The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 29, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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vTt7tTiv t f r
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mi: uodciw AnnwAB stokb.
That' the icimhi tvo am adifrll.lns
lin inowei Von will probably
need one poii mil we w nil son to
pet the hrt for tie lent tnone). nnv
the fltiinltic "I'hilulelphli" Huhl,
i iv riinnltij: ami iltmibic Vie hue
tomplite, line.
Footc & Shear Co.
JJ9N, Washington Ave
The Coat
Season Is Here
.Mid fo are the Children's COATS, .TACK
HT and lilXITltS in all the new stjlea
and tolois I'ulu little Hfdcrj for the 2
and .) jfir oldj. Ilircc quarter und full
length for the I and (i mr old girls.
Th? Baby Bazaar,
510 Spruce Street.
Repairing Done Gratis.
Im il ililo for Apiil 2-, 1'JOI .
lluhtst titnpirituie TiidcsriPi tunpci ilinc S elegiotj
Hililiie lluuili'it.x
s i in IS per cent
-. p i 10 pir cent.
Tso put Ipitidon; c itlici eleii.
Ml- lu pll I eii of lllO, -UfCt, H III lW
A iK
l-nlou (.umpul-, of I'tli'lon, wa in the cit.v
Wi-tCI(l )
Mis Mjiv, of Million, t li-idnf,
filuuls ii the nil.
Mis Miv Albio, oi lefteti-on aicnue, has ic
tinned frcm ,i to ft tends m I.twr otl,. cil.
lied, in 1! loin , of Diinl.irK, X. , Fpcnl
kuilii it the homo ot his (mints on Jiihson
Loli ml I'. .1 Mtuli'll. of ionkn-, was in
tin oh icstinliy the 'i est of his ioiimii, K
1'. Mil' lull, ot Pinii amine.
I Sin 111 uliiili-. Iiobtn-on, William Cmc,
ulni loili mil I mil bchiinpfl tpent Situula)
iislini,; it l.aUc II. my and tame home with a
-plnidid ntili
l'ohert Di.iuiey, ot N'oilli Sumner aiume, who
li idtiitiil on liuli) tioin the New ork College
of riiatniaiy, ii 1 onif. He Mas honorid with the
ue ptc-iiluiiy of Irs ill's, and ispected to
mupt a po-itim .it I on? Ilr.inili lor the sumiuir.
Ihoiius I.iikin, of Wiit 1 ickawuliln aicnue, ,i
Hi. i cut at -Nugai.i uniieisitj, is uniting ntw
'mills T-. a t-lnhiapeuean deiliimei. Itiientlf
hi pirtuipittd in a pioint ilion of "Uichclieu,"
I'hnli won foi him ntiilud di-tinetioii .13 a ilia-
111 II if hlU'l'.lt.
Miss 1 lMin, if l'hiniiiith, one of Hie tenter
mil-os at tho 1 lrkiwanni Infcpitil, will leae
Hi. institution dining the wcei,. Mis-, Vason,
win is one of flu niOrtt popuj 11 )ouiiff wonun
at the lin.-pil il, will ho im-nd by cieiionc tor.
iiiiled Willi the ho-pilil.
Elm Pnik Chuich Rurnruage Sale.
The l.ulich of Kim I'aik church will
hold .1 minimise t-.tlu al 129 Pcnn ave
nue boRlnnhiK on fhuischiy of this
week. Those ItavitiR ,11 tides to eon
tiibutp 111,1 v them called for by
'ewlliiR woirl to the rinis-omiKe or with
the janitoi at the chili ill.
Voik of Rev. W. H. Willinins tor
the Anti-Saloon League.
'1 he Diuiiiiuer i:.mfrelNL Kcv. "V. IT.
iVIUI.ims put In 11 ery full day yes
Icid.iy llghtliiR- the halooon. He dellv-,
cied Antl-Saluon league addi esses in'
the moi-nlne: ,t the Deir Mcmoilul
Metliodl&t chinch, WllKes-B.iiie: In
the iilturnoiin at llikk ihuich, I3ui
jc.i, ami at night in tho Citlvlnlstlo
McthoiIKt cliuiili, Ilclleue.
TlifM- nicotlliKh ieie ety laigelv
nttundtil. At then; all Mi: Wllllnnih
oniolltd the id'ople agaliiht the saloon
by ih diluting pledge eaids. Next
Thuii-rliy, .May 2, at 7,u0 p. 111,, he will
Klve hlh "I..if.t Tioinp with the Tlgei"
In thu TabeinuLle Congiegatlonal
(huiih, Wtst Hciantou, to which hr
iinitoh eci)biiiy,
Judge Kelly Refuses to Older His
Judge Kelly, on Sahitduy, hoanl tcs
tlnumy In tlu liHlieas coiputr pioceed
Ings niought lo hfeuro the lolease 01
Joseph Mllitvlt5, who alter escaping
Horn the county jail whine ho was. Im
pilsonea on a chaigo of (,
was. le-arrcsted and ie.c6miultted by
Aldeiinan Millar on the chaigo of
escaping fiom Jail.
Attorney . V. Louglnan appealing
for Mllcolt nigueil that lie was. not
a coin let within the meaning of tho
act under which he was committed.
Af.slt.tant District Attorney Thomas
showed lhat MllcoviU's orfenso was .1
tian-igiPSblon agtiliiht tho coumion law,
Jiulgo Kelly lomanded Mllcovltz to
nwult tilal,
Will Appear with Major McBildo at
Collepe Hall on Sunday,
Allss Maud Oonno and Major Me
tlrtde, who an touting tho United
States for the caiibo of fi eland, will
dellvoi a ledum under th. .uwplces
of thfi Ji'm Mitchell club In College
1 nil 011 Sunday evening.
Miss Coruii: has atti acted cousldci
nbla attention by her leetuicb on the
Boer war. Mrs. Joseph O'Bilen, MUs
Suslo limn?, Miis May Roland and
Piofesior Kelly, of Aichbald, will par
ticipate hi the musical piogramme.
Cameras and KpUaks.' Floiey &
TJlooHs, ot courpe,
Smoke the new Klcon clj,.u. 5c,
Services Wio Held at the Home of
Deceased's Parents.
The fuucint of Dr. Setton W. Ktcfn
took place ftom the home of deceased's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. (J. Stevens,
1411 C.ipouse avenue, yesterday after
noon at 3 o'clock. The laige looms of
the family homo worn too munlt to con
tain tho ftlendi who gathered to puy
their lust respoctn to one who was held
In high esteem during life,
Dr. O. Simpson, pastor ot Afcbuiy
Methodist Kplncopal church, conducted
the services. A quartette, composed of
Mis. 1-t CIS, Mrs, Beit Calkins William
H. Liinyon and W. II. Trovcrton, sang
povoial selection!?. The memuois of
Luckawunna lodge, Independent Order
of Odd Follows, nttended In a body.
The ilornt offerings were ninny and
beautiful, The pall-boaieis wpio Dr. O.
J. Muioy, V. 13. Becis, lklwnul Oseit
bach, V. J:. Allleck, E. HclitmprC untl .T.
K. Volkiiundt. Tho ilower-beaiMis weic
Ur. A. W. Smith, Dr. Lewis Fry and
W. J. Appleman. Inteiment was made
In Foiest Hill cemetery.
Friends troni out of the city attend
ing the obsequies woie Dr. A. It. Stev
ens of South Canaan; Dr. W. A. Stev
ens and family, of Uumllton, Fa.; Mis.
O. D. Stevens nnd It. W. Noble, of
Maplewood; A. W. Catcison, of Slci
llng. Pa.: Mr. and Mis. C. 12. Mills, of
Honesdale, Pn.: 12. V. Jones, of Ailel,
and W. J. Appleman, of Thioon.
Roseville Bowleis Defeat a Picked
Team on Gieen Ridge Wheel
men's Alleys.
The fctioug bowling team lepi event
ing tho Itoseville, N. J., Athletic asso
ciation weic the guests Satuiday, of
the Green Ttldge Wheelmen, and Sat
uiday night bowled thiee games
atjalnst a team picked by Chailes
I'owlei. The bowling Mat, witnessed
bv liuudieds of enthusiastic spectators
who crowded the blccheis at the side
of the aliej .
Fach well made sp.uo and eeiy
strike was gieetcl by loud cheering
mil scotti of the men picsont caie
fully taking the scoie and noting each
fi lime's icsulls gave the Fcene some
what of the aspect ot a base ball
oioid bofoie tho national game died
In this city. The visitoit. had no diffi
culty in taking all thiee games by a
total of 2C37 pins to 23T5. the hist being
the onlv match in which the local
plavers had any chanco to win. The
vi'ltois put the same team into the
game that 1 oiled the all-star league
team on the I31k 'alleys. Dletiick was
the night's high man with 214, and
Wood had the highest aveiage, 1M5
L'aoh of the Itoseviile men went over
a 170 avoiage tor tire night.
Smith led the home team with .111
mciage ot 177 1-3, and Fow lei's lot
was high seme. The detailed peeves
itoi.vir 1 v
lVai-i.n 171 lil 101 olS
Wood 171 liHi -HI r"v3
Pulriik T.' 11 HT-oJO
111 Niv-s 1l (TO 1M .'ill
Mljfl K I !' l"'lr nis
Touii n ""i n-su"
Hitch sioie, Diitiuk, -It.
lligii aienge, Aood, ltd
Snutli 1M l-i l"i- "J
fow lei Fit I"'1' l-t "'rtl
Dims 11 nn JOn
hoiicm iw r.1 1st re
Tajlot 11T llf. liS 411
Total Toj 7 if. M7-i!7r.
High t.cne, 1'awlci, Wl
High aieragc, Smith, 177 J .'
DiPtilclt'b 211 was made by bunching
four stiikes after the fhst fianio. In
the game he made six stiikes and
four 5p.11 cs. Meyer made a beautiful
spare in the same game on one of the
most difficult "splits" of the night.
Following the match games came an
exhibition of bowling bv Van Ness and
Mcyois on one side against Pier.son
and Diet! ids. Van Ntss' side won.
Van Ness himelf rolling 232,the night's
high score. Colonel Oeorgc Sandeison
umpired the match game.
Century Bowlers Defeated.
A laigc number of Bicycle club men
accompanied the Century Wheelmen of
Philadelphia to Wllkes-Barre Saturday
night ami watched them bo defeated
by the West 13nd Wheelmen by a total
or 23-i0 to 2220. The match resulted
as follows:
( nvii'iiv ni:i:iAih..
I.ln-t 1 lo If. 1' 172
fltihrir Ik! liiS 1 JS aft?
Jloore 1! H"i 150 u;
iiowts n- ii' 131 in
Young Uli US ? !.'
lot lis 710 71S 7b.' SJJ0
lliH heme, (.nljs.t, 12
High (tain aria.e, Ciilagai, lli 1 !
WI.&1 l.M) WHH'l.Mi:.
Yo-I Ill ISi lMl- ill
llini 1(1) Hm 170-.ill
l!uil lif 1.1 ii IW
Hills Ill I -J 15 in
Wumiiii hi 170 ii u)
I (.tali 7ft1 -..'U 7M 11'M
High Mdie, Wiignid, 151.
High aui ice, Weisiiiid, 1'.0 I .'
It Was Begun at St. Petei's Cathe
dial Yesterday,
Tho foity bouts' devotion was begun
yesteiday mottling at St. Peter's cathe.
dral with a solemn high mass, tho otil
cois of whieji were as follows: Celo
biant, itev, V, J. dough; deacon, llev,
Myles McManus; sub-deacon, Rev, L.
Van ilea; master of ceremonies, Itev,
J. J. cli illln. Dining the mass, Piof.
Schilling, tho oiganlst, played in a
mabtetly manner two now selections
which ho himself lias composed.
Following tho mass thcie was a pio
cession of the Most Blessed Saeia
nient, which was exposed on the high
altar tor adoiatlou, In the evening
thuro was benediction an.. -a, sermon by
Hev. Walter Gorman, of C'arbondale,
Thuio will bo masses today, tonior
low and Wednesday at 5, G, 7 and 8
o'clock a. m, and services tonight and
tomoiiow night ut 7.30 o'clock. Con
tesslous aie being lieaid in the moin
ings tioin c to s and lrom 10 to l'j in tho
afternoon trom 3 to 0, and at night
after the service.
Wheif can I gel my aims and plates
de eloped and plctuies finished? Why,
at I'loiey ii Biooks, of comae.
Oisans for Sale Cheap.
You can buy a good second hand Ot
gan as low as 510.00 at Guernsey Hall,
j, W. Guernsey, Prop.. J14 Washing
ton avenue, Scranton, Pa,
Who furnished the Aleit and Oilole
Base Hall teams with thote pictty uni
forms? Why, Florey & Brooks, of
AsK for Kelly's union erckeii.
- a.,Tslfl. A.J.'SJ uM.jlj.-li ,
.i -h.w .,;
At a General Meeting of the Stilklng
Silk Mill Employes Held In Col
lego Hnll the GUIs Were Ordeicd
Back to Work Tomorrow Morning.
Mass Meeting and Parade Today.
Klotz Glrla May Not Follow the
General Lead Tiouble at Pater
son, At a geneinl meeting of the employes
of tho silk mills of this city, held nes
ted day nfternoon In St. Thomas College
hall, the sttlke which has been on dur
ing the lust three months was formnlly
declared off and tho announcement
made that woik will be ieuincd Tues
day morning.
This nfteincn the younger girls will
celebinto the end of the stilkc by hold
ing a parade, and tonight 11 mass meet
ing will bo conducted In College hall,
at which Editor William Mallly. of tho
New York Workei; National Commit
teeman Fredeilck Dllcher, of the Unit
ed Mine Workers of America, and
"Mother" Maiy Jones will make ad
dresses. Yesteiday afternoon's meeting was
hugely nttended by lcpicsentotlves of
nil the mills, but moto, p.utlculails- the
Sttiicitioit, which will be opened this
motning by Superintendent Davip.
Miss Manning, president of th Sau
quolt soft silk local, pieslded over the
meeting, which was called to older
about r..4,"i o'clock, the delay liaing
been caused by many of the girls going
to Economy hall, wlieie It was oiigin
ally announced that tho meeting was
to be held,
The session was open, ami of voiy
shoit duiation. The announcement was
biielly made that the strike was over,
and all hands wcie oideied back to
work Tuesday morning. "Mother"
Jones then made .1 short address, in
which she biielly mentioned the suc
cessful culmination of the long snug
gle, and then in god all of the younger
glils to paitlclpato in today's paiade.
The little ones, who are the only ones
to be In line, will gather and fotm In
line at the armory, which they will
leiae ot 4.10 o'clock. Tonight's demon -stiation
will bo open to the general
public and a laige attendance is asked.
The Klotz local will gie an entei tain
inept on their own hook, at St. John's
hall, Capouse avenue.
Tho stilke is now over cPivwheie,
with the possible exceptions of the
Klotz and Taylor mill of Mulheiin fc
Judge. "Motliei" Jones last night e
pressed heiself as hopeful that the
Taylor gills would lesume woik with
the otheis, and deelaied that she would
go down today and see what could be
done. The gltls at this mill hae al
ways been paid exceedingly good
wages, so good, in fact, that the man
agement has deelaied that it would be
an actual impossibility to pay higher.
The movement has been, theiefote,
mote or le-s.s a sympathy one and thcie
foie tho lenewal of woik at the other
mills, it is thought, will lestilt in a
like action at the Taylor plant.
At the Klotz mill it is diffeient. how
ever. The girls employed by this con
cern weic the first to go on stilke and
hae been leading spiiits In the moe
ment tlnoughout, and several of their
number ye.steidav deelaied to a Tiib
une man that an afllimative vote on
the owners' pioposal is far fiom an
assuied thing. This local otes tomor
iow night.
The wnipei.s who legisteied .such a
cieoided objection last Thursday against
the soft silk woikeis' voting for a set
tlement befoie their gilevances wete
adjusted, met Bishop Hoban Saturday
morning and were assured by him that
Superintendent Dav(s would fulfil their
ipquests. An Increase of onp-quaiter
cent per bundled ends will be granted,
and a uniform dally scale of i paid
for warps less than tlneo hundred
"Mother Jones spent Saturday in
Paterson, Trouble seems brewing there,
and a general stiike is tlueatened on
account of difficulties with the ribbon
w 01 kei s.
Contests in the Airaoiy "pn Satuiday
Theie weic two basket ball games
played in the armoiy 011 Satuidny
night, between the Detendeis and
Tigue's gymnasium team and between
the Crackerjacks, of Noith Scranton,
and the Twentieth Centuiyp, of Mi
nooka. Fifteen minute halves were played in
both instances, and the games were
witnessed by over 200 pet sons. The
game between tho Defendeis and tho
Tlgue team was the second in a .seiles
nf five lor a $.'0 puiso. Tho Defendeis
won by 11 scoie of fl.., The lluvup was
as follows:
li.niiiia-iuii. Defendeis,
'li-'tie inilii .Kare
'Mfoicl ,B,i fotwatd fli.latid
lienjitnin lelt feiward Snjdci
lllt'gin light guaul I'emlcigajt
It'herU lelt guard Moriarty
lu'nncdj light md Kratt
Ingriei. left etd Collins
Minima,)- llukeh, Uefutdeis, 0; llyniuasiiiii',
I; Kane, 4; Mijder, 1, ligue, 1, Uuipiie Mur
phy, lletetce Kcilon,
The ganio between the Ciackcrjacks
and tho '.Twentieth Centuiys was moio
aggiesslvely (ought and wab won by
the Centuijs by a score of 2 to 1. The
llne-up for this same follows:
CiacUerjacls. Twentieth CenUn.u.
Joint.,, ,,,, , renter ,, While
O'Donnell. .,.,,,, ilUit foiward Millci
llei lift foiwaul ,,,., a. WilUA,, .,,,,., light guaul 1", Dots
PoliC), ,,,,,.,, left Ruaul ,,,,, s, JHii,
1'tlie) light end I., wuu
Low ay left uid .litleis
fciorc-lwerlktli rerun)., j l raikerjuk?, 1,
Evangelist Davis Has Ended His
Work Heje for the Piesent.
The closing .service of Evangelist
Davis, in the Young Men's Christian
association yesteiday afteiuoon, was
one to be long lemembeied by thoso
pie&ent. The woid was piesented with
unusual power, and when the speaker
contrasted the death-bed scenes of In
geisoll and Moody, teats dimmed tho
eyes of many, and when the invitation
was given thiee men promised to lead
a Christian life.
Duilng the seivlco the choir sang
"Jesus Is Calling," and Assistant Mala
sang the "Ninety and Nine."
Itev. Dd'vis secuic-d a great hold upon
the lieaits of the young men, and they
hope to hae him return.
Manager of Little Egypt Company
Has Troubles of His Own.
Clifford Wi Grant, manager of the
Lltllo Egypt Burlesque company,
which appealed Inst week at the C-nl-cly,
wan nuested after the perfoini
nnco Saturday night at the Instance of
Edith Hai court, Joslo Williams and
May Cairon, tlnco of the female mem
bers of the troupe.
They claimed Hint after the pei
toi malice he paid tho snlulcn of the
ether ten members of tho company,
leaving them out In tho cold. They
weio unable to pay their board bills
as a consequence, und Proprietor Ho
snr, of the Conway House, nttnehed
tnclr trunks. Then they caused tho
01 lest of Grant, claiming that he was
about to Jcave town without paying
The tililctinnn decided that It (hunt
would pay the $28.70 due Mi. Bosar
und $t3.30 costs ho would lclcuso him.
The manager pleaded poverty, but
when tho aldpiman said he would havp
lo fuinlsli $1,000 ball, 0110 01 the inoicd
ton, Paulino Uciry, came forwntd with
the requhed $.13 and Giant was le
lenscd. Giant had been ariested eailler In
the week on the ehaigc of obtaining
baggage fiom tho Lackawanna com
pany under false pretenses.
Bootblacks and Newboys' Union Yes
terday Weie Dined at College
Hall Seveial Speeches Made.
A tuiliiu, but pleasing, spectacle
was piesented yesterday afternoon,
when between thiee and tour hun
dred boys leptesenting the youngest
and newest union In this city Med Into
St. Thomas' College hall and thotc
listened to a number of addresses, ate
and were meny.
It was the initial appeaianeo 01 the
Bootblacks' and Newsboys' union In
the city streets and eeiywheic the
joungsten weie gieeted with fiiendly
and good natuied smiles. It was 01 Ig
inally intended to conduct the oont
at the Oiand Cential hotel, but the In
flu,c of unionists was too gieat and
the assemblage adjourned to moio spa
cious quaiteis. It Is suspected that
mole than n few of the youths in the
thiong joined the union Instanter yes
teiday afternoon when they henid i
fieo luneii was to bo 0113 of the dnj's
I-ed bv I'lesident James DuhV. the
bos took seats in College hall. It was
.1 motley ciowd which faced the speak
pis. Stieet aiabs of eveiy descilplion
made up the audience, but thev cer
tainly seemed impregnated with the
spit it ol unionism from their damp
ened locks and faces gleaming with .1
soapv radiant 2 to the tips of the boots,
which cast a glimmei that showed
thorn masteis of their ciafl.
"Mother Jones gave a heinly,
cheerful addtess to the boys, In which
she spoke ot the necessity of oigan
ization and assutod the lads of tha
benefits which would ailse to them
fiom their union. Beading 100ms will
be established for them, those of their
number who ate musically inclined
foimed Into a baud, insltuctois pio
ided and other adatuages seemed.
William Mailev, edittn of the New
Yoi k Woi ker, also addi essed the boys.
He spoke along tho same lines as
"Mother" Jones, and, among other
things, told of the iccoiit stilke of the
New York newsboys. A number of
piominent local labor lendeis, among
them Secretaiy Geoige Oothler, of the
Cential Labor union and J. F. Haiu
me.s, of the stone cutters, weie pies
ent, but made no speeches. A busi
ness meeting followed the addi esses
and tho union's offlcpis weie appoint
ed a committee lo look for looms ana
anangp meeting nights.
Liiinch was then seived bv I'. H
Dm kin, of the Giand Cential. after
which each boy was given a chock for
a cap, with which thev will be pio
vlded tomonow bv Henry Collins.
Nothing in the Clothing That Would
Indicnte Who the Man Is Man
ner of Death Unknown.
The decomposed body of a nun ap
paicntly 45 yeais ot age, was found
jesterday morning on tho MooMe
mountain, ntmut two and one-half
miles fiom Moosic in what is known
aa Covey's Swamp. The discoxery was
made by a man named Lubendei, who
was taking a walk in that vicinity.
The find was icported to Coroner
Booeits, wno directed XJiulei taker
James Walsh to lemove tho body to
hU plnci of busine-s, wheie tho cor
oner will hold an autopsy today, and
if possible 11111 a vol the mysteiy. Tho
identity of the man Is almost Impossi
ble, although It mny bo tlctei mined
who he Is by the .11 tides found on
tin- body.
These consist 01 11 watch, pipe and
snutf bov, the latter being formed fiom
a dried lemon. The clothing and shoos
icsemblo those of a miner, but as far
as could bo learned yesteiday no 0110
Is missing from Moosic. Tho llesh on
tho head and face has been eaten
away, but a heavy black beaid is ills
cernable through the remaining fea
tuies. The body had evidently been at the
place wheie It was found lor some
time, as a young son of .Mr. Lubowlei'
noticed a man sitting at the same
placo a week ago Inst Satuiday, and
thought the fellow was sleeping und
wan afiaid to disturb him.
The remains weio viewed by many
people yesterday, but up to a late hour
last' night no one had been able to
Identify them. Tlteio i.s no evidence of
foul play, and the supposition is that
the man died fiom oposuie.
Eugene D01 (linger, tor tlility-seveu
yeais tho .station master at the EiIj
station at White Mllln, was instantly
killed on Satuiday afternoon by the l.'W
passenger tiuln.
He missed his looting arid fell nam
the station platfoun diieetjy undsr tln
tialn, just as It was pulling out, Two
coaches passed over his lct,s, soveilnr
them both, Doilllngei was veiy well
known In this city, A w ifo ami sevcir.l
chlldien sin vivc hint.
'loiiionon cieiiiug the liieinbtu 01 the vung
Uoincu'o rf'-euiiatlon will lilimi the
Ulenls jWilli width Hi) halo been fjitlitiilly
wurUiij, 'llieie will hi a eutl.U tuning at the
1001114 in which an iift iteiin bile will be a part
ot the etenlng's ptogtatiinie, Men a will .H
women jrc inlted to attend tlds eent
Chief of the Wutlier lluteau Moore will lecttiic
foi tho benefit (t tlw oung Woinen'u CluUtlan
atoodation 'iueday ectiing, Ma) 7, in the
board oi trade building, Chief .Moore is a won
di fully good spca'iei .mil lie will giic 0110 ol
(lie most inttre.tliig Icilure cier heard in thl
city on ni.itti'M which will Intercat nil piaitical
Glass and Smith Did Not Cany Any
Insuranco and They Place Their
Joint Loss at Over Eleven 'Thous
and Dollars Tho Joidan Estate
Suffered a Loss of $2,500 on the
Building Adjoining the Junk
Quarters Fhe Dlscoveied Enily
Yesterday Morning.
liKeiidl.11 Ism Is thought to have
caused tho desttuctlvo (Ire which Inoke
out e.uly yesteiday morning at IVnn
avenue rind Vine stieet und desliovcd
the Junk shop of Alexander Grass and
David Smith, and of Jacob Smith, ntid
which also gutted the can Inge rcposl.
tiny of the Mat wood Joidan estate.
The damages woic as follows:
Mi'Mlliiler Uiiii. building md iok . ,.ii,IiX1
lamb Smith, .slock -'.OW
1) mil I Utitiiiniii, building in wlihli '-iiillh
win loci tul j00
Joidan enlato '2,!M
Glass carried not n cent of Insuinnee
on either building or stock, nor did
Smith. Btennmnn's loss was entlie,
but the Joidan building can led $1,800
hisuiance. The blaze oiiglnated In a
heap of lubblsh neai Smith's place and
this was the fiist to catch the flic.
Owing to the Inflammable natuip of
tlie contents of any junk shop, most
Insuianco companies lefiise to take
them n ilsks, and this at counts for
the fact that neither Glass nor Smith
had tlioli leases at nil covcrpd.
Gmss lift night positively stated his
belief that an Ineendiaiy had kindled
the blaze, and numeious of the lit emeu
who w 01 Iced ftom 2 o'clock until S on
the llto entertain the same opinion, al-x
though the o'llnlon is also ventured
that a dgaiette butt caielessly tin own
into the yaid might hae ignited some
The Municipal 1 ' ting and litt
pnneinent companv's ltoises and
wagons weic lodged in the .Ionian
building, but weie all .saved fiom the
Hume- A watchman for Hip Dickson
Manulactiiiing company dlscoveied the
blnzo shortly befoie 2 o'clock. A pile
of nibblsh was then binning fleicelv
and just as he dlseoPied it. a hungiy
tongue of flame shot out and In an In
stant the coiner ot Smith's shop was
w lapped In a blaze.
The watchman sounded .111 .'il.iiin
ftom Bok 16. at Pcnn avenue and Vine
-licet, and tills alaim was answeted
by the CtystaK Nnv Augs, Phoenix
Chemical nnd Hook- and Ladder com
panies. When the (he laddies ajihed
both Smith's place anil Glass' estab
lishment, al 41S-440 Pcnn .nenue, weic
on (lie.
Glass' shop w.i- a two--toiy wooden
building. 23xri0 feet, mid Smith'-, place
one-stoiy high and 2".x2"i. Jot dan's
building was also aflame. The two
junk bliopt weic doomed fiom the (lif.t,
the mases of rags, bones and lubblsh
binning like the pioxeibial tinder. The
fliemen bent theit effoits on conti oiling
the (lie al the Joidan building, a laigp
tlnee-stoiy frame strucluip. Had the
blaze spiead fiom theie, a iov of
wooden buildings in the neatbv com I
w ould have been doomed.
Tt was found uecessaiy to send In a
second alarm, and this was answered
by the Phihnoy Engine com
pany, of Green Ittdge, and the C'eti
tuivs, of South Sci anion.
It was S o'clock befoie l he (lames
smouldered down and by this time the
Smith and Giass shop-, woie cadi a
mass of cindets, while the complete in
terior of the Joidan building was
gutted. The btiek oftlce of Glass was
untouched b) the llnmes
The contents of the Joidan building
which weie not saed weie of little
impottance. but the Conti noting and
ImptoNemeut coinpunv suffered somp
los In thp bainsfuinishings, hoises'
I'ePd, etc. Giass' shop employs oighL
men nnd seven glils, and the dim ex
pects to soon open tempouiy bend
hums Kenlaiii .mil Wllllau, "-liuuip wcie 11
testid 1.11 l,ackaw.inni .lwnuo tn "Sitinil i nit,ht
fur lighting, 'lint who each Imed '. )ioletdiy
nioining b) Miglsltilc Howe.
Kali MiCornitfk, who wis aire-lul 1 tip ludiv
ulghl oil tho iliugo oi 'lulling a witch aid su
in mom) fiom a It ivellltig mm 111 1 ihsoideili
liuw on lti)iiii.uil 11. ml, was louimlltid lo tin
count x Jill oil Si(iuda i.i ill 1 Hilt of -VH) ball
lliniiie M1.1g.1w mid l.iaii Itolwit, ot llellr
Mi. hill, wlm wile .1111 lid 011 Truli' f.u .is
(111I1I11,; limit I mi. 1. in l.iiiioln Heights, wue
gliin a In alii," I.. loic Militnnn Mlllai 1 11 sit.
1111l.11 und wue lull finu) v.; 1 1 1 wue un
able In piy lite lines, which Witt litei tcmltltd
T, M, Know li, p.rpil.'ioi of the Ilagli holil
ul oiil l'ei.n iMiuie, was misled 111 Siiimliy
al the hist aim- if Mi'iiln!iniliit of I'oliio 1I1.I,.
Ilug, who ililun (hit film .ill 1 lie lias been
fillhi'. llipint willioiit ,1 liuiiH lie will no
aivin n heating lurm 1'iliie lligWute illlii
tins IllOllllllg
Vij I). llt..hii, hi -iiiie .tint, wis n
I nyied befoie Aldiiuian llailiv mi Situtihu 011
1 (huge ot thiiats pun mil l. Cli.nlis Winti'i
ninth, U paith'H live in Iho time liiiildln,
one of the HiieaN illegul tn bun innl 115
Mip. llialier w 14 lint alio would "I11111 Hie heat
eft," II10 .lidilliiiii t' ill" iilittci urdfr ad
Hull Wat-oil i jiiesti 1 on suuiiln at
fciuoon 011 a will lilt ciiiutd last, fill fuail AN
iliruiati lolin T. Howe 1) Mis f A. Hull, who
ilmgis I1I111 wlllt Jumping a lioatd bill, lie liiil
Mtriisatullv iliided ihe con-tal.U unlil Jtmdax
thcti liu was found slatidini; mi I.i, 1 iwanm, nr
nil'. He was lotniiilltiil to tic lounti jiil 11
iteimlt of I.-i I.
Mi., 'Ilictiius lewli, of I'tiu'ljuig, wa iitui
A Iiiailug 1 1 (on- AliKtnuu Mtllai siliiidat on
t thatgu of utility pufuicd hi tic 1 l7-)i'ar ol I
ion, wliu 1 1 limed lie hid nun obliged In snl
tlillil ilsiuluie nil auount 01 hi.-, : ulh. i'.s.
tttiliiieul. Mm bad thieiieiied to I ill Idui ami
la tlr.scd liiin will) .1 hulilici knlfp, (ne .ad
Mtt, l.i..l ,'4 held in "0. In, I
'fhtee )oung linn win teen hating tia 1
lafo on !-.tuii..v night with .1 ii.uple 1.1 I.j
tics uinli llflr atuii I'ltioliiuii i'.iit lei 1,
uotllled anil Im aiiealul on of tint tlio in l.'all
road alle). Ha bid two Utiles of lien It to,,
n iu with iiint. lie gan ids nnn .1, I'dw ml
llloili und Hid Iu iisided ut tail M.ipli .lint
He itupliialcil iwn ollni nmi' 11:111, .lot 11 h'.iui.
Odd Boxes of Stationery ?
At prices that will surely iuterest you. The
above may be seen in our display window. , ,
Aud excelleut qutiUty is
shown iu our BEER. If
ever the con vent ionrtl
"Most fie Seen
To Be Appreciated"
was ever properly em
ployed in advertising, this
is the occasion
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.
I mil. o' loetisi Mieid nnd Mrhitu Miller, d sttetl, ninl one of the bms who work! Ii
lb' bowllnr t'lliy liiev hlt"i' hive been tirll
I'll' to ippeir iu polh" rotul tl.ia tutitili.;.
If It Passes the Leglslatuie, He
Says, a New Assessment Can
Be Made Next Year.
Accuidiiig In Uy Holidtof Watson
thu iissessitieiil lecetitly made by the
board ol" a."es-nis will not hac to
lemaln iu fotcc for thiee )enis if the
act which he drew up and which is
on passage in the state leglslaturo
pases, and tlit'ie is eu'iy icaoii lo
believe thai 11 will.
The act gives tho .I'-sesstif- In cities
of tho second class the power lo use
Hip ust-pssini'ut litndo bcoic Apiil 1
its "the ImMs for the year 1"WU," nnd
also gives them poaci fo iovImj. fillci1
and clttssltv it as they ni.iv sue lit.
Ml. Wi'tson liolcls that if tills act
be omes a law the wmds, "the basis
for the lf-nl," will piecludu nnv
po'ubllilv of tin ah-e-sinenl holding
good for LhiPe yeais-. tt'i City Cleil;
laitillc lot'icd it would, if flic a?pss
n enl. .hl'".t is made on a one-third
valuation did hold good lor llnce jp.ii?.
the ipvcnites of Hie llj would be
ieducil nliuo'-t oiip-hiilf next )oar
when th ( Uv onips lo i tilled a gradu
ated tax )vv as piovidccl in 'the Mp
1 ct bill. l full l.Ues on Vnisines?
luopcitM two thitils laips on lesidence
piopcit.v aud oiii'-hall i.ites on ngii
cultiiiai ptopetl..
Mi. Watson savs thai undei thb act
Hie picoont assessiiieiii. will only be
cood lnr one )eir and that for th v."ti e.f lfoj-l'io:. the asscsfois
c m m.tUi' an enlirelv new csi-essmcnt
on a t'Mi-ibniis in a full valuation, just
us thev chotc-". Tho-'' stucicuts of
municipal ntfalis who h:ic giPii tho
inaltPf anv study hop" lhat what he
spvs is ttne. loi if II is nut the cltv
v ill be lr a pu'llv. bid box a vear
linni now.
Cntastiophe in Shooting Galleiy.
B) l.silmiv W-re funii 'Hie Av-orialed Pie
I'lrlou, 11. Aput -While it woik in ills
shouting s,jlkrv bet.' it in only limn this niorti
nig, Willnni Wliitele wi,. si i?ed with i lit md
tell nut i tow of coal ml limps His ilotlies
ought Hie md lie tvas lenh dead beiote Ilie
police broke iu Ilie il.mi. lb died in Hie hmpitJl
i few- liotrs lilei His home wis at I'luc,
V I.
Boxing Gloves
of coui-e
A I Flnicv i Diooks,
Ask for Kelly's union ciackeis.
AVheii- tan I get cvpivlhing In Hip
line of Photo Supplies.' Why, at
Floiey & Biooks, of couise.
Ask for Kelly's union ciackeis.
Lunch Served
Free of Charge
at Our Store
We invite you to come aud
see the delicious Waffles.
Saratoga Chips, Doughnuts,
Fried Oysters, Layer Cake
and Tea Biscuits that we are
baking all day long, demon
strating the fiue qualities of
Do Not Miss Com
ing to the Store
Clarke Bros
Ladies' Tailored
Suits We Make
I, i iif Inly a. Die H.itiur fl! the bud 'Ihe
Ii ake, trjlc fit, tnilih anil pikes am all pel In I
I mi epitui sink is iow nwalliii,, .lout lli-p.'
lien, He iiad to spp oii anv tlui'
King Miller, Merchant Tailor,
Stationers and
t-f4-t-4- 4'tf
; Arthur Watresi President
Orlmtdu S. Johnaon, Vies Pres.
Arthur Hi Christy, Cnhler
X . Capital, $100,000 t
sv Surplus, $100,000 -f
Court House Square,
Interest Paid on Savings Accounts
ArillOllll.ll b) its Charter to accept
nil mantlet ot Trusts; to act a
ltciuui. 'ituslee, (luardlan, dministra.
toe or Kveuitoi,
Till: VU'bls of Und: ire prolect
ed b) Ihe Holmes Llecttlc Alarm
I . A. tr, O. s. Jolin.on
Urn. I-. llallstead I.'. P. Kingsbury
Kierett Warren Auk. Robinson
.loscph O'Brien
t4- f s-04 ff
325-32T Penn Ayeofle,
A Rich Find
is an expression t'tat is often iicatd here srnel
our customer sees our large stock ot Shirts, ln
derwear and Hosier). Wc aic jilwa)s on the eleil
for tlie leal tlunpf. The price Indicates what it's
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BEDROOM OUTPIT, 24 pieces,
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i n.
jsSm wH3 J. is!Sjffll
jfirZarjf Ti'ii'ytelWMiiJRW'iaWBty.
A iS '