The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 04, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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    ri " ey-v ,f$pLiM)rjt- t.tW .xf.'Jii I i?J JfU. '.
(.-in. v
AKUANUHMlaNTH fol tlie Scthu-iimiiti-ltoliik
milwi l)tlnn roti
r?rt which It to tnko place at
the t-yceitin Mtty 21, mo In ck
colli'Mt shape. The Tillmne
prints a oty liitirt! INt or Militctlbom
"lid putt (ni"wn tlila nun nltiKi to which
many impoi titnl iiihlltlons will ho made
In the noxt Q(:. It now appeals its
If thoro would In- u fin on with ti'irntcl
to nciiH by the tlino tin illiiRintu li
ipi'ii and that with the- his,' rontliiRent
fiom both Wllkci-Hnuc and ('riibon
lutc. the puopli who air- not on tin
itilisctltitlon lint will find thn iholce
of plnccs inthi'l llmltid. Thin It lliit
ti'iliiK holh to the hum It oi tin talent
i'iid to Seiiinlim. our people uluns
inniiiiKU to crowd tin on the np
r nil nine of a tluritrlual event,
hut so few and far between luno been
die re.illv ttenic-nilouslv bltr ronoerts
In this iltv thai It was a tiltle un
it ltnln just what attitude would he
taken, It lw Indeed n riatlsfactlon to
piedht that It will he the gientest (-ent whlcli has been hold
bete, not oulv In letpeil to the aitlsts
but the ap)ieelathe publii .
It would In a notable o enslon to
welcome Maud Powell alone, the (it cli
ent woman violin pliiyn on the plut
torm today, but alsci to Ihim Madame
ehumann-Heliik and superb Kfi.mj;
ion D.ivies 111 one eenhif? Is sonuthlliR
Indeed woithy to niaik the beginning
of thecontiiiy, and set the pate foi the
lomlnjr jinit. Sub'-cilptloiis aie being:
icifhtl at Powell's nuisle stoic.
The follow itif; Is a list of jn
tionpSies and siibseiibeis to which the
i thei names will be added Intel :
Mr" Milium nurincll. Mm loan W.itrcs,
Mis 1 711 II Hippie, Mi liilni Jerimn, Mr
1 rrrtt iircn, lira Thornis I' .loni, Mrs .1
nnj. thniuiiol, Mr J 1'. Dickson, Mr lames
Md cod, rMr- W. V. Scrmton, Mis William
n llujrr, Mr Henri' W hnisbur.i. Mis V V.
1'litt, Mis (' II stni c,c. Mrs W ,1 Hind,
Mi- W II Jt-niip, ji , Ml- ". 11 renin in,
Mr- flit Itlthail, Iiv V. W. t ttson,
Mm I. N Willanl, Mm I 11 Stints, Mm
I I I ulUr, Mr S G Holicrl-on, Mrs It
Uliir, Mm V Dick-mi. Mr L It Powell,
Mr-. A 11 Illacl liitmi. Mm Ceome IS Ninth,
Mm. James .1 WillhnH, Mrf. B K. tailor,
Mm 1. I.incn, Mm II A Knapp, Mrs
(.torse sinai-on Mm II C. Shafer, Mrs A
1 (mndl. Mm (' K Connell, Mm II. M.
I (In nil-, Mii J s Mrnult3, Mm C D.
-imp-on, Mr- II II limit, Mr. O D Jonen,
Mm limes C luphenl, Mm T II Watkins,
r- I I. M'cii'il, Mm I' 0. roursen
Mm I II Scolt, Mivs ldith Jones. Mrs I,
M Cite-. Mm time II mil Mm O II Welles,
Mr- I W. Pick, Mm li B Iliml, Mm N. V.
t (t. Mm. . h Matthews Mm V. S Gotlfrty,
Mr- 1 du inl s tones Mm Thonns '-pratriie,
Mr- Wiltir 1. Kenwood, Mrs. A. F. Law, Mrs
I I Ilowir, Mm W II Pieioe, Mm O w.
Noitluip, Mm C H IiniNij, Mm F. D WitN,
v.r- I H Dunhnn. Mm J. h Strllc, Mm J.
W II.av ith. Mm H II N.rllpv, Mis. llidnrd
I linen. Mm lolin W. Fouler, Mrc M F Jk
lldiill, Mm F. P Ilnu-tn, Mm F. W. Hci(7,
Vm -nlilrn 111 nr, Mis- Juln Curiam, Mrs
I I li-ici, Mm J II Turrcr, Mr-. RuoiKe
I! leiiimi, Mr- Iuilier hollrr, Mm 1! T.
IIIkK. Mr- I ( mnell, Mm C. I. Fro,
l ( Dnl'ont llnik, Mm II V. Iop-m SIr
limn M In-. Mr, F. L. Phillips Mm. II. M.
iiu!ii Mm I i ink llmni'ilu, Mm II. (i
llinihuii 1m r 11 Sinrhi-on
Mi- Nillio llolli-trr, MI- .lulu Mien, Miss
inklii 1 rtoinin, Mi-i Kill I.i nil, -Mih. Clu
.iiii. Ililktitini, Mr- t.nnt lMton Mm I).
U. I'ntull, Mm. 1 i ink s RirKrr, Mi- bu-m
llhik', MI-n Helen drilhn. Miss l tehn (.ilniorp,
Mr r, Liu 1) Dimnikl.. Mm II I', llluk, Mm
C W. Koir, Mm 'I. C Vn s0uh, Mm II
(' Willici, Mm ., .it Nt will, Mi-s Hnrence
Polpli. Mrs 0 F Itoljerlon, Mm. F Iliul,
Mr- II I, I . lor, Mr- ,Io-eph PInlli!, Mm.
II M MircUr, Mm lo-eh O'Duen, Mm n tor
Krdi, Mm sol C.i.M-inlth, Mm Aaron Gohl--niilli.
Mm .Inn MtKenna Mis Jo-opli I.r ,
VIl- Ilu-iu F Hire, Mm Oikfoul, .Miss Rosen
Irnu, Mm Wllllim Mi IMmlil, Mm T. I. Mill
liolhinl, AIm t' II I 1-liei, Mi- Willhm
. ,t
Mi-m Philip t mm, I ,-ph J' Ireulihrv, !
r --Mi- wiiin, s n Ihorne, .lomci Ilhir,
ir. f II. siiiw-, W. .tin, H. C. Sinter,
Urn . ,lieil Ihml llr 1 Connell, F. but,
w I. Ilemtixiil, H II Snellej, F. F. MiComh,
I M Uiimc I hides II. Doirsim, 1 F. South,
milh William II Pick, F, I, 1 mllip-i, II W,
How let, I. F But pi, C Perry Went?, 1, I,.
Molk, ! . ( ilirmki, II V Login, II M
Ite-, ' I', II im, p. Plunilej, Maiem
Unity. I ( II ill, T. li. lranlz, A T. Unfit,
Ikiiuiinii biuiUr, l.eoiBi Wahl, I)i, r. II. I i-h-er,
W r. HiiUtl, f W. .Norlhup, W. W. Wat-Ian-,
Inn, Oittinsei, .1 . Ilottarth, fii mt
I'lltdi, lime, Watktns II C Willaee, .Illicit
Alike. II I. Mucin, CI111I0. II Mnil-y, FreU
lit MJ llllill
Mc--m W. 11 t o-toii, Ilittelljn Innn, Allan
liniinJ, .1 Iitelanil, Iieil Wnlnnjci, U S
Iet.t, . F Ie-tci, Thomas Carroll, II. A
CimMeu, A. I. (.u-,t, P, .1 Ca,ct, Arthur
I mi.', W, I) Ft ins, sol l.ohl-inith, Airon (JoM.
Miiitli, lilmnl S. .tones, E. K Itioi, W. f
Pidil, Ihnxloro Council, Ilolieit .1, Itinpr,
liules titnlir, Villiam McDoiulJ, Hugh loni,
lo-cph liiiikhet, II. F, t'luU, p, ' iiiU1
1 M f-nltli, A. I, jranlttein, 1. A. IlM,clr.
i. Munn, V. II. 1oIc, J. T. Mtdrilli, M.
II. Tappm, P. b Ciinc, I. I. Hun. W. ,1
Hamilton, , II. Jonc, in, C. r. 'Iliomn-wn,
Ircil Inuikk, Dithl llitnolii-, P, F. Ilottht,
7. (I, Fislc. Alc, Oonnill, H, ,1, shiiherl, M
H Giiein-o.t, Mi. .lann, l,, Micplnnl
The lollowin," weie euUi taiiieil
Ihllthdnv nlfrht by Miss Annie Kitliey
it a euehie patty ffiven ut the home
if ltu nlhtei, Mih, p. v, Nu.ilon, on
juhnitl stieet: Mioses Anna find Maty
1 he " Gibson ',' Picture Pillow Tops
have struck a popular chord. Six re
productions from "Life" show the
Gibson Girl and her male entourage
in characteristic scenes, Ready for
Stamped Top, with Back, 50c
Embroidery Silks to Finish. 24c
Pillow Ruffles, $1,25
I Cramer Wells Co., I
S 130 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa. ;
l.melle, Annie ltufter, Nellie Oman,
Kate Mtttlnnehs, Mury Iteady, Jennie.
Well', Hose ailtfnllon, Mninr BtoRim,
Atehhiitd: MrH. Uttike and Mis, Nea
lon, Mis, Kaney: Mcris. ThnmitM Itaf
lei', .Michael JlutiiH. Chttille V ivls,
John Mil kin, Michael hee, M. V. Oul
kin, .lint Mttiphv, .lohn Klaheil., Mot
Knn Hwteney, Pntileh Sweeney, P. V.
Xealon. Miss Anna licllo won la
dles' Hist pi e mid Mi l,ee won the
tfeiillemcn'.s Hist ptl.e.
Mis. (leotse hluiKts mite a tea on
Weilmsiiiy, when her benttlliul home
In North Pntk was a vision of spiinjr,
wltlt the em tains veiled In stmllax and
the tooms MUeet with aneiuoneH and
tirbtitiis. The table in the dluliiK room
wan ailot tied with white iosis, while
ntaiKllelltes a pietty toll( ll to
other iip.iitinents Mis. SHiikcs te
celed with Ml. H. B. KtltlKes. Otheis
about the moms weie .Mis .1, llonj.
3llilinlcl, Mi . .lames, Miss Chile lte.t
nolds, Mitt. Clatcnci' Stilt Kts, Mis,
Jatne.s rim titter Sanderson, Miss Pome,
Miss i:il7.ili. tit I'nike, Miss Bennell,
Mt. Ciatdmr Sanderson, Mis. Ilutlev.
Jlrs. Twltehell was at the table In the
dining loom. Miss I'ltanot tctioltK
Miss Janet Dickson, Miss Uennell and
Miss Helen Hatul assisted with le
lreslununts. Those who lnne not vlsittd the t'oun
try ilub plnce winter will he tepald for
consldetnble exei tlou, if that weie nec
essity, in older to their eyes on
Hk beauties today. The younpr Kteen of
the le.uos, which is like no other hue
at hiiv .season, the ielet .sward, the
lovely glimpses of sky, nnd, more than
all, thobe "dtlectahle mountains" oter
yonder, with their infinite chanires of
coloi, their sentinel .streiiRth lnc.kliiK
fast our . alley, as In a casket all pie
sent a plctuie which, if we had to
tratel far and away acto-.s weaty dis
tance lo '-ee, Ae should be swift to
joiunev tow aid Just foi a testfitl look.
Now, hi cause It lies but a few paces
aw. iv, we let the monotonous tomor
tows tome in between om vision and
the jov theieof.
Mls Bet tint Galland acLomp.Miied b
Miss Pt ohman, sister oL Charles Ft oil
man, of New York, will be the g-ttest of
Colonel and Mis. , a. AVaties next
w eek.
This itteinooii will cluonide the
openlns ot tlie C'otintty dub for the
early summt r. The entei Liniment com
mlttee will sette tta today and on
teiy Satin day until August. The Sat
in dav afternoon teas added a pietty
feature last season, and wete Kic.itly
enjojed hi membets who thus found
a little social atmosphete appatent
which, without the infounal cjiiyinp,
out of the details, would h.ue lacked
inteiest. Tlie 1 idles who will seive to
day ato Mis H. II. Hiady, ji JIis.
riarenee T5. StuiR-es. Jits. Oeotse O
Utookf, Miss Alice Matthews and Miss
HiH-. and Airs. John Randolph will
sail for I'm ope on June 22 Miss Itan
dolpli, who has been alnoad for seveial
innnths, lias leluined, and will slay at
St. Petei'.s teetoi v during the absent c
of the leclot and his wife
Mis t C. ton Stotcli, Miss Boies,
Miss Penn packer and Miss Jessup jre
in Motilstowu N. J, wheie thei nro
attendinK a pleasant teunion ol MKs
Dana's famous school.
.Mis J. Henj Bimmitk will entei tain
at luncheon today, and has also issued
invitations to a eaid pait foi next
Mr. and Mis j. Ilenlaniin Hiniinhk
fi:ae a dinntn on Thtusdav night in
honor of Mi and Mis. James Gaidner
Sandeison. The other guests wete Mr.
and Mis ("home Stmges, Mi. and Mis
Biady, Miss Alice Matthews, Miss Mc-I-eod,
MKs irelon .Matthews, Messtp.
M. 1!. Fuller, t'hailes Sandeison and
lames Blait, Ir.
The one and only l'lbeit Hulibnrd
will he In hitanton net "Wednesday
niglit, when lie will lectin e at the 111
cvcle ilub on "no;,eioft Ideals." Al
beit is the fiimotis authoi of
the sun moie tamous "Message to
Oaiein," which has been piluted up
Into the millions, is the editor of that
celelnated, The Philistine,
published "eety little while" in Uast
Auioia, X. Y.; has wtltten nihny books
wliielt have been liiMiilously pi luted,
and Is altorfethei a unlciue pioduct of
Ann t lean enlutlon. Ills luetute Is
wondetttil in its wa., while the man
himself, with his classical lace and
sttangc eyes, hi which nie sniotildeilng
fites. Is well wotth tin pi lee of a ticket
to llear and to see,
Mis V V, Sciatitoii enleiltiini'd at
a lunilieun jestetd.iy, when among tlie
gtict were Mis. W. P. Hnlhtcan, Mifl,
MnltlicuR, Mrs. A. V. Hunt, Mrs. C. I,
Simpson, Mrs. J. K. Carmalt, Mis. 1).
8, Moffat, Mrs. James Hosle, Mrs, J(
ltenj. Dlmntlck, Mis. O. L. Dickson,
Mrs. II. M, ltlnlr. Mis. Uelln, Mrs. Uen
nell, Mrs. (Icorge Sitnde'rson, Mrs. J. A.
IJnen, Mis. Ijitvcttjv Mlsi Jcssjo M.
Clay, Miss Vliglnla Dlnunlck, Miss
The Home lor the Kilpinlless tlesltes
all of Its friends lo contribute to tho
rutnmngo sale, to bctilii next Tuesday
at 19 Penn avenue. Those having- tit
tides to give niny lnfoim Mts. C. V.
Matthews or Mrs. Ij It. H telle. In the
central city, or Mts V. D. Kennedy
nnd Mw. i: V Cliambetlln In (lieen
Mie, Chntincey Itevnnlds ami the
Misses Iteynoldp, of Wyoming avenue,
have i etui tied fiom u yenr'n slay
abioad, In which they have enloved to
the lull tlie dellchts of IoicIkii ttavel.
Much of (belt absence fiom this conn
tit was i ndeied iinl(iit by tcison of
their lst to fnnnes, where tliov were
entertained by their cousin, Jfis, At
thur W'lnslow, who Is not only In the
smatt set of London, but Is distinctly
ot It. Mis. 'Wltislow lifts Ions' been n
member of "the Prince of AVales' set."
nnd has ontoi tallied the pie'ent KIiir
or Ihiplniid In hoi own home. At the
lime of tlie recent visit made by her
Ameilrnn eousln, Mis. "Wlnslow had
.Inst t etui nod fiom HI. IVteisbuipr,
wheie she was entei lalned hv the Cnr
nnd the (Hand Duke and their eliole.
Thf Inipetlul Clinutmuiua f'ltcle of
the I'enn Acnue IJaptlst ehuicli was
entutnined tit the homo of Mr. nnd
Mis, .1. Allied PennlniUon on Tues
day nitjht. A unique pioKiammo was
j,len, con&istlnu of paiets by tlneo
Kontlemen, as follows; jir. P,enn,
"How to Oft a tlirl and K op Tfet:"
Mr. O. P. livxhee, "New SptiiiK Jlats-"
Mr. llotschel Hall, a htitnoious dialect
poem on the Pan -Aiiti'i lean exposition.
The ManslUld-Dunhani wedding
and reception was the intei ostitis feat
ui e oi the week.
Movements (if Feeble
Mr. nirl Mts I) I I.m1(i ite il tlintlc titt
M1h (ititiuilc Siri2u(. I- tiMlini; roljtitts ci
l!d-t( n
Atlnniit Ailin tt K in Wilkivliniu
t official.
stile 'fipisiirci I!. 11 llinliiiliili,uf Horn
iliii, t li in tie cilj tills mil.
tli s W illi uih, of Sm rruuisro, is tiitins: lior
fithir, It II Williaiin, it Jmntn
Mr. ,1 II llrnuls lin Bono lo tl intie ( lit,
t here it 1-, liopcil lie ttill full v r('aiu liis he lit h
Ml iiid Mis f.coie Hire lie oeuipwn,; the
loiileiui' on Muli'un at emu, foimulj the lioim
of Mr. Luteliinl
Walter PiCTHiti, Kilph Miliums inn C W
Gnnstcr ittuulcil tlie nli(ili(luii dimi m Pitta
tun, I liufeil ,y niulit
Willie, tmaiK fcun of Mr mil Mi- Samuel
Ilimi, of South 51 1111 awnui, undirttpiit m uicr
ition, eirlj thn ttTel., tor i tliroil ill, i Inn
Mi-i I Inphdlt Siniltrson, ttlio lu- -puil th(
pa-t. ttto liionllM in tin- &nnth, K now in w i-h
IiiKtun, iniouli toi li me, tthut h( ii ctpieUil
nct ttcik
Mr intl Mi- Willlim M W il-tn nturnul It
tin ulj mi ludit, fiom l si months' Inp
lliiom.'h tin- smith, mo,t nf which tune Ihrt s mt
in Hijiiniorit. litis the ruU nut oil ccnln
A&IJUIUrf of attieles m the Centuiv
.M.iKazme on "Some Amei leans
Abioad" contains mafiv escellent
luts on out little fialltiis. One diame
ter is it presented as stathiH: that 'A
man who is easily pleased sets him
self down as common-place at om t ,"
and tlie speaker t onsclcntiouslt m.
deinored to i.iny out tlie tin on. Ti
be sine he made sevotal Kinds ot a
tool ot himself, but that Is nnnlln-r
In .'nine iisjieci- he was piubahlv
light. It is the ptiniitie taste which
is contMiltl with the law etilois of
ted, si eon and blue, tmsoftenud and
unwashed. It takes , lonnolsseui in
ait (o .'ppieciale a put pie eott weirdly
looniitiK up against c idet bin dees
outlined upon a letise sk, oi a nile
frteen lady walking neat a pink oieau
and tiilkltiR to a mail done up in
smudsy jellow.
The cnininoii eety-da put son is
pleased wlun he can letugnle the alt
ol "Tlie Star ripniiKled Jlannei ' 01
Tliete'li 13e a Hot Time In the Old
Town Touijjht." Only it culthnled cal
ls able to Know when a i kissh al pto
riiain is i cully ends or wheie tue mid
dle behlns and nf eoutse plain tunes
Ittll.ite the cultivated c.u. The tom
moiipl.iee indhidual is pione lo si e a
Joke when it is diagramed, and Is
moed to tents when sottow oot takes
It 1 1 ii oi he beholds othei people In af
fliction, Of coiii-to a tultuied, supetior
mind I-. hetti'i contt oiled and can
Iheiefoii' see the subtle line points of
liilinni w'lhh otheis oteilook and can
Kuiti a cettaln ileKicv of satisfaction
in analyltis" other people's emotions
and In the knowledge of hiipoilotliy.
Posslblv, howenei, he loses much
which Kites them pleasuie. It' the
chief aim ot this lite is to bo dlseilin
iiiailiiK, to he totever dissecting one's
sensations and e-itiiuatiUK' win titer it
would be in hnimony with one's su
pctlotlty to smile at tills point or weep
at tint, the supoi-c liliial pctfou has
the best ot it If, however, it is con
EiiU'icd that wo shall not pass this
way luulii and tho eyes should he ulml
detied by the lmely kivcii of May, tho
lie.ui wanned by .suinntci's tin III, tho
senses leinpetid and hushed by the
pathos of autumn nnd the soul tested
In tho guy Mittntss of winter, then
blessed ate those who ute easily moved
to teats or laughter by the gilefs or
jos of otheis, who see. beauty In .sky
and cm th and ocean, who take sweet
ness out nf old laiullltn tunes as well
nsi fiom the touch ot dear familiar
hands, who in tact mo not hoted with
tho fair monotony of eaith, of the sun
shine, of their f i lends ot of htpplncss
The bote is a poison, Isn't lie, who
titllis about himself when you want
lo talk nbaut youiself.' I can think
of no boie mote "hoicHoniu" than thu
one who dieaiily Insists on point
Ins' out his ttade mail; of stipotloilty
as made evident b the fact that ho
Is not easily pleased as it because lis
Ilncls all his, oses to be labing thorns
and i.o blooms that he must Insist
upon your planting- thu thornful vat
Icty also. Ho Is torovor Boing- about
taking the colors out of your sunsets
by u coiupaiisou with sunsets In Italy
ot borne other place which us likely as
not ha never saw. Ho is always llnd.
lug the weak points In the glotious
t bluing annor of your ft lends nnd
making nicks In tho fult statues of
your ideals nnd dtags'itiK away the
sciccns joil h.iM' decotously sot up to
conceal the unveiled skeletons of vice
In the closets of yoitr Imagination, It
may be ptcblitn and primitive and rom
mem place to he easily pleased as ou
walk thiotigh the wot Id, but It must
he woefully tiresome to be obliged to
live tip to a reputation for such fas
tidiousness us loaves no sweet How or
tinhllghled In one's Kaitlon and no
fair fnniu uitHinliihed In one's stntely
halls of memory.
To by. sine thine Is such o thing na
being too oelfeioiin In evptesslng sit
Isfaollon, whether the object be me
diocre or nthcivvlso.
The lady who Industriously set
about to pialse a cntpcU In a cettaln
ft lentil homo and who wondered why
her effusiveness seemed to moot with
such thllly tesponsc, aftoi wards dls
coveiid that the floor coveting In ques
tion was a choice mnde by the former
wife ot her ftlend's husband. At all
otl'ei tlnio she waud vety cnthuslastlo
over a gown woin by an niqualntatiCQ
and was.stiipilsed at the coldness with
which hei teniiiks wete leeched by
the lttdv on whom she was calling.
I. ilet ll ttausphed that I he owner of
the pntly diess wuh a hitler enemy
of the unentliuslasllj llsletiei.
Tin- snubbed Alslloi in lelatltiR Iter
epei!enies added: "Well, the whole
nr.ltot Is lust thin, she hadn't nnv
business to be on bad tonus with the
other woman, tioodness me, I think
I ci'iild eniluie it to hear anybody
In the wide wot id Dtalgod, oven though
I icfiulned iiotn Jolntni; In the choins
t haven't .my patient e with uen peo
ple, nnd tlicie too was thtl carpet
friend of mine, yl shall ulttas think
of 'hot as I lie Cat pet laid v.) Whv tin
der the sun need nnvbndy who Ix nllve
and sjood-lonklng hnself 1k Jealous of
a dead woman" If lit" othei wile '"as
still domishhiT about in the esh and
thcie was a ptospect that slie might
ensi.aie him again, there might be some
sense in lieioUs. if fjit like that I'd
do one thing tin- next minute and it
v mild be to move sitalght out ot that
house and give all the caipets and
things the olhei one h id to the next
rummage sale "
11 isn't nlw.i.vs Hie people who seem
oasllv pleased who ate least disci Im
inating, nor the ones who ate free In
eptosliic, their pleasute who ate teal
Iv coiuiiiiiiiplaee. .Som-llnn s the line
enlht slasm t oui"s fiom a hoallhy
mind in a sound bodv, a piesent day
vitality which gives loso-coloiod
glasses to the v Ision and a sweetness
to the sptings of life, and sometimes it
is tlie ( apuclt loi devoting one's
thot.ghl and veiv soul to the subject
at hand to tlie utlei extinguishing' of
all nlnei Intel ests
1 know a little milliner lady who is
an aitist in mote than making
stunning lials. she uses her gifts, as
mill h in he." gentle manipulation of
a iiistomer as in devising combinations
of coloi. Mv inly lsltoi- seats hetsclf
he tote the big mhioi. jradame looks
at her ciitically. "les. I have the hat
for ou, just the thing," and she makes
a 1'. stv ditc into a big diawer It Is
placed on the tisltoi's head at the
pioper angle, pint bed in heie, a rose
tucked tindei tltete, but still a dls
sittlsiKil look on Madam's brow. "No,
no,' she sis bilghtly, "It is not te
lintd enough lot mih" with tho sliglit
tst posslbh .u tent on the "von" "not
sutlklf ntly gi.ueful," and olf she flits,
tetiuning with a maivtl in pale gold
ami pink, which huly enough suits my
lath's fair be mty. To another cus
tomer Madam savs decisively, "No, I
hae nothing which will exactly do for
ton. It is something elegant and tet
unique which jott must have. Wait
until the dat" alter tomonow, 1 will
inakf ton a hit which will make ott a
pictute. 'These things which I have,"
and she sweeps her hand out with n
compichcmhc gestuie, 'might do lor
some, but not foi ou," and the Mat
tel ed pet son -joes awav putilng like
a kitten and she comes back, too, and
theie is tlie hat awaiting' her and
stiangelv hei oming and fascinating aa
,i stud of uppiopti.ilcness It is
'Mil, bill toil .tie a llatlelel,'
s.ts an ijbseiving acciiaintanee, who
had witnessed sin li a si cue wheie the
obiict was a eij plain woman, and
Mad nnc hid tinned inside out the
m in v tissue -lined diaweis and mys
teilous btiMs and was still unsatis
lleil ' You make them go off feeling
thai ihev ( oiilil be pioit ssional beau
ties' il tiny only (and to do so, and
vou do (agjCetale tilth (hums mi
"Indeid not1" piotcsts in idanie, hall'
iiidignnntb. 'I do not tlattei. I do
not tell lies. I am oulv inlet ested,
that is all. Knoh customer is to me a
1 n tine, to vvnlch I must suit a itanie
All the ctislomets oi jcstcidnv ato foi
f,otttn. I only see tln one sitting
Ihete holme the miiiii, At a glance
I nin tel. wliat she wants. To mc she
is not plain. I sit possibilities in
hei tnce which a good hamo will de
velop. I know m v business, that Is
all. 1 want to sa.t a wind, too. Unit
will make her line look al its, best.
Did ou se hois- light up lust now
when I said, ''iour husband will like
that hat; lie will say It hi ings out
the sold which usi d to bo jn jom
hill.' Del end upon It. thai woman's
heaugear his I eon a lilul to hei bus
bind, Vou (tin si e ll. Me has hatei!
those cold blues and giujs and gieens,
"V.ou'11 sou low she'll look with the
Pink toscs callliu, a llltlo tutor Into
hei clucks and ih ueamy biowu
against her hair, with It Is ically love
1 Whoievor she puts on that hat
her lace will light up with the leinom.
hi .nice of my wouls, Just as it did to.
day. She'll have (ompllmetits oil her
boiler hi nlth this sumniei "
i oiiii 111, si.tcr VlJiiilt ilon't .tiu" iln l,.v
ih do'
Pe lulillc ilis uttiii(, in ilr tthitti tn' on
tie- Hi'!
lie 6Mu in ik icnlil-.-hc ttcUli no liuiulieil
l.n lie piio i fil tie diuoii ilat'll sttinp illt
slttr lonn'l
) in'l .tun iicjli lie luii-ii f
( nine en jinu tie rnnvl
Vln'l ill-, lulhlnli?
siiinir ju' iiVlmrt ittn.
Hull come II. .uon VMHUni lic'll ttln out,
I lo bucm'!
tnl nil' tlJt lie tv j- iMer ilone tllni-i lli'it
Willlatiii ilottn!
siill she tUinlin' lonesome llncst il in town;
In tie prize H fu de ileaion djt'll tuluc iU(
liter lonn'l
Pcii't jot lit ih di inu'ie?
( oine in jlnt de ling!
Vln'l dht lulleiiiU?
sttins o' lu'lneti win$
llle (,uJ, none Mn swine her! Wlul )ou
j,tiine ter dot
Pji'S da )rUesa iopMn' t'um de chiinbl) shell
at youl
I5lr VVilllann he uiiiUii', but he'll git
dar, I be boun't
llu gone ter H i clcitiik (er ter .wing dat
s'slci louiid'!
Don't on heah de uiiijlcf
( mm en ji ne de tin;!
Vin't di. halMnUr
Sttin' ju' a'lner ntlnif'
- I'l Jik I.. Uuttm in J esUe'e MvliIiI.
Saturday is a Good Economy Day
Our Big Stores piesent an economy tale every day, but especially today will the advantages of
purchasing here be evident at a gUnce over the many departments. Our Lackawanna avenue win
dow display of shoes will attract you and then it will be worth your while to look well at other op
portunities which await yotit choice.
Men's Furnishings
Probably the most styl
white shirt adds to a man's, good looks. They come in plain
madras, cheviot and linen, The prices are $1.00 and f i, 50.
What is known as "Print Ma
dras" will also be in great de
mand: colors black, white, plain
and broken stripe effects. 4. 4
Price $1
Plain blue and ox blood colors
have been selling wdl; the
grade offeicd especially
good fot p 1
The Great Shoe Sale
At the Big Shoe Stores
Has been the most unusual ever planned by
these or any other stores. The thousands of
pairs of shoes we have already sold and the
thousands of pairs we expect to sell add to the
exceptional featuies.
Department, we have devoted part of the center
aisle, on the main floor, opposite the Glove
Counter, to a
May Day Shoe Sale
for Misses' and Children's May Day Oxford Ties
and Strap-Sandal Slippers in all sizes.
Infants' Sandals, without heels, in all
colors ; b'ues 2 to 0 46c
Children's Sandals, with spring heels;
sizes 5 to 8 00c
Children's and Misses' Sandal Slippers
in all leather; sizes 8 to 2; pi ice 89c
Children's and Misses' Dongola Oxford
Ties, in all sizes, at 95c
Morrison's Imperial Silver Soap
is now being demonstrated in the main aisle.
It makes no dust; it will not scratch. It does
polish everything it touches.
4 4- k "l 4 4 4 4
"Inicnii itc l.iintt Mgc 1 1 ilimicimi-. tlmij.
Ni 111 lit lhlll.4 let ih In iteuriti'"
Hi uhi nl tin Mill toiilil ti"UU ml mo
In im I ik In 'Kin fin-linis tnol 1 in-,
null foi public ition), tthich it pnsMlile ttill
li iiMtruil in full 111 111 oirl) i tu if (If
Hcrklt Mini jnil then irrcint ici ,int' IciIruI
iriiuieiliittlt hv mill Ml 1.111I1 miiiiiiimiu
tiuiii unit, hottiur i- 1 matter f irir-i
lipm thi ttritu'-. iniiii t mm 11 1 iiMuv,
ih 1 tin 1 n it tin; 1 miiut I 0 nh.11 intu n
Mild it 1(11
Dfindelion as a Spilng Vegetable.
OM: or tin- culnit iml mi-l hIiih of th
IlltCIlt Ot .plllllt 111 thin IntllitV i-t till!
11 pi , 11 nice of ttonuii ir.'l tluhlun up 11 tji in'
1 H, tthi, mind ttith in oh! 1 info or Im puou
mil 1 hii! it, ill),' up tho liiiilihui; plmU (it lliu
1,111111011 tillovt Hittir, lli it tn I 11 11, iml th'
mijiiilt 01 our tittiiH 111 il iiilit ttm lev ttht
Iho-o pioih klioulil mi ( villi miii It fu iml
Ilimi illicit (olhit Mil flint puniN ut thin (om
mon ttiml Hum' ttiniiii .iini chtliluii ttith ft w
itrtpli tin ik(, 1 1 111 111 01 I 1 cut H mil f, ithoi I In'
iliiiililion 11 1 pndotiH nml liirJilt I'-Ufmul
1IM1 of tin tiini icui tirt'lihhi ot tin iiopli,
tin more, ippiit-itlril Ih it i the- lunt ohtliiulil..
Jiltr tin' Im,; ttintti i'ut ot uiiiU iml ihh I
tltt.lllh, IiUIIh, pi Ih 1. Illi pilltniH llnj fol-
Iltv only the niluul liinlinu of inimal iiitiiio
foi 1 ohinsri ol ilkr tilth tju1 chaiu,e 1 f ihi ! i-
-COS, Jill 'lH (l llllill li 11 Ih om 0 1 1 l Ht
ulililo iml it tin- -nil- limo iiiLilhiiial jilmli
ttliith milt lN ippi 11 inn', il ii f ii 1 l.t muikIi'.
iftn mi 1 titui with 11INI1 cithti euol.dl like
piri ic li in inUeil Willi potitors ih i oltoiy
Mia 1
III' 11)0 llCIIIll plulllitH ol 1 hi' phut, tthliii
ici Oil nl it-, l.lllJMl llllill. Il.uil tin timltil It
i mlil 11110 of its li ins to 1 lioii'n t nth. Inn
tthliii in (It nil ill (I'i-lliln 11) iii, in lu'iuli
(l'i--nilit) tt in 11 mini .ulii iti. proptities lH ,1
liiilhliiu in nltliuliliu ill" nihil it lli'i-i! or
u'iiih 01 tlu Ik l.t tthi')' oltii, it in lo ml tin
Mit!!!l 01 llf lllllliml itlol! lit UmiI up nutiiiil.
tl. Mi mm mi- mi 111I11 in,.-', llu I IiIiujh .mil
I In. tn .iml thiiilit lo, ih It i i iuil.iih'
llllllnl, plllllt tho I loo I, 111 1 pli-.Miili, li.t
till ttlt, ttlllll. Ih I Kill (f till 111, llu ll llllill)
cf th. mill Hit io, (lit "hunionl tluuit of ilin.
t.ii," which 1 iiiliul ill illi ihs to liiiiiuil,t
if th- liuiiuiH .I liiiii'li iluuhitlin; itithln the
III inoilii ini' (lit loot 11 1I111I1 liuii hi- htm
11-nl fol liiiiuliuN of .tills ih 1 1 limbic' 111111 ilt
11(1 in 6lil mi cmplo.tnl lij 1 mv if tin ohlir
phtHliiins iml thin ixkiulul iitll(lo Ihh
nliimii that this Iiotv uIiiiuhI foiKOtlui iliii!,,
tthie.i (.iohh ,il 0111 iluit., in In iiuny icp,i,
lir Hiiperloi In tlie 'unlit mtf fant,lnl nml tiKirlf
IioukIiI. pilfiit lilooil imr I lit r-t iml niii- iiioili.
(iini or ttill tho inn heiiitc illy picpuitl hut
liltlo ttlitl ilrugH HhuI lit phlt, iiott 11I 1 1 1-,
tlilillj liciu-o 1 In y Jlc put Into tliil liimll
in 1 lOineiiiint J ml .ittrKtiw (mm, Huh 1111k.
iiU" it easier In dis ciimi thou thin the ou
tline, lon" liii',1 ami mtir tmmil intinif litlp.
lilctH of tho f.llilllv iloitou It luikea one Ht
llku mi in' tttlli the (iiiuian picf
"Wlij vtanilor iml iohh inin uuIiuh mikuuttii
I'oi the netr of tmt ilouhtfiil taluc,
When so much that is kooiI lie mtlfttetl at
1 oine,
l.tir teatly anil potent to ahl iou."
Aspaiagits as a Medicinal Plant.
Jt ituru Im placul jt our iliniiosil
ttlthout. tho nreesaari" Inlittciiticn ot tlii
iliuc.L,Kt another taluihlu .0 calleil Hood imrilicr
III Hut dclielitful and sit my t.piiug MKrtaM',
.ip.iuyiH. Ihi-i plant, like to uun.t others, eon
talna certain actlte principles which iheinUit
lute isolated and named, ani ttliieh into a tut
litiitneial action upon tlie evcietoiy mgaiis ot
the boil), especially the khlnc.u, .tml tlitso i-o,
htc J aetite principles in thu form of alkaloid
aid cf late u-(?( quite eileiiDitcli in medicine
Hut in older to get not only the lull wlue ol
the plant at a satori vrgelahle, but ala it
Iiiietttlal eftect it has to be properly ral-tl ami
properly cooked, and aspatagu; U one cf the
mq.nt pertinent illtc-trat loua vc lute ot the old
baling thai "the good lord protidul the fcuotl
tiling to eat, but the detil nut tlie cookb to
toil tin in." lo phtaiii tho lnot itwlta tho
upiouts khould be cut about teven inthei lielott
the surface ol the (tiouinl hi lore 6uniU, thrii
tho tipj hate Jiut appeaud abote the ground, be
tjune ui in celtry the cpourc oi the ttalk lo
the cunllsht and the air while grotting; cauo.n
a rapid wf uocdy fibre and of the green
coloring inatfii tthlcli' alvj change!) the relation
ut the dlUtrcut act he priiiunka to each otliti
"Comfort" Shirts for men or, as they are usually called, Negligee Shirts,
are here in every style that will be In vogue during the coming season.
Tlie assortment of popular priced goods is more complete than ever.
and modish shirt this summer will
A tine grade of Percale Shirts,
in all the new coloring,
with cuffs to match .... 75C
A finely woven Madras cloth,
made with one pair of cuffs, has
been a rapid seller. You'll find
plenty on the tables to-
day at 59C
Long's Sons
in I then In tliineen the flator mil mcilieinnl Mr
11m ot the pi inf bennies mikinir it touch intl
slrlnsj tthen nuked, so (hit onl.t the tip-) of tho
hlnots iio fit to eit. Hut iten If tin (.talks
are tthitu nnd ftinlir thev nnv -.till be ppoilul
in the cookiujr lit drum); the juice tonliiintd
in the tube, it huh run pirallel to eieh othu
tliloiiKhont I ho whole lensth nf the ntilk, out in
the lioiliiur iml lo mi.lcctiiu. to remote rhe
IuiirIi outti nkin which, ih in the munnbei,
contJius a litlir it lite prnicipli To net the
lull Ih in til 111 iujlitt ih well is 111 uuautiii,
tlm i.-ni.igin Malls it frelily cut 11 pohhIIiIp,
white .mil n 1 in. should, without fli' I. w chimr,
be pirhil nil the oiilci skin villi 1 slurp knife
from I Im tip- ilittn in Ioiik ships liko eiitunibtri,
the 1 ml-. hIiouIiI thin Ih cut otl -quire and the
petleil -talk- tt inlied ciiiiklt 111 1 old water
Diet Mioultl thou be !oo!y tud in a bunch nnd
the btiin li placed on two mull pins of wood m
tin hotlom of 1 till put 01 kettle in in upURht
ii-!(nm iiid tin i(t lllltd wuh inhl -ill watir
(one tea-pLiniul 10 the pint) Miflliknt to cottr
the lip-i of the aspatiiiiH Hit pit should then
be toiiitd mil tin silt w ittt hiou-hl to a
bull nnd kept. 1 nliiiR nh ttlt- foi llnrlt niiuutro
ot loiici if mcin-niri. llu hiuor is then
piniiit oil, tin Inimli till upon the pl.lttt r
upon which it in hi I e eiiul mil tho Muufc, cut
jinl irmtteil tthih the uniiiniui; lupioi H
diaiued oil bt nlichtlt tllliniT tin plittci In
thin iiiaiinii of uiukiiii;, Hi iuiie In tin tubet
ih iiiiteulid fiom i-iapne inin the salt wilrr
ind ill tin. II n 01 and medicinal pripeilift .ire
rituiKil In the sialki, uti.t poitnn tu whiih
11 IiimIouh iml ttndci. Tin cuitim?'! and pai
Iiuh nut In ilrh J iml site I an Hit ir for soup
The Prevnlance of Nasal Catanh.
On- i,r the riitktH of the 'ilnl !i-k: "U
rtal 1 itairh nine pin dent in Mime of lh
stttOH thin in olIiii-Hc" md "What m the reion
Hut then Ih po iiiiicb less uisal 1 ttJiili in l, 1c.1t
Itiililii lb 111 In tin- 'lihf"
111 HIV.MlIm, UiihO . jlltl-1 If llJi I llllill Mint of
ill uniliil I ln leidir ilnl Hie tenn "c ilarrh"
oi "nitil catinh" is popiihilj ipplled h a
pelt t niet of iIm t-ttl conditioiH of the mil
tius iiKiiibruie iml tt the bint 01 1 nllliiriuoiH
Iruiiettiik ol tin in-. il ratiliiH pioluced b; .1
en it tulcli ol illiliicul cui-iH iml iciompi.
11111I bt in L.n il 1 tiililt uf iliiltiuit stiuiiloniti
but HHiuiblliii; -iih othei bt ill.tciufnil ill the
ni-il cririiiH ind tint 1 ih of tin mist iniiieiitlf
iliHiitid 1 iiihi-i i an our sti.unln or titer
itllitioii nf tin 11. rt 1111-. HiHttin, liuithu with
wiiil o in-li ir ml nihil 11011 -.unit 11) ciiinli.
tioiiH uf I ih, whlh 111 tho othu hind the k pit
lult siipp Mil mil 1 iiihi if mill iiliiili, 11,
iliuoHplniii eonililioiK, lipid ami tiohut
tliiin.c.1 in It 111 fu 1 1 1 tin ind 01 ilimilf, luti been
I lund to li but liltlo i!-Kin.iUi for the pit tab
lint- if tin tli-i i". -n tu Innl Hut In l.irs'n
cilli It l imu e put ilt n( ih 111 111 mril ilHhii hi
mil uicri ttiiun.ou in niiniilii liulut,' trmus thnii
in luh ulliit il lenlus Hut in cnmpiiiuir the
atailible -.litMUs im- Imd theie is ten
llltlo tlilbiintt 111 the diltiiiiit sit,s of the
I nihil Wilis in losuil to tho prutulciHi! of
in. J I 1 ilanh, tlLliu, the total population of
cull si iti into ion.1,1. ullon In some of tho
hi til. jt llMJM l Iht 11-11 ll l.ljMlltl' to le
mini' piitilcnt beiau-i of the duir popula
tion ami tlie iin.(.iUiut niulliplieatiou oi 11.
t.mli into adttitUnitnt'i callluir public attcn
tl"il ti) tin' eWcnre of the tiuladt. Whither
1r1s.1l laliuli ic mure piculent in the tlulteil
Stitri f hiii In th llcilt-li l-le-i I 1111 not pic
puid lo sit, bn if it should bo bn, it an
1 ho ictoiiiitul fot lo llu- ililfiieiK.- in the
tcinpeiainrnt and life condltiotui oi tin- two
nations 'I lie one nertoui, netrr resting, etei
forward MiitiiiR Ameriran, and tin) other his
inoio phhtiiiatlt, blow smug, consettatite ind
ic-sl-litlui; (oiiiin on th" mini sld.t of the ocean,
mil the dilftrince in climate in i If- ftlul upon
thn mtioui oiitciii tut alni hate its inliucme
upon tho lilffetence of the piet iknco cf naal
ut.inh in the two lounlrln
Uselesb Effoit.s,
fcil. tit) of om- forfiun fmli inprcs are 1 miiiieiii
iiij cililciiiallt, in 4 ro-initlie ttln, en the
futility if all eftoitu to educate (lit public 111
Hut mallei of losriuie, "tlie most linpa-.-ioiud
.ijiostlrs of hiulene ami rantlarj pregrmt teem
td Ih. potterlts,. 10 toutliito etcn their own
wind and daiiqliteij ot tho danscre of trailing
thiir 4klrH throusti Hid tilth of (bo etreet-i, tol
Ittlintt animal online aVd urine and p allogenic
niltrubi-i, ami thin drain them into pritate
hou-is " Journal i the ttneilcan Mtdieal As
faociaticn The Compaiative Pathology of the
Loncluditi. ailitle b.t M, Iwhb, 1.
The id"aj adiauud are nininuiUoil in the fol
lowing propositions. () Hie dt illi ratn ol the all aKO.arerilatitel.i ami ab-olutely low
er than those ot the people auioiia: whom tin v lite.
(,:) Ihe niauu',c uUb anl billli lite ol the
be white. We all know that
and plaited fronts; the fabrics ate
The whole range of Shirts has
been covered in the so-cent
line. Bedford, Madras, Cheviot
and Percale, attached and de
tached cuffs; in fact everything
worthy you will find In this
line, fiacii,
Boys' Clothing
We have manv Blouse Suits, in all wool
blue serge; deep sailor collars; shield in
I rout collars beautifully trimmed; sizes 3 to
9 years. Saturday $3.09
Boys' Caps a special lot Saturday 35c
Boys' Double" Breasted Suits in new and
pretty designs; colors blue and brown,
plaids and checks; light and dark; sires, 8
to 25 years. Saturday $2.99
Boys' Knee Pants special for Saturday . . 35c
Boys' and Children's Hats in all the
new shades: made of felt extremely light
weight, in blue, brown, castor, stone-grey,
pearl and garnet ; all sires. Saturday 50c
Boys' and Children's Straw Hats, new
and attractive effects in style color and
quality. Prices, 25c, 50c, 89c, 98c, $1.48,
$i.98. A Saturday special at 35c
Boys' Washable Suits in blouse and Rus
sian blouse effects; sizes j; to 10 and 8 to 14
years in all the charming new wash fabrics;
beautiful shades; up-to-date models; prices,
39c, 50c, 75c, 89c, 98c. $1.35, $1.50
A special lot of Boys' Wash Knee Pants. 35c
Tens' ire nnnllcr than those of the Christian?,
the lews liicuase in number more rapullt thin
louTittn bcriu-e tiny lose b ilnlh lelttitelt
fewir cliililrcn and bniu more to nntiiritt. (i)
Ihti .bits die hss oftin til in their ncitrhbon
from miny nf the infcctiui? di-e-CHCS, partlculnly
cpiilciiilo cliolni, Hiuillpiv mil tubciLiilosi
U) Mplulw ind ilcoholism, "mil al5o dm Ihc-s
due 111 sri it 1111 i-uie to 1ueir poisons, ire com
piritntlv tuo-mionif the Jiws, (3) Dubetoa ii
teit fieoiirut anioiij tin Titt. Mie-t ib-trtirs
bin- ncordid tint ilmo-t S'i pir cent of all the
ci-es ot dub Irs 011111 in Iitts (n) Ml thn
fiinclioiul iiiuiuct and p-tiho-i-. putn ularly
lieui islhiiiu and h.t-stuii, occur more fiemientlv
anions I In-' lewt tniu anions mn.liws, while all
the orc'inlo lunuiis disca-e-, as tubes, (rencul
juiiltH, etc, lie les- fu tiu'Mit, coiiiincnsuia-c
with th lntreiiuuHj 01 sjpluIiH and aliohileiti
.Mm iik Hi, in the auat miiuiltt ot ca.-ei ol
irnuuotii id(H y ,ciii ut .liwi-li ihitdien, aic'
iu-.initt i- nut with iiuonir Tetts betwem tttc
ml lite limes moie otlrn Hun siiminsr Cluistiii
(7) ISIImliiis-, 10I01 bliudiH-, trichiimi, mil elm
eiiiit, and il-1 t.tucOM tcius, piilnulirlj hcinoi
ihoitls iml hi mi is, ,ue tilt In qui ill mini.,
Im- (s) ll Hicm' ptinliaiitics 111 the lonipu
.line patholiL.t if III' lilts an not dm to im
cthnii, 'bio-tilu," ir laclal 1 h iiaettn-tm of
a pmi'lt uuili inn ll 01 plrtsiologual luture in
lelatlon lu nun I it Ihet hate their oiiriii
111 the pi-l lu-loit in ll,e Juts, m.theii hibils
nl Im, nnd 111 the nit Hut sjplulis md alcohol
f -111 lute but unit lien sun jiiioiil, tin 111 t'i)
Allele the Jut is iouiiiiinlln, tilth Ids fliri--1
1 111 iieu.hbois ind ulipts theli cu-tonis ami hi
Into ol life. In- Menu or lain lo-es lm "1 ieu
1 hauteiistiif," md his ctiiuiir ilit.i pitholoL,v
prneuts no spieiu) peciillorltus New 101k AleO
leal lotiinil
A Lnige Fossil Skeleton.
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Lime as a Fertilize!.
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On Vowels and Consonants.
Celle (1'aris).
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it iiifjns to jound with, to be con-onant.
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