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A Voluminous Measure Introduced
at Harrlsburo bu Senator
Foclit, ot Union.
Previsions for Expenses nnd In
structions aS to Terms to He Used
in Nominations Restrictions Upon
Election Contests Tho Make-up of
the Tickets Cleaily Defined New
Provision in Connection with tho
Distilbution of Ballots and Re
gaidlng the Count of the Vote.
Tenuities Imposed.
p. jt hom ft Mall eorrepoiiiuiii
Hnirisbiirff, Feb. 21. Senator ilcuja
mlii K. Focht. of Union, this mot nine
.-it reduced tlio stalwart ballot refoini
i in It icKufalt'M the- nomination ami
in Hon of public otlieeis, requires tho
xpenses to lie paid by tin county and
punishes fraud. Its ballot sheet Is
"rained utuiiK the. Austtallan lines, but
preserves tlu Haker provision natd
niff tin.' circle for sttulRhl votes Thu
ulll In substance Is as lollows.
Tin- first section provides that all ox
In IIS-eH whatever hi (Olllieotioll with
lections shill be homo by thu coun
i.s, mid that all blanlc foiinii shall bo
icpared by tho secretary ot tho com
momvcallh. Section two provides Uiat
11 party 110111111.1110114 "can only be
made by a delcffale or mass eonven
tion, pilni.ny election or caucus of
nullified voteis belonging to one polltt-
il paity huvhiK a national or state,
organization and bavins u. system of
mlcs for Its Kovernmont." In the fol
lowing' section the bill iciiulres that all
tlier nominations shall be known as
independent nominations." For a
M ttc ollke It Is relihcd that tho
"imlniition papeis shall be slgmd by
'tors fioin at least ten counties and
nnmbei linr. all told, at least one-half
oi one per cent, of tho l.ugest vote for
.1 Mat- ollkor at the last election. It)
t Ik 1- ciim's tlii- reiiulicincnt of sIkiici-
! two n r cut. It Is also stipulated no person shall tecc-Ivi more than
one nomination for the same ollke, and
where more aie received ho shall be
deemed tu briM' accepted the Hist
nomination made, unless lie selicl
some other one. Paity nomination by
frtlllcut" must be llled at least foity
nino da.s befoio election, ami inde
pendent papers fotty-two In state elec
tions. In (utility elections the limit
-luill be twenty-Light and twenty-ono
il.ih lespiellvcly, mid In local elections
igliticu .mil lltteen dajs. Prevision H
also made for contests but It Is h-
iiilr'il that in state ili-cUmis- notice of
1 outlet shall be given within seven
la.-, In (utility nlictlons within elgh-
11 dn.s 11 nd lot nl within twelve day?.
mill its in sluti. nomination papers
iiuisi i.i d( ti'iiniiKil within twent.
iln dins hef ore election. Where .1 Is adjudged defective only,
tin (unit -lnl! fix a time for amend
1 n nt subject to lilies. The tilling of
i 1 imli 011 a ticket Is left as it now
m.uhN, 11111I may be done by either a.
loiunilttie of a convention or by re
cillinpr the i (invention.
Tor Stinight Voting.
In ihe mi'i-iip of tho ballot the bill
piovldes Unit "the mimes of cumu
lates for eveiy state, county, illy,
borough or township olllee, except tho
nam ot candidate foi presidential
11 toi.-, shall bit mimigC'ii In gioups
uniiei the ilslgnatlnii ot the olllee and
piiiitid lu the nide.- 11s neaiiv as
1 ith1o of the votes obtained In the
ate ,u the last state election." Fo.
"iiig the names of the paitv noiul-
1 i' aie to be minted the names of
ml lundent nominees ananged alpha
"ii ally, and on the light of the name
ui li 1 atnililati- i to be printed the
l'ji'y 01 political designation, exiept
ilu.t attor the nitinoH of Independent
i.uidhliilen shall be piiuted tile wolds
independent nominee." The bdl then
Minldrs tiuii where a voter eek to
oiii 11 stiaight party ticket "theio
t.iuill b' printed at llie top of the
ir.i nnd in ros tin. v lillli lliun-or as
iiiiimv 1 Irelis us tlieie. m-o political
punks icpicsented. Within tluse cit
ies shall be in luted the names of the
seeinl political panics," uial the
siialght tlikot can bo voted bj u ni.nk
within it clule.
new piovlsion in '.onneL'tloti with
Hie dlstilbutlon of the ballots is ono
lequlilug tliciuuuiy cominlssioneis to
mall complete specimens of tho ballot
to all Judges of elci tlons at least tour
elms betoio election.
Section twenty pi Ides thin at the
optulnc ot the polls In each voting
plate the seals of the ballot packages
shall be publicly bioken. This is in-
tended to picAPiit the stutllng of tho
ballot box picpaintmy to the opening
of the polls. I'lovihinn is also made
hat ail spoiled ballots, as well as the
stub and the uiun-eil ballots and the
u ts of otci.j, shall be placed hi sep
mate .sealed covets mid icturned to the
piopi't' otilce, and shall not be opened
except by the ictiirn Judges or by older
of court In a contest. Wheio a voter
Is unable to mark his ticket the ue v
hill requires that ln shall select om
nf tho watchcis pi(cnt to assist him.
The bill has hotno ne.v leatnies In
legard to the loiuu. Watclioi nnd
supervisors 1110 poimltlr-d to be pte
()it. but not within tho irimnl rail. All
I .ulo am t6 be kept In the 111111I1
Hiueted view of thoso piesent in the
vmitis room dunnu' the count mid so
hit they may be able tu see il the
m.irlcs In each ballot. H .iiul ne ilai
1uiy of the police ((Tkci.-1. oiislabl" m
Jtputy constable, to remain vwthln tho
otlugio.ini, but outside .lit Ktiur'l mil,
during the court and 10 invwna
01 ler
ll u ftlither ec(loil it l pi'oeil
Ihnt whcin In any conlHHteii deotlnn
it ki1is.ll appear to the couit that t!u
ballots used In 0110 or more election
districts were In any way defective, tu
an extent so an to mislead the voters,
the court tuny declare the election void
for the ollli'o affected and shall make
lepoit to the ijovernor, who shall fix
a day within four weeks for n new
In winding up, the bill ptovtdes
penalties for a voter showing his bal
lot, casting- any other than the oillclal
ballot: also for the destroying' of nny
list of candidates, cnid of Instruction
or specimen ballot, or the removal of
supplies nbout the vothnr place, or for
the hindering1 of the voting of (illicit,
also for falsely making or for destroy
ing" or defacing' nny ceitlflciite ot nom
ination or letter of withdrawal or for
forging or falsely making tlm oillclal
endorsement on nny ballot, or for wll
lully delaying the dellveiy of the bal
lots. It also piovldes 11 penalty for
any public oflker who shall negligent
ly fall to peifcrm any duty ieiulted or
shall hinder the object ot the net or
vlolnte any previsions. The penalty
In nil of these cases Is a lino not ex
ceeding $l,nui) mid iiupilsiiiuuent of not
mote than n year, or both. It la ulso
piovlded that where a person oiner
than a one authorized shall have bal
lots In his possession outside the vot
ing loom or a counterfeit of nil olll
1 ial b illot, he shall be guilty of a mis
'lemennor nnd punishable as above.
The bill tepeals all acts inconsistent
with its provisions.
The bill has been sent to the senate
election coinliiltiee, of which Mr.
Foclit Is ehaliman. II Is the mnnuro
the llepubllcan oiginlzatlon rndoises,
and will be pushed thiougb.
T. J. Duffy.
Two Distinct Sensations Occur During-
the Sosslons Question of
Salaries Discussed.
til l.xclumc Wilf tlbll II" "lUlUtfJ t'H,
Washington, Vb. 21. This was an
other Jleld day In the house. Two dis
tinct sensations occulted. Harly in tho
d'iy, during the consideiatlon of an
amendincnt to the delkleiicy appio
piintlon bill to prevent hnzlng at the
naval academy, Mr. Hepburn, Iowa,
used exceedingly strong language
while inveighing ngnlnsl the practice
of hazing, chaiclng bv hidlscretlon that
the habits ot tyianny and oppiesslon
loinifd bv thj otllcers ot the m my and
n.ivj at their academies, was lespon
.dble for the refusal of s-nllots to enlist
111 the navv and for the large number
of demotions ftom the ainiy. .Moie
nvet, be iillegod that tile olllcers stood
In each other when in trouble saying
that the lonunandeis of twenty-five
vessels of the navy lost rlnce the civil
vaid, had, with one exception, escaped
with slight punishment.
.Mr. Cannon,- of Minn's, and Mr.
Diytnn, ot West Vllglnia. win inly de
lended the rru v. The stir caused by
Mt. Hepburn's speedi. however, was
mild itiniparod wiili the low which
was kicked up later over some Items
In the bill for extin ompensMton to
( mpl-jyes of the house ir. )nmore,
01 Alkapsas, exposed the fact that
one of the oinploes of the house,
while occupying one position, was
di aw lug salaty for another, and that
tho diti'etenco betwein the salaiies
was to be made up In one 01 the items
in the bill.
This led to a guicial ventilation of
the domestic affairs of the house, dur
ing whiih Mr llallev. of Texas, de
clined that the situation was a scandal
upon the Integilty of the house. He
chaiged that theie were oniijlo.ves of
the house who were dividing their sal
mips with otlins who )vi foi inert no
woik, and challeiiKed any one on the
other side to deny his allegations. He
ottered to pioduce sworn testimony in
substantiation of his 1 hatges, if an in
vestigating committee was appointed,
At the close of the session Mr. Italic?
ofieied a resolution lor tho appoint
ment of an Imostigatlng committee,
which was lefeiud 10 tin house com
mittee on lilies on the iipsiunnce ot
Mi. T'.iMie, the niajotity I ader, that
It will lie reported at once. The gen
eial deilclency nppiopnatlon bill the
last of the appiopilatkm bill? was
Police of Jttanlln Have Obtained
Stanliuo, Evidence Against
Reyes and Peypoch.
I' lAilll.-IU Will' (Mil Hi ' l.llnl I'lf-
Mania. IVb.21. The polke of Manila
claim to have obtained deciiineutiiy
evidence which I hoy allege tends to
liiciluiiuate Fianclsio ne.cs. Italian
cansul al .Manila, ami Manuel Peypoch,
consul for I'liiguav, lu aldliiL, the
Filipino Insui gents TJie evidence
lias bei 11 stibmittid to (Jepeial Mc
Arthui Fiiiiiilsio neves is iiiso pioinlno.nt
as n iiinkir, iitokei nun mrrcnani. ho
i tin ptlnilpal s'toekliolder In tho
Manila Slteet ilaiiivav conipanv. Ho
is ciiaige-it Willi the rh dilution In tho
Philippine Mauris of the insutgent
ni-vspapi-i- called Filipino Antes i;ts
lopin, published In M-ulrld bv bis
btother. Iiabello Ph l.os :oyes
Minnie! Typoih. ill" con-ul 101 Fiu
guay In Manila. I alleged to huv
acini as a niedliun for the evchanga
of innnej in Manlla. used uiidei the
iitticllen -if 'lv- Insursent geneial,
Tilar. ulsdosnns connecting Mr.
IIii'Ihis, niiiltngei- of the Uriini h Bmiu--si
bmii. in Manila with the Cainrm
irniiMKtiotis. in'i'llk lent to
-. ei 1 nil Ills t ru xt.
Steamship Anivals.
p 11 I 0 i- uiif dun 'Hi" (riijtr.l l'.i.
Ncrt ih' ' 'l Cliiiliill Sinlu, I.!,.
p. 0!; Jl I.I.1I1IIII, ii.lll.-llblll. 1'ihIii-Ii, libK.'iw;
Pn 1 'i 1, lljint" , .1 l"iii'illi ni'l Hii'ilwuf.-,
. ml t. 1I1111, OMdiiKIP, fill 1,1,11.
ft(iitiiii si,.l. T'li'-ll', ti"tl. Iluriiul
(v mk. XiiVfib .i'lnuiili, - si. (r
.hciir 1 ai'l M i' d " II iti'nliiiii Viilinl
-1, ,. I111 nit, N 1 m' ill !i"lliW!t- sjjli
'1 .ii 11I. in - 1 1, Il adi? ln-nil I-.m.i,
Jcuiill Ji.d, Nn 7m L li AiiUMri.
Terrible Wreck on the Ambon Divi
sion ot the Pcnnsulvania Rail
road Near Trenton.
Engines of Express and .Local Pass
enger Tinlns Meet Head-on nt Rus
Hnff Siding Near Eordentown.
Both Are Demolished and the Care
Next to Them Splintered Ten
Peisons Killed nnd Over Twenty
rive Are Injured Wounded in
Trenton and Camden Hospitals.
U; hMludvc IVnc (i cm 'Hie As.oclitcd Vrtft.
Trenton, N J Feb, 21. one of the
woist collisions lu the hlstnty of tho
Ainboy iIMhIoii of the Pennsylvania
r.ilhoad occinred about ." 3o o'clock this
evening at UiiMllng's Skiing, near Bur
dentown. and iiImjui olglit tulles south
of Trenton. The "Nelly Hl" express
from Xew York for Atlantic City col
lided with ii.isenger tram No. ""0, tun
ning fiom Camden to Trenton. The
number of dad so far us known Is
tea and the number of Injured up
wauls of 1!'). A special train, at about
s o'clock, trotn the scene of the wiedc
brought four dead bodies mid eighteen
wounded persons to Trenton. The
wounded wcie distributed among the
three Trenton hospitals Other wound
ed passengers weie taken to Cooper
hospital at Camden.
Anion the killed was Waltu- Kail,
engineer of the etptess, and James
ISIrnilngham, baggngemaster of the lo
cal train. Most of the others killed
are Itultans. Frank Belaud, a passen
ger on train No. S20. an employe ot tho
Pennsylvania Railroad company, had
both legs cut otf. Tlm doctois say he
will die. Michael MctJraw, liieman
on the "Nelly Illy," Aas badly In
jured, but Is epecteil to lOLOver.
1'rank Thompson, engineer of No. SJO,
had 1 leg bioken and Is badly bruised.
He Is In a piecailous condition.
IMwaid Cnrwood, llremaii on No.1:':!.
was li.idlj biuised by Jnmpliii;, but will
rei ovei .
IMwant Supp, eondiicioi- on No. 3!o,
Was also iujuied by being thrown for
ward on the Moor of tlm rear car of his
train. His wounds lire mu believed to
be serious.
The dead and injured -Italians weio
lldlng in tlie smoking cur of the ex
press tialn. They weie being taken to
Atlantic City to do const! uctlon win It
foi tlie tailroad (ompauv.
Scene nt the Wreck.
The scene at the wreck I descilbed
bv thoiu who were iiresont ns hoiTlfv
iug. The two tialns (ollided at toll
speed and both engines woie coin
pletely demolished. The foiwntd car
of each train, in both instances a
(Dtnbtu.ition baggage and smoker, weie
entirely demolished also, mid to add
to the horror the wreck took lire. The
second ear of the "Nellie Illy" tinned
over on Its side nnd the passengns
had to climb out through tlm windows.
In this they were assisted by passen
gers from the cars that did not
1-ave the track. The tinck at this
point is so eloso to the Delaware and
Hmltan canal that the passengers in
gettltng out of the overturned touch
got Into the canal and many of the
bodies of tho dead and Injured had
to be taken from the water.
Thomas I.a.wreiiec of Tenton. said
ho saw ono man burled beneath the
ruins and crying for nsslstanco. He
tried to pry him out, but found he
could do nothing to help him. He be
lieves the man polished In the flames.
The scene of the wreck was far from
outside assistance, and when the
wrecking train arrived from Trenton
It ivns nfter dark nnd tho work of
dealing up tho debris and removing
the bodies was necessarllv slow.
Tho "Nellie lily" was 1 tinning in three
wellons and It was tho third section
with which No. flO collided. The lo
cal train had taken the siding to per
mit the express to pass, and It Is be
lieved that through some misunder
standing or mistake, the local c.11111
out on the main track after the see
oud section had pased, mistaking It
tor tlie third section.
Burned to Death.
Tlie surUvois shuddered as the de
s ilbrd the scene of the carnage. They
said the ciles of agxiny coming from
uiidei the- wieckage where the Italians
worn confined were heat ti ending. The
mass took lire from the wrecked en
gines and It Is believed that a number
of the Italians who were not killed out-
llght were burned to death. Ono of
tho tlrst bodies taken out was that of
lmglneer Wallei Hurl, of Atlantlo
City, who wus In chaige of the ex
press Ho was killed instantly. Ins
head having been cut off Then the
body of .1 amps Birmingham, of Bor
donlown, N. J, bagg-agemaster of the
local train, was found
Willing hands went Instantly to woik
and It was due to the good woik of tho
uninjured passengeis that many lives
were saved. Judge Kelly, of New
Yoik, paid a high tilbuto to Ids fellow
passengers. Including the women, lot
the way they look up the work or res
cue, A mliiu ulous esrape was that of
Oeoige KiiKor, (it South Otauge Mr.
linger Is u cripple and was sitting in a
wheel chair In the baggage cm- when
the crash came. This car was terribly
splintered, juid pait ot It was on top
of tho first car. Mr. lingo- was pitch,
oil out of his chair, bill tinfoi liumtely
In- was not hint, and ho managed to
irwl lo an opening In tlie side of tho
cur and v lifted out
T.ocnl Crew Blamed.
Tin tailroad officials put tlm blame
on the mew of the local, whldi was In
h ir?.e of' Conductor 1", S Snpp and
Knclnet-r B. F. Thompson, both of
Camden. Tho railroad authorities say
that tho crew of this train had been
given orders to "meet" the express at
Bordcntown that is, to wait on a sid
ing at that point until the express
shall have passed. Instead of doing
this, however, thoy kept on up tlm
road, and mot the express at Hunting's
siding, nbove Bordentown, nnd a head
on collision occurred.
Thu read was badly blockid and pas
sengers were transferred ot the scene
of the wreck.
Tho latest Information shown that
there wete nine iwrwons killed outright
besides Frank Boland, who Is expected
to die from his injuries VAght bodies
have been brought to Trenton, and at
least ono other Is known to be under
the debris. The dead ivlto huvo been
Identified are:
Walter Uml. engineer of the express
James Birmingham, bagengemastox
ot the local twin.
Frank Hill, of Whlto Hill, a rnllroid
employe, who was a p.issensor on the
local tinlu.
John Oatet, or Trenton, a passenger
on the local tialn.
Four Italians, whoso names have not
been learned.
Blimlnglmm's chaired bodv was
taken from the wreck late tonight and
brought to the Trenton morgue, where
nil tlm bodies now are.
Tblilien of the eighte-iii Injured
brought here aie Italians. The other
live weie passengets on the local train
and aie not thought to be seriously
The Thlity-Thlid Meeting of the As
sociation Begins at Lancaster
and Will Continue Until
Sunday Night.
Ily Kulusiiu Win? from JV Avucreed l'n
Lancaster, Fob. 21. The thirty-third
annual convention of thu State Young1
Men's Christian association, which be
gan in this city this arternoon nnd will
continue until Sunday night, bids fair
to is- the largest and most enthusias
tic in the history of the as-soclatlon.
By noon today seven hundred delegates
had reported, and each incoming train
added to the host, until tonight more
than SOO expected have enrolled. Fiom
all parts of the state thoy havo come,
eveiy 1 Itv of any coiise(Uenee being
lopn sented. There lire delegates pres
ent fiom seventy-three city associa
tions, twenty-live inllroad associations,
twenty-one colleges, lltteen preparatory
schools, twelve' normnl schools, seven
medical colleges, nine theological semi
naries and seven district section nsso Ions.
The handsome new Young Men's
Chtlstlnu association building, to cost
ope hundred and seventy-live thousand
dollnis when completed and furnished.
Is bi Ing used for the exercises, the first
held lu it.
The audltoiluni was ciowded when
th'- retllillg president. Walter C.
Lfmuilas-s. of Philadelphia, called
Convention to ordir nt S o'clock this
afternoon. Dr. James Y. JUUhell, of
thel'lrst Presbytcilan chinch, Lancas
ter, conducted devotional services, and
then President DoiiKlas made the In
tiodiiitory address, lie spoke btlelly
noon the subject. 'Talth. Hope nnd
Tlie folio wins comnilltees were then
IVrmeitiit (iriranli ilion II. I' olutuii. Nei
1 ..I win. I li I-it in r. I'iltJmn;: .T. A Ni
lilt, I-ifm-tto csllrire; 1'rJtik U Shw., Dale
villi--- P. T Kuhli, Orovf lay rnllrgi-
Ciiiiiinlttre on I'.iii-Iik Hols rt If. ,aH.
Plillaililphli: I'ruk Urjiiiit. Si union: II f
W.hhI, rnlM-rIty of 1'eniir.vlvaiiU; O. II. Cloi.l,
ritir, l hiilei P. Mi, .e nriRinoii.
Ii(il(iitljl-(1. V ''wclirart, SiottiluU-
'Hi li
time (liththrll, I'1-iliilelphii;
lt, s nhiHi't,
Ciittjsbiirir rollise;
,V. I,. Sim tlm b, loll.
ilnlniian f'oliiiian ot the iMiinilltff on 0lK.m.
1itlui H-poitdl the nonillintion cf the following
lrnunint otlliei"! I'rciilci.t. Uoorge I), si
don, Ktle: vice rMil(-nt, Juno. S. Ilaml. Ur.
CeoHB A' Pailev, rhllailelphl.1, anil c. W. DU.
tin, llrrwkn; M-dct.rli, W. II. liillcpic. l-hlb
ailclphla, aid II. V. taw, '1 hcoloitk il
lemlnin, ljncatci.
W. .1. nidiuan, 1. U.. of (lerman
town, delivered an address on "Tho
Oioss; Its Sepaiatlne Power."
itev. Clarence 1". nberman, president
of th1? state Christian Hndeavor socl
etv, wa" Introduced and concluded the
afterncon session with an eloquent ben
ediction. The deb'saie were then enteit iii..J
with supper at tho 1'irst Preabytetfm
church, durlnjr which Oharles E. Hurl
burt conducted a reund table ennfer
eiiee on "Personal Contact with Men."
As the audience tonight was expect
ed to be unusually laijre nnd the ex
pectations were fully realized this ses
sion was held in Pulton Opeia house.
After a sei-. leu of sow;, with II. I,.
M.iwiell, of Clieencastle, Ind., as mu
sk al director, and J. M. Chance, of
Heriinton. as pianist. State Chaltman
Oiwe M. McCauley of Ilatrlslilltif,
pr -sented his annual report.
Secretary JlcCauk-y'ii n-port speaks
of the growth of tin- association In tin
state a slow but Inci easing substan
tially. In IS." t there were but two as
sociations oiff.inlzed which continued
to (he end of the century Philadelphia
ami Uanlsburs. In ISSfc thmo were but
four that still nurvlve. in 1S70 there
wero 1.3 that are still in existence,
vvbllo at tin- close of P'OO tlnre were
continuiiiK the report s.iv
W 'niii rrkrP'l th tvntitietli cni'iii nil
lib wtTMUtl'iiH I'i cilv acd toiui, -l ullroid
1 ml IS! Ktnilfntl; a mimhrnhlp ef ''.0.'.a icily
.inii tnm 'jVIS lillioJil i wiT. iimluit .1.0011,
(villi tt i" ltleiw ininlr.k' thrli umii huiiKS.
viliicil nt 'J Kl!,tH; with t. til rt value of
n v Uili 11 pieiwrty of $J,TiLW,; wlilih in.
rhi h' tlm appintiw in M RjninaHluiin, tin- tcl't.
c itli-ml piiilpinent of 45 aivochtionn, arid 52
lilnarlisi with W,'i(W voliiniCHi nml with tIV),1T!
uililiiloiul Milircrilnil for the iriitlon ia n.-
lniilJltn or lli'i pJimtnt of ik-ht upon ohl nms,
'lhi 10H of tlm romluit of tlip -roil, ilutin; the
ji-ir va d.MV.OOi.
Tho report of State Treasurer .1. 11.
llalley, llaulsbiuir, showed that tlm
receipts for tho year were $l'.',Sh!.'.,4l
expenditures, $12,76S.4n, and balance,
i i.
Tho address of the evening was by
Or. AVIlllam Patterson, pastor of tho
1 Unburn- church. Philadelphia, on,
"The Abundant Ut "
Representative W. W. Nlsbet, Insur
gent and flnti, Will Sup
port the Ripper.
The Action of tho Representative
from the Fifth Legislative District
of Allegheny in Announcing That
He Will Suppoit the Muehlbtonnor
Bill Is Regarded ns the Foreiunner
of n Geneinl Break in the Columns
of the Insurgents The Hands of
the Flinnitcs Ate Elevated in Holy
Terror nt the Prospect of the Stam
pede That Will Piobably Follow.
piclal fic-tn J st-fi f.orri'pomliii
Haitisbutfc-, Pa., l-'cb. Ul. UepieKen
tatKe W. AV. Nlsbet, an Insurgent,
Pllnnlte and an ;.ntl of the
lepteentin? (he Fifth Alle
distlict, In the heart of Pitti-
burfT, the luitrest and ikhei-t lenisl.v
live district in the .stale, e-omc-c out to
Jllffht for the Mlichlbionuer bill. It Is
a forerunner of a (jeneuil bienl
j-nu I
the ranks of the lnsuiKetits. Mr. NIs
bet's announcement of his intention to
support the ripper has caued the
Pllnnltes to tluow up their hands In
holy horror.
Mr. Nlsbet save- out the followlnc
statement; "I believe that a. vast ma
jority of people want this bill passed
by the house just as it comes to us
fiom the senate, and I consider it my
duty to my constituents to vote for tho
bill. I desire at this time to define my
position and Intentions on the passage
of this bill. Tt Is a measure which nf.
feets'-nya'lly the Interest of the dlmtlcf
I have the honor tn represent (the
Fifth I.eKislntlve district of Allegheny
county). Xot only that district, which
Is the Iarest legislative dlstilct lu the
slate, but the e-n tiro Kreat city of Pitts
burg, with her vast and varied Inter
ests. "The icoplu ot Hint city are
watchlns what their representative"
tire dolus and how they will vole on
this bill, which means so much to the
manufnctureis, the business man, tho
piofesslonal man, the mechante and
men who have a vast amount of real
estate, and the man who Is trylnK to
.secure a llttla home for himself and
family: In fact, every phnse and walk
in life have an interest in this bill. I
Intend to vote on this measure the way
I consistently and honestly believe to
be for the- best Interests of Plttsbuifr,
and all other second-class ellie.s In this
groat state." T. .1. Duffy.
Tluee Notorious Bank Thieves Aie
Captured in Pittsbuig.
By I'.uluvlve Wire frtm Th As,ocUteu Pr.ii-.
Pittsburg, Pel). 21. Micky Ckiason
eif rhicag-o. and Sidney Yonnie and
C'hailes Newman, notorious bank
thieves, whose laces adorn e-vety
rescues Kallety In the countiy, were ar
rested here 'toda. whllH slzlim' up
bank building.
The police say they ate wanted In
several cities and will hold them sev
etal days les suspicious eharactuis. It
Is supposed they were on their way
to ashlnston to operate duilnir the
By l.idns-Uo VVirn from Th Modotnl Pim.
PhlliriVlpliU, lk 21 --Mrs. Thomas b-ott,
wiiloiv of tho lf.lo Colonel 'Ihonui A, Soolt.
president ot tho I'tim-jhanu IlillroJil romp-uiy,
diid'at her Iiciiii today aftir a lose illncrt hV
wis .1 prominent eoclely Tender, htlnj vslJ'b
Lnonn litrn iinil abroad Mir wu (ouncily Mim
Ann 1 U. llliMIe, of Plttvl.ur,'.
lo AiuiIik, tl . lil'- Jl. IVninev t'nitcd
Maui Senator Strplun M. White dhd jt
hW rcildi-nco in Io Anisekii todiv niter n uliort
IllniM. Since the expiration of Mh tern, ni-ral
months aco, Sttutor White h..d I ei-n tirttliin'
liw Leu-.
New Pennsylvania Seivice.
p; lAflnlvc Win fiom 1 tic Avoeiafrii Vmt
I'lttthurs. Till, if. live niiruei'iiiiil nf ihl
lViaLh;inlJ linn I.j( iniaiufl villi lie l.ik
(onipany for throii.h pafariifter lenko on iwu
(Lilly tuins vU C-IiimUm nml Ahio-i to llnllu'e,
UUns rlfict Mjv S, fiom M LuiiIn. finllJiupnlis
Lanlhvlllr, nnclnnitl, bi.Uoti nml I'nliinil h.
'JIiU amusement lirlni 1 in iutiip(llli-r Ii lo
tho field ler (lantluqt'J ljl e, llmliln .iml '.i
ora Vail 1 husln.
Sword for righting. Bob."
Ill i:lnle Win fiom Tin V'mil.itoil 1'im
WaMiinijton, li'i. tl, -Tlie prn.iiititfnii of a
M-cril lo Cipuln llol Hn f) l' nii, nf the tnv.v,
tmilcht .n th iiiiaiion nf n iuiili ly Siilu
Henderson, ot thi heue ot iHpu.i-ntjtlii.., ,,i
Inic 1 flowlni: tiltitito to "l'i;hlii: Ih'ii" ni'l
to tie Ameikin tin- In t'ii.eml. tin 1..MH1I j
prwented by the jieopti of lnn In mnfiilli'ii
of hit rominaml cf tin hattledhlp Imu ihiilns
the battle of SititUfto n; Ciipulti l'.i.ili nixili
a unief-l reply f the prriitllnn p-nli
, Weather Indication Tojjy.
t i.rneral lnwcrntu Will Suptrl Hipper HI".
PHI tn llcfnim tlio li-illct.
I'til U'ri-ck Xt-ir Trenton.
l'lomrJH of tlie Iljllrood lnqiilrj
2 Clnicinl tTreu! Hipper Hill I f.-nl')
Wltl out rim
3 IjwuI OpliwUlon t-i Hi" Ini'Ui ''irt PHI
Court rrocreilnc
4 IMitorlal.
ISote inil Uinui (iir
5 Locil Alilfmun UclUm lln Sot (liwn lip
the PfRht.
Intimitis toi the CemirK Vc'r
(t Iical Went 'Sainton itnl Kubuilnii
7 Cew-Ml Northciitun IVriMy'varw
I'lnii.cial anil (YinmifKlat.
8 Porill I.iie Vrr vi the WfrlU
But Annoiinies That She Will Not
Allow Heiself to Be Made a Fool
nf for a Million Dollnts
a Minute.
Sfilj ti II' sirmlun Ti'ibiilir
Topeku, Kansas., I'eb .'!. .Mi
.1110 to
rie Nation l to cuter politics
become tin ctllloi- of th Smasher:
.Mall, u papei to Ii.. tun lu behalf of
nrjfroc". Slie Iiiih refused templing of
I'ets lo lecture mid will remain in
Topeka to help rleet 'i "dean man"
for inn. or ,11 the spiiim election. Thec
matters wete announced by the crus.i
dei from her 1 ell In the county Jail to-
da.v after the chntKe against hBrt of
hut- miidshluu the Senate saloon ,wi
w els ano. had keen disinissed by
lllilfte .Mil'atie. SShe Is still lieillK held
or the iliiiiKe of bic.iluilK Into Aloes
d's old si 01 nice plnnt last ,Siinda.
A delegation 01 the home defendets
culled on Airs. Vatlon lu her cell to
talk about iinnilnatliiK a city ticket for
the election this sprint'. Alts. Nation,
iv ho has decided 'o become a citizen of
I'opelta, at leiist for a time, was n
lhulaiUk "We decided," she said, "to nominate
a clean niiiii, a man who does not
drink, smoke 01 bUispheint-. No other
need apply."
The newspaper thai Alls. Nation in
tends to edit will be published by
"Nick" Chiles, a neRiii Joint keeper,
who signer! one of Alls, Nation's bonds
last w-el , rmil David Nation. Airs.
Nation' husband Is lomiur; to Top--Ua
to help h.s wife with the enteipilse.
He once idlied 1 piper in Wntrens
butir. Alo. Alls. Nation says the
paper will be publish, d for the sp-uMnl
perils ot tho nc-Bioes it will contain
news about the temperance cause In
Kansas and will devote iniuh spac ti
the letteis Airs. Nation receive from
her eneinli-H and her svnipathizers.
She will wilte the edltoilnls.
Airs. Nation icfusiM to ro on any
mine lecture tilps. A dicus and the.
atrical man has adveitis(-d that be has
seemed Alls. Nation for a piolesslonal
tilp. laistetn papeis t-leKiaphed In
(llililes about this matter. Alt k. Nation
ni.nouneed that she would not allow
herself to be ' made a tool of fur a lull
lion dell. its a minute. '
Suggested at Annual Meeting of
American Newspaper Publisheis.
By 1'cliiil Wlii; from The A-oil.itnl l'njs,
New Voi-lt, Pi b, 21.- The annual
meetliiK of the Ameiiean newsjiaper
publisheis was continued today In tin
Waldoif-Astoila hotel The moiniUK
tesslon was devoted to a discussion ot
the plan for aibltratiou ot labor dis
putes width had been submitted by a
special committee .vesteiday. Alter
adjoin nnieiit II was said that the as
sociation bad unanimously adopted the
toliowliiK resolution.
ll.--.0U. J, llllt till- 111 JI. Ill llhltUlltll a l0.
Iiis Ii tin rpirciniiitif ft flip V. N, 1. .
ind tho I. T. t. Jliii cinli-wil li the hciril of
directum of tin- xoil. timi l ami the nun i
lii-rohv nitilifil, ipiirnv -il jml L.itiilniinl hj tl-,i
iiKinhoti (f Ihm iwuUliun in loiiiinlloti j m
Tile aiiivement now awaits million
Hon by the local unions of the Inlu
national Typographical uninn
Pi Ktilivive Wire fi-iii Tho Vtr.(ut(J l'n(
Mai-litnclin, Pels !1 - VI lie inSUnci- if i'ie
I'nitrd States connnii-'il llin po,t-rt luv m
cepli-il th punciplr tint nn turtlier linhviilinl
(,nr-lon of tirrilei ai Cliini -lull h 1.11
ci olitineil h;. ju,i re 1 old v ill e 1 ,11 .1 e
tlond w.t.
Shnmokin Silk Mills Closed
Dj Uxckifbe Win fnm the Vjiioeateil rrai
Mt'.moMn, IU . I"b "1 Tlio SbaniuLbi M't
mill, cmplttilnic 2M uiH-rathri, vran ilad down
bv tho ov Tiers foi n Indehiiile period thin v
;-i- bivaiiH- tin nnplojui fonnoil .1 union lot
nlijM. The rnmpim, coirprKinir local aril Nev
,leiuy cjplf illrts, villi ipin the- v.oiU v nit
t oimli (f the gnU a.l kr rrlwta'.iineni 11I
'oriyo enlonhm.
Saiatoga Cabino Burned.
Py Ktelutve Wire fr. 111 The Avirbtet PriM
Saiatf-ei, V. Y, reli.?l. The Wee den .1 f
luii oil splint ,tnit, (oriiK-rlv kmmn s f"
I'ciro, nil tut.ilh i'ni .jhI Ii t loililc.
It w.n .Kiiipkil by f.eoin. W -lit, , (ii.iiluirr
ileslir. The lo will rmr(j4te SH'liiiO nii'l i'io
lii.iir.iiiu W.lifiii rh- t .itno ii (01 nieiJl
ear ntblreil for toi Mullen puipn-
Snlatlfs Advoueed
Bi Ct. ii (rr fi i-i The .vrvUtut li
( hl'.iEi'. I'eb 'Jl licm-ml Vfjiu.-ir s,af, of
he Hi,' l'm.r kiariil. I.a. bmuil .111 011I01 d-
iimlii; th- sr.ltui.. tl iuij tiliffiapli opetatrr
In Ihl- (iiiIuv of dm nml U'j ki em. 'Ihe
ilie-iji v 111 illicit liilMrm niui .did nilw In n
ilml iniii mil villi Iikk.iv ihi ui- lull of the
ninpiliy almiit SIihi.CW ; alv.
MoinliiRStar Letulb.
llv l.xdn.lie Wue fuin He .-.mUted l'rrii.
Vrw el rdi '.1. MoiiiliiRTtar held hU lead
In Ihe billliid in (tin ovir llinboi lonlnlit. T'ip
final -son- of II - i.MitV plaj wan .on In 111.
Ilio totiil fniti in diti Ii: Vtmnliikk 1, l,.ii
lliwfu.ii, 1,1ft, )
Due rtGGonlinu to Witnesses Bclors
Industrial Commission to Good
Mnnauement and Good Times.
President Walter, of the Lehigh Val
ley, nnd President Thomas, of tho
Eile, Give Intel cisting Testimony.
The Valley Company Buys Coal o
tho Independent Operators Who
Are Paid 00 Per Cent, of tho Sell
ing Piice nt Tidewater The Pub
lic Pays Higher Piice for Coal a3
a Result of the Stiike Mr. Thomn
Knows of No Combine.
tt Tvl-Jim Uiio fr. 111 lhi Avocl-ti-il Pine
N-w Voik, lb. il. The henrliiB of
tin siili.coiiimltleo on tianspoitntloii
of Hie indip-'trlal commission was re
sinned this forenoon with Thomas 1..
(liei-ne, Ni"e president of the Audit
company riK.ilu a wi'nrss.
Air. !teene, bcfori- ruiumeiicliiK hl;
testimony, gavo out a statement sa;--Ini;
he had been jnisrii:otd as to slat
ovvnei-hhlp of rallroade.
He said he was opposed to rov em
inent ownership and always had been.
Alt. Creene also denied that ho had
said the state or Penns.lvnnla ouirht
to 1 oinpel the mads to ship coal by tho
aiorli-'t and (piickest route. Such
tentlineut". he said, tvere not held by
'An- the laisely increased eatnliiKS
of i.illioads we read of from day to
day flic result simply of Rood times or
paitly due to better nianaBeincnf."'
Air. iiici-nu was asked.
"I'.oth elements enter Into th-
present prospeilty ot railroads," tho
witness replied.
"If industrial commissions can pre-,
vent over-pioductlon and the railroads
Klve the exporters facilities for ship
pirn? their surplus pioductlon, what ef
fect would that have to prevent bad
"It would undoubtedly accomplish a
Krcal deal In that direction. We have
times in this country as -a result of tin
tremendous eneisy ot our people. This
cneisy must be given a vent sohie way
or other and one of the results Is over
production. If we could set something
to keep this Industilal eneipry within
bounds, it seems to us it would have
a veiy wholesome effect."
"The preferem e to a corpoiatlon
above a co-pat Incrshlp In the llnun
dal woild todav Is mainly on the
mound of the limited liability of the
membeis, Is It not?" asked Ptofessoi
"Yes, undoubtedly.'
"Would It not lie well tu have a fund
which should always exist and which
could be held liable so as to Insure
en dlt""
I think," th witness replied, "It
would be well It a mipoiatlon could
be made to define how much of Its as
sets represent m t mil value
ill illUllie-
tlon to what repusents iood will."
Lehigh Valley DealhiRB.
At the afteinoon session Allied Wal
ter, president of tin I-ehlKh Valley
inllroad. was iiuesiloiud. lie H.'ild his
eompany hmmht .some mal fiom so.
called independi nt operatoi-s and that
lu such (ases Ih operatois weie paid
CO per cent, of the selling pi lee at tide,
watei. Air. AValter said that some
ycair. ao niinlim' was more preiltable
than now. Tho work wits then above
water line. As the woik ptOKiv.ssed
below the water line, he said, the cost
and also tin risk beeaiuu tneatcr and
profit-' onsoiiiently less
"I in jml think that .1 mivIiir to tin
(onsiinnr will 1) efi'icted rhniiisli the
cominiiiilt of interest plan?" was
I thick it will benefit the piodttcer
and is bound in tlnin to benefit tho
consumer also."
Air. Walter said thai sixty per cent,
of the coal transported over his rend
came fiom Independent operatois. Ho
.said no discrimination was made
iiK.iinst them, they vein readily .sup
plied with cars.
Air Walter disclaimed any Intention
on the pait ot the Lehlfrh Valley lo Ret
absoluto control of the anthracite le
sions threiiRh which th-- road passes.
"J would like to ask you something
about the In bor ondltlons lu tho an
thtaclte regions, ' said Air. Kennedy.
"In your opinion were tlm demunds of
the miners in the last strike just?"
"They Rot them," replied Atr. Waller.
"Tho reason why I hesitate Is that It
was a puro business transaction. I
don't know what you mean by just.
They made certain demands and they
s;ot what they wanted. That la all I
can say."
"Ones tho public P iy a blither prim
for coal now us a. result of tho strike?''
"Then tho sit Ike was a bad thlnn
for the public,"
I don't know "
"Mo you believe labor unions are at
good thintf?"
" a Reneral proposition, ye."
I i;. 15. Thomas, president of the Krli
inlliopd. was the next to testify.
Air. Tliomafi nvo statistics pertain
IiiK to tho amount of coal hlu roael
carried, and the percentaKO of It
which cnnio ft-im Independent opera,
iTah!r;ton. Tib. ril. IVrrrvt for en
rri I rnn-.vhinii t ilr l'rlda-,; lr.rif.
in" (h'lllni rid put i'il roA- Sipir
it. , 11 hh i !iil ii- ithvivicrlj- "Mud.,
I, ,1 1 11 1, 1 1
v, n ,s
, n 1) . tr-j It t j ,