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Office s
AI'OI'L'I.AIl Cl.l:.UIXl HOl'sT for Hie li'
fit of VI Vh'i Hive llnuc. to IUI.I, Ileal
IVtle rr Otlirr I'ropctly lo Sill or rNcliaiue;. ir
Wlin Want Sltuitlotn or Help- Thru: ''mall d
'erlKmentu f e-l One (''lit a Word, six lruer
ilon for fhi- lnl a Word- Kut MtuilUni
M'ar,, Willi h re lncilnl Free
- - '
WAMI.I) S l'M'KHIKNf Kl) M fiOOIl ("OK
at l.mriKeticy hopltul.
miiiii: urn iu;vr tis aiimi, is
ejulro of S. I". Stephen..
Tile Foor Bonul and Auditors Discuss
tho Audit The Bido for Doctor,
Attorney nnd Stcwnid Lnlrt Over.
'flic poor l)o.irl met hi roRiilnr hos
fion hut nlKlit with an mnllenee ot
nliottt tvventy-tlvn taxpa.veis. All the
hictors writ picso-nt. In m coi'danco
with the ie(ii"st uf tli' Mchsi'S.
11. B. .ladwln. 11. Hoi ton nnil .1. F.
IVhcelcr, tho uudllni-K, weie iiIho pros
put. After tlif rciidlni; and adoption or
the miniltCM hynch moved to uppiiil
mles and give tin1 milium h the lluor.
Tim pioildenf asked tin- clhoctot'ti to
express thetiwlven, lint for
minutes theie was umluoiii Nllcnie.
I'.lvcnbiirp then took the lloor and
opened the dlscu.sloii. ".Mr. President,"
wild he, "I wIhIi to Know if tin Is n full
)ii id Dual audit."
Mr. .ladwin wanted to lcimw what It"
meant and ItlvenbiiiR letorted that he
infant pieelncly what he said. Mr.
.Itulvvln Mild lif Knew of tiullilnpr mine
- nimhllng dlscilM-doii of little- conso
ipience followed, which put ilu audi
tors on their dlKlnlty nnd they became
Impressed with the Idea that the boa id
held the auditors at fault.
.Mr. Klveiilnilg Insisted that he did
not think the audit complte.
There was u somewhat heati'd ai'Kit
ment between Dlreetor Took and Audi
tor Wheeler.
The arKitini'iils In sub-dance were iih
follows: Mr. Cook Hrat inquired If the
nudltors had inquired Into the eonduet
of the steward. Air. Jadulu answered
that no kucIi power was Riven in the
art. Mr. 'Wheeler gave his personal
opinion that the steward wan holding
only lo thi' boa id under whleh lie was
employed. The auditors could only sub
poena, him as 11 witness.
Itivt-nhurt- said he considered the
bond of the .steaid was still Rood,
and that the board e otild still hold
him responsible.
Mr. Wheeler said the aitditois didn't
ouio to be Insulted and th.-y would
withdraw If the directors became abu
sive, livery item on the report wii
fully backed up by substantial ovl-
Mr. Jadwln stated the auditors
had done thi?lr duty as lully as tlie
' mild and said that If the repoi t was
nut sutl&factory there was a proper le
cral way to appeal It.
ItenardliiB the affairs of the stewanl.
the auditors stated that Mr. Chine had
been called before them and had been
clotely I'Namltied and that all the In
formation received fiom him appealed
In the audit. They had examined n
witness stiS(j''sted by Mr. Cook, but
louud no evidence vvlinlever on which
Iiiukos iiKulnst the stewanl could be
made. The islt of tho auditors ,ie
ompliNhed nothing, as the illscusslons
wen simply reh.'sh s of past ones. The
auditor.s wlthdicw and then KlvenbuiK
moved to refer the nport back to the
auditors. The motion was lost. Lynch
moved tn adopt and to place the audit
on flK The motion larrled. Til. n r
dlruuaalon wyt. Indulged Is an to the
wheicabouts of the audit. It was
l seeltred and the regular routine was
taken up.
The bids for tli doctor woio tluu
opened. They wete as follows:
IT. ! A. Kdlj i'or setvlcch only,
i7n: for -nice and medkltie, S.'uo.
Hr. M. i:. Mnlauii l''or services only,
HT,i, tor set vices and lucdlilue, ?IT.".
IH". M. J.. Halley-?2Jil.
.Messrs. 1 Shell burp. Kneh and fool?
voted for Kollj. and Thomas. Mci'abe
and Williams for Malauu. It IipIiik u
tie vote, on motion of Mr. Cook the
liialtPf was laid ov i.
:'J.'Jiejf was but one bid tor atloiney,
i hat or ti. T. Similes, who bid flu. with
5 per dio i'ti,i for all v. oik outside
Hie city limits, (in motion oi Mr. Couk
thlh hid was also laid ovei.
Theie were thiee bids for steward
and nmtum. as follows. Thomas l)c.
I.uiey and wife. wsV. .leicniluli Chine
and wife, sum; .M. it. ciune ami wife.
MesMs. IIImiiIiuik. I.jucli and Cook
oted foi .M. II. Chine, and the other
three dlrectm-H for Jeremiah ciune.
On motion of .Mr. ItivenliuiK the bids
were (leferrt'd till next Kild.iy omiiIur.
wlien iiniiilnr meettun will hehl and
the Mime hlils will be furtlur consld
eieij, Mr. l.vncli repoitod that the Hillside
Home people thnateu to turn all tho
Carhondule patients out If the Carbun
dalo hoard in-islsth In Its lefusal to
pay fur the mi-vIicm of the ollicers 111
'iiituiliiK Movies ami (ioldlmr, the
patients who escaped from the luuiie
Hjiine time iik".
-Air. HUcidmil'. elalmcd the matter
whs not under the order of business
the board was on. and it, foiRotlen
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lungs all
caused by a cqld and cough
Weak lungs -sooner or later
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
"I rjiheil (or crf haj hemorrhage.
Tloctoiuf'id I w,t ii) Utt itago of coniump
' -lion. lUtjiJwn u; all hope, I finally tried
Shiloii ami-it currd rac corapktely, Am
todty In perfect he altli."
MRS' KLOKKNC'i: llRr.W',
' l.att Oakland, Cat.
fllilloti'aConmmiitlon Curo U aald by nit
ltUKslt at Xftr, 60c, W ,00 n bottle. A
printed K.iarnntxo pood with erery bottlr.
ifrim iironiit nilMliil ro to rnur ilniKRlut
and get your money licl.
Wjtic fur lllnMrated bo .hi rnniuirpimn. Kent
ai;hout ict tu yon. H, C. W'clla Co , l.cCoy, N.V.
: - I
Carbondale Department
In the mote absorbing; matters which
A eomnitttileallou wnx received from
tho state osfoclatlon iisklnu the locul
board to pay an assessment of $lfi tu
help defray the expenses of the Kile
convention. The matter was laid on
the table.
On motion of Mr. Lynch the pay
ment of bills was deferred till the next
The hoard adjourned nt 10.05 o'clock.
Royal Arcnnumltes Feast, Smoke nnd
Tnlk nt Hotel American.
Carliomlale i tiuiiell. No. Ki, ltoyal
Arcanum, held Its annual banquet on
Thutsday nluht at the Hotel Auk-iI-can.
About fmty n.mhcis of the
touiicll, with u few quests', assembled.
The b.ihqiiut wiih purely Informal
one, Rood fellowship mid ftaternlty be
Iiik .onstatitly kept In iow.
The ofllee ot tho hotel was the meet
ing pli"". nnd from S.30 until alter '..:!')
Il was it romc of convlvlallly, as the
vat lous hi others ni"t mid cNchaimod
KieetliiKs and tiled not to look loo
huiu;ry. although a few- owned up In
(liik't conlldencos that they laid stinted
themselves at their flipper so as "to
have loom "
At about irirter of ten lndloi'd
Williams pceorted tlu; pilosis to the
dluiiiK hall, wheie a loiif; tnble In Ihe
center of the hall was set wllh snowy
dumask, brilliant with hlphly poll-bed
silver, and oinamented wllh potted
plant", ferns and ttowns. The ex
tended table comfortably held all the
lucky diners. Tho menu prcpnted for
their discussion compilsed"
Shiewsbury Oysters. Half .lull.
Imlllon de Itol Atcanae, en tass.
Haiatotta Chip-'. Kohl Salad.
liheiklnj. olives licet.
Chli ken Salad.
Itoast Tin key, Ctanbeiry Sauce..
I'illet do Heef, .Mtishiooni Dresslll,-.
Cold Ham. Cot I TonKtie.
Cold Lamb
Teas. Mash'-d Potatoes. Coin.
Tea Ulscults.
KpuliRe Cake. Itlbbon Cake.
Chocolate Cake Jelly ISoll.
Coffee. let- Cream. Clais.
After this repast was disposed of, the
toastmaster. Dr. W. W. r'leteher, mose
an dstarted the iufotmal short talks
In which all weie expected to take
part, but the expectations weie not
realized, tor u number who were called
upon to add their niltu suddenly de
Mdopod acute attacks of "HtiiRe fright"
mid lemalnt'd pelt Hied, seemlmjly,
when their names wetc culled. These
little Raps in the programme were
(oven-d pratefully by the preMditit; of-
llcer of the occasion, his fund of witty
stoilcs and apl lej'dnders pioviim to
be cntial l' tile occasion.
Willi the blue wreuths of the lia
uraiit llabaius lazily curled and
wreathed Itself and the It. A.'s leaned in their chnhs with the relaxa
tion of spirits and body that Is an 'ic
compailllliellt ot Rood dilllUK, ninny
were the huisls ot heaity laimhter at
ihe is ot (,'ood-natured wit that
flew emlly acioss the boaid.
Di. Kletchei. in opening Ihe or.itoil
cal portion of the fenst. told ol his
dKappolntineiit at leainltiK that Mini
of the best after-dinner speakers of tin'
lodge had suddenly b.eome ver 111.
but he trusted that enough material
was on hand for some v ry effective
talkim; After a few pleasantries, the
doelor launched Into a RtowlnR eulogy
ot the Itoyal Aiinmun and Its many
bonellts, which was loudly applauded.
Short speeiheh were made by I-'ralik
Itoeiuuielmeyer. .lullus Mo-es. !'. K.
llurr. Hal. Jadwln, N. U. Moon and
olheis. !:. 1). Yairitmton Rave a Rra
phle Impel. -on-itlon of a local oiator at
Hip dedication of Memorial park.
Dr. Kletchei i ailed upon one mem
ber In thi. wls: "ilentleiuen. we have
0111011? us tonlRht a man who. 1 am
Informed. Is to be the next major of
Caibondale I don't know uiiiili about
politics myself, but If liiolhcr Hum
phtey Is to be ihe next mayor of our
cll.v, wo would all like to hear him
Mr. Huniphie.vs' fine was a study In
pink and white and he seemed to
put toith a suod deal of exertion to
inlse tiom his chair. He Joined: "Mr.
To.istninster. 1 felt pretty well when
I came in heie, and I have felt pietty
well dmiiiR the banquet, but 1 havo
suddenly betoine very III." (Client ap
plause). After the rounds of the lioiinl had
been made, Kiank K. Uurr moved that
a hearlv voto of thanks bo tendeied
the toastmaster and the ( onimlttec in
ihill'Kc. '''he lespouso to tile motion
vmis voclleiotis.
s the hands of the clock pointed
lo midnight, the ull'ulr terminated. Tim
(onimltte.' of uuatiRt incuts was:
Misst. Hal Jndsvlii, John Copeland
and Kiank (irchaid.
Those present weie: Pr. W. W.
Klelcher. i:dwmd YariliiRton, Julius
.Mocs. 1'iaiik Smith. John Copeland.
Delbett CooRau. Walter Uonnett,
V'uinK Suedecker, Frank Orchard,
Itnlieil Van Heif.iiii, James Cardeu,
Call UoeiilRcr. Wlllluiu Hubbard.
Jiimrs I'. Nleholxni. Jrank H. Dennis.
Frank I'. Hutr. N. 1.. Moon. Frank
I'olvin. Uewellyu William", Samuel
.Moon. D. W. lliuuplney. W. S. Wac
ner, Mr. V.nnx. Mr. "Wahh, V. I-).
Hvuiis. J. N. i elder. K. I.. Ilatlleld,
Joslah Vnnderuinrk. (IcorRO Hudhiin.
Hal .Indwin.
Insurance Adjusted.
The lusinanco adjusters who havo
been at woik on tho recently lUnmged
stock of Abe Sahm, vsho was burned
out last Monday nlRht. linlshed their
task last evenlns:. They allowed Mr.
Sahm an amount on his ruined poods,
wlib ti Is said to be s.itl.faetoiy to all
In Dunmoic,
ltev ltollln A. Sawyer, rerun ot Ttln.
Ity Protestant F.plsiopnl cliurch,
pleached a sermon In St. Math's chinch
a i Dumnorc last eveuliiR.
Meetings Tonight.
Court lioldun 1'hiRle, No, fill, Forest
em ot Auuilca.
Diamond IoUbc, No. V. Shield or Hon
ot. At tho Opein Hounc,
Tills Aftoruoon "Mv story of Wood
lawn." Tonlsht "In Dixie l.ur.ri."
Mertlngfi Tomonow.
Pioneer Father Mathow society.
St JosephV nnli t-.
Phone :
i NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Flist (St, I'nul's) Lutlicinn fhurrli,
Church sticot ltev. K. Elulnger, pas
tor. Third Sunday In Lent. Sabbath
school. Si.30 a. in.: services, 10.30 n. m.
Sermon on St. l.ukc, eleventh chapter,
twenty-third verso: "Ho that Is not
with mo Is nRainst me." Lenten ser
vices every Wednesday evenltiR at 7,"0
o'clock. Tho Lutheran Ladles' Aid so
ciety w ill meet for their monthly con
vention on Thursday, the Hth Inst., nt
- p. m.. at the lesldenee of Mrs. F.
UiliiiliiR, : South Main stieet.
First ConprcRallonul, corner KlRlith
avenue and South Chutch stteet Ilcv,
M. C. F.lllnlt, paator. Sabbath services,
10.::u a. m. and 7.30 p. m.: Sunday
si hool. '1 p. in.; Youiir People's Society
of Chiistlau Kndeavor, S.4o p. tn.:
ptnyer servler-, Thursday evenltiR- nt
7.30 o'clock. Special services and spe
cial music both mornliiR nnd evening.
All are welcome
Tilnll Protestant Kpl-copal chutch.
"iS Illver streetItov. Ii. A. Sawyei,
rei tor; tesldeiice. ti'J itlvcr street. Third
Sunday In Lent. S a. in., holy coni
.nuiiilon In the chapel: 10.30 a. in.,
moiitiug- prajer and senium; 7.30 p. in.,
penitential olllce and senium, all of
these latter being held In the new
A Meiry Evening nt the Home of Mr.
and Mrs. Russell M. Shepherd.
.Mi. and Mrs. Kussell M. Shepherd
enlei talnd a number of their young
married fi lends last evening at their
pretty home on Darte avenue. The pur
pose of the gathering wus to play the
game of progivsslv hearts. Theie
w ie about tidily guests present and
seven tables were utilized.
Hefme the pasle-boards wciv brought
Into requisition, however, a novelty In
the way of a pastime was introduced.
It was styled an "alphabetical narra
tive" and the conditions wore that
each participant should wilte n story
on a sheet of paper, and that each sen
t"Miie should commence with a letter
of Ihe alphabet. In numerical order,
common' lug with A and going to '.,
the author of the most original story
receiving a prize. The ladles' pilze for
this ctfoit was a book of poems, the
gentleman's prize being an opal scarf
Alter the laughter thai followed iho
leading of these effusions had sub
sided the play-rs settled down lo seiu
tliillng the faces of their cards to tiy
and got tld of the objectionable red
spots. The first prize foi the most mic
ros! ill in this endeavor was a hand
sonic pack of cauls In a case, vvlilli the
boobv pi 1e was the singularly apt one,
a book of Hoyle.
Alter the gHine lefrcshments weie
served on the tables that had bjeii
used for the curds, ami other enjoyable
Ii attires followed.
Rev. Mr. Boyle Lectures Next Wed
nesday on "The Seen and Un
seen." The next lei lute In the People's lec
ture course will be given next Wed
nesday evening by the gifted scholar
and biilllaiit orator, ltev. K. A. iioyl.
Tin- lecture-going public will find Mr.
Uojl a delightful cnteitalner In his
lectuie on "Tho Seen itnd Fnseen." It
was of this lecture that K. Stacey
Matheiiy, ihe munager of the Center
caves. Ch.tiitauqua, said In Introduc
ing Mr. Hoy I- "We bring to sou today
the greatest lecture I have ever heard,
and 1 feel cettaln you will call It such
wnen j on nave lieaul It.-- As a pro lecturer Mr. Iioyl occupies a
conspicuous place .inning the leading
bureau lecturcis of the day. The lee
lure Is within the i each of all on the
free-will offcting plan.
A Set of Resolutions.
Cambrian lodge. No. 58, has- presented
to th. famlb of tho into William Bow
els a handsomely engiogsed set of
resolutions ot condolence. The pen
wml; was done by Piof, C, J, Leshcr.
Pi of Hit; High school business
department and Is very llnely executed.
At Trinity Chutch.
The ltev. .1. U. llroadhead. of Foi est
City, preached an eloquent sermon yen
t M-day afternoon ot Trinity Protestant church. Mis. tJcorgo Mill
sang a solo In her usual exquisite man
ner. Dark Next Week.
The Claud Opera Hous-e. will be duik
all of next week, no attractions having;
be ii booked. The following week an
other repertoire company will hold tho
hoards, and utter them will come a
number of onc-nlght plays.
Mayor Corcoran in Town.
Ma.vor Corcoran, of I'lttston, came
up yestciday from our twin sister city
mid shook hands with many old and
new friends. The mayor said that h
was not in town for any political pur
poses, bin Just lo greet his fi lends.
Returned from Washington.
Alderman Moirisou returned from
his tilp to Washington and Philadel
phia yesterday. He icpoits a vety
pleaeunt Journey.
An Afternoon Tea.
.Mis. Charles O. Mellon euteituiiied a
nunibir of her ti lends at a tea ves
toril.iy atteriioon at her beuutllul homo
on Lincoln avenue.
Minstvels Aie Talked Of.
A number of amateur hlstrlons of
tills city are talking of Riving a the
atrical entertainment for tho benefit of
tho fund of i-eml-tonteunlal celebration.
Just what form this enteipilse will
take is not yet ilctlullely settled, but
thy majority of those who ure pro
jecting it ure Inclined to favor a black
duel all Throat nnd Luug Affectloni.
fej. (let the genuine. Refuetiblltute. A
i. " sy V3 ti-'fi tc jr
face show. It Is said that plans are
already actively under vvny for the or
ganization of a troupe to bo called tho
SemhCcntehnlnl Mnmmoth Minstrels,
In which the lending glngero nnd Im
personators and Jokers of this locality
will tnko part for the pleasure of tho
rest of the community nnd to Increase
tho cash nssets of the celebration com
mltocs. Plans like these In furtherance
of an object so worthy should be en
couraged, for It Is well known that In
every town there arc lots of people
who will noi ko on a subscription paper
who will readily "rIvo up" If they nrc
to be amused.
Bartholomew Kelly.
Bartholomew Kelly, a respected citi
zen, djed yesterday moinltiR about 3
o'clock, nfter a short Illness. Ho had,
however, been In falllnR health for
some time.
Mr. Kelly was born spventy-llve ye.its
neo In Ireland, but came to this city
about thhty-ilve years iiro. DuiIiir
that time ho won many wnrm friends
by his uptight dealings and readiness
to do others a good tin n.
Ho Is survived by the following
daiiRhters, nil of this city. Annie n
Margaret J., Julia. Katheilnc and
Mary. The funeral will bo held Mon
day. The ptocesslcm will leave the
house, No. 270 Dundnff street, at !.30
a. in. After a requiem mass at St.
Hose church, Interment will be made
In St. Hose eenieleij.
Collected a Crowd.
"Dory" IJurdlck. who halls from re
gions outside the rlty, and who has a
periodical dcslto to sec Carbondale,
which Is usually accompanied with dire
results to himself, came to town yes
terday afternoon with a gu-at thirst.
i He pioeeeded to slake It nt handy "dls-
peiisurles," and it wns not long before
his shuHIIng gate had acquired a side
wise, lotary motion, causing pedes
trians to give him more than his half
of the sidewalk When the schools
weie dismissed at 1 o'clock ,i crowd of
pupils followed tlurdlck's eccentilc
movements, and he cut up a few capers
for their cdlllcatlon until Chief Mo
Andiew came along and placed tho
stern hand of the law upon him, con
veyed li f tn to the "coop" and put him
In a place whore his gyrations would
lie restricted by stone walls and Iron
bars. Mayor Kllpatrlck will have nil
opportunity to inteirogate him this
No New Evening Paper.
Humors have been Hying thick and
fast around this city for some time
that A. W. Cook, proprietor of the De
posit Journal, would soon come to Car
bondale and establish a penny evening
paper. This icport must have been
started by some Joker, I'or Mr. Cook
has been Interviewed, and lie denies
that ho ever had any intention of
MartltiR a paper here. In fact, ho says,
he hasn't been In the city for two
ycais and knows nothing of the pros
pscts or chances of success for a new
dally paper.
Knights of Malta in Town.
Deputy frand Commander O. A.
Swmtz and staff, of Anthracite com
inamlery. No. 211. Ancient Order
Knights of Malm, of Seranton, were
the honored guests last evening of
Temple comniandery. No. 'JSS, the oe
lafion being the Installation of of
ficers of the local comniandery. Pre
ceding the Installation of the new of
ficers, tho beautiful Malta, or Inltla
toiy degree, was eonfenfd on a num
ber of candidates.
Mines Shut Down No Water.
The mines at Iticlimondale have not
been working since Monday of last
week, owing to a failure of the water
supply. Their reservoir Is dry and the
pipes of the consolidated company do
not now supply the needs of the vil
lage, so no help can lie seemed In that
(liteetlon. The large force of men there
me tin own out of work mid it Is not
known how long the pietvmt state of
alfalr.s will continue.
Funeral of Antonio Aelilo.
The funeial of Antonio Aelilo was
held yesterday morning from Ills late
lesldenee on South Main street. The
lemalns were conveyed to the Italian
Homan Catholic Church of Our Lady
of Mount Carmel, where a high mass
of requiem was celebrated by ltev.
Father Anthony, who also preached
the funeral sermon. Interment wns
made in St. Itoe cemetery.
A. Substantial Return.
At the meeting of the Columbia Hosa
company on Thursday evening the
tlnauclal committee reported that their
seven-day fair, recently held in ilurke's
hall, had netted them the handsome
sum of over .$700. The couch, which
Is still unclulmed, will be rallied off at
some future date.
A New Business Site.
Il is reported that Mulhollaml Bio.',
have purchased the ptoperty lately oc
cupied by the Atlantic and Paclllo Tea
company, on Sixth avenue, and will
soon transfer their daily business, on
Paik place, to their newly ncquhed
A Rag Time Social.
A huge number of persons attended
the "ragtime social" ut the home of
Mrs. .Mary Itlveiibtirg. on Lauiel ave
nue, last evening. Old clothes were at
a premium, as theie Wds a penalty In
Dieted for wealing collars, cuffs, neck
ties, or cieasod trousers.
Family Matinee.
This afternoon "The Mjstery of
Woodlawn" will be the bill at the
opera house. An entire change of spe
cialties will be presented, including tho
most laughable act on the stage today,
"The Lobsterscope." Kvery child at
tending will receive a bag of candy.
Pie Eating Contest.
After the last act of the roailng com
edy, "Dixie Land." tonight, a pie-oat-lug
contest will tuke place ut the opera
house. A number of entries have al
ready been received. There will lie all
kinds of fun.
Returned from Floiidn.
T. C. Robinson has icturned from his
two mouths' trip to tho south. Ho
spent most of the tlm near Sea Breeze,
Florida, and has returned home much
benelltted in health.
Will Retlie.
Kdwmd J. Munaton, who conducts a
meat market at 0 Canaan, street, con
templates retiring from business In thla
city about April 1. Mr. Manaton owns
a farm of 183 acres at Aldcnville,
Wayne county, and he has come to tho
conclusion that there Is moro monoy
lu aRricultiiro than there Is in butch
erlng, It m probable that his son may
mciceil Mm. 'out that Is not yet de-
finitely settled. Mr. Mnnaton has been
In business on Canaan street for about
two yenrs, during which tlniff he has
made many friends in this city.
A Successful Social.
The Friday F.vrnlng Social club riivc
their flrst Invitation dance of the sn
son last evening. The affair was hold
In Ilurke's nail and was highly success,
fill. Tile hall was Just comfortably
tilled and the participants Were from
the best social circles of this city,
with a number of out-of-town girstx.
The oflleers of the club comprised tho
committee of arrangements and were:
Kd. Cnrr, piesldeut: William Morgan,
secretary, and George W. (Illlles, Meas
urer. Will Closo Tonight.
The slock of tho grocery store of
Thomas OVonnell, of Park place, hav
ing been neaily all disposed of, the
store will probably close Its doors to
night under the present ownership, Mr.
O'Connell having decided to ictlre on
account of III health. Ho has been In
business at this stand for the past
thirteen years. It is understood that
negotiations are now under way with
parties to rc-open as a griiesrj about
Apiil 1.
The Men's Conference.
Small audiences giceled Ihe speak
ers at the Men'a Missionary confer
ence yesterday at tho Flist Piesbytcr
Ijiii church, but what the attendance
lacked lu numbers It made up In en
thusiasm. At tho manse last evening,
where si parlor confeienec was held,
thete was n goodly number, and the
discussion resulted In uiHiiy practical
Ideas ,.
To Be Mnvrled Soon.
1 iivltut Ion have been received by
friends in tills city to tho wedding of
Hnny N. (JtinHlis, a foinier Carbon
Italian, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Oiifiiths. tn Mhs Lizzie Luty. The
("lemony will take place at 110 South
Lincoln nvenilf. Wednesday. March 20,
at S 30 o'cloik.
Tho Pnhsing Huong.
Chailes Chapman, of llouesdile, was
In town yesterday.
Mrs. Cieorge Cioft. ot Kkiimond
stieet. Is on the sick list.
M. J. Ilnran last evening tetiiiiied
from his Washington tilp.
Willie ConuaiiRliton, of The Leader's
staff. Is reported to be veiy 111.
Miss Stella BIroIow, of Wllkes-Hai te.
has returned, after a pleasant visit lu
Floyd Wilgley. of Factoryvllle. Is
spending a few days with ti lends In
this city.
Thomas Irliind, of Danville, is ex
pected heie loda to spend Sunday
with Max Shepheid.
Samuel lluiios will leave on Tues
day for New York city, whcio he has
secured a position.
Miss Hannah Scully, of lluiiesdale.
lias returned homc.uftei' a two months'
visit with filends here.
Frank Coddlngton. of Lordville, N.
V.. Is visiting his brothel. Hdward
Coddlngton, of this city.
.Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur K.-lnlns. of
Forest City, aie the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Itussell M. Shepherd.
The condition of James McL.iiu, of
Hiooklyn slieet. 111 with pneumonia,
was teported as impioved yesterday.
John D. Kvons, of the Boston Con
servatory of Music, arrived lu town
last night. He will spend a few days
with his patents. Mr. ami Mrs. W. D.
12 va ns.
Samuel Singer, the clothier, went to
New York yesterday moinlug on a
business trip, wheie he will select up-to-date
styles for his tailoring and
ready-lo-wear establishment in this
Netves Like a Flat-lion.
A woman who suffeicd for thiee
yeais from nervous prostiation says
two bottles of Llchty's Celety Nerve
Compound effected a complete cine.
She hardly knows today whether she
1ms nerves or not, as she never feels
thorn It is eeilalnly a wonderful rem
edy. Sold by Matthews Bros
John II. bbs, a well know Moyfleld
young man. who Is with the I'nlted
States at my In the Philippines, lias
written an Interesting letter to his
parents. In which he gives some im
pressions of iho natives and sime of
their peculiarities. Ho say cigarettes
sell at thlity for a nickel, and natives
all smoke them, from old women of
70 down to children Just able to wall;.
The national sport, he says, Is cock
flglulng and most of the lighting Is
done on Sunduys. The Filipinos ato
great betteis and gamble all their
money they make. All kinds of tropi
cal fruit can be procured very cheap.
He concludes by saying. "We get all
wo want to eat and plenty of It. it
is veiy rough, but wholesome. I have
not seen a lnrd tack since I left the
steamer. We have plenty of good
The following 1ms been handed to
us for insertion by a member of the
Clerks' union: "All union stores will,
beginning with next Monday, closo at
6 p. in. AH friends of tho Cieiks' union
ntc requested to patronize the stoics
who close at C p. tu.. and try and make
your purchases during the day, so that
the closing movement may be a suc
cess and the cieiks Imvo shorter
Take your bicycle to W". T. ltobelts'
Bicycle Hospital and got them re
paiied, cleaned and enamelled for tho
coming beason. '
A suipilse patty was jjlven Miss
filndys SolSy at the home of her par
ents, on Second street, Thuisday even
ing by a number of her young friends.
The evening was plenfinutlyr passed
and lefreshmeiits handed aiound.
Those present weie: data Bennett,
Sarah and Bessie Jones, Madeline Bui
dick, Kihul Soby, Gladys Soby, Alonzo
Duvis. Norman Tenuis, Hurold Davis,
Itolpli Dakur. Chester Staples, Hor
ace 'iiiny. Percy and rteglnald Hough
ton, lleinald Bell unci Ueoigo IJoml.
The employes of the Delaware mid
Hudson colliery will receive their pay
for tho latter half of Februniy on
Tho Misses Anna and Hay (liillltlis
at'endrd tho ragtime social given by
tho Ladles' Aid society of the Bap
tist cliurch, at the homo of Mrs. Itlven
berg, at Carbondale. lust evening.
The condition of Nathaniel Depew
was considerably worse last evening
uud his deatli wus hourly expected.
Mr. and Mrs. W T. Itoberts. or Main
stteet. attended a social hi Peckville.
on Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mm. Charles McOlnlcy wore
In Seranton yesterday.
Thomas Mann Is tecoveilug lioni the
Injuries received in tho cuve-iu at
tho (ih n wood shaft u roitnlght ago.
Jacob Pellow, of Noi ih Main sheet,
was a Seranton visitor Thutsday,
To Frovent tho Gun
I.MWtitc IlioinO'tJuInlnc rcmovri tin iaue. "
"Born to
Is the title of Mr. Chns. M. Shel
don's newest book. In this book
Mr. Sheldon endenvors to portray
some of the evils in connection
with important social problcmn.
Mnny of of the conditions brought
to our nttentlon we are slow to
see ourselves nnd nie unwilling
to acknowledge vlicyt our ntten
tlon is dhected to them by others.
This book should bo rend by nil
espccinlly those who nio Interest
ed in trying to solve the servnnt
girl pioblcm.
Bound in Cloth 15c
Other titles bound in cloth, by
tho same author, nio ns follows:
His Brothor's Keeper.
Robert Hardy's Seven Days.
Crucifixion of Philip Strong.
In His Steps.
All '15c Each
The following titles from tho
Sheldon Llbraiy nrc hound in pa
per: Crucifixion of Philip Stiong.
John King's Question Clnsu.
Robeit Haidy's Seven Dnys.
His Bi other's Keeper.
The Miincle nt Markshnm.
In IHh Steps.
Edward Blnke.
Richard Biuce.
Tho 20th Century Door.
Bound in Paper 23c each
Who Killed Joe's Bnby? A pa
thetic little stoiy by Sheldon, in
pamphlet foi m, 10c.
dooas Long's Sods
"Hi. lull. Ill el Vliili u I 'Vli II.iIp .i Ill-Ill cm
l.uli iimriiliii; .mil w.i- nilii.ilfil In ''
Ijiire tnniil'Oi 'f frmiil- el I'm (IucimiI V
III ii'ilnil. Hie ii'iihilip. tteio le SI I'.ii
iicl.'n cliunli, wliiic .1 mldim lili.ii nu-s of
It rpiUm uj itlrliutiil liy W. .Mm Kiiilib, who
Im ncicliril .111 ciwuent frinioii. In cntuiti
imi Hie Iihi'm! (orlc-Ki jiioiki'i'iI to St. I'Jt
riik' (rim iii. when' liilrrmiiit nude.
M.IIO pelMUM fimii out of lciii weie hi .0
tiiiil.iiui'. The iwlllic.irc'M even; MwwiN. III. Ii
rfnl Vlillale. Kilnanl I.wih. Jllilucl Wal-h.
Mliluil Vi,iIi, .l.niii s MiIIjI,'. ii VrchluM, und
Uuhs l.rfii.
Mks rimriice Mi Hemic II." of UIiibIijiiUoii, -w-ilh'K
1 1-1 j 1 1 . -1 I, He,
'Ihe fnllimliiic piograiimic villi be nlven it
tin- In the I'm1i.t(rl.m ilmrili I tilt rem.
In.-: limo ml.i. Mm. II. 11. Itibli; ohi, )lu.
Ilifiit. Wllkru-lljrii'i ihiet. Ml-e Clraie dud
lliwio slHiklmiix', Snautmi; iciillnif. Ills Vim
Ilium, l.linliui'.ti 1I1111. MI-o 'JjL'i ami C'riiipeni
m In, Mr. limit; LihliMii. 'Ihe lauJi will he
1 t tjliu lit to 11 1 lime tuliUlit.
Allou.rj A. V. Ilimci, ct 'ir.nilmi. vill gov
the nioml of a tilc of vuiioih on "The Life
of Christ.'' Illii-lrattd liy Meiiiiiitlron view, in
tin CoucKK.itlon.d ihiiuli loiin.iruv.- (vrnili;;.
V piiblU- hue fe.i-t will he held In the I'rlin
iihe MetlioilM ilitnili 10.M
Mm. (ieiiise Wccolt. of fin-i 11 ISldsc ci-llcd
ICl.lllvin 111 IIIU1I Jl'tllll).
MI- 1:111111.1 Itnlihk. nt .feinon, kPent J 1 1 r
i!i wllh Miss l.i7le H.l., of Lackawanna
Mi-s Itutli I..111I1HI, of Minim, who li.u l n
Hie L'oot uf Mit (i.nml.i 'llioiiii. icluiiieil lionie
jot CI ill.
Mm. Ii.i .Icnl.lin Iijh about lecoviud from her
n .nt lllmiK.
1. II ll.iibcr, 01 Mam ttrcet, lontiuutN vri)
.Mi. W. -. IIIom nnil cin. Wjllw, re vliit-in'.-
irl.ilhi'B at WllkevUntie.
I'luile '!. Wlilu. of Ntw Yelk ell), U
inu lil iuiilil, Mi'. .Hid Irs. K !'. Wiiitr. of
Main .-trct'l.
Ii s. I'. Whit', who la been iIjiirciuiii.I
III of pneumonia, w.11 nportrd much linpioc 1
The pwpli' uf I'eikvilli- will won have no 1 a
on lo u inp'uiii ol a Munlly of water. I"
,u lib iM Water lumiuny lave .1 lanrc foiec 01
men at uoik thawini; out the water nuin-
tweiu Aulibald .i:;d When tlil I- clone
walei fiom Siull jitliil will tie olitalnilile mid
.1 hlidi pic'tiuio iiuliitiiliitd.
I.Io.mI I'am lu iCkiKlied till I.niitn.ii a
r.iinuin at the elcctile plain.
'Ilio ciiniKilhtlc Hi.iccy at the UiplUl ihr. h
are iiiciea-lni; In Inteiist and attendame. !
moriovv aftiiiiooii at J o'l'lotk, l!e. . If
Willljiiif will hold a men' nuetlnir, ulijeit
"votal I'liilt)," .N lie ui.dtr li jearK 01
jkii aclnilllcil. In the 1 veiling Ml. WIIIU'Ki.
will pie.uh on "'the ollllR Mill and 111- Loin
pin." All aie vcli nine.
Ilio e. una I eitirn m Ihe ItiplUt ilmr. h
will lie ronlliiuid next week.
Mm. ( Ij.euce -teilic' wa a ei.ltur In W-tiil
011 'lliuuit.1.
.1. W. Iicrdiliuer hai procured a poMtmii m
Si lauluii ;u a bgokkrepcr.
Stanley Allen, who hi been In fiernian fen
mine time, N r.p-etri! lo arrieo home tu k
Mr. and Mm. l'aul, of N'.eomini.. 'e
Ilic suenU of Ihe l.iller' paicut here.
'Ihe I'.pvuiilh b.iKi'e "I the Mulhcdiit 1 hu I
laid a ilillifhlfill lllciai eiitrilnlmneiit lu ilu
In tine loolil if Ihe itiiuili oil Tuiwlay eciniiv
lliuc ceai a large uIiCIiiIjiict .it the 1 xen w
Mlic lil.-ie i:dll-. of sciaiilou. I. vl llin; h 1
aunt, Mis. Ma hru.e.
Mi nihil k Of H.i llaHoll t Hull Mllbo pillj. Ipjlnl
in a dilute )c.lrnliy aftrinooii. the (uenU. 11
1II.1 11.W1I win. "Ilcciluil, 'I I ut llie'io i iii'Tc
biatit In luleie than In arl "
II. W, Crlllm, ol lilrnbiiiii, line with 1 p.11111 il
miidiiit ouTik.Ii laat, L llaiUllin; hi iitt'n
lie He lpprd out ilnoin to (jet the nionii e
impel- ami lu di'ln,- m llpi"l .ni'l fell. itMill
I hi; In the ihotc anldeiit, Mi. liillllu I' 1."
in: louifoilabl al hi. home
A lncopliiou betiire 011 "I lie I. lie of ( hil.t"
will Ih- diliecifil lu the llapllut diuieli oil Men-
Is the name given to our new
stylo fouv-ln-hnd tie, now being
shown nt our Men's Furnishing
The Essex is designed to tnke
the plnce of the reversible four-in-hnud
that hns oecn In vogu
dining the Inst few months. It
hns nil tho ndvnntnges, nnd none
of tho disadvantages of the ve
versinle style. Every new silk is
here, Including a variety of com
binations in the latest shades ot
AndtbePrice is only 50c
A Peep
At somo of tho new arrivals in
Men'u Fancy Half Hor,o will con
vlnco the most skeptical thnt
thero will be a gicnt demand for
fnnoy hosiery during the coming
fcpason could it bo otherwise with
such a pretty assortment to seleot
Prices 25c and 50c Pair
i Will be a good time to test the
merits of
Armour's Extract
of Beef,
A cracker and n cup of beef tea,
nittl wo'll probably hear you
sny, it
"Has That Rich
Beefy Flavor."
Tile demonstrator will also tell
you about some special ways of
prepniing the extract.
In Booth Center of Store
il.i rifiiiiiK next h lire. II. .1 VVhalcn. I). P.,
of t aibouiUle. No iiiiiutslon will be ilialjid.
but ,1 lhir nlfciiii); will be taken. On 'lue'iliy
cmiiIiic he will cice an illu-lrated lecture on
"Life In New York rile " u .iilinliMon of l"i
ami ID ii'Uli, will be 1 ImiReil.
Pliunbir Sttue lu ti'iu buc.v -ecrral da c
thawing out 11 tiuTin water pipe in the fiont of
'lillan.c's (ur(
Mii. 1'ieii I'aln.ei Mieiil fait e! tlii nirK
wlfh her tiaiintii In viunton.
The l.i.t ipiiiinl loulerenit- of tlui cunffience
jear w.n In Id etleri!a.v .ifiirnoou In the Mctho-ili-t
1 111 1 1 li. l'li-iiliir,- I.lder ri"d bad cluir-
01 Ihe rrrebc..
'I In' thll'l liliilil ol Ihe (.ih.m iluiiil, fair
iluw .1 my laiue, the altendilne b.
Inc. fcr Kiiatir ilian the Inn pncloii- cccuiUK'.
Man' ftraturiit tiom viiIoim Ioimi tip ami dowii
th" vnllev wete ptescnl. The pii'ur.ii.niu; thi.
ccinlnif will be nude up of excellent iiumbirV.
Motlnr Vlay .liinec, Ihe liniale oiiranler, viT
eemii to tin- m nlnit to ii('iliic local l
I'll'! in lliiir qoirteii. in llatIV li..ll.
'Ihe tiiiiuil of Mibil, tl.c l niutilhi-olH ihlld 'f
Mi. and Mis. Mliluel "Ihotriton, oecniied ve
tirdj aftciiirH.n from the faiiiilv tesloenee ti
Tiiclur tuet.
Vleffrii. W. .1., 'lliuiin. M Daelt Jtut
'lhnma II. Moe, 01 die lilcl lean I'rnloMoiit
arrieialiiill lodue. all I (irlllitll W-. OlIilK, '.J
l and llacld l!n-l, ol the Temple ol
l.oe loilje, No T, Tun leorllm, left .vcslndav
for (Jlen Leon a. uneentitice from theU- te
feetlM' oiilert (o .iinud Ilu turcul of their
diii.iscd btntliei llio'iiai .1. 'Ilmm..-.
- 1I.I..1 tli nit hes al the Vlcthodl.t KpUeopa'
ilmii'i ioiii..ririiv at '0..'i .1. 111. and 70 p. m
Ihe ..i. t'.l. Itet (. It. Ilrni. will olllclnl.
-..Iiliilli Mln.ol at '.'.1.', p. 111. All aie totilUll
-cieleiv. al Ihe tale.ll llaplUt (hilleli loin 1:
nee will tip held at the ii'iud honir. tin pa-tm'
IJ.'V. Ilr. II. II. llniU oitlelalli if. Sunday mIiou
at 'J p m.
Mui A. the l-iMi old lit.; of Mr and Mi
l.i.dli I'liitihli, 01 I tilou -licet, who died on
T!iiiriki.i of uieiiibianioiw uoiip. wa. lutei.e
In 1I1 l'uiet Home iiuieiete Mttrrdae Tin
fiiu.i. I ai plicate.
tnhl '
. In tel, but did you
rrrr tfr A I I ff
MltlB? "'11, thi.
trom tli lfir hi
trillion 1 tbt Ut
DJ frftttlt rQVr
ojt. ill nra fun
ulth thii rut lull
porker thin mythic
Ncirr 1:
lifc tl
17 diow nira up
th rletur bt
tbntha llir tiatnn
toMtna. Artri-Bloc-(nfawhil
b tquc!',
then ccllire lfu
(tlvti up tli gbott wiih
and finally iliti. tr
rh?.. zt:a mr&w.ttvys.viw.
rr "fi'i" a '..m'ii pocket .nil lujjinlr tljw Mm up to
llitu (her. 1. 1. fun 4 Oi.n of mwikr 1 rt
.ii.ourliiarnmJ. M'f oenel nn 1 'II . "''VV, '',
li ironili.' 11UI .ub..rlpllon (; crnr ' ,'n'l'y,P"'h1'3 '
SS for li.'e., f r .llle. nnil one ?r I,"V;r,J,r
"" l.rVi lwul.if ef ry nionthlr U r"1.-,,' .'
iiin l In lirllM "Ion .ml If r.'l by (w ,.nV','"!,
Monli Il lMg..Ml ht cmtlMilK lifw, nov.l i .1 .!.
AMmt COMJHUlTi Mux C54, 1101811, lMi
Areonio Beauty Tablots and PIU. A pir
'ectlj lafOHndrnnrautericltrc itmrtit fcirallnkin
j ten-dors. Restores the blocn oljouth to faded lact
i dr.yi' treatmoat Wot SO dan' $1.00, by null
nn Actdros,
iovirA Mfili"-' fr c'v.-i JckHii6tl.,Clilctr
Kohl by McGarrah Thomas, Drug
Clt tOJ Lacluewaunu avo Seranton. I'.
m r
m: 'Mi
&vwimjw '
BimMTtaPSO tiny I'lipaulrij nr- y
jtBJPreit In -Ih liours xvlihout ?,.,. 1
Uai.lH nconvcnlencT,nllecllonIMinYll
Uraiu.xvble i Coiinlbn. I'n.lnuUI II
ajlbehi nuil Inleclloin fain