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IpivlJl la (lie Smnlnn Tribune.
Montrose, April 19, Tha cane of Tern
peia'noe Stne vp. Montrose borough, In
which the plaintiff scck.s to recover $5,
U'lO for alleged Injuilcs received l)eLllU'
of a defective ridtunlk on I.o:ust
street, In thli place, In the fall of 189S.
The chho occupied most of yestetduy,
nnd was given to the Jury shortly be
fore noon today. Up to a late hour
this afternoon the Jury had not netted.
Our new postmaster, Oeorpe C.
Burns, (vlll retain Fred A. Mack as his
chief deputy. Mr. Mack has tilled a
like position under the' last two of Mr.
Burns' predecessors, and li a deserved
ly popular otllclal.
The Montrose lodge, No, 151, Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows, will fit
tingly celebrate the eighty-second an
niversary of Odd Fellowship In Amer
ica on Friday evening, April 2(J. Sup
per will be served, followed 'by a. lit
erary programme.
Our venerable and honored towns
man. Henry F. Turrell, Is able to be
nbout town again, after being laid up
Tor several months by a severe attack
riof the grip.
The Musical Matluoc club will rj-lve
a concert at Village Hall on Tuesday
evening, April 23. Mr. Blackwood, the
'cellist, of Pcranton. and Mlhs Black
and Miss Garagan. well-known soloists,
have been secured for the occasion.
Chief Justice .1. Brewster McCollum,
of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania,
will deliver the Memorial day address
In this place next month.
The School Dliectors' association of
Susquehanna county will hold a meet
ing In this place tomorrow.
Mrs. Helen Smith has returned to her
home in Montroe, after spending the
winter at the home of her sister, Mis.
MoKenzle. In Philadelphia.
Mrs. Henry Fredericks and little
daughter. Helen, who have been lslt
ing at the home of Mrs. Frederick's
parents, Mr. and Mir. W. H. Dennis,
left this week for their home in Gcr
mantown. Isaac R. Pennypacker, of Wliidtlon
icld, X. J., who spent a few weeks hero
two )chi-.h ago. will, with his family,
hpend the entile season in Montrose
this ye,u having engaged accommo
dations at "Uosemont."
Mrs. ('. M. I law ley has been spend
ing the week with relatives in Scran
ton. Rev. K. A. Warrlncr. rector of St.
Paul's, was one of the tirst of our local
sportMiicn to be out for trout. He In
augurated the season at Carmalt lake
on Tuesday.
Miss Louisa Hill was the guest of
i datives In Blnghamton this week.
Charles W. Brodhead Is ill at his
home on South Cherry sttect.
Some despicable pet son In Montrose
has started a poltonlng crusade against
the dogs of the town. Doubtless thcie
rire many woitliless curs, the demise
ill' which would be no loss, but a person
who will kill on-our four-looted friends
Indiscriminately makes the humblest
"jailer" canine lespectablc in compari
son. Rev. II. B. Benedict wits summoned
to New York state this week to offici
ate at the funeral ot an old friend.
Editor V. t. Cruser. Mr. and Mrs.
II. S. Conklln and Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Jcffers were among those from this
place who attended the recent meeting
of Wyoming conference at West Pitts
Sprcltl to the Sennlon Tribune.
Honcsdalc, April 19. Miss Anna Ball
Is s-pending a week at rittston, as the
guest of Mrs. Hatfield.
Misses Emma and Alice Bums have
returned to their homo in Scranton,
having spent the week as the guests of
their brother. Dr. E. W. Burns.
Mrs. W. B. Holmes has been spend
in the past week In New York.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Torrcy have gone
to Atlantic City, to remain a week or
ten days.
Mrs. Ralph F. Martin Is spending a
week in New York.
The last meeting of the Musical His
tory clu'b for this season will be held
next Thursday evening. April LT,.
Next Sabbath morning Hev. W. H.
Swift -nill preach his eighteenth anni
versary sermon. The Easter music will
be repeated in the evening.
May 'i is the date that Thomas Jeffer
son will appear In the Honcsdalc opera,
house In Irvins's "Kip Van Wlnklo."
The ladles of the Episcopal church
.vlll serve a. thlrty-rlve cent tea In the
Sunday school room on Friday evening,
April 26.
The Amity club will cntcrUlu the
members and friends at their parlous
next Tuesday evening.
The Young People's society, of tho
German Lutheran church will give a
concert In tho Musical History rooms,
Wednesday evening, April 21. Hefresh
meuts will be served after the pro
gramme Is over.
L. J. Dortllnger will be the first one
to put In use nil automobile In Hones
dale. M. A. DeWolf llnwe, rot responding
editor of the Youth's Companion, was
on Wednesday tho guest or Homer
Mrs. U C. Mumford and the .Misses
Jennie Srhoonover ami Edith Swift will
on next Tuesday go to Philadelphia as
delegates to tho state convention of the
Woman's Home nnd Foreign Mission
ary society.
1 1 Special to the bcranlon Tribune
Waymart. April 19. .Mr. and Mis,
lUy Hull luvo returned from their
wedding tilp, and will make their homo
in the future on the large Hull faun,
In which Mr. Hull has an Interest.
Joseph Hoban and MlsNs Anna Doyle,
if Wllkcs-Barre, are guests of Mr, und
Mrs E. C. Doyle,
F. E, Inch, of Chllds, Is visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mr Hiram Inch.
Beuben Uotz has vacated tho Carr
house, and moved Into one of Miss
Dony'H tenement houses on the same
Tho young people cleared 2.T3 at
their ball, given recently, for tho bene
lit ot William Carey, of Purview.
Mortimer Tuthlll. of Peckvllle, way a
caller In town Sunday,
Bey, William Rawllngs and Hev.
Karschner, who week attended
conference, have returned home.
Miss Martha Ruppert has left for mi
extended, visit with her sister. Mrs. .
A. Walker, at Bradford.
Mrs. Qliarjotte Hlatcd, of C'arbondalo.
.pent Wednesday last lsltlng her
many friends In thin place
James Pelauey, wh was Un W'yd
upon for appendicitis In one of tho
Mrs. Kate Squire Is visiting her sis
ter at Atdcnvlllc.
Scranton hospitals, Is able to be around.
A largo forbe of men are engaged In
elcanlng up the Lake Lodoro grounds.
A large number of excursions are al
ready booked for this reason.
The tool house nt the east entrance
to the Waymart cemetery was con
sumed by tire, caused by u spark from
a passing engine, last Saturday. Be
sides tho tools, etc., two handsome
headstones were ruined,
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Forest City, April 19. British Ameri
can lodge No. 372, Sons of St. George,
will hold it smoker In the Odd Fellows'
hall Monduy evening. William J.
Trumlmth, of Wllkos-Barrc will be
ptesent nnd address the members.
Tt. W, Johnson, of Scranton. will
sing at tho evening service In Christ
chuich Sunday. Ho Is one ot the best
tenor slngcts In the country.
Mis. A L. Mangan, of Railroad
street, Is very 111 and it Is feated can
not rccuver. Her patents, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Jones, and her sister
firm Plymouth tire here to hc-c her.
The Epworth league of the Methodist
church Is preparing to hold a rum
mage sale In the n.'iir tutute.
The Episcopalians netted about $75 by
their Anglo-American tea.
1. Joseph, nf the A. J. Lawrence &.
Co. store, Is In New York, attending the
marriage ot a sister.
News comes from Worcester. Mass.,
that the condition of Joseph White
Is somewhat better than it has been.
C. S. Vnil, of New Mllford, formerly
editor of the Advertiser, was in town
this week for several day.
Court has continued the Inlunction
u straining the Horrlck township au
thorities from selling riie peisonal
piopeity In the Forest City poor farm
for, taxes.
Alfred and Fieil-rlck Cox. of Barrow.
England, arp the guests of their cousin,
Mrs. Hugh Johnson.
The board of trade held Its semi
monthly meeting last night. The prin
cipal topics discussed v.eie the pro
posed borough building and a new
Erie depot.
PITTSTON. to tlic Scranton Tribune.
Pittston, Amll 19. Frank Donahue,
of Scotch hill, this city, was arrested
today and taken before Alderman Bar
rett, charged -with aibductlng Miss
Sadie Hughey, the twenty-two-year-old
daughter of Mrs. Charles Hughey, of
Baltimore avenue, West Pittston. The
young lady has been missing since
Wednesday, when she was. seen with
Donahue. No twice of her can be found.
Donahue Is said to have Introduced her
to a number of friends last week as bis
wife, but at the hearing denied be had
any knowledge of Iter whereabouts. He
w-as held under $500 ball.
The sports who enjoyed the cocking
main at Browntown, last Tuesday
evening, are feeling timid over the
sequel which developed today, when
fifteen warrants were Issued for tho
arrest of patticlpants. Thtec of the
warrants were Issued by Alderman
English, and the defendants held under
ball for court. Four othets were taken
betore Alderman Barrett, and paid the
cost of the prosecution. Tho three who
came berorc 'Squire Ehret, on tho West
Side, didn't fare so well, however, and
were compelled to pay a line of $10 and
costs. The prosecutor In the latter
cases was F. H. Kellcy. of Buffalo, one
of tho sports from that city, who at
tended and who alleges they were not
given fair treatment at the hands of
the Pittston contingent. Many other
arrests will likely follow.
The city engineer's ollice in the
Miners' bank building has been hand
somely repainted and papered.
A Cork Lane young man named
Loughney was taken with a spasm on
William street, this afternoon, and In
falling to the sidewalk received a bad
gasll on the forehead.
Mrs. Margaret Fallon, of Exeter bor
ough, aged twenty-three yeats, wife of
Michael Fallon, died jesterday. Tho
remains were today removed to tho
home of Mr. Fallon's father, Edward
Fallon, at Old Forge, and the funeral
will take place Saturday morning, with
Interment In the dihedral cemetery at
Hyde Park.
John Cawlcy, aged about sixty years,
died last night at his home on William
otrcet, aftor an Illness which originated
only last Sundaj. Tho funeral will tako
place Monday at fl.cio a. m.
Rev. Dr. Harshaw. of the West Side
Presbyterian eiliuivli, ras called to
Jackson. city, ICan.. today by a nies.
sage announcing the death of his
brother's wife
The men who went on strike at the
Stevens shaft .vcstenbiy returned to
wotk this morning. A committee uom
the mine woikers toiiud the grievance
was a p"tty one and advised the men
to rottiin to work.
Ilov. and Mrs. C. M. Sitrdam were
given a lioijsp.w aiming at the Metho. Episcopal parsonage Mat evening
in honor of Mr, Surdam's re-appoiut-mpnt
as minister of that church. The
gathering was largely attended and a
very enjoyable time was had.
Raymond Williamson, of William
siteel, and Miss Olive Rlackburn,
youngest daughter of Mr, and Mrs.
James W, Blackburn, or Broad street,
were quietly married In ninghamton
last Wednesday, Mr, and Mrs. Wil
llamson are tesldlng tor the present
with the former's mother.
Tho striking girls of the Pittston silk
mill have Issued the following appeal
to all labor organisations and synipa
thlers; "During the past two months a ilea,
perato snuggle has been waged be
tween the'Valentlne Bsntley mill own
crs and their employes. We have tried
every honorable means of settling our
strike, but without sitccets. Wo have
beep wot king for the poorest wages
of any mill employes wo know of,
"Wo have now been compelled to ap
peal to you for moral ami financial
uld. Any assistance will be kindly re
eclved and thankfully rembered by Lo
Cdl No. 24S. Textile Woikers of ,nurl
ca. Add) IMS all communications to
Miss Annie Burns, iOS North Main
street, Pittston."
The above has tin endorsement of
the Pittston Central Labor union.
At the Joint .session of the city euun.
tils, last evening the contract for city
printing was awarded to Till He Evans,
who bl3 $381.05, as uguinst the Pittston
Gazette's bid for $131. The contract for
advertising was aw aided tho Gazette
for JIIO. At the special meeting of se
1 c-t, cjuucll, whch followed the joint
eF M' M
For Rent.
Store in Tbe Tribune building,
now occupied by the Times. In
cluding Desks, Steam Heat and
Electric Light.
Also 1200 feet of lloor space on
4th floor of the Tiibune building,
suitable for light maufacturing. In
cluding heat, lightnind power.
Enquire at ollice of
The Tribune.
roil ItKNT One .Me iloulile house: iiioilern lin
lUuurmnK Apib Mi Haul-on utvntie.
M il.MKK IIOMi; On I'.iuilos Ue Gfiu of tho
t Ailiond.u ks a'i miles north of hihroon'. Cottaije of eun looms, eoiiiplcldy
fuiliMiril, extent talilc ami hei! Until Htul
slbei; li j i fom Iuirc, ally lirdroonis hciIs
hale rirc iiiiiq;s and !iiHllrctcs. Mountain
tprltig water in Million; ginlen .p.n.c, if ilosiinl;
heatitlfiil ccenerj, dunning drive, liojllna. Huh
inc. Two nulls ilall. I.lveij lonvinioni.
Prlie $200 for tli; Mifn finHici particular!
appl Samuel It. IliuriHc.v, ill Washington
sticrt, New Yolk city.
l'OIt HKNT IPrmim house, tuorlein impiovc
incnts, 1 2 J Mailhon avenue.
WO (iltr-.EV ItllXli: Sim:i:r. ten rooms, modeiu
improvenuntsi tcain heat furniitiedj desir
It ill able.
Heal Estate.
$MJO Hun lot MvlSO Pcnn aicnue, ' Green
Uidite, WelU & Keator.
fJiW " loom houe, hnproiements. lot
IDvliS. Warren street, Proildcme. Wells A.
V.bQO Buja one douhlu house, 7 and S rooms,
lend for 17 and $S; one -intilr houc rents
for Wj lot 14otj.'. licit) street, (Jrecn ltldsc.
Wetli ft Keator.
-,oVil- Itui's Sroon houe, inijunveincnls, lot
-Svb't, I'rexcolt aviiuie. Wtlla . Keitor.
l.OisT- Tne dollais on .ueount, h.i not cettln
.lour I illor mide Milts at liruschrl'H, the
Turner, 121 W'.vomiiu aienuc. Jim what we
i-ave )ou on jiini suits.
LOST- In central illy, on 'luesdn, lid)'- irnj,
vvnlrli benins Initials 1. II. riudei'nill re
Hive lewarcl ly rctumimr to W" Willow- btnet.
i'LMN SI'.WINO ..nd nulll makinj;; alxi sun
tKinr.ets m ide to oidci. Mr. t R. Ileikcr,
nil Lewis court, in rear of .iJI letTeison aicnue.
mkciiamcs, i:noi.kkrs. i:i.l.(1KICI.NS.
rircmen, ete., new Id pure pamphlet lontiln
int. (ineslions a.skcd liy evauiinlni; hond oi cinri
neers, ent fiec. Geo. A. Zellei. I'uhliilur. M.
Louis. Jlo.
session, ordlnam-o were Introduced an
thorUinir the city elr-rk to lilre an as
sistant. Mayor Corcomn's appoint
ment or Thoiiian Carroll for .street
commissioner unci J. J. Hart for chlrr
of tho tire department were appinvcd
by the council.
Tho firm of Benedict & Hrow-n. whleh
has conducted a wholesale mercantile
establishment on Cron street, this city,
for the past few years, has diss-nlvetl,
Mr. G. W. Brown retires and the busi
ness will be continued by Mr. Ilenedlc-t,
who will collect all blll.s.
There will be a rtnr-.ralMns In the
East district, Matey township school,
on Decoration day. The Hap; will he
presented by tile Junior Patriotic Or
der Sons of America. An uppropriaie
programme Is beinK hi ranged by the
pupils. The Duryea band will cnlhen
the occasion.
U 13. O'Brien, Jr., will remove his
family to Pittston shortly, vvheic ho
will be established in an ofllce repte-sontlnr-
the district agent for the In
ternational Correspondence School,
Miss Jennie Ncwlin lb suffering from
a bovere attack of ton.sllitis.
Uev. It. !:. Van lloe.sen forincily pas
tor of the Methodist Kplst-npal chutcli
here spent a few houis with llev, II, .M,
P.isene, Mr. Van llncscn iina been
trauHfcrred ftom Ailcl to Little Bleud-
Otto Domiueriiiuth, of Lincoln hill,
was painfully srniee.ed In the mauliln
cry of the llPlilcllieriT colliery lire loom
on Thursday nioinlntr.
T. J. neeble Is at ll.iv.elton this week,
cfimpalfirnliiK for his father, who is an
ni'tive catidiiliile fur shctlff on tho Ite-publii-itn
Apne.s, the ten-) ear-old il.iuehlcr of
Mr. and Mrs. I'cier Httrtott, nccom
paulod by her fullier. left this week for
Philadelphia, wheie she will undergo
troatiiieiit for the head,
Miss Dorothy Cellls. of Wilkes-Bane,
wits thegucst of the Misses Deeble this
w eek,
The many frlomls of nev. It. M. pus
coo ato pleased over his belnt; ieas
slKned to tho Avoca Methodist Episco
pal churcli. DurlUK the pust tew years
.Nrr, Pascop litis worked Incessantly
unions his onngreKatlou and tho result
Is that on Wednesday ho had ti inott-K-iffc
of 7itf, held by the Kingston
Heniliuuy fund, cancelled. The nniouut
nn raised by Mr. Pascoe, except ono
hundred dollaiH by the Ladles' Aid
society. I'ndor such favorable circum
stances the members enn bo into the
chapel tomonow fecllus that they
have much to be thankful for.
Tilt! m will be a steal many disap
pointed miners about town when they
learn that tho Hlllsldo colllety, which
was repahed and In leudliicss to start
next Monday, has been closed down in
definitely, Many of the employes guvo
up positions elbewheio to letuin to the
Airs. 13. 0, Kelluin icturni'd home yes
terday ftom Susquehanna county, wlicic
the was called several weeks ago on
account of the seilous Illness ot her
sister, Mrs. I.arrabee.
The Hose contpuny w ill meet on Mon
day cvenlnp., when the younger mem
beis will oigaiil.e a club. It is tho put-
OOSe of the l-lllll tn flll-lllsll Din inmim
in ot dec to Induce the membeis to
Micnd (heir l-'Uure houis pleasantly In '
1'ic ouitains. '
4- Lines 0 Cents
Mora Than Four Lines, 3Cantt for Each Extra
Help Wanted Female.
WAMI'.tl Honieii tn make pies and cakes! riniJ
wanes to llKhf person. Apply Mutyuliao'
RMIatiMtili 2J7 ) dining avenue.
WASTKH l.tilliN lo liivrnllirito nut line of
tailor made llltsi rvlu-ile i,il,w at lmvct
prices, ('ill nt llrii'i hel's, lit W.vnnilnR avenue, l!hinii(.
liADII'.S-ir-ll Pules' -Mr! Nipporler: latest
Inidillou: asy inom.v for intents! fiee sim
ple.. WtllP tmlay titfoie leiiltnrles liktn, Other
iiovi'lllii. Dalles Mjnfg. IV, UiIuiko.
WAN mil coiunetiut nuni? woman tn take
niic of physician's ofllie. Call nt Hi (JuliK.v
WASTIlll i:poilenud Mudcij fflrl wanted.
T i ll)iino llltiilei.i.
Situations Wanted.
WrrVTION .VNn:il By a .itiunj; man. as
lolk'Uoi, li.ii had loui y.JiV evpillmc'
with u leailltn; t'rm nt thli i It; ami tan fiuuUli
A .So. I, Aihhcss . i". tl,, Tiihune,
WAYlDD-l-ady to rill at llrusrln I's. lit Wjoni
Inf.' avenue, fm tine tailor made suit-, tin
evtra charge lor nuking to ordn. Our tiiottu,
Satl-tadlon gunaiileed 01 incuei rtfiiuded,
Ol'.N(i luairinl minim would like hoibewnik,
iookiin;iii vioik of anv kind, lei p at liuinc.
I'. 'Irlliuue ofllie.
MrUAllON VVAM'l.D-Ily a vounc lad), os n
ileik, or to do ofrire. woik. Addrcri, X. Y.
'. , llemlhain, t'a,
WAMIID lly a middle irci! lad), position as
hnttsckicpcr In sin ill taniilv , widower' fain
II) piefeirul! iifneme rflicn. Aildua lloil-c
keeper, Trlhune oltite.
HITfAIION- W.WII.Il-B) n .votiiiR Rill as nuw
or liitlil housiiiork. AiIiIk-s- .!.!j Nrw sticct.
&I1I;ATUI.V WAMKII -By a )oiins man us honk
kccpn tind l.vpcuiiter; can jrm lefitiuce;
small ,, iMrrsn Wesli) II. Weaver, Lope,
biilliian count), l'a.
WAX'IKII I'osltloii a head pardncr, or (loiUt,
on a piivate or loiumeiciil place In tha
vicinity of Vranton or Wllkodlarre. Address
C. Woole), I. t. 11( J7I, Wwlpoit, Conn
SITI'ATIOS WANTKII-An eiericnd I mmlrrssi
ivoulil like lo Ret ladies' and Rents' liundi),
or am klml nl flue1 launih). Call or uddiess H00
f'roililenie loid,
A MAN wants work spadinj iririlen in iikln1.
tare of I iw in or an) kind of work. Addicv,
Mi. an, ihllien.
MTl'AriON WANT I'll -A woman wouhl like o
jo out In the tli) Jo .le in o'lii e or hone
i leiiuim; oi take washing hom". ot to do am
klml ot wuk. fill oi address, 1 ,ijo I'roiidencp
li id.
talTl ATIO WAMKD-lli a middle ased lull
as housekeep r; illnu to ivmlt, Sddresi
V. A. V... Ill Soutli overth street, cit).
hlTHA'llOV WANTl.n-Ilv a lonnj mm as so
llulnr ni iiilleitoi; cvpcrluaed. Ailihesi,
"K," 110') I isk avinue, nn.
fjirfVllON' WANIIMi- YminB nun i ica
wlshis a position as hu.vclc icpaiiei; hist
class lefeienie. M. . f., Tnhunc ofhi e.
hITI'AT 10V W M i:i) -Middle aaed , man and
wife, no rhildien; (.ireful; no dunk ot
foliaico hahlts! wish chip ol Rintlem.ilis iei
ilenie durinR Mimniei; he,t lefeiemes. Addieva
Care, Tribune.
1IAN of aliillli, 7, imrried, well idiuatcd,
with knowledge of the an ol adicrtis
inR, michanle with some experience, ilcslus
lo cnjiaRe with either a inauufai turiiiR or whole,
hale (slahlUhnient or laiRo depirtiuenL sime.
Xo reasnnalile olfer in an) line nfferitiR i ban u
for promulloii rerusul. t orifspondcncc Mihiil
cd. Addirss Ho 17(1, r.ciwhk, Pa.
C'ni:MV Ol' MfSIt The Corse Piilon Stock
(nuiiany. Milinceand nlctht.
OAII.P Kids and Tollies Builciipic sliuw.
Matinee and niitht.
Corse Payton Company.
I aice atteinlinie kioi Is tin- I oi-c P.iilon
tinipin)' at c.u h pi rforiuame Ihc) (,'lic at the
t idem) nl Musi, , iihere the .ue now plnins
i neck's ciiit-iKcniini. M Hie luilinic pi-ifomi
line )esleiili) .vfleiuonn, " Noble Winnm"
was prc-cnliil. and last i-vinini;, "liuln ippeis nf
N'l-w nrk" was the hill.
Ihis is Ihe I i-l ill) and two nf their l.r-j-l will be slien. Al Ihe tuilluu, "tin Ihe
Rjppahannoik" will b'e the oHerins:, and io
night 'Thr LasleV Nesi" will be piohne.)
"The New Dominion" Today.
In view of the fiet lhat ill the sells f.,r the
eienini; performs nee of "The .New dominion"
hue brcn sold, it nas tice-n found nnessary to
reduie Ihe prucs fur he mitluee in order to
liioinmodile the I a rue number nf people who ire
liohlim; ibkets. in inneiuiiue thereof the piiccs
fur the milince pciioriuiiue hm bun ilunc'ed
tn tin folhiwlui;: Urilu-tii, l; nrtlusiti ill
ile, 7.', eculi drcs.s elrele, .Ml iei1is; bilion), liist
tour town, W) iiuls, and the remiiuil.i nf the bal
ton), -.'"i mils, 'I hose who hive puiehi-id tltkets
tiom the milliners ol Hm ( nuev
pildenie Sihool's sieial, I dueiliiiuil ami II. nrli
. I il assni 1 itinii i in cm ii nitre siine for then value,
lint Is, M llikeis au be i i-ian.'til lor mo hi
ernt liiketb, il desired.
'Iliroush the ti.uilib) of Ml. I' .1. l'oslei, the
rinpli)t3 of the Intern ilional I orre-pondime
Sih"nlb and Ihe Tulmiial Suppl) louipin) who
ihslie to allind the nut nice p-ilormiuie tins
nfleinofni will be permitted in ilu mi without
any dcduetlnii fnuu lli'lr i-al.uie.. 'I In, kindness
en the pait in .ne in nni;ciuiut ol the tthoohi la
Ei rally appieiiatid b,v a niimnci of cinploiei
who ieidi out of (own, ami will thus he rn
aided in hce Ine pe norm line and add Hull mile
to (he association's .'iictit.
'The Heart of Maryland."
'Pjvld llela.s(n's ureat, wonderfully elU-etlie ami
mnrieloiily Mitit-ssul pli), "The Heart nf Mai).
Und," is innniuu.-d leu i one nl.-ht entrasinii nt
at Ihn L)cciini nvxt Wclncdiy nluhl and villi be
icpeit.d in all Its origin il peifeillon ol pi.-.
turiMiie and realMie senile lllustialiniu, and lliu
bt I onul) iu'livlduilircil ilurulm ulll be em
bodied by a compile) i-f c.ipible playerj.
'Janice Meieditb,"
(Ileal i.ue In i-osluuiini; the eharaitrra in a
pla.v has ll'-ui bun moio trlklul) evident than
in I'lauk Mclvre'i, pindiieiinu of Mauley Jb-ic.
tilth," Hie neu'reioiuliomr) diiini In iihhh
.Mary Manuciim; nukes her fhst appeal a nee .is a.
ktar fu this city al (lie Lyceum theater iut
llmn-il-iv ciiiiini;. Ni one inn lamilln iiith
the kiihjrct tan pnsslbl) imagine Ilia amount eif
earcful labor und roianh nitismr) In a iiroduc
tiou of this I liid.
n expert was icviral weeks scvuriuj; authoil
liei for the disUns of the nieo-rs and the n-Milt
is that en 1) toitume Mi'n In Ihl, pl.ij h ,, u,,
and us turicct as if it had been handed itimu
luluct fiom thr peilod which It rcpii-aiuts,
Marine Band Programme,
lickct, .ire now fir mlc at Powcll'n tore for
tin! Maiine Hand etmceil at tt llke,-lliirc nn I'll
day eieiiinv, Apill Sii. Tne followlne the pin
Kllinmo as it will be ulveiii
i:vi:mmi piiouhammb.
National Aiitheui, "Ihe bur SpaivUd llju
w" Am.iM
lltciturc. ''laiiiihausn'' Warner
llalle-t Music, "IVpprlii" Delibci
fraxopli'Mie Solo. "Pantjjla Amcritan I'aior.
Hr" .........Mocienuiu
Ml. Jean II. II. Mocmiuiij.
Money to Loan.
SIOMIV to loan on Improved city real enUtc.
IIUSItY ni'.l.tN, .lit.
MUM'.Y TO MIAN' -On leil estate, lime ri
smnll unounK nl vm p j rates, t to II per tent.
I'll")' linns. llou' k Ynn Ddisen, SIISM'i:
fitnnell Diilldlni;.
ktnlirlil or monthl.i piiments Mnrk i: to.,
tinders' Hank lniildiuir,
STIIAIIlltr LOANS for an.i iinnuiit, Intnesl I to
II per nut , em he ohlalned from A. Dili"
irlly, 111 'Iradus' Nation il hank Imlldlifi.
Till: I'cnn .Mutual Life liiMuame t'nni
puny will Inm uimu flit moitnuge upon
initially leeited piopeitles .in) amount, for leim
of .luirs, ut ln nle of Inteiesl. Cipvvoll,
Atloiiiey, Paull tlullilliiff.
btllAlfilir loans In amounts ?V lo ino,0l
al I'i lo (t per lent! pi.vnieiits inoiithlv,
nemhanntiillv m .learlv. tnteret on lulmtc.
V M llunnell, tty. ROl-:' Mears nMg.
MONI'V to Inm on Imnd and mnrlcase, an)
amount. M. II. tloliratc, Conmioiiweallli
f t jI.-tI t lrnna or lliithliiisr and Lout. At
from 1 to rt pei lent. Call on N. V, Walker,
Bll-jr, (Viinell liiilhllni.
Want Adveitisemcnts Will Be
Received at Any of the Follow- .
Ing Drug Stoves Until 10 P. M.
Cential City
AMIIItr (lll.lTy., loimi Mullnir)
itieef und Wchstei iiienue.
OlijIVV 1'll'IIKL. h'ji) A.I mis avenue.
West Side
(IKOtltli: W. JUNKI.Nis, 101 iJiith Main
South Scranton
I'RI I) L. Ii:iiri'i:. :iv teilar avenue.
North Scranton
tiCii. W. llAMb, cornel Noith Mull
aienuc and Miikct sticct.
Giecn Ridge
CHARM'S f IO.NI.-. l'.-i7 llick-on
all tine.
I". .1. .HMIN-, 'Co Ctern llulse street.
C. I OIU'NZ. inrnei Washington nie
line and .Mil Ion sti . ct
W. II KNI.I'IT.I, 1017 Irving .1 venue
j. ti. ntiNi: ). '-tiN.'
Business Opportunity.
WANTI.ll Itelnble nun with fm bundled (lol
Ins i.ipita, to like riluiie Mle: biRRi.r
moiie) maker on themitkit: new
li. iniiiiopi li . ilmiiid; unluuil d
iiinkit: pai.s imuiiiiscli. l.linn rioss ni'I in
liu months (none in IN nn i ) In invest u ilc, iill
humeihatili on Mi. Mhw it Tin living.
Eoavdeis Wanted.
N 11.11- I able bondeis. Mt, Ii.n.pkiiH, 5-II
Wa.hinRlon aicnue.
O. A A A A..
Imllilion a li I il e Wilier-Wciiuirtnci
(Air.uiBe.1 fo. Militii) Bind b) . II. benltl
n inn. J
Mllllai) l.pi.mle Vollstnlt
(luliodin ihe: I .Nalloual Mi.)
Wall ,son', i leelni Hns" Ilailey
1 Miss Am) Whaley.
(a) ipiiic. "Ilipde Uinie" Pnrilnim
tbl Minli, "(((null lle.iwnod" Miilelminn
nun'iiian Ithap-nd) so. -J I.l-szt
Little Egypt Burloaquera.
'Ilu- inuinil Little I'ipl lliulifiiueis will be
al the New t.aiit) tlnee iliis, bectimilui; with ii
Vlonda.i mitluee, nou weik. 'Ihe lompini is
i-iid to be- .in eceptionall) l.ircre one, and is
ioniiistil of in lists of mni;ni7ci! .iliilll).
Little K.ipl will iiosiliicli .ipi.n at nil)
pirforiiiniie. I lie olio Is tompOMil of seviial
'iiahila, vaii'leilllo .lets, w hi. li me uli to
Wall Stieet Review.
New 'v.oik, April 11. 1'oln's Mm k tmrk-l
wis the mojt icimrkable lehuh his it I een
Ken tjininc Ihe pic-iil linpie.cilinii I -. -e ill t
ll.e eia. Nm -n the nnirrlt sll' of
slocks, which tiatliM .MPl.rO) shares I ur In
the wide dlMriniiiien and iarh-1) ef the Ira.l
inir, the diunimt rid Ile iiiuubii of I'u cilus
liinnled, ,lhe ir. or. I pines Inucled ine viil'
nl Ihe irenenl ousi,,. interest iunnlist"d lu lln
inaikil und fiom ihn ist nil' oiul nf vliv the
ninkit his cutiicli wliheut m-iid lit in ihc
hlsini) nf Wall sireil, 'Ilu- fiuii.h mm vilmli
has hi en ,i b nun l the null. 'I on n ni" il
lie In in skcii1 niic ilii.s ol lite an I whi h
wns duo tn a stile nf in i wil-, lppieiuusii-n nu
He pail nl Ihe epii ulilois fm- ll.i in-, sitiunl
In be e tit li .-I i Inking in loiln'n uiiikel. 'lliu
was a ni. nlv- and peidslnil uplill ot pih.s
uhli h Wus as iiiissii,c as hull inlii pn,"ii
and the miiket elo. d in i IiikwiiI iiii I i-pit
laiulai nulbui.t Miili .is w.ih I'fihips nein mc-i
Inline In ili lest live minutes nf liullus Ihr
lape leioidul mi. Ii I, him. linn- i, il.imi stines
of I'u li-ili.nil.l at l", while lu I nlon I'aei V
Ihen- w is a stilus nf li.limitlmi. nl ejilil sli He
ll (M'. iI.iihi h nes al pi), .i.ikki .hues it
!"T. ".mm at im and a I'uil block of l."" .'
Iim, the lop 'l in mi lb ill) mid in the hi. I'm
ofllierloik Ihls" . Ililielinil, 1.. li liipliul
bin then w.i blniks o l.u.i m 'mmi ih ,un of
a Iiiu'i iiiuubii of lhi ni'csl in tile itin ks ilun;
im; hinds ill dal, (lull -' tailor nf i nli i
sal nppHiuimn nnihi al all aei'iiuil nu siieli
Kiueiiil, 'Ihis was Ilu lu ill. eil iclilluii
in tin im in) 'nilkii Hid Lie pimpiet of i in
slioiitr lank l ileiiuut tuui'Uinw, lit unir this
laili'i las nidi a itniilc I'Ullnj,' nn I tie pi .p
Hill's wliuaC .sillies win- n( mii li eii;.i dunlin!
lulu). Hale vuic fw rl'i'iltU lutliii in -s t. li
ileti'ilid In Ihe 'inline. Ihe niuplcliou n lip
liiulliulcn dial of i. hoi a tiotib't imhi
Hue nu hiiitiiiitnl. .illli'iil'li Ihnlliuloii. i.'relt
Ncilheui ind Noit'ieru I'ailllt- hi I a v i) nn nn
,iluioii, pluc- In the ti.iilinc lint tin ih
Ihlik with ni'iioi's ot nu isini., i, i.ikin b)
i Iwil nllinul si.hnu in,i-t the lli.illn.slni
hal. 'Ihe iiiiivtiiunl in I uiiiii I'n In i in in
the, AlihW'iis hi, ili.tlnilli- tia eable I. till.
Uillui-lic, iilihil by sup, ih nu Id. n i win. 'I.-, nl
i nilnf illillinil Im re.iTs. 'Ihe Hiltish .-spiut
duly on in.ll was i fa. tor lu the bnoi-aiii up'lfi
nf Ilu- n 1 1 i'i.i id liiiiuuiiioiis .. i i in in.. I,, i
ainii-i'd hopes nl a laiin iiiimlli lu mu evpoit
tl nle lu teal. 'Ilu cvpi.fe oi ks uu ml upw nd,
nn Ihe 1 1 In I III. a i li's'T I il lm in. In line
as Ihe UMilt nf )isteidi)'i. e'K-i tl.ii. a, ,ll ' I 'li
of (he I nllid sji, i:pns, nt m'Ulil, ,,.' iilir,
.nmpiiihs. lb lit I in u iucicd nf sinilhn .-1 i i
l.illloiiU vii. a put ni luilm hi thai -itnii
nf Ihe in si Kt 1. the hum ami nl uiila un utd
loppii was aii'ounli.I tni h.i iiuuns nl luilli i
ahsiiptlnlis by that tniupaii). h tiiielllni
Minks licit iironi; ill) (.Imp eniiliast in Ihe
;iner-il nf tin inail-ct was Ih' belli
Hiss it tin i'nlled siut,, st. el Intks, the p'
lerml fallinir at niin line ncuil) a mint bclov,
last iiUht. ft a j I ih. lnoie impii.lant i rt
Lull's foi the iIji wen: l I'.iul, i,ih, l,.
iiimo iinl ilhhi, 11), I nl.'ii Paiifv, I. inal,:J
null. I (oppii, I), lloek l-l nn, .1'., 'Vi
and Paiille. .IH. h iit.-,i, and Ixi. ,1'jj ihe
jiuut'i al del hills, iroiu In ion,; tl,.. j(tu
Canadi Niiilhtru, iuiilin rxpios. .',; Wells,
1'juo. ''.-. and i lii.-e uunbei ot nth.-i ,,i ks
finui '.' ti. .'I pnliil .
Iliislutss In bond, vv is il.-" iei) uillie and be
tame uieully tlinii.; u the il.n uoprs-"il.
Tnlul whi. pa vain?. 7i'in,n.) shuv, I, ,s.
nliiivlliu Si ile. lined (j, and the Oa 'J p. ( c-nt.
en tin. last tall.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
More Than Four Lines. 6 Cent for Each Extra Line
Tor Sale.
foil SM.II-Cnrner lot In S'rrlh Park, Apt'ly
In Mm. . K. Uncle), till Klst MarUt
atrcrt, Sirantoti, l'a,
l'OIt SAI.K-ST. llLILV slTtl 110(1. KIM'. PIMH
Rice, welithl 111 pounds, II months old,
thllty lluhes tall at shoulderai Inantlfnl nppeir
nine! espeelitly kind In children: nn pirn e lo
kttp hlui, rrason for sclHns. Addnsii llox 221,
Tiihune utlhe.
lK'lt.SIS I'lllt M,t:-A iilie pill' nf ponle. nmf
two hcf.vv hori-es nie ollereil cheap by II. .M.
Moles, 5 a) ( 1 1) avenue.
roil SM.Il (ar load ol .vounc; found hoises
ivelxhltu; In lit tlWl tn UW) puiinds. !!J1 Oak
lord court, .1. M. Field.
Booms and Board.
Lnc.i: finnt room with board for two Rentle
men, lit, dams nvenue.
Certified Public Accountant.
rm:i)i:iticK l. nnowx. AncmrntT, pitiris
liulldliiR, Utl WashinRlon aiimie, Scranton.
nn. c. n. i:ii,i:.niii:iuii:ii, palm duimiixh,
Spiuce bttcct, Scranton.
UK. C. C. LAIIU.H'II, ll. w .vvkxui:
Physicians and Sugcons.
nn. w. l alli:x, on north WAMiixtitov
IM1. S V. IAMOUK M'.V. OI'I'H I :iofi S-tl-ingtnn
avenue. Resident p. HIS Mulhcrr)
hionic disease, Iuiir-, heirt, kldneis and
senlto-uiiniry organs a opiclalt). Hours, 1
to I p in.
Hotels nnd Restuvants.
nfi;i'LK cArrl ir' ANI '-7 l'KSK,',!'
aicnue. Rates reasonable.
I. 7KHILLR, riopiletei.
MRWItlV HOCK, ni:ah n.. L. k w. ps
hcncci depot. Conilmled on the l.uropean
plan. Vlt'lOIl KOCH, Pioprieton
s i:i:iii nrni: r.v.h orl:oI,.Tll. jjs vd
X Washington Ave., r-cianlnn Pa. (Iironi.
Diseases ,i (.pteiill). OfiUc Hours! S30 lu 12
ni ! 1."l lc 'i .M) p. in.
mmen. store 3)i WasliliiRton aienuc, picm
hou-es, irjO North Jhln avenue; More tcL
phone, 7&J.
a n. nnii:n Lr.v privy vai lis and
ic-s piioN; nn ! ; Old) impioved piimps tLsed.
. I!. Uuc:'s, pioprietor. rnlcia tl"0
Ninth Vlatn aicnue. or Kicke'.s elms "-lorf, ivr.
nu Adams and Mulbfiiy. llotli teliphones.
Wire Screens,
jo-iipii lit i.rn.L. man an i.rn avi:.,
tcianlon, l'a , minufii tiller of Wire Screens
'Ihe ftillovvinp eiiotillons nie fuini.slicd The
Tiihune hi- M s Jnnhn .v. Co . rooms 70'i-70'i
Mcaia building, scianlon, Pi. Telephone OTVl:
Open- IlUh- Loss- I los
ing, est. est In,?.
Viu-ihai. s?ai . . . Il in1. Ul W
Ainu. 'I ubat. Irs l-"i': PSV 1
Atclilsi.u (.Ti 71 f" 7
Atihbon. Pi 07 '171.. !V, 'V.
Drool.. Tiaetimi l'i M1 Si'. PtV
11.11. .v. niii.i t nst.. HI !!)',
font Tobii.e 17:1 as'.s 7 ,'1'--
t lies. ., ohm Ult 401 g 4iis Mj
(lib. . (,t. We-t H) --' -'
( Ide., II. .s. Q 1'iV.i IPH UU V'l'i
M. Paul 1.17 H lili7i 157 11!'.
Ho. K Mind 1HS llfi'- IWVi IVl'.i
Pel. .V Huds, u Mi isi 1701i INIv?
K.111. A. T.- . Pi 7' t-'H n78 ih"s
Linus f, Nusl Iir,' HMTb in"'1, li'
Man. l.leuileil IJR'-j I'n IJ7'i l-"-"s
Mil. 'Ii.utii.n 1711, 174 172 17.1
Missn. Puilfli- mb IM'i IM1! l"n
soiithein P..tll,e tn I7'3 41.'.. l7-'
v. rrn i West :..; im r: it
Nnllllllll I'll'-he la.ln I'll!.' Wl llU'i
N.ilh. Pu Ifu. I'r .... nsif 0SI1 llklH 'i
N. , (uitnl V1 l'.4i JilJ'L- hH'j
lint, iv West em 11 Hi " -
P. una. It. II H" lii I VI I"')
1'iehh- Mill Mi .1" "' '"
It.'iihin; It) '"''i :'7 n'. -T
llcadint: Id, Pi 711. i''t. 7,.,j .!
isoiilhilii It It -iili HOiJ "OK, 0
li R. I!. Pi- ... . s.U Sits M'v, i's
Trim foil A Iro 1 r.0 6fl
I . s lealh. U't M's l'.-
f s, la-ather. Pr 7- 7e'i 77'1
t'. is. I(ubbr '"'! .'i'i J"Vi
fnion P.iiifie 'I7l If") f,'
1'iih.n Piiiflt. Pi M' --si- -R'j 1
W 1I11.I1. Pi . ., . I'l'ii l'"s ft ,,1
Western I ulon 01 'IP- '". I'l'i
(nl I ml .. lion ... l PI "m 11
Mud li.pnri I.M'j 2'V, IW'i KVi
P.ople'h (.is Ill't llni lll'i II lis
..i. pu the IHj H.'i It'S I"'
iu, I 11 r.iiindiv .. . 2i .'il'i -1 "n
I . s Mcel ( .1 47' j 1714 h'5s 17
I. ,s. Nd o. P PI Itt'i. hl'j Pl'.i
XUW YIJllK (iltMN' MAftlvLT.
Open- llisli- Low. Chs.
ilir.l. inj,', e-t. ot. iiu
M.v 70'; 7n' 7I)"1. .("1
dull 7t'i il'i 71 7l's
)i) ll's ll't H i ll's
Scranton Boaul of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS Did. Aikcd.
Pint Kall0r.1l HanU 1200 ,,,
bcnnlon taiinys llmk ,, 350 ...
'Ililnl Nutlonal liink d-o ,,.
Illuie Deposit and Discount II ink,, 275 ...
Pconomy l.ltsht. II & 1', Co ...
I.scka, Trust Safe Deposit Co 150 ...
Claik'fc Snmrr Co., Pr, 155
Scrantrn lion 1' nee i Mf,'. Co. ... ,,, 100
Scranton MU Work , IU
laeka-iauia Da.iy Co, Pr 20
County fcavluM Rank A. Trust Co., 3CO
Knt ,Notinil Pink (Caitor.dale) SOI
Slundard Drllllm; Co 30
Tu'hrs' National Hank ,,,.,,,,,, 143 ,,,
Nrantin I hilt and Nut (o 100 ,,,
Scranton Pasnyer Itailvvay, drat
MortKaee, du- POO .... 115 ,,,
People' streft Itallivay, ftrt mort-
eat. due 10XS ,,.',,...,,,,,. 1J ,,,
I'eoplf'j Street Hallway, (jcneral
fwnnJ7.", due 1WI Ill ...
Ditkien lla-iufjeturins Co 10a
Ui.ka l"ownhlp School S per cent. .,, 10J
City ot Sciantrn fat. Imp. (I per
lint 103
Seranten Irictlon 0 per tent US ...
Scranton Wholesale Market,
(Counted by II. U. Dale, 27 Lackaivaniu Ave.)
Iluttti Cicaur). old, 'JOa-ile.i frech, 2Ji2i(tc.:
dairy, fuih. 2lVja2Jei old, 15315c-.
Cl.itee I'Nill cream. Wallc.
Krbs U'eitcrn fieoh, llli to 15c,; nearby
tlale, 11Vi t" Ite.
Ileans Per bu , tholce marrow, J!.63ai ao.
P.a llrans I'cr bu., thoico marrow, $.'.Jia2.60.
Medium Beans P.T bu , 3.'iOa2.l5.
(been I'u.s-I'er bu , 41.10j1.15.
Onions Per bu., $1.10at.60.
1 lour Heat patent, per bbl., $1 6.1.
ltcl hidney Beans Per bu , .M5ai.50.
New York Grain and Productt.
New- oik. April l'J.--Uour without new fea
ture, incitl) luMiu's linn al lo.uicr price. Wheat
spot ilium: No. 2 red, 7'Jc. f. 0. b. afloat:
.No. 2 led, I7-Se. delator, No. 1 northern lul'
& &
irtAXK kT noYi.i:, atiohniiy-at-lwi
Rooms 12, II, Id ntiel 19 llurr bulldlns.
r. k. TnAcv,ATT'V.coMMONyi:.i.Tit nt.nq
JT'it. itr.PLotiLi:, attohsky-loaxs xiini,
tlateil mi real estate- seetirlty. Mears building),
tc l.t.ii.t.ii, itct line unit Koriinn .imni
cormr .niitinni vimie ii cpruce utreci.
and e i)'l.uv. Hepublleao bulldlnn
Waslilngtoii avenue.
ncllora-nt-l.iiv. ConimnnvTealtli bulldliiff, ltooin
1U, -JO miiiai.
ldwarii w. 'iiiAVr.ii. ATTonxr.Y. noojij
Wit 14)1, Utli tloui, .MiMH building.
lT A. WATni:. ATrOltXI'.Y-AT.LAW, nOAUlt
of Trade bulldlnsr, bcriinton, Pa.
Hank bulldltm-.
. .4
c. coMr.ovs. p-u! lmi'tinMCAN nuii.nisn.
a. w nrtiTiioLK. ofKici: jiovkd to noi
211 Wjnmlni" avrnue.
nitl.slAM( I'Oll LHII.IIItKN TO OltUDRj
abo l.'dies1 vval-ls. Louis Sliocirukcr, 211
Adams avenue.
MK(iAiini:i: intos.. pihntlrs'
v clones, naner lues, tvnue.
Waichousc, li
Wa-hltiRtnn aicnue, t union, Pa.
t voi la
mi''c.i! vuur. ui.r.niii) CAN" ni!
li. Seraiiion nt tin- in ws st inds of Re!
Ilins. tiv! Nil uce and ,"01 Linden: M. Norton
.'22 Lulavvanni avenue; I. a. bcliuticr,
Spnice street.
1lli:ili: will be a -iHuinl election in tlj
.seventh waul nn WcdncuLii, 21th diy of April!
1011. for the purov-c of seci tlnpr one person tj
mve as Nleit Councilman for Mid vvanl, lc4
l..l.n I' llnnl..i ,,ulnii. .1
.lAMC.s MttlR. City Itccordcr.
Vpnl 1,, 1W1.
bernnton, Pa.
Arniroii's' xonri:. in rk: i:stti: or kii.
inund 1. Hovh. dci cased. In the Orphans
Conil of I.ik k iwanni County, Pinnlviinla. No,
: I.'. Series !)."
'the undeisiRiied, nil auditor appointed hr Ihi
Oiplniis' Couit ot Mid County, to make dislri
bniion ol the fund in tho hands ol the eveiiilnij
'I .1. Kill), as hlinvvn by the srioud piriij
imount of the eviciilnr, hereby Riven injirl
that he si ill attend tn the duties of his up
polntment on Wednesdn, the. llnl day nl tlayi
1) . ITfll. M 'i n't Irak a. in., al his olthe, o.
r fit Mens building. I itv nf Nrinton, in KviiJ
iiiiinl). nl wlihli tune and place all persons ban
inc ilubus iinisl. viid csl ite are itrpiucd to .u
pi ii and piesent the Mine, or otherwise lie fori
ever debirred fmro inmi'is in on fiii! fund.
niARLKS K. DANIKLS, Auditor.
veitislnR as rcquhcil by Koe. I, Art. -Y, i.j
an ct of the ( Assembly ot PiBins)lianii.
diled Manli 7. PJilI, icl.itinc; to Hie Knvcinme.nj
nf tides nf tin" weond eh. will bo received a
(he iic'iilii's oHne in the Cllv of scranton, u
to ; n'olnik p ni.. of W'cdnesihy, April 24 Hi,
1001. when siul bids will be npeiir and com
linn .lw.irrleri in aiionhnco vvllh the requites
ire nls of Mirl Act . JMI'.P MOIR.
City Kocoider.
Sciantnu, l'a . Vpill I5. TiOl.
in ni:: Tit v-NM-'int or iioiKii uci:n&e ol
Mice b. I.lo)d
Xolieo U trivrn Ihil the Court of Quarter of
slen ol iLacUaivanni County Ins tiranteil a rulj
to show- cause vvhv tin- hottl lie-ense of Alice If,
Lloyd in the- 1'irst waul ot ihn nnimiKh of link
wn City hlult not be triiLsfened to Albeit
Ilenne. Utile is returnable April LOth, l'jtil, al
1 o'clock at chambers. .
ni.ORni: s. imux,
Atloinc'jr for Petitioner
tit Ii. tJ'f. f. o b. afloat. Opllous cencrallj
weik. but rinsed about- ste.iil.v- ut 'Si'.ir. ni(
decline. l iv 'losed 7!'ic. : .luly, 7ii"'n ; heit,
7nc. Coin Spot Mead)-; N'o. 2, .av, .levator
.-ml fiO'n- f. 0. li. alloit. DptioiH irincrill)
pteaily and cln-rd firm at liii- nil idv-nnm.
April clo.-ed .1'i"-sC.; -M iy, 4Tvii-.; .lull, Islii.
r-ipt,, -is;se. ens .spoi mill, so. ., ..n-i.
No. :.",; No. 2 while, .ij'.illt.-- No !
vihifc, .12c, Iraek tniseil viestirn, .M)i.itije.
track white, 3I' !.:. Options fairlv Mi uli- il
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I(n2Ie.: factory. lUi-ilt'sf.; hnilatlon t rt mu
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M irket stentli ; lam v larce .olnri-d, 1lill'ii.
film Iucte while, lOV.ilb-.; fanev ill ml, mil,
l-.'.il2i-.; fnic-y sinill vihile, Itv, H.V. li.-s-,
Mcadv; btate and I'.-nn i., llallVic. , Miullnin,
"ilPic: viestern, storage, JIJ4c; we,tciii
reffuhr packed, llall'.it-.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chilian, pnl 10. Clllle rteeelpls, l.irula
Hirers, penenilly Meuly; is' steu k, fIioiii-
Ktiod to pnnio stten,, ". ; poor In iu"dlivii
SI00i4OT: Rtoekeis and fccilin., .hnlee, etieji,-
othei-b. blow, W,75il.')rt; imvs, s2.Mil.Vi, fleif
ers, V.$"i4 S.1; tanners, $2.1ili2.,,1; Mill,
stronger, h575.iI."0, .alics, ihout steulv, fliv
lexis fed Blc.ra, thin, f l.-'S 1.1 H.1 ; c;i.i-(
olein, st .'.fti t; Te-is bulls, 2.7.'n" rm.
Hoffs- Ite.-t fpt3 todi), ILOri; tomorrow, I ',
IKO; left over, cMnnarid, II iHl: openul .1.1
hiRher; closed fsicr; top, in II; mivid mi
hutclier, f,1.7.1ae.l0; poorl In .hobo, hrv v
.j.Caii.lfi; ronith heav), $.1.75a3.t1; luht, . !J
a6j bulk of sales, ftj.ll 16.OI.
Sherp Itereipti,. d.noo; (.lieep, steidi : linihi
Mronirer; swl to chohe iietiifrs, .l 7.I1I, fn
to e-holie, mixed, f,4fii,7ii- we-lein tdi- i
$ln1ij; .veailliiR-s-, $t,7,-,,i.-,j inf lie. Ilmb iJ
a5Jo; viestern limbs, )?riil .'.i,
Chicago Grain nnn Produce.
Clilcaco, Apill l''.-l inlenie nf hull minlpiih
(ion in corn and 1 i-li up 11 m inm In poik ws 11
the features ot dull nsium 011 'I lunge toiiv,
Wheat tloseil Ji lower; emu, 'i huhei: n,u
a tihielo down ami provisions fi.iin ,1 , ln.,i
in .Tali- lard to ."').-. juiprouel m July pork. Ci I
epiolmons were folloivit-
I'lnur- Sleadi ; No. .1 spilutr ivheif. 7n.,; ,.
! rrd, 70V '"Jin-: .No 2 e-oiu, Hi,; o
.i.-lhiv, IP.i , V' ' mis. 2111,4121.' 1 ; Ni j
whin-. 'elt.iJ'i : J,o :i white, :.,,!,.; No 1
le. 1.1 .!. d t.-'din-,- hiiley, i, j r ,,
ilmue iiiilltni; i.'h-j No. I li ,C(I, 5-1 hi(
1 12, N. I rihv. stem, M :jii.,-,2; pr,iu
tiiuothi fc.i, Ssi 71, mess poik, .10il I.,,
I ml. ? Hih.17'-.: shoit ilhs, .mvih j-,. ,(,.
ullrd shoulders, r.;i7i.-j h.Jlt ,tni suhj
f s.2.113 Jy, Mhi-key, i .'7.
Buffalo Live Stock,
J'.TSt Ililflllo, April Ifl Ile.elpls Cullle, nf
rirsi slurp and lamlii, M t its; li"ss, :tft . iri
,Shlpniciit.s-C.itlp, (iS uu; slnsp und lamb, 1
ens; )io'3, 22 c irs. Cuttle tilbiiui oul) out
Wool hmh, .hobo to CTln, .."Ail.TO; tllpp'l
lmils, eholeo lo etia, f'.a1.I0.
Iok- Heavy, $n.;ij pisn, si in
27 & 29 Pine St., New York,
Transact a general banking
business; act as Fiscal
Agents for Corporations, and
negotiate secuiity issues of
railroads nnd other compa
nies', Execute commission
01 ders and deal in
Descriptive list of bond offering)
furnished on application.
Members New Yoik Stock Exchange
Branch Offices: 65 Stats St.v Albany