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The Promoters Had Onlu Four
Votes to Sparc on Second
Readlna Yesterday.
Composed of V.itbns .Clement e.
Over-conudeiio ot Supyortois of
the Moosure Came Very Near Re
sulting In Victory for the Opposi
tion Some Lively Work Will He
Necessary to Get the Votes "Out of
the Woods." Bills Introduced in
the Interest of Dunmoie Regard
ing Cnrbondnle Liens Palm Bill
Spec j! fmm a i'tjil (.'iivrtpeiileiit.
lUrrlsliurc, Mm nil 27. To Him meat
surpilso nf Its promoters, tlio Vaughnii
In.'tiso fee lilll had only four votes to
pure on second rtidltiic this niurnlng.
TIi' imci' with which the special oritur
was secured, thu fact that the opium-mi.-
of the measure had ostensibly
gi.-n ui thu light In tin: house, and
the big majority with which thu I.onrd
local option bill was taken from tho
calendar and recommitted only a half
hoar before, had the effect of making
he fee bill lobbyists over-eonllde.nt
ami by neglecting to see to It that
ill ' who had been si'iurod to voto
lor the bill weio In their .seats, they
i.nn. within a halrshrcadth of seeing
all their work of the last two weeks
B" fl llHURllt.
Tin vote was by u. division, thu mem
ber rising; to be counted. According
to 'be repot t of this tellers It was 71
to Hi Thi'j count was made while
tin r- wan considerable confusion on
tie floor and. being hurriedly made. It
is Impost-blo that an exact count
wonbl have shown thnt the vote was
cn clospr than tho repot t of the tell
er showed.
Tie- vote against the measure was a
verj diversified one. The members
win bad voted In mippnrl of the Ieard
bill were in their seats waiting lonp
P' ;e the Viiuglmn bill and did so to a.
in; n. Then tlr.- were a miiJhcr of
hide bound Ins, irgents who follow tho
liud of .Mr. ', -ny religiously and, nt
his behest, wore on hand to help give
the bill Its (ittletUH. Again, there wore.
h number of representatives who op
po, tho bill because- it is alleged to
be special legislation, In the interests
of Scrantnn alone, and they, too, took
care to be present to be recorded
against it. Not a few of tho latter
were antl-ripperites who were anxious
to make Scranton "take her medicine."
The bill will come up for Until
passage tomorrow morning at 11.13
o'clock. To pass finally It must have
103 votes. The friends of the bill
are somewhat fearful, as a. result of
this morning's surprise- party, that the
necessary constitutional majority may
not Iw forthcoming and are landing
every effort tonight to secure the
needed votes. There is hardly any
question but that the votes "arc in the
woods." The task 'before the promot
ers is to get them to conic out and be
on hand when tin? voto Is taken. This
Is a. dilliculty always, encountered In
pasting a. measure that does not par
ticularly interest tho members at
Dr. McLeod's Circular.
Iteforc leaving Hurrlsburg Tuesday
Rev. Dr. McLood prepared the follow
ing circular for distribution among the
members of tho house, and it will bo
distributed tomorrow:
Scunton if new a city ot tli scruml il.i.
The Vaiiglun llocno tit bill i coudilirato
er.ough to rccoKido that fait, ami to kiip It. a
elty of the scond cm in one It
pun tho city ( Siniiitua in n cUt. or ub-clatw
by itself. Thin particular point is tu
the amount to he pild (or a liquor Hun.
Tho preKent law of tho ttjte impow, upon
li(Ui dealer or saloon keepeni a fee ot 41.10)
In cities ot tho wend cl:is. The Vauli.m bill
u: "Tliat Ij nil rinht ia every Uty
Scranton; in Scranton. alnou keeper ought to
W (tuoicd (or n period ot three jcjm, by re
m ttlns to them half tlut mm, or iSMO."
Manllcftty, this is (lav. bKiditlui wii'.i a
vomuiincc. It it be not unconstitutional It l
at least vlolou'. It 1 lci;Ilatlon in the Inter
its o( a class nf cIIIjiiii who contribute no
more than an." other citizen, to thu iiiur.dlty m
good citizenship of the i!i.mnmciltli and
who havo r.o more claim thin anj ollur clay
upon the gcnrroMty ol the kUIo.
Instead of having iiliei of the lirM, fiLnml anil
third clamcii. The auphJii bill would
give us cities ot the flirt, keeuml nml
thlrJ dawn and one city Srraiitnn t a tnvii.
grel clas a clau by IIhIi'. one-liaK in tho ir
ond d)M mid tlm ollur halt In tho thinl li.
This teclalfieation i-i Okkcil for wholly and i T
oluilrely In the intereM of tin .jIikjii ke.pim
( fcracton.
To riace Duumore on the Map.
Two bills were Introduced by ltep
rcsentatlvo James this mnrniug, mak
ing provision for Duntnorc to divest
Jtfolf of its special laws and take ad
vantngi of tho genetal borough act.
The bills are practically alike, dlli'ei lug
only In that one relates lo tho coun
cil and the other to tho school boatd.
Following Is tho town council hill:
AX ACT to proHf (or ward repreM-nUtlon In
the tov.n roumll of (ho huroueli ot Pinimoie,
provhlla; (or the iippuintimiit ami elect!".! of
nunibir. nf council fioni raid ward and
tho manner of filllnt: varamicn.
flection ). lie It muted by the rrnalr ni:d
home at iiprexnlathht, of thu common veallh
of I'fnniyhanla, In cental aimbly met, .ind
It it hruby enacted by tho uulhnilly ( tin
ume, tlutt the town council of the horoucli nf
Pur.morc shall :oaUt of tun inemlxm from
raeh ward, and upon the p.wjtv nf thii urt, the
court of common pleas of tacUwanna eoimi.v In
hrteby authorised und en'pim'eied to apMjnt
two qunllllcd electcnt from caeh waid tn mivk
t mrtnbfr of the town round I bom mch uard
until the lii.t M lay of Mauli, A, 1. !!, .mil
at the inunlrlpsl election to be held on thu third
TuenJay of rebtiiary, 1902. tin (uallfled elector
el each wnid of t-U boronli shall elect w
numbira c( the town roiniell, one to nrie for
one r r and one to w-no for two yram, and
(Continued on 1'ase 3,
Arrnngements for the Purchase of
William A. and Lawrence Plants.
Ilr Ilicluuhe M'ir dom The Aoclleil Pre.d.
l'hlladel)hla, ilitch 27. Congress
itiuu William Cotinell today disposed
of his Interests in tho William A. nml
l.awrenco collleiles, located near
Seranton, In which city Air. Council
kfIiIcs. Tho ostensible purchaser
was the Council Coal company, which
will noon become n tributary of the
i.ehlgh Valley foal company.
The purchase price is said to be about
M,nun,noo. Immediately after the com
pletion of the deal, the congressman
departed for Washington.
The capacity of the Contielt collieries
Is about Z(000 tons per month. They,
with other collieries In tin Lacka
wanna district, are ut present produc
ing their limit.
They employ about 700 men each. It
Is the belief of coal operators that
the absorption of the Connell collleiles
along with those of the Pennsylvania
company will be followed by others
In the district.
While Mr. Connell was In this city
Thomas 11. Nleholls. president of an
thracite district No. 1, and John Kahey,
president of district No. !'. came hero
und held a brief conference with him.
Their purpose was to enlist his aid In
the efforts of the Mine Workers to
seeun recognition from the coal carry
ing companies, but he declined to uso
bis Inlluenro in this tespect.
In nu Interview, Congressman Con
nell said: "I simply told them that
l was unable to aid them. As for re
cognizing the union ourselves, wo will
follo'w the example of the larger opera
tors. We have granted the miners a.
continuance of the ten per cent, in
crease for nnother year, until April
1', lfiu:'. I don't anticipate tumble in
the nnthraclto p.'glon. The only ob
ject which the union's olllcers now seelc
is recognition of their organization.
Mohawk River Higher Than at Any
Time in Forty Years Railroad
Property Under Water.
Ily Kxcliifiie he (mm The Awwiated IV'.
New York, March 7. From many
parts of the state come news today
and tonight of damage uy Hoods. The
waters of rivers and the smaller tribu
tary streams are reported us overllow
Ing their banks, causing widespread
inundations which threaten to destroy
much property if not bringing about
loss of life before they begin to sub
side. P to midnight the only accident In
which any one was injured wan that
due to the washout of a, culvert near
Norwich and the ditching of a Dela
ware and Lackawanna train. In the
accident threo people were slightly
This rush of water which Is swelling
the streams is due to heavy rains and
the consequent melting of snow which
has lain for months and been deeper
than usual in the central, northern
and western portions nf the state. The
Mohawk ilver, swollen by torrents of
water llowlng from the snow-covered
Adirondacks is higher than nt any
time in almost foity years and feat
was expressed at I'tlea during tho day
tliut the rising waters would Inierforo
with railway trallle before tomorrow,
but tonight's reports show that the
high point was reached mid the waters
were rucrling. The waters of thu Mo
hawk carried the lee out of the river
at Kcheneetady and the pressure thus
lelleved has saved Schenectady so far
from serious damage. The unlet ha
risen so high, however, that Little
Falls reports that New York Cent mi
trains are being run over tin West
Shore road between Frankt'oi I and
The (Jenessee alloy is alluat in
many places, the tiencssee and Its
tributaries not having been so lull for
live years. A rlseif iifteen Inches in
twelve hours Is an Indication of the
rapid gate nt which the water is llow
lng Into Rochester and Its adjacent
villages. Much ralltoad property is
already under water.
The people at Cortland are alarmed
at the rush of waters there, as Ibu
Hood threatens to sweep away houses
In the lower part of the city.
A similar state of nifalrs existed at
Jlinghamtou early today where manu
facturing plants were forced to sus
pend and when tho citizens were on
lite nlurt to prevent a serious catastro
phe, but no great duiuagu has yet re
sulted. Wateitown reported tonight that the
Slack river was getting up to near
the highest water maik with no signs
of a subsidence and late tonight Kitton,
in Madison courtly, was In danger of a
calamity through the threatened col
lapse of a reservoir which supplies tho
village with Its drinking water.
) i:.tliube VUic (turn TV As-oilatcd I'nw,.
ll.iii Uburr. Mivli 'JT. I'.irnom cit tecum,
iiieii'hd today !.. the boatd of paiihin, lor
fliml'- Mae, ol I'olmi.bla, a,ault baticiy;
Tboin.ii O'Connor, I'.lalr, InirnUiy. and Dan
iel Iti.ii'ilon, Allegheny . larceny.
1!a- death Fcnlrnte ef liollim IIiiiiU, of
S l,n tklll. wa eoiiimutril lo life iiiiprUonin.iit,
Thi' hoard llud to foininule the death If
l,.u,i of Frank Majot, o( ( i.iwfi'ml.
I'aidoiii wire refuted 1.11 Cady, W,i.hlns;ioi,
dlnii-. at.d Jiuepli . llouan, of I'hiljililjihia,
A ri'linirillE wa slanted In tlie u,e of .lames
Cenrelly, ot Centre, nion. The iumh of John
A. Itru.eiiiir, ot Philadelphia, man.laiitrhbr;
John Coslelt, ef lle!ieny, tnandaiifhtcr: A iron
I.. Halt,, of Lebanon, rond druice murder, ud
Math Tlioiua lli)e, i 1'a.Mlte. I,rt degioe
lin.riUT. woie held under adVA!nicnl. Scuril
in-e, wvie .outliiucd.
Tyler Gets Five Years.
Ily l:.cliiio Who from The Aworlatrd I're.
IImsIuti. Marrli 2. In the Fulled Slatet dr.
emt court today .f. C, Tiler w.u senteneed to
bM. je.iM in jail (or abtiiieilni; (umU of the.
Safity Fund National hank of ritchliuu;, of
whli'i he wa the tiller.
An Incendiary Fire.
Uy I'Mluihe Wlio (rum The Aasoelated Fieai.
Atllrboin I'alU, March S". -An Inerrnllaiy Arc
hire Unlay de.tiojed prorty of the ,alue of
SSO.tmO to HiO.noo. Setvrni lieloil vveie unioiej
the rtablllinifntj burned out.
The Affairs ol tlie Empire Are
Reachlna a Threatening
The Aiab Insurgents Defeat the Im
perial Troops and Proclaim Sultan's
Brother Mohammed V. Tension
Extreme in Macedonia Many Ar
rests Dally,
Dy Ktelii'he Who from The Aoiuled IVm.
Loudon, March 37. Advices received
here from Constantinople show that
affairs are reaching a dangerous piirs
there. Turkish nuances nte In Inextrica
ble confusion. All government salaries
are from six to eight months in ar
rears. Upward of a million Turkish
pounds are due for war material, while
the military expenditure Is dally In
creasing In order to cope with the re
bellion In the province of Yemen, in
Southern Arabia, and the possible ris
ing In Macedonia.
Then Is no doubt that the Ottoman
troops received a severe check at the
hands of tho Arab Insurgents, who In a
manifesto denouncing the sultan, pro
claimed his brother, Mehenmied-ncsud
Effendl, to be sultan, with the title of
Mohammed V. The Young Turks Par
ty have adhered to the Arabian proc
lamation, and the open enmity to Ab-ilul-Unmld,
the sultan, has spread to
the palace and the sultan's advisers.
Izzet Hey is said to be preparing for
(light. The patrons of Constantinople
have loen doubled. Mohammedans
and Christians are arrested hourly and
large numbers are dully shipped lo
Asia Minor.
The tension between Bulgarians and
Mussulmans In Macedonia Is extreme.
It Is reported that another band ot
marauders has crossed Jbtlcnrla Into
President Mitchell Issues Request
for Gathering of Ofllcers.
Ily Uxclllalip Wire horn The Associated Pie...
Wilkes-1 :arre, March ".--President
John Mitchell, of the Culled Mine
Workers of America, has Issued a call
for ti joint nie'.tlng of the national
executive board and the presidents ot
the tnreo .'inthrncltP coal districts to
be held h.-te Friday morning a. in
The meeting Is called in pursuance of
the resolutions pasted by the recent
Hazleton convention and Is for the pur
pose of taking action on the report
which President Mitchell will make re
garding his visit to Njw York, where
he has been trying to secure a confer
ence with the coal operators.
It Is believed that the action to be
taken a; this meeting will remove the
uncertainty as to whether or not a
strike will be Inaugurated next .Mmi
Wreck of a Cargo of Bananas Near
Long Beach.
Ily l,. Il-ive Wile pom TV A.oi i.iled !....
New York. March '.'7. Tim little
Norwegian ft ull steamer Gwent, from
Hanes, Cuba, with a cargo of bananas,
went ashore at Long Ileaeh, I.. 1., last
night, and as she Is high ashore, with
the surf beating over her. It Is believed
the vessel will b" a total loss. There
woie sK pasesngers aboard the fruiter
at the time she ran aground. All of
them were rescued.
The passonguts were C. II. Hlnes, of
Schnet'tady. N. Y.. who Is connected
with the Oeiternl Flectrle company,
hl wltv. son and baby, and William,
Yerkos and I'. Ilonilcy, of this city.
Lord Curzon's Address to the Council.
Army Increase Imperative.
fly KieliiAlve Wiu dom TV Aoelated Pre".
Calcutta, March 27. In the course of
the debate on the budget today Lord
Curzott, of Kedleston. viceroy of India,
III a forcible speech, spoke of tho nec
essity of reform In many directions,
lie congratulated the council on the
surplus, after u year of famine.
lie defended the military estimates,
raying that while In. would gladly
spend thu revenues on economic, mean
tires, an Increase In the army was
r Mitlred to make India safe, which Is
not the case at the present time. AVhlle
the whole wot Id was busy with mili
tary reform, Lord Curzott concluded,
India could not stand still.
Will Protect Her Legitimate Inter
ests at All Times.
Ily i;lu,be Wire from TV Axorlaied ITcm.
Yokohama. March 27. At a meeting
of his parliamentary adherents today
the premier, the .MareiuN lto referring
lo fotelgn politics said Japan had at
tained a position enabling her to pro
tect hoi legitimate Interests and to
take whatever steps the exigencies of
tae mrnient required.
It was Impossible to deny that Japan
feels tho Inlluenro of the complica
tions connected with her neighbor and
she does not Ignore Mr (touds on the
Her Wrongs Avenged,
fly i'.ulujivc Wire (rem The Awclated l'ie$
llomton, Tex., Maich 2". John V,ilh, lUu.
truant In (he lire department, wak killed toijiy
ey Millie (Irahain, ilaiislitcr of a police nliket.
ML Riaham had urently piofi'iiltd U'aMi.
nlhiilnc that he hud uropced her, und at th.
time ol the kllllnt; he wah under b"id tn aimu'r
to the grand jury. The alii walked behind hltn
as Wildi led n lreel cur, plated a leiober to
hU biik aril filed. She a ptaud undo ar
I I rut.
The Postmaster General Again De
nies Persistent Rumor.
Ily Hxcluilve Wire Irom The Associated Pre.
Washington. March 27. Postmaster
General Smith today gave an em
phatic denial to the stories that he
intended to resign his olllce. He said:
' Whenever 1 havti been nsked ths
(Ittcstlnn and, I have been nsked It a
good inaiij' times, I havn replied that
I don't Intend to resign, nnd that at
no time during my service as postmas
ter general have I hud such intention.
II yon wish to, you may say again
that 1 do not Intend to icslgn."
Mr, Smith made this statement with
Mulct emphasis.
"You will not say" Mr. Pmlth was
asked, "that you will not teslgnV"
"No." he uns .vcrvd, "No public man
could make a statement of Hint char
acter with confidence In Its accuracy.
We don't know what the future holds
In store for us. I will say again,
though, that I rlo not Intend to resign,
that 1 peteelve no reason which would
Impel me to resign, nnd that every one
of theso stories setting forth that I
contemplated tendering my resigna
tion Is without fitudatlon In fact."
Conditions for the Proposed Sale of
the Danish West Indies.
Ily i;.ieliitc Who (lorn Tlie Awoclateil IVW.
London, March 2?. The Dally News
publishes the following despatch from
its Copenhagen correspondent:
"I am enabled to state on thi very
best authority that Denmark has
communicated to the United States the
following conditions for the sale ot the
Danish West Indies:
"First $1,0011,000 to b? paid to Den
mark. "Second The population to decide by
vote whether lo remain Danish or be
transferred to Amerlcn.
"Third If the vote Is favorable to
the t'nlted States, then tho Inhabitants
to become Immediately not only Ameri
can subjects, but American citizens.
"Fourth Products of the Islands to
be admitted to the L'nlted States frc
of duty.
"It Is supposed here that Washing
ton will not readily accept the third
and fourth conditions."
Men and Women Sympathizers with
Strikers Throw Mud and Stones
in Wilkos-Bnrie.
It li Iiene Wile from Tin naleil I'lr".
WUItes-Harro, March 27. A mob of
breaker boys and men and women
sympathizers with the striking girls of
the iiamfiiid mills of this city set up
on Superintendent Spears and his ne
slstuitt this evening and for a time
It looked as though there would be
The superintendent was on Ills way
to this city when tlie crowd of breaker
boys met hltn nnd with mud and stones
Hied volley after volley, yelling nnd
jeering. When the city line was reached
the mob numbered about live hundred,
many men and women Joining It.
Thru. policemen assigned to" the
scene met the mob and ordeied II to
disperse. Spear ami his companion wi.
lured a traction car and the mob sur
rounded it and demanded that they be
ejected. Tile conductor ill's I refused to
comply with the demand and the win
dows of the car were smashed. Later
the two men were ordered to get off
the tar.
The appearance of the superintendent
was the signal for another outbreak.
Thu police suriounded the men and
while the riot piogresscd Spear fell
I sense) jss, with a deep gash on his jaw.
Indicted by a stone thrown by a mem
ber of the limb. The olllcers then drew
their revolvers and succeeded In dis
persing the mob. Th.y. tuo, weiu as-
sniilted, but not seriously Injured. No
I arroMs hae be-n made.
Superintendent Spent s Is i liarged
with having repudiated an agreem nt
entered Into between n former super
intendent and the trlklng mill girls.
The girls wen on strike for 'dght
weeks and returned to recuhe an ad
vance In wages of Irom ." to - per
cent. The management discharged Su
P'rlntendent Shoemaker, who arranged
the settlement, disclaiming alt knowl
edge of Hie negotiations, and refifed
to grant the demand. Another strike
was Inaugurated three days later and
Is now on.
Business at Stioudsbuig Closed with
Reading of Appointments.
Stioudshutr. March 27. With the
ri adlng of the appointments, the busi
ness. of the Methodist ICplscopal con
ference was brought to a cltMe here
this afternoon. The church wns
crowded with local people, anxious to
hear who was to be stationed here.
Hlshop Joveo led the devotional ex
. lobiou thnt closed the conference.
! Kv. AW W. Wlscgarver, of Moun-
taln Home, was placed on the super
numerary list. With recommendations
to the Preachers' Aid society, Hnv. II.
!;. Fuss was received Into 'this con
ference from the Kasi Maine confer
ence. Hlshop Joyi'o then lead the appoint
ments and the conference adjourned.
No place was selected for next year's
session. The statistical secretary.
Hnv. Marls Graves, and tho treasurer.
Itev. Thomas Klrkpatrlek, presented
the year's statistics,
Mohawk on the Rampage.
Ily i:iluilie Who from Tin; .Woclated Pren.
'l.lttle Palli. N. V.. Match 27.-lllah wider
In the Mohawk I her lia ili.nrtanlied pamse.
Irnlfi on the Sew Vol It Cential railroad
through the Moliawl; valley toiilyht. Ihrousjn
I Mini art- Ik Itiir tun mir the Vint Phorc road
on nn mint of thn llonilliijr ol the tracka between
Frankfoit ord I'llca.
Editor Scott Resigns.
Ily Hxelutlve Wlie from The Awclated I'tesa.
Indianapolis Inil., March 27.-W. r. Sentl. ed
llor 01 the Fulled Mine Worker!. .lottrpal, ban
milled le I'n ildent Mill hell hii nsljn.iiiuii to
take itTctt a .';il. fiom nrU J-Utuidu.
General Frederick Funston's
Daring Scheme Proves
The Insurgent Chief Located at His
Hiding Place in the Province of
Isabella, Island of Luzon, by
Funston's Men and Is Taken on
Board the Vicksburg to Manila.
No Official Report at Washington.
Associated Press 7Tews Is Accepted
as Authentic General Otis Pleased.
No Opinion from Mr. Bryan.
By Ctclmbe Win- Irom Tin' Atui.latxl l'r .
Manila, Match 2S. Genetal Freder
ick Funston's daring piojeet fur the
capture of Agulualdo in bis hiding
place In the provtuoc of Isabella, Island
of Luzon, has proved completely suc
cessful. Agulualdo was captured
Iheie March 2.1.
The United States gunboat Vicks
burg, i ommander K. H. Marry, wlllt
Hetieral Funston and Agulualdo on
board, arrived bore this morning.
Washington. March 27. ntllchil news
of the capture of Agulualdo had not
reached the war department up to a
Into hour tonight. The president had
retnecl before the Associated Pres
bulletin arrived and will hear the
news for the (list time In the morn-
The capture of Agulnaldn will be a
s uivo of groat satisfaction to the
president and his advisers.
Oti 1 Pleased.
Chicago. Aim eh 2. (Seiiriil litis was
awakened this morning with the news
that Agulnnldo hai'iToon captured by
General Funston.
"I am vety glad to hear It," said
(lenetal Otis. He added, however, that
he made II a rule never lo ho Inter
viewed after he had once retired for
the night and he smilingly declined
to say anything fuitber.
No Comment from Mr. Btyan.
Lincoln. Neb.. March 2.. W. .1. Dry-
an was this nmtiiln; informed of the
capture of Agulnablo and asked for
an espiesslon of opinion. He said ho
preferred to wait until tloie was more
complete veijllcatlon of the report. Mr.
Ilryan did not doubt the accuracy of
the Associated Press bulletin, but said
so many ptcvious repot 'k !,.d proven
without loundatlon that Ic believed
It wise in postpone enitiiu ii!iiu,
Shareholders May Receive New Issue
at 33 1-3 Per Cent, of Piesent
flv l'i;lun Wli- fiom fl.e m latut rn".
Philadelphia, .March 27. Tlu newly
elected directors of the Pennsylvania
Itallroad company held their first meet
ing today, at which the allotment of
thn new Issue of stock was determined
upon. The board decided to Issue the
stock to shareholders ai the rate of
:!:! 1-:; per cent, of their present hold
Ings at the price of '!0 per share. All
the old ollUers Welti re-elected.
The stock Is lo be subscrlb-vl be
tween Juno 1 and 1.1, Inclusive. The
allotment means that stock of the par
value of upwards of ?."O,"nO,0iW may be
Issued between the dates nam.'d. This
was the llrst time In Its history the
Pennsylvania Pallroad company has
adopted such a ollcy. New Issues ot
itock have heteioforo hem subscribed
for at par.
Killed by Burglars.
Ily i:eliwivp Wile from The Aum-latnl 1'iew.
S'ew Oilcan. March 27. IIiiikIum rally today
enteied the home ol John I'aUbm.i on I'mlitu
kticct. They were rrsUled and killed I'aiab'na
and Mi dauuhtrr Aniii". Altir commit iim: the
iiuriliT tho biirelara calmly uiiMihcil I he bniii..
S'eUhlioiii found th" bcille-.
Anested on Suspicion,
Ily l,xilui.e Wire (rem The Aweoialed IVa,
Xewaik, 0 Maith jr. Four meti were must
ed at Thornvllln totlay on nepklon o( being Im
plicated In tho buiitlaiy of the Homrixl bink
yir-tinlay. They weie .nnied with rliolgunt and
i airlrd i-Tplodica nnd ilrll!. None oi tin '"i.'mo
tolrn was toum), however.
Central Pennsylvania Conference.
Uy Rxclwdrt Wh from The Avieclttfd Pre,,.
CIiitnbcr.bin c March '!!. The Central IVnn.
vlvulila c'liferenco rt tlie Methodi.t l!pau')pi
ehurcli heiran !( thlily-thlm annual te-uiiei
thi inonilm; at D n'clock with UMiop ( viu I).
'o', pruiillnir
Pennsylvania "Pan" Building'.
Dy Kaclmho Wire Irom The Awoclated 1'irn.
Ilarrlnliurc, March 'JT. The l'ei.nhanla com.
mission to the IhilTalo eodtlon todiy adopted
plan., mbmltled by Philip II. Jnhndnti, o Fldl.
adelplila br a l'enn) Ivanla bulbllnc l "l
V;tlier Indications Today:
1 Fumtoii Capture Aituin
Ymighan Hill Hj.i a dote "hale.
( lliltalu I'mlrMi AimIii.H M.iiiehuilaii
1'prlnui; in Tut key.
2 (irneral Call ot dale Pciuitnieiit.
3 (leiieial J. I'ierponl Mot nan Meet, Com
mltlee (torn Miiilnfe Itrgluu.
I'lie Department Ne.
4 editorial.
fl Mniy--"Th! CanotiV Mutilli,"
fi li-veal llcport e,l File Chief y.ieliiHiin.
Coiitt I'iCieedInJ.
7 l.ocall.onit SikjsIuH ef Common CnuntlU.
No Devchipmenl, In Mlncm St 1 Ike sltua
8 tioral Wot Nranloli and Mihuiban,
!l flenenl- Voicl.e.idrm I'emi.ban!i.
l'iti mcial and toimnculal.
in boeal- l.iic e of tin IntluiUial wuild.
Trouble with Morocco Will Be Ad
justed Without Show of Foiee,
If Possible.
Ily I'.vlii-ii.' Wire (turn lie Wouainl rn-.
Washington, March 27. Secretary
Long today cabled an order to Ad
miral Rogers, en Ininril lb? cruiser
New York, at Tiingiers. to proceed at
o;ii?- with that esi l tn Manila. This
Is nn iibat'dontiiei! of the plan to have
the Now York convey Prilled States
Consul tleneral tiumiueiv from Tangier
to MaisanKUa In the attempt to collout
Amarlrnn claims. It Is tho put pose of
the state department to endeavor lo
adjust thee claims and other outstand
ing Issue- ngalnt Morocco tilthotlt any
show of fore and In the ordinary prac
tice of diplomacy.
It Is said that the Pnltud Sutes con
sul general, who had conc?lvt'd that ob
stacles weie purpojely placed in the
way of bis access lo the court, has
received nssii'Miiees that the actual
ivason for the departure of the court
from Morocco was in pay a long due
visit In another section of the country.
It was also promised that the court
.inuM letuin within a month or six
wee'ts and would receive Mr. tiummere,
piobably n n at Massangua, thus ob
viating the necessity on his part for nn
overland journey to the capital. In
this view of the case and the New
York being badly needed In the east
to talc th place of the Newark as the
llagshlp, It was decided l let til" ves
sel proceed nt once on her voyage.
Mr. (iiminiete probably will now en
tor into fresh communication with the
Moorish government In secure another
ar'ioiiit'iu'iu for n meeting.
New Zealandevs and Bushmen Under
Geneinl Kitchener Make a Good
Showing in Battle.
Ily lie. lii-iie Miie from Jhe xoiialnl Prex.
London, Match 27. A despatch from
Lord Kitchener to the war o.'llee, d-iUii
Pretotla, Man:! 27, S'iys:
"Jui cavnaltles In r.aldng
ton's action wei tuo killed and seven
wounded. Tin.. Hie ! let 22 dead nn 1
."al wounded. As 111"1!- purinilt V..1A
rapid, many more Doer casualties are
"The operations of March .'.'l drove
the enemy ninth fiom their positions
at Kaillts Krii'il, on Match 27 the
liiirsnlt was continued by mounted men
only. The enemy's tear guard was
dilvep in by a combined movement on
both ilanksA Their convoy was then
sighted nl l.eouwfoiiloln. The (in-ys,
Ni w Zealandeis and llushmeii pushtil
on. The enemy attempted lo lake up
a position, but the t.lreys and other
troons rode down all oppo"ltlou ahd
gave hltn no chilli .'e. Thu convoy was
ridden into and the enemy's retirement
became a lout. The pursuit was
continued until th horses were ex
Eight Thousand Die in One Week.
Whole Towns Deserted.
Uv Km luive Wire from Tlie Avnelated Pie,,,
London, Man li s. Tlie Calcutta, cor
respondent of tin Dally Mall says:
"night thousand people died of the
plague last week in rtenga! alone, ln
oludlng Calcutta. Whole towns are
being deserted. There K however, no
Steamship Anlvals.
fly lv lu-lte Wlu fiom Tlie As-oelateil 1'iev'.
.Sew Voik, Mjii'Ii :;. Aribcd! liroj-cr Kur
(in, llteini'ii; Manpiilto Irom Ilniivn; 'feu
leiile, l.iuiponl cn'iinton. Ch.ind:
l.'oii'Urn l.uulu', lliiuicu ia Southampton j
Vadcrlaiiil, soulliamptnii. S.iihil: Saiilliiitn,
(ili'gow; Oieanlf, l.lviipool; Nnonllanil, Ant
wi'p. iii'tiMn Aiilted: Mai-llc, N''v
Volt, (or Liverpool. Iluulngne Auivrd: Stct
iliilatn, New Veik tor llotleuliiii, l.i-.aid
I'atei d: WiMleiiilariil, Neu Yolk (oi Ar.h.'ip.
Killed a Police Officer.
I!) I.vhnho Win I iimi 'flu Asoc!ateil Pre..,.
Columbus, Fa.. March i7. -Jim Little, a ne.TO,
shot ond ItiHlantle Foltio Olfleer Vi. S. Ill
Holt and w-ai hiuvrK l,ot and killid tonieht
l,v Officer Wooilr. I.ltttn had been Ihiralenlng
In kill hia wife ainl Halted lo cairy out hU
thieji. Oftleeia veie Minunoned and m i'.lllolt
tipped in tie doer be irn fchnt In tin brea-t.
Wood who wafc Mlovtliii; liut Ihe iietfro, kllllus
him intaiiily.
Mr. Knox May Bo Attorney General.
Ily Inclusive Who from The Auoclalcil Frew.
I'ltt.burir, March 27. P. C. Knot led the city
tonlaht at 10 o'clock lor tViulilnalon In nn.ner
to tho umimoii. ol President MeKlnle.i. It U un
derstood that Mr. Knox will tie tendered tho po.
aitlon of attorney genrral by the prcldenl and
Ihe lelle( U ueneral heie tlial If the poilfollo
la ofl'erHl he will ec bit way to accpl the
Fornifil Obieciions Arc Filed Against
the. Glilnese Aorecmcnt
with Russia.
The United States. England, Ger
many and Japan Ave Now in For
mal Opposition to the Signing ot
a Convention by China with any
Power Pending the Settlement oC
.the Chinese Troubles A Stir in
Diplomatic Circles at Washington,
fly i:cliiMie Win fiom 'I he Axoiiated Fie.i.
Washington, March 27. The Drttisli
government has protested against
China's making a convention with any
power touching territorial or llnaiiclat
uffalrs until the present troubles In
that country are concluded. The fact:
or me iiritisn ptotesi was mane Known
for the llrst time today by a dlspatclt
from one of the foreign otllces of Fu
rope. It says that the protest wh
made through Sir Krnest Satow. tho
Ilrltish minister nl Pekln. Tt elocs not
state when the tepresentations weri
made, bill from the fact that the ills
patch was received In Washington to
day It was taken that the protest oc
curred within the last day or two. Al
though tin Ittvsslan agreement Is not
specifically referred to in It. it Is snlit
to be clear thai the Ilrltish action
directed against the Russian agree
ment. The language appears to bo
similar to that usecl by Secretary Hay
In the American protest. The effect of
th? Ilrltish action Is to place the United
Stales, Japan and Grout Britain In for
mal opposition to the signing of a con
vention by China with any power
pending the settlement of the Chlnesn
troubles. Tho course of Grent Britain
Is the more significant from the fuel
that that government and Germany
have a written alliance relating to Chi
nese affairs.
Hesitation Explained,
The concurrence of these protosti
probably explains why tho Manchurlaa
agreement, has not been signed. Theri
was no definite information received
here today at tho state department or
at nny of the foreign embassies as te
whether the agreement had been
signed or l ejected.
There was something of a stir Iit
diplomatic, quarters over the report
coming from ofllclal sources that th
l'nlted States was considering the ad
visability of addressing Russia direct
ly on the subject. Heretofore tho
American objections to the Munchur
iun agreement have been addressed tn
China. Copies werefurnlshed the Rus
sian authorities, though the protest In
form has Keen to China and not to
Itussla. Several of the foreign repr
sentatlves advised their government
that this step was contemplated by thi
Cnlted States, but there Is no ofltcial
Information available as to how far
the consideration of tho move has pro
ceeded. i m '
Soldleis of the Czur Honor the Amerl.
can Dead nt Pekln.
Dy Cxctuilve Wire (roni Tlie Aoriatfd Pre.
Pekln, March 27. The bodies ot six
American marines who wero killed
during the siege of the legations ami
buried 111 the ltusslan legation, worn
removed today for shipment to tho
Cnlled States. In addition to tha
American troops in Pekln, the Mono,
caey commander. F. W. Wise, rent:
a. detmdinierit of mat lues to be preseno
at the disinterment.
The eourli'fV of the Russians deeply
moved all the Ameilcans. Two Rus
sian companies participated In all tho
ceremonies. Tho Russians gtturdeit
the dlslnteircd bodies nil night nun
tendered alt I he ltusslan military hon
ors to the dead.
depend Chaffee wrote to M. Do. Glci.l
an expression of his feelings and of
the feelings cf the oilicetr. and men ot
the entire command. M. Do Glers re
ferring to the Incident, said;
"II was only tntural. The Russian
r.nd Amu-leans fought side by sldj
during the selge, and were virtually
brother.'." ,
i i m
RttTO Treasures Unearthed at Abydoa
by Professor Petrie.
By I.mIu.Ivi Wire from The Associated FreM.
riostou, March 27. Rev. Dr. William
C. Winslow, vice-president ot thi
Kgvpt exploration fund, has just re
ceived eitJIciul word that Prof. Potrlo
bus unearthed at Abydos the records
of kings before Menu, tho founder ot
the llrst dynasty, neiuly 4800 P. C.
"Wo have found," writes Professor
Polrle, "tli" names or Nnrina Kit atil
a king named Ilia, perhaps also of the,
two kings, Deb and Sam eit Mena, and
the earliest kings. Thero tiro about
thlrtv Inscriptions and a heavy strlu
of gold with the name Aha (Mena)."
tly Cacludic Wire tiom The .Wedaleil I'n.'.
Mie, Manli J".-The laudcape painter, OuIn
ilifd hero today.
Wahlngton. March 'ir.-llev. taiher John
Oojd, life pa.tor of St. Fatrick'a Cathollu
thunli. of IhU city, and who hid wrvcil In other fields o( pa.ioral labor, died at th
parionaso of the rhuuli todiy, afa-d ffl jears
Sinus (Tlv. la.. Maith 27.-i:ilJah S. Me.
Canghey, a biollier-liclaw of (orrner Vlie Fried.
lienl Adlal I'.. Sleientni, ii.d a prominent elil
ten ol thii city, elicil i(U .'Red ft) year.
a,44, tt i t
Wasliiutlnn, March 27. Vorera,t for
i'iliin Feiinrjltanij, fair Tluiriley;
( to brisk west to nnithweat wind,i -
I rlday probably (air. 4-
?jti&&&&;lfi .n.Wrf jA,-,.-,
,i , 'sl ' - 11 i-v j. a