The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 27, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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    .''";'' "'' t& AK '" VV h v. Js -
-ft, ?1 "IT
5 .
n R. (Of ? i " v"
Capital $200,000. Surplus 5500,000.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday cveuings
from S to 9 o'clock.
V.i. CoNM.Lt., President.
Ill sky, Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm. II., Cashier.
Repairing Done Gratis.
I,., ai data fur MjiiIi 20, 10U1:
iltiphr-t liiiipt-ratuic 31 dcRrocs
I'iM-i lcuip'Mtuic 13 degrees
liiiiuidltv :
. in S2 per rent,
i p. in 01 per rent.
li.Miii.ill, (unilt-lour houi ended S p. lit i'i
II T. .Ijjne Kit for New Yolk and Philadelphia,
-t iilaj.
tt K, Macr.iil.uid, thief rnslneer of the I.aika.
. mi.l lallruad. wlm been in tho city incut
ell--, utiiined lo Mw oil; cteid.iy.
' I'., of New York, employed by
1 i. llnliK-ii. .iiujiiieil, of this city and New
! K. :nilrd line hit nlslit lo t.ikc clurfie
ni wnne, liclns done tinder the dliTctioi of
in, nun mid is qu.iiliiiil at the
Was Not Shown That City Was Re
sponsible for tho Accident.
The ttospat-s milt of C. H. Sours
against tho City (it Scrantoit came to
an abrupt end yesterday. As foretold
In yesterday's Tribune, City Solicitor
Yot.btirg made nn application fop n
lull-suit ns soon as thu plaintiff rested,
and It vwih Ki'antod by Judge Albright.
The ntui-iuill as allowed for tho rea
ton that It had nut been shown that
the city was responsible for the run
away ulilrli icsultcd In tho Injury of
Sea r.
Tho .suit of tho X'ock I.uinbcr Manu
fucturlng company iiBalnat II. U. sTnlth
and Morgan It. Thoinim was next put
tm trial. The milt was ono to recover
on a iiieclmnk-'H lien for hulldlnir ma
terial fiiriilslieil. Mr. ThonitiH was tho
r.ontractor, unit the houho was built for
Smith. Tho cafu was kIvcii to tho Jury
caijV In thu afternoon and court ad
Jouint'd for tho da", no other cases
boliitf ready for trial.
Tho case of Hlchard Itobluso'n iiBalnst
C. W. Dean was given to tho Jury yen.
teiUay, and a verdict will bo returned
thin morning;'
A Jury was called, hut not sworn, In
tho case of Annlo Kllmartln aaalnst
the l"lir AfdOclatlOM of l'hllndolphla,
assumpsit, owlnff to tho ubsencti of a
very material witness for tho dpfense.
The witness will probably be on hand
A Kdr to be klukcn into tho hoc. Y our
In" lot! swollen, nenouj and damp, and net
Mud evilly. If jou liatu aclilni; fret, try Allen'
fooM'.ufe. It ret tho feet mid nukea new vr
tight ihcea ri,y. Cuie CMIblaln. iwollrii,
Mveatim; led, IilUtci und rJlloii fpot. lie
iIckh rorna and bunion of all pjln and cliea
ifit and wnifoit. Tiy It today. Sold by nil cliuij.
Ki'U and Mioc diuleit, ii iitit. , Tilnl pjtkj.-e
i BtU. Addrisi, Atlta fc. Olnutcd, l.e lloy, .V. V.
son is at hand. You will X
bably need a garden S
row. Wo can supply you (Q
h anything' you wish In f
whiol barrow lino and Sr
i rcasonablo price. O
ote & Shear Co. X
? N. Washbffton Ave Q
M0 'IJM1'
National Organizer Evans Also Left
for That Place Last Night They
Refused to Say Anything About
What They Aro 'Summoned to In
dianapolis Por Board of Trado
Has Declined to Send a Man to
New York to Attend the Proposed
National Committeeman Kiederlck
Dllcher left tho city at 11.30 o'clock
last night for Indlanapollp, and while
he stublwrnly refused to kIvc any dell
nlto statement legm-dlnr? lite whys or
wherefores of his departure, from cov
ert lilnta he dropped the conclusion ur
rlved at Is that u ronference will be
probably held tomorrow at Indianapo
lis by the national board.
"I can't tell you unythliiR about my
motive for leavlnfr," In- fald to a Trib
une man at tho Lackawanna stxitlon,
Just before he left the city. "Alt that
1 can say Is, 1 am off for Indianapolis
and a quiet talk with tho boys. You
will have to put one and ono together
and read between the lines."
Harder in the day Dllcher had de
clared i telegram ho received In tho
morning was sent him by his wife In
Ohio, ami the reporter therefore Inter
jected at this point:
"Then that telegram from your wife
contained the Indianapolis summons,
did It?"
Tho big national board member
smiled broadly, but declined to answer.
Ilo declared that he expects to be back
In a day or two, but ns he wilt only
arilve at Indianapolis nt 7 o'clock this
evening-, It Is not likely that ho will re
turn befoto Friday at tho earliest.
A fact which strengthens tho belief
that a conference is to be held at In
dianapolis Is the fact that National
Organizer Christopher Evans, who has
been In tho city during the past two
weeks, left yesterday morning. Evans
remarked to persons at tho hotel that
"he was off for headquarters," and as
Indianapolis is the recognized national
center of doings In the mine workers'
union. It was Immediately conjectured
that the Indiana city was his destina
tion. Dllcher confirmed the supposition
before leaving".
In event of a conference at Indian
apolis, It Is most likely that Ptesldent
Mitchell and District Presidents Fahy,
Nlcholls and Duffy left for It yester
day afternoon from New York, and
that the telegram received by Dllcher
yesterday morning was the announce
ment of It by tho national president.
A meeting of tho officers of tho board
of trado was bold yesterday morning
and It was decided to decline the offer
of Rev. Father Phillips, of Hazlcton.
who last week acquainted Secretary
Atherton with his project for a trip to
New York of the presidents of the
Scranton, Hazlcton and Wilkes-Barre
boards, In company with himself.
As has already been stated, the four
delegates from the anthracite districts
would meet Rlshop Potter and Arch
bishop Corrigan nt tho metropolis and
call upon J. Pletpont Morgan and en
deavor to persuade tho latter to meet
tho mine workers' olllcers. The local
board yesterday decided that In view
of tho fact that their intermediation
was asked by neither miners nor oper
ators, any such action would be mere
ly Intrusive, und particularly so when
President Mitchell' own presence in
Now York Is considered.
Father Phillips called up Secretin y
Atherton over the long distance 'phono
from llazleton Monday night and in
formed him that ho had received u
special delivery letter from J. Plerpont
Morgan, responding to tho communi
cation which ho sent him last week in
forming him of the proposed visit. In
bis answer Mr. Morgan declared that
he would be delighted to meet repre
sentatives from the boards of trade,
any day this week, between the hours
of 2 und 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Tho Hazlcton clergyman further an
nounced that he had made all arrange
ments for u meeting of tho commlttea
nt tho Astor house at 12 o'clock Wed
nesday noon.
Secretary Atherton notitlcd Father
Phillips of tho local board's action, and
yesterday afternoon the llazleton di
vine left his homo for New York.
Committeeman Dllcher received no
communication from President Mitchell
yesterday, and declared that tho story
In an afternoon paper to the effect that
the operators agreed to a conference
was an entirely suppositious one.
"Tho statement thnt I received a
' telegram from President Mitchell Is en
tirely false," ho said. "I received a
telegram this morning, It Is true, but
It was only a communication from my
wife. 'Some ono evidently jumped at
the conclusion that this was a mes
sage from Mitchell, and the conference
yarn was tho result."
William H. Logan, tho manager of
R. G. Dun & Co.'s olllce in this city,
yesterday spoke as follows with refer
ence to tho threatened mine strike:
S.r.ll.lcn l unfi.ituii.ue ill Hut. probably no
nlher imp-Ktant htMncts - In tlir
I'nlted fctate ha been more disturbed by Im
pending or actual labor tmu'iles In almo-t
t luce earo there In l"!i but u few montlit
when i ho bulncs Inlcioti ol the city haw nit
ticin ronfiunted with tlio il.inutT ,f tho ccii
tiun n uorl; in eo.uc hunch, the whole
iiitiiilnatlus In tl.c fliike of tlio I'liitrd Jlln."
U'oikcm hil full.
We found then, by vidcipuid Inc.uiiy a-nons
all I1r.1t11.he4 of letail trade, that there r..tid
a unlvcifcal sympathy for tho mlncra and their
brother uoitanui; merchant new outspoken in
'nclr willingness to cairy them as credit uu
tomcia to the fkll limit of their o.u capital
and credit. Iimlns tho mouth ol October, l:W0,
the nifitJiitllc failuic.i in Lackunanna and lu
rcrno countlc largely exceeded the winj noiilb.
for (lie i'jr pat, but yith the settlement of
the mike, the piomln of tunl-monthly payj
ami tho Kinrral fatoiable outlook, came renewed
confidence In all Unci of local builncvs.
'J ho if.ulu wete notably ob.crved m .laiu
ai of tht year nhen not one outih;lit nutum
tile l.lliiro urn lecorded In the city of Scran
ton ultli iti more than fifteen hundred trades
mull and uunuf.icUma. The lncicantllc tigciify
reioida do not dUctoae any litnllar condition for
Many )(an, January, ltmo, has In; ttiown U
failure with Indebtcduoi ol y'.J.WX), and Jan
uary, ti-iw, four f.illnrca 'vith debti of $10,000.
With the announcement tint tho I'nlted Mine
Woiluu bail delegated to a Itvf ol lliclr tffielals
the power to tcimlnato by a autpensloii of veik
thu csl'lim; tamable conditions, haj come an.
other period of local bu.lncu dtprcMlou and
ulicady the record of inercaiitllu failure for
Much threaten i to exceed that of tlu
month for tinny ye.iia, Inu'itliitloii amcii;
the dasrM of tiadera who usually have to bear
the brunt ol (tilkca develops an absolute re
venal of feellni; a cumparcd v.llh l.ut lall, a
reetardi ijiupathy for prospettlte trlkfi. Mrny
aret pionounced In their rrfuial to "carry" uny
ttrikcr and declare the piocnt dittuibed rcn
dltlonj to be abtolutcly uailcsi and unnjitr.aiy,
Merchants who tiaee 'tuaclei! along for )ear
without much piorficM aro nnilou to eo tie
llmu when there way be at leat twelve month
of Mttlcd bushiest end they hope llicro III be.
no upeiiloii of work l. the miners, but nbme
aim tlicy ilo liopo tde ttelcM .subterfuge "I
delay of mtlun (a another jdtcu Jtc be asold
il anil I lie tr r In: flnatlv determined
how, lint the aallallon limy eraso nnd that
tlicy may be permitted aorfiellilnir they hise not
t.ilely Known, namely, a period ol unlntcf.
utpted trade,
I'roiri almost any viewpoint It may be seen,
accurately that there Is no one that the
illy of eVrai.ton need qutto to badly as a
"stralght-away" lini ol a business ear tint
will be tree from or anything tint may
tei.d to aerlously Interfere with the prra.
peels and conditions that are othetnlao Jear
and found.
Reorganization of Fire Department
to Be Discussed by Commoners.
There will be a hard light made In
the common council tonight on the
amendment which will be offered strik
ing out that section of tho reorgan
ization ordinance providing for the re
organization of tho lire department.
Each side claims to have sufficient
votes to carry the amendment and de
feat It. respectively. Mr. Keller will
lead tho fight against the nmendment.
and said yesterday that he was confi
dent It would come out. He Is hopeful
of getting tho measure finally passed
before Monday.
Struck by a Piece of Flying Coal
While Making a Tour of Inspec
tion nt Pittston.
The Inspection tour of the ulllciats of
the mining department of tho Erlo
lallroad was marred by a slight acci
dent at Pittston yesterday mornlnar,
when Superintendent W. W. Inglls, of
tho Hillside Coal and Iron company,
was struck on tho leg by a piece of
flying coal In ono of tho company'!
Tho party Included General Manager
W. A. May and Superintendent Inglli,
and they were making the first oinclal
tour or the Hillside Coal nnd Iron com
pany's property, since Captain Inglls
succeeded Captain Mny as superintend
ent of the company. Tho party was
visiting tho Uutler colliery nt Pittston.
when a couple of pound chunk of coal
was blown by a blast fifty feet, strik
ing the superintendent in the calf of
tho leg, causing u rather painful, but
not serious Injury. Genernl Manager
May gave a Tribune teportei- the fol
lowing account of the accident:
"We weto In the Chapman shaft at
the Uutlet- colliery and in one of tho
leaders, about ilfty feet from the face,
when this shot watt llrrd. A chunk of
coal was blown along the passageway
and struck Mr. Inglls In the calf of
the leg, causing some Inconvenience,
but It Is by no means a serious wound."
Medical attendance was provided at
Pittston and the leg bandaged. Tho
wounding of the superintendent, .Mr.
May declared, was purely accidental,
as It was thought the party was a.
sufltclent distance from the blast to be
out of harm's way.
Two West Scranton Men Arrested'on
That Charge Yesterday.
Fred Uackus and John Donavon,
both of AVcst Soranlon, were arrested
yesterday for tho theft of bras.?.
While walking down I'enn avenue
about 0.30 yesterday morning, Detec
tive Molr and Mounted Olllcer Uloch
camo upon the two shouldering a fifty
pound water column, which had been
stolen from an engine In the Lacka
wanna yard. The answers to the olll
cers were not satisfactory, and despite
their declinations of Innocence the two
were locked up In police headquarters.
Later they acknowledged the theft,
and said they were on their way to a.
Junk shop In Raymond court to dispose
of tho column. Previous to being over
taken by the ofllcors they had been to
nnothor junk shop In the alley, but the
proprietor refused to purchate It.
Those Intending to Hold Excursions
Must Act Without Delay.
Lake Lodore has not only the charm
of novelty; it exceeds In natural beauty
any of tho old excursion resorts. The
ride to tho lake, overlooking vast
stretches of surprisingly beautiful
scenery; the grove, with Its densely
shaded drives and walks, smooth and
dry as asphalt, Its white booths and
balcony-encircled dance pavilion, Its
fine springs and rustic bridges; Its ca
rousel and varied other attractions:
the ball ground set with Spalding
bases, and the lake Itself with Its
charming scenery, Its broad surface
and quiet, nooks and coves, explored
by handsome launches and a great fleet
of row boats all these things render
Lodore a summer paradise.
Then, too, rates to churches and so
cieties nte lower than rates to many
other resorts. In short Lodore Is at
once tho most pleasure-giving und
most profit-reaping place for excur
sionists In this region. Dates nre be
ing filled rapidly and organizations In
tending to go should npply without de
lay at tho Lackawanna avenue depot
to H. W. Cross. Dlvlson Passenger
Agent, Delaware and Hudson Railroad.
Organs for Sale Cheap.
You can buy a good second hand Or
gan ns low as $10.00 at Guernsey Hall,
.1. AV. Guernsey. Prop.. UU Washing
ton avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Given Away
Read bulletin in front of
Old fashioned Chocolates,
today, 25c; worth 50c, Come
in and taste them.
Canned goods, bargains in
all lines.
429 Lackawanna Ave.
Paine's Celery Compound Was a Rev
' elation to E, C, Machen.
Machen Is one of tho makers of tho
new south. Ho has changed the map
of Central Georgia. Flourishing towns
havo sprung up along the railroad lines
he has developed.
Hon. Clark Howell, lit an "ilitoihil in
the Atlanta Constitution said of him:
"To tho people of Georgia, Machen Is
known principally by the roads he has
built In the south. He has brought nil
Georgia within hand-reach of Atlanta,
lit Is a public benefactor."
While at work on the Covington and
Macon railroad, Machen's health failed.
After much unless expenditure of time
nnd money he was induced by a friend
who had been cured of nervous pros
tration to try Paine's celery compound.
That the remedy was a revelation to
him no one can doubt who reads Mach
en's letter:
6!i Wall Street, New York.
Gentlem.Mi: I spent many thousands
of dollars, Including eight months
abroad, fur nervous prostration, and
then found Paine's celery compound
tlu remedy I ought to have taken at
llrst. Doctors periodically tinkered
at and patched me up so that my
nerves would hold together for a short
while, seemingly just long enough for
my bank account to get a respite.
However, your mcdlelti" has side
tracked the doctors. My nerves don't
seem to require any rest, and I am In
such good spirits these days It doesn't
matter much whether I have any bank
account or not. I hav" determined on
Opinion of the United States Su
preme Court, Which Has tm Im
portant Local Bearing.
The .Supremo court of the United
States handed down an opinion on
Monday, before taking tho customary
Easier recess, which establishes that
a municipality not only has the right
to fix water rates to bo charged by
companies furnish water to Its in
habitants, but can go even farther and
can reduce rates for water for city
purpose below the price contracted for
for a term of yeats.
This opinion has a most Important
local bearing, Inasmuch ns the councils
recently passed an ordinance estab
lishing water rates to bo charged by
the Scranton Gns and AA'nter company,
which" corporation, It Is generally un
derstood, will test the legality of tho
measure In the courts.
According to tho press reports of
the case and opinion tha cities of Free
port, Danville nnd Rogers Park, III.,
made contracts with water companies
to supply them with water for muni
cipal peirposes at a specified rate. The
councils of these cities later reduced
these rates by nearly fifty per cent.
The companies brought suit to compel
tho carrying out of the original con
tracts. An Illinois act of , assembly gives
cities the power to make contracts
for a period, not excetdlng thirty
years, but the Supreme court of the
state held that tho power to fix rates
for public water supply was a govern
mental function and that tho power
of council to bind tho city did not ox
tend over the llfo of tho body Itself.
The United States Supremo court
opinion was written by Janice McKen
r.a and upheld the ruling of tho Su
premo court of Illinois, declaring that
a municipality could fix water rates
In a contract and then from time to
time, as circumstances changed, regu
late these rates accordingly.
City Solicitor A'oaburg raid yesterday
that tho opinion not only reiterated
tho former decisions of the court on
the question, but went much fur
ther. "There Is no question In iny mind,"
said he, "as to tho right of a munici
pality to regulato tho price to be
charged for water, as Scranton has
recently done. This Is well established
nnd has been declared by tho United
Staifs Supremo court In several cases,
which I quoted In my opinion on the
matter submitted to council.
"The court now goes even further,
nnd declares that the terms of a con
tract entered Into with a water com
pany are not binding and can be al
tered by councils. This recognition of
council's right to alter the terms of
a water contract, also Includes a re
cognition, as a matter of course, tho
council's right to tlx certain rates.
"Von will notlco that tho four Jus
tices who dissented from tho opinion
merely dlfsented from the declaration
Paine's celery compound ns my family
lcmedy from now on.
As the pioneer or a new system of
railroad building In the south, Machen
knows what It Is to live under Intense
nervous strain. Ills Joy at finding
Paine's celfiry compound a reliable
means of restoring his nervous energy
Is shown In every lino of his letter to
the proprietors of this great remedy
AVlien thousands of men and wom-n
In every walk of life, from the hum
blest to tho most famous and hon
ored, voluntarily go out of their way
to tell others the greut good Paine's
celery compound has done them: when
the ablest physicians and tho best In
formed pharmacists not only proscribe
and recommend, but themselves use
und find health In Paine's cDlery com
pound, the prof" . great demand for
the spring ren. Is not to be won
dered at.
Paine's cilery compound Is the one
real sptlng remedy known today that
never falls to benefit. It cures diseases
due to nervous weakness or a bad state
of the blood. The most wlde-awak,
Intelligent part of every community In
this country nre among Its most enthu
siastic vouchers and Indorsers.
The agreement of opinion among the
best Informed, most observant class of
people. In tho well-to-do homes of our
largest cities, as well ns In the more
frugal town communities, places
Paine's celery compound far In ad
vance of any spring remedy.
It Is, In fnct, the only spring remedy
ever hoard of In the homes of practic
ing physicians.
that tho terms of such a contract
could bp altered after Its execution.
They did not dissent from the general
ptoposltlon that a municipality can es
tablish certain binding water rates."
Tho solicitor stated that a well
known citizen had promised to bring
a test case on tho ordinance just ns
soon after April 1 as convenient.
Cheap Rates to California.
Parties desiring to make trip to Cali
fornia, Arizona or New Mexico, either
for business or pleasure, can do so now
at almost half price.
Every Tuesday, until April :!0th, In
clusive, tickets marked "Colonist" may
bo purchased via Southern Railway for
$14.00 from Washington, $46.50 from
Philadelphia, and correspondingly low
prices from other points.
The Southern Railway and Southern
Pacific company opera to through ex
cursion sleepers from Washington,
leaving Mondnys, Tuesdays and Fri
days, tho Tuesday sleeper being avail
able for "Colonist" tickets. The berth
rate In these sleepers Is only $7.00, two
people being allowed to occupy one
berth If desired. Personal conductors
and Pullman porters go through with
each sleeper. There are other new,
convenient and economical features
connected with these excursions which
may be ascertained from Charles L.
Hopkins, District Pas&enger Agent,
Southern Railway, 828 Chestnut street,
Opening Days
at Rovans' new store, 112 Wyo. nvo.,
Wednesday. Thursday and Friday,
March 2S, 29 30. '
Ask for Kelly's union crackers.
l Soft Hats
Here is a good soft
hat at $2,00 for those
who do not want to pay
t more.
Here are copies of the
dcsc snapes, rename qual
ity. $3.00.
Here is the choicest
fur in the Knox hats
haud-ma'de from start
to finish, $5.00.
2 Rr WMiU A.aT'lqP
tt 4- tlsfsVfssf
Visions of Spring
Everyone's thoughts turn to thnt
which ia new and desirable. Here
is ono of those all too few chances
that come only once a year. Our
Clarets and
Rhine Wines
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.
Was Told of the Unfaithfulness of
His Wife, Who Is in Austria.
John Grahbou, n native of Austria,
committed suicide by hanging himself
at tho Rldgo yemerday morning. Grab
bon was about r.fl years of age an.l
has been living In this country some
six years.
Up lo three months ngo he resided
t Jermyn. when he came to the Ridge,
a atnatl mining town located about .t
mile ftoni Peckvllle. Grabbon took up
his abode with his brother, Sam Grab
bon and wag employed as a laborer In
thn Ontario mines. About a week ago
Grabbon was taken 111 and had not
worked since. Ilo was a married man.
his wife living- in tho old country. A
few days ago, a friend, who had re
cently nrtlved from Austria, emit" to
the Ridge and told Grabbon that bin
wife had been unfaithful to htm aril
had again married. This pi eyed jinon
Grabbon's mind and It Is thought 'tai
this was the motive of his commit
ting suicide.
About 0 o'clock yesterday mornln'.
Mike Chlcoskl. who was on his way to
work nt the Ontario shaft, dlscoveioil
Gtabbon's dead body dangling front
the limb of a small ttce. ChlcosUt
notified Sam Grabbon.
The suicide had taken a sirup some
three feet In length, used by him us
a bell, and standing upon a stump be
neath a small tree, be put tho end
of tho strap through the buckle, mak
ing a noose on one end of the strap.
Tho loose end he tied lit a- double knot
about the limb of the tree. When
everything was adjusted, he Jumped
oft the stump and was slowly stran
gled to death.
Coroner Robetls was notified, nnd
Dr. Paine, acting In the absence of
Coroner Roberts, camo to the Ridge,
and after his examination tho body
was taken to the home of the suicide's
bt other.
Ask for Kelly's union crackers.
The Scranton Gas nnd Water Com
pany and the Hyde Park Oas Com
pany. In areordinf Willi the policy ol thefe com
panies to reduce rate fiom time to time ai
may be warranted by increased conMiutptlm,
notice ia hereby rIhi that, on and after A pi 11
next, the price of gaj will be one dollar per
one thousand cubic! feet eonsomed, (.object to
the following dicorni'; Flee rer cent, on all
"bitl wheie the consumption tor the nviiit'i
amowtta to le.te than twenty-fit e dollars; ten per
cent, on all bill where Ihe.ionsuinptlon for the
month onicunts lo twenty five dollaia and up
Provided the bill U paid on or before ihe
eOlh day of the month in which the bill ii
rendeted. By older of the board.
a. n. 1IAXI), Sccictiry.
Hide Park lia company In order to encour
age tho t.e of eii for luel purposes, notice ia
hereby given that on and alter Apiil 1 next the,
rrlee of (raa to used will lie one dollar per one
thousand feet consumed, subject to the following
special discount"): Ten per cent. on all blllaelier.
the consumption for theinontliamomiWto letliau
twcnty-lho dollars; twenty per cent, on all billi
where the consumption for month amounts
to twenty-flee dollars and tipwaids.
Provided the bill Is paid on or before the 20lh
day of tho mouth In which the bill h rendered.
A rcparalo meter, furnished by tlio company, la
necessary. Ity order of the board.
(i. II. HAND, Secretary.
Beginning Mon-
'day, March 23, last
ing the entire week,
to Saturday, March
30, inclusive, elabo
rate showing of
Clarke Bro
Pierce's Market, Penn Avenue!
We make a apectalty of fancy Cieamriy D i
ter and strictly froli eggs and the pi Ice Is
low aa firt rlau sooda can be told at,
Ws do not hare any aptclal talea or Icadeia
but at all tlmti carry as contpleto a line of
Uarket Good. Fancy Oroctrlea and Table Dcllca
clea ai can bo found in the largest New Yorl:
or Philadelphia Markets which we tell at iltflit
W. riTPierce,
II Lackananna Arc.
frornpt delivtrr.
no, in, ui rtnn a.
Satisfied customers are in
creasing our business daily.
They will tell tbeir neighbors
that the best Negligee shirti
are to be fouud at,
305 Lackawanna Ave.
"IS 17 Rogers Bros." GooiR
Knives, Forks
Spoons, etc.
No question about the quality we
have all the newest patterns at
lowest prices.
Also the celebrated Sterling In
laid Spoons and Forks. War
ranted to wear twenty-five years
Immense stock of Sterling Silvei
Spooii6, Forks, Knives and Cased
Goods for Wedding Presents.
Mercereafc & Connell;
132 Wyoming Avenue.
325-327 Penn Avenue,
jown jopics
that are discussed in the
home and out, the subject of
Gas Ranges is certain to come
up. Just remember we are
i little ahead of the times.
t the exceedingly low price
of gas we are having a great
sale of our Gas Ranges, priced
from $7.50 to $ 1 4,00.
Wears Building.
m I fill
i mis fin