The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 11, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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ftppcltt lo tlie Sctatitoii Tribune.
Fttoryll1o, .Mtireh '.'.--Mr. iiml Mi.
ChurlrH Miller, of IMciln, t'u.. wnv
plcn'iint vlsltum hero Friday at the
hmw of . . Htown. Thv attended
llio emu-Pit Friday nlKht.
.Mr.. .. la. Wntklns wont t'i Jt-n-'iIiirhvIIIc
tiu'tiy. whore blip will hiu-ih
nuii" tlni; at the home of her pai
Dm hit; thp alwnei! or Mr. and Mis.
('. A SMU ill Washington, 1). ('., til -v
liter jiIiipb froze and hum ami Hood
ell" tliell hour", diilnc roiihldenlile
Mr and Mih. ' A. MU Mr. and
Mr,i Inlm iteed letMined I mm Wash
ington, i). i".. l-'rl'hiy I'VMiliiq: where
Ih'.-y had heeli !pc tiding a v.'oi'K. pre
sumal'l ! he piweiit at tli" Inatistira
tlnii of I'lexldent MfKliih-.v, and theie
Is liibt e inie possibility that the imst
ottke of this plaee for the next four
ran hud J nit a thlni? or two to do
with ihr tilp.
TIk lalfie dwelling Lnlli-p on the
fin mi known n tln t'h"."".''!- Wall farm,
nhoiu one ai'd one-hulf mlle east of
thH t hoi. wi totally destioycd hy
Hie Imm T'Hir.-ihiy. Th" houxe was oe
i npei h the tenant, rharlpfl Hale.
Neail li of the household goods were
s.ivr.l Th'' the still leil 111 the roof, nnd
it i.t ihoimht stalled fiom a defective
illinium in e.iie.
Thursdav evening's conceit and so-
ml horn- of the Musical Alliance was
i most eiioyiilde one. It was one of
thnie iiini"-llk Inl'oi mill itffnIiK which
cn 'lie -nys. such as cm only he
I mi ii i inii-li-nl alliance. Friday
i-riiitia ilo-rd a very niccessful Inter
i iriii, - -sloii of the alliance. A r?ond
iuihi'1, us present ti. listen to a
i wfi iv pi'paied proKranune of hlsh
mss miide, which lui.l heen erianKed
1i ( inductor Manchester. Much dH-
ppoiii nient was maultchteil when I'
a iiuiiiuiiied that the soloist, Miss
1 1 t Hall, on account of Illness, i oilld
In ire(iit. one of Miss llnll'H
l'umlir- on the pioftiamino va vety
oiilt llllrl hy MI'S Ui-wi'llyil Shields,
o XKhoh'oi'. who sanp hi her ehnrni-
il, manlier "The Hum (f the ltees."
'I'll. sIiirIii of the male uimrtette was
i i .itnic of the eitiihiK, and was
ilh"Oi a dnuht the be-1 ever heard
n tins iimn. wlih the exception of
'i i Kisl;. .Inhlleo Miicr-i.-"' male tiinr-
tic The fhoiiiR woih wis verv good.
spei irilly one of tin Ir renditions, u
inn -ntu-. entitled "nuybrc-iil:." hy
yiI v lili li was i xeceilluply well I 011
i d Fi-IIuwIiir Is tin programme of
I i lax iiii'hl'.s concert.
othei,i. "ttejoiir- (iie,itl." Wood
v iid. i holr; male piarleite, "Snlliiif?."
"Milks. Jle-srs. Spencer. Hall. Shield?
nnd Marsh: thorns', "Country Pance,"
T)i Koven. choir: smier. "The Watcher,"
lil'el. Mi Urwellyn J., ldelds- an
ihfin "Sweet Is Thy Meiey," I'.ainby,
chu'i. solo and choiiiK, "Babylon,"
AValM ii-N'evln. Mr. IJewellyn N".
Shi Mils and choir; riunitotte, ladles'
miIcm". "Annie Laurie," MNfos- Spencer,
ivifiiiau, Mathewson and Mis. flnril
lift, pait sons:. "Dayh-Qiih," (..nui,
choir sfiiff. seleettd. Mis. Llewellyn
Shieli': i hoi us. "Hv Mali) ton's Wave,"
i.oiiuo.l. eholi : trli . ladles' voices, "In
nui Madrid," Tmtero, Ladles of Hi
Mil. nice eboh : pait sour, "Night,
7.eel Night," IteiRei, choh : antheni,
'KIiik of KIiirs." Simper, Mes!. A.
1 o Thayer. In II. Miller and choir.
Tie sni . uf Hip Kneial store fonuer
'v ownnu by r. Malhew.Min wis m
unuii.iKd one il;iy tins t'eek. and the
own now Is Mr. CJ. I-" Walton, of
Fori "iit. who I'm a minion of yeai
has b x tonuertid with the well
known ni of shiipsoti & Wntklns
M- Walton !s a man of wide ixperl-
iir .i: ihe mennutllc laislnts, and
win we hope, make a nieeess heie.
l''x-l'ostm.iyter Sherrj Tavlor. who
has hem up county lecnpeiatlnc; for
his hcilt'i. has returned home.
smiii om r-anxlous set Ihe of a tnnin
Ins ( at. mporary this morning stated
'he ml' of the Lindsay propel ty on
Mein si,.(-i bad been made to a Mr
Sw,m of Mill I'lty but such Ik not
the i
The pi'jperly has nut et
legardless "f the bit uf
fpfilil to tli Scr.inlon Trllmnc
Towandn. March S, The ladles of
Athens have organized it hivncli of the
(itholle UeiKlH Association.
Oscar Ilcnnclt, of Ni'rtli TowniMn.
while iiimiliiB a slnlk tuttoiv hnd thre
lingers of hi." rlqht hand cut off, he
sides other Injuries on the wilst.
At a nu-othiK of the borough eonno'l
M. K. Miller was elected chief of po
lice nnd V. II. I.enodlcl and ,T, W.
Allen nlaht onieeis. Jacob A1I"S was
rlioi"n load commissioner; H k, null,
siirxeyor: W. K. Lane, attorney: V.. II.
Podne, tteasurer. The tax rate wns
fl"d at seven and one-half mills, Un
same us last yeai .
A I'fty-year franchise has bech
Kianted the Valley Telephone; com
pany by the hoiouijh council of Sayre.
It Is now expected that a syndicate
will ci ntrol the water system rf Troy
A conference was held here this
week hy pi eminent I're.shyteilan min
isters, being one of a series of meet
ings to enlist new missionaries. Ad
di esses on the subject ol missionary
wotk were made by Dr. A. M. Hal
soy, of New York. D. L V. Uiinlap,
of Slnm. and otheis.
The llkcs-llarre pa.-.seng"r train
on the Bowman's Cioek branch met
with fi po-Millar nccldcnt near Lopez a
few nights ago. The truck of n coach
left tin track nnd the whole ualn was
shaken up, but luckily no serious In
jury lesulted
Itleht lWercnd W. M l!al:er. D. O,
who has lust died In Tneoma, AVash
Ington, wi.s horn In Washington forty,
seven ye.ns ago.
Coh.nel Kdwnid Ovlnton Is recover
ing froir e seven- attack of pneu-inoi-Li.
A gentlemen's (hiving chib has been
organized In Towanda with the fol
lowing oIIIcoif: I'icsldeiit. Dr. C. ' S.
Means; secretin y. T. Kuykendall, Ir.:
treasurer. .1. It. Myer. Tracks, build
ings and other neeessaih s an to b
added on their present grounds In Towandn.
The sunjeet of rehulldliig the nnll
mill for the third time by the Cind
tharler of Wntertown a being dls
tlissvl by the local press.
.1. f!. Sioiitcii. editor of the Sullivan
I'ounty tlernld, has Just heen nualn
convicted of criminal libel with a
leconimeudatloii tn the mercy of the
com i.
William andei pool r.ged twenty
three, and Miss Marg.rel Heena'n.
aged sixty-hve, hae entered the mat
rimonial 'Ife together.
John Kane, of Sayie. has been ar
tested on the charge of hi caking Into
a Lehlg Valley car and s'ealing goods
m .
f-l.lcUl to tic SirJiiton Tl il.nt.r-
Susquehanna. March 10. Horn, to
Mr. and 51 it. K J, Divver. or Kim
sticet, a daughter.
Dr. Goodwill letuined liimie today
fiom New Yoik city.
The peisoual piopeit of the Tana
van estate will be sold on Satuiday.
The Urle will boom Lake Ailel," the
pietty summer lesorl. more extensively
than before.
The Junior I'hlistlau Ihule.aoi soci
ety of the Presbyteiian chun-h will
hold a "photograph social" In the
chinch parloi.s on Ftlday evening next.
Ldltor and Mrs. H. F. Pride nie ex
pected home fiom Yoiingstow n, Ohio,
Krlf Diaughtsmau Hoivaul Andci-son
has taken a position In Cleveland.
Ohio. I
Theie ate.iheeiy Kile strike rumors
whether they aie- title or not.
The funeial ot the Infant daughter
of 51 r and Mis. A D. Van Antwerp,
of the Oakland side, took place on
Thursday nftei noon, with Interment In
McKune cemetery.
Kile Mechanical Engineer Theodore
Cut lis hns been summoned to Torre
Haute, lndlnna, hy the serious Illness
of his father.
The Odd Fellows u 111 hold a social In
their hall on Wednesday evening next,
Congressman C. Fred AVrlght and
family have returned home from
On Wednesday evening., Mr, and 5Iis.
II. P, Kimball entertained the em
ployes of the Sllsiiuehanna steam
latiudiy. Iloss Chldester. u popular
employ, who Is about to lemove to
Le.iterhlro, wns piescntcd with a sum
of money, llcnvshiuonttt wete served,
nnd the evening was very pleasantly
The condition of L, (.'. Ikigmlller. of
Pleasapt avenue, who has been sell
ously III for more than a yijat, Is some
what Improved,
Itev. Alexander -llnswoll (hunt. Jr.
rector of Ht. Peter's chut eh. Italu-
hrldge, N. Y will preach In Christ
Kplscopal chinch on Wednesday even
ing next.
If the Krle strike Is settled soon,
theie Mill be considerable building In
Susquehanna and Oakland next slim
mer. James Kennedy, of Wllkes-Hiiir-" Is
the guest ot Susquchnuna friends.
James Hope has left for a trip to
5llnnesota, Cohnadu, and other west
ern states.
Kastor Sleeker, of the Lanesbmo
5lethodlst church, Is holding revival
meetings at Stevcis' Point. Much In
terest Is manifested.
Tlf Independent Order of Heptn
sophs will meet this evening
The school boaid will meet this een
Ing. Itev. J. J. Ciirran will give a tem
perance lectute In St. Mary's church
tomorrow evening.
T. J. Deeble has relumed fiom New
York city.
Patrick Hums, aged IS yeais. died
at the family lesldence In tile North
Knd on Filday afternoon after six
weeks' Illness from diabetes. Hesldes
a wife h" Is survived by four sons and
one daughter The funeral took place
yesterday afternoon. Interment was
made In St. .Mary's cemetery.
51rs. Patrick MeAndrew, of .Main
street. Is critically III of paralysis.
Nettle, the 7-year-old daughter ot
5tr. and 5lrs. Michael 5IcAndiew, Is
critically III of pneumonia.
Patilck Cllffonl, who Is undeigolug
a tot in of imprisonment in the county
Jail for burglarising the depot Is, seri
ously III. Helng affected with hip dis
ease and now threatened with con
sumption. It Is likely some friend will
take an interest In him and have him
John, the i:t-cnr-old son of Mr. and
.Mis. Kdiuund Hennett. of Vine street,
was painfully Injuted while at woik
In the Illllsld' bleaker on Saturday
morning. While loitering nhout the
head of the shaft Ills fool became en
tangled In the helling and In a twink
ling the entire calf of the leg was
torn from the bone. Doctois Watson
and M'Mgc worked several hours to
put the flesh In position.
Ambrose, the S-year-ohl son of Mr.
and .Mrs. James Waul. Is seilous. 111
of pneumonia.
John Flannel y, Mkhael It.uin, Stew
art Ihitton and Daniel Llewellyn will
attend the mlueis' comenthm at II.i
y.leton tomoriow.
The Knights of Columbus will ex
emplify the second degree at St. Aloy
sius hall. Plttston. this evening. The
local members are requested i,, ).
How to Obtain n Platinum Copy
12 1-UxlO 1-2 InSlse Fiee.
Theie Is no painting among the mod
el n uinstei pieces of nil that appenln
so strongly to the heatts of mankind
as Slchel's "Madolliui." H Is said no
aiiiount of money could buy Hit! origi
nal. A platinum copy of this painting 1JB
by W-j In size, would cost fiom yi lo
M per copy In any Ilrst-clasM picture
stoiu In this Uty. hut owing to the llh
eial offer of the Nouunii I.lchty Jlan
ufiir tiTi-lnff tVinfinny ft will he possible
to obtain a op within a few days
absolutely free.
The Mini re. nitlj sei nred ",o.0n0 copies
of this famous palming for fiee distil-
I hiitlon. The.v arc 12'i by tO j In size
and have no ndvei ithctuents upon them
Y npoiit last evening at the homo
of his mother-ln-hiw. Mrs. Harriet
5llss Marthn Davenport, of Madison
vllle, Is spending a few days with her
rrlend. Mm. Floyd Fesscndcn.
5lrs, S. P. Mitchell, of Olyphunt, Is
cm Ing for her mother. Mrs, Han let
Mrs. James Van llorder, of Willi
nieis, spent yesleiday at the home of
her mutt, .Mrs. Hllza Andiews.
Mrs. Frank Watious. of this place,
Is vety sick, at the home of her sls
tor.Mis. D. llrudy, of Klnulah'.
ffdljl ' luf1 sii.mloii Trll.i'lii-
rnloiidale, Miiri-h S. It was an en
joyable session that was expoiicncd
hy Ihe Ladles' Aid society of the Pres
byterian church and their friends at
the home of Mts. Phllo llunltt last
Wednesday. 5lrr. llunltt Is a genial
and skilled entertainer, no mutter how
huge her company.
A number of graded school pupils
i spect lo utt'Mid the teacheis Institute
at Foiest City, Saturday.
The Honesidale 5llnlstciial associa
tion met In the MmIuhIIhL Kplscopul
i htirch. March I and ,". Nineteen
members: were present. The different
sessions weie well attended. All the
exercises were Interesting nnd profit
able. Dr. Van Cleft, of Dunmore,
i losed the series of meetings with an
able and Intensely Interesting senium,
full of gospel.
Itronson & Westgate. after closing
the Ice hnrvest for some lime, have te
opened It.
Tile Ladles' Aid society of the Lyon
Stieet Methodist Kplscopal church met
at the home of Mrs. J. 10. Thomas on
wliatevel So gieat has been the tie
niand for them that the company has
been compelled to allot a definite num
bei to each Hy. The allotment for
Scranton Is now on the way here from
the publishers, and ns soon ns they
have been lecelved. It Is the intention
of the NomiMii Llehty Miuiufaetui Ing
company to allow one copy, until the
supply Is exhausted, absolutely fiee to
each pm chaser of one 25-cent box ot
Krause's Cold Cine or Krause's Head
ache Capsules. This is certainly the
most liberal and expensive offer ever
made by any manufacturer. In the
cities of the east, wheie they have
alieady made a illstilbutlon, so great
has been the demand for them, that
the supply has been exhausted the first
day the pietuies were placed on ex
hibition. Announcement will be made
as soon as the allotment for this city
Is ready for dlstilhiitlon. but to make
sure of iccelvliig a copy, leave your
name and addiess wllh your diugglst
at once, as the supply Is limited.
,nlll III III VIMIltOII TlilitlliC
Hopbottom. .Manli In. Ilev Lewis,
pastor of tlie Cnlveitallst, Is ill
at Nicholson and was unable to attend
the meetings which Itev. Tllllnghast,
state superintendent. Is conducting
heie. Itev. TllllliRhiiht spoke to a most
applet lathe audleiK-e i'liuisdny even
ing on the subject of "The Slialghl
Way and Ihe Narrow Hate." Sunday
afternoon at -t o'clock he spoke on the
subject of "The dienter l"nlersallst
Church," and in the evening on "Where
Shall AVe Spend Kteinlty""
Misses Alta Finn and Sadl-- Sugar
attended the euteitnlmuent given nt
Klngsiey on Thursday evening.
K M Tiffany Joined his wife on
Wednesday to spend a few das at the
home of Itev. and 51 rs .1. II. Hallou,
at Selplo, N. Y.
W. K. Urown was in Sciantun on
business AVednes'day
Tlioie are gentle whlspeilngs
of a wedding soon, lo take place.
Clyde Hilton has gone to Iowa, where
he will icside with his uncle.
The gilp victims seem ty be conva
lescing geneially.
Spi-ilil lo tlie siiaiiton Trilmnr.
Holllstei vllle. March !i. -Mis. Aiiiaii
da llrowu Is verv sit k.
.Mis, ll.tiiM Walte met with a ser
lout ncddctil leiently. She slipped
on the ice and bioke her hip and true
tilled her wilkl. At tills writing Mis.
Walte Is In a ei ciilhal i audi
tion. Air. James A Sln-eiei. who tiled to
tonimlt stiii Me a week ago by shout
ing liluis-lf, died at his late lesideno"
Ihe liexi iLiv.
Iteitha Watrous Is ill of pueumouia.
Mis. A. W. Andiewa Is slowly legain
lll'f health.
Tlie roll of honor In om si hool for
tlie month ending Xlau-li .'. Is as fol
lows. Mlldied Klllott. Miss flmce
Cilles. teachtl.
Miss lilies puichascd a new
organ for our school this week.
51 r. S. Haiikius. of llliighaiuton, N.
5h-iIj1 t I lie 'crjiUen Tiltiure
llawley, 5Iarch 10, Mls Mni-Raret
I.amheit retumed on 5Ionday, after
spending some time In tlonesdale.
Frank Dunn spent .Mondny In Hones
dale. Miss Mary 5Iai shall Is III of grip.
Miss Anna P.osenerans visited In
Honesdale last week.
John Jackson, founeiiy an engineer
on the Krle railroad, now of Ohio, was
In town last week.
On Tuesday morning the home of
Otto Heldnilllei, on Ilehnont avenue,
wns burned to the ground.
51 rs. John Decker Is III at her home
heie. I
0 . 0 1
tlie follotths well-known prnplri llouce
Lent. ItrcKn l(.i:lforcl, Cluilt MjIIh, Mur
linn Itnnlca, O. II, 4 Mii"iiliJiii. Ma'ti'i- I a I.
It j n. Tfto'4 (Mj-tudl, Ctiiu Main. tntil, IMitli
'Inllrn, h.i Mttljn. SMllr n.l n liniiR
Uiinilnn iiiii..iii.v liii linliiii; lir Hcrjlil Siuii
nuiilctlt. It Will I iif.iilfil at t,l.e l.)(fiini
nrrt Ttiui'ihy piniln,:
"White Rata" In Town.
Il'itltihih, Willi lo.l.ii in.i 1 1 nee. Iniiir Wf-.'i
"l-.tfiitk.Mi I'ltilmy ijs." .i inuipjin it'i.i rnllicl.t In. in (In- l..n Kiionu .i
tie "Willie ItJtt," will linM fetlli lit VUlii.-r
lli-filiictmri, iljtlch (lii'io-r for llirre Willi
il.ill.t iiullneo".
tl I only Hi- .lik ut lie t.niili'tillf ,-ii1c
lo cm Julii Willi tin- " 1 1 .i I " II l inn.
lll ( nil "J" ,lfl. wlillll, In sppllhi.
Hie wonl "" li.uknuiih, r.l.iln ilil in
i,uiilrjtii,ti. A stirmi; hill will pip.rlil Vi
lii-tto iiml Miiii.i(til, Milt Mli li. IM .nui n."'
I l.o two LtiLilm, Hocy m.l l,n. I.J 7.lli Mil--ami
Mtiiiln, li. Clmi'iii jii.I uUi.'ls
Mnuchestet's "Cracker Jacks."
Hob laiiilippr (i.ukrr .IjtUa tjlll Jiiiln
lie litli. "11 ut t llirt ;lt( il pipil,ir rlilrll Jin
infill ln'o.i pimrn lutmul lie . i.eb
ut n ilonlit, mill iii,i, i Hi,, ulili' iiuli.iarli."r
ef tl.e pii.inri nf hialrrpu .m In ihe ttipnln
il.t lit IllO irlnplll. ' In- slum lliia Aril.nll It
tipilpiril tirmi i. ji I in hi i-Mii'liing 'lie
la Until ami iffirvlilnc
'I lip allow op im Willi ,l li.ilelli ilipaa liliCJI il
ol tloutllial irinp.iu,t mi lin.iiil j lln-'nr. kit lirn. In inliiiilo i'i'IjII tin- IiiIpiIi.i nt i'io
Isnutlfnl I'rivillla ami ri.llllnl "On Hip I .ill
nitir l.itio " Hie iloaitiR liiiiliiu', ,1 aaliic
on I In- populn l.iltr, ' 1'i-iii.ilr pMiiniurr.
flPjtra n voil, 1 ot l.nml.lri Mailiipna ilol.
lifsinnlnc riiiiiib.t, anil run ci-nli.;
'Hip lmip Out 'lliml' .lilf.t' pt' viiill.l nciin llirir s1l,-nlli li.l Ikpii ili.ip.n I.
ami now it la rriwitril tl.e ami will
pii.tubly neter npiln lie scm hetoie tlie fool
HilltK Iter It lietoiiilna; ni"ie a1.mii
Iiib i-tery tiny. MUa .1iley wj (onct lo site
up tier part hi "san Tut" .almost iwn montlia
a,o. 'Hie riiiual,i. ftl.tie of tlie liiniliglit l.e
(inn tu (ill iipim lier eyea. Inil slip ulioi-il In
lte lip her winl, until liei- ).liyii mn nnleieil
liei not to nu a hi. tin- I ia Ihm-ii In .i
lark room slim- .mil II - ailil Hie opln iteitu
hip mi tteakrneil ii tu iiiuke il!o xi
lier lo pter upprir luliinl tlie (i.ntlUlila aju n
ll Alili't- wns n siejl LuoiIIp In llil illt.
M lttetp-i h.ia jnal pjseil lliioiiiili tin- l,.u k
ntplej i mill .it lliimkl.tii, S" V. Ii .ix-i l jii
..'.. .mil lila llatiililiea 'l.'i'l '." Tin laiKtsi
(nillloi- ol lleitei ia Mnlii-it I'.im ... Mi
ikliitl. I'omli li ll'P o.uifr of tlie ol.l (ille.lni
ttirnlcr. of Tliooklin, ,tml ItieMa uui'it Imn
TJ.ItKi iml fur ll u-e. Hie liln-in.ii wj lln
tjiiae of lleivn' ilotti f .i 11. Up miiim-h
fit ll Into a Hindi' luill .mil HLVuhi In il
Tlie nel l.tii:ei tiiililoi la William II. W.u-ii,
a lilitlrHU- ,11-tnr. ulio nwna .1 Mi nlei at I. inn.
Mi. V.Ubli ilalini sVi" liitai.ap IteiMa ill.l
not fill an c lig.tga-tni lit il Ike luniae Willi In
'litirlp.ipie t,n. llietPK li.ii n o.n1 klinw known
ai M Iteetei' lllir llniltupie Ike
loinpait.t, tiowetir. Ileetia .illerfn. la Ike ali-n-lute
ptt.pcity of lil wife. To pmlei I liei Iterfi
was pionipteil lo lifinnie a li.inkinpl l piea
ent lie li In Ike Duplet nl Mi !!-. e ja lit it,
agir of ilir tiinleaipte ioin).int
rf ifi fsi
M lll.M Imi-Ii'Iii' PuiiiuiU ioiiiuIh
(i MI.'M Wii'a -Twintiiili I ennm s,na"
M.iilme anil IiIrIiI
"111 Sight of St. Paul's."
'Ike KijMime llrtiiii.ttli ininpant, wkii i
mule -inli .i lieineii'ltHH 1,11 with tlie iaileinv
p.itinna b-l H'.i-i.n, iitnini to tli 1 1 pl.iy Imiw
liuljt lo till ,i tith.'.a 'I lie pli.t
Ik- iiiin.ih'i.nient li.i- ilrtklel on foi tkr Initial Is tlie iliaini. "In
sy.lil nf si. pjitl'a," ,i amy lull of lie
Imsl mil ,i pkiy ine I" pk.i'e. Mh. I.iilin.le,m .mil lin-irme Mil, ill lontliiiie as Hie
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St. Paul
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I'.n Ilk- Mall
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iinllipiii II. I!.
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III1, 111
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s'a l'i
mi, n
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.11'. II
Slata of Massachusetts"-Gold 3i
City of Proyldeno Gold 5?
City of Worcjster 4s
Pennsylvania Rd, Cons, Mtge. 6s
Pitts. G.C.& St, L Gold 4s &4i?
Piiila. & Reading Imp, Mtge. Gold 4s
Illinois Central Go'd 3;&4j
Beesh Crejk Rd, 1st Mtge-Gold 4s
Canada So;il!i3in 1st Mfgi 5s
Chic Milwauto & St, Paul 5s & 7s
Albiny & Susquahanna 1st Mtge 6s
Ashtabula & Pittsburg Is! Mtge. 6s
St. P, Minn & Man. Cons. Mtge 6s
Norfolk & Western 1st Mtge, Gold 6s
Seatlls Else. Ry. 1st Mtge, Gold 5s
l.'ttt niallcil on application to
IS Wall St., New York.
IK Couprcss SI., Huston.
Open- HIkIi- Low- O'oi-
WIIKM' Mis p.I p't. Hie
Mat- an SO 7'i1 7'
.Inlt ''., Tii't 7!i-'i 7i ,
May 40'.. H.'a H.'j IVj
Scrnnton Bonril of Tinde ExchRnp
Quotntlons All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
l'lift Xalloral Hank
Kraiiltm Satlnji Hank
'Ikltd National tkink
Dime Dcpaalt ami Discount ItanV..
I'tonomy I.Ulit. II. k I', t'o. ......
taitka. Tnit ?afe Co
Clark .t Snotrr Co, l'r
S-crantoii Iron 1'ente it MfR, Co. ...
Strantnn Arlo Worki
latka-.tania Dairy Co.. l'r.
County S-atinm Hink k Trutt Co..
I'iriil Nntinnal Hank (Carkon-lale)..
tamlartl DrllllnK Co
Trailers' National Ilatik
Scranton Holt an J Nut Co
Scranton Pan'itser Kallwaj, lint
MortRaRP, tlup 13.'0
Pcople'a sticet nallnay, first mort-
Cie, dup 1018
People's hticet Italhvay, tleneril
mortRaee, iluc 19J1
D'ikaoii SIomitaeturliiB Co
Latka. TotMi'klp bckool 3 per t-cnt.
City of Suantcti M. Imp. fl per
bcianlon 'liattion C per tent
lint Aikt'l
111 ...
Scinnton Wholcsle MrUet.
K i.tir. IimI lit II II. Ilak-, -J7 Larkananua v f
llnlli-i I ii.iinei.v. I'v.i.'.'i .; tlali, 18a 20v.
I I'iiII iii-iiii. I -'.i Te.
rSKv-i'tein fie-lt, K'jalJe.; neiihy Hate,
111. il.
Ileitta P.r Im . ikoiie nut tow, sj.3n-lai.
I'e.l I5e.ii - Ptl Im , .' l'a;..'.U.
Miillnni lipjiH-l' i- Im., .'. IrtiJ 41.
liiri-n I'e.i-Per Im . si,jn-l1(,'-,.
Onion--I'm- Im..
ITi.m 111. I,nl, pi i Mil.. 4 IK.
IJpil Kklnet II. an- -Per ku . .'.41rt M
Butlnlo Live Stock.
I i.j liullilii. Mil. It 10- Itetelpti-Caltle, 11
t .ii,: ,."ep mill 1 tinlia, .T itii. hklpnienla -I
altle. I .J i.tta; liep anil lnutlia, t.'i raia; koa,
s iia. i .ilile s,. iiij. i ie, fkolie In e
tin. a,.'.li7. I.iiiiIk -Cliokp In evtia, i"W)i
,' ill, plii'ip. ill. me In ,'Mra, s,7m5 lloua -lli,.i.
' -i.i ". s1..; plaa. s, 70.ri.75,
C.i tin ih Cnnnot Be Cuied
wilk IDI'M. M'PI.K VriO.Ss, j, dip, tain . t
mull ike -eal ol Ike ilt-rae. ( alauli i- a lilooil
ur t it ut ili-i.w. .iti'l III onloi to etile n
.inn inil-t lake Internal iinn-ikea. Hall' t -l.iilli
t tun i lakni itiltniall.i. .nil aila tlneii'
on Ike kkinil lltl'l llliuoila aillfitr. Hall'- 4 i
lank Cine l lint i ipui I. innlilne. Il .n
pii'.nllr.l bi one of Ike li.-t pliii-li in tin i
toitntiy for .icaiK. .itnl la .i usitlai pit-rcriptiot..
It ia luiupo-eil ol tue I . I lonlii known, con,
I me.l nillt Ike ke-l kl .l puiMleia, Jtllnc iti
leill.t on Ike tiHKoii- t . 'lln- perfe't toi '
lunitioi ! Ike io msiKlienla ia what pi"
times sink tMinkiiiil n'-ulia in tniiti Catatilb
stiiil fo teptiti'Oiikila fne
I' .1 I II1:M' iw ft 1'iopa . T..le.l ll.
shIiI In ilr'.-.ji-i-. piin i
Hall a Tamil fill- an- me liea'
On Monday
And Tues
We will make a Special Drive on Men's Working Shoes and Rubber Boots at special
prices, but this will not interfere with the Great Bargains in all the other departs
ments which will continue until every pair of this elegant stock of High Grade Foot
wear is completely cleaned out to make room for the handsomest line of Spring
and Summer Shoes and Oxfords ever seen in this City.
Our styles and prices make our competitors uneasy.
Men and Women, Boysand Girls, Children and Infants.
An Honest Sale of Honest Shoes.