The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 01, 1901, Image 1

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Arranuenicnto lor the Succtaciilar
Features ot the Occasion
Nearlu Completed.
Reviewing St nnds An- Uulfoiui and
of Unique Design Electrical Dis
play Will He of Uuusunl Magni
tude Elnboiato Floinl nnd Other
Decorations Othci Eentuies.
lil I "lu-iv (i,. n li.i mn 1.1..1I I'lni
W t.ililiiK lolt. Feb. '."i. The picp.iia
i' .nu fin- tin' Inauguration if President
l Kinlvy m-Nt Monday uie rapidly
ih.i'-Iiih: completion nnd without nil
sil,ll f.lll I hi 'i' M 1)1' II larger cllllVll
ii' stiaiigns picsein to witness the
'i moult' thrill Washington luc men
n iiiiiny i'.iri. Tin- general Inaugural
'iiiiiinltti'" has been linul at work lor
looi" than u month pcifec tins the iir
iiigpliienls anil the spot tin ular rou
tines of tin? celebration us well as tin
tt"iii nil aiiangeinciil niaili' for the 01 -i.ismn
m be on nil e.e:epllonnlly line
ale. Tin' lcvlcwing stands which
h.iM- been elected al Intervals along
' iins.ilvnnhi avenue liom the fooL of
tli" tupltol gunnels to Seventeenth
stiuct have boon unlloiiii ami uiilqui! In
leslgn and the general docuiatlons of
hi' olty, espi chilly along the lino of
oarade will in- uioii' lavish and ai Untie
in chaiatlcr thiin fount-ily. Although
Pennsylvania avenue will he Illumined
11111111? thp tin ui' night of tin. uii, r.Ui
ind ISth of Maich as in rely borore. a
"iM-rhii feature will h" made of that
'Mil extending from Fifteenth supuI to
o Seventeenth sliett on the mn Hi
'"id of tho while limine grounds. This
Hon has lii'cn designated tin- "Court
o' Honor." and many special fo.ttuio
f llluiiilnatloii will ln Inttoduced. 'Vc
u ular drive in fionl. of the exet utlve
in in .mn Is In tills grand
s hi ill" of Humiliation ami a law furor
hi milkmen lins been engaged for two
III -f Km or mine In ii, erection of nlllnrs
i l.issli Muipp in tit-queiil intervals
hieing tins ili in-. J.'ioni Hiom' plUms
kioicl .lii-, th in clcciiie Illumination
rill be iliHplnii il tt ii tl It Is cci"c.teil that
kf -onit o honor will siiiii.ism In
riut of the kliul ever bo
le attempted In tills country and cer
tili n 'Washington
The Decorations.
f'llu ii li,i inirthi' cowl nini'iii linliil.
Us in . haige .no putting in place
pi ml di'i orations in honor of tln oc-
Mon ( iiiiiniandr.r H.ilid, supi'iln-
' nnr lit of the M.ito, war and nan-
f pni'iinnt building, has ni.nli! an lu-
ri irsiing i.iiilillaitloii to Hip
'Ii- intioii. II,. has electric
liii- forniimr tliP ui'll-knou o liml"..-
of tin KlRhth and Ninth .liny coi p".
as uspd iluiimr thp AVur of thp iti-
iieiliuii. mi tin- oast pavilion of the
KMiiili' til-dciartnipit Imlldlnt,-, VivA
d' nt .MfKlnlpy as a major In thp ainiy
priPd In both tlipi-p imps dtiiJiiff the
'lvii Mar.
Ilcprorpnlativfs of Hip ration vl
niii loni. m-Ihi ypsterd.iy
thiuimh tSi'iifi'iil Slikh-s ilpi-liind to
pnrtlilpatp in tin. liuiiKtu.ii i-i'ivinonlei
lecatibu thf.v w,.ip UIm-iUMUmI wllh Ihr-phn-p
nto-lRUf-il them In Hip parade, to
day dPillupii an olfer of Craml jfnr
shal Uunnal ii cone to send a Kimnl
r honor of twenty una train each
linul pon to npl-its an oxiui't to the
Thp vpteinns iU-i lined to hae any
part In thp ei pinnule unie.H n,H '.
Mt.itlou was extended to all member
of Viterau niKanlziitiiins, both Ii.a
and vIMHiir: fiom other i m,.. 'flip ln-
niBiiral committee haMomplcteil ( -K.ry
' 'ail of the projrramnie.
The inauiftiral i-eremonle.-, inoper for
'Ii- tlrht limp will be poiidiiitrd by a
i"int lomniitte,. (,t tho senate and
" -p. the ctibtnin licri'tnfnif liuiiiiB
li"iii to leave the conduct of the iu
"Uguratlon entirely in tin hands of
'In- upper body of confjlets. At It
"loik Mr. Konhovelt will take the
ath of t- lip-iirosldPiipy In the sen
ate ihamber In the presence of 1'iesl
i'ii McKlnley and n illHlliiBuUhi'il
eoinpiitiy. After the delivery of big n.
nusitiMl address, tile vlee-pieslilent
will ailinlnlhtPi- the oath of oill-i. to uifi
Ceremonies nt the Capitol.
U noon the natii of odlio will be ad
ministered to I'loHilent JIcKlnley iy
Chief .lustleo Kiill.,. -,,mt r u,',
ni.nn eiur.ince to the (apllol. Mliero a
ptanrt for this puipo-.,' has Iicmii eon
stun ted. Tht president Uien will de
l'pr his inaiiBiiinl addrpss. lie will
take bis luueh at the capital befoio
hPadliiK tlit bililinnt liiaiiKtmil parade
tin I'eiinsylianl.l .iiciiue to the execll
tie mansion.
'Seiioial Fiam Is V Ureoup will bead
the puidp a? urauil marshal. I'resl
dent .MeKlnley will follow, escorted liv
Troop A, of Ohio. The body of Ih'e
pande is divided mto two Kiand til
Mhlous. nillltniy and ilvle. and will
be a notable p.iKentit In many te
spetts. A eoniPiiny of volunteer
troops fioui rono ltico will form n
part or tho tltst brlnado and ln an
iiMiactlvu feature of Hip parade, as
will a larsn delatlmienl of fcallois and
Tho Kinnd inaiiRiiral ball, wbleh ivlll
he hold In tho fiuat coiut or tho J'en
slon bulldlnff. will bo thp t-oelal feat
iit r of tin) occuhlon. I.ihku innoiiiit.i of
money ar IioIiib fNpendpd In tloi-al
and other decoration", and thp com
inltuo Imvlnu this part of the pin
.KrHinmo In cIiuikp have no doubt that
this RTeut room will e we In point
or lienuty and brilliancy niiylhliiK
AVashlnittrai lias seen.
IV'Hdont MeKiniPy bar doi Ided to
i-finipst the iislKUnlloii or all nf the
im-iiibpis of the f-nlilin-i, to lake pr
fn't Maitii I. On TiiPKiuy. lie will re
loinliiate tin n i all, with the nNcsptioii
o' AUnniey (Icueial IrlfKi'i who thus
far ha resisted the pfHdent's Impor
tunities to iPtualll nt tho bead of. til?
ibpiii tniPiit of Jilitle" fot nmitiier four
years It Is known that Air. CSrlRRt
nan llnally del bled that hW busliiesi
'i.teiestH nie such that he dipnoi nf
'nil to lemulii. and bus t Inform"'!
V- picsideiil. lie will leinaiu In ollli ?.
boiMicr. until about Apill I.
Americans Have Sent Suiiplieo of
Eveiy Kind to South Africa.
I!.i i:uluip WilP fio.u rii. Ai'in iatfil PifM
AVashliiKlon. h'eb. L'v Sim rotiuy (iiiri
today .wtibniltled to the house a reply
to the lesoliilloii or Inquiry as t"
ivhellnr our potts or waters have been
u-eil fur the exportation of hoist",
iiiuli-H or ntlier supplies for tii,t 111
SutiUi Africa. Jlr. !iif;f .-.ivh:
1'irl llui nit luie bun lent Inr tin i-
iiiliilmli cl Ihii'-, nmli' ,'inl olliu s.iililln r.r
a.' In oiill Afiliii,
Minii(l--l!i'tiivHii iiilnlirr, IsW, onil .Imi, '.',,
10U, lnl. luuli-4 ullit otlirr Mliiis. 10 tlif
I'xlrni t.f u.V'".,rj rri. til ti. S-nutli
.Mrii i
Thiol - W - i 1 1 - 1 j n linn tnl.rn In pre t ml tho
ljulnl i ji,.ii ,ii n i ln.,1,,1 . 1 1, ,
I'iiiiiiIi Tie nmiiln-r i.l - luulr
lil..f.l (ipi.i our pirt iliirlnt, il.N inioil wn
Mr. !ai,'i adds that It Is not reasllile
befoie cmiKii'hs adjoin ns to i the
slilpiiii-iiis by pot is In tlelall. A table
shows all the shipments to Hoittli
Al'ilea, the i hlel outs bclns lloiscs,
jiiiiIp", wheat, iniuiPil beer and i mn
The Itctit" of ffunpowil.i and Hi farms
ate e small,
Pays the Penalty of His Crime in
the Murder of Charles Lane.
Hi l..lull. Wilt 1,1.111 Till. I'n i.1tnl i,
Colillublis, I.. Aim eh I -lViicll tonk
bis Mat In the eli'iirle i hall at li.07
a. 111. 4t IJ.O'.i a. lu. the em lent waa
tuineil on. Death was insianlimniiH
Ills last winds wete: "I bale nothing
to say."
l!ossln l-'eiiell. who tunlKht paid
the penally for his eilme in the i-lei -Hie
(h.ili if the Ohio iienllentlary,
"lml and killed l-:pivs .Ales-enwi'
Charles Lane on the nlffbt of AtlKUM
I'l. l!HiO. H, b.,,1 peep In the employ
of the Adamt 10xpie.-s i.iiiip:ni . aun
had lost his position, lie had lepie
s'lilnl to Ml -s Lillian Cosllmv. tfi
whom In was to have been mairled
on the i oinlnt,' ThuiMhiy hIkIu. that
h" had a i uusldetablii t-utii of iinniey
In I'le bank and Hint In- still retained
his situation with the inmpniiv. He
was de"perate. lie i,a wllliniit moiiPy
and his iveddlnj; il.iv was appioacblmr.
Up bad a peculiar pilde which prc
M'lited blni li'llliiB the p'aln linth to
the ;lil and lie IP tei milled to hae
money by murder, lie boarded lh" e::
piess tar of an east-bound l'cniis) li.i
ula tialu on the uIkIu ineiiHonetl, 1. -In
i,' peiuiilled to i hie bv his old
frit nil. Lane.
The two mi u talked pliasantl until
Hie train icaihcd l'lnln City, about fif
teen miles from this illy, when lame
Mas prep.ului; to uiiike his pxpiess dp
lively for that siatlun. a small town
in Madison county. When the nies
eilKer's b.n k was turned Keirell shot,
the ball lakliiK effect 111 J.une's back
The killnvr was just before coiiiIuit to
rnlou, .Madison county. Ferrell tired,
iiKalu and atc.iln until the chambeis of
bis revolver M-ei,. ctiipty. Lane lay on
the i.'ir Hour dead. Ferrell look sold,
l.auk chciks and bank uot"s ainouut
IniC to .V-MO fiom the safe and when
the train siopul at l'lnln City lie leaped
1 1 If. The flop was but for u moment
and Up- ci line was not dlseoveied until
the ear wns opened wliru Hip train
i cm hud this city. Feiull stayed all
lilKht at a hotel In H'Jalu City and li.'
iifl day went to All.-.-. Cmtlow. II"
was in tested at lit r house the following
.Suml,i and his lilnl ami univli Hun
followed. He admitted the ulrin nrtl
it has been shown that tho re.umn for
It was the luratuatlon for the sjlrl la:
was to many. She bus repeatedly vis
ited blni since he v as c iiitleiuird to
H.i JuIikiii If In 111 'Hi. AswiliteJ I'iui '
.Snth JIi Al. .In. I T, Kill. '. in e..lo
I. ,ii .iiiiiui'il teniiilit i limn Ni. .'.. in-' mill.
liuillic.i.t ef the i it. uliiili ittiltiil in Mn ilfatli
l tl'li'C llllll lltltl till' .l..l 111' IUjl'11 In llillll
iiioii . 'Hie ilr,ii nu st,, i. iiiuu7, jiiUt,, it.. 1 1 i.
VI IS. Wflili. All Urn' nun Hi'ir u..tiii,i
.ili.l iuil Jtut sot lillii tlif- nniie .. imiii. u,.u
II .. ixi.ImuUiii mciiiriil. It i siitinnuil Hul lh.
pit ".n riMtdaixcil Willi u.i'. ii' utuu turiv
i itdiklni; 1" null llie dcuil mill, but ,i II'.)
i Uf cl I lie nliiKk ir-.lllnl tu strai iljinasi' In
tin" liiliii". ktow prctfira i. m. ilr. Tin inliio l;
Uii? pr,'Kity el tlio CKifr Coal ami Minlu
imnr, ulilili U uwiml ly II. c .MU..nui Cuifl'
Ilj l.niluulic Win' ffii TIip Aisodi'fil 'in.
I., M.iii'i 1. Hip IVUlii onropniiiliiii el
l lie Hail' MhI. uiiiiii; Wciliii'nlo, saiv: "llrmi
llil'uii). ,I,imi .mil iloiiimuy lute illiilr.l .iml
O.lvl-ul Cliin.i I.l IIiiiik ( Imiijt. I iiiiili-r-
I. Mill, ilfJHl.l Kl.llltil' H(lll l0lil(l0IH tl)
llie nilij.iU if .my lutlenilily. 'Iliom ripti!.
llltai!.:ll lif, 1 ,l ,i. ljll-il. I llllll" IOI11TII.
lion tittiailini- Mjiiohuil.i, wliicli lu Hut ,tci
I. ii ullfiiil h.i I liliu '
Antl-Cigniette Delegates Meet.
Ilr l.silmhp line tiuin t'lif i.tvintnl Vtnt
liloicu, JVIi. " - ll.'IrgJli'A irom Imal .imi
taii Anllt'lifiutlc Icn'jeiw nf ilUilim illtti'iini
I.iik nut Inn. imij;. in (mill a 4tipn.ii lute
f Ignite oswk talicin. 'I In nnlii' i.tjut o( t lit?
iilMiiliMtlou v. Ill lie in ii I J mil t-a IcruK tlt IcuN.
IhIIihi mitt iirntllni; In yui turnty Ktuto 1ijh
Hayti and San Domingo Quiet.
P." i:ilmlv Ulrn fitjiu Tli" AwKUl"! IVt-n
I'uil An I'llinf. lljyli, Till. V Time I. no
limit hi tin icpoii piilillihi-il In Ni'" Amk
ll.t,ll jti.l S.ti Domlniin mi irruilng tor jr
in aiiuiiut in tin? ii.mulji Inilclonl lit li)jliun.
Tlui .iltjii- ! prlcitii tiuillfl rfinl U nignt
liiipcirliiiiic IIjiU .nul sj iiuliio jir ,r.
lrill. iiiiri,
Secietaiy Hay Entertains.
IV i:il.uhr Win. Irom The lioolitcj Pici
Umlilimlun, 1VK J. -Si-cifijr.i .mil Mn. Iljy
i litrrtainwl at lilniier lniils,la, tlitlr siiM. i.
cIlcJIiik II (Uitliiritt uml Mi. .imi
tin' lurmlii-rt of tin- irfMui't in. I lUIr iilif..
Ail Immense Amount oi Business
Disposed of with No
Fuss About It.
Passed Without Discussion Pinal
Conference Reports Are Made and
Agiced to ou the Diplomatic and
Consular and the Agricultutal Ap
piopriatiou Pills.
li.i I.l. I i ie Win fmni '1'ic ,mu il I'd .
WashliiKlnn. Feb. -i.Ati t fi'ori Mas
sot on f'lot 111 I lie senate today to add
the house omnibus public biilldlni; bill
with numerous additions to the sundry
civil bill nt an amendment and a
llli'C'tlii'r of (he commit tee on public
bulldllins and Brounils was held to de
cide upon a mciivtiie. Confeienees
With leaitltlir i.P!iatnis. lioieei ee. i uti-
vliued tho Intel enti'cl that It would
be Impos'slble to hnld their aniendmeui
In lonf-'ienep. They theirfoie nban
doued their elfort to set ure the eilin t
inept an an amPiHlm.-nt nnd renewed
their work IimiIcIiik to Hut p.saire of
the house lull. They lettlved Htioiiir
assuraiipps that the bill would be al
lowed to become si law with the one
addition or the piopnsed increase lu
the Indianapolis public biilldlni?.
The serenity of today's proceed Iiiks
in the senate was In a Hiarp eontiasi
with the llM'ly cl!( tisslnn of .vestenlai-.
An immense amount of business was
disposed or and n0t a shiKle point
lalteil was sharply nmtroverted. The
tlicr and harbor bill, cnrylmr appro
priations nf nioie than Sio.OBn now. was
pasietl wllboiit a word of dlscus-don
and the senate adopted the coiifeicnee
report on Hie war levvniit- j eduction
inensiire without ilNturbliifr In Hie I-nst
(be mill ponil MiioiitlinesK of the piu-
culliicfb. Final lonfereiue ieportt
wire iii.ule anil .iKieed to on the dlplo.
matiu and (onsular and the intfleul
tutal appropriation bills and another
lonfereiue on the postolllie bill weie
ordeifd. Confereiice reports on sev
priil cither iiuasiires w..i' agreed to
and several bill of a minor character
wete piiskmI.
The lait hour and a h,,ir of thp he.s.
Mini w.m itfioit'd to folitlderatlo'.i or
Hie sundry tlIl appropriation bill, it
hud not bp'ti fompleletl when the hen
ale adjoin ned.
Clear Decks in House.
The house cleared the decks to.lni of
n number of hnpoitnut cnnfeience re
pints without much illiliculty. The con
ferenie ivjiiiiih cm the ir levemie n.
duetluii bill ))!oved ueini.illv a. cpi
nble to both sldfs and waH adopted
rtlthout division. Air. Illehaidson, the
minority leader, .mqiticsi oil in t llH lho
lust that niiild be done, nlthoiiKli be
slated Hint the tiiltnuliv still belli ved
the war taxes should be icdiieeil STO -Otin.noo.
Final it-ports on the diplomatic nnd
i onsnlnr and appropila
tlon bills weie adopted. The ma im
part of the day was devoted to the bill
to piomole lh. eilielenry of the reve
nuo fuller set vice, its friends were
very pptslstPiu and In the face of
many tlliilt ultles hiinir to it with bull
dos tenacity and llnally forced the bill
Into such a parliamentary situation
that It will be voted upon after five
minutes' debate) toniorioiv.
Two Dead mid Three Badly Wounded.
Two Engines Meet Head On.
I'.v I ii-liiciii Mac .i.iin flu .-iiktiil Ph...
I'lttshiui;. Feb. i'f.-Twn dead, tlltee
Iwdly hint and a pahsunifer tialu
binned Is the lesult of a licicil-un en I
llslon belli fen passeiiuer train No. lu",
Miulh-bouml, and a JoenI frolt,'ht on the
I'lltslmrs. A'iiKlnla and Charleston
lallioad this evenlntr al Coal Valley,
live mile" from Alt Keesport.
Until: Finnlt AVliite. eiiGin -r, of
I'nloiiloivii, licirj ilily inaim'leil; Milton
S. Thompson, mall clerk, of liriiuns
illle, lcic bm ned nrr, liurt InU-rimlly.
died on way to hospital.
Injured: c. Sim or. lltiimrtii. I'nliui
loivn. badly sialditl and Inulsed:
chailes .Stroud. batjiMKeiniistpr, biuispil
nnd burned: Allelmel Kulllc, Schn -n-vllle.
n passeniter. back htiit.
None- of the other pasHcnsets woiv
hint bpnii( minor cutB and
Imiiunliately after thn eollbloll the
passencur cam tuok lire nnd nion uero
totally deHtioyt'd, only one mr estaidnt;
tho Haines
The trains In inlll.-loil wtie the l'n.
lontoivn e.spress. soutbbound. and the
Imal CiflKht, couiliiK toward PltixbtirK.
The local wuii slandlnt; on a sldlnif.
For .some rcmon .is yet uiiexplaliied
the expie"s, Instead of keepliiK- to the
main tuitk. shot Into the sMInir and
tel -scoped the oili"f train. All of Hie
victims were on the express train,
which carried between llfiy and slMy
passenger. The ciiKlucmeu of tho
ltiilKhl Jumped when they s,m the col
lMou ias Inevitable.
Physician's Mistake,
n.i- i:ilmlro Wlie from Thf Swoilittil Pi..j
I'oitljiiJ. 1., I'rlt. -J!, lit. IMiuul ,, yei.
Kll'll'll. rf r1l L.II0W II l',tl.lllll I'lljfll Uu. MV.ll-
Inviril to iirf-pnciii.ttil of j Hj pir ii'nt. i-olutlon
vt Crfilinllc mlil l.v iuI.IjI.o toiliy jnil iliej
Mltliln llllern liiinuli. Hi. I'vxi iMpii 1.11111. line
frelii llir'vc-t htivul 1-IkIiI yuu ugu. He HJ4
Vi MU Ct rfi,i'.
Mill Yaids Deshoypcl,
lly Kxiliiiiii- Mita ligin The A.oijul l'u.i.
Hiiluiji, Jllnn , IMi. if, VTic In Alsci , simlli
A. Cu.'k tnlll j.mN Iin) thi.i udtnioiiii tlr.limril
Ir.iiu Sij,(im In M,(io umili ni nm'i'. lhc
H-iilnr iniiiilifr cl tin- linn U vvipiirlrfii i.f Wur
Does Not Appear to Be Understood
in Foreign Lnnds.
Ily 1'.lnlr W'tir (mii llii- Awi'vUtcl 'rfl.
AVashlnuton. Feb. ;s. A inlsuilder
standltiK appears to exist lu Jhtrupcnn
npltnlM an to the coiiilltlmis tindni
whit Ii .Mr. Conner was replaced at
I'Pkln by Mr. Itoekhlll. In cdiaiKc of
the negotiations for the Fulled States.
Tin- lmpi.'sslon "uenm to have unliied
'UiiPtiPV that the 1 ha nire m-hs minli.
by th' s-'tute dPiartment because of
illsttstlsfm linn Mith Mr. Conner's ac
tion. It Is said ut the tment. that
Air. Coiitjer ujs ielb'1-i'tl at bis own re
qtlcM, and his cable luesstiite of Inn
week struimly uriitd that lie be allow etl
to i nine hiini" for slty days, not lit
tlmatlni; nny putpo-e on bis pml to
lemtlli lomjer In Hie Fulled Slntef.
In Hie same niessaoe. Air. CntiBei'
recoinmeudeil that All. ltockhlll be
iliaiKfd vith the conduct or tho upbo
llulloii" and In so dliccllm; Hie state
department bus done nothing more
iluin curry out lhc icqupst or Air, Con
BPi'. The Iinve of nbseiiti of sixty
thus v. Ill rtnlly cover more than double
that prrii'd or Htnc. for the leave only
oprintes when the tulnNl. r rcnehi t
the rcililllics of the Fulled .Stales, ami
nccordliiK lo lh" reitiiliitlnnt be is al
lowed thii'tv-iiv? tlnvs to mike the
join nt'; rioui T't kip lo bis home and
an much time Tor the return trip. A-.
It is not expected that be will bo able
lo ri t away from 'Vklu, owing to llv
Ii e, much before the middle of .March,
he could not be pvpected to leturn to
Ills pot, e Pli If he deshetl to letlllll
ills ministry, until the latter v o(
next summer.
Speclnl Committee of the House
Gives Opinion ns to Some of
the Taults Obsoived.
Ily I.l, lien 1; W ir fiom li.i A-tot'ljtftl 1'iiic
AVnshliiKtou, "Feb. ii. The it-port or
the special committee; of the hoti"e
which ini estimated the employment
lolls was made public today bv Chair
man Moody. It say" that "some or
the faults obseried In administration
or the Hft'iiiiN of the bouse are altrlb.
utable to the peislstenee of members
of the h0ll.e In ui'Klllfi: upon the nlll
eeis the appointment of their lonsllt
ueius and Irleini.s to subordinate places
and that Pin li faults are deeplj root
ed, of loin; standlni,'. and likely to i on
line under tin- administration of any
political party as ImiK as such a fiys
tem Is maintain il."
The coiuiiilVted' can tlnd riotblut; to
c-rltlt se In th hitttse potolliee or sei -Kvnnt-nl-iiriifR
oillcc. or the otllces of
the clerk and doot keeper th" commit
tee icjiorts that they "found In both
departments, which they have Kioup.'tl
under thiee heads. nani'Iy, transfers
of i.-lllplo.s es from tile duties of the po
sition lo ilhlell they iveio appointed to
other duties, uiijti"tlllable payments of
compensatlnn to employee M'hlle ab
ftent from their pmiA or duties, and
division" of salaries.
Fnder each head the committee spe
cifies a number of individual Institutes
The committee soys llut the aiiiiu.iil
of ubsenteelsin Is ery i-onHiler.ibl.
tl 1" stated that one t-inployo had not
walked for over sl- months In the
nearly four yen is dining -which lm has
dr.iuu pay and bus not been lu AVash
lilKlou for eleven or twelve month".
.Many cases of conlilhiitlon by em
ployes ot salaries aie mentioned, one
of them in th" last e onuress being Sl.l'.Ou
out of a snlaiy of e.noo. It is ex
Plained that the-ip contributions went
loivaids eiiuali.lnt; salaries of uthui
employes. Tlie cuminlttfe lbuls no ovl-
tltnee ot the practlc of sissesniietit,
. oiiti-lbiitlon ot salaries in the present
iiuniress. Tlie coiinnllte .ays lu ion
1 Itislon:
"We belieie that the eill 1n.i1.H1 es
v nleli have by Iiiim eoiillniinnie i;rown
up under the present system of ap
pointing of house employes cannot be
rally prevented evept by a peiniinent
-i.iltte which .shall propprly and eqult
nbly adjust eoinp'nsatloa and employ,
mi'iit and spcilflcally pieveiit tiie
i.busiH whir h bine been herein leport
ed." The testimony, mnklim a voluine ot
l.'u page?, giving the tPttiuiony of each
employe examined, aim was made pub
lb. Steamship Arrivnk.
Cy i:uli-i Who from Tlw Aintlj'.i Pr,
Vn- VutU, IMi. . Anivril ItutU'iiUm. i..ui
11. tti.ali.i'1. ImiHii. I.i (.a.i'cisiu', lljiu'j
ltl.e!n, Ituiiii". liottriiLmi lirlci-n: P.1I.1I.1111,
Vc-w A'nrt. siilicl: Hrft.'ml.iiti, llmiliiHin .'h.
.Suv Yi.rk. l-licro"! nlnl: , Ni
.iil.. ij't. Salleil: tl'llllrflin , I lii'i, I
Or Vcw oik, leaiiirf 1riw1l: hjiwihi M.HU
llni'.ij. New Aerk 11.1 llnnlmrif- u
..wil: I'thiivliaiuj. .Nriv Veils vi 1 Pl,iinentii.
k. tiHi,inii,,n-scllfil: Xiniicrii f"r
.Von- Vol iv. 1.1'rfiU Prfii.i!: l,'AtuiUiir, m
V 1!. tin- I) .vrr.
Ilr l.iiluslve ui (ii'ni lh AxoclatcU Prim.
T.nmon, JIji-iIi 1. Tui' lull Srvm .i.v: "lV
Irani tlnl ( t I'.cill,. nllridl
In -mioti.ld' on n'll.iin lei.illtlo'n 311.I that Pour
luili-m aie -llll In pioii. It I. piobrflilp Hut
Mm. It.itlu lirutulit tiropunila ficiu lar Im.liinJ
. l-ord KlUlt nrr "
Second List of Oftendeis,
fly l.. liulip Wire fiom 'Hie AvAitljtfO Pun,
Pliaiulul. IVli '.'. -'II1.1 ii.ifbtt i.fn.pjjirf , id.
lUh .1 uriiiiiil IM nf if'ltirflii Iiii iuni.liiii.'i,l.
! ilriiirfinlnl Iiy 1I10 ifiwus. It inttiilc ,, elm,
l.'n, euml iciiinillloi, rasl pimliluit of tt. Itnnnl
of tllm, HiiUu I.411, li.M In ett airrttitl .11 1 jv.jlu
piinlil.Tiitlil. Prince I tut, I.jh 11. .1 tit I.f VII
1.1 In 11.
Wants to Inciease Salaries.
By llnltitiid Uiio finu Ihr Atcorlntfi lie,.,
W i.ltiiiiiti'li. Oli. ii. nutor fliitltr tu.iy
t..ivi. 11.. I Ice of un .11111 mlmriit lie will (,nfr (,,
lliv! tiimlry tiill enrvlii bill iiutcrftliiK tho jIj.
lilt 11I M'lljlelt .tlnl IIH' ni (iiiujii'I In
T,,"WI per jfjr.
Do Wet Hunying to Roeutonteln.
II; llm-liiivli Mifl fiuin tin. A'ocijIkI 1'iivi.
iiutlltlieoin, ( j f'iluii.1, ll) iiS. (kni'ial Ptv
Wrt, It l oliltljlly at.iitcil, lni'Imr Mllid In
tnkw Hip Omiie iltu at irflloi.u.iil, I ln.ii
ina to ItotnlunMii, by ii.t.v e Iviriitillli'. 'Ilir
Ill-anal' titer i lillllt fj-i.
The. McdSuTfi Ratified in the House
bija Votfiot 106 to93 Thrf.c
More Than Necessnru.
A Vote Taken at 1.00 Yebteidny Af
ternoon Decides the Question of
Supremacy lit the House The P10
posed Bill. It Is Expected, Will Be
Signed by tlie Governor at Once.
Tlie Instil gents Show a Propensity
to Ciente Another Disturbance
When Their Tactics of Delay Are
Foiestalled by Action of the Rip
pel ites Speaker Marshall Aveitu
Tiouble by Tnlklnp; in a Fatherly
Way to the Membeis Disposed to
Rnise a Rumpus.
SpL-iiil (mm a Mlf Coiir4iomli.itl
llaiilsbuig, Feb. S. Tlif Miiehl
lirunner bill has passed (he lenMiituro;
II Is expected It will be slRUPd by the
ffovemor at once, and Hint a new form
of go eminent will be Installed In
Scranton, J'lttsbutu mnl Alleshcny In
the ionise of .1 forlnlHhl. The goier
nor'f appiilntnienls or lecoiders who
art' to succeed the innyois will mil be
mi'iit to the senate for couilrmnilou.
Siitb collections as the hill may need
will bo made by the printer, ami sum"
Might amendments ( remove iiicon
listen. 'It's will be attempted by a up
Plcmentaiy til 11 to be lutimlileed later.
This is the status of the "tippet" leg
hlatlon n( the piCHc-ul writing, cir
cumstances may bring uboul a change,
but no change u looked rot-.
The bill pntseil the house :ii 1,1; this
arternqon by n vole ol Idti to ,t, or by
thiee mine than the rpiiulsltc coiistltti
llonal mnjoilty.
.Mr. .Ijliucs. who was palled with .Mr.
1'hllblii em second leading, left the bed
side or his grievously ill father to vote
for the measure on final passimc Ile
al lived hete at 11 r,n a. 111, Just as the
bill wae reached, .mil left again roi
home, nl I o'clot k. Alessis. Hcheiier and
Iteynolils cited with the Itlpperilex on
e-Miy eiticstlon. Mr. l'lillbln was on
the opposite side Ihroiighoul.
The Insurgents showed a propensity
to "rough house" again when their
tmllcs of delay wen- foiestalled by I ho
action of the lllpperltes lu moving the
previous question, but Speaker .Miir
bbalb succeeded In averting .1 posslhi
lepolillnn of last night's dlsgracefti
tin moll by talking "kindly but Hi inly"
to mcnilieis who weie disposed lo be
inn tluu.c. Tin- iiimull of lm.1 night
brought lot ill torinal complaints fiom
the memb. is on whom the ntiathes of
Hi" house ufd Violence. .-,id In n mild,
Indirect M-.iy the lomluct or the latter
was ( by the chnlr. ftepie
senlatlve c'oray made paitloular 00111
lilnlnl against Mes-age Clerk Ooige
Maiiihnll and said he Mould hold to
himself the privilege Of seeking ie
ilti'is i-Ithei- bv having Air. .Marshall
lcmovcd or .'iiiestod. H Is thought,
however. Hint he will not tuk- either
aetlnn. as .Air. .Marshall has what Is
claimed to be ap udetiti.ile defense. Tfe
says he was inlet furlng lo save the
assistant seigeant-at-arms fiom as
sault and that It M-a hi- duly to do
this when culled upon. Just as II Is the,
duty of any citizen to respond to a
call for assistance from any peace otll
cer. Theie was no demonstiatlon fol
lowing Hie pa.isas" of tbu bill other
than snilles and fiowns
Tlie First Taste.
The (lift lilsle nf "ilppii" 1 nine at
th" e (inclusion of the icports from
committees, when Mr. Ilosink pre
sented a stack of petitions fnnn
I'lllshurg imlnt Hie charier, which
1 onlalueil oi'fr ten thousand nanie-t
Kand Mhlib weie seniied. so II Is .enhl,
iiy the city implo.ies ir.aklng a rail
ass among their lolnlives. nolslibors
and filPiiK, with the plea that If Hie
"ripper" passed they Mould lo-t' lliclr
Jidi-'. The petlHous w.-re if'tPlved and
alloWPil lo lay over. They weie mu
hiuiil from again, as the "prciimis
qUesllon" cm lied when Air. Ilos.iclc
was piepr.rlng to niake a speech on
The "tipptr" th- iifih bill on
the inuriilng ciileiidar and when it was
penciled, .Air. liosucl; rising 011 a ilies-
llon ol ppiiiunnl iii'lvlleg... propeetled to
oxplaln that ills-lKii.dsIciicy in ie
fusing lo obey the command of the
speaker last nigh', was because or
hl-i having been on Hie floor nnd
claiming attention long In Ten Hie roll
call was null Mil, mnl nr htj knew he
was being unjustly treated, he wanlctl
to his tight ol' leisonal privi
lege to protest against lite wieug and
right li II' he 1 mild.
l.pferrbii? to Ike ilolenee he said:
"lias 11 count to such a pass timt it
member of this house, who wants lo
rise lo a qnesllon of peisouai privi
lege. Is to be grappled by the neck
nud violently I In ow 11 into his t.-liiilr
Will Miballerns of hl-i hous-e be por
inllfd lo nssnuli iho membeis"'
Mr. Coray's Complaint,
Air. Coiny next look Hr. oor on a
question of pC'ihtinal privilege ami
said' "1 a complaint similar to
Air. Ilos.nk's. Lat night, during th
1 cinslderaliou uf this so-c Ailed ami apt
ly tunned 'llppei" bill, thn message
clerk. iniilivcl. 110 doubt, bv ihe 'tip
pel' spirit ol the occasion, uiughi mo
by the neck and iuim-ai'mmI tu p n;i
my rights to tlie Hour of this house. If
It was not that I was icmihmI by some
of my Irli-nde, he would also have rip
ped the clothes off my buck. I was
not oireiidlng against any or the hi'Am on I'jt-c .1
AWathtr Imllctllonit loJay,
1 Hcnntl -'Hip lllpprr IIIII I'p fn tlif (tovrtrior.
I'lrpintloir Or ll.e Invmii.itlon.
llnhiitlon o( thp War IrfK.
S'lijtp (Jjl-lly lnnsictii Jlncli llvoincni,
i Rrnfrrft-('rfiboliili1i li'i-tilni'itt
.! fioticrnl -llll.? tut!(r f'jiinnl ltrr dm llai
in; l.fji'fljlln.
i IMItiriil.
Nolo ami (.i.rnn.ei.t.
S (iriirril A WnMiiig hi IumiIcLimI
"Hio l'lillrftitliroillt" (Mtort vti) )
8 Lot Jl-Olilttei.dcn Hit iinllnanre iitnvliiii nl
llx& Olfl.
Somp WiMtlicr 1'jilc
7 A- II, tiv I our Colln-lir
H1-111011.1I1. Cjiliite lleanl or ItciHlfti rfiil
s I.ol'.iI -l .-i'iitiKii an.l s'
I' (iriic-irfl 01ll1f ltd in IViiieilijiilj,
Ilhiiiciil j 1 i.l t'on.mtiviil.
10 il -('lirfiivtff M j it, Jvn r-.m v In ilir ttli.hff
Nul- ot Ilr f.tboi Weill
Peaceful End of the Distinguished
Lawyer A Victim of Pneu
monia, and Old Arc.
fit Mite fi,ii '1 tip 1v3.i1111le1l l'ij.
sv Votk. Feb. S. William .Maxwell
Kv.lfls dlrt al his home, 2.51 tec(ind
Hvenu-, at !U0 o'clock this inornlntf.
The lend was peaceful, death being
causl'd by pneiimoulti and etliatistlon.
K-.4nator Kvarls hud been a slek
Hum for yeni. and old uge viorp blin
out. ille would have srIous relapses
11 0111 On dlnitry illness, ivlileh would
Ii'hk lilm down so leu as lo cause
lepcnii that death whs near. tVhut
1m known as the "reporters' death
watch" was put on lilm and laken off
piobnbly inure 11111611 than lu the oas-ti
of any pi eminent man In late years.
Dr. Sanrtiel f.utnbort, of ISO Knul Thlr-ly-flflh
itn-el. was Mi. nvnits' phy
sician and'hnd been In constant attend
ance for the last lew days. Pneumonia
developed mil long ago. and II was felt
thai this would h" Hi- end or the aged
The Hppiii.iehlng end or .Mr F.mrls
was foriwcru soon after 1 o'clock In
lh" iiioriiiiii;, when h" suffeied a re-l.lps-e
which irtilsetl llllll to lnk lapld
lv. lie had nut rested wll tlilring the
nlchl and tli'.' morning. The tloctoi ami
Hie nurses -iPie mt lo their Utmost
resouii en. but the.l could not juevent
the p,ipil -Viini sinking titto, uiln
sclotssrif s itblitit If o'clwlv and' 1 nev
er legnlned jils inetilal faiiillle. He
became weaJvt'i and wenker until he
biPiltlicil bl.-JI.isl Mis death was t aim
ami qulel. 1k- the tinning dovwi of a
light. I'Vor.i the time he hep.uiie un
e.iust louii the end w.ii so obiioiis that
all the ehlhlieii of the d.i lug man and
his wife were In the room. There wer-
nine clilldieu live daughters ami four
on". These I'hlltlleii, 111.- wife. Dr.
l.ambtfit and .1 I rained niirs watched
until the end.
The funeral seivbes will lie held at
Calvary chtiri h, I'oiirlh avenue and
Twenty-llrsi slivet, on Saturilay at 10
.1. 111. Th burial will be at Wiinlsoi,
Alter Ihe sciiIik tin- l.iinlly will go
Willi the re mains (o Windsor. Ver
monl. ivheie servlies will b- held again.
Interment will be made hi Hi family
plot In the ceiuetety there. Tin- pull
beaters will be chd'en loinorroii
li.i I -.vllKllI- Wtr. Imiii llio At-Oiiltftl Pit
irfiiiliililirt-. l'di. ;.-. -tin-iMlilri.i'i' of lb. huh
Wlllcy. fjiiiitt, b.lnif In ll,iicl."tfi touiiiy,
w i.i iltivtioiol In 1,11 rih- jilird.iy itHnoing. lil ilatmlitei, Sl.. 'Ilttmm Uoilior, tnii.tlt'i
11 "Hi Her u-ypii -old 1 liilcl, iwih Imini'il to ilcjtli.
Mr. nul Mr'. in, I (lu'li 1 I1II1I iv.ciii'il
101.111I on I In' -vtiirtl IK'mI- 01 tie IiiiiIiIIm. .nil
kui(ct't1 in It.uliiii:; Hi. loot n' ike sl.tinv.i,v.
biit lr. io4ir Iiioki ut I a umtlow miiI
o. npotl Win 11 1. 11 luincil lu -i.l I.I-' Mil,'
1I1M they timl dl..i.i.iau I A ttili w.i :iuilr
.11.1l Hii'V vvie Totin.l tuiitioncil in rlrfiiir, mil
m- 1 1.1 illt litniitil I '.ft tllrtl 111 fftv n!ie
till IV.
Ily I Jibuti W'lie fiom Iho AttodjUJ I'iok.
S"oiv Volt., l'di. ' -Viconllns to tli( sclidi
11U' Ihe M.ixun trill oirn April Is sanl rlo-e iVl,
tl. The .Vow A'oike i"it it home tvltli Ilortott
u ll.e utlriictlon. Hinoklui ojkii. the mmwii at
I'lill.nli Ij'blu, I'lll-I.urg (.pen at t IiipiiuijII rfml
iIiiIjko l.igll... Ill" sr.ltr.n jt Si lmi. Inf
ui'iiirm (lulu itill lie In Hie irf'l cm 1 1 e 1 1 1 r. 1 1 .1 1
llrfl. uml till' M'll'lll little. I'lj.1 in I lie IVltl nil
iiiiliH-nilcnie iliy. i'or Uip tirt time In many
ycjf tin- ui'ttriii 1 Tcibs ulll liiiudr the rjit
lir.l nnd I lie r.itcin n.i.m will Iu-e tin tewii
in Hie in'l, Aflir loniplcllnir I'.io vlinliile lint
nugiMtn tlnl-liril 1111 miiip loiilinr unrL jiuI
Collieries Shou of Water.
Ii lliulteliv- W'iro (run I lie .liioillpil Pirn.
.slniuiiiluili, felt. t!.- Tlie -li.'nrfliilo.ili V.ilr
eouiiuny iM.iulit 1 til oil in itppl.i n( iiacr
Irom Hio linliiiuHu, IVmt Slirn.iniiuli. 'I111L
It1.11, C.nlfiiiul., 1 lie uml Cumin Itlipi
...III, 1 m Jill Plunk l!iUe wii.tirv, mi atK.nui
ol 1 .li. .nlil. An nlll lie msile lo U ro 1 1
Hi.- ii.lli.'ilie In t ulih i'iiC,I ilpl.'lr
,iIim. lull .ts lhl rits .our Hie Killrr iqiiil,i,
Il It 1 .iiitI .1 gt' miiriHlon will Mull (
llie tlietiiilil ilo..- nut H'.'.n 1". il..
Silence on Hny-Pnuncefote Tieaty.
Ily lUfki.he Win- (.0111 Tlif A.Kiiljtr.l PiV
w'.islili.'l'i. IVli. S Nvtliinit hi-fti if
iibnl I'P- l'lolil lltlllill eontifk lo iii'iicji.
tlm Ui.iiMctcr ol tint iiovfiiiiiKiil' ir.poii'f to
the n'luto ainnnliiicr'it lo tlm Ibiy.p.iiiuifdiii'
Mr iMfctun canal tlut.v. Neltlior l.Mtl I'atni.
(till- nor s'lintjty IUy Ji. jr.y iiidnnutlnii
on trnsnlijt., 'il e uinrrul belirl prtwll. 'hit
lie trejt.t will he iifitiilttnl pi UU.
Fifteenth Wreck Victim.
II' .MluliP Win' fiom 'llio Av'Xi'lr-l l'if
t'miiiKii, V. .1.. t'.li . --rtm 1I.1 Miiii'iuf,
j'v.l .1 tt.iu', un, ol Vet'.' Am!, iitt. iIiki
in IV)c(Mi litufiltal tmlty fnnn liijuiicc in't-bul
lu Hip i.illnuil mmpiU i1r.11 llnriii'iiltiiin. . .1 ,
.1 wick ,iii. IliU i.iakiii tl.o lllti-rit U.'.illi . d
l.-llll ot Iho an hl-nl
Postmaster al Riishborn.
Ily llvlii.liii w'lict (10m 'flip A.'oilrfiul l'n-.
w'.i.lilnitoii. 1.. -H. (I. It, ll-llllOll JC 10.
ilny apont.i p.vinntri Jt IIihIiLhiu. Miiir
lu'iiii.i 1 (Mint; , Pj . a fiunlli ilas iiiue.
Gonlerence Report on the Revenue
Reduction Measure 15 narecrt
to hii the Senate.
Reveuuo Reduction Estimated nt)
?42,105,000 Victory for House- oi
Beer, but Senate Stands by To
baccoLarge Cut on Foreign 33ill
of Exchange. . ,' A.
fly lltiliuue AMie from Tim Au.clalrd Trm. '
Washington, Feb. 2!. Tiir; sona h
agreed to tho conference report on the)
war tnventio reduction bill. Them it as
no objection. : (
The Demiwr.itlo coufotees .Senatmr".
.loties, ;f Arkantiiis, and Mr. Richards
son. of Tennosspt! signed the reportrf
which is looked upon ns rcmovlnic
doubt 011 the of the bill.
The tvnr tax ivductlon proposed "hiji
the- cunferees W i.'stlmatPd at ?42,ttl5,00r
The following' aro delalled entlmnte'
of leduetlons made-- by Itepresentatlvei'
Payne, ono of tho house conferees:
roninu'icial l.rcl.t 1 j. $13S,e.W: rrrtt.lcatrfi ul
il.'i06it. MU.rjI.O; .ivmtaoi.t- notr, $J,500,Oi5(n
I.illi tt luling. for cspotl. IW.(; telrlpl
ilUpatclifs. ifoOO.OOi; trkplionc mcisf, fllJ,
tnio; hond otlur Hun ImlcnnJty, 51.000; rcr
tilltaliJ rot etl.ttvUo spfcitled. SiOO.000; chjrtct'
pail, $1V,0X: oiitejsni, $I.T.'O,0tl0i iiuirn'f
lire. SJ,r.iiX): lci't, Wflil.OOO; niortiOfeit,)
Ivm.OOO; VJ.'-'iEP tidvcti, Unl.ooi: pow o( atj
tornot, .-le,eH; t Mliftt. .2.'i.0ut): waroliour!
rtipiilK, .i'ie).i): ciprnw rrcrlpt-, sno.OOn; pmA
lirii'Lny incdlrlni 1, lontnttli't ami cltciving- bhij, i
tJ.Oili.Wn); lrua-Iii, s.V)n,iMo; rigrs. $.i,l(,0iia j
Irbacrfl, ?7,(XW,00n: mnall rlfir a ml cit.!itttt,
ttdcMnV; 'wrr, o.E0O.0eie): bank cltrcU, !j7.0m).-i
(ml; forduit lilllu ol riilangi, .'i0,exi: monti
oilier-'. ViiiDoO : nui.KMt for itintniu liouiMrf'
The ch.iiiRtts ill the vresent law nr4
as follows:
'lolii'to "a p.r cut lU-.oiml olf thr oriKlti'l1
j of li i fills per pound, nt .tgcilttot. :'i per ifnt
rnliifllon lltnl In tlie vnolo and noiif II
hill piwil Hip hoin-p. Tlie r.itf iiRrord on til 1 1
inile tin- ta t' ptr Hi ionnd .it utatrd In
ll.i'.e ilipJUIifi -iti'rilaj-.
I ijtis Un llmfe nriiililnc more 1lini 1hr
iiuiile pri l.ltH the lio'utp rtlp, !V. per l.nOt',
itjrf rrlaiufd. an acalntt a Htrtl b; tlm
Mi.atf .nul J.i'i 114 In llio priscnl l.iw. Hit
li. .yiy'sjila-, lf Hun thtfc pcindi jwr l(('i
II. f . '( '.' ol 1 rr.tti ti.Jt tWeiii tnt .
1, .mil in t.titil, a un.tintt Hie .'a'c ol 1 ln-r
l,0tl in (itnl lo the etNtliis Itvv, tvhlfli tt.
nul ili.lnrliitl Iiy (In- Imiisf.
( is.m tits (in v.ntliine not more linn
thn.. p 111111U pir Ihoiujni! the Hnats action tl -in.
Iie iile ut 'I- .'ills 'r pomi.I prrtallnl.
'I lu- Itoii-i- ill. I not iliniRp the ettttliiir I m-.
Iltfi -Hie lioii-e rrfte of t per lunrl and
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The total reduction of the revenue',
as made by the bill ns agreed upon,
-will amount lo about -tll.0fi0.0iii. a-c
against a icduitloii of SlO.000.noo as is
passed HM himse and 1l".00O.OM an
illlietldt'd III the M'lialo.
TI11 piovlslons of the bill ns agreed
upon ti-lll lake i-ifeet on the first of
nevl .luly.
Pile at Lincoln,
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