The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 21, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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Long's Sons.
MANY ....
Not how cheap, but how
good. The highest grades of
foods are always at the low
est possible prices. Will be
a little particular today in giv
ing full descriptions, that you
may know how carefully we
care for your table wants.
omatoes" Scotland"
brand, solid cold packed
whole tomatoes, thoroughly
upened, uniform in size, per
ease $i.;o, per can 9c:
Coffee-"Mexican Java," a
nJi aromatic blend of delicate
full llavored and smooth,
heavy-bodied Moca, $ lbs.
,51.15: per lb. 25c.
tvaporatcd rears Finest
ilavored California Baitletts,
no core, 2 lbs. 25c.
Catsup Made fiom red,
upe tomatoes, carefully sea
soned, per bottle, 10c.
0 fives Fancy Marzenillas,
best quality, per qt., 35c.
Rallston's Foods A full
line of these famous cereals,
including Breakfast Food,
Barley "Food, Health Oats
mid Health Flour.
Anchovy Paste Crosse &
Blackwell's, imported, per jar,
Cheese Miller's Royal Par
agon in fancy jars, 10c.
S.weedish Spiced Sardells,
glabs jars, 18c.
Condensed Milk Kite
biand, extra large full size
cans, sweet and wholesome,
three cans, 25c.
Maple Syrup Absolutely
pure, full weight, per bottle,
Sardines Imported, in to
mato sauce, per can. 18c.
vaporatcd Apples Fancy
!cw York State, per lb., 8c.
Ceylon Malaya lea The
best Ceylon tea imported,
1 2 lb. tin cans, 30c.
Jams All flavors, pure
fruit, large 1 lb. glass jars,
Jellies Pure fruit and
'jar, all tlavors, 10c.
Chili Sauce Man Camp,
large bottle, 9c.
Soups Anderson's Con
centrated, all kinds, one can
makes six portions, three
cans, 25c.
(ioldcn Prunes ExtYa. large
fancy, a little tart flavor, 25c.
Cottolenc Large size pails,
Lye-Popular brand, con
centrated, high test, six cans,
17;?;o7a--High test house
hold, large one-half gallon
bottle, 1 6c,
Codfish Boneless fancy
Georgia Banks, per lb., 8c.
Cream of Cod Prepared
with great care, three pack
ages 25c.
Holland Herring New, per
keg, 82c.
Special tn thr Stranton Tribune.
Khippton, ln Mnrch 20. The tu
dents nro icjolclng over tliu loturn of
Mies HusfoII, the popiiliu- teni-licr of
nlKolirii, who liim been away for sev
eral weeks.
Omit excitement tan tluoiitclt tliu
hfillfl yesttcnliiy morning when sotnu of
tliu seniors found a Junior ling lloatliis
over Commerclul linll. Hut liy tlio
holdnrna ot the senloVs It sonn cnnu
down. '
The Athletic association will Rive
an entertainment In Nelson Memorial
hall Friday ewnlnj; next. The follow
ing will take part: Hiss Suitlu Kulser.
Miss farlmrt. Miss I.ane. Mr. Earnest
Jlennott, the Independent Glee club and
tlio Ampliyltton Uaujo club.
A debate between the Lyceum ot
Caznovla and the Independent society
will bo given Wednesday evening, the
"9th Inst., In Nelson Memorial hall.
Hesldes the debate there will be given
other entertaining numbers.
Dr. Warfleld. ot Lafayette chIIcrc.
wiih a visitor at the seminary yester
day. Martin Christian, of Liiceyvllle, has
begun the commciclal course.
Hairy Weatherwax, of rortland. N.
Y.. and Mr. Cass, of Orwell, tliadfoul
county, arc among the new students.
Miss Nellie Hillings has returned to
hir home In Tunkh.mnock.
I). K. Allen has returned to his
home in Hlnghamtou.
On account of the sickness of his
father. Hen Sutton returned to his
home at Montpeller, Vt.
Special tn Hip "crauton Tribune
Tunkhannock, March iO. Mis. Jos
eph I.tiee Is seriously 111 at her home
on I'lno street with pneumonia.
Harry-Welch, of Say re, wa visiting
friends and relatives In town on Tues
day. The Haptlst Young I'eoplV Union
will hold a ten cent (10c.) social at the
home of Mr. Charles Horgess on Har
rison stieet, this Wodne-J lay evening.
ManiaRo licenses have been Issued to
AVIlliam Chlckester, of liliigluuuon, N.
Y., and Miss Gertrude May Hlcli. of
Cainclen, N. Y., and also to V. U. Wnt
klns and Miss JIary K. Jennings, of
I.enion, ln.
Mrs. Dean Sampson Is confined to
the lioti-e with the giipjie.
S. .ludson Staik, of Hcianton, wiio
haa b"en visiting his family at tills
place slnco last Friday, letutned to his
business lu Soranton yesterday.
Charles Slslj, of Faetoryvllle, was
doing business lu town on Monday.
Miss Nellie Hillings ,n student at
Wyoming seminary, spent Sunday
with her parents on East Tioga stieet.
Judge Fiank M. Vaughn, of
Meshoppen. was doing business at the
court house on Tuesdav.
Frecll to the Scranton Tilhure.
Milinlfnn, Marili 20. -Mr. W. W. Ji,lmun, an
.iriiI and i i-peili il titiren of this plait', died
.it lilt leslilcnt-e on Stale .tuct Miud.i iiioniing
:il 10 o'tloil;. Ho luil bten idel. lint a week
.mil was tonl.ued to his bed wariily a il.iy befon
the mil tame on Similar moinlni;. Mr. .lohnsuu
was lioin ,liil. !, llr, in Oianirr rnunty, X. .
lie rami; In (lirloiil, l'a., in, ami jt nut
liul In 1811 in Mi-s ltootta Voting, who --till
Mini lis liili). Hi' had In I'll A H'-iililiL of till
place about at jcar. Itciiles his wile he i mr
spoil liy tnu H'lis alul two ilaunhtcr, 1'. V. .luhn
urn ami Mix. Nettle il.-on. of this piloe, Mr
,1. II. Mtpliens of Ito.ial, ami .1. V. .Mm-on, of
Siautuu. 'I ho funeral i-eniics wire lulil at hi
liti' residence Tueda inoruln: at halt part iilm
o'llock. Ue. I,. I,. I,ewi, of the 1'nliers.illst
dim ill, liail tharco ot tlie seriit'e", .H-i.ilcil ,j
Itev. I.. K. Sanfotil. Interim nt wa mail, In the
(lifltml icintliij.
Kippered Herring Macen
ochic, imported, large oval
cans, 20c.
Hpeilal to tl.c Soranton Tribune.
IV.Ltnri 111c. Minli 20. .Mr. and Mm, VinI
llinnaii, of Niiitlilnny, Colin., nu pi ml Inn leu
ilajs lure at the home ot Mrx. Ilmnaii'ii parents.
binkrnan his leys Injured In
Ihe jard last Mindly inonilinr.
Kirk Ntuctunh, while nittlni wooil for Hiram
1'iuptr thN inouilii;, n "tlik llnv up atnl miuil.
Mill In Hi- rje Mtloudy Injuring It. III. I'llili
'llr'fnl (he ununili It inpilrlnh nwu Mltilii'i
to Ik- lilidi. 'Itic nlnlit, lotlunilily. nj not
ili)tnl Injiiinl,
Paul Slii'iuooil, W'lRo. ii', u,i a lallrr
lu in Tiitiilay.
Hie funeral of tlie ,ilo l.jnun S. I Uc a
cninliKtril tioiii lli family irlil(inp on Miir
Mrirt Tueiliy nfldliooii at 2 mloik. An !
cculliinly larse loncouri-o of ftirmU ami rrla
thm .trinlilcil lo pjy tlieir In.t tcpecln In ll
ili'iuilul one. ltr. II. II. Smith, of tlio l'ht
HiptK, of 1I1N pUic (ami of liltli tin
ildeanl at .1 inciiibi-O, ml iliatRp of Hie mi
Uv a the liotu-. Urt. p,-. I,i.SJn, of r.m
Ion, a fnnncr fiajtor of the iIciimmI, otliiiiiB;
the prayer. 'Ihc tinner Inaurii cn '.. )..
IMinK .t. I'. Waltir mul Mr. Hem. The l..
Mi'ilc IoiIkp of Hi t-t pluu, of Mlikli the iIiiiiimi!
Ma a pictnliifiit tiKinlirr, li.i.l iluic,- of ilir
fenlce3 at ihe ruip. lultriiienl a? mule in
llievietn leineliTj hy Puneial Hlivuor (Iiuitc
W. "tiinton.
MIm S11.1I1 Pike, it iw W iltj, i
lint koine time hi-re with iier parrntK.
1'hlue.n Stantmi, fallur of our Mill knoun
towiMiuaii, (I. IV. Stanton, illcl at hl. horn
ill lleiitm tmlay fiom a triiki- of p.iral.inl.. The
funeral Mill lake place 1'rlJij at 10 ho from llie
MethoilUt KnlMopal i liureli. r'tililllr, la. In
teiment nlll lie made lu I'.ilr livn cuuiteiy,
H.ihr.ii, Pa.
Hie i:pnnilh le.uiip nf II, i Mi'hoillt llpii
i opal iliiiuh Mill Kie id,. fullundiB limine of
leiturm ami riilrrt.iliimiiil for Hie lienellt of tin
Iimriip Piiiby cieiiin.'. M,inh , 1W, Urture
lij llev. M. I). 1'iillrr. of .lirnun. Pa. Nilijei t,
" Trip Tluougli lulanil Aihnlwlon, 10 int
I'lnlay eunlm;. Mmh i, Hmmr Crecn, en , .f
llone-rflale. the poet ami author. Mill plp re.ul-
Insn from hl onn 'erk, pnWblietl ami iitinuli.
IWieil. Tufxlay eirnluif, April l, tl.c I tnpU
Mamlolin ami dollar dull, of IHiiRiiamton, .V.
Y Mill lie the attraction. The club I" iompoei
ot the rollouing nTpp Aiti l.ldtltlk'e I'ary.
flrtt inamlollnl Mr. (hailm It Wiboii, tlr-t
maiiilolln! flan Prater Line, eronil liiamlollnj
Cir.eilete Halt., guitar; -Ml'. .Iml-on s Sew In?,
frulil to the Soranlcn Tribune.
' Huryea, March 10 Mlclurt Millimli, a ie
rpcited rltlzcn (I 'Mil IViire, illcit at Ills lali
tump In tint plate Tiumlay. 'flip deceaieil Ma
SO J curs of aire ami liai lieeu Millcllnjt for two
jinn, 'flic ilenaeil wm held In lili;li tstecm In
thl. plaie. ti quit in liteh maw Mill be cele
lirati I In tli Old I'm lie Calholli cliiinti and
Inlirnieiil In the Mlnooka t'alholli leinetery till'
iiiornli g. 'Ilir ilcrraml wa foi'mrly n rildeiit
of Mlr.oika on 1 I. fnuihi-tl by a Mldovs' mid K
ihlldiiii, natiiit): .Mm. -lame tt.iuiiiu.iy, .laine.
Ilini.Mil, Ihi'in.H, lth'r mul Kale Mcllimli; al-o
by bintber and tnu lnn".
Illllull No. '.', neleiit Ihiler ot llilnllii.1i",
nrn nirltigliig b hold mi ruliitiimi.eni mil
ililue at .Mt'tiull'n li.ill Kasfrr Monday, April S.
Vhe (hulr of the lltiek Mellmdl.t Kplvopal
iliunli will buhl uiand tiilertalmiKlit lu the
nudllnilim ot Hie iliunli I'rklay eienlux. All
aie (onllally imitid.
Mix (iertnidc I'i.hou, a mtilnt in the
lllnpiiLhuiK State Nollil.ll mhool, l npimlimi lur
lacnllon mIIIi tier parrnta.
Ml I'luilotte (In mi, a ntudtiil ol the I'.jm
MromLsbuiif stale Noimal hool, U alo enjoj
I nit tier Kilter araiioii at the home of her
limlliir. Mil. Joliii ,lohn, of Poole stieet.
lauieM W. and Pan.y Meele, of ('aibouilale. are
il.ltlni,' at Hip Iioiiip of Mr. and Mia Prank
Care, of Clou- utieet.
Paul Will. ill hi reunited hi aaleon from hn
former )tand to Ihe I lear.t plaie.
Hip of (icti"l, I lie infant daiiKhler of
Jlr. mid Mrn. Ale llioun, tool, place i"tinlaj.
Inleiment mm mule in t lit I.iiiikcIIIT Kinetei;
Specinl Four-day Personally-Conducted
Tiip via Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania Halliojd Specinl
l-'our-ilay Personally-eondueted Tour
to Washington on Monday, Apt II 1,
l'ttim fential Pennsylvania, olfeis an
exeellcnt opportunity to visit the Na
tional eapltul satisfactorily and at a.
dellghlful reason. The experience of
the Touilst Agent who necompanlcs
the party enables him to plan the tour
of the city with the least possible
waste of time.
Special train will be run from
WIlUes-Harro through to 'Washington:
connecting tialns will leave at time In
dlcated below, and tound-trlp tickets,
covering trrinspoitallon. hotel accom
modations fiom dinner on date of tour
until after luncheon on April i will
be fold at rates given:
I.e.iu. l!,i,
(.'IiiihMp T.'HI A. M. $.15 Ho
Suanton ;. is n ;,i
I'ili.lun 8.M " lioo
Wllkeo-llarre (i-ccial train)... s.l ' i,j
IteuoM ii.l'i j i,n
Wllllampoit S-.mO " 12 0
flelliioiit.- 11.10 " iV
'iii.l,iii, (pial train) 10..MI n To
l.i kei- " t ,v,
'ltoona T.10 H 0,1
'l)luile 7.H " 1.1 tai
llLnttm,il.m ...v .". pie.-.
t'liambdubbin; '.i. I', " lo .;o
lhrrl.-lmrK (Special li.iin) .... ).::i p. . 0 i)
I.anca.ter (ila oik) 10.11 A. M, pi pi
( "ImnbU 11.20 " 1) hi)
Vnk li-pidal train) 1.3.-. P. M !i .In
Ar. Waililtigton 1.20 "
Piopoitlonato talcs from lutei me
diate stations.
HeturnlnB. special tialn will eao
Washington at CM p. m Thursday.
Apt II -1. Passengers from points west
of Wllllanif.port, and from Dcwait,
Htllfcfonte. Centre Hall, Mlfillnburg,
l.ewlsburg, Sellnsgrove. Lykens, Dills
buig, Lebanon, Lancaster, Columbia.
AVrlghtsville, and points on the Klin
hiokln Division will usa regular trains
fiom Washington leturnlng, all tick
cts will ho good lo return also on
regular trains until April 11, liiclulvi
("tuition to Washington will be dl.j
tilbuted five on the train.
Por uites nnd time of trains from In
tirniedlate stations. Itlneratles, tickets,
and full Infoimatlon apply to ticket
agents: U. S. JIarrar, Division Ticket
Apnil. Willlumsport, Pa.; ToutUt
Agent, H Public Siquurp, Wllkes-Haire,
Pa.: or address lleo. W. Hoyd, Assist
ant Hcncral Passenger Agent, Hrond
Htreet Station, Phllatlelphla.
Krause's Cold Cure.
Por colds In the head, chest, throat
or any portion of tho body, breaks up
a cold In 24 houis without Interruption
to work. Will prevent colds If taken
when lit st symptoms nppcni. Price
2ii Rold by Matthews Drng
One Thousand Copies of This Famous
Painting; Heceived in Scranton for
Fiee Distribution.
One thousand platinum copies of
SIchel'H ".Madonna." l2'axlfii... in size,
have been leielved lu Svruutou from
The Xormtiu I. Itchy M'fg. Co., nnd are
now ready for free distribution. As al
ready announced In Tito THbune, these
pictures will lie given away absolutely
ft'ic, as long as the supply lasts, to
each purchaser of one 1'5 cent box of
Kruuse'h Colli Cute or Kiause's Head
ache Capsules. This Is the most lib
eml and expensive offer ever made to
the people of Scranton by any manu
factuier, and all persons desiring a
copy of this famous painting should
apply at once, before the supply is ex
hausted, to any of the following well
known druggists:
Matthew Pros,.', 4l!t Lackawanna
Carl Lorenz, 418 Lackawanna avenuo.
Chailes K. Chittenden, MS Lacka
wanna avenue.
Henry and John .1. Hi own, 102 S.
Washington avenue.
Sandeison's Pharmacy, Common
wealth Untitling.
.1. .1. Loftus. 237 Wyoming avenue.
Samuel L. Foulke. f,3'J Linden.
M. X. Hli'ke, ::t7 Adani3 avenue.
II. Jl Cole 1 I3S Capousc nvi'liue.
C. Henwood & Co., 1000 X. Mi,n ave.
How aid K. Oilllln, IStl X. Main ave,
("loo. W. Davis, 10;:, 311 W. .Matket st.
Clarence It. Shrycr, 401 X. Main.
Myron Hvans .t Co., 2J4 X. Main.
Decker & Co.. lu" X. Main.
Ceo. W. Jenkins. 101 S. Main.
John J. Davie-, lOtl S. Main.
David M. JontM. r.l J S. Main.
Mary A. Poweis, 411 Cedar ave.
William Koriiiichei, 724 Pittstou ave.
W. H. Klonoskl, 1305 Plttston ave.
D. W. Himiphrey. 1118 Plttston ave.
Allien Si-hulls;. 1202 Mulberry.
Ceo. S. Jones ,fc Co.. 700 Preseott'nve.
Wm. II. Knoepf.'l. 1017 X. living ave.
Oscar l.udwlg. 107 S. Hlakely streot.
J. (1. Hone & Co, 102 H. Hi Inker st.
P. P. Mcliale, 401 Him stieet.
'Ihe 1-uliPi' Aid toclity ol Hie Pjm and rili
luld 1'rlmlthe Mrthodlkt churrli tindtriil a ur
prlw paly to Mri. Janm Walker at the iliuith
pai-oinire on Tueilay ptenliis In honor of her
birthday aiiiiU rnry . A l.irpe number of kikM.
Mere prenent ami patlnok, of Ihe inaiiv Rood
thliiKH preiaretl by .Mm, William Tlioiiu', Mr'.
William Morgans ami Mi.-. N.i-li. Mm. Walkir
ia the leilplcnt of many beautiful kIIK 'lhoe
piecut Mere: Mrv. William 'lliouus Mi, ban
lit, Ml". fipuiRp White, Mr. M. A. MaMerJ,
Mri. William seeley, .Mrn. Illiliard 'Ihomas Mr.
Dairy, Mr. 'llininai llian., Mr. Mm., Mi..
Powells Ml'. John llodce, Mr. and Mr'. John
Mali'i, Mi". W. WhlteliuiiM', Mlis I'.iumi Lan
ili'i, Maltha l.ander.Marllil Heed and I'.dilli 'Ilii'lil
a. of ihe I'jlic. Those reent from Hie Airhbald
Mere: )Im, William Muirjiii, Mr. S. Plnnoik,
Mil. Cell', Mi. Kilin, Mr. .lo-ipli Clumber-,
Ml. (ieoiijP lianiUin, Mr. II. Powell, Mi.
KaULbir, Mir. Seyboll, Mi. Majol, Mr. (.
Pulley, Mi. S. Cany. Mi. Mitialf. Mi. It.
Pulley, Ml. Walkir, MU llnel I'owell and Mr.
P.unwortli, HeoiKe I'arnnottb and alj Mr. Thoi.
1'a.iii, of Taylor.
The Ijilien' Aid nudity of the I'oiiBie thurdi will lomluil a ham ami faituot in the (Inn ill lusimeni on pay nielli, rnui
inii'iiii at o'clotk.
Pi Me of 1id.awaIuii lude. Vu. I. Amerlean
Piolevtant a'Odatlou, elided the followins olll
trr at Tuesday rvenliiRV tuietliif; for the eiiMi
Ins year. Worthy tnltte, Mr, Pllen Daniel-;
deputy Moithy uiMievt, Mr. Jolin Tlionia.; as
ltant let'indlus: fetretaty. Mrs. IJiza llioma;
it'corilini; Keeretary, Mr. Mirgarpt Dailj litian
dtl feeutary, Mi. I.ydia W'iuteilnun; (reaMiirr,
Mr. Sallle Wllllann; lonductre-n, Mr. John II,
Pvan; aitant eondiutref, Mi, .lame, stone:
inside online I, Ml. Ptan 1).ul; outlde wntlln'l,
Mr. Charlc. Curtl; diapfain. Mm. Sabliu l'Miei ,
rtpreentathe to sraml lotlire. Mi. John Itleh
ardj audltois Mi. iin Kvan, Mr. John Cooper
and Mi. Joliii Kit bird.
The Young Men' Ihrl-tlm i ociitbm band
Mill conduit thtlr focul tnnlKht in I.lenellyn'4
ball, Mlicie a Komi time i avuied.
All employes of the Taylor wor-led and Laika
nanni silk mill-, ale uiexuitly teipiested to be
pliant at the bulm meeting; In ll.i-lnni' ball
tin nlleinoou at 3 :;o o'iIikI,. National Commit
teuniii Pied Dlltber, of the t'nlted Mine W'oit;.
ei. Mill be pie-cut to .nhlrris the meeting.
The inembir of tlie Mclhoill'l Ppi-copal 'mi
diy thool nnd dumb thoii' are reipie.ted to
meet llil eiining ill the Sunday nhool room at
T.;.n o'dncl; to relieiie Pastei mu-ie.
Mi-s lleitrlie Samuel, of Oak Hired, j len
deled a tetiptioii on Monday eienln; in honor
of lur flxtcrntli blithdiy. The usual pally
dlnrslont M-ere meiiily Inilulntd In and refieIi
mint Meie nruil.
The Tailor Craiheijai k diilleuxe the Nottli
Hud 'tali to a came of baket lull at W'dier's
link on Tin-day iiiniui,', March 21..
Mr. and Mir. John It. ede.v, of Main .treet,
are (he cutt of fiiendi in Jenny n for the pit
fen day.
John It. Ihuuii, of t'lihui tiiet, eallej on
Kdward-illle filuiiN Ihe forepart of the Meek.
MI-MS Kia Mu-.leman ami Mime Ce.iry have
rt turned to their home in Han-oni.
Napoleon Lnjoie Signed.
Philadelphia, Mareh ft). Napgleon Iijoie, Hie
liailiiiB ncond barinaii ol Ihe tountiy, today
nisueil A contract with Mannrer Connie Maek tJ
play u I tli the Aimriiin League bxp ball club.
Many More Like if in
The follow Ing case Is but one of many
similar occurlng dally In Sctanton. It
Is an easy matter to verify its correct
ness. Surely you ounnot ask for bet
ter proof than such conclusive stale
incuts, Mr. Frederick Davis, of .0," Sumner
nvenue, engineer at the Lackawanna
Iron and Steel company, says: "For
two years there was a gnawing pain
across my back, which bothered rat
al night moio than any other time. I
had to He In lust such a position lu
order to take uny comfort or enjoy
my night's rest. If I was not caieful
In turning over sharp twinges would
catch me In the back and disturb my
test, so that I got up In tho morning
tired and with my back so lamo and
sine that I could hardly move about.
The secretions from tlie kidneys were
highly colored and contained sediment.
One of the men nt the works recom
mended Doan's Kidney Pills to me,
saying they hail helped his father
when oveiythlng else had fulled. 1
sent to Matthews Htothers' drug store
ami got two boxes, Oradually the
pain In my back began to leave nu
and when I had used the two boxes It
dlappeared completely."
Sold for CO cents per box by all deal
ers. Foster-Mllburn Co.. Huffalo. X.
y sole agents for the United States.
Ileineniber the name, Doan's, and
take no other
0 0
M IH".M Mai ITke liul 'ompJiiy, Matinee
and iiltthi.
"A Texas Steor."
llujl' familiar loninly. "A 'lia li er,"
Ma pren'iiled al the l.yctiuu 1.1-L night blloic
a laigi' iiuditnip.
Il mua a good company kiul the nudieme
Ihoiouithly appreelated the manner in Mhltli the
itimidy wa pitei.ttil.
"Sunshine of Dover Locks."
Mil l'i'ke tontlnucK to iliaw lame ctoxwb) to
Hip Aeadeniy of Mit-lc at eieh perfnimantc glvin.
Her pla.n are liy far the best eer eii in this
city at cheap price", The production of "The
(iatiison llltl" M-a Indeed dciir, and their pie.
entallon of "My 1'rlend fiom India" will equal
the original production Mbldi Ma put on in
Sew York and Man greeted mIIIi riioimoii uc
com. (.j-t eicnlng the beautiful paMnial rotnitly
Mieies, "."un-.hlne of Docer Dock," Mas ghen
and met with lntant approval on the part of
the audience.
Ml May Pike In reilainly a eiy deier little
bodv, lur lei.itility l tcniaikable, the fact
being pinieii by the m inner in Mhicli .he por
tray Hie illffeient lole In the miiIouh playd pie.
wn'ti'tl. 'Nil, atttinoou "My PiienJ fiom India"
Mill lie the atliatlion and tonight "porty-Nine"
will be pie-mild.
"Two Old Cronies."
That extieintly funny fatce comedy, "I lie Two
Old Clonics" Mill be (ho atliatlion at the
Aeaduny ot Miiiii, rominenting Monday, M.ittli
2',. Ciowded liuux-ii have Iniailably been ihe tule
when the "Tmo Old Cioniea' come to town, and,
jiuL'Ine fiom the pre'enl ludleatlons and the
fplcmlld roineilv company Mr. Will has got to
selbcr, lids lll be no eception to the
"Two Old f it.nie" wa built for laughing pui
poc and it In more Hun succeeded. It lia
pioieil a howling micci. and bldi fair to ilal
"Ihe Pailor Match." It la belter tlian any Une
ot iiiedielne Hie eminent phynldan oould com
IKiiind. l-'it eaon It M'a furiously funny, this
cason it is better, blighter and wittier than
eicr. if nub a thing Is povililr; at lea.t. it Mill
be Interpret! d by the i lcermt comedy contingent
that brains and capital good btlng logethei,
initalilo among tliem being the ltajali of Dutch
lomedlans, Punk M. Wills, Including James !?
lie and I.a Plejta in the prittieft act on the stage,
entitled "The Aitift's Dream."
Wall Btrttt Rvli-r.
New Yotk, Jtardi St). The maikct was uier
v.hclineil Willi ulllng order during Hip louir."
ol today' trading anil tlio plirtiomeu octiirred
of an iitiloading ol tockl by alanueit luld.'is
t.-itliout any bid news bearing on the lain of
their iircpcrly lo alaim them. Hmli iii"e
luuits alwayii neiur at an ncia.louU bull mail, t
anil as a eqi:cnee to a prolonged bull nioienient.
The bull leailiK nlttinpte,! for u lime todiv lu
lonlest the iltclliip ami to illiett 1'ie .petuhtbin
into new- clmiineK Put Hie maikd M.n oh
bnily tired aid rn.pondeil laiiguldly Ii lh'
liiai.lpuluioh for th, aih.inie. Willi on!., a !m
urepllona ptlten fill well below lu.i nljlii
Pioflt taking b the beais taiued .1 lomidcrahle
I illy In Ihe last hour so that !it prltes v.ire
not tin- Iopt, allbnugli prollt taking was ie
Hewed on Hip adiatito miking the dosha tone 'Hip taking of "petiilalUe prollls In
llurlltuiteii was on nn rnorniout wtlj. There
nas ilelciiiiiueil ruppott In Hip Me' i-l ll,e
opening, but the upiuxt Hut lould lie wiiiii'il
lur It Mas a half point odialar. Tli" opttdng
ttrten uoi Ihi. lilirliitt nnil il w..s slt'lilllv timlei
pren-utf for tlm rtt of lliu day OM'ept for Urn
roieilng inoMliiint by the short. An cllori
wtt made lo mibttlliito S, Paul ami Nertlurii
Pat'llH r maiket leailrM and 'Mlouit I'aellli
Ma iimVrtl up sery buoyantly, lliere Mas a
tttoiig upward nion'iaeiit in llrooklyu Trail It
on minors of oltldal ihamreis and mi b'tyhu ''
the Mire ihaiader in Manhattan. 'le.'I totks
nit loiitlnud strong, the ileallng being tuns'
ly In tli-- ttiwt ieitlfl"ltis for deposited s'ok,
as (he time for esplird tulay. - Ihe
i"Uttes of the phli was uliiluilrl) nurfd theio
Mas a null lo deposit loks, .o Ibe th r illliKtiltii ol Hip tranrer make It probildp
that delayed deposits 'vlll lie linlitilly tiiatul.
'ihe nreftired toek .litiMed uiealot slienslb.
lalns exit tiding tu "i. Meinlitrs ot the gioup
leaditl with the il'U of tin nuikit tint nllnl
brtlit. Tbttp was no nttuat bad news to ai
rout.l for the renttioii In pikes, beyond the ion
tlnueil poslbllilv ol a mlnets' stilke, Ihe
lull matloiial iirltalloii mei the Itil.UbMi In
China and Hip pioloigatloii of the S.iutli fiicaii
war. fail, 1,J(1T.I"1 sbaies. Time was
a finther ikt Him in the .utility of tin i.ilboid
bond maiket and the price inuwi'iettl lontlnued
hregulai. Totul .ale, par i1iip. vl.Vi'i.O"'.
I'lilted siales Is .uUniiied J ami the mw Is and
old Is ' per tent, on lat tall.
The following qiintitiens
Tnbui p liy M. S. Jordan ,V
Hun building, Setanltii, Pa,
PAYING 3.18 TO 4.05 Per Cent.
Central P. K. of N. J. Gen, 5s,
Pin., Cent. & Pen. Con. 5s.. ) )
Gnl., Hnr. & San Ant. 1st 6s.' '
Iowrt Central P.y. Co. 1st 5s.
Lake Shore Refunding 3 l-!2s.
Minn. Gen'l Elect. 1st Con. 5s.
Minn. & St. L. Con. 5s. .
Norf. & West. Imp & Ext. (Is.
Nor. Pac. St. P. & Duluth 4s.
Peoiia & Pekin Union 2d 4 l-2s.
Rio Ginndc & West. 1st 4s.
Complete Ciiculnr List on Application
1001 (Pocket Edition) now ready.
Spencer TrasU & Co.
2T-29 Pine Street,
05 State St., Albany. NeWVOfk.
Ameiitan "ii.'ar
Am"iiiau Tobai i o
Alfh., To. ., . IV
A.. T. A S. I' . Pr
lliooklwi Ti.ii tlou
Halt, k (llllo
Cent. Tob let o ,.,
I he. ,(.' Ohio
Chic. ,V li W ....
Chle., II. k 1 1 ....
t, Paul
IIikK Mai.d
PJ.uv.ire & 111111011 ..
fan. A Te . I'r ....
l.ouU. fi Sjx
Maul.illan l.le . ...
Met. Ti at I loll I u ....
Mlwurl l'..tlfle
v. J. I'uitral . . .
.oiitl.ern Pa ,ue
Notlolk .V Wislein ..
Xottb. I'atlfit
Nottli. P.itltle. I'i ...
X. . Central
Om. ,V Wfl
Pi um. I,' It
Padlii Mall
lb tiling. Pr
"nutlKin II. I!
SiiiIIkiii It. II . I'r ..
1'i'in. ('. k lion ....
V. S. Uather
V. S. I eallui, Pr ...
rnnjii I'm lfie
t'nion Padlit, Pi ....
WabaJi. Pr
Wdem Union
C. P. I
Pcoplc'ri (la
Teas P..dlip
mercaii Car t'nundiy
P. S. Mm I Co
. '.',
... Mi,
... H.a
... IT-.
... lo'j
. . 'J2S
...I'll' a
. . i'i
.. li.V4
... -r.
... .;
. . .-.i'i
. . . '
. . ')
... .!.!!,
.. 1 .!,
... .!!)
. .f'i
. i is
. ; v;
. 'iin
. hi
. Vi
. I'I
. tii'i
. Ji'i
. it
win: AT.
XI iv
I. Allll.
XI iy ....
ore fi
Co , i
et. in
Ho' j
1 ''lr4
IV! "
I nMied The
ooins 70", JUtl
hone Mo".: ('Ins-
l:a a
I J 17
101.1 j
7.',1 .
7o. .
'.''i, I
VI j
1.(1 i
Pnhlv sl.itnrs nmL Jlr Ttn.l Ct. .
Klml National Hank (CarLotiiUlc).,
Mamlard Prilling Co
Traders' National Hank
Scranton Holt and Nut Co
Scrantrn l'ass'njer P.allnay, But
MoitKai;e, duo l'0
People' Micet Hallway, first mort-
Uti-'e, due 1113
Peoplc'a Stictt Hallway, flriivral
niortt;aj;e, due WZl
P'lk'on Mi'iufiitiirlng Co
Ijtka. Tounslilp School o per cent.
CHy ol Smn'en bt. Imp. il per
f-tranton 1 rat lion 0 per tent
11 j
P,.!i li,.:,ii lii'n
T.s7 T.'t 7 , -7
Mil ... .
.lull ..
Mai . .
.lull . .
Ni:V VOItlt fillAI.V
r nr
' 7i)
Minli- Low. Cln.
't. (, imr
Mi sit
Mr, -t
('. H'' 4l.-
b'1.- H,i, ll.l.
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
Pirst Xatloial Dank
Scranton Savings Hank
Third National Dank
Dime Deposit and libit ount Dank.,
Peonomy Lieht, U, & P. Co
Lacka. Trust Safe Deposit Co
Clark L Snoier Co., Pr
Scranton Iron Pence & Xlfg. Co. ...
Scranton Axle Work
Lacka'ianna Dairy Co., Pr
Scituiton Wliolesle Mrkct.
iCoiietled by 11. I! Dili, .!7 Latkawanua Ave,)
lluilei -Cie.imciy, Jl'-d.'i.J dally, I7.iiiif.
IT.irM - Pull Uille.
l'.i; Vetcm lnl., n to IV-.I.', ntail.y
fctale, I't'etitlK.
I'.rins-1'i i lnl.. i lii.ii e in.ilrim, i.,M,d,iX).
Pel Ileal. -Pit Ini , t-J.I'.ii'.'.M.
Mi ilium 'i Irn., sj.iili!.!.'.
l.irin Pins I'll till., l. !".ll.l".
Hub n -Per bu., il.lliil.rii'.
I'b.iir lle-t patrnt. r libl,, " I (!..
lied Kidney lltau-r-Per bu , I'.lJri.LO.
New Yoik Grain nnd Product.
N.w olk, M li, Ii J) - ITniir MiowiiI morl
anhiiy i, ml -tioulli on the ll-i in ukeal.
Wheal ""Vol Mini, Su. '.' led. M',p, f o, b.
alio it: No. J ml, ii)i, e i.itm; No I north
nn Hidutli, i' i. t. t. 1 1. .licit: in. II. .in stimu
'iinl at Hm ; do .id .-Iri'i.'.' at iju1),!1. n't mil in ', li dord ms,i.; M iy . M'ie. July, ill. Coin
- iMji oti ails In. i, t lii l t.i-ed oil and i In-ptl
lliu liinunl; Mauli. II. ..' July, H.',i. Dais.
H-ol slMih : No. J, .HI .v.; .No .1, .aK'.J .. 2
white. .llUa'kl'a' : So '! while, :!.!vlt.: t-ul.
lni..l witlnii. .ji.i IIK.-i .; link t.hlti', olirOt.;
optlous i-loie but -t .nls . Iliiltii Kii.n; ln'i
criameiy, tti.i:-'i,; f.iiti.n, ln.ilJi.; iieamciy, l.t
al'v. : ir'.imm.'.t.; .tatp daily,
lii'-h, l'..i"l. IIhim Miuiii:' taiipj lame n1
oied and while, llall'ji'.: limy Mil ill inloied,
I'J'ji.; biuiy .null while, p.'al-iUc PkK
ITini: l.ile and Pennyli inla, b.aU'fce. we.t.
en. l.N . ro.itlu in, l.'alJ'n.
Chicago Grain nnd Produce,
Chit ao, Mauli 'JO lliu'lol. of a tlash betwen
tin I'IikINIi and lliiiau Hoops alauned weak
IioiU and imiitihutiil to the lleiiKlh enctndered
by nlliir biillMi iipiil and wheat doscl ia7k.
IiIkImi-. ,-liup adiautp in Mil pork whltb
cloetd Ci'at. our JeMeiday was n feature of Ibo
day on tMhanse. Com rlu-eil imthaimcd, oats
.1 i-hidc higher and lint and libs fn7'i'. iui
pioiid. lall iUotatlous weie as follow: ITour
Stesillrr; No. i M'flnif win at. none; No. ;i,
i.' . : .No. 2 led, T.'V'i jT'i'lt. ; No. i com,
Mi'ii'.i .No. 2 Yellow, lU'ic So, 2 oat, 213.
'Jin.; No. 'J white. 'Jn'ia.!'..; N'o. I! white, 27'i
;Ui : No. 2 rye, .'''.; roikI feidlui; bailey, ("h
!'., fair to'thnitp miltlii";, 47al7!jt. ; No. '
tt-iK mil, .".IP.; .No. 1 iintlhw-ci-tciu, iILj.'.; prima
tlmolhi Med, -I.UUI 1; hum pork, MH.75alH.Ni:
laid, "7.N-i.iT.S71-:, lii,it rib, cides, looe, 7 Ml
a7.ii.',; iliy Falletl Fhouhlei., boed, B'jaO'jt 1
-hint thai i-bles, boxed, .iS U'j; wlilsk'-y
11.27; tiuais iindiai.Keil.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
(Iui .iicn. Mart li "ii. Cattle ltecelpt', IH.Uuu,
Ini IihIIi..,' .'ant Tixalis; generally P)c. h'Rlier; iow
uiaikel rleidy to Minn: anil titm; ("ooil to piime
lul, i s-iafi, poor In lutdluni. f1.70al.!'0
.-linkin nnd drilti. ti'.uly, i-.'.s-'; cow.
Mronu'. -J "iijl.lil; helbia, 2.7.Vil IO; tanners,
J.ri.l.",; buIN, i-leady,'.il.:); cale, steady,
l..'aiab; bull. fJ.50i3..'. llnics lleeelpts
liHlay, 20,mi; tomonow, 2u,ins) otiniatnl; left
nu'ii 2.UOU; attlie, ItK. Iilk'lui; top. Mi; mlsed
and bnlibeia, ?'. 7'iij r7'u; (jooil to i ho, e
lu .it, fi.tiati. loush lieaiv, -).T.-)-..Sj; HbIiI,
Vi.T.-.r. !i.'i: bulk ot i-alc. WiaV'.ij. Mieep
llii'elplii, 14.Ihi: vheip and earlln:, itionc lo
-hade hlchir; lambs, attlie, 10e. lilcher; (tooil to
lion e williti. "I.imi.i".; fan to ilioltc mixed,
M.'iiial.MI; wi-liin Kherp, kl.ilru ycirline .
7l.73aj.Hl: nam.' linib, l i.".i"i. 4; western
laml, W.lOal.n
Oil Maiket.
Oil cu, M is Ii LNI bal.iuie. $I..!U;
ttitiliiali. l.o bid. i-hlpnient, LMSkl bineli;
aieraae. "-'Ml I Inirels, run, lu",,32S btirel,,
ainat'e, S..t'', lnuel
i v vd i vi v vi v v 4 v v v vi V v V v V vi v y i vi i v i y 4 v v fe
The crowning bargains of tliis sale have just commenced, and by the way they are going they will
not last long. We are anxious to open with our NEW SPRING STOCK NEXT WEEK, and we have
gathered together in lots, the balance of Men's and Women's Fine Shoes to PUSH THEM OUT.
THESE PRICES will help us to do it (if you dont). About 240 pairs of Men's Fine (j 4 f(
Calf and Vici Kid Shoes, worth $2.00 and $2.50, all sizes, take them ANY PAIR for... $ 1 UU
.300 pairs of Ladies' Shoes, button and lace, regular price from $1,75 to F A n(l REUr
$2.50, all good sizes ; while they last OUC dfilU Ot5C
Well, we are so busy now, we cannot tell you about the others- just come, and if you fail to take
advantage of this sale it is your own fault.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.