The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 28, 1901, Page 9, Image 9

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    THE SCUANTOX TttlBUXE-TlU'llSDAV, MARCH 28, 190.1.
llonestlnle Lndy Drops Dead from
Ovcr-cxertlon In Escaping n Show
er. ftflil tn thr Sctanlon Tillmnr.
lloiirtulule, Mmi'h ST. On Tuomluy
i-vcnltift uliotit K ii'ciui'k MIhs Hoplilrv
1., diiiiKhtcr of Hon. Lotruzn Cinnib.s,
tit IIMHT Allllll Ftll'L't, WHS CIIUKllt 'll
u tliundrr mIiowpi- wlu-ii letu.nliiK lii'tvu
from town, alio untorod tlio renldcncu
uf her BlKtvr, Mi. II. Kiants, id
erapo tin1 h.-uvy mill, and iiiiinudliiM
ly (tank Into a chair and buMtlvjl lii'f
luel liel'orc liii" ulster could call tilit
unci'. JIImh ilranibH niffi rod .1 imrtlrr.
MioKi of a )oi1i!xy about two ve:ifs
ntiu. lroni wnlrli she never fully itov
cit'd, and who mm affected by unv
ovei-fXi'i'tlnn. lie liiit-te to escape tint
fhower juob.ibly bioURht on a hurniul
DceoiiHed wuh born July 'il. 1S53, iivl
vuh tin eldest of the family. Hhj
la survived by h.v ,'i'thcr, two sister,
MrF. W. II. Ki'itntK and MIm Tlllle. of
Iloiicjulnli-; William J., of Senttl ,
AVush . I. O., of tho Ilonrxilnlo Shoo
eonipany: 11. V., of Valley City,
North Dakota; August It. and l-'mnk
i uf Illsniaik, North Dakota: II.
!ouir, of Seranton, and Albert A., at
The funnil bervlees will be hold at
her Into hu if l-'tKUy ufteiiioou nt -o'clock
Inc. ;'ient In ry
emieti iy
fr"'ll to tlic fkranton Tribune.
Tunkhannoek, Muieli 2ti .lului Jen
nlnpH, of the JonniiiKs Milling and
Lumber company, at Xnitli Mehoap
any. u.ih iIolnB1 iiiihlnessi In town oil
Miss NI11.1 t'arney ,a wttnleUtt. at
Wood h I.uslnefs college, at Scr.inton,
was Isltl ny her aunt, Mrs. Joseph
hut. on Pine turect on Monday.
Mix. William Woodward. of
MeMiopiien, was the Kuent of Mrs.
Maltha Ilunnell, on Muiulay.
The dlaKi-aiu for reserved sent, for
the -Old Fashioned Huhtsliijr Uce," to
hi given at I'latt's Opera Ilotise on
Filclay evening next, for the benollt of
Triton H oso company, Is now open at
tioodilch'h Jewelry store on Tioga
meet. Those liolclliip tickets should
M'e mat tln-y nie matkeu at once.
Judge Fiank M. Vaughn
Mrtdionpfn. was dolnsr business
1'ivMi on TtlOMlay.
llttiinl tliiir.mnith. who Is In
tnent and live stock buying business at
Mill city, -was n caller In town Tues
da 'IVntiiiiimy 011 p.ut of defendant In
1 lie rdhi ot ili-M-rtlon brought by Kllza
beth Waterman against her husband.
llll.'iui aterman, will be taken on
Thursday afternoon before .1. Wood
I'latt, commissioner.
Mis-. Mcfice, an aged lady, mother of
Mi.- l'ett r McOee, died at the Warren
strei t boiel on Monday, of old age.
SrtL1 has been an Invalid for a long
John I!. Fasselt, who has been con
lined to the Ikiuso by HiK'SH for two
weekn past, Is able to be out again.
T. S. lluisou, of the Warren stieet
tipholsteilng mid bicycle establishment,
has gone out of business heie, and will
'moe lils family to Hlnghamton,
V V.
ttoiney Chillies 1!. Little, ot Sfivtn
'iii. Is visiting his parents at this
Tit.- building' on Wanen slieel, for
meiiv occupied by John Townsend as
a tailoring establishment, is being
lilted up as 11 stoic, and Jnnies O,
height"!! will open a grocery store
'lieie rtbotit the llrst of April. Mr.
I.eighlon was engaged In the mercan
tile business hcie a number ot yeats
ago. but has recently 'been living on
his faun In Tunkhannoek township.
Sirial tn tlic Scniiton Tribune.
Finest City, March 27. Michael Man
otnK, who amis f-evetely Injured at
tho Forest City bleaker, was yester
day taken to the hospital at Carbon
dale. His Injuries are veiy serious
and Is ii'L-ovcry doubtful.
John Franko has closed his barber
shop in the Aldileh building-.
The many friends of U. F. Mnxey
In Forest City will be pleased to learn
that he has been elected president of
the Luzerne county association of llo
tall Druggists.
Theie seems to be some misunder
standing us to the basis on which the
silk mill girls returned to work In the
Ilaivey mill yesterday. Some of the
girls state that they aiu to lecolvc an
advance of 23 cents per week, but Mr.
Ilnrvoy says they go hack under the
same scale and that they will be ad
vanced as they grow moie skillful un
der the old nrranccutcnt.
Misses Grace Menhcnnctt and Alice
Melvln loft Monday for Illoomsbuig
Xoimial school, after spending their
vacation hcie.
D. II. Ilatrls mid I T. Odder ate
home fiom their southern trip.
Monday was quarterly tetuin day
at Montrose.
Jacob Krltchlk has been appointed
high constable by the botough council,
Clifford lodge of Odd Fellows clectetl
olllceis last evening.
A ball will bo held In the Opeia.
house Thursday, May no, tinder the
auspices ot the Voting Men' Institute,
for the benefit of P. Morrison, who
recently hnd nu arm taken off as n
lesult of Injuries tecelved In the mine.
When a woman gives up it is because
ihe has gone to the utmost limit of
strength and endurance. It is a marvel
how women will stagger on under the
daily household burdens when the whole
body is racked with pain.
IJor the nervous, run-down condition
which so many women experience, as a
result of overstrain in household cares,
there is no medicine can equal Dr.
Tietce's Golden Medical Discovery. It
strengthens the weak stomach by cur
ing diseases of the organs of digestion
and nutrition. It purifies the blood of
poison which cause rheumatism and
other painful diseases. It nourishes the
nerves, and builds up the liotly with
tour.d, healthy flesh.
There is no alcohol in "Golden Med
ical Discovery" and it is entirely free
from opium, 'cocaine and ull other nar
cotics. Accept no substitute for the " Discov
ery." There is nothing "just ns good"
for weakness, nervousness and debility.
"I want the ss;hole world to know what Dr.
Tierce' medlclnei have done for me," write"
Mr. Helen lIurdgroe, of Baiix", Knox Co,, O.,
"I had many of the 111 of woman's life. My
lungs and throat troubled me betidet, aud I had
rheumatism. About a year ago I had to gle
up work J was no bad. I had heard so much
about your medicine I thought I would try It.
I took four bottle of your 'Golden Medical Dis
covery1 and '1'elleu,' und by the time I had taken
batf of the first bottle I began to gain, and kept
on getting better. And now t lae no more of
my old allraenu and am entirely cured of rheu
matism, I feel like new woman."
Dr. I'ierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing only. Send
ar one -cent stamps for the book in
paper covers, or jr btamps for cloth
binding. Address Dr. R, V. Tierce, Buf
falo, N. V.
SficUii to the S.-raiiton lilhunr.
Plttston, March 27. The heavy lain
storm of last night and the melting ot
snow- on the mountain woodlands to
tile north have brought tho tfusiue
huntiii river up to a point sixteen feet
above low water niaik. and It Is still
tlslng. The low farm lands nt the
mouth of the Luckawanna, wheie that
stream Joins the Susquehanna, river,
nte already Hooded. Word has been
iccalveil here twin ninghamton to the
effect that the Chenango anil Susque
hanna have overflowed their banks and
that the cellars of houses nenr the riv
er have been flooded.
Mrs. Annabellc liorman, of William
street, this city, was the llrst worthy
gtand matron of the Order ot the Knst
ern Star of this state and the grand
ollleers have given her n fitting recog
nition in tho gift ot 11 gold emblem of
the order. The presentation was made
nt the regular meeting of tho local
chapter last evening by W. II. Saun
ders, or Philadelphia, chairman of the
badge committee.
Michael Flynn, for tho past forty-five
years 11 resident of Port Orltllth, died
at his home at that place yesterday.
Tho Itinera 1 will take place Thursday
Rev. W. J. Judd. of Watertown,
Conn., 11 Methodist minister, who held
the pastorate of tho Plttston church
from 1864 to 18G8, Is visiting his niece,
Mrs. F. II. Hanker, of West Plttston.
General Manager W. A. May, of the
Krie company's mines, Mine Superinten
dent Sidney Williams, of tho Pennsyl
vanlaCoaIcompany:Min)or W. W. Inglis,
supeiiutendent of the Hillside Coal and
Iron company, and Mr. Miller, an Frio
olllelal, made a tour of Inspection of the
Pennsylvania Coal company's collleilos
In this vicinity today.
The ice cream dealers of this vicinity
have agreed on a uniform rate for this
toothsomo summer delicacy. Thirty
cents per quart or thirty-five cents per
brick Is the price.
The Tailors' union of this vicinity
has made a demand on the propiletors
lor nn Increase In wages Tor Its mem
bers. Druggist O. D. Stroll, or West Pitts
ton. will emliaik In the butter and egg
business in the store room next to his
drug store.
Rev. Austin Grillln, of West Plttston.
presiding elder of this dlsttlct of the
Methodist Rplscopal conlerence, Is hi
Syracuse, X. Y., attending a meeting
of the presiding eldeis ot the confer
ence. Delegations fiom the Jr. O. V. A. M.
of this city and other places will Jour
ney to Tunkhannoek Thursday evening,
when they will attend a social session
of the lodge at that place. The state
ollleers will be present.
A young daughter of Mr. and Mis,
James Hartnett is seilously 111 of s-pl-nal
Miss Sarah Fadden has accepted a
position as milliner with Dougherty &
Thomas, of Scranlon.
The funciul of Mis. I), c. Morton
took place yesterday afternoon fiom
the family residence on Main street.
Services at tho house weie conducted
by Rev. D. T. Smythc. Tho sermon
was taken from tho worldly lessons of
life and the sentiments expressed weio
consoling to the grief-stricken friends
that gathered about the casket. Tho
choir sang1 passages from the Psalms
of David. The pallbearers were; Ales
Allen, Alex Conkey, C. I,. McMillan.
William Stephenson, James Rlerdon, J.
II. Anderson. The flowers were car
1 led by John Hustle, II. C. Johnson,
William Amos, George Allen. Robert
Cranston, John Graham, D. M. Iless
ler. Among those from out of town
were: John Motlltt and son, Mr and
Mrs, John Hamilton, George Allen, M.
J. Swift, Dunmore; Misses Daisy Nel
son and Mary McCullough, Scranton,
Undertakers Donnelly, Cutlet. Hums,
Howell, Mrs. John Hustle, Mis. James
Handle, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Davis,
Mrs. Mttngo Thompson. Plttston, Mr.
nnd Mrs. James McMillan, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles McMillan, Mrs. Henry
McMillan, West Plttston; Mr. nnd
Mrs. Andrew "Wiley, Carbondale: Mr,
und Mrs. D. M. Hesslur. WIIkes-Rano.
AV. J. Rennlmnn Is recovering fiom
a severe attack of appendicitis,
Rev. Father Fleming, of Hyde Park,
Pleached a beautiful sermon In St.
Mnry's church Tuesday evening.
The temalns of Francis, the five-weeks-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Mich
ael Leonard weie taken to New Hrlt
aln, Conn., on Monday evening for
The Pilmitlvo Methodist bazaar
opened In the basement of the silk
mill Tuesday evening. The booths aie
beautifully decorated and nro well
idocked with ornamental and useful
nrtlclus, A great many articles will
be sold at reasonable pi Ices.
Tho Delaware and Hudson com
pany hns posted notices at their col
liery in lesatd to establishing a fund,
which is to go into effect on April
1. Knch member of the association
will be charged one day'H pay for his
dues. Those receiving 11.20 or more for
their day's wages, will receive $1 per
day, or In enso of death tho widow
will lecelve $50 nnd $3 a week for one
year. Those receiving lc$s than $1.20
per day will teeelve 6O0 per duy for
one year.
Thomas Robinson, of Hcboken. N ,.T
Is visiting at tha family residence on
Spring street.
Tho Hillside Coal company will pay
its employes today.
Tho funeral of Margaret, the 7-months-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Dornn, was Interred yesterday
afternoon In St. Mary's cemetery.
Misses Kate CunnliiRhnm, Noll to
Garrett, Maty Gallnsher, Mntgaret
Katly, Mabl Allen nnd William Mc
Andrew left yestetday to resume their
studies nt the Stroitdsburg Notntal
Jp'dil to the Scranlon Tribune.
Intlnrjilllf, Mirili 'Jit. MIm t'aiiiiv p.TfJilnicr,
f( IVIlnn, pnt Ut r'aluid.iy In tlil yUir.
Mii. J)1Im t.'.irr ami fi.nilly urn mmlnj to
I1.1II0.1. 'I dry liaxo formal.'- vrcvplri! the l'lkn
(1-Mlie II. sijiitot, I,,,, rfnlni the bjkciv
nml IiiikIi iuc'ih In Ihe lutoiy ImiIMIus iiihI "III
about .iil 1 un iii a flint c1j oljlill'limoni,
lb1 will iiild" in I). 1), (i.-mluuV hoav mi M.i 11
l.ouU Itilctiliuiy lut iriited the urn iciIiIcihc
on Mnln rtrrct owned by tho l.lmlwy Pro .
uhrrc he v. Ill move hiri fnmlly Apitl 1.
Mi. A. K. Ilii-h will illfpo c( p.ut ot her
liou-clu'ld ncrnls nt I'lbllo mlu next t'lldix bo
tint Inixlng lor C.uuili ullli lur ilaimlitir.-i.
A Jtroiii; Unlit l brluR mt up lien- thN itprhiv;
oiralmt thi! uramlnji nf a liquor llcotic foi tl.u
'lk houi. A icinoiMtr.itieo tontJlnlnir iiMtly
one Imnilint r, lines ol legal XelrM has tiecn flleil.
Ititl ,tnk(t loile, No, ,"2 1, Indep.mli nt Onlif
ot Odd rcllowH ol IliU (.late, xvill ftlhmlv cl'
braU' tlielr .innlxersiiy on tlic cxvnlni ol April t.1.
r.iftnrjllli- iiKftnim.iiit, Xo. -HI. Iiuhuiil.
cut Ordir of Odd Ktlloxxa, xxlll iuct In iei?
Hf'Ion thM Wrilneodjy iiniinir, nnd tlic mc
nml ilcKree xxlll be conlcited. Alt mcmlKit are
ri-i(iie5teil to be pirscnl.
The Ppwoilli leairnc (onxttitloii lirhl .11 the
Mrtl.odUt llpUccpal iluirih In thl Ufo li-t
ojtmdiy was xicll attended, then Im-Iiiit many
(Hi-bjIh (inn out of imn pre-enl A citcf'illy
pirpiird pioRr.iuimn xv.h i-jiiIoiI out and exri)
thine worked fur the hiikits f the iiimrntinii.
Dintier xxas tuinWiod .it tlic flnntli for the xl
llinu dchK.itiv.
Nrt l'lid.iy cwnlng .11 the Mclliudi-l
pal ihureli the Md'inl Irctutc of tin- .-o.ii-.e
ninlir tho ini-plin of tho Mpwnrlh le.iBMf xxlll
lie Rlxni, xIi)ii lh inn (lircu, of llonc.-ilalo. M'O
pwl and uutlior, xilll appoir lor llio (lift liiii'
bofoio a rai'torjxllle auilleiife. lie xxlll n id
Irniii hit nxxti xxoiIji, publllird ami unpuMMit'd.
TliiH xx ill lio a rare treat and hoiild nut bo
mlxcd. Aihniwicn xxlll bo but tin rut.
Tho date, Tuelay exmhiR, April n, for the
t Mandolin and (tnllar ihili of Hindi. ililto'l.
X. V , tn oppiMP r.l the MethnilWt 1'pix'npil
(liiinli miller tho .aupiirt of tlio Kpxvoilh
Ir.inuo, ins Iitii tlnnitod to a later date ot
wlili h duo notirc X' Ml ho glxnn in Ulli cuhuiiu.
Kejtpnc iicaddny xxlll lme net xxivk for
the Kailrr xjta'lou.
I). 1,. tl.ndnei, !Cucfcnlln;r the Inteiuitlotiil
Conepon(l(ino chool, of Sciatitnn, In 1I1I1
ill-ltkl, ha .1 xeij ldie xxlndnxx- itiplay In the
1.ICI0 xxlnduxx- nf lllm & Unit.
A. I!, llcdill, tho bl.wksniilli, xvill px to lid
ton nn April 1, xxhere lie xxlll eomluct a Hhop.
tieorifo llolu.'itx died lit his rriidcmc nexr the
tunnel laU Monday xxllh i.imer nf the ftniniih.
'Ihn tuncral xxlll be ioihIikIoiI from the ifiihni-,(
WedncMlay at 2 n'dmk, Interim lit xxlll bo in Jill
in Marl, (einetiix-.
Tin- tlrnt tliundir l(nll of Hie v.i.on xlv
itcil till t'tace thi exciihiR.
Speilal to the- Scranton Tribune.
Montin-Jo. Maith 27. licit Doikfr. nf l.eiei
slihe, i tlio piet of his paivnt in thl place.
MIm Mary S. Snillli, xxlio U eniraunl In teirli
lnit in ManicliusttM, U pindlnir a xx-oik's
tlou at Iter home in tins plarc.
llox. A. b. Hento.i, I), 1)., roch tn -u-rpiolunni
toiuoimix- tn participato In the en monies it
triullut; tho installation of Ilex. V,. V.. ltllcy
a-. ralm ot the l'nhjteihn chmch al tint
ficorire Vhilc, i niiiliiolnr of the oil .it;"ti,
tiox.- lnvurlalci bem-alh 11 line ranx-.iM top xxhlt-u
affords ample (irotet tlmi trom the mil and tonii.
The canopy H ;i pioduct of the axxiiiujr. tactory
of II, Dennis k Sons, of this place.
As tho date lor the Hook and Ladder com
p iiiv'h reception (prll H) draws lilnlit, Intel.
i-t in tin- xxauh mutest ineracl-i and IkjIIi ths
.xoun? July eonlestatiltf urn nuking the mo-t
of the fixe rciniinini: ilar.
Charlis II. Tlllan.x. ol lliookl.xn. xxa tallili;
on trlemls hi toxxn tills xxcek.
.1. J. Itjan and xxlfo nml Will Ky.m xue sunt
rr.cncd to llaleton this xxiel; by the iiealli nf
tl.eli- niothti, llicy ep(d lo rt turn nu satur
dax. 'Ihe .ulpit ol Zioi liican MilhodM i:pi. .n
pal 1hu11.l1. 111..1I0 xaiant by tin- duth of the
p.i-tor. Ilex-. II. 11, I'liouiW, xx-ill lie -appli'd
until the e lino ot the (onfeionce ,xoji by lln,
liaxxiion hihxanU, of this pl.ue.
The death of ll.xde, .1 liicloiig rtldent
and one of our most highly e.leeiued iltiieiis,
oiiuiri-d at lil lionio on Mill Mutl this alter
noon at about .'I oMoik. funeral .uraiiiicincnl
luxe not ,xil been aimoiUKid, Mi. Ciockir xvjs
u xitirau nf the ilxil xx.u and for a pirliiil of
ti'eiil.v-lui lui'iilh-. he iinderxxent the axxtul Inf.
tuns of the ichel prioi, pm nf the tin at
Anh-laonxillo and the balam o at l.lbb.x. lie
liexrr leioxered from the eireetk of his expeil- in tlio army and the prison pen Mr.
( locker xxas quite prominent In Itepiililii in jiol
iths and xxmji unsxxerxlnir in his ilcx-otlon to
his parti. Mr. docker xx-as popular xxiih nil
da-sen and his death xxill bo unlxcrs-jltv leirretted
bj tlio people among xxhom he has alxeajs llxcd.
I.Yt l.fM-'lliu Minphy in V. lUelitlot's Ito.
tnuiie," Xliiht.
,M'M)l'MV-"1lie 'llde of Life" VluM
IAIKTV "Wine, Women ind -iiiiji" coinpatn-
Matinre nml nlxht.
Tim Murphy Tonight.
'llln Muiplix, supiioiltil hx the Snl Sinilli u-
lell ioniian.x, xxlll appear In "A llJiln-loi's Ito.
iiuiHd" at the L.xtcuui tontalit. This I the
play xxilltcii for S! Smith Iluc1l by .Maillu
Morton. "It Is plijs 1. 1 the upllttlin: nnd
heillliy-iiilmlcd tin, such a till is," vi.xs
fteorxe (loodale, (n tin- Detiolt I'lit- l're, "that
lieiirtlt (ouuuuntlrs and pioxhle a iciion for the
theatie's exUteim."
"A lliihelor's Humane " I 1 (teiitle faiKX,
soothlnR in 11 11 rat Inn and rceklm; of iiintuoui
huinov and rpilliit pallio. Hu- pl.iy Is one tn
enli't the best (ITorts ol thno clciltd for the
xarlou patts ami t lie romp nix- whltli Mr. IteiRer
Ins rho'cn is lompcleiil In exety xxa.x. Ml the
ihaiailets aio einbh-initic and tjpiiat. .-jlil.l
someis I helnir plijed by Doiolhy Mieirnd in a
iiiaiiuer tli I I xxliinltiir tor lier the mi-tlnlril
prale of the pirs and the hlle,
Mnvle Dressier, Fildny Night.
"I Am lnollntr for nu Ansel." xxhkh 'li
DrcKhr slinrs in Hie iiiii! lomuly, "Mls
Prlntt," nexer fills to tret tin' and sl enron.
nils roiiR Is ono of ten mii'lcal numbers xiillten
for Ihls piece, and uiib: only In 11,1 piece. MPs
Drewler Inlsilf Mucs Inc.
"MIm I'lintl." the 1011K1I.X xxhiili will
bo seen nt the Lxieutii 10 I'lldjy nlnlit, hi
playen hut ono xxeek of one lilulit i-land this
eason. ll opined In llotun tm a Hie xxeik-'
inn, thill pl.ijed fl xxecks in Nexx- irl. at the
Ir Mi l.i thcatie and thru fmu ixiek In I liii.ig".
and alter this xxeek (toci lo I'lilladi-lphia lor a
tun. the piece Is a lonicdx and l in
tcipietcd liy forty people and Ihe title mh- Is
pla.xed by Ml-s Mario D11 lir. Ihe fumilol xxn
nun on the M.iki'.
"M10 laughs and the xftuld laughs xvllli hei "
is a paraphrase of Kill Whrelci WllroVs faniou
lines, which ex.utlx- fits Miss Iu-1it. She Is
iini)iie-'iioii.ililv tin- ilcxnot and liumic.l xxoniau
en the Ameiicau sUge, Her iicies a .1 tu
t. fea-oii has hctn pliuioiiKiial and tlio tomes
tn hi' L.xietim thcatie ne-.t I'lidax night diied
from a loll)! 11111 .11 c VI1I01I1 thealie, Neix
York, and pie-cnls, her eullti- piodiutlon heio
as M'cn tlini- xxllli its fpccial -.cincr(x ind a
eoiiipiny of foil people.
"Belle of New Yotk."
(.cuino . Ledeicrs "-liafteshuix tlientn. Lon
don, and Nexx- oik Casino suico. "Ihe itclle
n. Nexx- Yoik," xxill he seen al the Lxecnm mi
Saturday allrinoou and iiIkIiI. Mo't of llio
..oiiilon coiupanx' an still xxllh litis oigaulia
t ion, as xxell m a beautiful and slupcly ihorus,
xvhlih tiMik lnulon hx- sloiiii. 'llio lecotil of
'Tho Itelle of Nexx- link" In London ha nexer
been apprnidicd by jnx otlici .Ameiiean theatil
cal prndiut. 'Ihe pioihn tion in lt enllrety xxill
be brought to tins ill.i.
I lie lostuiiies nf "Ihe Uelle of Xcxv oik"
this bfJ.-oil are i-.ii) In be uul ticailtlfill and
laz7lintr. Ik in-.' Horn the de-igns and plates of
lltiiope's lno-1 ilexci .irti-ts and ilesignri
Mc-ie. ' atoii and h'crku- haxe intiodmeil nexx-inu-h
and made (iiite a number of chinsc.- In
"the Ilelle" this si a-oii, xililrh the pieie
blgRcr. brlKlitu and better than ex-ei N-at are
noxx on sale
"The Tide of Life."
'llio Wulic.'.ter. Ala.. Kx'eiiitig liuzette mw
tlio toiloixlng' of "The lid" of Life," xxhich ap
pears at the Acadciui ot Mu-le foi the balame
of the xieik:
" 'The 'llde of Life,' one of the mint thrlllliiK
dranils xxhiili liasbcm cin at l.itlirop's Opna
lioue in a Ions lime, opined .1 xxcek's encage
uient time 1 .1 I exenhig, and the Initial peifonu-aim-
wa ecitalnlx u line one. The hoii-e was
iroxvihd xxllh an inlcie'liil ludlencr, xxhiili xxas
lihetal in it apiil.ui.-e, and xxlilch saxe cxeiv
ex inline of hcliig delighted xxlth the prndiKtluii.
"llio -.toiy i ,111 i-peeiilli inleiestinir one,
ilcating- xxllh the bio.ilmi; of tin- daughter nf n
wealthy Judge and the Mik-titutiou of the 1 lilld
of a despeiiido, nn .illcnipt to imuder the judge
-11 tint the de-pirado's iliihl xxould (omo in for
all tin lnonev and utlier rotnplliatisl and villain
ous iiiiHe. The wenli cITuts xxcro unusually
elaboiato and icilli-tU, and scxcial unique and
oligluil lage niedianUlii xxcio introduiid xxhiili
xxcie intlicl.x nexx to uite-.trr.
"In the fourth ait the elei tioiutlng an is in
troduced 'llio villain i mineiod in the Judge's
liou-e, lor the ofllieis of the law luxe been
xxarnrd tint l.e is time, and his only xxay tn
escape I-, to Mxing out ot a table xxhhh runs
alio the stiff t from the eciond stoiy xxlndnxx.
ut- dor- so, but Jut al this moment, one of Ms
pur-uoia turns an clectili tuiient inln the labte,
Ihe stage I a blimlinir si cue of liinumei.iblo
eleilrie lli-hes and the man is ilcitrotulel "
Return Engagement.
Ihe l linlrs Lei hiunr Dig Hon Ton Mo.k tum-
psny, lint rteelxeil suth cordlat RrertlnB on
their Ut to our city, xxill return and she
ns another xxeek ol lint olavs icpertolrc, com
inentlnu Monday next.
On this llt the compiny xxlll glxc us 9 cholre
H'orlment of line pla.x, xxllh some n( the old
At tho Gaiety Today.
Ihe alllaitl'iu at tho tlalctj for thlco days
hrini.lnj Tliurlay matinee, xxlll be M. M.
TI.cIms' "Wine, Woman and Sour" company
ot entiilalniis, one r,l, If not the best ut Its
Und on thu road. This oigaiibatluu of fun
makers xxlll r.o doubt be xxatnily xxeleoined In
Siiiinton. Tlilrsc made many Mend on ac
fount ol the rupiilor cntcitalniuenl he Ml
lilshcil paltdiis of tho tlllcty xvhen here before
The fciuniny this season Is If .1115 thing Let-
lir than last nnd Imludcs some of the hfhl
kticxxii xainlcxllh' nits In the limine, lii'liidliiit
llllhitt and Coldle, lloiilts, I'our Amerliau
Timnpelfis, Kluc und tlntlhold, ll.ui'fii and
Dim-, and Mlgnon tlllbeil. tif course there U
the fhonts of pretty gill, xxlltiout xxhom
110 slum- of Hits kind xxtmld be iniiiplete. Ihu
prnjT.iiinm' opens xxllh n mulcal farce luturdy
tntllleil the "Viiinleville t late," In-llig a tloxit
snllie on tin inaloii ot the xaudexllle stage ly
tnany pioinliicnt iliituatle and opctalh- slai.
The sptslallv uels tome net, follmx-nl bx a
hnikhabh- liiirlcsqne There xxlll be Ihe utlll
Sptiial to the Pcranten Trlbunsv
U'i,i.ili nr.a, .M.111I1 f7. -Ihe "ttd tk.iii-i"
1 toinpaiiv xvill aptcai in llognn upcia litme on
Apt II I'!.
Ml. I'li.ulntte Lie i -ni.ili-li III at hei hniile
on tliand elicit.
Mis Tlifinis Miukell Is ill at htr htuiu- on
Maple ax 1 line.
The ohaiehohiiis ot the Hew milk station it
Stextlis' Point xxill jiobibly lent the planl fin
iii'olliii car.
Thno xi. is u irltbialloii of tlir
fonumiiilnn li, t ln!i llibiiipal e hnn I
I'.liuii-u lipoil cm liable xxl.ciliii;
The uqitfh.intia I al high xx'.Uei- tniik
.lohn O'llrltn, .1 rtoii" tutlcr, xx-as jip Moinli,x
alliljiwn locked up in .the bomugh ehileaii It
a'-atillliig (iioige I!. I'tVn, a M 1I11 tieit ti
lauiaiitei. lilef MiMihon did the eiollltiK
ait. tin Tti'-nil i allniiooii .lu-the (Jhaoti -eii-t'tiicd
O'lltiin tn pij tots and be litipilnneil
in the boitiiiKh loiknp txefiil four hmu. Itui
i,is Mt.Matiou iuiuiiol.ilily released D'Hilcii 011
tlio Riouiid thai 1 Jutllti of the pe.110 has 11"
lighl lo -.(ntetiio n pii-oiiii In Incineration m
Ihe bnrouuh lot klip.
The Willing llilpna ol I lie Axtix M11I0.IM
iliuitli xxlll hold .1 supper ou I'll. lay night :,t
tilt- home of Cm- 11, Hon. Ill Oakland. The up-
j pit- xxlll be inc. lu.t ,1 chant)' xxill le glxeti
I tl.oo xxlm alttud In make a fiee-xxill oflcilng to
a pme tor the p.i-toi, lliv W. M. IJoutnn.
, Min Kale M. l'o, an irlieineil 10-hhiil of tin
Oakland side, l about lo luki up lu-i ic-i
I dtiiio in 'Ihonisoii.
ihe Helping Hand -otiei) ol Ihu MtthotiM
lihiuih Hid at the paisonngi- this afleninou.
I . I,, Sthlllei I picparlug In icmoxe tn Mian
Ml. Miihouex .itui - 1 1 . late of I.juicI stnet,
ha lemoxed to Nranlou.
In the mattil of the loutentioii bclXNCii the
Lrio eiigln-eis and Ihe Chicago publldiem of the
book, "The Llxcs of Kile llngiueers," .1 t'hltago
iuilge has gianltsl an Iniuiictloii iiMialning He
piibll-heis from luilhtr pirvccutloii ol atlath
mint suit-.
Ilex-. Ik It. ot "iiaiiloti, puaile-il
an able M-nnon In tlul't Kpliopil ihuich this
WaII Street Review.
Nexv oik. Mauli 2". the iiioxriutnl of lo
di's stoik inaikel xxas innfiidng und tin uiitur
In Hie tat degtte. The dealings xxcie lilgh.
pioiit'loiul and there seemed to be .1 ionl't
xiaglnv betxxieu a bull folloxxtuv and 11 btci
tnllnxxlug each side cemmandlng the sirvhos of
milieu t the oldeset slut most sl.lltitl piofes-lolnl
npeiutors In the sliest, Tlie inaikil I'pent'tl xxlih
the llillueme nt 1,11 night's upH.iiil iuh still
manliest lull Hie stlllng In lake pmlils can rd
11 ileiline to st in almost Initneillatily v
foinsl jirlcert itty gtiicrally behnx hi night
lexel, The liellng ot depression xxas praitltalt.x
nxiiiome dating tho flist hour mid during Hie
lest ol the day there x as it suctissloii of ml
Xamis of illflennt (oil.s eaih ilex elopmt lit ol
nexv slirtglh cau.lng but a slight ipinons- In
the ftr11cr.1l inaiket and being luxarlalily sue
netled lie a loalixliiir nioxetnent ixhkll cllliid
ptlies lurk all the xxax (rom a fr.utloti of I
iiolnts. 1'i.utleallv eaih hom ilurliiK tin' diy
hid its puliation Of this sort. Iliulliigloii ami
Nottlitrn I'ai llio xxeie toiispltiimt In the uisH'
ety, und ltli Made nexv icionl prices. Tlio e
eltiiiient ioe in Noilhcm I'ailrto, xx-as I point,
nnd In Iturlliulnii !'. The belief that Ihe
ioal inliieis' strike xxill be axeiled afftfted tin
Coalcis, and the Morgan sloths gtiieially inoxed
In sxinpalhi In this liioxeincnl Hie Ihli, th
llciidliigs ami the southern lallxxax stotkt ill
moved slloliglv upxxald. Among the spulalths
vigar, Ihntrnl Lletlile, t'oloiitilo I'uel and the
lli-bber sloths xxne 1 oniliuoif. Itubber Pie
1 leiicd ilslng T'r. t'nlon I'.ulilo xxas hraxy
I lliioughout. although it itcottud shaipl.x tn 111
I the hmiit. Total sales today, I.MT.-J'I
llie bord nilikit xvas sliong nnd totilliiucd hi
moitgage, due 11CI 115
l)!"kwu M.nufai luring Co
I.jiLj. Ti.vMi-hlo School ! tier icnt. ...
ixe. sales im xalue. :,mvii. fnlt.-d jiu of Snanton St. Inin. fl ptr
Males lis .nliatKid i ami uhl Is ii'allii"d ' ; cent W
PAYING 3.18 TO 4.05 Per Cent.
Centinl R. B. of N. J, Gen. 5s.
Fin., Cent. & Pen. Con. 5s.
Gal., Hnr. efc San Ant. 1st 5s.
Iown Central By. Co. 1st 5b.
Lake Shore Refunding 3 l-2s,
Minn. Gen'l Elect. 1st Con. 5s.
Minn. Si St. I. Con. 5s.
Norf. & West. Imp & Ext. 6s.
Nor. Pfic., St. T. & Duluth 4s.
Peoria & Pckln Union 2d 4 l-2i.
nio Grande & West. 1st 4s.
Coinplete Circular List on Applicable n
1001 (Pocket Edition) now ready.
Spencer Trask & Co.
27-29 Pine Street,
05 State- St., Albany. NeW VOfk
ptr i rut. on the last call
The foUo.vinc qtifllitloii nie fil-n sbe.l The
Tribune by M, S. .Ionian ft Co, looms TiliTW
MMri buihbue, Semnteu, I'a, Irlcphoiit- jni;
Aiiioioaii ,uu
mtrhati Tob.un,
Alth . To. e. S. l't
A.. T & .. I' l'i
llri'Hiklvii Tiaclion
Halt. .V: Ohio . ..
C'tit. Tob it mi . ..
(Its. ,,- Ohio . .
elite. .. (i. V ..
Chic. II .X; (,i ....
St. I'anl
Ilotk Maud
IHnxMie V lludion
1 iitkaxxatini
ban x. Ti .. I'r ..
lanii. A . .
M.mhitlan I'.le
Mil. Tint lion Co .
Mlssouil I'ai Hit ...
"nnlhi'iii Pjcillt- ..
NoilolU A- Xeleiu
N'orlh. Iiilti ....
Willi I'.ultV', l'i ,
K. Y. C.ntial
Did. .V. Wttl ... .
l'i una. It. It
I'aill.o Mall
Hi ailing
Ileailli'e, IV .. .
Nml hnn It. I! . .
NllltlltllX II. II.. l'i
'l'i 1,0., i.. & ll 'ii
C. . Leilher ... .
f. s. la'atlier I'r ..
Cnloii I'aclflii
fulfil Pac-lno, I'r ..
Wabash, Pi
Wesliin t'nlon ....
c. r. i
1'lOples lias
So. S
Texas Pacific
ni. ( ai- roundly .
f. - Meel Co . . .
I W,i
i ot)',
. . 'MU
. . . Ill',
1.' '.
.. 10T
.... ;',
. . . -iti-i
... Ill' J
. . -.1',
. ..Iltl'j
. ... Vi
si.. '
.. .ha;
71' .
.. .sl'j
.... ri
. .. !lSs
. .. II
.... S'l'J
.... -.Jlj
. . . .Ws
.... W,
. .. .v.
.... -V
.... i
( los
no, i
'! i
St raiiton Iraitioii fi per cent 115
Sctnutou Wholesale Market.
it oiicuci! bv 11. tl. Ilile. i" Latkawanni Av )
Iliilltr-Cnauieix, Jl's.ii'i ; diliy. Hai'-c.
tleesi- full ilelin. lial'tl.
Dags-Wi-liiti iit-h. II lo IHje : wtrvf
Male. It' j t" IV.. .
Ilc'iii -I'.i bu. ihniir uiaiioxx, is.' Ma." ,a).
Pel Ileal I'll bu.. W.I5a2.fO.
Miillum Ihans-P r bu.. i.lnail.V
(irecn Pens -Per bu.,
Onion Per Im.. l.tOil..Vi.
I'loiii -lb -I patent, ptr hid., l lo
llrd Ktdii x lleali -Per bu.. 2.I3jJ.JO.
lull .lo:
IH2'K I'M'.
S ccisl li. the cranton Tribune.
Ihnie.ilile. .March .'7. -A liin k i k lur !.it
Hook end L.i'Mer itiiupany has been plated on
It. V. Pinxtarih-ii's strait. giM mill.
L. O. I!n-e and ilaugliler, Mi Vlrnle, a, ' -o
Jotnnins: at Atlantic I H.x
Hon. C'h.irlcH A. mil Mi- Mtl.utliy ne In
llaiiu-hiirg Ibis xieek.
The annual lutvlli.g ol the llonedale tin
pioxenunt an(iallnn xxlll be held In the toxin
hall tn Monti iv, April I, al .i p. in. Otticeis
lor the -ii-ulni; xcar xxill l- iltited and Ihe
.nali.x ltoils of the .K-ocI itlcu lead.
llio r.exv lion bridge In i-oiiim' ol innstniiti.n
at the foot ot Second stieet xxill soon bo leolr
for planking.
'Ihe ptiblh ihcol- ol llonesdalo xxill t lo'e on
I'rhhy for im La-lu x.u-atinii of one xxetk.
Maliajier sllxemtone has soiiunl living: 1'ien, h
and a talented company of aiti-ls tor a iliue
right ii ganmiflit al th llonesdalo opeia lioue.
ciiuinet t Ins lids Cll.iu-lii) exciilug xxith l'ie
roai'ug ton.edv thama cnlilltd ".V lluiiixrax
Wife." Tile gtratcit on the i.,ol
to diixc axx.n the blue Ailmls-ioii lo. "il and
.!) ftit-. I'll r il spefla'tlcs and luuiiii.;
Tie nieiihaniliM' In Hie sIok of William Mef.
filling k sf.n, xxllth xv under Ux.x by tlic t.i
fo'ilectcr and ihdllf. xxa hid In at Ihe sale this
n.oinl;: by Ms,rs. Adam Kiafl and L. Il.irll.uei
i' iriiNtci
t Milt jt- and s.inia l.'ovilu. in l.oxxei ( jl.
' their me'snino slt.x tliou-and btaiiu;
date trees, the fruit from xxliiih is eported in
unhide packages, containing al..,nt flltv pi'in.l
.... sn'l
I. .l'i
7 1 -',
H i;
-'-'' rt
n hi:a r.
May ... .
Max ....
.lull . ...
May .. .
Max . .
, l7-
tilt A IN
. 7.-.1.
. 7.V4
. !!'
. U''s
I. "I 111
Willi- tow
rst. i-t
fill I
New Yoik Gintn nnd Pronuce.
Ne iul Xl.inh '7. -IToui-Mcailv ami n,'l
tiattlt aillxe Im ilinli, brand. YX.hcat S.t
I tlinr. Si. J nsl, .!; I. n. b. llloatin. iisl,
7i".. thxaior. N . I noiiliin lliihilli, NiV. I
,t. I., utlnii: -iilli ii- i-ii.nli all ilav but dull;
, lived llio i al l,.i". n-'l adiiime: Mij lined
, iis,.; .lull. s-,i.; s.'pltu.bei, s,ii,c. loiir
s.l lulu. No. .'. Is. tlnalor ami ll-i-, 1. o,
b. alloii, optlmis lilily irons and tlo-ed
at 'i.i'..o. ii"t adiaine; Matth 1IW1I IOe.1 Mix,
In.: .lull. I7't : Stpttmbei, I7'5f. Oit -pol
-ttaib, No !.'ji ; So. .!. .Wit.: So. 2
xxlillf, nj'-J.i.u:. . : So. I xxhlle. .!.'..; Irok mined
xit.lein, .:oi:;iat'.j iuik xxlilte, .I'a:;.; oplioni
lit in bill iile! Ilutlii I'liiu: lieli nci.iry,
ti;.r'.',.; fattuir, uall'ji.: hullatloii cieanicr','jt., -tat'- diin. fnsh. I'n.'lt. Chcc
I'iiiii; lain l.uut inloiiil and xxhlti. IHIl'ic.;
fain vni ill .uli'inl. U'j.: fimx -mall xxhlle,
Uali',!' Puss vnk.; sljlo and I'tnn.xlxanli.
lifialt',! . xi-e-ttiu. llL-al-'.c. ; southern, VU
Clilcnpo Grain and Produca.
lliliai.1. Xldi.h i7.-- fhnifi' iimlettniii' In
uliiili loiiliti" li. xx plaie.1 Its part was oWerv.
able In the main luatkitv twin-. Coin, xxhiih
xxas ihe mofl ntlixi, i loved tii'lc hluher for
May, xxlillt- chicil V. ami oats a shad
impioxeil. Pioxi-ioii xxcie dull and Irrepdar,
ilovhiK U'io. Iilirhcr It. as hade lower. Cnli
limitation xine a- folli.x.'s: lTonr Steady, X".
II spiiiiK xilieat. M...V.: Sn. 2 lid, 7."a7')!,se. ; Xo.
' i tun, llr-ill',i ; No. -' 'ilhixr. Ilic; So.
oal, -Jfit'.. No. i xx Idle. Jn'ie.; No. :t xxlilte, 'Ji'j
a'''.t.; So. 'i ixe, .Vkialo. ; good feedlnK barley,
mat's , tali' lo chuli ! nialthiK. IsaWJc; Xo. I
Max fCtd, I.V.; No. I liorthxx-estein. sl.Wi;
llinothv sied,; ines pork. flS.,0ali 05;
laid, S.12'i i.l.".; sholl libs. S7.fita9.10; diy
i..ill,il shouhlois, (,"i..'ie. . shoit clear vide,
vi,n.iS..W: hlvkex. M.'ll! Simar. cut loaf, .O!'
lllillllllalid. v.- 7.
Chlcaco Live Stock Market.
I Int. mo, M.iith '!7.--CatlIe Itrcfipls, pi.tsui.
Scranton Board of Trnde Exchange
Quotations AH Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
6T0CKS. Hid. Aiketl.
First Xalioiat Pank t'jon
Scranton saxine Hank ;:n
Thiol Xatlonal Hank tsti
lliuie Deposit and liivioiini lluiL . 27 1
Lconomx Ltfjlit, II A. P. Co
Licka. Trust Sale Deposit Co M'
ClarU .t Snoxer Co. Pr li
Scranton Iron V nee K Jiff. Co
Scranton Alio Works
Lai ka-vatira Dairy Co.. Pr
(Vaunt x' Six Iocs Mink .; Tiu-t to.. :;i)
Fust Xalional Bank (Carbondsle)
Standaid Urllllns Co
Tradri,' Xatlonal Hank Itj
vintiiton lloll und Nut I o 11.1
Scranton l'a'iiser llallxxay. Hut
Mottsace, due 10.ii) 113
People's- stieet Railway, flnt mort-
ca.-e. due 19111 Ill
People! Street llailxmy, Oeneral
t,,. ln.ltix. '.iio Tt'viiif. t holte sli els. steath: nth-
I il atllxe al sliulit ileiline; butchers' stent
1 idi-ailx- i-Mipt ciuieis; Texan, steady; flood tn
pilnit' lin. M'.'.ifi; poor lo medium. !.70i
' I v.-,; Motktis and fitdei. film. .i.t0at.7S; cow-,
I s,j.unl.l; htiin. .7.;.il.ii; fanners. 2a3 r,i);
'bulls, sic.iili. s.' tti; talxe., steady, Jl.Ila
I .', 7.1: Texis fid lul. "ta'i; Texas Rn steer.
svt.; T'txav bull, sleidj, tlxe fais, fi.7,'.it.7i.
Ilnus- lttttipt loilix', tomorioxx-, -jossi;
hit our, .;,.Vi; opciictl about steady forchohc,
mm. I ile.ii.imi : 1'ilxnl mil butchers, vVS.Virt.15;
boo.I lo i htm i' hem, snati.l.l; roiiah lidxy,
s."i s'.a j.'..".; li'.'ht. K-ivcalit'l; bulk nf siles. Jvi.Kii
iiojlii. vlu-ip llciipl. l.",'MOs sheep and
lamb-. .ilnil -leatly; isihmI to ihoite xxetheis.
' v.vii.i.-,.u"; fill lo thohe mixed, l..sal.v,:
I xxerlirn sheep. v.Ni.-,tl",; yearlliiRR. sl.S0a.M-:
n.iHx-i- l.iinb. v.7.-,,i5 pi; wevtein lamb. M'i
1 '. Ml.
Oil Mnrket.
I Oil lilx. Xlai.h 'J7.-Cic.lil lulahies. 1 BO
itilhcalts i It si.l onimt nt I.27j shipment.
I v-,.;m baiiils; axeiaae, s,H'i band; run. ',
I l'rj hands; axuauc. V7l'i luliels
Simulsh Miners, Stiike.
lit i:xduixp Wile fiom llie Associated Pie.
M.uliid, Maidi JT. 'lliiee llsmiind miners haii
. ,nii I, ai Ihe low n nf Hnindnxai' del Camp.),
Hoik has stopped and Ihe mines ire flooded.
1 X - X X -X x- X X X X- X X X X V- X X X V X X X X X ! X- X X X ! X X- X X ! x v x ! ! 1 A .
v i i i y i v v l v 4 v v i v i vi vi v vi vi v v v i v v i fe:
Or nearly so. You will be counted out If you don't get here this week as this will Ir
On Monday, April 1st, 1901, we will APRIL FOOL YOU on the Fire Sale by opening up with our s'
new SPRING STOCKS of Shoes and Oxfords. Watch for the GREAT TRANSFORMATION SCENE. '
To do this we must clean out the balance of our present stock at LESS than Fire Sale prices. It consists ;
of such goods as these :
The "Stetson, The Johnson & Hurphy, AMR Wichert and Gardiner. Marry H. Gray's Sons.
The "Just Wright," The Crawford" and n,,u The "Domby," Krippendorf Dittman Co.,
Richard & Brennan Union Made, "The World's OXFORDS Ziegler Bros.,
Best" Footwear. UArUIIUO p Cox.s celebrated Infants' and Children's Shoes
330 Lackawanna
Ave.; Scranton.