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Resolutions ol Respect Are Passed
In Both Senate and House
ol Representatives.
Although the Body Is la Session but
a Short Time, Many Bills Are In
troduced In Both Brnnches The
Anticipated Struggle Over the
Cooper Resolution Is Averted.
Ill I,i1iim Wiir rum 'I lie Associated rVe.
llunisbuig. I'ii., March 11. For the
second time during tin; present session,
there wiih nnother vacant chair when
the senate met at ! o'clock tonight.
The scat of thu Into Senator O. L.
Magco. of Pittsburg, who died on Fri
day. ii: draped with mourning. A
beautiful ilorul offering relieved the
sonibiencss of the drapery. The pen
al'', on account of Senator Mugeo's
1 nth. was In session only a short time.
Hills weie Introduced as follow?:
Il Mr. KoJcr. 1'hil.iilclpliia Authoi ir.ltifT Hob
' l.iirf nml .1. T. MatilTir, liotli o( Phllailelplin,
1 tiiinis suit! against the commonwealth for turns
. InaJ l- lino tin m.
II? Mr. Illrkett, Iaiilailrllii.i Kxrmptinc; soda.
f.U'T anil apputlcnaoos thereto. Icawil
hlrd. from lciy or sale on execution or ills-
('ii' irnt.
11 Mr. Miirhihrniiiirr. Allegheny Providing
' iar the mtliih atnl other corporation, fir
unblb- .lutlioiitlf. owning or Ihk charge ol
am p.nh or public gruuuiR may enter mlo an
agreement with any company maintain
ng ainl operating a iallro.ul within ihr state,
leiming sri'l rising tho minncr, tctms anil eondi-
ns upon which eudi p.nk or puMic grounds,
i any portion thereof, liny W uil ami occupied
M slid railroad ompany with Us tmcks anil pas-
ii2( r tutinii l'lil 1' litis-.
lie Mr. I'niry. I.tircrnc uthoil.lng paitlcs
' "cfliiillv liucrnlcil in any ilcmaiid or claim
tn.iint.iin any suit brought upon isald demand
nr'tioill t"inllig 0 the lojt.ll 1'l.lilltlir tlio pel. ill
ii "Ii" ' name the stilt ought at common law to
Ih'l UgUO.
Tocht's Ballot Bill.
Mr. Focht. of Union, clmlrmaii of the
committee mi elections, reported favor
ably, as amended, the ballot bill drawn
iii liv himself. Mr. Focht said lie will
rii-l; that the bill bo recommitted aa
s-non as It Is printed, for the purpose
of further (unending It. The amend
nients already made to It are unlui
pui lant.
On motion of Mr. Horkelb.ich, of
Thiliidcliihla, the hill abolishing the
lavs empowering the courts of Phila
delphia to appoint the board of revis
ion of taxes, and the bill providing for
the election of the board by the people,
both of which were Introduced by hint,
'"re recommitted to the committee
on municipal affairs. Mr. Herkelbach
made no explanation as to why he
wnn ted the bills recommitted.
Tin rending of bills a third time went
over until Wednesday, and the senate
iiearril the calendar of bills on first
At the request of Senator Fllnn. the
dean of the Allegheny delegation of
the senate, who was unavoidably de
tained In Pittsburg, Senator Grady, of
Philadelphia, announced the death of
Senator Mngee. Mr. Cirady presented
a beautiful tribute to the memory of
the deceased, and at the conclusion of
his remarks he presented a resolution,
which was adopted, that the senate
and its otllcers attend the funeral ser
vices of the dead senator at Pittsburg,
and that the session of the senate fixed
for tomorrow be dispensed with.
Senator Muohlbronner, of Allegheny,
presented a resolution, which was also
adopted, that a committee of five sou
tois be appointed to take Into con
sideration the manner In which the
senate will express its sense of loss at
the death of Senator Magee. and that
a special session be held at :: p. m.,
March -7, to lecelve the report of the
After it had been directed that the
senate chamber be draped In mourn
ing for thirty days, the senate, as n
further mark of respect, adiotiriicd
until I 1 1, in. Wednesday,
The anticipated stiuggli in the house
iter the Cooper resolution deploilng
tin' action of Hie municipal corpora
tions commute" in reporting without
ii heirlng the Philadelphia "Kipper"
was aveitcd tonight by It adopting
Mi amendment offered by Chairman
'olvllle, of Philadelphia, to recommit
the bills fop a heurlng. This action
was followed by the adoption of a
resolution offered by Mr. Yoorhees, of
Philadelphia, that the us- of the hntl
of the house be granted the commltteo
for the hearings.
Mr. Cooper moved to amend tbe use
of a chamber be granted lor Wednes
day, March 1:0 a: S p. m. mid as many
evenings thereafter as necessary. The
umendnient failed by a vote of Id
nyes to SS nays, after which the reso
lution was amended to provldo that
the house shall be notified three days
before the heating, and then adopted.
Mr. Colvlllc gave notice that a hearing
would be had on Thursday evening at
S o'clock.
Previous to this action thcro was a
fdiort debate on the resolution, Mr.
Cooper, of Dclawaio, niid It was a
graceful backing down of the friends
of the bill, who have been beaten In
their efforts lo railroad them through
this house. Every member of tho housrt
hasrecelved a telegram from the board
of trade and allied organizations for
a hearing, and the committee chould
glvo a fair and imimillu. hearing to
both bides.
Mr. Voorhres said It was unfair on
tho part of Mr. Cooper to Impugn tho
IntegWIy of tin committed by offering
his resolution. Tint people of Philadel
phia wanted these bills to become, Jr.wis
In spite of tho claim of Mr. Cooper
to tho contrary. Ohulrmnn Colvlllc
paid the bill.) had been fnltly consld
eied by inn :nmmMo, rnd that there
was no desire on the part of hlniFClt
or his colleagues not lo give a full
hearing. They are Important measures
and tho commlttc was willing mid anx
ious that both sides would ho heard,
Pofore tho adoption of tho resolutions
Mr. Cooper presented a memorial from
citizens of Philadelphia asking for a
hearing on tho bills, and requested
that It ho read.
Speaker Marshall ruled that the me
morial would havo to go to the munici
pal coiporatlony committee, nnd could
not bo read until tomorrow.
The bllW, with minor amendment',
were then teported fiont committee
by Mr. Voothces and subsequently
Bills Iuttodttced.
Th .'ho bill. werj iu place:
Mr. Siul of pjttpliln Intreilmnl a Mil ii-pcallng
tho lilctio tax law of Apill II, lVi't, anJ pro.
vlillmr for the refunding of the tax lollcttril
iiiiiler the act.
Mr. Micner, of fjikawar.iia Appropriating
$l:!'.i,.'0O to the Lackawanna, hospital, Snintnti.
Mr, Hill, of Northampton Apprupilallnir $i!,000
to the Peiiiivylt.inla Sialo Pair association at
Jlr. Plater, Phll.lilolphlJ-Hi'peallmr thf art
to exempt feulwr iii.H'hlncs nrnl typewriting mi
dlines 1mwi or lilroil, from wlo or lciy on
cxriulliiti or dlstrr.4 for mil.
Mr. Uaincr, of Solniylklll I'lrscrlhlns tho
method of cnteilntr the Juclkiiunt ol ii court
tthero a Jiulioiicnt of a Jiwtltr ol the ruo It
rcvcrr-ul on a ceiliorarl issued ly tho iliftndant
nnd presi riblnif how defendants costt Mull lie
entered a a part nl tho Judgment.
Tribute to Mr. Magee.
Mr. McCialn, of Lancaster, offered
tho following resolution, which was
adopted by a rising vole:
Whereas ur Ilcaienly 1'jther ha. seen fit In
hU iiiNCi ill able xiiftlom to remote by death tho
Hon. Chiistoiilier l.tinan Magee, a iminber of the
Kiiale of tho rouimoimealth of renin.vlv.inla, and
wheroa. During lil public and priulc life ho
no lived a3 to caln the loo and isleem of all
I.i-ied of our fellow clllrem witliout regard to
party, creed, color or condition, ami
Win tea , lie .n known in life a ono of the
met ihailtahlr of men, a true friend ami an
honoiablo, capable iml faithful public ollklal;
theiefore, be II
PimiHiiI, That we ilerply K.nipatlilo with lilt
teife and Immediate telatltes and trlruds, and
M till the people ol this roiiuuoiiuojltli, whom be
hat o well and honorably repritntid In tho
illlTcrrnl po.liloiw whlrli he !u ni lull
orably filled. Let hix life In one which all men
idiotiM (ilrlve to miniate, that when th" drc.ld
wimmont come it. may bo Mid of in at of
him, lh.1l lw wax tier Iron! feKMi amliltlnivt,
pctonal lrMlllliiMit, and wat loved bj every
true man with whom he wat tluowti In contact,
and bo It fintlier
Derailed, Hut a eopv of llvee tenliitlont be
Hiilably pieparn! and precnieil to hit beloved
and rrspecti d wife.
Mr. McCialn said the Impiess of Mr.
Mageo's citizenship will not fade, nor
will the force of his example die with
this generation, but It will live on to
point the wav to a bioader charity
and a nobler manhood for generations
.to come.
The prayers of the poor, of the sick,
the lame, the blind, are tonight like
Incense rising to heaven In tribute to
his soul,
Mr. Palm, of Ciuwford, endorsed all
that his colleague had said about Mr.
Mr. Voorhecs said the deceased was
his personal friend, and that his death
was a severe personal loss to him.
After clearing the calendar of first
reading bills, the house adjourned until
10 o'clock tomorrow morning.
A Reform Which Does Away -with
the Circle ou the Official Ballot
and Makes Other Radical
By Kxclinive Mrc from The Arsociatcd IV.".
HaiiMiiuir, Manti 11. A ballot itform bill
whleh dots away with tthu elide on Hie ollp
rial ballot and imiko other cliaiifos in
the piCMiil ballot act vv.u framed for hitioduc
tlon in tho leiciidalura at a meeting of tho
state l)i r.ioe. alio eu'tutivo 1011111111100 i.nd other
prominent Democrats today at olatc lieadrmir.
tem in thlt (llv.
Ily tho term of the bill tho pieIdentlal cl"'
toiK will lw nrruiiitcil In irioupt on the !. ft
t.ilo of tt.e ballot, each 1,'ioup foiiuin one col
luiiu. At the head of cadi croup will be placed
tin pally appi Hatlon and Miiname of the can
did. lies for piitddcnt .Hid vice piciddvlit. At the
right of tl.o name of each elector and of the
patty name at the top will bo a wuare in which
the voter may make a cum m that he can into
for the vvholu group by making thlt one luailc
at Iho lop or a emit allir each nam:,
. All other candidates i-hall have llielr lianiet
prlnlid under the title of tho ufilce for v.hii'.i
they have been nominated and dull bo arr.ingej
In column on the right ddo of the ballot.
No candidate's name M1.1l 1 appear more than
otio on the ballot. At the right ol the 11.111 10
of 1 11I1 mndidato will be the mine of the party
or paille. by whom he wat nctnliuted. To vote
a cro innt !io placed alier the name of the
ciiniliilito lor whom the lotcr detii(.t to tote.
No pei'in ean have a helper lo uslt him pie
pur lib, ballot ctcept lie lc pli.U,ilI.v dlublnl,
whleh shall bo itppJI'ilit lo the eleellon lo.ild,
or tnders ho U unable to lead the laigllth lan
guage, lo which fait be tnu,t make allldavit. No
helper ean asi-Ut mote than t'iree voter. Ileaiy
peii.illie. arp preseiibed for violation of the law.
No i'Iijiirc l to bo made In the prcient ty.tiui
f fllliiffi lerlirleales ot nomination, nomination
p.ipru, He.
There who pr(ent at the ireetini; beside the
ineiubeM ot tho eoniuilttce National t'onunlttif
man .Ijiiu'k M. Oulley, of l'iltbuig, and Con
gieMinin Hall, l'olk, tlieen, MeAlecr and Miiteh-1-r.
'ougreloiial npporllonmoiit was alo dU
1 lived, but no formal action wat taken.
His Physicians rind No Great Cause
for Alnrni."
Ily llxelivitn ttiro fiom Tho Associated Piett,
hi(1Ianapo!U, March II. Dr. He my Jameson
has been In constant attendance on former 1'itsl.
ib'ia llairisoii and with Dr. V. Iladhy lias al
ternated in .1 cIo3 watcli for tho dlghtitt sign
of linprnirniint or ulapH'.
At 7.30 o'doik tonight Dr. .lameon tued
I he (ol lowing statement:
"I find 110 great eau lor alarm tonlglit In
the eondltloii of (Jeneial llanbam and at
tribute a dlght change) for the. worse to tho
fact that he lias Ken laborlnir with his ail
ment one ddy lonjir. Ills temperature U now
10: 4...", hit puIm' Ou, iciplration 35. I thioU
ho will have 110 illltkully in going through the
Scalping Law Constitutional.
Py i:cliHlre Wire from Tho Auoclatcd I'reu.
liilladdplil.1, March ll Tlio Supreme court
today KtitUlncd th contltutlonallty of the ticket
cIplr(t law of Hid Hate. Tho easo was tlio
appeal of IMwairi V. Keary, of I'ltttburs, from
the judgment of the Superior court. Keary con
elue ted a bu.lness of buying and wiling rallroid
iMsrlii at litttburg and claimed that the act
whleh prevented a peiton not eoiniccled wllli tli
the rallioadt from gelling their tickets wat uu-icmtlliitloiiul,
Manu ot the Ex-Buroliers Are Now
Acting In Harnionii with Their
Former Foes.
The Former Contestants Join Hands
to Protect Tlieliv-Homos Against
Marauders Do Wet Is Moving
Northward Endeavoring Appar
ently to Cross Railroad Toward
Transvaal 13,000 Refugees in
British Lines.
By i:.xciu.lve Wire from 'Hie Associated Prett.
Tllocmfonteln, March 11. tleneral lie
Wot, it Is reported, Is moving north
ward steadily, at tlio rate ot twenty
live miles a day, with a view ot cross
ing the railway to the eastward. Ho
should now be west of Kroonstadt.
Several small commandoes In pos
session of the southeastern portion ot
the Orange Klvcr colony, from which
(he garrisons at Dewetsdorp, AVepeiier.
Smlthflnld nnd Jiuxville have been
It Is impossible not to be struck
with the fact that a great proportion
of the former enemies of Great Hrltnln
In South Africa have frankly thrown
In their lot with the llritish. The
Hrundfort. Kroonstadt and Hloemfon
teln burghers arc now bearing aims
against tho Itoers. They say their ob
ject Is not to operate against their for
mer comrades, but to defend their
homes and property against maraud
ing bands.
P.very town In the Free State occu
pied by the Hiitlsh will 50011 become
a centre of Piitlsh Influence extending
a long distance in their vicinity. More
than 13,000 refugees are within the
KHtMi lines, and many of them de
maud arms and permission to take the
field. If their requests are grunted It
will be easy to enroll 2,fi00 burghers on
the P.litlsh side.
The Pittston Wife Murderer Is
Again Convicted on Second Trial.
He Accuse3 Other Parties.
I' i:eliiFJse Wire fn m The Associated Preis.
"Wilkes-Harre. Pa., March 11. John
I.utz. the AVest Pittston wife murderer,
was sentenced to be hanged today by
Judge HaHey. The prisoner, when
asked It he had anything to say why
sentence should not be pronounced,
merely shook his head. He seemed
dazed. "When taken back to Jail, he
for the llrst time seemed to realize his
position and told the warden It was
not all over yet. A strict watch will
bo kept on him. Lutz was tried twice.
At tho llrst trial one of the jurors,
after being out fifteen days, said he
had been intimidated, lie was side,
and In order to get out of tho Jttrj
room he signed the verdict ot murder
In tho llrst degree, although it was
against his conscience to do so.
On the strength of this a new trial
was granted tho prisoner. The sccouel
time ho was promptly found guilty iu
tho llrst degree. An attempt was made
to secure a third tilal, but witliout
Ho Has Asked nn Armistice iu Or
der to Communicato with
De Wet and Steyu.
Ily inclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Lorenzo Marquez, March 11, General
Hatha Is willing to surrender. Ho ask
ed: an armlstlco In order to communi
cate with General Do Wet nnd Mr.
Sleyn. Should they decline, It Is be
lieved nevertheless that General Botha
will surrender.
The Hoers have no artillery or am
munition and are burying nil their
Tho railway from Lorenzo Marque?:
ti Pretoria is practically clear of
Report That Russia and Turkey
Have Reached nn Understanding.
By Kultulve Wire from Tho Associated Press.
Constantinople, March 11. Tho offi
cial newspaper Ikdum announces that
Turkey and dlussla have come to a
complete understanding for the preser
vation of peaeo In tho Ilalkans.
Governor's Right of Veto.
Dy Exclusive Wire from 'I Ins Associated 1'
Philadelphia. March 11. In tho Supii'ine
coin t today argument wat heard on the eon
stltutlonal light of the governor to veto .1 por
tion ot tho publlo school appioprlation re
duclnj the same from S?ll,uoo,niKi in S10,0O0.0"O,
which was don by the net of May VI, 1MK.
Attorneys firry, ot Centre county, and C. Tyn
KraU, of Montgomery county, appealed for the
appellant, nnd Attorney fieneral lllkln rep
relented tho commonwealth, Decision was ic
icrud. m 1
Nation Jury Disagreed,
fly r.xeliulve Wire from The Associated Press,
Wichita,, March 11. No verdict was re
ported by the Jury which last week heard rib
denre in the trial of Mm, t'airlo Nation for
unilshlng a "Joint" hero weeks sgo. The)
Jury stood seven to Hve for conviction and was
illxhorjed today.
Bcrwliul-Whito Coal Mining Com
pany Notify Men.
Ily Uttiiulra Wire from The Associated Pre,
Pittsburg, Pa., March 11. Private
advices to Pittsburg announce the
posting of notices late this evening by
tho Herwlnd-Whltc Coal Mining com
pany at Wlndbcr, Osceola, Mills, Hor
atio untl other points In Iho Central
Pennsylvania, mining Held, as follows:
Tho average adiatice of 20 per cent. In nagc
liven our cmplojct, Apill 1, 1100, will bo con
tinued until April 1, 1:-'.
(Signed) llcrwii.ibWhttc Ctsd Mining Co.
This notice affects about ten thou
stind men, nil told, and is of tho utmost
lintiortnneo hi Central Pennsylvania
mining opera lions. About 7,0n0 of this
number of the men are employed at
the mines nt Wlndber. Tho action ot
the company continues In effect tho
highest rate of wages ever paid In the
Central Pennsylvania Held.
The llerwlnd-Whllo Coal Mining
company Is ono ot the largest corpor
ations In that field, nnd the miners
whom the company employ work
steadily, owing lo tlio fact that tho
company makes tide-water shipments
almost excluslvedy, and owing, further,
to the fact of the total absence ot any
labor disturbances In connection with
tho operations of the company.
The Heaviest Crop That Has Formed
on the River Since the Year 1870.
Py Inclusive Wlte from The Associated Pre"..
Laucusler, Pa.. March It. The lee
has begun to move oft the Susauehunna
at Columbia. There is a channel about
n hundred feet wide along this side,
but along the AVilghtsvllle shore tho
lev Is still Intact. Jietwccn Columbia,
and llitriisbitrg the river Is filled with
lloatlng Ice, but It Is thought that It is
not heavy enough 10 do any serious
damage. At Marietta the condition is
different and grave apprehension Is
felt. The water Is steadily rising. Tho
liver Is not. yet bank full, but what Is
causing tho most anxiety is the fear
that the ice may give away Ivefore
there Is a siiillclent eiuaiitlty ot" water
to carry It off safely and that dis
astrous guises will follow. Not sineo
1s"e, and probably not even then, has
t hen's ),..'ii such heavy loo upon the
riv. r at this point. Immediately hi
front of the town the river is clear ot
ice on this side, but on the York county
side it is yet intact and It is feared
that when the ice just above the town
bleaks Front stiee will be Hooded. The
Ice varies In thickness from twelve lo
twenty inches, and In many places Ico
from above has lodged underneath to
a depth of ten feet.
Late this afternoon a gotge formed
in the Xeck, a narrow channel In the
liver Just above Mcfall's ferry. To
night at Safe llarbo.-, where tho Cones
toga, empties, the water Is rising at
the rale of a foot an hour, and It
seems Impossible that the law lying
portions of the town should escape
Yoik, Pa.. March 11. A break-up of
the lee on the Susquehanna occurred
this morning, nnd a general movement
of the Ico commenced at Wrlghtsvllle.
Keports from various points nro to the
effect that tho lee was moving oft
quickly. There has been but a slight
rise, and no damage Is feared unless a.
gorge forms at McCall's ferry, eighteen
miles below Wiighlsvllle.
Uneasiness Along the West Branch
of the Susquehanna River.
Ily Inclusive Wire from The Associated Tress.
Cienrllcld, Pa March II. Thousands
of logs nro jammed In tho west branch
of tho Susriuehanua river near Cur
wensvllle, six miles above here, and
causing much uneasiness In CTearlleld.
The Ice from above has lodged there
fifteen feet high and Is holding back
a tremendous amount of water. Old
lumbermen buys thai If this mass
breaks not a slngla bridge will bo left
standing. All the rafts from up tho
river are held above. An effort will
bo mudo to work a channel through
with dynamite.
Several farms have been practically
ruined by the heavy rush of water.
There Is still to feet of snow In alio
Significant Remark by the British
Chancellor of Exchequer.
Ily K:.ilu.ive Who fiaui Tho A.-oel.ued 1',
London, March 11. In the house of
commons todav Sir Michael Hicks
Ilcach, chancellor of tho exchequer,
when moving the appointment of a se
lect rnmmltteo to consider rhe now
civil list, conveyed a hint that an In
ciease In the civil list might be ex
pected. He said that while the government's'
proposal! would be based 011 tho lute
Queen Victoria's civil list, it must bu
remembered that King Kdward had a
oueeii consort und that ho was not
only king of tho United Kingdom, but
the head of a wot Id-wide empire,
Five Hundred Men Again at Work at
Hickory Swamp Colliery.
Py r.teluslio Wlri fiom The Associated Press.
MnmoMn, I'.i.. March 11. The fctilko of .-.00
men at the lllikory fcivamp colliery, operated
by tho I'iiIoii Coal cempany, ended today by tins
implo.vct returning to wuik. All non-union men
Joined' tho Mine WorkeiV union,
At all rolllcrle of the Union Coal company in
tho Ninth dl.tilct. notice vveio slcel an
i.oundnK that the 10 tier cent, increase cranted
In November last, would be conllnueel until
Aiuil 1, 100.'. Tlio nilnert tiy that they will
ask tho llaileton convention to indst on the
company granting at least a tl per cent. Increase,
Oleomargarine Law Sustained.
Hy r.xcluslve Who from Tn Awoolited i'ress.
I'hllidelphla, Murdi 11. -The riupiemi court
today mstalncd tho contltutloiiallly of the oleo.
niriraiino law cl May. lstui. The caeo came be
fore the re.uit 111 th" appeal cf McCaun J; Co.,
cf litlslnirti, from the i!ccIImh of tho 1'ltU
burij criisiiiii.ii pli'.H court and the Superior cmpl,
ElQht Persons Arc Instantlij Killed
bij the Explosion o! a Boiler
at Gliicnoo.
No Cause Has Yet Been Discovered
for Chicago Disaster Search for
Dead Bodies Comes to an Abrupt
Ending, Because of a Dispute Be
tween Piiemen nnd Police.
Dy Uu'livire Wire from The AssoilaleJ Press.
Chicago, March 11. By the explo
sion of a boiler In the Dorointis laun
dry, 453 West Madison street, this
morning, eight people were Instantly
killed and several nro missing. Th
list of fatalities is as follows: Frank
Ilainielln, Martha Jncobl, llessle K11-t-aba,
Kate Voss, Catherine Kelly,
George Plehl, .Ihnnut Sabrttskl, Min
nie Olsen,
Other bodies are believed to bo in
the ruins,
Tho cause of the explosion has not
been determined with nccuracy as yet,
and It will probably require an of
ficial investigation to settle the mat
ter. Pending the vrdlet of tho cor
oner's jury A. L. Uoremus. the pro
prietor or the laundry, Is held In cus
tody by the police.
The search for bodies came to a sud
den end early In the afternoon nnd the
work of rescue was entirely aban
doned, because of a dispute between
tho llremcn and police as to who was
responsible for the lccovery of the
bodies whleh might be concealed be
neath the debris. The firemen said
they had performed their whole duty,
and retired from the ncene, The police
said It was not. tiieir work to dig for
bodies, and nobody else volunteered to
do the ivork.
While the firemen and Police were
fighting and explaining their respective
sides. Itulldlng lnspectvtr Klelbassa
sent a deputy to the sceti of the catas
trophe and notice was sent, to Jaekson
Bros., agents for tho property, to Im
mediately begin the work of pulling
down the- walls nnd dealing away the
debris. Jackson Pros, were given two
hours to comply -with th" order. Tho
real estate firm soon had a number of
wreckers at the ruins, and the work ot
pulling down the walls wan Immedi
ately begun. This operation made It
Impossible to continue the s-carch for
bodies, but the work may be resumed
A Minute Adopted by the Officers of
the Pennsylvania State League
of Republican Clubs.
Dy Inclusive Wire from The Associated I'rcu.
Philadelphia, March 11. Tho ofMeers
ot the Pennsylvania State League ot
Hepublican clubs, In session today,
adopted the following minute:
"In tho death of the Hon Christo
pher L. Magee. of Pittsburg, the State
League of Hepublican clubs loses a
warm and devoted member. Mr. Ma
gee was one of those men In politics
who stood fearlessly for that which he
believed to bo to tho best Interests
of the party, ttnd that which he held
to be right. He was broad and gener
ous In his treatment of thoso with
whom he came In contact, and tlicro
was nothing In his coirfposltlon which
manifested Itself In petty revenge. Ho
was a broad-vlowed Uepubllcan, con
cerning whom even thoso who opposed
him In politics have naught but the
good to say."
It was further resolved that this ex
pression of regret for Mr. Magee be
forwarded to his widow ns a mark of
tho league's affection for the man.
Dy Exclusive Win from The Associated Tress.
Harrbburir, I'.i., Mardi 11. Tho rjovernor sent
to the fcnitc tonight the name of S. 1). 1'oley
to be aldinnan for the Third ward of llradford,
site C. C. Donohne, deceased, losetvo tint 11 the
rust Monday of May, P.iOl. 'iho nomination was
The coventor alio sent to the senate the names
ot the following gentlemen lo be trusters of tho
hutc Hospital for tho Insane at Danville, for the
turn of tlurn years: Jamei Scailet, Danville;
William K. Uolloway, Danville i fountain W.
Crlder, llellcfoutc; 11. II. Petwellcr, Williams
port! Olln P. Harvey, Wllkcs-llirre; Howard
l.yon, Willlannport; Monroo II, Ktilp, ShamoMnj
Chailes Utaltant. Panviuc; w. ii. tiouger, nan
viae. Bryan Visits New Yotk.
Dy KicImIvo Wire from Tho Associated Press.
New York, Mardi 11. William J. llryan, Dem
orrntte candldalo for the presidency at tho
r.illoinl election, accompanied by Dr. .1. II.
(llidner and CoiiBicsnuau buler, called on Major
Van Wyek at tlio mayor' office) hi tlio city hall
today. Mr. Iltvan said lib. visit vva.s a permnal
ono and that ho did not talk polities with Mr,
Van Wyck,
Thieves Wreck a Bank.
Goccltl to th Scranton Tribune.
Holtday.burc, Pa., March II. The llcllwood
Deposit bank, at Udlwood, this county, was en
tered by thieves list night. The safe was wrecked
by iljnamlte. The hock of tho explo.lon bioUe
ail the plate glavs in the block In which the
bank lit located. The thieves escaped with about
tViOO in currency. The building was damaged to
tho fitint of about one thousand dollars.
Dinner Postponed.
Dy Inclusive Wlro from The" Avodalfd rie&s,
lltirUbiiru;, March II. (Jovenior Stone left ot
1 o'clock for litUbure to attend tho funsral
ol SonaUr C. Ii. Masco. Didrir to thi uoveni.
oi' ulwcnee the dinner to base bern Blien to
the Superior couit tomonow evening til the
ccceutlio man.lpti has been postponed iinlll
Weather Indications Today.
1 General Slate Leglslitnie Honort Marjee,
1,'DRlanil IteJccU the Amended llar-l'imiccfota
Tieaty. '
Kx-llutKlicr Aldlnif tho Prlllch In Africa,
l'atal Dxplotloti In a Chlcartn Laundry.
2 (Jeneral Carbondalo Department.
2 T.ocal N'ew Trial Ordered In the Puflln Vit.
l'resldent !lbbons' Appointments.
4 lMilorlal.
Koto and Comment.
5 fxical Dramatic Suicide of fhailtt Kooni.
Democrats Looklna; for Mayoralty Candidal?.
0 Local West Scranton and Suburban.
7 Cenrral S'oifheaaletn Pennsylvania.
Financial and Commercial.
8 Loeat Mciwirie ol fliirgeti fluischeU, ot Pun-
I iho Newt of the Industrial World.
General MacArthur Reports the Sur
render of One of tho Most Ob
stinate Territories in the
Dy Ktduslie Wire from The AwocUtcd Press.
Washington, March ll. The follow
ing cablegram has been received from
General MacArthur at Manila:
"General Marian Pe Dlos. four offi
cers, 57 men. uniformed and armed,
surrendered at Nale. This Is regarifeel
as very Important, and Indicating col
lapse ot tho Insurrection, the tertitoiy
heretofore obstinately defended. Con
ditions throughout tho entire archi
pelago very encouraging captures,
surrenders of arms continue 3.1 18
arms surrendered and captured since
January 1st.
(Slgncel) "Mac rihur."
The United States Minister Will En
ter Upon His Sixty Days Vaca
tion Mr. Rockhill in Charge.
Hy i'.diudvr Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Washington, March 11. A cablegram
received at the state department to
day announced the departure! of Min
ister Conger fiom Pekln this morning
en route to the Fnlted States, ills
sixty days' leave of ansence wilt begin
when ho reaches San Francisco.
Mr. Conger's message was as follows:
Pekin, March 11.
I leavp Pdihi today for America. Itockblll ia
left In charge. fSigned) Conger.
Thus It appeals clearly that Mr.
Rockhill Is not In any sense a suc
cessor to Mr. Conger as United States
minister at Pekln at this time, but
simply a special commissioner, limited
In his functions to tho negotiations
with tho Chinese government and tho
other ministers for a settlement of tho
troubles growing out of tho Hoxer up
Supreme Court Reverses Lower Court
iu Case of O'Mnlley vs. Olyphant.
Tho Supremo court In an opinion
handed down yesterday. In the case of
C, P, O'Malley versus Horoueh of Oly
phant, reversed the lower court. At
torney C. P. O'Malley, of this city, who
Is a taxpayer In Olyphant, petitioned
court for nn injunction restraining tho
authorities of tho borough from pay
ing any money to Flauaghan & O'Horo,
sewep contractors.
Ho contended that the contract pro
viding for the saddling of part of tho
cost of construction of the sewer on
tho borough was Illegal, as tho hitter's
indebtedness had already exceeded tho
limit fixed by law. The lower e:ourt
refused to grant the Injunction, and
tho case was appeuled,
The Supremo court decrees that an
Injunction be Issued by the court be
low restraining the burgess, town
council and treasurer ot the borough
from Issuing any warrants and mak
ing any payments to tTnnughan At
O'Horo, or their assignees, for or on
account of the consttuctlon of tho
sewer in question. The eo.sis ate
equally divided between tho borough
and Flatiagluiii O'Horo.
In the construction of a sewer In the
First Sewer district of the borough of
Olyphant, O'Mulley's common pleas
appeal, a case which was a side Issue
to tho other, the Judgment of the lower
court Is alllrmcd.
B. Atlas' Store, on Market Street,
Completely Gutted.
lire early this morning elestroyed th gioceiy
(.tore of II. Allan at 117 West Market sheet. At
2.SI) o'clock tho tlaincs were Mill raging. Tho
flie broko out about I.S0 o'clock and an alarm
was sent Iu from bos: 71, at Market stieet und
North Main avenue.
'i lie North Scranton cotnpanltj responded and
found the building, n latgc two-story Ktiucturc,
was already wrapped In flame. After an hour'
work tho llremcn still had tho blaze confined
to tho building and practically under control.
Ily that tlmo tho interior was, however, com
pletely gutted and tho entire Mock was mined,
and the two-story frame building nest eloor
threatened, The building wat owned by the Os
tcrhuut citato, and the total Iom to dock and
structure will amour. t to several thousand dol
lars. The origin of the llro It not known.
By Inclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Mardi 11. Mct of iho contest
ants in the Mx-day go-at-you-please walking race,
which began at 1S.30 o'clock thlt morning, wcrn
iu good rendition at midnight, and much ground
lias been covered. A fair died crowd was In
attendance during the day and night.
Mtrtiu Iloran, Ceoige Martin, .lames Craham
and Prter (Jolden r'ellrrd, the former on account
r.f a sprained ankle. At U o'clock the icoio ot
tho llrst ten men was a follows: Hegcltman,
111-11: Had. 11'.'; Cilvek, 111-:); llovvarth. 110-2:
Dean, 110; Civanauzli, 107-1; Dime, fuJ-Ti Clif
ford, FO-15: HcTacr-i 77'i Tracy, 77-1.
EnoluiHl is Unable to Accent tho
Senate Ghanoes in the Hau-
Panncclote Convention.
The British Government Expresses
Regret That the United States Hna
Taken Such Course, but Offers No
Alternative Secretary Hay Notl
iies the President It Is Believed
That the Instructions Have Been
in the Hands of Lord Patmcefoto
for Several Days.
Dy Eiicluslie Wire from The Vvsoditrd
Washlngton.March 11. Lord Paunce
foto today submitted to Secretary Hay
his Instructions fiom Lord Lansdowno
respecting the llay-Pauneefote treaty.
The document practically closes nego
tiations with (Jrcat Britain ou the sub
ject of the Nlcaraguan canal. Tho
Piitlsh government says It cannot ac
cent the senate amendments to thu
treaty, and expresses itsgrct that tho
United States has taken that course.
Xn alternative, however, Is offered.
Secretnry Hay Immediately took thu
lhitlsli note to the president.
It Is believed the Instructions huvu
been In the possession of lViid Paunce
fote: for several elays. and that Seetc
tary Hay had tioiitiired a general
knowledge of their character. 'liv;
ambassador i-iimo to the slate denart
ment today by appointment. Ho and
the secretary were closeted for half an
hour. At the' conclusion of tho confer
ence the substance or the Instructions!
were made public, as above, and It. was
added that If there Is to be any further
attempt to amend tbe Clayton-Hulwor
treaty, &o as to nuthoii7.o the United
States to construct a wulcrivuy nerosn
the isthmus, then it Is Tor the Culled
States to make the overture. The. Brit
ish government drops the matter at
this point. The Impression prevails
that there will be no immediate action
looking toward the negotiation ot a
new trenty.
No opportunity was offered this af
ternoon for a. conference between tho
president and Secretary Hay respect
ing the British answer, therefore It
cannot bo Hinted what action. If any',
will bo takert by our government. It
is stated that there Is no hurry, oven
in the event that It shall be eleclded to
Invito Great Ilrltaiu to Join In fresh
negotiations as to an isthmian canal,
congress not being In session to com
elder a treaty It one should bo framed.
The belief seems to bo warranted
that there will be no further negotia
tions on the subject in the Immediate
future, unless some event not now
foreseen by the olllclols causes a radi
cal change In the situation.
For the present the text of the llrit
ish answer will bo withheld from pub
lication on this side of the water at
least, though it is said that nfter the
president has thoroughly considered
tho matter, some general statement,
may bo made as to the points devel
oped. The Reply Is Friendly.
Tho lhitlsli answer Is quite long, a.t
such documents go. and would make
about two newspaper columns. Tim
tone of the reply Is distinctly friendly
throughout, particularly so In the con
cluding assurances of good will and a
desire to co-operate In the realization
of this undertaking. Although the text
Is -withheld, It Is understood that tho
answer takes up each of the threu
amendments made by the senate and
presents tlio dllllcullles In the way nC
assenting to them. As to the amend
ment which struck out all that liaus't
of the treaty Inviting other maritime,
nations to concur In tho neutralizing
of thu canal, tho Hiitlsh view Is that
while the United StattH and Oreat
Britain can bind themselves by treaty
to neutrallz.1 the canal, they cannot
make this iiiilon binding on all other
governments, unless these govern
ments concur.
As to the entire abrogation of th't
tiayton-Huliver treaty, a:t provided by
one of tho senate amendments, it ap
pears, to bo the UrltlKh view that fciu-li
a step Is too far leaching to be taken
without some negotiation In which thu
Hritish side e.f tho ens Is presumed.
Tho so-called David nmti'lmeut ap
peals, however, to t'e tli chief ob
stacle in the way of nn agreenteiK,
and whlli) ih 9 Urlllish answer makes
no suggestion of further negotia
tion, It seems to bo a fair Inference;
from Its general tenor that If a modi
fication of this amendment could bo
secured, there probably could ho nn
adjustment on the other points ot thu
Tho heading also makes plain that
while It does not make counter propo
sitions, or propose further action, yet
It does not preclude such nctlon by
laying down n courso which will be ad
hered to without tho slightest diver
sion. On the contrary the answer takes
Iho form of an agreement tending to
show that tho aincndmer.lH proposed
by the senato do not fairly consider
tho various Hiitlsh interests Involved,
nnd thut for Unit reason they cannot
bo accepted hi tho form presented.
There Is nothing peremptory In tho
tone of tho answer.
The Hay-Pnuncefnto negotiations
have been In progress something over
two years, and owing to tho great In
terests involved they have constituted
tho chief International question at Is.
sue boforo tho slate department.
W'aihlngton, )I.urh ll.-Vorecaat for
Tuesday and Wednesday : I'nr eastern
Pennsylvania fair and somewhat colder
Tuesday; brisk to hlgli norlhwederly
winds illmliildilny, Wrilnosiliy lair.
t-ft-r-f-ff-ri -r-ri-t tt
. .