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A I'OPi Mil CLLARINO' IIOCSB for the Bern.
' t of AH Who Have to Kent. Ileal
Fstste or Other rroirly lo Hell or Dxchanso, or
Who Want fcltustlons or Help These "mall Ad.
vcrtlterncMs Cost One (Vnt a Word. Six Inser
tions for Hw Cents n Word Kxcept Mtualleni
WaMtd, Ulileh Are Inscrtftl Irce.
roil w:t-i hi: nniitv ntirRxcE, no. 10
llclinonl iticet Modern Imptovcmrrits, In
quire ol ). M. SJioonoicr.
WAXTKii an t:.pi:iiii:Ncr.D and coon cook
at Emergency hospital.
sroiii: ro m:.T ov fau:m!i:-in'-
quite cf N f '. Stephens.
Summitry of City's nuances Up to
December 31, 1000.
At Monday oveninc'st niectlnu of so-
If-rt rouucll, City Controller Wheeler
Mihmlttcd lila report for the nlno
inonlhB folding December 31, 1P00. ol'
which the following Is a summary:
Bslance on hand April 2, If T.SI2 n;
Ittvilvcd fiom l, unit, liquor
tit.nes, flues bv major, tees from
board of health and ill engineer ... I'j.tMt i?
special taxes for icdrmpllou of bond.. 0"l (O
Interest on Loan No. 0 131 t.
Intnl income 10,.V2 fij
Annual appropriations l3."3 00
Additional for repairing studs re
tched frcm Cnbondalo Telephone)
company V) 0)
Improvement Loan No. t'( eariicd over
from laAt jrar T.JfD y
From Mate, for rirrmcn's Itrlief avo
elation 312 50
Total appropriating) 5"l,SOT .M
The various items of the appropriation, the
mount rvpended and the uiicspiuded balance
for each item aio shown bebw.
Appro- Lv- I'niv
Item prldttd. prnded. fended.
Mayor ? 300 10 $ 2-',) to . 73 00
Treasurer 701 (l Ml W 175 Ul
Controller WHO 2ri2 41 57 51
Illy clerk r.,0 00 2t52 It S7 50
Solicitor tl nil 2' 117 1(10 0!
ClerV, council.... 103 Cl 71 f'7 21 PJ
('ity engineer.... l,vvu i l"" m sio (0
t hlct lire elep't.. HO d 71 W ;l (.)
.Tanltor fc matron 4-0 oi run () no is)
Library , 100 in ."01 do lnj no
Ity aJMjworb... ' MOO) .ol 2.) :! 73
Tiegular police... B,000 00 ,ci Ss Wl U
Special pollen ... Win -J7 71 22 20
Health board ... jo (0 tut IM C'l
(.Ity engineer as
sistants fmfrt DI ) 111
H.ulratitj SO On .... l (Hi
I'liks ho no I'WOii
(.'ciitirgcnt fund. ti) in .lis u ll
Fuel '.'30(0 ) I 3n 13 30
l'rlnting and ad
vertising vi m ."Mil to SO
Vlre department. 2,S"0 (m 1,170 71 .120 2)
Water rent 2,wo 10 1,470 71 .VMSi
i,as and tlctlilo
llBlitil' S.tfiOM 4.r.7h.-.l l.l'Jli
llridsm aM nil r. 133 !-3
1' and In-
tertt of funded
ilit I RflOiKO 5.5J1 SI 3.17 70
Srtr Hihiim 330 t 'J' i 19
Mrret iinprmc-
iRcntM-liy 1aio L',C0 Oj l.-sisri n:: 11
I!talrlnir, Rrad.
Iii(f of MreiU.. 3,813 lO 3.IS3 SI 23 70
HiIcwjIU !(1 10.1 s,-, SO 73
Irf'lfal iots CS-VJ ( Ml l'l l.R'ia SI
Cleanlns paeil
ttiecU l.SDOIx 57-i hi 3M30
Itqiilrs lo li'ld?a MO (m S'JI 01 230 03
I'ilyjard 21 tw 12 to lilt
ISoard of icliou
and oppeali... SO 00 .... r,0O ft)
'oinplhtlon i Ity
ordUiatiics ... 7,1 (X) .... 73 00
rilllliff, etc, X.
Churtli Mtect.. l.tXOW 7.1 S7 Wo 17
nillnr, clc, ol
Hrcolvlyn Urcct
Jlid 7tli aenue SCO 0) ."At rtf 100 37
l'lic men's llfllef
antocUtlen ... 315 fU 312-0 31 J M
Inaproitinent lfan
No. fupdii
hurlaco water
ttwm 5,10)1.7 t,;m , no s"
'Ire alaim b 1 .... s 13
l'iro alarm litll.. ai CO 230 e) v; r
N. Church ttiett
btidw liS'O im ...'. I.Sim CO
(ler.iral account. (VJ9 (U 10 03
Totals 901.SU7 51 t30.u)l 2s 13 20J 2d
Xo bunds liaio been lloalml ilmlncr this period.
ui'iM'AMMNii m:nr.
Outstandlns tiuruU S!.,3'0
Outstandlt'S city uarunta 740 4D
Hty's thato iinpioumenu n,5l7 r.i)
, Hxtli arnue and I'aik plji-o paxlnir
boudi Kiuraiitcol by tho city 7oo rj
Kl dull avrnuo and South M.iin tlurt
toudj do 2,0f CO
1 npald LIMj appiutrd lv council JI2 J7
Total e))bt ot 1 ity
( ity tax lieiu
1'tllnquent ta, ltua
Ddinquent taxti, ICOO
I'rpaid tenia
l'uh on band
...tU',07!( 12
...$ 1..133 7S
... 3.313 75
... 12.011 )a
3U7 50
5JU 10
Total tuoatera W.413 30
l.' of llabllillca SiiflW ii
. i;stimati;i) v.Li.'n or city piioruuiY.
iTly building and mouiidi $o0,(oo i
'. t'arls iy
JIsm lioiies 1,1,10 ft)
, lload miclilnii ii() 0)
Mcnc crmlicr acw ft)
;Klro clcpsittuent ci)utpn:(nt wo W
. Tejal 'valuation city pteputy ?77,100 00
? SI7.I.V) i)
530,J) Oi)
.120,131 00
210,310 ft)
3.13,670 ft)
200,03a ft)
TuU' .70O,3UOi)
Tho tux levy for tho dacal year was
twit mllln, of which three iiiIIIm was u
fcpeclul tns for tho redemntlon of
bonds), etc.
Improvements iluilnu year, $0,14l.u;
llio alarm syutom, $1,931.82; nio tilarm
bell, $UG.
A perusal of tho ordinance for tho
1001 nr'rjropriatlons reveals but elluht
chiwBc over those of last year. Limt
yoar'a appropriations looted up $51,-
Cures a Cough or Cold at once.
Conquers Cioup.Whcioplng-Coiish, Bronchitis,
(.rlppenml Ccntiiraptlen. QuivK mire reMilu,
Dr.liulf'sl'illscurcCorullpatlon. SOplllalDc
uarDonaaie iseparanent.
S07.CI, while this yetir the estlmules
call tor $11,000, a decrease of mote than
510,000. Tho two eiirB estimates mo
hero placed side by ?ldo, tor purposeH
of comimrUoti.
1001. 1100.
Major's ral.iry 5 !.oo t W 00
Trrasurci'o salary 700 !no W
rontroller"s Mlary Ri 330 00
(Ity eleik's oalary Ko xaw
City tollcltor's Mlary 410 4o ft)
Clerk of common council .. K 100 (O
City ciiKlneir 1,2ft) 1,200 ft)
Chief of the fl?paitment ,. 1ft) KM 00
Janitor ami matron 40 40 00
Mhiary ooclallon 40i 100 IH)
City awcfiots and assistants WO tw) ft)
llegular polltu 3,1X0 3,W)J CO
Special police .30 30 00
Hoard of Health . puO fo 00
City enslneet's ajtjnfi
and supplies 2ftl 3iO CO
lljdrants l. ,"0(0
l'aiks 4:0 luOOO
Contingent fund W, vm (0
Kutl 3(0 2,30 CO
1'rlntlnir and sihertHim .. 700 too to
l'lif drpirlmcnt 2,ftO 2,3' O vo
Writer rercnt 2,ftO 2.200 00
0 is and electric lighting .. 5,Sii S.fft) CO
nrldcf!, etc 2CO .VOW
Itaikct flrook bridge fiftl 1.2ft) to
I'rlnclpal and interested on
funded debt 7KO n.nno no
S'ners and water courcs .. J0 .VjO ft)
Cltj's thaie ol street im
plements 2,100 2,000 UO
ltepalrlnjf and grading
utrrds 2,3io 3.213(0
Mdcalks sc) 2i"l (HI
lxpal costs lor llcn, Jude-
liifuts agaliut rlty, clc... 3,VO 2.2.1O no
Cleaning paud Kiccts .... l,u) ,2oo oO
tlepalrs lo city building .. Ml ,,-,0 po
City jard .M) 23 (0
Hoard of revision of taxci
and appeals 2'l .1m) 11)
Illllng and grading llrook-
l)ii street in) .Vhj ro
Compilation of city or
dinances 573 73 ft)
rirunrn't llcllef a-wrlt-
tlcti I 31 J M
Surface water bcr 5,ivj j;
1'ire alarm s IS
t'iie alarm bell nil ft)
I'lllltig N". Church street . i.ftnj no
General account (0 tj
? 1 1, Oft) 3I,
An Excellent Musical and Liteiary
Entcrtninment Next Monday Even
ing. This year SI. I'.itrkk'a day eumeh 011
Sunday, and as is always the custom
when the day falls 011 the Sabbath, It
will be observed on Monday. On that
evening the St. Ro&e SIhkIhb society
will 1 under ti tnusicalc and baered con
cert In SI. hull for the bencilt of
the church tuiid. The pruKrnmmc will
include: holos, dueus, trios and riuar
tutlea by the best slnircrs of the church
and alt-u Home literary selections by
wine of the taluntid yoiitii; people. The
committee in ehuige expect to h.iu a
ovenlnp of ilrst-elass cnteitalumeut.
The following bills were pas-M-d upon
fa voi ably by the finance committee of
the select council on Mondav evening'.
They were all oulered paid by the
Publicity .t Mat I in, Mipplirs for jauitot..? J.ti
llncklcy Hro., (.hotuig Mitchell team.... 3.0)
V. C. Dell, Use uf agou by lire depart
ment l.fti
('. t.entz k Sm, fumigating maehim .... 10.20
Ciirbniidale Milling Co., feed for Mitchell. I'M I
Mltrhill llov Co.. cue of team, 1'chtiury 1)00
National llvprts, company ;."
l'ratik 1.. Hcnni?, alcohol for boaid of
Icalth 51
(elder A: Murphv, stationery l.oj
Carbondalu (las Co., 1'cliruary 31
1.'. Moult, black'initlilng stieet ilrpiitmeiit nJ
City avesior, I'cbruaiy 7.3n
Micct department, pay roll Pibruaiy s.2i
Doaid of ipeals 2-ft)
I'. II. filllerui, cm- of jlarm system I0.1O
(cminoimcaltli ol renusjliaiiia, tax on
bond.) 11I.7S
Tl'CiiiJH llrcmim, 1.11a of (.'ulumbla team
and repaliing Ikw ,.,, 22.30
.Mm Ilooth, coal loj.On
Coi.sulidated Watir bupply Co., April 1
to Oct. ), roo y,:.u
T. 1. Sullh.ui, plumbing i,:;;
Tola I
A huge audience nesenibled at tho
Trlnitv I'. i:. chinch last evening at
tho second organ lecitol for the lienellt
of (he organ fund. Mr.-. V, 0. Worclen,
nt Seranton, who hod been i-eetoil
to sing, was III, and Mrs. l.ouls-e Treti
ilenbergcr, soprano, 01 tho l-'irst Pres
byterian church of AVilkes-narrc, took
her place. Her singing was universally
apprei iated, ah she iioas"hse.i u line,
llexible voice, and rendered her portion
of tho programme with nn exception
ally clear enunciation. The programme,
Marih and l'llgiim's I Iioiik T.innluiuer.
Violin solo "e Mirii" (iounod
"Canonetta" V, llollaender
Ml. Ilarty Thomas.
Ad'gio "I'uiiclnc." (fiom Sonata op. 33),
( hupin.
Soprano solo selected.
Mi. lul-c I'leudenberger.
I'ilerlm' song of llcpe
Molln solo And.nite icligoo in 1)..,
Mr. Harry Thomas
. 'fllOtlM
Awimlo In 1' Lefcbeure Wclc-
I'aitotale "Win. Tell" IIoslii
Violin soh "faialiiu Hutican Mucagnl
Mr. Hatty Thomu,
Sopiano iolo Selected.
Mis, LouUc Kieudenbcigct.
N'oflurno MendeUohn,,
rrotcoi' J, J. Alexander, oiganlst, awWcd
by Mi. II. p. Thoiua., iulinlil, and .Mis. I.oulte
Henry Sped.
Henry Sperl died at his home, at 3
Drummond avenue, last evening at D.SO
o'clock, from paralysis of the heart.
110 uuu ocen m poor health for a long
time, but tho news of his death will
ho u shock to his many friends In this
city. ,
Mr. Spot I wan born In Germany
sixty-nine years ago. He cunio to this
country when a young man and went
to Susquehanna to live. Ho resided
thtro for over thirty-live years, walk
ing In the shops there In his younger
years. Ho Invented tho Spoil heater u
number of years uko And manufac
tured them In Susquehanna. Ho camo
to thin city In 1S91 and that year tliu
Sperl Heater company waa organized
and Incorporated with a capital stock
of $30,000, the present oillcers being K,
V. llendrlek, president; Udward Clark
son, vice-president; A. I. Trautwein,
treasuior, nnd U. A. Singer, secretary.
Mr. Spetl rcvulned 11 number "St shuros
of the stock ot this coi potation,
Mr. Speil r survived hy his widow,
Phone :
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Kllzabcth, and three sons and one
duughter. Mis. Huttlo Rhule, Fred
Sleil, Theodore Sperl, nil of this city,
and Henry Sperl, of Susquehanna. Ho
wan a member of the Knights of Honor
of Susquehanna.
The funeral announcement will be
given tomorrow.
The great storm of Sunday night
deinonMrutcd tho need ot' an impiovo
ment in the fire alarm syptcm In this
city. That no llres icsuilcd from tho
many ciossod electric wires Is a. won
der. If n Hi c had Marled, however,
In the 1 evidence section and nn alarm
hud been necessary It In linrdly pos
sible that It could have been given.
The holders ot the Keys of tho tire
boxes would have to bo awakened, and
that would scarcely have been pos
sible, for Hip howling of the tempest
and the beating of the hailstones wott'd
effectually have di owned any noise
made by human beings In distress,
and the victim of the conflagration
would have lo-ct much valuable time In
getting tho desired key to turn In on
Fire Chief McNulty rnid yerterduy
that he favored having n key ut overy
tire box, ro thai no time might be lo't
in hunting for the holder of tho key.
urouslng him from slumber and then
getting possession of it before turning
In an alarm.
topics ofThe town,
HOHV- To Mr. and Mis. .Mm Mllligait, of
Olllii rt stictt a mil
f.WXU TO MICHKIAN.-Herbert l.uto. of .ter
nij 11, came here 1it eccnlng and lett on the
Krlo i1er for Calumet, Mich.
A HROKI.X SHOW CAM:. A show fitu stand
ing in Iront of the Fair stoic wai blown down
eatlc )fttmlay morning and considerably dim
aifccl. MI.F.TIXriT()M(ilir. William II. niviV. post,
No. 157. li. A. It.; Pioneer C.1OI0, No. 2u-, A.
O. K. M. C.; l'Mellly couclne, No. ISO, Im
proved Order H(plasoph,
A NKW Hi:MPi:XI'.-Mrs. U. 1). Miepherrl,
lately .1 iiiiihrit of Hie Khctrlo t ity, has taken
up her tc-ldenic in this 1 Ity, Mic has engaged a
suite of jputmcntx in the antliiacite.
I.Krr 1011 HAZM.IO.V.-Organiser llemy Col
lin?, ef till city, and a number of delegates from
till region, lclt line yesterday nmiiiing to attend
the commtieii cf tho United Mine WoiKcis cf
THAl'llC l.lG! lcliw.iro and
Iludon fliemcii mIio were taken Iroui this city
to run ctmitirs In Carbonilabi during tho ruh
two montln ugo hae returned, as the traffic has
ttronn toiialdeiably lighter. WIM.ej-lliire Nep.
PAli; roMl'O.M'.H. The Rev. II .1. Minim's
le'ituie in Jcnmu, which as to hae been giuti
list iciilng, Las been postponed until tomoriow
night. The subJcLt will be "Wit and Humor of
the I1M1 People. " It is probihle that a number
h"tn tltl citv will lake a Joiuin.c to the borough
"down tho line."
CONCKHT rOMPOSKD.-lho enfetuliinient
jnd eoneeit which was to line been stu'ti In
the choir of the Chinch of Our I,j,ly of Mount
C.iimel his been postponed fiotn Monday, JIaieli
!', to Monday owning, Maidi 23, one week later,
on aee-ottnt of the, cnlertilnment to lie giecn in
St. lloo hall next Mrnday night.
CON.sTAlll.lS SM.i:. Telegiaph poles were
adirmd jrleiday with the announcement that
the property of Kdnard James, (lie ptoptlctor
ot the btar steam llje works, on I'.nk,
bail I" en seized on a laudhiid'x warrant, and tint
tlie contents of tho d.te work would bo old to
Ihe highest bidder b) Cen-tahlo I.'. J. Xeary on
Monday, Hatch IS.
lAOUiKMr.Nr ANXOCNCKP. The engage
ment of Miss Nellie A. Moes and IrxiH . lieu
dershot, both of Luzerne, has been announced.
Doth ato ery well known in this city and liace
many filendn here, she is a sister of Mis. Oear
Morgan, cf Spiini; ulii-ct, and has other relitives
in town. Mr. Ilcnderhot is i joung bu-lnes man
of Luzerne and is alo known here.
I'NCLMMED I.i:rTi:nS.-T.l.t of lettcn !c
inaliilng In the Carhondalc postoitke Maieh 11,
I'ioI, for poisons unknown: Joe r'aronc, James
Miendan, Amos Smith, Tony Ilos, Mi. Ilirrlet
llrigg. Mis. lliidgft Oilliu-, Mis. Nithanicl Ha
Is, Mis. Fanny MoMullcn, Maty Keane, Miss
svuah, MUs Mary Thoma. Fotelgn John 'j
eilo, Anton l'ccle, Nleolo f'itt.ildli.
r.l.HMA.MAS OX lli:i.M0NT bTIH.'LT.-On
Monday ec.-.i..i the CcnnanU Siiirin? s ). lv
held lt singing school at the Lickawamia
House. Lamllaid llitinuei inaile his guests cor
dially wi Iconic, and aside trout the u-ual musical
fe.ituic theie- was cntcitdinment aplenty for
all who tame. Mr. Prunner cptcts to croii the
ocean foi a tiip to Ills natle land in Mie.
LV-prtlsONnilS OF WAII.-Thc I.iekiwanrn
County cx-l'risouers of War asioclatlon will hold
its seienteenth annual le-unlon tomorrow at tho
hcadquirtcis ot Kzri M, firlrtui tot, of fscianton,
beginning at 2 p. m. After tlie buiiness session
a banquet will bo ecned by the Women's Helicf
corpb, which will he followed by a eamp-Hro.
'Iheiewlll bo inti-io and "light tiling" and "rkli
i.ilsh .ltil!."
11AVII Cl i:i'Ti:i) 1NITA1I0X.-The Carbon
dale C)ele club hac accepted the imitation of
the Ciecn liidgc Wheelmen to vit their fair,
and the membeis of the club will go to Serantoii
en Thursday evening. They will leaco here on
tin 7.C0 o'clock tialn. It Is opeUed that a
largo rumbtr ol Me local wheelmen uin n
down, and thac thci will recehe a !,e.i,i ,ri.
come is bisuied.
AUSUOlVTH-r.ltll'FlTIIS.-Oraiit Wadsworth
and Miss Helen firlttlths were united in nurrlago
at the l'le&bcterian mane on fnnH, ....i.
The brido is one of the popular joung ladles of
.-lajueia. sue gioom i an engineer on the On
taiio and Western railway. Immediately after
Ihe ceremony Mr. and Mrs, Wadsworth left for
their newly urnlhed home in Seranton, having
decided to dispense with a wedding tripv
PROF. M-MSn-V HKRE.-1'iof. Albert ltumsbr,
foimerly leader of the Mozirt band and orchestra,
Is tl.ltlnx in town. He has Ju.t returned from
a lslt to Lnghnd, hU nallie hnd. lie has an
engagement for .cural days In Seranton, and
next week will go to Ithaca, N. Y., to assist
the band theie. Ha is now considering the ques
tion of moving back to Carbondale, It i fo be
hoped that ho will decide to do so, for he
would be u'i acquisition lo any town.
RAILROAD Mi:x I.N TOW.V.-Four lepicenta
tive of hrgo lallioads were in tlii city jester
day. It Is customaiy for thcou tnv'n to pay Wilts
ut .taied IntenaU to look after tho Interests
oltlnrlrioaib, built I, .ddoiii that so gtcat a iiuin
berstilketheiitj In one day. Thcrcrceio all travel
Ing pa.wnger agents, ami weie: riillip Auer, of
the Chicago, Rock Mand and Xoithein Pacific;
A. Lundinil.r. ol the Cnlon 1'aolflc; Charles Mor
tis, of the Atehinson, Topcks and Sante Fe, and
John S. Peagan, ot tho Canadian l'acltlc.
AN IMORRKillll.t; SOS.-Mis. Mutha Jen
nings, of II I'lkc stuet. appeared befoie Alder
man Atkinson on Monday night and asked to
have a watrant Issued for the arust of her son,
Pavid, on the charge of stealing articles Ironi
her The mother told tho aldeiman that tho
eicpalrril of ttng to reform him, us he was
hiviond her control, and th.ii (.li iH...i t.i.
sent (o a reformatory, whete a stionger hand
io4o on infill wean nini ironi lit evil wajs.
Tho boy was arrested and when analgned befoio
me iiiucmtin sotnittea mat lie nail done wrong,
ami the aldeiman commuted him lo tho county
How Pe-ru-na Cures Catarrh of All
Internal Organs After Doctors Fail
Mrs. ruKsinGMr
1 T -. : '
Mrs. r 1 llyron. or Clt! Lincoln AMmue. Chicago, 111., is Pu'Sldent
Jf the Chicago Herman Woman's; Club. She has tho following lo say
Jf I'eiunn. the gtcit catarrh icini'd), which tellovcd In r of a mmIoiih
Mse of cutarih of the bludder.
The Perunn Medicine Company, Columbus, Ohio:
Gentlemen "I was cuied of a very seveie ca&e of bladder tioublo
which tho doctors did not know how to leach. I had seveie head
ache and dragging pains with it, but bofore the second bottle was
used I folt much relieved, and after having used tho fifth bottle life
looked differont to me. This was nearly a year ogo, and I havo had
no recurienco of the tioublc. I cannot piaise Peruna too highly."
Mrs. C. L. Byron.
Catarrh of Bladder or Clnonic
Mr. Charles Lindsay, nt South
"Wayne, Wis., who is 03 years of age,
writes Dr. Hartman as follows:
"1 have been tumbled for liftecn
years with eatarili of the digestive or
gans and tho bladder. Have tried all
medicines recommended lor niv troub'o
but could not Hud anything that would
I lelleve me of my tet tiblo suffering un
I til 1 xvas advlbPd to tuko Peruna. I
nave laiccu six mimes oi I'etuna nnq
thanks to Dr. Hartman, of Columbus,
Ohio, I am now soundly cured of all
my MilTei Ing.
"I highly recomemiiil Peruna to all
and every one suffering with catatrh
In any form." Charles Lindsay.
Cystitis Is One Form of Chronic
Cystitis Is catarrh of tho bladder.
It would bo dilllcult to desctibe the
distressing and annoying fsymptoms
which tills disease occasion. We shall
not attempt to do so for many rea
sons. People who have had tiny exper
ience with this disease, know without
any words of ours, the agony which
it orlngs.
Catarrh of the bladder Is not onlv
;i distressing disease, but very difficult
to cure. If the function ot the Mad
der could be suspended , for a. few
days, it would be much easier to treat
it, but to undertake to treat an in
llamed organ nnd yet gi-e It no rest '
from its regular function Is quite dif
ficult. l'eruna has proven Itself, after many
years' experience, a lomarkablo rem
edy for these eases.
The two cases given nie only two of
hundreds xvo could cite. After iloetoix
have failed, Peruna cures. After
months of suffeilng and Illness, l'e
runa restores. It sometimes happens
that after year of chronic catarrh of
tho bladder has been endured a eoursj
of Peruna permanently cures. i
Any one so alllleted should not fall i
to write Dr. Hurin.mii. All lctteis an- I
swerod free. '
jail for the action of the coutt. It is piobablo
tint ho will bo sent to ths tate refotmatoiy at
TONTOIIT'S U'.CTURi:.-At the Reiean Baptist
church this evening Rev. K. A. Ilf)t will deliver
his lecture, "Hie. Seen and frutcii." Tlteie
will bo no adinl'ston chaiged. but a eilvcr oflci
ing will be taken as usual. Ihl. ofleiing is
Milely lor tho purpo-o of dclrajlng the expense
of btlnging lectuttrs here, 60 that the people
of the city may icceive tho benetlt of a popular
lecture courso without Ihe bother and cpcnso
cf purchasing tickets for It. Tonight's lecturer
and his subject have been highly pulsed by tho
pi c.i,
of the excitement that was induced when tho
news of Andrew Catnegle's oiler became known
first has subaldcd, there lias by no means beets
any change In tho public sentiment. Nearly
every city of this town seems to bo of the Itn
prcsslen that it would be an act almost of a
criminal naluie to allow such an opportunity to
go by to acquire an addition like this to tho
cltj's public bulldlrgs. In all probability a
petition will be started by some of tho public,
spirited citizens prajing that the councllmanlo
bodies take prompt and favorable action on this
HUMWIRKV WON. Ihe concluding game in
Ihe Cjcle club's pool tournament vvus plajcd on
Monday evening and It irsultcd in a victory for
Charles Ilumphiey over M. C. Clifford by the
scoiu of iO to 20. The tournament began on 'Jan.
14, with thirty-two plajers and theie were nlnj
t -three games plajed, divided into nine series
ot drawing. The tinea who lasted the longest
cut cf this aggregation were lluinphu.v, Cliffoiil
and Fred Swingle, and they each received a rue
as a prize, differing in value, honrtri. After the
game there was a smoker, with musical featuies,
I, al llollenbeck, of New1 York city, being espe
cially applauded tor a number of good songs. A
luncheon was served and tho members inado
merry until long alter midnight.
The Passing Throng,
Mies Maine (llennon Is visiting file lids in Oly
phaut. Ambrose O'Mallej, of I'lllston, ntt s visitor In
tjwii jcsterdiy.
Ml, tadle Cumniiugs, of I'owthily sti'-et.
vvhi has been seriously III, Is improving.
Mi, and Mis Mo tin llannlon if I iko street,
an visiting their daughter In Jer.ey Clt,
Miri Clara Splecher, of Sciauton, Is ng
her roiisln, Miss Molllo Nobn, on I'lke stteet.
Margaiet, ths little daughter of Mr, and Mis,
Anthony Kelly, Is seilouiiy HI at her homo on
I'cweltrl.v stteet,
Aldeiman Millar, of Sciahton, and Mrs, Millar
were In town vistertljy, vl.ltlng Mrs. W. J.
Male, Mis. Mlllat's sistri.
u.i.,a, op in.b.uo. 5
Cured of Kidney Catarrh.
li. O Tucker, Trcasuie
dent Order of Forrester
AVoodmcn of tliu World
r tho Indepeti
s, also of tlie
, and member
of the Owl Club,
of Council Bluffs,
la., writes:
"Pel una has
been both din-tor
and medicine
e best at my
mother's h o m e
for It has
e h re el frequent
ailments and
raved many a
doctor bin in the
family. "We used
It successfully In
kindpey troubles,
liver complaints,
and stomach and
bowel diseases.
Personally, Diul it a
than onllnary merit and
ly recomemnd it." u. o
tonic of more
w such glud
, Tucker.
A Systemic Catarrh Remedy.
Pet una not only cures catarrh of the
bladder, but catarrh of all tlie pelvic
organs, which constitute tlie major
ity of these aliments generally known
as female diseases. Catarrh of the in
ternal oifrans, known as systemic ea
tarili, finds it specific In Pontine. Pe
runa is the only Internal spc-cllio for
these cases.
Peruna Is also a lell.inle letnedy for
nil climatic cataihul diseases Mint be.
set a family dining tlie winter mouths.
Thousands of families rely upon Pe
runa to protect tliu family against tho
inevitable attack,-, of coughs, colds,
bronchitis, pneumonia and other c.t
tarihal diseases of tin. winter.
If jolt do not eleiivo prompt and
satisfactory tcsults from the use of
Perun.1. write at once to Dr. Hurtmun.
giving ,i full statement of voui cas
and ho will be pleas-ed lo give vou his
valuable advice gratis,
Addtess Dr. Hartman. President of
Tho llartmnti Sanitarium, Columbus
Tl.o M.trcnth semi-annual convention of the
Wvomiug elistiicl Primitive Methodist Wclejon
leacues was held in the lllakily Primitive Meth
odist iliuich jcstrida.v. A latgo number of dele
gates, iipicscnling the various leagues in tho
distiiet wctn piocnt; aho many of the nihil.-.-tets.
At this moimng kcb-Ioii the utttistial
reprrts weio lead atnl showed the various socle.
ties to be in .a prosperous conditien. In the nt.
tert.ooit itevotional cvcrclRcs euro comhiclcd bj
ltev. Joseph WaUer, cf 1alor. A discussion
was opened by llev, C. I'tosser, Ph. I)., of Plym
outh, on the tubject "Honesty cf Heart LVson to Harmony ol Action." An csav on "lite
Study of tho ltlblc" vva lead by ltev. James
He), of lllakcl). The discussion on ihe essay
was opened by Rev. George Lefs, of Kianton,
and continued by tho ministers and delegates
present. The evening session was attended by
a veiy largo rongiegatlon. Addi esses were de
llvcred by Miss M. Lets, ot Snanton; W. II,
lllnimelrtleh, of llltkelj, and llev. (i. J. Jeftiles,
of Xunllroke, ami Mu. T. ik-on
The school boaid met in legulai session on
Monday evening with all members pn.eut iMcpt
Messit, hell), Ilollciau nnd Nealon, In the ab
sence of fjecrctury llolleran, Mi, Mclat.n was
ehoeeii to set in that capulij. An Invitation
to attend the lecture of Dr. Mluftcr, state .su
perintendent of public Instruction, at the opera
house on Tuesday evenlug, was accepted and
tha board will attend in a body. A communi
cation was read Irom the board's attorney, James
J. O'Malley icgardlng ths cue In which the
school district is involved, over tlie title of a
piece of ground in the Fourth waul. Mr. Lcn4
ban was dlrecteel to assist Mr. O'Malley when
the tawi conies up for trial. number of bills
w-cro uscil for payment. A Utter Loin statu
Tie.isurer llnnelt was read, luloimiug the, boiiil
if they were In uigent needs of funds, ho would
advance tho mccstaty amount.
Tho night srlijoU of the borough will clcwi
this evening, as tlie term hat ceplied, and tho
attendance does not warrant continuing thu
'ilia members of the llaptij-t Young Peopls's
union fiom hero iittcudol a tocltl muting of
the Piovldinee union, held at that; Lett
'Ihe Rummage .vile In LdtvuiiK' stoic, Jllakrly,
will be given tomoriow and continue for three'
dajs. This is an oppoiiunlly ur some gtcat
large number of people from brie alleneleel
the funeral of Ihe late M. .1. Iluike. ut Siantuu,
A meeting of (lis Liquor Dealers' association
will bo helJ at tlie hotel of T. It MIIIUm, to
mot row altetnoon.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Diomo-iilulnp Tsblets. 'i5e.
11. O. l'uckcr.
The Annual Sale of
Carpets 1 Furniture
1 and Upholstery GoodsT
Still Continues.
A quartette of interesting items
from our Furniture Store. Side
boards an elaborate buffet size
sideboard, genuine golden oak,
French plate mirror, ornamented
standaul bric-a-brac shelves, and
trimmings, silverware compart
ments and linen cab
inet of generous di- .q q
mensions tpO.yO
l-xtension Tables o-foot ex
tension, solid oak, patent slide
and bolt construction, heavy
tinted legs, your choice of
lound or square ttj - o e?
tops po.o5
Bedroom Suits -vpiece bed
room suits, dresser .J4 inches.
top 2228, bevel plate mirror in
ash stains, has two upper draw
eis and lower receptacle, bed
stead is 6 feet o
inches high and .
cleveily paneled... j) 1 J,.nrV
Mattresses An honestly made
mattress, with extra top, closely
side stitched and tufted ; choice
of one or two sec- f ft
tions )1 .OV
j Special Rug
- , . ..1 .
ror one weeic omywe
of beautiful high pile
I Jonas Long
Size 9 Feet by 12 Feet.
These Rugs arc positively the greatest bar
gaius ever offered iu a high class, well made,
up-to-date rug.
For One Week Only
Your Choice, Fifty Pattern
$25.00, $25.00. $25.00.
Wo Will Hc5mc (JooiLs
129 Wyoming Avenue
.. .j. .. . 4. : .j. . .
An i'lujrilnui attiai'tion to uui own people
will be .1 minstrel show lo be given for th.-
benefit ol the Pine Library ai-oi iali it at Welt
er's rink on Mondiv evening, Mauli 25, by the
Lle-cttlii (Ity Wheelmen of seranton. 'Ihe Flic
trio City Wheelmen's ininoie'U won conslderablc
lauio nhciever they have given peiiortnanees.
very licit sunt was lealircd from tho t .el
vaty llaiti-,t chuielt fair and the longregatioi,
have eveiy risson to Icil proud ot the runes
ol thcii cllotts. The ronte.t for the parlor suite
between Mrs. Il.nilil Wlllhrnt and Mis. llicliaid
Itabi rts was io.lpotiid linlil .1 fiituie date owoig
lo ihe illness ed Hie lalter, 1 lie stli..
arshlp was won by William l'nee. lie colleen d
$120. vitss i:vau, who substltiiieil Mii siuiueU.
colbeted 911.2'). 'Ilic heiutifiil oil piinlln," ot
. C. Duke was vioti by John lljvis, ot Am 1 1
Ml-,-. Maud Davis won the toilet set, Mi-s .i,n I
Steele nnd Mis Lvans won (amy 1 iishloiin, JIim
Annie Hums and Miss IKs-ie .lames won beauti
ful chilis and Mi.. 1 oiui'dlv win a plnji
Ihe luiici.d of William II D ev is will he held
this .itteiuouli at 2 o'clock tiotit the homo of his
pireiils, Mr. and Mrs. W, II Devls, of tlie uli.
bnld. Interment will be mail" iu the Washburn
street cemetery The Knights td Malta of Seran
ton, Williams ellvMon, Sun. of Tiinpeiame, and
the Archbald Mine Accidental Fund will attend.
'llio Vrchhnhl rollierv siupeiided oiciatiou vij.
terdt) owing to a bieikdovvu of ilie fun e-ugine
'Ihe fair imdei the sti-pins ol the Idiei,' h
societ.v of llio ( iiiigtiuauoiial Hum li was it -oieneil
lit eiemig and w taitlv vwll .1
teudiil. An ese client assortment oi pnin mid
uselitl aillcles weie di.plavril for iak al baigam
prices, llvir) thing will In di.puseel 01 lnfoiu
tho fair close..-. Tin- tcflcshiucnt booih was lit,
cially patrould lait evening, and ,1 e on,nlerab!o
quantity of cake, ice cieaiti and other
told. Ihe fair will bo open again tonight.
Mr, and Mis. David Flklne, ji.. West Ma.i
field, have moved to Thlid tr. et, .liiutvii
Ml-s Alice IcHipet, who lus bun at I'loljiM
pill 1 tor smut' lime pist, is home mi ,1 i-;i 1,
I111 piileliN, Mi, 11 lid Mis. smmel to.pei, .1
West Ma) Held.
MIsms Oruee and lirilriido .nl mil Mj pi, r
attclidid llio oig.iu Icellal at Tiinil.v ehuuli,
Caibondalr, 1 it eielliHL
In.' carl 1 1" lug linonirl ammg t lie stoics
ol JciinVli nnd MaVflehl has gone into ctln ,
and, with few f Jceoptlon., Hie .tines Un evenltm
weio closed at II u'ehuk, A committee of th.
cleiks waited upon Ihe piciprletots of tin- tii.r. -IjiuiiI
open ihiiiug me evening mid einhavoied
to have 1 lis in agice lo tin- 1 losing moWiiiont,
ami hlnteil tint thc laitllg to c-ompl.i wouhl
be bos rotted,
The Wall Paper Store comes
in for much praise just now, be
cause of the comp'cte assortment
of the newest ideas known to
the art of wall paper making.
Rich two-toned wall papers in
the richest combinations Jri
known to the at t 40C
limbossed papers for parlois,
halls, libraries and din
ing rooms; price, double ,
roll 25C
Rich Oriental effects for li
brary or den, in burlap
and tapestries, at a double .
roll 4UC
Ingrain, 30 inches wide verv
heavy weight; comes 111
all shades; price, per
double roll 2uC
Wall papers with white 1 n
backs, full sued rolls. .. 1 UC
Borders and ceilings to match.
Mouldings and Plate Kails of
every kind.
'3 Sods
.nv . . , ... 1 1..
oner a numeu numoer
Until You Want Tlicm.
:$. $ v :
Hit DIS-IIN ll -timet street, herantoti,
I c Ml Vuitc- mill ( lirono Divms,-., o Men
Wonieii and (liililren loiuoiltattou and e-.
.imin.i'lon fiec Ofthe II nrs Daily and snn,i,
S a 111 to " 1 111
Restore Vllallly, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Cur Impotency. Night Emissions, Loss of Men
ors ten vvnscitu uiseasos. 1 ,
nllellectsof elf-abuse or
c,, jexcess unu iiitiiscrctlon.
(JlfMA norve tonio and
imooa uuuaer. iirlngs
llio pink glow to polo
SyvVTHr ciiecaw unci iriirrs Clin
'KVJU' of 0U1- ,'b- mall
'fl VrXBOo nor lull. (1 Mil,, fnr
CTS. j
2. fiO, with our bankable traurnntea to ciir
or rafund tho money paid. .Send Tor clrculai
niul copy ot our lunka Ills uun ranteo bond,
Mervita Tablets LriT
(vnnow LAiiuLi Immediate Results
Co.,ltveIy giiHrnntced euro for Loss of Tower,
V .'trleneotn. Tn,lAF,tr,AH n- klin.nlnn fSnnn.
l'.ire-l., Locomotor Ataxia. Nervous l'rotrn.
lion, lljsterlii. Fits. Insnuity. I'liraljsls mid tho
Results of l.rrrs Ivn lo ot Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. Bv mall in nlnln piieknge. 81.00 11
j ftntoo bond to euro Iu UO days or rofund
wvuvy J(iu mill -
Clinton efc Jnnktson Sen , OHICACO, ILL.
Sold by McUanah i Thomas, Druggists, Ji
Lackawanna aientie, Seianton, I'a,
JSLIlV-' VJsVVv7 !