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"A. $''" -'
Ex-Senator Severance, o Minnesota,
and Daughter In Catbonclalo En
Joying SconeS o Earlier Days.
Among the guests at the American
Itouso last week were Hon. E. S. f-r-v-fiance,
of Ht. Paul, rortner state sotin-
tor from Minnesota, and his daughter.
Mi.d I'ni.fiii a. Si-vei-iince. ot "'W
York city, whose visit will InteroH
many Cnrbondnlo residents.
Mr. Severance la bote visiting the
uttn'rt ol his early manhood and re
newing these early friendships, bo
shies those matlo during the triennial
visits ho makes to the "seats uf his
youth'.' , .,
Mr. beveiance left Ciirbnndnlo a hair
o-ntury ago. when there was no Sorun
mn: when the coal mining industry utilv beginning to develop, and
ulu-n this 'Ity hud about passed Its
llrst birthday. He was employed at
tin; Hint! In Hi" goilurul store of V. .
.'row, mid a fellow clerk was Edwin
When h" left Carboiidale. Mr. hcv
'i ranee went we.-,twaid anrl located In
St. Paul. Minn., where he was sur
:OMl'dc "v lih advantages wliich he
i-ngn-iv :ra-p;-d and pursued until In
i cached and retailed a prominent
place in Hi" affair1' of that city. Mr.
Severance hos ha-1 numerous public
i.Ufls hupon-1 on him ainl among
iheiii v.a. a teim hi the state senate
i.i Miulirvifi. He l a flm- "Id gontle-.-.jti,
ir i r-liiu-tl tastes and polished
in.'iunnis, and is i delightful ntor
i"!ii"r wln-n li''' ti?ntfs a party of
f-t-liid- i, eon c-.niion and recounts
i''- incidents that have coon- within
bin experience in I lie c'-owlnt- and
l.iu.tling 'lav- of the unit invest. Mr.
i-t-vel.iiii ' has pas.-tl a pleasant week
among his friends in this rlty, who
t-iv. r a wale cln-1 Mr. Severance
,!!!.. vl.-It.- al U'uuoxvill'.' Ihe w.dl
I' nown SeveiniKi' .family thi're being
Ida lo.'. Mr. Sovctunee, though
Pi ih- sevt-ntlo-, In In th- enjoyment
i' the soundest health, and retains
that vIl'.hi-'Us spliit that has marked
bis life. !h- and his daughter have
iibiint uplct"d th-i'- .n.loyiblt- slay
in this city.
Chailcs K. O'Malley. of Serauton,
WelMCuown Here. Expired Satur
day. Quite ii slio-l: was caused on Satur
day iifturiiutin t'i the many friends
nr i.'harls.s K. O'Mallpy. of Scranton,
who vcis very well known lice, by
he aniiounciinent nl" hi- death. Mr.
J'.Malley was sup-rintriid-nt of th"
Ireitlatuai department nt the Scran
tan Truth. He resided at HH 'ilbson
strtei. that city.
Mr. O'Malley whu had been suffer
ing fi'un a suvcre eold for about six
weeks, was nut tin Krid.iy and Satur
day u that his death was totally 1111-e:cpc-tei,
i- was a bpither uf Mir
tin T. O'.Mallev who has been in charRc;
uf ill.- i 'ai bonilale department of The
Tribuu'! tor Ihe past ten days.
I'lKirl.s u'Malley had for .vers been
an active worker in connctlon wllh
Ihe I'atlie.lrnl societies, and was one
of" ih- orl'-'inal nembers of Hie Holy
Xiim soeiety, and in this maimer be
came widely known and attracted a
larprc circle of trleuds. lie was affable
and courteous at all limes and many
will iiiicei-iy rpsrel his early demise.
Mr. O'Malley, who was the son of
Hie late IVter li. O'Mallev, for many
yi,u enmieeticl with the 11 fill of
i 'lemon.-. l'"-iber .; i'o was born on
'ov. 3. 1ST.",. Win 11 the Truth was
founded in 11 li ; was einpl.iyecl as a
nevbuy and afterward made assist
ant supcrlnt'eiiilfiit of i hvulation. For
.""me years he has been superintend-
-nt of the dep'irlinent and attended to
lis duths ltli great failhfuln-'s.
peculiarly h-id feature in conncc-
"on his dcmis.' is the fact that
tlipV nioliths a;;o vesterdny. on Keb.
'. lie was maiil-d to Miss Agues
Movie's, then ax-lhtant agent of the
Hoard uf Charities, tie I., survived in
bin widyw, his tluvu rdsters, .Mrs T. J.
Ste.wart, of Tol-do, O.: M!s;s Klixa
botli and Alice of this -Ity, and on
bn.tlier, Martin, now lhlim- in Car-boiidal-.
The fuiioral v ill lake plac i Weil-
tfsiiiij moniiiiK.
'Ihe First. Exhibition of 'the Sample
Gas Lights a Success.
The bix W'cdsbuch street lamps, that.
iijo o-eu erected liy ihu I'arboiiilah
Oat. company at points hi the citv. in ,
uemnji.sir.itc Deture tho councils and
he tliucm, generally their -illeency
for street lighting- purposes, gut their
initial test mi Saturday evening.
The mellow glow from tho lamps was
n contrast indeed from the glaring
i alliance of th- tin- lights. The sil
houette,, and zig-zag shadows, thrown
aco?s tile roalwajs by the swaving.
hissing arcs were mifised, hut m, one
inourneu, tho limovutloii was u sue-
lessful experiment, as tar as the litrlilK
themselves were concerned, hut thoy ,
It's the Evidence of Scrnnton Peo
ple Published, in Scranton Papers
. That Has Made Such a Reputation
for Dr. A. V. Chase's Nerve Pills.
Standing clear and distinct, marking
tho difference, tho superior merit, tho
adaptability to present-day ailments Is
the volume of local testimony for Dr.
A. V. t.'lmse's Nervo Pills. It's so dif
ferent to tho ordinary remedies ret er
ring to cures made at distant points
which it Is hard to verify. There Is n
reason for Dr. A. W. Chase's Norvo
Pills commanding home ovidenin I
wherever they are known. It Is their
womlerful liuluence In bringing up the
standard of nervo force.
Mrt Henry Alberts, of Nu. 0il Kirch
street, Scronlon, Pa., says: "For about
two years my back ami kidneys had
been soi, lumn and the secretions in
bad shape. Nothing seemed to help
trie until l got Dr. A. V. Chase's Nervo
Pills at Matthews Uros.' drug store,
No. "20 Lackawanna avenue. They did
the work, curing the soreness and
loiiK'iii'ys, making the secretions
healthy. 01111 generally giving me.
health and ftreiisth."
Di. A. W. Chafe's Nervo Pills ar
sold at ufic. a box at dealers, or Dr. A.
W. Chase Medicine Co.. Uul'fiilo, N, Y.
See ((pa portrait and slgiiifturc of A.
V. Chase. .M. 1)., are or -werv package.
Carbondale Department
itld not mill anything to Ihe ainoiint of
area illuinlimtt'il. In fiu-l, as far an
that Ih euneeineit, Ihu arc lights an
superior, probably booauri- of their
higher elevation and nlfo 1itpnticc of a
greater candle power. The gas lamps
have cheapness In toeoinmond Ihoin,
however. Utiu citizen, who watched .the
tilal with much Intoiost m Saturday
' night, going over the route Illuminated
iy the six new lamps, said that he wan
greatly pleased with the lumps, as far
as they wenl. but they did not ko far
eiioitKh, In his opinion, t'nless some
thliis; vastly superior to electric lights
was produced, he did not think It would
bti a wise move on the part, of the city
to take a backward step and llhunln
ale the city by bus, and unless further
experiments) proved that the new- .sys
tem was grt-iitly superior to gas he
favored letting well enough alone.
Considerable Interest has been
aroused over the proposed lighting con
tract, which councils will award oil
May Kt, and there has been a great,
deal of discussion intent the superior
ity of the respective .systems.
They Eiequently Sing for the Union
League Club.
There is nu more fashionable men's
club in the world than the tnlon
League club, of Hrooklyn. To appear
heroic this organization is a privi
lege sought by all entertaln-rs, and
on iv that the Metropolitan Male iunr
teite fieouelitls enjoys'. In a personal
letter. W K. Fuller, chairman of lb
progiainme cuninittee says;
"Their appearance is always look, d
iorward to with pleasure. The fact
that the iiiartolte appeared al the
club three times during tile past sea
son, and 'were repeal, dly encored,
speaks volumes for th satisfaction
given the meinlieis."
These vocalists will appear at tll-Her-an
J snpt 1st chili eh on Monday
evening- next, when a musical In at la
lo-k-d for.
Rivalry Over Vice Presidency of the
Carbondale Bicycle Club.
The fact that the election of ollicer.s
nt the Caiboudale l'lieycle club is Io
be held at the club quarters, on Lin--oln
av-nue, has awakened much in-tci-st,
not from the mere fact that the
annual choosing of officers in this
prominent social organization is lo
take place, but thai there is a spirited,
though friendly, rivalry over one of
the oiiiecs that of vkv president.
river Ihe other oIllccs there is no
contest lap for the niliee named Iheio
an two candidates. Albert Crane and
Clarence IJriggs. liotli are aspirants
tor ih" iiflb - and both have ft lends
among I he members who are equally
anxious to see either one or the other
of their favoiitcs seated hi Ihe coveted
pl.'u e.
Interest in the contest grows, anrl i
lively session Is IooUed for tomorrow
So.unnrlered Poor Board's Donation.
The city jail held a pidsoner yester- j
day by the name of Munley. who had
b"i n deposited there by Constable Km- i
mull at 11 o'clock on Satuiday night.
The circumstances surrounding his ar
rest and commitment, as far as they
could li,. gleaned, are these: The noor
board has Mr. and Mrs, .Munley on
(heir roll of "pensioners." A few days
ago tiny received an order for a small
sum of money from the board, mad"
out to .Mrs. Munley';, name, which her
I husband obtained control of in som-
manner, and proceeded lo "blow it in."
Mrs. Munley at once obtained a war-
, rani for his arrest lrom A'dormnu
i Delevnu. on the charge of assault and
i battery, which offence probably ensued
on Munley'.-! return home. The aldur-
. man committed hlui to the county jail,
in default of bad. Mrs. Munley, It is
said, is h woman who lips the scales
in the neighborho id of "'in pounds,
i while her husband has hard wml; to
brini'v the beam up to ninety, and is
sadly broken in health as well.
Getting Ready for Games.
The amateur base ball fans are get
ting ready fur the; opening of the s-a-miii
in this section. Alit-adr several
;;anies have been anaiigud for and tlw
newly i -organized Cic-eenls of this
i ity ai"- putting in th-lr spar- time
doing htunls with the spheic. Their
111 st game will lake place within a
few days on Duffy's Held. It will b
Wltll the Athletics. -Jf Olyphunt. The
local play-is arc all in good condition,
uad a well-fought 'oiutst is expected.
Th- I'lewculs will line up as fol
lows; Mora u, catcher; Cull', pitcher;
Mcllale, shortstop; I'idgeon, lirst base;
llogan, oecond base; Monogli.iu. third
base; 1'Vx, left Held, Uordcii, center
Held; I'hnmeii, right Hold.
Will Bo Let Go, on Conditions.
.Innies Flannaghau. of No, 1, who
was urested ami Jaild on Friday night
bv CiiiisiMliI,. N'Min- .,fi.,i. ,.,-..,ua,-r.ia
trouble, had a hearing before Alder
man Jones on Saturday. He was
ehargul with boating- his mother.
Elizabeth Flannaghau. Tho mother
whs willing to withdraw her charges
against her sou If ho would take the
pledge and pay her noino arrears of
board. Tho accused wished a llttla
more time to think It over before tak
ing such a serious stop as "swearing
off" and ho was given until this even
ing to come to a conclusion. He wir
forbidden to go near his mother's
house in the meantime.
In Memory of Dr. Stniner.
Tho evening service at the Fiiet
Congregational church yesterday wns
In ihe nature of ,1 memorial to the
late Dr. Hiaincr, the brilliant composer
of churih music. The choir snug a
number uf Staluers's anthems. One of
the most enjoynbl features was n duel
by- Miss Heiisou and .Mr. Roe, who
sang "l.ove Hlviee. .n i.ovo Rxenl
ling." by Dr. Wtaluor. Ilev. Mr. F,lott
delivered a brief sermon on tho themo
"The I'owir ot Music on Conduct."
Why Monday Night P
11 is sllggtsletl that Monday Is an
unfavorable night for an ciiteiinln
meat ami that ihe conceit by tint
Metropolitans at tho licieuu ltaptlst
chinch should have been on some other
night. The local management agreo
with this. Inn tin fact that Monday.
Mny 1:1. was. the only date on which
they could bo secured thin teason left
no room for choice.
'Phone j
NEW, 286
I OLD, 0423
U. j,
Meetings Tonight.
Select council.
School hoard.
olive Leaf lodge, No. Jfifi. 1. tj. O. F.
Typographical union, No. 2:'.!'.
Federal union, No. 7201.
Uraneh l:i, N, A. I..
Young iron's Institute.
Merchants' association'.
Patriotic order Sons of America,
.loiirii-yimin's Harbers' union,
At the Opera Hoursc.
Sattnday-"Way Down Knst."
A Missionary from China.
Miss Miranda Crouchcr, a mission
ary from northern China, gave an ad
dress' at tilt; First Methodist Kplsrtipal
chin eh yeslerday morning. She was
in Tlcii-Tsln during the Boxer upris
ing and her description of the thrcj
wet Its of Imminent peril was Ihrllllng.
She told nl' living In caves and collar
while awaiting the rescuers. A large
cmgregatloii listened to her dramatic
Improvements nt the Depot.
A number of Improvements ore be
ing carried out in front of the depot of
the Delaware and Hudson. A gong of
men arc hard at work digging up the
soil between the platform ami the
tracks, for the purpose of raising tho
ground level. New rails are to be laid,
replacing the present ones, and when
the job Ih completed the long step from
th- cars to the ground will be materi
ally shortcn-d.
Contemplating' Improvements.
The Maplcwood Cemetery association
is endeavoring to secure land to en
large their burying giounds. It Is said
tliev have received an option on the
estate lying immediately to tho north
of th- cemetery, bill that for certain
reasons it will bi Impossible lo trans
fer ihe deetls fur several months.
Other Improvements are contemplated
which will Impi nve the grounds.
Have Commenced Audit.
The poor board auditors, Messrs. II.
IJ. .laclwin, C. H. llorton and John F.
Wheel-r, hay- commenced the work of
scutinivdng tho accounts of the board
for the twelve months pit-ceding April
1, hud. It is scarcely probable that
the audllors will lmvo s.o many difli
c 11I tics lo contend with this year as
they had with the expenditures of the
old board.
A Sermon for tho Knights.
In at rdatii'e with their usual cus
tom, Palestine commandery, No. 14,
Knights T -miliar, will attend church
in a body on the evening of May til.
(Asc-nsion Hay) Holy Thursday. The
Knights will bo attired in their full
th ess uniforms. The First Congrega
tional church, Uev. It. ('. Elliott, pas
tor will be the scene of their devo
tions this year.
A Grand Ball.
'ai bonilale council, No. :t2!i. Knights
of Columbus, will celebrate the third
anniversary or the council by a grand
ball, whlfh Is to be given in the
Hurke building on Wednesday evening.
May b, Frank Clifford is giand
knight. It is said that the affair will
be the litvvst affair of its kind given
111 1 arliondalt- this season.
A Position in Scranton.
M. O. Sahni has actejited a. position
in the clothing deportment of Sain
lei Druthers' store in Scir.ulon. IK;
left for the Klt-etric City tm Saturday.
Mi. Salmi's friends will be pleased to
1-ai 11 that he has recovered his health
.-o as to be able to resume his busi
ness eaicer.
Will Celebrate Anniversary.
The anniversary of the Kpworth
League uf the First Methodist Epis
copal church will occur next Sunday.
To toinmenioiate it, special exercl-es
will be held at the church that even
ing. Prof. Craves, of Harford, will de
livt r an address, and Ih-ie will l.j
other liitere.-aiiig features.
Birthday Party.
Trinity Sunday school held a birth
day party on Friday night, in tho par
ish house K.ub oii paid as many
tents as be or she was yc-ais old, to
sain admission. names and other
'.niusein-ius wei,- piovld-d. be and cake wtie served.
Have Changed Lodge Room.
Fidelity conclave, No, 130, Improved
order of llcptasup'is, have changed
their place of meeting from Cambrian
hall lo the J. F. Watt hull, corner of
Salem avenue and Main street, which
th-y will occupy for Iho llrst time on
next Widuesdny evening.
A Growing Organization.
The Curbondalo Cycle club has eight
applications for membership on Its bul
letin hoard, on which action will be
taken ,l week from tomorrow night.
The organization is growing with
Changed Their Quarters,
Mr. ami Mrs, Lohshire, who havo
been boarding at tho humo of sirs.
Webb, on Lincoln avenue, have taken
quarters In the Anthracite, mid 1110
located there now.
Homo from College.
I ir, llruest Downton is homo from
the Modloo-Chirurgloal colloqo at
Plit-Iadclphla, He expects to spend tho
summer months hi Carbondale,
A Belated Attack of Grip.
Patrick F. Fox, the always genial
clerk al the po.uottioc, was compelled
to lay oil' lrom work on Saturday, on
acuciiui of a sev-ro attack of grip.
To Be a Drug Clerk,
Itoytl Olivoi hu. ,'esgneii js posl.
lion wltn W. II. Stano mid tiectfplQd
one with A- W. ItoyimliU, the thug.
Sang Vespers.
Yesterday being tho tirst Sunday In
the month, espers were sung at St. j
Host! chin tu at T p. m.
"An Aged Folks' Meeting."
At th- First Congregutiuiiul church 1
yesterday morning the services look '
ti- form of "an aged folks' meeting,"
and were londiietod as in the days of '
vore The theme of the sermon was, i
"A Illpo Life," A number of tlmo
honored, old-fashioned hyinna wore
sttnic by Hie congregation, while the
choir rendered Rome special selections.
Is in Scranton,
liartlu T. O'Malley Is In Scranton,
called thnro by ,thc death of his
brother, Chailcs K. O'Malley.
To Mr, and Mrs. Walter Olbbs, of
Park street, a sou.
The Passing Throng.
Mim. K. Policy uml daughter, Floasl-,
havo returned lo their home In Seeluy
villc after a visit with Mr. 'ind Mrs. M.
O. Abbey, of tills 0U.V
Mlfs Clara Hobbs, of North Delniont
street, Is the possessor of a now piano,
Frank Williams, and wife, of Scran
ton, formerly of this city, are upend
ing a few days with friends In town.
Miss Maine O'Neill, of thu West Side,
left Saturday for a visit wllh friends
In New York city.
.lohn Wallace, of the Scranton Busi
ness college, spent Sunday with friends
In town.
Mrs. Wllllnm Johnson, sr., Is lying
vjiy III at her home fill North Wash
ington street.
Mrs. George Chapman, of Jeffrey
Mtoct, has returned after spending a
few days with her son. Charles, In
K. Muiihatoit. of Aldonvllle, spent
Saturday with his son, Anson, op Ca
naan street.
Mm. George Foster has returned to
her home after spending 11 fow weeks
with relatives In Pitts ton.
Mrs. li. ,M. Thomas, daughter. Lil
lian, arid Miss Helen Passmoro wore.
In Scran tt-n Saturday.
Miss Margaret MoAndrew. who has
bren confined to her home for the past
week 1-y illness Is able to be about
Charles Dugan of Luzerne, was a
caller in lown Saturday.
Charles Law, of Pittston, was a-visitor
here Saturday.
Dr. Wilfred P. Byrne, a former Car-
bondalian, who Is now one of the
member.-, of tho staff of the New York
rlty i.o.i d of health, spent Sunday
with, relatives In town.
Charles II. Corbett, of Hrooklyn. who
has been the guest of his son, Kugene
II. Corbi li. or the Carbondale Machine
company, loft on Saturday for the Pan
American exposition, Miss Mary K.
Corbel t will remain with her brother
here Until tomorrow, when she will
join her father at Kuffalo.
The ladles of tho Initial .-ocicty of
the Ulakcly Haptist church will servu
suppt-r in the social rooms of tho
church next Thursday ovenlnp from it
tu n o'clock, for tho small sum nf 2,"
tents. Ice cream will also be sold.
W. W. Adair, general secretary of tho
Hnilroad Yount,- Men's Christian asso
ciation of Scranton, addressed a. very
lai'Ktj and attentive congregation at tlm
Presbyterian church lost evening.
Joseph Cilennen, of Carbondale, wns
a visitor in town yesterday.
Mrs. Thomas Williams, of Ilydo
Park, spent yesterday with relatives
Mr. and Mrs. I"). W. Harris worn vis
itors at Wilkes-Barro yesterday.
Mrs. Mary Mason, of Lackawanna
street, who was brought home from
the Lackawanna hospital at Hcranton
on Saturday, is in very critical con
dition at this writing.
Tho members of the Excelsior I lose
company will bold a smoker in their
moms on Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Kldiam, of Car
bondale, visited friends at this place
Miss (iertio Mcllale. uf Green Itldgo,
spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs.
.lohn II. Mcllale, of Duniuore street.
Mr. and -Mrs. Albert Pymons. of Car
bondale, were thu guests of Mr. and
Mrs. C. S. Lewsley, of Dunmoro street,
Tho house of Ktlward Iloyd, on
Scotch direct, was badly damaged by
lightning on Friday. A largo section
of the sliling uas ripped off and two
of the doors shattered. A largo hole
was rent in tht- roof and in onu of the
rooms a portion of plaster fell. Tin;
residence of William Bolancl. in Blake
Iy. wan also visited by tho fiery fluid,
but the damage, was slight.
The Olyphant Minstrel company will
give a performance at .Mauley's lull,
in Dunmorc on Thursday evening.
John P. O'Malley, of Carbondale, cir
filiated among friends hero joMrrdny.
A pigeon shooting match which at
tracled a large number of men took
place on thu East. Sitb grounds on
Saturday afternoon between George
Trotter and Jacob Van Sickle. The
match, which was for twenty-five dol
lars, ended In a tie, as may bo seen
fiom tint following:
Trotter 1 1 ooon t
Van Slvklo ; o o 1 t i n o
A committee of the runners lrom
the Delaware and Hudson colliery'
went to Scranton on Saturday to seek
an Interview with Superintendent.
Huso regarding the local trouble which
caused an idleness here since Wednes
day morning. Superintendent Koto, it
is said, referred the committee to As-
sistant huparlntondoiit Surge, at Oly
phant. It Is expected tho committee
will have another Interview with him
Uro today nt Jcrmyn. A committee.
Horn the union waited upon Outside
foreman Thomas Hunter on Satur
day night asking him to start up work
tnis morning, but lis told the commu
te o ho could not comply with their
wishes, until hy bad received orders
fiom bis superiors to do so.
Attorney and Mrs, Carey returned
homo from Carlisle yesterday,
Miss Mertls Hitter, of 1'eckvllle, was
a visitor hero yesterday,
M, Edwards, of I'lttston, Is visiting
friends here,
Mr, A. M. Kestell, nf Nigara Falls,
Is visiting relatives In town.
The Wilson Fire company has pur-cham-d
a beu lit If ill team of black
horses. The company has purchased a.
brand new outfit, wagon, harness, etc.,
and will be reaily In a day or two to
do team work about town. Our rltl
zeiis should patronize tho boys when
in need of team work,
Messrs. Thomas and Hurry Sit
graves left Saturday to visit the Pun
American exposition at Buffalo. After
visiting the exposition they expect to
, SV XOTIl Till". XAMll.
!-j We extract teeth, till teeth, niut apply gold crowns and bridge work, Willi at
va 0 it the least pain, by it method patented and used by lis only. When the Ini 5;
5 pi'csslon is taken in the morning plates will be linlshed same clay, if desired. ;?
MUttiii.'" - .K
PDCd No olmrire
1 V-L-'- ,Kv,i a oilier Work ts Done. V 1-1
Wugivoii written giiarnnteo for 2d ycttis on nil work.
The fact that this Is att Incorporated Company doing bus!,
ness under the laws of tliii State, unci oponttlnn n systotn of
i!0 olfleoB. is a sufficient guarantee- of our responsibility ami
that we Do Exactly n, wj Advertise.
- .".uj ..tint .y.jui
tloys, 10 to 1,
1 The White
return to Niagara Falls, where they
have secured employment.
There Mill be n regular meeting of
thi borough council thla evening.
Klzer's pond in Wayne county s the
mecca tor tlsherincn hereabouts. On
Saturday Messrs. 13 wight. Beardslee,
Walter Lloyd, William Vandervoort
and Gilbert Pir-roo drove lo that popu
lar tishlng resort and with all kinds
of bait and fishing tackle trlpt! lo drain
tho pond of fish. The result of the
expedition consisted of eighteen suck
ers. Walter stated that on account
of the bait giving out early in the
evening the catch was llmlti-wl. Tin
Forest and Stream club have not been
able to advertise its usual spring ban
riuet on account of thr- inability of
the m-'inbers to secure a prpsentubl";
calch of fish.
Owing io some misunderstanding,
the contests which were to he decided
last Wednesday vn- postponed until
next Thursday evening. Hn E. J.
T,.1ftMr-" '.-1,imI ftrnn- f-fiiit-f.lnti, in
be in readiness by Thursday evening,
us" all tlio contests will close that
evening. A llrst-cliss entertainment
is being prepared for that night and
a good time Is In store for those who
attend. Admission only 1u cents.
Mist: Katie Golden, of Pittston. is
visiting at tho home of Mr. and Mrs.
Matlle White, on I.ann stieet.
Mr. P. H. Eagen was a caller In
Scranton Saturday, making arrange-mf-nts
to move to Wilkes-Barro.
The boroucl) council will hold their
monthly meeting this evening.
.Cards are out anounciiig the coming
marrlaee of Charles O'Bovle. one of
tho most prominent young people of
, Hits place and Miss Annie Mackerel,
one of the leading singers in the St.
Patricks choir at Olyphant. and one
of the most prominent young ladies
of that place.
Local 100.'.. Cnited Mine Workers of
America, will hold a special meeting
this evening at tho St. James hall.
Two Interesting Contests in the Ar
mory Saturday Night.
Two interest ing basket ball games
wen: played at the armory Saturday
nigl)t, whore Tlguo's Gymnasium tun in
defeated the North Scranton Stars by
the score of S-5, and the Orientals
bested the Park IHU Stars to the tune
of 7-fi. The llrst match, between the
Stars and gymnasiumites. was i-hnrai--terized
by a deal of lively, energetic
At the end of the first half the Stars
led. 5-1, but their lead was mure than
overcome in the latter part, of the
game. Individual plays by Tigue.
Ttatchford and Kennedy, of Ihe victors,
and McClusky and ,lone., of the tSars,
featured the night's work. In Ihe sec
ond game Cann anil natchfortl, of the
Orientals, and Convey. Fold and Man
ga n, of the Park Hill Stars, played
Only three more games are yet to be
bowlpd to wind up this season's league
bowling, Tho West End team hasthreo
postponed games, to play, one with the
Elks, one with tho Backus team ami
one with the West Entlers, No, !, if
Judge J. W. Carpenter was nve.'
referred to aP "one of the best known
men at tho bar." Ho went on tlw
bench with tho Intimate acriuaintaiice
ship of comparattvtfly few of his fel
low lawyers, Ho was not a recluse,
or unsociable, but his praotlco was, tu
a large measure, "olllce work," and It
being a largo practice, and he a man
who closely applied himself to his
work, his opportunities tor beeoming
"chummy" with the other members of
the bar worn restricted. On this ac
count, as might naturally bo expected,
thero woie possibly some who were
not ready to say enthusiastically that
thu new judge would (ill every rciiilro
ment of the position, that lit this court
lias been so illustriously llllod. If
there were such, It Is safe to say they
do not nuw exift.
Even Ju the short time that Judgo
Carpenter has worn the ermine, he has
given every evidence of lemarkablo lit-nes-K
for the judiciary. It does not
take tho average lawyer very long to
measure it judgo before whom he prac.
tlces, and it does not require a great
period of tinitt for tlm .-atlmute thus
formed to nialso tho round of the bar.
Most of the leading attorneys appealed
before .Judge Carpenter during argu
ment week, and not a feu of them
have had occasion to ileal with him
Individually in equity and oilier
otM-dliiBs. It Is not saying anything
extravagant to declare that the Lacku
wanna bur has formed its opinion of
tho new Judge, and that the opinion
Is a most ilatteilng one.
m m
Ambiose Her, tho recently elected
treasurer of the Scranton poor dis
trict, while little known as a publlo
ofllclal, h nevertheless one of the niot
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Hull Set Teeth (that fit)
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Nf-tmik Simp slnio, Si-Miitun. baiRPst ilcnnl
ii-'lirrin in Hie woilil, -:n oi i in ftiltcrl Mj(m.
the Wllkos-B-irreans wish to laud sec
ond place they will havo to bowl in
pretty good form, us the Backus men
are resolved to play their fastest lo re
cover their places beside flic lenders.
Charles Klehl, of Ihe Elks' team,
bowled three fast games on the Klk
alleys Satuiday afternoon, when ho
averaged :M0 1-;;, Klehl made :.':!:: and
two l!)!i's.
Tonight will see Ihe return game in
the Buikus-South Serauton tilth's
series. It will he bowled on 1 aub
seher's alleys, and the South Scranton
men are very conliilent of winning and
atoning for the disgrace of their recent
defeats on Ihe Backus alleys.
The official standing of the vadium
bowlers who have participated in the
league games is now being compiled
for The Tribune, and will be published
during the week, giving a full statis
tical account of the plavers' averages.
Keystone Team Was Too Much for
the Lackawannas.
The Lackawanna base ball team Sat
urday was defciied by Ihe Keystone
Academy team at Factory, ille. Tin
local learn was never for an instant In
tho race, as the final score of IS to S
Young Spencer's curves wcie basted
hard and often, and his team afforded
him but poor support. The siiminaricd
score by innings follows:
ii. li. i:.
Nlmol nf lukj....n (i ii I :; n n a . I:; s n n .: I .-, s n I - li I.". I
n.ulirirs- I'm- L.h'i. spi-nipr ;iml T.iy.
l-.r: Kc-.Mciip, Kuhimoii ami Shone. U'liipin- -Mi
American League.
By Kc1iim! Win1 tc.mi The Associated Press.
At Mibv.inl.rc II. II. i:.
Miln.ui' i-t- a l n a i; ii a n - -j i i", i
Cliit-JBO a I li I! II li I 0 0 - 7 .: 7
llilteiii- llii-linK, I.Viily .ii-il Cimiu-i; 1 .. t -
uin .mil biillh.iii. I'liiplip-C.iiinnll. Attt-inl-ancp
At St. 1.1-ul- - I!. II. K.
SI. I,nuii n I ll II 2 I) -J 0- ., I-.' 1
I ir.riiiii.iti ii -J I -J a ll I ll 17 in I
ILilmiis llif-ili'iif-li-ui .ni'l Nl- l.i-Ui
I'tiU. 1'inplif- Alli-iiil.inti il,ijuii. f.
ini; to thr iliv,tnu tiun 1-y lm- ,-n-ti-iii.ii' ,t lln
Hi, mil'l .il tin- i',ii;iii- i;iimiiiiI tin..
' -i.nin v.n pl.iw-il ;il Allili-tii- p.itK. 'I In- ii'iniil.
j win- riy it.iijrli anil tin- im Iodine t.t.i mii.iII In
.hi .iiiiiuoil.ito tin' iiuuil who Mt.iitnnl nut, tin-
holil, ui.ikiiiu v'leiin-l I ill-- nci-f.n.v.
At pi-nnit li. II. I'.
Tlot mil 2 I a ll 0 I i I -In I.. II
t li' ii no i) ii ii c ;: ii- :: ;; ti'ii,',- sirtrr .mil llin-lnw ; Siotl .iimI r.t
1:1 r. rninlriK-Hit-iii'.iii .nnl "ihIm .-u. Al-
j li-inl.inci 7.i)0.
National League.
At l"lllr.lB.i- a. ll. i:.
( -iir.i-ii ii i n ii o ii a o 2---J -i a
l-ituiiuit: n i no mi i u-i ii i
limi.iiv.v W'iIiI, II .in-1 i-iin-r: U'ilnp .nnl
7.11111111 r. I'nipiii-'-. Mo i'iI.hkp- lo.iiiii.
Eastern League.
Al MniitrtMl-Km li"i.l(-r, 7;, 1.
Al llinl.ilo 'loionln, u; lliilT.iln, .
Slayer of Chester Staples Not Ad
mitted to Ball.
Ut-piie Iietriek, of Spr.igucvllli-, has
Mention of Men of the
iwldely known -11111 influential German
citizens of the city. He Is ,1 merchant
of rfcognliicd Ftandlng in tho buslivs-s
community and his success has been
the result of hard wotk and persistent
His first ciitniiu-e into public life was
made about four mouths ago, when
he was appointed 1 member of tho
board of health by Maor Moir, to
succeed ex-County Treasurer M. J.
Kelly, H had served on tho board
but a short time when lie was elected
treasuier of tho poor district, ami al
most immediately aftei wards the
hoard nf heallh became defunct.
While tilt duties of the treasurer of
the poor district arc pot very ardu
ous, ami are almost entirely uf 11 for
mal nature, uovertholos-.s Mr, Hera tie.
votes a large part of his time and
attention to them, and can be seen
in omul the city hall frequently. Ifu
attends all the poor board nu-etliiga
and has become very popular wii iho
iw-iubers. That the duties of his olllco
will be comcleiitloui'ly iierforint-d dill
Ins Mr. llcrs-'s term is assured.
li will he of Imertsi 10 the many
Scr.tiilou i'lit-nds of A. A- Salisbury,
fonneily superintendent of the I.tu-ka-w
aium railroad, tu leain that ho has
Just been elected second vice presi
dent of the Albany and Hudson Kail
way ami Power company, which 1.'
owned an-1 operated by liovernor
Vn.uheos. of .New Jersey: William !'.
Shechuii, cN-lifiileiiaiit govenor or
Niw York: A. M. Vuuim, the Krook
ln contractor, ami '. Whitney,
tonner secretary of war. Tin- cum.
pany operates an electric road under
the third rail system between Albany
ami Hudson, a distance of thirty-
Painless Dentistry j
$5,00 5
$1.00 j
$3.00 to $5.00 .
. . nl HTCP
Nil rbni fed
r"' DCm..
Hours, S to S. Sun-
not' yet been admitted to ball. Thft
man Is charged ltii tho shooting of
Chester Staples, at Spraguovllle. somo
weeks ago. Ills attorneys, Ellenbergcr
.V- Huffman, gave nntleo to District At
torney tiearhart that an nppllcallon
would be matle on Monday afternoon to
admit Uetrlck to ball, but the case did
not come up until this morning.
In court today the district attorney
refused to go op with tho matter, sav
ing he was not yet ready. .Judge Craig
was loath tu admit Dot rick to hail,
wanting the district attorney lo take
Iho responsibility. Mr. Cearhiirt want
ed the court to decide the matter.
It was finally arranged that Detriclc
should he given a hearing on Monday
next, when ihe district attorney must
make out a. prima fneie ease. This wilt
determine whether ball shall he taken
or not. I it-trick still surfers from tho
.vveie assault said lo have been given
Iiiin by Charles Staples, brother of the
dead mini, and Dr. Henry was called
to attend ii tm nwiin Ibis afternoon.
S-.ioudshurg Tinics.
Today Will Bs a Busy One About the
Court House.
The grand jury will meet today, con
stables will make returns, a session
of cQii.'ly court will begin and probably
ii largo number of opinions will. b.i
handed diwn the judge-;.
Among tho cases to come before th
-giand jury are those In -which ox-Self
ot Councilmen McAndrow and Mc-
"a mi hip prosecuted hy the Munici
pal It-ague, ami tho libel case brougnt
-gainst the Scrantonlan by Presul'-nt
John Mitchell, of the TTnUcd .Mine
On tile equity list arc the sli'lf, i.f
Angus Cameron against Angus C.
Cray, Ebon H. Davis against tho First.
Welsh llaptlst church, S. 1$. Kohhisoit
against .lohn M. Kenimerer et al.,
(leorge II. Winans against George (.!.
Winans ft ul Charles .1. Keogh
against the Pittston and Scranton
Street Hallway company.
He Has Not Yet Signed with tht
American League.
Tlugliey Jennings was in town Fri
day with the Cornell College loam,
whose coach he is. Jennings was i--cently
ofteretl jfi.oon to finish the i-o-i-son
with thu Philadelphia American
li.ague club. He has also an offer
from McCraw lo join tho naltluior-t
club. Asked whal Ids intentions urn,
Jennings said:
"Considering the offers I reeee-l
fiom the American league people and
the good showing they havo matle s
far. financially, they have the tall with
me. No contract lias been signed bv
inc. as I am not tit. liberty (o act until
about June 15. when my term with
Cornell ends. It would be foolish for
me lo ti" in. st If down ami then hav
lo waif for more than a month befor i
beginning my wiirk."--X1w York
The presentation of medals to th
tiruck members of the Electric Cltv
ltifle club will take place lonisht ,il
matter's shouting gallery.
Ask for Kelly's union craokcis. ,"
eight miles. It als-o operates tho gn
and electric lighting plants In KensiK--laer
anil Hudson, Tho company Is 1
strong one and it projects are cupula,
of great development.
Mr. Salisbury was Ideutlllcd with
tho Lackawanna railroad up to Iasp
August, when he was sueet:ed''d bv
T. E. Clarke, who afterwards hecaui"
general superintendent. The po-sjtlor
formerly' held by Mr. Salisbury is now
held by Edwin M. Kino. Since hi
retirement from tho Lackawanna rail,
load, Mr. Salisbury has uuule lib
hi mo at Watcrvlll--, N, Y. lie wll
probably now make his home at Kens'
seiner, where tho general ollkes of tin.
company aie located.
John T. Illchards has. il is ,-aH
denied up a nlco little fortune or
Lackawanna, I'iiIou Pacllio and West,
era I'nlon holdings during' tho reconi
boom on these securities. Every Sun
day afternoon Mr. Klchurds can ln
seen hoarding the l.ackiiwauua llmltc-i
III oitler to lie on the grouu
111 .Now York when business opciu
Monday mm plug. Keeently No. 1
was hours later In unlng
owing lo a snow stoim op the Huffah
division, and the Si-r.intou capilahsi
wanted Station Master McCaun lo put
on a specuil tinlu. tu eairy lit 111 t
New York.
Si, eh i (imposition was out of t' (
question, but a ipeclal Pullman t.ii
was attacned to th milk train, whin
icached Huboken before a p. in Me
Klchanls has als'i been ery success
1111111 pk dug th- Alexander Car Ri
placer 011 4ho market. Hu Is one o
the chief stockholders of tin-;
which owns ih- pi t'-nis for it