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House Passes Bill Prohibitum the
Use ot Boraelr. field for
Will Be Bead for the Eitst Time To
day The Measure Appropriates
5,000,000 for Completion of tho
Buildings Harrison Bill Prohibit
ing' the Coloring of Pure Butter Is
Indefinitely Postponed The Meat
' Inspecting Bill Also Postponed.
H Kielmhc SViip from The A.-oclilcd PrcJ.
Ilarrlsbiug, I'a., aprll IS. These Mils
were lntiodticcd in the senate today:
Hi Mi. Miller, of tiiiiilinUiiJ PioiMjiig for
h piiilftlioii of tirivj. kIiiuIh anil plant and
tne MmU bcariiis pioilucU cgalii't de
.nuilit" di-ei-n ami lu-ect..
Hi i. lam-inn, ot Lackawanna l'cKlilitln;;
M11 In 11 nf -cliwl taxes In the cities boiourfhs
III il toWTt-Ilil'-.
Mi Mr. Willi r, ol llrrlfoiil HeiruIatliiB trails
1 -i t r fioni liir pajininl of tlio puti li.uo money
11 linl by oiii- pir-nn ami the tal.ins oi tin:
bjil title in 11 name of another.
These bills passed finally:
llou-r lull nYlinlnc ami puiiMline; the
.1 uliiui; cr adniiiihtirlnir diup, narcotics or
iiiuctlii'liu .'.wilts to ppinoih liy tiii.vUig- the
lino with any food or drink with felonious
1 mil.
Ilou-c Mil punhlinir for a pen-ion of twelve
ilollaij jx-i niontli for 1'. U Drasinirioii, of War
1 . ii. u inembir of th'' National (iiiairj, who be
i hoc a liopelr-s invalid while In tcrvicc at the
lloini-stcul lioti,
IIou-c Mil amcndlna- an act legnnlliiff the cm-
iloii.iitit of uri-onon in j lil. to In certain
a.iN the piion shall be pim-itlcd tu
Hrirt the work of pri oners fo lip ilonp on the
irrit-. nt th.- ImhoiiIis where the prisoner lus
l"i II illlpll-OIKll.
iippleirtrtli'R an act pioiidinjr for the l.i"i
lu ilion ol township In' impo-insr u pen.ilty for
i.on pii mi nt of townMiip tnes in certain canci.
"'pe.iliic an uf- icouhius the on net a anil
renin of lanrl in I.ncl.awaiiiia lowmhip in Jiini.
al.i louniy to Keep anil ni.iiiit.iiii sufficient fences
aioiinil their em Iomiiif.
)!mi-o hill amendim; (ho act rrpnlatins (lip
ili' hi inlosiialinu: Illinois 'O as to nnthoiuc
In iiiNiiiui fiom any of the louniy or the
nullity tuiu oi sccmify company, oijranlcd
mule r tlir I ivif of thU stale or any other statu, to
mile th.- bonds rrrpiiird ami iKiw; the amount
theieof ami providing for the iilinpf anil approval
licKiiI.itim: the aj!eMiiPiif' ill second clas3
Illf- fo that the a.sfwir uinlir the. nuv chirtcr
.nt em talie up tin work ot their piedeee-jora
mi the bi-.Ni of tie ii-Kvinent of WOl.
iiiniiliim; an act iiajil.itini; boroughs by fpe-
ideally i J . .-i ti 1 1 . i ( i 1 1 tc who slull make apjillc.ition
lor a boromih pu-iioudy iucoi porated to become
Mibint In the u-tiiition.-. ami po-,c3 tho powers
.unl piivilcifcs contain by I lie act of 1S-M.
limine bill tneoiu.i;iiiK tin u-e of wiilc tiiej
upnii u.i(;fin upon the public liigrlrfl.i,ift ami pro
MilliiK pen.-ltici tor Hi iiulation.
Tlio f-omili pashcil a ooiu-ttviuiiL reso
lution iiruvblliiK' that ilien the senate
r.iljounis toilay it in- to meet uu Tiies
ilnv uiiji'iiiiifr, but the house refused to
fiinciii'. and, ji.s cm. body cannot ad
jiuirn I'm- nioi'p than three days without
thf cnnsciit of I he other house, Hie sen
ti adjourned until Monday nlplit al S
o'l lot h.
In the House.
In the honsi' today the Konnudy eapl.
ml bill was u-porled r'toiu etuntniitee
i-nd will be lend tin Hist time toiuor
tow. The bill ui'liruprlates $5,000,000.
for the I'oiniili'lliMi uf the capltol by
a i-uiuinlshliin cniniiosed of governor,
aiidltur Kcneral, .stute treasuri'i. presi
dent in tern, uf the senate and the
spitiher uf the Inmfci. The work Is to
In- dune by Jan. 1, lljOr., and the nppro
inlatii'ii Is to In! used to complete the
ciipllul. ostabllsli an cluelrlo plant and
Mipply all I lie furniture.
Tl"se bills passed llnull.s :
l'ioiiilln- lor the coiiiniiiialioii of niiinircj
fui,l;.iiiil lieh.llloi' u( I'omiltS ill pilMillj, penb
ti iitl.uli'- ami uniiity Jail.
I'm. IiIiiik' lor the iiliiinlln,- of the lav lullcctci
iiiuler the .ul of .piil II. lb!0, taiins blijcle
101 till' .OIKlllll Hull Of Mlllpjtlln allium lilyli- in lonhlp-.
I.i'i.iiii;; a iinlionu t.iv of oii Cint a saliva in
1'ioliilmliu' the .nlullii.itiou of coihiiickIjI
lmlilia; si nil
NiiiiiuliUi; tho inioialdl buttii act nf May I.
I''S tu pioiiih' tlut nothiii'," i eepl the wonlo
''iiiioi.ikil buttii" shill be pilnliil on the wi.ip
pus of null aitiilc.
A supplinient to the nil ot April .1. lj, ici-ii.
Iitini; lioiouslii to empower llm toipoiatc author.
till-, uf IioioiisIi-i (n lay out loot wall..., 'live
iiiditj, k u 1 1 i .-. uihvii- Mini iliaiu, nu'r .linl
ill on within Ih.iouIi.i abuttiii!; on ami alou,;
the siih oi uhlf, ol puhlli' innl cntluly Willi
out the boiouvli limila ami to ,i-.cs (lie pavln,,
m I'intr. anil KUltilili the waiue fii the ihmicio
of iiiljoinlnu lanili, w.n dcfi'ili'il,
'i'lip bill lo aiucinl the p, nal law. to allow the,
Jury in ij-h of iimriler in the him ilnrce to
(K the penalty .it lunjiiis or life itiipiisoinmiit.
Bills Introduced.
Mr. Iwpp, oi Allcsliini, liitiwIiiPi'il a bill .hi
I,ioiWii& tin.' Kinunor to appoint sm Ii iiiiuiher of
iu-pcitor (f sule... uil-;liii, .mil ine.'u.iun for
Ilka of tin" suuml iin a, may be ih'.-.ltuil
by the rcconlcr ul null iitld, who shall bo pihl
uiontlily out of llio illy liuul, aiul me for n
bun of four i'j, The bill applle-. mil' to
rillshmc, AHcluiii ami suainon.
'the tiablu bill ueatlns tin' oilUr ol meat
iii.prctni' ami pioiiiliug tm the in-pi. ilnu of
uiiat w.ii luUeliiiltily po.ipciicil,
'I he KariNm bill luoliiblllii;; the culoiin,; of
pine butter wa abo imlelliiltil po,t,poiui).
Bills Passed Finally.
Ire Jilunoii jitlmmy iliflloii lontiot bill.
Atni'inlini' the 'lit liiithorMi'K county itiniins
loiniii to rieit oi ipiuplitc and lualiililn a
monument at the county it ol racli county in
memory of Hi-- uhlicib uu! ailtii of t lie late
xuv to ."a tu ..uihoiizu the roiiiiiiluloneiii under
the si.nn' le'-ul.itloii. lo pay ticbU aluaily ecu.
naitetl for ami about Ihe ritttloii ami nijiii
li'iiamc of ikh a nioniiiiuiit am for nuil ileii1;
ami nulcrial tuiiiUIicd,
rioliibllli.jr the mc of boracio acIJ. salt tor.
atlc arid, salipjllc, uclil, sjlieyllo of sodi or
any other injurious cinpouml or imbttaiico for
the pir?nlair ol imat H.h or any artlclo ot
liunun food,
The order of business at, tho night
sis-Ion .of the house was sonutu bllla
on second leading. Ainotif, tho IiIIIh
passljjb- (IiIh .itiiea was a Joint resolu
tion opi'slng: an amenilment to tho
constitution to provide for personal
registration In cities.
Tliu hill tnahliiK hank ofllclals eli
gible to the olllce of notary public
was defeated.
Tho bill provdlnpr that any person
who has assumed tho tlllo of veteri
nary mirireon or uiialoROiw title ohall
bo admitted to rcRlHter us sueh and
to pay registration fee at any time,
prior to January J, 1002, hut not on or
after that day, mi Indefinitely post
poned. .Adjourned utilll o'clock tomorrow
Frederick Fisher Shoots His Sweet
heart and Then Commits Suicide.'
By I'.scluslie U'iic fioiu The Associated l'rcs".
Khulra, April IS. Uccuusc his par
ents objected to bis marriage to Anna.
I.lnberg, Prcdeilek J. Fisher shot his
sweetheart and himself last night.
They were found lying dead In the road
near the entrance to Hocks Olen park
early today. In Fisher's right band
was a revolver, two chambers of which
were empty. The following note, signed
by Fisher and Miss Llnberg. was found
on the person of the former: "Wo go
together and die happy." Fisher's .sig
nature was In a firm hand, while that
of the girl gave evidence of her excite
ment. Fisher was twenty-six years old, and
had been a guard at the state reforma
tory In this city since last. fall. II Ls
family objected to his engagement.
Alius Jjlnberg was a pretty Swede girl,
about twenty-one years of age.
Pat Sheedy Has Agreed to Act as In
termediary in the Case Believes
the Boy Was Stolen
for Revenge,
liy I'.M'liiMit Vine fioni The As-otiJlul l'lrn.
New York, April 18 Pat Sheedy,
who lias agreed to act as intermediary
between the kidnappers of Willie Me
Cormick and the JlcCormick family in
negotiations for the boys return made
a statement today in which he said:
"I believe I will be able lo recover
the MeCorniiek boy. T won't deal with
any one by letter. If anybody has in
formation concerning the boy's where
abouts be must come to me personally.
I can tell in five minutes whether the
informant Is telling the truth or a lie.
I am going to leave New York at O.rtO
tomorrow evening for Butfalo. am
Interested in,t4ie exposition and will bo
there all summer. Any one con find
me at the Irotiuois hotel there.
"My idea is that the boy never was
kidnapped for a ransom. I think lie
was taken out of revenge. I had Mr.
McCormick, the uncle of the boy, make
a searching investigation relative to
any trouble the boy's father or mother
may have had with any one. Jit this
way we found out about an Italian
who had a grudge against the boy.
"J don't think the police could object
to my action. There is certainly no
law to prevent the boy's uncle fiom
giving me $,"i,00O lo give for information
leading lo the boy's recovery.
"I'll give my word that the man who
gives ine Information shall not be
An Enterpiise Formed for the Fur
pose of Developing the Cav
alry Service.
lty ImUi-ixo Wne ti'oni 'the A uuaiiiil l'ii',
Trenton, April IS. Articles were Illed
here today incorporating the Cody Mil
itary College and International Acad
emy of Itotigh ltlders. The company
Is capitalized at $300,000 and is formed
to establish and maintain Institutions
for tho instruction in military science,
cavalry science, scouting and rough
The incorporator.-, .ue: William V.
Cody, of Wyoming; John Schuyler
Crosby :iud Cluule.s 11. Curley. of Mow
York; Mollis H. Cook, Newark, and
Edwin Y. Sumner, Washington,
Trees Uptooted and Much Damage
to Other Property,
liy i:ilii.ivp Win fiom Tho AtMicidli-il I'lii
Montgomery, Ala,, April IS, A heavy
slot in 'passed over Montgomery lasl
night. The wind's velocity readied
tltl i ty-foitr miles, While no serious
datnugo wns done In tho city, from
every ;celion of surrounding territory
reports come that trees wore uprooted
and oilier damage Indicted.
Communication wlth.Noilh Alabama
was suspended for many hours. No
lost, of llfo Is reported,
Expiess Companies Unite.
Hi Duliwii Wire fiom The .WiiLilcd 1'ie-i.
Xew YoiW, Apill JS.-b, C. Weir, president, of
tin Ailaim l'pirM company; Jame-i Cngo,
piisl.Kiil of tlm American Kvptt.-s company, ami
ri.iiu'it I..Mid SteUon hate beni ckcKi) ilirir
tori of llm United Slate.) I'..irenw cotiip.uiv.
ThW election o( Mrs.M, Will- ami Caico icin
liinii minor which baio lone; Ikiii prevalent in
Wall sheet of plant lor I In couuiimiily if in
liMoU amongst tho Iciilln-ar eifa couipariM.
Pottery StUke Settled.
By Kxrluilit Wire fiom The AsocUted Pirn.
bjucuv., N. V., Apill IS. Ci'encial Manager
1'jf, of 'the Onondaga, I'otleiy couipanj, lod-.y
accided to the diuuniU of llio 100 men am) 100
Blili who are on siilLe, restoiinff the nun')
w.-rid to the fciheJulo of (lo jfai-sago, a iaUo
of llopi 12V- to iM per lent., ami uillidiawing
His lulei 1'U'auliii'i dialling work which iu.
objutdl lo by tho li U,
Killed by a Detective.
11 i:ilutlrc Wire from Tho Associated I'ref.
'Irenlon, Apill If. Jojcph f;oiiiblosl.y, oliu
Joe Sinilh, of l'lillidclplda, i shot and Llllcd
tl.l, iilleiiioon by DtleilUe John J. Clancy, who
ua tijln- to arue-t lilm on a vaiTuut for bur
ulaiy. Comblonl.' starled to urn and Clancy
tliaed Mm. i'inally ilia ileleilhc pill led hU
letuhir and find. 'Ihe bullet lodged in (ioni.
blotky'i k' and an aitery nis tcrricd, raudoK
lilin to bleed to death.
ft Proposed Tariff to Meet Deficit
and Provide a Revenue.
Ho Proposes to Impose an Export
Duty on Coal Amounting to One
Shilling a Ton The Cost of the
Boer War Double That of the Great
Crimean War Conl Duty Will Ex
cite Opposition.
By rvclii'he Uln- fioin 'flip lV-.
London, April IS. Tho exceptional
interest taken In tills yenr's budget
statement was shown by the crowded
condition of the house of commons
when It reassembled Hilts afternoon,
Members wete unusually numerous,
while the appearance of the galleries
tcstilied lo the deep interest of the
public In the fresh taxation proposals
leqtiired to 'meet the expenditure for
lfiOl-liiO-'. That, according to parlia
mentary paper issued this afternoon
totals ls7.0'i,f)00, inclusive of war
clK.rges, an increase of f!2,90l,000 over
the expenditure of last year.
The chancellor of tho excherpter. Sir
Michael Hicks-Beach, rose .it 4.1S p.
m., amidst rounds of cheers, and be
gan lo read the budget statement. His
opening sentence was not promising.
"During the last five years," he said,
"we have been invailably able to con
gratulate the house on a general In
crease In the prospetity of the coun
try, but the year 1U00 especially the
last six months showed symptoms of
a change. Our foriegn trade during
the year considerably increased, but in
value rather than in volume. The In
crease was derived mainly from tho
high prices of certain articles, notably
coal. Thai, naturally, must have in
jured Important Industries, especially
railways. Nevertheless, the levenuo
for the last year showed no signs of
decrease, and tho exchequer receipts
showed a surplus of j;2,S6.,000 over the
He was bound to say. however, that
the excess was due lo forestahnent on
dutiable articles. Hut for that, his es
timates would have been barely real
ized. Much could be said for and
against forestahnent, but it was an
unmitigated nuisance lo financial sta
tisticians. The only points of the revenue which
he did not touch upon wore the excep
tional receipts, owing to the mint, to
silver coinage ami to telegraph ic
celpts, which compared very unfavor
ably with the expenditure.
Tho total leceipts -amounted to .CMO,
Otft.OOO and the expenditure to JClSS.rilii,
000, or which (13,000,000 was for the
war in Sou Ih Africa and 11000.000 for
The dcllclt, .";!,207,000, shocc-d that
they had paid 1.-.,llo,000 out of the iev
cnuo for tho cost of the -war. The total
amount provided by the state last year
aggregated the enormous sum of .Cl'JS,
?. 10,000.
"As to the national debt," said llio
chancellor of the exchequer, "il slands
In painful contrast with last year. But
the funded debt has decreased by 1,
4J5.000. On April 1 the national debt
stood at .COTS.COO.OOO an increase of
.m,000,000 on account of Ihe war."
Turning to the present year, the
chancellor said that the I otal 'estimat
ed expenditure was 17S,OOu,000. On
the existing basis it was estimated that
the revenue would bo iriL',2.M,00rt, leav
ing a delicti of about r.lo.OOO.OOO.
"How Is thlH deficit to be met','"
asked Sir Michael. "I will never be
responsible for the fatal policy of pay
ing the whole cost or the war out ot
loans', without putting1 a reasonable
amount on tho taxpayers of the day.
Plan to Tax Coal,
Iu iht; further cmuse of his state
ment, he said:
"My next proposal is a novel one, un
known in this country for forty-live
years. It is an export duty of a shill
ing a Ion on coal. In aiming to secure
a i avenue from coal, I am not sacrific
ing trade. Tho imposition ot' a shilling,
which Is Infinitely less than tho iluelit
atlons In price, will do no real Injury
to the coal trade, even supposing that
tho export of coal Is checked, t am
not sure that even that result will be
an evil. Fiom this sourco I expect B'.',
lOO.OnO, making an aggregate of 11,
000,000 from new taxation.
"My final balance sheet will he; From
taxation a. revenue of .CI22,'J0O,(iO0; fiom
nou-taxallon, 21,).iri1O0O; a total of
H3,255,00(, 1 ptoiiote to ledttco the
fcxpedltui-i by again suspending tho
.sinking fund to 182,002,000. This tihows
a deficit of i'DO.TOT.OOO, to which must
bo added l,2o0,00H for ihe ficsh debt
I have to 'borrow. 1 uiiisl ask tho house
lo give mo borrowing powers consider
ably In excess of ilils deficit of 11,.
000,000, hi order lo finance th. ex
chequer. I ask powers to boiroiv uu,
000,000 by means of consols.
"I think the house will see the war
has lu ought tin country to the verge
of ruin. (Opposition cheers gieeteii this
rental k.) This can no longer he con
sideieil. Tho small war has tost .CIM,
000,000, double the cost of the Cilmcau
war. There was 7,000,000 of tin- un
funded debt redeemable within the next
ton yeuivs, J have tried to put before
tho house a true accountof our tlnanies
for the present and iiuinedijte future,
n our time no chancellor of the ex
chequer has had so dlillculi u task and
none has had move Indulgent audi,
The liberals In the lobby declared
that tho budget proposals afford them
the best electioneering weapon they
have hud for twenty years. Onu liberal
figured out thut the war had eofct 1,.
000 for every Hoer killed.
Theie Is little doubt that In ralblng
new taxes Instead of Inci easing old
ones, Sir Michael 1 licks-Ueaeh has
courageously courted much hostility
and given the liberals un opportunity
to close their ranks and to uttack the
government on Us financial policy.
'.Many ministerialists are (Unsatisfied
because the government has failed to
grant differential treatment to tfee col
onics iu the sugar tax.
The coal duty, however, seems des
tined to ex'ite Ihe keenest opposition,
tt ha,s created consternation In Wales
and tho north of Knglaml. Tho north
count! y exporters to the continent ns
ncrl. Unit the duly will almost prevent
effective ooinpetlllo'i abroad with
Westphallan coal. In South Wales, It
Is urged that the duly will Injure tho
miners and materially assist tho
United yifites and Germany.
Mr. William Abraham, 1'mllcnl mem
ber for Glamorganshire, who Is presi
dent of tho Welsh Miners' Federa
tion, said, In tho course of an inter
view, that he was extremely surprised
at tho proposal of such a tax, adding:
"The ultimate result will probably
be the closing down of scores ot Welsh
collieries tint! the throwing of thous
ands out of employment. Such a tax
Is wrong lit principle and will inevit
ably cause the overthrow of tin gov
ernment." Tho shipping interests, which aie
very powerful lit the house of com
mons, are strongly opposed to the coal
duty. Altogether, although the gov
ernment organs have nothing but
puilse for the budget, they fain would
ndmlt that If the near future were to
btlng bye-elections, the results might
be unfavorable to the government.
A Change in Programme Has Been
Made President Will Touch the
Button at 1.30 P. M.
By l.eluhe Wirr fioni The Auociiletl Picm.
Buffalo, April 18. A change in the
ptogramme of the opening ceremonies
of the Pan-American exposition has
been announced, lue to the fact that
It will be necessary for President Mc
Kinley to touch the 'button which will
set the exposition machinery in mo
tion half an hour earlier than hereto
fore announced.
On May I at l.Srt p. m. f central time)
the president will be In Jackson. Miss.,
and at that hour (l.r.O p. m. Buffalo
time) he will touch 'the electric button
starling the machinery, and will also
send a message to the public through
the exposition officials.
Chief Wilkie Has Ample Pioof of
the Prisoner,
fly I'ilii4lre Who from Th" Asi-oiiafrd t'rem.
Washington, April IS. Chief Wilkie,
of the secret service, when Informed
that a Swedish physician in New York
had slated that the body of the sui
cide pi isoner was not that of .Tohn Al
bert Skoog, the famous counterfeiter,
said theie was no question as to
Skoog's identity.
The service has a full description of
Skoog and identified him by more than
twenty marks on his body. Beside. Mr.
Wilkie said the man admitted Unit he
was Skoog belore he died.
Skoog's sister, Mis. Gustav Carlson,
of Khnhiust, Ills., called at the morgue
tonight and positively identified the
body as that of her brother. She gave
oulei.s to an undertaker to prepare the
body for burial, which will take place
Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Scliaeffer Announces Dates.
By Inclusive Wire fiom Tlis A'-oelatcd i'res.
Tlarrisburg, April IS. Superintend
ent of Public Instruction Scliaeffer has
announced the following schedule of
examinations for the stole normal
schools during June:
West Chester, Tuesday 4; Mansfield,
Tuesday, 4; California, Tuesday, U;
Itloomsbnrg, Tuesday, 11; Slippery
Hock, Tuesday, 11; look Haven, Mon
day, 17; Shlpponsburg, Monday, 17;
Kutntown. Monday, 17; Millers ville,
Wednesday, 10; Indiana, Wednesday,
10; Stioudsburg, Wednesday, 19; Clar
ion, Tuesday, 2.1; Kdinboro, Tups
duy. 2.-i.
They Demond an Increase of $5 a
Month in Their Wages.
By Kvdiislvo Wire fiom 'flu f-sodatcd Pie..
Cleveland, April IS. A general stilke
ot all tho firemen and linesmen em
ployed on harbor tugs at Cloveland,
Conneaut, Kile, Ashtabula, Falrport,
Sandusky, Lorain, Hut on nd Toledo
has been ordered to begin at once. Tho
stiikers demand an advance of J.'i per
month. They now receive $30 per
rm.. ........ 1 1 ..!..... n,...... .
k inn ci i c-.ic nunc-.-, lowing company,
which practically operates all the lugs
tit tlio ports nameii, reiuseu to consider
tliu demands, and tho strike aider fol
lowed. It Is staled that altogether
nearly 1,000 men will bo dheclly af
fected. Schwartzkopf's Body Found,
fly i:clibho Wire fiom The Awoclattd I're-js.
Ilirlln. Apill IS. 'Un! body of (lin. ScliiuiitS'
l.opi, it .k ninioiiiiocil this evening in n ilac
pnldi iinm I'iKIii, b.n brill In tho into
of ll.o buiueil I'.il.K.. ''ln body of liU ilog' w.H
I ul found, ami it h -uppioi'd the u
cutiied llio palaie lo um.ui the ilojf. 'llm u
phion oi ImiiiilLii.iu Ii. not lii'im- out. It
H b. lie. id tlii' file OliUiulril in the pn liy
iie.,r Von WahUlKf'o Mli'licn.
To Form a New Political Baity,
liy CMla-li'i! Wlri fioin 'llm A omlatid l'ie..
Nee. Voil., Apill 13. A iuag meeting was held
In Ciiin'Me lull loiili'lit to foiiu a new- pollilcil
piltj to be ulled "Tho liiealcv Xim Vmk Jiein
in racy." 'Uu M pait.i h foinied lo IV'ht
T.iiiiinany hall. John 1 . hhriliaii. !, UUiy An-del-am,
I'eler II. Olm i and do., p. paly ,i.
union;; IIiom: pirfoirt who eljiicd tin tall KT
tin iiueiiinr. Alioul 'J,tm piople won put'ent.
Billiard Toiunameut.
II.' i:clutiiv Wire fiom 1 ho Aociitcd I'k-j.
Wellington, Apill 13.-. The thtic tUyf billlj.-d
pool tournament between Mind lie Oio, the
Cuban, ami 1'ia'ik Miennan, the Aniricaii, fur
tin woild'i, ihaiiipluiKhlp, ended tgutaiil iu a
htoiy for Pe Oio, who made a totil i ftO
p lull azaiiitt iu-i for hi. oppcut'in
The War Department Will Gut the
Bodu Down to 40,000 Men.
Decrease Warranted by Rapid Dis
integration of the Insurrection.
Rogiments There to Be Replaced
by Fresh. Troops No More Na
tive's Will Be Enlisted.
Ily l'iil'u.iL- Wire fiom Tliu .Woiialeil I'i-.
Washington, April IS. The favorable
icports from General MacArthur and
the Increasing surrenders of insur
gents have cajtsed the war depart
ment, to make the following important
decisions :
First That no more natives shall he
enlisted, either as regular soldiers or
Second That three legiments of In
fantry, the Fourteenth, Eighteenth
and Twenty-thhd; four batteries ot
what watt formerly the Fourth ar
tillery, and possibly a icglment of
cavalry, all of the iegular establish
ments, shall be brought horno when
the movement of the' volunteers shall
have ceased.
Third That irglinenls recruited at
huine stations shall be held at the
various posts In this country until by
tho outwaid movement of regiments
from Manila the number in the archi
pelago shall have been reduced to 10,
000. Thereafter regiments which have
had two or more year's service in the
ticpics will be replaced by fresh li-oops
from the TTnltod Slntn.s.
The plan has been decided upon by
Secretary Root, after many confer
ences with tho heads of bureaus. The
original, idea has been to hold BO.OOf)
soldiers in the Islands, but conditions
hirve improved so rapidly that It has
boen deeni'jd advisable to redure that
At present there nr several com
pcriies of Tagalogs and Macabehos en
listed as scouts, but the department
has always been doutful of their value,
even In this capacity. The army reor
ganization bill permits the extension
of that branch of the service, the legis
lation following' the lines of Great Brit
ain's policy In regard lo native East
Indian ttoops. Under the circum
stances, however. Secretary Root be
lieves such bodies are valueless and
The Survivors Elect Officers at
By EteliiMve Wire horn The Assoiiitrd Pr'si.
Reading, Apill IS. The suiv Ivors of
the flvo companies, known as the First
Defenders, who were the first to reach
Washington In response to Lincoln's
call for troops, forty yea is ago today,
held their annual reunion here this
evening:. A banquet and parade were
held. These oillcers wore elected;
President, Samuel Beard, Heading;
secretary, F. B. Bannan. Pottsville; as
sistant Thomas Hammer Heading;
treasurer, H. A. Eiscnbise, Chester.
Mr. Lodge Says Military Regime
Will Be Ended July 1.
fly i:Plii-iivi WIm from The. Afiiitil Pre".
Boston, April IS. Senator Henry C.
Lodge, chairman of tho Philippine
committee of the senate, said In an
interview today that the Philippines
would he turned over to the civil gov
ernment on July 1.
"The Philippine) nie ready for civil
coniiol and the war is about over," he
.said tersely.
Mr. Quay Guest of the Governor.
11 I'xrlinlro Wire from The Asocl.itrd lre.
IfnirUburir, April IB, Fen-ilor Quay I the
fiiest tonight of (iotirnor .SI onu at Ilia executive
inaii.iou. Mr. ((nay Mopped over in lhriMiurg
this attcmoon on liU wiy fiom Washington to
Heaver and will resume JU3 Journey tomoirow
inoriiiu?. He tays lie Is pa ins a rorlal llt
In tho executive and that his call Ins no politi
cal significance-,
St like at Natalie,
fly l.uliihu Wile fiom llio A'i.oi.l,iie.l I'ii-i.
Shamokln, Pa., Apiil li". Hip stnlte nt Hip
Natalie rolllciy ended today by llio irlmn lo
woik of tho I.Oftt einploes, In-Itlt Supeiinteiul.
cut .Uiiiid Uatemau, whom the men claimed was
unfair Iu adjustln1; the wane Mlicdiile, iclaucd
1jii night, II was chiefly for liU
1 1 i-i t tho men tliuiu.
Raihond Exoneiaved.
By I'.iiludre Vtro fioin The ARocijU'd l'ic.
Wilki', April JS. tin coipiipi'j Jim, In-ve-dlsatltis'
Hie croMliiif auldciu on Hie l.elilh
Valhy railioad la.t Sumii nioiniiie, wlildi ie
iulliii in the I'illiP't' of one man and tun wo
und, i dm mil a U'lillit today that the Mdiina
did t.ol'o the piopev pn i. ml loin ami c.oii'
lialcil the lallioad iimp.iiiy fiim all .
Lucy Parsons Confers with the Piince
Ily ',1iip Win" iioiu Hie .Vt-oclatcil I'iPvi.
fliiia-io, April 1 -PrliKc- I'elor Aleiiltili
KiokiIMu, llio llii.s,iaii le.nh)', and lMuon-,
oi this city, held a lOiifere'ico today at Hull
linu-e. The piivrncr of the pi men in Ihij cuy
lia loiiM'il imiili rntlui''lam uivionc- (,;o an.
uihi,i, who jy It will fitatly liciisthi'.i
Belancouit Succeeds Bert lei,
Dy L'vcluslie Wiie fiom Tlio Associated I'icj.
Ilaiaiu, Apill 1". Snior liclaivouil u iiccn
appointed to the i at amy in tho lominUilou
appointed by tho ruli.ui lomm
Hon Id no tu WatihlUKlon, ciwcd ny the reli;.
ncllou of Pi nor Itoi ill. The oiuinMuii will
tail lui Wahiii';ten nct Satuiday ill TampJ,
Committee of Fifteen Moves.
lty i:clmiie Wire Hum 'ho As.oilated Pica.,
New Yoil., Apill Is. llie coiiiinlUie ol li
Ueii inado jnolher mou tonight in lid campaign
asbliM the alleged illsoidul.i pine, oi Ihli city,
tin riw.nH win- raided a'lJ a iiuuilor ct aiici-'i.
.i nude.
Weather Indications Todoj :
I rJenctal Slctl Worker,' TioIuiIm Ailjuiltil,
'llio llrltlsh lJ-fpeine Ai count.
Ili-ckloni Afleetlii" tliu I'lilllpplnei,
State I.icldators nt Woil,.
i Ucncral Cithnmlale prparlineiit,
.'! Ixiral Keltcl Council Meetlnj.
Ilnltori Case totponttl.
i fMitcilal.
'ole and rominclit.
5 Local tJClJ and t'ijUirtt About the fit Pay
Doll. ,
I.ackawjiiiu Picphteiy KcaiIouj i:mJ.
ij Iaic.i1 Welt Scraiitoii and,
7 Xoithcaslein Pum-l.inta.
liiumlat an.l Conimercl il.
8 Local N'ewTi of the Woild of l.lbiir.
Ball Gaines Were Postpoued in Three
Cities Yesterday on Account
of the Rain.
By l;xi!iliir Wire fiom The AniJli'il Pipm.
New Yoik, April IS. Today ivas tho
date for the opening of the champion
ship hetiRon of the Xalional- league.
Itiiln, however, compelled postpone
ments aL Xew York, Cincinnati and St.
The National league base 'ball season
opened at Philadelphia, today with
Brooklyn pitted against the Philadel
phia club. Overhanging ctouds threat
ened rain throughout the day, and tho
raw and chilly atmosphere was most
uucomt'ortatblf for players and spec
tators. Both teams appealed to good
advantage, but the visitors were more
successful at the bat than the local
team. A band of music discoursed
popular airs between Innings. Attend
ance, 1,."I9:. Score:
AB. It. 11. o . 11.
D..i-, If li I 1 .1 n 1
Keclir. it .'. 'J -J n 0
Slieckaul, ..b I 4 :: .: n l
Kelly. Hi .' 1 :i :. ( n
McCVpciy, if i 1 0 I I a
Daly, :!b .'. 1 -J 1 .: n
Dahlin, w-' 1 - 'J :: o 0
McOnlrp, o. .', n -j ii o 0
Donovan, p 5 n I 0 .1 I)
T.lal.i 13 til
. n. ii. ii, o. a. ;:.
Idriila.'. if r....'. n O '-' 4 on
Slnsle, if .'i I ii -j l n
Dd.ilunly, lb A I id t 1
Flick, rf. t 0 1 (1 n if
Mel'ailand, c. .". I 1 I n
Woh prion, ::b :: I 1 -l u I
Pelan, '1 I n i n .! (i
Cro, p-. I -2 1 '' ' 0
Dunn, p o o n n ii n
Diisslcby, p t l :: l 0
, :i
liiooU.wi 'i 0 1 0 0 .; (I 1 1-12
Philadelphia 0 0 :! 0 0 I 0 0- 7
Kirned nins linxiklj n. S; Philadelphia, 1,
Two base lilts CiolSh, l)ii;lely, Kelly, Koeler,
Dahlin, Daly. Threo base hits McFailand, Me
(Juiri', l'lkl;. Stolrn Iue-Hioini, Pililin,
Kelly. 1'iist bi-p on bilN OH, I; ott
Dutralehy, ''. Stiuck out Ily Donoau, 1: by
Dusulcby, ::. Time -2.(13. t'mpire- Col;u
At e Tork flalliiiioip (Vnieriiui l".iuc),
fi; V. M. O. A.. 0.
At CulU'.c, Pa.
tudiain 1 0 il 0 0 ii I I i II) 1 i
State College lKIUOOOOO-3 0
llatteries Pratt and Pierei", Miller, Ilubb.ird
and Shelby. Umpire (.'minon
Charles H. Sweeny Kills His Wife
and Shoots Himself.
Uy nulusiM) Wire from Tlio Associated Pi-'.
Chicago, Aprit IS. Charles II, Swee
ny, u wealthy cotton planter of tiivcn
vllle, Ky today shot and killed his
wife and then coniniitted suioiUi In
the apartments of his wife's sister,
Airs. W. ii. Phillips, wife of a Chicago
tobacco merchant. In Ihe Dubuque
fiats, Mrs, Sweeney lolt her homo at
Greenville a month since, coming: to
Chicago, It is said, for the purpose of
securing a legal separation. .Sweeny
Is said to have told his wife he should
kill her if she persisted In suing for a
divorce. Sweeny reached Chicago this
morning and carried out Ills throat.
Mrs. Sweeny was the daughter of
Thomns P. Morgan, nn extensive
planter of Greenville. The Sweeny's
wero well known In Kentucky society,
ll is said.
Pensions Granted.
Ily I. illume Win- hum Th" A'focialfd Pi.t
W.'J-liiuiton. tpill l-i. HuUH W. S-'hollum-r,
of Tank, I.iii'iiip i'uut, lin bleu aniiled a
(iiuh n ot -a a month, and Man' .1. (lay (mulli
ei), of farm ton, I.iii'iiip count w one of 7l! i
ti.i lit ! Tin lalUT I, ihaiifeild.' to the war v.Mi
Valuable Horse Poisoned.
Ily r.xilunivu Will from Hie .U,oii.itnl Piesj.
li'Slmiton, K., Apill It The nurc Mn Mail
(U ill, li juri ol jsi, by Atel, dam U.'iuih rile
the piopeily of tlii I'ltc'n'ii Wilk'W i.lo.l; laim,
i (lead, Hie iipioin4 iiulii.iti' ii'iifoniny. A
Viel. iijo lh owner 1 miisi'iI il", IM for tin nurc.
Burglars, Loot a Museum,
fly i;xi!u-.lip Win fiom The A.-oiialcd IVe-s.
fc.iuiianii Ho f'lilll. Apill l!."ltiiti,-larN haie
broken into the inu-ciuu 01 flm an-, and cut
nun ll.ilr Iuiiicj tin of Hoi liu-i pnntmsi,
iitinx lf0,(M pe,o
11 11
II) I..W Imlvo Win Irom The .Woilleil Pie-
rjn,liiiIiya O , April IS. Cieneral Ai.diert )l.
Ai dii.sou, coir.iu.uuljiit 01 the W)ldi-ii' tioiue
hue, dioppcil dead today, troiil lieait iUia,e.
lie cciiid in tho I'muili Ohio Voluuii'ir In
fantiy thiouuhout Hie war and time ISil had
Ikcii (omircled with tho home hue
Valiiii;lcn, Apill IS.-News ha been reichul
at Uu navy depart mi ul ot the death 01 Coin
lcai'der rimr!i O. Allihone, lomiiiandun' the
Ki'iilnial Wilmiiiloii, at (aiite. IliU altimoon,
1 1 cm beait lailuie. 1 '011 nuinlcr Allihone w.i.i
a lutlic of Pi-i.nhaiiii and a jpiiolnti'd to
I tie luwl aiaduny Iioiu ti.e stale of .New Jeuej.
He enteied the M-nkc In .luly, ISi.t.
Vouiigstown, O., Apill 15. A. '. I'. Wadilcll,
for 1 he past twenty jcarj m.iiu;er foi the Stand
aid Oil uiinpaiii, ilii'd loda,
The Troubles Which Threatened to Disturbance Have
Been Settled.
At Sessions Yesterday It Was
Thought That Threatened Striku
Would Not Be Averted At Sever?
O'clock Last Evening Prcsiden"
Shaffer Announced That Pinal
Agieement Had Been Signed as n
Result of the Conference Between
John Jarxett and the Advisory
Boaid of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation. Ily I'xrlinlM! Win fioin 'Ihe 'oii.iled Piv
Pittsburg. April IS. There will be ml
strike In the plants of the American
Sheet Steel company. The trouble that
broke out In the Dewees Wood plant
In McKcespot-l, last, week, 'and which
fop a liniij threatened to cause a. gen
eral -tril. of all union iron and steel
workers iu fhe country.has been settled
In an amicable manner.
The members of the general execu
tive boiud of amalgamated association
of Iron, steel and tin workers hold a.
long session today. H started out with
a. general feeling that a. strike would
come, as the workers would not con
cede the only point In dispute (leln
statemonl. of tho men discharged, ns
claimed, for joining the union), and si
far as could bo learned the officials of
the American Sheet Steel company
were equally determined.
During the morning .session of tliu
executive 'board, John .Tarrett. acting
for the steel company, appeared with
a proposition for the members to con
sider regarding a .settlement of the
difficulty. J 11 general this proposition
was that all the men discharged from
the Wood plant should bo reinstated,
including Ilolloway, and that all but
Holloway should return lo work at
once, Holloway to 'be relumed within
ten days.
The board insist.-! Holloway
should be ti'ofiii Vi:i the aauie mariner
as the others, and finally Mr. .Tarretc
changed Ills proposition to Include Hol
loway after three days' suspension.
The Agreement.
It, was " o'clock this evening when
l'lesident Shaffer unnounccd that a,
final agreement had just been signed,
as a. result of the conference, which
had been on since an hour before noon,
between John .Tarrett 'and the advisory
board of the Amalgamated association.
Wi have dUcoieied, after a cueful e.aniin.i
Hon ot Hie poiuti at issue that, n mi;al, im-i-l.c-i
and nii-iiniler'.tandinin luuliilie the tioubl.i
at MclCccporl. and wp icaili the conclusion that
1' will be to the advantace o( all Dailies c"i.
eeincl to Marl tin- Wood-i mill with the old
ijniplo.ies on 111 si .Moudi.i, April '11, Pill.
And il ii I'm Hit .isicid that the loiili'.uC
Willi ipfeiencp to workiuir condition. iu the mill
unl scale .inatUii &I1.1II Iv ok.eiifd until .In!
I, 1P0I, and iu tlio mcaiitiiue, b-. Smith ii J
.Mr. Holloway hall have , iiiretlug to adju-t nf
dillleully which may e 'I between lliein.
C-icrnrdl T. J. Shaller.
Pict,!l.nt . A. I., -. .. T.
John William-.,
M-'ii'lan 1'ii.inuei A. A. T., S. k
John Jairett,
Ainiiican Sheet I .1
111 plauatlim of this agreement IC
was stated that the matter will re
main hi exactly tliu same position us
before tho trouble broke out. The or
ganization of the locat of the Amalga
mated association among: the employes
of the mill Mill Ir continued, though
the company will not locngnlzo It In
any way In dealing' with the men. Tin
Aiiialgiimalr-d association slated that
they did nol wih the company to re
cognize their organization at present
and simply aikcd the company to al
low tlii' men lo do as they pleased and
act with freedom when outside of tin
mill. Tho company ollleials on ilia
othot hand. My that so long as tlm
local among the men does not try tu
force recognition and tlm men work:
under the personal agreement with
them they would not allow any feeling
against the men, 1 Col U sides are sat
isfied and tho strike thai litis existed
for a week has In reality, according
to tho oillcers on both sides, been din
to a misunderstanding between tlni
two sides lo Ihe dispute
Distressing' Features of the Lnkevill
Ily l.xfluiivii Uire from The AMWiatrd Tien.
Lakiivllle, Conn., Apill IS'. Tho .bod j
uf George limes, of New York, win
iith Otis Sawyer, of Monlclair, N. .1,,
a tV'lIuw-sliideiit of llotchkiss acad
emy, was drowned by tlio ovm-tuinln;
of their canoe in. l.aKo Wouonscopowoi!
yesterday, was iccovm-ed today, Innej
was a grandson of the famous palntei
of the name, and Sawyer also was ,j
member of a. prominent family.
A peculiarly dlstiessing fealuio u
the uiValr Is that fc'uwyer's iimtliet
.sailed for ljuropo only a day or twq
ago, and tho sad news awaits her ar
rival on llm other side,
Steamship Ai rivals,
Ily I'filuilu Wiie from Tlii .Wciainl Pie.
New York, Apiil IK Suled: Deut-Alilanl
llaniliuij; i.i I'l.uromli 'ind I lieilmug; l,i l.oo
lalne, Havre. Poiei l'a-cd: Kcei igiii I ui. ,
llicimii lor .New "tork. dUou Aiinrd: I'tlu,
"I'.l ."'I ,v.n "(ui'ii.i'iiiir ,,,,(,,. "ll,
li.anic, New Y01L (or l.iicipool. Njplis-Airiieii V.i... ...l Oiir,.nil.ii .... I..I....I. I...
iraic, .m' 1011. 11a i.ioiaiuv iieiioa laM
procculidi potdim, U
tognc an i New Yoil,
' ' m
t ti4'tf-r ft
Wadiiusloii, spill is. -l'or.vat for Vrl. 4
-- day and saluid.i,i . l..ntern Penrsyhaidi
4 Tliic.itinln I'lidjy.piobably lain; ficU
f- to bri' easterly wlndi. Saluid),
f cloudy. .
t U it t ttHt