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Proposition to Orgnulzo a United
West Scrnnton Choir Is Being Fa
vorably Considered John T.
Watklns Spoken of as Leader.
Well Known Young Man's Experi
ence In a Central City Joint Cases
Before Aldermen John and Davles.
Notes and Personals.
A number of well-known slngeiH ate
bestirring thenieselveR In the Interest
nf a united choir of West Scranton
voire to compute at the I'nn-Ainoil-can
exposition next September. The
general opinion pievull.i Hint there
diould be but one orRanlzutlon estub
IIhIioiI In thin part of the city, and
that the best voices available shall
be selected for the different parts.
It N alto contended that the leader
ship shall be vested In a man of ex
perience, who has the faculty of unit
ing the slngeis anil leading them on
to victory. The mantle will In all
piobablllty fall nn the shoulders of
J'rof. John T. Watklns.
DIrortor-lJenoral Huchanan, of tut'
llilflalo exposition, has decided to
designate, two days especially for the
Welsh people, during which time it
Is expected theie will be gathered to
gether f'ymrlcs from every state In
the union. lilstoddfodlo competitions
wll Hie held, and singers from Penn
sylvania. Ohio, New york, Illinois and
other states are expected to pattlcl
pato In the programme.
The Welsh society of Utlca N mani
festing a deep interest In the pioject,
and prominent Welshmen all over the
country have appi overt of the plan
MUtgestod by the director-general. It
H expected that theio will bo n half
dozen competing choirs fiom T.uzerno
and Lackawanna counties at the exposition.
Miss Margaret Thomus, better known
as "Deaf Maggie." and there met Mrs.
James Lai kin, of 309 Oakford court.
Later the tilo were Joined by the hit
ter's husband, and after partaking of
"a bunch of drinks," us I, ark In savs,
they tepalred to the Oakford court
While theto Jones discovered that
his watch was missing, and no trace
of It could be found up to last night,
when Alderman Davles required Lar
kin to furnhli t.luo ball on the charge
of larceny. Subsequently the watch
was "found" by Mrs. Larkln, but Mr.
Larkln was committed In default of
ball. Constable Timothy Jones was the
detective In the case.
Ynnchlnlsky won committed "to await
the result nf the boy'o Injuries.
Funeral Announcements.
The funeral of the late, Patilck
Oaughan will tnke place nt 0 o'clock
tiimnrrnw morning from the house, on
Chestnut htreet. Services wlllbe held
In St. Patrick's Catthollc church, and
Interment will be made In the Dun
nun e cemetery.
The remains of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Thomas' child wero Interred In
the Koiest II 111 cemetery yesterday
How Jones Lost His Watch.
A young man named Jones, who ap
peared before Alderman Davles last
evening, told a story regarding the loss
of his watch, which somewhat resem
bles a badger game. He was very
anxious to keep his name out of the
papers, and for the sake of his par
ents, his llrst name and address Is
It seems Jones went into one of the
side rooms of a I'rnn avenue "Joint"
last Friday night, In company with
Pleasant Birthday Party.
Miss Jennie Watklns, of 332 North
Hyde Park avenue, was tendered an
enjoyable birthday party last evening,
the occasion being her eighteenth un
til veisary. (.lames of every description
were enjoyed and dancing was In
dulged In. A feature of the occasion
was a cake walk, given by (J. A. Good
win. Supper was served at a late hour
bv Mrs. James Watklns, assisted by
Mrs. William Watklns and Miss Mary
Tle following guests were present
from Newton:, Mrs. Hoseiicrnnz, Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs,
William Watklns. Mr. and Mrs. James
Watklns, Mr. and Mrs. Ciarrlson. Mr.
and Mis. Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. Ches
ter Alder. Mlses Coin (lanlson, Mary
Fletcher. Mary Svvartwood. Alice Dily.
Chi latino Lesli, Messis. Charles La
Hue, Isaac Avers, Nile Swarts, Unw
ind Cosner. Lloyd lteed. Al. Goodwill,
Kdille Fletcher.
The West Scranton guests vvcio.
Misses Mary James, Gertrude Looinls,
llattle i:.vnnn, llesslo Davis, llhnlii
Watklns. Stella Morgan. lUllol Wat
klns. Clara Watklns. Messis. Amand '
Davis. A. P.. liruning. Walter Jones,
lloyd Jiii'oby, Hiury Yolk. Frank Wat
klns, Willie Watklns, Minor Jenkins
and William C. limiting.
Child Badly Scalded.
While Mis. J. P. Reese, of South
Gartleld avenue, was engaged In wash
ing clothes on Tuesday, her -1-year-old
son fill Into a tub Just as the woman
was lllllng' It with water.
Uefore the mother realized the
child's piidlcnment, he was quite bad
ly scalded ubout the face and hands.
TIME LOOK J. . . , p.,
out for 1 ailQ COLDS
Ten Days to Sober Up.
John Jones, of rivnon street, who
was refused admission to the station
house Tii'sday night, on account of
being too sober, leappeared later with
a good-M''.ed load on, and was then
locked up. He Is known to the police
as an "habitual loafer." and while
Ills hi other fights the battle of the
Piohlbltlon, John does a stunt as the
"hon ible example."
Alderman Davles took compassion
on the pooi fellow vesterdny and sent
him up to Schndtvllle for ten days In
order that he might propel ly sober
Before Alderman John.
John Chillzlsky, sr of Continental
Hill, appeared before Alderman John
Inht evening and complained that
Gcoige Yanchlnlsky had assaulted
John Junior with a large stone, Inflict
ing an Injury on the hitter's head,
which required several stitches to
close up.
At the heiulng the boy was unable
to appear, and the father offered the
stone In evidence. In default of ball,
The long-distance telephone pay
station, has been removed from Jen
kins' drug store to J. D. Williams &
Co . 112 South Main avenue.
The West Side Card club were en
ter tnlned Wednesday afternoon and
evening nt the home of Mrs. Robert
J. WflHams, on South Main avenue.
Charles Sweet, son of ltov. and Mrs.
.1. II. Sweet, who returned home from
Syracuse university on account of Ill
ness, l recoveilng, nnd will soon bo
able to resume his studies.
Fiank McLnne and .Matthew Oiiv
uiiaush, of Not th Main nvenue, have
gone to Geneva, N. Y., where, they will
Mrs. Frank Transitu, of Tenth stieot,
Is entcitalnlng Miss Hush, of Water
Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Hall, of Notth
Main avenue, are sojourning In Florida.
Mrs. David lSradhhaw. of Lafayette
stteet, has as her guest Mrs. Uoldiy,
of Washington, N. J.
The raflle for a set of mining tools
for the benefit of Mrs. S. W. Roberta
and children has been postponed until
March 21.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Simp
son Methodist KpNcopal church met
yesterday and performed their usual
weekly missions In church work
The William Connell Glee club held
a splendid reheat sal last evening In
their rooms In Mears' hall. They an
ticipate a pleasant trip to Washington
on Saturday.
The many friends of llobert Dlehl
will be pained to learn that he is seri
ously ill at his home on South Hyde
l'ajlc avenue.
The Daughters of Hi In will conduct
their annual entertainment and social
at Meals.' hall after Lent.
Mis. W. C. Alney, of Hallstead, Is
the guest of Mrs. George Skillhorn. of
Jackson street.
James Kelly, of Luzeine stieot, cm
ployed ns a company hand at the
Hrlgg.s shaft, was kicked In the head
by a mule on Tuesday and severely In
Jmed. Miss Anna Davles, of Fourteenth
street. Is In New York studying the
millinery stylos for the Globe Ware
house patrons.
Metropolitan display of Ladles'
Stilts, Jackets and Skirts nt our ttore
Friday and Saturday. See our ad
vei tlscment on another page of this
paper. Mears & Hagcn.
La Grippe Is Infectious but Not Con
tagious. Contagious diseases are communi
cated from one person to another; In
fectious diseases are convoyed through
the air.
Smallpox Is a contagious disease;
La Grippe Is Infectious. When nn epi
demic of the grip Is prevailing It H
In the nlr we breathe and no out!
Is safe.
The only safeguard In to keep the
system In the highest possible condi
tion of health nnd on tho llrst nppear
ance of a cold In tho head to use some
safe antiseptic like Stuart's Catarrh
Tablets freely, n tablet taken every
hour or two for a couple of days will
b" sufllelent! to break up tho attack.
La Grippe attacks the weakest part
of the system, It may bo the lungs,
heart, liver, stomach or kidneys, but
wherever It dually locates It almost
Invariably starts with cold In the head
nnd tin out or In other words, th
disease at the beginning Is acute ca
tarrh. This Is the reason Stuart's Catarrh
Tablets have beew uccissfui In
breaking up attacks of grip. Tins
antiseptic properties of the remedy
destioy the germs before the whols
system Is thoroughly Infected.
Dr. Annlston says: Stuart's Catarrh
Tablets being free from cocalno nnd
harmful drugs should bo freely used
nt this time of the year on the first
appearance of gilp symptoms.
They check the excessive catarrhal
nrcretlons, stop the fever 'nnd prevent
They are composed of nntlseptlcs
and may be used by little children as
fre:ly us by tidults and with great
Dr. Lewiston says: My usual pre
scription for tho grip Is Stuart's Ca
tarrh Tablets, which can be found at
oil diug stores. Keep to the house
tor a day or two nnd use the tablets
freely, and I have never heard any
complaint of failure to cure.
Our Semiannual Sale
of Housekeeping
Linens and Domestics
Begins on Tuesday, Feb. 26 and Con
tinues for TEN DAYS ONLY. . . .
This sule includes everything coming under the general heading of
Housekeeping Linens and Domestics, on every item of which bona
fiide reductions will be made during the period namedj
This Is Not a Clearance Sale
It is a sale planned expressly for the benefit of our patrons, and
comes more in the nature of a Bonus or profit-sharing idea, than
anything else. In the limited space at our command, it is im
possible to print detailed price lists. We take it however that our
word is good for any statement we make make, and the facts are
just as given above.
Our Linen Department
includes everything in that line that can be used in the household,
and qualities range from the good medium grades, tn the highest
class goods that money can buy. For example : Good Table
Damasks, 56 inches wide, bleached or unbleached, can be had
during the next 10 days, at 23c a yard. They're worth 31c, and
like reductions prevail all the way through 'till the finest imported
goods are reached. In all the finer qualities, napkins may be had
to match, while Table Napkins for every day use will go at 50c a
dozen. The same remarks will applv to our Towel and Toweling
stocks which include everything in their line under the sun. l-'or
instance : you can buy a Linen Twilled Crash, 18 inches wide for
10c a yard, that you would say was cheap, at I24C at any other
time. Really good all linen Huck towels of large sues go at 22c a
pair, etc.
ded Spreads, Sheetings, Pillow Cases,
will take an important, place in this sale. Regular dollar Bed
Spreads for 85c and $15.00 ones for 12.50, with proportionate re
ductions In the same or more of prices that come in between. The
sheets and pillow cases Include the best imported all linen goods,
as well as the equally serviceable home-made cotton weaves of
such excellent brands as t' e following: "Utica, Dwight, Anchor,
Fruit of the Loom, Atlantic." etc. All at special bargain prices
during this sale.
Mis. Anna Robertson, of Austin
Heights, spent yoHteidny with Green
Itldge friends.
Mis. L. W. Lewis, of Mailon street.
Is visiting fi lends In Hyde Park.
Miss Pearl Treverton, of Sanderson
avenue, Is In Washington, D. C, who e
she wll t'-inalii until after the Inaugu
ration. Class No. S, of Afrbury Methodist
KpWcopal chinch will entertain In the
chinch parlors tninmrnvv evening.
The following programme has been
111 ranged by the ladles of the Foreign
Missionary society of the Asbury
Methodist Hplscopal church and will
bo lendeied at their 'annual thank of
feilng mclal tonight: Piano solo,
Miss Hillth Swingle: lecltatlon "Th
Two Mitts," Llllle ISemman: vocal
solo, Mis. John Williams; recitation,
Klla Sailer; song, Lydln Oseiibaugli;
recitation, "The Little Mlsslonaiy,"
Maud Hlllev: recitation, "Mrs. Howe's
Hlack Silk." Klla Miller; mlo, selected,
Mr. Johnston; lending, Mls Hvnnge
line Dorsoy; song (Chinese), Mies Hose
Palmer. At the clout of the entertain
ment, refreshments will bo solved.
The f uncial of John Jlcfc took plare
from tho home of his patents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. S. Hose, l'!J,"i Capoifo ave
nue, yestoiday af let noon, nnd wns pri
vate. At the regular meeting of Giopn
Itldge lolgo, Independent Older of
Odd Fellows, to be held this evening
In Masonic hall, avenue, a.
filial vote to amend the by-laws will
be taken.
The Amity Literal y society will meet
at tho home of Churles 13. Tobey, 17-17
Capou" avenue this evening, when the
following programme will be ten
dered: Knny, "Our Fouign Trade."
Wairen Van Hlarcomo; eM'ay, "Oleo
nvirgarine," Hniold Kennedy; "Qusen
Ylctoila," Chillies H. Tobey; "Mrs.
Nation's Anti-Saloon Crusade." Rus
sel I lower.
Metropolitan display of Ladles'
Suits, Jackets and Sklits at our storo
Friday anil Saturday. See our ad
vertisement on nnoiii"!' page or una , j,,j
paper. Mears oc Hagen. paik
ley Street Haptlst church will meet at
the home of Mis. John Tucker, on
Taylor avenue, Friday afternoon at 3
o'clock. In the evening a supper will
be served, lasting from fi until 8
o'clock, to which the public Is Invited,
Word has been received heio an
nouncing the arrival from China of Mr.
and Mrs. F. C. II. Drever at New
Yotk, after a pleasant voyage on the
Teutonic. They will go direct to .Mrs.
Drover's home at Allentown, where
they will bo Joined by Mrs. Fred
Dreyer and daughter Annie, who leave
for there today. After a short stay
there It Is expected they will come on
for a long season of rest here.
Mr. and Mrs. 13. W. liNhop and
daughter Maud, accompanied by Miss
Huby Yost, nro spending a few days
In Ilonesdale, where Miss Yost Is to
tuke part In an elaborate musical pro
duction to be given there tonight.
Charles Schlager, of Hawiey, was a
business caller In town yesterday.
Kdward Oakley has moved his fam
ily Into James' Dexter's house on Ceme
tery street.
Pay your taxes and save costs be
fore March 1. I will be at Murray's
store dally between 1 nnd 9 p. in.
P. F. Welly, Collector.
Muster Mechanic Hronson, of the
Kilo and Wyoming Valley railroad, Is
confined to his home with u severe at
tack of the grip.
Metropolitan display of Ladles'
Suits, Jackets and Skirts nt our sUot'3
Friday and Saturday. See our ad
vertisement on another page of this
paper. Mears & Hagen.
Services Wore Conducted nt the Resl
denco by Rev. E. Schmidt There
Wero Many Beautiful Floral Of
ferings Mark Matlsta. Arraigned
Before Alderman Ruddy on n
Charge of Stabbing Janies Fadden
Seriously Injured in tho Dodge
The remains of Charles Claab were
consigned to their final resting place
In Plttston avenue cemetery yester
day afternoon. The services, which
were held nt the family residence on
Cedar avenue nt 3 o'clock by Itev. 13.
Schmidt, pastor of the Church of
Peace, wero largely attended by rela
tives and friends nf the departed.
The Scranton Saengerrunde attended
the funeral In a body and sang sev
eral songs nt the house and graveside.
Among tho floral tributes were a large
wreath of roses from ox-Sheriff Char
les Robinson, a sickle from the em
ployes of Henry Armburst, wreath
from Armburst Profilers, u large cas
ket bouquet from Theodore Miller.
Tho floral offerings were carried by
Charles ltosar, Otto Hoblnsou and An
thony Heat. Tho pall-bearers were
IMchard Wonworth, Henry Rlffert,
Fred L. Miller nnd Michael Walters.
G. A. Miller had charge of the funeral.
d lately bt
Mark Matlsta was arraigned before
Alderman Ituddy yesterday afternoon
on n charge of assault and battery
and stabbing with a knife. Frank
Frlgenella was the prosecutor. The
alderman held Matlsta under $600 ball.
Cesare Hartolt became his bondsman.
James Pnddeti, of 'Mti Cedar ave
nue, was badly cut and bruised nbout
tho body yesterday while firing a blast
In the Dodge inlns. lie was taken to
his home, where Dr. J. J. Walsh
dressed his wounds.
Alfred, tho son of Herman Notz,
while acting as a fireman on a loco
motive, had his head badly cut on
Tuesday while looking out of tho cab
window. Ho came In contact with a
post. Dr. J. J. Walsh sewed his wound.
Tho St. Aloyslus society will meet
this evening at Pharmncy hall.
The Century Hose company, No. 10,
will meet Friday evening at their
rooms on Friday evening.
Metropolitan display of Ladles'
Suits, Jackets and Skirts at our store
Fildny and Saturday. See our ad
vertisement on another page of this
paper. Mears & Hagen.
The Electric City Tourist club will
meet this evening nt S o'clock sharp
at their rooms on Front street. All
members uro requested to be piosent.
The funeral of the 19-months-oId son
of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Drapent was
hold yesterday morning from tho fam
ily residence on Plttston avenue. Ser
vices over the it ilns were held at
St. Stanislaus church. Interment was
ma,de In Mlnooka cemetery.
We have thou
sands of testlmo
iiIhIs from grate
ful pntlents who
by Duffy' Pure
Malt Whlskev.
a cough for three years, effects of
prlpHiidtiot taking properca re of
myself. In April, UltS, I beenme
so wrak 1 was unable to work. I
was examined by two nhyslclaus
who told mo I had bronchitis
verv bad. They advised me to use
Dufft's Malt Whlskev. but I wo
so bitter nirrdi'st vrhUkvT I would not rnnnmit
II; Augutt Eoth lnfit I bad goon no fur as to be
unable to get my breath, excrpt with difficulty
was try low. I thought I could not live much
loiiuer. Our old physician. Dr. T. W. Campbell,
of Energy, S. C, examined my lunga and told
me the light one. wis very bad, and the left one
out a inno oeuer, oui unit i nan enoUKh lungs ".M" Whl.ksy,
and tako It regularly. Hythltlm
relief. 8othedcaroldmn,though
be Is not a whiskey doctor, ordered
me to begin at ones with two table
spoonfuls ns a dose every two hours
day and night. I did so, aud Imme
diately began to Improve, and now,
riAvrmBniroin lu At lime,
I Can brentlin almnir
wen as i pvit rnnirf onM n. n ui
are htnled, exoept ono dull plaoe in UmiIcI
lung, and that the cavities are contractlni?
II fi tint. kniiwinh.lL.. i-.i i .. "
well or not, but I .humbly trust Me wtU.-M
ignore vnav, under God, vonr WbUkrr Kit
saven my life thus far, a If I
had begun a year ago I wool!
mD uron curea or tau urn.
,. JVwpectfuIly,
Mm. U.K.
I)itn'. Pare Malt Wkhkafk
awaaB. - I '
-: BnaTaTaaM
fi Dam
J ant J tMT.
rry bottloof UtnuftMWfVft
I'M'fiiWf ITVUVltl
left to live a good while yet If I would Uko
All drvnlrti nd erocer. or direct, eipnaa paid. SI a boule. Send for frea medical boaaUtJ
I'ltKE, ore of cmr m counter for whl. r nchre, we.. Mat lr to acr raadw f tu.
Direct from New York
One Time Only
Pea Conl $1.50 a Ton Delivered.
to South Side, central city and central
Hvdo Park. Address orders to J. T.
Sharkey, 1911 Cedar avenue. Thane
Owing to the sudden closing of the Savoy Thea-
atre; New York, we have secured the
Sensational Society Success
Liebler & Co., Managers.
Leo Ditrichstein and Judge Grant's delicious social sat
$ ire taUen from the latter's much discussed book, and
"Prcicutcd by the strongest cast of New ork favorites
before the public." N. Y. I'rcsi.
This Exceptional Company Embraces:
Elizabeth Tyree,
Alice Fischer,
Virginia Buchnnan,
Florida Pier,
Vivian Townsend,
John De Gez,
E. J. Morgan,
Morton Seldon,
George Fawcett,
George Woodward,
Malcolm Williams,
Harry Hnnlon,
ooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo
Eleanor Bobson,
Margnrete Fuller,
Geneva Ingersoll,
Alice Rogers,
Ella Wilson,
Wm. Pumice.
Patrick Healey nnd William Costello
Charged with Highway Robbery.
Nichols-Jones Wedding.
The hearlns: of Patilck Healey and
William Costello, who are accuxtd of
hlshvMiy robbeiy Tucday evening,
will tnlo place this afternoon, be
tween " and I o'clock, before Alder
man Fldler, Henley and Costello nro
accused of highway tobbery by Miss
Louise Stnnkltuf, of Wilbur strtet.
Tbe ii?ault was clalni"d to have boon
made nlsht before last 110111' the Mar
vine ciosxIiik.
Miss Stnnkltuf claims tho youiifr men
b'Mltnlly assaulted her and tubbed her
id ,t". Constable Seth Smith nriestrd
the two younff men on warrants Is
sued before Alderman Fldler. They
are widely known In this section and
huvo never been accused of any crime
before. They wero held under $1,000
ball to appear this afternoon.
Two Weddings,
pretty homo vveddlutr look
This sole is for ten days only,
and begins Tuesday, Teh. 26.
fGIobe WaraboUsei
Tho advance sale of tickets for thu
lectin o course to bo held In the Metho
dist church durlntr the month of March
Indicate thnt the speakers will bo
Ktoeted by largo audiences. Kov. 11. J.
Whalen, D. V)., of Carbondalo, will
upon the course tomorrow nluht with
his famous lecture, that has been de
llveied to over two bundled audiences,
on tho "Wit and Humor of the Irish
l'ouide." Season tickets, fifty cents.
Tho funeral of llobeit Hevvlfl; will
take place from St. Mark's chinch this
afternoon nt 2 o'clock. Tho Sons of St.
fioorno will attend tho services In a
Tho f unoi ul of tho late Thomas
Stewart will take place from tho Tripp
Avenue Christian church Filday after
noon at 2 o'clock. Itev. J. D. Dabney
has returned from Wostmoro and will
oillciato. Itev. C. A. Frlck, of Wost
moro, will occupy the pulpit at tho
Christian church duilnir tho ubsenco of
tho pastor, Itev. J. D. Dabney.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Dud-
A pretty homo vveddlutr look plnc3
last Saturday af tot noon nt the home
of Mr. and Mrs. William Snalth, when
Miss Itachel Davis was united In mat
rimony to William Snalth, Jr., by llev.
H. J. UcchO, of tho West Muiket Street
Puritan Cnmrresatlonal church. The
couple were unattended.
lb a well known young man of thh
section und has resided lioro for a.
number of yenrs. A wedding recep
tion was given after th" ceremony at
the home of the Kroom, where many
handsome wedding presents vveto re
ceived by tho youiiff couple.
Miss Maiffaret Nichols, of Nathan
streit. and David Jones, of Holllstor
avenue, wero married Tuesday moni-
by Itev. II. I. I'vans, of Hyde
ik. The wedding tooit pince ni ine
homo of the clcrgyninn, on Jmrli
Main avenue. A teccptlon was given
tit tho home of Iho gloom's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones will spend their
honeymoon In tho south.
William J. McMnnus.
William J. MiMaii'j, .' I'nilul Malis Mrc-t
kmIit oflki-r. ttlu ai .ill htimwi In lid city, In St. IimiiIi' lnnplta, llalltmuii-, Tuca
thy of HrliflitN illv'jo.
Mr. McM limn w.i a nallvr ot Ilntbli Columbia,
y.Imiv lie was Imin fi rly nlno jem npo, ami
uitrrnl tlic foiri't nciviiu In Ww Vulk in la-fi
Jin ri"lRiieil in 1s', but In li-ui ailn it in
tli( service, ami a Matlminl in l'lilUMilili
!um l"l tn Hie summer of I'ift). vvlicn M liwhli
filial, niul lin wu Huiicilwl at tl.r Plil'ailfb
pliia 'iffitc by !ii lir.illitrln-l.uv. . T. ililfiln.
Up was lluii Matlonul l"r a time at li.nlulk,
X. ('., ami nt Hiltiinoic K.nly this en lie
came buk tn riillaikipliU f'r trcitmrnt, ami
v.u in th.' I' West 1'liila
i!i!ililj 'I line ,eiU at,o lie was taken to llilli
mine. His iae a tlmi nopelesi. He it mr
mm. I by Ills wi.liiw ami i'ihi htipiiulilreit. Mi.
MtMamu wan one i.f tho pivemnient's in t
trustfil iniili)ix. lie w.n a iirmnl frieml il
tin tireiili nt ilnrliift hl eain'of Kniif, ami
fer two Munmeis at (!ray Cables lno'dtu
after the afetv f I'lesiiient Clivclaml r.nd lain
lly. Whin AsenU illiam .1. lliniw niul N. I',
(iiltllu, of the ferret wit lie, benan winklii- on
Hie liulMin-N'tttlit fcimteiditlns ta-e, ti.tluif to
tl'Ft ottT ttli'i was tnaUtrif the 4ir bill-, .lamb,
mul Kindig, Ihe fnnpli iters at tlic Lancaster
mil (if the ulieine, wire t.ilil bj n tieailii niua
bitirnal retinue offlier at l,ini.i-ler that llimu
ni il Ctriffin wero "up to doiiie'hin."
Tine leiKTleil this to Newllt, ami it wa tlnn
tlikt NewllL tiled to bribe MeManin to keep lilin
iiitc.t iw to an.tthins (joins nu about l.ancaslei.
MeManus iiretitvlul to fill Into the Hheme. ami
acre.-il to aieit.t fiom Newllt MW n month fir
hi services. McMjiiiw at once tnM t'nile.l Slatej
Ihstiiit Attorney Heck of Ncnllt'a filter, ami
thh vta the lntlnnliiK of the mil of the cat
The groom 'O'lntirfeitinsr ronpirae.f cue.
k m 1. .- . f l.n ..111. . h !. a l.r..l i. hi. 4ln
I tie.ti.inuH m.ii ine uuiiii .M'-ivi- .- ...
' banil u( ltallun cmiutf-lftlten ttlio opilale.l .it
I'ttruliuii; mho ten jeirs um. He n line for
vtti'ki on that i.i-e. Ills lat uv hei-eabouts w.h
Hitaimt the llutton brotlifr lio were ennaueil
in irakliiB f purloin money at sprlngtllie. mis
qiifluniil county, net ei 1.1 tian obo. Mi .Mamj
was u ureal powerful fellow of Immune tieiiRtli
anil towage. He hid a lutbe lirew.lnef and
nbllitv In ailapt hluirflf tn t iifuiustaliieii M
twin lilm Kitat HuieitH in bis flioseii lalllm:.
Miss Sadie Median, of North Main
avenue, Is slightly Indisposed.
Dennis M. Shoffeiy. of Throop
street, has enlisted Jn the ITnlted
States marines.
1 Miss Jennlo Tiugor, of ISobeit nvo-
1 into, has for her guest, Miss Ida Sher
wood, of .lormyn.
Mrs. William Lovvry. ot t'lnurh
' avenue, has rotutned from Wllkes-
; HnriP.
I Mis. Thomas Hieniinii. of (Illl)rt
street, Is convalescent, after a week's
Metropolitan display of Ladles'
Suits. Jackets and Skirls at our stoio
Fildny and Saturday. See our ad
vertisement on nnother page of this
paper, Mears & Hugen.
Mrs. Condls ismcry uivi uaugiiier.
flertrudo, of Church avoiiuo, nro visit
ing filends In Curbondulo.
Thomns Dlsjcln.
Iluima lliskln. aRfd W jean, iliul eluiliv
at Ills home, near the tity line In Minoua.
Uerratfil hail bten ill but u week wllh an .ill nit
of piKUtnoiibi. lie Is siutbeil lij lil wife an.l
the following miiis ami iliuulittli-, Mis .lolui
.lovre, ratrhlc .1., -lohn .1.. 'iliomas, William,
Maitln, Mary ami ( allierlne.
'I lie funual wttleet will lie hehl al M. .lo.ei'li'n
iliunli Salunlay nioiniiiff at (J o'rloik. Inleiment
In Mlnooka.
Mrs. John Mullen.
tin. .lolui Mullen, aeeil (it jcur. iliul at
Imiiie at SHrl Hill, afUl a lltuuli.c
jotlinliy alniiioon.
'Iho funual it III tuUo plain fmiu licr
home mi I'llilaj afliniiK.n at 2 ti'rlntk.
1 tie
Vt.ii.i ose Kimp'ii llab.iiii tur Ike lluoat and
l.uis U curlm; nidi e t'oujlu, l.'obii,
Afi'.i:iu . . . tilt lxa t louti urn) all 'lliroat aiul
l.uni; liuuuli-, Hun an) other meJiclne, This
proprlefi.r ha biillioiUi i any ilriianl.t to Live
sou a Sample IMtio 1'ien to ttimlntc )ou of th of llaltlmorr. at tlnir Tub Mill
nidlt of thlt gnat reiutily, 1'iliu Q.Tc, ami GO, eauo U kitdi for tlic tllstharue,
Miners Called Out.
0) Exdutiic Wire fiem Tim A'iatfil Pn.
rumUrltml, MJ., IVb. 21. 'Ihe I'nllfil Jlm
Worker offlcial.1 ot Hie floruit. Cnik-Mi)cilale
ilUtiltt hat.t talltil out all Iho nilii.r. of llie
Meersililc tlehl, our 2.IW) In number, beciuso
of the iHmliarue of BOiue men by I-blin Proa ,
mine, .
New Cabinet Formed.
Py llvelu'ivJ Nile from The Asset lated Prut.
Iliuharisl. Itomiianla. I'tli. 27. -A new rahlnot
Ins bun foiiii'il. M. sluiM takes Iho premier
ship and fiireiitii war portfolio ail Interim.
Catnnh Cannot Be Cured
Willi LOCAL VITMCATIONS, ai they canurt
reuih I hi' keat of the tlinu-f. 'atari h ti a blood
or toistltutlonal illscasc, and In ortKr lo cine II
.toil iniitL tako Internal icuitdits. Hall' l.'.i
l.iilli Cure Is lakin Intfinally, ami acts ilirtctly
nu the IjIihuI and huilous surfaioi. Hall's ("a
taiili Cure is not a fjuaek inciUrinii. It itas
pimilbeil by one of th bt plijslcluns In this
tniiiliy for jcam, and is a renuUr prejciiptlou,
h li touipo.ed of the bet tonlm known, com.
bired with the best bljod purifiers, acting ill.
rutly on lliu inmom mrfacei. The jiciftet com.
Iiluitluii ol tho two Incrcillcntf U what pro.
iluics nidi womhrfill rekiilti ill curing Catarih.
huid for tontimonlala fife
P. J. rill'.NKV k CO.I'iopi Toledo, O.
Sold by tlriiEKUt', price ?oc,
, llall'v Tuinll I'illi tut' lit bU
A Pathetic Reminder of the Death of
the Young Officer.
A pathetic lemlnder of the recent
death of rirst Lieutenant Isaac Iirown
of fdmpnny IC, was received yestor
tlay by (.'aptaln P. 1!. Atherton, adju
tant of the Thirteenth regiment. The
1'ito ottlcor was elected llrst lieuten
ant only a few weeks ago, and when
Captain Atherton opened bis mall yes
terday mottling ho lound In It tho
commission of Lieutenant Urovvn.
Accompanying It was a letter from
Adjutant General Stewart, directing
that tho commission bo not handed
him until ho had taken his oath ot
filPce. The commission will bo given
the paronU of the do.ul young man
and they will undoubtedly treasure It
Plenty of Itoom in Federnl Bulldlnf
to Accommodate New Couit.
It Is not anticipated that any very
great changes will have to bo made
at tho local government building to
uooommodate the olllceis for the new
Kedaral court for the now district
which has just boon created by congress.
There are sufllelent looms on tno sec
ond floor at present. It Is believed, to
accommodate the olllcars of tho court,
who may come from this city and who
may accordingly desire to establish a
permanent headquarters in the local
government building. If there shall bo
a, lack of room on the second floor
there are several rooms on the third
now used as storerooms for tho In
ternal levonue department, which
might be utilized.
Lafayette Men Will Meet in This
City on March 8.
On the evening of March S tho mem
bers of tho Lafayette College Alumni
Association fir Northeastern Pennsyl
vania will hold their annual business
meeting und dinner. The business
meeting will be hold nt lUIl p. in. In
the committee rooms of the board of
trade and the baiKiuot will bo served
at T.:in in the Scr.iiiton cittii.
A. C Campbell, of Wllkes-Ilario. wilt
b? tho toastiiiastor, nnd among tho
spealu'is will be Itev. Dr. Warfleld,
president of Lafayette college, and
Itov. Dr. Lansing, pastor of the Ciieen
Jtldge Presbyterian church. Toasts
will alto be responded to by niemberti
of tho association.
Tlgue Painfully lnjuied by Infuri
ated Animal.
Hubert Tlgue, of 1112 Lafayette
stteet. was taken to the Scranton Pri
vate hospital yesterday with th? tip of
Ills nose missing, the result of u horse's
disinclination to have Its teeth eNiiiu
Ilied. Tlgue Is In t.he employ of Helier &
Warnko, grocers, of luJu Main avenue.
Whtlo looking over the animal's teeth
the liorso snapped at his faeo and
caught Tlgue's noso between his tooth.
Pr. T. II. Raymond gavo Tiguo tem
porary relief and ordered his removal
to tho hospital.
- HE1S miROIINDen, Lea?.
A. J. UUFFV, Managtr.
One Niiht Only, Thursday, Fsb. 28
The Jolllcst ot Jolllality.
Tlic most phenomenal flnancltl an4 utittlj
record breaker ei.tour
The .Burgomaster
An updo-date musical comedy by Frank Plklcy
and Cu'tate Luilrn. 151 tunes In Chicago
Wit, beauty and Bonij.
rrices ;.ic, 50c., i!a.,
Seats on mle Tuesd ly at 0 a. m.
At) eminent l.'tli.
111.00 and . M.
jt'M' xiaiiT,
Friday, March 1st,
smeiica'H mmt popular singing' comeilis,
In his new military melodrama,
A story of the lii.h revolution cf 1793.
MACK'S "Mttlo Tommy Murphy,"
OWN "! of Ulue,"
SWEET "Kor 1'rcedom and Irelud.''
songs "Tin: snitiiNAPE."
lly refUesl. "Tlic Story of the B."
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c ond f 1.00. "
Sale of feats, Wednesday, IVb. 27th.
Saturday iuVt Harch 2
matim:i: priikoumascb at a.s.
Al. W. Martin's
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Deautiful Rtaso rVttlnm Taken From Actual
Scenes III the Par South,
Matinee I'rk e lie i ihlldrcn to any put ol
the hotiM', IV.
KvenliiR l'lK-cs 2.V , SJe and Mc
bale of ieat opens lliursday at 0 a. ra.
Uanagtra and Leased. Local Miniftr.
m.i, thTs vki:k,
In Itepcrtolrc-.
Thurkday llatlnte "The Diamond Preir."
'Ihursday MrIiI "Captain Heme."
Krlday Matinee "Otcr the Sea.""
rrlil.iv MRltt-"Iiarnl of Money."
Vlaiinee Prices 10 and H) icnta.
Uvtnius Prices 10, 20, 30 centi.
Renulem Mass Celebrated in
Paul's Catholic Church,
The funeml of tho late William Red-
J ding was held yesterday mornlne from
the family i evidence, at 121 drov
titieet. Seniees were conducted at St,
I'iiul'H church, Green Ridge, a high)
ni.iHK of leiiuicm being celebratod by
Rev. rather l.oftus.
Tho HurvkTH wero well attended, 4e
penned being ono of tho bent known,
nnd most deservedly popular men In
tho borough. Numerous Uoral pecorf
woio Font to the house by sympa
tlietlo frlemlH. Tho pall hearers ver
Mr. Fuhr, James J. Moran, M. P.
Judge, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Simons unit
J. Jordan.
Eight Bodies Recovered.
By l'.icbwlto Wire from Tlu Associated Viut,
Kemmcrcr, Wjo Veb. 27. Kleht belles "ven
rrcoveied today from the Diamondiille mine,
win iu tlilrtj'twi) men perished In Mcnday'i fire,
lire damp Anally diove out the anher and II
4 iiiohahle no more Iodic will fef rtcfyered let
locral dayt.