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    TSR J 'ifHf
Scranton Business Houses.
1 'Phone :
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
if J
I "I
Ca.tbonda.le Department.
I'ori i,n i i.v.uiivo iioi'xi: (or me n-tic
III tit All VI... Illlf llollUI I. Itl'lll. liC.ll
I'-tatp or Olhcr I'l'Vi" In S. II or KM-lnnue. w
Who Win' Sltiutlom or llili--1ln"xi S'null Ail-veilt-fiiittiN
l'u-,1 (hie (till ,i Word, M Irpur
t inii i mi I'll.- rmi- ii Worn -1"xiii Ntiiui'M
W.u,t.a, Whirl; Arc hiM'rled I'loo.
mii it as i:.I'i:i:ii:m i:n m tamii iook
01 I'llli'lMIII.V
CN S.U Wll Ii. I.AHV I'ltl'.l'CI.III'P. Ill
wnik In I : n"'U ijj uuil'
W.'ll,. Ilox IKI'i, (nrhmid.lli.
a yeaivs work.
Rev. Dr. Wlinlou Frenches a Seimon
Reviewing His Flr&t Year's Fan-
At III'- Herein Huptlst church yes
t' nlay morning tin- Hev. Or. 11. J.
Wlmlon, the pastor. In his him mini, re
viewed tin; work that boon done
tin.' past year In that church, which
was also the llrst nf his paHtnnili' III
this city. The clergyman, In a concise
siatemenl, showed what hail Ihvii ue-
"iiipllshod ami what could he expect
ed In t ho coming year if the present
harmonious rotations continue. Tho
text of Or. WimDn's sermon was from
Samuel, villi:.', '"riicn Samuel look a
stone ami set II between .Mlzpah and
Sehurczah anil called the unmet of It
Kbonozor, suyiiiK. 'hitherto the Kuril
h.ilh helped us.' "
Tho text, said tlii- clergyman, hud
teforenoe to the delightful custom
which existed In olden times of mark
iiR with a white Mono something which
needed to lie coinuu'Uiorated. Samuel
tailed Hie name of the place Kbenezor.
mid the meaning of that much-abused
word N "Help." And so today at the
beginning of this new year we would
icit a tribute to God's help, whlih
'mm been over us In the year we have
lived together, and whether we take
the narrow view of the year wv have
lived together In harmony or consider
tin: mercies that lioil has dealt us, we
must bo grateful to Ulni.
The pastor's relation to the church
.Hid the niembershlp In the past twelve
months was llrst cousldeicil. lie
spoke of loeolviug the call lo the
church, the thoughts that arose, and
"t" the advantages which presented
ihemselves to his mind, on th ton
mogatlon's side there was. of course.
Mime ipiestlou as to his being able to
till the place satisfactorily. He said;
of course. 1 view the pastoral illa
tions of the past year from my own
standpoint. I inn not conscious of any
niiiii or woman laying the weight of a
feather In my way. In our olllclat re
litlniis only the most pleasant things
have oc lined. And may Clod's grace
ui.iko niu mure worthy In th- year on
which we are about to enter. Lot us
.ii the second place notice tho advance
ment In the church's spiritual wealth.
We must not ni 'iisui e the spiritual ac
tivity ol tho past year by our additions.
We have admitted thirty to our church
membership the past year, twenty-six
by confession of fatth and four by let
ter. We must not expect young con
verts to ails1 above ihe activity of
those who nit' already and have been
I'T it long lime III tile kingdom of Cod.
And so, dear brethren, while the lu
:,..lherlng has not been law, wo are
nut lo measure our condition by that
means alone. There haa been n dothl
"d Improvement in the heart feelings
"f tiuv church."
The pastor went on to tell of the
wood work done by the Ladles' Aid so-
lety of tho church, of how, unaided
.Hid asking no lulp. the society lias
gun.' ahead and that It had, the past
v ar, ruined $titM. He said that the
i i-eimurcr of the church had, on Satur
day, forwartlotl a cheek paying the hi.
teivnt on the church debt, and also re-
hieing l ho principal of the deht soiu
S.'OU. "These are the lesser things. On
tiif spiritual side the Sunday school been making a splendid record.
While we liuv mil brought our thll
'Iicii lulu the church ami baptised
lie-in by thf t weuiy-IIves, fifties and
the hundreds, we have taught thorn
tin- belter things of llf. the spiritual
ami muiul truths. Iiuritig the past
Mar the Voting People's society has
been organized lllto the llaptlst Voitllg
People's union."
Urlully reviewing th: work of tho
iriistee, h" declared lie would say
more If they were not present, but
would content himself by telling tin
oiigrogntlon that the current expenses
uf the church are all belnif paid, and
i hat the. pastor's salary, which was
the cause of crave doubts at tlrst. was
mi longer a nuittei' tor nuleltud Ho
.ild that there had existed only lho
mom harmonious relations between tlm
p.iHlor and the choli, and this condition been mi from the llrst.
Turning again to the cumlm; car.
in. Whnl'ii i-.ild: "The I'uture is e-
nred. for perfect love castetll out fear.
Nothing In this world puyi larger divi
dends Hum hue. You and I live In as
Lugo a world In church as we live In
uitsidt! of II. An every mail lives
w Ithln f.o he Hv wllho'.lt. A geuermiH
mail must be a large num. and Ida
heart has gut to be lurue tu hold nil
his gencrosily. Iiroihren, the Kurd has
helpul. ..!. taking our hands In lllti,
'ud'Tj'-lilnB us to forward our prlvl
V g'ninii'oiiportunltl?.
Several Noted Divines to Appear at
Flist Coiif;rcsnttonal Church.
Other Fcntuics.
HoslnnliiK wltli next Hunday niorn
lutr. n tcu-du Jubilee services will
be held In the l'lrst I'oiigiegatlonnl
hurc'h. at which time .m cifort will
l made to lumplttc paying for the
I'.ilirovenir-nU made during the jour.
At tin; time uf t lie reopening, no niou
ltd ftttort to i-i'ducii the itebt could be
nirdft, owing to the unsettled coudl
th. us cuused by the urikc. 'J'lic ehundi.
and especially Hn pastor, has felt lho
weight of the l)iiid"ti and It Is lho tie
Mre tu bring tlu debt down to ifl.SCO
when the I'onnreealloiiui ('lunch
Hullding society will relievo the
i hutch of thi'l amount, rvmio noicd
..vines will .issiM in i In. .'pt.lal ser
I,"H. 'diicn will i.ibo he liii.'iai .'i'sc'1
wini i'c it'ir. . V "UliiPit x lit ho
ll' hi ilh'H.1 lit' 18U: mid on ill' "itli
Cures a Cough or Cold ot once.
t Mrj'iti'im V, w Iicii.t .nr-CiHR' I'.iotnhltli,
' J.FP fcii-t ptt imp! -i 0"" I. '".' r' 'i'l.
I'r. IIiiP PIIU rtirrCaiirtlpxtlfn. M)i flic
5&C&. HKS1M
frinsfJ-'tlt-l'ifi Ml (!EiI)Sfl
1 I
the dosing evening. 1'rof. Vox, of
AloiiHeal. Ill" f.tmoilH linpnncuinloi'
and b-irllctip mlolsl. will be heard.
NVxt Sunday inninlug und evening.
Miss I'Mlth llrusuii. who wiin heuitl
with such delight list Sunday night,
will again be prcfcnl, r.s will also her
sister, when both will br heatd to
gothcr. Miss P.onson 1.4 one of the best
sololsls lint luu' b"en lieaitl hole for
Ktinie lime and her coming nevt Sun
day will be a pleasing nntiniiiii'CiiH'lit
In all ui'islc lovers. Kuitlier nollce
of the services will appear lat"r In
the week.
Another Player Drops Out of the
Pool Tournament Coming Wcok
Should See the Final Game.
One more game was played In the
pool toilttiauieiit at the Cycle club oil
Saturday evening, the elghty-llfth
since the beginning. Only six player.?
now leinalu In the contest, and by
the end of the present week It diutild
be determined pretty clearly who Is to
be the champion this wlntei. So far,
Swingle, the MTatch man, has made
the best showing, but Humphrey and
Slllford are piesslug hltn closely, on
Satuiday nlglil. t It. Smith (thlnl
class) defeated .1. Hllhool Uhlld class)
by the scene of o to :!!. The standing
lo date Is:
I'l.i-. Will. I.t..t,
1'itil mUiuIi ;
l. lliiinjibiry ,. 'I i: l
M. il. 1 MlTonl i ii i
I . II. Dolby :i
I., i:. IS..I..IU .!
r. It. Nnlil i i,
Keystone Dramatic Company Will Be
at tho Grand Opera House.
.Manager Hyrno, of the Cirand opoia
house, has secured for all this we;-U
one of the largest and best repertoire
companies on the road, the famous
Keystone Dramatic company.
Tills company plays only in cltltv,
and the pi ess all over the country
sjiuiks hi th" highest terms of them.
Their plays are not the worn-out ones
but all new und plays that will please.
The leading roles are in the, hands of
.Miss (icrtrude Slilinnan and Lawrence
II. McOlll, ami they me said to be as
clever a leading team as Is now before
the public. For suppoit they have
twenty artists above tho average found
In repertoire companies, and they also
carry a full carload of new scenery ami
mechanical effects.
"Kscnped rmni the Law" will be the
opcnlnc bill. Ladles will get tesorvod
scuts tor ilfit-cn cents If ticket I- pur
chased at licytiolds' drug store before
J p. m. tonight. Sale of seats Is now
open. 1'rlces. ten. twenty and thlity
Those Who Will Preside Over Pales
tine Commandery, K. T.
A stated conclave of Palestine mm
manileiv. No. II, Kulslus Templar,
was held In the asylum. .Masonic
Temple, S.ileni avenue. Friday even
ing. The following olllceis fur the eu
suing templar .vear, beginning May 1
next, were elected:
Kinlnont cuninianilcr. Sir Kulght .1.
1. A. Tlngley: generalissimo. Sir
Knight John II. Shannon: captain gen
eral Sir Knight Walter A. Spencer;
treasurer. Knilncnt Sir Sumner O. l)a
M.s; iccorder, Kmlnont Sir Henry ll.
Wilbur: irift-es. Kinliieiit Sir Silas A.
.Me.Mullcn, Kmlnont sir John .l. Stew
art. Sir Knight Ambrose K. Tllfany.
The next state conclave of Knights
Templar will ho held at Heading In
May next.
In Washington.
Hugh l'owdeily and tlaughtei. .Miss
Mary: .M. .1. Ilornn, or the Park cloth
ing stole; l- 1'. I'.rowii, T. V. i'ovv
derly. Jr.. Andrew Kiantz, 1. A.
Ooiiglierlv, Krunk I lovers, T. V. Wa.
I;er and Mrs. Walker. .Iitun. I'uwderly
and .lames .1. liurmau are in W'ai-lilni;-toii,
1). (.., today witnessing lho In
auguration. ROBERT EMMET.
Ily Jflm Mti'cuilt.
1'le l.iiiit' i if llulicii l'liiniri giuwi brighter c.ciy
' in ;
il,' IiiIjii'J'. nun.. ml paliiutx liU iijii.r U miv
tlr.n ; ' .
ilmiiuli -Iruntlt'l mi ' sllilft and thru Ic jjd-
'flie kiim. fur wliltli h" uuw III. Illr lu ijot
Iffn cnirvulcil.
IIU luiiltilii' urdt'i lil ii!!M'ltiA)tiii., uuil 7rl,
UU ciiali' I'iitli mid lircrdli:;. to our yiiiiMilil".
I'll, niter el III' el.wpu D4' lul IimiI a ernlut '.
Ami auliiMlm M tidy nirr la Hghl far lllinlt.
"Iu nieiiiliis ni liU tqjlily lifr Iwi) jibl tiriin tu
Wht'ii iiiler n liU native luiitl lliclr trii'ifmii-.'
oiiglil to hlxmi
I'ur "Trt'auiti l.i I lie llnll-li rruun" liny laid
lillll luu In KVK'l
llul . iiilil nut Mil III" oplilt Mlilth will lh'
Tlu' iff lie niu .juiIiiI luitf t.iiu.luiu iiii'inu'
aiid tliousli Inju'lii-r ihlti Ihriu (oith lo-1 mil
mi Ihr ,
Thdi Irally t'u Irt'laml' uum lu liner mvvcimiI
a Jot.
Ami Ihty ultl (bill mid luUr nil thry srt mIi.v.
Ihry luve not.
Iloini' llulr l Ihty'ic alter ami llirll t
ll hy .uu! liyl
for the woikl uilmlir Hid cuiir.itc nl a people
who will tiy
'' iiiuiiivcnl u t.vijnli ami throw- oft 0irra.
iiin'n yvkn
Ami mi- tlilnh tin' tliiu i iirarlnir wlirn .1 hn
llnjl u 111 up the iul.c
uull.' l.nimil iliinl al turiilllii tthUh twit :
iitirl file,
lint if I'c'il llrt' hmuliitl j cut lit' ..m!'l
not he v giral:
Per lil mciiiuiy ( I'lfrldietl liy all wlio kbMV
hn iMirc.
Ami tin' H'lllln el hit yoiitiiful Llucil give lili.i
i Ij'llnj; fiiliiu
'I ho nun vho .'i'( llifir l.unni, ihi'lr IliM
ie Utility.
l.i iuiIm' hit'l lltpiiiilm un iuliirii for t'.m
'I... ii ilaini't like iHiiib UiiiiMt anil mlftht Imc
nut hl fnle,
II a Hu.. iv. hi lli chiix Ihry hatllol fur mi'l lnm'
,nr hrim yieal!
o tiiu.. U iirrdud l ttllrut . ounc Kiiiinct'
..i iiMmi ii a mil t him yniu In nit pJiti
1 1 th.' i. aihi
Dm in" .. i.'i I- iiol far ilintmt mIm'ii hit m.Ii
Hill ii mi ll,
I'm i. ii.- Hn -hen, ,( fivrtluni In ll ilurlu,
1 1 i'ii' V.
Candidates for City Clctk, Solicitor,
Select Chairman, etc., Ate Hust
ling for Support.
('onslderable speculation Is being In
dulged In In olllelal circles as to who
the ollloers of the various
bullion will be. The c.ounclhi, poor boutd
and bnard of health reorganize on the
llrst Monday in April, while the reor
ganization of the school board will not
occur until the llrst of June.
The light for th city clerkship, the
most ardent struggle of all, goes mer
rily on. .V. L. Moon, the Incumbent,
and Fred Thomas are each exerting
every effort to tie up a majority- nf
voles, ten b.'lng needed to elect. Hoth
sides claim the advantage, but. ns a
matter of fact, the members still un
pledged make the re.Milt decidedly tin
eel tain, ami In fact, the llnnl may
be the election of a "datk liorhe."
Closely connected with the city
clerk's light Is that for city solicitor.
It. I). Stuart, who has held the olllce
for the two years past Is a candidate
for iv-ch'ctlou and ex-Mayor O'Neill
Is also after the olllce. II. C lltitler's
name has been mentioned but that gen.
tleiuan has made no effort to secure
the position. The outlook Is uncor.
Quit1 a light Is also being put up
for the chairmanship of common coun
cil. The Kepubllcans have settled on
Hubert Whltlleld. the now member from
th" Tlilid, while the Democrats are
rallying around Alex. Kennedy, of the
Fourth ward, who Is chairman of the
present organization. in the upper
branch the chairmanship will probably
fall to either J. O. Davis or .!. V.
Anthony F. Loftus. the piosctit deik
ol the common council, whoso wnik
has been highly satisfactory, will
have, from the present outlook, no
opponent. He would, at any rate, be
a hard man lo bout, as he Is strongly
entrenched In the good graces of the
councllmen. It is said. also, that Sec-
i clary Kvans ami Sanitary Olllcer
.Mollltt will have uu opposition.
On the poor board. 11 ('. Wlllluins
will probably succeed I. A. Hlvell
liuig as secretary and John McCain
will bo made treasurer, to siucoed .1.
F. Lynch. It Is Mr. .Morgan's tin n
to b hulrmnn. but whether or not h"
will take the olllce remains to bo soon.
Tne lesult ot the reorganization of the
school board Is a conipbtely unknown
iii:intity. at this time.
Mis. Eliza B. Hathaway.
Mrs. F.llza .1!. Hathaway, a well
known air.l highly esteemed resident
of this city, died at midnight on Sai
uiday, at the home of her stepson.
Levi c. Hathaway, lif, Ten. ice street,
aged .Vi years. Her death was caustd
hv complications icsulilng from the
gilp. I'p to the time of her seizure by
the prevailing epidemic, she was a ro
maikably active woman, and It Is as
MTted Hint hir advanced ago win In
no way responsible tor her demUe.
Mrs. H:ith:iwa was born In Salem,
Washington county. N. Y.. on .Inly
J. lspi. ller maiden name was Hllza
Hlossom. She was man led In 1M7 to
Silai 15. Hathaway, of this dty. this
making ids third marraigo, ami tlu
ci.uplo came to Cai'bnndale tu te.Mde.
They did nut remain lie'", but changed
their icsliloiice a number of times ami
lltially came Inch to the 1'lnnecr City.
Nineteen years, ago her husband tiled
and is bulled In Caibomlale, After his
death, his widow went to W'llkes
ii.nic, lo n side with her nephew, A.
K. Ilacoii, who at that time conducted
a music store there. She had brought
Mr. Ilacor up from boyhood and lie
regarded her as a mother. Alter
el. 'veil yeais she came Pack once mine
to Curbondulo to make her homo with
Mr. Hathiiway. and has remained with
li'ui and his family since.
Mis. Hathaway wan a devoted and
active member of the Presbyterian
church. She was of a loving, genial,
mild nature, and has very many
Irlends In this city who will regie! to
loin n Unit the kind-hearted old lady
has p'issod away. She was the last
of her family and had never Had any
children of h r own, Mr. Haeon, her
nephew. Is now connected with the
music store of Powell In Scranton. She
was Mr. Hathavvuy's second step
mother. The luneial will take pline ul tho
houso of Mr. Hathaway. Toriace
street, on Tueuday afternoon at 2.R0
o'clock, nnd will be limited to the Im
mediate friends of the departed one,
nnd relatives of the family. The Hev.
Chillies Lee will conduct the services.
The Interment will be pilvatf.
Nobles Afllliate.
A i.unilnr of the local frntoinal so. i.
olios have lately IneoriKiratod a side
degife Into their meetings for the pin
pose of fun ami good fellowship. Th"
degree Is h bin lesiue one and has no
real aiiiuiiy witu uie nunc serious
hUHlne-is alTalis of the lodge?, hut con
siderable hllailty has been extracted
from tholr woik. It Is call?d the
Arabian degree of N'ohle-?. On Satnv.
day evening the Junior Order of Frilled
American .viecnnnies man. Known ah
the "Klan of the Flaming Hug." paid
h fraternal visit to the klan of Court
Lily, which Is dignified by the title of
tho "Klan of Fp-I'de-l-do," and visit
ma and hosts had a royal good time,
A smoker was given and speeches
made ami the bonciltH of being a mem
ber of the Arabian degree of Nobles
dwelt on at length. Among the speak
ers were Noble Heal d, Noble John J.
Ihliiliett, Noble Minllsnri and Noble
The Passing of the Night Schools.
The public night, xdinulr. which h.ivft
be-on open In two of the luonia of the
Central High school buildings, dost . I
on Friday evenlnii. They had a largo
iitlemlauci' during Hie coal uml sill;
strikes, but of late their pupils luu.
fallen away. There wine quite u nutn
bfr ot young men. however, who took
advantage of the opp.)uipilil"s to
make uu studies.
Exchanged Fulplte.
Dr. II. . I. W'liiih.'ii. of tlir- lluieau Hap
Hut church, went to the Jackson Street
"Haptlxt church III Scranton lust eviui.
lug to preucli, and Dr. dc Oruch.v. of
that church, occupied the pulpit of tho
Hereon ihurch.
. To Preach at Tiinlty.
II was iruiiuiiiii.'ttil at Tiinlty IIpIm'h
pal cliurclivyislonl.iy thai Hev. lr.
.t'lhtiMiii, rot lor of He,' Fpiseopil
church at Vltlslon, will ptcach at tho
Trinity church on Wednesday cvenlrc
next, nnd on Friday afternoon at half
p.iHt four o'clock. Rev. J. 13. Drod
head, rrctor of Chrlft .church, Forest
City, will occupy the pulpit. Doth
mlnliters are well known to the Trin
ity parlMiom-rs.
Mayor Kilpatrick Tiled Two Who
Had Imbibed Too Freely.
Two prlfon.M'fl vveto befoio Mayor
Kilpatrick on Saturday morning for
his Judicial disposition. They had both
Indulged too freely In lho cup that
cheet.t and makes things lively. The
llrst tnlsoner wan easily disposed of.
He answered to the unim of Qulnn and
hud been found lho nlaht before In it
drunken stupor. lie wa dlichiuged
after u few words of advlc:.
The second one. mimed McDerniott,
w.ia nectifed of illmiplcrlv conduct In
nddlltoii lo holng IntoxleatO'il, He was
fined $J In addition to having to listen
to good advice.
"A Ragtime Social."
There will be a ragtime social glvn
by the Young People's society of Ihe
Hereati Haptlrt church next Friday
evening, at the residence of Mrs. Slary
M. Rlvenburg, 71 Laurel street. Among
the requisites to attending the func
tion, each lady must be attlrd lu a
calico dress nud apron, and no gentle
man will br admitted who wears ti
"bllod" shirt or collar. The cost of
attending will bo U c?nts. The com
mittee In charge promises u prize for
the person who wears the oldest suit
of clothes.
A Warning.
A man who claims to have .U one
lime been a member of the order of
Christian Brothers ha.- been canvass
ing the Catholics of Green Hide for
subscriptions to a magazine, claiming
to have pet mission to do so from the
clergymen of the city. This Is untrue,
ns no such permission has been given.
He Is making a particular cffoit
among the housemaids and Is evidently
a fraud. He Is said to be working this
way and a sharp lookout should be
kept for him.
Mr. Gillies Resigns.
Mr. iJcorjje W. amies, who has been
attached to the Oarbom'alo Leader's
stun! for the past four yours, has ten
dered his resignation and will leave
Its employ tonight. He has accepted
a desirable position In the Interna
tional . Correspondence schools, of
Scranton. Mr. Ollllos has In on lepor
ter. city editor and ndverthdng mana
ger of the Louder, and his many
friends In this city will greatly regret
Ids leaving Carbondale to go to the
Ulectrlc City.
To Be Buried Here.
Tile leniains of Miss Aim lo White,
who died at Davenport, N". Y., on Sat
urady. of heart trouble, aged' 17 years,
will bo brought to this dty tomorrow
iiftcriinou on the Saratoga express of
the Delaware and llmbou for Inter
ment lu St. Hose cemetery. The de
ceased w t,. daughter ol Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. White, of Davenport, who
formerly lived here, and the nice? of
Mrs. Fdwanl J. Mcllale, of this city.
The Interment will take place about 4
Merchants to Meet Tonight.
The Mci chants' association of this
city held their tegular monthly meet
ing tonight. A matter of special Im
portance to come up will bo to make
.Mime changes In keeping open evenings
in conformity with the request of tho
Clerks' union. Considerable diversity
of opinion exists as to the host way
of meeting the icquest, but It Is al
most a iiin.ulniiiii.s belief thai the mer
chants will not accede to the request
to t loso at ll o'clock.
Meetings Tonight.
Select council.
School board.
Carbondale Medical society.
Olive Leaf lodge. No, ISO. Independent
Order Odd Fellows.
Typographical union. No. iuX
Federal union. No. 7,:'0I.
Hranch Hi:!, National Association Letter
Young Men's Institute.
'Merchants' association.
Patriotic Order Sons of America.
Harbors' union,
Thomas Mitchell's Funeral.
The funeial of Thomas Mitchell, sou
of Mrs. John Addley, of II rook stteet,
this city, who died at Forty Foit on
Friday from Injmles lecelved at the
Pcttebone mine theto a month ago.
when he sustained a bioken back, will
bo held this afternoon at Forty Fmt.
The deceased young man had many
lriontbi In this city. He is survived by
a widow und owt child.
PurMied Into Wayne County,
''jilt-table JJ. J. Neiuy started Lu..
yt stortlay for Wayne county In puivwlt
of a iiuni named John Allen, who, It Is
.Hosed, stole $100 from his slater, a
I Mis. Wagner, ami s-Mpped out of town.
; Mr. Neary uxpected to catch his man
and laud lilni In this city lute lust
lilglu or this morning.
! A Car Derailed.
' 'uiu'ldeiable trouble was cau.-ed on
Saturday by tho derailing: of a heavily
loaded cur on the Delaware and nud
um switch, Iiaek of the old union sta
tion, on Dundaft street. Men were in
gaged for almost an hour getting the
car Iwek on tho tiaek.
Gone to the Inauguration.
Alderman Morrison left Saturday for
Washington to .see McKinlcy nud
Pioosuvelt Inaugurated. He will stop
In Philadelphia tonight and expects to
reach home tomorrow.
At Work Again.
I'higliics No. 31S and 3.'0, belonging to
! the Delaware und Hudson company.
which wciV' tllt-nbled oine time ago,
have been turned out of the locomotive
shops for service again.
Meeting- Tonight.
The H.irbeis' union will meet tonight
In the hall over Tony Letts', ou Salem
avenut. As biislueiss of Importance l
to come up a full attendance of inein
hem Is doidied.
Saw Andrew Mack.
ciiailes Campbell, of this city, was
ttinonc thue fioni this city who wlt
iintircd Audivw Mack's nrotlucffoii at
the Lyceum. In Scranton. on Filday
At the Opera House.
Tonlaht "ICfcaped t'rmu the Law."
Epworth Leaguo's Social.
The iiK'iiib-r. of ihe Kpw oith Leapu
of the Firs' Meih'ii.lHl llplscupu
Don't fall to coins HtiJ see as great bat gams
are waiting Inr you.
In New Muernsey Building.
Davis steam Dye Co.
liooih ullcil for itid delivered. 1 Irjiiuu.
Djclnpr Jtnl 1'irwltis.
Golden Gate
Dininq Rooms.
1W ii i rnt mral tn the Ily
rive Mul Htt-ket. 1.00.
?iinilay dinner a c. ulij-.
Ilonicni.i'lo l'.itrv.
244 ADAMS fVE.
W.J.BARmscALC.) 5.V5?T"'CP;
.,,,,-. COAL AND
riir-ptiic trlniniliis riling ler lluoi
i:in trn VMrliiR .md I'IxIiiip'iliit Hell ind Telephone Woik
Dealer? in
Plate Glass and Lumber
Kingsbury & Scranton.
MJnufat.liilcii' uenn
Pitiltt April 1 1 for
lolin Itorhllns'- '-on- I it Win- ltnn
i:io. irh.ll WIip liuiM I'cirtut .mil Itnliliei Miu
u.' tlcllttur- rt klinr. lloe nnd
linliher I. nud" Kiuiiiltoii Ci'Viiiu lail'i
llil I hilhlnu. ltciom :U0 I'jiiII llldu.
llor-i Miiieiiiir iirnl Ihiicrl Itl.u KmiiIii in,
Whjuii nd Cjriiizr liillldliic
church will hold their nonthly social
Wednesday evening. Llluary and
musical oxciclH's will bo ihe foaturts
from 7.3 to t).;;o. ami then for an hour
and a half the mcUtl purl of the
evonliiK. for whleh this leasii" Is noted,
will have full sway.
Doctors to Banquet.
Tulilfrht, at the Hew Hotel Aluel lean,
Dr. David L. Hallcy will enteituin his
colleaciieM of the Carbondale Medical
society. Theic will bo speeches: and a
bamiuet, ami, no tloubt. the members:
of the fraternity will Und sreat delight
In the relaxation of the evening.
The Passing- Throng.
Miss Frances Moses spent Sunday
with relatives in town.
Mary Waterlleld. of Scranton. spent
Stindav with her parents in town.
William Stevens has accepted a posi
tion with X. V. Stephens, the Salem
avenue Kiiicer.
Thomas Irland, of Danville. Pa.,
hpent yesteiday with Max D. Shephoid,
of Salem avenue.
Mls-s Afaude Ilarmlon loaves this city
for Hlnchamton today, whole she will
make her future home.
Martin (iallagher. of lirooklyu slreet.
leaven this morning for an extensive
Hip In the Umpire state.
Miss Ucriha. Hoblnson and Herbert
lllsted are the latest additions to I'rot'.
Scott's commercial school.
John Naylor. of the Metropolitan In
juiimicc company, left for Nevv York
on Satuiday. lie will be back today.
Mrs. C. It. Hunting, of Kurno. l'a.,
has been the guest of her hi other-lulu
iv. II. I. Starkweather, for the past
Dr. K. A. Starkweathi r. of Phila
delphia, has been spending a lew days
in tho home of his uncle, 11. 1. Stark
weather, of Wyoming stuet, who had
the misfortune to break his leg s-ome
lime ago.
JERMYN AND A1AYFIELD.; Monday. Match 11, the
merchant? of .leimyn and Maylleld
will close their atorc at ii u'cloclt
each evening, except Saturda. two
weeks before the Christmas holidays,
und the evening betoru R-huI holidays.
n iccoAiili'.cd by ibis stutt On the
ovonljir.s-' of the Delaware and Hudson
ami Kilo pays tne stores win no op m
until S o'clock. On all legal holidays
tho stores will be absolutely closed.
The Hetall Clerks' Intel national I'i'"
teetlvo association. Local No. -171. feels
very grateful to the pierchants for 10
willingly complying with ihe above re
viin.sts. Ml:. I'atllek Coylo. of West May
Hclil. b berlously Ill.sufferlns from a
1 elapse of grip.
Will Meilow. of Third street, who
has been alngularly allllctcd wlili up
pendicitla and other serhuis allnioius.
the pan two yearn, for which he has
been operated upon three times, will
np,aln enter Dr. Wheelor'n hospital 10
inoirow mornlns' l" undergo another
surgical operation.
Mrs. J. h!. Humphrey, uf Noith Main
ntreet. cut a nevero gash in nor hand
by 11 piece of sLi-sh oil Sutunluy. The
cut bled so profiiK. ly that .Mrs. Hum
phrey hmuiie unconscious and was lu
thi condition when dlrcnveml by her
lielshbors. who succeeded In slopping
Ihe How ef blood und lestorlng her
Thfiiuas K. Hendricks, has late
ly gone Into the fiunlture buslnex.
will dispose of Ills liors. s. carrlae; s
nud other livery efei ts by public .inc.
Hon next Satuitl.ty.
Mis. Uabrlcl Hall, of WM May
Held, fell on the Ice niar her Iicuuj
uu Saturday und badly sprained lur
The llllluial of the laic Chester
Stocker took place ycsiu'dny from hi
former home at Oieeulluld and was
attended by K'Volul mjo Ie from tills
Thouius .lopllu, .lulili llogaiih.
Tllouiai Doitlhwiilte and Hubert M'tx
well went tn New Vmk Satiirdny.
Brotherhood Wine Co;s
I in ' old p. .4, t:. .iitidicii. ti'.A
"ii-'iir rmnhv Ti ' On'-
Great F'ire Sale
at 30 spruce rt.
C lent .
I in I i Jin! all, of r
C.1E3CHEL d3 CO.
Scrqivton Laundry,
ssz vy.isi.voro.v avcnuc.
VMi y flciliou ind o ironiil s'lfiitir.ii,
"rinl'it ii '
I'oi I.aji i .ind (imt
All Shin. .n.
Han ley's
".Ultt' lo
We in.ilir .i ir. i.ili. o flnr hira'l tiuT
Uitlii't i"i'',, iiiirii ,, i
iii'iii'tb tilled.
A nil niie ol '.ic l ujiii ami he
Eurekq Plating Works,
Sjlier, imltl. Nitl.i-I. I 'iiper iind I!m
( li.uidelli'r ki'.ini-lieil
I.e.tdnii; Ntvcie.itii-
ioosrf(jccsr. 003 linden sr.
To l'honit
ll toll! "(Ml ll'ite
(Juoihn.m' iut' .
-I N-IIIM. DlilTI.IM. Wlllllv
Al .'i.l."i u'cliick yesterday afternoon
a tllsastioiis lire bioko out oil llrldco
street, oil I'-.isI Side, and b.'lore the
llames could be checked three buildings
wore almost totally destroyed ami on"
badly damaged. The blaze originated
at a houii owned by Patrick McClaln.
and occupied liy Mr. Murphy, whole
an exidodlliu liiuiii sol lire to a null' of
I eurlains and oilier of the room fur
The Hume spioud quickly and soon
the liuue next door, owned by Patrick
Kane, was a mass ol lire. John KI111
back'H building was the third to glv
way. but the .lessup and Wilson hose
companies, which responded to the
alarm, checked the spread of the llanies
at Kliuback's I'urullllie store, which
was. however, badly damns d.
All four buildings wore two-story
frame structures. The total damage
aiuotinti d to about Mi.nno.
. The home of Mrs. .1. C. Craig, on
South Main stteot, had a narrow escape
fiom destruction by lire at about 10
o'clock yesterday morning. As It was,
the Inlerloi of an upstair bedroom waa
badly burned. Mr. Hoy Craig, a son.
occupied the bedroom. As h was leav
ing II he 111 11 cigar and threw the
match upon the Moor, not noticing that
It was still burning. He then went
down stairs. A few minutes, later It
was discovered that the house was lin
ing with smoke. A liurrL'tl examina
tion vvas made ami the Interior of the
bedroom was found to bo burning
brMtiy. Sovoial neighbors rushed to
the scene, having heitid the cries of
lire. A buek.'t brigade was formed. ami
after ten minutes' hard lighting gained
mastery over the ilames. Notwith
standing a lire alarm box is located
within fifty feet of the fralg building,
no one dining the excitement had pres
ence of mind enough to turn in an
alarm. Tho loss will amount tu about
J5U. covered by Insurance.
Krnesl L. Hovard, the well known
pianist und teacher, of Scranton, has
composed a stirring inarch for pliuio.
The 1 ompiiidtlon Is "uipplly named,
"King HlueU Diamond Mnvh." after
Hie I'rdtcd .Mine Wickers of Pennsyl
vania, to vvh'ini the ccitnpuftltlon Is
dedicated. Hutch Aluslc Co.. of Phila
delphia, have Ju.-it published till' llrst
ei'.lllop, which in shov.ti lu W. S.
IJItit-' dnm fttiiv,
Mrs, Klleu Hiblons, an old und 10
spected tcsldent of tills place, died at
her home, cm Lackawanna street, Sal
unlay niornlug. afier an llluei of ssv
eial weeliH. Mrs. (ilbbons waa bum In
Ireland. She iiud llwd lu Olyplmnt for
the pant tlihtj-flve yeais. She was a
devoted luembei of SI. Patiick'n church
and was esteemed by u largo circle 01
acquaintances. Tim tollowlng ehlldien
survivp liar: Thomas nnd .lolin tilb
boiis, who reside 111 the wtat; D, V.
Ulbljons, of Sei'unton; Mis, Douglas
Coles, of Plilludtlphla; Patrick, Nellie
mil .Marijarei ill)be.ns. of thh: plneo.
The funeral will take place tomorrow
mornltiK at lu o'clock, luieruieiit In
St. Patrick's ceinelery.
In atl'inptlug 10 board a train uf
curs 011 the (intiulo and Western roll
toad at Ulyphant. yesterday aficiiioiin.
.lolin lleglnskl. aged foiuieon, had his
arm eip off above the elbow and h
elvd an ugly scalp wound. The 11c !
ilttut hapiiciiPtl about 11 hundieil I'ct t
below the depot. The Injured buy was
can led Into tin- olllce of lr. Criiu,
lirlllby. whole his wounds were diesKed.
Liiter he vvat laln-n to the Laeka wan
na hospital. His home is In I'i Icohurg
The retail liquor denlei.s or uiyphuni
and vhiulty ai'i reuuextcd to meet at
I'.l'iO o'clock this afternoon at Ilia hotel
of Thotnas Ii. Williams, on lltuhun
Mis. A. J. Schllltj: left for Now Vork
ycnu'i'duy on a visit.
The uev ly olofted cutiiielliiitn "will
take their seats at tonlght'M nici'llnst
of council. It Is not, likely Hint the.o
will Ih any contests lor any of the
buiiilllth ulllt'os, .IK a slate lias be 11
ir jou fully
ll not, (till unon
F. L. Hitchcock
& Son,
S'-C sttil M Cotiimt.iiivf.iItli nn ilt! ins,
SfltAXlOV, PA,
tlnli (lu thi r.iinuiilri repiceiitcd, Clilinl
pi'iniitly i.ild.
L. SOMMAR. nnlMliif- "..'onlritilor,
l.nipk, union nun, l.tlin.ites ihreilully
ftiien. Itdnodelln; und retailing a riiedalty.
JWII hell nil iheir aniilei ol llnt Imported
MjiIi.i, -liiiU lor men Ml lu ; ivoi I hMlo '.!..'.".
.old M.-dil
i l'hotosMihit
( 'ill- ti n si
li'lttie- Jlnl t j. ll
nl ill) liilid-. II '!'-
jiiiI I'liildms 1' ' ll
I"t Admin ve.
i .. I..avjiim
v,ou'll iinllie ll.i. tin I.IU.4 Mho ti'o aener
illy nittiilltrd nn Hie lni.1 l.ele In et
in topi'it no Hu- loi mIioiii we inthe
ttoltu'ti. oUl' i.iMr t- l. K.. o( coni'P
Ut'M tli.iise yon for thr mill :"U
o.t'jhi In lute.
I or I, 'tile 111. 'I 1 .'ruts
'.iiu j.iotuiirio ot tine I inhreiu and
l', ..1 TIM I p I" dii pniirin'.
I'litt- pii-liorl. I.IIWI.II 1h.n1 .111.1 hiui-e In
ihf tii. Ml Rood- kept In HKl'MIt heo of
iImiei' I.'i 01 mi l',l.l'.MIIIn ami lil.-
( (IVI.ItlM. .1 .oi l.lll.v.
agreetl upon whleh will go through
without uuy fiielliiii.
All arrangements have bet n coin
pletod for the b.iz.iar which will be
opened In th.' social room of the Pres
byterian church this evening. A num
ber of booths have been very laile
fully decorated by .Mr. J. A. Willing
and are laden with a collection l
pielty and userul articles, which will
ho Mild at a very reasonable price. Th '
candy booth contains all kinds ot thi
best homo-made confections. The fol
lowing piogiamme will be vniloivd
this evening: Piano solo, .Mis.. .Mama
Surge: recitation, .Miss Hortle llan
ulck; solo. Miss May Kennedy, duct.
Misses Nettle Mason and Nina Thomas,
solo, Sanitul Hill: leading, K. S. .lunes
duel. Misses Agnes and .lean William
son: "The Village Choir." Miss l.luyd,
Mis. Huddle. Mr. Stone and .Mi Hon
Me In.
Mrs. James Uolaii. of Hhnuck. Sus.
qiiehanna county. Is visiting relatives
lu town.
Mrs. .1. V. Kntlilon. of Huniuoi' stiei I.
Is soilutisly III.
Mrs. Mary Hvans ami daughter. .Miss
Alice ICvans, of Hyde Paik, were v Im
Itois hero yesterday.
Haynioml Kcaiiicy. of .Main street t
lecoveilng after a sjveie attack ot
M. T. Hutlor. the well-known uir'c"-.
taker, will move Into his new stoiv
some day this week.
, Miss .Maine McAndivvv has ictuinel
home, after a visit with friends at
James P. McAudiow. of Salem street,
Is Indisposed.
Mrs. William (Slimy, uf Main stieet
was a caller lu Scranton on Saturday.
ilcorgi." Hcedy was a caller In Scran
tun on Saturday.
David Hoeho. of Hill street. Is on tin
sick list.
Tho choir of St. Thumus church hat
Miss Maria illlioy. of W'nj lie street,
Is still critically III.
Mis. Thomas ijllhuul. of Jermyn. wai
Islilng friends here.
Contractor Henry Hovels lias begun
wuik on the new hotel of James Pad
den. at the coiner or Wayne and line
sire ets.
! Mrs. Hltiiaid Mi was .1 iiillei lu
; Pltiston recently.
1 Mis. Daniel Pace, an old and es
teemed resident or this place, died ar
the home of her daughter, Mrs. Michuei
Walsh, of Pino street, yesterday. The
funeral will bo announced later.
Mis. James Carey, of Whit.- Onr
street. Is Indisposed.
- -. . -
Talur borough council will nieel (or
ix'organUatlun tonight at the council
chainbets. All the old members will b
sealed with the exception of j I)
James, of Hie Second ward, who n
succeed. 'il br (Innier H. Jiiiirs. and J
D. Kranclu. of the Thlnl ward, who laV
slleooedoil by Wlllhim Prli e. A picsi
dei.t. sccieiary. ticasuiei. soinitoi
Hurveyur. strict cummlHsloiier juii
warden, chief of police and thi i of the
life depart lll-.'llt are to be el" tecl b
Th- s'l'vicfs at the Tavlur Picsby
leilun ihurch yesterday weic latgh
aiteudod ami lutcicstlug. Ibv. John P
MolTut. D. D.. delivered an eloquent
sermon and adnilnlst "red comiuiiumn
dm lag the nioinliii; lesrvlce. Thomas
11. Iluvvi 11 was iirdalued an elder of the
W. t). llowells and .1 oil ti D. ii
a. representation of the Taylor lodge
Nn. MS. Independent Older of Odd I'Vi.
lows, iitieiideil the funeial o, Hail dp
cuisetl brother. John 11. Williams, at
South Scrantoii. yesterda).
The Jeinivil Coal conipaii.v caipiu'r"
rociiveil theli soml-monthiv .aiiui"j
on Satuiday.
The Grip Cure That Does Cur
l..i,tii' llieiiio iniiiiiir 1 "nn ! t'i. tjii ,