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An Effort to Amend, Made bu Mr.
Flinn, Is Defeated by a
Vote of 18 to 15.
Scheme to Submit to the People nt
Election, a Constitutional Amend
ment That. Will Permit the Use of
Voting- machines Bill to Compen
sate Riot Victims Mr. James In
troduces Bill Conferring; Addition
al Jurisdiction Upon Orphans
Couit Judges.
lie I'.Ulll.lM? Wile fliMII 'III"" A-OL-Ut,',l I'll"
lluu Millie, April 4. Tlic Kox ciipl
t ii I building hill eume In for conslder
alilc discussion wlion It eume ui hi the
senate on tlilnl reading today. Mr.
Flltin, of Allegheny, offoied .'in amend
ment tliHl the mimes of situto Treus
uicr li.mti'tt. Auditor General-elect
llaidenberg, President Pro-Tern of the
f'niiti Snyder unit Speaker Marshall
ho stricken out as members of the
comnil-s'-lon itml those of .1. I. Jackson
and William .Mct'onwny. of Pittsbwg;
Jrilm C. fJulllit. of Philadelphia, and
William liussom, uf Venango, be sub
. s-lltiiti-d. Tlic iiiiifiicimeiit was defeated
by a voir uf ir. yeas m 1S nays, as fol
low: i., Dim;, litm, Muni, lliccm-,
t.i-. Mi Kir, Mlllrl. Null. Itlii'. --Ii-H.llt,
X-.i'isun. Wei. Uilh-r. Wdil. IV
N it.- l!i iki-llm Ii, I 'iiimmn-a-t, IVhrr. l'nrhl,
l". find;. (,. Il.iiil, nlirr-sh, llddcl-
'uiuli. lex-ci. .in 1,11 mi r, i.iinil, smlt, Sny-
iln "-tiiiim in. -inl-,-1, ii-i, W.i-.hliiiii) I".
.Mr. l-'oclil. ir I'nion, orrcrciL an
nnii-iidni t.i Hint ihi- snxa nm be given
Puxm r in appoint the i unimisslnn, buL
Mr. !m.i, id 1'iiapliin. Inti-i-posi-il with
a motion l" poMpoiie lurtlior eonsldcr
niion fit 111" bill foi tin- piesenl and
tl Is was ilutir- b. a vuti ol T.) to M.
J J.iil-i bill ptoxi-llng that the lion nl
of dliee'lms uf any i-orp oration initv
omlst uf -my number of poisons, not
le-.s than tliii-, was passed Unallv.
I!y Ml. liia-iy. nf I'hlladi-lphia. pro-
Idling !oi- submitting lo the people
at tip- K-'iii-i'tl ileetion a proposed con uiiif tnlniciU tvnleh will per
mit tli- use uf voting niaehliii s at
ilii'lions. The .liuonilmenl passed the
iii-l legislature, and iii'i'iiullni; to the
law iniM again pass tin- succeeding
Icgislatine. The iimetuliiu-ut lias gone
through the senate and is- now in the
house. The bill intrortuecd by Grady
If! lor tin- put pose of m.iking opeiutlvo
the submission uf the amendment to
the people.
Hy .Mr. I'""o. of Dunpliin. .illowlng
legitimate and illegitimate ehlldren,
born fioni the s.nne mother, dying
without i-hikli"ii. lo Inherit real and
l-i-rjoniil pioperty from eneli other In
(.'elusion to tin- grandmother of the
ilk''-rltlin.ite ehlldieli. as though they
hari been born In lawful wedlock,
The senate adjoin iied until Tuosday
Bills Intioduced in House.
IWIJs woie intiodui-'-d in tin,- Inni.'o
loday as r llow-:
llv Mi. Miller, ot llxlfunl. iftlmiii-; tin- mini
muni mIioM Ittiu fnmi -ni-n In si mouM-i,
Jllil tO I'lOM'Ilt till .l,l!l,-.lliri i,f ),(,!, ,, ,ini
Hy Mi. KpiiiIiII, -i -oiiim-ci. n,. idinc for
lli( ,ipiuinluiiM Ii; llii- ihii-l of itu time.iii of
niliioi ut h-m m-.iii i,i wilclit- .m,l mi-n-iii,-,
ffi tlic- tiituuili uiit ni.ll mini.-., win. .lull W.U
I'm-- iiiini-i in lilt- u-pediM- ili-iilit. :il h i,i
nine rwr; ,. mmitli, nml iot tlic s, all-., i ii,
ni oilier, u-fil in ,ii;Ii ui iiii-.iiu
In l.tlfil; Btiil,-,, i.i). ni nllui- vt'.el, I, nri.
i.Imimc I iv t III .",ei anil . liininl,,' im-
p ioniiiriil.
llv Ml'. Via.. .,i l'!ilhM.iij, npiinliit.
ins .i lonmiiiiii-. in,.tiiu ni fi-m- n-n-iiiois
jii-I liie iiieinliii., 1. 1 "ildi-miluc wu in.
nocrnt pci.-on, uisa.'dl in pintcdiiic Ihc .in, I
piopcit; lo,i lin-li Uv.--. ill III,' llnl, in Uiil' (hI ln-i, in (ii inlier ,iil , pU mlur,
Ifiiln," ami inmjilihj; - pj;imn of ,i
ii4innille c-ninpeii,iti.m tu . ((iu, ,nu
lineal lieir.- of micli puMju-.
Ily Mr, liny, ot I'l.iiion, Iiwiii- ,i ,1N of
ililff-fonitli, ol mi,' ier inn. upon ,MC , in
ni heer, ale or poilei iiuiniijiuneil m il-wc.1
In Pi inn; li.uii.i.
Ml. .Ijine,, nt,.i.iimi, mnfuiiu-- upon
tin1 iinlge, of Hie oiplnn,' mint innimniii Jut -i'llirtinn
with the iuilj;i-, m ilic imis nf
iniiiiiioii pk-j,, ipMiiei- m ..loin .iii,I ojn- .mil
When the .Mei'lnln i-orpoiatlDii bill
amendlus; the jjeneral eoiporatlou net
of IST4 so itH tu uuthoilze ilm foriuatluu
of corporations fur nny lawtui nur-
pose not otiicrwiho speellleully provid
ed for by act of asKmilily was ivuelicd,
on motion uf Mr. ,ieusy, of I'oluui
biu, tiio lioiuc went into committee of
tin- whnln for umcmliuunt.
An amondmont was inserted provid
ing that "if it shall be lejjully proven
tiiat any corpora linn ehnitoreil uiulnr
tho provisions of this amendment g1Ui
have emorc-d into a trust or combina
tion, such action shall work a for
fellurc of all rights and pilvllese.s con
t erred upon it by such cimitcr and
said charter shall bo deviated and be
come mil! tmd void," niter whlel; tho
bill pasted thlid readiiiK and wan laid
aside fur prlntiiur,
Tho xennte hill to amepd Hie Keneial
corporatinn net of 1S71 to allow cor
poiatlons to liold suelt real estatu us
Js necesfiiry for the purpose of such
cotpomtions was passed finally.
Tho houso took .t it-cess until 3
o oloek.
Mr, Tiitnny, of SiisquAhupna, Intro,
dueed a bill vmpowriiiK tux colleetois
to elvfi .stalyment tu the umount uf
taxes chaixeil ctfiuinst aahlt'.s named
upon limit duplicates to ofllcftr.s, nieiu
linj, eleiks, mumiHiii's or bookkeepers
of corporal ions, and pruvldlnr; for th
payment und settlement of f.tus with
taxable:; tlirouqh urpuratfons
House Bills Passed Finally,
i oidlm: lint for tlie nirpne t,t clivnki
lion llif pop'ilillon of toulilp m.i; Im .!.
.(Uliliuil l; iirucuilluss In tlio iviitl. nf ,
tfr i-o.kiotn ami rfL-iiljtli-i? mult pmcccdii.j;.,
.M-lule 1,111 3Utliilfiii- selioxi liniiiN In l.liit
till- !!! of Hrinnl lvul.t- In) I., ICUIIH Jll'l l,l,t r puij'(..
l'i' ulluj tint lien; iijll In l.fpl ,il the
tiollum ot eciy lope and thitl In the iinlliinrllp
littloli .1 diet coiitJinllic (UlKlr-ll nppllJUCM
(or use In ot accident.
llipcillriK the iiit of Aptll C, IVi'l, esiliipllnu'
il,itio, iiicIihIioim nml origin Icj.cil or lilied
lioin levy or kj,.- un cuiiitlou or dljtici for
IVoWilhit,- a peii'loii nf I2 n woiilli lor I'lilllp
I.. Hr.i.lliRlnn, late of the Mli'rnlli leslliienti
N.itiotril (in i nl-! of l'eiiiili.inl.i.
Proposed Amendment to Constitution.
Mr. Hull, of Allegheny, introduced a
Joint lesolutlon proposlnir un amend
ment to the constitution by jUrlklniT
out Section 10, Article L and inserting:
In place tlie followliiKi
The stitc slnll he ilblileil Ititn enilorl.ll (llv
trlcls of nml tpiitlnnotn leiiltory .n
nearly cquit In pnput ilimi in in.iy he, and cith
dlitiht dull he inlltlul Id eted one fenntor.
The senatorial ratio kliill he a-icertulncil h.v
ilMdliiu Hie Hholf popiilitlon of the state hy
the number lllly, ll.nli fonnty (oiitaliilnc one
or uioie ratlin of population dull be entitled
to one vciiitni fm cirh inttrt and to an
senator for it Miiplui nf pypuhtlon ou-et-dlin;
tliree-llfths of n i.itlo, hut no county shall form
n M-paratc dlMrltt nnle-s It Bhall (oiitjlii foul
lifth of a i.illn rcept wheie the .idJolniiiK
lountlcH me o.n Ii inlitled to one or more
M'tnlnm hin hkIi ioiiiiIj- liny he u-nluned a
snutor on lt-f than font -lUlbi and ceccdin(r
nnc hilf of n rutin, and no county dull to
Ihiilnl imk".-; riitltltd to tn m nunc H-iutois.
Vo flly or county shall he entitled to sepuatc
lepieentatlon exoeciliii one-sivtit nf the whole
nmiihtr of heutlni5. No waul, hoiuiigu or tomi--1
1 1 1 j Mi:, 1 1 he ilhiihil in IIk formation of a
The lioue adjourned at 10 o'clock
until S o'clock Monday evening.
The Purpose of the Piatt Amend
ment Is Explained Again The
Interviewers Satisfied.
II;' Kxtlu'iie W'iie fiom 'Ihc .nci.ilcil 1'icn.
lliivima, April I. The so-called indi element In the t'uhuu constitutional
convention. IneludltiKS Seuors .luiin
liomez, l'ortuondo Aleman and Mim
iltiiey, held a eoufeieuee today with
iou'inor (ieneral Wood urfardiiiB the
Plait aiiicinlnient.
Iiiivoi'.ioi' AVoud said that the l'nltcd
Stales Kovermnen: Inti tided to deal
Justly and honeslly by the (.'ubans and
had no ileslie lo tetaln possession of
tie Island. He pointed tint that the
I'latt iimendinent was diawn up pri
marily with the view to protecting a
veal; nation against outsiders us well
as tiffuiust Internal slrile and would
not iuteiftie Willi- t'lilinu iudepend
ente. It" explained that the AVashinK
ton iiiterprutalion of clause ;t of the
sehi-me of relations was thai the I'nl
lud Slates claimed the rteht to Inter-
vf'iio wnlelv ftw the nut nose of m'P-
bervinir the independence of the island,
maintaining nu adequate force to pro
tect life, pioperty and individual llb-I't-ty
and compIcltiiK tbe oblifjJllons
imposed by the tieaty ot Paris upon
the United States.
He e.vpiessed the opinion that, in
drawing up a treaty, many points in
the future relations of Cuba with the
United States mlsht be mcio clearly
explained lo meet present objection.
Tlie delegates letircd apparently
pleased with the interview.
Senor Portuondo said lie thought
everythiiiR would be settled satisfac
torily. He is in favor of the appoint
ment of a lommh'sion to po lo Wash
ington and expects favoiable le.sults
from such a step. Orders weie Issued
today directing the holding of munici
pal elections throughout f'ub.i .lime 1.
Therolwlll he llfteen days for legis
liatlon, beginning, April 19.
Package of 200 Letters fiom the
West Found at Ocean Grove.
Uy i;tdi!slc Wire fiom The Associated I'rcn.
Vtw VniK, piil I. V puUae of moie thin
'Jim I, tu-i, fimu ( hiiapn and other Mclein
polnl,, .id,hi.-cj cilu-icl; In pd.ons in- til in-
hi till-, illy, .ii found un Oiimh Cmvc lleuli,
N. .1., mil miiI to tin- po. entice in tliin tlly
t, l o, ( lull. and dull, to the amount nf S2H0
were Imiliil ill Ihc- litlu.. 'Hie 1 , mil
leililnii tlie .in- of tin -i', luiililjtid them,
hut nul hnpi lii 1;, J liny tnrc only the -limp?
.mil iiioiiOKMiiii'.
AlUiward, Ihey tool llu- lellii, to l'n,lm.i
lir W. II. Hamilton, of iiu.iu timte, wlw iiotl
llnl tin- po.tollld- .uilhoiitii, .-it Y.i.,hiuloi!
and Ne Yml. .nul toiwaided the let IUi hue.
None nl the h-ilc. ireic ilatcd l.ilir than Mm li
2-1, One (heel: luire the dile of piil 1. Mow
Ihc p.u kaye-, i .line In he on the heat It Iji .1
ni.vdii;. hut il i -.uppn-ul to l- a p.ut of the
i oiin nl, ui ,i mill lin; hid I n duUn
Horn a ll.iiu ill 1 1
Peanut Maiket Cornered.
Il i:wli.iM W'iio Irom The ..-o(lalcd I'll,..
New oil,. Spill I.- II n.l, announced todi;"
that a til til In ilnhuUli, X. .1., hid toiucicil
Hie peautil m. ul. d, lining puif lil'nl all the
mil hi the (.'liii ago. Ilytoii and New Vmls
luail.ei.. a, well n. luiliiK M'uired, thi-i tticl.,
l-.'l (arloid, limn N'ml-dl., Va. 'Ihcie ha hcut
an adiaini' in prim fimu Tl) tu !) icnU .1
liu-liel litel;, mid a ineiiihei' ot the him sa;
thi, li.i In-, n due tu the c oiner and t-Npict
In, opinion tint Ii will g dill higher,
Everything- Hnvmonious,
Ily Kxiliulti. Wile bom The Vnoclalrd I'icm.
hnli.ui.iicili, Spill I. -I'lidiluit Mitchell In
iljy epre-.,ul liliuself as atl,iied wltli the -t.'l.
I lenient real hid lo niiiicii and operators In the
Mail, coal and hltiiniiuoii, dl.tlhti of tho date,
Mr. Mitchell mid that the It pint that the tp.
tlu.irllo iiilutm of l'eiiii..l.iiiii vm-io di.ilU
lied ltli tho ui nil m-IIIi'iihuI llieie wan Ium-iI
mi nii.iutoiiiiaiiou, foi ncr.Mhlns: in that ickIoii
mi luiiiioulc-uj and there uas m far ,n he l.iieiv,
no thuiiiiht ui a. -lul.e.
Misappropriated Bacon.
By Whu from The Avwclattd Pro.
Manila, April I, UniUuiaiit llojei, nt the
'I t.Irt v-nlrit Ii ohmUvi huaiitiy, rliict roiiiiuU
suy (or the Second ilUtiirt ot the depsttimut
of coiilhi'in Luzon, I its .uilwd at Ualauiha, ptoi.
Inco of l.i'iiun, ul.eiu lie has Leon tliaiucil ullh
liiUapptoprlatiui; liny cjks of baton and wiili
fctlar lmi,-iil.iiltlo. It U alliRed tint the diort.
ugn in the coinniUjaiy depot in Manila ajiiic
gale, ,lNi.0uij,
Ily l.(lu.le Wiic (mm The Aoclated 1'ita.t.
I'liliad.lphla, Apiil i. -I'iof(..ot Piaiuis rl.
llilen .liekum, the oldvd tciclur ill point of r
Mil. in tl.t Unbri.ity uf 'eiiiis.ib.iuij, died to.
ill) al 1,U lionn in UM-rluool., u kulunh, nged 7.1
iMr. 1'i.ifeor .1 .ul. en w.n one of the orig
inator of the llojtor, Siiiphuny loneeiti.
AiinUon. Ala., pril a. llcncral ficorgc T.
(Tine) Sndeisjn, the fjinom Confederate l-ri-Bide
iniiiiiiaiider Hid a utciau of Hie Mcxlun
uji', died hue ihis afltrnooii, ac.1 u. He
N.'iu-il uii.ler Lniiyttuu in the VlujInU ran. I
I'dijii. J
Minlsun Are Gonsiderlno Pro
posals Submitted bu Finan
cial Experts.
Director of the Impel iol Maritime
Customs Suggests Levying of an
Annual House Tax of One-Half n
Month's Rent Some of the Powers
Are Averse to Contiact a Loan for
the Payment of the Indemnity.
By rxclmhe Wile liom Tlie A.-oi i.iled 1'iev.
l'ekln, April .!. The ministers nie
consideilng proposals submitted hy
llnnnclul experts for raising a sum suf
ficient to pay the Chinese Indemnity.
It Is ptobable that some arrangement
will be arrived tit on the basis of tho
plan of Sir Hubert Hart, dlieetor of
the imperial maritime customs, which
provides for tlie handing of the salt
and llkln taxes over tlie maritime cus
toms administration and the levying
of an annual house tax etpial to one
half a month's rent, which, Il Is cal
culated, will provide 20,nn0,d00 taeli
ycaily. suflleient to pay ."i per cent.
Interest ou :,n,000,OO0 taels and clear
off the whole of the principal in less
tliHn forty years. Two hundred and
llfty millions taels Is equivalent, rough
ly estimated to yti.OOO.uOO pounds, but
the total amount of tlie Indemnity is
liktly to be much more than that.
Some of the powers ate nere lo
compelling China to contiact a loan
lor tlie payment ol the it denmlty. It
Is believed that the inere.ised cost of
raising tlie money re-ntiied in that
way is likely to liump-i- the coiumer development of China, anil it Is
thuefore belli ved to be desirable to
have the money raised inlei nally In
Collapse of Concert Piedicted.
Vienna. A pi II I. A correspondent of
the Neues Wiener Journal bus had an
interview with K. P. Pobyedonoslseff,
procurator general of itu Holy Synod
and councillor to the car. Tlie pro
curator t'eneral. speaking of Russia's
foreign policy, s.ild that an attempt
to Interfere with ltus-da's plans was
doomed to falluie. Tlie situation In
China, would soon develop in such .i
way as lo make a break-up of the
present council inevitable. lUispla,
added Pobyedonoslseff, dtspises hlng
lond and other rivals.
They Discuss Measures Looking' To
ward Securing Higher Prices.
Uy Kudu, ho Who tioni The Amoiialnl Pie,.
New Yoik, April 4. houl a doin iiu-n up-ie-enliiiK
the .liioui iiou liuiusliie, in the Ka-t-tin
liar lion Manufirtiiiii,' a, .minimi mil to
daj. The .i.lun in IliU til; wa, .olioiiilml
tluiu one held in l'hilidi-lphia la-t uiel.. 'I he
a..0(i ilioii iitcliidei many nt the lais, iuriiuci
and linn iiiIILh oiitsidr of the I nl I, ,1 slate, sled ion. Ainnnjr the iu.iitiilion. lepici utiil
wire the .lonit tc Lauuldiu imiipui;, nl 1'itl,
huri,", the r.iiuhiii Sliel .unl Imu muipaii;. of
.fohn.toH'ii; the l'eini.;liaiiii sici I lomptii;, nf
Sleeltuii; Ihc l,.iil..i'.iiini Sn-el and linn torn
piny, ot Sdauton, and nlliei..
It war. ditid loniclil h.i a nnuihir xxlm w.n
pieitit Hut Hi" i.i.nn ni- tin- milling' u.H to
dixii-i nie.i.uics linUIn" Inwaid, Hie .eiuiiui;
nf lilsliet priie, fur hu- lion. II mi, tl, nl, d
thai th iiitolini; i'.i- to,- a pliu of
loliiliinitlou asaliel tin- I idled Stale. Sliel
lumpany, A lipurt a. iniieiil llnl i-uiiic of die
mill, and tuinatei. out-ide nl the I'nilul stales
siiel coipuialioii .iml paniiiilarly llue in the ill Dai- bun M unit ii'tm, l,' i..oclilioii,
x.lilili include mill, .unl tiuunci In ci.liiu
l'i'iili-;ll.uii.i, Dilauaic, Mai.tlind, Nc- .1, i.-oy,
Snv Vnrl. and New Html in, 1, would nm-auie
In tompilc with tli u, w t "nil t tl SI. lie, sin I
imposition. Other 11111101. wire .illntit lil.ilhe
In llu- .lh.oiptlou ui the -hi ill. 1- mill, ami
luliMC-t Ii; (he I'uitid siale. -eel ,oip..ri
lion. II w 1. tattd poilixilv H1.1l riirli iiim
.., the Jon,-, and tiaiuhliii (unipniy and 0110
01 tuu nihil, would und, r no 1 Inn o!n
any ..tmliiate. Theie will l, anollii 1 1 Ilm; of
the .K-oiiitioii lomoimn.
He Is Accused of Having Assaulted
a Patient.
Uy llvlii'ltf Wire (tnni 'Ihc A,.oi laud l'i,-...
Wilkc-Iline, Apiil I. Hi. II. I,. Pali,, a
.Minus ph;diian ol thi, city, w.i niciiil lodi;,
tliariftd with cuiuinlttlii!; .1 uiutmil a,i-aiiU 1,11
llio wile of Samuel SaUhcn;, a iiieuhaiit 01 Hill
illy. Tall., it I, ,.iid, wa atUudiu Ihe xioiuiu
profeioually. The liii.,h.uiil lame lioinc uncx.
peilidly .unl did not lil.o Ihc tiniioi'k .u.tion, in
tlic hou.e, tin pulled .1 uxobei and r-hoi. tho
doilur In tho aim, 'I lie wound i, not .1 ciIuih
one. The liiih.ind tlnu went la-loin
Doiiuhiiii and had .1 xxaiiaul 1,-utd foi I'.ill.'i
nirMl. Miyor Mcliol. went In the ii;lchn'i and atccpted hill in tin miin ol isl.OM for
hi. appearaiicii at luiirl.
Talk ha-i lirounlit n coiiulir ,ult .is.ilntt silt
lierif. He claim, hi, aiii-ei- hat 1 an.lfit 1 liim
and ho wanu S7,(it) ilaiuasc The papein will
he seived nu sabheric lumuiiuw.
Steamship Artlvnls.
U CM-ltciiie Who lioin 'Hit- Wmijliil 'u,..
Xav Vctk, Apiil I.- Aiihrdi ileiiuinic, l.tx.
eipool; llheiu, llieiuru. I'lciictl: llolleiilini,
lloltcidam: Deui.ehlind, ITititluy, Sailetl,
(ilinscr Klill'iltl, llifincu ill soulliainplnii; .j
Uetiijiiitf, llaxic .'iili'a- ii)cl; Allot, Ncu
Y01 1, (and sailed lor tionoj), (ueflittmMi Sailed:
Mljeilie (ficni Llu-ipooll, Nitv oil., Itotup
dun -"ailed: Aioeteitlini, llouhiyiic and Vw
Successor to Col. McClme.
Uy i:xciulo Win: lioin 'I In- til he...
Philadelphia, April I -Pi. Alfnd (. Uuuhdin
hit lutome the cdiloi- ot Ihc I'lnl.ilciphia
'linic, (tivtruilliii; Alt-N. 1-i. Mit.'iuie. who renud
flout the pacr a few tlajj nan. In, UmiUlin
In, hecn Mr. Mc( lure' jwu-iatc in the mil.
toil.i) dliectioii of Ihc paper fioi.i Its in, t ,,no.
Ho wa 1 1 lint iiijiiaain iditor,
Boy Killed While Stealing a Ride.
By llxeliUtc W'io li-im Ihf Awmlalnl I'u-n.
Pliihdi;lphia, Ai ill J -Vin was torched hue
tnninht that n hoy ,ise- ahout IS xeao., .up-po-."l
to be Jimu sMIiik, of jirl.htii'.'t I'.i.,
ww killed 011 tho I'hlli.lfliilil.i. Wjluiiii'lou and
Uilllmoie to-h.v ::eui' I'Uioii. Md. lie u:i ,lial.
1 11 .1 tide on a ficixhl lun: ,iud f--ll hetwc, 11
wi tun ..nd wa. In iaull; klllul.
Contains No Clue to the Reason for
Failure of Negotiations.
He i; W'iio from Tlie Awcliitc I IVe...
London. April I. Tlie letter of Hon
1 ml Hotha, the Uoer cominauder In
chief, In Lord Kitchener, commanding
the Urltlidi lorces In South Aft lea. pro
llpilnary to the recent peace meeting,
casually inferred lo In Lieutenant Oen
cial Kltclii'iiu's report of tho negolla
lloiis, and from which the opponents
of Colonial Heuretary Chamberlain
hope lo ohlnln some clue to Ihe reason
lor the falluie of the conferences, was
published as a parliamentary paper to
day. It Is dated at the commandant
general's camp, Feb. 13. and begins
villi a reference to "the verbal mes
sage from your excellency," contlnu
In:,' as follows:
"I have the honor lo Inform your
excellency tli it no on" desires more
llitni I lo hi lug tills bloody strife to
un end. 1 would also veiy much like
lo meet your excellency for the pur
pose of mutual discussion, to see If It
is not possible to discover terms un
der wli Iim Ibis can be done."
Tlie remainder 01 (he letter la of no
Importance. It merely suggests a place
of meeting and arrangements for Ihe
gun ran lee of tf eonduel.
Engineer Thompson and Conductor
Sapp Held Guilty of Negligence.
U;. Kxtlu-ne Wiic fimu Ihe Associated Pr-i'.
Trenton, Apiil 1. The coroner's jury
which Is inquiring into the cause of
the collision betwx"n the Nellie Bly
mid a local train between IJorrleutown
und this city, on Feb. 21, concluded
the taking of testimony today and
tu. tiered its verdict.
The wllnerses on tlie stand today
x.erc Conductor Sapp. of the local train,
x.'ho xva.s recalled, and Edward (.!. C,ar
x und, tll tinman of the local.
Witpp tepeatcd hts foi mr testimony
and assumed all responsibility for the
mllli-lou by admitting that be bad
ox ei looked tlie order.
Fliemnn (larxxooil testified hut lln
gincer Thompson read the outers aloud
xx hen he got them anil said nothing
about a third section.
The Jury (ieliheiutert for Ixvr. bonis.
Tiny hr-ld Engineer Thompson and
Conductor Sapp, of the local train,
guilty of negligence in failing to obey
unlets. The xerdlet als i consul es the
tailroad lempany for not having .t
double tiaelc.
The closing poi lion of tlie verdict
says that contingencies of human mis
takes should mitigate tlie bl'ime ot
Thompson and Sapp to some extent.
Coroner Power ald this afternoon
that Sapp would be ai rested and held
for the grand jury to ansxxer a charge
of involuntary manslaughter.
Thompson died teeently In the St.
PianeN hospital as the icsull of in
,uii ies received in tlie wreck.
They Discuss Alleged Violations of
the Civil Service Laws.
lit lAihi.ho Win- fiom Tlie Aioi lalpd 1'ie.-.
W'Miinutoii, piil Hi, hard Dana, ol )l i-i-(hn.elt.;
W. D. rmilke, nl Indiana, and .lolm
.Iny IM-,.. n tin-. iy, a l nilllllltll'C l(pli,t!ll-
iuir the National linl Sinnc Ittfotm hasne,
(ailed upon the pi.-.idelil lodi; hy lippointllienl
und luoic thin an hour wllh him ahout
tixll teivltc m.itlii. The all,i;ed violitkins of
Ilm law, itiiKiil.nifie. and m my tilher leatuies
won under i!i.iu.-ion.
'Ihe toiiiinillie, h; diiei Hon of the hasne, i
Ino-t Invr a iiiiiiiIiii nf allcced x'iolillun-i nf
Ihe law. 'Htc inmmiltcc In, koiio tir t nutisii In
II, woil: to he able In lepnrl -nine tail. (, (ho
IMi-iih-u1-. II N iiuilei.loo.l Ihe loinmltlen
(i.uc Hie pie, I, I, lit ii,loiin.ii,.ii icB.inliiii; tho
t.i,f uf I'o.liu.i.lci III, k,. of I'liilail, Iphia, xxho
.nme time .0,0 ill., liari;ed a niiuihi-i- uf 1 leiki-,
il I. -aid. In xiulilion 01 the pilu, Iple, nt Hie
Int. The pie.idtut xv.n nun h luiticted and
l.tpl Ihe iniuuillte,' In lou.iillatlnn m Inn-; tint
1 uttiiil,, 1 ol (.illei, l.-ti withoul ..eiliig the
Gen, MacArthur's Secretary Assist
ing to Draw Up Manifesto,
p.- I.'.clu-ho Who tu 111 'Ihc .WjUated I'M-,
Manila, Apiil I -Vuliiildo In tin- .i.-l.-t.ini-o
ni thief .Iii.Hm- Mell.111,1 and o i, IVher,
full, l.d MaiAlthiu', pihali seeiet.ny, in pie.
p.irins hN liilliKcln. 'Ihe woil. I, not minphted
and I lie tenor 01 the lonluiN , not diMiled.
t lilef .lu.llip Aiellmo had .1 loni; cuiiicii'iki.
willi Auiillialdn luil 1,1. 'He- ei-iehil U iciliiii!
I In, lutillly of luilhti icd.l.u.ic und L ilrstroiM
of rpbii; the 1'lllpiiio-. additlniul iii(irAi. Ilil,t.
Ins In Hie ju.tlic and taiicio.ily ot Ilic Aeierlcau
trnple, lie tln;i. Ihe fli-inucilti U u.'A"? tl-.-hl-ina:
and Anicili 111 ni'.ciel.'iit.i,
Gulfoy Has Another Gusher.
Ily i:ilu.lxe Wlie fiom 'Hie Awotlaicd Pics
I'ltt.lniiS, Apul I. -Colonel .1. si, fiuftcy, of
IliU illy, li.ti diilled hi another itu.hei near
llenuiiont, Tra, 'Hie oil, w-lien struck, shot
up In .1 wijhl loluinii t(V) feel ahoio Ihe top
ot the derriil., Inn .1 iiJle xahc had hecn put on
so Hut the How- of oil wa-i iradily shut tu. ThU
new bikIki' i Ihe equal of Ihe fanioin bucaj
well and nuike, the thiol tliii cnmiutiy lin
hid .hut In awaiting Hie tomplitioii of Ihe pipit
line lu Port Ailhur and addllioual Unkjt;e.
To Tax Railroad Earnings.
By Wire fiom The AmocIiUiI Tims.
st. Paul, ill I - A hill luoir.t-.Iner tlie Ux (11
;io-: ininii.t,- rl ullicnU fimu ,'i U I p,u cent,
paid Ihc i-mite leday and wi-iil tn the goi.
c r 1 0 1". It iruxidei that tho piopo.-ed
klull h put hcloro the proplq at the niM elc
lion In Ilic hape uf .1 ioii.,lliiilloiul nincinliiier.t
und if faiuiahly aued upon it will uiraii in
li.ura-o of hiiiidinl thoii.auil d.-lljn in
the taxation of lailmatb in the Hale.
Dead Bodies 011 tho Tracks.
Ily I'Aihhbe VI10 fiom The .Wioiiatfd I'leaj.
iliuiuniik-, Mil., pill I. -The dead hodiea
uf pxu inen weie found ulonif the H.ick of the
lljllhuoie and Ohio railroad at' point
liiimel, two mile, cj-i of lliuniwh-k, luU nimn
ill.. I'lom papein found 011 the liodiei It N
hePeud the dead Men ar Jo'ppli lt;.m and
Kcnnetli tulih, of Ho, Ion.
West Virginia Coal riant
Ily r.vliudxe Wiic fiom Tlic Asoeltfd I'reM.
1 lartirbursr, W. Va., xpiil . W. 11. Maxwell
.iiid lluzh .l.irtli, wealihy ellireni of this plate,
haio punl"iid l,mfl .nm ol cotl adjiecnt 11
Ihe til;'." t-nutliciii limit, lor uD.iiii. li'i,
nun plant will be pttl in al omi
Stands Telegram Inmlorlno Emperor
William to Remove Troops as
Soon as Possible.
He Believes That Serious Complica
tions Moy Result Moscow Cor
respondent of the Graphic Says
That the Russian Army at Man
churia Will Soon Number 300,000
By i:ilii-tic Wit" (ii-iii Tlie Aninliil'il Pi en
London. Aptll 5. The Pally Chroni
cle publishes tho following dispatch
from ISerlin:
"fount Von Wuldei'soo has sent an
utfient to Minperor William
Imploilng him to endeavor to hasten
the negotiations for tlie withdrawal of
the allied troops, on the ground that
it Is Impossible to pt event quarrels
between the soldlet.s of different na
tlonolitieji, which might at any mo
ment lead to serious tiouble."
London. April .". "liy (he end of
Slay," says the Moscow coriespor.dent
of the Daily Graphic. "Ihe Russian
mmy In Manehuiia will number lino.OOO
"It Is understood thai the Husslnti
minister of xxar (General Kouiopatkln)
leckons upon th" posaibliity of having
to dispatch an army coips s-otitlixvard
into Ko'-ea."
London. Apiil r. The lleuter Tele
gram company has received the fol
lowing dispatch fiom I'ekin, dated
Apiil t:
"China's rejection of tin- Maiiebinian
convenliim appears lo be of a rather
temporizing nature, leaving 'Ihe matter
still open to future dNcusslon."
London. April "..-"The Tlalliin min
ister In Pekln telegraphs," says the
Heme correspondent of the Pally Mail,
"that M. Be fliers has threatened that
Itussla will leave the concert if the
powers continue to oppose III" Man
churlan conxention."
Fireman and Engineer of a Passen
ger Train Killed.
By Kxchi.he Wire from Tl.c Associated Pic.
Xexv York. April A. John Cronin xvas
killed. Frank Mahon soveicly injured
and a score of passengers were bruised
and shaken In a xvreek on the Central
Railroad of Now .lersev, near Kliza
beth, X. .L. tonight, tlionin was- fire
man, and Malum engineer of a passen
ger train, liotli lived in Jersey City.
Tlw- trains In eollisoii weie a passenger
from Xcxvark to Perth Amboy and a
coal train. The coaler xvas on a siding
and as the passenger approached on
the main I rack the fouuer liain moved
out on- the same track. Mahon tried
to stop the passenger, but was unable
to do so, and both reached the fiogs
at the same moment. Mahon and
Cronin stuck to their posts and both
engines- went over. All the pussenger
coaches left the tails and eveiy aas
sunger in them was more or less
Million is believed to be internally
hurt. There weie about forty passen
gers on the train.
Rain Made the Fast Flyers Easy for
the Marksmen.
fly Uxilu.ixe Wiic fiom The Av!oe.i.itcil l'n.
Xex- Voik. April I.- 'Ihe -li..ot fm Ihe Kl.iud
Xniciii.ui handit.-p which xv.h pm-lpoind liotn
.xcliid.iy in giut thi, rji,iiiiii ..nd xv.K nniuuei
up In tfusl ihi, eienius. With the xciption ot
a I-lid in the middle of the die ho,,t.
Im; nt Ihc hlid. k, pt up i.ilhuiil any int. i -minion
and iienly fi.imo hints wne liappcd. Ho
wiatlicr tnndiliuui woe .111; Iliilu," hut loiulufive
lo lie 1 milfoil 01 llio -.inineM, in of wlion. tiled
(out hi. Ion, for chimpioii.liip honor.. Diiiiui,' He
(Utile ,,Iiim)1 tain fell 1011H1111011..I1- and IliU undo
whit xvuiild otheiwi.e liaic lucii Hicik my
oluxv llilllH illdl'dl.
All told I In to w -ic twent.i-twn cntlie, mi the
eit-nt. len ef ulihli wtie pust ttitiii.-. Twenty,
nnc nu 11 fallid ti loe lluii inaik-i xxlirn llnlr
tlliin (.line and then' ab-cnlcc.iofeltcd U) ciih
which went lo i.v.i-11 Ihe iiu.,e. The utile amount
uf money width will he ilMribiiled .miuiitf Ilm
flity-four Iniili nun'' x ben llu- cwnt i imu hided
luiiiniiuxv is ".""'. When Ihe uliooluu was
(INeont lulled Ihi-t cienlnK theie xvere foily men
ivitli -.Ii.iIkIu scons of twrnly kill cacli and
liftv-thife xx'itli nllietcfii caih, DuniiR the tlay weie foiced out of Hu" conlct afnr hav.
inr; had lixe inlv-es semed a.'.iln-.t them.
I hose who mi-et one had .lie .1, X. II, blllnll,
Captain Money and K. P. I'tilfoid.
'Ihe (ondilloiio of the gland Aiiirrican call for
twenly-flxo blids for each man and the tonle,l
will be ic.iuned at 0 o'clock tomorrow inoinlin;.
Amons the foily who killed twenty Mialsht iin
tho foUow'ing I'eiinsjh.ihlianj: II, l.iumcis,
no;-ifiiil; It. Stliliuiuell, Pa.tciii II. Tiun
baer, Hnviiaforil -aid C II. Helkler, I'hlladelpliU.
Recommended for Identification Pur
poses in Philippines.
llv llxclu.lxn W'iro fiom Tho At'oclaled I'm-.
t'aliliMtuii. Aptll 4. UkipUin (liailo li.
I'ieicc, who i In thaifte of Ihe United Slales
inorguo at Manila and of the xxoik 01 idmlliy
ins; Hie Anieilcail dead in Ihc l'!iillppliu, Im
1 1 commended lo the xi.n- ileparlment, ju oidec
to facilitate Ion. Hie s.ue lo all ofti
(fri and men of a rinill Un' of aliiiiiliiuui, bear
luc llie name, i.uik and reginirnt, 10 he xxoin
(onil intly around the neck.
End of Quanelsome Couple.
By i:xcliisbe Wire from The Associated I'reiJ.
A1trl.n1, Midi., Apiil 4.- I)arui3 C. Ilai hrlrler,
.1 hor.o lircedt-i, shot utid killed 111. wife in
tlitlr hou.-e and linn letiiiuc to an upitaiis icoii,
(hot hliu,elf through the ttmple, d.iiiin Instantly,
'llu iiniplf hid ipianeled 11 rc.i t deal.
Hy Kxilusixe H'irn from The .U.oilaird Pie.5,
At l.exlnston, Va. lTnlirriiy of IVnnbanlj,
.",; W.iililiutou and I. re Pnhiioll;, I.
M (.lii-eli r I'rincclon, r; Jlon-
tied. 0.
At txatliliigluii fleorselowii. S; Vale, I,
At Ui itlnllc-tx Ilic-I'iiIm-i, ily of irKlnlJ, 1.1;
l.lilsh, -.'
Wcnthcr Indications Today:
t (Ieneral Mode of I'a.ilnj? rhlnejc llidnnnlllii.
Wink of Ihe Slate iH'KMaturc.
W'.lldci.ce I'c.iin Tiuiilde III ( hln.i
l.iwyer I'alildt May tin Kire.
2 (.citrrnl CatUond lie Pi-paitnient.
" I nciil- llaiupiel In I'li-lilini-ii of Ihe I ('. S.
s'lraiimiilans I'lc.ul for l.ual Clurltle-t.
Court I'mr-enllng-i,
4 lalitoiial.
Nolo and Coiiiiudil.
6 Lurnl Hit ec tor of t'tiblk jM; I lemons Had
lo Qull,
lli'0ig,iul7.itl,-ui Oidluaiici! T.i nipn eil with.
0 Local West Snantoii md S11I1111I1111.
7 Nnriliea.Uin I'ennt.i Irani 1.
t'iuauclal nml t.Vininticlil.
fl Local Mve tmlmtrlai Salm.
Much Damage in Maryland on
Southern Pennsylvania The
Peach Ctop Injured.
By r.Mlii'iie Wiic fiuiu Tlie S.Viiatut l'ie.?,
IlageiHtown. Mil., Apiil t. Tills sec
tion of the Cumberland valley In Availed
In with snow, which covers mountain
lairges north and .south to a dentil of
from tin (je to live Inches, as a icntil 'jf
yestoiday's stouu. The liilulall wits
heavy, causing a sudden rise in tlie
Potomac, liver und Anlietam and Cono
cocheague creeks. The Potomac Is
swollen about six feet and is still ris
ing with every Indication of the stream
getting wild and doing daivigo. The
banks of tlie Cltesapenke and Ohio
canal .ire being wntehed al points
where the river bounds the toxvo.ith.
Other streams are nearly out of bulks,
but no damage i teporteil.
Ilepcuts from the famous south
mountain peach belt Indicates that In
.itltv lias- been done to the early fmlt.
by the freezing xvca titer of yesterday.
Tlie early buds had been forced almost
open by the recent xxiirin weather and
the sudden change, xvilh ihu tempera
ture falling lo freezing, came at such a
time as to do considerable Injury. I'p
to this time there was every pro-neet
of a large ciop of peaches this summer,
rniontoxvn. Pa.. Aiiili 4. lleports
fiom over Fayette county Indicate that
the snoxv storm xxhleli has been raging
for forty hours, and is- still snowing,
bus done great damage. The telephone
und telegraph xvlres. electric light wires
and poles suffered everywhere, and
communication with most points in
this section has been lost. Xo com
munication for Ixvo days, either by
telephone or teleer.iph, has been had
with Pittsbuig. In the mountnins cast
of here snow has been failing since 2
11. m. Wednesday and Is Mill falling.
The snoxv has melted a great deal and
yet lies three feet. deep. The trees are
covered xxlth the wet snow, which froze
as it fell, and the limbs of the trees
touch the ground all around fiom the
mass of snoxv piled on them. The
streams aie all high, and when the
mass of snow lying In the mountains
melt they xvill be swollen beyond their
Administration Does Not Favor His
Plan to Visit This Country.
U.i IN, Imlxn Wiic fiom Tlie xi-odaleil I'ic,
W.i.IiIiikImi, April I. -1'ie.ideiiL Mi Kinley ba
not iuxilt-,1 Aiiuinaldn tu the I'liited Sutcs
111,1- h.i he any iitltlillnu of iluiu-r so. The ic
pull finiu Manila wa. (uourou-, .tod it i-. prob
ably bi-eil upm sixlu l.n pe'. de.pibli lo
Aniilnaldn fiom llo-lon. su-i-K.stin-; II1.1L he
.Imiild leipit-l the Auieildiii aulliniilie. In send
Mabini and liiuwlf In thi; counlix. II U I.nown
thai A-tullLlldn I, I.I--.-1 In xs the Ulllleil
Stabs. He t-ii ixpn-.i, hlueelf (huln-; his talk
Willi ( hlcf .lu,ll(e Aiella it-ullid III
id" Liking the nallt uf alle-.-iaiue.
The -tuveriuiunl aic 110I il!.p,,e,l to
ilimiii.ii-c Xuiiinahlo'e di-.lic. He ii sj , piis.
oner, ,111,1 In. x,-l t, 1 novo lil, wood tiiih in
Mibuilltlug In Auiiihaii iiitliurily. He is Hill
under .u.pldou, and llu' (h.iues auaiii.t liim he viol. it,, 1 Hie iiile, uf war iiiu.t bo in
xisllcralrd. Sdior Aicll.ino s.ij, tint AKiilnihlo'. inuillcto
is not ,x(t prepired foi!, 11 and Hut he
1, unable In IiiiiiI-.Ii Ihe tet. The .-nit'ioiltics
.1-.1-1 1 U1.1t n foiinxl .innoui.rdnrnl xvill he made
when -nix tiling: ili'iiulli- i- a(idnipli-.luil.
Remains of Widow of Former New
Jersey Senator Are Cremated.
Ily llxchixiie Wire fiom Tlie Ai.ncialed Presj.
Wa.lilnKlnn. April t, l-'uneial "-cukes over
the lem.iins nf ..1., .Inhn It. Mel'liii.,oii, whlov.'
of tho Iminer i-iniu-r from Nexv .lir-cy, xviro
held at Ihc Oak IliU ci'imtcry chapel ti-diy.
'Ihc liod; w-.t then returned lo ,111 umlci
e.tablMimcnl ami iiemitcd. Tho allies will bo
, iced in Ilic ca.let which contained the body
when hrnu-dit hoc fiom Vcw- Vol I. la,t nlsht nnil
Inn ltd at Oil: IHU ton-oiroiv alicrnoon in tho
family lot. II w.n Mif. Mcl'lunioii'i ciprcssGii
wish to bo cremated. An nttonu-y for Mrs Jo.
ipli Mnir, llio ilc nl xxnman'i daiiRhter, pio
tested In New Voik .Mttinlay in her 11 line
a-raiu.t iimoxal ui the lemalus licit-, peiidlng
Mi., Mull's lelinii 110111 aluoad, but Mr. lite-;-cry,
a brother , llu- dead woman, nud A. S.
Ilihhxlii, cMiiilor of Ihe laic sin-itoi'-i ctatc,
Utcliuul tu wail.
Exceptions to Magee' Certificate,
tly i:tlnslxe Wii-' fiuiu TIk- Am iatcil Press.
IbiiiMiuiS, Apiil I.--I.'xceptloiis keie filed lo.
diy in Ihe P.i-iphlii toiinty lomt by .Ijiiu, A.
sTr.iii.ili4ii. ef ll.iirbbiii'i,", tn llu- it-tllli-ate of
ti-jinln.lllnii ot W, A. Mance, jr., of I'llUbiil-;,
licpublleau iwiiiiuio ( r stnator in the I'nuy.
thlld dintliit t- Miuetd Ihc lale I.'. 1 MaRic,
'Ihe rMrplioni avu- thai the tfillflcito is lll-tf-al
for llio ic.isoii that it was not filed w-thiu Hi
tinni required by the billot U, 'flu' couit fixed
sjinnljy nioinlnt; lor a lioaili,;-,
Meyer Admitted to Bail.
Uy I'xclunie Wlie from The Ajs-elateil Pies
New- oik, Apiil 4.- Moiris lixer, (hi iced
Willi foi(,ery in Hie flnt ilesne and .1 to-do.
fdidant xxilh Paxld shod, of xxilncsin
the u-iallcd "I'aliltk will" of W. M. lll.c,
which. It i, alleged, w.u I'or-jrd, hu btiu ad
iniltctl to lull in
Furnacomen's Wages Reduced.
Uy I'.Mlmlio Wiic (10m The Amoofatnl Pics.
Ml-ldlwbotoiisli. Ln-tland, April 4.- It it mi
iiouiiciil that Ihe f ot Ihc lit 1st furiitccineit
xxill be irducrd 'it pel trnt. for Ibreo mouth-',
ami Hut Hie wane, el (hi- NoiHiunibeilaiid
ntlii' 14 will be ivdiuid ) l'i p,;r tent.
Evidence ot Jones Will Not Be Ac
copied Unless Corroborated
bu Other Tcstinionu.
He Volunteers to Read Portions of a
Document Being: Used Against)
Him Rulings by Judge Jerome.
The Indifference of Patrick Ex
plained. It;' I'mIumxc Wlie (mm 'Ihe Amo, ialed P, -.
New York, April 4. There -wore at
lea-st. txx"o Incidents durlnfr today'.i
cross-examination of ('buries I .Tone-.,
the x-alot-seeretary of Millionaire Will
iam .Maisli Illce, which lose above tliii
ordinary. One xvas a. it-murk made by
.lustlee .lerome. xxlm piesldes at the
hearliifr, and -wihleli piobitbly shoxxs
xvlty Lawyer Patrick, accused wllh
.lonen of the murder of the foi met'
Texan, has all almiR- taken the accusa
tions of Jones UKahist himself -with a.
demeanor almost, uoidciltifr on eon
tempi. aVttorney ."Mooie. for the defense, had
asked that when the hearliiK closed foe
tlio dnv IL be not resumed until Tues
day. Justice Jerome seemed xvlllinK,
and then added:
"It Is necessary that Jones' testimony
as to this murder should be corrobor
ated, tie being a self-confessed accom
plice, bis testimony alone Is not enough
upon which to 'hold Patrick."
Attorney Moore tersely added to this:
"We understand that, and we supposo
the district attorney does, ton."
Tonight thos who are xvatelting the
case closely are xvondcrin-r. -what cor
roborative testimony the state xvill in
troduce to sustain the slab-mcnls of
The other incident brought out in the
clearest light tlie Indomllnble netvo 0
Laxx-yer Patrick. In tho face of the re
iterated stoiy of Jones that Patrick had
instigated the rorgcries and the actual
mm dor, the latter too'c his place In tho
court proceedings with the utmost non
chalance. At one point it became nec
essary that a statemenL made by Jones
be road, and It -xvas given Into the
hands of one of the counsel for the de
fense for that purpose. This was the
statement in which the valet claimed
Patrick killed Itlce, and -which he hint
since denied. Tho reader hesitated and
stumbled over the written "words. Sud
denly Patiick spoke up, exclaiming:
"Here, I guess 1 can malse it out; Til
read It."
Patrick Reads Statement.
This xvas agreed to, and In a loud,
clear voice he rati:
" M-' got a toxx'el and sponge and sat
urated the sponge with a eolorles-s
llililid ho had in a bottle. Then ho
xxent Into the room where 'If lay hi
bod. I (Jones) xx'ns not In the room,
but opened the door and peeped in.
" 'J' xvas standing over 'IV with the
cone-shaped tmvel in Oils hand, and he
pressed it down over 'It's' face."
Patrick was still reading, with no
show- of emotion, xheu Justice Jerome
ordered a. recess for luncheon.
The "P's," and "u's" In the statement
.stand for P.i I rick and Wee.
At another point in the noeeedlngs.
Justice Jerome gave his estimate of:
Jones with characteristic terseness.
Attorney Moore had been racking tho
witness witli (iiiestiiitis, all tending tn
living out the valet's lying propensltleo.
He showed that Jones had lied to anil "
deceived his own father when the lat
ter called on him In the hospital after
lie had allempteil suicide: 1I-.hL he lia I
told untruths to Assistant Plstriet At-
tornev Osborne, and that he had llel
to his own counsel. Here Justice Jer
ome struck in with tho remark:
"This witness is u xveak, wicked and
unfortunate man. Ho Is a solf-cnm
fesied murderer and deserves con
tempt, but I won't allow you to Instill
Thniij was veiy little uoxx mattei
In ought out at today's hearing. Tho
xxtiiolo of the cross-examination of Mr.
Moore, who is Patrick's personal coun
sel, was confined to showing up June
as a man who could not bo belloved.
When court adjourned It was until
next Tuesday.
The Duel Is of the French Variety)
Mavked by Absence of Bloodshed,
tly i:diisle Wiic from The Assoclitrd Pirn.
I.oii!alllc, Apiil I. Crucial John II. (a,itl.
iran, xvho xx'.t.h colonel ot tho I'itst Kenluikj tr.l.
ment, nml xxati later apiMilntcd by Piohhnt Mc.
Kinley In ho a brigadier of volunteer, and Wa'.
tcr II. rorestor, inannclnff editor of the fanii..
ill, Ouinineriial, fnuiilit on the Mioet toda;.
Xo blood xxai s-hed and the aftali- wai quickly
Them had leni bad feelliiK betnTrn Hum time
llio -litan war when I'oicsler xx-a.. a
slitant adjutant Kciieiat of Kentucky. They met
fate tn facu on Pourtli iivenuo todiy and (Jetier1
Cattleman slrnck I'oi ester in the I ice, l'oreic
returned tlio blow und (lencial ('.ntthiiiau ie)l 14
.1 half ivtiiuibcnt po-ilion, 1'iicivh iiilcrfeud an-i
separated tho men.
Killed by a Freight Train.
By PA-chiilic Wire from Tlic Woclatrd I'ii-j.
Philadelphia, Apiil I.- Mrs. daiuet I'tppor,
wifo of tho well known iiiu.lcal iii.tniiupiit man
tifaclurer, was ctiiuk by a friilu liiin 011 tint
North I'cnii biandi cf llio I'Mlnk Iphia, and P.fad
lin; uilway to.lay at Oik I. me. a tuhitib ol tin 4
(.11;. She diul alnicvt in.( uitl; .
New York Chavter Amendment.
Dy iUthblxc Ylre from 'fjie Associated Pren.
Albany, Apul I. Tiio bill amendin; the thar
tcr of tin; cilv ol New York, at cuiupletctl by tha
onfcrciice louiiuiiue, u -id bolii ho-iv-s ot Ihi
leblaturc toda;
ff ttttttf t'tf
WavhliiKlnii, pnl (.- I'oifiajt fur
rutnii IVuie.xIxjiu.i: lair liulax; I1r-.I1
weslcil; wind., suurdo waiuiu' and
cloud;, prob-ibl; rain.
im t flf Tftt
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