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Dissensions In Choir of Trinity
Church Result In Prof. Doorsnm'a
Prof. Charles noersnm, of Hrrntilmi,
yesterday entered upon his now duties
is organist unci chorister of Trinity
lOplscopnt church, turn gave excellent
jutlsfaotlou to the congregations. Ills
appointment to the position wits on
lercd upnii suddenly and the change
R'lirt nut known to the Kcnernt public
until announced In Saturday mornlng'a
T. CSrlflln Smith and Mm N. L. Moon
have previously been chorister nnd n
tranlst. of Trinity, and their many
friends have been wondering why thoy
(ni.vo been displaced on Mich short
notice. A. prominent member of the
church yesterday afternoon pave the
reasons to a Tribune man.
Trouble lias been brewing In the
.-holr for some time. Mr. Smith baa
been accused of partiality In assigning
solo parts to the female singers and
with being arbitrary. A number of
times. It Ik said, he has assigned solo
parte, to some one singer and when the
singer has thoroughly learned the part
ho lias taken it away ami given It to
mother, thus causing hard feelings. A
diorl time ago. It Is said, sixteen of the
l.idy members of the choir went to Rev.
i:. A. Sawyer, the rector, nnd told hlin
that unless Mr. Smith was removed an
horlster they would refuse to sing any
longer. The rector tried hard to dls
Miade them from their purpose, but ti
no avail. Then, It is alleged, ho told
them that he would remove Mr. Smith,
but If lie went, Mrs. Moon, the organ
Isl, would have to go also. This did
not. suit the ladles, as Mrs. Moon Is
very popular with them and has ever
since Iter connection with the choir
worked very hard, giving up much of
her time to aciiulrlng familiarity with
the large organ which has been in
stalled lately. It Is thought the rec
tor's purpose in threatening to remove
Mrs. Moon was simply to prevent the
choir from acting rashly, as there was
not the slightest complaint against her,
and It was thought thai she was to be
used as a band to cement friendly feel
ings In the choir, Be this as it may,
the sixteen ladies were insistent on Mr.
Smith being forced to tender his resig
nation. None of the male singers in
the choir tool; part in the demand for
his removal.
True to ills promii-e, on seeing that,
the ladles meant what they said In re
gard to their not singing unless Mr.
Smith resigned, the rector asked for
the resignation of .Mrs. Moon also. The
two i catenations were received and the
rector engaged Mr. Dnersam, who is a.
capable organist. U will be remem
bered that Mr. Doersam gave a recital
in Trinity church in February. Eight
of the young. ladles in the choir have
come back, but was said yesterday by
the reporter's Informant that eight am
still obdurate because they feci that
in injustice has been done to Mrs.
Moon. ,
Mrs. Moon, as organist, received $100
a year for her services; Mr. Smith, as
chorister, received $100 a year, making
a total or $-'00. Mr. Doersam has been
engaged at a salary ol' $2," a month and
expenses. These expenses will consist
of three trips a week from Scranton to
I'nrbondale, with Incidentals, making
.in outlay of at least $400 a year, in
cluding both salary and expenses, thus
doubling the amount that has beer,
pair! in the past.
It is to be regretted that a dissen
sion of this nature has arisen, as just
now Trinity church has a great, work
on band and needs the assistance of
every member of Its large pariah to
;arry It to a successful completion.
Not Expected to Live.
Word was received from Harford on
Saturday that little Gerald Hammond,
?on of W. R Hammond, nnd nephew
if Mrs. W. J. Lnwry. of this city, is
-teadily growing weaker and all hops
if recovery is past. On last Monday
Dr. l.owry performed u preliminary
ipcratlon, In which he was assisted by
"Joe-tors Capwcll, of Scranton, anil
iloovcu ami Johnson, of Harford,
ivhen it was seen that the lad was
beyond help.
Removed to Scranton.
Or. and Mrs. A. D. Preston have
moved their household goods to Scran
on, where tha doctor has a largo and
;rowing dental practice, being located
n the Mear.s building. Mrs. Preston's
not her, Mrs. S. S. Hards, is In Scran
ton assisting the young couplo to bo--"In
housekeeping. The doctor and his
sHnitibie wifj have many friends, who
sincerely regret their departure.
A Birthday Party.
The .MIses Haael, Dorothy and flol
'ii Peck, of this city, were in Way
mirt Saturday attending a party given
n lienor of iho sixth anniversary of
he birth of Rnnsi Womincott. The lit
ln hostess entertained a large number
f her friends and provided many ell-
I'.ivlons for their amusement.
Bvirtfje Work Progressing.
'I&a'wiirk on the now steel bridge
ivcr .Backet Brook Is belli? done with
elerlty. The iron work on tho east
tldo of the street car tracks has been
't5 All Over When Nervous Sick
.'.X.oailnche Comes to Young or Old.
.'ivotything Stops nnd Nothing
roos on but the Nervous Sick
' anything will engender a dlsre-
;,','r iwr even life Itself It Is continued
i-'U'VBI i;uted attacks of sick heael-
, ..(.Yuti may he ablo to partially
j i .h" it, but tlie I'higllsh lunguugo
M.i fully do It Justice. It's misery
' ' i'l'iruteil, so condensed, so pros-
ihui itll else is enveloped In Its
, ', human Summers, of No, 1619
-.v.iti .'ttieet, Scranton, Pa., says:
. .V W. Chase's Nerve Pills are a
: 'Id cuie for nervous sick head-
Minn were terrible at times. I
nervous at tho samo time. Tho
,-j pills were recommended to mo
.1 I got a box at Matthews Bros.'
tug .store, No. 320 Lackawanna uve-
.u, and they completely cured the
jeudaehes and nervousness. This, I
hlnk, Is recommendation enough."
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills are
old at GOc. it box at dealers, or Pt A.
V. Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. V.
( ice that portrait and' signature of A.,
,Y i imse, at. u-i i '"i every pucKugc,
Carbondale Department
completed. Tho sidewalk Is made of
Iron plates and on the outer edge of
the structure running from the 1)1.
building well up along (he Cnniinn
street embankment Is it mibstuutlat
Iron fence. Contractor Aloran has Mu
lshed tho concreting on the cast side
of the street railway, and this pari of
the bridge Is now open for trallle.
On Saturday tho wooden stringers
gave place to Iron ones under the car
track. Street car trallle Ik now Inter
rupted at that point and three of the
trolley cars arc. north of the bridge.
The crews of these cars llnd consid
erable! tlllllcttlty in making their trips
on schedule time and there Is consid
erable confusion on that section.
When the Iron stringers are nil In
place It will not take long to llnlsh
up tho work on the west side of this
bridge. Tho concrete will be put In
and as quickly as possible tho paving
work will be done without stopping
They Attended the Bcrenn Baptist
Church Last Night The Sermon
The various orders of Odd bYllows
of this city and vicinity commemorated
the seventy-eighth nnnlversury of the
Institution of the society by attending
divine services last evening at the
Bcrenn Baptist church. Among the
lodges which attended Carbondalo can
ton, No. 10, Patrlnrchs' Mllilnnl, at
tracted attention by their handsome
Itev. H. J. Whalen, J. I)., delivered
the sermon. The same minister
preached the annual sermon last year.
Last evening Dr. Whalen based his
remarks on two passages of scripture,
first taking for the foundation of the
address "The Great Commission," as
recorded In Matthew xxvlli: 16-20,
and the parable of the Hood Samari
tan, recorded in Luke x: 2.1-;!7,
In his address ho defined the rela
tive places of tho church and tho
lodge in the redemption of humanity,
and said that to tho church, first, has
been specially committed the special
work and care of organized charity In
cidental to the spiritual work. The
lodge ns a natural outgrowth of our
Christian civilization Is the hand
maiden nf the church, carrying for
ward that work taught In the parable
of the flood Samaritan. The church
and the lodge are not rivals, but both
are engaged in the work of bettering
humanity, the one being necessary to
the other. The lodge exists only un
der the eaves of the church. The
church prospers host where she has
the co-operation or the lodge.
The doctor said Hint, while the
church does do a good deal of charit
able work, its mission is purely spirit
ual and that the organization of lodges
Is necessary to finish the charitable
purposes mat the church is unable to
attend to.
The Comedy Coming to the Grand on
Wednesday Evening Next.
The attraction at the Grand Opera
House on Wednesday evening next
will be Sol Smith Uussoll's great com
edy.' "A Poor Helalion," in which that
rising young comedian. Frank Kaenan,
will assume Mr. Russell's part of Noah
.Vale. Mr. Keenan Is an actor or the
same quiet, natural methods ns Jius
sell, whom "ne resembles.
To bo poor and yet happy: to bo pov
erty stricken and yet charitable: to bo
out at the knees ami yet a. gentleman,
these are some of tile unique attributes
that arc combined in the sweet and
unworldly character of Noah Vale in
"A Poor Relation."
Many Lodgers.
The city jail Is tilled to its capacity
each evening with vagrants who come
to seek a night's lodging. This state
of things Is bad for tho community.
Tho tramps spend the day in bulling
about tho streets. Importuning house
wives for food and annoying them, and
at night return to jail and sleep there,
giving the janitor a great deal of extra
work. When they leave the city they
undoubtedly pass the lip along to their
brother hoboes that Carbondalo is an
"easy mark" and the "Weary Willies"
Hock here. This state of affairs should
be stopped. It is unjust to the citi
zens, jf tho laws regarding vagrancy
were strictly enforced the human
pests would be forced to quit coming
A Civil Marriage.
Alderman S. S. Jones on Saturday
evening performed a marriage cere
mony, uniting Miss Vincemsiuo Chlodo
to Dominick Kiglioinenl. The wit
nesses were Gabriel Pugllano and Itev,
F. Ccrrutl.
Throe Girls.
To Mr. and Mrs. .1. V. Sullivan, a
To Mr. nnd Mrs. John Peterson, of
Forty-second street, a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs, Anthony Cannon, of
Pike Hi root, a daughter.
Faculty Entertained.
Miss May Kllpatrick, of Darle ave
nue, entertained tho faculty of the ('mi
tral High school at her homo recently.
Tho afternoon was pleasantly spent
and u. tete-a-toto tea was served at a
number of small tables,
Home from the South,
Tho Misses ltlchinnnd, of lllchinmid
Hill Farm, have returned from South
ern Pines, . C where they spent I ho
last I wo months. Mr. und Mrs. Wil
liam H. niclmiond will remain In At
lantlo Clt for the present.
For the Hospital, j
Tho ladles who htivo charge of the
hospital benefit concert wish to ac
knowledge the receipt of , gift of $r(
from Hernurd Murphy toward (he en
terprise. The Cottage Hose Company Fair.
Tho Cottage Hoso company will
probaby begin their postponed fair In
the liiirku building on Monday even
ing, April SO.
The Barbers' Social.
The members of the Journeymen
Barbers' union will hold their first an
nual social on Thursduy evening, Muy
At the Opera House.
Wednesday nlit "A Poor It-la.
Thonc s
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Will Be Held nt tho Opera Houso To
morrow Night Tho Pntronesos.
The ladles having In charge tho
hospital benefit concert which will take
place lonioiiMW evening, have found
that a sulllelent number of tickets have
already been disponed of to necessitate
giving tlie aifalr In the opera house,
Instead of at the Bittko building, as
first announced. Mr. Byrne has kind
ly offered tho use of tho opera house
free of charge. Mr. P.urke was warm
!y (hanked for his tender of tho use
of his hall, though It will not be used.
('. W. Kulkerson has offered tho use
of any piano In his wnn rooms. A
committee has been appointed to at
tend to the ilor.'il decorations and other
arrangements of the stage. The affair
will bo a success from every stand
point, and much credit Is due tlie
Indies for their tireless work in Its
behalf. i
Altlioimh Hip concert will bo held In
(be opera house there will be no re
served seats sold. I'shc-rs hnve been
selected who will see that all who
attend arc properly cired for.
The following are the patronesses of
lb" bonellt concert: Mines. C. n. Man
vllle, Ti. A. Bassett, Daniel Scurry,
K. M. Peek. r t. Me.iker. N. H. Till
ler. D. W. Humphrey, .T. V. Kllpatrick,
S. S. Jones. Haydn Evans, J. I". Burr,
T. G. Smith. P. V. Carroll. T,. jr. Smith,
A. P. Trautwein, K. D. J,ntlirop, George
W. Kcoiu-. G. K. Mills. A W. Reynolds,
Kvn Smith, J. V. Loflua, IX L. Crane,
J. P. A. Tingloy, M. C Elliott, O. T,.
t'tley, Dr.vid James, George Btlrrell.
Mark B. Campbell, F. K. Hennls. M. B.
Miidlgan, George Kimball. K. B. Gard
ner. M.-.ry Crane, C. (X Mellon. John
J. Breniii.n. J. J. Thompson, Charles
Perkins. Maurice G. Watt and J. F.
McDm.alci. of Carbondalo; M. J.
Shields, 'Ibr.mns Hunter. Wllllnm
Walker. J. D. Stoeker, C. D. Winter,
If. A. Willnmn, of Jermyn.
Tickets may bo secured from am"
of the iihovo or nt Reynolds' drug
The Base Ball Outlook.
Jt begins to look as though tiie base
ball question was settled In this city
in Hie negative, at least for this sea
son. Unless more interest is speedily
shown tlie project to have a semi
professional team here will go by the
board. A number of young men have
been earnestly working to have a good
team here and for a while It seemed
as if their efforts would bo crowned
witli success, as subscriptions to the
amount or $125 were procured. A meet
ing of the subscribers was called for
Friday night and such a meagre num
ber attended the meeting that the pro
moters have grown discouraged and
have about decided to abandon ths
It is to be hoped that f-onie one will
lake it upon himself to bring to a
satisfactory s-hape tlie work that has
been laid down by Hie original com
mittee. This city is large enough and
"sporty" enough to have a representa
tive team that will put up :i good game
with any semi-professional team that
comes here. It woidd scarcely be nec
essary to go outside to get players. A
manager up to all the tricks of the
"fans" could also be found right in this
A Successful Mission.
The women's week in the mission
row being- carried on at St. Bose
church by the Bedemptorist Fathers
came to a close yesterday afternoon,
the linal services being held at :;
o'clock. The large church held the
grcatesf audience or the whole week,
the drhiiig rain and high winds no'
r.eleiring the faithful worshippers in
tho .'lightest. The women's mission
lias been eminently successful. The
mothers and wives bad excellent ad
vice and timely subjects delivered to
them in tlie main auditorium all tho
week, v.iiib tlie single women were
similarly elevated In the downstairs
The men's mission began yesterday
nit ruing at the 10.30 mass, although nt
this servit.e the congregation was
mixtd, In the evening at 7 o'clock a
service lor men only Mas held, and
throughout this week there will bo ser
vices a i .".n o'clock each evening for
the ytuner tox. U now remains to be
seen if the men of the church will be
as faithful to their rcllglcus duties as
the won en have been.
Suspects Discharged.
The men suspected of being the ones
who broke Into John Mohr's store on
last Tuesday evening have all been
discharged from custody, except
Jam"s Brenn.iii, because of lack of evi
dence to hold them, Henrv Williams,
of Forest '"'itv, who was examined lie
fore Alderman Jones on Friday,
claimed that be could establish an
alibi, as lie had slept In a hotel In
Scranton Tuesday night, He named
the hotel ami Chief McAndrew went
to Scranton and found Williams' namn
o-l tho register of the hotel, lie re
turned Into that night apd roporteil his
i'.ndlugs to Ahltirmun Jones, who then
discharged Williams.
James Williams, the rod-haired lyis
oikt, Is Mill in the hospital, ami Is in
a very weak condition, tho rosult of
exposure and lusutllclcnt food, it will
V several days before lia will be ablo
In leave Hie institution, even with tho
best care, and If complications do not
set In, and when ho does ho will go
in the county Jail, as Mayor Kllpat
rick bus imposed a sentence of thirty
days upon him for vagrancy,
Trof. Firth Will Play.
A number of Forest city young peo
ple are arranKlng for a social to bo
given in the opera house there next
Friday night. Prof. John C Firth and
a number of young people from this
city will participate.
The Coat of Clothes.
One of Hie arguments used by tho
policemen for a ralsu in salary Is that
they have to spend too much for
clothes. Some persons scoff ut this
plea, but It is well founded. Hero Is
a sample f (ho cost of their olllclnl
apparel; Chief McAndrew bus Just
for Cliildtvii. Mother Orjy, fnr jean, 3 nurse In
the t liiUlifii's lloimi in .'vw Vnk, lrc.ill iliil
ilii'ii (.Harmfully ultli a uinidj, now iirriuicil
umt plui-il in 1 1 io iliu:,- stoio, iMilcii .Mutlirr
llr.i' (-wict i'oAilcrk fer I'liiUlim. Tiny are
luiinlcw j mill., plejNiiil In Ukc ui.i1 mvi-r f.til.
A 'I'lUlii line for iFU'lhlinon, constipation. lie, UcIIiIiih; and Mum.uli ilioalci& uti.l
irmuw wound. At alt iliusuUls, ir,c. Sample
.cut I'ltlX. AiMii'Ki Allen S. Unn.tcU, l.iHoy.
K. Y.
bought a new cap and It cost him
$!i.80. The man who usually pays a
dollar for a cap thinks he Is dxlrava
gaht and expects to get several years
wear from ll.'hut tho chief will be for
tnnaln It his lasts until next Knitter.
All tho uniforms cost In proportion, as
thoy have to bo specially made,
Mary Stnkvls.
Tim ftmttnl of Mary, daughter of
Samuel nnd Annie Htakvl.i, of No. 4.
was held yesterdny afternoon at 2
o'clock In 81. Hose church. Tho In
terment was In St. Hose cemetery.
Mary tllnd Saturday morning nbont 2
o'clock after a short Illness. She wni
11 yearn nnd I month old nnd hnd been
In this country woven years, She w.ta
born In Austria,
Robert Mevln.
Tho funeral of Hubert, Infant son
nf Itobert J. and Anna Novln, of Dun
dulf street, took place yesterday nfter
noon nt .1 o'clock. Services were held
In St. Rose church and Interment In
St. Rose cemetery. fiobort wan but
1 years and fi months otrt. About three
weeks ago, It Is said, he was taken
seriously 111 from the result of chew
lug on a p'ece of green window shade,
which probably contained arsenic. Af
ter he hnd recovered somewhat from
the effect of the poison he continued III
and death resulted from an ailment of
the heart. Two Finall children sur
vive him.
The Library Site.
Interest In the proposed Carnegie
library las of lute icon allowed to
Millet li;oe the councils passed a. reso
lution accepting the off or of Mr. Car
negie. Since the two bodies have re
organised, however, nothing hns been
dono or oven mentloneel to pnss an
ordinance for the support of tho pro
posed Dbri'ry, nnd In the regular ap
propriation ordinance which passed
llrst and second realing in elect coun
cil on Thursday evening last no fund
was provided for tho purpose. Noth
ing further lias boon dene In regard
to a site for the building,
although a subscription has been open
ed by the publishers of the Review,
which, after three weeks and to tho
accompaniment of liberal quotations
fiom ancient and modern authorities,
hns thus far resulted in pledges of $3"
being gathered, on condition that If
the sum of $0,000 Is not realized Tor tho
purchase nf a site, the money pledged
will not be called for. The wave of
enthusiasm has receded, nt least for
the present.
Signed the Scale.
The Draymen's Protective associa
tion belfl a meeting yesterday after
noon in their new quarters In the Mur
rin Luildlr.g on Salem avenue. Tho
new scale recently prepared was
signed by a large number of the local
e'raymen, and tho association starts
out r.uipiciously. Iho principal work
of the vnlon will be to enforce tho
observance of this schedule.
Meetings Tonight.
Select council.
Common council.
Olive Leaf lodge, No. lofi, Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellows,
Federal union No. 720J.
Patriotic Order Sons or America.
Knights of Columbus, Carbondalo
council. No. 320.
Fnited Mine Workers, Local S77 af
A child of Ontario and Western En
gineer Hall, of Slain street, was pain
fully cut on Saturday afternoon by the
breaking of a glass panel of one of tho
doors. A piece of tho glass caught tlie
child on the bridge of the nose, which
was so badly cut that it necessitated
being stitched. Tlie child was attended
by Dr. Jackson, or Mayfleld.
This evening, In the liaptist church,
the llev. It. F. V. Pierce will give his
famous chalk talk on "Our Boys." Dr.
Pierce has never been heard in Jer
myn, and all who listen to him tonight
will feel that they have enjoyed a rare
treat. As he talks, he draws pictures
witli colored crayons to illustrate his
thought. By this unique and interest
ing style of address, and also by -his
brilliant turns of humor. Dr. Pierce lias
won Tame as a public speaker, which is
almost national In extent. ,
John Clark, or the Fast Side, was
taken suddenly 111 Friday night with
convulsions. His life was despaired of
for a while, but lie bus since consider
ably improved.
James Johns, of the Sweeney hotel,
has returned home, after spending a
week with Avoca friends.
Mrs. (larrett and grandson, Walter
Bray, of I-Ionesdale, are visiting rela
tives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Temby. of West
Alaylleld, spent yesterday with Carbon
dale friends.
Mrs. Thomas Solomon, of Peckvllle,
spent yesterday here. She expects on
Saturday to join her husband at Johns
town, where Mr. Solomon, who was for
merly a resident of this town, has se
cured a responsible position with the
water company,
Prof, and Mrs. H. N, Barrett spent
tho week at their former home at
Lakeside-, Susquehanna county.
There will bo a regular meeting of
iho Wilson Fire company on Tuesday
Squire Arnold In getting everything
in shape for a fishing trip. The '.squiro
Is a faithful follower of IsaHk Walton,
and always returns from a tlshlng trip
loaded down witli ttsh and a. new sun
ply of stories, which are highly ap
preciated by the members of the For
est and Stream club, of which the
'squire Is an active member. A trout
supper will soon bo in order.
William Allen is spending a week at
K. 11, Barber, who has been very III,
Is now improving,
Arthur DemmliiE is ablo to be about
again, after several weeks illness.
K, K. Williams, of Depot street, hi
beautifying Ids residence with a new
coat of paint,
Tho inliio department has a force of
men employed In removing tho stono
abutment at F bridge.
Teamsters refuse to woik for tho
borough at tho old rale of wages, HJiO,
the union price being SI per day,
Stanley Newton expects to leave this
week for Niagara Falls, N. Y.
John Davis, an old and respected
resident of this place, died at his homo
on Fouith street, Blakely, Suturday
night, at 10.C0 o'clock. Deceased hart
been In poor health for a long time,
but wus not confined to the house until
last Monday. Since then he continued
to grow worse eyery day, until Satur
day, when ho died. Mr. Davis was a
native of South Wales, and was 71
years of age. He bad resided la
Illukcly about thirty yours. He was
Fast Being Realized by
Scranton People.
A little backache at first.
Dully Increasing until the back Is
lame nnd weak.
Urinary disorders quickly follow.
Diabetes and Urlght's Disease.
TIiIb Is tho downward course of kid
ney Ills.
Don't tako this course. Follow the
advice of a local citizen.
Mrs. William Riley, of 1014 Capouse
avenue, says: "For seven years I had
trouble with my back and kidneys.
When I stooped, walked or stood long
my back got very bad, I could not
do hard work about the house without
giving out completely. I felt all played
out and had no ambition. I read a
great deal about Doan's Kidney Pills
and got a box at Matthews Brothers
drug store. J took In all three boxes
and they cured me."
For salo by all dcalars. Price, i"0
cents. iFostcr-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo, N.
Y., solo agents for tho United Slates.
Remember the name, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
an honest, Industrious citizen, highly
esteemed by all his acquaintances. He
was one of the deaeonn of the Susque
hanna. Street Bnptlst church. Besides
his wife, two sons and three daughters
Mitvivc him. Tho funeral will be held
Wednesday afternoon nt S.30 o'clock.
Burial In Union cemetery.
A number of gentlemen friends of A.
W. Shnw, of Blakely. were entertained
at a. delightful smoker held at his
home on Saturday evening. After a
number of games of cards refresh
ments were served and cigars passed.
The event was a surprise visit to Mr.
Mis. J. L. Thomas and itaugiiter. Miss
Nina. Thomas, left Saturday for Mara
thon, N. T.. to join Mr. Thomas, who
has accepted a position there.
Mrs. David Rlclly and son, of Scran
ton, visited Mrs, William Wheeler, of
Willow -street, yesterday.
Benjamin Richards, of Providence,
was the guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. W.
Jenkins yesterday.
The Magnolia Dancing class will
conduct their weekly social In Mahon's
hall this evening.
A meeting of the Kxcolslor Hosrs
company will be held tomorrow even
ing. All members are vpqueslcd to bo
present as Important business wiy bo
James AV. Kennedy, of the Olyphant
Record, and Miss Jennie Kennedy re
turned last evening from New York.
Deputy Head Counsel E. S. Whitney,
of Scranton, instituted a branch of tho
Modern Woodmen of America, on Fri
day evening last in Van Horn's ball.
The local order will bo known as the
Olive Leaf camp. No. 73!)S. Tho camp
commenced operationsi under auspic
ious circumstances, enrolling forty
eight charter members. The camp
started In operation with the following
charter members: John F. Tubbs, W.
Jf. Bell. Robert J. Hooper, John D.
Atherton, Frank Decker, Willard Atb
erton, Kvan G. Watklns, Gomer Jones,
John Davis, W. II. Oluistead, John K.
Kvniis, John B. Reese. John M. Harris,
James IJ. Watklns, J. W. Houscr, John
W. Reese, George A. Hitter, I.emls
Schulthles, Paul Cloinrnons, Thomas
Ayers. U. M. Brownell, Stanley Miller,
Charles II. Nichols,' M. J. Smith, David
M. Williams, George L. Timlin. John
R. Thomas. William G. Watklns, J. !'.
Kraemer, W. G. Fry, W. B. Oisler. II.
W. Rivenberg, Samuel Mlttlemnn, Rev.
II. II. Harris, George Marsh, John A.
Wood. Thomas McLaughlin, W. A.
Fatzlnger, D. J. Phillips, William Lelp
bam. James B. Powell, David M. Da
vis, Benjamin O, Jones, James P. Law,
Louis Reinhart, II. J. Cooper and John
Richards. The ofllcers of the new camp
are as follows: Venerable counsel, J.
F. Tubbs: worthy adviser. J. K. Wat
klns: banker. AV. M. Bell: clerk, K. G.
Watklns; escort, John R. Thomas:
watchman, Louis Schulthles: sentry,
Paul Clemnions: camp physicians, J,
W. Houseraud W. It. Olmstead; board
of managers, Joseph Davis, George I,.
Timlin, Louis Relnhardt: chief forester,
John K. Evans.
On Saturday morning the large three
houso block owned by Thomas Will
iams, of Providence, was destroyed by
lire. Tho building Is situated on North
Main street. Frank Lowery was tho
only tenant In the building, and lost all
of bis household goods in tho flames.
Ilo had no Insuriine'.o. The lire origin
ated In the northerly part of the house
and spread quite rapidly. The tire
alarm, which was but a short distance
from the burning structure, refused to
work, although many efforts were
made to ring up the companies. Kx
cllemeut grow high, and it. was seen
that unless tho lire companies could be
notified tho Odd Follows hall, which Is
a largo wooden three-story building,
and other surrounding properties were
In great danger. Funeral Director It.
J, Davis hurriedly hitched up a team
and sturted for tho Taylor Hose coin
pany's headquarters, and the llrcmcn
were on tlie scene In a. short time, ac
companied by Assistant Chief of the
Klro Department- Powell, A stream
was soon playing on tho Odd Follows'
building and Hie Haines weio subdued.
The llremen then turned their atten
tion to the AVIlllanis' building. By this
tlmo tho Century Hose company, No.
J, wus on tho scene, and with sircains
on both sides of tho burning building
the lire was soon sotlen under control,
The origin of tho II ro Is it mystery,
The loss will probably reach several
thousand dollars, which was partly
covered by Insurance, Tho trouble ex
perienced with tho alarm was the
cnuse of the great headway gained by
tho blaze, ami tho matter should ho
thoroughly Investigated and a proper
gong secured.
Tho funeral or Mrs. John Fallon, of
Old Forge, ocouued on Saturday, und
was unusually large. A solemn high
mass was celebrated at St. Kawrenco
church by Rev. Father Jordan.
Emblem division, No. r7, Sons of
Temperance, will meet In regular ses
slon this evening.
Mrs. I'iriftith Price and children, or
West Scranton, and Miss Sarah Will
lams, of Clurk's Summit, wore guests
of Mr. nnd Mrs. David AVIlllanis, of
Washington street, yesterday.
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C'uiiclitdc d (ioiii I'.iRe I.
roads was enormous and It will lake
several days to rally repair them.
Trains ore runnim; on all the road.J,
but no attempt. Is belnR made to keep
the schedules.
The submorfred districts In PltlsbuiB
anil Allegheny are today a scene of ab
ject misery. Cellnrs, and In some In
ytances the tlrst floors, of stores and
dwellings are covered with water.
Whore the Hood has subsided it has
left behind a creasy yellow scum two
to Ihree Inches deep. The residents
spent all day trylnrr to restore their
homes to some degree of decency and
comfort. The damage to furniture and
buildings in Allegheny Is estimated at
abriut .MOO.AOO. It will take two months
of hot Rummer weather to thoroughly
dry out these houses. In Pittsburg Hie
loss to residences, stores and goods and
the cost of cleaning up will amount to
about $l!."n,000. ,
At Carnegie borough, six miles from
Pittsburg, the loss Is estimated at $10.
000. ol' which this Columbia. Bridge
works lose .$:,000. The other losses
range from $T,'fl to .$000. The AVcsting
honse Klectrlo company had two car
loads of finished material for Toronto,
Cumula, upon the tracks near 'I'm tie
Creek. They wore caught In the Mood
and water gol into tlie cars. The loss
may reach $S(.UOl).
The Pittsburg base 'ball park is in
bad condition. At noon today the llrst
three tiers of chairs In the grandstand
were under water and the bleachers
were lloating all over the diamond. It
will tako a week to put Hie grounds In
The report tonight from Rochester,
Pa., Is that the Ohio lias ovorllowed its
banks and a considerable portion of
the city lying south of the Fort Wayne
railroad tracks Is submerged. The riv
er continues rising anil a steady down
pour of rain continues.
Tlie loss Io the various manufactur
ing plants located along the river front
will he heavy. Kxlra forces of men
are patroling the railroad tracks on
tho lookout for landslides.
Wedded Under Difficulties.
At Reaver Kails. Pa., the damage by
the Hood and storm was considerable
ami several squares In the north end
of towns were converted Into a lake
at Ninth avenue. Twenty-second and
Twenty-third streets, ami the houses
stand two and three feet deep In water.
At one place tho wedding of Thomas
Klui"H and Miss Clara Carter was to
have taken place and the driver of the
carriage had to wnrln Io the house of
Miss Carter and carry the groom, the
bride, and tlie groomsman and brides
maid to the carriage in his arms, so
they could go to the church for tho
marriage ceremony. A couplo of large
landslides have taken place on the
lines of the Itlverview Street Car com
pany where It asivnds Hie hill to Itlv
erview park ami no cars ran all day.
The water In the Beaver river lias
been falling since morning, ami all
danger of a Hood is over. N'n very
great damage was elouc by the Beaver it kept pretty well in Its banks,
except at .Inaction Park, below Now
Brighton, and thai polnl Is Inundated
every year, and sometimes oftener.
The Hist direct communication from
Washington, Pa., tonight says chartler
creek Is a raging torrent and has over
flowed Us banks in hundreds of places.
All iralllc on the Chartler's road In
blnckrd by bridges being washed away
and landslide, and the Lbiltlniore and
Ohio is seriously crippled, No trains
have beep running mi the Washington
and Wnyuesburg narrow gauge, and
the Indications are Unit none will he
able to get through unlit Monday,
AVuyiiosburg Is isolated, ami much In
convenience has resulted. The Balti
more and Ohio, between tills place and
Wheeling, Is tied up and no trains are
riiunimr. Many houses are llooilcil in
the lower sections of the town, and thu
water Is still ilslng.
Fifty Families Homeless,
The report from Steubtiivillo says
the ofilo river reached lis Hood stage
here this evening, and after touching
Hie 2rt foot mark began in recede. Tho
Hood Iiiik wrought great damage to
properly In 11. is vicinity. Tlie Clove,
hind mid Pittsburg railroad and
Wheeling and Lake Ihio rullioad are
now under water at Mingo. At Mingo
.Ii.liit ion iho big plant ol the Nation
al Hleel lompaiiv Is Idle because of
high water, which Hooded the soaking
pits, etc. About tifty families were
renderi"! homeless by the high water
in that ti.wn. "Little Italy." In tho
lower end of the town, where two
bundled Italians are housed, Is sub
merged. In ibis tUy the paper mill, pot works
and Iron works are hhut down on ac
count of high water, b'ully llt'ty fam
ilies In the low ground hem were coin
1 elicit in move from their homes. Parts
of Bush ltun. Wari'ontou and Brilliant
are under water.
At Allaknuun anout twenty houses,
were wrecl.ed by the Hood.
Reports from up river points received
at Pittsburg up to 10 p. ni. are nicagio,
but for thu most part uro encouraging.
oil City ! the only pojut on the Alle
gheny river where tho water is rising.
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It bud besuu to recede at that plnce,
but now It registers fl.7 feet and rising.
Along the Monongahola river rain
Is reported at most points, but the
river Is receding. Morgantown re
ports 1" feet, railing: Greensboro, ttl.S
feel, falling, and Brownsville, 'J2.-J.
Trains Behind Time.
Today the through trains were run
ning on all the main lines though most
of them wore behind time. Tho Balti
more and Ohio railroad experienced
the most trouble. On the ninln line
the company managed to keep tho
track open Sunday. On account oE
landslides near Laughlln station trains
for the east were operated from Tblr-ty-fourth
street. On the Wheeling
division the tracks were under water
between Kim Grove and Wheeling. To
ward evening nil through trains wero
moving but were greatly behind time.
On the Pittsburg and Iakc lOrle rail--toad
matters were In fair shape today.
On the Pittsburg. MclCeesport and
Youghiogheny division the line wus in
operation today, although trains wore
run slowly.
The Pan Handle railroad experienced
most trouble on the branch lines to
Washington and Wheeling, the; tracks
on these branches being inundated at
nii'ny points nnd the telegraph wires
The Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chi
cago railroad was In the worst shape
today ol" any of the Pennsylvania lines.
M'he through trains from the west
were all behind time on account of
the heavy snows west of Crestline.
The train due fit Pittsburg nt C.30 f,.
m. Saturday did not arrive until 1. 10 p.
m. today. Another due at L'.IO this
mijenlng did not arrive until fi this
evening'. Other trains duo this morn
ing did not arrive until evening.
The City Shut Off from Outside Com
municatlon Angry Citizens
Shoot nt Big Steamboats.
Uy i:clii-hR Whe riiiin 'I'lio Awn-Mini IN .
Wheeling, W. Vu., April 21. The riv
er tonight was forty-one feet four
Inches and rising two inches an hour.
The top noU'h is expected In an hour
or two, with less than forty-two feel.
This stage shuts Wheeling entirely our.
of outside communication by rail and
only the big Cincinnati liners are able
to run now. and irate residents along
the rivers banks are tiring frequently
at the boats, because the swell from
them is washing the foundations away
from their houses.
In Wheeling, Bcllalre, Bridgeport.
Bouwood and Martin's Ferry about .100
houses have been entered by the wat
er, most of iho families moving to tho
upper floors. Nearly every manufai -Hiring
establishment in the Wheeling
district is shut down and cannot re
sume until Tuesday. At Martin's Fer
ry the water destroyed ROO.nufl brick at
tho Belmont Brick company, entailing
a loss of $20,1100 to $:i0.00u. There are
smaller losses at olhor plants, aggre
gating probably $10,000. Taking the
loss to business, railroad landslides
and Industrial losses Hie aggregate cost
of the Hood In this district Is at least
$100,(100, probably more.
Above Martin's Kerry. .James Ford,
a miner, discovered the Cleveland an I
Pittsburg track washed out. Knowing
a north-bound passenger train was dm
In thirty lMnules, he returned a short
illslnuce and succeeded In stopping lb"
train from certain destruction.
Tf Onto River railroad has a iiuni
her of landslides and considerable!
washed nut track below Wheeling, In
volvlng a big loss and suspension of
trallle for .several days. On tho Bal
timore and Ohio's Wheeling-Pittsburg
division there is a landslide at t'lays
vlll, preventing through t radio be
tween the two olti-' . Tlioro will bo
much distress In the district, most of
the losers by the Hood being the poor
er class. Fnited Mates Senator N" B.
Scott wh"s the Intelligencer from
Washington, contributing $."uo for re
lief. Much timber has been lost in tho
hlttlo Kanawha river.
A report from Marietta, Ohio, that
a number nf people have been drowned
near that place is without coullrm.i
Wnny Bakeries Open, Plenty of Work,
Women to Bo Employed,
ll r.uluiu Wiu- hem The .Wuiwlul l'ii
l.iuui, 1'ini- 'i (i.lbrlin, Tox., April i. -
VIk' tll'dll 1llill Ml"ll ll ll'IU' '0
Man li.iLi-lii ai ' I'i'W I'l'in, mid die mi'll :it
ttinK. Tin' ottiuis ii B .iwiitccl, luu will'
iluwn U'fii' i-lliM' f hu'iea-cil uatroa brcjuie
tlur.' me plenty of men iHfi'iins to woik ut llm
'.i;ii tin- muni' arc Milling In uy. heme .1
the rllikjht,' I'.iLoM ui'( iimMhi; u lomp
lilirm villi lliolr loimrr rniilu)rin.
Ik- jpeit nf jltih l,j: Uianj.'i-'l. Maclilmrv
ill! ho impelled and ueinrn will lie .impli'.vwl
In the kikulM in ilio mar future,
l I ii.einii.iti--Cl.HimiJtl'PilttbinR caniQ pit
poiicl en aivonnt of ran..
Ai St l.ou, II. II. r
M Lenij 0.1110011 l'.1IS I
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IIjIUik'o Mi-lliatt and Mcliol; Mrncffc ''."
tliJiRC. I input JJmdlc. ttend.inie ll,U.
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