The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 22, 1901, Image 5

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    Tir v vi1.
JT' J., -
tvi. MODcns hardware sTons.
Exists on evoiy subject.
Howovor, all people agiee
who uso the Sterling Range
that it's tho best tange in
tlio vvoild. The Sterling has
patented ovnl fire box nnd
is guaiantecd,
Foote & Shear Co.
119 N. Washington Ave
Capital 5200,000. Surplus $500,000.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal aud sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accouuts.
Open Saturday evenings
from S to 9 o'clock.
Wm. Connlu, President.
Minrv, Jr., Vice Y'tcs.
Wm. 1 1. Pick, Cashier.
uw- i i
. t i - .i
.Uf, I l ! '
triii, tr
1.3 cka.
Repairing Done Gratis.
local dati fir Manh SI, lll!
Kitlicst temperature M drarefs
lowcM; temperature 31 demurs
s a. in Ill per cent.
s r. m M lor rent,
n tint ill, Jl houre ending b p. in , ,M Inch.
K eon was born jcstciday to Mi and Mis,
I unk fc.luoidcr.
I. fc. Mujd, bupcriulendint of mollve power
tun! machinery, nnd A. G. i.lln, master me
thane, ut tlic l.JiktvvaniM lailroid, .tie in Ntvv
i jrk.
v 11 t'lLliir, a fuimcr Scranlonlan, now .1
wttdcut f New ork, who has. In en tpcndlr;
u few davs in tho illy, returned to the mctiu.
pills jestcrday.
C I.'. Itojirs, of the Pr, Haul C'onlcnscJ
Milk lumpsnj, Iih just utmii'd to ihU ill)
"cm an (ttiidcd Canadian biiilncis dtp in the
intcreit of uls companv.
( f! Ncjinan, of .Icrac Cll, n iuinvr
wlioleviH iptrcliint in loner Iiikavv'auna -ive
inie, arrived in the city .c.tcrda, unJ ib kjIj-
red at the inanton llous...
Mih Matiiarct riunill, u( N.vv 'loik ltv, v lo
I is teen vUltlnc .it (lie I101110 of lier liuthci,
vCliiif of I'ulieo Miilln iiuin.ll, oi Villi
Ninth ktrcct, returned to lcr I101110 jnvtridaj
lomicr bl.cillf and Mr. C. 1!. Pi.vor will so
in Ntvv oik April P and oil Apill 27 will sail
foi Pari' 'I Ley will pcfid H'vcial month 111
Hiking a tour of Tails, aud iituru to this
lountiy lato in tho bunnnir.
II T. Polhaniui, tit tho Associated i'ru), wlo
has been in tho city wural dajs icllivinr J
II llosr, llio Tribune opuatur, who was uf
lillnj; trom hleod poisnnlns', rrtmned to hi
home in Philadelphia, jeteida, and will cnjngr
in HM woik in cw lorl; iltj.
'Jlminj" Dean, the ucll ItiOi'li ifcoud i .r
nun, la rcil.'iiid with Coitland in tho Ntw
oik tatc leai'iie, and will captain tin Ic mi
He fuinanltcl IiU contiact ruuitl., will reichc
a ruUt.intUl Incroo in talary, and lene about
tlio middle ct April to "tet in tho giiuo."
lames O'Cornor and 1'rJiik Pjiiioii, Iwo rj
lapahlo ucupaper nun, hac ieuiid tlutr con.
iicitlon with the Sranton Itipuhlioan J lie
(ornifr will lccoino nocIat;il with anolhir 1 Ity
I aper, and tlio latter will usage in upeitj) plio
toraphlo and ntwspapir woik in l'hlhdclhii
Iter. Dr. nobert 1'. V. ricrce. pilor ol the
IVnn Aenuo HaptUt church, left )tttiday for
llaltlmore, Marland, wheie ho will leetui'o to.
iiljht. While theic he will mcit hU lnother,
I luplaln 1'lcrcc, who has lately ictiiiucd fiom
powder to be thaken into tho ahoef. lour
ir t feel swollen, ncnoin and ilamp, and get
1 ad eully. If )ou have aching feet, try .Mini'
I out hare. It rrtta the fill and nukes mi it
tight shoes easy, lurei Chilblains, anollui,
encatliu; feet, IdMir. and illloiu put. 1!,'.
Iloia toini and Ininloin of all pain and sli'4
lrt apd tomfort. Iiy It lodaj. hold by oil ding. and Mioe iealir. " ieut I1I1I pnkajn
HILL. AddiiM, Allm . Olimlid, U lloi, .N, ,
(fe. ' I ' ' Jl
4ho rhlllrrlncj, and will probably both return
here Saturday.
Major i:crtt Warren haa been appointed by -T.
Hampton Moore, of Philadelphia, president cf the
ttalo I-eafuo of Ittpubllcan Club, a member
cf (he etectitlte commllteo of the rrnnylnla
Bute League of Republican Clubs, to arranje
for the reception and dinner to I'nlled Etatci
Senator Matthew Stanley Quay.
Appointment of an Additional One
Snld to B Necessiuy.
There Is a Rtroiifr probability that the
catlniiitia committee will be called upon
to provldo for un aJdltloiml cleik for
tho iccotttei's olllce In tho nppioprlit'
tlon ordlnnncc. When the iccoidcr
made the estimate for Ills dcpuitmcnt,
he fays he entirely overlooked the fact
thut under tlm pecoiul-eiust, city net
nil city waiiuntH must dc dtiiwn nnd
p.tld out In hlw ollco.
The woik of iliawlnu' wiiumto nnd
1'iillliiB them hack nnd r,e;ln(r them
In the tccelpt book cannot posnlbly be
done by one clerk, ho in. If that
1 elk bus nlso to uct nn puvitu secio
ttiry. The uripohittr.ent or f.n addi
tional iletk will be nbnolutely necen
fniy. In liN opinion. Mayor Wmiiiiii,
of Alleeheny, has no lcsi linn four
eleikst In his odlce
Meeting Held in Guernsey Hnll 'Yes
terday Morning To Send Com
mittee to Hnuisburg.
A HieetliiK us hvhl at 1U 11'i.loik
jeoterdny inornlng In Ouetney linll to
innkc foimal piotest fiKnlnt tho pann
Ufjc of tho VuuBhun brll by the houe
of upiesentnthes. Although hnntlly
summoned, about twoMcoio of untorn
and deleg.itCH of the ilt'y chtuches con-
Plied, homo of them armed with in
dignant 1 evolutions aimed at the bill to
pioloiig top three years the lower
licence ten In the city of Hcinntou.
Uporge O. Jlahy wur called to the
ihalr, and illed upon ltcv. James Mc
I.eod, D V., lo Btatf the object of
the meeting. The following resolution,
which was adopted at the piajer meet
ing held on Wednesday evening at the
First Piesbytprlan chinch, wus pa
tented and unanimously adopted:
We, the nndenlgneil lillieni of the iltj of
Mrantou, Pj . rcpinintfiijr the lnijoilly of the
niemhers rt tho ("lirisllan chuiches, do refp'it
fully Hmnn-tiato and piott agiliut the pna;e
bv jour Iionortblp bod) of the unite bill pio
filling for the leditttlon of llqnor llirn-c fen in
ltic pii'lng from the third to the kciond ila?,
for the period of tluee jiar alter lunge in
claKlflcatlou, beliiviug the ovciwhclmlug publli
tcntlnicnt to be in laor of the itlenllon of the
present fees for llrene in iltlc of the hcioud
daw Among the rcj-un we mgc in the nutter
1 irl That the epene of inning on ilic
Rovernment of second clan titles i giritu linn
that of the third da-s cities and It It only Just
that the revenue from liquor lictincs should he
second 'I hit llcene fees should be int leaded
rather than dlinluMied
riiild That the piopocd legn.iilou l letlh
in the Interest of 1Iiik.i dealm and not tin
public in ineral.
Tho following telegram was alo .sent
by tho meeting to Speaker Mnishiill,
of the house, and Hepreseiitatlie
Slater, chahman of the conmiltteo
having In chatge the " aughan bill:
On behalf of the flergj, ehurchen, Clnldhn
nsMiilaions mid thousands of Serinton iltUen-i,
we p,olet agilmt the pipage of Vaughan liquor
licence bill, and respectfully ak .1 henlng be
fore committee. We cm lnrnih abundant prcut
that auglian bill (.hould not become a hw.
I inn Mtlifod,
Chirlea li Itobinson,
The c'.ialrnian then appointed p--Judge
W. II. Jessup. Itev. James Mc
Ucod, D. Ti., and Attorney W. .1. Hand
a committee to appear befoie the
houo commlttto In llaulsburg to
present the protest. As soon at Hip
telegram asking for a hearing shall
be nnswpieil, the committee will go
to the capital.
The following cletgyinen .tnd ln.uiipn
were pre&ei.t and attached their slgna
tutes to the resolutions, which will be
forwarded to Hanlsbuig immediately
Itev. Chailes M. Giffln, Klin Park
chmch: He. James McLeod, ritst
Presbyterian; Itev. John P. Moffat,
Washburn Street Preshj teilan: Itev.
J. Messlnger, United Evangelical; Kpv.
Charles Ttobinson, Second Presbytei
ian; Rev. William Simpson. Asbury
Methodist Episcopal; ftev. Oeotgo K.
Guild, Providence Presbyteilan, Itev.
P. P. Doty, Cedar Aenuo Methodist
Episcopal: Rev. G. C. Lyman, C'outt
Street Methodist Episcopal: Rev. Will
iam A. Nordt, Get man Methodist Kpl.s.
copal; Rev. John A. Schmidt. German
Evangelical; Re. Geoigo A. Cine,
Piovldeneo Methodist Episcopal; Rev.
James Rennlnger, Hampton Sheet
Methodist Episcopal; J. Lawrence
Stelle, Penn Aenuo Haptlst; Rev. R.
M. Clymer. Chrlbtlan: Rev. Luther
Hess Waring, Grace Lutheian; Rev.
William P. Gibbons, tounmoio Piph1i
teiian; AVIlllam J. Hand nnd r. k.
Tiacy. First Piesbytetlan, and E, a.
The resolutions wete iliculated dm
Ing tlio day and numeiously signed.
The following Is a poitiun of tho let
ter which will accompany the petition:
"A decent respect for the opinion of
thousands, of the good citizens of
Scniuton ought to hau some weight
and lecelve some consldeiatlon at the
hands of their icpresentathes "
William Robinson, who was anesteil
by Patrolmen Walsh nnd Day Wednes
day night for being dtunk nnd beating
his wife, was fined $7.50 by Recoider
Molr estotday. Robinson is the man
who was Implicated in a stubbing nf
fiay in thp New American House on
West Lackawanna avenue about sis
months ago when the victim was con
fined to tlio Lackawanna hospital foj
three months.
Piano for Sale.
A fine I'pilght Piano, of one of the
best guides and almost ns good as
new, can be purchased for ensh nt a
very stoat bargain. Guernsey Hall,
S14 Washington nve., Sctanton, Pa. J,
W. Uueiiisey, Pi op.
School Tencheis, Attention.
Please tead our advertisement olfcr
lug a $J0(t prize for the best dutwlng
ol a cat, on another page of this papei.
Mears & Hagen
Rummage Sale
befoio itmovol, of yams and notlone,
uIho Mts. E. Slvelly Reed's corsets, ut
Uevans, 211 Wyoming avenue.
Hair Dressing Farlois.
Miss Jewoll can be found at her hulr
dressing parlors. 1118 Linden sheet.
Ti eating the scalp a speciality.
Storo Xo. 128 Washington avenue,
nt a low tent to a desirable tenant.
Chailes Sehlager, Real Estate Ex
change. 1!0 and 138 Washington nvo.
Ask foi Kelly's union craokers.
Demociats Refeued tho Ceitiflcates
of Election to a Special Committee
nnd Will Contend When n Man
damus Is Asked for Today That
They Have Not Yet Been Consid
ered Chaii man Calpin Forgot His
Lines and Made a Bad Mess of One
Scene Business Tiansacted,
A suipilse was spaing at last night's
meeting of the common council, when
an attempt was mado to hocilio the
seating of the mldltlonnl Republican
members lecently elected In confoi
maiicc with the povlslons of tlu see.
ond class ilty laws, for the ptuposo
or bringing 11 test inso to dccltle
whether or not the appoitlonmeut was
I Rally made.
The mattir was hi ought up by Mr
Paine ns a 'mention of the highest
privilege Immcdlntclv after the read
ing 01 the minutes. He arose nnd pie.
hcnlcd tho certllleates of tlcitlon of
the following additional Louncllinen:
I'iret waiil-.lolm .1. I van ami Thomas w
Thorn i.
S(iond waul- I ,1 i,oden and limes II
1 ihterliui'.
I'ututli vvaid l.tan W Ivans mil 1' W car
I Kill ward -Join, T Join amr I 1
'llintirntli ward funk II, s(ke
Sevintienth ward Vlatlilis stlpp.
Ninth ward O n. Patlildse
These rue nil Republicans,
exception of Mr. Uvum, ol
with lli,
tho Fiist
wmd, who Is a Deiuocial. All were In
the teal of the loom, tc.idy to ink"
their eats It called to.
Mi Paine pointed out that by th
lcient decision In the liquor license
case It had been Judicially decided that
Stranton Is now a city of the second
class. The vacancies In the common
i ouncil caused by tho Inn cased mem
beishlp, theiefoio PNlsted nt the pios
ent time, ho said, and It was not neces
Fiiry to wait for the fltst Monday of
Apill to heat the new membeis. lie
moved the in tltli-ates of election
lc locelvtd and thnt the members ht
given theli eats
Tho Republicans bad been banking
on the Demon ats lotmlng to seat the
ntw members and thus b"ltig nblo 10
bring the matter on this giound to
the attention of rouit by apnlvlng for
r, mandamus nnd seeming a Judicial
opinion b, fore lounclW leoiganle.
Select ('oimcilnian John E. Roihe
had heaid ot the pioceedlngs nnd Im
mediately ivolved n neat little scheme.
He passed the detnlls along the line no sooner hud Mr. Paine seated
himself than Ml. Galvln moved that
the eortldcntrs !) referred lo a special
crmmlttce. In conlunctlon with the city
This motion ratlin uoppliifsed Mr.
Paine It was put nnd cnulid by the
following sttiet paity ote. all the
Demociats voting In tho nfllunitlve
and the Republicans In tho negative.
cas -llaggirt). Iluine, llodie, Phillip',
vln. tiiinill, I oilman. Hush, Norton, Calpin -in
Niva-VcI)oiiihl, Alvvoith, l.vaiw. I.. I.evvis,
Paine, Nagdi, llaivej. Win. I.evvis, Keller"
The committee named was Galvln,
Coleninn. Noiton, Demociats. Evnns,
Lewis, Republicans.
Mr. Smith, Republican, was absent.
Had he boen piesent tho vote to tefer
would have been lost by a tie vote. A
messenger at this point was dispatched
to find him, If possible. The additional
membeis, In the meantime, chapeioucd
by Mr. Palnc.went out and down to
Xotniy Public 'o It Wright's ofllee to
be swoin In
Mi Roche, who was gi Ing oideis for
tin Pemoi'iatle side fiom the lear of
the council chamber, In order to "make
assurance doubly suie," decided, when
ho heard that Mr. Smith had been sent
for, to have a motion to leeonslder put
and voted down. This would pi event
fiuther reconsideration. In case Mi
Smith should airlve. and a Demon ut
should leave tho chamber or swing
over to the other side.
Mr. Guiiell moved to leeonslder, and
Mr. Coleman seconded the motion, but
the Democratic membeis hadn't nil got
tho cup that they wpio to vote It
down and neaily all voted "yes" when
the motion was put. Chairman Calpin
declnied that the motion to reconsider
was cariicd. The Demociats then woke
up, and calls for the yeas and nnys
wno made
The chahman oiden-d the tleik to
eall tho loll. Then followed u lively
scene. Mr. Keller endeavoied to iaso
the point of oider thnt It was contrary
lo nil patllaiiientary uiles to haw a
1 oil-call after the lesult of the viva
voce vote had been unnounced. Chair
man Calpin wouldn't hear him.
Mr Keller swung his list In the air
and kept jelling "Mr. Chalinian"' "Mr.
Chuhinan'" chalimau Calplu kept
beating a wild tatoo with his gavel,
and letused to hear him. Mr. Keller
glow led In the tnce, and ki pt demand
ing to be recognized, but the chair
01 del ed the mil called, aud It was
called. The Demociats alt voted against
ic consldeiatlon, and the motion was
A tew minutes atioiwaids the new
membeis lllnl In again and Mr. Paine
offeied their oaths ot olllce and de
manded again that they bo stated. Mr.
Guiiell moved to niljouiu nnd the mo.
tlon was entiled by another paity vote.
Do You Love
Good Coffee.
We now offer our fancy
Mandehliug Java Coffee the
finest coffee grown at, "7Q
per lb jOL
t lb lots at 35c.
Courseti's Blended Java
and Mocha at, per 'jCr
Courseu's Standard 'JOn
Java, per lb Ov
.29 Lackawanna Ave.
Th" additional councllmen who tried
lo get seats last night will, thiough
their attorney, lia II, Huhih, apply
to court this morning for a mandamus
to compel tho Demociutlc members to
seat them. It will be contended that
tho vacancies now exist and that tho
actions of councils In 'Weulng to it
eommltloo was a piactlcal iefttal to
sent them.
The Demon ills In leply will contend
Hint they did not lefusu the members
their seals; that the matter of their
admission Is still pending and has not
yet been, definitely netcd upon. The
entlro question of the apportionment
will, of touise, he nlso nilsed and It
will b (ontended that It was made In
entile dlstegnid of the law,
Piovislon for Levying of a $1 Poll
Tax Incoi pointed.
Not business was tm111.11 tcl
bj lommoii council last night. besldeM
the disposing uf the cottlllcales of elec
tion of the additional mmbciH le
cently elected. The tax levy oiilliianie
was amended In committee ol :h
whole, so ns to piovldo foi tho lev -Ing
ol a poll lav of tl on oveiy t.ixnblu
In the tltv. In lieu of an occupation
Select council also met and passed
oil thlid leading oidluiiu.'cs piovldlug
foi fejui electilc lights In tho Xlno
leeuth ward: for two electilc lights III
tho Twentv-lhst waul and for 11 lateral
sewer on Penn avenue, in the Thir
teenth waul A icsolutloii was Intro
duced and passed by both b'anches
dlit (ting tho assessors to furnish th
Eighth wmd assessment book to til's
l.oui (I of levlslou and appeal, It being
1 ontended that thes hud lefused to do
Resolutions Adopted with Refeience
to the Threatened Stiike Among
the Mine Woikexs.
At a special meeting of the boaul of
Undo, held last night behind closed
doois. the following tesolutlous wete
adopted with lefoienco to the thicat
ened mlneis.' stiike:
Wiiaca. No mole dire t lUuiilv lould bMill
Hie commeiehl and Inlcie'ts uf (he
coil icgloni Hun a lrlko of the I'nitril M ne
Wethers of Vnuili 1 at till. I line, and
VMiuiis. h ,IT((l on the alMjve liileic.t 'tv
the lonllniril Mi Ike agililioii, and the anth 1
p.ilKii itt .1 Ion; and hltUi, ohould a
still " be Jul. mil, l ilis.isinns an I iletiu;d
to woik I' hum; tluiloie be It
Keulvfil, Tlut it Is the siiiie of the Saauun of Undo tint witlriul passing upon tin
1:11 ills 01 ihmulls ot the i,uellon nf tlio leoi.
tiitiuu nf the tml u, at pusrnt it i not of sut
He lent impoitince to w.itaut a nnviment lint
will inl.iil tn nmili mlsi rv and distltutlou anion;
tin mine vvorktH themselves, 01 filch an enot
minis UsS In the business inteiistrt of the ,lv,
,ii xu.h action vviiulii bilug to pj.s, ho U
ti nhei
ItesnHid, llu I tu Nialitoll bond of t i.ulo
,ipuals to 1 he Juddiiieul ,f the rontciidnw In
inests to etut tin .uatest rue, lutdllgene
tinil vonsliletatlon before n".uiu!ig the oiorluiu
itsi.ii.hlllt.v nf piedpitathif, a .Ir'le, md we
iicnmuunil tint the of fur r' of this bond l.
iiitliorUed tn take stid, further .11 Hon as may
b tlefini I miessarv to avert the tlatateiMl
Ill th nbseiuo of Piesident J. A.
Lansing the meeting was piesided over
by Vlcc-Piosldent A. W. Dickson.
There was 11 good attendance nnd the
pros nnd ton-s of the possibility ot n
stilko wno discussed at length.
The poitlon of the resolutions which
gives tho ofllcers power to take such
action as they may deem necessaiy to
aveit tho tbciatened stilko coveis the
pioposltlon of Rev. Father Phillips to
send a committee to Xew Yoik lo get
Aichblshop Coulgan nnd Rishop Pot
tor to uige J. Pin pout Morgan to do
something to nvold the possibility of a
stiike. It is understood that the olll
ceis of tho boaid do not look with
lavoi upon this pioposltlon
County Treasuier Scinnton to Hold
SD50 of $1,100 Licenses Fee
Pending Court's Decision.
One moie license foi the tli.v of
Siinnton was taken out vesteidaj. Tho
man who paid over the $1,100 was John
. Davis, of the Sixth wnrd.
All agieomelit was iciuhed vestet
lay with County Tionstner J, A, Stian
ton, by which he agrees to consider
7i0 of the license money ns paid un
der piotost. This he will not dlstilbuto
until theie Is n decision fiom tho ap
pellate couit on the subject, If he mn
possibly hold tho money for that
length of time. If the- decision was
long delnved and tho i Ity, county and
state should pi ess for their luue ot
tho license money, he would be com
pelled to make dlstilbutlon, but that
contingency Is not likely to nilse.
Mr. S. lanton lefused to sign n paper
ngieelng to hold hnlf of the llcenso
money, pending the decision of the Su
peilor coin t, on the giound that ho Is
ineiely tho agent of the city, county
find state In handling tho llcenso
money and would have no powei to
make such an agi cement.
Saturday Is the last day uudei the
law for taking out the lionises and
these who do not sonuo them b?fore
tho close of business that day mav
have dltlliulty In getting them later.
Onl tliieo of the J75 licenses gi allied
have been taken out up to date.
Was Selected Last Night After Finn
Had Withdiawn.
Ai a mums of the Republican mem
bers of select ( ouncil held last night
In the city hall. Wade M. Finn, who
was selected as tho candidate for chnlu
man ton ilujs ago. wlthdiew fiom tho
field and C. E, Chittenden was chosen
F H. Clemoiis, who could have had
tho place it l.o so dcslied, assuied the
mambeis boloi" the caucus that ho
would not be a candidate and hl name
was tlmeo'" t.i t mentioned.
Piano for Sale.
' good second hand Upright Piano,
nt a gieat bargain for cash. Don't
miss It. Guernsey Hall, .1. W. Guern
sey. Pi op., SI I Washington avenue,
Scinnton, Pa.
Easter Cheer and Babies Faces.
Father Time will soon usher In the
season ot gladness, whjlo Schrlever Ih
alwajs icady with the aid ot aitls.
lie poitiuituic-to peipttuutp tho
loguluh cotir.tniaiices of tho dimpled
d.u lings.
Oignns. Organs. Oigaus.
You can buy linn second hand Oignns
In good condition, anywheie (10m 10
to J.J5 end J:.0, with book and stool, at
Ouuiisey Hull, HI I Wimhli'Blon avenue,
Seianton, Pi. J. V. Gucinsey, Pi op.
Agent Lutz. of the Caipenteis'
Union, Says It Is the Geneial
Opinion of Union Men of the City
That Theie Will Not Be a Stiike.
What B. P. Connolly, Luther Kel
ler and Aldeunan John T. Howe
Have to Say About the Piesent
Tiouble in Mining Ciicles.
The talk of a possible stilko Is nl
leudv piotluclng an effect upon local
business and has caused an atnios
pheie or illsnctlon which has lestilted
In luminous huge unlets for 1 oal be
ing sent In tn company headiiilaiteis.
V. L. Uodfie.v. of tho Jerniyn, stoted
away two uui mil of black diamonds
Wedtiesdaj. nnd many other huge sup
plies have been onleied by loial busi
ness men,
Among the citizens vestmluy spoken
to bj Tilbtiuo men, legauling the sit
uation was O. S. Lutz. business agent
of the stilklug Cnipentois' union Ho
spoke In an optimistic stialn nnd
bi lolly said "1 do not think theie will
be u stilko. and I think It may be said
that Is the geneial opinion among city
union- men While 1 cannot say thnt
I anticipate a meeting of the opeiatois
and stilkeis still I believe that a nat
Isfuctoiy adjustment ol' matteis will
be at lived at nnd nil tiouble avoided"
H I' Connolly, senior member of the
firm ot Connolly & Wallace, said; "l'n
less tho miners have gilevauees
amounting to much moie than the
mere itestIon of tocngnltlou, I think
they will commit u gieat blunder In
going on stilko. If faith has been kept
and the 1 oneesslons ginuted last fall
continued 1 full to see uny motives
foi n suspension of laboi
'Last jear tho mlneis had gllv
anees. and wno Justified In demanding
an adjustment This eni. howcvei,
the elrctimstunies seem euiliely dlf
feient. "A stilko will piove a most uiifiii
ttinato thing to tho mlneis themselves,
to all business men and the city In
geneial Eveiy lo, al business enter
pilso will be afleited by It. and any lo
cal paper advocating a suspenslo.i of
labor Is guilty of a gieat Injustice to
the community"
Luther Keller, ex-pusldent of the
boaid of tiade, and one ot the 1 Ity's
lending business men raid. "I slneeiely
hope and tittst that theie will be no
stilko and I lannot hi Ing tnvsell to
believe that theie will be one. The
leadeis of the United Mine Woi Iters
should give this question set Ions on
fldeiatlon befoie dating to deelnio 11
sttlke which would menu disaster to
the business Inteiests nf this whole
valley. The giound on which theie Is
talk of declining such a stiIKe namely,
the lecogiiltlon by the opera tins of the
Mine Woikeis' oignnlzatlon Is not at
nil a sufllclent giound.
"The union has been leeognlcd. The
men have i"ceived a guarantee of a
10 Jer cent Increase for another eai,
the powder question has been settled
and the semi-monthly pay law Is giad
unlly coming to be obseived
'The giantlng of these things was a
piactlcal lecognltlon of the union The
confeulng ot the opeiatois and tho of
flceis of the organ I a Hon might be a
good thing and might be pioductivo
of good lesults, but It Is not of sulll
dent Impoitnnce In Itself to wauant
the throwing ot this intlie legion Into
a slough of business dopiisslon to ob
tain It "
Aide) man John T Howe, of the Kev
'iitccuth waul, had the following to
say to a Ttibun lepoiter lcgnrding
the threatened stiike.
"I dislike very much to see anothei
coal strike at this time, so soon fol
lowing the stilko of last fall, I uudei
stand that the only gilevance of the
men this time Ib the lecognltlon of
their oiganizatlon, and If this Is so the
moi e conservative of the Illinois should
ponder over this question, discuss It
lieely, nnd then tuke action It Is a
giavc question and icqulie.s caieful
"Public svmpath.v Is a poweiftil fac
tor In any strike, but If the men plunge
blindly into this. 1 fear that they will
not have the sanction of the public, as
dining the last unpleasantness, A sus
pension of work at the mines now will
have 11 telling effeit on the business
and cominoiolal Inteiests ot the val
ley "
His Tnther Claims He Refused to
Tuin Over S1G.50 to Him.
H.11 1 Poiicr. ot 21 Lackawanna ave
nue, was ni tested at midnight bv
Patiolmen Hail and Qulnil in, on com
plaint of his tathei, A. Posner,
with whom he lives. The latter 10m
plaiued that Ilauy lefused to tin 11
over to him the sum of 1C so, which ho
had taken In dining the day at the
f 1 ult stand In fiout of the stoic.
Hairy claims thnt the money Is his,
and that his fat he 1 had 110 light to It
Ho also .stated that two of his biotheis
held him up on Spmee stte-et and tiled
to take It away fiom him, beating him
illimeic Ifully In the attempt The case
will be tlueshod out beloie Recoider
M0I1 this morning.
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as a peep of the sun on a -f
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collais made leveislble; "
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lion, by the writer', name. The Tribune does not
auuini rupoiKllilllly for iplnioni hire ixptcutd )
Rev. Dr. McLeod Atks Peitlneral
! diior of I lie i'libutie
sir. Is a lint lln .my) tu I. Ill s
to li lJllH idi'il UiIiirIi the l.nliv ol nii-eu
lalivts alter the cinnal prnlirt jkuIii-I Ir line
and the ihuiiml for a luarilg it Villi H Ok
oppcuc nts of the bill would have an nppurliiull)
ot statins Ihdr obieilionsr
Is tin tight ol 1111111111I1 Hue to be drilled usr
Hiinlv a bill thai J obledmnalile to Midi i
hrae inuuber ol ihi Iis,hc Uhle diUHiil of ,hls
i iimuiiiit.v nujhr nit to be lUihcd Ihioiigh as
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1 next the pike of pi will be one dollar per
rne thousand ubl, fret fomiimod, Mibjcit to
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bill, v.leio the consul, i(. tlon foi the mint'i
ariKiunl lo Iocs than ivvintv five chllata, tin per
nut on ill I Ills wheie the lousuinptlou Im the
month ati,riitit9 to tvvei.lj five dellan and up
1'iovlchil Hi- bill i, pjd mi or before the
EOtti iIjv nf I he iiiouUi in vibldi the bill is
rrml-ied Hi older ef the boaid
(. II IIVSP. spoetary
Hide paik I. as umpanv.- In oidei tn eiuour
acje the i.-" of is fti fuel puiposes. notice h
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wheie the (oiirimiption lor tne mouth amounts
in tvventv five ilollns and tipvvatils
Provided the bill Is piiil on 01 hrioie ilie 'nih
da.v of the niuiitb in v. in. n l In- bill i. i nileuil
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neee-aiv 11 nnlti i,r the buate'
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