The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 13, 1901, Image 1

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No Hope ol His Rccovcru Is Now
Entertained bu Phuslcians
at His Bedside.
No Hope Has Been Enteitaineel by
His Physicians Since 0 O'clock
Yesterday Afternoon Owing to
Instiuctions fiom Genet al Hnvrls
on at the Beginning of His Illness
It Has Been Dlfllcult to Obtain
News of Hio Condition.
v It iu ilo from Hi' Vaulted I'rrs'
Indianapolis Mm oli 12 OotiPinl Ben
Jimlii Mm i Icon oan llvo but a few
li iii Ills condition ui to mi carl v
Inur till morning was cnc'ouiaglng to
bis phslclanv. but Hun bo lipenino
i-slbss ami an hour ot m 1 itor Dr.
.Iiuirsiin, who bad Hilt the tx-prosl-I
nt ljf(I.ilp at midnight for his own
'i mir, was hastily summoned b Dr.
Dois j, ,im iins lemalned constantly
In Hie sick tooni for eveinl dajs past.
None but the phslel ins and a tew
fnt'iiutf fi lends uio adiulttod to the
hotiye, altliougb then? has been a con
Mnt slioiini of culleis nil day. Those
a i Ihc Maitlson leildetuo aio Ml".
IThii l-m and little r.llzibeth, Private
Sdntiii.v Tlbbett. Dis Jameson, Dor
see .Hid Ilaillo.v and a corps of ti allied
nurfu t'olonol lltisell B. Manlon
and Mi. McKee hale been advised by
tiIio of the serious tuin in tho gen
eml's roiidltlon, and tho fouiui has
ir d ho will leave Washington
Wclii"-(hiv nuimlng foi I lid I inapolls
Vli.s MoKoo, Ikimmw, Is dotaltu d lit
b i bonv In Siuatogii, N Y, tluough
Ik Illness of her chlliliou.
Hluri the genetal was taken sick It
i- "ii hi ho re'iuested hl physician' to
m-iko no iiiinei 's..ny a lai minp icports
i" the publlo as to his roiidltlon. Tol
i""lng thi so lnsti notions, It has been
"I'll tin gtondst l i 1IU n 1 1 that any
iifus linn boon obtained fiom tho bed
side When an iurjuitv is made by
telephone as to the general's (oiulltion,
'hi Inqtilier Is ptoinptl lefeitcd to
Pi lanicson. Tho bittu Is now issu
ing hourl. bulletins to tho ptes
t J o'ehvk this aftoinoon Di Jame-
HI ih'(Illi-il in his bulletin tint Gen
'miI Hun ion's condition was oiltUal.
t ".ami I ocloiK additional bulletins
wtu I'sui.ii which .-dnipl stated that
tm clniii,r In condition of thi genem!
bad oi iinod fiom c.itlbi In tho nftPi
iinon Di" J.mipson, Hmllev and l)or-
v v iit hcrl b.v tho bedside
All Hope Abandoned
V i culoik this evening It boiMinc
pp.npiit that tho general was llng.
ml tho pli.slcl.ins now iiiaKe no effoit
' roniiMi tho roal gt.ivity of tho sltu-
tinn Tlu'v suj it In a m.ittei of bonis
til all hopt of his roeoveiy Is uban
0 'ml
iSuvnil lliuilson nnllnucil to sink
f' oin oirlv till" morning. II( wa" for
th si. nor put of the Hnu in a seml
oom.itnst londltlon. and at times tber-
rr Indlo.itlpns of npprnurhlng dolli
luiu I .ii U tonight theio imis Ire leased
i spii iilon which Indicated creeping
o'iRpsiion and tno stronpth ot (3en
oi. i! IIariIon began to cllni'iikli rapid
h Al U o'clock he was much wenktr
than ho had Iupii two bonis hoforo.
and from that time on tho sinking:
Japldlv continued.
shortly aftei 10 o'clock tor.lclil, with
b's f.ii jililnlj bPti.ivliiK his iipltatlon.
in .Jameson left the llanlson ips.
don t. oi his otllip' to pioruio sonic
iii"dl luor. whleh tho Rtailty of tho
i it-o lb ni.iiidPd. AVlU'ii lie ictiiiiu-il bo
mid that the condition of Oonpial Mai-
nn wax extremely critical, and it is
Iiliinf.Mo to sav il0w lone tho patlenl
may be able to iohltt the (lefpenliiK of
the congestion
llil-InK llu aftoi noon tho plmlrluts
icaoiIoc! to tho oxjkoii treatniont In
an etidcaxoi to inItifffit- the i onuant
pain and l.iboi of bro.ithliiK with width llauUon lontondtd 13y tlit-i
nioarih tin' ablllt ot tho pun of tho
luiiRs not 1 1 nKostod and Inilainod to
pinify the blood was Ricatlv iuoivased,
li vas thin tieatniPiit which (.aifil tho
life ot Hudmd KIplltiR: cIuiIiik his III
uphs In New York
T)r. lamosin in kIiIhr out the pub-11-
bulletins h i bcu eoniintlvo,
mid It Is believed bv i-onio that Oonoial
M.iulson'K condition eon nioio
alarmlnK than th(ip bulletins Indi
cate, It was stilted this inoinliijr that .i
rromln(nt member of the Hairlson
family had telephoned at noon that all
bopp had ben abandoned
Telegiam fiom Mr. McKinley.
Among the many tele grains lecelvtd
today was one tioin 1'n.Mdont McKin
ley Numerous sdiullat niettaijoH have
bofn rccehed. Tiacy, of New
Yoik; John 'W . Xoblo, St. T.aul: Son
"tor Atl.liiK. of AWst VltRlr.l.i, and
John "Wauanuker.of I'hlladclphli, nlnn
sent telesramc, D.inlet M. ItanFdell,
ergeant-at-uinis for tho United Ktates
Benate, left Washington foi Itidlau
a polld today when ho lea i lied of the
vcrlous condition of Genual J Unison.
Tho people of li.dlannpollH weio not
Ifrpn eager for new ftoni Ilia bcdhldo
than the cltlens of other dtios and
states, and tho telephoned in the iiiwk
paper ofllces wem In eoiiHtant uo dur
ing the day in uiiiuwi to IikiuIiK-h,
Tha newn that thein wctneil to bo
no hope of locoioiy e'anie as r- nhoclt
to the neighbors and file-ndb of thu ex
preddent, although thev Knew ho was
iriy III.
The jiurtelen lllnecs of the eeniral 10
rftllod to many poisons that he has
been ecen In public this winter piob
blv more than ever, nnd appealed
ci'llllng to discuss all iiiistlons of n'l
tlonul I ci t e i e s; t . M has neon conspicu
ous by aperies of nitlclos In the North
American Iteiiew.
In Good Health Wedensdny.
fioiu-ral MnrrlKon -was In perfect
health last Wednesday, and, contrary
to genual tepoit, was not suffcilne
fiom a cold or illness of any bolt. He
was In full possession of the vitality
and Igor which hns characterized
these later jcara of his llfo to n ie
niaikablc extent. 'Wednesday liiornlnK
ho went to the law office, where bo n
inalncd for about tin hour and a half,
talking with snvcrnl fi lends. Mewalkcd
all the distance for the hake ot ever
tUip, and on the way met a nutnbor of
filendH to whom ho boned In his cliai
ucteilstlo way. H iclurned fiom bis
aftoinoon walk without oven feeling
fatigued, and in tho evening went to
one of tho neighbor's to make a short
all. Tliuifidtiv moinlug ho awakened
with a palu In his h"st, which nt (list
was hardly noticeable but later gradu
ally grew oif,p until Mis llntrlson
became rilaimi'd, and Jlr. .fnmei-on was
suiiiiuoned Jli pronoinicod It simply
u cold, and fin i eil no alarming icsults.
Then the lungs became i.ipldly affected
and tho Mm is was ((implicated with
lieutalghi Satin day his condition was
suloiis, but not such as to cause par
ticular aim m Sunday, foi the tlrst
thin', the physicians began to have
fiaiM for tin ipooierv of tho iwitlcnt,
but said little to tho public about tha
Mtlousnes offiuieial Ilmrlson's con
dition. Ne.t day It was nuuoiiticcd to
tho public that the Illness wiw nioio
alaiinlng than watt nt tlrst supposed,
and that there was danger that the
genei.i! would never iocoor fiom the
attack. Since Monday morning bin con
dition has giadu.illy grown wor-o.
Shot tlyaftf r 11 o'clock tonight A. U.
M. Miller telephoned fiom the llanlson
homo to his law put tnor. John B.KIam,
asking him to lome to General Until
son's bedside as death was liable to
occur at any moment The two will
remain .at the bedside all night.
There Is No Desiie on Part of the
English Government to Drop
Py l.ulujoo witf Iron Tli oriitril I'ifj
London. March li. The foreign olllce
oillci.iN an' nettlid at the statement
that no opening Is left for the ttiithor
aitlon in tho case of Oieat Ilrltaln's
teplv to the United States' amend
ments to the May-Pauncefote treaty.
It Is pointed out that Gieat Hiitaln's
leply Imltes further proposals from
tho United StHte.s.
A reptf scntatlvo of tho Associated
1'iph has been otriolally lufotmed that
thoie Is no ilesho on the ptrt of the
Hiltbh gotrnnient that the nutter
should be chopped Tluy confidently
expect furthei negotiations and hope
for a sitlsfaetoiy onoliihlon. though
this does not lesson their Insistence on
the Integrity ot tho f'lajtou-IJulwor
tieaty until both fignntoiies consent
to lis abrogation
Cleiical Party Mobbed and Spat
Upon in the Stieets.
Hi Ivlivitc Mill (rom The oi tatnl I'ifj
ltome. .Match 1.'. -ltlotous scenes oc
cuiroJ here today owing to a dispute
in the municipal council between tlio
Clericals and the antl-Cloilcals over
tho subject of education Tho loimer
advocated and the litter opposed re
IIkIous Itiftiuetlon in the schools. The
('luteals, being defeated. iesgncd their
sp.its in the louncll, Wlun tho mayor
announced their le-igrmllon student
and other civilians who crowded tho
lull bioko Into ihoeis foi the- nntl
I'teihal 1. u Hon. Thoy aNo ued in
sulting laiiguago to tho I'loiicals. and
an upioai follow oil, which mndo it to Mijipcnd the fittings of
tho ( ouncll
When the ('h Heals lethed they woie
tollowed Into Hip sticei by the ciowd,
which sin rounded thoni and used oi
piobtlous l.uiguugc, spat In thelt faces
and thieateiied them with sticks. The
police eventually Intencncd and dls
poised the lioteis
Regent of Bavniia Eighty Yeats Old
Today Celebrations in Munich,
lb l.tiiic Wi-i firm Tin ,( clnlul Pr
Munich, Mnuh 1-'. The ( it. is hav
ing the most splendid lelebiatlou tor
munyjeais past In honm of the olghtl
etli hlitlula of Pi hue- l.ultpiild. the
togout of H.natia, and lrttmllv king.
The kaiser Is lepitsenipd by the
uown pilnoe of fierinany, and every
(oiiit ol Uuiopo has sent Its congratu
lations. Ihnperor Viands Joseph of Austila
anlved today and was icceivcd In tho
station by Pi luce I.ultpold. Largo
ciowils lined the ionic to the palace
and hcaitlly (hceied the maltles as
they pishid.
Consumption Contagious.
Hi Ikcliiihe Wire from Tli A!oclatcd I'rtH
riiDfefrJi IiIj, MiipIi M CuiKimiptlon J
pljcul nrll lUt d coDtaitious illu Hit liv in
IiojkI nt lirilth i( llilx (In redi), md plnlilun
mn.l hum iqioii in Ilia lirallh oiilur nil cum
ami dial))' li U not tin Intuition of the lon,
to loIjtc victlmt of Ihc ilUcais.. Jhe Moil, of
Hi memliCM W to lie puflv sliicjtlojiilto
i Her aiMii.' n.i to rrcjuti(nir.t mrilioiK Mni
It os .aid diJiifci tjiiU will ! fiipplli.! In wor
llij pool pitlrnti.
Dr. Zaner Dies.
I!v U(hh Wlir (rem lhs AsaocIll 1'ifii,
MillriUiirr, MjicIi U'-Im I Io.mI jiier,
nlia attcinptcil to commit sulclila J.ut tsiturday
tv iiittiiii; lil throaty and nrit with a razor,
illid today in the liopiul, pncuiiionia linliifr rt
In from I lie loo oi Idooit nnd tic wci umbcil to
tliU ill-ca-c
Rabbi Levy Reappointed.
Ill I.xclihho Wire horn flic AwocUted I'tfsi
PhilJilclpliU, Maicli U J. Leonard I,cj, o.
todutii lalibl o( heiurrtli Marl, of thU ill.i, w
n ikintn or tlio )ian, nitti bii Inricuc of
.ilaij ot fiom M,lo to $7,rl.
Mr. Kruger WillNot Sanction It.
Oj Meltwhc VMrc fiom flio Afsoclatnl l'rem,
HiiH.iln, Maicli 11, Dr. Ifjili aiinounccil Hut
Vlr. Itmtrr Mill Ipioio tlio surrrndrr nesotlu.
lloin 11 nun Cii.cijI ll"llu mil l.oid Kllil.-errr.
Theu Present a List ol Ninetu-Six
Minor Officials as Deserving
Minlsteie to Meet Dally Heieaftet.
Owneis of Propei ty Confiscated for
Xegation Defense to Be Compen
satedThe Question of Indemnity.
Tho State Department at Washing
ton Much Exercised Ovei Russin's
fly I'vclu-he Wire from llu nouitdl Pn
I'eklu, March 12.A general meeting
of tho foreign mlnisteis was held to
daj. The teports ot the committees
weip hcaid.
Hegardlng moie punlshinont of the
f'hlnesij connected with the lioxeis
there is stienuous opriosltlon against
demanding many mote bonds, but a
list, containing the nimi-s ot nlnetv
slx minor oftlclals. will ip lucsentid
soon to Prince Thing nnd M I lung
Chang Those men, It will bo tuged
should bo tried for complicity In the
outrages and punished when found
guilty, hi such a mannui as the flu
nese themselves see lit, evcept In tho
enso of s men who, tho inlulsters be
lieve, should he put to death
Tho lepoit of the committee on the
general principles on whleh indemnity
dalnis should be consldcied was adopt
ed. Those claims' whleh are palpably
unjust will be disallowed
Mr TtockhlU's proposition pun Idlug
for dally meetings of the mlnisteis Is
to be followed so far as piactli abh
Should any minister bo unable to at
tend, no meeting Is to bo held
The report of the committee on lega
tion rtuaiter defence will piobablv bo
eonsldercd tomonow Though the C'hl
ncsp owners of piopeity umtiscatPd
have not been notitled the uiliilstpis'
icgistiar of claims will piohnhl see
that the amount involved, vvhoie Just,
Is added to the total of the In
demnity. The mlnisteis will soon meet IMiito
Chlng and Li Mutig Cluing to consider
questions tegatdiiig public bulltllur
and giounds.
ShaiiRhnl. March 2. The Anietlcaii
nnd lliltlsh f'lilna associations have
cabled to their lespi'ciive Institutions
In Washington and London iiigliigth-Lt
protests bf iinide against the ltusslmi
thlneso Mum Inn Inn tieaty, and It is
undei stood tint the tleimons have
taken shuilai action
It Is said thai Chang Chi Tung, vli ,
loyof Hankow, will open tieaty pints
on the Yonk-tsc-Klang, below Woo
rhang. AVnshlngtou, M.inh 1J Notwith
standing denials It Is loitiud
that the state dopaitment Is much e
erclsed over the Itusso-C'hlnese agieu
ment icgatdlng Maiuhuilj It is the
opinion that If the agiecment is al
lowed to go into ctfpit, it will lesult in
sotlous detilmcnl to tho comiuoici of
the United States, which, with that
section of the Chinese iniplte, Is of
gteat and gi owing Impoitauce
Brooklyn Youths, It Is Alleged, At
tempt to Emulato the Example
of the Paterson Fiends.
Bv 1 Kimv Nif fi out 1 )! Actuated I'nii
Now York. Match li Alarv Paige,
the putty Irt-vear-nld elaughtoi of C.
M. I'aige, lies In her fatbei's home, tli victim of assault Slme
she was lound yesterday morning
wandulng In the stieclf, It is sild
who hna been conscious only a f.w
minutes, when she managed to gasp
out that she had been luted to a liv
ely stable by thtec jourig men. foi cod
to di Ink a drugged liquid, and had
been assaulted lij tin oo men.
Tho police 'icted piomptl. This
afternoon thev atrested Heoigo Ah
bott. Jl , 17 yoais old, Brooklyn. Mo
admitted hnowh.g Mmy, slid ho had
taken her for a walk Stiudav night,
and that two other oung men hod
lolned thoni, but diclnieit that ho Knvv
nothing nbout her having been drug
ged, and denied that there had ln-in
anv assault. Ho gave tho names of
two other oulh.s, nnd wnnnnts wero
swoin out for their an est.
Late this afternoon the dttci lives
tool; a voting man to tho Adams sticet
police com t, wheie ho made n loner
adldavit before MaglsttatP Utonner.
The detectives said tho youth wjs n,
most important witness in the ease
They would not pel mil him to talk.
Insuigeut Major Pulny with 40 Offi
cers nnd 240 Men Stop Fighting.
D,v Uxctntlte VWin from Ihc Awoil.tfil I'fcjt,
Manila, Mardi U-tapliln (.uliik. if the
1 orW-Kunlli V oliimcii InlJiitti. hw iml..
tin- Nirrciulrr of tlio liisiiisint Vlalur I'ulai, lili
Kill uln ofllceu ami 'JM mm, ai thp (mm t(
l.ulul, In Alt) piotlme, soutlirm Luzon
Moiitcnjnt WjUoii, of tho I'orn.llfUi Volniilur
Ititantiy, wlillo fcoullni; m'ar the 1 unlit of
llado, in CdtnirliiM ptovlnrr, Foullimi Unw.
killed lite liinurrritc and diiltojod tlflrrn of the
cncmj'j tliaUlnd barrjd.ii
Supeilor Couit Convenes.
H.v llrtluuhe Wlro fiom 'Hid Vwoilalfd Vi
IliiiUburir. MjuIi 11 -Tlio hrcli term u( Ilia
Superior court opinnl licru tudij ullli all tlio
juried kit tine villi the evitpllon ol .lmleo Milili
til. Ihe (nurt N cxprdril in luiid iIomii a num.
bcr of opinion luforu tlio .iiljourinmiit mt
Kinfaun's Caatle Afloat Again.
Dy rxrlushe Wire from The Aoelatfd 1'ris.i
boutliimiiton, larcli 1J Tin Kinfaun's C'otle,
fiom Co Town, whlili ran aground In i heavy
fog; mn Tho Nfcillei, Imi Wen flialul without
1 1 a n i a ri and iloikrd at thlx port
Fiesident Russell Defeats the Reso
lution in Senate at Honolulu.
Ill- Ktilii'he Wro from Thr AwmUlnl PifH
Honolulu, -Match .", via San I'lanels
co. In the Senate today Cecil lliown,
senator fiom Honolulu, called for it
vote on a motion to tablo a lesoltttlon
asking oongiess to grant Il'iwall
When tin vyutps weio annound I'
whs found Picsldent Uuu:e had voted
In favor ot thu motion, thus defeating
'Hip lesiilutlon, asking statehood.
Hi own accuted tho president of acting
hi an aiblltniy maniiei by voting,
lliown was calle.l to order and re
fufod to eui render thp floor, nnd tho
seigiHPit-nt'tiiins at rested liltn The
men would have crime to blows had
not it motion to adjourn ptevalltd.
The Ciop at Willies-Bane Goes Out
with a Rush.
By 1 ulinlie Will! from "lit Vwclattd 1'rm
Wilkes-liai ie, l'a . Match 1.. The ha
hlodcule In the Sustuhamia liver at
this point hi okc up this moinlng and
it wont out with a itisb Sonip of the
lowlands on the wist b ink of the llv or
weie lloodi tl, but no dainagi' of any
conse(tieiice was done.
Tin- watei In the ilv ei fill live and
i half foe I this atteinooit, and all
dangei ot a flood Is past
Bill Appiopilate $5,000 foi the
Puichase of the Giound for
Buiial Purposes Measures
Passed Finally.
tlj It lii-iie ue frini Hie V.0(Utrd l're"
Marilsbing Mnuh 12 A bill appro
priating J'lW'il tor Hie piiicliufp of tho
necessatv giound to which to lemove
and Iium tin u mains of the Amu linn
soldlets kliloil nt the hullo of Brandv
vvino, fought at lilimingham. Chester
coiinlv, September II. 177, and to pio
vide for the puiihise of stub othet
iai ts of the battlpgtound as mnv b"
niccss-it to pioservo iiitnet the lines
ot Initio and to provide foi the pur
i base and election of pinpir niaikers
to mail; the Aiiiorluin lino of battle,
w is ittttodiiKil In Hip housp todav by
.Mr La. k ol I'lii-sier.
Th'so bills passu! fit'iillj 5-cnate
bill authorizing tilliou' eoiporatlons
whli h shall o" at l-at two-rhlids of
the whole stoilc ot any other
Ill'p cuipotalloii of this commonv.ealtb.
ind iiliall have r.ilhoid coiuiei ting
with He I itii r, to aciiilio tho
i hlsp. inopeitv llglits and uodlts of
till' iHttPl
IJatlfvlnr and onfiiniitig oil pavluc
done in Hilid class e ltf s since Muj il,
lei- without petition ot piopcrty own
en under an oullnanco passed in
i omphalic o with Hie piovislons of ai
tlcle .1, section i 1 1 ins-- to.
Annuitizing count.v tieasuieis to io
fuiid on 'variant diavui by the connlv
(Ciiiimlssloiii'is to alien-- the tax of
tluee t"nts tier dav paid Into tho eoun
ty iipjsmv iiiiitt l the act of .lull" 1
The Ootti t nlll amen ling the act of
lune 13. 1SS3. lelitlve te, tho distri
bution and -c ot unclaimed bodies
for scientific pin poses, to piovldo that
Hie fi lends nil) clilm their Indies
foi buiial, was deloated.
At 12. JO. on motion of Mr llolh, tho
house adjoin nod until '! o'clock out
ot lespect ti tho nien.oiy ot Senator
Mn gee
Tho bin fmned ai isteidav's oon
foienec of stale Pomociats will bo in
tioducod tomorrow. A copy of the bill
was mailed to Ser.atot Quay at St.
Liu lo ria loda)
The Laigest Seen in Pittsburg in
Many Yeais Tiolley System Sus
pended. Dy Uxclifhe Mire from I lie Aocia'ed Pr
I'llt-hui, Vljieli li I lie rdlillii. of the lite
stnitnr (' I. Ma(e. wlm iliid .n HaiiUtmii;
lit 1'ilila' iinrlil. wiie intinrd in the Alle
ging (iniilcn tht ifleiiiooii The Firilti.
wlliti in mtnpii iliirli Imple. Hire hi Id if
liliilly lil-c'il ihunh, ind vsere londiuted
b' HUhop loilliinl, n.Utid I iv llu. Hi Allied
Itonilrl , ml lliv Until lotus liesidinl ol ihlin
f,ll ti Viiiuiik thw in nttiiuljiKi' Mire (,o
c ii,.l s ii-. nil ihc na'i ifluiiN, .mil tin in. in
liil thi tate eiiiii' nho i inn fiom tljiiU
til re in i I'odv In I'" thill lit rficrU to
lieu dead inlUaioii' Ihe n one of
Hi WireU mil In the ilti In jcirs anl th'
ihmili w.i iinnihil t i Ihe d or, hiinlnd helm;
inialile to gain udiiilttauc p
l tie time 'et toi the fimcril the (iirrenl
vti tinned nit nf" tiollri ear mi Ihe gieat
MMeir of 'he I'lwlldiliil 'Indton iiimpin) fir
two inlimtM .ind Mill- vi n rnilrcli kii-punlid a
1 milk of ir pn t to the ileieied pri'aldnit
Theie Is Reason to Believo That She
Has Appealed to United States,
lli l-i ushe Miif fi mi Tie sfhlated ln
wad Iwrloil. Much li rheie U ipkoii ti
liline thai Cliliu hi nipeilul in the 1 iiIim',
Stulri 'n lin iNtrunlli, Imt whither the appi li
t, hionJei Mil I to illd nitli in n well, II U
not, p..ll lo 1 1 li irn at prenriit, Vollitng liii
l.ii luanl tifm ltuili lnie the icil il mm
inniiiiailon I ii wnl. 'ftliiit toith 1 1 Kituude
rf llii"liV ohiiitk in hiiu tiin.ralU. ami in
M iii hull 1 in firtii iiIji
MlnW.r Mil hi 1'ieii ilmo.t a dillv i iller al
the' ilrpuitliiinl. alid,tt ti eildint lint (he
Ihlnin lie Imputed h the belief Hut the
ni-U In I" i il reaihid ami that (lie ilcnllnv
ot Vlmcliiiiii ilepunb npui tin1 Iminidtale tulim
ol tl o powei.
r..v 1 xdiulie Vlr fiom Tlie Awoelatrd Prem.
Luecni, 'lavlm pnnlrci, Iiuon, Vfiuh li
The 1'iittcd Mates nrnn tranioii hummr ar
rind nit luecni lavt iwiilnc ThU inornlni; a
uit of tillj Closed tho shallow and wire
ill Im ii to tuvni Tluy prorcedi d villi the oi
irmUatlon of a provlnilal Koiernmeiil In l.ufini,
( olfiiifl fiaidmir, Iain of the Thlitlitli Volnn
tin liilintn, wi trxli) apioliited dill oernor
of Ihe proi line.
Pnuncefote's Appointment.
Ill lAdiuiie Wlie Ironi tlio .Vrifu luted Pro.
I.indnii. VIjkIi ! Uml Pannerfote haa h-eit
vpiliinl i miluliii in Ihe pi 111 iniliiill
The Brltl6h Government Said to Be
Expecting Its Snecdu
It Is Thought That the DMe In
Match 14 Botha Will Undoubt
edly Yield but Theie Is No Cer
tainty About tho Other Boer Com
niaiulois Continuous Rains Inter
feie with Movements of Troops.
ll.t l,ioluie IMie bum Ihe Aoiulrd l't(i
Loudon, Match VS. A report Is cur
lent licio Hi it the govutitucnt antlcl
paten a tpeedy announccnient of the
suiiutder of UpiickiI Ilolha, the Boer
eonitnatidoi' In chief.
Imiulilos nt llu- war otllco show Hut
Hie otllclals theio have no locent news
of the htu lender negotiations. Thoy
think Hip armistice expires Muieh 14,
and they are inclined to believo that
ISuieral Botha will suirelider, but they
are doubtful in togard to the other
Boer commanders In tho field.
(ii'iieial Kltchenei, In a dispatch
dated Pretoria, .March S. ns llenoial
Dp Wet If north of Iliandfoul (Orange
River Colony).
Continuous rains have interfeivd with
tho movements of the ttoops in Cape
Colonv Tvvo binds of Boers fire being
hunted among the hills bv troops under
(Joirlnge, Uellsle, (iionfell and IIoiuil
kcr Bloeinfonteiii. Mnuh li Colonel Pll
cher's (Olumn has cleaied the couutiy
of Bocis b"twcen this place and the
Orange Blver. The column has arrived
hcie. biinglng In Hilrty-thioe piisonets
and 3,000 horses
Cnpo Town, March I.' A few Hoer
millers tocontly attacked Sheldon, a
small place In southern Cape Colony,
about one bundled miles north of I'oit
Ulirabetli. Thev destrojed the station,
but did no other damage. Troops have
gone In put. suit of them.
Calcutta. M.uch 12. The government
Is pieparhig for the possible arilval of
o.OOd Boer piIsonor, Mho will bo dia
pospd of In bitches of a thousand.
Thiee Pel sons Killed, Two Injured
and Ono Missing Dam
age, S100.000.
flj Iai Iiimv Mire fiom I lie Vvoenud IV
MelCoespnn. IM . Maich 52 The Me.
Kecspoit bievvln.j plant, valued at
$100,00n. vv.iii (onipletely demolished
this moinlng by an explosion ot tho
iiol.ei. Tluee tusons wue killed anl
two Injtiied by the collapse of th
btllldlng, and one man Is missing. An
other man, who Manning on a
ttelght cat watihing the teyeuers at
woik, was knocked irotn the car and
iv in belu aded by a passing ttaln Tho
dead me Joseph rietcckle, eiiRineer,
of Xovv Kensington: M."nthevv Mauetr,
of niafspoit. woikod In cooking de
p.ittim'iif James Ashton. McKesport,
whllo viewing Hip nilns, was inn over
and killed by a Plttsbutg. McKeesport
and Yougl'logheny train.
The Injured aie I'attlck Spencer and
Jlis. Spencer
TIip tei rifle force of the explosion
completely demolished the large brlclc
tincture. Oni wall fell on tho Spencer
dwelllnf: adjoining, nnd the occupants
were bulled In the ruins. Patrick
Spencer wis lndlv It'Jured and miv
die. Ills wife wan cut and bruised,
but not (Hiu-erously hint. MIes c.u
haugh, nn cmplojo of the Xntlotuil
Tub? company, who was seen In the
vicinity Just befoie Uie c'plooii, Is
missing. The cause ot Hie xploslon is
not known.
Editor and Publisher of ''The Com
moner' Visits Phllndelphin.
Dy rsdii'li' Wire (run 1h Isioeltted I'r-J.
Philndelphia. Marih li Cilencl William den
nines Hum paid a v-U to thU city ludjj nnd
was cntert lined bv imhllihera ind edltnuif the
Ir ulintr ne'upapir lie Ullid the Mr wwi-pt
er- He iald thu ilt wis one of li'isitiir
alone be fild tint In t picpiilng to inlarge
lh lo.iimonir and that tie nanl ahertMn;
"1 liaei found," lie said, "lint the admlle.
ment cnl 'lion) I rit be oierlookid by n pro
pii'lie wi.tpaper man. I ttart(d emjll, but t
llll ICIl'l to cxpiid "
Mr III j. an tiiid'u ittfnlul i jiihlio mri'llnr
Mill waa a'MiiMe'l bv 'itto bope, (f Hal in
(., Philippine Itliiul Vftei the inectlic he
kit for ?w m
Hi I't lmlte Mire fiom Tho AfoOilated Pre
I'lilUddpliil, tarili 12 simh ruiuh In tho
k daj Rons eou ilraw uie, whlih beijaii Inro
at. rnldnlklit Simdav, liavo dioppid mil of the
toiitrtt, but the htKrcn irinalnlne show mejt
endiiranee The Intiret I lliely. Tin score of
Ihe llrt Uti men t II o'eloeU tonl(rht mm ji
followi.1 filuh, W mllM, Ifenilnun, ifn, ow
aith, 1'li Hail, l("l; ravanauirh, lsn, llainn,
ISli Dian, 170, (.olden, S5; n.iu. 111, VfL
Tairne. 181
Muideied nnd Robbed,
Dy lltcludve Wire from llu Aioiulfd 1'ict
VMlnilngton, Pel.. ManU li. Ccorjo Heain. u
1 eelwilght ft Ifuilngtrii, wji fomul iniltdllid
kt in unfierjuentid kpot at that placo todn, Ihe
head w i ludlj battered, in It with ilnli, aid
theie I alu IndUatlon of a bnllit wound in
tlio head Mr. Uearn n laioun In bite had
about 80r in hU K(I. and whm found Ihe
poiketa vwre tound ilttul Tin 1 c 1 a vd no
rluc lo tho nmtdiieu
Nesbitt Bill Emloised.
llr Rxclndve Wlrn from The Vwoct.ted f'rri.
llmlnburK. Marrli li.-lhe Vrshllt bill wa
fuuitrl)' epdorwd todai b.i tho Priitni.iliaiil I
I'hannareiitlejl jttoiUtlon, heie, t.xl.ii, ln
bill i iendln In tho hoiiie, mil will pn,luM
( me lip tiiinoirmi foi aeiond readimr
Wthtr Inltcdloni Todr.
1 fieimal vPrcmde nt llitri)n Hi Ins;.
Dtllot rtrictm mil Iteocleil at Itltlbhurir.
TtiKland P.xpecU the Siirirnder of Until u
2 General Cailsindale iK-purtlnint
1 I ocal lleeorder Molr Heplle-i to the (Juft
Metliodlit Jtlnbter PImim fliitriti Wotk,
( IMituilal.
Note and Comment.
I boul lleoivatilrttlon Ot llnjiiee IVl-es i"ito
Sill. Strikers Draw l'p sValo Preparilor" to
6 frjl Met s'cranlou nd sulnulan,
7 (iin'inl Vottlieattetii I'eniiThanl
Mnanilal and Commetelal
8 lJl Ui Vew ol lhi Indu'trlal Vtirld.
Piesident Mitchell Presides nt
Hazleton The Gamer Bill Is
Il I.Uht.n.. Win limn the SwCdaled Pies'
liiizloton, P.i.. March 1J It was
neatly 11 o'clock win n Ptesldenl Mitch
ell called the convention of United
Mine WorketH to ouler todav. After
Hip committees on ittdeutlals ami or
ganization had been appointed, and
leported. theie was a long ds( iiKxlon
on tho of the iSarner mine
liiHpoe tor's hill now befoie the legisla
ture. Home delegate S weie opposed to
the ptopofed i eduction In salarbi,
while othets favoied tho election of the
Inspectois only by the inltiots, all other
voters to be pNcluded. Tho matter was
llimllv postponed until tomorrow.
Tho mine opera tots of the antlua
cite legion weie not In attendance.
Mr. Mitchell. In his opening nddress,
said he had hoped all of the operatoi.s
in this region would rollovv the ex
ample spf. by the bituminous operators
and meet their men In Joint confetence
After consideration the (lamer bill
was endoiM'd at this afternoon's ses
sion Hon. .1. .lefftlen. of Hazleton:
riiarles CI Id ran, of I.,unsToii1. I J.
I'arnev. of Archbnld. Michael Uren
nan, of fshpuanilo.ib, and Heniy fol
llns. of Sot anion, weie appointed a
committee to examine all pto)on"d
mining legislation to bo pi evented at
Haiiisburg, with Instructions to make
lecommendatlons to the convention
Just before tho af tci noon adjourn
ment, President Mitchell declined the
offer of the minus of the anthracite
Holds tcgaiding the collection of funds
by them foi the putchae of a. home
for his occupancy. lie suggested Hint
Hip money bo tiud for the erection ot
ti monument In niem-n v of the men
who fell four eais ago at Lattlnier
John Tahev, of tho national execu
tive bo.nd, announced that bills weie
hi course of piepn.itlon for the abo
lition of tho coal and It on policemen
In Pennsylvania
The piesenee bete tonight oi several
opoiatots f i oin the Hell ii) Ik 111 elistiict,
who aie watching the work of tho con
vention, Is responsible fot the sptoad
of a tuinoi that some of them will
entei into joint eontoienco with the
mlnens, but as jot nothing deflnlto in
Hint direction has developed, nqual
Izatiou of waged In the Hazleton tegloti
was dlfcusned at a. meellng of dele
gates thin evening
A meeting of the executive board of
Hip thice djsttlcts was also held.
An Amicable Agieement Reached
at Wilkes-Barre Both Sides
Make Concessions.
Ill I Illume IMie fi.m tie uiubd Pip
Wllkes-Uarre. Match 1.'. Indications
now point stronglv to u scitlcnient of
the nltk weavers' stilke In this .section.
Tor ovei a month past employes of
mills located In this city, I'lttston,
Scianton and Ciuboml.ile have been on
utilise lor mote wages All attempts
to btltij, about a settlement failed until
this afternoon, when a confidence be
tween the striking emploj of Ham
ford Hi o' mill, in this clt, and tep
ltsentatlves of tho film was held. An
anilcable agieetnent vas tint hud, both
sides making concessions
The strlko vlll be declared oft' to
moriow, and the employes will lotuin
to woik on Monday. An lncieaso of
wages, avenging twenty per cent, nil
mound, will bo granted
'Ihe stilkers nio well pleased with
the tot ins of settlement U Is thought
now that as nnmfiml Urns-. ,uo rendy
lo testime operations, that the mills In
sviamon. I'lttston and Ciirbondale will
lollow suit.
Lai Rest ot Its Kind Loss S325.000.
Explosion Causes File.
Bi i;lniie Wire front flie sodali I Pre
Kankakee, III, Mauli li -The Alihri stj
fidol.l, the )aisel ot U.o kind In Ihe vornl.
buimd tcliv I at lin H rd lo., l'i (X), liisut-
iiee. MWimn
the ivpli'lon it .i bun s Iriclei bulled I'.e
flip dmili ijtlnn due to lion nail and wet tai' h
i Mined tlio ivplfulon, whldi Mew cut tin si '
n the lirtient huildlii; anl cukcI it to eollapi.
Indicted for Bookmaklng.
Hi l.tiltitivr VMie bom Tie As.oclated l'ifc
Ne oil., Manh il viirriw Moore and Nib
lldtn Il line loin Inlldnl In tin srjinl
in.', li.iiC"il wllli honkmakliic: 'Ihe inn men
wire limited Mmli J In I laid at No. en sixth
jiuiii, where the ' Mini' Vr-t Sld Hub' I
ah-'i belli
Ohio Recedes,
llv I.xduibc Vrj from 'Ihe o..te pri
l'lttl'UB, Mtiidi 1J t mlliikll tin I' 'lo
tlwi hid iis.ei'ed lo -eMnliuii lert illd still
falling, I'ioiii all uprbri point on both ihe
Allegtiem und MuiHincaliela, nine Knll. il Ijll
ll'C wtn little In no l.iln ind all diikri
ARE REJECTED Elections GommiUce Has
Decided to Report Adverselu Upon
Four New Ballot Schemes.
Mensuie Intioduccd to Ptevent th
Appenianco of Children on th
Stage Dills Passed Finally Ant
Effort to Protect Phlladelphian
fiom the Wiles of tho Ticket Seller,
A License for Non-Resident Gun.-'
ners Othei Rills Cousideied.
Uv l't Imlie Uir- from n Vwociateil Piejs
Hairlsbuig. Pa.. .March 12. The housnr
elections committee) at a meeting today
ik c bled to rcpoit adversely four ballon
refomi bills and fuvoiably tho llcaconi
bill leiptltlng counties) to pay tho o
peiuvs of election contests. Tho bllln
negatived ate tho Itedford bill, framed:
by tho I'eniisjlvunla Hallot Reform as-,
aoclation: the VnnDykc primary elec
tion bill, endorsed by the rittsbuti?
chamber of commerce; the Chew bill,
making voting compulsoiy, and the Ai-
nold bill, lequltlng candidates to nio .
sworn statement of their election ex
penses. Mr. Hess, ot Philadelphia, lntroduc-d
a bill making It a misdemeanor, pun
ishable bv a fine of not less than J'O
nor more than $100. for Hip tlrst offenso
nnd nn impilsonmeut of not less than
ono j ear nor nioio than three ycai.
for the employment of children under
eighteen jcarfc for or ath
letic peiforrnances, singing exhibitions,
or for playing upon musical instru
ments. Bills Passed rinally.
These bills passed Anally In th
ttiiiitiiiii; He pi lee to lie printed upon tleWts
if iidinlwloii to plaie of uniwiw it, theiteu,
psrka, ivhlhltlim., ilhletje jni mds and mitiloo
piiiK. in Philailili'iii.
ItrulatbiR aid llceiwlrp of vlleri of tickets
of ndniiulon to Ultnrs to lilaee ot amusetnetit.
parL. exhibition!, athletic pound nd outdmr
Itaiura In Phlladelplila.
Jtuii!rlnc nonieIdent EtmnrM in weure i
ll'fiie befoie liuntln; in I'lniKvlnnh
H"ltiilitlmt and dttlnliiR the loimdary linen j1
pnllir road. suppifnnt to the Reneral corpor
Hon 3(t ot 1ST!, nutlorblnt: tlio formtioii o
corfiorations for profit by voluntary vsnelatimi
of three or nioie ienoii. one of nhom must b
iltlen ot l'mmjl-inlj
jJidltirg clnnce lirirtoforp nude in tint
namcH of loiinnllun bv (oiiit
Iteittilatin;; the mitiibci of dlreetora in toipir
allon ihnilereil under the h of l'lniwrlrinl'i
viakin i fpcdal ipiropiiatlou of $3f(ii0 In
the soMUlV orpiians' frchoil for extriordinai
evpetifi.9 Inclined 0 iritis the two )ears Hiding
Jlav .11, imd
Authoiiziiin' railro-ii beretolorn ir heievfiei
cont nn ted to .no inci fotuilnir the boundarv
between tjil1! ind am adjoinlnir stlte to Ik- built
by imiiw of i bridge and its approulic. to I n
inuldle of udi met ind (hire rnnneet with am
riilroad of Midi aili'inm; mlo beretofoie if
heiealter iontructed
Other Bills Consideied,
The bill legislating1 tho weight of
black blasting powder made or used
In Uegs was amended on motion of
Mr Garner, of Schuylkill, to provide!
Hint eaih keg shall be plainly stamped
with the nanip of tho person ot orpoi -ation
inanufiu titling th powder and
the number of pounds contained In thu
keg, after which it passed first roadlni;
and laid aside for printing.
The bill amending section 1" of thm
Pdlllllt act to Incionso fiom tlueo tn
six the number of newspapers authoi
ied to publish Hio oftlclal tidvertlso
iiients in Philadelphia, was beaten bv
n vote of 7" to ,IJ, a mi
jorlly of 105 not having voted in thu
aihi matlvo
Tho bill to ptovldo for tho centraliza
tion of township schools and to pro
vide foi township high schools vva-i
p.stponc'd alter the homo refused to gn
Into committee ot Hio vholo for gen
pial amendment.
Tho bill Riipplcnieritti v to fht nr(
of June "", 1S95, lelatlve to t,amo com
mHsloneis, extending the povwi off
same piotortnrs. malc'ng disposition
of fines lerelved hv them nrd rogulat
lug tlulr piy, was defeated
Tho house adjourned nt C o'clock uti
til 10 tomoirovv moinliK,
Feriyinnn McDanlels and His Pas-
sengei Victims of the Flood,
II) I.xcluili? Wire from lie ssociateil l'rei!
Cunibotland. Md . Match li Mii
Maiy t'lillun, il'iugliter of a pioiulneiir
merchant at Little Oilcans, this county,
unci John McDanlels, li'ii.vmun. vveio
diownod In the Potommi ilvor this
nun nlngnl Little Oibans by the ferry
boat In whleh thev wnc iiosRliig up
set llng
TIip i able, which vias mooted to n
tin, btoke and Hip boat, whhled
aiound by the swift ilvor, upset. Mi -Daniels'
bodv was lecoveied. but Mlfs
f'allan's bod has not ot been found.
Mlus Callan was on her wa to the
tialn to inn I bet slstei
Called to Wilkes-Baue.
n,i i:(lulro WIra from 'lie Atsodated Tien
Nen Vnk, Vlardi W Ihe llei V' If Moigjn,
of the Central ibtlrndbt 1 ptVopil dninli. New
aik. haa terrived I ill I" the I nt
Upbiopd ihmdi of Uilki lime, l'a
Chinese on the Bolder.
Hi Iidube Wire trim Ihe V.oclted Preit
Malum , N V . MlMi 1' Ihe HaUne otfli ij
laptiiltil ( (liine,' on tie boidu todai flif
Mill irolnhli he nul to (Uiliuhuic, li I' Klld
Jil mot, an ion Iiik umii'iii i
Waelilngl li, Minh '! I'orcant for
WnlueMlai mid lhuidai I kIiiii Pi nn S
4 'iliinla liKieiwIng 1 1 nidiiier mid lain
4 Uaniiti Wi hipsdo . Inbk .iill liwc ti 1 1
f mIihI- l( milnu eii ii -
tjriflto' &,&
.uiv,'. i&smAmKitoaitat
.. VS,