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"IbIsThrl on It."
Ilr. Tinea's Phosphated Condensed Milk
Is pure milk, ssllh phosphate nnd
bypnphnspbltesfcddt'd In the proportion
needed for building strong bone and
teeth, steady nfrsc and rich Mood
equivalent to wheatdlei, IWibcsthrheon
Dr. Hand's
Condensed Milk
hcati"e It contain ll the proper! leu of a
complete fnoil. Best rnllfc for Inlands
and for the hole family makes coffee
narmie". ocnci lor iree rsjokiot
B IbfPf. (HfitHtmcd 111k O., JtrrftiOn, ft. I
Ice Cream.
OC Per
jjc Quart
1 Opbone Orders rromptty n.'.lveml
Jf-jaj Adams Avenua,
Scranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
OfHco D.. L. & W. Passenger
Station. Phone fO.
Dr. H. B. WARE,
1 Yb, liAR, NOSL: and THROAT
i .;oa. in. i 2 1 p. ni.
11.1.1 MS 1H.H"
Opp. I'tv-tutHec.
4 t 4-4-4
l. A II PtY HWM.-Thr llelawaie hii.I Ibid
fun (inpinv pilil Silimlnv ,il the f laltltiioio. No.
J llilllui..ic tunnel, Halllmuic -lope mid Coning
ham. OMVIIIM) H .I.MI..- "trim j, .if
Minion, w.i cHiiMlilnl In tlit- i rainy ji'l
Miuiili.t I i.i Ju.ilic of tlio 1'c.n.t lull tot assault
mil biMcrt,
.ltl'. DIM lllllii:i.-l)Jiili'l licinc, who
imi arrested liuti I, MilTcrinir (nun ilillilmn
, unit us ami loc'nl up at police jc.lJ.iui li r,
i.i ilNiluisnl -aliuda.
IHtt. MIMV, - Police ll'.1liU.lltt IS WIT, 1111-
'ml IrM cttnltM ni the uisippt'.ii.uite nf .i 1J-
' I ,'lit III" kliOWIl IIS Mike Mikuiiho, litWi"
ji .i fMnitli Washington itci.ui'.
i.i.i r tin: noi'iii, -iiuLiit wniiiK. i.f
Min Nidge, Ins been illsihngeil from tin- l-uk-.iiiii.i
ho-pilil. W.illrn sustained injuries in
I. Km f sonic tlnn- .i.'n I i,i Loliij thrown (mm
, liiijelo.
WMM, Mi:i:ilN(i. I In; Mo Ml ,iulli.ii.v will
I l,l It-, .ItlllUll llieitlllg .11 till lOslllllKl' 11 Ml-.
.1 1'riii, ill l.i.i' iiicnii.', this .ilttriiimn ,n
ii o'lloik. Ml inteii'sled In the work mi- ml
. Ih flit (till III iilti'iul, .in.) It is Imppil tin ii
ii 'I In ,i luge .ilti'inlinei.
I'lilM IP .!.' linl'Mi TMII.r.,-Tli. Piuiii
I il-' lloinul lablc will inert In regular -fvinn
,, l'n.i,...,.r Gram's otitic .it tlio High stlnml
i 's timing. Piofe-xois Moiu-, llawhir. (.rint
riinl Mi-is Josephine Lee, (ohln and Mis. Tin
i "ill im iks "llio Mlllil."
fir.MIIM-, IUU'-i: llKt,i:il,l".--lliil sr.inlon
( liriili-;; lli.ii-.i' .i.Miii.iiiun In- thi tnllimlnir H--lull
tin tin- wul, rnillin; Mauli !, 1'ml: Mini
In. ln,.:il.OI; lni'.ili), Y-:il7,W..'ii: Moilnc.
In. l"l,sjil.ll; TIiiiivKij, l-ift7b.i:i; I'llihi.
"ii",' MI.SJ: mIiiiiIm, AI.Vt,n7 ."!:, -t..".'!,.
..'i '. liniopuiiilinj Mi'iK 1 it ji-ai, MiLiil-1. Is,
INMI.1i:iJ Till: l,.l)II. .Inlin ltlllms-Kic jiriitnl Salunl.iy iiIkIi! l.y r.itiolnian 1'iirjr
f r holns ilnink niul imnlllnii wonirn. nllllns
l.i .iinni lilin-cH In tulliAiinc iniiiia: bIiI
i.I ol.ltr wonirn niiiiniil tin i iti Hiicts
.! In iippio.ii hint' a p.llti sljiiilln; i.n tlio ioi
i'i. liiti-iiiiptlns their rnmrijtlon utnl jrinnallv
n jklns lilniv-lf obiniiuiii, lie .n llneil ir.,rii) lii
l.'norilrr Moll.
Mlcliael lllons. of I'lyinotith. was
Knuokcil down and inn over by n train
of rarsi on Hit' J.tieknwitnnii lallrnad,
Satunln, and filially Injured, He tm
liailly niaiiclod and died n fow tnlntilem
after reaehliiK tin- .Movi-h Taylor hoh.
Andrew, tlio two-yoar-fild on ol Mr.
and Mrs. Andrrw I'ununliiKi', of T.ty
Inr. Mho M-na m painfully but noil last
Friday, lias sdlghtly lmprovul. !
tliotiKli his chances of recovery uro
Spring1 Brook Water,lst Mtgr.Ds
Lacka. Valley Elec. Light, 1st
Mtg. 5s.
North Jersey and Pocouo Moun
tain Ice Co., 1st Mtg. 5s
Standard Gas Co., 1st Mtg. 5s.
Lehighton Water Supply Co.,
1st Mtg. 5s.
New Mexico Railway and Coal
Co,, 1st Mtg. 5s.
Debeilptlon and price on appli
cation. f M IroiOnijr, N, V, Mllkr Uarre.
- Carbondalt,
f t, 5 mil f, Conimoimraltti lllilu'., f
A n i ttHtft f
(tfe- v'
Delivered by Rev. r. Boland, of
Rov. 1'. Holantl, of Towanda, n most
forceful nnd rloquent Bpcaltor, tlellv
cred a Rcrinou htHt night at St. Peter's
cathedral, the occasion beliiR the third
of a serleH of icclal Sunday nlKht
Lenten services for men. Father Ro
land ppoke particularly upon tlio Ro
man Catholic church as the only true
teacher of Mvlne. truth and the neces
sity1 of all her disciples obeying her
ptveepts during the scanon of Lent,
lie spoke earnestly upon the bless
lugs und grace which follow a parti
cipation Mlth the proper spirit In tho
service of the Stations of the Ctos,
"If a inan'H faith Is ho dead," said he,
"that he can look upon a representa
tion of the crucified Savior without
feeling a deep sense of sorrow for hH
moral transBrcsslons, can that man
expect Mlthout a moral rejuvenation
to ever sec tho glorified countenance
of Ood In heaven?
"Let us be nil wise In our time,"
said he. "Let us ever cling tenaciously
and firmly to the Cnthotlo church, the
pillar of truth: let tm remember every
day of our lives that wo ate the heirs
of the glory of those early Christians
Mho wen torn to pieces In the Roman
arena nnd let our lives hi an evidence
thereof, so thut when Me are called on
the Inst day we can say with St. Paul:
'I have fought n good fight. I have
ilnlsht'd my course, I have kept the
faith: henceforth there Is laid up for me
n crown of ilghteousness which the
Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give
mo at that day.' "
Couit Was Disposed to Be Libeial
in the Gianting of Liquor
Licenses This Year.
Only twenty-one liquor licenses wvie
refused by court this year out of tho
total number of over 700 asked. The
Itceithcs wcio granted on Saturday.
Two well-known ict'orts In the central
city, the "White House on Perm ave
nue, and the Dewey on Lackawanna
avenue, weie ref tired licenses.
The license of the White House was
evoked several montlui itgo upon peti
tion of the Municipal League, It be
ing shown that It was at tint time
maintained as it disorderly house. The
Dewey has been the M-ene of numerous
drunken bruwln, and abottt two
mouths ago Harry Davis was mur
deted In Its buck room. Tho full list
of llcen-es refused H ns follows:
X.lIiujM lii.miiirli ( .t,v fulun, Third Mrcet
DnkMn fllj l'ln-t v.ud, A. .1. Tiler, lloitlc
Hk iuji, corner lk'inin Irect; M. I'rkkc,
llonian ivlicct. Second ward, .lolm Mawts,
conur .lacUn Mreet. 'Ihiril wnril. Waller
K ili 7iihM, Lincoln Mtret: .Inllni l.'ilieivki-, load; Anlhony Cltliicklcnltl, famuli
Pi.nntvre -I'irt ward. John Aloik, Throop
.iieiiui-. I'illh waid. Aitselo Cutelan", llrady,
luiner Ketry (.treet.
Oltphiint S(oml nird, John llrohotsky, War
siii-i r.
bciiintiin I'iftli vard, J.iniei T. Kcarne.i, lCil
Jaikv.n tiect; A. J. Mnlarkej. I0H .iai-'i.i
lteil. Dalith wiml, Thomas JlflilliS 11.1 lVnn
nieni.e; Louis Horn, la", Kukananna ovennej
It. V. Mari-hall nml Simuel J, I'orlir, .Ii". Cen
ter tre-t. "ei'onr ward. I'owrl lloniinli-, 112s
tiirdoM nirt-ue. Third ward, John Xealon, fit
( aitict trrcl. Nineteenth ward. Annie Mrnip
linger. Old 1 orce l.otoush-Mat KoM-nhlnlli, Maple
Xandlintr .lames ,1. Ijim.
'Court held the following applications
under further consideration:
Jlaiv Manln;, Old I'mr;,.; M,nj I). i.iloiiion,
Jerinin; William .1. i:aus Seiond .ud, Niait
tun. Smtlh Miinaton-O-ejr . iLindnik, Ibers
road, corner fun pike.
1lnnoi .hwph richer. I!.ilei.iid lonl: Jl.
ih.iil Cieiviili, sandir-on airmu
Ulnli.n Nionil ii.inl, .lii-iph Koiiieinv,
Mimili Hint: .Inl.n i; WhMi, lltliltf,. tne':.
'Ihiiil naril. Mny Mi iie
The bottlers refused weie.
Till ti.Hii.lilp John Im, .lellei.on tnet.
Sianton iuii.1 uai.l, I'.iiMl Ikiiiilnli-, H!s
(..ntield aieniie, llilid wurd. .luhn Nialmi, .ill
1 .11 lie i slice!
I'nurt hold for further i nusideiation
Hie following application..- .Maty Man
ning, i ild Purse: Mnry Solomon, Jer
mvn; Win. ,1. Ciiiis. Second waid,
of Scrantun.
The Hist man to take out n license
fiom the county Measurer was Fred
Nailor. of Old Forge.
.Martin P. Flynn, of the Laekawnunit
Valley hotihe. and County Treasurer
Seranton lme entered Into nu agree,
nient for the bringing of a test rns
to aseeitaln whether or not the liquor
dealeis in this city will lme to pay
S"i"0 or 5I.10U for their lleens??. Mr.
Flynn made a tender of $v,n u eUr
reney on Saturdav for his license, but
wins iftused by tho Measurer, who de
manded Sl.lOO, that b'lng the prlej
lived by the second-clnts eltv charl
Mr. Flvnn thcieiiion. thiougli his
altoineys, (I'llrleu and Mm tin and Ira
H. Hums, petitioned couit for a man
damus to compel the Measurer to
grant the license for X.V.O. A uile was
granted made leturuable on Thur-ilav
niorulug at H o'cloik. Ppon that oeca
slnn the county tn-ahtucr will be lep
seutcd by Attorney S. U. lriee.
Til- petition filed by Mr. Flynn sets
foi Hi that the li.w governing titles
of the thhd cla8 nnd lunvldliig for n foo of p.-IO reiiiaius In full force
until the city In reorganized ns u city
of the second clai-'s on Apill I
The Handsome New Club House to
Be rormnlly Opened on Tuesday
The flreeon RlUiro Wheehueir.s fair,
which opens In the new club house on
Tuesday evening next, will be a most
elaborate ulfalr.
Airausc-nifnlH for this event have
been nitide on a large scale. The p,o.
gramme loreadi of tho live nights will
be of tiniHiiiil merit mid Interest. Tho
vailous booths will he In chaigo of
young ladies of Oreen Itldge.
Tho new bowling alley, said to be tho
finest in thu state, has been completed
and will be opened simultaneously with
tlio fair.
The new flub house Is hltunted at
ICIj Wyoming au'iiue. Green Itldge.
For Sale.
On it' count of leaving town, tho
household goods, consisting of hall,
pallor, library, dining room und bed
looiv furnltuio and carpets, will bo
od at auction, commencing Thutmlay
morning, March It, at 10 o'clock, m
No, g:i Jefferson avenue.
dealing Sale of Framed Pictuiess
To Make toom for Hafter fjoods. A
glance at our window will glo you an
Idea of ths baigalns Inside. Tho liriiTin
rt Co.
Ask for Kelly's union crackeis.
Arouments on the "Ripper" Quo
Warranto LIKclu to Be
Heard Thursday.
Full Text of the Document in Which
the Constitutionality of the Act Is
Attacked Early Decision Looked
for, Both in tho Local and Supreme
Courts City Solicitor Vosburg Is
Confident tho "Ripper" Will Stand
tho Test and Shows Where tho
Main Allegation of the Assailants
Is Groundless.
It Is probable that the hearing In tho
quo warranto proceedings brought by
ex-Sonator M. K. McDonald to test
the constitutionality' of the "ripper"
will take place next Thursday. Cu
tler the law, ten days are required to
elapse between the granting of tho
writ nnd the hearing thereon, but
when urgent matters of public policy
are at Issue, the court can, with the
agreement of the parties, advance the
When the wilt was Issued Satunlay
by Judge Archbald the hearing was
fixed for March 10. The attorneys,
however, have Informally conferren.
on the ptoposltlon to ndvance tho enso
one week, and have practically agreed
to ask court today to set the bearing
for next Thursday.
The petition of Senator .McDonald,
which became the attorney general's
suggestion when presented to court,
reads ns follows:
And niw, Mauh .), . I). I'lil. the attorney of the cAnunonuallth of I'lnmijltanu
comes Into couit ami rIus Hie court to umUr
stiiiid and li informed as follows:
1. Tint l. i:, Mtliniijlil, a cltiren nnd a
tmpi.wr ol the city of Sirantoii, aetliic for
hluiM'lf and Mindry otlnr citizens of tald city
append licfore the ntlorini Ktliml and ri'
li'srntnl that on the 7th day of March, A. p.
l'.ml, an att entitled "An ad for tl.comn.
mint of cities of the n-iond las," wxs ap
proved and Is now the law ie-ulitint; the fn
crnment of Mid cltlc., nnleis tahl act is declared
inopcratiic and,
MU Oll'S OfFKL Amil.lslll.ll.
Vurlhcr, at tho t'eliruary election', held in
Pcianton In 1:19 one James Moir was eleilcd
to the oftieo of mayor of said ilty for the full
linn of three icars, which tcim hf(!.in on the
tht. Monday in April, li'if', and would not n-l-ltp
until the first Monday of pril. V.:, there
fore James Molr had more n jfar of hU tin
ixplrrd term to -cre in the o(h, e of mayor to
which ho wan ileeleil by the people, lint the
ntorre.ild act of Miuh 7, 'l, in epies terms,
aholWied the ofllce of nuot in cities of the fcco
i. ml clay, and prmided f. r the appointment ol a
illy Ircorder, who, when so appointed under the
terms of Mid act, and who in addition In his
other powns Is autlioilred to pirfotni all the
duties hentoforc lieitormed lo, the major of
tald cilj.
3, 1'urtlur, that upon the npproial of aid a. 1,
Hie pnernor lioldiiu tint the nllup of phut
was aholKhed thirel.y, piu.eiiled to rniioie by
appointlin; James Mulr rlly leinrder foi tlx
till of Siraiiton, lielni; a illy of the wcond
iIim, until tho fir.t 11, nd.i In Apill, I'mi, im
dir th prwitioiik of bald ait. and tint the
(.lid J.iHi, s Moir, h.iWliir llled a bond uml I ik, n
Mill of ulllce. now ilaiuis to cen Ue Ihe liglils.
franihi'eK, prblh ce, and to u-cclie the iiiidI
timeiits of the ofllie of i ity runnier of the
city of Suanton under the act of Much 7, 1WII,
and all othei mu appluahle Iheielo.
I lui tli-r, tin- petitioner niakis eoniplilnt
as citi7cu- and tapaeu of sihl rit.i. thij are
li.teiis-lcd In li.ulnii t ihle and letal foi'in of
liuiiili ipal mu ei mu. tit and thu thei ihny Ihe
liht of the ifBMjtiiii' to inad a law whnli
will dipilw an ofluir cledeil by the peopl
turn e'iilslne; the duties and leeebim; the
iiiioliiiiunts ol Hie offlee iluruu the lerni lor
whlili ho was eleeted, and, if the leui.liture did
not h.iM- the ilulit lo iln U), the .ilx.IUItilig of
the ofuip of mayor, the cieallou of tlie iie'V
ofrtio of city recorder and Ihe .ippmnlniint of
the chief eecutiw ollner of Mid ilij umlei
the pioMi.ns of Mid law will mlail ,rcat ex
puse upon tlio citirens and t.ipaji of mI.I
illv and dl.turli Ihe peace and itoml oulcr of
the luinnimilly by uiidertnkiiii; to in-t ill ,i nnv
iiiuniciial gmrrrinirnt testing upon doiilittul or
no lonstltutional authority.
lli:W I.K.M.AII lti:i lllillll'.
."). I'ctltloneis deny the rislit of the legili
lure to confrr upon the t-'OU'innr Hie .iitlhoiuy
to limoie a major dulj ilected by the people,
and to npnolnt .1 chief exeeutiie ot.lier of a
illy of the MHOiid ilas, wh.w lei in of oin. o not jet rp!icd. e.peclilly Miice ,e ap
pointee named by the jjocrn,.i' un.lir the p o
visions of the art hold his ofllie until the lir-t
.Monday of piil. l'OI, tints piltnittini; .1 miiii
i, ipal election In intent in without (riving the
people in Ml,! citj the 1I14I1I to lieu a thief
(Veetitbe olfltir ol Mid uiunlilpil rhdluii.
fl. 'fl.ey fiulhei deny the lilit of the i;o
iinor to make a lenipmaiv ippointintnt for the
pirlod tlseil in (be ait, for the iei"on tint It
i contended tint the ad Is uniomtltullona! and
icid and llierrfoic confi'i no power of appoint
lucnl upon the RiAcruor ouy atieiupt
on tho pari of tlio IrsU.itme or the Koiunor
to deny to tho people of bald ollied ol the see.
ond cla-s the light to I'lul their own oflleii-.
al the next Mic-reeillng lVbltuiy rhctlons h
without legal atilhoilly and that an net willed
undertakes to confer it Is inieon-lltiitional and
7. It is coiilcndul tint the act U union. tllu
tic nil fui tho further lia-uii that It is in the ni
lure of kpfilal en- loidl lci;ilatIoii lolillnlid
by the constitution. I'tirtlicr li'irrrnlei that tint
Hdioti lit the ad whli h iiiiiide tint pollnmeii
and (lirnicn appollitdl under tho ,iutlioilij
thfieol hhall nol le by tho appoint
ing power without the i emu lit nf the oflliiri
mi ili'iiiUstd Is In eoiillld with the loiisllliition
wlieielu it oidaiim tint all .iipluinl ollli.n
(.lull hold Ihcli ofliirs at Ihe plt.i.ini of ihe
appointing powit.
s. 'i'ltv lulllii i iipirnt the jppohii
mint cf .linns Molr ws no made In .icmi.l
anie with Ihe pitnl.imis ol llu l.w .iii.l the ie
liilirrunt of the coiMlltitlon liii.muili as !,.
luinu was not unit to the Mnale for lonluiiu
t Ion, ns It was lonUndid I. miilted b the
pioll..iis of Set tlnn d llllh IV ni the
ton.tltiitlon. It is further lonlriulod that the
leKinl.ituio und the t;oeiuni' itemled Ihili- ji.
thorlly by utulcitakini; lo iiukn n pioil.ional
nppolntnieiit In etrnd hcjenil Ihe flit Moiid.e
ot Jatmarj' following the next Ber.eral tlniluu.
NO I'l.UNAUV AmiOlIll'..
Ii. I'urther. under the cormtltutiun no iluuiy
outhoilty Is confirm) upon the lesi.l.aure to
ilu'iijo or aniriid Ihe eliailer.. of idles ami lo
ihaueo or the olilicri of cities or in
urate new ofilees that would iIMuiIj nfiiira
and olliceu alitady riratri by law, the ttrru
of which tifuceis liad not jet xplml, ami it
li contended that on iutumbrul in an offlic
tieattil by Ihe lixlilaluu' holds the ofttie by
li tuo of a of telatfon and has iuh u
ftrd iL'li' I hi l el n a cannot be dldiirhed bv
tin cieillon of a pew ofhee nlilili tlmitrn the
tcim of .in ofllerr eleeied by lli peiple.
19. I'm tin r, th; mIU m.1 of ascinhly and the
(rneecdlnsi under It are ot mm Kit-at Impm.
I tiier, not oply to the cltj or iianion but to
clher cities of the mi uml cla-j, aie to the iltl
tens of the inmninnnrallh kvnrmlly, and that
pteely ilclliniluatlon of all Ihe ipictlons In
olvrd In a proper ioi,trtii lien of uld act is
.li'.luble fee the rcenon lint if lint n kittled
hi the icinl.s contmlou will remit in the
aduilnlitntlon of the afTalm of berate
A Popular Painting.
Tlic Tribune has lecelvcd a beautiful
platinum copy 12'4xl6'i In fIzo of Slch
el's "Madonna," from tho Norman
Llchty Manufacturing company, Des
Moines, Iowa, orlglnalnis ami pro
prletor.H of the celebrated Krause's
llcatlache Capsules and Krause's Cold
euro. This linn recently secured CO.OOft
copies of this celebrated painting for
ft co distribution. Owing to the great
demand for them, they hnve been com
pelled to limit tire number given away
In each city. When Scrnnton's quota
arrives, they Intend to glvo one copy
free, until the supply has been ex
hausted, to each pui chaser of onr 2."
ecnt box of Krause's Cold Cure Cap
sules. Considering the fact theie Is no
advertisement upon these pictures and
that they would ordinarily cost from
i'i to J.1 a copy In any first-class pic
ture store, thin Is certainly the moit
liberal and expensive orfor ever made
by any nianufactiiicr.
fen and other cities of the (eeeiiel claw to wlifeh
the act Is Intended to apply
Tl.c pctitlnntr tlirirfore made application to
the iitlunii.',' general for Ihe fllltip of a sug.
jestlon for a writ of quo wnrranto In the court
of rnniiiK.n pleas of l,.nkaivjtii,a county in order
tlal all iiiptliin nlTeetlnt; the alhllty of h
l little and tippoiiitmenls luaJr under the lit
tl.orily tlieieol shall he finally and Judicially
The rupi intent appeared bv il rounfel sni
cenerally a.lmiltril the Matemcnl of faclii con
taineil in the p, llllon, but denied that Hip act
was or xold for any ot the ici.
urns Ml cut in Mill petition, and claimed that
ihe (joicitior had the rh,lit, upon approial of
the act, to appoint a recorder for the Mid rill,
nnd Inasmuch ns appoii.ltnent had been made
In tictcrdanie with the proM.hms of law, and
thp appointee had been nwlallid in oftiie, he
could properly ccrd. alt the rlahts, prblleiiea
and franchises of clfy teeorder nnd recebc the
tnioluiiients pertaining' lo nid oftlee.
Ml MllPM.ITir.S MtlUlXY Af.KNT-s.
1:'. The rtqiondent fuilher cotitended llr.t
Ihe power of tlio legislature to fluid liws for
the Roicinmeiit uf clllm was ahsolule and 'in
liltillcil, eirept as leslraineil by Hip totwtllu
Hon; ami Hut nil nimiUlpalitlex ate men iv
iinielm of the Mate soveinmenl for local pub
lic purposes. 'Ihrv are tlio trcatnrrs ot the leg
islature which mat at any lime reform, rlianui',
niiirnd or cnlirKP their clutter poweis, abolltJi
their oflleis and create new olliees therein, hub
I'd miIj to limltitions ns thp constitution
has presi tihcil,
1.1. Portlier, tint In PiiiiisItanli plenary
power Is conferred upon tlio leEblature to
ehatv" or amend Hie charters ot the cities
and to rlianvn or abolish the offices of tlliei
or to create new offii es tiiereln, and Hie respond
ent denied tint Ihe Incumbent of any etilce
treated la the IiBblaturr holds the same by
ilitua of any contract nhitlou or bis any eslid
ilgtit hi'iciu.
It. Kurllirr it Is ronlrncicil by the respondent
tint there is -o pn.bon In the constitution
feeuriiiit to titles the right to elect their own
ehlef eseeutlie' nftieer by whalner mmo lie
inaj bo pllnl, nnd lint (he nunner of ap
pointing or tli" method of ileclion arc f,u,$
lions for the legislature to deternilne.
IS. Tlio lespondrtit tontroverteil the po.ltlons
tnl en by the petitioners and claimed thai the
,nr of Mireli 7, IXil. was eonstltut!onil and tint
it jn-iii Ided a complete sjiteui for the ro em
inent of cities of the ccond class and wis
necessarily ofM-ratlio and in full force and effect,
Mhcieforc, etc.. it Is wiggested tint a writ
of ejiid w.iirantn be awarded againt James Molr
reejulrlng him to fhow cui-e bv what mitlm-lty
In claims to prsess nnd escre le his tights,
prlillrges and fiaiitlilv.s and to ricibr ,!ip
cmobuuents of (lie oft'.cp nf city leeoider of lh
cily of Seranton.
Ail early decision by the local court
Is looked for ami Immediately upon Its
being rendered, no matter what ll may
be. an will be taken te the;
Siipteine court. Attorney General Kl
kln will ask to have an early date set
Tor the hearing and as the Supremo
court Invariably giants his request In
mutters of this kind, there Is ground
for the hope that a final decision In
the ease will be reached within thirty
There Is some talk of the antl-Illn-perltes'
attorneys from 1'lttsburg and
Philadelphia scent lug peimhslou to be
heard on the matter when It gets to
the Supreme couit. This Is frequently
allowed In ordinary cases, but whether
or not any attorney woulil be allowed
to participate In the piosecutlnn of this
ease, without hiving been Invited lo do
mi by tin- attorney genet al, who is the
plaintiff. Is doubtful.
city Solicitor Vosbutg Is confident
the "ripper" will slanel the test of the
constitutional scare blight. "It Is an
admirably diawn Instrument," be says,
"and the alleged Haws which the as
sailants point out are fur from being
flaws. The one thing the assailants
seem lo forget Is that whatever power
a city olTlelal may have Is only that
of agent for a municipality, which In
tuin Is simply agent for tho common
wealth. A city nfllclal has no vested
rights, lie Is the creature of the legis
lature and his creator can ileal with
him ns It will. At all events. In this
case, there Is no ofllclnl legislated out
of ofllce; the act simply nbollshes the
ofllce. The contention that the gover
nor can not appoint for a term beyond
an Intervening election Is only partly
Mile. The Supreme couit 1ms never
held this. "What It has held is that tho
got ci nor can not appoint beyond nn
Intervening general election. A mayor
N elected at a municipal election."
Interesting Addiess on This Subject
by Rev. Dr. Warfleld.
Rev. Dr. Hthelbett L.Wai,pd, prcsl
dent of Lafayette college, dellveied an
inteiestlng sermon nt the Fltst Pres
byterian chinch, whete lie spoke on
the co-operative Inlluencc of church
and education. He tweed the history
of educational piitpous, und referred
first to the ancient Jewish system ot
education as nn excellent one, based
upon bitty Ideals,
lie touched lightly on the Relations
dining the middle ages of monasteries
to education, when pinlleally all the
learning or tho time was .-unfilled
within the. four walls when- dwelt tho
monks, and then brought Ihe subject
down to tliu present day
Dr. Wailleld declared that all great
tejai'liers had Inlluencetl men more by
what they did titan said, ninl pointed
out the value upon his students of
Socrates' wonderful peisoualliy. Tho
heavenly nntiiie of the Nnzareiie, pa.
tleutly walking In the lleldn of .ludea,
he Raid, partially coniniuiifenU'd itself
to his disciples, and this axiom could
bo found tiue In the cases of all gieat
Tile speaker lefened to the growth
of icllglous purposes In this, country's
colleges, and said that wheicas at the
beginning of tho twentieth century
there was at Yale university but one
student professing religion, there me
today over half of the young men at
college Imbued with the religious splr
Sciantou, Pa, Maichil, loul.
We, the members of Local No, 133,
of the United Mine Workers 'of Amer
ica, have resolved to aid tho silk work
eis of Seranton, and dniutto tho sum
of twviity-nvo dollais itiTi). He It ie
solved that wo coutlnuo to donate the
,,tme during their struggle for their
Ask for Kelly'H union ci ackers.
Another In the Serle-j in Which He
Has Been Discussing Christian
Science His Topic Was "What the
Text Book of Christian Science
Says About the Coming Kingdom."
Before Wc Get Into the Kingdom
of God, His Kingdom Must Bo
in Us Lessons That He Drew.
In the Flist Presbyterian church
yesterday morning Rev. James Mc
Li'od, D. V., dellveied another of his
series of Christian Science sermons.
Ills topic was "What tho Text IJooks
of Christian Science Say About the
Coming Kingdom," and he took his
text from Mntthow C- 10: "Thy king
dom coinc." Ills discourse follows:
l-roin the beginning ot Chrisl's ministry until
lis clewe tlio things pertaining to the kingdom
ot (ltd lay very iloso to Mis heart. All IIU
thoughts and words nnd deeds had refrrenre
cither directly or Indirectly to the nfTalrs ol
this kingdom, lip unfolded Us meaning in prra
bleu, ami lie pictured not only Its nature and Its
extent and its duration, hut also Its mighty con
quests, nnd its unparalleled glory.
Jesus loied Hod's kingdom, and He still loiet
It. l-'or its sake He, tlio eternal fiod, became
Inearnifp and Ibed among men in this wmlil
of sin; for Its akp Up tolled, and suffered, and
agonlrod and died; tor Its sake He triumphed
our death and tho graic, and ascended to glory:
and for its il;o Ho Is now our Vdsocatc with
Ine Father, nor will lie pp nil of the tr.uall ot
Ills soul and bo fully Mtlsiled, until thp gnat
lolcrs In hcatni wilt be hcatil ciylng: "'I he
kingdoms of this world arc become the kingdoms
nf our bord nnd of His flirist; and He Mull
reign forcier nnd eer." Thai diy will suiely
i oino, and hence we ought to give most earnest
heed b the words ot JfMis when he tells lis
tint unless we luvp thp humble and conlldlng
spirit of a little child wc cannot enter into the
kingdom of fiod.
Tin: kixhpou' Di:mr.r.
Tie kingdom of God''' and "dip kingdom of
lipaien" aie familiar words, and they are used
er.v oflrn by the Inspired writers. They fell
cry ftequently from Christ's own lips. They
me nornlw.ijs wed In the rntne inse, but the
ronlcvt khow-s their meaning: (a) Ily "the king
dom of heaicn" Is sometimes meant the Christian
dlpenFatlon. Thus, when John tin- !laj,lit be
gan his mlnlstr, he (ilil: "hVpent, for the
kingdom of lieawu is at hand." In the samo
srn.p our fiord at tho beginning ot Ills ministry
used the nine words, (b) Sometimes "the king
dom of fiod" means the ilsible church, as for
example, in the parables of the net, and of the
fares. As Judas crept in anions Christ's true
disciples, so hjpoerites, now and then, lnve
managed lo get inlo tho bible church, and
tares are found anions tlio wheat, (c) Again,
"lli kingdom of Hod" sometimes means the em
pire of grace In Hip heart pi a Christian. When
the I'hari.ees asked Christ to tell them when the
kingdom of God should come he slid: "The
kingdom cf Ood cometli not with observation,
for behold the kingdom of fiod Ls within you,"
St. Paul uses the words in flip same sense when
lip ajs: "The kingdom of fiod Is. not meal and
drink, but lighteoiiines', and peace, and Joy In
thp Hoi f.liost." fel) Again, "Hip kingdom of
Cod" ! u-pil is a sinonjm for the kingdom of
glory that place and state which fhrl.t hn
gone to pi i parr for Ills redeemed followers. To
all uih, he will say by and by: "Come e
blev-ed of my rather, inherit the kingdom pre
plied for you, from the foundation of the world "
fe) It is only fair to say that some elevout
Christiana think and teuh that "the kingdom
of f,od" sometimes means an earth! and xlsihle
kingdom, like unto thai over which llaiid and
Solomon reigned; but which, when It shall be
established, will hue Christ for Its King, and
our which he will lelgn for a tlinunml sears,
i hoe Christian tiiends hap this idea of ( hrist's
kingdom cliletlv in Uew when thty praj : 'Thy
kingdom come.
Hut as some of us re id the nible, this 'nr of
God's kingdom seems, at best, to be onlj a pious
sppiulallon. It Ins for Us foundation the poetry
of piophcij, and some line figiues of speech
which Ihe-p good friends intcrpict altogether too
lllerallj. This is tlio view of Messhh's kingdom
10 wlili h titc Jews clung o lenaeiouslv, and to
which the Apostbsnnd some prlniilbe ( hrisliins
also iliing. unlit the wete more fully cullght
Minl by the Holy Sphlt. Hence the Apo.lles
asked tliP risen t lirist this question: "lord, wilt
thou nl thij HniP lejtore again Hie kingdom to
liuel?" In their case the was father to
the thought, and whether tills xlcw- of God's
kingdom be Hue or false. It is one which the
gieat bodv nf I lirl'll.lli teiehers and pupils have
nol been willing lo adopt:
When we praj "Thv kingdom come." what Is
11 preriseb that wp wish God to do' It ii our
wish tint the temple and city of Jerusilnn mav
soon be re-built, and that Jesus CluUt may come
luek to this earth and literally occupy the
tlirun of Hat. Ill, so that from that central point
He ma.v rula in a trmporal way our the whole
world? There nip not many of it, I imagine,
who lime that idea and wish in mind when we
pray: 'Thy kingdom come." RjHier hase we in
mind the laiger Increase and wider Influence of
Christ's church; the spiead of Christ' gospel;
the spiritual and righteous authority which lie
hhould cxeri'Ise over all mankind; we are think
ing not so much of any tlslble or tempered
lelgn of Jesus Christ as we ate of that "king
dom" which "Is not meal and drink-, but right
roiitncsa, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost",
wp arp thinking of that glorious time when, be
fore an assembled unberse, He will be crowned
"King of Kings and Lord of I,oids."
Hut wlnteur point of view- we look at
this phra.p, "tlio kingdom of God" -whether
we think of it as goi-pcl dispensation, or as the
enipiie of grace in a Christian's heart, or as the
vislblp Church nf Clubt, or as the Imlsible
church, or as the of the hoi It ttu
"the kingdom ot fiod," Hie same kingdom onlv
uniltr illticrrtit a.peots. And when we piaj
"lliy kingdom tome," It is our wish tint
s-alan's kingdom may be de.trojed, and that
the kingdom of grace may lie advanced, mid Hut
Into this kingdom of grace otireelrrs and others
may be biought and kept, and that the kingdom
of gloiy miy lio hastened.
."PllHlTU, KI.VflllOM
Moitour, from uliatctrr point of iew wp locA
at ll, "tin- kingdom of God" M a ipltllinl Mug.
itoin. Its King Is spiritual, for He ls Jesus
I'hti.l. Its- subjects nre spiritual, and Its lav.s
nu' spiritual, ll til Hen fiom all other kingdom
In respect of Its oilgln. Its growth, its etint,
Us authority. Its object, and Its conniminallon.
It Is ,i kingdom that Is pari! In this woild, and,
el. It "Is not of llus wot hi," ,!eus ttilcs the
mini anl heart find ailertlnns nf Ills Mibjeete.
Tho luvs n! Hie kingdom ate designed to mould
the tlioiiclils and words and condor! and tlio
whole life ot (liibllam. Great things hae bien
done ill this iibeellon. God's kingdom has al
icidy eoiio to iiuiltilildts, and they Ijie their
King, and mint il a Joy lo honor ,mi sine
The uirutis by which tills kingdom has ginwn
and will loiillnue ti glow- ptou It to b- "the
kingdom of God." It., growth Is front within,
Its sercl Ii in list If. I 'rum the smallest of be
ginnings It his In coin the niighllett of king
dom, nnd It has within llseif the puwe-i- of still
m ,tcr ixpauslun. Of thu incuase of ( luUt'a
gournnicnt and peace there shall le no end,
upon the ll.rotio of laid and upon His kingdom,
to crder n, and to establish It with judgment
and with justice, fiom henceforth ecr forucr.
11.11 ieal of the Lord of Hoils will perdu in this.
Me hate eurj nssiiiame that the leaitn will
not cease lo work until the whole lump Is leai
cried. The grain of inutanl ned which seemed
so liulcuincant, and which was. In the ecs nf
tho world, m dotpliablo, his grown jpieo; and
li is still glowing with inueatliig tiger and
tltatit. Hie stone cut oui without hands will
jet beioiuc a git'it mountain, and It will fill
the whole colli. The lunintjln uf the Lord's
hollt? shall jet In estahlbhed in the top of the
moiu t diif, end slcil be enallnl abop the hills,
mid all nation shall flow unto ll. Th" ilslon
of Krtklrl when he saw Hie llto-glilng watrts
pouring out from under the. Ihrrehold of God's
house will cl become grand teallty. 't first
the streams wtto small and shallow, only ankle
deep, but soon they lncreaed both In lolume
md In depth unlll they reatlied the kneei, nd
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thrn the loins, and at last they will beeenip
waleis to swim III, a iber Itiat cannot b parsed
ott-r. (Hi, ie.. t,od s kingdom is oiiilng. The
stone wlui h Ihe builders leitcted l etrii now
the lieid stone of Ihe coiner. The few followers
oi li.n e multiplied until now t'uey me
hundieds of millions. The handful of torn that
was rcilbrul on the tops of Hip tiioiiut.iln.s
took- deip loot and it glow nnd pienl ou eterv
hand. Its fruits weie miiilfold, and now it
(hakes Ilku tie i-eiln of libaiion.
It would be iliKnult to lliid a inoie unking
tontrast, In respect of nuinbcis and worldl
power, thin tint helwren t hrlsl's kingdom In
fi" djs of His flesh Slid the empire of (.aenr.
Hut, iicwitlii'le', Hi" t J 1 Hi fill historian states
only lie Irnlli when he ay llial 111 Irs than
thtce cei.luib's after Hie death of Chibt Ills
klngdti.i wis lh nio-l eonspleuous object in the
whole oltlbreil woild. With one of thrso his
torhns v.e may well sit : Hun llllie did tint
proud heaibcn t o'bl ion, Imw little did Im
pcilal rtoieii'. lliroiieil in ler goldui palace,
an.inins liti.lf In her bloody aiiiphlthi .iters,
uieam that sin- n.iuiNhpil nllbln lui- bn.mii a
power inlghtlci than herself a weaki.iss tint
winihl li" tronger than all hrr fttens'lii a fool
shnes that would b wiser thin all hei wld.iiii.
a path ni o would weuy oil! all lur iruelli,
a love thai would tamivbh all lur hate. 'In one
seeing bill as man seis, whi-ic was Ihcre ever
a flnngtli. a, i gioiy like her Hie
fourth beast which Hitld H. dreadful Mid
tcirlble. and Hmng ixrefdlnitly, whnie boll
lei Hi had In "lull ill plelcs all tho kingdoms of
the eatlli, and iu flampliig the inlduo nf them,
beneath lis feel! And when, on theotlm' hind,
was a weakness like theirs, who, Iu the tudir
nii'iit of one of the tiisr-l niul most
an oil'.' tin1 belli 11. weie only the totailo of an
exaggerated and ih'ti'stnble MipirMltloii; the Ioi
lowers o( one Jesus who was dead, whom some,
white In Syila a Itommi goternov had ome put
to ihath, but wlioin the.p obsllnatu and pirterso
enthusiasts atilruinl to be sllll jilt p '
Oi'lt HK.Mtl S IlKSHtn. '
Hue t'otwlthslnndlng .ill Hip dlttieubiea ithbh
tho kiniiiloiii of God had em ountfred, ft (he
lillgloii of ( lul.t has lrliuiiihcd o tint tn,iy
Its IiIpssciI Inlluenie Is felt In eterj part of the
habitable globe,
Surely God's kingdom Is cunniig, but surely,
also, ll i our brails' di-slte hinl pta.ter to
that It 1111 come mine iiilikly, and tint its
sating potter may be more widely extruded, It
Is unely our hearts' denire and ptajer that all
si life und dl.isjiil may cease; Hut wars and
ruiiims of wars may be unheard, and that the
art of war maj become a lo.t utt; that brotherly
lote may ftft.iwlieic pirnlls Dial lice may (lee
Continued on Page i.)
Wyoming Ave
Delivery to an Pari of tho Gity
Hei. I Newell supplied Hip pulpit nf i
I nits tl btangiln.ll chun li tcstordaj', both mm
ing auel etining, in tlie absence of Hie past n,
liev. J. V, Messenger.
Ket . Ilr fliarles K llobinsnn, pastor of ti,
Snond INcsb itilati cliuhh. pieohed nu el 1
quint firuion l.ii iiivthi caking l,r his l"p"
"Conflict and CompicM."
ltev. Hr, Chiilrs . fiiffln, tin elni,uenl pis
lor of the Kim I'ark Methodist I'piseopil cliuiili.
k,oki list night biforp a latgp eongrrgjlloii
upon the thrnip, "I Sep Mm as Trees Walking"
"Vnj-ago Uillionl Compass or .Mar," wi Hip
ti pic of tlio Million ilellteii'd last night at t n
Ashiity MeHinili.t 1'plwopal i hurch In the pa
lm, llet. Ilr. W 1,, Miiipklns. iu ihe uiohi
uig lie spoke nu "('hurt It I'lo-pttli.t'."
Sfttrtary W. iV. Adah. ( liie llaiboal
i.iiug Mill's (,n association' ilelltcred i
bin cup and earnest address at Hie afterno, n
Melting .veslrtil.iy taking fur his (epic, "'Whit
N Your bib'." lint splendid singing ol th
Nlitibrrt null's inuitettp was ,iu r special fi'jtuie
f the iiiptlln;
Hot . Malttr Jllllir. Mstor nf Giaep l.ullieian
huieli, Wilket'llatu-, ilebuied luo eloquent itr
lions at Giacu buihcriiu cliunli in this tlti
tCitrnlj. II" will .lien spiak al tho Gospel
iiinltnc lo bo held lot.lght, The Goiel lueei
lnb during the irmaliithr of thp week an' "i
I,.. udtlieul bj Hit. II I.'. Meblnii, ot llluonis
llev. Dr. II. I', V. I'ieiee, pistor of the lVnn
teiine llaptlst tliiinh, gate ono of Ids lllus
li.ilrd sciiuons List night, taking tor his hm,
"Silikon Hoiks or Mho is inur I'llutt" Ihn
Minion was UliHlr.'llul thioujliout with the rap
Idly drawn eri.toii sketihes which the doctor
pxetulei .o skllllully and was listened lo by .1
Ijirp loiigrt'gallon, ' '
'The lliiiniiner Kvangell I," 11-1. . If, Mill
Lima, coiidiiclcd llirep un clings .trsletday, .'no
Anli'Saloon leagu", niul Inn sppiial levWal
meetings. He spoke at ln.;.tl j, m, n the Hap-
bt ihinch, .lerni n, ubjeet, "Hie I jit llontii
with ihe 'llgn." Al .1. J) p. ni he addressed
n in'pllng for mrn only in Ihe Haptbi eiiui 'i,
leeltllle. Siihjitt. "coiIjI I'uril." I'lii
c Inns h was tiowded, V 7 p in., Mr. Wlb
lilts ildiited a vt i,i- laigp loiuirgatlou In ths
samp t liiinh. Mtbjtit, "Hip Voiuig Man an I
lilt Couipaii." Tin' intpiest Iu the sp'i-ial
inecllni 'irr fitth th it Ihe ihureb has requen
ed Mr, Mlillllil. to slay with llirm a lets- ill
b.liger tl'iu was flint jilanniil. The huhjert for
tonight will be "The liln i;aliist the Hoi'
Ghost." Mr. Williams will .p with (his rhnr n
WicJiie'day, Thursday ind 1'ilday etcningi t,t
thl4 ejk