The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 11, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Lnige Dclegntlon of Wheelmen and
Friends of Deceased Attended,
runcinl of Ex-Pntiolmnn James
Snul nnd Otheis How Aguinnldo
Escaped fiom n Local Soldier Boy's
Company Police Court Cases and
Other News Notes nnd Peisonnls.
sjioi Inl (Hi', containing I) ft i nt-iii -
bets of the llleetrlc 'll Wheelmen,
eat li w callus the club colots of blue
and cllow. together with niombois of
the .Ineksou Htioot Baptist chinch and
holr, nnd a iiumb-r of local baibors
nnd otheis, Journeyed ti Olyphanl yo
tcldiiy nlteinoou to attend the fuilotal
"I the late .Inlin O.ivK Who died so
suddenly 11 few ano nl his boanl
Imr plmo mi Waslihuiu street.
The ci lift- won- vi'iy Iniptessiw
and wcio (onduilcil in the Hhikcly
liatitlFt chiirch hy l!ev. Thonia do
' iiiichv, pastor of the .lackson Stivel
Maptht church, ax.slnlrd hy ltc. David
Spewcr and Itcv. Hague, of (ilyphant.
iiartolte fiom the Wheelmen, com
posed of t.ttthor Thomas, Thomas
Thomas. Waller Divls and Kail llol
llstor, sanp, and tho church (holr also
tc-slstod In tho soil lie.
v.1110115; the tloial olt'eiliiKs w(rc
' 'Jules Ajar." fiom the loial Haihois'
iiiilou; a broken circle, tiom Stieet
"oiunilssnucr llou laud Thomas and
r.itnllv, and a broken wheel, from the
Klcctilc City Whielmon The pall-limit-is
wuie Messis. nnd Willi--field,
of Olyphint; Cdwiiid Davis,
Kinrjs Joseph. Kiiki'ik VoshuiK' and
(iu; i:.vnon. of this cltv. The llower
boaicr.s wore .Inlin Thomas'.
Mmw and !eori;e DanlcK of the
whoeltnon. lutcrincnt was made In the
Moti Haven (emeipiv.
Funeinl of James Saul.
Kovoial huiidicd friends and tola
lives (if the late ,laius Saul atlieud
at the family losldencc- on Xoith
Ilydc l'.nk avenue. West Keiantnn,
vostorday afternoon to attend the
1 unci .(I of the deceased Tho lemalns
were eniascd In a handoine black
The funeral m conilutted under tho
dliocllon of .M. r. W.vmbs nnd many
iltv ottldals, i.ilhond men and inem
bots of the dt.v polhe forw- were In
nttcnil.nur The services weie held in
M Patiltk Catholic church at
out for f and colds
An Exposition of
Correct Fashions
lu Ladies' Spriug buits, Wtists, elc. open toJay,
which should attract much attentiou, as it is replete
with everything that the best posted buyers can
think of, and displays a class of workmanship and
careful finishing not to be fouud elsewhere in tip's citv
All the
All the
All the
All the
Can be seeu at their best iu our comfortable show
rooms, and visitors will be welcome although they
may have no further intention than merely making
a tour of inspection.
Some Very Striking Values
Will be fouud in Htou Jacket Suits, with aud with
out collars, aud while
SixButton Blouse Suits
Are also popular, aud showu here iu eudless variety,
Laiglon Collars and Bishop Sleeves
With flounce aud Aire skirts, are considered top
notch ideas, sud there's no eud to the selection, as
well as a score of other
& Very Extra
Bargain in Fancy
Silk Waists at
Globe Warehouse
o'clock nnd Intel mept was made hi
the C'athcdial cemetery.
Tho pall-beat eis were Mai tin lllid,
John Keeney, Seidell PhvvIIiir;. Miles
McDonald, .Inlin .lotdaii, John Mc
rube. Other Funcials.
Sen It over the remains of the Into
Margaret Keynolds wcio held at the
family irsldencn on Lafayette Httect
yesterday afternoon. IntPimonl was
niaib hi the Wahburn stieei eenio
tory. Itev. U ) Hopkins olllclutid. The
pall-beaicis wcio John Lloyd, Albert
Davis, .lames CushU, ItiRlmld Taylor,
IMwnid I'aylor. Willi tin Tayloi. The
llowcr-beinoi? wcio Joseph and lloy
llev. Thomas de tlrinhy. D. 1., ufll
clated at tho funeral of Elizabeth, the
young child of Mr. nnd Mrs. Llewellyn
Dals, of Jlynon stieet, 011 Satuiday
afteinoon. Hurlnl was made In tho
Washburn streol cemetery. The pnll
beaiers weie: David Williams. Talllc
Lewis, Thomas Thomas, liomei l.owle,
John How en and Will Puller.
Tho 1 unci al of .Mis. Thomas Cannon
occuncd yostciday afternoon fiom the
house, 107 avenue. Shot t sei
vIpps wpic hold al Holy Cioss ehuipli
and Intel menl was made in the (.'attic conuteiy.
The remains of (Ik I'aliln child, who
was dlsiiiteued on Kiltlay. owing to nil
invis.tlt?atlon pending: by tho coioner,
wor- taken to DKon. Wvonilm; (otinty,
estcidav foi b'lllal
How Aguinaldo Escaped.
Mrs I'. W;tip, of .laekfon stieet,
has Jimt leceivid a letter nnd jihotn
Braph fiom lier biothor. Heiijaiiihi J.
i:ans. of Company 1). Found Illinois
Intautiy, who Is stationed nt Manila.
InformlnK her of how Asulnaliln made
his escape ivcenllv fiom the Ameilcan
The wil. Kitlpluo Uieh-eil hlm-olf In
his mother'H clothes and p.uadcd In
fi out of 1'nclo Sam's men with the
women and chlldieu, and when the sol
dlPts seaKdied for hint ninoiiK thp moil
pllsoueis they dlscoveixl he hud es
caped. Mr. K v.i 11s ppepts to be homo
In Decenibcr, when Ills three aie
Police Couit HappeningR.
John Daco.v, of Luzetiio stieet. wag
committed to the county jail yester
day by Alderman Jliws In default, of
.1 flue of $". for beliiK drunk and dls
01 derly.
Maiy JtulKo, of Sumner avenue, who
was ai rested for belnu dmnk and dN
orderl., was comniltted to tho utility
Jail by Aldeiman Moos for llftcen
days. In default of a line of Jl.
John Lynch, another offender, was
sent up for twenty day. In default of
a S fine
Among- the Churches.
I'nlon sarvlces were held at the
Washburn Stieei Iiesb teilan 1 lunch
oloida mornliiK and fvenlnp, when
the membeis of the Sumner Avenue
(hutch attended. Uev Piank .1 Mil
man was in chaiK" In the nix 'me or
Dr Moffat.
Ite Thojnas do Oiililn 11 ) bo.
New Weaves
New Colorings
New Styles
New Combinations
fashiouable ideas just at baud
Kim a seiles of Illustrated sermons on
"Great Iljmns and Their Authors" nt
the Jackson Street llaptlsl church Inst
c cnlng. The saci anient of the lord's
Supper was admlnlstcr?d at the mom
I up service.
"The AnolnlltiK of David, or an An
(.lent Inaugural Ceietnony," was tho
cubjcot of lluv. James Hennhmer's ser
mon at the Hampton Street Methodist
Kplcopa1 church ycsteiday 11101 nhm.
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
The fill Is' lllble dnsn and Junior
SewliiK class will meet this cvciiIiir
at T:"i) o'clo(k. These services will be
followed by a kosH service nt
o'clock, to which all women and kWIs
aie Invited.
This sptvlie will bo led bj the socie
tniy. Subject, "What Cod lias Dono
for .Me '"
'I he (1ei mini class will meet Tue.ulay
evening at S o'clock. All tho students
should Po pio.ent nt till session.
AVIlllatd Howe, the noted Imperson
ator 11111I dtamatlc leader, will rIvp a
locltal at the .ihbuin SUeet 1'res
byteilan ehuich next T-iduy evening.
A company of Loyal Crusaders was
oiR.mlaed by Hippie division, No, in.
Sons of Toinperaiu o. nt Co-operative
hall. Satuidn mcnlng. They will fight
against the liquor traillc
Membeis or the i:iectile Clt.v Wheel
men the local baibcis' union and other
ftlendn of the late John U.ivls attended
the funeral services over the lomnlns
at OI pliant yestnrdav afteinom. The
nall-bcarcis weie selected by tho
An hiipottunt meetln? of the Colum
bia Hose and Chor.iUal company will
1m held at tlulr (iiai-ci t this conlntf.
The ri-ankllns and Hlectrle City Wheel
men will meet tomoriow evcnliur.
The special committee of the West
Side Republican club having In charge
tho airniiseiiients for Thuisday's spe
cial meeting and smoker, will meet In
the looms at S o'clock this eeelilng.
The latlle for a set of mining tools
for the bencllt of Mis. S. Y. llobeils
will be held on Tliuisdar, Mntdi 21.
All inembeis aid fiknils of tho Hlee
tile city Wheelmen, who purpose at
tending the opening of the Oteeti Kldge
Wheelmen's fair tomoriow ovenlng.wlll
meet H thp (lui) bouse at 7 o'clock
shaip and go with the lnlti'lrel tioupe.
Announcement has been made of the
engagement of Miss Kinini H. r.eeker,
of Jackson street, nnd L. C. Aimbiust,
of South Scr.ititnu.
The members of West Scrnnton conn,
ell. No. IHT. .junior Older Cnlted Amer
ican Mechanics, will meet at C'o-opcia-tlv-
hall. v:n N01 tli Main avenue, at 1
P ni toda.v to attend the funeral of
their deceased biothei, licoige (ilnader.
A legular meeting of St. Paul's I'lo
lie( r corps was held in the Voting
Men's Institute hull yesteiday after
noon, and after the business of the
mips was tiansacted. a smoker wa
enjoved in honor of the now quartets.
The DaughtciK of Hi In will conduct
their umiUHl cnteitiiuinert and social
at Meats' hall on Mondav, Match is.
Tho ladles' auxlllau lOininltlce of
the Simpson Methodist Hplscopal
chin (li will seive a clam clnnvdvi sup
per at the liome of Alts. Trank llryant.
IL'19 Academy stieet, on Thursday
evening, Match 11, for tho benefit of
tho chinch 11101 tgage fund.
The Little (Jlcniieis of the Simpson
Methodist i:pl-copal 1 lunch loallzod a
good sum fiom the itiminuge sale they
conducted the la ltd' patt ot last week.
Andiew Dougheity, iiienian nt the
Diamond mine, has boon appointee!
night engineer at the engine house.
The Jiukon Stnt HaptNt (lunch
(holr will mof t foi id-.canal this even
luts I01 tho lohoaisal of ICaster um Ic
ot s u'clcik shaip.
All uiPiiibeit. of Wasblnclon ('amp.
No :;.:.:, I'.itiiotlc Ordei Soiw of Amer
ea. mo u (piloted to meet as Mnsonte
hall this (ifteinoon al 1 o'clock to -it-t
ml lb" of the late (leorge
Cilnadr 1.
Tin fuiKial or the late (coigo
tllnader will lake place at L'."0 o'clock
this afteinoon fiom the house on Not th
Miomloy avenue. Intel menl will be
made in the Waslibuin stifot cemo
teiv. Membeis of Cmnp "."..!, Patriotic
OkIim Sons of AniPiIca. .11 requested
to atttnd the
Ui Dav lil .1 Jenkins, or Jackson
strept. Is confined to his home with an
attack ot the gilp
I! J. Hughes, of Noith Hiomley ave
nue. Is 1 (-coveting fiom a two weeks'
Illness of the grip.
Miss Kthel Woodiuif. of North Hydo
Paik avenue. Is spending two weeks
with ft lends at Sayie. Pa.
MHs Laura Thomas visiting
ft lends in Petkvllle.
Mis A W. fiiay and slhtcis. Maty
and Maggie, of Laieyvillc. Wyoming
1 otinty. who weie viMtlng at the home
ot John II. IVIIows. 011 Tenth stieet,
have ut in ned home.
Master (ilcu Seele.v, of Aubiiin. .Sus
qudianna ( otinty. Is visiting at tin
home of his mother, on Noith lhoiuley
Osniun lleeis and daughter Lottie
nltuidul the tuueial of a lelative in
UolhloliPin on Satuiday.
Jit Louis Lanmaii uud son (toy. of
Noith SiiiniKr avenue, are visiting
ti lends In.Phlladt-lphla.
I' U. Tonumin, ot Sweet Valley. Is
tho gtiei-l of ft lends In town.
Mis C. P.. Slnvei. ot North Main
avenue, fillet tallied the Uollar dub
Satutdav ntKiuoon,
Mis, Joeph P. Phillips, ot Sivellund
alteet. Is entcitaltilng Mhs Delia Cook,
of Wilkes-Hat ic.
.Mis. II. Piank Haiilsou and chll
dten. of Iladifusai k, N J. aie the
guests of Mis J M Williams, of
Noith Main avinue.
Mis. tieoiRo lienote, of Itiooklyn, N.
Y . Is a guest at the homo of W. K.
Thajti. 011 South Main avenue.
Miss Maine Phillips, of Jackson
s'leel, Is sojourning lu New Yoik,
.Mis A. M. Moise, ot South lhoiuley
avenue, Is iciovcilng fiom an llhuss
riiii-ul Dliedot P W. Tfigtio and
son Willuid, of Jnckhiiu stieet. aio
iiinilu-d 10 the lioiin- by Illnesh.
AViilian. P. Williams, tho popular
niUitiel man of the ;ieeiilc City
Wlteeinii 11, Is tonPnod to his hniue on
Chohtiiut stieei by lllnus.
A v i plcasunt hill prist pait.v was
li'iideicd Mlhs Hessle .ins at hei
home on Hill street last I'rlday even
ing The plavlng of games and danc
ing weie tho 1 hli-f amusements Mr.
Louis P'-iiui icndeied a vouil solo and
Miss Alice Leonard icclted. At a sea-
1 ut-U 11 ll- liaii-ltmnrst ami ntlirrt
lie liallnl In tall on an; ilnml.t aii'l u'ft
Iipi- a tilrfl lioltle ot hrmp'a II.1P.H11 (or (lie
'J bloat ainl l.uni;, a in.irdv Hut i gliauiitfi'il
to mn sliiil rclleic all Chronic ami Wiitc Cnuglip,
Attliim, IlioudiitU and Coiiuiiillnu Price i',c.
1 rid MX',
With the very best offerings in dependable furnishings that skill, experience and our unmatched buying power can uathcr. It is sellinc
time for evcrv housekeeper to profit by. ' "
The Best Carpets Hade Are Here
In complete assortments of their several sorts or families and every
newest pattern and exclusive design the carpet mills of the
country have produced for the spring season of 1901, will be
found in our mammoth carpet stock on the Third Floor, and buy
ing them as we do for the two largest stores in Northeastern
Pennsylvania, you reap the benefit of our purchasing power
and buy the carpets that are made for fully twenty per cent, lower
prices than the ordinary store would ask.
27c " ,,r'' 'or n1iitu1c Ingrain Carpel Hut prs
"w woilh 1V a j aril.
Srtr " ,"r( 'or '"t "" ,t0l)' 'IP'"''' (Jrpet that
"" lie north TOe a jarrf.
ilii 1 JJ"I tor lapestrj Hnisel LViriiet tint are
"' worth ate a j ant.
SI 2s? J"1 'or ,",t ""'' niii.-l IncliiilinR lllgrinn
v i.fKj k Lowell new clcdsm ami colorlncci.
$1 Ofl ,l .,Jri1 ''f1 1'iilHy Vchrt, cnillrti varlflc of
Ilnetcunij and Oil Clotlu-fl prlcM.
Our rul lot -A I'.ui.-IlM Hup., ic Sixll CI "lft
Ji.clici oflcinl during ttiH falo al, cadi J)I.aSU fle ltus in M the ,t giuOu
ratpcli, pilccs nre'lrom tStl t
Wall Papers
Tin- (tr-ti4itr d ;hv vc ate uiiUint; of
wall (OicrlntTH Is the lict the Mcic ha i-ir hul
or Simmon hat cirr miii. Krrj new tili-i,
ccirj latent lint nml rolorlnj; l in tlic exhibit
ami rich ililcin mil roluilnir In llir 'I apr-t rli .,
and Denim tllk arc rrtlcrtitl In etui tho (hrip
er padci.
Hiili two ttvneil wall -.ipcra Hut no ti'iiallj
M-M i I'n pcluive ilorre nt from itv to 7'iv
a roll, are priicd hi-re
Vniboril paprr for tarlorc. lull'. )lbia-n
and dinliii; roonw, prlu- .1 ilotiMo roll
Illih Orii-ntnl ffTrct'. tlir lihrarv or ilcn, in
Djrlapi and TipfMrii-s al, a. doulilr roll
Ingrains. inihcfi widn. (pry hjj wrlu'ir,
forati In all .hadt, pi lie dvublc loll
Walt papfra with white had. full lr? roll,
in all nw pittcrns, piico douMo roll
Iliidon ami cr-liinc to matcli Moulding
md plate lalli cf cirr kind.
Jonas Long's Sons.
snnuhlc hour loffoshnioiits were hoi veil.
Tho-e incsetit wore. MIksos HspIc
Ittorly Mnmle W.ilsh. Jennie Itiilne,
Mm-Knirt Willis, Alice Iypnimrtl, Alunilo
Jotioi, .lennle .lenkltiM. Slerluni Lew It,
N'ollle Tllson, Miircriiret ThomiiK nml
lies-tie Kvuni, nnd .Messrs. llnjden
P.ivls Louis 1'tiiln. Uavhl P.vnns. Wll
Il.ini KvniiH, John Itlt'hnrils, CSeoiKu
I'o.vle Wllli.iin How en. Ilenj.iiiiln
How en Moibhiis, Wlllliini
Wnlsli, Itohcrt Carivvll. U.iv lil Jonr-.s,
Unnlel J. Thoinns anil D.ivld lilelmiils.
TiihIkIiI will lie the Indies' nlKht nt
the Men s dub, which will meet In the
put low of the Providence I'leshytoilnn
Mi. did Mis. William McAllister nm!
son. Claienee. me vIkUIhk fihtul.s In
Tlie I.llieity Hose ( nnipnny. ,n s. nf
tentled the funeral nf lleniy fitlllln,
Geotge F. Kosar Badly Injured Yes
teiday Morning Funeral of the
Late August Biencl.
(ionise I: rtot,ir, the X4-j 0.11 -old on
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jacob Uosur. of 132
Alder .stieet. met with a painful acel
dent .veMeidny 11101 nlnR. He wan
."tiindlnK: on a picket ienre when h
Theie s no question but Hint the
luoteiiHo in Insurance rates of twenty
live tent j on every $100 which has just
none Into lorce will remain In foieo
for ore .vent, nml In nil piohnhlllty a
great many mine unless the Insurance
(I'liipanleft ko hack on tlulr own vvoid,
which was that the Incivui-e would not
be taken olf until such time as 1 er
t u In leiommeiidntlons which they
niiiilo had been lultlllcd to the letter.
If councils In their wisdom should de
cide lo ndopt all the tccomnicnilulloiirt
by the Instil aiue people It would mean
tin additional cxpt'iiw, which has been
vutlottsly estimated nil the wuy ttoin
$riii,nuu to ifi'ifniii.
The leadllio; nieinbois til both
blanches of toiiinlls nn- itnalilmiuiM lu
Msseitlnti thai tliei ep(.-iidltiun of this
eimi In addition to the lobular lite do
p.ittmenl tipiuopilatliiii iIuiIiik the
10111I11K llftal .veal Is ctillicly out of
the illt-Stlon. I'nless thu nsisessnu nt
Just made is inlsetl fiom a ouc-thiul
to a two-thlids vuluatloii It would not
only bo out ot the (pier Hon, hut also
absolutely Impossible, I hoy sa, for
Um iwistui Hint tho diy has lor tlu
past four or llvo tuts been collect
Inc tho full ten-nilll levy allowed by
law, or to use u shyiR phi it-e, "ohifr
tlu limit" riauilng In this ten-mill
I v.v for the coming year ns pint of
tho estimated lcvenuos for Hie coinliiit
year, the estimated expenses, now c
leed the leventtes by over $CO,flOO, with
out tnklnvr Into coiihlilc-ratlim at nil
tin locnmemndatlons nitide by the In
smaiicc men
If the assessment vmif lalsed fiom
a one-third lo 11 two-thlnl valuation
It would be potslhln to inlre tho extra
funis, but the burden of tus-ntlon on
each Individual taxpayer would bo
Rl-eator thnn It has been In nny vear
In the hlstorv of the 1 lly.
The .siippoilers of th- I'hltteudiu 01
dlnance provklliif; for tho teorganlza
lion of the lire Ucpaitinotit, which
Our Grand
And Upholstery Goods.
Goods by the Yard.
."fllmli vldc kllknllm at ioc. ia' jcand itc.vard
liimllirs nt uV-.c. 15c nnd SC yrd
Cuti'ii". ..(. itichiM wid" M 11 janl ic
Iluneirian (loth .it . Jsea yrd
Nnlllnsliaiii I.kc (urliln In huililrids ot A QQ
lew iIIuik. 1 lu.- rlchtM uic 11 pair . '"
I'li-iily of dllien hilwcen that and in.
Tamhoiir .Sot Cmtalin. Hmlcr ilf!ijin and O )C
lifct (if vwirkimmlilp, vrrc rich ones at, a pair . U'""
-oiue .M low aa $.1.1.
Irish Point iJice rnrtilw. hcautlen it n I "I QR
pair IJ,U
And vcr.i kooiI oni' n low- pniid m $.1 U-
HriL-iU cl Cmhlm-llip fini-it aie prhdl IQ OR
at 1 -.ilf '
lour (lni'(p el a dii?cn nT.idM iKtween tin'
and ?l.,."i.
fine Xtnlil tn Cuitalii", a piir for soino ")o Ort
onl.i . .V.3
-M .VT a pilr foi tin (hiapfst,
Vlnli- Antiilnctlo Laic (iiiulnt, very ilt.Ii in nil
Mod al .1 pilr. XU.UU
ltoiiilj(r Itell l.irr drttaltu from KM 1 IC ((
pilr to IO.UU
Door Panels
Iu liih I'oim I .ups, Hru-teN Net, fine Vriii n Sf
la 11 nnd Iteliai-nitre lice nt prlics fiom 1 -5 in JI
Bed of ottln!niii. Irnh I'oint and lloii.lit-
tinic.- Lace. 1.111110 Mti .ire cheap at 1
'I lie lincfl are ailio, lots of l.imU and prices
lu ''ill.', In-li Point Lire
come In l7t .iilvjl tin lie.1 nnd
Mil-lln . .
IrUh Point
'lapito I'-itierc. .1 jjrds tons at .1 pair . 1 )S
IHrln Poillcus piico 11 pill 7.1
tiiluitil vtilo CuitaiiH .1 pilr A )l
lleiij ( iirtalns lop and liuttom,
pi lip .1 pall . 7 if
Mptmlrid Poiliuei a pair 15.00
Hi lentil tvp 'oucli I'ovem j 08 lo 900
Hpimie Window lmle, complete 15c
Jonas Long's Sons.
lost his tootlns, fullliip; on to one of
the iron nit Kets, which made a deep
wound lu the upper patt of the UiIkIi.
One of his companions who was tiy.
IlifC to help him out of that position,
nut IcIiiK strotiK cnoiiRh, dropped lilm
on uimthei ph hot. Some people IIvIiir
mound that nelKhlmihood, hciiinir his
CI lev, (!lll (li lllH (IHslHtlllKO
The hoy wns taken lo his home,
whole Dr. Kolb attended to his ln
purle.s It ie(tihvd hc-vcn .stitches to the wound
The tuueial of August Hienel was
held from the family lesitli-nce nt .'07
AVIIlow Ktroet. yestoiduy afteinoon at
" o'clock The s'rvhos over the re
mains weie held nt the house. Intei
ment wns made iu the (leiuiau Catho
lli teineteiy. Minbei- of Company D.
Thliteenth lCRlment, or which the de
censed was a member, weie the p.ill
beaiers. The ( ompany, which also
mart hod In the ptocesslon, Ured the
late naltll at the cemelety.
Jaioh '.liinei. of Xew York dt.v. Is
visiting fi lends lu this part of the city.
William Stein, of Cedar iiveilil has
left for Atlantic City for hl health.
Cnmp N'o. 4.'0, Pntilotle Ortler Sons
of Ameilcu. will meet this evening In
Ilartmnn's hall.
Anna. tlattp;htM of Mi. mid .Mi.-. .In
.soph KliiBler. of Alder t-troet, is .serl
riusly ill
Department Matters,
nieahiiie v as loiemly dc teMte-il In th-
coinmon council, but which has now
been ineoipoi'ited in the ncuuial sei -ond-clai-s
dty ieoi pnniatlun otdl
11ar.11. have i-tioiiK hop. 11 of soeiuliicr
Its pass-iiRe hi the common blanch
within the next two weeks. No trouble
Is anth'lpatt'il Iu t-eloi t eouiull. whtiv
Mr Chittenden s oiIkIimI oitllnaiH"
went thiough with vet.v little oppo
sition 111 Hie toiuilioil eulilli II. Upon the
niKiit on v hlch il c oiilli..itiec- was de thetQ weio ten nniphcis who
voted lor and j. who voted uguliisi
It. Councilman llaiv.v. ot the Thli
teenth wind, who Is stioncly in favor
of '.lie oidlnnnce. was oufoi lunate y
iiuablt to attend the meitirR but has
pininlsed' .Mi. Keilei, who Is IcailliiK
the Ii4ht, that he vil htnelv b" or.
, hand vv hen the mensm" i onies up
ncalu. Mi Keller e 011111.4 upon tetnlii-
In KT alt the other tc 1 votes and sociir-
Im,' iiddliluiial ones,
Chief tflKolnuinn's jei-nt letfr to
councils, in which In elated that 011
aceotuit 01 tin- lad; ot pioper 1 tiles In
tho clcpaitnient the peimanei.t ineii
take sieat (li'lljjht In Hiapphiar theli
llnpoia lu his fdc ainl ilolntr as they
PliMbu, Is taken ns one of tlu. erv
! best aigtinients yet ndvaiiced in favor
of the leorRtinlzntioii iiidluaiue. Thh
me.itue pnuldes lor the appointment
of 11 foieman fiom animis: th paid
men of cadi r ompany, this foicmnii to
be held illicitly lespoin'llile to Hie
chlol lor tho men under hln toiitio!
The f'nlnnilila Hose 1 tiiupau.v. n'
Wcst Seiaiitou, elalins lo havo upon
Its mils the laigcst uiimhor of publle
olUclal" or any (ompany In the oily
The city olllelals hicltnle City Assess
or (IwIImii Jones. Assistant Cltj Ko
llcltor V. ,T. Davis, Coutlollei's Cletk
John V. Howell, rnIneor's cieik
Krnliklln r'hllllps. Select Coiinciluiaii
Joseph Oliver and Common Council
ninn A. L. Lewis. Tho men who now
wilte ex befote their nnmos, and who
Annual Sale of
The Best Hade Furniture
l:rom the best factories in the country is heie, and though only a
few items and prices are named in our store news, every line of
goods we show on our lloor is complete nnd PRICES ARE FULLY
FOR. If you have a room to furnish or an entire house, the sav
ings to be made are equally importantso now while this sale
offers you the opportunity to save, make the m6st of it and come
and see the goods. Furniture Store Fourth Floor.
.md tine Minim,
ilovlt Inche.
At .1 meetliiK ot the Yotinu Men's
club of the ehuich of the CJood Shop
lift d Satuiday evenlmr It was decided
to abandon the Idea of having the
banquet to the new menibets nt one ot
the Iuiro hotels In the ccutiul cltv.
and Instead have the Mipper set veil
by the membeis In thtlr own room.
This Is a 11101-t ilei'li.'ble nnaiiRomeut.
Cor .vt-tM.s the suppoi.s and toeluls i?lv -en
by this club have been nmoiiir the
most ilellBhtfiil en loved nv Uiceii
llidue people, nnd It koi-s willitiilt fay
In? that the "new inembu.s" will fare
well in their hiin-lc. The a'fali will
takn place soon alter Taster
The (it en Itldge Wheelmen's fair,
which will open tomoriow c veitlnp; and
torllniie tlnouRli the week. will, lu the
viiilely of the cntci ttilnmenls and the
abundance or things offctwl for sale,
exceed iinythiiiff o." the kind ever b"
rote held lu (itcen 1 ttc:o. nucli even
ing 1111 entlicly clllfeient piot-ruinine
will be lendied. Tomoriow nlKht will
be the mln-'tiol troupe ol the niectrlc
City "Whc-Mmeii of the AVcsf Side.
Mli-s I'm a line, of KnnFas city. Mo.
Is a mtest In tho family of C S. Wood
iitfi'. of Plectrle n venue.
.Mis. I'lnut T. Vail ha-" piithased
the Swiss cottug-e on Sunset nvenuo
fiom K. II. Sttirtjes, and with her fam
ily l.s now oedipyltlK' the mine.
arc ltii'inheis of tin totiipanv lm lude
e-lteioidei- of Deeds J'. W. Wninkrt
and ex-Commoii Ciiiiiiellmen Thomas
M'atklns. AV. V. Cilfllths and Chailes
It. liodshnll
lu uipi"'alloii of the wnik done by
the inembeis of tlie .Veptuue Caisllie
company at the hlR Hie mi Lackawan
na nvenuo Uft month, tho shoe lltm
of Luvvhi, rtuddy. Davles ,vi Murphy
have pret-ntctl earh meniber of tho
(oinpaiiv with 11 pull of lubber boots.
When the lit o was fli-t noticed In the
icai ot the shot toro, th Neptune
loy Kot 11 Htieani on the blaz almost
In in- di.itely and pievcnled II, o siote
fiom li'-iim enti-i. deslioyed
A uuiubei uf tle local ht)-' willi-
p.uilfs aie o''sanllns: lout In dubs for
til plIlpoi-C ol 11111111111; tilp- to tile
Tan-meile in llNposlllun to be held
tills ear In Uttll'alo. The plan Is tn
have e 11 h niemht'i Joining such a club
(oiitiihiito a ccitalu tlsed nun towatds
n Koneuil fund to b expended by 11
iiitinnhu. vim Is to senile iiillioad nnd
hotel nieiiiniiiodatlotis Tho Coluinbl'i
dub has nheady been fully oiK.nilzcd,
and rianklln l'lillllp-. enslnect's dork,
has been chosen uiauaKJt
At the no Join ned uioolliii; of the 1'iie.
mens ltellel iissodnilon, lo be held
on Wednodnv nlisht tin the tlopaii
iiient 11 oiKiinUatlon Mheine v III tin
doiibtrdly lonie up for ronsltleiatlou.
The vnilous compiiiile have been
liolilllif; utw'tlllKS dulllIK the past lew
dnyri to dlstcusis the (inesllon, and tli"
delpsates vv III be piopaieil on Wcdiies
tla nlsht to cypress tin Ir sentlnientn
In the mattii. It Is undci stood that
the icvolutlou dtdailnc; it to be tie
Intention of eveiy 1 ompanv 10 d's
band on Mu.v :il will he htoiight up
lor n vote. This wns to Imve been
lirnimlil lip at the lust nKellnc;, but
vmis held hii("k by thoe havhiff It In
Bedroom Suits.
Sdld Oak and Imitation miliosany miIh
roiKiatlne of three plens ill Ml drricr wllli
nevel phtii minor, dire Wtil Inthpa. Vah
dtaiiil with tpl.i.lur tncl., npiier ilroncr. ami
(iililnrt. ltr.l with i foot hleh head Imatil
ilotcli patincled, ewry pine lilttlily twllaheil j oe
and rlc-hlh luillt. Special .huiiiir wile al .... I'ttVO
apiece mHIk with Me VH2ji mirror 15-95
apiece mil wllli Klre -Mvlii minor 16.95
If our prefer Iron hedt with Mi. -a iiuiU in.
lead of the wood they cod no more.
Combination Hotel Dressers
I. trice variety of the-e dreww to choo
fiom, in woods oak ni'thptc II11M1 or whlto Q en
enamel Sjiecial value loda at Otu!
Iron Beds
Midi- of the IhM ipnllly Iron tiilnni; Willi
white iinuiil: Inve luavv .iiikIo emU and diilled O fin
llllcrsj one cpcclal lot nt tO"
fin- niounteil iron heds with Ih.i-h lop rill
pillar inonntM and cruse .iiieIo Jolnta, r-peeial c Xn
haigaln at , 7Oy
Bed Springs
I'or iron wood IipiN, lino woten wire lop,
cahlp support, and tn.iplo framts elies to Ht I Of)
Jiiy bed, fNchl prito tiOV
Sprlntji Willi Meel fnnics jjj
Koldlne fplral fprlnpi, cuh fprinjc con. ") JQ
lalrlnc 110 tdr-il, prn.0 17
Soft rotton top nnitre for .jg
SMilltem husk tnatticxd vltlt ItAYj rotton -5 -Jrj
top and liest ticking coer. Site prlco O.OJr
Cotton toiiiMmtloii niattrem for -403
Clothes Trees
Me i-how them in nlmcst endless vaiiety I ilfl
from 50.- to ""
One fpreiil lot in oak or mahecrany fluls.i Jft
oflerot this wnk, nt cadi JJC
rtecd and itattan roeken with hewy roll
over arms and hack, fancy hack and cane seats 2 69
One pechl lot ottered nt eadi
Five piece Parlor Suit nphohtered in lap-
ettrj and velour, have inahoRany finished frames q in
with cmliosed carviiiRa on pannels, price aul... '"""
Jonas Long's 5ons.
" iieis & ntinot'NPFin. itntft.
. J UtiTt V, -MaiUKcr.
dm: NKiiir oma,
Thursday, Harch 14
An Vnieriuii pin for the morican people,
Iwn art pewit keener) Tho original lleraM
Sipiaie nuarlctte
I'ltee-. '-'V . I'le TV anil l do
se.tts mi isile I'ikhIuv it (1 j hi.
Uanascrs and Uhstc. Local Slmijtr.
All. 'lllls WIU'.K.
The Keystone
Dramatic Co.
si:piornr? die repulai' arlNts. OEBTRVJDK
sllll-vivs and !.WHr("i: AlrdlLL. rresni
tiiff Muiiiii- evt-nlni; "III Mglit ot St. Paiil'."
I.icllca' t lekc-t.s Mundjy er., 1 cents.
Matinee Prices- to and 20 renin
livening I'mtalO, Jl and 20 cents.
Monday, IVlarcr-i11,
Green Ridge Wheelmen's
New Club House, 1045 Wyoming Ay
Opens Tuesday eve., March 12,
continuing for balance of week.
Good Attractions Nightly.
The I'ldeis of the T'lesbv tot Ian chuioh
went to Tin imp .vesteidaj. wheie fif
teen 1 unveils weie taken Into thu
I'l.indi of the MaK.vai.s. ieientl stnrt
wl tlii'te as a mission under tho cam
of the lull c h heie
Thioutjli the kindness ot tlie Judges,
this plate will have no leason for
KoIiik: diy net .vear, llcrnses heltiu
granted to only ilfty. seven, an Increase
of seven over last year.
Mis. Fiocl Uiejer and dauuhter,
Annie, of Vine stieet, have lettnnest
fiom Allentown, where the wont to
meet Uev K 1' II. Hreyer upon hln
letiiiu Iieim I'hlua Mr and Mm.
Ilrnyet an- expeclcd to come heri to
day for a loiuTthy sta at the hoini ot
his mother, when It Is hnp-d his health
will he lestoied.
A toiiKiciTiitlonal mcctliiK will be hei
at the 1'icsbv teilan cliuich, follow-n:
the piayer meellntt on Wednesday
evdilnif. when two eldeis -vx 111 hi
cler ted.
The Voiinir Lailles' Mlsnlon tlie of
the l'itsbteil;i t hint li will meet with
Miss l.vtllH Panei, of chciry Knet,
on Thuisilii) evenliiK at 7 SO o'clock
Dr. .1. H (luivej ami P. J. Honm
left yestenli for WllllHmsHrt for a
shot i stay.
(fe.i Jt - t-y
-',.-' .
'j'i. ijrtf. j 8,
. i i- v t .,