The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 05, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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nn Monr.nN tiAiiowAnn stone.
For the tone Is loud and
clear. Thole la only one
had feature about the New
Departure Boor Bell, you
have no excuse for not go
ing to the door. No battory
necessary, nor springs to
get out of order with the
"New Departure" and you
get electrical results. We
can match the hardware on
your door.
Foote & Shear Co.
JJ9N. Washington Ave
Capital $200,000. Surplus $500,000.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday eveuings
from S to q o'clock.
Wm. Conm.ll, 'resident.
IIinkv Buis, Jr., Vice Pres.
V.t. H. Pick, Cashier.
'J6fe4j-' I 'i J I
Repairing Done Gratis.
l.uul ilili fur Apiil I, 1 ul:
llluhot 1 1 iiipriat m c
I fiwot iimicr ituio
5 .1
p. in
IlaiiiUll, 'Jl lint i.-, inileil 5. i. III.
., II ilegwes
.. Ill llcR ICt's
S- pep t (Ml,
SO per u'lit,
. ... O.G hull
Ml- f. C Mihiu left fui Nih mh illy
I'lotin-ar W.i Her lltiell, of ( ounci tiuil, tonuer
piluiipil c tin" Sili'inl tt tlio,inni, U
tOlullllK ,i lew 1 1 1 a 111 IllU (111.
W I., IMiiiclr, (hicf ilcik lo tlio county
muiih'-it'iiicii-, .ii'ioinpiuicd li.i Ms .-mi, .spout
l.i.i cu'iiiiiir vtlth tiii'iiiU awl uiatiii-, in Wilki'i
II 11 ic
Hr II. H. ltd. iiu'il .ve-liidiy lioni ll.ii.
tNiiui; whcie lie appeaii'd Inline tin; .ippinpiln
tluic itnninitlru nl tlio li mo in tlio inter-
1-.I-. Of till' ll.llllll'l.llllll ho-pital,
t In- Nii VniK pjpeis announce MNs Amu
Muldoun, ul tin-. itj, tvi. luiirlcd mi I VI'. HI
i i Iliiilin, of Ntw Voik I'll), Mi-.,
Ilieslln U tin- ilivoucd fu of I)i, Wllli.un
ihssertj, of flits flu,
Hr. .1. J. Ilnlicilf, mimier o! l..nkiw.iiin.i mini,
ty, it-iiiiinil 1I iliillt'. 3e1.tcnl.1y, .ifttr ,i two
weeks' with rililivis .mil friend-. In Mld'llc
lirimlllt, V V. He uaij uuouip.inlcil duiliii;
Ills Hip liy Mi. lluliriU
1'r.inui Mil i ill .iinl Ml-. V. V I'ijoi will Irive
tnrl4j tor New lnk lioni v.lilil. phuc they will
nil in iibiuil .i w i'l. r I'.nl,, wheio tiny will
vf-it .Mr. I'ljoi's ton, liuiivr. Alter they
nil! make a lout of l.niope,
Roses Given Away
On Snluiilny. Willi every purchase
nuinuuting ti .fl.'H v.'t' will rIvu a beau
II fill Easter Huso. Meat's it llageu,
You Will Make No Mistake
liy buying yitni' cut flowers nml How
eillig plants at McJJUtltock's, V'S Wash.
Inglun uveiino. "
Organs for Sale Cheap.
You imii lui? a roocI second hand Op.
pun as low us $10.00 at Guernsey Hull,
J. W, Cjueriifcoy, I'rop.. UH Washing.
Ion avenue, Scranton, Pa,
Go to McCllntock's,
Via Wabhlugtou avenue, for your fas
ter flowers.
Is io iloie for all who me Kemp's RiL-jin foi
Hie 'I Inoat ami I-ungs, the fieat tiuuntcid
Itnicdy. Woult) Oii bqlleio Hut It I, tolj on
itt irifrifl mid any ilrui;t,'it Is mithaiUed ly the
'loprletcr pi tlih wondeiml tfincily to glo jou
a eample bottle free? It ncicr fjlU to (tire
iut er (.liiunU' icu;ln. All tltussUts ucll
himp'i UaltJri. J'lUc S5v, audi 00V.
t .J. mt.j-,n?jjy ,, t -3.1 .S"
Mnrnhtf '
u't"'j safes-jk..
330 ' ' ! ' : ' ' I I ' ' '
Colonel F. I Hitchcock, One of Pros
ecuting Attorneys of Municipal
League, Induced to Take Mr.
demons' Place demons Fired Be
cause He Would Not Appoint Zlzle
mann Colonel Hitchcock Last
Night Reappointed Chiefs Zlssle
mann nnd Robling.
Itecortlot JniiH'a Molr nt 3 o'clork p.
m, yesterduy appointed Colonel !'. L.
Hitchcock director ot puhllo safely.
Hclrct Caunclhnun Vrank II. demons,
who wns M-'leulcd for tlio position, pre
HtMitcd liltnst'll' nt the lecoitlor's odtce
(it tliut hour, while tin; recorder nnd
Colonel Hitchcock weve In consultation,
and offered his bond. The recorder
Informed Mr. Clumous that lie was not
In ne the dlieotor of publli; hiifoty;
that Colonel Hitchcock would ofllrlate
III that position. Mr. Cletnons retired.
The shelving of ATr. demons results
from his refusal to allow (,'nptnln Molr
to ho lecurdur nnd director. Mr. Clem
ons did net want the appointment and
only ii greed to accept It rpon the carn
eM inllcitutloii of Congressman Con
nell and other Influential citizens, who
believed that the presence of some such
M'iisoned business man lu the office
was absolutely essential to the city's
best Intel est p. When Mr. demons nl
hiueil hlr.iselt to be persuaded to take
the ofllce he secured nn assurance from
the recorder that the director of pub
lie safely was not to be hampered In
the discharge or his duties by any In
terference troin the outside. It ap
pears, however, (hat after Mr. demons
accented the appointment the recorder
lefus'ed to ttiallfv him until he would
subset I be tn an agreement to continue
in ofhVe the beads of departments who
had beet: Kelvins' under the recorder
when he was mayor. Mr. demons re
fined to u ake any such agreement and
as a consequence the recorder deposed
him as director.
Mr. Clematis was practically "filed"
Wednesday. He and the recorder came
together to have an understanding and
uhcii the director-to-be refused to
allow the iccorder lo dictate whom tbe
director should appoint, thu dhector
wa to'.d be was not wanted. Yester
day's action on the part, of Mr. dem
ons wns simply the purpose ot
putting the iccorder on record. The
bond which was presented was pre
pared nnd Us correctness vouched for
by Mr. demons' attorney, II. f Rey
nolds, and Mi. Reynolds accompanied
Mr. demons to the reeoidei's olllre.
when the bond was proffered. The
bund was from tbe Title Ouaiamy and
Ttust ,'ompany, of Set anion, and simi
lar in e1 cry lespect to the otheis which
have been accepted by the iccoider.
The fact thai .Mr. demons was tha
choice f I'ongressn'.an Council and
that Governor Stone deelaied his in
tention to be mtldcd hugely by Con
gressman Council's .judgment ami
wishes in matters pertaining' to the re
oiganlzatlon of Sei.inton's government,
lays ground for Intel esting speculation
as to the possible consequences of the
recoidcr's action. When questioned
about these possibilities yesterday the
t-nngiessmun would only say: "Wait
and see."
Yesteulay if lei noon Mounted Officer
Joseph Hloch took th; following note
to Mr. demons in the Meats bulldlni;:
Scuiilon, IM.. Apiil 4, 10i)l.
Mi. r. II. limoiis, 00! .Mcat BuilditiB:.
Heir Sli: Owiiit: to iliiteicnccs of opinion
wliii li line liiietofoic been li-cn-se,l Ijclwveu
ii, I mil snti-lieil that tlio l,e-l inteiels of the
iltv dein.iiiih, .1 blither (on-iilri,ilinn of
jour ii.mie .is the iliiocloi of public ojfel.v
he ali.tniloiietl,
, llP'.pCltfllllj' join-,
.ldine Molr, Cily llriuuler.
The language of this note tends to
show that the recorder holds that Mr.
demons was never director of public
snfetj'. Mr. demons contends other
wise. He says he was appointed and
sworn in by Recorder Muir and told
tn llle bin bond. He actually served one
day as o'iiector. That was on Tues
day. In the niorning- at the invitation
of the recorder he sat In conference
lvgaiding the leadjuslmout of city ball
iiuaiters and In the afternoon he, the
recorder, Director Roche and Solicitor
Yratson conferred lepurdlng the "chas
ei" lo the ru-oi'ganlzalion ordinance.
It was at tlie conclusion of the after
noon confeience that the bienk came.
Mr. demons, it is understood, refused
to agree to MipporL Mr. Hizelmann as
chief of the bureau of pies. The re
corder w.ixed wroth and said some in
icmpeiate things. Mr. demons reiter
ated his declaration that he would ap
point whomsoever be saw fit and that
ho would nol appoint Mr. Zizchnanu.
because bo did not consider him the
light kind of a man to take charge
if tbe re-organlzation of the fire de
partment. At this the iccorder said:
"You haven't llb-d your bond yet and
you needn't llle it," Tlio next morn
ing Mr. demons waited upon the ro
coider and nsltod him if his declara
tion of the previous day was to be con
sidered tlio equivalent of a removal.
The iccoider answered in the affirm
ative, .Mr. demons witbdiew and did
not go to thn city hall again until late
ychteiday afternoon, when he appeared
to proffor Ids bond.
The leeoider refused to accept Hie
bond and, as told above, Informed Mr.
demons that Colonel Hitchcock wns
lhi director of public snfel.v. 'flood
day," said Mr. demons.
Thn iccorder was not In bis office
jestorduy, except fop a short time dur
ing the early morning and again late
in the afternoon. His pilvato secre
tin y, II, C, Hatton, told all callers
that the recorder was at home, sick
abed. When tlio lecorcler came around
In the lulo afternoon he locked hlm
sUf tn tbo private office aim had the
doors of tbo iccoplion room also locked.
When Mr, demons nnd his attorney,
Mr, Reynolds, arrived they found the
doors all locked, but, as luck would
have It, Solicitor Watfcon happenc to
open tbo door leading to tbe rear cor
ridor just at thn moment that Mr.
demons was about to try the knob.
The reeoider an. Colonel Jlltchcook
weie evidently embarrassed, but the
embarrassment did not last long, as
Mr. demons withdrew Immediately af
ter transacting the 'business that
brought him there.
Reeoider Molr was not disposed to
talk about the removal of Mr. Clemons
when a Tribune jeporter succeeded in
bringing hint as fur as the threshold
of his private ptllce. With one huud
on his luieheud and the nlhvr holding
the dooj half closed, he told how sick
i - st ?h.,)- is.'W.J '. ., n. .i.. ,,
maj -afaasiMf iMMiaTiirr isiss ' M
lie was In the head nnd how he did not
wish to he disturbed.
J3eforc allowing thn ropoiler to de
part, however, ho said that Mr. Clem
ons was not possible ns the director
of public safely, boonur.o ho, the re'eord
er, and Mr. Clemens could not agree.
"I don't propose to b bulldozed," the
recorder declared. Just what this had
reference to wns not disclosed.
Colonel Hitchcock was seen nt hli
ofllce lu the Commonwealth building
shortly after ho came from city hall.
'Yes. I have been appointed director of
public safety, and have accepted, t
took the oath of ofllce and my bond Is
now being prepared. 1 want you to
say for me, though, that 1 only accept
ed when It was no longer possible that
Mr. Clemons would foe the appointee.
The ofllce enmo to mc without solici
tation, and as X stated, In The Tribune
yesterday, I was never a candidate for
the position. There were no conditions
attached to my appointment. I told
tbe recorder that I would expect to bo
free to conduct the department as t
deemed best, nnd the recorder assured
me Hint I would be nt liberty to do
this. I 'Would not accept If there were
any strings attached to my appoint
ment." Mr. Hitchcock was reminded of his
recent criticisms ot dilcT Zlzplnuinn,
and asked If he would tetaln him as
head of the fire department. To this
he made answer that since making
those allusions to Chief Zlzelmann be
had learned that the chief was sick on
the occasion referred to and that it
would not be fair to hold n man to
strict accountability when be Is sick.
He further said that be would make
no removals until he had found out for
himself that the Incumbent should bo
removed. He .would give every man
full opportunity, he said, to prove him
self capable. "Honesty and compet
ency are the only two qualifications I
will require," be added.
Colonel Hitchcock is a lawyer by
profession, tout devotes most of his time
to Insurance business, being the head
of the local Fire Underwriters' asso
ciation. Of late, however, he has de
voted much of his time to the work ot
reform being carried on by the Munici
pal league, of which he is prosecuting
ut torney. and the Men's union, ot
which he Is one of the most active
Before eating his supper last night,
Director Hitchcock qualified by pre
senting ills bond to the recorder, and
Immediately thereupon he appointed
and swoio hi Chief Zizelmann and
Chief Robling as the respective heads
of the bureaus of fire and police.
The fact that Colonel Hitchcock
agreed lo keep Chief Zlzelmann at
the head of the fiie department,
makes Interesting nnd apropos the fol
lowing excerpts from the Tribune's re
port of the board of trade meeting of
Monday. February IS, last:
Moil of (lie time of 1j4 liiglif-. ujulai meel
iiiS ot the lio.nd of luilc as demlcd to .1 (IN
i n ion of the need of leoisiininifr Iho fur ile
p.uttiient. ff w.i, (ho eiiiiiil opinion the
,hp.iiluieiit j coicjj' in need of leurfriiiuitig
:n.i I Mr ( hitli'iidru 01, Ilium c. pimiilin;
f,.' .i pjirj ili'p.nlmenl. -hoiihl be pivnl.
I ulnin'1 1". t. lliltlicoik, who t- iiirinln i of
fhe 1'iidetttiiteis joihition. opened the dtMi:
siou hi- vcjiiig Hut the need of a ieoij.iiii-ilii'ii
oi the flit1 iep,iitinonl .i eiidf tn od b.v the lc
mil ili-j-li.iiK iiii:iiKi.iliuii on l,,Hin i
.iMiine .mil Hut he did nol know but the
notoi urns manner m which IliK liic ilemuii
fluted the Iiipffl. ieutj- ol the file- ilep.ntineiit
wuiild lo-ull pi the uiles of inMiuiiie 1,ui
K p
"Hlut else i.m jou ospciti" ipien'ed ( oluiu I
lliuliioik. "Ihcte a .i hte flut i .m-ed them
;i ijuaitrr of J in'llivn ilollms loss .uid thiee.
fomllis of this lovt w,is due to the inclltrienij of
the the depiilinint."
I, JWi
I oluiiel lliichimk wis .mihahI. he il-'i I.ikmI.
to le.ilu Hill the liLijor w.i-. lobbying against j
p.ild hie ilipjtlinenl. .is the mayor hid iepp.,t
idlj" ssMiipd him he mm-, he.iitlly in noi ot n.
v i ..
(olouel llitfliuik "I j.ii iinMuiut-d In oiy
Hut it (the lite dip.ulniont) i sjdli in need ot
leoigHiiir.itiou. I ui told tlul timing the (nog.
ies of the leient bis file tlicie wiie luoie liic
ui.'it in the udj unit .-jIhoin than could be.,Voiintl
v.oiking about the buiniiis: buildiuss. An ofheer
of the tlie ilcpailincnt told inc lulf of hii men
wen- lulf chunk nnd tlut iitosl. uf them hid
wl.ii.kej- bottles in their poikel-. When ibis
officer gae mi oulei to his men, nt he tells ine,
he leppiitedby told to o to hell.'"
m 'i v m m .
Some imc at thi- juiictuio ui.tde the ieiu.nU
Unit Ibeie wd? a rumor the chief of the flic
dt'iwitmenl wus In ins: the ,iy Aug steuuer dm
itiir the prosreu-s of the bis (ire.
"that's rlRht," deelaied Colonel Illtclieo, k,
"I wv him at it, and cpoBtiilatcd with him.
If HiOM' boj s bail a leader that daj- the flie could
halt' been unfilled to the Hennood liiillillng."
Mr. Clemons was deposed because he
would not consent to the retention of
Chief Zlzelmann.
A further attestation of the fact that
Recorder Molr does not allow that Mr.
Clemons was ever, even for a day, di
rector of public safety was found lu
his honor's communication to select
council, last night, in which ho mes
saged his appointments. No mention
whatovor was made of Mr. Clemons.
The communication follows:
To the llouuublr, the Folecl and Cuiuuioii
Centillium: In accordance with the irquite.
menls of the city chattel, 1 hciouilli appoint
the following gentlemen to fill the ailous e..
(ciitite offices. They lunc duly llled their bond,
ami luw ciiteied upon their ilulic.,;
Director of depaitmcnt ot public- safelv, Col.
1". I., llltclicocli.
Director ot department of public noik, Hon.
John i;, lloche.
Dhector ot dcpailment nt charities and coirco
lien, Fredeiiek Viillei.
Dliotor nl dep.utmpnt of delinquent tases,
Oeoitre W. .lenl.lns.
Depaitllieiit of laiv, (5eoige M.,011, esq.
Department of ,1'sessori, Klias Jloirls, fiwlljin
,loncj, I'lilllp ISiniland, Jay (,', feanians and
I.U'ttflljn .V, lloberts,
siiikius fund commission, .Ijniea A, .aninc,
I'.beneer Williams, Hon, W, I,. ( ounell, Col,
CfenrRp Saiiileisnn and Ceoige W, 1'iablc.
I'olicn maglstiatea Aldcinmn W. ft. Millar,
Dlvwrit 1'ltller, Itoaleel PaIes, V, Storr and
John T. Hottf, itespeelfullj-,
.laiiii'i Moir, City net order.
The conimunlctitlon was referred to a
special committee, on motion of Mr,
Vaughan, because, as he said, "by ac
cepting the communication wo would
bo officially recognizing tlio appoint
ments for which no piovislons have
been made,"
Mr. Clemons, who wns occupying his
usual seat, took the piivlleso of the
floor for a explanation, and
said, half Jocosely:
"The iccoider has not treated me ex
actly tight in tbla mattc-i. He should
have mentioned that I was appointed
dhector of public safety and then re
moved. I was duly appointed, duly
sworn in and duly served as the dlrec.
tor of public safety for one whole day,
1 hnye the distinction or having been
the first director of public safety of the
city of Scrantou. Tbo recoider's com
munication does not state all the facts,
therefore I believe In having It re
tern d."
"Does the gentleman ftorn ;he Sev
cnU'cnth wish his distinction lo be re
a. ,, ,.,., ,. ,!
corded on (be minutes?" queried Mr,
"Not nt all," icplled. the gentleman
fiom the .Seventeenth.
At thii close or the me .'ting Mr. Clem
ons staled Informolly that nt tbo next
session ho ulll Introduce a resolution
to secii'e reimbursement for the two
boxes of cigars he distributed while he
was supposedly director of public safe
ty. Dhector of Public Workt Roche wns
at the met'tlntr. but took no part In
the proceedings, It Is significant that
he did not present his resignation. Mr.
Clemons advised him lo hold It for
awhile. Mr. Roche did not soy that
his tallure to resign from council was
due to the advice and experiences of
Mr. Clemons.
E. B. Sturges Becomes His Bonds
n'mn in Sum of $1,000.
Select Councilman Wade M. Finn,
who was Indicted by tbe last grand
jury on a charge ot having given $"00
to Harry C. Hatton for the bribing
of former Select Councilman Simon
Thomas, ytstcidny went before Judge
Aihn P. Kelly and entered ball for bis
appearance nl court.
K. H. Stingos, the bead of the reform
movement Inaugurated by the Muni
cipal league, qualified as Finn's bonds
man In the sum of $1,000.
Their Annual Institute Will Begin
Next Monday Instructors Who
Have Been Engaged.
Tlie annual Institute of the public
school teachers of this clly will be con
ducted in the High school .auditorium,
commencing Monday, April 8. at 2
o'clock In the afternoon and continuing
throughout tbe week with two sessions
The principal instructor will be Prof.
T. C. Mendcnball, of Worcester, Mass.,
president of the Polytechnic school of
that clt.v. He will give lectures on "The
Interior of tbe Earth," "Student Life
in Japan," "t.titltud'O and Longitude"
and "The Figure of the Earth." On
Wednesday night. Apiil 10, he will lec
ture on "Weighing tbe Earth."
Dr. Frederick Oreen, professor ut
literatuic In the West Chester Normal
school, will lecture on literary topics.
Miss Lydla Egginton. of Brooklyn, will
give a series of five lectures on "Read
ing." Among those from this city who
will lecture are A. B. Dunning, Prof.
W. W. Grant and Miss E. O. Olmstend.
The musical part of the programme
for tlio several days will be furnished
by the following well-known slngeis:
Miss Irene Kami. Miss Phoebe Smith,
Miss Reba Williams and Ralph V.
Williams. The High school students
will sing seveiul choruses.
The sessions of the institute will be
gin each d'iy at f.30 a, m. and L' p. m.,
and will lie open to the general public.
Has Been Chosen for Clerk of New
Federal Court.
Judge R. W. Arunbald yesleiday ap
pointed E. R. W. Searle, of Susque
hanna, lo be clerk of the new t'nitod
States court for the middle judicial
dlstilot. Mr. Seal le was formerly a.
resident of this city, wheie he learned
tin; printing trade. He aftei wards re
moved lo Montrose, wlitrp be studied
law and was admitted to tbe bar and
f lorn then- leinoved to Susquehanna,
heie lie has since resided.
Mr. Searle wns bom in this iit'.
where his father was foi many yents
engaged in business. His sister, Mrs.
Sidney Hayes, lives here, and it is
probable that .Mr. Searle will alo make
bis home in Seranlon as soon as he
enters upon the duties of his office.
He is a nephew of Judge D. A". Senile,
uf .Montrose, and Chief Justice Mc
Collum, of the state Supieme court.
Mr. Seaile had the endorsement uf
United States Senators Quay and Pen
lose and Congressmen Connell and
AVrlght. Mr. Searle will make a veiy
eompetent clerk end the appointment
is also considered a very excellent one
in a g?ogtaphical way. The clerk is
paid foes, which aie not to exceed $3,.'00
a year.
When the Fedeial luurt meets In
Ifiiirlsburg for Us fir.-t session Judge
Archbald wMl announce the appoint
ment of his commissioners in bank
ruptcy. Tlie local commissioner, Sir.
Van AVoimer, will have to retire ur
loss le-nppoinlcd.
The Body of the Late James Stephens
to Be Placed in One.
Tndertaked D. D. Jones, of North
Scianlou, says that the coffin which
he is making for the body of James
Stephens, who died on Tuesday In
Green Ridge, Is the largest, which be
has ever been called upon to make. It
Is 2M,i Inches, where ordinary caskets
arc only eighteen Inches across, anil
has a depth of twenty-four Inches.
Tbe deepest cofllns kept in stock by
cofllu dealers aie only seventeen Inche.s
and tlies' ato called for so ildom that
It is bard to find them at all. Extra
heavy Iron clamps are being fastened
cm to hold the bottom and Incidentally
tho four .hundred-pound body of the
dead man.
The funeral will be held from tho
family home on Creen Ridge slreot
this afternoon at 2 o'clock nnd inter,
meat will be made In the Forest 1III1
Two Routes Established in Northern
Part of Lackawanna County.
Fiee mall delivery has been extend
ed to two rural routes in Lackawanna
county, to begin May l,
Ono will start from Olyphant nnd
cover tbe territory now served by tlio
Justus, Oreen, drove, Mmitdale, Scott
nnd TompklUKYille, posloffiees. The
other will start at .lemon and take In
the Amasa tenltory. William Tlnaley
will bo the carrier of tho first route,
nnd Frank L. Depew of the second.
Each route Is over twenty-thiee miles
In length.
Cut Flowers for Easter,
Leave your order with McCllntooU
and get fresh stock, rose buds, carna
tions'. Illy of the vnlley and violets. 123
Washing tmi avenue.
New Hosiery for Ladles.
We have a beautiful line of ladles'
hosiery, both fancy and plain, in lisle,
cotton and silk. Pi Ice & Jenkins, 1U0
Wyoming avenue.
McCHntock with His Easter Flowers
Will be at 12S Washington avenue.
Who Is Doing the Business?
Notice Comsen's crowded stoic,
iU&hijUhiai&MfcsWfifei4A '' .,i-t ..- ...jtf'nJh -
Xeyser Valley Mtn Not Molested
nnd Clerk of the Common Council
Knocked Out, Which Is Vice Verra
to What Conference Agreed Upon.
Appropriation Ordinance Intro
duced Mr. O'Boyle Introduces nn
Ordinance to Tax Trolley Cars.
Other Business Transacted,
Select council held a regular meeting
last night, the first business session
of a council In second class Scranlon.
The appropriation ordinance, as
drafted by the last estimates commit
tee; the "cbuser" to the rc-organlzn-llon
ordlttpnce and nn ordinance tax
ing trolley companies were the Impor
tant measures Introduced,
Accompanying the appropriation or
dinance was a communication from
Controller Howell showing that the
available revenue has been increased
b.v additional liquor licenses $18,900.
making the total estimated revenues
from all sorrces 1413,200. The deficien
cies, he reported, are $t7,1fC.1t,
Chnlrmnn Chittenden did not an
nounce his committees, He gave a
memorandum of his estimates com
mittee to City Clerk Lavelle. with In
structions to make It public when the
common council committer is appoint
ed. The spproprlatlon oidinance as It
now stands calls for an expenditure ot
3!i7.1 26.25. This, with the deficiency
bills, will eat up tbe estimated i ev
en ues.
The "chaser" to the te-organi'al!on
ordinance was tampered with after It
went out of tho conference at which
it was drafted, according to the state
ment of Mr. Clemons, who introduced
it, nnd who was ore of the parties tn
the conference. The "chaser," as agreed
upon, provided for doing away with
the Keyser Valley permanent fireman
and did not molest Hie provision for
n clcik of common council, As the or
dinance appeared Inst night In piinlod
form it lets the Keyser Valley man
stand, but does away with the clerk ot
common council.
Tbe other provisions of tlie measurs
are as previously announced. The de
linquent lax collector i made nn ap
pointive official nt a salary of ?2.r,00:
a city detective and four additional pn
tiolmen are allowed: Ihe s-alary of the
assistant cily solicitor is fixed at JI.J00,
and some changes are made in the mat
ter of bonds, the city being required
to pay lor all bonds of subordinates
as well aw those of higher ofltcials.
The lifilley tax ordinance was lu
ll ocluced by Mr. O'Boyle. It impose
a tax of MOO a cai per annum on nil
cais legttlaily operated wholly within
the city Hints and 37." on onrp operated
v.illiln and beyond the cily limits. It
is estimated this would net the city a
levenue of S.'-.OOO. Being in lieu of all
ullier taxes, it would mean an increase
of l'ot moie than 53,000 tn tlie tiolley
company's lax. Mr. O'Boyle earnestly
iequeled lhat no amendments should
be made to the moasuie.
The Cantral Rapid Transit company'?
franchise ordinance was iutiodiiccd by
Mr. Vnuglian. It is practically the
tame as the original cne that was
Finended lo death in the last council,
the principal difference being that Cen
ter street Is excluded and West Mar
ket street, to Cumberland avenue, in
cluded in the proposed loute.
Mi. O'Malley introduced an oidin
ance for sidewalk on vniiotis Twen
tieth ward stieels. Mr. Merriman pre
sented an indlunnco for a sewer on
portions of Pcnn avenue and Larch
siicet in the Thitteenth waid.
Resolutions were introduced asking
the ilty solicitor to give an opinion
as to the legality of tlie Court street
paving ordinance: directing the direc
tor of public works to recommend tm
piovements on Thitd sJieet; provid
ing for leasing the West Scranton po
lice station, and permitting A. AV. Mus
grave nnd the Robert Peck estate to
connect their premises with city new
el s.
At the suggestion ot Mr. Oliver,
Chairman Chittenden established the
pi ec cdent of referring lesolutions as
well as ordinances to committee. Un
der the old charter, ordinances only
had to po to committee. Mr. Oliver
also had a motion adopted that a spe
cial committee be appointed to leport
on the question as to whether or not
the reeoider lias the right to veto any
measure other than Ihe appropriation
Presbyterian Mission Workers Elect
Officers for Coming Year.
Tho closing session of the convention
of the AVouien's Foreign Missionary
society of tho presbytery ot Lacka
wanna, Scranton district, was con
ducted yesterday morning hi the Green
Ridge Presbyterian church, nnd was
opened with a communion service con
dueled by the pastor, Rev. I. J. Lans
ing, and his assistant, Rev, L. R, Fos
ter. Mrs. F. L. Hitchcock was elected
delegate to the board meeting, nnd
the following officers were re-elected:
President, Mis, M. R, Kays, of Scran
ton: first vice-president, Mrs, C, K,
j All Hats j
4- Look alike to most people .
" ''polish covers a multitude of
j sins."
Take the same block made
4. from three widely , differing
qualities the chances aie you'll
choose the inferior, .
How will you kuowP Go to -f
. n reliable dealer nnd believe
f what he says. -t
Easter hats heie lu abttnl-
f ance. 4
ieH!iawt - . ,, :
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave
Robinson, of Sernnton; second vice
president, Mrs. C. F. Rockwell, ot
Honesdale; corresponding secretary,
Miss Ornce Chamberlain, ot Dunmore:
recording secretary and treasurer, Mrs.
T. If. Morgan, of Scranton: secretary
of literature, Mrs. T. J, Luce, of Sciau
ton, A featuie of ihe meeting was n paper
read by Mrs. W. D. Kennedy, giving a
resume of Presbyterian mission work.
Order That Has Been Issued by
Postmaster Ripple.
The folowlng order with reference to
post ofllce hours for today have been
issued by Postmaster Ripple:
S'cranlou Poslollke, Office of the rsliiiJlrr.
Scianton, l.ackan.imu Co., I'a., Apiil .'I, l'")l.
Older Xo. (II.
(Inert Kildaj-. Apiil S, Will, will be ohsened
l the Seraiilon, I'.i.. posfofflie as follows: ,
The thiee anil four dellveiy urilin will eadi
nuke two dellietles.
'Hi? two delbeiy rauleis ttlll earli make one
dell wry.
Colin lions oil Main jwniir, bchieen West
Lackawanna smnm.. and UaMibmu street; aln
Meit t.ackaivaniin aienue and li.iekstt.inn.i luoiiuc
to Athns avenue: Adams nvinue In Mulbeiiy
street; Mulbeiry stieel to Kmnkliii aienue: ami
all boxes betnein those points will he made al
1 o'cloik p. in., and the usual evening collection
will be made.
C'atriets while niakit'B tlirir deliieiles will also
make collections on tbpii lc-peillie unites.
Tbo money older and ipxl'iiy otthes will b
open until li in.
'Ihe general delhely and stamp wimlotts will
be open fiom 7 .i.m. to 12 in.
IVaa II. Hippie, I'o-din.t'tei.
I'our boa id meets (his aflPinoou at ! p. in.
The ,lcwi-h ( liaiilauqua sodoly lll meet Ibis
eieiiim; jller sen Ues in Ihe temple r,u limlm
There will be a p,M ial tluud l'i i.lav erUe
Jl 7.1", oMoik loniirbl In the lecluie mum of
Ihe l'irst PiPfbiteiiau ihiiiih,
The Winnaiis' l'oieigu Mi.Mon.ii iel- of
the 1'hft I'reAbjteiiau (hmili will hold their
legtilar monthly nieclins; in the thunh leetme
loom today at 4 o'llock. Miss SMia SViuinur
will ftive a talk on South Afiha.
'Ihe Women's MK-innaiv vi, ielj of the Peni,
Avenue Baptist (liuiih will isive a leiepliou tn
Ihe iluucli nnd 10:1311 il ion at 7. J", this (en
IiilT. 'Ilieie wiI he .1 hoit literal and
prugi.lnuiie followed bj a. 'uulal lioni.
The Scranton Gas and Water Com
pany and the Hyde Park Gas Com
pany. in scooidan'e with the policy 0! these com
panies to leduee tales fiom time to lime as
maj' be warranted by incieascd ronsiimntijn.
notice is hereby given that, on nnd aftei April
1 next, Hie price of gas will bo one dollar per
ono thoiii&ncl ruble feet consumed, subject to
the following di-eounti: l'ive rer cent, on all
bills viheie the consumption for the month
amounts to le.ns than twenty-flvo dollars; tn, per
icnt. on all bills wlioie the lonsmnpllon for tho
month anieunls to tvvcntjHvo dollais and no-
Provided the bill is paid on or before the
HOtli day or tbe month in vvhiih the bill is
lendeied. fly order of Ihe board.
0. B. HAND, SecieUry.
Hyde I'Jlk Cias uempaiij-lii older 10 einour
age the nse of gai foi fuel pm poses notice is
lieieby siven that on and after April 1 net the
price of gas so used will be one dollar per one
thousand feet consumed, subject to the follovvinj
special di-r.ountj: Ten pel cent. on all billnwheic
the consumption for theiiiontbiinioiintsto less than
twenty-flve dollars; twenty per cent, on all bills
wlieie the consumption for tno month amounts
to twenty-five dollars and upw-aids.
Provided the bill is pild on or befoie the iOlh
day of the month in which the bill Is lendeied.
A separate liiclcr. furnished by tbe company, is
necedoaij-. liy Older of the boaid.
C. II. HAND, Seerelaiy.
Wyeth's Beef, lion aud Wine, . ,68c
Lydla Finkham's Comp 70c
Hood's Sarsapnrilla 75c
Scott's Emulsion 40c and 70c
Jayne's Expectorant. . . .40c and 73c
Greene's Nervura 70c
Paine's Celery Comp 75c
Miles Heart Cure 75c
Kilmer's Swamp Root, .40c and 75c
Syrup of Figs 38c
Outicura Resolvent 70c
Cuticurn Soap 20c
Doan's Kidney Pills 38c
WilHaW Pink Pills 38c
Shiloh's Consumption Cure. , 10c, 38c
Karl's Clover Root SOc
Carter's Liver Pills, ,.,.', 15c
Clarke Bros
Pierce's Market, Peun Avenue
We male a specialty of fancy Creimjiy But
ter nd trlctly fresh cs; and the prue U a,
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Market Good, fancy Groceries and Table Delica
cies as can be found lu the largest New York
or Philadelphia Markets which "11 t ilgbt
W. llTpierce,
II Lscttwsaaa Art.
Prompt d(liiei7.
lie, in, in ro At.
III 1 1
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Easter Gifts.
Belt Buckles iu Gold, Sil
ver and Plated and Belt
Brooches iu all tlie new
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Also .Silver Chain Purses,
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Bags, in solid silver and
plated ware.
Stop and look at our win
dows for suggestions for
Easter Gifts.
Mercereafc & Connell.
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325-327 Penn Avenue,
Tailor-made Suits, to, order, $i)(1
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for Easter
Just received a large
consignment of Palms
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