to fotward the
old hand engine, which did duty In
fighting fires In the early '50s In this
low n to the exposition,
lu be ptneed on exhibition there. The
old telle of by-gone days Is stilt In a
first class condition In Mayor Kllpal
ilek's charge, and It would undoubted
ly exclle eoiiiililoiable attention It
placet! beside a modern fire engine.
The Passing Tluong.
ii.lng Dlx and Calvin Dunham aie
In llnrfalo, N. Y.
Miss Agnes Martin, of Olyphant,
spent Monday lu town,
T. V. Walker and his adopted daugh
ter, Iiene, am visiting In New York
C 13. Lathrnp spent last week visit
ing his daughtci in Paterson and his
son in Wllllamsport.
Allss Josenhlno Mvers lias returned
ftom n week's visit with her mother,
Mis. Homy Perry, nt ML Cobb.
Misses Kittle and Alice Brady, of
Honesdnle. are being entertained by
Airs. Daniel Toolan. of Wyoming street.
Miss Annie Quinu, formerly of this
city, but now of Poit Jervis. Is the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Airs.
Patrick Qulnn.
Marshall Scutt. ol C.irbondale. where
he is employed 111 the silk spool mills,
eame here on Saturday night and went
away this nioinliig. Tunkhannoek
Airs. C. K. Lathrop and Allss Helen
Lathrop have returned fiom their trip
lo Washington, D. C. Airs. Lathrop
spent a tew days in WUIauisport dur
ing her absence.
Miss Kate Byine, of Washington
street, i attuned last evening fiom an
extended visit with her sister, Airs.
Udwaid Huche, ot New Yoik city. Airs.
Kocho accompanied her home and will
visit with hei for a few days.
Air. William .1. Westington. of rtiish
biook stieet, and Allss Rachel Pnrlltt,
two well known joting Jerniyn people,
weie united in man Inge last evening
by Itev. Thomas Cook, pastor of the
Primitive Methodist church. After tho
eoiemony a icepllon was held at the
dome of the groom's patents, Air. and
Airs. William Westington, of Ttusli
brook stieet, and a. substantial repast
sei ved.
Patrick Kumy, u runner in Hie Dela
waie and Hudson colliery, met with a
painful accident while at work yes
terday. He was in tlie act of pulling
a blo-jk fiom in front of the wheel of
a car he was about to uin out of a
chamber when the car started a little
quicker than he anticipated, the wheel
l mining over tlnee ot his lingers, cut
ting them off. Later lie was attended
at his home on tho Kasl Side, vvlieio
Doctois S. D. Davis, of Jeiniyn. and
Jackson, of Maytlold, completed the
amputation, The injury is to his light
hand, the second thiid and little lin
gers being those he has lost.
An infant child ol Mr. and Airs.
Oeorgo ltotcll, of Alayfleld, died Mon
day of pneumonia. The funeial took
place yesterday.
The Hit or Miss Cooking club was
onjoyablv entertained yesterday after
noon at the home of Miss Kmlly Rich,
-of Alain street.
Oeoigc Myers of Alaylield. Is laid up
with an attack of catarrhal lover.
Alls. T. K. nri filths mid two children,
of North Alain street, are visiting
triends at Vandllng.
The employes of the Delaware and
Hudson colliery lesunied woik yester
day after a week's Idleness. The col
liery is working halt time.
Distilct Deputy Hawkins, ol Pi co
ding, paid a finternal visit to the local
lodge, Sons of St, Cleorge, .Monday
The smoker held lu the I3xceIslor
Hose company's rooms, on Lacka
wanna stieet. last evening, was one
ol the most enjoyable affahs ot the
season About forty membeis were
piesent, a delightful piogianime was
nndeied liming the evening, and
about midnight refreshments were,
Piepainlions am being made tor a
mock tilal and suck social, which will
be held in the Kcystgne hall Friday
evening. Af.iv 31. for the benellt oL
the Susquehanna street Baptist
Airs. John Shields and son, Illehard
Shields, aie visiting- mlatives nt
A social and onteilal.niient will be
held In tho Methodist Kpiscopal chapel
tills evening. A fine piograinme das
deen arranged for the occasion, A
small admission toe will be danced.
The regular weekly assi nibly of the
Juvcnis ilancinir class will be held
tllis evening, with Law mice niJicsti.i
in attendant o,
Albs O'Connell has accept
ed a position In tho shoe dcpattnieut
of Atlierton - Million's cash store.
A inei'ting ot the new hoso company,
which mconlly org:inl.ed at Grassy Is
land, will be hold tomorrow night at
Council's hotel.
The wmk of cousti Hiding tlie inch
under the street near the Alay dildgu
will bo commenced in a tew days, to
puinlt the building ot tho nairow
gauge railtoad to the new Tllrdsoyo
sliatt, Tho Pel.iwam and Hudson has
itM'eod to pinteet all properly owners
in that section whose mal estate may
be affected by the Improvement, and
also to leave the stieet In perfect con
dition. The degree slatt o the Ludy 131eii
Pininan ledge, V. H. 1! , will meet Fri
day uvenlng at Hied moms in Hie
Sweoiiio, building for pinclice,
Ilev. Air. Guest and tamily Inti Mon
day tor Won ester, x, y where ttev.
Guest luii accepted a chaige In the
P.iptlst i lunch at Hie above named
Allss ,7uso Collins, a tablo waiter at
Hotel Wilson, mot with u serious ac
cldcrt on Saturday afternoon. Aliss
Collins was putting in a screen at the
dining rouni window when she lost her
bniance and fell on; tlio w Inelnw, u ills
itiii.e of bu vui al feet, sulking heavily
on the ground, nreuKlu her light aim
near the dhow and dislocated the
wrist joint. A physician was called,
who letluced the finctuic.
Will Williams, was a Scianton visi
tor yesteidny.
Tlio Central Pennsylvania Telephone
company bus Just completed the new
telephone Hue bravc-en Peckville and
.Marsh wood.
The Wilson Fiie company's new
leant of blacks ate thu udmiiatlou ot
the Imal hoisemeu ami the members
Thanks Peruna for His Rapid Recovery
from Catarrh.
Hon. S. S. Matthews. e-CJnltod States Almslinl of Alississippl, In a le
cent letter to the Peruna Medicine Company of Columbus, Uliiu, will ton
fiom Hazellmrst, Sliss,, says:
"I am happy to say that I am cured of catarrh and need no moic at
tention from you. It is a great satisfaction that I am able to write you
that Peruna has in my case done all that you claim, and that I will need
no moie medicine."
4s i i 0 v
PPPp No charge
We give a written guaranlej for "0 yeai on all work. Q.
The fact that this is an Incorporated Company doing busi
ness under tho laws of this State, and opuiuiitiga system of O
liO otllces, is ii Htifliclenl guarantee of our tesponsibllity anil 2
that we Do Exactly a. We Advertise.
5 Thflt lAJhiita nnntrai OiB-lmB'n
5 im wig ug ini 091U1O r:::," :.r" '
of the lire departments. The Wilsons
have secured the services of Air.
Geoigo Biiidlek, who will act in the
capacity of drivei.
Claike Brothers' new stoic will be
open to the public today. A geneial
Invitation lias boon extended to Hie
public to visit the stole tills after
noon and Inspect their new stock.
Advert Hod letteis: Aliss A. Rich
ards, Jauier, l'3vnns, Suvaii R.tihat.i,
Tom Km Ik. V. V. Mace, postmaster.
The commencement eeulse.s ot ihu
Dalton High school will be held lu tho
Alulhrdist chinch on Tuesday evening
ot next wool;. A Veiy lliloicsthig pin
grammo has been 11 ranged for the oc
c.u'ion. Airs. Theodoie II, Miller is spending
a few days with lelatlves in iJliigliain
ton. The 1 u.iiitry Is picsuilllug a boaiitllui
appeaianco about now. Just as the
verdnnt liillsiilos piesent theniselve.s
and too tallage upon the liees begins
tu shout I'D lb.
Alls. L. Palmer Smith entertained
fi lends tioiu Sciaritou on Suiulay.
Cliailes Yon Storch and Mi. Bene
dict me lep.iiiing a house in Sumitnii
this week lor Airs. W. II. Brown, f
this place.
The tollowiiig ladles will servo a sup
pei in the Baptist 1 liuivh on Fiidav
evening. Airs S. L Fliin, Alls. .
. Dean, Alts. Frank Colviu, Alls
Clamuco SI'jIIO and Alls. l. R Tiiuiup
suu The supper will bo leudi at '
o'clock. A business meetiiig of I ho La
dies' Aid society will bo held at I
o'clock, tu which all members uie 10
quested to be piesent.
The closing csoiclses of the public
school at Cilenbuiu will bo held this
(Wednesday) evening. Allss Lena
Noithup, the teacher, has been tinkl
ing the pupils for tho mnditlou m a
pleasing pi ogi. inmie.
Alls. L. AL Newell, of Chicago, guve
.1 very Instinctive talk hi thu Baptist
church Sunday morning on the woik
of the Women's Baptist I lome Mission
Thu gold and silver medals ofieied
some time ago d,v Piotessoi C II. Han
yen tor ptollclency lu the giaduaHng
Uasa liuvu been aw aided to Aliss Pat.
tei'sun, of La Plume, who it-cehcd Hie
nob) medal tor llrst honois. and Allss
ALuile Capwell, of Dalton, ihu silver
mvila) toi- second honor.
Qull .1 number lioiu this place at.
leaded the commencement exercises at
vVnvejly last evening.
.".nmvj P. Dickson has moved his
family fit 111 Seranton to this pl.uo tor
tlif: . uininer.
Air. George Noilliup has been inak
ing e.xtenshc linpiovcments to the In
tel lor of his house."
ii ii; ii ih id; V
We extract teeth, fill teeth, and apply gold crowns and bridge work, with
out the least p.tin, by a method patented and used by us only. When the ini
piession is taken in the morning plates will be finished same day, if desired.
Note Our Prices for Perfect,
Full Set Teeth (that fit).
Gold Fillings
Silver Fillings
Gold Crowns
Teeth Without Plates 5.o(
Cleaning Teeth -' 7
for Painless J struct-
Other Work JsDone. iV--
W13 AIAKI'3 A SPECIALTY of Gold Ciown and P.iidge Woik. This is a
s.vstem for Inserting artitlcial teeth wheie one or mom are missing without tin
use of a plate. This woik Is most beau t f 1 ill and cannot be delected liom the
nalutal teeth When piopeily done, will Inst a llletime. Call and see us oper
ate. It will be a pleasuic lor us to larelully examine yom teeth and tell you
oNsictlj what your woik will cost. No chaige lor tills. Hums, S to S, Sun
tla.vs, 10 to I
Iniiiii bid, in.iinu ,ml W.wiu!iiR .immiih.3.
tw.11K s)m. store, s, r.mton. t.inrpl
A'U' York Announcement.
er's Furniture
is. the btibjei-l of tliisiinnounccinnnl.
Tito ti'i-in stands for ovoryi hinp; timt
isroliablennel fasliioiiiiblo in 1'iirni
turo, in both tlio siniplo and ornato
linos, vvliotlior wiintoil for town or
country homes. Two other impor
tant fent m-t's tn o t ho moderato )fi('os
at witicli the uooikni-o marked, unci
their uiii'iiinlU'd itsortmentK
Diiiiiik-I'ooiii furniture in all finishes ol
Antique. Belgian, f-leinish and Golden
wiiinalilts.IiininsCluirs.Chliia Closets
and Mile 1 .dies to match.
Bedroom 1 urniture In all the vaiious woods
and finishes, mcitiduig special lines for
cnuuti homos, brass Bedsteads in over
;o pitterns trom Sis. 00 upward, laiam
eled don lledste-ads from $5- up.
LatfM designs in Parlor furniture. Library
I tirnitiirc. Hall l-'urnitiite, Venetian
ved furniture.
Couches, .settees, I asv Chairs, Rockers,
Dri'ssiim Tables, Glasses, Writ
iiir D.skb, etc., in unequalled assort
ments, and all prices
R. J. Horner & Co.,
Fill 11II111 n .tliikci ninl Intpnrlrm,
G1-G5 W. 2'M St., TJow York
iAi(nlulnii IMrn Murj
AvBonlc Beauty Tab!et3 and Pills. A pjr
Fic'tlyifiiiuiil ini.imiiieeiitii'iitmrnt fui nil .iu
lLordciv. Restores the bloom olvouth to failed lacei.
in di -s trr itmcnl r.0oi tfi diiys,' 41.1x1, by mail
lenn Address,
"Vlt'A .MtDIC.l. (0., ClnlcK ti Jsckiea Stl., CbkOP
Bold by McGarrah A Thomas, IJtug.
gluts,, V)i Luckawanna aye., Scrunton, Pa.
W II NN lidams tlie Drumiuei
Lvangellsi, ' loiiilutied another or
.sunt'ssfiil . v.uigellaili meeting in the
Prcab) teu.iu uilsslon hi Piltebuig last,
night. The iiitwidancu was veiy gieat
ly Incm.ioeil. I3veiy scat was taken
and the intei ml was deep. .Ml. Wil
liams took tot nis subject ",Nu Boom
mi- Jesus." Ills subject tonight will
be "Th.1 Last Invitation." Miss Cnsslo
Williams and Miss Bessie Crnlg. ut
Peckville, sang thmo veiy line selec
tions, to tho delight of all present,
Tho deslio of all is that they come
again. Air. Williams will speak eyeiy
nicht this week. I3stiu scuts will be
.-cm ted for the meeting tonight
,Tho great multitude lake tlili rem
edy without ntty ftiither advice than
the dltcctlon to be round upon the bot
tle and in Vhe pamphlet, There mo
those who prefer, however, lo corres
pond with Dr. Hnittitiin during their To nil such ho will tnuUi'
piotupt and carorul answer without
Hun. ,1. 1 Crookor, of Buffalo. N, V
who was for .ears superintendent of
.schools ul Muifalu, In a loiter dated
October It!, Writes!
"I have been a suffeier fiom ca
tarrh six or
seven years, and
after trying
many lcnictllos
was induced by
n friend to take
Peruna. The re
sults havo been
highly satisfac
tory. I t n k e
plcnsuic In icc-
ommendlng Pe
runa to any one
I I.HI ,1 i' fumkrr,
sup-l lliin.iln, S Y.
I'nlilli' "si IhmU
suffering with
catarrh, as my
cttie in complete."
Hon. 11. II. Dovliier, eoiigiessmnn
fiom West Virginia, lu n letter from
Washington. D. C, to the Peruna
Medicine Co., says the following of
tliplr catnrili tonicity, Peruna:
"I Join with my colleagues lu the
House of Repiescntatlves ill teejoni
mending your, excellent mincdy. Peiu
im, as a good tonic anil also nn effec
tive cum for cartarrh."
Mrs. Mary C. Fentress wiltes front,
Paiadlse, Tex., the following: "f think
1 can say that your good advice and
mcdlcluiHitiM cured me of chronic cn
ttirih. I have had no pains In my
head since I have taken Peruna. r
have been in bad health over since
"."!, and have taken a good ninny
medicines which weie onl.v of tempor
niy lellef. Peiiina Is the catmili run,
Tho Pel una stopped my catairli of Hie
head so that it did not become chionlc,
and I uin very thankful to Di. Hart
man's advice and medicine."
Peruna Is a specific for all catiuiiin!
diseases. It acts quickly and bene
ficially upon the inllnmeil mucous
membrane, thus lemming the cause o
en tn nil.
C'.itairh Is catai'ih wherever located.
Catai ih is essentially the same evory
whi'ie. The lemedy that will cure ca
tarrh in one situation will cure it in
ail situations. '
If you do not deiive piompl and sat
is tactoi.v lesults lioni the use of Pe
liui.i. wi'ltc at once to Dr. Hartiiuiu.
giving' a full statement of your case,
and he will be pleased to give you hH
valuable advice gratis,
Addi-ss Dr. Hm-tmmi, Piesldent oC
Tho Iiartman Sanitmium, Columbus, O.
iV i (i V Viz
Painless Dentistry g
$3.00 to $5.00
Mil PLft I ES
Irnl il
-.'Il ollkn 111 L 111 1 01 1 SI lit-,
Headquaiters for Tea and Soap Clubs
A. GARDINER. Jr. Prop.
Tlnee Mammoth Htoies.
Fuinltuio of all kinds given with
0111 celebrated Teas, Coffees ami
Sonps ilockiner Chaits, 3lde Boajdr,
Cliambor Sets, Bureaus, ChitVonieis,
WiitiiiR Desks, Book Cases, Ciiucbci,
Caipets, Silver Waio, Hall Racks,
DiessinR' Tables, Tea Soti, Etc.
Befoio buying, send for catalogue:
h c finunnM im film. Ave,
I. -, JV.X"S if
New York Cl)
On .ill I luhl MIjiiIU llli. Sc JCleC) 9 Union.,
lu.illli .iinl I'Iumiii- itiuii I.. an w I ii ilu I oj 1
Vlllut Jiiulll lltit Jl.ll l tllll SlM Wull't lilllu I
III iff. I US' ' t.lhl. Si0tu sjulnj, Itjt. ,
Oivlie-itu jml dam in.. .
I ll.s. J, Its, oii,i and Piup 1
iiiiini U' ami Hi itli, Vtlanlit tilj. I
simii uii -JJ liaiiiilul iuuiii, iiimiiic,
nil mill I11II1: lnl jml n)ll ewjlci' bal
lu I lot 1 1 mil jiiiuv Ituail.iii piktl ami itlillai
wUhlli ti lauU 01 Hit Sill I'lu. Oitlu-.lii
lllkls nntlil riuiiii. lain. 1J in lj ,j mc
.'.;n up I'.t iIjs sh1, uio. Id (ju)lllct. Coaili'i
iiuvl ill liulie. Wnlt Im lumUtl.
liWftoi iiii n Jill Jffl VlliT)i'ffTjViUPl"r-
jjT ii"iiiiiitii
j t.j'ORDON1' 1! I