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The Ideal Stenm Cooker is
certainly n friend of the
housekeeper. Requires only
tho samo nmount of space
na tho ordinary kettle nnd
you can cook half a dozen
things at once no buincd
foods cvciythlng cooked
well nnd nothing lost by
See window display.
Foote & Shear Co.
119 N. Washington Ave
Capital $200,000. Surplus 5500,000.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday eveuings
from S to g o'clock.
Wm. Cosncll, President.
Henry Bi-.ijn', Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm. H. Plck, Cashier.
I I ' 1 i .
330 I'MfUj , C? '
Lacka. BfcvjMj
330 i L"liVl , ' V
i' k. &.
i. '
Repairing Done Qratis.
cStatlrn, Scrauton, Pa.; month, I'tliiuary, Jixil.
Temperature. ( liar.
" Pioc !pl utter
Iijtft Mav. Jlla. Mean, tat Ion. of da.
1 '-''1 13 Ill T Cloudy
t ! n 17 i ( leav
I ....'; II L'l ,rl ( loudy
I "i7 '.: :t .vi 1 loudy
I '! 1 : 14 .IM Cloudy
i i : iii it r. ciou.i
7 SI 31 III V !. Cloudy
F ... 'I Jit 11 u Clear
S .,"1 v i it ( hmdy
5) 'J) U IT .HI I bar
it l! 1L 'JJ u ( .,ir
J" '.'7 Jl "ii ,10 P. ( loud
Is 11 .". m .ill J (iolldv
II H il 12 .HI Cloudy
t ..... Ii '17 i.n T t huidi
II A L'J !al it ( l,jr
7' t -i is ' ( 1 ar
" t M in ,vu ( (,u,j
31 i 'i 'J- r l rioiuiv
'u "'I 17 3 .in (iowly
"l -M II IS ,(ij l, I loudy
"' ........ .-J, jii -! ,i i loudv
' "I H .OJ I', llomlj
"' -'J ' II (I 1. ( Inudy
""' ' 1" -I' II CbudV
" S -1 !' ii 1'. Cloudy
"7 ' II I'l .ill '. rimidy
", '-'' I- l ,r 1', ( Inndy
Mean 27.0 1.. mi
Mean alniitanlicrlo nrwurr, 21-J7 bains, High.
t picisun-, WlJ.d huhes iljic, uili' low eat
piev.urc, 2)02 Inthes, ilitu J,j,, ,rm.
l-eutuic, .'0 ihgici(,, lili-lii.t ttuipeiituii, .,
degree dale IGthi lowest (f uiutuic, 2 d
gTtff. elate 2U'i: gieatr-t tlillt jgl. d (,,.
pcratuio 13 digins, dilo 2'thj III! dill,
i.ingn o( trinpoiature, 0 diguis, d.ilr nth. Pic
Milling direction rf wind, tini llixxrl. 2 ,!
unts total niouinciit ut wind, fi,2( mltis;
maximum eIotliy ,( d (lo l- i,u f10ni im
fi minute monl), dim Urn and dad-, .! ii,ll,-i,
noittmrst on tlm J.'ih, 'i(1 ut clltal fnn, l
luetics: mimbcr t( dajn with n i,, u nuAc,
13 liuiiiUr of ilear dnj. dj juilh ilmidy
ilai, Jli doiulv daw, 11. 'ul miowMII, 113
,mhf V. V., UoimMioii
IihjI data for Mjk.i 1, I'iui
llUlift tciiiixratiuo -;s ,Kum.
Icwr.t tcmpcraluro in Ur 'roe'
i. in. .........,. 17 per tent.
! '" V jifr rrnt
MiohMI, 21 hours cndlnjc S i in , m In. I,
New Sofa Pillow
tnpH ami ImckK. Now and excliiHlo Uo
hIbiih. Just m lived. Ciamer-Wt'lls Co.,
130 Wjomlnsr iucmuio.
R1.50 Will Buy
iilri' dicss shoo for ladles nt Million's
removal mile, COS Lackawanna avenue.
8weet Navels, 15c doz. Council.
r i i
John Elanaghan Was Elected Presi
dent Yesterday.
Select Councilman John llPKniw Com
mon Connollmnn Daniel Oiilvln, who
wcio elected members of tho lioiiid ot
ipvldlon and nppcnl on Tlmrsdny nlcht,
nnd John Plannglmn, one of. tho to
ninlnlnc nicmhem of the old bonid, mot
yesterday nftctnoon In City CIcik Lit
velle'B ofllce und aiRiinixcd, electing
Mr. Flannelian an picsldent.
Tho lty nosrsKorn lmmodlntoly
turned over to tho boa id tho nisoMi
ment books Tor livo waiile, nil that
have been completed so far, and the
following dates were Ilxcd upon ns the
tlmo for lioiuliiK the nppenls upon
them: Twelfth wnid, March It; Four
teenth wnid March 12; Third waul,
Miiich 11; SI.Nth ward, Match H: Nine
teenth ward, March IB.
The boaul on theso dny, under thu
provisions ot tho resolution which Mr.
Keller succeeded In having adopted,
will hold two BOKsloim a day, one In
the inoinlns from 0 to 12, nn dotio In
the nftcrnoon from a to fi.
It was .James Coleman and not Com
mon Coiintllma;i 1 J. Coleman, who
was elected a member ot the board on
Thursday night. They nro btotheis.
A Dissertation on the Subject fiom
the Teachers' Point of View.
Sonic Obstacles.
The following communication has
been received from a prominent and
highly lespected teacher In our city
schools, whofco tdgntiturr Is withheld by
Editor of TIip Ttlliine
tlr: So much inilllcll lia Ixtn glon li'rly
to one fide of ucrj talc concrrnlnc tnclicii
and tlitlr votk or lac!. f work tint It Mtwa
M if the old fijliif, "Time ire nhs twn
rlilcfl to a Morj," mut hae sunk into oMItloii.
fo lar m tills )iarticidar class of much mallirntd
IndltldiiiN i concrmed.
Whether this is so lccatic o lae litioiun
so acciKlomcd to bring the scapegoats for all
the tlm of omission and ccmintalon in tho
incnhl, disciplinary nnd ethical lire, tint we
hic lct ttn the spunk of the promblat worm,
whelhtr we nrc afraid of tl.o "powers tlut lc,"
or whether it is berime our opinions ire .a
bcldom sought, I cinnot M, but one thlrin I.
certain, we nrc arcnul, in tlartltnu heailllne,
of man crimen fiom the nnlor,iaWe one of
t'dnjt old maids x ho object to 1h itip: l mh
firrcn, to that of slolinc aid no one Ill's a
itotrtlni? xoico.
Now", last but not least, the public l il
formed that instead of turiuni: nit miukjl
prodigies, the leathers arc again runin. ue
bhiiking their dutiis, and mn not teaebmi;
nv.iIo "as it oujht lo be tauRl 1." Theie .ik
many people who have ilciolul the bent cais
of their llxes to the study of thai partictihr
art, who would, no doubt, confes tlut teaih
ing miwio as it "ought to bo taught" is ntlvr
a dlflicult thlnff eten for a profev'icnal.
If an individual without miulril training m
education, and with in oiee to speilc ol, ..( t r
taking tlv lesons fiom an indifferent teicliei,
bhould start out to acqulie name and fanu
by teaching children to ung bv note, two, time
and four put songs, he would, st leant, be ir
liarded with dark cn Iclon.
eerthclON, biich is tie unbounded lontu'ilirr
rejosed In tho public hool teacher, that sue N
(xpectcil my, oomniaiiled with no li iiu
iiulpnirnt than that, In do surcclully what iiu
would b laughed at for c.rn kttcinpting m
where else.
True, we am summoned to giilur from lie
four points of the conia- to take lesons ( ) In
l-iiilc, durlrg which we leiru to sing the -wale,
blow a pitcli pipe, and to watch a ball win
while wo repeat in time ihe ribilltlr stlhlil,
"ta, ta, to, te." A fv nil-pildcd cues ki
Sltscd with n mid deiie not In Ioe one ,irm
of this valuable itifornntion, haie dared to din
inNs tbclr pupils n ftw moments rnlhr to eu
able them to arrive In uue t.ejt.nn, and fortliwltli,
wp aie all opcid.v aroused rf steiling II
while not rne wonl is rilil utioul the lmrs
and hours of woik out of school for which t
are licilhcr paid nor llnnkdl.
1 wL-li the gentlemen, wlio aie mi dbuutbCcil
with tho prcgte.s i,i nmlo in nui si hook,
would t..telull. cvimhe t le second lnnje lurl
uicd in the granmiar grades, and rot par'Uu
hrl thesjlhbles used n tcarhing lime nnh. 1
wish thej would then try lepL.tin; in uiiion
those same slhble!, in time In the mlncni. rt
a ball. When this tnngtie tnUtniK tut l mas
teicsi. I respect fully niggesl the In tiaib
Ing the fame to .1 i1k of farlv or liln dill
dicn. My humble npinlin i, mat alter a t.iil
or two tin will comluilo that, innsUlciing
the dilflcnlties in the wai, the hhort lime nn(o
inmlc was introdureil into the fcthonls, and the
fact tint the entire fjtem i. lew to trail en
as well as to pupil, irai.c and hearl urn
mendation fur what hie nhetdi ben aconi
plIOiiil should be our lintcid of ldiin- in. I
Mveiping condennallon
It Will Be Served in Guernsey Hall
Monday Evening.
Uelow In given the pi oi amine nt ih
Piohihltion baiuiuot, whiih will Ii
freivfd in Ouenuey hall on Mnmliy
pvenlng nl 7 o'clock. Tho fnnst o'r
loasou will begin at s o'clock, and I)
(!. Jlorgan will piculde, Tho pin.
"ih tounlrj Mi. ol Ihei , udieme
Pram itu. WIIIimii .1. 1 nnl
JI.iiscilUs TcmKUnie lltmn,
Wet Side rtiiinruiire t.lee I lul.
lniugural Addir.s o( luhti (.. U..olli,
lle. .1, V. It i tl.-v
The Viohlbliloii l'rr".Mi iuuiMI llcihci
"Points il Itlghliomnrni". . :. n, NUIioIk, Ki
"fmod ll.ii, Old I'mly, (, I l,u,"
Wt.t Side Tiinpciaiirp l.lec I lull
' Mi. Sal ion and Ibr W'nik,"
Mi Muii W. auj,,i,
"The Onlluek 111 the Mates" , (IuiIck , ,1mm.
"Piiihiblllnii Preaihirs", lln, (,l llmi
"Hie Antl I'anteen kton",l. s Wiinduilf, 'Mj
'OurCounh Woik"..., ,.. Hi I ( Uiii.t,,
"llOttll In .1 l.liniMi Saloon,"
et Side Iriiipiiaino i . Ir I 1 1 ii
"Willi the I lid Paitie. Am Doing for Ihe
'lemprumo ( ati.e" f 1, llawe,, l'.,,
"I he Outlook In ihe Villon '..., Itu. ,.'l llinl
l.ickin.iiuii iniiiily fpeaktis will I.. 1 1 m ( ... t
to lle minutes eath.
peikers fn in out of the (,.unH i i, , ,
lilts rur Ii.
Petei A. Albrtugh Swoie Out n Wai
innt foi Mm t ay's An est.
Peter A. Albaugh. of Mouiitnln av.
into. tnttuloy hwoio out a waiiant im
the uiicst of .1 nines Muiijy, of Uio
Mmnitaln l.ako Coil mini, foi an an
sault, itllogi'd to linxc bppii iointiilttiii
In tho .Mtuia uiino Wudnesd.iy even
Ing. .Mtiiiny will bo given a hem lug
hcfoif AMcimini Ilowo Momlay even
Ing. This action 1h tho mviuel of tbo ihho
befoie Aldeiniiin .Millar Tluusday even
Ing when ton poisons weio ones ted
lor stealing ioal fiom th Muriuy
mini-. At that tlmo Albaugh mailn a
countei vhaigongalnst Muuay for cai
ilng conceiiled weaiKins but tho iaso
was illsi lull soil.
Wanted to Rent.
A luis single, luinlshed oi imiiu.
nlshed residence, well located In tho
cential city, by a veiy rellablo family
without chlldieu; ivllllng to pay from
$75 to $100 per month. Address W. T
Hockett, Frlce building City.
F. L. Crane's Big File Sale
Will open Pnluul.iy morning at 9
n'clotk. US Wushlngrton avenue.
Scranton, Pu, ..
He Was n Boaider at tho House of
Mis. Elizabeth Hessllng at 220
Mulbeiry Stieet The Last Seen of
Him Was Thmsdny Night at 10
O'clock When Ho Retiied to His
Room Coroner Roborts Was Noti
iled nnd Hnd the Body Removed
to Morgue.
(leoigf- McNerney. suppou'd to be
either fiom llilc or Chicago, eoin
mlttcd suicide at tho boaullng houso
kept by Mis. Kllzabcth Hessllng. at
220 Mulberry street at about 1 o'clock
s-esteidoy nftcrnoon, bv nphylatlnn,
Tboic W n gtent deal or mystt-iy sur
loundlng MrXetney's doaib, as no
ritis.e tan b" fsslgned for his Inking
his life. .
Tho offensive odor o' gas attnicteil
the attention of one of the in.ilo
boarders, n man by tho name of Can
non, shoitly befoio .1 o'clock yester
day. He traced It to McNeinoy'n itiiin
nn the second floor, nnd tiled the
door. He found It locked nnd inpptd
loudly. Then; was no icsponre nnd he
lapped ngnln.
Upcoming nlniuud, h huuledly
summoned another bn.iidoi nnd by
their united effoits the door was forced
In. Lying paitly undicsvcd on the bod
McNeiney was found. IIIk body i.-ns
"till warm, but life was etlnct be
foio the nnlval of n physician.
McNeiney came to the boarding
house about three weeks ago, when
ho secured employment as n boiler
maker nt the Dickson woiks. He was
a Ulet, uniting fellow and did not
mingle with tbo other bom dots.
Thursday night be came home about
10 o'clock, nppaiently well and In the
best of spirit". Ycsteirloy mowilng be
did not come down htahs to btcukfiist,
nor nt noon, nnd ns far os known re
mained there -ill day. Wednesday he
received hl pay, anil had plenty of
money In his clothing when examined.
No lcttern or any other mentis of
Mentillcatlou weie found A note nd
dresed to a man by the name of
Smith, making nn appointment for n
meeting, was the only snap of paper
Coroner Robeils was notified of the
death nnd caused the lemoval of his
temaliid to CuIck's morgue, wheio ho
conducted nn autopsy, nnd decided
that his death had been caused by In
haling tho deadly ga.s. The coionei
Impanelled a. Juiy und nn Inquest will
piobably be held Monday oienlng.
It was thought tint McNeiney might
have iolatles In Kile and Chief of
Police Holding accordingly sent a tele
gram to the chief of police or that
i Ity lasi evening.
Thlitetruh Boys to Stmt for Wash
ington at 10 O'clock.
'aptuln D. H. Atheiton, adjutant of
the Thlitceuth leglment, stated es
terdny to n Tilbune man that ninety
five per cut. of the mcmhcis of the
leglment would be on hand to-night
when the stmt Is made for Washing
ton to .uttiid the liniugiii.itlon of
Piesldeut McKinlP. lie says that the
oiy liveliest intei-Ht Is being taken
In the hip and that every man who
tan possibly get away will go.
The local companies - 111
at the armory tonight no latei than
k:40 o'clock, and shoiily alter ! o'cloi k
will rmiit on Adams avenue and match
to the Delaware and Hudson depot,
fiom whete a stait will be made
promptly nt 10 oVlock on a special
ti.iln of thhtcen cats. The lilp will
occupy about ten bonis, the regiment
being due in the capital c Ity butvvon
0 and 8 o'elock Sunday moinlug.
Tho Honesdale and Monti oso rom
punles will leach this city about S
o'elock. nnd will match to the armory.
CompaiU I, of Kaston the ciatk eoni
piiny of the .slate, together ivlth .Ma
jor H. HuhIi Field, will be iii 1,1 nn
'niitli Jlethlelieni.
Fhst Lieutenant Hehiegel Succeeds
Captain Burkhouse.
I.lputenanl Colonel F. w. Stlllvvell.
ot the Thliteenth leglment, conducted
an election nt the ainiory last night to
fill Ihe vacancy eatised in Company '
by tho teslgiiatlon of Captain i:. H.
Km It-house. First Lieutenant Joseph L,
ilelilegel was tIioen captain, and Sec
ond Lieutenant It.iy "!. Smith mado
Hist lieutenant.
biist .Seigeant c j; L.tlluopo bo
eaine setoml lieutenant, and
John Malta advances to ihe seigt-anl's
Hinke. 1'ilv.ite John Le.,i ii,t-s
.tniimg Hie iiupoinls. None ol tin
nominees weit- opposed im- their olllci
Following (he election n banquet was
lendeieil the new offleois nt a tential
( lt. llllll-l
For Piotectlou.
lb lll )ill (. InsillMlllf pnlltliH
eplle, telephone Flllton cV Minilbiii'v
lor lencwKlH Tiny lopieheut the
N'oilheii! Asumunif company of Lun
ilmi. ItiHUi-imie iiiniiiiiiy ot the state
of I'eiinsvlvanlii A.teben .t .Munli h
liiHiuaiic .-imipaiiv of f!eimiin. Lum-beimi-n's
Insuiaiii. eoiniian of I'hilu-
ii'ipniu imiie t.Ofl foiinell building.
Coffee Special
No. 3.
We oiler this week
Courser's best Coffee
at 35c per lb; 3 lbs
for 75c. Or
Coursen's Java
and Mocha at iqc
per lb, one
55 cents.
E. G. Coiirsen
Who Can Write the 0
Best Short Story f
Tin iiiim m: oi ruts i si iiiii,i ii.i
IO( M. Will rCHS DP,l litilHs.
$25.00 for the Best Stoiy.
S 10.00 for the Second Best.
?5.00 for the Third Best.
i.iii.iiii roMPi.nnoN w 111:1:1, i..
li:iIlt.Mi:.H NOT i(Ksuy is
oiipkii rn wis.
In vl of thi fact that rentldeubte llmi
hw rhipsid time thtio his 1 ir, 11 an. publh
eoiiiptlltlun thmiigli the 1 Hal pic for tne
puipoM n llmulatlng the lllirsr alilllt.v
latent Hinutig the people til Northeastern
I'ciiI!1jiiIj, Ihe liibune has ihiinrd to
offer u perils uf prles as u itluiulus In thU
dliectlon It Is dfitius of i.irmliig Im uo
ill its loluuilis ii niuubei of .hurt ntiulos
Inviting of toial tliiint- In older to fiituUh
n fiiuntPe il proposes tu pi
ii for the list nr ol iiu, to cueed
W woid in Ioiif.l1.-
HI br the second lnt stori and
Tj for Ihe (Mill l,.t (on-
iiai.uicilij not suilesstiil In secuiliif on
of ih.H. prircs will be published and did
uulllril I he uutlinis so deslie
Stories teiidbg to tilng out the vouuiice
and h send in loie of' tlm enthrullr mining
lmliKlrr will hive pitfueii'e. In mnneitlun
with cveiy mill" i the valle there is a
nias of tiadlti II, tiitludlng hlirbreatlh "
iiipn. lunitlvcs of spookv hupprnlng mid
other details buideilng in lie welid or supei
IHtiiral width bis lievei been galhcrrd 10
gelliei in lite in" foiiu This opeiw .1 field
which is practically inexhaustible and which
should mpplv (he niitciial .ir i.eine ruecd
ingli liiterrsilng ftllon.
The lis!, of pissing upon the meills o( the
manuscripts subtnlllcd will lie us,li.ned to
.1 disinterested Judge, whose name will soon
be iiiuiouncid, ind who v ill read the u aim
wrlpts but hue no knowledge of the tdeli
til of the authors. The mvclupes contain
Ing tin- i iv. I names of the autbots will he
1 reserved unop ned until after the awaids
have been nnd"
Should this Itdtla' tompetlllcn roe en
romaglug. It nn be followed bv other
pilre ofleis of slnillai tenoi
osninoNs or tiii (osii.-r.
Ml lininwiluli must tie Kubmltted nt
lain thin Mitch SO
All miniHcrlpts mil. I le i-igicd In a tic
tltloiiH Haute and aUo the vvrltet's inl nam',
and poslolflee iddnsf
The feci e ct each not must be laid In
Vutheastciii Peniwlvanla. but the nines of
leal piisons imit not be med.
One lurlliei londltloit iiiiim be undeii.t"iiii
Contributions intended loi this lonltM will
be acieptcd onlv bout pieseut sntisetibeis tu
'Hu- Trilmtie ot fiom those who niaj, ihulig
he contest, beioinc MibsTilljptj ,y p.iumnl
of at least one mouth's subscription In id
van e vdehess,
Smjw m liibune, Scraiilnu, P,
William A Collleiy of Connell Coal
Company to Pass Into the Hands
of the Lehigh Valley Co.
Aimlbei huge nui deal between In
dividual opeiatois and one or the huge
companies has been piactlcnlly closed,
und It Is e-iy likely that the eaily p.ut
of next week will wltnen the tiausfer
to the Lehigh Valley Coal tompan ot
Ihe William A. collleiy at Durjea,
w diked for ome veat.s by the Will
iam Connell Coal
Negotiations have been on for some
lime, but mnttet.s have now leathed
the ciucial point, and the deal Is to nil
pin pose as good as consummated. No
olllchil announcement has been jet
made as to the pi Id. p.iid fm. the col
liery, but the fail that It Is one of the
latsest and ilchesl In the nnthiaclle
Held gives abundant giouuds lor tin
statement that the i onsldeiatlon will
be over a million and a half dollais.
J'lesldent 'William Connell and Sec
retin v-Treasmei- J. S McAnultv were
eaih empoweied to act for the local
iomp.ui In the mallei, nnd (Jenenil
Sunei Intention! , Lathi ope, or
Wllkes-H.uie. has looked nttet Hi"
Leblgii end of the deal.
The William A. collleij employes
about one thouand men and bos, and
is considered good for u steady output
of at least twenty-five cars' iliu-atlon.
it mines almtit eighteen bundled tonn
a day, or an annual total of nix hun
dred and fifty-seven thousand tons,
nnd will piovcnii Inipoitant acquisition
lo the Lehigh's coal pioperty.
The boaitl ofdltiitoiH of the Connell
lompanv aie- Hon. Wllllniu Connell,
James!. Connell, Colonel Lia H
Hippie. 'limits 1!. Connell and J. S.
MiAnultv. llmi Wlllinm Connell Is
piexldent. and .1 S Mi Auitltv Is gee
lct.u v ami tieasuiei
Exceptions to His Petition and Also
a Remonstinnce.
KMcpliom vvcle esteiclay it It si bj
I S. He.Miolds and Allied Hundle lo
Ihe pelllltm ot John O'Mnlley, who
a"ks foi a hotel lb Jtise lui a bundling
mi Sotttli Main avenue In Laikawauua
towiiHlilp. 11 Is alleged In detail that
the l.'iets set luith In O'Mallej's pell
lion aie inn hup.
Then was also a lemoiiMiaute liom
Ihe Keyslon Land tompanv against
granting the IIcchm-, unit a pajier filed
by Sieve .Miilliu by. Il.inlcl Long, O JI
Keistelter, D. P. Demiei- and F J
Hooe asked pel mission to vvllhdiaw
lb -It- names O'M.illey's polltlon.
They tiny they signed It under n mls
Inteiesting Meeting of the Holy
Cioss Llteimy Society.
The Holy Cioss Llteiaiy socletv ot
Dellt-vue met lust night In tho n.iilo,
of tho Holy Cioss thuith and held a
luillculatly lllliiestliig mertlng. H
Select Count llnuin M. i;. (iaike save
a thought fill and elnitieut talk on the
ilpptr bill and Its efl'ecls, nnd a gen
eiul iIIm-ussIou on Hie famous net then
i nsued.
Miss Lucy I'ogglns uad a paper on
"Thu Indian." whlth gave an exhaust
ive study of tin history of pom Lo. It
was conceived In a scholaily iiinnnei
and splendidly, dfllvcipil.
Why Not Attend Mnlion's
lemoval sale? Good, clean sloik. No
damaged goods. ."08 Lackawamia ave
nue. Open luto tonight,
Moser & Coleman's Removal.
On Match 20 M otter & Coleman, iho
leading tallois, will move to 13ti Wash.
liiBlou avenue,
Aek for Kelly's union ciutkeis.
At Yestoiday's Meeting of the Sau
quoit Soft Silk Workeis a Pioposi
tlon Made by Supeilntendcnt W.
H. Davis to National Committee
man Dllcher, of the Mlno Woikcis,
Was Submitted to the GUIs Com
nilttee Was Appointed to Confer
with Him Change in Officials.
Thcie was gieat excllemeut among
the milking silk mill ghlis esteidny
over the amiouiiconient made at the
meeting of Hie Haiitiunlt soft silk work
ers that Supeilutetiilent V. 11. Davis,
befoie leaving fop nn Soutli, liad e
ptessed himself ns willing lo meet a
nmmlttee of the hands nnd confei
with them ipganlliu; some means or
settling the picsent illlllcultles.
Ho wns lepoited as having said that
as soon ns the eoniinlltco were ictvl.v
to meet him they should ucqunliit hltii
of the fact and bo would ictutii for a
tonfcieiice. A committee was appoint
ed to meet the Sattquoll superintend
ent, and at this morning's meeting ot
the eet lithe committee the mutter
will tome up for discussion.
About four bundled gill's weie pies,
ent In CnipcnteiH hall when the meet
ing was called In older. I'lesldenl
1 label!, of Hie Cential Labor union,
was pjescnt, und shoitly nfler the scs
slon began tho announcement was
made Hint National Committeeman
Ftedeilck Dllcher, or the T'nlted .Mine
Woikers, had had n confoience with
Mr. Davis, and ut this tho latter made
the nffet staled above
In addition to this the stippt intend
ent was quoted as having made the
nsseitlon Hint bo would giant the te
turning hands nn S-12 per cent. In
ctease on their oilglnnl wages. When
this pioposltlon was announced thetc
w-cie manifest signs of disapproval
from the gills, nnd the committee ap
pointed have Institutions lo eompio
mlse on nothing less than the teiins
stipulated in the wage scale, aluady
presented to the oivncis.
thi:y ahi: nopni-TL
This Is the III st occasion on which
Suneilntendenl Davis has shown any
foimal lecognltion ol" tho union, nnd
Ttoni this many or the leadcis among
the stlikeis diew losy piospects ot
amicable nieasuies being In view.
Mother Maiy Jones mid I'oniinltteciunn
Dllcher weie both expected lo iiltond
the meeting nnd deliver adthoscs, but
neither or them appealed at the ltll.
The silk woikcis' ollltlals aie much
chagilned over misleading statements
that appemed in one or yestei day's
dallies, legardlng changes In the olll
ceis or the union. Mis. Mai .Matthews
has nut been "ousted" rtoin the posi
tion or ptesltlent or Ihe haul silk
woikers, but icsigutd this post, ns vhe
Is nt the head or the gcneial tetile
woikeis' union, and was unwilling to
i eta In both position".
At Hist the haul silk gills lcftist-d to
accept the popular oilleei's icslgnailoii,
but dltl so n row days ngo nnd the elec
tion or .Miss Nellie Malonev follow eel
lo the presidency.
Nor has Miss Jinn .Manning been
compelled lo icslg'ii fiom the gcneial
executive committee, a ciiomously
lepoited During the nasi week Mls's
Manning has been doing yeomnnl
woika.s a membei of the lellef commlt
lee nnd has not been able to devote as
much time ns dm Ing the eaily pnit of
the sUIke to the exec nth e committee
Pioper. Hence Hie Illinois (ir a gcn
eial shake-up In the unions' ofllceis
.mi:dtin(5 at 1'iiicnnrnn
A meeting of the Pilcebiut; stilkem
will be held In l-'oleys ball at J o'e loi k
this afteinooii, and an amount of bind
ness of Inipoitaute transueted Hcso
lutlons or swup.ithy adopted b Lot at
No. lr,I, rnittd .Mine Woikeis o'
Ameilca, at a iccent meeting weie es
teidav scut the stlikeis. The Kloty.
mill stilkeiH have adopted l (-solution
thinking Locals Mj ldp, and the I'lc
and AVhlstle nssut Inlloii foi llbeial
A cessation ol- hostilities has now
't 111 at all but the Piltebiiig mill
whoie irovvtls still dally surround Hie
mill, i:oij aftoinoon the lew utii
still woiklnij ,U). follow ed as the leave
the factotv, and In ndtlltlon to Jeers
and boots, nil ink at and stoned Tho
mill mithoiltles (omplntu that they ni
not afl'otded piopei polite protettlon,
and say that ir their emploes were
in anyway gunidod fiom lolente ibeiv
would not be the least dllllcull In
seeming tb necessaty nuuibei orgbl-j
to attend to the weak.
The slrlkets toutltiuo lo dull post
pickets nt tlm vailous mills, and the
accoiiicon-mouih-oigau banil Is dailv
seen mid beaid aboul Hie Poteishiiig
plant's piomlseii Ansueis to the ap-P-als
lor aid aie is I 111 lagging, and
the stilkus mn eageily awaiting some
action of the lotul labor unions to
loplenMi ibelr almost exhausted tieas
uiv. Cases of need aie dally ieioiud
mid Hi" assistance committee has moio
woik to tin than anv single depntlment
oi Ihe unions.
P.ut or the iuihn mm at libelling
Is ottltpled bv the e-niplnsiH of the
Taylor mill, ami Ihey aie Hie iinikms
who have- bt-Pii the sptlal object of
Hie stilktiM' wiath II is llkelj that It
will et be found iieti-seni toi this
dep.iilinent to be t losed down
Tnke good mateilals, "mix
them with binins, sli," and
you can be pietty bine of the
Yenis of expeuence and
seaich for the best have gone
into the make-up of
Knox Hats.
Spiing styles now leady.
I "on 12w!ir I
I Br Wsihlsiua Ai! I
r?AssDi ur)
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.'
All Other Membeis Will Piobably
11 l.uluslie Uhe fiom 'Hit .mulel Pie..
Washington. .Match I. A! ihe cabi
net meeting lodn.v, the last under this
pivHdciitlal tetm, all the membei.s
presented lo the ptcslelout their tcslg
uatlons to take etlect upon the eiiall
llcntion of their successois. Attorney
leneinl Ctlggs, who Is tlui only meiii
ber who has decided not to lcmaln Uv
anolhei teini, was among the number
and his lenomlnation will go to til
senate with Iho otheis on Tuesday. lie
will not seive longer, however. Hum
about Apill I. when. It Is now believe I,
.Mr. liillantle, C. Kiion of I'ltlsbuu,
will iccelve, the appoliitliiPUl
The cabinet todnv talked ovei tb
Cuban situation and Seciet.ii,- Un, t
tend tolegiams riom Cltneial Wood to
the pfiect that in his opinion the Cu
bans would soon beeom convince I
that the nctloti of congi In lis In?
the lelallous which should w'st li
tween Cuba and the I'nlled St Cos wi s
for their Intel esl as well ns our own
and would accept Iheni without setlous
Th" cnbliit t dlitifsetl the . ilon n'
the senate with le.ipecl to tm tietilics
now endliig In that lmdv a.-e c-t ivi tl
ligtel was oMiirsfsd at then imperil
ne fnlltiie
Mohon's Removal
sale Is attllliHng hmidieds nf people
.VS Lailiavvauna avenue
Cum sen's Iilut llultei-bofl "
The Scianton Gas nnd Water Com
pany and the Hyde Palk Gns Com
pany. in attoidiuie with the poluv ' these tuiu
p uites tu leduce lates tio.n time to tune a
inav lie wanauted by Increased eonsuiupttii,
notice is heieliv given tlist on and nliei prll
1 next, the pilce nf gis will le cue tlnllai pei
one tboii.anil cultic feet eon-uined, biitijert to
tlie follow Ing dbeounts- I'ive pel cent on all
bill- nleie- th t ouiu,i tteii In the 111 ml'i
auiciints to ie-s than iwtntv live dollar. Im per
cud on all tills wheie tin- 1 0119111111 1 ton t.i iiu
11011II1 cmci nti to twei.l five tiolhrs and up
v aids
"luvldcil the lull I. paid in ui before .lie
O1I1 div 1.1 Ihe n, omli in i, huh the bill Is
itndeuil Hi eiiln nt ,P lioirii
tl It, II MI iielov.
llvdi- itis i-i inp.tnv In uidii in uitnur
ijo Ihe 1 se of gir toi lurl pui poses, notlii Is
heitb (,iven tint nu mil silts 1 piil I net tin
pibc- il tie mi u-itl will 1 1,. nu ilnllii pu nn,
IhoiHinil fiet iniismiiril. -ut, 11 it lo Hie fnllovvin,;
-pestll dieiunt. (ni p. ,enl on II liillswl I
tin- 1 mi n-npin.iii ., ,h, inh iiimiiiiiNtu i.iluu
twtnli live d, llns, luenii 1 . 1 mil ,.1, ill Mil
whin- Hie iiiii.uinplb 11 Im tin uioulh niiiniiils
lo Iwenlv tin. ilollns mid upn ml.
I'lOVlled the bill I, pil.l in in IiiIimi the 'nili
div or the- liiniitli 111 1 hbb ll-i bill is i.u.h-i J
sipinte nn In liiiulsVipil In Hie nunpini is
lu-irs.ari In enhi 1.1 1 i,, Um
(. II II VMl 1.1 1 1
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V, II II Ik 'I . I al I n I I'll, Willi 1 I
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Ill till Hill III! I 111 Ml 'IIIM I '. Ill ,
ta.l. lie fl K ,1 1 nu V, II .1 ,1., 1, , M k)
nn itu u I eon el. In o 1
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mmt i,miir,
tTM! y-j-
ll jM 'I'M AW v -a,
Jkidk t &$'Pty&TP&lJI0$tto&&