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"W--W" fWn&T "TiftV ?' V
i i
Carbondale Department.
'Phone s
NEW, 286
'OLD, 0423
The SlroiiRest Measures Will Soon
Bo Taken AgriinBt Delinquents.
At tlio niFftliiK of the school bonnl
on Mnmlny cveiiltnr tin ninttr-r nf how
to, not tlolhuiuunt tiiximyciH to set
tle wiih bi ought up Snmc HtroiiB lau
fttMgrc wni used by sniuu of the inein
beip ill the bniint In l-fjriirtl ti) tills
iiticstlmi. HclliHiUt'iit Tux Oillpi'ior
Siniuiiu wns incsciii mid lold of some
of hN expriloiKTH In trying to gullier
In hIipIscIm Hint hIioiiIiI bavc been bnr
vt st oil lontr hru. The wruili of tho
bonnl wiih fully moused by his leel
tnl. iniil liuil 1.01110 of the delinquent
niul ili'lbint tiixpuyiurt been present
unit listened to tin: tliietilcnlnir tneis
urcs which will bo used to cnfoire puy
nvjiiti they wmthl 1m only too iiiinIous
to step up niul piiy niul set out of
the way of MiiiullH.
.Mr. Hen i mi ii tolil of oiip Inxpnyci- who
fitati-U that If the boaiil coulil collect
fioin ti tn j any sunner by npplyliiK tho
I.iw, to 5n nlienil and do .so, tfoinu
a. Hon wl'll undoubtedly bo taken In
, lib; cusp liiiini'dliitcly tiy tho bonid.
A cnniiiuililcatlon ironi Tax Ccillce-
'tor Clifford w.'ir read, In which be
iskod for llility days nunc to uiahe
cnllectlinif. Ills i critical was Kranted.
A rcHolutloit win, adopted that .Mr.
Seaman bo liisliil'-'tcd to inukc t-cllle-
ni"nl by .Mny 1
Other lnrutci-K thai mine up for the
onsirteratlun of the bonnl wan what
would be i lie ivMiilivineiits of the
piadualch of tbo hltrh school, on which
a :-rc(-il coniiiilttcc, i otis-lstlng- of
TftiRlu. Milfreit and HoeUctiberry.
una appoint d reports of piufucfy by
the Janltots' niul btilltlliirr coiiiiultteei,
niul the payment of ihe follow Iur'
tlliul, Plimohd mil mtiip.ih I:JI (id
.lolm lliioll IM (HI
llm:!i Atktu-.wi .'It 40
Al.iln l;snr (niiip.uiv '.' !l
lltndrltl. .M luring intnpiny i iki
'I'm il
J'CI u
The Borough of Vnndllng Shocked
by a Tragedy. .
The little boioimh of Viiudlliif: wiih
tin own Into u (pfMble stnte of o.sclte
mt m Monday iilqht by the news of
tin suicide of ThoiniiH Clll. a Midyear
old man and one of the bint Unown
residents of the place.
The futieial ot .Ml. Gill's ki, Million
wan to iiihen pl'ii" III OI,pliuiit
yehterday and Mr. and Mrs. Ulll and
ihelr huh and his wife weie to so t"
(ilvpbain .Monday night. The ton and
his vll'o had lert mi the '10 cm and
Mis. nill war looliliu; for her bus-
band to 1'ihc the one. They lived
hi the (.Jelqer bulldliitc and t'nIlhiK' to
1 1 it ti him about tbc liuuc, Mrs. cm
went to ii mvuiII Ii.ii n In the rem,
i in iipetiliiK the door slu was horrl
lleil to see hor liilKbaiid luiiinliiif In
the icnter of the lorom. Ni'IkIiIiois
and a doctor were alimiied. The niaii
luiil Mood on a box and thriiwiiitr a
clothe-iline over mm of the nut ,-s
swung himself into uioinit.v. The
iloct'ir nld that In. il-'titjil the hnil.l
must bnv b"eii h.uiKiiic about tun
Won! u.i nl ifn 'in lo li .1 .1
ItnbeiN, of Neinliton, the county c.oio
Her. and the body iih laid out In the
loom where the Mlleldo wiih com
muted. awulthiK the loionerV arrival.
Tim place whs Inched up niul u guard
established. t'p to noon yesterday,
however, the coroner hud not conic
mid .ItistUu of the Peace Vurtleii and
a Jury tendered u verdict of suicide,
by hmisliui, while temporarily Insane.
Dr. A. D. Picston and His Wife
Receive Handsome Pieeent.
On Monday cciiIiik, the members
of th" First Methodist Kplseopiil
church choir truvu one. of their num
ber. Mr. A. L). Pieston nnd his wife.
a tlcllirjiuul niirpil-f visit. The cou
ple soon 'Xpeut lo leave thin city, to
lithe up their residence In fVrnnton.
where the doctor's olllce Is located,
and his fellow. singers decided to make
him a call nnd In u chorus wish the
twain the bott of ntcc-s and health
In their future place of abode. Sev
eral friends uccoinp'mlud the slnueis
on this eiraiid.
The paity formed nl the home (
.Mrs. Ack.', and then al
together llivndid the lionn: of the 'ri"
tecs. Di. I'li'Htou ii.i Beiiulncly air
IU'Im il, but Mis. Preston bad a merry
llilb- i winkle hi her ''M'. as If sh"
would hi 'e been able to isiiess the
paity was i miilnK". If inioue had
ask.'d her Dm Inn the evcnlnp, a
niunbii' of iiipenlous Raines for lesl
Iiik; Ihe wlt were plaved. One of
them was in th" nature of coiiuii
iliunis mi the p.irlri of ii watch. The
Misses .tennlo Butler nnd Mny Kllpat
rlck Btie3bed nn equal number and
drew lots for the nrst prlsie, a liiind
Homo volume. Miss Kllpatrlck won.
Jttiui Kllpatilck won first gentleman's
prize, a button box.
Dr. PrpBton iccelvpd a prcHent from
IiIh fWeiithi, a line steel enfrrnvhiff of
Itosu Uonhottr's famous "Pharoah'?
ItorscK," In n circular ebony frame.
Mr?. M. O, Abbey took a llHyhllght
pletttio of the naltv. Itefnrp tbP
Iditlnly luncheon was served, there
were u. nuinbor of songs by tho mem
ber? of the cluilr. Those who purtlcl
puted In the very pleasant ovcnlns
were Itov. und .Mih. A. K. Chiilfoe,
Mr. und Mis. V. D. Evans, Mr. and
Mrs. D. Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs.
M. O. Abbey, Air, and .Mrs. n.
Moon. Mr. and .Mrs. S, H Hmds, .Mr.
and Mrs. V. Ilobbs. Mrs. Ackenuiin,
the Mifciius Jennie Uutler, May Kllput
rick, Nettle Payley, ('lala tlronson,
Mamie .Stephens. Mny l'eugelly, Padle
.Miller, Isabetle Stanton. Messrs. H. V.
t'htik. .Uine Kllpntrlek nnd ('buttle.
three cM, will de Hi? onttlng nt llio llroiul
on ThunJiiy ecntntr. In "At rlney lllilgt" Mi.
lll(t.Klr. h mid lo tine i;b(ti to the lnac n Un
like picture ot Hie Tinnc8ro inounlnhiifr, ll
In InRrt out Hie droll liuinor ml Inborn ltiici
o.lty iiiul honor of tlt noutlinn seiilltniin, to
gether Willi the picturesque ellulnt hi i Amnion
l.i Einillictnfis, hi a very I1atut.1l uml Inlrre.t.
Illff waj -
ptt,,i , ttjtSwf"-'' : " - -"-
&Bret!L nm &
7 xy- g -3 c 11
MJil o in
ff ' U itiuntii
L-y f prepanition arc
"T blc fitness for the
MS, women untor upo
j merely innocent bi
I-TTn needs and rciniircn
I lr) ;,s il "ilural consei
AX jouinr wife lituls I
X l :ni arid desert. II
J J her foe-, rtlie )lo
) 'iifl'ering in hileni
(Ls mlfeis. Shu is i
) J tions tliaN live in
I AJ Preparation for
W Vi )iretaration for an
TO. v t'e wife's health ai
fTVI pi"es of the little i
ilVsV on l'"s propamtion.
j Sv eoiidition of wonia
vV ment of the irirl in
JfcJdJaMfti!?3? Iitlitafc
--?.? 3
When love awakes the woman
is horn. JieUvcen woman ami
man love looks to marriage, and
into the pure and inodet dav-
dreanis of the young maiden,
love brings hints anil hopes of
that, '"happy hou.-ehold clime''
iy which she will leave family and
. As a rule her only preparations for
eat change are love and innocence,
n enters on a calling without some
dge of his undertaking or some ipial
ii for success. In most cases year-)
spent in order to acquire a reasona
sliosen occupation. Yet mosl yottmr
the obligations of wifehood, not
t absolutely ignorant of the physical
juts of the married sl.'iU. It follows
lence of this ignorance that iniini a
le paradise of her dreams to be only
ii' very innocence and ignorance arc
Is on in a daily pilgiimaee of pain.
..She docs not. know why she
fraid or a-liameil In ask the (pie---er
heart but die upon her lips,
marriage is more important than
occupation or calling. Not only
I happiness, but the health and Imp
lies who may call her mother depend
It is essential that there shall boa
ly well-being. The simple deiangc
ty become the dauyeroiis difoaso'of
the wile. This is so often the. case that tens of thou
sands of women aie suffering because they are nut pre
pared for marriage, and afterward did not know how to
( tire the weakness and di-ease which laid hold upon
them. That such weak and sick women can be restored
to health and strength is proven by the tlioii-ciurfs of
cures effected by the u' of Dr.' Pierce's KaMirile
"About three months after 1 was married I became in a dcK
catc condition, but I did not know what was the matter wuh
UK-' writes Mrs. John Ilennis, of Mutison Station, I'.i. " I
so sick and ncnou-,, not able to do any work at all; had to
hire it all done. My husband's mother l'niHteen usinj; vour
remedies, ami one day she came over to see"in2 and hroiurht
sonic of your ' favorite Prescription' with her, and she said.
' TaUt that niediciue I know it will help cm.' I took it and it
did help me, and I got better of the bad feelings 1 h.ul htforo I
commenced taking it; was soon able to do uiv work melf.
I took the medicine right along till after bibv capie, and 1
c-ni s-afclv s.iv that Dr. Pierce's Favorite rrcrription is bitter
than all the other doctois' inediciiics put together. Now I am
happy and well, and he people who s:iw me'beforc when I was
sick and see mc now have said, 'How well you look,' and thev
ask mc what I got to make me so well. 1 ipiicklv tell them
what made me better. Some of the neighbors have used the
sime medicine through my advice, and thev have been greatly
benefited, too." '
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the bet prepara
tive for marriage. It cures womanly diseases and estab
lishes a condition of sound health.' It promotes regit
larky, dries weakening drains, heals inilaiiiination and
ulceration and cures female, weakness, Tt makes the babv.- aihent practically
painless, giving the mother strength to and nourish heV child.
.Mrs. sjtuddurd concludes her letter given below b saving that " Favorite Pre
scription makes one feel well and strong." It makes womontlc7 well ami strong
because it really makes them well and .stnnig. This is tho common experienco of
women who have fairly and faithfully used" this medicine as a cure for womanly
diseases. There is not a form of womanly disease curable lv medicine which has
not been cured by the use of " Finorito Prescription."
" During rtiy two jenrs of mairied life 1 have not had good health." writes Mrs, Daisy
Skiuldaril, of bos. .South KsphumiU: Ave., I(eaeuworth, K.ins. ' I wn-, all nin-dowii, and my
husband got me to write to Dr. Pierce and explain my ciso to him mid see if he could do
me any good. tst I wrote, and, thank the Lord. I got m e.irh rcplv idling uie what the
trouble was. I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's Vaurite Prescription, and also the ' Pleas
nut Pellets, and now can say I feel like a new woman, and cm s.iv also that we have a big
baby four months old. M hen the baby came 't was just woudtr.'iil how I got along, and
now I do all my own work and do not feel tired out like 1 ustd lo, I have taken eight bottles
of the "1'avoritc Prescription.' It makes one leel well ami Miong. We owe our good
Health to God and to Dr. Pierce through what his wonderful medicines have done for us."
Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Piereo by letter, .We, All correspond
ence, is guarded by tho same strict professional privacy observed by Dr. Pierce
and his staff in personal consultations with sick women, at tho Iiivaliii-s' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, Pniffulo, X, Y. Address Dr. I?. V. Pierce, IlulTalo, N, V,
It a dealer offers a substitute, claiming it to bo "just as good" as "Favorite,
Prescription," remember that the only motive for Mibstkniioii is to enable the
dealer to niaku tho little more profit paid on the bale of less meritorious
L I. i W
I'll j5 U 1
i ti
Performed at -Dr. Wheelei's Hospital.
Many Physicians Witness It.
An eMicmUy rare and hazardous op
eration was pet formed successfully
yesteidny afternoon nt the private hus
pltal or Dr. Henry :. Wheeler, 111 this
city. Tho patient was Mls ICllz.i belli
OIIps. of .tiU'inyn, and the operntlncr
surgeon was Dr. Reed tiilins. of rieran
ton. The operation wis what Is known aa
the "Hartley" operation and It has
been nertnimcil less Hum a hundred
limes In the history of .snriiPO. but
three limes In this section of the coun
try and never before In this city. Dr.
P.iirn;; has been the only surgeon who
ban attempted It In ibis section, and In
his two picvlous operations he met
wllh sMieecss and a recovery of
the patients.
Mlsi (Sliest has been sulferlus: wllh since last .June and it wan
ileildeil thill the only way to iclleve
her was for her to submit to (his rare
operation. The mortality In the cases
I outside of Dr. Tluruu' has been from ur,
to ."ii per cent. She mine in Dr. Wbeel
cr'n hospital on Monday and yesterday.
In the piesruce of eleven physicians
and many riursp. the surcical rent
ia ueioninllsiied.
Dr. rjurns ilrwt made a "trapcloor"
Indslon in th' let L tnnple. drilled and
sawed ihe hone of the skull, lit id Iho
binned portion on the check. Inserted
ii n elovatoi- (a piece of highly p.illshed
metal) and lifted up the brain. Ho
then divided the nerves and severed
them at l lie casserlan jranelion. lust
befuie l buy made Ihelr exit from tho
The ii'ivcrt severed niu tlms-e that
impart sen.-atlon to the upper and
low ei ,Uu They do not control the
movnionts of the Jaws, however. It is
a radical cure for neuralgia, but, an
li.m been said, one rniely attempted.
The s-eveied ends uie not nlluwed to
come loRcther asaln. so no sensation
of pain can be felt afterwards.
The physicians who watched Dr.
Tieed I'.iirns manipulate the brain In
this ni'inner were Drs. A. J. i 'nnncll.
Jelf OuriJter, .. K. O'Brien and Mor
gan Williams, of Sciunton: J. A. Kel
ley. ,1. ti. I la i per, '. T. Meaker, .1. J.
Thomps-on.' H. C. Wheeler, of rmbon
dale, and J. s;. draws of .Termyn. A
large number of city were also
The matron mid htud utirs" of th'
ho-plial. Miss M. C. Hofi'miin. who i.s
a g'rndiiiite of Lackawanna, hospital,
materially m-hl-stt-cl Dr. Dtiinp. She had
all tut- preparations tor the operation
in hand, and as these pivpiiratlnns for
tills work bad lo be mote than tbor
"UKhly asepile it was no liprlit task
that fi-ll to her. She r eelved he.uty
e..!ie Hum th" operating suigcon.
Mlts (iiiiti was lesiins c.ihiiy Inst
eviniiig and the indications wen- that
Mie would ici.,it-r. ultliutiKii it is loo
Mon to lie delinliely nMiH'il on thin
Changes In Residence,
Mr oi 0 Mr. Itnrulolpli Mjton fl.irlnl litiii
kicplnit jeslculiiy In tln'h nenlj tiimUliril Iiuiii
nil MikIiIiirIoii lnrl.
M.!,, nl tlif Klcflrle t.lnlil .oiupjiiy,
rpci i lo l.iki! up M ir.litctnc en Wwuliir
licrt the lattfr p.irl ef llr ,nfk. lll lmi'-.o.
hold ciicill i?c lilip.,il ji'j
liTtli). ,
Mr. .mil Mi. I'iiriii.- llowp bjip up tl.ili
apulmcnli b. Hi" Alitlit.ii ltd ,ici"mI.ii .mil le
limil to L'nii.'ni flirrl
A. Ilrrliantl, the t allot . I,.i iiMtnl liU f.iuilb
tn the K.ifkft liiiu.e in "lion uicnnc ovir 'il
luirtlii'lit l.illniltii; p.iilnis,
Miii. II. 1,, Mii'Knn Iih uiom-iI In-ill nitli
Cliimlt flirrt lo (nilkltl uifinic.
.Mr, uml . I'. II. (Illlfiiin line ipmuint
Irom Wt inning ttci'l In llip Uccjler l.ou-p vii
I'.ilk rliic,
.Mr. uml Mn. 0. I.. I tlo.v inmril ,ftpnl,iv
Into ttirlr lniiilcnir new it'lilomp on llnilliln
A Runaway.
I Ik hUfo uf . II. Mom, ul lli'ltuuiil li(ii,
mIiIIc hllrliPil tu a delivery Miiftun, tool, ii iplill
nl tllclit ilown tliiinljll "tin I .tpMrnliy Ulrr
noon plioilly alter S otclocK. It m,i Klin
IiImii In- All.rtt Moon .ind with lilni . n lllllp
ltd n.uiicil llrli;liri. mIiiip Iiuiiip l en I tip.liint
stirct. A-. Ill" filglitcnoil .inlinil imiiI iiiiil.-t
ilu Mnik uf dip Xn Voil., On'.irlu niH
Mp-toin Hip l.i.l .is lliiuwn mil .nel Hip
.tnn piiril lilni up ii q J I n - I tl.p tom- .ilinl
niont ninlrr llic it.illnn. It ai it fu-l tlmiiclit
lit- tMiit 'pipil.i, but l.ti ninliiir il .i -nl. I
Mrs. M. fl. Close, of Nebraska, Was Ciired of
Incipient Consumption After All M?dical
Aid Had Failed-Read Her Letter.
llC U.M .ill llk'lll.
Illllll"! "lltlll
'I lip ll"l P J1 i.ppi Ultlixilt I
On Half Time.
uin.p ipip p.i..idl ,n ..II i In- mini"- .. il.
IMim.iip i.tid UtnU'ii ion pnti.i ,utnriii llul
iitilll tinil'ir iKiliip In" iiiIIIiiip. niilil m.rk
enl.i li..lf 1 1 m tlin ini." Mm Ii. hi iirrp -lill.p
ol llip inliK'ii a- (li-i iill.i"! oi. Ilu untpiil 1. 1
rrj u , Iipiii M-iy . Kirn il.-llfi mI
ii.iilii, , up. llul tit.n Ihr .p-i,itri. in.l
miner -nilril llirli illnnr.n . mil pi".
ilui-ll'.u Mill li.oc lii 1 1, ic-tili p'l. Ih"rp m .i
IU l.llliic r.if in i hi ilriiM-pl.
Painfully Burned.
. I. lire 'ip.111. 1 1 l)ilui"ii( IippI. i niii-in;
a ImlH liuitiPil linn! -.ihifli In iiuivnl in ii i 'i-riou-i
in.mtiPi. Up -i.m pi.iploipil nl lii- wnii
'ii tlip OiiLoiu .1111 Wi'-tcin A i ip t .i
MiilcliliiK (JI-. In II"' M.iiln-l'l .nil. One ut 111 Mm. k .mil Mi. Pipiuiiu loluuli-iii'tl t, sl.ut
il -..iili .i Ii.ii.
'Hip IiIiiK-iiiIiIi- ju-l Ihimin i 1i.ii -il
ii.m mil (H'lil tlir hilar. Dipuii.m il .i1 .!..-, I linlil
uf fl mIUi Mip lr-oill llul tu. lipsh mi IiiioikI
.thuo-i in th,. p Mill not Ii- dtlr tn
Mini. Ini -vim- I nn"
A Painful Injury.
Ulip .Inlm Klllprn, t'Mrnnii "t Hip li"t lie-
Ini ttiu in. t.n lirlplus In mil I i ..i!rnn lull
ot Uiiip m.oiilp IiIupK. jI H.irKpt llrnnl. p-Ipi
iliv inniniiii !p len'ivoil ipiilp .i pilulul iiijun
Hi v.i iiinouni; dip lotip-, Mitli Ii,h.. linn
Ini I -r .i pi.v ulnu .i -tniip In. in ihp
slriifk Hip 1i.ii .mil lunuslit ii itimn nn Hi"
RIPlI tor nf tin- iL'Ilt ,,iii Willi ,i liilnx. Ml.
Killccti ii'i.i-tpi in lai'pins il mil. il-pitp tlip
piin .ind Hip Injiii.v tu hi- tnnl. - !n- ipm.p,
tn j-pp ii dot loi, thcip I- no Knowing In.w h ollx
In- ii Inn I.
Puvcha&e of Real Estate.
Wlli.un II. I,in.-.i his puiilii-nl iIip Kihl
ii'.u-" mid lul nn Itinvln -.iniip. Thp pun I
i- -ilu.ilpd bplupcn tin- lion-,.- uuiiiid In u
ten Knhl .mil Mr.-. Il.miit Ui.miui. Ii u Inr
nnv imnii'.- ini 'lilli.n iii.p I . n-unuM llip
piprnt, hoij-p oi tou-liuit :i n.'M' ot.i . In l.p
I'nupipil I, j hinislt. I ntil tl'i- ili.nnri' i- mil'.
plrlH he will ir-nle in I tie .ipaitinrnli in ill"
l.'di.ild li.w In whill. In' l.m.Anl M.iud.ix linlil
s.ilini iM'tui".
V !
Kearney, Neb.. July 8, 1000.
Local Fiiemen Rewmdcd for Work
Done at No. ii Shaft.
Tin members of the local Hie i-om-IMiili.i
who wen- detailed at the r.-eent
lb-" at No. :: :'h.iit or the Xieliiu'iirc and
Mud. on i oinprinr iv ill soon iceelvo the
remuiK'i-ation promised them by Super
lutuideiit Hum', of the coal dectrt
nii'iil Treasurer Jit)neh j. Ciorman, or
the i.'oliinibi is, yesterday recehed ii
eheilt from New York, -signed by J. XI.
Mht'i'ton. paymaster, nl' the amount of
3Sr.. At the time of the Ihe Mr.' Hum
lold the llieinen lhal If ibey would
.slay there and pump water into the
shaft he would give each man $, for
the day's woik and turniih them with
meals', hot. colfce all day and make
things an comtortnble fur them as pos
s'lble durlim the cold sp, n (,t' wcathci
that prevailed.
On Thuisday nlsht the folttniblas
will Imvi; their legulur monthly nicot
ine and the cheek will be turned in.
The seven men who were detailed to
this work will piob.ibly then have their
equal sliuif ot the $n,'t cheek.
Tonight's Seivices.
I'.nil'- I.uiIipi.iii (lnu,'!i ll.i-
tln IP will 'In- l.pnlui
T.:iO ,iq tollow-:
Minn Nn. I'll.
Hi inn No. -'UT.
Cuiilr-ii'in ot -in
lii I In- i liil'lun .e
. I!c. I'. i:iiln:
Didn't Pay Eoard Bill.
Aldi ini in Mniii'on Ind .i 1.1-0 loi In- pi In Id
ilcloriiiinitliili on Muiid.i.i. i ilitpiite oci .i lined
hill, -I'lins P. I!uiiiitt in uie a oonipliii'l tint
be mill I not rollcit inoni.-. dm Inni ui Imnd
mid IciIkIuk Iiuiii Iiim- MpM.ilimi, ,i liiiinin
in Hip implii.i nl' tin1 r nhoii'lilc 'iPlpplmiii u-
pin;, llip i.-i-i- w.i Miilnl li Ihp ,ilipinim
.-ii-kP-iln-; Ilinl MiMih'iii (.in- Uuiiirll .in nnl-i
on tlio linnijin nl Hip ioinp,nn tor In- n.i md
In iti' two polios .icrcniia to Ihp piut'-illi-ii.
S. 13. Hnrtman, Columbus. Ohio:
Dear Doctor "I desiic to cxpiess to you my sincere thanks for tho
interest you have liown in my case, nnd for the timely aid and advice
which has effected a cure of as bnd n cn&e of consumption ns could be
well inirifrincd.
"Pci una and Mjtnalin have done what thirteen
of the best physicians in the country have failed to
do. For inoic than three ycais I doctored for con
sumption, and spent thirteen weeks in a Pulmonary
S-anltniium at Milwaukee, Wi3.; but finding myself
srowiiiR worse, as a Inst resort. I ennic West where
I was bedfast for many weeks, and the physicians
which my husband culled gave no hope but said, 'Shs
cannot nosoiblv live more than a few davs.' But
thanks to Peinnc, I fooled them all. In an incredibly short time after
I began to take Pcruna the hemorrhages stopped, i began to mend
slowly at fiist. but the improvement became moie marked and now I
can truthfully sr,y that there is not the slightest trace of my old complaint.
"T would have wiitteu you a long time ago, but have purposely
waited to -bee if tho effect was lasting: and in conclusion I would say,
God bless you nnd keep you with us that you may go on with your
wort of moicy for many years to come." Mrs. M. A. Close.
P- S. "I am going to visit friends in Wisconsin who never, ex
pected to see me alive again, so plense forward mail to me at 570
.racinc street. Appteton, Wis. M. A. C.
Is Catarrh, and Catanh Lends to
"'In lendiiiey of cumuli nl the lie.i I
is lo pass ilnw iiwaid lliinii:;li the bmTi- lubes to IP- lima-;. n oin- who
has hill c.iitirih nf ilu hcid tor ,i year
or nun" Ihids th, ili'-e.ise gimlu.tlly
l'liiaie.svinp (Inun'V.H'il. Ill some eas'i s
lllc piotricsM Is inpiil.aiid In other cass
it Is slow: Im Minn, -i in- n.r II" ca
tarrh is .illouid lo i nn, Il will K" l
Ihe limits and s-i-l up Ihe dl.-i.'Se Icinw 11
a:: i nusmiiptioii. Ii is ilniiliii'iil if .111
sunipliou Is i viT laiiM'd iiy .iiiylhinir
cnc pi riti.'irrh.
The I'ltinrib tisiin'ly begins as a i old
111 Hie Iliad oi tin tat, nli-l Is nej;lecteil
iiuiii IL biciiiiies I'huiiiii : then it in -Kiiin
to dawn nn tin ii tlm he has
eataitb l'n less lie is iiy foolish in
deed lie will not I'M e i-v Illllll th-'
'iiitnii'h Is rmlioly cured. Thousands
P.i no attention to it until it is too
I II' lJi rtmn Is 'lifted-the cold neytii' be
1 eniiics (.hionic, aivl beneii eatarrh Ii
pivveuled. Hut artcr eiitnrrh has be
nine ihoiomrlily established Pcruna.
v ill cute it. Inn it will take much lons
ei. Kven in cases v. heie cat.irrb hai
attacked Hie limits an.l the symptoms
ol' consumption hae shown tbein-Selvcs,
the Im una will cure. A stent many
ca.-es- oi genuine icnsumption havi
In en iiuiii wiih I'eruun after tin. pa
luit had 'been s'lven up to die, ,is In
Ilu i -ise of Mis. i'Ioil'.
If .ou do not di'ilv pinmpt and sat ciory riMilt.s fiom the use of IV
lini.i, i I'jlo fit niice to Dr. ITuitumn,
Kiiiitr a Mill st.itiment of your e;ise
end In- will be plinsed lo trlvc you hq
Miiiiuble advice Hi'atl-1.
Aduiiss m. Il.n tmaii, I'i'i sident of
The Il.irlnuiii HanlUiiium, I'nlumbus, U.
:'l''. I'lcc .ind Aipppu-d
."il'l. l.ltllulio
RflAmSmZxE AND MATERNITY among tho many
'"" '----" thontos tliaoussot) and
Illuminated in tho pagos of Dp. Ploroo's Common Stsnso Modteal
AUvlaor. This groat work contains mora than a thousand largo
pagos, antics sent FREE on rocoint ot stamps to pay oxponso
of mailing ONLY Sond 31 ono-cont stamps for the cloth-hound
volume, or only 21 stamps for tho hook in papor-covors.
Atltimsai Off. , V, PIEICE, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Services That Will Mark the
Latter Pait of tho Week.
There w ill bo no uurvli es at rit, use
church this owning1, on account of to
moirow belli;? Holy Thursday. There
will be but one mass on Holy Thurs
day, which will be nt 7.S0 o'clock. It
will be followed by the removal of the
Hlesstvl Suciriment to the leposltory.
On iliniil 1'rlday ihe mnss of the Pre.
rjfiuaiileil will be celebrated, and the
messed siacivinieiH will be taken back
to tin.- main altar. At 7.SU p. m. the
.Stations nf the Cross will be reel ted,
and tbo annual collection for preserv
ing the holy places will be taken up,
On .Saturday inornbiir nt 7.80 there will
be ihu blessing- of the Kaster water,
blessing of the Paschal cundles and
lighting' of the now Hie.
A Good Programme to Be Presented
The regular m'onthly literary nnd
social meeting: of the Kpwortli league
will bo held in the lecture room of the
First Methodist Episcopal church to.
night ,U 7.80 o'clock. All mo cordially
liulted to nUeud and bring lead uen
clis. Tho following: piogranune will be
! ink ted:
l.iui-uy iiiojcu, "'I ho t'lokiofj f iiiu ,,n.
iii-iilli IVutuiy."
I'bno M.l, M i.,;n., urou.oii
j Uwj. "l'io(ju of the Mnctcmlli I'tnluiy,
ism io i-jto, Mil.1 Kcnnouliv
"'-d '' Wg-ir Smi-ij
l.ssj. "l'ioeip.v of tlm Last I'llty Ycjrj oi
....Jinin hllpjtrlcK
MiKlr.'iuli Ccntut.i,
l'ino Solu
Jlcadirg ...
..Lilllc llo-
...l.lllic OaU'i
l .ol'Oi.iliIc IimIji-, o,
Hci. 1'ithrr ' Mf In iiipIi,
KiiicIiH oi Ann i In.
I'louipi cimIp. No. 'je.'i, n, nut (ImIpi KuikIiI
of M.i'tlc ( h.iln.
C.iilioiidlh' loiUe. No. '.Mil, KiiIkIiI- ol I'.uhl.i-.
l.nlliV Auiliii, li.iilionl Dnsiur, ., Atici
noon Wed"; Today.
Kllll-t ',11111' III-, ol U.P I'.ll.liC llllllltl.l nil
Sdliiii .iiruup, will dp iii.iii icd luil.i In .Ml"-.
I..i(jii-, nf Wlll.pi.lliup, in til). Aim
the iiirmoiii tlip,.- will nl miti uinn- Ikip ind
go tn liouMlu'piue In llip Willi ii, i Imii-t, on
li.ii l " .ii iiiu,
Funoral of Mis. Fieas.
"I i.e mnul ol tlic Ihp Mi-. I.,,iIiccIi I-'ipis
will Like plJir lioni tier hoinp .it -Ipinijn .it 'J
u'lloik IliU .illLMlionii -ind not 'J.,.u oMncK, ,n
prloit-ly jtinoiincul.
Unclaimed Letteis.
I.ll ot letifid unuhilns in IIip Cnliowlilc
pcstolhi e, Apill fl, !H, fur poiion-, iinkiiowii!
janiPi. V'l.iniHij, If, -I, II !, -Iinipi, hocll?,
At Miss Eronson's,
The ounc Ljilkn lVicluu MMnnnj nniiiv
ot tin- MfthodlU cliuuli uirl I.i-l ulilit ,t ill?
Imiip oi Mlk-s l.eiu Hiortioii.
At the Opera House.
1 iy M,'lil-"At I'lney Itldsc"
'liioidjy MkIiI "'in. Miny Tr.inipi."
Teachers' Pay Day.
'I 111' public school teaihiu oi tlic ill; will ic
ceiic their s-ilarlo-. I Ida evening at 7 oMoik.
The Passing Throng.
Mu. Jjiiaa Mc.Mlbtcii ot f-oulli Milu inU,
it fpiloibly ill,
;ii Annie WjiIp, o the Ucitili City, u iile
Im: tiiindi In luwn.
Uilllnii ruliiuun, ol sn.intuii, w.i jii.uiu lii.
friends lie re ,cUid..
It. T. MjmicII, ,l., 1u nioitd to ilu- ioiim
on S.ilciu axnue i.icaipi) lo Willl.ilu P. I.lud
cai. Ml-. Katie MeuM,, m New Yoiy illy, who
lias liein vliliut; Inn iiuile, .folin AlcnUI:, o:
Drfii i. avenue, li.n rctuuied liouie.
Ml.. I'uU'j, nl lliuenik, N. who li.i- hull
-i.illlllS Ml... John (iaiihaii, ol S'Hliln Julio.',
lias utuilnd I.OIiip slip ai a. . onipalilnl In
Mi.-. Mji C.uialiai, v-l.. .mII in IIjii. nl.
for about a u 'k.
Guaranteed Attraction.
Hold lligain.' fvuthrrii piiy, "At I'lii'
lltdti," wliMi hai I pen uiordul isuih a lieaily
ulpoiiti ihi jujilioul ilu louulij vi tne pan
or Cliildieu. Mother tiioy, lor ,er a nure In
the Chlldreu'i Home In Sew Ylk, lieatoil ihll
dun iniiKifully willi u iiiind;, now pupaird
uml pliifd in the ilruc stoier, i a I Jed Moilur
liray'4 Sweet I'o-vdeu for Cliildieu, Hiey am
hirnilfM a mill;, to tjkc it.d netci till
A lertain cine tor Iviulthnrtj, lon.llpallon.
lifj.Jai.lH', tpetliiiiiT an J ..lomaih dl-unkin and
inuoic woiiiu. t all diugKL-U. :')?. sample
eint nilUl Vlliirt Allen s Olni-icd, l.eltoi,
X. V.
II! i K. Is lioiotili i ..mull on I in iiuulu - -Ion
Mondn iicnnii: I'Miinn;. All iiiiiiiIki-, wup
pit UP. I'li-ulriii Milllmi- i.illnl tin- im.liir.:
M niili'i-, Ihe tnlluwiiu' liill. iip hiiIpipiI paid:
Moid I'.iii.i.' ilu.' -iiiiiei a- in;i
nill'. s,o..-jj r, M. Ilaiiii., uiin. 1 1, sol j s, i .hi
Ion llppuldii in, .nlw ill-inc, '-1.01: .lo-, ph II,
Hell, uiKiiiecr, '-mi; .1. Ihu-. mliu- ,-ri-
liC-, 'sl.i.'li A IIOII Willi.MIH, pdlll Mil III'-,
s'.'..-ii; A. , '.iiiiio-i. jinlini, : 1'i.iuk Mniiii,
hiill-il olio pis and om i'iic;, -.'; I.poniid I urle,
poliro -niiiT.-, '..".u; uhlnld W.iur loiupmi.
wjIpi im- di-itiii- liiiht plinl lor ihiii- uionili-,
S,"".,W; li.di.ini". sTI."j; illiphiul Wain- i-nui-
plll.V .OIIP lllltlllll. "; .1 IlllPa Nil hoi., in t, nr,
ii., -10; siiaiilou 'IiIIiuup, iilu-iii-niK, ;
s, . Arnold, aumuit in-in mu- on iIpiIiip
IUIiI lniildliij,-, ifl.'.ilij Ml.nii I iip loiupim, Inn
ul let in ini icai; -.n; .1. -I. I'.in.i, "
fair, fti,, s.'ij I', p. lien) milu, puii-i.ii, -ui
pile-, 'I..','!: liPoi;,'p Milll.iui-, muJi'ih. s.hi,
fli.illn II. scull, Mipplle-, eJ.I!1. Tho lollowuiR
hill. pip htld up (op Pollution: suaninii
sujiii I'uiiip mnipaui, .upplii",, W.ol; Upoiup
siasi', litji'i, 7'i u lit: Mount .lisiiip ( oal mill
ninv. Iliel in-il, sj,o; riPUlui' Wall.ei, p'diu
t-eiike., si.'iiii lllolialil I'.inaull, l.d.oi, S.'.ia.
I'uiiiiiiiuicalluiii lioni lii-uiaiioe A511111 l. M.
Ilaihiivay and P. C IN-hI. iiotil.iiiii; uiiiuiil
thu miles.. II.p lue al.iim fi.teiu n pill in
Hoikln:r onlir the Insiuai.u lair, woiihl tfii up.
imp icu'iicd. 'Up i.nllir a plai ed In llw
hnuh uf tim int.i.i.-atlii': .uniiniiiu. .M.r-.
Ilivlig. Mthol. and Ilohoid uuu nude hiip.ii
ijatiu',' lOiini'.iUp. TIib i'iirIihu'i. u-poit in
.MiKli vim I1.1J nn) .fdeivil llli'il Si'uial u-.
hllloiii wfic I11.I1I uwr mull inM inutiiii; iiishi,
iu liny wutild li-iu' lllll lOllMlk'I.Uiull I'pon 111.
tirii,, Il dciidi I 19 hold tin adjourned iiu-u-In;
within the wv iwo uc!.4, iiilijecc to im
Kill uf I l.o iie.l.luit, A roiiimiiiiicitlon irom' union, .So, -'.", ol Ubpluiu, m.i
icmI, It luiiUiiu.J iniuiiuaiiuii tu 1 In 11I1..
thai the uiiloi; piien uii U':,ui voii. would bi "
Ihe l,iti of s per iIj.i, Seuctaiy llciij.iinfii'-. i.
poll lor the liionih ol llaun w'ai .11 loll"" '
l.olliitid, S3.U37; uiii.lloiiid, sl'.'.'i. Tho u-poit
vt rkctilu ll;lu uuiniiini' w.i. uulud .md
lOlll'llllUe (Olilllimd. IViniuilieu on Ihp In
1I1.111U upoitiil and who lOiiilniiid. IMIhauw
Ujiurieil thai Ilu loiinl) had 1 s.iliiiliid
tl.p old hiid'je in Hie su nnd Waul 'I up load
uiinnililru W'.l. lliillllUi'il In (oiili-i with iIip
L01iiiili!onu ill uuaiil 10 a new loidai a. id
lipoil at 1 1. 'J IK.M luiellni;, 'I lie KPiiilaty wj
ili.,lli;iUd Id liollt.i llip 'Ihlnl wald lou.tald'
lo notliy tin- siott luuipll-p mu Uuu
In . Up oil Siotl mail was iu nil uu.ilu loiidithu
and II l wai iiol iipaucd and ""d und i.iiU
I ill in pjuii'. in liiakp ilium. 1 1 il.p mu ui.iiel
jui.v. 'Il.o ..u.lllol-' upon wa- nail ami ai
u pud. I.v'lu imur Jaiuii. -mill. v. .1, tin
ihu. I a li.i.'inili milu Ini tI ul..:'", ili.;l l.iiuu Ihp dui him on 11.u1u1Is.i1.u-. 'Ilu lioinu-h
allollie.l, .lu-i'ph lilliu.i, m ill-U mud lo lal.i
up I10I11U of e-lliJ-illil smith and is-s.uvlaii
lluijaiuiii. Il wa- leulaily luuiul and MioinKd
Hut top tat. lolleilor lual.o out an llimlzul
MiKluuil (uih III. .nth of'.. lolJuiul and
pli'Uln eaiup In uliliul niolilhl.i. 'I lie la p,.i
11.1t nukiril laid our until net Intel in?: ul,ht.
'Ilic tci.'tai' wlaiy m placul al fi'U pei jcai,
'IIip hoiou,'li'altollipy' uialului; Iu wa. uijil.
ifJJ. diMHUid.
l'iPklll people ,11c now faiorul Willi ju
caily iiiuitilic null. I ho lli.t v. union null
11 -id In Ki'l licit- al ii,;,n, t now icnlu'i. In-ip
I at e.ll a. 111. Ilu in.'Ui null ha. Lien dl-in-
New Heaclgear,
Gloves, Neckwear
Arc as essential to
Easter outfit as vour
Spriug Suit.
Our Neckwear Stock is
110 to its usual standard.
Huudreds of beautiful pat
terns iuall the popular shapes
arc here.
The Yoting's $3.00 flaf
U equal to the best.
We sell them.
See the Now
Manhattan Shfrts
412 Spruce Street.
Pierce's Market, Penn Avenue
We make a ipeiulty if fancy CTeaineiy Bu'
ter ind ktrU.ll) frh ess. and the ptlie n at
low as lint lU&a nooiU tan It,- told at.
We do iic t haie an ipulal talc or leaduj
hut ut all liniu lauy 3 coniplile u line of
JlaiLel (,'ooitf, r'amy ilroctne and latde Dellca
(it's, us uii he lound iu the UiEOt Xew York
or I'lilladilplua uldih we tell at rifl.l
priii i
. Si. Pierce,
19 I.iektntuiu Ave.
Prompt dtllm.
no, u., in rcno ..,,.
llniii. I. 'Ilnihau:e will he lilljlil) appruial.'d.
Mr. Joint Milliuil,, ol tup :al Sid', died
i-3lenJii luonilira' allir a lmit illueit
ill, ilinl Uuilm, of Uilke.-llti.i'. -pent yet
Hnl.iv with lileiul- Inn.
To Cme n Colli in Our Day
lak.' 1.1MIIU lllnllto ijuiiiine l" J ' I 1 Jo "