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tiw. modern hardware store.
Sunshine Not
When you have the new
Model laundry Dryer in
connection with your
ranges. The same heat
that does the baking nnd
cooks the meals will dry
the clothes and do it as
well as the sunshine.
Call and let us explain
tho advantages of the
new Mortel Laundry Dry
er. Fnnt Ar. Shear Co.
JJ9N. Washington Ave Q
The Coat
Season Is Here
Ami so am the Children' COATS, JACK
UTS mid ItlX'TltS In nil tho new styles
anil rotors. Cute little Hcrfera (or the 2
and 3 year oldi Three iti trier and lull
length (or the t und 0 year old girls.
th? Baby Bazaar,
510 Spruce Street.
New York Ladies'
Tailors and Furriers
Jlnvo just anh-cil from Now
York, Willi latest styles anil
1'f.nlHfins for strlii ami summer.
326 Lackawanna Ave.
Repairing Done Gratis.
0 0
J, V. tiiii'i" in llucnis-ey liall,
Tuchduy night, entertained the Class
I'lilture society with a maple sugar
Miclal. Present were:
Mt-.-es W.tsrcnliui-t, Tloiiih.ttl. Duwm, llctllu,
liin-iiw.v, M.i.v liitcrtwy. "Vidi'iii.iii, .M.tlicl W'.it
itnis, M.vrth- ''.iltoiii, .Mii. I''jtis 'tis lint
Kite, ut Amh.i; I i-s Smdrrs of A'ncai lli
lil.ui. ami tin' Mii-On I.tni: Mi'i-. iIjiii,
liiiivell, lltv, hlinhle, e iiiijur, II. P. IXiir,
(trnipc Kvan-, lliililii'iuiii, Carpenter, Hunt",
l'iiMin,". Ilium!, limit, .1. . Cucni-p', Man
Inn. citrifr tt.iic-.
The followhifr puiRraiinno was ren
ik'ivil: Piano miIo. ailss AVau;enhurst; miIii, .llt-s Kvans recitation, K.
V. Kiyunt: vocal .solo, AVatter Fleltl
itif;, duet, the Misses Guernsey; eornet
solo. William Stanton. After the pro
gramme Karnes wore played and danc
iur was also indulfrt-d in.
Miss Marker entertained at luncheon
yesterday. In honor of Miss Seymour
and Miss Nowcomh, who tiro tho guests
of Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam 11. Taylor.
A very pleasant surprise party was
shen Wednesday evening at the home
uf Mr. and Mrs. AV. T. t'aso in honor
nf their daughter.
lames, dancing and other amuse
ments were indulged in until a. season
able hour. Those present were:
Mi. .iinl Jin-. Joseph l.ovil.isi, Mr, ami Mrs,
l.rlit I.jiic. Mr, .met Mri-. Walter .lacUon, Mr,
ami Jin. . X lleWiit, Mr. and Mrs. D.,
Mi .iii.I Mrs, John Clitiioullli. .Mr. and Mis. Will
i.iiii lllniiian, -Mr. and Jlri. V", It, Ca-.e, .Mr, and
Mii., Thomas, ills. lladdtM, Mrs. Darnfirtlici,
Mr.-. II. Hatch, Mis. Stone, Mrs. Van d'onlcii. Mil.,
lliy, nf Cl.irks (iiccn; Jooiplt I.ovela&s. Mles
i.utriidi- I'hliiowith, Author Slimier, Myrtls Case,
l.l.zin Jnluivin, Uutlotto iltddcis, Mjitle Van
(.ouler, JU.r. T. .M. I'icl.ctlns?, Willi un
WilKlit, .1. I!. I.eoiuid, Jj- 1'eu.v, KiIwjuI Van
l.ordoi, Aitlitir Case and l'jil I,uc1js
A few of the Intimate friends of lie v.
and Mis. A. J. Van Cleft pleasantly
surprised tliem at their home last nlfrht
to say a last farewell before their de
parture for Ashley, where they so to
day, Anions' those present were:
Itcv, and Mrs, Clhbons, Uev. lMlmey, Mr. and
Mm. Hiker, Mr, nrol Mii. IMw-nl Allctiiose, Mr,
iind Mrs. (Jatirlil SwarU. Mr. and Mr. (Iilfiln,
Mr. and Mrs. Trctelfr, Mr. and Sir O. 1 ('or.
irll, Mr. and Mrs. T. l. I.ctcliwoilli. 'Irs. Ida
Mom'. Jlles Scott, Mrs. Jlai.h.
Mks Aliic Binke, of ,d mis auntie. I In .New
HUlmil O'llrien unit to New Vork je.teiday
(.foiRe Wiitli, of niduid. Until, It in Sj
ladim uti bultie,
M, I), Caey, itctlnp; bupenntendent nl tar i'r.
lie on the .a(Uu.miu railroad, a in llulialu
John V I'. f(iu keiil)iih, ol l,aekaiatnu ue.
tAie, ri'iciM'U Ids roiniiiinioii as noluiy pntdie
(leneral Stijciliileiidnit S. II. 'Iltoini', of tho
Tiinplu Ccal and lion cuinpany, ws in N'w
Vot I; rtciday,
William MiCoacli, one nl the inemters of Hit)
Select council of I'liiladelpltU, was a gneet in
tlild city jesteidj,
I. J. Hopkins and wife left yeteidjy (or an
extended lacaticju trip, 'ihey nlll isit Harris
lmrg, rittsburt,' und tho luttlefltld at Uellyi
burg. JIIoj Margaret lloulclt, o( ritiladclphla, (o
lia.s beta the Rucst of J Mary Linn, of Capouc
atrnne, for the Itet to weeks, icturncd to U(r
home jisterday.
Cards are out annouiulne the marriage ot
('race, daughter of Mr, and Mie. John M. ltosc,
to Wr. Harry A. Pierce, fe'atuiday, April 27, at
llic I'cnii Acuue llaptUt chuicli.
The Itiv, 1'iaiil; J. Miltnan, formerly in charge
f.f the buinuer Aieiiue I'rcobjtctlan cliuuli, was
r laiucd UU week bj the l'rebytcry at Lthigli
and v.ii installed pulor of llto Second Tresliy
terlan tlnircli ol I'ollsvUle Tuesday cxcnlng.
Mf. ill'man Is Fcranlon Imy and secured lii
preparatory (Mining nt the Sdiool of Hie I.acka.
.Mr. and Mr. jlolm (Msildy, of HiU illy, left
Itere Monday for l'lilladelpliU) where they ultl
tako up Ihelf rHdcnco in the ftilnrc. They
hate lived hero tor rlose upon thirty yean
and tlielr ninny Iriends tne notiy to lose them.
They will )lo in Philadelphia with their son,
Dr. Paul rMlil ho Is Inilldlng tip i nice
practlie. llr. r.i.ldy Jut had ti large home
rrnoutnl and atrangrd tn milt his convenience.
Mr. and Mis. (.'iiwldj'd oilier ton, (icorgo and
Cliarlr", ale nln ill Pliilailclphli. Mks Ljdli
C'assldy will heie ie-ct tek and Join
them. lls (Jerliitde Cnldy, n tcJrher In the
public1 bcIiooI, vlll lemaln In this cltj Wllkea
Ilarre Nes. '
Thomas Leonard and David Edwards
Fell Into a Sewer Trench.
Thomas Leonard anil D.ivltl Kil
wardw, two younrj lads about !2 years
old, had a narrow escape from being
burled alive AVednesdny In the new
sower which Is being put In on Spring
Leonard and Kdwards were standing
on the side of tho sewer trench, -which
gave way, letting them down into It.
Before they could recover their foot
ing a large amount of earth and stone
came toppling down, covering them tip
ap far as their heads.
Passersby, who heard the boys' cries,
went to their assistance and rescued
them. They wore very weak and had
to be carries to their homes.
Confiscated Gambling Apparatus
Was Burned Yesterday by Offi
cers of Municipal League.
Asetit Hubert AVilsou and a half
dozen Municipal League detectives
ycstoiday atfernoon carted away tho
expensive gambling apparatus confis
cated In the recent gambling raids and
took It out to the circus grounds, on
North AVashlngton avenue, where si
huge bonfire was made.
The apparatus was all taken apart
and each separate piece was carefully
watched until it was reduced to ashes.
The billiard table, which was taken
ftoni the Wyoming avenue establish
ment was also burned.
AVlieu Hie first load had been burned
tip the wagon was sent to the Com
monwealth building, where the thir
teen slot machines taken from various
saloons up the valley some few weeks
ago, were stoied, These were loaded
on the wagon and taken out to the
scene of the bonfire, where they were
first rendered useless by tin axe, and
then consigned to the flames.
It is known that the Municipal
League is determined to wipe out the
gambling evil in this city, and it is
expected that a raid will be made in
the near future upon two other gam
bling houses which are said, by the
league authorities, to be in active
opeiation on Spruce street.
Odd Fellows to Honor Memory of
James B. Nicholson.
A" memorial service in commemora
tion of the memory of Orand Secre
tary James 13. Nicholson, of the In
dependent Order of Odd Follows, who
recently died, will be conducted on
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, in the
rooms of the Lackawanna lodge on
AVyomlng avenue.
Recorder .Tames Miilr will preside as
chairman at the meeting and prayer
will be offered by Rev. Robert V. Y.
Pierce, I. D., pastor of the Penn
Avenue P.aptist heitrch, who will also
make an address. Other addresses
will bo made by Past Orand JMaster
W liayioid Thomas and Major Gen
eral Kd. t:. Beans, commanding tho
Department of Pennsylvania, ' Patrl
atches Miltnnt.
Tho nuiFlcal features of the pro
gramme will consist of two duets,
sung bj- David Jenkins and Thomas
Abraham, and several selections, in
cluding Neuman's "Lead Kindly
Light," to bo sung by tho glee club of
Silurian lodge.
Grand Secretary Nicholson was for
over thirty years one of the foremost
Odd Fellows in this country and held
the ofllee of gtand secretin for years
and years.
Personal Comments on His Appear
ance Before Supreme Court.
That the picturesque does not escape
the of good newspaper men even
In such a prosaic, proceeding as an ar
gument befoie the Supreme couit, is
attested by the following comments
culled from reports of the "ripper''
"L II. Burns, of Serantou, broad of
shoulder, ruddy of cheek and with a
scraggly red beard, anil a carelessness
of attire which suggested that, Clncln-natus-like,
'ho had left the plow to join
the battle, opened the argument. Calm
ly, dispassionately and without any at
tempt at pyrotechnics, ho proceeded to
discuss the mensuiv and the relation
It bore to the supreme law of the
laud." Philadelphia Inquirer.
"Mr. Uurns opened for the appel
lant. He Is Innocuous lit appearance,
but those who iinl read Jus paper book
expected a spicy argument, They were
disappointed. Ills argument was de
void of metaphor ot' the character dliat
made his brief the wonder and amuse
ment of the other attorneys, "Pitts
burg Commercial Gazette.
Lackawanna Railroad,
On account of the Pau-Amerlean ex
position the following round. trip rates
and arrangements will be in effect from
Scranton: Season tickets will be sold,
commencing April ISO and on every day
thereafter during the exposition, lim
ited for return until November lit) in
clusive, $11.'.!0, Ten-day tickets will bo
sold, commencing April 30 and on every
day thereafter during the exposition,
JS. Five-day tickets will bo sold, com
mencing Apill SO and on every Tuesday
and Saturday thereafter dining the ex
position, $U. All tickets will be hon
ored In sleeping or parlor cars In con
nection with proper Pullman tickets,
except the live. day tickets, which will
bo honored In day coaches- only, Chil
dren between tho ages of live and
eleven years, one. half of the above
Jangling- Nerves.
Aie you Irritable? Do yon sleep
badly? Is It hard to concentrate your
thoughts? Is your appetite poor? Do
you feel tired, restless and despondent?
Try LIchty's Celery Nerve Compound.
It will do you more good than any
thing you have ever tried. Sold by
Matthews Mrothers.
Steam Heating and Plumbing.
P. F. &. M. T. Howley,831 Wyoming ave.
Smoke the new Kleon olfr. fo
One Day's
Numerous mairlage were solemn
ized In the elly yesterday nnd al
though tho -weather god saw lit to
be disagreeable and refused to favor
the fair brides with Ideal weather, tho
different nuptial events were brilliant
and nttracted much ntteittlon In the
social sets (o which (he parties In the
nutrrlagrs belong.
In St. Peter's cathedral at noon yes
terday occurred tho marriage of AVill
iam Gleason, of Franklin avenue, and
Miss Agnes Rellly, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. AVilliam Rellly, of Prospect ave
nue. Tho bride was attended by Miss
Maine Rellly, her sister, and the groom
by Martin Buckley, of Avoca. As tho
bridal party entered the church, Prof.
AA'. P. Schilling played the Mendelssohn
wedding march, ntid as the nuptlat knot
was being tied by Rev. J. A. O'Reilly,
Prof. Schilling pluyed "O Promise Me."
The bride presented a charming ap
pearance in a. gown of brown broad
cloth, trimmed with white chiffon, and
wearing a hat to match. Her attend
ant wore blue broadcloth, which was
also trimmed with chiffon. Roth car
ried bunches of carnations. Mis. Glea
son has for some time been bookkeeper
for Clarke Brothers, and has also been
In charge of their advertising. Her
husband Is employed by the Scranton
Railway company.
After a reception at the bride's home,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gleason left In Hie after
noon for New Vork on a wedding tour.
A ver.v pretty wedding took place
at St. Mary's German Catholic church
yesterdaj- morning at 0 o'clock, when
John Lansdorf wif united In mar
riage to Miss Annie K. .Miller, daugh
ter ,of Mr. and Mrs. George Miller.
Moth bride nnd groom reside In South
Scranton. The wedding ceremony was
performed by Rev. F. Straub. A
largo thtong of the relatives and
friends of both parties were present.
The bride was beautifully attired in
white moussellne de sole and can led
a bouquet of lilies of the valley. She
was attended by Miss Mary Hcrzog, as
maid of honor, and Miss 'Annie AVln
ter and Miss Mamie Miller, a sister of
the bride, as bridesmaids. They wore
gowns of blue moussellne de sole' and
carried bouquets of white cat nations.
The groom was attended by George
Miller as best man and John Rink
and John Lansdorf, jr.
At the conclusion ot" the ceremony,
a wedding dinner was served at the
home of the bride, at 729 Maple street.
They received man) useful and beau
tiful present from their friends. Mr.
and Mrs. Lansdorf will reside at 740
Locust street, where a pleasantly fur-r.lsl-ed
home awaits them.
Thomas K. Evans, of 111 Mock
sti'eet. and Miss Cordelia Hand, of
12.1 South Hj-de Park avenue, wore
united in marriage at S o'clock last
evening by Rev. ,T. P. Moffat, D. D..
pastor of the Washburn Street Presby
terian church. The ceremony was
rerfonned at the home of the bride's
parents, Mt. and Mrs. Edward S.
The couple were unattended, but
AVatkin Williams and Clare M. Storm
acted as ushers. A large number of
invited guests wore present and par
ticipated in the festivities following
the marriage.
Mr. Kvans is the piopiietor of a
p: luting establishment on Jackson
street, and his bride Is an estimnble
young woman. They dispensed with a
wedding trip and will reside hi a
newly furnished home at !HC Luzerne
The marriage of Henry Finnlgan
ar.d Miss Mary Philbin, both of South
Scranton, was solemnized in St. Peter's
cathedral yesterday morning nt !)
o'clock, by Row J. A. O'Relllj. Tito
ceremnoy was witnessed by a latgo
assc-mblage of friends and relatives.
Tho bride was attended by Miss An
nie Philbin, sister of the biide. The
groomsman was John Farrell. At the
col elusion of the ceremony the bridal
couple went to the home of the bride's
Ulster, on Orchard street, where a
wedding breakfast was served, The
couple left on the 11 o'clock a. m.
train for New York and other points
of interest. Mr. and Mrs. Finnlgan
will "be at home in about two weeks
at Stone avenue and River street.
Corner L. Davis, of 1712 Washburn
stieet, and Miss Emma Shuler, of 1020
AA'ashlngton avenue, were quietly
married at S o'clock yesterdaj morn
ing by Rev. S. G, Spleker, at the par
sonage of tho Holy Trinity Lutheran
church. The couple were unattended,
nnd left at S.'lO o'clock for Philadel
phia and Washington. ITpon their re
turn they will reside at the homo of
tho bride's mother.
The bride is a popuar young woman
and tho groom Is employed as a book
keeper at Goldsmith's Bazaar. Ho is
a son of Police Mnglstralo Bezaleel
Davles, of AVcst Scranton. ,
Michael McDonough, nf 110 South
Bromley avenue, and Miss Elizabeth
Dougherty, of Mylert nvenuo, were
married In St. Paul's church, Green
Ridge, at !" o'clock yesterday after
noon bj I lev, J. .T, T.oftus.
The coupla woie attended by AVIl
IIuiii McAndtew and Miss Catherine
Mailon, Both ladles were gowned In
iiluo silk,
The couple weto tendered a lecep
liou In St. David's hall Inst evening
by the Inopresslble club, of St. Loo's
battalion, of which the groom Is a
member. Tho dance music was played
by Miss Kale Reunion
I lev, J. A. O'lUillJ", who was many,
ing couples in St, Peter's cathedral all
day yesterday, joined John Gallagher
and Miss Beatrice Feeney In tho bonds
of wedlock yesteiday morning at 11
The btlde was attended by Miss
Angela Cannon, while the groomsman
was Frank Tlgue.
Miss Annie K. Stern, of 1001 Taylor
avenue, and Daniel L. Stark, of Lin
coln avenue, were married yesterday
at the homo of the bride by Rev, J. B.
Sweet, D. D. They weio attended by
Cleou AV. Shultz and Miss Letu Stern.
Mr. and Mrs. Stark left in the after
noon for New York, where they will
spend their honeymoon. Upyn their
return they will reside on North Lin
coln avenue.
The marriage of Miss Nellie Kelley
and AVilliam J. Hughes was solemn
ized In St, Peter's cathedral yesterday
afternoon at -I o'clock. Miss Sarah
Hughes, a sister ot the groom, acted
as bridesmaid, while James Blanch
performed the duties of best mnn. The
ceremony was performed bv Hew J.
A. O'Relll.w
Last night a reception was held at
tho Jionieof the groom's parents, Mr.
nnd'Mrs. AVilliam .1. Hughes, of Col
lins stieet, Diniinore, where a largo
number of the friends of the young
couple were present. Mrs. Hughes is
one of the most popular young ladles
In the set In which she moves, while
the groom is one of Dunmoro's well
known young men, being employed by
the Lackawanna Railroad company.
They left on a wedding tour last
night, with Buffalo as their objective
print, wh"re they will spend some
Attorney II. D. Carey, ot Jermyn, and
Miss Marie Katherlne Lins, of Carlisle,
Pa., were married at the home of the
biidc's father, Leonard Llns. of Kast
High street, Tuesday afternoon at -o'clock,
by Rev. Mr, Dlffondorfer, pas
tor of the First Lutheran chinch of
Mr. and Mrs. Co rev loft for AVash
lngton and other points. Mr. Carey Is
a graduate of tho Dickinson School of
Law, having finished In the class of '96,
anil it was during his career there as a
student that he met his bride. Mr.
Carey Is one of the most promising ot
the younger members of the Lacka
wanna bar. With his bride be will con
tinue his lesldence ut Jermyn, where
they will be at home to their friends
after May I.
AVilliam Frank, of Dunmore, and
Miss Portia E. Jones, of Dickson City,
were married at 11 o'clock yesterday
morning at the homo of the bride's
mother. The ceremony was performed
by Rev. AVllson Bentley, pastor of the
Primitive Methoidst church.
Mr. and Airs. Frnnk departed at noon
Tor New York, and upon their return
will teslde in Dunmoie. The bride has
for some time been employed as a
dressmaker -with Miss Elizabeth Lloyd,
of I10S Jackson street.
Dennis Nealon was married in St.
Peter's cathedral yesterday afternoon
at :i o'clock to Miss Katie Gillespie,
the ceremony being performed bj- the
rector, Rev. J. A. O'Reilly.
The bride, who wore a handsome
traveling gown, was attended by Miss
Mary Mahon, while Thomas Chambers
acted as best mnn.
Patrick Jordan and Miss Cella Mc
Ciiwlcy, both of Dunmoie, were united
In niuriiago yesterday afternoon at
:i.S0 o'clock in St. Peter's cathedral,
by Rev. J. A. O'Reilly.
TIip ceiemony was private and the
couple were unattended.
List of the Requests They Pre
sented to the Officers of the
L. I. & S. Company.
The strike among the (lienien and
coal heavers at the South steel mill of
the Lackawanna Iron and Steel com
pany Is still on. but has not spread to
any of tho other departments, and
Superintendent Barnard yesterdaj' de
clared that operations are in no way
interfered lth at tho works.
The st t liters have issued the follow
ing statement, to give the public the
correct version of the conditions which
resulted In the suspension of labor:
lilllor of The Tilbune,
sit: Owing to rui-hictlng hlories in ciuulation
ii'Katdiiii; the demand inaih; by Hip firemen nt
tin' South mill of the f.ackawaniu Iron and Steel
(Miiipiny, e ak hpasti in jour valuable paper
to ruritc't the -l.ileincnls published in the dallies
which are lalcnlated to decehe or misrepresent
niir demands Our demands are as follows:
I'iist-lb'i unts per hour for 12 hours woik, oi
t'H it nrn fur hour for S bonis woik-,
si-iund--l''lii' threj botb-n with p'rsrnl help.
I. ,S. Tin- to Jin-it at pincnl to clean lire',
l'nll time iWilh' the mill is tunning. Same pay
uUii sent on ripaits as firing,
Wo a..!; all boileis be on evept thooo
dropp. il for itpiiis and tame, pay when .sent On
it pail, as 111 hi','.
We nk ih it all bollus bo kept on cucpt
those ilroppiil for washing nr icpalis, and
.-k bullets hi! ttfft(icut lor one liieiiian wlicu
mill Is not lolling.
Our grievance committee Malted on Mr. liar
ii.inli April " an 1 -.vent into tlu grie-ames in
detail. Alter IMcniu,, altcnliudy he told lis our
fl Smart Redaction
In the Price of
The rainy week previous to Easter injured our
Neckwear business. Vve've gone through our stock of
Neckwear anything we could pick a quarrel with we
knocked a big piece off the price.
For Friday and Saturday Only
Some Are Reduced a Third, Others a Half or Wore
J5C Each 3 for $1.00,
Hutteiilys natwlng Ties Imper
ials and Ascots, In a varied assott
lueut of silks and colois.
A big line of tho popular Derby
Four-lu-llaiids, In neat colors
some plaids and plain colors, all of
the BO-cent sort,
"On the Square"
flgL'fe.s were prrposlcrous and would grant us no
concession's whatever.
Wo then mw ilr, Wehruni, tho general man
g(r, who Informed uj he would haie to consult
the lioaul of dlreettirn before he could gl'e itn
liicie.ife In wages, -and that. .Mr. ll-nnrd would
glie its an answer Monday,
We called for our answer on Mondaj-, Apt II 28,
(o Mr. lUrrunl, who tnt lis with this answer!
"Wo have looked oier this matter caiefuly and
wo can tlo nothing (or joti."
Still we were hardly on Hie mttMdo of the
mill when Mr. tlanntd himself tillered I.T0 ter
dty fo N'jb liiboiers to tako onr pl.irra mid at
present he In using Ms tinder htwten a.s agenlt to
go amongsf us Itidnelng lis to go back at f t.TO
per day.
Yesterday tho firemen's places were
filled by men chosen from (he laborers,
but no ntlcmpt was made by the strik
ers to deter them from work and there
was an entire absence of disorder.
in it few Individual cases firemen ac
costed thelr successors and endeavored
to dissuade them from working, but
nothing further than moral suasion
was used,
Local Weather Observer Has Re
ceived Commission as Fore
cast Official.
F. II. Clarke, who Is In charge of the
local station of the United States
we--her bureau, has been signally hon-c-
.d b receiving a promotion In the
service to tho rank of, local forecast
otllcial. The advance carries with it a
substantial Increase in salary, and also
heightens the Importance of the Scran
ton ofllee.
Mr. Clarke received his first notifi
cation that the honor awaited hlin by
a letter he received April 11 from tho
Hon. AVIllls Moore, head of the bureau,
In which ho intimated that within a
short while ho would receive the ad
vance. Mr. Clarke's commission fol
lowed a few days later, from the sec
retary ot agriculture. It will take ef
fect May 1.
After July 3 It Is likely that Fot-a-cast
Ofllclal Clarke will be awarded
another nsslstant, and his staff thus
Increased to three aides. The office
will then be considered on a footing
with those in the larger cities of the
In Pennsylvania, theio are stations
at Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Scranton,
Hairisburg and Erie. Only the first
three have forecast officials. In New
York state there are seven stations,
only three of which, those at New
York city, Buffalo and Albany, have
forecast officials.
Respected Resident of Clark's Sum
mit Laid at Rest.
The funeral of Mrs. Flora Annette
Nichols was held from the residence at
Clark's Summit yesterday afternoon at
2.30 o'clock. Interment was in the
Clark's Green cemetery.
Mrs. Nichols had always been one of
the most highly esteemed residents of
the northern part of the country. She
was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nel
son Newton, two of the pioneers of
Luzerne county. She was born in Scott
township, sixty.-one years ago last
During; her two weeks' Illness, her
greatest desire was to live until her
son. Nelson, could reach home front
Havana, Cuba, where he spent the win
ter. This wish was not gratified, as he
did. not reach home until three hours
after the funeral. Interment was de
layed until after his arrival.
Mrs. Nichols was one of the most ac
tive members of the Clark's Summit
Baptist church. She Is survived by her
husband, Asa A. Nichols: two sons,
George II. and Nelson N., both of
Clark's Summit: one brother, G. L.
Newton, of Scott, and one sister. Mrs.
Mary N. Gardner, of Blnghamton, N.
Y. The Rev. II. P. East officiated, and
the pall-bearers were Major I. A. Ack
etiy, Byron Ackerly, W. P. Litz, W. S.
Frace, J. F. King and F. M". Young.
Members of Luther League Enter
tained Last Night.
The Luther League of tho Holy Til.n
Ity Lutheran church gave an excellent
entertainment, last night in Guern
sey ball, which was very well at
tended despite tho inclement weather.
The programme included several pret
ty drills and two tableaux by a num
ber of young girls, and a. clever ex
hibition of fencing and tumbling by
a ttio of young lads.
There were also recitations given by
Miss Blodwln Jenkins, Miss Lottie
Jones and Miss Eva Thomas, in addi
tion to a solo by Miss Sarah Lewis.
The pastor, Rev. C. O. Spleker, pre
sided. The committee In charge of tho
affair consisted of the following mem
bers of the league: AVilliam Langdon,
C. II. AVhite, C. It. Kreisley, Miss Bess
Shine, Allss Roslna Huber nnd Miss
Anna AA'Intersteln.
Had No Opposition at Special Elec
tion in the Seventh Ward.
'At the special election In the Seventh
yard yesterday to till tho vacancy In
saving on Neckwear leaves
something for other things.
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ployed in advertising, this
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the select council, caused by the resig
nation of Director of Public AVorks
John R Roche, James Malonoy, a
Democrat, was elected without opposi
tion. Ho received CO votes in tho First dis
trict, IS in tho Second and SU in the
New Stocks for Ladies.
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Interest Paid on Savings Account?
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alt maimer of Trusts; to act as
Hecd'cr, T1113I00, Ciurdian, AUminislr.i.
tor or l.xccutor.
TIIH VAW.TS of this Itank aie pioteei
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You a
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mou's cabinet.
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j'Aspvtnsaaa' pp-. ,ii il,iaBy 'j
JaaaaaKsaaaaaV'IVaa'Bla&y if