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A Vol'tt,.Ul CM'AHIXa 110USK for the Bent
n lit of All Who lime Rousts to Kent, Ittil
I tiu or Oilier Property tu Hell or Exchange, or
li. SltmtloiM or llolp Thofc Small "An
'llleiiiclit Oit lnc IVnl a Word, fclx Inscf
lloiiS for I'lvf Tents a Wuul Except SltuatKM
i Jiftnl Which Are In-crted '-ce.
. .a .-
'nil! iTHWJTV I O.MMlHflONI'.UH of Ijtkawalina
loiinlv htriliv irlvi' notice to the luxpjym.
tin- tin- of I'arlioml.ilc thai they will hr'
cipil mi' the Male "nil county as-i-wncnta lor
.ml illy .a tlii city hall In CuhomlJlc on More.
.I iv iii-M, April i.'J. . , ,
.tli.l on Hie follow hip 'lay. April 23, (hoy II nie.ih ut the Mine In said Hl.y o
i .iihninl.ilc for the follonliiff iHttrict: ,'lr!"!';
il.ile li,nhlp. Icll lonshlp, Vanillins, Sld.'llclcl
iiml .Union Imiiuijdif,
.1. I'Ol'IIM'.K MOI1HIH,
.Itlll.V .1. DUUKIN,
Atlce-t ; County Coinnilil'iiicrj.
V. (!. PA.VIIll.S, Oil..
Two of Them Appear Before Alder
mnniJones One Sent to Hospital.
Two or Hie men arrested on- sus
lik'lon of having committed llio bur'g
lury mm Tuesday night whr-n Jolfn
Mnhr's store wns broken Into were ar
raigned before Alderman Jones yester
day afternoon. The henr'ng excited
ureat Interest as 11 Is seldom that men
iin before courts In thin city on such a
ii'ilniis chm-ire.
'riii- two men were brought In. about
I'.l.'i o'clock. They were (he gruy-sulted
iii.-iu and th'- i-ed-liulred one described
hi yesterday's Tilbuno. The red-haired
line Is a dangerously slek man and
eoiilil scarcely stand he Is so weak,
lie had a temperature of 104, and when
In- stood up to be identllled he nearly
rtdl over.
The man In grny said that his name
was Henry Williams and that ho had
lived fn Forest! City for eleven years.
He dill not know any one In this city
excepting Henry Hex.
Chief AleA.udrew detailed how he hud
arrested AA'lilinms on Tuesday morning
for Intoxication and afterward let him
go 'to Rive hi in a chance to sober up.
lie hail arrested him again on Thurs
day morning as he answered the de-t-
Tiption of one of the burglars given
by A. W. Reynolds, who saw the burg
lars run away from Alohr's store.
. Avery AV. Reynolds testified that the
only description ho could give as to
the two burglars was in regard to their
height and dress, as he did not see
tholr faces. The two prisoners' .ap
parel milled with the clothes worn by
the men who fled at bis approach and
their appearance with their backs
turned (here the two stood up). Mr.
Reynolds was not able to make any
positive identification. He told of see
ing Williams several times on Wednes
day night, once about twenty minutes
ljefore the burglary was committed.
Harry Wells, n special officer, said
that he had seen Williams before on
Alouday night. The lost time he saw
him was about half-past eleven. He
appeared to be very drunk. He saw
him again on Tuesday night nt about
the same time at the depot. When
the otllcer saw him he was with two
other men and on their being ap
proached the two men separated and
ran and eluded him and Officer Carden.
He was not able to make any more
positive identification thun Mr. Rey
nolds. -Ofllcer Carden said Hint he saw Will
iams on Tuesday night, as related by
Air. Wells. He nlso would not swear
positively that the prisoner was one of
lie men who tried to get away on the
railroad tracks as the light was in his
William Alainwaring said that he
saw Williams on Monday night talking
n'ith Harry Wells. He also Identllled
the red-haired man ns being with Will
lams on that night. He saw them
.igulu Thursday morning chasing
through the freight yard. It was about
Itllf-pasl four o'clock. Williams was
tjieu taken back to the city juil Toy
tablet' McAudrew and the examination
of the oilier man begun.
Ji said that he wan .lames Brennau,
iii1Tl that he used to live in Scranton,
Unit he wns z years of age, that his
parents were dead, Brcnnuu was a
most dlsrepiituble-luoklng man. His
stock of red hair was grimy and mai
led through long disuse of a comb, his
luce and hands were black with dirt
andheevlnced not tin: slightest interest
In his suroiindlngs, Ho had a tem
perature of KM and was badly broken
up with sickness. Ho said .ills last
place of residence was at Ucnevu, N.
Yi where he wyrked for a furmer
named James Htinrheud. He claimed
to have come tu Carbondale about a
week ago and that lie had been slek
In the shanty where he was captured
ever since his arrival. Ho said he had
come down town for the first time, on
Monday night, when he went to Pr.
N'iles tu have medical treatment, and
from the doctor's oillce In- had gone to
I lie city jail for lodging and spent tho
ititilit here. Jailer Killeen corroborated
Ibis statement. He said ho hud never
4flen Williams before ho met him in
tit tin. couclu'jioii of his examination
it ias dtiemed bust f,o' take Brqiinan
i2 the KmcKsency hospital, us it wu?
'lisllynpereeived that,. lie jvutf In great
iVted '6f treatment. On'hls arrival at
tile institution ho showed more signs
H life than lte had before uml ha made
Sr,, Humphreys.
After nfty years Dr. Humphreys'
Specific)- enjoy the greatest popularity
and largest sale In their history, due to
IntrlHslo merit, Theycuve the sick.
No. ... Cure. I'rieci,
1 KLVKUs, Ccinjcotioiu, IntljiiimjUoiu,,,, ,-J.'j
a-trWUlOJsi, Worm Krvcr, Woim Colic 23
a-TUETIllSO, Colic, (Nyluif, WakffuliicM,, ,U
t-UIAIIUIIOt'A, of L'hlUlreii or Adults V,
7- I.'UDCIIS, C.ilili, HrouchilU 23
SNi:Ult.V.(il.. 'rooUljfhc,,K4f4Che "55
U-IH-.AUVCIII-:, SIORMIeditiche, Vertigo,.,. ,-.;,
loiins'KI'SIA, lndl(tbtfii, WfjW St'ouueh, ,ii
ilfVnW.iiU tilt I'AlNr'Ub I'b'IIIOIIS.., .-J,
li-StVlUTKS, Tw l'rofuo 1'irioilj , ,i
U-CltOUl', l-AHYMIITIS, llojrenci , ,-jj
N-SALT UIIKU'l, L'rjsipclas, Eruption 23
ItllKI-'MAilbM, Itbcunntlc I'jliu 23
l8-5IAbAltl.V. Chill, r'tver and Ague 2
I'J-tlATAIllllf, lullucuu, Cold in the IIcjiI.. .23
2O-WII001'IN COU0II ,.' ;
25-.r:ityous pepimtv ......j,,.,; ..,.l,i)
.W-UItlNAUV WBAKNESS, Wetting lied 25
77-CSitll', IUy Fever .2.3
bold Jtf diuj(itsv or ?ntl.on receipt of price.
iWDr. Huraphreya' New Pocket
Manv,Ql;of all Diseases mailed free.
tluiupIiuV McdlfJr.e Co:, Cor. WillUm an.
Muv bM,t Xe' VorKV" ,
a .vlgorouH fight against being com
pelled to lilke' a bath. Hls'scrtrplcfi
against clcanllnesR were overcome. At
tho hospital It wiih said that ho Is
threatened with pneumonia,
Williams was brought before Alder
man Jones again and -had a second
examination. His claimed to have
spent Tuesday night (the night of the
burglary) In Heranton mid he gave a
list "of places he had been In. Ho was
taken back to Urn Jail and at 7 o'clock
lastevenlng Chief MeAndrcw went to
Scrnnton to hunt up the truth of his
Alderman Morrison Had One That
Might Have "Stumped" Solomon.
In Alderman Morrison's rotirt Thurs
day night there was an excited crowd
of Itutlans and churges and counter
charges were preferred and withdrawn
and preferred again with sturtllng In
formality. A Utile 15-ycar-old Italian
girl acted as interpreter and although
die, could not nlwaVs be depended upon
to give her translations In regard to
Hie exact language used, she was espe
cially apt In changing the Italian "cuss
words'' .Into their Knglls-b meaning.
The trouble arose over the visit of
two Americans ("white men," us th
Italians called them,) to the Italian
colony. While tho visitors were talk
ing to Ralph Angolta two little brown
faced luds at play kicked up some dirt
that settled on the "while men's"
trouners, For tills Angolta chased and
cuffed little Tony Walk I or and Tony's
gfolks got him to go to the alderman
and lay an information. When the
case was called on Thursdaynight An
gtdta sprang a surprise. He said that
Tony and Tommy Watkior bad as
saulted him and that they were aided
by Sam Perrine and Nick Folettl. Ho
swore out a warrant against the four
and it was this that caused the mix
up. While one Italian was being asked
questions by the alderman, through the
Interpreter, about one assault he would
give answer in relations to the others
and to make the confusion worse when
the girlish Interpreter would give her
translation the whole roomful of Ital
ians would upbraid her as being loo
literal or too partial or something else.
It was evident that the Italians pos
sessed better knowledge of the English
language than they pretended to, but
everything was in a state of chaos. The
alderman showed wonderful powers ot
endurance, but after a lot of wasted
time he discharged the two boys and
held Angolta in $300 bail and Perrine
and Folletti In $2110 each. Angolfa fur
nished ball, -but the other two could
not and were taken to Ser.-nto.ii-by
Constable, Pierce on the 10 o'clock train
that night.
At the Chinches Sunday.
At the First Congregational church
tomorrow there will bo the reception
of new members at the morning ser
vice. Tho theme of the senium will be
"Peace." The evening theme Is to be
"Church Unity a Farce." A welcome
is extended to any and all.
At the Uerean Huptist church the
pastor, Rev. II. .1. Whaien, will preach
both morning and evening. The even
ing service will be of a special char
actor, as all the lodges of Odd Fellows
ot this city and representatives of out-of-town
lodges will attend to listen to
the annual sermon. Carbondale can
ton. No. 40, Patriarchs Militant, will
attend in their full uniform.
At Trinity ISpiscopal church there
will be holy communion In the chapel
at S a. m.; murnlng prayer and sermon
in the church at lO.IiO a. m and even
ing prayer and sermon ut 7.30 p. m.
At the First Methodist church, Rev.
A. F. t'hatfee will begin another con
ference year tomorrow. In the even
ing the beautiful Kastor cantata, "The
Risen Lord." will bo repeated.
At the First Presbyterian church the
Rev. K. K. Riley, ol Susquehanna, will
preach both morning and evening.
At tlie .Second Presbyterian church
the Rev. William Holllnhlied, of Forest
City, will preach in the afternoon after
Sunday school.
At St. Rose church the week's mis
sion for women will come to an ond
this evening. Tomorrow evening the
men's mission will begin at 7 o'clock,
under the charge of the Kedemplorlsl
Fathers, and continue for a week.
Meetings Tomorrow.
I'ierinanlu. Singing society.
Knights of Father Mat hew,
K. E, Hendriek lodge, No. Ml, llrotli
erhood of Hallway Trainmen.
Central Labor union..
Draymen's -association,
C'igarniake'rs' union, No. Hill.
Hrothcrhooil of Locomotive lOngl
lU'Cfh' Lodge No, Jot!.
Repairing the Hoof.
Wurkmon were busy yesterday erect
ing scaffolding on the tower of the
Municipal building, ptvpuraiory to re
pairing tin. slate roof, a portion or
whirh w.-ih blown off during tho se.
vere storm which caused so much dam
age around this city sa-vornl weeks
Had p. Fainting Spoil.
Peter McCuue had a fainting spell on
fcouth Muln street yesterday moni'liiK
and, falling to tlm sidewalk, was ren
dered unconscious, Ur. Jolin Nll-.'s was
sent for and applied restoratives, after
which McCuiio was taken lo his home
in u carriage,
After Thirteen Years.
.Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah ciuue io
celved a letter this week from their
son, who Is now in Cripple Creek. They
had not heard from hlni before In thir
teen years,
Draymen to Meet.
A meeting of tho Praynieu's associa
tion will be held tomorrow at 8 o'clock
in the Sons of Temperance -hall. Husl
ness of importance is to bo transacted.
U. M. W. A. Meet Monday,
A special meeting of the Local No.
S77, United Mine Workers of America,
is called?or"Monduy afternoon at a
o'clock )u their hull.
Critically 111.
James Dnrkln, of Powderly street, Is
lying in' a very critical condition. Hs
is suffering from a severe attack of
O. L. U. to Meet.
The Cenlrul Labor union will meet at
McTlgho's hull tomorrow afternoon ut
I o-'oloclc-
'Phone :
OLD, 0423
Chut Ich M. Kralg and Miss Jennie S.
Kegler, two well-known young people
of this city, were, married on Wednes
day In Hcthnton. Tho ceremony was
performed iby Rev. W. J. Ford pastor
of the. Green Itldge Baptist church, In
Rev. Mr. Ford's parsonage. Tho couple
will reside In this city.
On last Wednesday Charles King, of
Pike street, and Miss Sarah Hudson, of
Mnyfleld yard, both well known ydung
people, went to Port Jervls, N. Y..
where they were united In matrimony.
They will return to this city hi a. few
days and at once go to housekeeping.
At r. King is employed In the Dela
ware and Hudson car shops and is
popular a nlong bis fellow-workmen and
oilier associates. Their many friends
will extend hearty congratulations.
John "lurklii and Miss Mollle Oli
martln, two popular Archbald young
people, well known In this city, were
married In St. Thomns.' church Wed
nesday, The ceremony wns attended
by several people from this city and
the young couple's many Carbondale
friends hasten to extend felicitations,
Ray W. Hull, formerly of White's
Valley, now of Waymart, unci Mlsa
Bertha K. Clark, the teacher at Far
view, and a daughter of Airs. Alary
(Mark, were married at the Honesdalo
Alethodlst Upiscopnl parsonage by Rev.
(i. A. Place. The bride has lived at
the homo of her uncle, John Shaffer, at
Farvlew, and the groom owns and
operates with his brother il fine farm
near AVaymarl.
Withdrew Charges.
Ronnie Stone, a small boy. charged
George Grady, of Greenfield road, with
assault and battery before Alderman
Atkinson on Thursday night. Stone
sells papers on Sundays. lTp to the
time the boycott was put on the Scran
tonian Grady was a patron of Stone's,
but after the boycott Grady told him
he wouldn't want his paper any more.
Last Sunday Stone went up to Grady's
house with his bundle of literature,
and Grady told him to get out, ns he
saw in the said bundle a number of
copies of the tabooed sheet. Then, ac
cording to the boy, as hj did not move
fasL enough, Grady accelerated his
movements by placing his foot with
some swiftness near the skirts of the
boy's coat-tail. At the hearing Grady
produced a. witness who testified that
no assault whatever was committed on
the boy; that he was told to get out by
Grady, and that -he got. As the boy
could not produce corroborUlive evi
dence he withdrew the charge.
The Roster.
The details for Frank Keenan's com
ing visit in Sol. Smith Russell's funny
play "A Poor Relation," at the Grand
were completed yesterday by Arthur
If. O'Neil, tho advance representative.
Air. O'Neil says the cast supporting
Air. Koenan this season is a strong
and expensive one, comprising such
people as George P. Sprague, George
B. Aliller, John Cumberland and Allsses
Vela Henderson, Alarcus Atorlarty,
Kate Lung, Kitty Doollng, Marlon
Will Bo Married Wednesday.
On AVednesday afternoon, April 24,
at 5 o'clock, Atlss Anna llndglns,
daughter of Daniel Iladgins. of New
Cemetery street, will be united in mar
riage at St. Rose church to Frank P.
Gibliu. son of Mrs. Alary Giblin. of
Dundaff street, Aliss Hudgins is one ot
Carbondale's most popular young la
dies and Air. Giblin Is a trusted em
ploye of the Didaware and Hudson
Now Stamps on May 1.
The Pan-American stamps in one,
two, four, live, eight and ten cent de
nominations will be placed on s'ale at
the poslofllco Alay 1 until October .'It,
lliol. The stamps are not intended to
tin sold exclusively In place of tho
regular stamps, and customers must
ask for them to get. this series. Stamped
cards or envelopes with the new stamps
printed thereon.
Mr, Adair in Town.
W. W. Adair, secretary of the rail
road branch of the Young Aten's Chris
tian association in Scranton, was in
tills city last evening and gavo an ad
dress In the lecture room of the Pres
byterian church, speaking on the Sun
iljiy school lesson for tomorrow. His
exposition of this thenio was interest
ing and 'nns enjoyed by a large num
ber. An Afternoon Event.
A niiiuliti' of the members of Pro
gressive lodge, No. 'jti, tho ladles aux
iliary to tho Hiotlierhood of Loeoiuo
tivu Firemen, met at the residence of
Airs. Friend Osborne, on Porter ave
nue Thursday afternoon, to become ac
quainted with Airs. Henry ciurk, of
Hornellsvllle, N, Y who Is u promi
nent member of tho order. At 0
o'ch ek a bountiful supper wns served.
New Choirmaster and Organist.
Rev, R. ,. Sawyer, rector of Trinity
Uplscopul church, has appointed Prof,
Charles 11, Doorsam, of Scranton.
choirmaster and organist of the church
In place of T. Orlflin Smith and Airs.
N. L. Aloon, who havo resigned those
lespeetlve positions.
$120 Profit.
The Rerean Haptlst church netted
VH) over all expenses by the Lynmn
11, Howe moving picture exhibition on
AVednesday night. Tho church pooplo
feel highly gratified over tho great
success of the venture,
Meetings Tonight,
Ancient Order of lllbarnluns, Divi
sion No. l'J.
Foresters of America, Court Golden
Eagle, No. 14.
Shield of Honor, Diamond lodge, No.
Music at Congregational Church.
In addition to the solos and other
musical features, the quartette and
chorus of tho First Congregational
church will be heard In the following
anthems at tomorrow's services:
Morning "One Sweetly, Solemn
Thought' (Blcrly), Miss Benwon, Mrs.
Dennett, Messrs. Itoo and Jones.
EvenlnK "I'm a Pilgrim, I'm n.
Strantjer" (George W. Marston)( con
tralto, melody and trloi anthem, "Be
hold, How Good ond Joyful" (J. Clnrk
Whytneld), bass solo and chorus.
Need of a License Tax.
Tho Merchant-' nseoclfttloh members
are feellni? rather sore bccatiso of the
failure of councils to pass tho license
tax ordinance Intended to keep out
fnklrs, ns tho need of such a tax Is
very apparent Just now. Three men.
claiming to represent the PUro Food
company, ot Columbus, O., have been
making a house-to-house canvass for
spine days, protending to sell superior
groceries nt lower prices thnn local
merchants did. True to their prudent
Instincts tho housewives bit at tho Imlt
presented nnd the canvassers reaped a
rich harvest. The merchants, of course,
do not like that, but feel especially
aggrieved because the olly-tongucd
agents told their best customers that
tho foodstuffs they wore buying from
locnl grocers worn poor, adulterated,
Inferior goods and not tit to oat. And,
strange to say, the women apparently
were 'beguiled Into buying by scandal
ous tales like this regarding reputable
men who have lived here nil their lives.
tf tho license tax ordinance had been
passed In councils such frauds as these
could not. thrive on tho credulity of
ponny-wlse-pound-foollsh women.
An Evening Party.
A pleasant party was given In honor
of AHee Alary Thorp Thursday night
nt the home of Mr. and. Airs. William
Collins, on Upper Brook street. For
several hours games, music and other
scclul pleasures wen; indulged In. Sup
per was served before midnight. Those
pitsent were:
Airs. L. Lawrence and Allsses Rose.
Cornell, Atuy Rutan, Alay Bate, Emma
tJtley, Alnbcl Kenworthy, Emma Col
lins, Alaud Collins, Hannah Osborne.
Edith Carey, Jennie Gunsaulus, Alamlc
AVllls, Alice Collins, Harriet States.
Cairle Sllsbee, Katie Solomon, Owen
AVilllunis, Maine Williams. Pearl Lock
wood, Allnnle Sampson and Atnrgarot
Spafford, and Alessrs, Harry Gleason,
Clarence Becker, Harry Keglnr. Alolt
Dolph, Ora Lee, Kirt Lee. John AVede
man, Richard Budd, George Build.
George Eaton. Conrad AVelble, Fred
Gleason, Lawrence Lawrence, sjnines
Courtney, Joe Utley, Harry Brownell.
Edward Cawler, James Collins and
Harry Atedland.
A Concert Wednesday Night.
The last number in the Sons of Tem
perance lecture course will be given in
Temperance hull, In the Alurrin build
ing, AVednesday evening, April 24. The
concert will be given by the celebrated
Alitchell Arale quartette, of Scranton,
assisted by local talent, as follows:
Ladles' chorus. "Tho Lonely Rose"
(E. Hermes): violin solo, Robert Gard
ner; recitation (selected), Harry Den
nis; vocal solo, Natalie Fulkcrson;
recitation, "Nature and Philosophy,"
Frances AL Kelly; vocal solo, AUss
Eunice Bryson; ladles' chorus. "Down
in tho Dewy Dell" (II. Smart), first
sopranos, Allsses Alay Kilpatrlck, Clara
Bronson, Airs. AI. O. Abbey: second
sopranos, Allsses Isabclle Stanton; Jen
nie Butler, Olga. Stephens; altos, Allsses
Lulu Foster, Nettle Bayley, Sadie Alil
ler; zither solo, Prof. J. F. Crowell.
Those not having course tickets will
be admitted at the door for ten cents.
The Passing Throng.
Airs. Oliver Chapman, of AA'est Pitts
ton, is visiting relatives in town.
Aliss Carrie Lover, of Grove street,
who has been so seriously ill, Is im
proving. Allan Stanton nndson. Earl, of Jer
sey City, aro here ns the guests ot
Richard Udy.
Aliss Nora O'Hearn, of South Alain
street, Is .home from a pleasant trip to
New York city.
Airs. Ralph Giles and daughter, Alir-l.-im,
are visiting her sister, Airs. AI. O.
Abbey, on Terrace street.
Aliss Alay Gaughan, of Seventh ave
nue, has returned from ten days' visit
with relatives in Hancock, N. X.
Allfs Lucy Robinson and Alaster
Raymond AA'ilson are spending a few
days with relatives in Forest City.
A. L. Avery, of Scranton, superin
tendent of tho Aletropolitan Life In
surance company, was in town yester
day. AA. P. Lynott, leader of the Atozart
orchestra, Is now connected with the
local branch of the Aletropolitan In
surance company.
Alisses Lulu Foster and Sadie Aliller
havo returned from Pltlston, where
thQj have been visiting friends and at
tending conferenco
Airs. AV. R. Rorse, of Taylor, who
has been the guest of AV. R. Jones,
ot AA'yomlng street, for the past week,
returned homo yesterday.
Airs. John Smith has returned to her
homo on Canaan street after spending
Ihreo weeks In Dr. AVheeler's private
hospital us the result of an operation.
Airs. Emma Quick and son, AVIIllum,
spent Sunday In Carbondale with hot
son, Lewis. Tho former remained to
care for her son, who Is quite sick at
this writing. AVnyiio Independent.
Rev. R. F. Y. Pierce will deliver his
famous chalk talk on "Our Boys" in
th First Baptist chuiy-h Monday
uvoning. There will bo an excellent op
portunity for many of our townspeo
ple to hear tho eloquent doctor, whoso
high reputation as a public speaker is
well known.
Tomorrow morning Aluyllower lodge,
No. !l, Sons of St. George, will at
tend service in a body in the Aletho
dlst Episcopal church, where a ser
mon will be delivered to them by tho
Rev. AL D. Fuller, pnstorof the church.
Ill the First Buptlst church tomor
row morning, the pastor, Rov, Mny-'
nurd Thlmpson. will preach on "Es
tablishing Confidence and Goodwill In
tho Minds of Those That Are AVith
out," In tho evening he will glvo the
second of a series on "What Baptists
Stand For," taking up tho subject of
"Buptlsm of Believers Only on Profes
slon of Faith." Two wore baptised
last Sunday evening and four tho pre
ceding Sunday,
Air. and Airs. AV. H, Tennis have
moved into the property of Mrs. Ann
Davis, of Aluln street.
C, L. Bell and family leavo on Alon
day for Brudley Beach, N, J., where
they will spend the Hummer.
Tho CltlKens' band will attend the
fair at Forest City this evening.
Air, and Mrs. Richard Brown and
Miss Polly Solomon were Scranton vis
itors yesterday.
There was considerable excitement
yesterday afternoon along Alain street,
occasioned by tho actions of three men.
The niun would walk along a few yards
and then stop suddenly and confer. At
times one of the trio, who appeared to
be somewhat excited, would gesticu
late wildly, and as before stated, a
Ciowd soon gatheied. Just then, your
coriespoiident huppeued to be passing
(and. Investigating matter.'! found that
4t !-3-3$--S$$-$-:v-3-vs 5rC:$$$$$$C:C$$$0&:$$
AUss Anna Bryan, a favorite cousin of AVillium Jennings Bryan, is well
known socially in AVashlngton. D. C, where she has a host of friends. Aliss
Bryan recently studied music at Fairniount Seminary, of Washington, 1).
C. In anecent letter to The Poruna Aledlcine Co., of 'Cbluinbm, Ohio, she
says: '
1459 Florida Avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C.
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O. :
Gentlemen "At the solicitation of a friend I began some weeks ago to
take your Peruna and I now feel like a new per&on. I take pleasure in
recommending it to all who want a good tonic and a permanent cure for
catarrh.'' Anna Bryan.
Guinott street, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
"Peruna and Alaualin have done me
very great service, and I recommend
them with pleasure to all who suffer
with nervous catarrh of tho stomach
as I did. Should such a disease over
attack me again I shall immediately
take Peruna. I now feel very well and
have a good appetite all the time. I
tho three men who had unconsciously
attracted the crowd's attention were
Councilman Rowling, AVheeler and Al
bert Aloon, who are the street and
bridge committee. Tho councilnieii
were simply making a tour of inspec
tion along the streets, to ascertain tlie
rendition and Improvements needed.
As such a thing wn.t never known be
fore it is no wonder a crowd was at
tracted. The wild gesticulations were
made by Councilman Aloon, who was
trying to impress upon tlie oilier two
the necessity of the crosswalks on
South Alain street.
The Artesian Hose company received
their new uniforms from Philadelphia
on AVednesday evening. The suits are
of a light brown color, with dark brown
braided trimming and look quite at
tractive. Tho people of the borough
will now await with eager interest the
first appearance ot tho lire laddies in
their suits.
Frank Kelly, son of P. J. Kelly, of
Race street, was quite seriously
scalded In the engine room of the
Lackawanna Valley house at Scran
ton on AVednesday night. The young
man is employed us engineer at tlm
hotel and was making snniu repairs
op the engine, when the cylinder head
blew out. The escaping steam and
water struck him full force on the
lower limbs. Ho was removed to his
homo hero yesterday afternoon and
last night was resting easily.
There was -i. large attendance ut the
lecture on "Sacred Art," given by A.
V. Bower, esq., of Scranton, al I lie
Blakoly Baptist church last evening.
S. J. Evans went to Hawley yester
day, where, he directed a play pro
duced by a company of local talent In
that place last evening-
Airs. Thomas Moliule allcnded tho
funeral of a relative at. Pltlston yes
terday. John Roche, nf Soiilll Siraiitou. cir
culated among friends in town yester
day. Regular services will be held in the
Presbyterian church tomorrow morn
ing and evening. Rev. "R. l Ham
mond, pastor,
Episcopal services will be held In
Edwards hall tomorrow afternoon at
3 80 aVclook. Rev. K. .1. llaughtou, of
Duuiuore, will havo chnige.
Mlsess Collu Swift, Lizzie While,
Alanile Foote, Kathuillio Foote, Thom
as Prleo and Richard Foote, of Arch
bald, attended tho Juveuls Dancing
cluss Thursday evening.
Rev, David Spencer, 1. !., olllclated
at tho funeral of Aliss Abigail Watrous
at Dunmc-ro yestortlay afternoon,
Aliss Anna AValsh, of Put sops, who
lias been the guest of her sister, .Mrs.
John Jordan, of Blakely, returned
home yesterday.
James Cahany, of Jetinyn, spent
yesterday with relatives In town.
Airs. AV. J. Schubniehl returned home
yesterday from Letoy. N. Y,
Airs. AV. J. Brown and children, of
Allnersvilel, are the giffts of Mr. and
Airs. David Tlnsley, of Delaware street.
Airs. P. .1. McNeely, of Duumoro
btreet, Is very ill.
Mrs. Rollln A Sawyer, of Carbon
dale, was n visitor In town Thursday.
Alias Sal'ali Ellleott, ofScrauton,
visited Mrs. Dawe, of Carpialt street,
on AVednesday afternoon.
Preuchlng In tho Prlceburg Primitive
Alethodlst church Sunday morning ut
10.30. Subject, "Entire Sanctltlcatoln;
have gained in weight. I i-ccomnicnde.l
Peruna to an acquaintance of ours,
and he is making remarkable pi-ogres-:.
I looked so badly for a. lime before t
began your medicine, that now when
I meet some of my friends they say:
'I was very much worried about you,
but .now you are looking so well.' I
shall always keep Peruna and Alanalln
in the house as family medicines."
Airs. Bertha Kockler.
AA'hat It s and How to Obtain It."
Evening service at 7 o'clock. Subject,
"The P.lood of the AInrtyr's tho Seed
of the Church."
George Decker has returned home
after spudlug several days with
frieudS In tlie country.
Air. Hill and family have removed
from Carmalt street to a nice home on
the boulevard road.
AUss Maud Vosburg has returned to
her homo in Alimldale. after spend
ing some time wlih friends in Prlce
Pe-.-kvillo Baptist ehuro Services ln
moriow a I 10 a. m. and 7.S0 p. in. Air.
Evans, of Scranton, will preach morn
ing and evening. All aie cordially iu
viled to hear him.
The ladies of the Alcthudlst Episco
pal church uro beginning their prepar
ations for a grand all-day celebra
tion of the Fourth of July. There will
be patriotic musi -, orations and file
works galoie; fancy booths and re
freshment stands will be open all day.
A genuine old-fashioned celebration lis
Tlie choir of the o.Mthodist Episcopal
church will lepcul, by request, their
Waster muhlo on April 2S :iud gratify a
host woh desire lo bear it again.
Murshill Kroi't't and Air. Hughes, of
Merldnle, N. V., returned home yester
day, after spending a few days III
tl u.
Oscar Imnlnp and Thomas lliimfonl
are sucker lishing al Klwr's pond.
Missrs. S. V. Arnold, .lohiph It. Hell,
Frank Ronlamin and .Air. Alel.ockllni
leave this nioi-ninu to lisb for trout in
Wayne i ounty stream-'. ,
St rvk-es hi I ho Presbyterian church
Sunday al in.uM a. in. and 7.::o p. in..
Rev. S. II. Aloon. 1). !.. pastor, Tlm
paslor will exchange with Rev. W. S.
Pelil-siin, of Nanlleokc. All welcome.
I'. V. Mace. Jr.. of I'tica, N. A'., Is
isiting ills parents, Air. and Airs. N.
V. .Mac, of Alain strict.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Deunlson, of
l.,lli'iOM'ii, N. V., .no the guests of the
hitter's patents, Air, and .Mrs. I V,
.-.... - i
vWlllluiu Warner, of N'ew York, spenl
last Sabbatli witli ills parents.
When tho Rev. Air. Gmlshall caino
here to take charge of tlie Methodist
Episcopal church, ho had many illlll
cllltles lo meet, but he lias success
fully met litem all and the church has
been unusually prosperous since he has
had charge, In consequence, his many
friends me-very much pleased that the
recoiil conference at West PUtston de
cided to return him as pastor for an
Henry White and Air. Sunfotd havo
alieady received more applications for
boarders for tho summer season than
they can accommodate. There are sev
eral other parties, however, who intend
to take boarders.
.Mr. Truman lilled the pulpit at the
Alethodlst church last Sabbath, in tlm
absence of their paslor, Rev. Air. God
shall. .1. P. Sherman, one of our council
nieii, is improving Ids property op
Alnlu street by laying a new stone side
walk. Our stieet commissioner in busily en
gaged repalrlnu the roads,
Charles Finch, tliu luirnessmaker. has
moved Into the new dwelling of Albert
Johnson, on Carbondale street.
Rev. Air, Botsong will have a sale of
his household effects, April 27, prepara
Thousands of Fair Women Are
Never Without Peruna, the
Rational Catarrh Remedy
AUss Alnrle Coats, President of the
Appletim Young Ladles Club, writes
the following concerning Peruna:
Applolou, AVls.
The Peruna Alcdlclue Co., Columbus, O,:
G e u 1 1 c in o n
"I llnd Peruna
an o x c o 1 1 u n t
spring and sum
mer in c d I e I n o
and am glad to
call the attention
of my friends to
II. When that
languid, tired
fooling comes
over you, and
your tood no
longer tastes
good, and small
annoyances Irri
tate you, Peru mi
will iiiake you
feel II ko another person Inside of a
week. 1 have now used IL for three
seasons and find It very tellable and
cllicnclous." Alnrle Coats.
Mrs. AI. Wots-el, 21 South 17th street,
Tt-rrc Haute, Ind writes:
"Peruna Is the greatest medicine on
earth. I feel well and that tired feel
ing Is all gone. AVhon I begun to take
your medicine I could not smell, nor
hear n church bell ring. Now I m
smell and hear. AVhen t began your
treatment, my head was terrible, all
sorts of buzzing, chirping and loud
noises. Three months ago I dragged
around like a. simtli now I can walk
us briskly as ever. I am going to gn
and see the doctor Unit said I was not
long for tills world, and tell him that
Peruna cured me." Mrs, AI. AVotzol
If all the tired Avomen and all the
nervous women. and all the women thai
needed a tonic, would read and heed the
words of these three fair ladles, who
havo spoken right to the point, how
many Invalids would be prevented and
bow many wretched lives be made
Peruna restores health In a normal
Peruna puts right all the mucous
membranes of tho body, and In this
way restores the functions of every
If It is the stomach that is out of
order, and the digestion impaired, Pe
runa. quickly makes tilings right by re
storing the mucous membrane of tho
If the nerves tingle, if the brain Is
tired. If the strength is (lagging and
tlie circulation of blood weakened by
flabby mucous membranes of 'the di
gestive organs, Peruna reaches the spot
at once by giving to these membranes
tins vitality and activity which belongs
to them.
Tlie pelvic organs are also lined with
mucous membrane, which in tlie female
sex is especially liable, lo derangements.
Periuul is an absolute speelllc In these
cases. The women everywhere nie
praising it. No other remedy has ever
received such unqualified praise from
such a multitude of women.
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from tho use of Pe
runa, write at once lo Hi. Harliuan.
giving a full statement of your case,
and he will be pleased to give you ills
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Harlman, President of
Tliu Harlman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
tory to bis leaving here. He intends to
preach his last sermon in about two
weeks. His many friends regret his
Thomas Scanlon, a well known young
man of this place, met with a terri
ble accident, yesterday, having his tun
legs and one arm amputated hcneaHi
the wheels on (he. Aloosio Alnuntnln
railroad, where Air. Scanlon was .em
ployed as a hrakenian.
The Nonpareil Dramatic company Is
making arrangements for tlie produc
tion of "Shamrock and Rose," which
is In lake place ut. the SI. James hall
Tuesday evening. April 2". A social
will follow the play. General admis
sion, 25 cents,
Peter Burke, n contestant tu the St
.luincs bazaar, will conduct a social
in Billings' hall April 20.
Aliss Alargaret Alunley. of Hill street,
is suffering from a severe attack ot
tlio grip.
Airs. Albert Budas and daughter,
Evangeline, of Butte city, Alon., havo
returned homo, after spending the past
few days as the guests of Aliss Ben
Tho Alt. Jessup colliery Is idle today
owing to tin! shortage of cars.
Tlie new flro alarm system Is In read
iness. THOMPSON.
Sfitclil to the Scrnton Trlbun.
Thompson. April 1!). John .1 Pot
ter, miller and manufacturer, of Gib
son, was in town Tuesday last,
C, Al, Lewis made a business trip to
Blughamton AVednesday,
Aliss Rosa Collier returned Wednes
day from Portlundvllle, N, Y whither
she went because of tho serious Illness
of her father, who died while she was
Airs. Lottie Potter is having her resi
dence on Jackson stret paiuled.
W. H. Walker, commercial agent of
Hlnghaniton, stopped for tho night with
his sister, Airs. N. S. Foster, and was
away today.
Rev. P. R, Tower will visit his sister,
.Mrs. Oakley, at Kingsley, for a few
days, going tomorrow.
Austin Benson, a prominent railroad
man of Kingston, N. Y visited Ills
aunt, Airs, Knlo Thayer, and other rel
atives lit this place AVednesday and
Thursday of this week.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manbood
Cure Inipotcncy, Night Emissions, Loss of Mem
nrv. all wastilii? dleousos.
I'leesj and iuilliciction.
A nerve tonto ana
blood builder, Urlnu
tlm niuk clow to nulu
I'liooku mid rcsloros tlm
tiro ol 5 out li. II j- mall
IfiOo nor ihix. 0 boxes for
.BO. with our bankable imurantea to cure
or refund the money paid. Semi for chculai
aud copy of our bnukublo Kiiurautcu bond.
lintnedlete Result!
i'oaltlroly Kuaraateed cure for Loss of Power.
varicocele, undeveloped ur Miruuken urgam,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous, I'roitrn
lion, Hysteria, ft, Insanity. I'urulvtls aud tt
Ik-suits of llsceiike Uto of Tobacco, Opium o!
l-i'iuor. By mail in plain puckuiie. $1.00 u
box, 6 for $6.00 with our bankable guar
antee bond to euro in CO daya or refund
money paid. .Vldrcsj
Clinton & Jackson St-i . CHICAGO, IU ,
Sold by McUarrab & Thomu, PruggUtl, SO!
LaiLjnamu tutunc, Scraiitou, l'i.
'"fe Ikls
Ml1 Marie I'nalc.
w! FJN