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rtie Filipino Chief Gives His Fel
low Gouiurymen Some
Good Advice.
He Has found That the Majollty of
the Filipinos Is in Favor of a Ces
sation of Hostilities Is Willing
That His People Shall Enjoy the
Libeity and Promised Generosity
of the Gieat American Nation.
General MacArthur Ordeis the Re
leaso of One Thousand Insurgent
Hi L'ulinhe Nile Iiom Hi'' -oclafed 1'ip
Manila, April lit. The following is
Agulnuldo's address" to the Filipino
people, made public this evening:
'T believe I am not in error In pie
siunlng the unhappy fate to which
my adverse foitune has led mo, is not
a surprise to those who have been
i'.nnllliir with the piogtes.s of tho war.
The lessons taught with a lull mean
ing, and which have icecntly romp to
my knowledge. suggest with ineslst
ihln force that a complete termination
of hostilities and l.Lstinpr aic not
only desirable, but absolutely essential
to the of the Philippine islands.
' The Kilipinos have never been dls
in.i.ved .it their weakness, nor have
thev f.iltcied In loHcrwiug the path
pointed out bv their fortitude and
courage. Tho time has come, however,
in which the llnd their advance along
this path to be impeded by an itieslst
Ihle foicc w hich, while it restr.iins them,
t t enlightens their minds and opens to
them .mother course, presenting them
the cause of peace. This cause has
been jovtiilly ombi.iced by the major
ity ot m lellow -countrymen, who have
.ilie.idy united mound the glorious sov
ereign banner of the United States. In
tliis banner they lepose their ttust and
belief that under its protection the Fili
pino people will attain all those prom-
Wed llbeitics which they are beginning
to cn1o. The country lias dcclaied un
mistakably In flavor of peace. So be it.
Then- has been enough blood, enough
teats, enough desolation. This wish
cannot be ignoted by the -men still In
aims, if they ate animated by a desire
to seive nit! noble people, which has
thus deaily manifested its will. So do
r ie.sptct this will, now that It is known
to me.
"Alter nintuie deliberation, T icso
lutcly ptoclaim to the woild that T can
not refuse to heed the voice of a people
longing tor peace, nor the lamentations
of thousands of families j earning to
sco their dear ones enjoying the liberty
and the promised geneioity of the
gieat American nation.
"fiy acknowledging and accepting the
"oveielgnty ol the United States
thiougliout the Philippine aiehipelago,
as I now do, and without any reserva
tion whatsoever, J believe that I am
serving thee, my beloed country. May
happiness be thine."
To sjgn-iii,0 this- Impoitant sttp in
the pacification of the eountiv, Oeneial
lUneArthur 01 tiers- the lelease, on
-weaiing allegiance to the United
States, of one thousand Insuigent pws
oiiois, Good Eftects Expected.
"Washington, April tn Tt is belieel
by the administiallon that the mani
festo of Aguinaldo will have a decid
edly good etiect, both in the Philippines
and in this countiy. It will take somo
time lor its dissemination among the
riltplnijs, but it is expected do he 'of
lonsldeiablo set vice and to make mote
l.'pltl the Improvement in the .situation
which .set in some time ago and has
become ftilte inatked of late, Kspeelai
giatiticatlon is tell ut the uniosmved
tone of the document and the full ac
ceptance It indicates of American utle.
This it is telt will hi ing to the suppoit
of the government many Filipinos who,
whllr wishing 1or peace, have hesi
tated to assist the Tali commission,
In this countiy it is expected to re
duce the uitielsiii of tint adniinlstra
tlon and to cause le.,s discussion of the
geneial polhy of the in the is.
lands and moie consldmatlon of the
important mutter oi the bet adminis
tration to evolve for their government
It Is to tills wo ik Unit llio Tuft com
mission if. now bending nil Its- enei
gles. AguiPiihlo, now ho has ac
cepted American soveiojgnty, probably
will he given consideiably mote liber
ty than he 1ms enjoyed hltheito. His
services will lie used as inr us possi
ble in the pacification of the island".
Tr.e extent, how over, to which ho will
be permitted his fioodoni Is (or (len
eral aiueArthur to deleimhie, with tho
assistance of the Taft commission for
the action of the government me Vii
lest largely on the viows held by Jir
irpiesenlatlvcs In the Philippines,
Coincident with the Issue or the
manifesto at Manila, Seetotuiy fioot
made public tho topy leeched tinni
General MdvAilhur, This mine to hand
on the 10th of April and dltfeis slightly
in phraseology tiom that made puhlle
In Manila, Oeneial MncAithur In
fomied the dtpaitiuent nt that lime
that the manifesto hud been lueputed
by AkuIiuIiIo with tho assistance only
nf the two staff otliiois who weio with
him at the time ho was captuiod. Scc
jetaiy Hoot declined to be interviewed
on tho subject of the manifesto, fuither
than to say that It wus dlgnllled In
tone and admirably constt noted.
An Oat Meal Trust Next.
Bj Inclusive Wire (rem Tl o Associated Preu
Alroii. O., April 3D. 'flic contuimnatiou ot ho
pivjfrt to ioiLM)lidatc all the inOtiienddit ui.Ml
liluiils of ihi? country 1$ now auml. The
Miriam luopcrtlis. tcu in iiumlxr, will be turned
oicT to llie ( Wfoteiii rercil loinpjny at
Iblueo m.M 'liun.'.y. 'Iliu mn ompjiiy will
lumpcte wlllj Hit mvrUiu t.ical ompanj,
bfltcr Luo.n til (lie ''Ojlu ejl Iiu.l "
The Philadelphia National Base Ball
Club Tiles to Restrain Baseman.
H.i llwlttihe Who limn 'Ihe Anctilr.l t'icv.
Plilladeiphla, Apiil lie Setoml Uase
mati Is'upoleon iujoie, thiough ills at
torney, today filed Ills answer In the
common pleas" court to the suit of the
Philadelphia National league base ball
club to lestraln hlui limit playing with
the local Ameilcan league club.
in tile answer Lttjole says that it Is
true that on Apill JS. 1U00, he signed a.
conttael with the plaintiff lo ttlinlsh
his services us a base ball player for
the season of 1M0O, but that he is un
able to state whether the contiact, a
copy of which is anneved to the plain
tiffs iilll as exhibit "A," Is the actual
contract which he signed,
llc further stales that he insisted
upon lerelvlng a sitlaty ot $3,000 for
lust season, and that lie was ofl'eied
W.600, which Manager Shettsllne Mid
was the highest salatv the Philadel
phia i lub would pay season, He
had no opportunity to find this out
until alter signing the contract, when
he learned that Fltst Haseman Dele
hanty's salary was $3,000, which ten
dered Manager Shettslin's statement
lalte and untitle. In the month of
.Tnntuiiy, 1001, he (Lajoie) was offeied
the difference between his" and Dele
hanty's salary, vi., .400, providing he
would sign a contract to play for tho
Philadelphia ball club tills year and at
their option thiougliout three seasons
thei eaf ter.
In conclusion, Lajoie eniphuttcally
denies that he was induced and per
sauded by his co-defendants, Piesldent
Renjjinin F. Slilfe, Manager Connie
Mack and Frank Xi. Hough, to sign
with them, either on their own behalf
as co-partners or on 'behalf of the
Philadelphia Ameilcan league base ball
club tor the cm rent season and lie
asks that all the facts alleged bv Col
onel Roheits on behalf of the league
club be pioved by testimony.
Will Consist of an Engine and Seven
Cais One of the Finest Trains
on the Tracks.
By Exclusive Wire fioni Thr Associated Picn
Washington. Apill 19. The composi
tion of the special train, upon which
the presidentvand his party will make
the ten thousand mile trip to the Pa
cific coast and lctiiin, has been deter
mined. It will consist of an engine and
seven cars. The combination baggage
and smoking car "Atlantic," the dining
car "St. James," two compartment
cars, each witli seven staterooms and
two eli aw ing looms, the "Omena" and
tho "Diana," two twelve section dtaw
Ing loom sleepeis, Uie "Pelion" and
"rharmion" and the privatecar "Olym
p'ia," which will be occupied by Piesl
dent and Mis. McKinley.
Tho Olmypia will be used only on
tho tiip out. The letuin will be made
in the pilxate car "Campania." It
will be one of the finest trains ever
put upon a r.iilioad trne. Tho Olmy
pia, in which the president wjll go
west, has been used bv him on several
occasions. Tt is seventy feet long, has
five private looms and one sola .ste
tion. Two of the rooms contain lnass
beds, huge minors, wardtobes and ev
eiy convenient o. The dining and ob
servation room is located at the lear
o the ear. It is sKteen feet long and
has an extension table and contains
two cabinets. It is finished in ei mil
lion. Tlie private rooms are in maple,
mahogany anil koko, and the kitchen
In Jhigllsh oak, The ear is lighted
Avlthigus ami equipped with steam
heat. Tho Campania Is almost a coun
teip.ut of the Olympla, except that It
contains a pallor In which is a side
boaid, an olgan and a wilting desk,
The compa; tnicnt cats in which tho
lretubota ot the cabinet and their wives
and other guests will linvcl, aie fin
ished In einii1lion, elaboiatejy carved,
and tho tooms ate painted in ivory and
gold. The fellings aie beautifully de
corated and the upholsteiy and di aper
ies aie in hatmony with the geneial
color scheme. The combined baggage
nnrl smoking car is iltted up with a
barber shop, bath loom, willing cahl
i.els and a llbinry.
Chniged with Being' nn Accessoiy
Befoie the Fact in Goebel Minder,
)l, l!iuiua W' Iiom 'the -Muiiiii 1'ir-k
frankfoit, Ky,, April 19. The (lisp of
f'nplnln Gatiiott D. I'.lpley, the foitner
militia oillcer eliaiged with being an
iicces'-oiy befoie the fact in the Goe
bel assassination, is now in tho hands
of the juiy. J, T. O'Neal made the
closing aiguinont for the defense to
day unci was followed by Piosecuting
Attorney T'lanklln. The crowd In 'at
tendance during tho closing ntgttments
taxed tho capacity of the huge couit
toom to Its full limit.
Mi. O'Neal, for the defense, aigued
thot Itlpley's gieatesl trlme was talk
ing too much, and that by tiying to
mulso himself over-important ho had
placed himself under suspicion; but
that when the evidence was sifted
theie was nothing connecting him with
the cunspliacy,
Mr, Fianklln, for the pioseeution,
dwelt on the (uut that the defendant
atrived note Januaty Hi, the date on
which tlui assassination, he claimed,
was decieed, and that he was not heio
Jauuaiy 29, at tho time Poweis gave
Youtsey the key to the secietuiy or
state's ollice. '
Judgo Cantilll oideied the jury not
to consider the case tonight, but to
take It up In the juty room tomorrow
No Foreign Meats for British Troops.
B Exclusive Wire from Tin Aisocijted press.
bondoii, April l1). asvicrlng: a question in the
licittc at toinmoiw toiljv (lie linimUl trcioljry
of the var otllcc, ford blanley conllriiicif th.)
report tlut all tho coutiaUg now nuilc cccluileil
the miiplyln,; of furelKM meati Ir) tb n.iit
all I loop, in the Tutted. Kingdoa.
In Consequence ol Iiiidci1.iI Decree
Troops Must Leave Terrltoru
Under Foreion Protection.
Prnnco-Geimnn Expedition Aban
doned in Consequence Von Wnl
dersee Distributes Guns Captuied.
Austria to Take land at Tien
Tsln for Consulate The Claim o
France Against China Amounts to
Bj r.viiKbe Wiie fioin The Avoi inlcd l'ii
Pekin, Thuisday, April IS. In conse
quence of strong repicsentations to the
Chinese goveinment, an impeilal de
cree, dated Tuesday, April 16. has been
issued ot del ing the Chinese tioops at
How-al-Laf (Hual-IjU?) to immediately
remove outride the great wall.
London, April 19. In a dispatch liotn
Paris it Is s.iid that in consequence of
the impel lal decree oidering the Chi
nese troops to leave the teuitoiy con
sidered under the piotectlon of the al
lied forces, the Franco-German expedi
tion has been abandoned).
France will soon withdraw ten thous
and troops from China.
Vienna. April 19. In the lelclisialh
today, tho premier, Dr. Koerber, lepiy
tng to an interpellation, said tne in
creasing commercial inteiest of China
necessitated the establishment ot an
Austrian consulate at Tien-Tsin. A fJte
for the consulate had therefote been
taken and payment foi it to China
was reserved for the future settlement.
Washington, April 19. An order ot
Count Waldersee distributing1 the guns
captured at Shan-Hai-Kwan. China,
was made public at the war depait
ment today. As the American forces
did not participate in the movement
against that place, none of the guns
were awarded lo the United States.
The distribution was as follows:
Germany, two 12-oentimetie and
three 21-contlmetre TCiupp.
Kngiand, four S-eentimetie Kiupp
and one l."-centimetre Armstiong.
Austna, four S-centlmette and one-12-centlmette
and one 21-rontlmetre
France, four 15-centimelio Kiupp
and one l."-cent1metie Armstrong.
Japan, lour lii-eentlmetie and one
21-centimetre ICrupp.
Italy, two S-centimetic and four 9
centimette Kiupp and one l"-centi-
mette Armstiong.
Kussia, two 12-tentlnietie and tin co
21 -centimetre Kiupp
Announcement Is Made That Six
Colleges Will Be Represented.
By Inclusive Wuc bom The Asmx'uiciI rn-
Poughkeepsle, X. Y April 19. The
Highland Amateur Hawing associa
tion held a meeting lioie this niter
noon on the subject of Ihe Inleicolle
giate boat lares, to be held on the
Hudson July 2.
Announcement was made that st:
colleges will be represented in the unl
veilty race Cornell, Pennsylvania,
and Columbia, the original membeis ot
the Intel collegiate association, and
Wisconsin, Georgetown and Syiacuso
tin! veil sites, oa invitation. This will
be the first year Syracuse has entered
a i lew. The 'v.usily and ficshiuen
tates will take place between l and u
o'clock, ebb tide. The single scull and
four-oared races will be lowed In Ihe
By Txclmhe Whf (rem The Aiuitnl rrs.
BiocUon, 3Ia's., Apill in, 'the hce cit) oval
blr.vcle track cpcneil todiv, 'the puixlpd cvint
was i 2i mile motor paid race, l'l ink Ilutlcr
beini? fiibMlhiteil fur "it llutlci ajulit llauy
raMvvell, Xit hullei had been inhibit li mx
rniwlalul by the llie.v rlo Hiilois' union In time
Crunk ua not in toiidlllim und (Jkhvill did
not lave tn ew it lihiHelf. fjlilvvell' lime u.n
Jl:l!, Iliilkr l.nMilns one nnl, 1T"i ,vanU lie.
lilnd iilin
' i
Caft'tey Bieaks Recoul.
By Kulutive wire fioni 'llie Moi!sted l'ies.
Pii-tnn, Apill fn.-lulai .T. ( iffiey. ot the t.
I'ltrbk Aliiletie nvticiilinii, lliinlllon, Out.,
won thi Mtuthon ion) i,it(i (.' milm) fioni.
lilund to lloston tod iv, bicakhiK the conrMi
li'urd lit Id I iv Idin, niadn In 1 1st eaiV i.ue,
CsAwyN pievlom moid w-i two houi, flilrly.
nfl.o ndinilei and foilvdour Kocond. (laflie)'s
time in (ddij's iaro vvai Iwo hoim, twcnlj'two
minuter, twinlydtiree and tnufidln seconds,
i.icn mlmitri, twentr and thlie-lUtlu: b.'randj
liottei Dun 1.V-.L ,vcji' moid Willi un )avi,
o Hamilton, was foc'ind
Hoise Trainer Killed,
ft r,eliiIve Whe from The As.ocialcd I'tc"
I eslnston, Ky., p 10 Owen Diadlej, a
imminent trainer m el onuti of funoiu lacu
lioiae-u, wa. vlif t at.d kilhd hy William Nicholas
foiUv, Holli aie ,of piomlnent fan.illes I In
i.iii'.e ii a lend if Ions ljndlnir
Big Smelter Binned.
C.v KYcludic Wire from 'Ihe Aoclatid l'ir
Butte, Jlont,, Apill 10 fire at the llinu
Sieelter todav caiiiil low;, citimaled at 5JO0
IM. The boilei, matte, sanipliiij; and engine
loonu wcie entirely de-.uojed The iiniiuruc I3
about iHCO.000.
Killed in a Collision.
By Fidmhe Wire from The Associated Prm.
MenipliU, April If. st. llein, a Jjrti-oU
lioite, owned by . L. iladli, a killed m a
collision villi another hor-o at Montgomery
Park today while eierci,in(f with Joekej t'oth
ran. IVhrjn m stunned by llio full, but not
wrioualy hurt, bt lkaii a valued at j.Wi.
List of Officers Who(Have Won Glovy
in the Soutlt African Campaign.
By lrlinle Wire (rem Tlio Avoclatrd Pre".
London, April 19. The list of officers
acroiilcit promollonfi and honots for
their service In South Africa prior to
Nov. 29, 1900, when Lord P.oberts gavo
up the command of the Ptltlsli forces
In South Airlca,slllls uj) sixteen pages
of the Gazette,
Loid Kitchener, Genorul Puller, Gen.
erul Fonestlor-Walker and General
While ate made Knights of the Grand
Cross of St. Michael's and St. George,
(leneial Kelly-Kenny, General Sir
Archibald Hunter, General Kitchener,
bi other of Lord Kitchener, and Gen
eral Lyltleton ate made lieutenant
geneials. General Pole-Cm ew, Gener
al French, Oeneral Ian Hamilton, Gen
eral Charles 1Z. Knox, General Sir Wil
liam Nicholson, General Atthur S.
Wynne, General Charles W. II. Dough
lass, General Smllh-Dorrien, Oeneral
F. W. Kitchener, the Hail of Dundon
ald. General Aitlnir Paget and General
Hitice Hamilton are niude malor gen
erals. doings oFfSi"
Bill Introduced Making' Loans Upon
Salary Security Unlawful Move
ment Against the "Growler.''
lb' Kvclmne SSne dour 'the Associated Piei
Il.urlnburg, Pa , April 49. A bill was
Inttoduecd in the house today "by Mr.
Hosaek, of Allegheny, prescribing the
manner In which the Fllnn neisonal
legistiaflon amendment to the consti
tution .shall be voted upon at the net
general cdectlon.
These bills weie also read In place:
Mr. lv'irkei, of Allesheny, amending the ict
ot .lime J"i, lSDJ, relative to the protection of
pei-ons unilile to eaie for their own property,
so .ih to eonfn lor.ciinent juiisdietion upon tl
oiphani' court, emble additional person to pet),
tion, .nUrsc the pawns of the guardim and
autlione the sile of the reil estate of the war.
Sir. Brown, of Clarion, providing that the
arnual t n: upon, the premiums of foreisn in
Miianeo eonipnn'C shall bo at tho into of 4 ppp
cent, upon Ihe grews premiunis of every cbaiacter
and flrseuplion received from business done in
I'eiHisvb inia nillun the entire calendar jeai prc
cedlnp:. . bill wn ilo liittodnced by Mr. Drown pro.
vidhiK tliaf n btonv fee of $1011 slull be pud
for enii cir, sleirnboat; or ves-.el, bolt oi birtrc
upon which liquor h sold oi fiirmslml in l'enn.
Mr. Hull, of Tliilidelplila, pioliibitm? hqunr
dcilcis fioni selling liquoi to temileh ti lc
t iken from tl.e levim-,
Mr. Yatc, of 1'iul.idelpliii. iniltinR if milivv.
fid to loan mom v i.hen the wemitj for the
nne k i falaiv or legulailv received remunen
tiou en finniture or ehitlc'3 of anj- description
tint slnll be permitlrd to reimin on the pnm
i'es or in the possesion ot owner it the rite
of InlfiPrr gieiter than si )ier cent, annually
and five per cenl. for collection.
Mi. Hill, nt Alleshenv, teculatinff (lie oile of
olenmiig'-.rmc. llie bill i? imihr to the Snj
der tneiine. cYeept th it il doe nut oonlun an
Injunrticn ihiie and pioiubit the coloiing of
oleo to imitate Irnttcr.
A number of senate bills passed sec
ond leading, alter which the house ad
journed until Monday evening at S
o'e loc k,
Ovei Seven Thousand People Wit
ness the Exhibition at Chtules
Kiver Paik.
By I'TcIiiiive Wiie from The Aoi latrd fie-e
Uoston, April If. In the opening bi
cycle races ot the .season at Charles
lllver paik, William Stinson, of Cam
bridge, defeated Johnnie Nelson by a
trifle over one lap, and Hobby Val
.thour, the southerner, by one and a
third miles, his time tor the twenty-five
miles being 10,31 i-4 .seconds. Theie
wei e present over 7,000 people, and one
or the finest exhibitions of pluck was
exhibited when Rtlnson, after having
lost tluce-i-iuu'tcis of a lap In the
loiirth mile, because of an accident to
his motor pace, continued gamely nnd
shortly nrtor he regained his pace
made up the distance he had lost. .Nel
son hail taken the lead over "Walthottr,
and after the latter Stinson went, clos
ing tho gap hotwoen them inoh by inch
until ho had passed him. II was not
until tlie seventeenth mile that Stinson
passeel Nelson, although he did not
succeed in getting far enough ahead of
tho Swede to lap him until the twenty
fourth mile, Stinson for the thst tlmo
defeated Nelson hi a race. 'Wnlthour
was tho tavotlte, but the cold weather
nppaieivtly had an 11 effect on him after
his Mci In wat mcr climate.
At :! o'clock this morning a fletoe.
file was raging on Main stieet, In
North Taylor. A three honso block
Kiwned by a Mrs, Williams, of Ptovi-
donce, was totally ne.siroyed and the
Odd Follows hall hud caught flie in
soveral places. Tho Williams house
was valued at $1,000, and the Odd Fol
lows' building at WOOD. Tlie onliro (he
flglitins force of Taylor was on the
Chinamen In Potatoes.
lb LAClushe Wiie fioni TlieAiaovIaled I'lfM.
PUt Wimp. V. V, pill l'i. A pu(y of nine
t hluiiiiiii wic laptuicd in .1 cir 01 potatoes at
llou-e's l'oiul, X V, tndji. The cai of pota
toes wa3 loidrd at Dmki, X V , ami wj-, shipped
to 'l.iiiihetu, V. II. 'iho riilnunieit were prob
abl.v seeicled In the cai it Burke, wlilcli ib
luJi Ihe Canada line, u innvenunt point loi
niiiglius them acrov
A Foituno Left to Missions.
Uj i:cludve Wire from The .Wotiilcd liel
I'iiiladflplila, Apiil ID. tinder the provbioin
of llie will of I.liJbeth Steele, who died ictently
Im entile) estate, amounting to $,Oi)ii,0eiO with
Iho evieptlon of JfHW.imO, vi ij bequeathed to the
boaul of trustees of tho 6)nod of the llet'oimed
Pictb.vtcriau tlnireli in North America, to be
evpinded in laii'in; out the woik ot foreign
mUilon in conueitlon with the ihuieh.
Pennsylvania Pensions.
By Etcludie Wire from The Associated Prc't.
W jMiingloii. April I'J. Pensions of W a month
have been 'lOJitiii to WillUin :re, of Alden
station, I ,u.(i ne loumv, and leiiule FvhUbach
(uldow), of PlaliivvJIle, l.tiuis eoiuuv.
Arranaeinents for the State, War
and Navu Exhibits at Buffalo
Are Nearlu Completed.
The Hero of the Menimac Episode
Will Be Connected with the Navy
Departments Represented There.
Marines, Artillerymen nnd Infan
try Will Give Dally Exhibition
Drills All Bureaus Represented.
By I'rclmlve W'ne fiom The As-odatrd l'ies
Washington, April 1!). The .tr
langements for the exhibits of the
state, war and navy department at the
Ifuffalo exposition aie now practically
cr mplete and these three departments
have but little more piepaiation to
make befoie the opening of the blgr
fair on May 1.
Tlie navv's exhibit promises well, on
account of a number of new featur
connected with it. Probably ttho most
inteiesting will be the piesoncc at Buf
falo during the exposition of Naval
Constt ttctor Richmond Pearson Hob
son, whose daring feat of sinking the
Mcrrimao during the Spanish-American
war, as well as his work of rais
ing the disabled Spanish vessels in
Manila harbor, has aroused great In
terest in him throughout the country.
Lieutenant Hobson recently was or
dered to the bureau ol construction and
repair for "special duty." It has been
the desire of those in charge of the
exjositlon to have this young heio of
our war with Spain connected with
the naval exhibit during the summer,
but Admiral Bowles, dblef construc
tion otlicQr, was loath to deplete his al
lcady small bureau force to allow Mr.
Hobson to go to Buffalo. However, he
has now yielded to the popular desire
nnd Mr. Hobson will bo connected with
the navy department's lepresentation
theie. Secretary Iong has authorized
the use of a company of marines, fully
equipped, who will sot up a camp at
the south end of the big government
Secretary TlooL also hos agieed to
send a company of coast artillery
about' sixty men who will set up a
camp neai the mat hies and give daily
exhibition drills. These twx organiz
ations will aim to present in the most
loalistic style the daily lound of work
of their lespectlve bianclies of the
Tlie exhibit of the state department
has been shipped and is now on the
gtound. All th" buieaus of the de
partment will be lepiesented in some
manner, and theie will lie seveial
piomlnent t entities.
An Effort Made to Piotect Innocent
People fiopi Long Range Bullets.
By lAclusive W'nv trom flic A-nocuted Press
Columbus, O., April 19 Adiutant
Oeneral Ovger has decided to supply
tlie Ohio militia -with e artridges loaded
w 1th shot, instead of bullets, to be used
when the tioops are called out for riot
duty. Thp shot aie put into tlie shell
in a elide, with eight or ten in the ex
act center.
JXpeiimeuts show that the center
shot goes sttaight to the mark, wliilo
those In the ciiclo scatter. Oeneral Oy
ger says the new shells ate jeaionably
effective at sbott lanee and will not
Mil Innocent people nt a great distance
iiom the rioting, as is often the case
wlune cattridges loaded with balls are
Several Houses Demolished John
Peteis Fatally Injured Forest
Trees Tom Up by tlie Roots.
B Kveliive 'Vne bom The AiocIaled Prej
Mlama. Fla April IX The, hamlet of
TUscuyne, seven miles north of here,
was stiutlc by a tornado this morning,
seveial houses weie demolished, John
Peteis was fatally iujuied and Wil
liam Cook seveiely hurt. Po.tei.s Is a
pt ospomiiH vegetable fanner. His
liousQ was completely demolished.
Mr. Peters' head Is badly crushed
and his body was pierced by several
pieces of wood, Mr. Cook was thrown
fifty feel and painfully Injured, Tho
tornado is thought to bo local, Kvery
forest tree In Its path in this vicinity
wns totn up by tho roots,
Bj exclusive W'lie from Tho Associated preM
Jvriv Voik, Apnl 10. George Coppell, wninr
partner of tho Ann of Miltlind, Copptll k Co.,
picident of tho Wiicomln fVutial Rallitwi'
company and a financier prominent in many tail,
load and other roipnutioin, died todir at his
home In tld city. Up v i ,i je.irs old.
Ashcville, X. C Apill l'i.-ruloncl A. 11,
into, of the linn of , II. Ilelo iV. i4l piopn.
dor ot the palla-, (l'ai.) evv aid the Ual.
vctoii 0'ea) Ncvvi., died hero todav, Colontl
llelo vvai a ili-tiriguUlied offuir ill the Confeder.
utii arm, lie wa badly wounded dining the
war and bad never fully recovered. He i
foimeiiy Ic piesldent ot the A;ot!jtcd Prm.
Philadelphia. April l9.-r'v Judge William HcK.
Willi jniion, ot liuntiiiRilou counly, died at the
heme of hi son. Captain Oeor.'o HcK. Wil
IIjiiuoii, command inl of the schu'lkill amenal,
Hits cii.v, last night, Mi, W'illianKon served
a term in tho btate tnialo and ai the appointee
of Governor llatinai vvai nx lnonlhi. pieiidrnt
judge- ot llio court of Huntingdon and Mittliu
count IciS
New oik, prll 19.' llonet.t lorn" 'amp'-iii,
delcttive, ainiy veteran ami lite iver, died to
day at Mount Vunun. .. Captain Sampson
bad ilcen liiedalj for meritorioui j.eniie, a
in inliLi of them loi i.iv )n- life, one beiug and
ed to Mm by congicfe. He aided In the arrr-1
of Mis. huiratt, MUs I'lttpalrick, Vdvvard Pajno
aud )r. f-amuel Cot, who wcia chanced with
being implicated in tho plat to avv-wliuto PrcU
dent fdiKoln. Captain sjmibon was bom in
lliiijlaiid iu IS.!,
Weather Indication Taday :
1 Oeneral Aguliialdu's Addtc-M to I'lllplnoi,
Kiiroiyiii Alliance Afalnt Atnrrlra.
Attaint In China,
liovemuietit IMilblt at ItufTalii.
2 ( t'arbonelalo Pepailment.
3 Oeneral In tins f.and of rivvveia, "
i Kdllorlal. V
Xnte nnd Comment. ( ,
f. Local oclat and t'eroonal.
One Woman's Views.
Scientific HaUd.
6 T.oeal Amilverjar.v of lltatiie f.udje, Knlgiiln
of Pl1lll.
(,'olp of the (.lyid-nicii,
Silk Strikers tlcfihe Pavls' Ullei.
7 l.ocul-IIoanl of Control Will Re dike In
Last XIkIiI's flonlln; Mitelin.
'Piolley Car Meeting-.
Local W'eit scranton and siiliuiban.
9 Ocnenl Xortlitwlem Penrnjl'-mla and C'ouimeielal.
JO Moiv Winner of the Second Pii.e In Tlie
I ribiiiie't. ""hort sloiv Contol.
It I.ocil llelisioU'i Xevvs ot the Week.
Sunday School Lesson loi 'lomoriovv
12 Local Court Proceeding.
Newt In the World of Lilior.
Recorder Moir Explains His Position
with Beference to the Matter.
Other Side of It.
A question that Is Just now ei eating
much discussion and comment in city
hall Is, shall the city wait ants in the
future be drawn in the city eletk's
office ot in the recorders oflice?
liver since 188fi all warrants on llie
city tieasmy have been diavvn and
signed by tlie city cletk and issued
from his office. Tlie ripper bill under
which this city is now operating pro
vides that all wai rants shall be signed
by the recorder but makes no piovisiou
as to who shall eft Aw or Issue them
to the persons entitled to leceive them.
Itecorder Moir while he says that he
has not yet atrived at anv definite ton
elusion nevertheless piactlcally ad
mits that he will not sign any war
lants diavvn by the tilty clerk. The
councllmanic friends of City Cleik Ia
velle who do not like to see htm strip
ped of any of the functlonn of the office,
which he has tilled so long ami so well,
maintain that the lecorder cannot
take upon hismself the power to dtaw
anil issue warrants until the resolution
passed in 18S.1" conferring that power
on Mr. L.avelle 1s repealed. This icso
lutiou tends as follows: N
II ii lieiebv icaolved bv- the jdect. council of
Ihe city of Scimtoli, the (ouiiiiou council ion
eiitiinpr. from and aflei (he p.i--ji;t of IV-i-,
ifiolution n(y wai rank, idi ill be prepared, xigned
and iiuvicd bj Ihe i ity clerk and connteriigned
by the city oontmllt i .
T3x-Clly Solicitor Vosbtug is autlior
ity for the statement that all tesolu
tions and ordinances passed while
Scranton was a city of the thiid elass,
lomain in foree and binding. Of eomse
tliat pot tion of the lesolutton which
ptovides that the city cleik shall sign
the wataiuts is inconsistent with the
rippei bill but il is held by Mr. T.avelle
that the tost of Ihe lesolution stands
as law until repealed by resolution,
Itecorder Moir when seen yestetd.iv
afternoon by a Tribune man and asked
lor an expireisou of opinion on the
subject said:
"1 want It undeistood thai ibeie Is
no peisonal feeling in rav contention
that the dtawing and issuing of
tants should be done In my oflice. r
have no elesiie to strip anybody ol any
duties. 1 shnplv feel that if r am to
sign the vvairants as ptovided In the
ripper bill they should be eiiawu in
my office and thoioiiRhly sciulhiiied
either by mjself oi bv a clerk whom
f can hold dliectly it sponsible.
"If I attach my slgnatute to a war
rant and it is dlseovered that It was
diavvn for too laiee an amount II is 1
and not tho person who diow it who
will be held tesponslble, I umnotsnylut;
that the warrants could not be piop
eily or correctly drawn outside of my
oflice, but 1 do say that mistakes nilglu
occur and that it is not loasonable to
ask mo to bo sponsible for what
somebody else docs.
" am under heoy bonds to the city
for the proper and faithful peifoitn
ancp of the duties of my oftlce and
shall not consent to being held lespon
olble for something I would h.ue no
Knowledge of,"
- i i -
Steamship Airivals.
lly l,(liila Wile flow The V-uilitcrt Pk
Kevv Vork, prll in, rnved: Xomidie,
ctpool. Cleaied: aderlaud, Soutliamptou;
Campaula, l.lveipoolj KaUilu Maiia 'llierii.ii,
llrenien la Southampton ami Clmboiiri; As
tenia, (il.tfovv; Ain.-ti'rdjin, flotleidahi via
llouloi-ne; Phoenicia, llauibun,, Clieiboins
Ailiiuli AiigiHe Vlcloiia, NVvv oiL tot Ham.
lima;. Silled: Columbia, lliiiiburs lor New
oik, liviipool Ariived: flennanli, fiom New
ork, Uinvvheid Pai.-d- fieoiisie, Vne V'k
fot Liverpool, (lenoi AtllM'di 'Irave, Sew Yoik
via r.lhr.ltar and Niples. Pi ml" Point P,iid.
Illllgalia, Vew ork for HanibuiR, I'le ot
Wight Passed- I'olfdim, Itolterdjm wi v
Geneial Buttevfield's Condition.
By llxiliKhe "Vim from 'Hie AwoiUted Piew
evy Voik, April in. It was wid at tho ie.
deneo of tienei.d Jlnttulield Inday llut bis urn
did' u vvai nmeli iinpiovd
At Hdsltn - II H I'
New York , . n 0 il 0 0 0 U 0 0 J t 2
Uoatou 1)1)11 'Oililv-T 14 J
llatteiiei.-la.vlor and nowciniaii, NicIioIb and
hittridae. t'mpire-O'Pav
t lliookljn ft II II,
Philjiiilphla , .OH 001000 1-J t 0
lirookl-n ... .0 1 2 100 - X-1Q ti 0
llatteriei Townvend and nought; iliCanti
and Mcfiiilie. I'nipiie (olpan
At SI louii- It H i:.
Chicago .. 0 0041 .", 0 u 0-S IT 1
t.1, Louis . . 2 0 0 ' 2 I) I O 0-7 li I
Hattcriea Taj lor and Kilns; Howell, Nieholj
and Itjan, Umpire Kmle
At Woiitr (exhibition gainejl Woieester,
10! S-racuro. 0. Worccci, 0, Providence, 4,
Ri'itrn, 1; Holy ( io, 3,
Admiral Ganevaro Thinks an nili-
aiiGc flaainst flmerif.a, Asia and,
ftlrica Mau Be Necessaru
The Annoyance of the Poweis Is Due
to Conviction Tiiat Competition
with America Is Nearly Impossi
' We, Her Wealth and Energy Belnp
Too Gieat America Willing- to
Take the Philippines but Unwill
ing That Any Other Oovernmenf
Should Control China.
lb l.Mlu'be Who fiom flic Woiiitcd 1're-a.
London. April ID The Speotator to
moirow will discuss "The Continent
and Anieiica," Liking as a te.t a por
tion ot an Intel lew with Admiral
Count Caneato, at Toulon, which the
Spectator believes lias not attracted,
thp attention It deserves. f
Admhal Cancvaio In concluding' hli
ntterane'e teg.ndlng the triple and dual
alliances having given Europe thiity
years of peace, said:
"This fact, would, peiliaps, lead Ku
lopean nations to consider tlie possi
bility and necessitv of uniting against
America, Africa and Asia, as the fu
tuto of clvilis-ation will icquire itiem
to d6."
The Spectatoi does not consider this
the nash outburst en the "man in tlie
stieet," for Admit al Canevato has been
Italian minister of foreign' affairs.
"His, utterance." the Spectator will
say, "coi responds exactly with that ot
Count Coluchowski (Austro-Huiigar-ian
foreign minister) and with alt the
lecent trend of affnlts. The annoyance)
of the continent with America, which
is veiy deep, is based upon three rea
sons, the first being the dread, or rath
er the conviction, that competition
with America is neatly Impossible, her
wealth aim eneigy being too great.
Both aie employed, the Spectator
thinks, to monopolize trade and so to
contiol in the end all the wealth of
the world, an idea not without advo
cates even among ourselves."
The Giant Tiusts.
Tlie Spectator mentions tlie giant
trusts and protection and refeis to thn
Ameiiean as "not scrupling to com
mence ti!ck and severe reptlsal If Eu
ropean governments fence them off
with tariffs."
"Second reason," llie article will sav,
"Is that Am'Mica is sadly in the way in
As!.-. Tlie whole action of the Wash
ington government In the Chinese mud
dle points to the conclusion, that al
though the Americans took the Philip
pines, they are not willing do see anv
but native poweis in contiol of the.
richest countries in Asia.
"The third le.ason ts America's al
titude In South America. She will
neither take it not 11 anj body else.
"The total icstut is a bitter dislike of
America, mixed with clieacl. Our oh-1ec-t
N onlv to awaken the Ihiropeans
1 1 om ,n Illusion, to Induce the-ni to iu
eie.ise their Meet and to peisuaile them
to think steadily mil what they aiu
dolus. They nuiv lelv upon il that tlr
(oiillnent will lose nothing by want
oi plannlnc,, and that, when the alli
ance against America ol which Ad
mhal CaiU'vaio talks is iransmuted
Into facts, i will be mil ginwn and fill'
armed" .
Fieshets Which Bendei Many ram-
ilies Homeless.
B,i I'vtlushc Wiie from 'Ihe ".s.ociated Prr-it. Ky.. April l!". A heavy
low stotm lins been laghig thiough
out Knslern Kentucky since noon to
day and Is still falling tonight. Two
das of heavy lain pi reeded tlie snow
stoim and In ought on neshets In Pow
ell's vallov, which lendmed twenty
tamllies homeless in that section.
As soon as the water lecetles they
vlll be abln to letuiu to their homes,
Theie is two inches of mow In Yellow
Creek valley, anil It Is a half loot deei
on the mountains.
The Miners Aie Refused a Demand
of lOPerCent. for Difficult Work.
Br K-cihuthi Wire fiom The Associated Picsi.
Wllkes-lhine, April lit. Tlio mlneii
at the Stevens colliery, Plttstou, de
manded 10 per cent, tnctease in wagen
for a illllleult piece of woik In a gang
way. The demand was T-jfused and all
hands, some 20 In nuuiber, struck,
Tho flvo hundred mltieis employed at
the Hany H. cnlllcuy of the Temple
Iron rompany, who went out on stilkn
last Tuesday, totuitied to woik today.
The (onipany made no concessions.
F eight Train Collision. "
Pi Litcliuiie Who fiom 'llie Woilated P(fi
Cunibeiland, W , Apill l'. V bud on col
slou ot fulfill tialus iiiuiitd todiy at CioU'
Villi., on the Pittbui' divUion of tlm Baltlmoin
diid Ohio. A liunihei of box e n and steel hop.
pers who piled up, but. the heat- ensrinei jifld
llie tracl; and weie but littlo damaged. An
ui-knowu inloied man ma killid
Ant-Scalpeis Bill Passed. '
ll l.xilu'iva Wiie iroiit 'the Associated Pie,.
Albanv, Apiil l1). 'llio antl-ialpern bill iui
pacd both linnclic-s ol the ftate leRUlatuie. lc
nuku the- bulu' and i-elllni' of nllu-av ir
trimboat tlcketi. In olbei than ralbva- or
steamboat computus or Ibeii aseuu unlawful.
f 4
- Wiahnigloii, Spill JO. r'oifcat foi Sat. 4
f urdav and Su.ida-: I'-e-toni PennvlvanU 4
4 - Ham .Saturdav, nmtbeaslerl.), i-liittliif
f- tv nortlivrteil) alM. Sundiy, (ur 4
4 and vvaimei