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Published lluty. r.seept Sunday, by The Trib
une Publishing Company, at Kilty Cents Month.
xs.-js- .ttt
0. F. BVAUCE, Utulncu Manlier.
New Tors: Otlliei l.'O Nssaiu St.
.s. a vrf.f,l.nt).
Sole Aernt (or I orolgn Adtrrtlslnt.
Knitted it the PcmlonVe nl bunion, I., as
ifceond Claw Mill Matter.
When spue 'nil rermit. The Tribune Is always
slid In print shott letters (roin lis filetids bear
ins en current loplra, hut lis tule Is that llieo
Must l. signed, lor publleatlon, by I he writer
ml niniej and the condition iitecedent to if
ceptance Is (hat all contributions shall be aiiljest
to revision.
The lotlonlng table shows tlic ptlee per Incli
esih Insertion, apace to tic used within one jeart
Ilim ct TslcIiiiRonl 1'nll
HIsPLvV Paper Readmit Position
I'm than 600 Inches ..'-. "I .-'73 f "..
Wt f I .11 .21
!-' " In .IT. .I'i
"W " 131 .17 .Is-.
" 15 .IiVi ,H
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and similar contributions In th nature of ad
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a lltie.
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PrnANTO.V. MAIil'It 2S, 1001.
TIi xtrcetis "f Sridiiton will never lie
cleaned H.xxleiiialleiilly mid pfilclpntly
until public oplnlnn fences councils to
nb.mdun tbe wystem nf ward appiopiU
tloiio nutl Rlve.i the ittrr-t roiiinils-slimpi-n
Sensible Ballot Provisions.
TDK OKOANS of tevoliitlon In
stale politics, jibly betuU'il
by tbe lMilluitrlphlti Pi ess,
are llttorliiR elite uiirnltii;
nf tt'till'iitlnii for rueniboij. nf tbe
legiplntuio ului wlull Rti on iecuiil
In lavor of ballot n-fonii without sae
llflie of tbe juiiy circle. Tbe I'lefs, in
pnitioul.ul.v, calls solemn attention to
tbe fact tlint tbe patty elicit" bus been
leptldlnled by mult eminent bodies u
lb PittsbuiK clutiibei' of coninietce.
tbe Sri'tinlun board of t ratio, tbe
Timles leuinie, of I'lillmMplilu: Hie
Ibe Pennwylvanln I'ullnt nefotni iifpo
clatlon, and a multitude of otber or
punlzatloii.M similar In cbaract-'r, nnd
tbe Inference vvlilih It snpkn to convey
Is If a law l passed which does
not eliminate that elide, the worthy
lUiitU'iiicn ctiinpiNlnp; the niciiiliei-xlilp
of these dlvliiiKUli'bed bodies will dedl-
ate thsniselve-" forthwith to tbe vvui;
Ins of political war.
i ur observation in thesr mutti-m has
not led ui to accept mil contempo
rary's view. Whatever imy he tun
as to the I'ittsbuit; chamber or com
tiieice and the Trinle league of I'hlla
rielphiii, we are wIIIIiik; to piediet that
the boatd of trade of Hctunton will
hi'cept tbe patty elide on tbe now bal
lot philosophically, and on eletllon day
I"- itr) uraii oi it us a convenletiee
In voting. Our JuilKiiiPiit l that theiels
none of them who does not leallze that
ni least sevenly-lhe pel cent, of the
voters OepcKll htralsbl tlikets, and
ate tlieiefote iiiauifevtly entitled to an
aiuiiiBenient of the ballot which ex
pedites their votlnif and jiinserves
them fiom the llahllltler, ..f ml
Tbe few eiy oat nest .voiinu scnlb
nien of v.ealth and IWsmv In Philadel
phia nnd other laiRe cities who lm
taken up Hip subject of ballot lefonn
with the enthusiasm of Idealists doubt
less have very little use for the party
elide. As a matter of fact, they have
very little use for panics of any kind,
unless It Is their own paity. which Is
usually at arlunce with tbe other
rattles. ,id thev ui naturall.v am
bitious tc m. their opinions Impiessed
uion the legislation of the common
wiallb. If tin- amended (iuffey bill,
which the TIeptihllcun leaders at liar
llshurg have endotsfd. shall be enact
ed, theso ballot tcformer. win in ,,
measuro eucceed f.'tnlei- the piovls
lon of the Gtiffey bill as uniended
tha names of al 1 candldiites ur
'"-i'i:u lUKuiner in one column, under
designations of aiffercit oillcos. with
tho party designation to the iitjht.
nnd whenever any persons icclve
itotnlnatlons from more than one party
the names of euch parlies shall nil h
Blven. Tollowlnff the names of the
party nominees will appear names of
nil candidates nominated by Independ
ent nomination papets, alphabetically
arranjrocl. This will do away with the
multiple columns, which have hereto
fore made some of tho ofllclal ballots
resemble bolts of wall paper and biing
the whole space within the compass of
w sheet not much larger than the or
dinary magazine page. This will be a
Kaln, both In peonomy and convenience,
nnd the lanllot reformers will be en
titled to a generous share of ciedlt for
bringing It about.
Rut the Guffey bill as amended alo
pnvldcs and here Is where the pro
ftssional reformers of limited number
must defer to tho convenience of tlv
prcai majority of voters that there
(mil be printed at the top pf the co
umu. iiiccoss.tho vldth theteoi, ps many
circles as thcro are political parlies or
Krouprs of Independent nominations,
each circle to contain tho name of a
H'parate parly. Every U within a.
circle shall bo rtiulvalent to a mark
After the name of each nominee of the
party to which the circle belongs. It
there are two dozen Itepubllcan or
Democratic nominees, tho Itepubllcan
or Democratic voter, by mnklng one
mark In the elide of bis party, can
vote tho entire ticket without further
ndu.r If. however, lie wishes to spilt
his itlcket, printed directions clearly
Inform him how this may be done.
Another point In the amended Guffey
hill, about which there Is ciltlclsm and
i r.ntroversy, i elates to the proviso that
If any voter shall declare to tho Judgo
of election that by reason of any dls
Ability he desires assistance In the
Vicparatlon of his ballot, he shall bo
permitted by tho Judge of elections to
elect any elector of his voting pro
clnet to aid him In such preparation
pf his ballot In the voting compart
ment. The objection here talsed Is
that this provision opens teilo'or to
fiaud. No doubt It dots when there
h a fraudulent purpose picsenl at tho
uolls. The saiuo .objection could bj
tnlscd to miy measure yet devlied.
The disabled voter hits to take his
chances when seeking help. Hut It
may teatonably be D.ssumetl that
when ho has the choice of his helper
he will b" unlikely tc ihooe someone
whom he cannot trust. If (he man nf
bis choice goes back on him, it Is dif
ficult to see In what manner his Inter
ests rould be safeguarded.
The great fundamental trouble on
this question of ballot refotm Is that
the men who talk tbe most about It
ate the ones who hovn the least to do
with shaping political conditions, and
the smallest practical comprehension
of the difficulties to be overcome.
With few exceptions, they are either
theotlsts, living In an atmosphere
apait from the hut ly btttly of public
affairs, or ptofcsslonal factionalism
tiylnr to mask selfish Intrigues behind
specious pretensions of high regard for
the public vvcal. The great body of
our citizens prefer to accept honest te
foim gtndttally. They have learned
b.v very sad cxpetlenco to dlsttust the
mnjoilly of those who make reform an
occupation or profession.
If tho municipality can fix wntcr
tattfs why not street car rates?
Charlotte H, Yonge.
IX THK death of Charlotte Mary
' Yonge at Winchester, Kngland,
on Mondav Inst, the world has
lost one whose life wotk has been
of Incalculable Influence for good. It
has been nearly fifty years since "The
Heir of Hedclyffe" was given by her
to the public and won an enviable
place for Its author In the ranks of
wilteis of llctlon. a Rieat financial
success, and seemed her recognition In
Anieilca no less than In her own land
us one of the most wholesome, and
at the same time one of the most fas
cinating of wilteis for young people.
That place she has held through the
yeais ever since, as one generation of
young teadeis has followed another,
and one stoiv of hisloty after anoth
er. In tin- guise of fiction, title In
their pottiayal and vivid with the col
or of the times In which they ate set,
was .sent out by her. Her books are
now to be found In every public
llbiaiv. The llbiaiy i words toll of
their steady hold upon public favor.
Hesldes these her setles of histories
for young people still has wide elides
of younu teadeis, and her "Book of
fiolden Deeds" has reset vedly become
a classic.
II bu been often told how she de
voted the entiie pioceeds of "The Heir
of ftedelyffe" to fitting out a mission
my shit), "The Southern Cioss," and
gave the J10.U00 her nexl book brought
her to building a missionary college
In Xew- Zealand, while that country
was stui ne of the gieat mission
fields. lint to this it may well be
added that this was but the beginning
of her Rifts to sudi woik abroad and
to phlluitthioplc agencies at home. As
bet woik In Itself was pure and no
llftlmr. such also she made Its finan
cial returns continually to lie. Uer
Place Is not with Scott or Dickens or
Thaekeiav. but It Is one noble In It
self and her influence for noble living
"I niisn iiitnuing- will be perpetuated
thtoiiBh other minds and lives that
."he has helped to mould.
The best guarantee of an open door
evidently Is a leudy gun.
An Unique School Report.
Ing pamphlet Is that which
has Just reached The Trlb
tine, being i paper prese-.t-ed
early In the piesent month by Fred
eric W. Speeis. Ph. D., to the Civic
duller Philadelphia. It bears the title.
"The .Tames Torten School An Experi
ment In Social Regeneration Through
Elementary .Manual Training."
Philadelphia a good many yeais ago
moused Itself to see the value of man.
mil naming high schools as an elec
tive alternative to the purely academic
high schools. Tbe Introduction of
manual training in any rorm Into any
elementary school bad, until ten yeais
ago, nver been consldeted by It or
mentioned to Its board of education.
I.os Angeles and other California cities
had earlier than this seen the advan
tage of the con elated training of hand,
eji and brain the benefit of sloyd In
struction for tbe boy and girl far below
the high school age and who might
not ever reach that stage of school life,
as well us for those who would. But
the free air of the Pacific coast seems
to be especially favorable to the ac
ceptance of that high Ideal of educa
tion which means character building,
the development of tho whole moral
and mental nature or the child, not a
mere more or less successful process of
trying to pout In knowldge Into the
mind. Still, sloyd work with all It
accruing benefits to the pupils, is win
ning ItH way in th east, though not for
the early years for which California
has proved Its usefulness.
The Philadelphia epeilnient or ISdl.
the icoid of which In the ten yens
since then lies In the little pamphlet
heroic us. Is one cutliely unique. The
school which Miss Anna Hallowell sue.
ceeded In Inducing the board of educa
tion to take out of the control of tho
s'ctlonal boaid and, so. out of politics
in the matter of teachers' appoint
ments nnd otherwise, stands on the
edga of Jhlladelphlus slum dlstilet,
with hundreds of children In the area
It had been built to serve. Hum to
serve, and In the earlles decades of Its
existence! It did serve them. It was
opened originally In 1S:J as a public
school for colored chlldien. In 1SC9 It
was given a navv building, with modem
requirements met therein. But by tin
year 1890 It had reached ho low an ebb,
both In management and in attend
ance, 'that the authorities proposed to
closs It entirely.
It was then that Miss Hallowell, one
of the best known workers In philan
thropic work and In educational lines,
came to the rescue. In 1877 she had
been appointed a member of the board
of public education, n tody the mem
bers of which aro appointed by tho
Judges of the coutt of common pleas,
and which, In addition to entire control
of tho high schools, prescribes the
course of study for the elementary
schools and exercises a general super
vision over them. The sectional boards,
elected by the citizens, aro forty-one
In number. Tlicy appoint .the teachers
and conduct the general administra
tion of the elementary schools, pri
mary, secondary and grammar schools.
linden the regime Inttodured by Miss
Hallowell, as chairman of the board
of education's committee on the .lames
I-'orten Elementary Ttalnlng school,
and carried out by the teachers, "nota
ble for high quality and enthusiasm,"
tne school was opened and built tip
from a straggling attendance of such
children as chore to occasionally wan
der In, to Its present average of 483 In
dally attendance out of an average
number enrolled of i"78. In June, 1891,
the re-organlzed school was about
equally divided In membership between
coloicd children and Itttsslan Jews, Im
migrants to America. The color line
has never been drawn nor mentioned
In the school. But as the tide of rttts
slan Jewish Immigration has Increased
the coloted people have removed to
olner parts of the city. "Only tho low
est class," says the report, "have re
sisted the flood of foreigners."
The greater proportion, then, each
year of those who enter the school
con neither speak nor understand Eng
lish at the time of entrance. There
fore the elementary manual training
which Is found to Interest the children
from the start Is combined with pri
mary school Instruction In English.
The course allowed by the board of
education for the James rortcn school
Is five years. At the end of that period
those who have not already been taken
out and put to wage-earning are pto
moted to other schools. The hope now
Is to have this changed and allow the
pupils who can still remain In school
to be can-led through on the system on
which their training has been begun.
In 1897, when politicians on the sec
tional board endeavored to legaln con
trol of the school, the board of educa
tion ordeied Assistant Superintendent
Kaln to make a test of the comparative
standing of the James Korten pupils
with those of the cot responding gtades
In the neighboring schools following
the usual ctiirlculum. He piopared pa.
peis and made un elaborate compari
son of lesults. Says Mr. Spcts: "The
examinations were given without any
opportunity for preparation. The se
verity of the test may be realized It
we remember that the management of
tbe James Korten does not believe in
the system of formal examinations of
the orthodox t.vpe. The children w?rc
totally unfamiliar with the sort of
test which the pupils of other schools
were accustomed to pass regularly. In
the James Korten promotions were
made, and aie still made, upon the
Judgment of the principal and the
teacher In charge of euch class. t'nder
these conditions the results of the ex
aminations ate doubly significant."
This was Mr. Kuiu's summing up: "A
careful inspection of the examination
papeis of the chlldien shows that the
work of the school compares favorably
with that of the other schools named.
Much of the work In excellent."
Theie aie many moie points of In
terest biotight out In this leeoid of
elementary manual school work In close
combination with primary training.
But these must stillli e at present.
In spite of all the anxiety of the
Philadelphia "yellows", I'ncle Matthew
Stanley's health still permits him to
lift a few (arpon into the bbat each
If P.usslu deliberately plotted to
give the other powers the "thtow
down" In China Russia must expect
trouble. Tactics of that kind are out
of date.
Between dynamite mines and Japan
ese ciulsers the position of the czar of
all the Russlas Is not one to excite uni
versal envy at pieseut.
Our Moiocco war cloud will doubt
less have a silver lining In lime.
Dally Horoscope Drawn by AJacchus,
The Tribune Astrologer.
Astrolabe tast: 1.21 a. nt.. for Thursdav, Slarcli
2. lini.
.i child bom on lliis clj.v will nollce that the
political "early bird" is on hand to look alter
all of the second ilass city nouns.
In malrimony man occasionally has been known
to practice economy, hut in case ol a divorce he
never cares (or Hie expense.
Conversation l the X la.T that enables us to See
ti.rough most people.
Male the tiuth jour molln and sou are liable
to male enemies,
A blessing is seldom piopeilj appieclated until
tie cipliatlon ot its term.
AJacchus' Advice.
Remember that the man who alnaja a trees
with jou generally wants something.
Sol long ago the piper told ot a plijalclan
living In Applelon, Wis,, who attested his' dlsbe In the germ theory ol dl'ease by .mearing
himself oyer vvun small pot germs. He re
covered, or. laiher esiaped inlectlon and wrote
a book: "Ihe Muiderous Pads in the Practice
of Medicine" a pretcntfoua and well printed
volume ot 6'jO pages-ln which he Mlled Into
his profelonal brethren (earleaslj. The liook it
liefoie us Its aulhor is Milthen- .1. nuclderrnund,
M. II. As showing rhe faith Hut is In him. he
offera five piuea ot fl.dio eaili to any one ho
can demonstrate by na tine' laws- (I) That vac
clnatlon Is not wiongi (II That quarantine is
not wrong! (.1) That disease is contagious: (()
That germ. are the cause ol any dlseake: and
(5) That consumption of Ihe Iuiir can be cuieil.
One condition onlv Is attached lo this otter:
That any one winning any of Ihe prl?e shall
receive I0 a day for the time spent In demon
strating mat he was right prodded that It he
loses, Dr. Roddermund is to receive $10 a day
lor the time epent In attempting lo prove that
he (Roddermund) is wiong. From this It can
be Interred that the doctor's volume is warm
with fll confidence and Intellectual pugnacltj-,
.loaeph Walker 4- Sons, tnembfii of the New
York block K.xchanee, .13 Wall Urcet, have com
piled and Issued a much needed booklet de-.crlb-ing
the principal guaranteed tocks of Ameri
can railroads and Including the guarantees ot the
Western Union Telegraph company. The eaemp
Hon from taxation ot Mich stocks In New York
.tale la given with refeiences. The list Includes
capltallration, natuie ot lease, mileage, datcw,
places o! pajment, tran.ter offices, etc. Leases
In Pennsylvania are ataled aa less the state tax,
giving the specific amounts. In all other leases
tasatlon it provided for by the lessor, without
articling the dividend rales, Copies can be
had on application.
ihe New tonklln's llandv Manual and Atlas
ot the Woild, Just lamed by Laid k I,ee, ot
Chicago, I. not onlj a icvined edition ot a
work whose succe.s lias been phenomenal over
two million copies mid In twelve 5 cars but,
to all purposes an absolutely new book, over ISO
pagej having been altered and a number 'ol them
replaced by entirely new ones. The presiden
tial elections of 1900, and the cenvin of the
The I
A rOPUl.Afl CI.UAIIIN'n ItOUSH for tha
Denrflt (it All h. 1lav llmiBa fA .
Itett, Heal folate or Other rrepen.r to Sell
or exchange, or Who Want Situations or1
1 '1'P These small Advertisement Coat ,
One Cent a Word, Six Insertions lor five
nora Eseept situations vvante-J,
."in. re inrerteu rree.
wanti:u-.x oit'irt: pi:k and taiii.i:.
ktateklnd and pilce. Address Pcil., Tribune,
WAXTr.D-niTnnsKNTATin. notu m:'ti:"
Kncloee trlt aiiJi(M'(l flumped cmelope fn.
Itifoinutlon. IVars Vcnnln Ponder Co., Hil
ton, Pa.
Help Wanted Male
wantkii-av i:.n:nii;ci:n knikk ccrrKit
on colored undeiMrt. Mate experience
and salary epeeled ddress l.urerne llr
company, WlUes-Iljire. Pa,
waStf.p nithuiT Mirxt! man. i- vvr.r.i;.
'. depoalt; rcftience. dart., room )5, Burr
rooms, n-ldi or nlthout board, tn pleasant 'o
atlon. Pox "It, Tribune otrtio.
Help Wanted Female.
oiisi. vri:t nut oiakhai. hoim:.
votl, 3IH (Juinry avenue.
JSUuations Wonted,
smvuov wsii:i-iiv vol o toi.oni:f
Human us look ir doInK ni-nrixl hotisenorl..
AM l.j(kavuiina armie.
and hulling taken homo also. I all r.i jddu-ss
I,. II., S.fl Sumner .nrnue.
out by day washing, limiltiir nnd i leaning.
(all or addre Vlrs Mai llucll. I.'l'l ( i-dar
awniic, i lit.
Mil vrio wikii.-iiv (.txion vmi in:
portable Mil to du eeneul hull eoil In a
ainall tamilv. (an qhe Rood irfemnp. PI-1-
all it 3,14 North Itelieica .miii- llde l'a-.
b.v a (Oinpeient man; ledrrin-ts .j.
die, M. P . aio of The Titbui-e
Recruits Wantad.
WANTr.D KOH l'. h. sllMV. Alll.i; hoihkd
unmarried men between ages ot Jl and 15,
cltirens ol United Stater, of kooJ char.vtr aid
temperate habits, who tan spesk, lead and
write friRlkli. rtecruits specially dolled to.
sen lee in Philippines for Inhumation p,-il
to Recruiting Olflce in vv joining lit., s,iran
ton, I'a.
Money to Loan.
calate. IIKMIY DCI.IN. .lit.
t HAS. . WKI.I.I..S.
1 to 0 pet lent. Kiaiik K. ponnelh, attor
ney. Tradcia llanl. building.
mom:y to loan ox pond and .morigaoi:.
any amount. M. II. Holgale, Co.iiinonuealth
str.i,tlt bans i llulbliiiv an) Loan Vi
fiom 4 to i i cut. (all mi V Wai:.ei,
Sit-111 Council building.
Builness Opportunity
Ing niaj, by investing hvc u trii tliouu".
ilollan In J well established, diiideed paving
loiiipanj. necnic a line poiltnm a: a ood -alsn
Aildrr,i V. . '.., 'Iilbunt.
. iNKsTi:t in a t,i:r.iiiMTi: i:tkii-
1'lLip will n I v on in ulllte position ai n
fcalaiy ol Sll r month Willi- VI. Kram-r.
old I". (). building, vianloii. I'a
(i illation of a laipei lo-i m .tolen Hum
our dellierj wagon Addieaa ( aiin-l, 'I i ilium'
1iuc year (as far a lis icmiIk hivo hern made
public) aie given In lull, wHh s Kisslflrullc.iis
mid comparixous peculiar in Ihis woik. Our
jouilg people will llnd here the lilies ol .id-
unburn in nesi iniiii, vnnapoiK ami tin- a-t
Civil Service nf Ihe Inlted states, al-o tho
conditions (or cnlUtmciit In the r.-gulai artnv.
I.atlt political events, recent ilivuveilc. la
tistics and de-criptlous of I'orlo Rio, llivvali,
Ihe Philippine Hands, etc., an- given with
cl lulled auiiuij. The noiiica of each of the
t slates of Hip union with roloieil maps, lino
been rrvicu lo meet present conditions, atlileiie
and rating lecoids have been btoujilil. up lo
date, and manj paiagiaphs .-nlded of must in.
teresllng fresh nutter.
".spiritual Knowing or llihle suii.l " bv
Theo. K. Seward, (Xe Yoik: Kmik & Woaiiall's
Co.) Is an efteitive liilpipietiitioii of the re
ligious Ideas and impulses Hint me rinding e
prrwion in tne vunous movements known as
Chiistlan Science. Divine Healing, and Menial
Healing. 'Ihe aulhoi's point of view- Is that em
pharis upon the spltllual gospel of .lesus Is
necessaiy as an anlldole lo the pievalcnt ten
dency toward materialism, and he puts it on
A vivid light will be thrown u the auuit
moial status of the pullco In New oik city
by Joslah Flvnl'a article, to appear in McCluie's
for April, under the title " 'Yoik,' .1 lllshoncsi
Clly." The present agitation of this subject
attaches paitlcular inteiesl. to tie contribution,
while the manner in which the famous author
has gained his materials by close association
with the rrimlnals themselves will doubtless
make bis conclusions of cvtiaordlnaij value
An Interesting innovation In Hie book-publishing
world Is announced bv.l). Vpplelou A Co.,
who propoc to deliver to anj aUdic-M any or
all of the moie than 4,(KV volumes publNlio'i by
1 em since lSlt and lo collect payment In Instal
ments. The publications of this irliable ttim
cover the whole domain of Ilteratuie
Hie catalogue of Rucknell iinivei.u.v. lolleg
ot libeial arts, Just Issued, hhows a total at
tendance of over five bundled. Of these, s;s are
in the college. The a-nlor class In the college
numbers 53, It is stated that the total piopeity
ot the institution, aggregating over ?7.V,O0O has
been contributed by individuals, uu aid hiving
been received from the state. Tho organization
embraces four departments. The college (or
both sexes: the Institute, for joung women:
the academy for joung men and bojs, and the
school of muslo for both e.ves. The real c.taie
couslstt of a campus of thirty ac-ies, elotcn
buildings now In lue, and one In process of con
st met Ion. The instruction of the college is or
ganized in tvvelvo depaitmcnls: ('lii!ooph.c,
Logic, Anthropology. Hconomlu and Political
Science, toiy, fiieek, l.atln, Kngllsh l.lteia
tine, Oratorj-, Modern Language, including I5e.
man, Krenrh and Spanish, Mathematics, Physics
and Chemistry and Organic! Science. The work
of each of these depart menu Is under the
charge of a specialist, and Is very completely
and thoroughly done, It is the motto of ihe
Institution to attempt nothing which it can
not do a.s well aa It is done anywlieii.
Tha Ollego library la acccolhle to students
In all departments, number 21,000 volumes,
besides several thousand pamphlets, During term
time, the library Is open day snd evening. The
museum embraces some thirteen thousand speci
mens. The students In college maintain three
literary societies, besides several clubs for de.
bating and literary study, and publish (our
Tho Institute for young women, the acadimj
lor joung men snd bojs snd the school ot
muslo have each a separate (acuity, though all
arc under the general control of the president.
For Rent.
wis's- wansva. -sas-Aj.jA
KOIt ni.NT-M.ilUi: ItOOM. M-.COXH 1'I.OOIt.
JO. Wjomlny menui'l suitable tor busing
purpose! all modem contenlenies. Inquire 123
JelTeiTOii aieniie, near Spruce attest
ML'i.xst:t) iioici, ion nr.NT. 101 n:xx au..
ftlMRAM.r: IIOI'SK. KOIt HK.VT, Oil M.MlleON
avenue! modern Improiements. Apply to
A. Kose, 223 t.atVswartia aienue
ion nr.NT-itu.r doiui.h norsK. o nnom,
11. I..13 Harrison atenue. Apply, Thou as
nussell, 030 HarilMin avenue.
TOR HUNT- HAI.P not Bl.i: H0K.sK, fl 1100.M.-',
moderri lmproveinenl. IHIA Vine klreet.
i or nr.NT-rntNisiiKt) rooms toR okntm:
mesi, In prhate famili i all ccnienience,
SK0 Washington avenue.
rix rooms; modern cometil'niea! (tood lo'
Hon. Inquire rorner Oieii rtlilge sheet, MsJI
aon avenue, .lohn Walter.
wi om:i:v itmnn stri:i;t. i i:v room.
modern Impruiemrnlsj steam beat (urnUlu'l;
ilesliable; T-'.tW.
dones, .Main street, lajlor.
For Sale.
KOR MM!- H(lfs;0.) (iOOP.s T vKUIOV.
Knllie lontrntH of Imtoc. iniHlstln ut tur
lor. (lining rnuin, kitchen and hvlrooni. vlll be
sold at nullum, Tlrn.vln, Vli.rrh S, beimnlng
at 10 nMntk. OH Waslilmjlun ovrnue.
I'iam) c m:pj wAi.M'rT'Asr, itrigiii'-
btut leake, Toie, 1 illume off.te
mm: iioiim: koh svi.k, vi i.kiiii iton
aler, wrlnlit (fl to o:o .. ; color, baj
age. ; wiiml and; prbe IJj tan I "
"en at 1. II Watt, faim, tilcn'min, or apply
.') Monroe iMruue.
For Sale or Rent.
ton mi.k )it Mi(j:ir i:xi -ii) Tin: itinnr line wem'-i prepcily In upper ilreen
Uldcej inodein luipincments: plrudhl vaid Ap
plv .1 M. Waller, vtlumi-j. 'JOI IMiill hulldlnt
urn sm.k or m:i- i.nki.k norK. i
good Lnmlitlon .it No. .Vis Qulr.'-.v uven'i".
Applj to -foim .lermjn. Mil Wj-omiig nve.. ill
KOR MIX OR m:T Till: ItlitMNfl PARK
llolel, eliearitly (.iinljlnl. posuc'sion given
en the flrat day of a.prll. App'y to William
CialK, carr I.'. RublnsonV Sons' bicnery.
Wanted To Buy.
ni'itl be in good ouleij iate pattliulars ,ei
lo in,i.i " ptiin ddn- I., l , geneiat i'e
Ibeij, strjij,,, p.,
Rooms and Board.
I.VRC.K, KltONT ROOM Wtril 11(1 Mil) KOR two
Rcnllcin.n. Ill) danis uicniie.
ITMIIM'.s HWI'KII Wll.l, 'Y ( Vs IR
old Rree fi-allierbrcU. Addle- M. II. Rith
aid. (!ri,nal Prll.ei.s, iln.
DHKSS IM. Ml Kits 1MR S.M.K, T3 I H.NTs; KOI!-
mer pine, M 5. Mrs MaiDonalil, SSI) Watli
inton avrr.ue.
is ri: istmi: or rinutii: wii.i.ivms.
late of tie 1 itv of scranton, I'a. I.efriv
Ipslaniei tare iipnn ie abn-p esiale having been
Slanted to the iiiiitciMgnrd, all p-cons irdel icl
10 the said estate aie irpi-seil to nuke Inone
ilhtlc payment, and tho;,'' hiving claims to pre
sent them without delav to
I- V Rl1lti:ils. Kv.nnor.
o. ITiil Sum. nil 'ivr., scranton. 'i
11 s. M.WtlltlU. vtloniev.
ro thi: iioi.dkrs of iiond?
seven (T), eight (ij), (41) sni'
forlJ'-1.x (16) of the Colliery Ktigineer Coiiipanv,
being the bonds I earing date October 1st, t-'iV,
and M'liurd bj liust moilgage of that dat'-i
Please Take Notice tint In puisuance of lt,e
provisions ot Hie said bonds and the trust tuoit
gage given to sicuie the ine, the bands as
numbered alove have been drawn by Jot for
pajment on Ibe first daj ot April, 1001, snd jcu
sre hereby notified that the- same will be paid
on tin.- Arc! day ot April, 1031. at the Lscka
wanna Trust and Safe Deposit Company, Trustee
named in the tnut mortgage above referred to,
together with int'iest coupons attached thereto
and remaining urpaid, and that interest will
cease after the said ditc
tiii: roLi.iiiitY i:nt.ini:kr compv.nv.
Scianlon. I'a.. Kebiuary 23ih. 1001.
Certified Public Accountant.
Co nitoMinw. ni;u
building. ARlllll'Kt r. CON'XKM.
kiii:di:hk h i rijown, vik miner. I'ltui.
building. lr Walurs;ton avcmi'. N raiiloo.
int. c. 1:. i:ii.KMii:i:tii:ii. pali.i iiiii.ihno.
piutp etrect, scranton, ,
FRNK K 110. 1.K. VTH)RNi:.T!.VW.
Rooms I.'. It, Id .mil 18 lists r building,
K. K. 'lllC.Vir.(0lMONi:U.'lH Itl.Dll
lot -iii-lan. Rooms .112-.II.I Mears building.
tlated on real estate seiurlt.v. Mcais building,
corner Washington avenue ami pnue mic-i.
Ull.t.ARD. WRI; k KNM'P. ATlOKNi;).-)
and lounsellors-al-law. Republican biilldirig,
Washington aven.e.
It.sst P k .lhs-lP. ATTORXins VXD COI'V.
..'llai-s-ut-Iavv. ( oninionneallli building, llnomi
ll. -JO and 21.
i:nwnii v. in i. r. ArroiiMA'. rooms
P0.JWI, filh fiom, Mears building.
I.. A. WVTIir.s.. vnOKNKA-M'.I.VW. imTaiso
of Hade building, sirjtliiin, I'a.
nank building.
C. COVIKI.YS. (i.,l RKI'I Hl.if v llKILniNC,"
. . Ili:il rilOl.K. AITORVLY. MLMI-s ni.lMf"
I'a. (.'ouise prrpaiatory In college, lave, med
icine 01 business. Opens Sept. li. s-i
tor dialogue. Rev. Thomas VI, C'ann, LL. II .
piinilpal mid pioprletoi; W. K I'lnmiey,
A. M.. bearimastiM-.
O. II. (MIIKi: .V (O., SLI.IIsMrA VXD XI I!'"
eijtmn, stoic 201 Waliliigiou aveiiiiei gr.i n
bouse, plji) Noith Main avenue; stoio tel
phoi.e, "a-1. '
Wive Screens.
.jocK.i'ii hti:m:i rk.aii .-.ii lvcka. vi:,"
Scranton, I'a , maniifac-tuiei- of Win- virent.
ai-o ladies' vvalsis, Louis Mioeiuakri, 212
Adam avenue.
A. II. URICitiS tLi:NS I'ltlVV VAt L'l.N NH
cess pools i no odor. Improved pumps used.
V II, Prices, picpiietor. Leave old, rs tin.)
North Main avenue, or KUU'i. drug sioie, .01
iter Adams and Jlulbeirv. Telephone I'.ll
30o i ahain.ooln(r, 30c.; facial inawage;
liianlciirlnc;, 23e t ihliopody. TO I (juliuj.
picnics, parties, ieceptlon, vveddini; und on
ceil woik tmnlsheri. Km- teuns address R, .1.
Itaucr, ioii'IihIoi, 117 Wjoinlnj avenue, over
llulbeit'a inulc toie.
v elopes, paper bat's, twine, Watefcovisr, 110
Washington avenue, Scranton, Pa,
tiik ivilkks-bauri: Ktconn can ni: liTo
in Scianlon at the ivewts stands of Ib-limsn
Itros., 40d Spni"o and tWU LlndcTit It. Norton,
.'22 Latlaanni avenuej I, b. Schulier, 211
Spruce street.
It is some satisfaction in
buying furniture to buy
goods that are not peddled
all over the city. Our posi
tion in the trade, being that
of the
Largest Buyers
of Furniture
In Scranton, enables us to
control the product of the
very best factories in the
United States for this city.
A Metropolitan Stock at
less 1 1 1 a n metropolitan
Hill & Conned
Washington Avenue.
Physicians and Sugeons.
hit. s. w. iamori:m , okkh k. an w vmi-
Ingtou avriiiK-. Ile-.lil.nir, l.'lia Vtulhen.v
( hionie diseaie. longs, heart, kldne.vs mM
griilto-urinary mgans a i-peiljllv. Hours, I
lo 4 p, 111.
Hotels and Resturant.
mi. i:i.k cm'i:. ir. vnd n irvnklin
avenue. Rales ip.isonable.
P. .i:i(, I'n.piielnr.
MRWTOV lllllK., M:II I). I,. A W. PA-
ernger chpot. ('oiiduited "ti Hip Kuiopean
plan. VltTOI! KOt II, Pioprli'tor.
Lehigh Volley Railroad.
In KTeci Maicli .t, POI.
For I'liilaililplila and New cik via D V II
R. It., at (1.13 and II a. m.. aid 2.18, I '7
(III lets Dianiind KxpiciO, ar.d ll.-u p, 111 Njn
da.vs, I). A- II. It. I! I 3s, 8.27 p. 111
Kor White Haven, llir.hlon .mil pilu.-lp.t poln' s
In Hi" coal legions via D. A II II. It.. IU,
2 Is and ( 2T p 111 l..p I'otlsvllle, t.27 . 11.
Kor lletlilelieiu. L.f 11, Resiling. Ilitiisbing
and piim.ipal fntiiiupdialr slaliotiv via D II.
I!. H.. '1.15. II..V. a. 111.: 2.1s. 1.27 ( Dn
n ond Kvpres). II.Cil p, ni. Sunday., I). .V H.
It. II.. I. IS, 8.27 p. m.
I'm 'limkhaiincH k. Towanda, Kluiiia. Ilhica,
l.nirva and prlnclpil Inl.'imediale stations, Ii
D., L. A W. It. II., 8 0S a. in : 1.03 and ri.40
p. 111.
Kor (.'eneva, lln-licrtei, II11C.1I0. Niagara Kail",
(hhago and all points vvisl, via D. A II. II. R .
II, .V a. in., ;:.J-'l 1 Iliac k Diamond Hvpni-s). 7.1.
10. SI. Il.u p m. undavs, D. A II. It. II .
IL.Vi, S.27 p. 111
Pullman pallor and idccplng or Lehigh Vallej
parlors cars on all trains between Wllkes-Ilarie
and New- vork', Philadelphia, 111, Halo and Sus
pension Ilildge ,
KOI.LIX II. Wll.nrn. On -upl.. 2ii Cortland
street, Xew ork.
(IlRI.I'.i S l.n:, (.en. Pass. Vgl., 2il Coilland
i-tieet. New Votk.
W. XOSNKVIVt 1IKR, Div. I'a-s. f .S.mli
Relhlehein. Pa.
Kor tlcl.cis and I'lilluiaii reservations apply to
Wl Laikav-anna avenue, sctaiiton, I'a.
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
III I'fTeil li. 2. rH
south- l.i.ive c t.ltiton foi New Voik al I 10,
:!.i) .1.30, J-.iKi and HHi'i a. m.; 12 11, ,l.::i 11 in
Kor Philadelphia at s.od and 10 03 a. its. ; l!.i3
and .'I.S.! p. in. Kor Mroudshiug ,11 I.. 10 p. in
Villi, anommodation al .1. IO p. m. Ainve nl
Hoboken al (!..:0, 7.1s, 10 .'.a, no.. 3.1.1, Its,
7.10 p. 111. Vrrlve at I'hil.delphia at 1.00, i.2.:.
D.Oi) and S.2' p. 111 Vinve linm New- Yoik al
1.10, I 0.1 and 10..' a in.: !.(). 1.3!, 3.41, f,
nnd p. in. Klein srm , ,r. .11 p o", ,
Noitli- Leave s lanli i tot llullaio and loiei
lieillale slullous al 1.13, HO and ' 00 a. 111 .
1.31, S.4S and II 13 p ir. Kor O.wego and
Via.uso 111 LID a. 111. Mini 1.31 p ni. For
I'tU. 1 al I. Ill a. 111. nnd 1. 31 p 111 For Von
Hose ul !MO .1 111. I. "I nnd 3.1" p. lit For
X'kholsoi nl Hiu and il.l". p. 111 For lli-ig
luliiton at 10.2') .1. m. Virive In siranlon linin
lluft.ilo at 1.21, 2.11. and looo a. in.; :i.30
and S.IS' p. m. Fro 11 O, Hi-jo and "-jranisp at
2.31 a. m : l..i and stio p. 111 I'rom I tit .1
ai 2.31 a in.; 12 l.s and '(..) p 111. Fiom
Nicholson al 7., VI .1 111. and t.O) p 111. I sons
Moi't'ciji al Hi. i .1 in : .!.?0 ami S O0 p. in.
Rlooiiisbiiig Livtsim-t cave Snanton for
Nnrthiuul.'il.iiid, ul t 13. 10. HI a. m.; 1.33 and
5.30 p. 111. K01 I'lv mouth at l.O'v 3. in, s.f.o p
111. Kor Kingston 11I s. 0 a 111. Arrive .n al ')..!.! a. 111 : 1.10, 5.00 and S Ii
p. in. Vrrlve at Kingston at 8 32 a. 111. nive
si Plvmoi'lh al .'.00, l..J, 0.13 p. 111. Mrtv,
.11 Scianlon I'mm Xoilhiiinleiland nt 0 (J a. n. .
1. :l.".. 130 nnd K II p. lit. I'lotti Klngslon .11
II. 00 a, i-i. I'ioiii I'lvmouth at 7.33 a in.; " -'
and 3 y.'i p. in.
wiiil.- Leave suinton at 1 to, 3.c 3 30, 1)01
p. 111.: .1.3.1 oud .'i.cO p. in.
Vni lb Lea vi s(jn(Cn ,11 I 13. 4.10 n 111 ,
3.33. 3.48 and 11..I1 p. m
Ploomsbuig Div I. ion Leave Ml'jlilnii .11 lo.ul
a. in and 3.30 p. hi,
Delaware and Hudson.
In I'lferl Nov 23, HKsi
'liams for I aibondalc leave siuiunn at 0 In.
7.3:, 8.3... 10. 1.1 .1. 111.: 1200, 1,20. '.Ml. '1.1'.
3..'fi. 0.12. ,.17, 0.11, 11.13 p. ,11.1 I. p. a. ni.
Km lloiU'ilale-0 2O pi,!., u m. , '!, ,)n, 5 ,
p. in.
Km Wilkes lime-1. ii. ',.i. .4i, t).;:i!, 10 c.
It.", a. in.; I.22.H. .'kilt, 4 27. 11,14,;. l. II) II.
ILI'O p. 111.
Kor L. , II. II. piinis-r.4,1, 11.43 a, m ; .' !,
4.27 and II.: 0 p. in.
Kor Peniisjlianla I! It. points U. II, 0.3s a
ni. : 2.18 and l.s; p, n
Kor Mbany tnd all polnta north -fi.20 a, 111
and S 32 p. lit.
-l N'DVY TiniNs
lor Cailioiidali--;.H), II.ISI a. in; i l, ;i 32,
3 47. p. in.
Kor Wilke-llai!e-u.i.s. 11.51 .1. in.: 1.3s, 12.
(..27. K27 p. in
Kor Mb.inv and iioinii nnttli 3.32 p. 111,
IVr llonenlalc 0.00 0. m. and .132 p in.
I owet lalcH to all points In lulled 'tales
and Canada
.1, II. IH'IIDU K. (i. I' V . Mbany. V V.
II. W. ( IIOs. n. p. .. n union, I'a
Cential Bailroatl of New Jersey.
sintloiis ill New Vmk I'oot 01 l.lbeily slieel,
V, I!,, anil so.itli l'enj.
IIMi: TAIILi: IN lll'KICI NOV. S3, Ifsnt
'lialns leave cii.nloii foi New oil, Nevvaik
Kllabeih, I'lilladelpitia. lasivn. Ilellileliiin, M
lenlovvn. Main Ii flnink and While ien at t..'0
in,: express. I.l'ii c-xpn1.". -t .VI a. in si ,,.
davs. 'M3 p. in
Km- Pittiton and W iUea llanr, .s.1'0 1 m, , ).lo
and .!.3ci p. 111. Siniduia. p. in.
Kor Raltlnioie mn Washington and pomls
.outli and West via Ib'llileln'in. M.D a, in,; 1.10
and .1.30 p. 111. sandais, . 1 1 p. in
Kor Lour flranili. Ocean liioii'. etc., at 8.40
a 111. and 1.10 1'. in.
Foi Reading, l.ebancn and llaiii-11111.-, via Al
lrntown, 8..)o a in. and I 10 p. pi. sumhvs,
.Ml p. in.
For Pottavllle. S i.0 a 111, and 1.10 p m.
Throuitb tickets lo all polnla e,m, .oqth and
west at lowest tales al the station.
II. P IIVI.HWIV, Oen Pass. Vip
J. II. OLHAfJ-KN. lien. Vipl
Erie and Wyoming Valley.
Tlino Tabln In Kflecl Sept, 17, I lias,
Tiains for llivvlc-y and points, coime-i
Ins at ILviley with Krle railroad tor New Voik,
Nrvvlyic and Intermediate points, leavr Scian
lon at 7,03 a. ni. and '.'.'.'3 p. m
Trains arrive at scranton at in, SO a, m, and
0,10 p. m.
Easter Sale
of Ladies'
This season's second snle of
French and Domestic Fine Nainsook
Cambric and Muslin Undergar
ments, including many exclusive
styles not found elsewhere. Fault
less in cut, linish, superior work
manship and trimmings.
Bridal Lingerie w Sets,
Complete line of exquisite gar
ments in French, Nainsook, Hand
made and Hand embroidered, trim
med with real lace.
Of tine Muslin and Cambric,
Willi l.twn tlounce, trimmed ifi
Point de Paris and Renaissance in
sertings and edgings.
MgH Gowns.
Of line Nainsook with daintj
Hamburg and Lace trimmings.
Corset Covers.
The sSpencer Waist of Nainsook,
with Valenciennes edging, beading
and ribbon.
Chemise mi Drawers.
Of Cambric. Nainsookand Mus
lin, with Lace and Hamburg trim
mings. We lead the market in the class
of Underwear we handle, practi
cally we have no competition in'
this line. An early call will secure
best selections. Sale opens thiai
morning will continue during tho
We are displaying; an
unusual pretty line of
Easter goods in Booklets,
Cards, Hangcis, and
Hand painted Sachets
all of which serve as a
suitable easter remem
brance. This year we
have added an imported
line of chickens, ducks,
and rabbits, which will
interest all easter buyer3.
Rey molds Bros
Schedule In Effect Match 17, 1001.
Tiains leave Scranton:
0.45 a. m week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and for Pitts
burg and the West.
0.38 n. m., week days, for Hazleton,
and for Sunbury, Harrisburg,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash
ington and Pittsburg and tha
2.18 p. ui week days, (Sundays
1,58 p. m..) for Sunbuiy, Harris
burg, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington and Pittsburg and
the West. For Hazleton, week
days only
4.27 p, in., week days, for Sunbmy.
Hazleton, Pottsvllle, Harrisburg,
Philadelphia and Pittsburg.
I It III II IIIN-liN (.,, Mgr,
II "mil I'as tut
Tim Cartl in rj'tt let. UOth, tOOO,
sn Ki 20 snj aa, as
fi r' fa STATIOVS ? tic
as fl 6 l$ef.l
- mmm pn " """ " jm " "
. 7 10 Vi- VY VV IMS! I.t. t (XI
l.vf V " , st 75
.. .1011 1 OSAr ' adosie I.t.,.. 3 Oil SO ...
. lOSIjijj ' l'ltrton lark. , ttuu, ...
looojab I'oyniii.. " a (06 II
OSlIlJs, ' .Orson. . " . .iMat ..
.... 010IHV I'lessant Sit. " .. auiso, !.
y,uiic Union dale, " , seaBSS
4ilis forest Cltj ." .. a IS it) .
.... Sit is 11 -l ' ('nibniidsleld " IMtsiSM
....UU sa m 11 J). " ivTiioiHiie 7ootWtSI ..
....eatooi " .vv title Brntire. " J oa
.... CUI1 II MujHeld Yd "7 CESIUM ...
... eemim " Msneid johcudi .
... OH1 Sill I 01 Vrllba!il "7HailltS) ,
.. .SnSMIIOI " VVinlon " 7IIIMI11 ,
.. BIS IlllOtl " I'erkrlllK "7SJJMllb. .
.. Sll, Sill1) M ' Otypbanl "Itlioaiti, ,
. .flil sioium I'lirrlmri "7mcf ..
....tSi SIS10IS Ihloop "IMIUItt ..
....acjj SSatOIV, I'lorldetMe "7MsJeil ,,.
8Cj I9JI0S1 " Purkrhu-ci ":7Mli78S ,,
80C1 ssoia lOLv Si'isiUoa Ar. 7 coj it) jj ...
fM AM IV " f fi
Additional trstoslpsTs rftrbondsl for &tstbrla Turf
a V p 11 rirret isuiidsy, su.t 7 ro pm busdsy only, srrl.lns
si ilsvili-1 1 V sr.l 70U lm sndna pro.
s. iditions It rains Icsse hrrsiitpn tt700r.m6nn'1sr..ntvl
slei'iilitRsttllstsil'ins to t'srtwtndsl, srnvtug st 711 P'n,
snd Irstn Ittvrs Mstil.l Tsrd for I srenadsls stS-ilsos
ds.lj, tnliliinl isrNiadsls in.
Hates 3 cents per mile.
Lonest Jtistes to all Point Went.
Os'irsn'rAil T"-. Ait,
hew Toil Cll sulo,