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Warrants, Issued for Alleged Prln--ilnala
In the Traction Cnr Dis
turbanceOne of the I'nlr Ar
rested. Division Superintendent Kelly, of
ilia Traction eoinpunyhus Kitten uullnn
imnlnst the neem-cd principals In tlio
street car disturbance of Tuesday nlRht
bv having warrants Issued for the two
wiio, it Is claimed, Incited Hie Incipient
tint that prevailed nn I lie oar for a
lively liall'-lioiir.
Moth of tin licensed arc from tin;
South aide, and duo of tliein, Patrick
Casey, was arrested early yesterday
morning, Jusi as In- was leaving the
house In Ills niliiliiK clothes to begin
Ills day's work.
.'unstable Moruii, of Alderman Atkin
son's court, made the iirrest.
Casey was to have appeared at tin;
alderman's ofllce yesterday for a hear
ing', hut he failed to conic In. Ills hear
ing Is expected to take place today.
The warrant for the arrest of Casey's
companion has not l'een served as yet,
Constable Moran not having been able
to locate him. He will likely bo ap
prehended todn
'J'ho accused have twocharges against
I hem, committing an assault on Con
ductor Browned, on whose car the oc
currence tool; place, and Inciting a
The happening took place on Tues
d iy night, while the car was carrying
i number of men, of whom tile accused
were a pari, to the cocking main til
Monkey Ktin. There was a disgrace
ful exhibition on flu- car, during which
iiiu of the women passengers was sub
jected to indignities. Conductor Hrow
)i ell declares the accused, with whom
he is acquainted, are the guilty parties,
and several passengers on the car also
identilied the accused as (lie principals
ef the dlstiii banco.
Simon Cisco Causes Arrest of Two of
His Neighbors Whom He Fears.
There was n lively time in the seltle
nieiit about the Last Chance workings
on Thursday night, when two of the
residents stirred up excitement by
stoning the house of Simon Cisco,
against whom the accused pair, George
Sullska and Jacob Santos, held a
grudge because of his hailing from a
different county than themselves.
This is the story that Cisco told Al
derman Atkinson, when he came for a
warrant for their arrest. Santos and
Sallska were unfriendly to him since
they argued some time ago about their
respective birthplaces. On the night of
the trouble, Cisco continued, the ac
cused came home intoxicated and In a
boisterous and quarrelsome mood. They
taunted and jibed at him and followed
this with a volley of stones, which fell
In piofiision, not unlike raindrops in a
spring shower. After exhausting their
volley of missiles, Santos ami Sallska
charged on the house, and after break
ing the door, tore it from its fasten
ings. Another volley came next a vol
ley of threats and after the alleged
disturbers retreated, Cisco hied to Al
derman Atkinson's oflk-o to secure jus
tice, but more particularly to have' his
neighbors secured.
Two charges were laid against San
tos and Sallska, malicious mischief and
threats to kill. The warrants weie
given to Constable .Moran. who tnnk-
ibe accused before the alderman. After
the hearing, the pair were hold in bail j
t'i await the action of tlio grand Jury's
action. Friends of the pair hurried l
'"i .mi me security, nut were un
ible .to locale bondsmen. Santos and v. ere accordingly taken to the
county jail by Constable Moran.
Later, Saliska's wife entered a coun
ter charge. She averred that Cisco,
P ter. the aceu.-od finished then storm
1'ig, Hi'reatfned her bodily harm. On
Hils Information ;, warrant was issued
foi: CIm!o, and he will llk-i.iv i, ,.,-. ..
noarlng-i-ume time iudn.
The Preliminary Work of the J3ig
Celebration Is Making- Good Prog
ress. The adveiil uf lair weather which
Is so suitable for outdoor deinonslra
t'ons. Ims aroused Interest In senil-ceu-irnnlal
-.The. societies throughout nu, eltv are
taking an earnest interest in that pan
.of the programme which has been ns-i-igued
to them and some surprisingly
gouJ feaiiir-s are promised the public
Jo- Hi'; i hue ihe alfalrs arc ready to
ir.tlon-C. A. Kaiic, W. ,,
,;- A. Davis, Thomas H...
iy Cooky, Martin Kane.
' I'oiv-Jiilin Kilcen, C. S. Alt.
-.'ioi; Mnit'i- Oh-cr. It. It. II. kiu.
lucl;, T. U. Cmighll:!.
Mlu'i.lualluii:, and lirewnrks v. if
Mnstei-Li, Will .Mycin, ilus N lYn, G.
1'. dates, L. Little, P. E, McDonnell.
J'ubllclty-W. E. Matthews, A. F
.y, n. Kerwin, n. F. Parry, feel,
H.-R Vreelund.
Music John Walsh. A. t'i. Nlcol, P.
Dr. Humphreys
filmllitt Sinilllbus Ourantur.
Let likes bo treated by likes.
The mild power cures.
Humphreys' Homeopathic specifics,
."V. I'll! is I'l-lct.-..
'"-I'lAllUS (Yiiirtv,tibii, InlUiniiutioiu '.-,
Trr,i!'.'i--. "win -mr, wmii rulle...
S-IH.UU.M;, i otic, iijihi,
Wjki fulness.
uf i'liiiiit. ,. ,f 1. 1. .it.
T-rui'iiiis (o.,. Itiumluli,
tA-W.l'lt.M..i., TinilliJilii-, In. ....
ft-IIi:UA('llf, Slil IliyiUlu., Vcttlw ...
111-11 VSI'HI'MA, IniliKiMitan, Wi-jk Moniiili
ii-hi'l'i'iti-sNirn on i'aim'iij, I'laiiuns.,
u wiin'r.&, Tuo I'lciiiM. iviioib
VI 1.111)11'. I.AIIVM.'ITIS, ifoaivm-,, ....
H-sAl.T ti:i'.M, iiikJI'i-u., i:.uiaio,....;
Vi iiiu:pi.vti.s, iiiivuiiuih- pain,
II -MAMIIIA, l-,H, fcu-1- .ul .tf ....
1'J-l'AT.MIKII, liiilii.iuu, cold ju (,u i,M1 .
'.'T -KinXI'.V Ul!si:sKS
M-.t'iti..iiv m:akxi:s, witii,s n,.,i ..'.
77 OUIP, Hay Ftvci-
,... , .,, ' - -...,....,, .., .v. ,,,,,, , . ,
Sold by ilnucUls, pr tent on recript o( pile?.
A pocket ffiitomc of Domestlo.Prae
tlco. mailed fur the.asliing.
Initufibro' iliiiwUltilc' Mydli-hiu (.. tyr.
"lUllHIl SIC. .I.Iim fcl... .Nyw VJlk.
Cafjbonctale Department.
K. Uoylitn, Charles Curl Is, John Too
Ian, Hurry Jlall.
Chin parade W. 11. Chase, licorg"
Ileal! Ic, J. lOc'iiMns, Carl Uoeslnger,
Clabilello I'tiglluno, ,1. U. Brown.
Fantastic parade T. K. Lee, H. .1.
MiLse, ti.'U. Kechoy, Joseph Jenkins.
The arranguinentrt for I ho llruiiicn'a
parade and contests will he left In com
mil tees from the department and I lie
Central Labor union will have charge
of the parade and special features id
the labor demonstration.
The membership of the coniinlllees
named above Is not yet complete as
other delegates to the general commit
tee will undoubtedly b- received soon
mid their names will be iced lo till out
the vacancies.
C. S. Keeney having removed from
tlic city, tlic Patriotic imler Sons of
America are requested lo send another
delegate to the geiiHiiil committee. On
account of J. LI. Itowison being em
ployed out of the city the name of Wil
liam Myers has been substituted, as
delegate from the Mitchell Hose com
pany. J. V Hlvenbtirg not being In
the city at present the lied Men have
elected Joseph Jenkins lo till his place
on the committee.
A few societies yet remain unrepre
sented. Among these are I lie Clerks'
association and several of the new
blanches of united labor. They are
earnestly invited to name at once dele
gates to represent them.
.. .
Thrilling Event, to Be Described by
Miss Miranda Croucher at M. E.
Miss Miranda Croucher will speak in
liie .Methodist Episcopal church of tills
ilty next Sunday morning. Her vis:;
to this place is of great ir.ii.Most. Sin
was in the siege of Pekln, and bo.
story, of il is thrilling.
The following Is from a ret cut ar
ticle by her:
Two letters In tin- strange Chinese
characters lie belore inc. They were
received a month ago. One Is from a
preacher in our Hsuiihuo district, the
other from a former servant in our
mission. They are strangely alike in
that they contain a list of the names
of those who wcie known to us all, and
after each name (lie sentences read
like this: "Ho was stoned to death,"
"lie was cut in pieces.
'He was quar
tered," "She was beheaded and her
headless body exposed," "Ills wife
killed herself to escape outrage,"
"Those girls have been made slaves,"
"My family hid in the mountains."
"She was burned, "The lamily were
thrown into orison ami lands and
crops confiscated, and homes looted,"
"Every Christian village In the dis
trict is destroyed and those who 'have
been killed are not a few." One of
these letters ends with a plea that Dr.
Terry and 1 should pray for God's
church" that peace may soon come,
and the other that we should pray for
the "people of China," thai they soon
may have peace, oil. it is heartbreak
ing for one who knew Ihese people to
read these letters! I could take my
1'ilde mid write tlic names of our na
tive Christians In China over against
every form of torture and suffering
mentioned in that eleventh chapter of
The New Bridge Over Kacket Brook
Practically Completed.
A most acceptable improveineiil one
that will be fully appreciated Is tlic
new iron bridge over the Kacket brook
that has just been completed.
Contractor Mornu has completed the
concrete on one side ot the street car
tracks, and so soon as the cement and
stories bciome llrinly set, so as to oIIjw
teams to puna over tile new roadway,
tlic force of men will be put to work
on the other side.
Tile Improvement has wrought a dc
siruhlo change in that locality. The
street car tiueks are removed to tlio
west side, and while the roadway on
that side is somewhat narrower, It will
meet every demand, as heretofore
theie was only one driveway over the
bridge instead of two, as now.
Whin the sidewalks will have been
laid and lonnectel, the appearance of
the work will be d cidedly enhanced.
Gono to Denver.
William J, Morgan, of North Wash
ington avenue, Scranlou, left here thin
v.tek for Denver, Colorado, Mr. .Mor
gan mis l-een in ill li-alth lor smnc
lime paol, and considered a change of
cliuvite necessary. His wife, who N
now staying with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Williams, of Mnyllold,
expects to join blui within a short lime.
Offered a Position nt Rochcbter.
W. 11. Stephens, formerly with tlio
"lo and Western uimpaiiv, has
' .i called to Koehester, ,. y by f.
!!. Lii'ldingtoii, and will prolribly ne
cpt a position there. Mr. Luddlnglon
was formerly ynid muster of I lie o. tt
AW here.
Teacherii Paid,
Tlic teachers and other employe- of
llio school district received their pay
last night at the otllce of Secretary
Hughes, in the central building.
Will Reside in Philadelphia.
Miss Margaret Clrudy, of South Main
htrcet, will leave this city next Tues
day for Philadelphia, where she will
make her home
Moved to Schenectady.
The family of K. II. Melutlre, of
South -Main street, who removed to
Schenectady several days ago, left for
that place yesterday.
Will Hold a Smoker.
Lackawuxen tribe of lied Men will
hold a smoker next Tuesday evening
in honor of an unusually largo number
of Initiations.
Drilling tha Chortle.
Prof. Iluydu Kvims, of this city, is
drilling the chorus of "A Sleeping
Heuuty," soon to be given In llones
dale. To Leam Plumbing- Trade.
Dan Peel has secured the situation
with Plumber George Muldfolt recently
resigned by Charles Hiirrcll.
A Birth.
.Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Colbuin. uf Hd
liiont street, an- rejoicing over the
birth of a daughter,
Phone :
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
The Wellsbnch Lighting Company's
Lamps Will Be Put In Operation
Thy lumps of the Welsbnoh Street
Ligh'tlng cnniDun.v, which the Carbon
dale Uos company hopes to have super
sede the arc- lights hoVln use, will be
placed In service tonight at six points
In the city, In order lo demonstrate
111011' elllcleiiey before the muni burs of
the councils and the citizens generally.
The lamps, which Superintendent
Ouerln of the company has erected,
arc located at tlic following places:
Corner Lincoln avenue and Terrace
slreel, corner Lincoln avenue and
Washington street. Washington place,
end of Wyoming street, corner Terrace
iitn et and Jirook avenue, corner Ninth
avenue and Spring street.
Thu lamps will be lighted this even
ing and will remain lighted each even
ing until after the opening of the bids
for street lighting which will tuko
place before council committee on Mon
day evening, May IS and as long
thereafter as the company deems 111.
A wide Interest has been aroused
over the proposed lighting contract,
which councils will let on the night
mentioned, and there has been a varied
discussion as lo which will give the
better service, tlio present arc lights or
the new idea of gas Illumination em
bodied in the Welsbneh invention. The
Carbondale (ius company, through
Superintendent Cuorin, claims that a
better quality of light and a better dis
tribution will follow the use or the
Welt-bach lamps, and nt no increased
eosl over tlio arc light, and it is anx
ious to demonstrate this claim through
the exhibition or test which will be
eumiuencod tills evening. The points
selected for the tests were chosen with
a view to best determine the elllcleiiey
of the litmus, and an Inspection and
comparison arc courted.
These lamps are in operation in many
of I lie largest cities of the country, and
yesterday Superintendent Giierln re
ceived a. letter from the Welsbach
Lighting company telling of the adop
tion of their lamps by a Luxerne coun
ty town.
This part of the letter is as follows:
"Last Thursday we knocked out tlic
electric light company at Nanticoke.
They had llfty-nine arc lights at sev
enty dollars and thirty thirty-two
candle-power lights at twenty dollars.
Our contract is for 12G Welsbach lights
at tlilrly-two dollars per light per year.
We will have the lights in operation
Satin day night next."
His Wife. Kate McNulty. Creates
Scene in Alderman Jones' Office.
Mrs. Kate .McNulty, of tlv West
Side, who, together with her husband,
is a conspicuous tigurc in thu alder
manic courts, created a scene In Al
derman Jones' olllce. She rushed Into
Ihe court in the afternoon. Iit face
smeared with blood. She wore a dis
tressful look as she piteously related
the story of the assault which she
i barged to her husband. Patrick Mc
Nulty, accusing him of beating her
and l hen assailing h.n- with an axe.
The blood which disfigured her face,
.she declared. Mowed from (he wound
Ihal Hie blow of the weapon indicted.
Sh.. hogged for a warrant for her hus
band's arrest after she tlnlshed the
harrowing tale of his alleged cruelty
and his savage onslaught on her.
Patrick was subsequently arrested by
Constable Neary. but related quite a
dilfji-enl tale in giving his version
of the eonlliet.
In the first place he vehemently de
nied using an axe on Ids wife, or of
even seeing an axu about the house.
He charged his wit'-- with bfing the
aggressor and with having started Hit
quarrel because she feared he was go
ing to dispose of property of which
she sought a share. Ills wife struck
him first and whatever blows he re
turned, he said, wore in self-defense.
McNulty lhen Indignantly declared
that he used no axe and that the
blood which smeareij his wlf-'s face
came from a blow which she gave her
self in older lo Incite pity and sub
stantiate the iharge thai she was as
saulted with the axe.
McNulty was to huo had a hearing
last night, inn his wif.. failed lo ap
pear. The ease will bo dlspo-od of to.
At the First Congregntionnl Church.
To-morrow morning thu services will
In an "aged folks' meeting " conducted
as of yore. In addition to tin; old
hymns, the i hoir will render some spe.
cial selections. The theme of the ser
mon will hi "A Kipo Life,"
The i wiling service will be a memor
ial lo the late Or Stainer, (lie bril
liant composer of church music.
The choir will sing a number of
Staliier's anthem 4, Quo of the feat
ures will l a duet by Miss Benson and
.Mr. Hoc, who will sing "Love Divine,"
by Stuinor.
The 11.01110 of the s -r i will bo
' The Power of Music on . onduet."
The evening si evict will cimllmiu otio
lour only. A cordl-il welcome awaits
you at this church.
Home from Wedding Tour.
Mr. and Mrs. Mloime) Martin, who
were married in St. Hose church on
Wednesday of hist week, returned yes
terday from their wedding tour. They
an; at homo at their residence on Sand
A Now Delivery Wngon.
It. J. Kllhtillen, the South Main
street grocer, has placed a hundsomo
delivery wagon in survlce. The wugop
Is from Hie shops of William Hlumu &
Hon, Scranton.
Raised Now Flngstaff.
Abe Saliin hus raised a new llagstnff
on the root' of ids stoio building on
South .Main stieet. Thu pole is about
thirty foot In length, and will servo as
a lot'tv elevation for the Stars and
01? nn n Western Visit.
Miss Leah Levy, of Sprlngtleld, Ohio,
who has been the guest of her cousin,
Miss Manila Singer, of South Main
strel, will leave here on Monday, after
a delightful stay In this city.
Miss Singer will accompany Miss
Levy on her return, and they will go
mi an itinerary that will occupy sev
oral weeks. Kn route to Miss Levy's
home, they will spend a week in the
enjoyment of the Pan-Aiueiicait ex
position a I' lluifalo and will vslt ut
Niagara Fulls also. Before returning?
Miss Singer will visit at Miss Levy's
homo In Springfield, In Western Penn
sylvania, Chicago, and other cities
along the lokos.
A Chniacler of the Town Charged
with Assaulting His Mother.
James Flannnghan, who Is known
about, town as "tllp" Vlntimtghan.
was in-rested and Jailed last night on
the charge of beating his mother, Eliz
abeth Fluiiiuighiin.
Flnnnughatt whs located by Cob
slublo Neary In the house of "Ah"
Stllos. at No. I, with whom he make
his ffitortois. Ho was in hiding ntul
when found declared that the eon
stable would be a. "dandy" It ho could
lake him down lo thr- Jail. Constable
Neary started oft with his prisoner
and as thuy were descending No.
plane KliiunugliHii darted off and start
ed to nulla, through the woods. The
constable pulled his revolver and fired
four shots heavenward In quick suc
cession. At the report of the first
discharge, Fiannaghcn, stricken with
fear, fell over and beseeched the con
stable not to shoot him. The report
of Hie shots had a subduing effect
on Flannuglion' spirit of reckless brav
ery and hp meekly rejoined the ofllcer
and continued without any ceremony
to Jail. Ho was locked up over night
and If sohered up this morning he will
be, given a hearing.
Fair Closes Tonight.
The fair of the Cottage Hose com
pany, which thus far has been a great,
success, will come to a, close tonight.
The members anticipate, as large an
nttsnc'nnce us on Monday night, the
This afternoon there wll be a danc
ing matinee, and tonight dancing will
commence at ! o'clock.
The prize nt the fair Thursday night,
ten tickets on tho $100 In gold, was won
by ticket No. 1.521, held by A. Prlndlc.
The holder of ticket 1.2IS, which won
the pair of slioes given by the People's
shoe store, has not made himself known
as yet.
Sunday nt St. Paul's.
Sabbath school, ti.30 it. in.; services,
I0...U a. m. Church council meets In
the church at 2.30 p. m. to decide sev
eral matters, as tho president of the
Wilkes-Barru conference, Itov. J. O.
Schlenker, of Hassleton, will pay a
visit to thin mission on Tuesday, May
II. A now plan of mission operation
within the Lutheran Mlnisterium of
Pennsylvania is In vogue and will be
acted upon tit the annual convention
at Allcntown, Pa., from May 30 to
June .", with which this visit Is con
nected. More about, this visit will be
iiuiuiiiiceii next weew. All are cor
dially invited.
Children's Deaths.
Elizabeth, the six-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Neuser, of Forty
second street, died Thursday, after a
short illness. Interment will be made
today in St. Hose cemetery. The funeral
services will be held at .1 o'clock in tho
Margaret, seven-nionths-olcl daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. fleorge Henry, of
Belmont street, after it short illness
with brain fever, passed away Thurs
day night. The fur oral will be held
this afternoon at 3 o'clock, interment
in St. Hose cemetery.
In Police Court.
In police court yesterday, Milton Mc
Kinney. who is the most freuuenl vis
itor in police court, was again before
the mayor. The day preceding he was
in tlio same place, but was released on
promising to keep sober. Hefore night
fall MoKinnoy was again drunk ami
was found by Patrolman Carden on
Duntlaff street, where he was ereutlng
a disturbance by shouting with great
vgor. The mayor lined him SU), and in
default he was sent to the county jail
for thirty days.
Car and Wagon Collide.
A traction car, manned by Motormau
Ditmoie and Conductor Grogan, came
in collision with a dray driven by a,
man named Davis, from Scranton, on
Holniont street, above tho Ontario and
Western crossing, Thursday night. Tho
wagon was cut in twain and Davis was
severely shaken up. The horses ran
away and were caught in Simpson.
Close Season Tonight.
"The Christian" company, which gave
Carbondale one of the bet productions
of tile seasun, will close Its season at
Now burg. N. V., tonight.
The company had a highly prosper
ous season. It made an exceptional
record during one week, covering 2,500
miles in seven days anrt playing seven
performances. Only one night was
passed In a hotel by the company. The
remaining six wore spent traveling.
Was with Sotheni's Company.
The coming of K. H, Sothorn, who is
to appear in Hamlet at the Lyceum, In
Hoinnton, tonight, lias a local interest
inasmuch as one of the late members
of the company. Miss Paul, was a fre
quent visitor to ibis city.
Miss Paul, whose death took place tit
Albany a few weeks ago, was a slater
of the Messrs'. Paul, of the Miners uud
Mechanics' haul;, this city.
To Visit Washington.
The Miss-'s Judwiii, of Church stieet,
will leave in a few days on a visit to
Wribhlngtou. P, c." The party Is tak
ing advantage) of the opportunity to
enjoy a trip to tho capital when Wash
ington Is most Interastlng.
Thomas Durfee, of North Main
street, will visit Washington, D. P.,
the coming week.
Tonight's Meetings.
Cambrian lodge, No, 5S, I, O, O. F.
Division No. 13, A. O, H,
Court fiolden TCag'le, F, of A. Np. 11.
Diamond lodge, No. 20, Shield of
The Passing Throng.
Alderman L. I. Hunnell was a Scrun
tlon visitor yesterduy,
It, M. Hughes, of pittston, was in
Carboudalu yesterday.
J. it, Pluming, of Scranton, was a
culler 111 town yesterday,
J. O. fluiser, salesman for Megargeo
Pros,, .Scranton, was hero yesterday.
W. A. Coleman, of Scranton, made
a business trip to this city yesterday.
K. H. Davis, of the J, L. Counell
company, Scranton, was lit the city
Miss Hose Wlllfuips, of Wllkes-liurro,
ias returned home after a short stay
with carbondale friends.
Thomas ,. Duffy, John Early, Jo
soph Walker and Joseph Powderly
went visitors to Olyphant nu Thursduy
Miss Fuller, who has been n Water
town, N. y for several days on ac
count of the death uf her mother, has
returned to this city apd resumed her
jf.' v 0!sWi WIHf' ' rli ft 'il Bffls
5 5' unman i i&Mav JmJ&MM
m " EAST VIM K0l ylll
& INDIA 1 $ jff& Milf
iQf Mexican fiFMFRAI MfhFP
I Vj5 imm t B In, f If 'j font II VI i" B V U, I I,
JlW mm W SSI SS3i
I pLM tesssE3 rfzSS Essssa Wmk
I I Jl U ' 1 I
iJlMa 0551 cfc, t5i rrr"!i5np- kt&t r!?, -.rTr.-- k rtr?r itf13w?v
..M . . - ,
t?i?Si taalf-efH KS.owi! Wi'c's wdTriCX. v-ii&i b& psN Vsg52
etKegsss tSBifesteea entr.tct.WfflI HMa:l?,v.a i'.WwT.i-a rrr v X vikS
msgsmk BBftw-a V5&&&& mxrm. fcv-3, -. ) tdP vl Ks?
General Mclver has seen active pet-vice us Held olllcer under fourteen different flags. Ho Is a. soldier by Instinct
and training and has been the hero of a great many sensational newspaper sketches-.
Henry Itonulil D. Mclver is a man of Scottish parentase, who has sulfered all kinds of peril on sea and land
and today Is a heart), vigorous man, whose love of adventure is as keen as ever.
His last adventure in warfare was an organization of a baud of volunteers to aid the British against the Boers.
This cosmopolitan soldier who has tough I In all climes, endured lite perils of warfare in nearly every country of
Europe, Is a friend of Peruna. In speaking of this great remedy he made use of the following language:
-Having received much benefit from Peruna I hereby certify that as a tonic I feel con
fident it could not he surpassed by any other, and heartily recommend Peruna to any
one in want of an invigorating tonic Henry ?. D. Mclver.
V. E. Hlrch, fruit grower, Attoa.
Vtt.. writes:
"The country Is so Hooded with pa
tent medicines of every kind worthless
and a humbug, thai I am glad for one
to be able to say 1 have found one that
Is everything and more than Is claimed
tor it.
"My wife was very much run down
and out of sorts every way. She hint
female weakness and wan very weal;,
nu-vous, and hud no appetite. I tried on everything 1 could think of. but.
she would not touch a thing could iml
eat strawberries, even. I saw Peruna
In my father's store one day. mid after
reading the printed matter on the bot
tle, deiided to have my wife try it, lie
lore sin had taken half of the holtle,
she commenced to cat, and now a hi; Is
hungry all the time. We both agree
that II heals any medicine to bring an
appetite ami put the nerves In good
shape that we have over had anything
to do with.
"We had our family doctor to give
her medicine, but she did not improve
In the least. .She has consumption in
her family and she was in such bad
shape and so run down that I begun to
gel very uneasy, but your medicine lias
made an entirely new woman of her.
duties as heud trimmer at Miss llal
lagliy's millinery.
Henry Twist, of Minooka, spout yes
terday in town, He was formerly em
ployed at the Delaware and Hudson
freight olllce In this city.
Ferguson S. Klple, of Scranton, made
his lirst trip to Carboitdalo yesterday
as the representative of the United
States Knitting mills at Hawley.
Herman Van Gordon, of the Carbon
dale Telephone company, and Oscar
Call, of the Harrison house barber
shop, were in Hcranton yesterday mak
ing some netled purchases.
The borough council held their regu
lar monthly meeting Inst uvunlug. Tho
appropriation committee reported tlio
following appropriations: Lights.
$l,Bi!-.. 10; water, $'.'!;; streets and
bridges, J'.'Se; borough building. 3ii;
Interest, $0j salaries, $75; auditors.
$18; attorney, rutnliinrt ?1S; sundrl.-s,
s-iO; tire department, S1GU; minting.
$15; police, $550; board of health, $G'J;
law. $100; total, $3,110.50.
Councllmen Wheeler and Cahaney
objected to the small amount appio
prlntetl for street repairs and the re
port was referred back for reconsider
ation. An ordluuneo granting tight of way
through the borough, to enable tho
People's Electric company lo constiuet
and efiii. and operate their plant, was
read and Attorney Curey, who was
present, was accorded leave to speak
before tho voti was taken. Jim oh
jeciUd to Hie ordinance, because It did
not contain a time limit and simgested
It was only fair to the cltlztiiis lliat
tho company hind themselves to erect
and equip u plant within six months
or a year. J, IX Htocker, ir.ldoni of
thu company, icpll-jd to Mr- Cuiey's
objections, and on the million of Coun
cilman Dunn, seemded by D.tvls, tho
People's company were given a frail
chlse, providing thuy erect straight
and shapely poles, paint tneiii and
keep tlii.n painted, and pay the pule
tax of 50 e.r.ts per pule per your. The
yeas and rays being culled, Council
man Wheeler was the only negative
vote. Tax Collector Avery presented
u long IliH of exonerations, which were
referred to a committee of three,
Wheier, Calmnney ami Pavls, for con-
I believe she eats and fe, Is better now
I than she lias for yeai.s. 1 had no idea
it would do half what it litis done, and
don't think there is another medicine
made will begin to compare with
It." W. K. Iiircb.
Miss .Mary iloerliing. of Medford,
Wis., says: "I
take great pit tt
r.rc in acknowl
edging Hie cura
tive powers ol
Peruna. ,s a
nerve tunic, a
;;cntle .stimulator
to ;i sluggish
s.vstem, and as
tin npfi'-ti!!!- and
rislorer of oc-(
strength and vl
taliiy of wor.i
out women, it is
vir.v superior."--Miss
Mary lioer-
Mltx Jl .i. I'lii-riiing.
Mr. t'liiijiics E. SlK-llhatiuer, .'ui" East
Mound slreel, C'lrelevlll . t)., writes:
"I snffeied for three eurs with
something that Hi- doctors could not
account for. one said that it viif
titoniacli trouble, one that il was bad
blood, uiie mnlarliil i'cm-i-, and another
siiieiatioit, to report at next meeting.
A bill for $M.SS for woil? upon the
streets was read ami approved, and
council adjourned.
Mrs. Homer Carey was called to her
homo at Oaiils'c i-uddt'iily on Thurs
day by the serious lllnessi of her sis
ter, Mrs. liobc-rl Vale. Yesterday, At
torney Carey received a telegram an
nouncing .Mrs. Vale's death. Deceased
bus been ill for some time, but her
death was unite unexpected, as until a
day or two sign her recovery was
looked for. Attorney Ciircy left last
night to .i 1 1 i-ii I tin.- fuucial, which
takes place today.
All enjoyable party was hi Id yester
day afternoon at tin- home of Mr,
Thomas Seiitt, sr , of Third street, In
honor of his seventy. eighth birthday.
Mr. Scuti received tin hearty con-
giatulatlons of his numerous friends,
i who heartily wished him many happy
j returns of Hie day. Tho party after
j wards wcie terved with a substantial
I supper, and spent s.'veral hours to
gether In pleasant social
I Among thos-o present were: Itev. and
Mrs. Miller, Clifford; Mrs. Mouroo
Brown and daughter, Kiln, Scranton;
Mrs William Hacker and daughters,
Hettha and Vera, Peckvlllu; Mr. and
Mif. Delbert Scutt, Carbondale; Mrs.
James Carey and family; Mr, and
Mrs. Hm man Kelfer and tons, Nlles
nnd Uonald, Mlns Hattle Scutt, Thom
as Scutt. Jr.. and Mrs. Itlchunl Evans.
Miss Cora Davis was a Scranton
visitor jeHterday.
The Delaware and Hudson colliery
is btill idle.
Eil'oitn uro about lo hu made by tlio
borough fathers lo prevent tho stteut
car euinpuiiy from running their culm
car through the borough.
In puru:ince to tic uutice -jiveu by
Hie iitiei'l coninilttej of council early
in the uwsk, the pi-opertj owners aloiii;
l.aekawann.i street yesleiday gave tlio
pave a cljall;, Mid lust night
Street Cuiunils&ionu- McAndiew ami a
force of men completed the work by
flushing the htrcet with water troiu tin
lire hydrants.
Whllo' I'leoigo Patten. Jr.. was de
livering a loud of goods at Threap for
M. Mackey. the Irtrdwarn deulor, yes
terday, the team Dut-uun. frightened
and ran away. Tin; young niau, In
f I
Washington, D. C, January 3, 1901.
Hum it was a total collapsing of tho
nervous system, l was a total wreck.
1 wits so nervous that I could not sleep
at nightso weak I could not walk a
stiuuro. After meals I would got blind
and short of breath. 1 had severe pains
in my head running from tho base of
my brain to the forehead. I bad se
vere pain in my kidneys. I had given
up all hopes of ever getting any better.
"I went to the drug store and
bought a bottle of Peruna. It helped
ihe pain in my head immediately. I
now am feeling line and gained twenty
pounds hi flush in three weeks. No
misery in nij head, nervousness i
gone, and I have a good appetite. I
take great pleasure in leconinieudlng
Peruna. to others. My friends meet me
on the street and ask me what kind of
medicine I am taking, and you may lie
sure I tell them Peruna." Mr. Charles
H. Shfilhunncr.
If you do not derive prompt and mil
isf.ietory results from the use of Pe
runii, write at once to Dr. Hartmann,
giving a full statement of your case
and lie jvill be pleased to givo you his
vulnuble advice gratis,
Address Dr. Hnrtninn, president of
The Ilurtiuuu Sanitarium, Columbus,
his efforts to stop tlio horse in Its mad
flight, fell under the wheels and had
his arm Injured. Tho vehicle wuf
wrecked to some extent before the
hoi-iio wits captured.
A special meeting of tin stationary
llremcu will bo held tonight In their
rooms at the hotel of it. It. Williams,
on Hudson street.
Tho Harbors' association will hold a
meeting at the shop of William Wil
liams, in Klnkfly, on Monday eveuing
AU members of tlio association are re
quested to be present.
Kov. W. II. Williams, the drummer
evangelist, will occupy the pulpit of
Hie Congregational church tomororw
morning. fs theme will ho "P.rcuk
ing Home Tie?." Attorney A. V
Power, of Scranton, will conduct thr
service in the evening and preach oi
"The Hesurrectlon of the Soul,"
Wr, W. Adult-, general secretary ol
Iiiillroail Young Men's Christian as
hociatlon of Scranton, jvlll deliver a
sermon in Hie Presbyterian church to
moiorw evening. All are Invited.
At tho Susquehanna Street Haptlst
church, Frunols Lewis will preach nt
tho morning service und W. II Priest
will occupy tho pulpit In the evening
Miss Mnmo Gallagher, of West
Hcrunton, was a visitor hero yester
day. J. A. Waring, of tho Heady Pn
Store, hns returned from a trip to Now
Mrs, .1. A. Waring, who Is at th
Hahnemann hospital, at Scranton, re
celvlng treatment, is much improved
Mr, uud Mrs. D. G, Jonesi Imw
moved from Ulakely to l.ucknwunn,
Mr- Adair, of Scranton, in tin ah.
selice of the pastor, will occupy the
pulpit of the Presbyterian church Sun
day morning. The service in the even
lug will be one of special Interest Mi."
Young will give her report ot tho
tlllriy-lirst annual assembly of 111
Women's Foreign Missionary mh-iM-of
the Presbyterian church, which -n.i-i
held In Philadelphia the :'3d to '.'5th lilt
For Female Complaints
and diseases arising trom an Impurt
state uf Hie blood l.ichtys Celerj
Nerve Compound Is an Invaluable spe
villi. Sold hy Matthews Urns,