The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 04, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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    4 $o , i j ni aj, i)( iT 't yVT' i" j. a i nf' tTf- Nfj w'h -rw , it v ,'jimt'i
m, w V ftv'4ftvwv Vmj ,r(1jrriwsj i - v - ' fvrrv
') V f! V1 I"" f t -I i t-y .
i , e?J
irn ji
An Excellent Combination.
Tlio iik'nsimt iiiothotl find bcncllcinl
t'ffucts of 11r ucll kuowu remedy,
Svnui' or L'kib, manufactured by the
('AMintiKiA Plfi SYIUM' Co., illustrate
tljoMilni'of (ibt!i!iilii(T tlio liquid luxa
ti o in-iiioiplcH uf plants Utioun to bo
medicinally IhmiIiw nnd presenting
1 hem In tlio form most 1 eirosiiltiK' to tlio
taste mid neccptablo to tlio Rystctn. It
lithe ono pcrtcet strengthening ltiMi
tir, elcnnsliiL'' thu nystoiii offectually,
dispelling colds, lioadnehes and fevers
gently yet pi omptlv nnd enabling ono
lo overcome! habitual constipation ncr
innneiillj. Us pel feet freedom from
eery objei'lionabln cpiality nnd sub
stance, .ind its acting on the lddtieyM,
liver and bowels, without weakening
or irritating thorn, mtilco it the ideal
In the process of munufuctui'.ng UgH
nin used, ns thoy nro pleasant to tho
taste out tlio medicinal quuliliLsof tho
remedy aie obtained trom (-r-ntia ami
other 'aromatic plants, by a method
known Jo tho Caiiioiima I'm Symir
Co. only. In oidur to get ltsbeneheial
elTeetaiind to avoid imitations, nlease
remember the full ntimoof thoCompany
printed on thu front of cvuy package.
i.ouiavu.r.E, kv new Tronic, n. y.
rormvlo byull Orusplsts I'ricoSOa.pcrbottlo.
Ice Cream,
QH Per
1 cler tone Orders Prompttr Dll voroi
-7,.j27 Adams Avenue
Piano Tuning.
07 Prracolt iNCnue. Ilct icf entires.
1 -
11.ILIION M01)Y Ml. Ill -On Mondi
itbt Coiupinv l, llnilrciitli lOhiinciit, will
1 ln.t 1 liLiitinint l 1111 the 1 11 1111) ciucil lij
the ilutli ut the lite IH30 Diowii
on rn K's sLcrison Hi 1. riiuwn
Iiib ftuicmleJ Ur l'tck a- icMiltnt ilivau.nn it
the Hihmmini! ho pit ii. lor the l,t t o mii
In Cliw-oii n ii touiKcttd with I lie .n nU
Oplitholmii hoi it d
PnOlllBlll() roNr.MIUN Ilic riolnliitton-i.-ts
will hold 1 comcntion In mint touin No. 'J
tht iftunoon ji 2 oiloil, jul tin, ritiln3' in
M11. Auititoriuiii, Nurlli Xiamen rime "ill
be a rnectun; iillri-SMi! y l'iof I'lllcn, wlio-o
fopn will lo i 111. MllXll AulOi till. CllUlfllS
Iiai.S lb LIU AMI MIL -J lie liibtme
11 laktd to rail the alltntion uf the public gon
ually and iniiirance people in paitiuiht to the
Hot that Allnd T. 'Mailin. mining enit ct C u
did, Walm, 13 now 111 Montird, Cinadi, dinl i
mcII. A commiinitition aldnved to him. 010 ot
fhltf DcttUwe t. II. Cirpcntcr, Mill icaili him.
Second Legislative Distiict.
Notice is heicbj glm. to the ljcpiibllein Aottrs
nt tho Second legishthe dWrict otLacKaMaiini
rountj that a jrimary election Mill he ln-ld on
tatutdai. Mai IS, 1001, at the leguhr polling
places, beHvcer tho hours of 4 and 7 o'clock p
in , (or tho purpose ot electing two delegatio to
rrpiiftrt the jald legislalbe district in the coin
ing llerublican btate coinentlon to be held in
Ilarnsburt'. 'the conientlon lo tonipute the ote
will be held on Tuesday, Mo j, pioi, at 10
o'clock a in. in the court hoiino in Scranton
In accordance iltli the mica goeininff tlio
dbtrlct, tli' cindiditea Mill be lotcd for dircitlj
by the utcra at the polls and must rogiitcr
willi tho district chairman hbt full name and
poatcffKC uddieas, and paj his assOsMnent llltieu
jajs bcfoic the election, 01 hU tunie ulll not bo
laccd en the olhclal ballot, neitliir will my
ntes ca't for him be counted
Ihe dlttrict ugilance conunittce In ailoin pre
mcts will conduct the diction, and the result
Will he uiorlcd bj tho ictuiii judge to the dis
trict toiwentlon, which will be iompocd ot
jndqcs ot the Jrlois ilUtilclo.
writtrn notice containing further instructions
will be mailed tu rich niimter of tho said ills
iriit ifilince lomnilttn
Fieilciie 11' Hell,
L'haiiiiiaii b-comt I,-glslatiie DMiUt
Mtut -Walter 1: DaMs, Seirctarj.
A.Bk for Kvlly'a union uackors. '
"-. -f t -f -f -f -f hV
We offei subject to previous
sale -f
Ithaca Stieet Bnllvny Co. ""
X Qbld Bonds ;
6 Per Cent, Mnture 1023,
r As tho second mortgngo
bdrtds of this company nio sell-
lug at a pienuuiu the value of
. the ihsitB'i3 beyoud question. X
f W Droic'wgy, N. V, WllLesBarre.
t- Dubondale.
h i. 6 tod 8, Cominonnealtli Did),' ,
K1 V
Qninc Will Be Between Semlimiy nnd
the High School,
The pieseul seasdn of Imse hill
would he but ntciiniely kept iiIKl weiu
It mil for the eltotts nf the Set anion
Itlrth fcMionl Allitoltit ititinell At
1 (list It whs UiuUL'ht itiaitlenllv Im
possible to hne ii loptcelitutlvo nine,
Ifoaiisc of the Jiulc of Inteicst In t li
"Ity, but at ii mooting list month
1'iofessnr Wngner ttus on IihiuI to give
the lieressn ent tiiii.icniPiit and tlin
lioys liuxe beili at umk piui tlelng for
tilt" past Hit eo weeki (.'iipliitn Tropp
has nut been able to give as at
tention to the team hh In funnel vein",
but peisltellt elTOlt has moulded the
new mateilnl Into capable ausllliiilcs
for those who pliiM-d with lust j 'ill's
tin in,
The team has pltnctl but one giiinc
this season, nt t'neton llle, In
which the Ku.VHtono AliiiIciuj fans
went down befoie n big hloip Mima
gei I'lank (I'ltellly Ii.ih imangjd 11
giinie with the tiaik Wyoming kciii
I mi 1 team lor loiln.v nt Athhtli tmik
and the local bos cApcd In put up
a Htionger gam,' limit did tlio SU'Icim,
who tame o near defr.itlng the hciii
llitit Inns lust Wulttosiluy, Miiiij of tlio
Inllcld lnen ot the Itlgh vlIiou iiKgie
gatlon played with the Slldds nnd all
feci confident thu l thu iuloiy will be
In their lrinds this ufti'iiiooii The
g.imc will begin pi omptlv nt .i.n. Ad
mission linn bctii placed at the low
into oi in initH Tickets tan be lo
omed tit the giotinds. Tlio hnltlng 01
il"r will be something after the fol
lowing Dawrs, tcutoi, Spauow, sec
ond: Snow, leit, Jliiitleiilicig, llijht,
Tiopp, pltehei. Phillips, mtdior,
O'ltclllv, thlid, (iiienstcd, Hint, 1 01
liell, shoitstoi".
Died at the Clofac o the Wedding
restivities Coionci Is Making
an Investigation.
Coioncr Hobcits was 1 nlh'tl tu the
"Hislng- bun" block .it the coinci of
Scianton and Seventh siiccts estei
tlny to investlsate tho death 01 u Slav
onian numod Ii Ich, who died
voiy suddenlv on "Wcdneidny eenhiff.
The doctor made an autopsy and noin
his eaminations thcie Is sulllelcnt to
aiotiso suspicion 01 polsonlnpr.
Late blinddy Vrleh was 111,11 tied to
a jounj; blmlsh woniun who iccenlt
anied Horn Austilu. The wedding
celeluation continued the usual thiie
clujs, .tnd on Vodnesd,i the niuplc
visited the bl trie's ssti 1 nil South
Washington atomic, whole, It Is said,
the fji 00111 paitook of sonic beer An
half hotii after ho letuinod home the
man tas dead.
The autopsy eseldny nne.ileil the
f.iot that the man Ik on poisoned,
eithei by earbollc .n id, ittiol 01 s()uio
other iheniieal, which had evulentlv
been placed In his boei. His lips on
the iiibido were binned also tho
and lungs. Dr. llobeitb lciuotod the
stomach, the contents of whlih wilt
be nnaljed, and Intoi 1111 iniiiti st will
bo held.
The joung man was but '" cait. ol
.iKe, and boie .1 sooit lepul.itioii 1 lo
was not known to luie any ontuues,
and his ft lends .11 e at ,1 loss to mule 1 -btnnd
his sudden loath A lepoit was
cuiicnt yestiida in the uourJiboihooil
to the effect that a telathc of the
bride had thie.itened to poison the lol-low-
if the -hl mm led him, but this
could not be eiilied 'I In 1 01 unci will
intesfjigate the rao
Giear London Show Coming.
'ihe L'hailis Lee crieat london show
will bo bote on May illh, 7lh and stli.
This is the best 23-cent ohow In Ainei
11, l without a (iiicMiiin ol .1 douot.
The fihow h.if. b-n b toic the, jitibPe
all It has el.umcl This jear it Is
laiger than eci b.loic, and Intb moic
new and nool feituus than anv other
oi.e-rinir, show cei hid. The act t)i tt
is done bv the ilqht pcimis is woinlo.--lul,
,iiul was gottui up foi the little
lolks. The ponies aie tiained lo do .1.
quudiille and aie atluod in diusses
and diobb suits. They dance to the
mr&ic of an old tiddler, -who culls off
the uumbeis of the dance, Jliss flow
land, the ohnmpion l.nlv ildei of the
wot Id, is the onlv 1ml v who iteenni
I libhes tho feat ot doing a someii.iult
on a hoite in lull motion, Mr. 'Cweis,
siled as the piince of hoit,e tininus,
will appear at eeiy poUoiniuuee in
nine of hit, wondeiiul acts, both witn
ponies and hoibcs. 'I'ho ilowns, gjnTT
n.iFtb, leapci?, tumbleib fiid 'iciobats
aie all excellent. Thu show thi.s
Is owned bv two blight busin--ia nun
I ti 0111 AVi'ltob-lJane, 1". N. PiU and
I ('. Id. Honeywell, who liute sp.ri'l
j nothing to muke this the luid"i hi itH
1 class. The hto clicagi d liotlilu;; but
the bcbt of talent in outer 10 make
tills a show In ieiy de
tail. The hois-ch mill ponies me tho
linest that hate e,r b, n h"en with
any show. Tiny me llnoly IihmI and
puifeetly tiained anil oln dlout lo their
iii.Htei'.s c ill. The admlsxlon Is J,
cents for triuwn people and lr cents
for chlldien, Thcie will be a gland
btieot pm.ido eueh day of the dii.s
tho hliow Is in Hcimiton
Special Rates
ia tin Delawnte' and lludhoii Unu
nited and 1 ot 111 11 on nnouul ol ihe
Kual musical conceit b, Mine. Hehu-ipan-He'lnk,
Mhs Alaint Powell and 1
.Mr rinnseou Uuvls at thu Uecuiu 1
'I Itca tic Tuesday, Mav Jlst, 1901: I
Time of tialu, liaieb.
Wllke.s-Hano . T 0", p. m ,ii0
Pittntpu .i) p. III .J11
opimnt 7 JJ p. ni. i'
Cmboiidalo ... 7 o5 p in. M
E. Robiiibon Sons' rnnious May
Bock J3eer
On tap Satuidiy mid all next week,
Juno Modes and rattems
Now ie ul and tor b.iIc 1' iiiner
Wellb (')., Uu Wjoinine, aM'IIUO, "'
E. Robiiibon Sous' Famotib Mny
Dock Deer
t)u tup and all next week,
1 m .
E. Robinson Sons Tamous May
Bock Beer
1)11 tap Sntuiduy mid all next iok,
Gueiaeey Hall,
3U Washington ave , Scianton. Is the
best and most tellable place to pur-chus-e
a good Piano. It will pay you
to call and get ptlces, and teum. J. av.
Gucmapy, Pi op.
Smoke the Pocono Be cigai.
E. Robinson Sons' Famous Mny
Bock Buer
Uri tap tjatiuday und all nct wak.
Defendant Fnlls to Make AiiRwer
Within tho Piescilbed Time, in tho
Equity Pioceedlngs She Instituted
lo Secuie an Accounting and Pos
aession of Her Pioperty Injunc
tion Asked for to Restrain Scian
ton Rnilwny CompnnyV from For
foitinrr Couti act Other Matteis.
11 .M. llaiinnh, attoincy lot Aim.
Jennie l'lowell-I)eiin, .testetday dhect
td the prolhoiiotaiy to' cntet ft decree
that the bill In the euilllv cuho of Mis.
noun iigalnst lu r brothci, rianklln
Howell, bo tuheil pio oonfesso, Tor
want of appeal mice and answer within
the tlino pi escribed by the 1 tiles of
com t.
The bill was sciwd on the defendant
Apiil , but ho linn taken no Hteps to
iiimwei ni defend within the flUeon
oav limit, ami unless he mines In now
nnd Inn the pioeeodlnt, stajed jlldg
nitiit will lie against him by defnult.
The suit Is In ought to compel him to
lelidet an accounting of his manage
ment 01 her estate and iompc.1 him to
tm 11 over to her whatevi 1 piopeity be
longing to her is now In his possession.
The bill and the pnoor lead as follows;
tinnle Hem i tunklln Unwell
inui ontor ininpl ilus mil sit
1 list lint M10 l 1 ilniKlilir of Diuicl Howell,
ilrcc icil, lilo of Ihe 1 itj of -n niton, and tlic
difindml tbnc rumicil h lur brother. Tint her
fatlici lilt In 1 1 hiire iiiintint of pioperlj, ion
M'lnie' "f nil 1 -lik, b ink iluck ind (ther
Mui!( 1 i-h ml nthei proprrli to the am iiint
,f ibriit "I'lMimi 'lint .it tli" linn f lur lilli
trN ileilh 'he w ii nub touitren jcars of age,
in I, In icion if her n;e in I Mint of buMncsi
iNpriiimo, -he was nut able to jllind lit her
htnlnosi illili-. foi lui-elf
I hat Hip ilefiiidmt, her liothn. ictinir n
her tiiHlce iml lOiifilrntnl neent, iuniivl
the miniifcnunt 01 Im isliti, to lincul, niinic
and r 011(1 ol it for hei
sci end -Hint Ihe Mid defendant, ai inli con
fi'tntlil '-.i nt mil liuilu, puiiluvel haul,
blocks md nthei kiuih if tloil, f 10:11 time to
time with Ihe inoncis luloivlnp In ber 1-I1I1,
liililii-i'I ical 1 si lie in lur mini mil flout time
In lime -old and comewd the Mini, niriwiK
Ihe puicljL liKiuv inlu bis hiniK rllnt be
uiiled hn led estate, nude nil cxcuikd
lei-is 111 iik lepiiis iipnn lie teal est ito, paid
lii- and leiLipted tm rent iK, mil ircuenllj
iniinetil, iniitiolled md dlieiled her alTali"
Ihliil Hut the Mid ikfiiidint, llnoiigli the
111 in lire mont of bn liiiMiie'', illairs lu rciehcd
iuln In-. huul i hrM sum 1 1 111011 1 belonging
In the iiuipliimnt. I hit he his nccr if 11
din I iu iieuiuit In the i oniji! iln tut nt the
im in is mi meiud til Int. in t pcmlul In him
in iln pmmnt of I ims 11 llu 111 1 knit: it 11
pin-', md mill m Uu di c- nut knnw Mbit
1111 mil if UKtiri mil Mm iopciti hi 11 m
hit if Ik 1 1 in his I11111U ir pnsi 1011
I nut III 11 in onioi t mil 01 loniphiiiis tint tin
Mid liustec iu,l it,tnt, Im been in!lx of
hull md unfiithfiil conduct in tht uiiuie
mini if bri tstite 'lint he uu ti in-feried
sluils nf hei's Mllhuiit leeil ml piopu m
thuili mil louliui to lid ui-his, tint hi ob
1 111111I 111 11 1 rf her", up hi the lepie-entation
that hi 8j imeslinp; it in icitain mij-, ihen
11 i iiuIIli of fict no such investments Meic
iiihIi, and Iin Usui milIi moimis md funis
lu hia own puinle pitip -. pniiiR his own
ilclitr. with Ihe -auie Mlthout her knowledse 01
mn nil lint he hai Milled md po,uindirid h,r
luopirti in I ohsli ind m.h-ir. rt iinestnienN.
md .mmii 1011111I uiiiiit ftiis tint much if her
i-tale has thus been !ot
I illh -that the rlctcndinl I113 now little 01 no
piuputi 01 his own tin for vine time pist
Ins been iiaiiif: bci e-tale for his 01111 piupoe,
md 1111-I1 1 lmpr ml rlcccmng lh lumpluiiint
ibout the iisi he mis nuking "f it.
I ut 1 hat the deienlint, 1 1 111M111 llonell,
mn Ie lomrelled li 1 deeuc ol Ibis court lo
miki 1 just and tme ucoiiiu cf ill the moncts
if the uMiifil 1111 nit win, It he Ins 1. ceiled inn
bis hmdi or i.isl ni (nircth r miiIi a full
ind oinnleie 'tilcnunt it ill iihiiMs iimlid
I him vu her icn tint
Sioml Tint he Ie itnuucil to 1 1 "ur I 1 h"i
ill nioiujs cji hn s now 111 his hunts, m Ii ins
fu I 1 In 1 ill stoiks binds, nmtipres 01 oilier
semritics in his po$sC"i in belonging to hn.
.ml tli it he Le icqiiiicil to lOim.i ti lur all
nil tsiite lulil 1 linn in luist fu lur
riiml llnl the ikfiiidant bi icati lined In 1
pieliinunii injunction fiom isaiiriiiiv, tianslci
nut; u di- 0 uu; ot tin lonvpl 1111 int s. piopuli
hum 111 his hands perdue the iilius "f the
aiiount piijcd for
1 urn tli riiu the' ecmplalninl nnj hue sm '1
olhct ind fmlhii ullef is tlie liituii ot Hie
case inn iiqtmc
1 Illh I hit tin ilifeiiilinl le iciinrul to 111
smci Ibis lull of coiiiplaiiunt and In in ike full
dMljsino of ill ptoen and c-tito of Mint
siciei kind lit III 15 linn 111 tiut foi the com
I I liuiiil
.u I tin iiniplnnjiit Mill cur prai, cle.
II JI Hannah,
sjlieitoi for Pluntift.
Wants Contiact Continued.
William Slebocker, piopiletor of tho
riniiey ear Aiitoi tls.1111, compuny, pe
titioned 1 0111 1 josteiday for an in
junction 10 lostrain the feci union Rall
wa. company fiom torfeitlns the cou
ti. id which the plaintiff luih with the
company foi the exclusive ndeitisins
pi It Herts on the tiolley ears.
The phiintllt h.ih that he enteied
into an iiki cement Match 1, 1R99,
wlpiiby he was to hae' this rlshU foi
J.'W) ,1 .tear lor one .tear, with the
piltlliffc ot coutlnulns it lor four joais
nioit. Ue tultllled all the teiim. of the
lontiact, hu says, and at the end of
the car elfeeted a continuance
"t the uuiciine'iit tor iour jeurs. He
has ubsuiterl overy part of hU iiKieo-
iiicni, no cietimeti, nut tn? company
now wlslu.s lo tonniiiato the contiact
and lefiiM'o to allow hhn to eeiesu
the piltiloRo he cnuti.icted fen.
.ludfTo .lohp p. Kail) mauled a nije,
lotuin.iblu net Wcdnesdiij 10 compel
the iieiciidaiu company to'bhow cause
v lit a piemillnmy injunction .should
not issue to pi event the company fiom
toiteltliic? 1 ho contiact Attorney II
1. Ho nold.s appeals for the phtliuilf
Suit Against Legion ot Honor,
riult toi ?J,uoj against tho .supremo
01111c JJ, Ameilcan Legion ot Hanoi, of
Boston, was instituted jesteuluy lu
I'lothonotaij Copeland'h olllio by Mis.
Mitgriln It fonipton, ot I'aibondale,
thiouyji Attonieys J, D. Nicholh mid
W V. l.athtope
.Mi.s Coinptoii'.s huslmivl was In
silled In the i.cKlun of Uriliul 101 $.',000.
Tho leitlliculu was, issued May S, Ib'i),
and ho died Muuli H, ls97. All tho
loiliihunients of iho insuiauce con
tiait wtie lomplled with, the plilntHf
allot,' s, but tho Insiiiuiiui has iievoi
beep paid
Ceeltine Liquor Licenses.
Application was imtdu to couit es
leuUty bj Attornej M, J, Uouahou foi
i llouoi license toi tho lemaindci of
the jeai for Joseph Adomus who
wants to opau up the hotel on Boul.
said load, Tluoop foimcilj kepr by
John J need
Thiough Attouiej p j lteeds John
Qulnn petitioned couit to ttansfer the
license granted John Uhelka, of the
Twenty. that watd.
Judgo Kelly lixeil Mny l'i .it, the time
for .1 healing on tho petitions
Suit lii trot-fius-si begun yvtf-
In day bv1 Michael Citntilnghnm,
IhioitBh Altot'ticy M, J. Wulnh, ngtiliiBt
S. I.eahnwil?. ft Co.
Mux Ifcrrlnff, who vim romtnltled
to the county Jnll 'last Tuemlay by
Aldormnn Howe io uwnlt tilal on a
ihnitre of perjury piefenod by Mift.
Jacob Kllman, wur tplonxed yeitleidav
on .0H ball furnished bofoic Judgo
Mat 1 Inge Licenses.
(liriMliii Woelirle Sll MrOaihmy
Aniit Mllleli ,1)03 Staffoul menue
Aliloni llonuln ,,,, , Mijllold
Mil) Anni MutOMski Mfl.Mlrld
(icoiko I!. Ketrlnm r'aAtla Creek, X, V,
Ma M Uom Cistlc Cieck, X. Y.
t'nutily roinentlen of PinhlblltonM In tlif
court lioue nt J p ni, Hi In afternoon.
TIruc'r pjmnalum team lll pli the North
Ind Stan at bukil bill tonlnht 1I.H10 aimory
on .1l1nn 8enuc nt a oMnlk. ,n both tciins
are ji ienlllle, (rood ganio h hoked foi.
Municipal League Asked Alderman
Tuller to Hold Him for Court.
No Decision in Other Cases.
Attorney Ii'iedUoeiM, of the Municipal
League, appealed before Alderman
l-'iedeiluk Fuller yestoiday morning
and nsked that Select Councilman John
J. McAndiew, of the Twc'llty-Jlrst
ward, be held In ball for his apear
iincc In couit to answer the chuige of
The iildoimmi decided to hold Mr.
McAndiew lu $G00 bull and sum
moned hhn to appear befoie hhn und
entci bill. MiC MuAndiew appealed
Mioitly after noon mid ngieed to ap
pear today with a bondsinun,
Attorney Heeis said yesteidav after
110011 to a Ttibune nimi that no decision
had as cl been leached legnrding the
other cases pending against Cat 1 W.
McKlnne. Councllmen Thomas C.
Jlclvln, E J, Coleman, Udward Jamei
mid Thomas O'Boyle and e-CounclI-man
Rlchaid H. Wlltlanis. He had an
immense pile of tianscilbed testimony
befoie hhn on the desk, which he said
he was. examining- for the purpose of
ascertaining which uibts should be al
lowed to go to court.
It was. learned yesteidav that tho
pel Jui y cases against o -Councilman
M. V. Monls and Simon Thomas have
boon dlsi ontliuied and that these two
will nut as wllnes&ts in iouit against
1 ci tain other touneilnicn.
Hany Hanis Held in $1,000 Bail for
Hanv Hants. omplocd bv Clner
lhotheis, of bouth .Scianton, manufae
tuieis of ladies! skills, was arrested
esleiduy on the ehaige of laieeny.
The film had been missing vailous ni
tieles fiom the stock and suspected
Tlaiiis, who was closelv wati hod and
who was detected taking 11 skill and
slipping it untlei his otcicoat.
He was git en n healing and was
irmmitted to the county Jail in do
lault of $1,000 ball Wanants mc to
bo Issued for actual women about
town, who, it is ,ild, took the stolon
coods trom Hauls.
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A Laige Gathering of Delegates in
tho Gicen Bidgo Baptist Chuich.
Addresses Were Mado by Eev. Dr.
Charles Rhondes, State Secrctaiy;
Mrs. Barnes, State Superintendent
of Junior Work; Hev. Dr. Fieice
and Bev. Dr. Lansing Officers
Elected for Coming Ycai.
Neatly trjventy-llto deloBatts fiom
the Sunday schools utlUluted with the
Lockawnnna County Sundttv sjohool as
sociation assembled esleidny In nn
mil contention lu the Clicon Uhlge
baptist church and tin co prontable
meetings were had.
Tho morning seslon. which wut
opened at 10 o'clock with piayer by
Itov. Dr. William O. Simpson, pastor
of the Asbury Methodist I'plscopnt
chinch, was pitlded over by the
rieslclent, C. D. 'Winters, of Jermyn.
A very little routlno business was
tuinsncfed and It tvus disposed of as
quickly as possible, in oider to give
us much time to the addi esses und
policial Interchange of ideas.
Itov. Dr. Charles Rhoades, of Phila
delphia, secictary of tho Pennsjlvnnla
Sunday School ass illation, the best ni
gnnbed nnd largest state assoclittou
In the cxMilrv, gate- a most Intel esting
nddHs on the nee plans of the state
association for the normal training of
Sunday school toncheis. Dr. Ithoades
was followed by Mis. rtirnes, of Phil
adelphia, state sitpeilntendent of Jun
ior voik, who "poke on woik lu the
ptlmmy dopaitment Her talk wan
followed bv 11 goneinl loiind table tils
etissliill. PH. LANSING S ADDUEh.
In the uftcinoon thoie was a terv
eloquent addioss riten by Rev. I. .1.
Lansing, D D, pastor of the Gieen
Ridge Picsbj teiian church, who told
of the nuiiv lessons which God intends
shall b; diawn by cvoiy one from
childhood. Thoie was also a lound
table discussion on the 1101 mill woik.
conducted by Dr. Uhoades, and an
election of oflhcis, which lesiiltcd as
Piesident, r. D. Wlntoi, of .IciniMi.
t Ice-piesldent, .1. Wilson Ganett, of
Scianton, traasmer, M. D. Lathiope. ot
Carbondalc: lecoicling secretaij, J. P
Shannon, of Caibondale: coirespond
ing secietui), F. C. Hanjon, of Wat -eily;
superintendent of piimmy woik,
Mn S. C. Ki Igbaum. of Scianton.
noimal .stipeiintendent, W. W. Fletch
er, of Caibondale; superintendent of
home dcpaitnmnt, Jliss Alice Btttlei,
ot Caibondale: exeeiiliM" committee,
L. F. Bpwei, James G. Shephcid and
W.- T. Bui tell, ot Scianton; W. A.
S.tnfoul, of Wat 01 It. Ret. h y.
Voung, of Moo&lc, .1. 1- Lot eland, of
Moscow, and Rev. Md.tnaid Thomp
son, of Jeimyn
The et oning session was vcit laigt
1 attended .both lit delegates and
inteiested outsidois It was pieslded
oter by Tieasuier M D. Lathi ope.
Rot. Di. Robeit F. Y Pieiec, p.istor
of the Penn Atenuc Baptist church,
gate a talk upon tho use of the black
boaid in the Sunday school in pietui -ing
gospel truths The doctor illus-
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Detroit, Rochester,
Romeo and Lake Orion Railway
First Mortgage 5 20-Year $i,000 Gold Bonds.
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out of Uetioit, Michigan, through one ol the finest sections of tho
tt.itc. Eighty pci cent, of the right ol way is owned in fee simple.
Lines are built according to steam i.nlioad standards throughout, heavy
Mils with cedai ties on two-foot centies, permitting a high rate of speed
to be attained by its passenger cars. The company also does a general
freight business. The road is bonded for only $14,200 per mile.
Full information as to bonds, together with map of route, de
scription ol country, statement of earnings, ctr., may be seen at our
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vestment. '
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lllld Mil k I' lllJlllklM I
Ihe lie iringt of tin "Seiinton"
euiiiinleo lleblnfis of niniiiiig und U i
flicilglll llllku it tie llie't ilin ib'e 1
win el for all ills-c ot I hit 1 a
I'lkei tcinlt the piekctbuok j
128-128 Fraiklln Ave.