The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 11, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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.. ..vV".
ji-v n ' 'j
ttu: JioDEns ii.nmvAtiE storr,
Escapes from the Witt Cor
rugnted nsh nnd garbage
can has air-tight cover is
made of extra heavy gal
vanized Iron, corrugated to
add strength; reinforced top
and bottom by iron bands
lids and bottoms ate one
piece. Made in three sizes.
Footc & Shear Co.
JJ9N. Washington Ave
Carilal 5200,000. Surplus $500,000.
United Stntcs Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts iuvited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday cveuiugs
from S to 9 o'clock.
Wm. Consul, President.
IIi.nry Bi lis, Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm. II. Plck, Cashier.
inng uone uratis.
Iaji.i1 data I01 M.irtli, Jrt, IT'l:
lltStllM tillipi-Lllllie
Ijomou trtnpirntiiio
1 1 1 tin i 1 1 1 v :
1. in
p. in
ll mull. .'I hour j (inline h p. in.
ill dosreiM
,M degrees
7:i per 1 cut.
e7 pT cent,
the miow melts away t'mni the
it and bursting buds on the tree
In. niches begin to foretell the arrival of
t-pi'ilig. the thoughts of the faithful
bun' hull partisan tuin wistfully to the
great natlinial game, and conjecture
becomes ijiu as to whether tho city
will lie represented this season by a
team. Uotli Scrantonians and Wilkes
Itarrcims 111 e putting In a good deal of
time arguing the matter these days,
but the outlook Is not bright. It Is
doubtful If there Is a man In either
city who will feel the absence of a
nine more than Harry Merrill, the base
ball editor of the Wllkes-Harre Itecord,
who from time almost Immemorial has
heeu associated with tho buse ball lore
of the l.ackawanua-Luzcrnc legion.
He was In tho city Thursday night,
accompanying the Wllkes-Harre lodge
of Klkti. of which he Is a member, on
their fraternal visit tu tho local
branch. "Pop" Men III. as he Is some
times called. Is thor'oughly disheart
ened over the present situation, nnd
practically despairs of seeing any real
bnws ball In Wllkes-Harre this year.
In this city tho status of affairs is
similar to that lu Wllkes-Harre, the
men who have been yearly Investing in
base ball and coining out at the horn's
small, end, declaring that after last
year's disastrous expeilence they are
through with professional ball. How
ever, botli Mr. Merrill and local scribes
who have been watching matters see a
faint glimmer of hope In the prospect
of a weml-professlonul league. Clubs
could be maintained lu Scranton,
Wllkes-Harre, Plttston, Carboudale,
Olyphant, Avoca and other surround
ing places, and some pretty fast ex
hibitions seen. ,
M, F. Urown, who for seveuil years
has been engaged In tho hut and
gentleman's furnishing business on
Wyoming avenue with Frank McCaun,
lias dissolved partnership with that
gentleman and will hereafter engage in
tho business himself lu one of the
Wyoming avenue stores of the Hotel
leiniyn building. Mr. Brown Is one of
tho bft known and most progressiva
of the younger business men of the
city, lie waa born In Carbuudale and
ld his early butlnces training thstw
lfeLf.!Mi ) I
3M h$dX ''' H'
but has been here lone enough to be
considered a thorough Scriintonliui In
nil that the word Implies In the busi
ness world.
For Bevel nl years Mr. Drown was
inuitaecr of his father's ncnural store
on CapotiRO avenue, but nbundoned
tlint position to enter business for
himself In the centie of the city, where
opportunities are InrRcr. The success
the Arm of Drown & McCinm met with
Is woll known In the business world,
anil this succcsh, It Is safe to say, will
be continued by the senior partner,
who now takes upon bis shoulders nil
of the responsibilities of tho business.
He Is n (Tu I ilc and courteous, makes
friends readily and Is today one of the
best known and most popular business
men In the valley.
Mr, lircijiP I.. lVt li,i ittmiicl tu IMiIIj J I
plita, alter pciiilinc a week lltlim iiltli IiIcihIj
In tlil city.
I'. .1 Tnolicy. of Cl.iiie Win., lod 1jI night
tor Sew Voik. wlieie l.c w 111 peiul the JOinlns
ivccl; en biiliii.
MIm MeNanma, r,f Now oil I iWlliist her
hrolhfr, Patrick 1'. JlcVaniiua. at tli Hank hotel,
l.atkaiiamm aiciine. '
-latum I'lleli ami ulfe. ulio ete al Vahins
ton attemlliijr the liiaugiiiutloii ceremonies ie
tniiinl home Kitiinl.iy eicnlug;.
Ml?. O. 11. loinl iiml lUiiRtilrr. Until, ho
Imp been vltlthiR Allaiilli rlly ami 'Jhltigton,
IPtnrnnl home Situnliy eiriilnir.
fleoige C. DeWllile, foilti'ily of llii illy, and
who hchl a tenogiaplilo po.lllon ttltli fluent
A:, or Philadelphia, tetriitly accepted
More liictatlio pculthm a a teniBraphcr lor
the IV ilijiil.i r.illtnjil In that lt. Mr.
lr llilr- had not horn llolkitie (or tho I'riltlvll-
jnli company lor 111010 titan a week
lien ho a promoted to n higher
Ill frlen.l-i In thl clly will he plea'cd to team
Of III' Hlice. '
Trouble on the Trolley Lines Is Hap
pily Averted.
All daiiKer of another street inr em
ployes' strike was Saturday nvmioil
by General Maunder Pllllmun, of tho
Scranton Hallway rmnpany, relnstut
liiK Conductor D. Jl. lloward. who
was dlKi'harKcd Kob. 21, as a mutter of
discipline for not olieylnt; the com
pany's rules and reporting within
twenty-four hours from the time of oc
currence an altercation lie had with a
At a meeting of the union held Fri
day morning the grievance commutes
was Instructed to confer with tho gen
eral manager and Inform I1I111 that un
less Howard was reinstated another
general strike would be ordered.
About 4.80 o'clock Saturday after
noon nti answer from the general man
ager was received at headquarters by
tho committee, consisting of President
Shea and Messrs. Kvuns, Kegler.
Surlne and Harrctt. Mr. SlUIman's
missive was a lengthy one, three pages
of typewritten matter. In which wcr?
carefully reviewed the facts in the
case and embodying the very welcome
news that In view of the action of tha
union and general sentiment lu favor
of Howard's reinstatement, the ills,
charged conductor should resume work
Sunday morning.
On the committee receiving tha com
municatlon they immediately called off
the meeting which was to have been
held early yesterday morning for the
purpose of ordering a strike unless
Howard was reinstated. The latter
reported at company headquarters yes
terday morning and was given a Pitts
ton run.
Complaint Was Made by Miss Fan
nie Phillips.
Lieutenant Walter Capwell, of Com
pany K, Thirteenth regiment, denies
the statement published In Tho Trib
une on Saturday to the effect that h
was united lu marriage on Thursday
last by Mderman Millar to a young
woman named Maine Compton, of liitf
Cedar avenue. He admits knowing
llio girl.
City lnglne"r Jose.ih P. Phillips
wem before Alderman Davis Satin day
and had a warrant Issued for Cap
well's tiriest, at the Instance of Ms
daughter Kannle. The young man was
arrested on the warrant, nnd spent
last night In the West Scranton police
stntlon. He will have a hearing to
Duggan Will Take Steps
Keep Them Off Streets.
The presence of little girls on the
streets after VI o'clock at night Is no
unusual spectacle In Scranton. There
Is something in the slight llgure
wrapped lu a tattered shawl, with a
big bundle of newspapers under her
arm, that appeals to the night-hawks
found lounging In the restaurants and
all-night saloons, and the business is
a profitable one.
Mrs. AV. B. Duggan. agent for the
Board of Associated Churltles. Is about
to take steps to keep these little girls
off the street late at night.
Mrs. Duggan claims that the girls lu
their eagerness to sell the papers make
the 1 omuls of the disorderly houses.
The girls found on the streets late at
night average between eight and nlno
A Valuable Little Volume Written
by Dr. M. J. Shields, of Jermyn.
Dr. M. J. Shields, of Jermyn. for
merly attending surgeon at the Emer
gency hospital, Carbondale. has lately
completed a most handy and attractive
little bund book entitled "First Aid,"
which has Just been published by
Thonuis Houndy. of Jermyn.
The book gives complete, thorough
nnd easily understood Instructions re
garding the proper method of giving
first aid In accidents and In sudden
illness, with especial attention to min
ing accidents. The volume Is Illus
trated throughout with wood cuts,
showing methods of applying band
ages, torulqucts, etc., nnd Is a most
handy and valuable volume for ever.
family, and more especially for those
employed at any occupation when
there is any risk,
There have been no new develop
incuts In the silk mill strike situation
during tho past few days. Energetic
efforts are being made by tho girls'
leaders to secure a settlement by arbi
tration. No nets of violence occurred
Friday, although a number of girls are
known to be still working,
William Kirn, of 603 Hickory street,
was arrested Saturday evenlinr by
Constable Uyars on the charge of be
ing Incorrigible.
Ask for Kelly'? union crackers.
President ol the United Mine Work
ers Saus Tlicu Arc Not
National Head of the Miners' Or
ganization Points Out How the
Operators Would Be Gnlners by
Recognizing- the Union nnd Effect
ing nn Explicit Agreement as to
Wages and Other Teims of Work.
Nothing Now to Obligate the Men
to Continue Work The Notice
Posted at Collieries Saturday.
President John Mitchell, of the t 'lil
ted Mine Workers of America, arrived
here yesterday afternoon from Indian
apolis on tho S.SS Delaware. Lackawan
na and Western train, and slopped off
for n day before proceeding to the
Hnzlctou convention. He was accom
panied by his secretary, Miss Kllabeth
Morris, who was with him during ths
big strike last fall, and who will 111
ns stenographer of tho seciet sessions
of tho convention.
Mr. Mitchell spent the afternoon and
last night in conference with the local
labor leaders at the St. chillies. Dis
trict President T. J. Nlcholls. Secre
tary John T. Dempsey, National Or
ganizer Fred Ditcher, Organizer Bolnrt
N. Courtiight, "Mother" Jones and
Martin D. Flaherty, president of the
Central Labor union, were among
those who conferred with him.
Ho had expected to pass upon some
allegations that were being made
against certain of the local olllcers by
a Sunday paper, but as the paper yes
terday declared Its unreadiness to
prove Its charges, Mr. Mitchell Is dis
posed to Ignore the matter. His Inten
tion last night was too leave for Ha
zlcton this afternoon at 4.2." o'clock.
To a Tribune reporter who called
upon hliu last evening Mr. Mitchell
suld the bare statement attributed to
him by a despatch from Indianapolis,
to the effect that the posting of no
tlces was not satisfactory, did not con
vey the full truth.
"That may mean much or It may
mean little," Mr. Mitchell went on to
say. "In my judgment the proper way
to adjust wages nifd Insure uninter
rupted work Is by annual conferences.
There Is no good reason why the oper
ators should not confer with us and
there are many good reasons why
they should. Last fall they put forth
the excuse thnt the men were not rep
resented by the Mine Workers' union.
That excuse, they must admit, no
longer holds good, for no one better
than they knows that practically every
man In the region who Is eligible to
membership Is now enrolled In the
Mln Workers' union.
' The operators make the charge
that strikes arc more frequent now
than ever before. I do not admit this
to be true, but If It was true. It would
be only natural. Before being organ
ized the men did not feel the cimlldenee
and strength that comes from union.
Now they realize their strength nnd
It may be that they ai" prone to us-i-crt
it. If they were rootrained by
some specllle agieement. such as we
want the operators to cuter Into, the
men would be obliged to do certain
things before striking, and theio would
be an end to petty nnd sudden strikes,
such as It Is alleged are frequently
"For installer. If a crowd of dilvers
at some colliery had a gilevance they
would not tuin out to enforce a re
drws of that gilevance, but realizing
that their olllcers were authorized to
ileal lor them with their employers,
they would restrain themselves and
leave the adjustment of the dispute
to their olllcers. If there was nn
agreement between th" organization
and the operntors th organization
would see to It that that agreement
was not violated by the men, At pres
ent the 1 'nlted Mine Workers are un
der no obligation to keep the men at
work, and. without breaking faith,
could order a strike every month. The
operators ought to realize this and so
that It Is to their ndvnntage to deal
with the union."
line not admitting it In so many
words. Mr. Nlcholls clearly demon
strated that he docs not expect any
operators at the conference.
Ho sent them each a telegram aiU
lug them If they would confer, and
followed this up with n letter Inviting
them to confer. He received some re
sponses, but they contained nothing
dednlto as to whether or not the In
vitation would be ncceptcd.
Following Is 11 iopv or th" notice
posted at nil the collieries hereabouts
Saturday: "The 10 per cent, advance
and other concessions made by this
company on Oct. fi, IOOli. as per notlc
posted, will be continued to April 1,
KM:!, and theieafter, until further no
tice. Local differences will be adjust
ed with our own men at the respective
Tho notice was propaied at the meet-
Armour & Co.'s
Fine Art Soap
Is the finest milled soap
on the market.
It is certainly as good
as auy of the fancy soaps
that retail for 25c to oc
per cake. We offer it tlr's
wee I
3 Cakes for 25c.
E. Q. Coursen
Who Can Write theO
Best Short Story f
Till. 1111111 VI: OI'i'KIM t.v'll I'ltl.M To
l.(K VI. Wltlli:it- OP LOCAL 1'KTIOs.
S2D.00 for the Best Stoty.
? 10.00 for tho Second Best.
S5.00 for the Third Best.
a Liii:rt.iiY coMrinriov wiir.m; i.v
PlIML'Mi: In noi- si:ns.ii IN
011111:11 to tm.
hi tlitt of Mi" fait Itat muldnalilr Inn
I111.1 rlup-id tlnti' tliti." la I'M" "J WiM'"
coii.pclltlon llnuiigti tlic l'c-il I'lf ,or "'e
urxe nl Ml111nl.1t I UK Hie lltfi-uy aMHl.i
lalrlit nioti3 tho people ot NoitliM.trii
I'l'tiii-j-lvaiiia, The Tribune liai ilc clued tn
offer u htIii of prbtn n tlniiil'ii I11 tlito
direction. It 1 delioin ot net mine f"r ""
In Hi uiIuiiim a number ol short MoilM
tieallnif of lol l!icnie. In older to finnWi
n Imeiithe It propnM to y
til for the l.i toiy ol r.oi to eveed
.t.OOi) wcid, in leiij,lli-
J'O for llio leroml lM eluie, and
ti loi the I'.did tut torv.
Mammripl not u.elul in urine "
of tPckC pibc will !w piildl-hed and luly
iiedlled If tl.o aiitliris n deitie.
Morlca Iriullc? I" la Ins ot " omj:ic 0
and lesend.n.v lore of the anlhMiitc ininlns
liidiHlr.v will hate picfcifncr. hi lonneitlmi
with cieiy intn.' 111 tho Ue theie u a
iiidm of tradition. Including haudirei.llli '
iape, natiatlrt ef fpooky lupptnlngi nd
other rlttalN boiiierlni on the nelnl or Mipcr
ti.itural which l..ij neer beni gathered to
gether In Merjrv f mi. Tli'i opei-" hchl
vhlili li ptnitlrally Inexliaii'MM" ai"' wl'ieh
nhould mipply tiii tiuleibl ("r ome exceed
lag I.v fnlrrmtiiig lirllun,
Tho t:l; o ii.msin,; l.nnn the incrlK of the
nunu-irlpt (..ihinilled will ho n.lsued to
n ilMntpirxtcil ImiRe, wliow ram will men
ho jiinciinml, ami who will lend Ihe manu
trrlpN tmt limi r,n kno.vledso of tho iden
tity of ihr Riitlmi .. The enielopej lonuiu
Ug tho real name- of the inithniii will ho
pnered lump, ne.i until tiler the awanli
liaio Ik en nude.
M1011I1I thl Ir.ii.j' roinpolitlon proi en
roiiraslny. It 111 ho followed lij dher
itirr niieri of miuilar ternr.
All in.iniicrlit4 nut he mhnillted nol
later tlinn Maieh 20.
All in.inmnlpU niut ho lzned by t Hi
1ltiou name nnd aho the nritei'a leal n.nie
llnl po-lotlice iildriM.
The netio ot et1i ktory innl he laid In
NoilheaMem l'(nii.ih.inlj. Ivit the namei o
real pumjih muit mil he ued.
One furlliT loiuliilim niul he iinder.lniil.
(iiitiiliuitmi int'nihd for tlil ionlet will
he tirii'iiled only from picw-nt iileillr tn
'Ihe Tilbiine or from llio-o who may. dm Ins
tho conte-l, hoi oine uh,cilhin hy pnnmit
of ai lean one nionlirs auh'Cilpitnii in .id
laini' .ldie.
s. 1.111I 111 liihune, Mianton, I'.i.
Iiur of the operators lHd In N'ew Voil
Inst wok.
Wants Information About Mercliant
S. W. Thompson.
The following letter has been re
ceived by I'ostniaster .;. ll. Blpple:
National Military Home,
KutiMS Muni 0, PHIL
1'i.lliM'lei. iiantoii, IViinbanla.
Dear Sii: Tlie wrllir l .111 old wddiir hi llio
war In! Ihe t'nlon, lid-.,, and .1111 .1 iiii'iiihei
ol 1I1U Nalional Military Home, lu the jciu
I'.'d anil IV,i I w.h a loidiluu of Nraiilou, .1
em' lln 11 of nhoitr tlueo or lutti lhou.ind people.
1 w.K nl-i) a ,t I ool teacher then, and t.cuit
M'liiml on tin- ia- ehlo, I Ihlnh, ninm the Itnar
in inrMHK 111 it the atrium on a Inidgp
pa.-iiu I lu hhet fuinaie nn mn riht. I lepie
out ll tu j on a ll iipiieau'il to ine tiny-one
jears ajio.
Ml plllpo-e In wiitlint to Joll l tn !el Miins
infiiinialliin. It po-lhle ot one s. Tlioiiip.nn,
who at the date mentioned w.n 11 uieiihanf
theio, and Kept a toie Ju-t jmw the Itoanne
llrnok and not far fiom Ihe M.nt Inmate. Mr.
Thompson, at that date, I iudgp In haw luen
ali, mt ,'iO or : .M'.ir-i of a'.-r. and I Ihink had .1
family. It may ho Hut he i nnl llilng now,
if not .111.1 in leicard tn an; of hie
li-l.iltir- would ho thankfully reieivul.
You will confer u laior mi .111 old leteian ot
ihe war Inr tile I'lilmi hi- bhIii any infoiiiu
linn j on 111.11 hoe alioul I 111- 1101011. I am.
Vi-ri 1 1 illy,
I'liailes r.lll.ion.
Sallnlial Ilmur. I.ili.l-. I. lie I o. I',
"eemid ltiiiiieni, 1 Vnlunleei ( .njliy.
M. J. Burke.
U .1. lluiU. II .M.iri. "f .iR'. ilii'l l-ii" -a
niil.i.) nlclil ,il '.il Ifslilrim- mi Duiiioliil .or
mn'.' 1'i.r iwiiii inoiitln Mr. Iliiiue liail liron .1
Milli-icr Illi llur until lr 11ml llnrr inoiillii
luil ln'fii imiliiiril to 11U lnil.
mIip .mil iiIiip 1I1II11K-11 Mtiuio him. 'liny
.in-: M.'i.t. KiImjhI. TIihii.i. l' llilni,
.ilii-i, Liiimrt, I.i'I.iMIih' nml HoiiiIIij. '1 1 1 1 1-
. I'fi .11.1l i'Iiii In'.itliir iiKu mn In-: Mi. A. .
I'.uifll. ii) Mi. .Iiilm Miiliiali. sml'i
-I1I0: Mi-. Ilnny Pii. ol.viiti.iil; Mi-, .loin
i ll.i'uuu. Ill.ikil.i, nml I.. ' llml.1', Ol.tpiunl.
Tl.i) ttiiiirnl IU 11" I" In in s."0 .1. in. fiiin
liU 1. 11- ir-iiliiif .11 tli luliii nt I li.i ui,,tii 1
.ni-iiiii' .nnl I'lotlili'iKO iciil. r-civliM will ln
iiimIiiiIiiI fiom 'I. I'.mlV .11. il iiili'iinriit ulll
lie 111. nil- in tin' ii'inil'iv.
John Hayden.
Jul 11 II. '.villi! 1II01I S,itiiul.i.i at lilt I1011111 d lii
li'l.c .iioMic, .iltiT J liriil llll.i . Hiici-ril vj,
111 si.u'l lirallli until idinily nml il mm
ili.iu.'ht 1I1H liN nif;'i'l ii'i'iliuiii'ii hoiiIiI 1 ul 1
llilll lliluuiili.
1' miiio nml llio iljnjlil or ntitiu Mm.
Tin' f111111.1l iilll I'o I10I1I tomoiioiv. S'iii r.
Mill In- mi.iliiitiil Irnni "t. I'rli'i'i. r.itliiilul
ttllll IlilOlllllllt ill tllC f'lltllOcll.ll lOllll'tcil.
Richaid Hariiugtou.
Ilhluiil ll.iiiiiiuliui, .moil 71 voju. .111 nl'l
.nnl ii.pri liil lorliluil nf l.'l" .lai'k-i'ii .iro.'t.
llilll ,M-lll'Illjy lit llli ll'lllll'. Pl'tO.KI'll M,l l -1 11
111 Diiul.inil. uml li.'nl luiii ,1 lo.lil'iit n 1 ;,ln
U.i many Ho M'n a iiiiluwiii ami lunl
In rj-c nml roiiifoit.
The fiilii'iul Mill ti-o il.i'i' Jl '-' 11M01 U
tnuiin alti'iiui'iii. liili'init'iii mil li, nuili in
D1111111010 iciiiitii.i.
T. W. Griiiln.
'1 l) l.lillill, .i:nl li.', llloil at In, liuliio 11
liliiiliurn i''U'lila.v nioiiiiiiir .11 ti ii'iluik. Miu'ii
tluii' Mivka ai;a .Mr. (tilf'lu fill u'nl limkr in- !''
mirt .11 the Mine tlino rin'lvnl lnti'iiul iiijuiii-,
Willi li H'.llltCll in I'U lll'.ltll.
Mr. Ilrlflin U liivnl li. III iu(o jml llif lot
liivlliS ilill'liui: Waller, i-f sn.iiiion; (ioorso, of
Niw Mrxliu; Holt ami lit my. nf (iloiilnnii, mil
Mn. 1'; Niilli'ii, 01 . uml Mi.
f'llallot WlluiX, ot SOIallllll. bu IWO lilutlil'",.
(iomico anil 'llionus
'llio tiiuiral Mill l' I10I1I WiiIiii-iI.,1 fiom hU
rr.l'lriuo. Iiiliiii(it Mill In nuilo in lliin-
Miss Kate Smith.
ML- Itaii' imiiIiIi iln'il ;f-luil.iy aitiiiiiiiiii ,11
tin' liciiin of Inr l-lir. Mk. liooiiro .Malou ,
:iji AOain iitoiini'. slio ainilnil l,.v llio lol
lntvlin; liiiillitK uml iloit 1'ilir mnl llioi'.'c
Miiltli, Ml". tiiuiKO M.ili'llo ami Mi-l poll,)
Mnllli, all i'f tliU oil)'.
'I lip Mill bo liflil Tnoilay .ifirrnonii
at i n'lloik .mil iiitoiiiicnt Mill lo made 111 the
Catlioilral cfniitoiy.
.laiurs llio llil.Hil niii nt Mi, .lainoi llroun, iif
flioUnit ftirct, lliiniiioic, tlioil nn Satuul.iy
nioinlne ulltr 11 rliort llliun. Tlir (uncial
i liotil joitloiilaS' altrinoon, Intonnont Ikmiij
liijilo In St. Ilurj'a I'ini'icry
Internal Revenue Collector's Ofllce Is
in Receipt of Copy of New Law,
Coins Into Effect July 1 It Shows
That Tax on Almost All Documen
tary Articles Hn Been Removed,
Only Deeds of High Denomination
Requiring Stamps Telegrams Are
Hubert B. i'ennuiu, cashier lu the
office of I'nited States Inlet mil Beve
line Collector T. F. iVmiinii, has ie
celved n copy ot the new revenue tax
law, which goes lino effect July I, and
a comparison of this with the present
law shows a number of change.
From numeious articles tho entire
tax has been lifted, while in other In
stances It has been considerably light
ened. One of the most material
changes Is in the taxing of tobacco,
cIriiis and cigarettes. Tobacco for
merly taxed at 32 cents a pound Is
now subject to a 20 per cent, discount,
which brings the revenue doVn to u
tax of ! n..i cents. Cigars formerly
taxed at $1.00 a thotiKiiud aie now sub
ject to but $3 n thousand. In all caps
where Ihe weight Is over three pounds.
On the small clgais and cigarettes
weighing less their Is a tax of IS cents
per pound, as compared to a former
loventte of $I.r,o a thousand on paper
cigarettes and Jl a thousand on the
snull cigars. The beer tax Is cut
down from t! to SI per batrel. The
former was, however, subject to a 710
per cent, discount, wheieas the pies
ent Is subject to none.
The tax Is taken off articles tn
"f-ehedule B." which Includes medi
cines of nil hinds. The revenue on
wines which are Included In this cate
gory is. however, continued, 1 cent and
2 cents on pint and quart bottles. It
Is also removed from all documentary
articles, except deeds of high denomi
nations. It has been the law to tax
deeds fifty cents for every $.'00. tmder
the new schedule, however, the tax be
gins with a 2.", cent stump for any sum
from $2.:.n to $3,000. A 25 cent addi
tional tax Is icqulicd for every jr.00
over till".
The stamps are also ictnoved from
all Insurance papers and telegrams
and exptess packages. The tax Is con
tinued on Height, bltllnid and pool
tables, rubbers, theatres, nnd other
taxable subjects. Fvery bunk must
continue paying on Its enpltsllzpil slock
and surplus.
Two Boys Had a Very Lively After
noon. After ftijoylng a nlne-liour ride up
and down the valley at 11 break-neck
pare, Leo Jordan, an 18-year-old youth,
went to the livery stable to return the
horse and buggy nnd fell Into the
hands ot Patrolman Thompson, who
was thre waiting for him.
Jordan went to Alderman KWly yes.
tefilny morning -and told him he want
ed to get llio nlderman's horse to have
him clipped by his uncle, a man named
oar. As this man has been In the
habit of clipping thf alderman's horse
for the past live or six years, he read
ily granted the lad permission to take
the animnl.
Jordan went to Decker's rtables,
where the horse Is kpt. and hud ihe
animal hitched up and drove away. At
tho postotllce he picked up another
lad by the name of Pnt Jlessltt. and
together they spent the afternoon driv
ing up nnd down the valley.
At about S o'clock Jordan drove into
the livery with the horse covered with
sweat and almost dropping from ex
haustion. The carrlafeo was covered
with mud and generally the outllt pre
sented a much-abused appeaiance.
Jordan Hits on Emmet street.
Municipal League Detectives Had a
Trip for Nothing.
The Municipal league detectives who
wont to Olyphant on Friday afternoon
to secure the slot machine In the hotel
of Jl. AV. Orogan, which the latter had
prevented them from seizing that
morning, returned empty-handed. The
machine In their absence had been
spirited It away and no trace of it
could bo found.
.Special Agent Wilson stated yester
day to a Tribune man that several
of the otllcluls of Olyphant hud Incited
("Jrogiiu lu his pieseiiee to resist his
(Wilson's) authority and that war
rants for their ntre.-t would be Issued
this w.'ck.
A Green Giove Farmer Arrested by a
Peckville Man,
A continuation of the hearing of a
("lieeii Citove farmer named Slmrell,
who was arrested at tho Instance of
a gentleman named Williams, residing
In West Peckville. who chatges him
with silling the ilesh of a mule as
prime beef, was hud on Saturday.
The case attracted much attention
and n large crowd gathered iu tho or
'he of Justice of the Peace Smith at
Peckville, but the hearing had to be
postponed for n week because tlie food
Inspector, to viiom the meat had been
submitted had failed to make a report
upon it.
for men's necUb
ties that look stylish and
are stylish ties that King
Edward would be proud
to wear.
Narrow four-in-hands,
Butterfly tics 50c there's
our strong all star line.
Then we haw more
costly ties too.
Wholesale Liquor Dealers 216 Lackawanna Ave.
Four-Day Peisonally-Conducted Tour
via Pennsylvania Railroad.
On Monday, April 1. the Pennsyl
vania llaltroad company will run its
annua! p"rsomilly conducted tour to
Washington. P. ( from Central Penn
sylvania. Tickets will cover round
trip trunsportotlon. trunifer lu Wash
ington, and llrst-class hotel nccoiinno.
datlous for dinner on April 1 until
luncheon on April 4, Inclusive. For
lhni who desire to spend a longer
time In the National Capital, tickets
will -be nrceptod returning until April
11, Inclusive.
Hates, coveting transportation, trans
fer and hotel aecomiuoilations as
above: JlL'.M from Wllllamspoit. $13.60
from Wllkes-lhirrc. $U."r from tfcrnn
loti, $15.00 from Caibondnle, $11.70 from
Sunbury. $11 from Altoona. $10.10 from
l.ancasler. $10.S. from Lebanon, $10.10
from llnriisburg. !."0 from York, and
proportionate rates from other sta
tions, Including stations on the Cum
berland Valley Itnllro.'iil north of
Detailed lllnerar Is now In course
of preparation, and full details re
garding schedule and other Informa
tion will be announced later. Intend
ing passengers should send their names
as early as possible to Tourist Agent.
Pennsylvania Itnllroao. -14 Public
Square, Wllkes-lbino. Pa., or Ueorge
W. lloyd. Assistant (Jenetal Passenger
Agent. Broad Street .Station, Philadel
phia. P.i. "
While the religious services were
going on In the Lackawanna hospital
yestetdny. John Xewfolk. a Polandcr.
who has a slluht touch of the delirium
tremens. Jumped through an open win
dow and was trying to Jump the fence
when the hospital attendants captured
(ieorge 1.. Tinner, the man who was
token to the Lackawanna hoxpltul Fil
diiy with his hands and feet badly
frozen, ban changed veiy slightly as
regards condition, but It Is now
thought that it will not b- necessary
to amputate the Injured members.
The Scranton Gas and Water' Com
pany and the Hyde Park Gas Com
pany. In accordance villi tlio pclliy of ll.r-i" mm
panln lo rnliice lato fiom flino to time a
may tio ivau-antcd by Incicasctl cnnMimpli-jn.
notice l lioiclif Rbrn tliat. on and alter April
1 noil, tlie iirlie of en Mill I'o ono dollar per
cno lliousjiui inliic- feci consumed, subject In
the following discount! file per cent, on all
bill-, tilieio tlie ioimiriiitioii for (lie nviiil'i
arr.mmta to lex (Inn lurnt.v-nte doll in; ten P'r
cut. on all Mlh ivli-rc (lie loiisiiinption loi Ui
montli amtuiiH to twenty file dollan ami iii
vaid... '
Pioilded ll.o bill I r-l'l "' "' "ef ore tlie
CAtli day of llio month in nlikli Hie bill la
l endued. Ilj- older of tlie boaul.
IS. II. 1IASU. Seeietaiy.
I It Uc I'Hik IS.n ic.nipjii.i In diiIii lo nn our
131" llio i.v of nu foi IiipI impoi. noliic i.
hcrrliy (then tint on ami iiltrr April I ncu lln
price of gin n! will ln 0110 ilollar per one
llinuviml feet con.uineil, i.lijrt lo I lie folliiiwii;; ill-eoimt'i: Tell per mil, on all l.llliwlieie
tlie inmuinpiioiilor Hie piontlumountMo lw-tlun
iMiiilj-flve ilellait; Iwenly per rent, on nil lillU
ivheie tlie coiKiiinplioii Inr tlie 111011II1 aiiioiinii
to txicnt'-flie ilolbri Hinl.iip.idiiN.
Proildiil tlie bill U p.ilil on in- liefoir Hie IDili
day of the mouth in iilileli Hie hill ii trmleiril,
A Hjurale meter. Iiuiii.lieil lv Hie compani, is
ncccMan. Ill onler of the hoaul.
tl, 11. HAM). Seiieui.v.
The Very
Best No. 3
Hard Steel
Mining; Scoops
Every One
or Money
Clarke Bro
Pierce's Market, Penn AYenuel
We liuki a ipeilall.i ul fane; CiMinrr; lu
tr (nil .trlclly frch e;s ant) the prue it ai
ioiv at fiut rlakj gooJ-i in be tolil it.
We ilo not hte my tpccUl nct or lej'Ierj
but l all tiniei cany as complete n liiu ot
lUrkct (Joodj, 1'jiic)- Giocetlet and TaMe telica
ilea as can be fouml in tho lareil New Vorl,
or PhlUOi'lpliu Marketa ulilili t cll Jl iltlit
W. H. Pierce,
It laclmanna Ae.
rrempt dtllitry.
119, 1H, U Tina Aia
What judicious buyiug cart
save you. You will be sur
prised, and the best thing
abouf buyiug here is that
you can't buy poor goods at
any price. But you cau buy
at a very low price.
Wheu you have one of ouf
Trunks or Dress Suit Cases,
it is easy traveling, All sizes,
iu all grades at all kinds of
305 Lackawanna flue.
"1847 Rogers Bros." Goods.
Knives, Forks
Spoons, etc-
No question about the quality; wo
have all the newest patterns at
lowest prices.
Also the celebrated Sterling In
laid Spoons and Forks. War
ranted to ve years,
Immense stock of Sterling Silver
Spoons, Forks, Knives and Cased
Goods for Wedding Presents.
Mercereaii 5 Connell,
1.32 Wyoming Avenue.
Heating Stoves,
Oil Stoves,
Gas Stoves,
K Heaters.
Kvery purchaser of
Carpets whether for the
smallest room or the big
gest hotel wauts his
mind satisfied on three
points, namely:
It is because vc convince
our KllSlUlHCia U3 iu c;vciy HI
oue of these require- I
meuts that we confident
ly expect your patron
S21.223.'J25.S27WyomlnR At