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The Fountain oi Youth
three week
Ihey Will Bo Used in This City, But
falo and Hoboken The Board for
Today Superintendent Clarke
Mado His Eirst Trip in His New
Private Car Comment About the
N. Y., O. & W. In the Financial
Papers What They Think About
It3 Tuturc.
The new switch oiislneH now in mo
on the I.ackuiwinnu rallrouil, whlrh
wore constructed by the Dickson Man
ufacturing company, nic Klvlnir eci'l
piit patlsfncUnii. A lint- Ki'.'uU- of an
thracite Is used for fuel. Tlle motlvf
lowcr furnlHlu-d by tin- ptmhtiH utir
iintm anything hw-iofoiv in ucu hero.
Tho cyllndui-H an- IBM! I, innl the -ii-Kluo
linn n lSO-i'omid stenni riresuie
eiul upIkIih ISO.Oirt iioundH. Tht-y nvc
of tho C-whcl coniu-ctfd tyi wlihoiu
ttilikx. and huu- sloping tank to mi
fiblo tho ciiKlnuor to .sou I ho swltch
jiioii. Tho capacity of tho tain? Is S.iXO
K.illniiM, and lmn a i apaclty of .sU
toiiH of coal. The wpIkIU of this tank
loaded In 71,00" pound.
Tho JIiuImkc N S fool wldo and Si 1'U
inclioM lonjr. Tho dluinot-r of the
boiler l fiJ Iih hoc. mid has JT.' tubes.
Tho .Unmet -r of tho ilrhlllK Wheels i
r.7 Inches. The illumi'tor of ''to main
ililvlni; iinIo Journals aio Sxl1li Inches.
Tin- pushois aio also equipped with
nlo biakcs, automatic couplers and all
other model n appliances.
They aio n now typo of engine heio
..nd tho fourteen to be bull' by the
Ulikson ManufaotuiIiiK eomiany will
be used at Scranton Mubnki n an I lluf
i ilo. The additional fr'lght and
BPngcr engines aro eectod to airtvo
Iimi- fiom Sehoneetady some time in
Minth. They aro made liom plans
in 'pared at the omp.iny's draughting
munis in this rlty and contain fen
iitioM whhh will mako tho oarlnes
. specially adapted to tho uvt-s of tic
Delaware. l.aiKawanna and Western
Comment About the N. Y., 0. & W.
The New Voile, Ontario and Western
initially continues to occupy a good
.1 al of attention In llnanclal elides.
Tie- Now York (onimoiolal says;
'There Is no cession of tho bullish
.irguuicnt as to Ontario and Western.
Tho general (.hoot for the year ended
1e ::i shows assets of $SC,037,S."S, aa
against tho following liabilities: Stock,
. ommon. r.s.tUVJS'J; capital stock, pre
ft rred. $:..a00: funded debt, JliVJST.OOO;
rentals due and accrued $17,700: Inter
est on funded debt due not patented,
?r..rr:u; due for wages, JIIII.TIU: duo for
Mipplle.s, J.Vf.lUS; due on open accounts,
Jl'.OS.rilti; loans and bills pajnble: Hank
loans, $100,000; gold notes secured by
Hist mortgage, i-cianton t'eul company,
$.',150,000; gold notes secured by llrst
mortgage, 131k Mill Coal and Iron com
pany. $'1,000,000; piolll and loss (Mir-
lihih), J I,0:i3,3iiii. Total, $St',,057,S:S. Thn
leal merit of Ontario and Western
.is ii speculative block, however, lies
In the fact that It Is the last lenialnlng
Independent coal road in Us terrltoiy,
and for that leason Is likely to bo
bought In by other interests."
The Philadelphia. .Stockholder prints
the following:
".Strong intcr'sts aio accumulating
Ontario and Western on the theory
that Its position is to bo greatly
strengthened in tho not far distant fu
ture. They argue that as It is the only
independent hard coal line l-ft, It Is
likely soon to -he acquired by tho big
anthracite coal combine on very favor
able terni!.. It .seems highly impiob
able that tho Interests behind tho big
Kimbluation will leave the scheme uii-
ompleted, 'when the Inclusion of one
more road Is .ibsolutely necessary for
dominance of Hi- trade. Net lecelpls
of the Ontario and Western tor the last
half of 1'jmii ! creased $10S,'J0ii. Last
loar'n sut plus was $s."i!),0;U, but insiders
s.iv that the cm rent .vein's net balance
i 111 probably not exceed 750.0''iii, or
about l'i per r 'lit. on Ihe stock."
D., L. & W. Bonul for Today.
The Melawate, Lackawanna and
Western bouid for today:
luisnw, riunrvuv
WIM r.UK, Ua-t-S . in.. M.
lij.. ji. in., T. MuCarlliy.
iur.Mivv. ri.imi n v
HIM 'ats. Kil-1-'.,W a m , O Krarncj , 'i
d. tii., .1. II. Sw.rtij 1 .1 in., II. IlUhlne, 5
.i in., y. W. I'lttecmlli ii .1. m., J. Costello;
7 j. in., 1'. II. Si'ior: O..H1 i. in.. 1). Wallace!
M a. m.. J. ,1. Mum llli C Il,irtlifiluni,w'
Men; 11. Ml ii. in.. I'. Il.illoi; l.::0 i. tu., I'. I.
siivtiw; :i.l, i in., l. Mullen; i 1 p.
t. I". Maple. "1 1
"I feel Ilka ftbor REAin!" exclaimed. Geo.
W. Attrldee, a tnn 07, years; i oia. alter a
ik' COUrso OI uurr i o x-urj
MALT WIltanji.1. Ana jia
looked It too. Tho ruddy fltuh
of health was in hlachecks, tho
youthful flro and brlghtncsi
had returned to his eyes, and
In his walk there was all tho
light -la-artcd buoyancy and
vieor of his early manhood. A
mlrnelnT o; that isjustwhut
WHISKEY Is doing every day
for tho fccblo and all ng who
una it as a tontc and stimulant.
l ninxllknmaelc.
Abram V.. Elmer, of UUca. !; 119 ycara
old and hai taken no medlcino except,
Uiitly's Pur.) Malt Whiskey for twenty-five
Tu the only Whiskey taxed by the flor
eminent iw a medicine. This ha guarantee.
All druKKls's and grocers, or dlreet, S1.IX) a
bottle, llefmo aubstitutcs. tscud for free
racdiial booklet.
nOl'FY MALT WHISKEY CO., Roclititer, N.T.
Inspector H. O, Prytherch, of the
Second Anthraclto District, Has
Completed His Report and For
warded It to Bureau of Mining.
Matters Are About the Same as in
1809, with tho Exception That n
Big Slump in Output Was Caused
by the Strike.
wMt from OymcA, tl.rco cnsrlnr. .1.imm Ulnlor;
7 p. m., wnt Hem rajtifj, Mdiiinf.
Puller K. K. sor.
Puhrs S a. in., M. fllrlfj t 11.S0 a. m M
run: 7 p. in.. Mnrpli); p. m iMinpli'ir,
1'iwi-tiitrr rjiRlii " j. in. (Iittniv: 7 . ",
Mnn-r; S..TO p. m.. htntin: 7 p. in., Manovcfii.
Wild Cud, Wnt I a. in., Jolm Ilnxtev; 0 n.
m C KIliiMley; 7 a. in., .1. II. MusIcm; 10 W)
tit., I'. Wall: 1 ii. in.. Krtrliaiiis 'J p. in , J.
M(lor; 2 p in., II. Iluwrty; p. m., John
(,'jlnRjn; a p. in., ). II. l.iilu.
iVmlnctiir M. .1. lldiini;an will oil al train.
nntttr's citlie tlil altiiiitHin, Til), lb.
llraUiuiti 1'. IlKlnition rpitl tor duty with
1'r.nW MiDonnclI.
Bcrtnlon Ckxl bo 5 113,747
lt. rifiunt Ootl Oo & S4.I2S
tirttn Itldge Col Co 1 M.HS
ltnn)hini Col Co 1 SI1.WS
Wm, Oonnell Coil Co 1 107,679
The Connell Coal Co a 7.N1
(lrecnoo.l Col Co. 3 H.403
Ilrooki Coil Co 0 31,130
Jehu i: J. J. Jni)n 1 " va.m
i:illolt, McClnre fc Co 1 l.".e,0J7
lllk lllll Col k Iron Co f".M
A. t). k V. it. l-pnccr 1 71,169
Nay Auk Co1 Co 1 M.J0J
(llbbotM CoM Co 0 1V"5
North American Ccul Co t 2n9,MI
llowtn Coal Co 0 SU.Mt
lliill'n lloa J Coal Co 0 23,701
Carbon Coal Oo 1 U"I
lVupIf'a Coal Co 1 MM
Sptlnc "rook Coal Co Is. -fr-
Vntal nd arri(trt 45 UCSOl
Tjlilf C uriowa the nutntwr of UUI and liute
f' I urel'lciila and the numlir of ton of
iimI l'Hlnfiil por accldtiil:
This and Tha't.
The old round house In the Lacka
wanna yard Ih heliiff torn down to
make loom lor straightening tho
xwItcheH leading Into the coal chute.M.
A number of emflneors Crom tho
Hurrah) dlvlHlou arrived in the city ye-t-rday
to confer with local men on
matU'iK pertaining to tho Hrotherhood.
flraud Master Sargent, of the Hroth
erhood of lUilli-oad Kit emeu, haw not
yet arrived, at least hln whereabouts
aro not known.
General Supeilntulident T. K. Clatke,
of the Lackawanna railroad, madu his
Initial trip to New York yesterday on
his new pilvate car 'TMInlkahda." Ho
was accompanied by Muster Car Hulld
er I T. (Janlleld and Suporlntendpnt
of Car Service M. ti. Casey. Tho car
was attached to No. l!0, leaving here
at 8 a. m.
Frank J-auijhlin, of this city, has
been appointed roadmaster of the
Wyoming division of tho Lehigh Val
ley nillroad in place of Thomas Mc-
Keown, resigned. .TamcK llailey was
amioliitcd nsslstant roadmaster. Mr.
1iughlln began at the bottom and by
strict attention to duty ami his abil
ity to pleuse both employer and em
ploye liu succeeded In obtaining tho
advancement. Ho Is conceded to be
oae of the best ro.ulmnsters In the
state. Mr. Hurley Is also well known.
He Is capable, deserving and has many
friends WilVes-Harre News.
It Is Known as the Municipal Im
provement and Contracting Com
panyWhat It Proposes to Do.
J lliiiuiiiin;
, l Mullen
in , .1. II Mel .inn.
ouinnilu. P'c. (1 J. in., r.i-t. I Minoiiiiill,
.i in., wi'ct, (. rraunfilkir; 0 a in., wi-.
u 11, Nii1iul: a p. in ia-,1, . I.lup'oil, mtli
llucli Holier!' men ; 7 p in. i il,i from Njy
Mist, tannin, witli I ile MIlMtrV Jnvn, 7 p, in.,
Mi fir en
Have "eyea bigger than their stomachs,"
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eat themselves, and are tempted by all
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For children with "weak" digestion or
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Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
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Accept no substitute for " Golden Med
ical Discovery." There is nothing "just
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Mr. Klla C.arrlntr. of Watcrvlew. Middlesex
Co., Va. , writes : "My little daughter ia enjoying
;iau l lounu a aotur
mlcndM health.
shc could cure luv
I am
Indly I Klve lirr l)r. 1'ierce'a Golden Medical
Whenerer he feela
liisruvery and she h uon nil tight. She took
twelve bottle of the Mloldcu Medical Illacov
rry.' eight liottle of ' Pelleta,' and one loi,(e of
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Dr, Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, in paper covers, is sent free on
icceipt of at one-cent stamps a puy
expense of mailing ir. Address Dt.
Ji. V. l'iarce, liuffalo, N. V.
The day of the colored ashman, with
his llckety ash caitand decrefilt hoise,
is past. No longer will citizens watch
with dismay the slow progress of the
wagons down the street, followed by a
trail, of ashes and refuse, for the edlet
has gone forth that the old-slyle cai
llor of ashes must give way to tins
mote modern concern, a stork company
consisting of men of prominence.
Tho Municipal Contracting and Im
provement company is the name of the
oiganlzatlou which jitomlses to me
tamorphlze thing". The stockholder
are . H. Langstau, A. t lied ford,
I. Iloland. A. It. Dunning. A. N.
Walker, and II. Van llusklrk, .solic
iting agent.
In pl.ii'f of tin- old dilapidated eait.
a well-built, brightly jalnted, covered
wagon of an improved dump-cart
style will appeal. Instead of the Ill
fed, raw-boned animal, called by coui
lusy a hoi'M', two well-fed and large
limbed h'UM-t will bo attaehtd to tacit
The new company will have a dozen
wagons in operation by the first of
.Mutch, to accommodate XM pel .sons
who have slgntd contracts up to date,
and as many more at the cIoho of the
mouth as the number of subscribers
warrant. The company has received a
lheiiM- ft oni the board of health to
carry gailiage'. whereas the ashmen
now m vogue merely nave wagon
Hi eases.
While the great majority, or all, of
tin .ii-hmcu will he forced out of busi
ness, the new company will be gener
ous and give many of them employ
ment on their wagons.
Win tv it the subscribers do not
IniM anh I'ttiK, the eompaii proposes
tu pluie big disinfected sheet-lion
i. ins All the gatbage and relusi will
be burned In the crematory until tho
company can erect a building of Its
own for this purpose.
The .Municipal Contracting aud Im
piovenienl company promises that the
uniuunt of sickness and death will bo
they net in opeiation there will bo
no more papers blowing around the
sticits, no lefuse and garbage dumped
promiscuously about, but that evety-
ining win ne cieaiuit up, caiicu away
aild bullied before the germ-chaiged
lubblsh Ii.'ik a chance to get In Its
wotk. In Totonto, Toledo, Cleveland
and other towns whom similar haul
ing hac been instituted recently, sick
ness and death have- been decreased
sixty per cent.
W S. Langstatr left yesteiday for
littsbutg in secure the wagons for the
new cone et n.
Judge Buiflngton Says the New
Court District Is Unnecessary.
Now opposition has developed to the
Middle District IVdetal coutt bill.
Judge Jns.-pli Iiittilngton has been on
listed against It and proposes to go
before the senate committee Thursday,
and argue against Its necessity.
Congressman Council ptuposoh to
merit his aigumetits and has sum
moned a number of Its local support
ers, by telegraph, to be present at the
heartnir. lix-Clty Solicitor Janus II.
Torrey Is one ot those who will go tu
tho hearing. 1'iesldeiu Ju.lgo It, W.
Archbald Is also likely to niletid,
Tho friends of tho measure hem aro
confident that they can meet and over
come any aigunients that may be ad
vanced ngaltut tho necessity of tho
new district, oven though sush argu
ments a.t udvunoed by such nn able
nml Intlnentlnl lii.m nn .1ni1u- lln'Tlnir.
I ton.
Mine Inspector II. O. l'rytherch, of
the Second Anthracite district, yes
terday t ipletcd bis report for tho
year I'JOO, and last night forwarded It
to tins bureau of mining. It consists
of his annual statement and a, number
of tables, and shows the existing con
ditions were much the same ns In ISM.
Ills comparison between the results
in 1S9! and 1900 is as follows:
In lSO'l thi following llt cf aeelilenta waa
relumed: Faral, 4u;, IM; toul, W.
Tim tables which accompany and form a part
of the reiwrt ihow the following to lie Ilia
llt for 1000:
l'atal, 63; non-fatal, 1.11 s total, 'J07. Ily
eoniiariwn we find lor lll an lticreao of 0
fatal accident", a decieasi- of 7 non-fatal anl
ilrntA and .1 dtcreie of I In tho llt of total
accidents. We would remark that diirlni? ISM nne
accident only by which two lliet weie lost
at tho same time omrml, while in IKiO one
accident rmiltcd In the Iws of four lhi, ami
two by whlili two Hie each were lnt oc
curred. Perhaps this will partly explain the
Increase In the fatal IM. Hence It will K-
reen that the miiiiUr ol latai jciiuema in
the years under comparison are the wine, but
thou? ol th( latter ilalm M more ictlnn.
The total production of coal foi 1!00 shovn
a ik'Lreavp ol 141,510 tons and an inereae of
l,3cA in the total numliir ot persons rinploycil
m and ahutit the mines.
The (leeii-av In th pmducllon was e.uiKil
by the item ral Ktrike and mitnereiis otlicr
minor ilUj(creetnents bttuien trnplojer jnd nn
ploes in the district during the ear.
II will ho peen that in addition to the tahlts
whiih hue aluo)-s accompanlul thee reports
tables of percentiBH haio been prcpaied In
order to thow in a more conspicuous manner
the cauc which result in the greater part
of the accidents, as well as the class or elases
of employes which contribute to the list of
An "ciploslon of gas" In a mine, resulting in
tho Iom of a number of Hies together or at
tho same time, attract wide attention, whllo
the eury-day accidents front "falls of roof and
coal ocLtir almost unnoticed. The tamo re
Iirred to dhow "tails of roof and coal" to be
itsponsiblf for fw per cent, of the fatal acci
dents and 11 per cent, of the total ae-cidetits In
the district during I'iOO, and "eplolons of gas"
are reponsible for 4 per cent, of the fatal ami
S per cent, of the total accidents.
Following the ttbles ol percentages further
it will bo seen that mineni male up 40 per
rent, of the lctimi ol fatal accidents and 32
per cent, of the total accidents.
Laboter", 20 per cent, of the fatil and 01 pel
cent, of the total accident.
Thee two classes of workmen, tho miners
Hid laborer?, work In c!oc contact, in fact
together, and if one interpretation of the pro
Nision of the mine law be correct tho miner
is, to a greit c.tent, responsible for the safety
of liis laborer.
Thee two classes together male up 7J per
cent, of the sietims of fatal accidents and
17 pir cent, of the total acildcnln. Inasmuch
i "lalls of roof and coal" are tisponsible for
.11 per lent, of the fatil and 11 per cent, of the
toial accidents wa feel Hut the proiision of
the anthriute mine law, l9l, guarding particu
larly against this lu- of accidents fchould bo
"Arlicln XH, Itule II Anv person baling
elnrge of a woiMtig place in any mine shall
l.i rp Ihu roof and sides tlicn-nf properly secured
b timber or otlurttise, ko as to pieicnt tueh
roof ind hides from falling. And be shall not
do any work or permit any work to be done
under loose or dargerom material, cetpt tur
the purpose of muling the same."
pmct, .must m; saw.
Kguin, Article Ml, llulo 31: "Before coin.
niviirlng wuik and also after the firing of eery
blast the miner working a breast or any other
plan- in a mine shall enter suih breast or place
tu ascertain its londillon and bis laborer or
asi,.tant shall not go to the taiv of u h breast
or place until tho miner his aseitained the ame
and found It to be sife"
1'ho mles quoted guard in a particular man
ner againt .iicldents finm "talis of ruuf und
civil" and if thOM- whose safely is desired re-spcele-d
tlieso prosisions, accldails Horn this
cause would be matirlally reduced.
I his nutlet lias reteieed muili attentton dur
ing the inspections nude of the mines of the
district in piOO, und Iroiu our obscnations we
Iumj concluded that a lery Urge iniinUi of
miners are unaware of these pruiisions cr are
careless in obsenlng them.
'Ihe fact that Rl of the total accidents ate
clas-ed Hinder thai heading fully Justifies in
calling attention to this subject, and it is our
duly to stir a lo-opirallmi on the pirt of all
euiicirned, miners, asislunt foicnien, mine fore
men nud stiperintciiil'lits to guard ililigintly
ugalnst aceidetits trcin this soune anil by sH
doing we can hope to ledui-e the aicidmts.
A hUBBCstlon follows that In addi
tion to the extracts from the mine law,
thu sections of the law applying to tho
duties of the several classes of per
sons employed about the collieries be
fainted in separate sheets and liberally
distributed, as it would hnvo a be-no-llclal
effect, as the miners, dilveis,
iiinnpi-s. etc., would thus loam at a
KliMict? the- piovlslons of the law cov
en liur their own particular duties.
The annual mine forinn-n's cxamiuailoiis for
tills district wrcrc held May 11-11. IfuO. in ihe
city hall, and the following persons itibiiiinniil
id to tho board ot eiainltiers to receiie foie
men's ccillfleates: ltielurd )t. lluglidj, 11. -I
Dalies, Mathlas f lemons and ihoinasl lalwarelii.
No, tons
coal pro
Name of No. dueed per
company. accidents, accident,
!., L. A. W. II. It. I1j : ZWt
Austin Coal Co 0 1,137
Delaware and llulson Co.... in s'V-'
S, ranton dial Co. IS 3:'A
Jit. Pleasant Coal Co P I'.Wl
On en Itldge Coal lx) : -"?
Pennsylvania Coal Co 10 IH-U
Wm. Omnell A. Co 7 IW
The Cunnell Coal Co s 27,0111
lire-enwixid Ciul Co 11 10,100
llieoks Coal Ce I -ll.lli) A. .1. ,T. Jertnyn 12 H-2"
i:illolt, MeClure k Co 4 34.2 V
I'.lk lllll Coal and Iron Co.... 2 I 4S172
A D. k V. M. Spemer 4 1T.7W
Nay Aug Coal Co 2 4',2fl
(llhlnins Coal Co 1-1.WI
Nurlh American Coal Co 1 4i.M
lloucn Coal Co l!-,1"
Curbon Coal Co I 41,101
People's Cual Co I M30
Spring llrook Coal Co n l'.iOi
Hull's Head Coal Co 0 iW.TM
Total and aicragn .
In table I), the anidtnti ale classllled. Falls
of roof unci coal, killed or fatally Injured,
thirty men; and Injuied, llfly-four, a total of
eiglity.four calamities. Inside ears kllleJ eight
men and Injured lliltt-tiine, and explosions of
blails were the causea of twenty accidents, three
men being killed. V:splobins'"of gas killed two
men and Injured fifteen. Seven men were killed
by falling down khatts. Kicks from mules, break
er machinery, outside cars and miscellaneous
causes bring the total up to fifty-two deaths
and 1S2 Injuries.
Tble K hows the occupations of those killed
or injured. The miners and laborers, of course,
bote the brunt of the disasters. Twenty-Hie
miners and fourteen laborers wcro killed and
forty-two miner and thlrty-scien laborers were
injured. Seien drivers were killed and twenty
flic Injured. The remainder of the- casualties
were about evenly divided among outside labor
eis, headsmen, footmen, fire bosses, runners,
shtcplckcrs, engine drivers, suricyors and com
pany men Inside.
In Table V the nationalities of tho persons
killed or injured arc shown. Fourteen Toles
were killed ami thirty Injured, and cleien Irish
killed ami tlilrty-tlv injured. These were Ihe
maximum losses buffered by any one nationality:
In tho reiwrt Inspector Prytherch na: "Th
following remarks on the accidents are justified
by the figures of the reieral tables. The in
jured are divided as follows: Citizens, M;
aliens, 21; married, 32; single, 23; therefore,
82 widows and SO orphans arc left without sup
port as tho result of the fatal accidents :n
tills district during the year 1900.
The following percentages also hold good:
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and Insertings, ranging five and six yards to a piece, bought
from the makers at half price to close. These Embroideries
are the wanted kinds, and at the special prices should be gone
before the week is out. There are six groups, marked thus:
8c yard for all 10c and 12c qualities.
10c yard for all 15c and 18c qualities.
12J4c yard, for all 20c and 22c qualities. ,
15c yard for all 25c and 30c qualities.
20c yard for all 33c and 35c qualities.
25c yard for all 37Jc and 40c qualities.
Cause ot accident.
Fall of roof and coal
Kplosion ot gas ....
i:ploslon of blast
.. si.r
.. 3.ii
.. 5..'.
Mules ft
Cars, inside ljju
Cars, outside ".l
Falling down rlutt 12.7
Breaker machinery I,"
Miscellaneous, inside O.11
Miscellaneous, outside. 3 '
127 AND
D L. and W. Tracks Can Be Be-
-jiovcel from Lackawanna Avenue.
Eemedy That He Suggests.
Nineteen persons wire t (commended tu recetlo
aslstant tnienien'a eerllfleatej
prtoiiUenioN or cou.
Table s., .bowing the production
Ions during lws.1, is us follows:
Del u lie, Ladcauamu und Western
It.1lho.1d Co
Au.tln Coal Co
Iielanaru mid Hudson Hallreud Co 02,09
beianton Coal Co Gli,73J
Mt. Pleasant Coal Co 172,141
l.reen llidge dial Co 12d,2CO
Pennscleanii Coal Co Sll.f'HS
ot toal in
City KiiKineer Joseph I'lillllpa believe.-;
that it is posblble fop tho Lack
awanna railroad to abandon the two
tracks which cross Itckawanna ave
nue, Just west ot' Franklin avenue,
and which form uhat U generally
termed the X and he will so advlfcc
councils hi reply to the lesolutton
adopted at last Thursday night's
5Ir. Phillips .iH'ileves lhat the com.
pany by tho construction ot a branch
from Its main line, about midway be
tween the West Lackawanna avenuo
and Tripp Park crossings, could easily
dhpcnsi- with the Y without any very
serious Interference with its business.
The V tracks at present aro used to
connect with the company's Miftllu
avenue swlti'h. and Oiit-n nidge
lrelpht station and also for the trans
fer of coal from the Diamond mine.
The construction of such a branch as
Mr. Phillips has In mind would neces
sitate the building of a viaduct or
trestllns as the main line of the com
pany between the Lackawanna ave
nue and Tripp crossings runs lor mo
most p.ut on a road bed about halt
way up the side of a hill.
It Is understood that when Mr.
Phillips' btatement regarding this mat
ter Is presented that councils will up
nnint 11 committee to wait upon Presi
dent Truesdale, of the company, and
aFk that he give the question of the
removal of the two tracks from the.
city's huslebt thoroughfare his careful
and serious consideration.
The city engineer has also been re
ciuested to furnish plans for and an
estimate of foot bridges over the
tracks, so that councils If they see fit
may authorize their const! uc-tlon In
ease th" Lackawanna company will
not consent to a removal of the track;",
which have come to bo a great an
noyance to the thousands of people on
fool, on ktreet cms and on vehicles
who ii-mi Lackawanna iivcnuo at this
point every day.
Fast Trains
Chicago & North-Western Ry.
The Overland Limited
California in 3 day
The Colorado Special
Onentghtto Denier
The Chicago-Portland Special
Oregon and II ashing'.on in 3 efaya
The North-Western Limited
KUttric Lighted- Ch icago,
at. Paul and Minneapolis
Duluth and St. Paul Fast Mail
Fait train to heail of lakes
The Peninsula Express
Fait time to Marquette
and topper Country
NJO change of cars. The best of eiery.
thing. Call on any agent for tickets
or address
.J. .J. 4..4..4,4,4...4..... J. .4.. 4. -J- TTTtTtTTTTTTT
461 Broadway Nio York'
COICkH't St.,PhUadtlphla
368 Waiklnglen St., Botttn
S01 Main St., Bvgale
112 Clark St., CMeajo
43S 1I St., C.en.all
907 Smltkfld St., flttlburg
234 SuBtrltr St., Cs.slanif
l7Cancat'Wartlii, Bttrtlt
?(., f ml, 7ronlo,OnC.
Cor. Sixteenth Et. and Irving Tlace,
American TUn, J3.M per day and upward.
European Plan, Jl.W per day and upward.
I. D. CRAWFORD, Proprietor.
Save 50c
On every yard of Axruinster Carpet
during our special sale of
Axminster Carpets
$1.00 Per Yard
Williams & McAnulty
129 Wyoming Avenue.
Win. Connell IVnl Co 107,ii;
The Council Coal Co 2I0.1S1
(.ittiiwnoil Coal Ce, P-V-'IO
Ilt.ioUs Coal Ci II. Km
.Mm k .1. .1. .lerm.iii 1I0.P10
Elllotl, He.' line Co IJO.'ofJ
l'.lk Hill I'oal am) Iron Co W.SU
A. 11. .1 I'. M. Kjwtiecr Tl.ltil
Kay Aus Coal Co W,2
Cilions Coil Co 1'i.lKM
N'oilli Aimricaii Coal Co 'Jo'.),tl
II. i I'll Cool To W.Ml
Hall's lleail I 0.1I Co 'M.TCl
Carbon Coal t 0 41,101
Pre.ple' Coil Co 4,lr.O
Hptlnif llriwl. Coal Co IH.W1
1'oui ii,n,ns
Tin' total iinilin.tlon is up as follows:
Shipped h) rallroail to nwikei 0,fT0,TS2
SjI.I at niliir for local iwe 'Jll.ti.VJ
Consume-! to pennate steam .rj.COi
Total 6,':p,IU
Table Tl, sliowlnir tho number of fatal acci
dents an.l tons ol coil produced per life lost Ii
tu follows:
No. tons
real pro
duced per
life lost,
1.11, 0fl
Name ol So, fatal
company. accidents.
n h. fcv. n.iR. co si
Austin Coal Co n
Delaware and lludton Co. ...
Retiring Foreman Whalen Generous
ly Remembered by Employes.
John N. Whalen. tho letlrlnff Reneral
foiviiian of the Delaware, Uickawanna
and Western machine miopn, wa n.n
urday nlBht iiresented with a hand
some old watch, chain and charm cet
with diamoiidH by the employus of his
department. Tlw iremiitatlon tool;
place In tho pallors of the Grand
Cential hotel and the Hpweh in liehalt
nf the elonow of the Kilt was made by
John If. MeCormlcl:.
Mr. Whalen responded In a Hliort
speech. In which ho .xpre.iseei his ap
Iireolatton of tho honor done hltn. Uo
freilunentH wero then ceivod, after
which a Hplendld pioRramma of vocal
and Instrumental muslo wiw rendered.
Among Hi" entertainers were William
Lysle, Mr. Tltirney. HukIi Jeffreys,
William Needham. tho Klectrio City
eiuartetto, I-'runk Deitrlck and John
Foreman Kdward FitzslmmonB, of
tho boiler shop, Frank Wren, Charles
Welder, Perry Thomas and Mr, Phil
lips responded lo toasts. Foreman
Whalen wan In charge of tho machine
shops for about a year and 'a half.
Hotel VSGioria
Broad!)., jtb Ak. and 27th Street. New 1 orl.
Absolutely fwaproot
III the cen
ter of tile
and tneatie
iliBti let.
I'll st clats
in .ill its.ip
tioiutnieuls. Kill lie l
new hiuuuti
Rooms sin-
Bums 1 and'2, Com'Uh B'l'tl'f.
nining and Blasting
Mitlllooilon(l ItuahlaJt Wforki.
icita sr. EvertMr.rrortirigr.
suite, with or without bath
andtclephonelueerv tooiu Cuisine uneicelltd
Eleetrto nttrles. Klaolrla KxDloJsri,
tpioettaf blasts, Hafaty t'uiauai
A Bad Brake
Is worse
at all.
than no brake
We are now ready to
fit your wheel with the
latest coaster brake. If
you contemplate any re
pairs on your wheel for
the spring riding now is
the time to get it to our
shop. We will send for
and deliver your wheel
when finished.
1 . a J .
trie ur ei . Kflns mi i.nam na i.n ..........
lint .n.r,nM ! IIOaUllB UIIOIIIIUUI UU, a UAI-LU ITl."
-' -
For Business Men
ot the
In the heart
For Jslioppew
t minutes' wullc to Wnnnnialiers;
S minutes to Bieeel Cooper's DI2
Bteirc. Easy of access to the ercal
Dry Goods titoroa.
For SlKlitsrers
One block from B'way Curs. lr.
I11C easy traneportatlou to all
points ot Interest.
ill. IS
Only one isiock .rom utouuw.ij-.
Prices treasonable
Rooms, $1 Up.
J iwV
. 1 a A .
lent, by !jU. Muftt
ur. jio.piui aaa aiiut ouxgcoa ims.
Dr. THEEL, 527 North Sixth St.
I'liUnelcluUia. 1'a.cAli Abaaci.
lxili(!if, I.nBtMniilieioil, Shrunk.
en oreans.iuii7 rruocrn. r nun caiei
II u
eluyi. Toe most danrerouaruei
rurHworn TestimoinsTs A Hook ex.
UT80HBR ARXT." Treat
rnr Hitnrn IViLimotuitli At Itrwtk r
yotuig eicrj tl iuimute.tUecUicjU UloOicai UuuO.
Hnunf&cturcrs ir
211 Washington Ave.
General Agent for the Wyoming
District for
Sportlnt, Emekilen an4
Clieralcal Cerapmjr'a
Telephons Cnll, 233J.
High Explosives.)
Batitj ruse, Caps and Usploder. tUoen 401 Osx
sell Ilutidtnr, rjcranton.
thos. ronn nttsten
JOHN II. PMfTll k EOK .'. Plymouth
(l. I'. MULLlOAN WilkM-Darre