The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 02, 1901, Image 1

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two cents:
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The Recall oJ Mil. I. Loomls Has
Convinced Her People That
We Are In Earnest.
Venezuelan Rcpiesentative Will Not
Leave Washing ton Secietary Hay
Appioves Oui Ministers Conduct
ot AiFahs His Zenl Aiouscd An
tagonism of the Castio Govern
mont Emcigency Requhes New
Repiesentatlve at Caiacas Mi.
Loomis 111 H. Clay Evans Men
tioned as Successoi,
Mi f lii-no Win nom Hi- - ii li.-
"n-hinuloii. Apiil I.-'I he null of
Minister Lpomls f i inn i 'ai iic as fin n
consultation with thi st tic ilcpailniiut
In. auakcMiiil Vi nem. la in a lealin
tion nl the t.u t lint tin- Pulled Stud'-,
Is In a sci Ion, mood. Si nni l-ulltlo, tin
Voi)f?u I. in t Ii.n ,i lias Infill mill the
.stall' depai tun nt he iloi s mil in
tend to leave Washington, it s ,t, . .
cldcd ehaiu'e In Ills plans, as lie m
ti'iukd a neck .if,o In sill ,ii iiiho for
Should ho taUe that step and should
"Minister Loomis' prist l.'iniiin uiiIIHihI,
the uiptuie nl diplomalli lelatious bo
twem tbr two f d oi nun nts would be
complete Auv lllltlioi agsn sskills 1
thi? icvolutiou.iii picdtknt. C.islin on
Aineiit an uti' lis would bv
If Cla i'l ins i oninilssiniipi c.l pen
sions, is br Inur suggested fis i possible
sunt ssor to .Mi Loomis
It was bflleifd foi a while that I'nin
iiissi(jnrr Ci ins could be appointed
ndnisl. r to Japan, but ill Puck, of
c.eoii.i. the lea ili r of tin
li lr ration in his state, iciuscd abso
lnulj to ghe up Ills posl, and he will
ii'tuiii ln'ii his pttsent luif explies
.Minlsii i Loomis' i imduet of a ft .1 Irs
h.r 1.1111 approved b Seuetary ll.11,
bill 'In minislei is nallv ill, and, al
though l.ullifiil In Aiuctiian intnests,
Is nut phv shall lilted for til.- unei
,nui Tin cnnilitlnns in Vcniv.nela
Die now s(l sti. ilntd is to thi eaten
piniiiii' npeialions if the Vmtzuelans
prisist in tmpiuiknt eouise.
Mlnsti Loomis' 1 trail finni Veiio
iiL'la. it Is belieed at the slate de
li irtmeiit. will baie some effect on con
dltions thmr V .sentinient has been
amused antagonistc to Sir. Loomis, and
bis tuithti piesenre there 1011I1I bnve
in. rllnct toward quieting: the tumbled
lelations between the two govern
ment Ml Loomis has been lnlloiiiiig
lntt in lions liom the state depaitmenl
to tin letter, anil S-eeietaiy Hay ie.ul
ilv assumes tull iesionsibilit- lor our
miultei s upiesr illations to Voneutl 1.
but his attiiitv in follow Inff his 111
s'tuttiriiis Ins been o zealous as to
make him unpopular i!th the South
uuru an oei nun nt. The olliual join -n
Us of Caiaias ait use Loomis or stm
- Ing out talse lepoits ol the conditions
In VoiifziHl.i. mill thiniRli our state de
rm t mint has u'pi.iteillj- found the in
fm malion bint li Jli Loomis to be
'01 led time but- hem no Untune lp
the atit.igonlstli attitude 01 tin fastio
!I0ei 11 inept towaid the niinistei, It is
,"ii"" .mil. 11 .mi. i.oonns is sue
eeerbd l .some out who lias not 111-
uiinl tin nuiilt- of the Veneziieiiiiih.
the ineseiit tiotibles tap bo won- easily
II is 1MK1K1I thai Jiinlsler T.oomis
-will uiieli New YmJ 011 Apnl 10. as
the fjunboil M oiplon dispaltlnd to
I.a Cuujia to in.iKe sine tlint he should
eonnect at KliiKhton. .Iain ilui, with lln
'euinr passim,. 1 skamship ro, x, H
1 lieu Is po pus, nt IniLiitlou in
tnj the Xoith Athnitli Sou.1.1.
nll lo
Ventviitla. as this boih iinu nl eaniiol
..11 nif now iiieiuaiiei .sliolild be In at. rl
until Mr Koonils has pfis.inallv
(ip-ulted. Th -ipiadion, walili eii
united in pi.inoi un.-h at 1 tilebia si
ond. will sail 1101 th In 11 few (lav, (me
or two of the vessels will bo ,-. nt liisf
to KIiiRston. .Ininaliu. but the .1. iny
will bo lepipoian, nmt the wlnd'o
niumhon will soon h.. nudei i ,
Chaiges in Connection -wiih the
Boggs Case Aie Dismissed.
Hi i:vdnsio Win. fi.n.i n. worhini IV...
AVashliiKtou. ApiII 1 -The . Ivll .. r
ho eoiuinlhSloii has rllsinlssid the
chaiffes tiled against I'lHtinnstet llolll
dn.v, of T'lttMiuiK, ia of t.iiuovlnt,- ,1,
D Hokss for tallui. to hIkii a iietltloii
temoiistialliiK auainst what known
ah the "Upper' bin," while that meat,.
ui was oeioie Hie I'enivlVMlila let-Is.
latuie. Tho eomiiilsiioii sent an nKeiii !
10 riiCNotiiK to'tato tip, (hait,-e,
and on hks leeoinmeutkit'i 11 iiiov tiio
otllihillv ili 1 hired tn b. , Itliout foun.
Itt)B--' iiiuoial, it Is i-ald was 1 on
templated by the pi'llmw postmaster
ami been iimh, loiihliletntliiu im- a
loiif- while.
Ajgument on Pittshuig 'Rippei.
Pi V'uIumic lo bom 'ii Aotult'l ; u
l'liilaillpliii, .ipil 1 fii.i .ujiipiik. luint to.
(Isv mjili a per uirUm livlni, .til i
for the ursumcut in hr r,uo wjrpiiif.. pnum!.
Hlfi tO tfft tin COIKlllUtiOllllII" ot Hie 1'ill,.
1 nte- "ripper" law
Strike in Scotland.
B.i Win. 11 mi (Lp "....(IuIhI Piiw
IgiiUcn, Aiill I, Ittpmi, ftithod at j mui
iiettlrs- ot ihft bin uk,hire (elll.i' I uIiie
lUnillris ut llainlltoii, tloudl (hat A),u iuln.14
i.cre in tHOtlunl, nniF tu fht .iillo tor
n ci,M hour div
Twenty Tpiks Drowned.
B IWUuiiie Wire ii. l)0 WiUud rvt..
Ilddah, rablj, Apiil 1. l,e iurKUh tram-p-irt
AsUn h-u Iwru uirilitil nvur Vimb'e.
tyrnt) kvldlvis 1 cic tltovtiicd
iWTole at
the Ohio Elections
Vaolfll r1o,
V" I.Ttliwhi" Wlie linn II11 ssor 111U1I I'imi
Cltii'lniiittl, April I I'nlr weathet
pieviilled III Uhln todilj lor imtlllrlpill
mid lounsiilp clei tloiis. The Iiiikc niln
for Apt II illillflited liinie lllleii'sl tluill
iwitul In these loiul eniilcHts. This
was due to the l.ut tliul 11 full Htate
lliket Is tu be 1 leeted net Novembei,
an well as nieinbeis ot the leiflslattiie,
w In) will ihrn.s' a 4iii 1 ("cm to Senator
I'oi.llter. In a lr i louilltim Iik1hIh
Uve liiilulniitlous weir lhtle b pn.ii!;i e
Mite. Xoue shoiMil nn opposition lo
Kniaker 11111011K the liepiiblUaus ami
llnie was not enotiKli 111 Hon lo Indl
'iite any pi'lucilie lor .lohn IE. .Mo
l.ian. Tom I., .Inliiisiiii 01 any olio else
ns th" Uiiiioi inlli Cnoil(. for the
si imtiiiohlp Then was no 1 leetlon In
t'lm lumiti. .Mn iii- Plelsliin in and the
othei lt luibllean tity oilituis eio
t let ted opt t.u .iKo for .1 period of
till'.- yeais. Tlleie will be 110 elertlim
at Daston tor in.ixm until next Aplll.
lhe (iintest In Unit illy lodav belnp:
ini polio- Jinlre onlj. Spet' Intel es;
was laken in the ronlest ul c'olunibus,
wheie the licpiihllruns for the past,
two e.lIs had all tin llv ofllits. t,jm--euioi
.Vash and fotnpi CoiiKiessnian
l.eul both leslde at Coluuibus and
both look Kital Intel est in the lOittist.
Ihi'ie Sun .louts miide his for
the thud Itim foi niavor of Toledo, in
dependent ol all paiil.s anil 011 tils
golden 1 lite plaltoi III.
While the Demo, ints inirn.1 the
I.iir. r ( It It", and sonie of the snnlli 1
pi. lies, 1 1 lhe lit publli ails hIiow slight
K ilns in the slat- as a whole. In the
t lit 1 0 liiKei iltli", Clew-land, Colum
bus and Toledo, the Demoetals show
Wilns, ivhleh ate offsel In the smaller
tltirs tlitoiubout the slate.
AI Columbus, whi'i the Itepubll
r.ins li ie li id the city ito einmeiit. the
Pemoeiats elei t Him niaoi b a 1 lose
nun Kin. while .11 Cleveland. e-Con-Mossnian
Tom 1. .lolinson,,
was eleited 111 ivoi bv about i ODD pliu -nlltv.
Russia. Howevei, Seems Disinclined
to Slam the D001 at Piesent.
Ot ftrlisoe Hue fnm Tlie niitrd I'wi
Uoudini Apiil 1' Dr. JIonKiin, wii
liis to tile Tlints liom IVkin Jlaivh
"S. s,. s
"The Kaiifi-T-e iieiovs hive e 11 lied
the dne. 1,1 J hum Cham,-, who xvned
Tuesdij, iiishih: IJinpnor Kwans Sti
lo letonsid. r his ileeislon leivhed an
aiiswn that the 1)110110 s decision, in
the in rst nre of lhe unanimous ailviie
oJ the chief pioviiuial ollii l.iN,
lnevoi able and that the M.iui huiiiin
convention eoiild not be signed
"Tu .spili ot inr tlne.its, l!iisva
seems disinclined to slam the door.
X collations between li Ilunj CIuihb
and jr. Do C.leis vveu ceilaiuly pio
feediiiB xesteulav. when M. Do Oieis
airifcd to .seveial toimal ami ndments
of thole t. Russia's i.vnlcal and bold
diploui.Kj appeals tm 0111 e . have
oveneachf rl it. II."
A Decision Is Made as to the Tsimg
XI Ynmen and the Comt
Bj- Iviln.iv Uirr tiom lhe c.!itrJ I'n i
1'fl In, Jrairdi .'! The nilnldns r
the poiuis niei todiv to ionsiier Hie
It solutions ot the spieial lOmilllttie
tor the lefoiinalion of the (sunK
v inuii mil lhe torn I (Hintonliil It
was .lei ided tint the tsunj- li mn n
should ll.'K.lllei 1 Ollslst ol lli pilui
and ( n lppoinlr.l inliilnt) is, ivlio
sliuiilil be iepoiislb. (j, u, ,(
the behnvini ut China
Tin .0111 1 1 . k numlals will be 01 -f,.iui7til
op MLst.m lln.-, niakinx duo
l.llow im oii, .ntiii idtus .nni mi
Judlit s
Tb Imli nmiiitv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 .- Is not , 1
mull 10 upoit, bul 11 is j,.iieia!ly
'i la.. I'd 1 In 1 tin di man. is i.ut.i pe
iniun 1 -e.
.Mi. Hockl ill ,1, tint, ujMiu insiuie
ti. ns 1 1 .ii W.ishliikion has s, nt a
I it' 1 to lhe mliiiHloi. 01 tin, powit-,
1 -Milium Unit In tin 'lout ut tha
.11101111'. b.liu lac'ei than China ioii.
1 i.sslbly attoi.l, without tin dl-iuptlo'i
in! tin unpin, tin ininisti'is r-huuld
ai-'MI to IcilllOi (In li it. until s In pin
pillion i. the,(f, ami ,puns,. of
thelt iKsjitetlVo (ounlilfs ami thai In
tin lien! 01 Iwlim uiiabl. to .11,100,
lhe mitllei sliould be Iifl lo the ,iill
tialinn 01 The ll.uue liibiiiial,
.MlhhlOllal I" s bill.) eliltt. 10 1 he
I'nlteil ttatis ltf,'atlon that tin v mi
lui.v. d pliibie iniiiiin.itlon that a
(ii'iiiiuu .itditlon 1 1 tun Sti m-thiil,
!.'. .tioiii;, has leached Th il Vtiau,
I'lio (ioimau Inailriimiiois denv havlnqr
lln' hin.i.ktlm 011 the uitbjei t
Today 1,1 Hum, i'Iuiiih: tittet luliie.1 .il
Iinu hiMiii the niiiiistots of the poi r.
and Count A on "WnMeif-eo
Glass ractoiieb Close,
Hi 1 v In bt Whe Iir.11 'lln' Asu ul .1 l't .
l'll..iin,', Apiil I -lht I'liuhl niiiieuiiuiiunl
li. 11. ili tlo In tm tn legist M'lii. 01s ri
nil ili, t Iiim tint thi 1 11 ..iis (.iitmllul Id
Hum will il... iIuimi 101 tl. ..minim- ji.ji tay
II, iibttiu n( Vlij '5, u tormcily .iiinriiiuul,
'lhe inci 1-in Uiwl'iu 1,1 kv tui.iaiiv ...nliuli
W. p)t 1 ipidU an.) the intlcpuiiluit kUfk 1..U11.
pill. I.lpt jut tap 11 h of llw iittlie j.i.mI.ii..
iuii ui the I 'illul Milis
Roosevelt at the Pan-Amei lean,
lb l.itluslie Wire liom The -tarlalci I'fMJ
lliilnlo, eI I 'iru Pif.l.lait Itonssirll I134
iiitpUil .in iniilatlui 10 take put in t'io
.1 ilii 111. n it tin I'aii innicin txpiutloii 11I1I1I1
will not tal.o plaie mill Ma) JO, ulllu.iifili thi
op.wilbii will ho lunulit ohiioi1 tin Mn- l,
,i lit j t toioro 111.110111.1.1,1,
Gant. Defeats Fla'hcny.
fl.v ticlihbc Wire fmni Trie Aociatcil l'ii.
Ililliinoir, piil l.-"J..i" (,au?! oi iiiitimoir,
timiht tl.kaUil Maithi llalurt), ol l.wnll,
JA. In the tout Ih iuuii.1 ol Uhlt wi MhtiUil
tu 1 1 J tin round Lout.
Ghlol Gommissnru nt Manila Saus
Renorts ol Irrcaularltlcs Have
Been Greatlu Exaatjerated.
Washington Awaits Oftlcial Advices.
Aimy Regulations Opveinin the
Sale of Commissary Supplies Loss
of Stoies in Tiansit a Common
Condition of War Times A Minne
apolis Man in Tionble.
in I.mIihuc Wik firm Inn l- null-. I l'r
.Manlhi, Apiil 1, Colonel Wotuliuff.
the ihiet lonimlssiny at Alanlln, navs
that the IneKitUi'ltles In the eomnils
s.nv deptitnit nt have b. en es.iRKei
alrtl. ami that the Hoops have always
hi en well suppibd with stmes Colo
uils ol the letuinlit'f votuuteu lei.i-
ineiils wiot. to him in pi it", ol the
11.11mlM.1i seivire.
N'eieithtless. the autlioi It. s aie i li,
idlv Inveslltfatlii'; the alkKt (I liautls,
which drieloptd lesttidui In the nr
ust ol Captain Piedeiiek .1. I'.aiiows.
of the Thhtieth Milunteei inf.uitty, 1 of the bouthciu tlipait
inent 01 Luzon, tohetliei vltb sun
eouiinlssniv soigeant", seveial ilvll
lan lctlcs a piomlnent Bovtiiimeiil
ontiai tot, (lie assistant 1 01
the laiirost bakeiks in Manila and a.
liunibrr ot ston ktipeis The iiiim
bei ot the men iniplit ili d In the fi.iuds
is unileilt'i mined, antl IiikIi 1.111k will
not sutlirt to shield deluuiui ills.
Washington, Apiil I Xo lepoit has
been lerelvirl at the vv.11 dep.n tment
Irom fieiiei.i' AlaeAi thin loiu.ininK
tbr- alleired li.iuris in tlie dlsposillon of
Mil tt mucin supplies In the Philippines,
lie has liowevii, been advised ot the
published lepoit-! ,ml u.iuosiui to
.send tin ts
Comnilssali Weston's ttl-
ites fioni Manil 1 lodav tonlalictt
rollihu, 10111 1 mini,' the tiiioit. d ir-
liests 101 . oniniiss.u v fi.iuds Cap-
I tain Ji.iiiows is not dherttv Lonnecled
1 w Itli the eominissTiiat. anil the onli"
m ij 111 i.hifh lie tould heroiui 111-
ohiil in the tioubli's a.oiiIu be bv
the ill ., U sale 01 lonip.tnv stores
Sjui(; may be m ide In the ie'iilnr
latious Issutd to .i niilit.iiy (oiupini
ami the suiplus m ly In sold to 1 iv II
lans foi the bint lit ot the company.
Tb it is peimltted under lhe lxw. out
side of rations, howevet, theie ,11 cer
tain canned qoods and other nicuhiu
iiko wl'iih is sold to lb. soldieis To
dispose 01 such stoics to a 1 Iv ill m
would be eiiuilnal, an I that ts sub
sisted as a possible cause of the le
I oiled ai tests
Tint rjuintltii of cotnmishaiy
stoiis have bteu lot.! 01 stolen 111 lian-
stL is adinlttid by the w.u dtp.ut
liitiu It is saul to be a 10111111011 con
dition In wai tini.s, and II has pie
vailttl within ,1 model ite limit, slute
the liejTiiiniiiK ol the Kpauish wai.
Minniapolls, ApiII I -rietleiuk T.
IJaiiow.s, v, ho Is under an est it Ma
nila toi alleRcd complicity In the 10m
uiiss.uj. depiitnienl funds Is a Min
neapolis man, well known bete, wheie
be lived for m in.v eais pieilous lo bis
1 nliy Into the volunttei aimv. lie Is
lhe son of li". c. 1! 11 tows, a piomlntnt
lumbeiman, and was, pun Ion- to bis
ihputuie lor the Philippines, a nit m
ber ol tin iriflci nth Mlnuisota voliin
Itn lie Is about :.0 -veais of affe.
Tom Thousand Men and Boys At-
tected in Wyoming Region.
II; Iv I11JH win tu n i'n .fiatul l'i
Wllkis-liiuio j,i 1 .S'otlees w,.,e
o',ld al ad the mill,'.-. 01 Up. Dili
w.u. unl Hudson lompniiv toibi line
until iiitlhtr notlt e tat . olllei le- wontd
woik mil hill time, In the Wvorniu,:
ienlon iht.iit t.lMlO 111,11 and bovs tee
all. clod
I'iiiIhk: Mm 1 li. 01 sun1 a sMi f
lillueis u, it, talked of, the oi.tput,
01 ioal bus bum iiiv beai) llvei
botlv who 1 mild, Htockitt up. Ti" now
tin ojienitoi.-' antl liimei.s Jia, si-HI tl
I lull- an 1 ptothu tl.ei will
now be l ostt Ji tul. Then I" a bl lajl
ln olt in the il. maud,
Coiispliatois ut Xibeity.
11'ln Wn. (mui Tin WoiliU.I I'n.
Miiil.nii, V) ill 1 -l, ('..iiiitlhiHU I. o it in,
Hilllim .li.iin.iiii.ii, Ihu'iiis Il'ill, .1. It... I
nut William Itippad, ula. Mil. 101wlrl.1l rt
rnpli ic in will. -l mol.i 11 -.tint
lavim tuiliart., t 1 1 w.iin.l 1 c 1 1 '1 imiii
ill. II Ul MlllUK'l'. Illtv iikt.i It." iill '1 ilU'vr
limn to run iln il nhtit until ilic hu .ul '
(ul. Ii.n 111.. I. II.. si, (01 lull
uem rnli rn tl .Irf mliiiH 1 ntil nit -tUml iv
Minn at 1 halt is .oipiis he .11 in: I ho uinil will
IlllJll ubpb-i cl tlt
Twelve Cottages Binned,
Hi IaiIiiiik Who fn in 'tin s-, ijt, .1 ln
Vim "ml, inll I. Iniln mtlauis Mil'
ilrd 1.11 llu riyUinK fi tin I tin, klaml ( ut.p
ll.ctuu r.nni latmn nil Mi-mil, I I Mi.i
il'-tiovi'il I,; n hit. tnlii ami l ith. n, a-, Mill
1, a lu'.i poith 11 t lit Me .llanl hi
tl. 1 linn- lln -nil 1,.- iilinai.l '. p. . 1 U In
iiu In an l Mn hat 11 II. I"- l ii
tiinalisl it it),iKi.)
Census Emuueintoi Auesteil,
Pi l.iilii.he Win Iinu 'I be si.iiti. I'r.v
HlltllM'l.-, plil l--).lllll I ll.ll., Iht ll.tll
11,111 uncsidl in ir mn 1 1 mn villi in iciiiii.
ir.iml- In i Mil'-- en. 11 11, v a lnuii'.hl In lul
Ui.iui.) .mil i,iv . 11 n lit inn, 1. .1 iv Liu. ( 1 mini'),
loiiu llu mi. I i-ce tin. itlni itniM.l umniii
ulnn, (It'll. 1 M.iliiil an 1 niilnall. 11 nul is
jch'Jntd 1,11 $1, li.ll i..r lit utlon tif tin ,'iin
Dying of Hiccoughs.
By HIn (run The ssailatril Prev.
XcMlniiiili, N Y., t))iil J -l W". Ma-,cr, 1
hotil cliiK, Ls ibim," hue nl Iihiahh,!.. I (0
Ui unc til witli ih -,'ilp on Mmli ti-' I'mu.
ninnli ilnilopdl, and on Simjy (j,fli .im
illl ol inHjuiiiiitivU ot the triii, Willi
InU rami .mil ilui,, M 11,'ln no Im
liliiguslc'l alniiut Incimntb ami . imlilj
JTOMillJ MiaUl .
Mr. Baer Clnims That Consolidation
Stoiie Aiev Unfounded.
Hy Mihuhe W'lir from the Amooljle.t rrc
I'lilladulphla, Aplll 1, deoi-re V.
Haut, who will on Wcdnowluy ha
elected to the pteldinev of the Reatl
IiiK eompnny, when tnnstloned toul-lu
lelathe to lepoits Mill the LcIiIkIi
A'allei vnitil.l be (nUeti over by the
Iteadhif,', .ult the tuinoiH were nbio
lutelv iiiiloundetl and that no chun-re
lu the LehlBli Valley piopeity was eou
ti luptiili-d
lb- mild Hint his election to thrj
lUiidltiK piesldeniv would In 110 way
alieei his pic-onl leintlinm with the
I.ehlRli A'alley. ami that he Mould eon
tliitn In the rib v toty of thai company.
Demociats and Republicans Hold
Impoitant Meetings NewBpa-
peis Will Change Hands.
Il' I lUir f. . .1 1 huU1 p,c
llones.iu, M, 1 l-t.,11, Demnruits
and l! .ins held impoitant ne et
hics hue today. The nepuhllr 11ns
li".' Wiiiirn i: I'.uiinin, f XIur nn,
mil lb li A Plum, ot n.mi., ,1. i.,
-atis to the mate convention am!
adopted a lesoliilloii nsi-intr ,, n,e
passage k tin. judicial appm ttoiuiu ut
bill makiiifr U'nuip connt a scpmale
Pirlli Inl dlsttlt t.
The Drmoeiats 1 -elei toil C Me-c-iui
tountv thaiiinuii and thus,. .1. r
Ihcnuiiu, L.opold rueith ami C. !
McC.iitv del. r-atn to (be stale tc.n
venllon Itesnlittlons weie arlopt. .1
niiiileiuiihiK the sneitl 1 lppr bills
antl the lurliilal appoi tloiim. nt l.t
and eudoisiiiK t li. at tlon 01 l:epie--in.
tathis Kieiniau and Put 1 th
liolh p.nti titwspapeis ne eli.nirf-iii-,
hinds Tue lloiiesdnle H-iahl
(.Di mociatlt ) .stubllsbctl In is. J has
been punlnsed In lion P. Clink
lor 1 stork company .mil Nelson .1
Spent er. piiiuipil ol .Mount
Ulffh school, is siittd foi the tdlioi
shlp TlH Clllen (It 'publn.inj is now be
in negotiated toi bv a situ K lompanv
of which rii natoi Ilaidcnbi i",b is
. 1. and It is espeitcd the 1 lunire will
be cousumni.iUd bv Mai 1 intl lhe pi
p.i issmrl semi-vvei klv A II ilsnn,
01 Phil-idelphl 1. is slated tm Lrljoi
Opinion That the Statement That the
Cadet's Death Was Due to Haz
ing Is Untiue.
I' 1 i.n.iti Who 11 in Iho I'n .
Washington, Apiil I The llinliiiKTs of
the inilitui. lotul of iiHiulii which
investialtil tin tualiuenl allestil 10
hm been neioided to the late Oscar
L I5oo, a toniiei c itkt at West Point
inilitui acailimv. have been made
public at (he w.u d-pnimcnt
The findlnns ot the v (outt aie
siiuimeil 1111 in a lellt-i iMltten bj Ste
letaiv Itoot, width ,ic. ompinits the
11 poi t. Thlb li tti 1 sav s.
"The llndin-s ol this until 01 in
finity, 11 huh aie sustained bv the cii
deuie, hIiow tint the siaiciiienU v hit h
kd to the louviniiw 01 Hit . ourt. lo
th etf. t l thai I. .unci C ul t L.
Hon, came to his diath b; uasou ot
Iniuiies leitiitd hj h iIns at tin
araikniv vine not tine Thei show
thai at the time Catb t Hon, was a
nienib 1 of the a. ntlemv h uln-r was
prevalent time lo a di'iiloiable i.lents
(li it the pn st nt oilli t is ot the ncaJr uv
have shown t oiiiiiienihibl enei'.v 1 al
and 1 till lem in di t iint, and i.uiilsii-Im,-
olleiites 01' ilils 1 Inn 111 tt 1 and that
thev the piai tit e ami
Iinptovtil th public seiuiniiiit anion,'
tlie 1, ulnts upon Hie suhiet. The testl.
moil ami Iiudlli';s ot the 1 mil l vuie
pla. til In the hands 01 the ioiiimillet
ilmiMil at aboiil the sam lime with
Hie llni stllf.ltlou ol tile su!iect antl
the ei.v 1 lib knt and hem llelal arlloii
of that 1 iitnmlile . lollow.d by the
linlshnii.n upon ib.i subj. 1 1 . mil, lined
in the act ol Mauh J, l'ldl, 1. mills
futthei at tlon bv lhe tlep 11 tment 1111-
peeess u;
Vetetou Boatman Said Lite Would
End at Six 0'Clocl;.
Ih ImIiw). Wn ii 111 lli N-s .1 1 it. Pi.
KtiHton. P.t Apiil 1 ll.uiy .ilis.
iiei n utciuu biiiituiaii. dbd at i
o'doik this nioinlnt,', aftt 1 11 lout, III
nefs Last lllulll lie ti.l.l 111" Kl'.llldsim.
Mail (! Siiii late Fupiu visor 01 iep.
sin lot this dlsttli'i, that ho tumid dlo
til 1. o'i lock this uioniliiir. hen th
hitler went to ,ee him todav he was
dead, bin 11m dhd prei'lsely at the hour
he pi 1 dieted.
Bauymoie Hopelessly Insane,
111 l.ulnsbr Win- fioni Mil l-itnihtnl p.i...
Nm ink, Ipnl I 1i (ur- Slr-iiii Wild,
nitu in.l MUh kiln null.- an cv iminitir n H
M mm llaininrn, now i pad lit In il.lltMiu
IlllSpilll II 11 1 1 111-!. lu. p,s,n 1 iiL-l 1,
li.lilU' the llctp rllip 01 iuili ixlutwtlii. c
lhe i.iila-i!i .l I In .' n in. 'Km Pi -1 1 u a 1 1
iiimonmi.l that Ih. pal.nt mi,-, InptltoK iiean.
It m is il) (,iun nnt thai l.m.rinvv If ul In
III on in lib.r lu.t il -trria
Botha Joins De Wet.
P t.j.luiiii AMtr from tlie A.vniiatfd Pull
I wnl. 11, nl J tl. il..pitihc (10,11 I a;e
luMii llil llr.i l I 111, of (nli.ial 11,'llu ami
I. hi, nl Ih- lln joining 1 satheimi; 01 15,1ml
11,11 (or pfialioii, uiin-.i (.iniial l'lcnr-li In
tin l'i in.l u! Ih.i Hull l.iio to in
i'iiL'l nt 11 llithim rnl, 1 ips (.Muni, ml the
town iiaul hu l(,ii . ill. .1 out to tho
I Im
Small-Pox In Webt Vliglnia.
11 I scln-lio M nv liom (he s.h.ijIh1 I'll-
Wi-ttii, ". a, prll 1 --'the mull pox cpl.
iliiule In Wtlftn lou.iti Ins. itatlicl a
tUte u tot nw ncrioiin lln liiiuil lourt
fluiiihl 1. 11c O'Ciiol ,11 tidai, l.ut on
in 0111. 1 o( Hit. 'put all m f of tin illia.-.e, luuiu
i, 1111. Il iih.i-e ht.'ii. i 111 .1.1, tin, .ltilik-d
10 ill . xm mill Hi,. i,Cil term
Senate. Bill GreaTiiiiQ i Juvenile
Court Is Sent Back to
Piovitles foi a Committee of Sena
tois antl Members Who Will Con
fei with Membeis of Congicss with
a View to Secuilug an Amendment
to the Constitution to Provide for
the Election of United States Sen
atois by Populai Vote.
B l,v. bi-lt Win litim rhi' li-in,lpd 1'rtt.
Ilarrisbinir, Apt II I A shoit session
of the house was. held lonlnht, the 01
'ler of huslness belnj"- oilnlnal icsolu
tfons and bills on Hist le.nlinfr Op
motion oi Mi I'tilionl. of Phllndi 1
pliia. the senate bill in 1 tl tie; a luveiille
court was snl bad, to rotnmiiti e lot
a public hem ins;
-Mr. Vooihees, of P'iilmlelphl.1. of
ei d the tolloiiim, toiicuitent ic'ulu
t ion. ulilih was teiine.l to the edum
llon (iimmltlei
Wlur II 1, .In n .1 ti il II Int. In.r 1-"
ii, II. 1 il. ipriumlilini I,. ...iiiin.n -.Inn,
llhtr 111 II, 1, mi rp.inlr.l 1. r ullin
1 .if mn il i. mi - 0 , n I i Mi. I
'huucl el tl. timiuu ilth siti-fa.t. 11 ii--nil
. .-.1"- fl 11 1 is 1 rn 1.. nliiiili -itttiniit
to nihil th' .1,1,1 llWa -111 1-I III IP. .11.
I. 1
l: -.. bril tu 1,1 n 1 il, r. 1 r n 1 tin! II r .1
I. mui 111 luivii 1 mil hi 1 nl,. 11 ti ml
. up ,1 nil I . unlit in 1 iln 11 1 t. 1. 1 nl In
II. lisMltlll. ,1 its 1 1 ,1 ..,,! n I 1 1 ill ..
1 I In iv 1- 1 1 111 1 v vi mill . M-tni. Ion .111 1 1
linn 1 111nl mil mi nl il nr r ,lis ,. . ,
i"P". tl" its. 111. I. .11 nl nlni-li 111. n in I
111 m 1. .11 1 iiu 1 1 on mI"iii . I . hi 1 1 n il . '..
i -t 111 nihil ilnti(.i,l v Inth III 1 Hun 11
rv i run in-Inn ..1 pnldn i,iiii.(I 11 .1.1
mn 1 -1 1 1 ,.,l ih. inns 1 pi 1 ,. I,. 1 1.1,11, ,,
frtii'ii 111 nl I,, li.l.l u,till 1 tn tm 11 111 tti with
the ,rnci)K .,1 dim It Ihr tntc m c In. 1
tioi u pmiH-i, flic in. n hi 1 mi n, nminl
-hill ,110 vilhoii p. 1 1 n.i n 11,, ,,m
fNpinn I ittl .hi ml .1 iK Inir .. Iinllv n
. nil. .1 l. II. 1 ..nil ml i-piud hi In. i 1
1 rin: lillhn 1 It
II Urn II p- nn. mui. 01, i 1. ii'i 11
el lit- h 11-c -in.l wnili- 1 r. pi -ltd I 1 iniliirl
111 the Rincral 11 pi ipmli. n Mil 01 tl . m
mil st'sion i.r ih lp.ishli" m iinu nppio
piiillntr the bin ii ;.(kh ( ,. ,r , ,, ,,
hnelntit.ri iiinis.l. liilimtc l.v I,
iriinnrt! In the tn u. ir nf the hUtp
Wadswotth Resolution.
A ton.unetit lesohltioii was
bv Jli. Wiulsvv 01 th ot Phil idilnhit
ulopt. d. that a loinmilto of two
senatois antl Hues ineinben- be ap
pointed to confei with loiiKiess and
the legislatuies ,,t the aiiuu, state
ot Hu I'tilon with thf object o se, m
ItlK such an amendment to the 1'niLd
.Stales senate to piovlde 101 the elei -Hon
oj t'ldtul States senatois In popu
lar 1 ol. , the coinnilttte to topoit to the
ni'V.1 lcKislaiin, and Its expenses not
to t to. d xJUII a x ni
Mr. Il.taj,, of -i huiiUdl. f.riintl 1
institution, which was mloptid
tile senile be ietueste.1 to appoint a
lommllt.e to 1 oiit.i v, Kb a Ilk. . 0111
miti e 1 roin the house (,, t onsltlei the
ilati o llnal adjoiiitimi ul
fler ili .11 Inir tin abn.l.ii ol Hist
10 till in; bills Hie liotise .idiom in d un
til 10 o'. loeh totnoi row.
Appeal of Chailes O. Field Is Dis-
missed by the Su)ieme Comt
at Philadelphia.
U I v. li -1 o Mn (10111 11 '
l-llllildt.lphl.'i. pill I.
ci .in 1 lo.lnv ilihinlssnl
Chatlis 1: pi. Id liom
-.1. a '. l'i"
- 'I he Slipienie
the ,ipp. nl of
tlie ih 1 son of
1 . million lib as mm L The 1'U'i
Pbllatk'll III 1 is 1111 1 I1111I iclusid lo ot-
till M, Hlllll I.. I'.llllll-'.lll. lClit of
tl'.' Ke.loiie pialiiinill ,-1 pool ot Phihi-
i tl. Ipin, t 1 admit tin- child ol .Mi.
I Kid as a .iipll III tut s( iinul the 11
fils ll lo admit In I InivlU! In .-U bl;.'l
on the !;io uiui thai sh. had nt.j be 11
van iiitili d. The tsiipn nte 1 oin 1' , 11 ,,
We thltib tin 1 0111 1 below lid nn 1
il' III lhe llllljiK 1' filled to III I ie -is-
-iftniiitril) lu Uuillt Id is. vim inis
.tilt ii liool dlstlli't, we hi Id that nt ho il
lllleiloit-. In tllf et-icse ol .1 t-ouiut
ill-eielloii. in. 11 i-xfluilu 110111 tin pub
lli" st hools pupils xi ln have not ii-ii
xacilnat.'d hcther a ienoltiilou limn
lln Mui'ri pupils who hiiio nut pi
v in fln.i 1 i-il U 1 ia,son thle up is to
bo Judhiil In tin flint hiitiinip b the
school dheitoia, fn lhe pie.-em state
ol ini'dlinl liiowleilg'i arid of 1 nnvlm
ii; opinion of those lKtiiiif,- 1 liatlje or
llio intblln health, the iiiuiN will not
t-uy that l!eh n lesolutlon Is an abuse
of oiliilal disc lotion' it ii.ib nut b. on
.shown to mn satli-lnetloti thtit the net
of Juno IN ixfil. In urn (institutional.
Put the n.ihoiiH above .state it wn ills
miss the ashlRineittK and --tisialu thi
(oiiolindop 01 the mui t in low,
lli Iviiu-.u- Who p.'in Die 's-ntitil IV-.
Pllla.l.l.hii, piil I - IM Mind spuriii.n,
a Will l.n.. 11 pliiiim ni Vlilwaulut, Mi, dtr.l
teiiiklil at 1 In-pild lull, a, 1 1 1 will ol in
.Illation lo tune lirro lime vniks aso
let- tiialimiit for un mtnnal timiHo Hi.
Spfau.iin wrs honi Ju smjrlt ), , in n.t,
mid sradintcl (nni Juliron nillitfi In
thi? ttv liuntj .uin lain "ll.f icnuliu. Mill
be Milt In pploluii, Wn, tomiuoM Mil 1. lh,;
Milt he liittut.l
Sim i.ik, pnl I Pol in. 1 ( on(,ii-ni!.n
llnnus 1 llrnllo ihiU toJa at his hciin. In
Ills tin. Mi llrnlliM. vi tn i" n-.r-i.ll lln
va-i) nine ihclul lo ci'iint fruni the Ninth
ill-liht, hU last 1. nn. cmllns oil March I.
llirlln. Mill I -Dr. n hh In lu 1, tlp 11ltin
liutllii awl, i, 1I1.1.I
llvlctnn, iprll 1 lr I lanl. I'tidie r.lto 01
tin iieilthy coal opirator nf tl.K dt, illul lulij
of -inluioiur) heirt tionhlc, Mu had l.otii in
ill li.jllh i'n mint. time. She j. Mirviut)
li Ittl hn.bauil, lM. ,-nni iiij (tm il.inglit.n
Wtither tndtca tlpns Tod)!
I flciicmt ctir7tirlin MTiltA.
I!u. la f'li.k nil Tlltimttiini to China
liKKtilirltlr-K la (lie riittlipln.fl 1 nccirtlrd.
Iritl'lUnri' llolrlj 11 Iirlrf f-i sk.n
1 tli nci il- rVrbnuiHIc Drpirtmcnl
Inc.l Lnurl l'ionci1lli"
Cub in lAmu'ntlni lluldn 1 N net '-mini,
Note mid fonnn(i,l
f.ncal llPorr?mlatii)n
ol ll.o .strinloti Illy
8 I ncal MorlilnbU Iloll 1 Mis-i Meting.
Opinion on the Imkiuannt r.ittimlitp In
7 I neat -.In li"f Mfl.Ul.l Vow i 1'i.Lial Com I
-V it Hi Inrl (Itl'fn Wild Vo.l.urt- fr 111
lli nli
S J ocnl MVsi Sirintei. and suhuilun.
Cnicril-vitlK lit 1 in I'omi It. 11111
luin.flil nd 1'i.inin, rolal
1 nil llcnrt' iniillot,
(('ncltiiKil )
of Oil) (nvrti.iiKiil
A Cm on the Slate Bolt Jumps the
Tmck Seventy Passengeis
Aie Injined.
!' Ixil.1.,11 W11 In in Ih. l't
L'asloti. Pa , A)ill 1 A liollev t.u on
the SI tlu iitlt loitl iiinilitil the tiaik
lieiu lliiitK.ii lids .ifteinoou antl the
moioinmii and lopilucloi anil eieiv
one ol lilt -eveiiti passeipjois wie In
lund home ot the KiUei, wcte, how
evei. null cut bv IjioUcii nl iss lhe
11 ost -eiiniisij Injun d .11
Mis Owin ,om s. who is in tin ed
Inir 1 nnlli ami vh.'-e (ate is nit pi
'1V1..1I pi id s .Mi .loiiu Pain mis';
tiaitui d and KiirnKid out;
Mis I) iv Id I.. nes le,; broK"ti .Mis
Thorn, 1 . lliiiiiphnv, 1 n e 1 ul All "I
th. inove 1 side a) Wind (I ip.
l-atilik I'.'ideis IMward Ttr.tnot
mil Ul .1 C. Ivilh'l. ol Pell A I Kile,
stist.iluc I .pis mil In ulsps aboiu the
In ' ami bodl I'.ildei antl
1 'ontlii. Im It. t!i. 1 ol I'tsttni, wire
bull' Injun it When the t 11 Wl the
II nl. il Mini ovfl 11 st , f, enibitiU
1111 ul .in I tin aid (otnplctilv ovr-
Mt.s'l o Hi pis eiiK is w.n Welsh
pfOpl Who lli'!,' ..U 111. It' W IV In I! Ill
Mill lo attend ti tun." il
The Assassin of M. Bof-oliepoir Will
Spend Twenty Yeais in Sibetia
and Will Lose Civil Bights
lb I hi n Wn 'i
nni Ptp-i
St l'olei dull'., Apiil 1 Peter 1
1'ilicli, the ,issis-,n ut ,M Floptolieprill',
th.. P.usslin nilnlsUi ot public ltistiui
II. .11, has senttiii'ut to tinutv
veil. penal siivltml.. with 11 lot- of
tlv 11 ilqht- The lull was sUlctlv se
ll ot.
Admittance, was mil bv raid Auioni,
liltist iitisept line the mtuisti'j s ol
illstlte, ol the I11U1I01 Hid ot IllllllKiS.
Onlv llftv (.mis weio ilistiili'tled.
Kaiapoiiib spol.i lor an luuii re
RiudliiK tin studtiit tiotibles under
lloi,olIt.t anil the illsoianlallon of
the uutiilsillts The pilsoiiei (
,1't li.etl i;..'olieinll, whom he know
as a 1 in, not at llosrow In l-!'B as tlie
"baleful -li 1 ot lPitction '
ICiunpoil'b dec 1 tied thai hr was In
nlltetnit, wilt 11 si-otiiiK, whether
MoBollopolf would be Killed, dt stilus in
alii i ase lo inflict a daii'.eioiis vvoiind.
lie lelu. ii to sav wheie P.. lodged or
whom he saw .11101 his aitlval nom
1 1 ei lln
I Tin- wosoi utlili tttociev de-rilbtil
' HOKUM ion .0 11 nobl. 0fiiei.1i antl tl".
! hi unl. 'I tin Inlll. Hon ot the most so
lvere pmaltlis. Counsel h.i the de-'lin.-e,
.M. Tuitehai oft pit ailed for a
I 11 lid. t pui'lshmen'., thai s-e.
riil v.tts imiible to elttct auvtlillUT
In 11 sliui',le wllh lilt as and idealists,
who io' lidlv , ni-hl miilwdoiu lor
then jiiln. Iple.
The onirl tb lib. let. (I lot tWCllt-llve
1 i.iiiite . antl 1 oiuieniiicil Kanpoi ji-h to
twtiile it ins liaid hibii) hi Siht iln and
lhe loss 01 all civil HkIUs,
Thi piilln an int In 11 tiK" their ii
iltlliv iulo Kui.lpnvlchs 1 oiinertl.m
wllh lhe k. net il n volutlonai v move
111. ut In f tnt-sl.i.
Tluee Mineib Killed,
in 1, u in Uli, iinu tin is-u'aitil I'n -j
( mui.. 1I111.I, 11,1, pt 1 1 lln. e coil niliK'l
Mil.' l.Hlol in lllt-li.'n niii.ti to li, .lohr
I tiii p unl fohn Mill niiil', ..1 lor ic.n.lin,, bv 1
fill il tutf .oil II I'ln.' Hill niln. i.'ii thai
Im, in.l 11. nnt .teU, 01 lolthait, ll a
.-biiilai ..illcnl it th lloibiun iiiiif
James I. Blakslee Dead,
in li Who mm lie WoiI.Ip.I l'if thill',,, ApiII Ilimn I liUMiv, a
1 in., r nss.pirli- 01 .a 1'ul.Pt in tho cort-sino
lion 01 tin I iht-li l ill. v, 111 1 a illro
I.r .11 ll. roil nun its lomrptloii '.. Ihr
lulu 01 iln MtPui rfslin .In' I 1' li! 'mile
hi 10 last nllit
Genet al Qunralea Suueiulei.s,
I'l I'vlmho Wlfr hiiiii lli Iv-oiutt'd 1'icn
Jliiilli, 111l I 'Lo n.ent oiiii.'ii.l.i Inilti.l
1, i'n, 1,1 (. 14I1-, tin, 11 ullin, unl ion; four
mm. Mpli lull l,i, ii-lii. ,,t M1I.I...1., in.l 1 ol.
, n-1 II111.111, ihrr- mil' c 1 ml tunil ll.o 11(11
1 il'i ilile, it lasfiin, and ( '.kuls I'thlo Iriun
ami stbi-I at Itnlnan.
Asphalt Plant Destioyed,
l,i rxiludve Wilf fioni llio A?oclatpJ 1'im,
lilul". Mui I --li" plant oi do lit... f rip
ph It Itloil. cnipnii, In boiivllk, win it
li td lo hro nib tin. nioinlny 1 0-, iiiMM),
Ir.iiii.m. r, sj.UK.i
Ynuugbtowu Still in Second Class.
11 lAtliikho Who fiom Ilic Hite.l I'rPM.
oiiiiKsinnn. 0, April I -'llio nitlio Ittpnl.ll.
cm tl. lit 111- licit.. I lure hi maiciitlri rint,
ink 1101.1 mJ to IJ(i, si). ihw lime Ittpnl'lkaii
pa lib Tl "i lot.' via. Inn to on. ''ah.l Jib
laiulus (he till in lh.t cla.
Democratic Mayor for Columbus.
0 hAtltulve Wire Irom The UsulatrJ Trcn.
Calmnbiui, 0, Ipril I, -Mm N Illnklo (Dun)
in- lodrj eltclotl iiuior mcr Ibm) (I, lijloi
(Kip) lv about -ft) phiralllj 'fho prr-ent aj.
lulnkli idon U lltpul lmn
A PraGtiGdl Ultimatum Has Beet?
Forwarded the Glilncsc
Has Caused Anxiety on Port of th
Russian Government No Furthei'
Delay Will Be Toleiated in Con
nection with Mauchuvln-i Agiee
ment -Mr. Wu Says the Chlnesa
Envoys Have Been Otdcred Not to
Si-jn It -England Has Made N
Py nvtlii-Iio iro frfiu The -o npd hm
WnshliiKton. Ap.ll 1 Tnformatloi
has been lceelved heie that the Jlus
ulnii jjovdiiiiient, behiK- seilouslv pei
Iiubed by the cotiii-o of Chlnti In not
sIriiIii1; the llnne hut tun nweement,
IntKoli betaitsp ot the piotest mode bv
the several pouers, has conx'oyed .1
dUlinct and unnils-taU.-ible Indication to
lhe Chinese iroiotnnient that It
toiii so is pciMstoil hi there max be
... !.,.,, ...... It,. 1, nt 4 !..!,., ..In n.n..n.
I.l.l lllll'lll,,,,,',! 1,1 .....l.'; lUltblll. in
between ltusia and China and a ler-
ininatlou ol the ptosent Intercourse be
tween them.
'I'd what i xtcnl the United Slates
will taKe coijitlanee of TtiissUi's tlnont
is not luiown. it appeal to be the
pollt v 01 (be Chinese authorities to
I onsidet the subject one which con-
II ins the poiiois as much as it does
China The matter lias bee (Hue fui
tlier od bv lepoits received
In U'n'diin'Hon that the Chinese au
tlioi Hies (hemst'lios aro dlildert on tho
nurse to be put sued. Some of the
most inlliicntlal. inthidln'r T.l Tlunj?
Cliint;, uikc that aetiuiestence be
idieu to lhe lciissian proposal!, xvlille
othtis Insist on lojectinn the a:ree
:i ert.
Li Hung's Attitude.
T he attitude ol la Hunt; Chans: Is u
cotritctl tor by bis well-known ftlend
Uii(ss, to use the mildest term, to Ilus
..!. Atinyed iiKalnst blni. hoiveier, i"'
the stionf, intlueiicf' of the southern
vice ox s, Chan (Jhi Tunpr and Lla Kun
Yi. n ho oppose the .signlntr of the
The lepoits lecctnsl beie tod.ix
showed thai the agieeiuent had not et
hi. en sifrni rl. Its stnttts. is moat potu
liar. The time within xvldeh It xvat
lo be stoned expind last Tuesday, but
on thai day Van1' Tn, the Chinese
ininisler ,t St. Pelersbui;. mot xvltb
an ate ide nl lie fell in the lrrratloii
and hurt bis bead. He Mas unable,
r oiiseiuir ntly. to transact business.
That niNioituiic caused much tall
heie, ami some mitntion in certain
.itai tots, it was jofiardid as a lnoRt
timely nicins of axoidlito a dhtet la
bile on the sitbieet.
.N'otwlthstttndhiK Uussia's Insistency
Minister Wu. the Chine; e repiescnfca
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ment todav, infoimed Secietarv Hav
that he had recoil id information that
his f,roieuunent had issued instiuctionH
to the Chinese plenipotentiaries not to.
Kton the .ranehuilan agreement with'
Russia. Siniilir mil lees xvere received,
today bv the dep.u tment fiom Special
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The City I"ee tiom Yellow Jack foii
Tirst Time in April.
Hi I'xtln-ltP Miio from 'Die Associatod I'rpsi.
Havana, Aniil 1. For the first time
in the hlstoty ol Havana, the month of
Apiil bJRlns xvithout n Muffles cast oC
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Major W. C'. chief t-anltarv
oflker. Is mnildent that xiilh the Hanl
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The niailiie hospital seri'Ieo Ih alsn
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Into ll.nnnii Infei ted petsons or bas:
K.ike liom Mexlenn or other parts.
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Ilillj.lilplili, Apiil 1 -Th? l'miilianli Kill,
ronl biiiijilon 01 i-amlniM .mil (pomc-s foi
iiinith of IMuiiaii, 1901, mid for tun months
piiilbnr IM. J, 1J0I. with nime rtrlods of
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Im, Uli.'ill.i oppratp.l llontli of lVlirmii,
Iloi, (Irrew f unbiLS, into!-,., sihllDO; f iihWi ),
Ihpo at', VI'iT.s.m. Net cmnlnj,!, Inereav, .,.
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filiunisv, Jnccl-r, (liiV-1)". eipen-c, In
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if the lliiffjln ind Mltfilipny Vallry ilm-ton
New Industiy for Shaion.
Hi I'vi Hull Wlro (111(11 'llio Ai..)clat("l I'ip-i
snr n, tll I 'llio Smroti f-lrol Hoop plant
al .smith Shaion list init lieon complete I in I
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Pailor City Caipeutois Strike.
C .cbu.lio Wirs Iron ilic vnooiatcl Prei.
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