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nr V .
Communications ol
a news nsture, per
sonals and all Hems
for' publication may
be left at The Trib
une's new offices In
the Burke Building,
or sent by mall or
A rorULAtt n.EAlUXn HOUSE for the Bne
" fit ol All Who lUte Homos to Kent, Heat
1'itate or Other Property to Sell r Enclisncc, or
Who Want Situations or Help Tlicie Small Ad
ertlsemcnU Cont One tnt a Word, M Itner
tloru for Five Cents a Word Except bltintlcns
Wanted, Which Are Inicrtcd Free.
Csrhomhle ; salary and commission) Jlulit
work nd Rood pay) references. AtWrtM C, Trib
une office, 'Carbondole.
payer In the rounclU , sen, I now tin
regular lirpubllun candidate lor por illreclor
from the rirt-t ward. He U worthy ol all
voters' mpport.
Pole Tax Ordinance Amended Joint
Meeting of Council Follows.
Select council mot In regular session
last night with Chairman Thompson,
Iiarnut.. Davis, Mntinnn nnd Fletcher
In their seats. The minutes of the
previous meeting wore read nnd adopt
ed nnd tho icports of committees wore
then called for.
The resolution authorizing: tho city
engineer to Issue n permit to Thomas
Theophllus to connect with the Sev
enth uventto sewer was reported on
favorably and adopled.
The resolution for tho transfer to
other appropriations of certain sums of
money was passed and tho following
bills wore submitted for payment by
the finance committee:
Mltrhtll Hoe rcnipati' i 1" 00
William Ilrlk-m 00
nbond.iIe tine cnmp.ny 31
C'itbondile Hevlew 11 25
Oeorco Uc 12 SO
W. H. Ilstc CO")
Thomas Scott Et' 2",
.'ohn tlanrin ) 10
Calm IlrothcM 12 7.1
.Mm Booth UO O)
Weston Mill company 2 OS
l. II. fillleran 10 Ol
street department pay toll 1.11 f'3
I.ynck t Rronsen 77 Oft
tlue-Mey Brothers 7 00
Lackawanna Valley lllectrlc Unlit Co 172 7.',
Themis Prctiran 1') .V)
Mr.. M.'irjjjrjt I.)nn fl flu
The police committee reported on the
policemen's reauost for an advance
favorably and suggested that tho chief
be given J5 per month, a raise of $5,
and the patrolmen $60 a month, a raise
of 12.66. Some of the members thought
tho advance too small, and the matter
was inferred back to tho police com
mittee. The city engineer complained of poo
pie In various sections of the city leav
ing water run from outside hydrants,
thus allowing Ice to form on the
streets, to the danger of pedestrians
and horses. The matter was referred
to the street committee.
The polo tax ordinance was brought
tip and passed first reading. It wan so
amended as to glvu the city engineer
nuthorlty to enforce tho penalty on all
years succeeding tho first year, as
stated in the original ordinance.
The Hints Silk Throwing company
asked the city to extend the fire alarm
f-ystem to their mill, tho company
agreeing to pay all expense necessar
ily Incurred. The request was granted,
nnd tho city clerk authorized to see to
the necessary details.
The February requisition of the
Mitchell company was granted
nnd the building committee authorized
to have necessary repairs made to tho
hose house stalls. Select then mot
common council in Joint session.
On tho lower side of the house there
weit; present but Messrs. Thompson,
Kennedy, Evans, Masters and Neulon.
This was not a tiuorum, but the city
.solicitor stated that It would answer
tho purpose, as the business was but
of a non-ofnclal nature.
It was concerning tho pavement as
sessment dispute. Ho explained tho
difficulties which had arisen over the
Illegality of the transactions concern
ing the paving of Fork place, Sixth
avenue, South Main street and Eighth
nvoriue. The abutting property hold
ers had refused to pay their portions
because some slight technicalities In
the business had given them a loop
hole to crawl out. In order to over
come this, he thought the most ex
pedient way was to havo tho legis
lature pass a bill validating the ordi
nances, thus making the Hens hereto
fore. Issued holding on the properties.
lie bad prepared such a resolution,
and Renresentative I'hllbln had Intro
clueed It In the assembly, where It
parsed first and second readings. Since
then, however, opposition has sprung
up and Mr. Stuart, In order to assure
the representative of tho councilman's
standing on tho matter, suggested the
nassace of the resolution whoso text
Is given below:
Whereas, The city aolkltor baa piepared and
the Hon. V. i. Phllblu ins Introduced In the
lim'tlatnre .i Mil providing for die continuing
ami i-llrhllng of certain ordinance sutliorlclnr,
and directing the pacing of evrt.ih Mrrcls In the
city cf C-ubondala, no thai certain atsewmenlt
for tfitt of Mid pavin; may bo collected, iitxl
Whereas. It appear that certain properly own
ers uho arc Interested In avoiding the payment
of the as-eminent pro.vlded.tor In wld ordn.uv.
l.vtu taken sleiw to prevent ihe paoace of Mid
Mil. H- lb-
ILtoolwd. By the Mlect and common nun-
iU, "tenured in Joint teuton, for the purixwe
m adopting tills ieolu'on, that the Hon. P. A.
I'hllMti, members of the house, aiid Hon. .1. C
Vaughaii, tneriilcr of the mnate, be rcquctlrd .md
urced to ic all their Seirltlmalc effort to se.
cure the paosc e.f the above bill without any
delay In the Inteicu of the taxpayer of tha city
of Carbondale. And lie It further
Resolved, That any attempt to thwart tho
piuaare.of aboo bill by Interested parties is In.
MlpjOd by toidld motive and no consideration
It clue them as .-palnst the public Inlerci-t of the
city. .
The resolution was passed nnd Mr.
Munnlon suggested that the city solic
itor bfc.tont to Harrlsburg to look after
the city's Interests. This met tho np
proval of the eouncllm-n and action
Btrimr him tha necessary authority will
prolmbly bo taken.
Funeral of Father Nealon.
Tho remains of Father Nealon, who
dlad at Oothsemane monastery, Ken-
tucky, last-Thursday, reached this city
last evening at S.t5 o'clock on tho Erie
Cures all Throat and Lung Auctions.
tV Oetthefreuulne. Refuse substitute.
Vis sure
.Ivatlon Oil cure Rheumatism, isdcajct.
flyer. Father Coffey had been apprised
of Its coming by two telegrams, one
from Dayton, O., In the morning nnd
one from Susquehanna In tho evening.
The funeral will bo held this morn
ing at 10 o'clock In St. Itose church.
Many nrclates and church dignitaries
will bo In attendance nnd the services
will be of an unusually Itunresslvu
character. The visiting priests who
reached this city Inst evening were
llev. J. F. Uyrncs, of tho Ogdcnsburg
dlocesefcnnd Fathers Urlslom, Orlllln,
Moilltt, O'Uyrno and Ioftus.
Whd the Candidates Are in the Var
ious Wards.
For honest city government nnd for
the best administration of public nf
fnlrs tho following ticket should bo
elected nt the polls todny. Every can
didate theron Is known nnd respect d
by nil who will take the trouble to
hcrlously woIrIi tho quullflcntloiiN of
the candidates named en nil the tick
ets. Tho polls will bo open from 7
u. m. to 7 p. in. for the casting of
votes, nnd tho sixteen election districts
In the city will be located ns usual.
The candidates In each weird for tho
principal olllces nre ns follov
FittST VAU1.
School Director Hobert M. Ynnnan,
S years; Oustave F. Swlgert. I year.
Common Council Earl M. Feck,
Fred Thompson.
Poor Director James McMillan.
School Directors Itoberl M. Van
nan, 3 years; Oustave A. Swlgert, 1
School Director Thomas F. Uoylan.
Common Council Hobert Whitfield,
Churles A. Kaso.
School Director Thomas F. Uoylan,
Poor Director James Iturke.
School Directors Hobert M. Van
nan, 3 years: O. F. Swlgert, I year.
Common Council Envln Stone,
Henry Musters.
Alderman L. I. Hume.
School Directors, It. M. Vannan, 3
years: G. F. Swlgert, 1 year.
A Idttlo Accident Causes n Large
Amount of Excitement.
Morris Levy, well known about town,
was struck by a south-bound trolley
car Sunday night, near Simpson. Ho
was plckeel up, placed In a comfort
able position on the seat, and the car
made n record run to Dr. David
Bailey's office on Church street.
Tho spectacle of a man being carried
or helpeel Itno the doctor's oince from
the car at the time the churches were
being emptied of their congregations
drew a large crowd of curious persons,
who thronged In front of the olllce and
asked all manner of ejuestlons. Some
wag In the front of the gathering, on
being asked whnt was the trouble,-solemnly
answered thut "Steve Ollby has
shot a man," and immediately he was
overwhelmed by an avalanche of
queries, while comments of awe nnd
Indignation were excitedly buzzed by
the wondering onlookers which would
have made the constable's; ears burn.
After Dr. rial ley had finished tbu ex
amination he recommended that Mr.
Ievy bo taken to Emergency hospital.
There It was found that lie had suf
fered several bruises on his back, but
no serious Injuries were apparent. Ho
will probably havo a lame buck for
tome time.
When the car struck the victim It
was going at the usual record-breaking
gait which prevails in that part of tho
town, and the wonder of It all Is that
Mr. Levy wns so fortunate to escnpo
us well as he did. Tho perpetrator of
tho so-called Joko upon Constable
Ollby got away before his identity
could be learned.
The Services to Be Held in Trinity
Church This Week.
Tho article in yesterday morning's
Tribune with refetence to tho Lenten
services to be held in Trinity Protest
ant Episcopal church this week was
incorrect in several details. The fol
lowing Is the order for the services
this week:
Asll WCelnOSclftV ITi-lK- ennunnnliin
a. in. (chapel): tvenlng prayer, i:?,0
V. m.j litany, penitential olllco and ser
mon, by the Kev. Mr. Uatemnn. 7:30
p. in.
Thursday, Friday nnd Saturday
Evening prayer, 7:30 in.
The sacrament of baptism will bo
administered In Trinity cliutrh next
Sunday nfternoon, February 2t, at 3
O'colck. Parent 8 will nminnl
their unbaptlzed children at this ser
At tho Opora House.
Tuesday night "The Crucifix."
Wednesday night "A llarrel of
Thursday matinee "Sapho."
Thursday night "Over the Sea."
Friday mutineo "Quo Vadls."
Friday night "Captnln Heme."
Saturday matinee "Nobody's Claim."
Saturday night "The Denver Ex
press," Meetings Tonight.
William II. Davles Women's Heller
corps, No. 134.
St. Vincent do Paul,
Lackawanna tribe, No. 208, Improved
Order of Red Men.
Curbondnlo conclave, No. 320, Im
proved Order of Heptasophs.
Going to Washington.
Among those who expect to attend
the Inauguration of President McKIn
ley nre Hugh Powderly and his daugh
ter Mary, of High street, and James
Powderly, of Terrace street. They will
leave hero Saturday.
Seriously 111.
Andrew Meelian, who recently re
signed the pcxtonshlp of St. Rose
church, Is reported to bo seriously ill
at his homo In Jermyn.
Merchants' Meeting,
Tho Carbondnle Retail 'Merchants'
association met In regular session last
nfMit, but only matters of u routlno
naturo wero transacted.
E.L. Hatfield, man
ager of the Carton
dale edition, will be
pleated to receive
callers seeking Infor
mation or desirous of
Imparting It Tele
phono numbers: New
a86: old, 0413.
Mrs. Jean Maxwell.
Mrs. Jean Maxwell, widow of Robert
Maxwell, died In this city yesterday
morning, shortly after 1 o'clock, aged
more than 96 years. Mrs. Maxwell has
been steadily falling In health for it
long time, and for it number of months
she has not been able to leave her bod.
A week ago It was thought that she
was dying, and although life was al
most extinct she rallied and lingered
until yesterday. For several weeks she
has had but little nourishment, her
wonderful constitution alone seeming
to keep her ullvc.
Mrs. Maxwell was ono of the oldest
residents of this section. She was tho
second untl last surviving member of a
family of nine children of Mr. and Mrs.
James Douglnss, of Paisley, Scotland.
She was born on Aug. 10, 1S09. Her
parents emigrated to this country In
ISC 1, going to n farm near Elk Hill.
On Oct. II, 1830, she was married to
Robert Maxwell, by Justice Hilton Ynr
rlngton In Dundaff.
Since her marriage of nenrly slxty
flve years'ngo, Mrs. Maxwell had lived
here. She was n member of a family
noted for longevity. Her father, em
ployed for years ns a welghmnster
for the Dslawnro and Hudson, was
nearly 101 years old when ho died und
her husband lived S3 years. She was
a staunch member of the Presbyterian
Mrs. Maxwell Is survived by flvo
children of a family of nine. They are:
Mrs. James McMlllan.'Mts. J. H. Vnn
nnn, Mrs. T. H. Vannan, Mrs. John
15. Shepherd, nil of Carbondnle, and
Mrs. J. W. Meredith, of Harrlsburg.
Twenty-tlv grandchildren and four
teen grandchildren nlso survive.
The funeral will bo private. It will
bo held Wednesday afternoon nt the
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas B. Van
nan, on Salem avenue, where Mrs.
Maxwell hail lived for a number of
years. The body will lie placed at rest
In Muplewood cemetery by tho side
of her husband, who died thirteen years
ago. Friends who wish to view the
body may do so tomorrow between
the hours of 9 a. m. and 13 noon.
Mrs. Ann Mo ran.
Mrs. Ann Moran died at her homo
on Woodlawn nvenua at 2 o'clock yes
terday morning of gastric fever, suc
ceeding an attack of tho grip. She was
born In Carbondnle and had always
lived here. Her husband died about
twenty-two years ago of pneumonia,
leaving her with flvo little ones to sup
port. She has dono her duty well, and
for twenty years conducted a small
general store on the west side to
maintain herself and them. Four of
tho children have died nnd but one
son remains, John J. Moran, of Denver,
Col. Shu was an active member of
St. Hose parish and belonged to a num
ber of tho societies. Four sisters and
two brothers survive her: Mrs. J. C.
.McAndrews and J. J. O'iioyle. of Scran
ton: Mrs. J. V. liurkc and Misses
llildget and Llbble O'iioyle and Jumes
F. O'iioyle. of this city.
Mrs. Ann Cawley.
Mrs. Ann Cawley, of Clinton, Wayne
county, died on Sunday evening at a
o'clock, at the advanced age of 90
years. She had resided In Clinton for
half a century. She was born In Ire
land. Mrs. Cawley Is survived by
eight children, five boys und three
girls: Patrick. Anthony, Michael.
Thomas, William. Mary and Anna, of
ninghamton, N. Y., und Eliza, of Pas
sale, N. J.
The funeral will bo held at St. Rose
church nt 1j o'clock today, nnd inter
ment will be made In St. Rose ceme
Former Resident of This City
Wedded at Honolulu.
Tho following announcement from
tho Honolulu Evening Bulletin will bo
read by many friends of C. I. Lewis,
formerly a D..fc H. fireman In this city,
and at one time a resident of Elkdale,
where ho also has a great many
"C. I. Lewis the popular and rust
ling master mechanic of the O. R. & L.
Co., wns quietly married yesterday
afternoon nt St. Andrew's cathedral
by llev. Mr. Kitcat, t one of Omaha's
most charming nnd enterprising young
Indies, Miss Emma Johnron. MIsh
Johnson hns been cashier for several
years In the Johnson & Co. TransfeTr
nnd Coal company, resigning her po
sition ns cashier recently. Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis left In a prlvuto car In tho
nfternoon train for Walalua, where a
short honeymoon will bo spent. Mr,
Lewis and his brldo will be homo to
their friends nftcr February 1st."
Sloppy Wnlklng.
The sidewalk on Church street, be
tween tho corner of Park place and
Dr. Wheeler'H hospital, has not been
shovelled free from snow for over n
week, and In tho warm weather of the
past few days this space of about 230
feet has been more than ankle deep in
I)r, James'
"Won't you try tho easty-to-tako
littlo remedy that
uovor disappoints ?
Dr. James'
Headache Powders.
No strong, stupefying
drugs nothing to harm
tho most delicate consti
tution. Bishop McCabo of New
York says:
"I have no hesitation In rom
roenclliiK Dr, James' Headache
l'nndcrs to i.unrers from head
ache. I never allow wytelf to be
without them."
At all Drug Store.
4 Dosts 10 Cent.
Cure Where
slush. At night when thla freezes tha
walking Is extremely hazardous. Tho
proper authorities should onforco the
law here, us tho nuisance has now con
tinued too long, nnd tho residents bIiow
no disposition to obey tho city ofdl
nanco regarding it.
Local No. 1000 of the U. X. W. of A.
and Friends Make Merry.
On of the most successful socials
of tho winter was held last evening
at Hurko'n hall. The sponsors for
this plearnnt diversion wero the mem
bers of Local No. 1C96, U. M. W. of A.,
composed of tho i "outside men" of
Powderly nnd No. I.
Nearly 300 persons wero present and
tho evening wns enjoyed by nil. Wag.
ners orchestra furnished the music.
The committees were designated by
different colored badges, surmounted
with pink carnations. The committees
Oenernl Committee (red badges)
William Purcell, Joseph Crocker, Jo
seph, Gallagher, William Flnnnagan,
Patrick Costello.
FloorCommltteo (blue badges) Aus
tin Olnley, Mntthew llrower, Emmet
Campbell, Joseph Pldgcon, John Pur
cell. wohn Lnvolle, Larry Smith. John
hcnnion, Owen McCann.
The Pool Tourney.
The seventy-fourth game In the pool
tourney of tho Carbondalo Cycle club,
played last evening, resulted In M. O.
Clifford (fourth class) besting G. F.
James (third class) by 50 to 47, thus
forcing the genial secretary to retlra
from the contest. Tho scores'are:
Claw Won. I.ojt,
M. O. Clifford I t
h. I). Davl :i I i
l". It. Iicrby o A 1
J. Ollhool a s i
J. A. IIoolc 2 4 3
I I.'. Humphrey , ,. .15 1
i K. McMillan 4 2
I A. II. Mitchell I 3 2
, J. ft. Heeso 2 3 2
I.. K. Huberts ....,,,., a 4 :
C. It. Smith i! 2
Fred Swingle , 10 0
A. b. Ktewait 2 I J
A Oood Candidate.
James McMillan, the candidate for
poor director from the First ward. Is
ono of the bsl known citizens of
Cnrbemdule. HP is well remembered
for his efficient work in the Interest
of the public while a member of coun
clbt years ago, and should receive the
hearty support of all First ward vot
ers. Tho office of poor director Is ono
of the most Important to bo voted for,
ns this department of tho city dis
burses a largo sum of money every
year, and Its members should be com
posed of men whoso acts even tho
auditors cannot criticise.
The Holdens.
At the Grand Opera house last night
the Holdcn stock company played to n
large nudlencc. The r'ay produced
was "The Diamond Breaker," a story
of great local interest, for It told of
incidents around the coal regions. An
exciting episode wns when a miner fell
Into the ponderous machinery of tho
The company Is a good one, nnd
the parts were well sustained. Several
specialties were produced and won
merited applause.
A Political Yarn.
The Carbondalo section of an El
mlra paper said on Sunday that Mr.
Ed. F. Atkinson, who is running for
school dltector in tho upper wards
ngalnst O. F. Swlgert, had "pulled
out" of the race. Mr. Atkinson called
at The Tribune olllco yestorday nnd
requested n denial of tho story to be
made. He said that he would bo In
the contest until tho polls clo3ed, If
not after.
A Runaway Team.
Yesterday morning while Milkman
Drake left his team standing on Sou'h
Main street they were: frightened by
a passing trolley car and dashed up
Main street. They proceeded In their
flight up Dundaff street, but were cap
tured after breaking the wagon nnd
splintering and tearing the harness to
An Engineer's Fall.
John Wurk, an Erie engineer, while
about to Jump off his engine In thu
yard yesterdny nfternoon slipped and
fell from the top step of the locomo
tive to the ground. He struck on his
side and received painful Injuries. With
tho assistance of unother railroader he
was able to walk to his homo on
Canaan street.
Attended a Funeral.
Mrs. S. Singer, Mrs. E. T. Goldburn
of New York city, Isaac Singer and
Miss Martha Singer were among the
Cnrbondallans who attended the
funeral of Lieutenant Isaac Brown,
of Company K, Thirteenth regiment,
held In Scranton yesterday.
Indefinitely Postponed.
The muslcnle that has been an
nounced to take pluce at the club house
of the Carbondalo Cycle club this even
ing, under the direction of Prof. J. T.
Watklns, will not take place and has
been Indefinitely postponed.
Will Move Here.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Townsend,
of Second street, Jermyn, will remove
to this city this week. Mr. and Mrs.
William Maxwell, of the same bor
ough, took up their residence hero lost
Ash Wednesday at St. Rose's.
Tomorrow, the first day In Lent, will
be observed In tho Cathollo church
of St. Rose de Lima by two servlcss.
At 7.30 a. m. the ashes will bo blessed
and at 7.30 o'clock evening devotions
will bo celebrated.
The Passing Throng.
Miss Katlo Barrett, of this city, Is
visiting friends in Pittston.
Mrs. Chris. Carlson has recovered
from a sevuro nttnek of Illness.
Miss Ethel Goodwin, of Sornnton,
spent Sunduy with Carbondalo friends.
Mrs.Wllllam Williams, of Cherry nve
nue, Is confined to her home by serious
J, J. RIgeluth, of Salem avenue, is
entertaining his sister, Miss Louise RI
geluth, of Waverly, N. Y.
Mrs. Jerome Wetherby, who has been
the guest of Ilonesdale friends for a
,few days, has returned to her homo
in this city.
For Shattered Nerves,
A remedy thnt will soothe, build up
the wasted tissues and enrich tho
blood is Indispensable. Llchty's -Celery
Nerve Compound has been wonderful
ly successful in cases of nervousness,
ns thousands of grateful people will
testify. Sold by Matthews Bros.
Mrs. John McDermott, a highly ro
spected resident of tho borough, died
at her homo on) Mnlu street on Sun
day night, after'a week's Illness. Ds
censed was born In Belfast, Ireland,
sixty-four years tigo, nnd for tho past
thlrty-threo yenrs has resided In this
borough, ' Sho Is survived by her hus
band and fourchlldrcn, William, Mich
nsl and Miss Mnry, of this borough,
nnd Mrs. Price, of Kingston. The
funeral will take place tomorrow morn
ing at 0 o'clock when u requiem high
muss will be celebrated In the church
of the Sacred. Heart.
Dr. M. J. Shields, of this borough,
Iihh lately drafted n bill which Itapre
sentatlvo Phllbln will Introduce In tho
legislature nt Harrlsburg, the provis
ions of which will bo read with In
terest by nil mlno workers of the state.
The mnlu feature of tho bill makes
It compulsory for all mine owners to
provide a stretcher for every one. hun
dred men employed In a colliery: a
gallon of canon oil to every fifty men
eniployeil nnd a first aid package for
every sixteen men. Thu oil nnd llrst
aid pneknges, which nre to be avail
able In case of accident nro to bu
placed' In hoxes.whlch with tho stretch
e'rs, nre to be distributed at conven
ient portions of the collieries and where
first nld societies oxlst 'these supplies
shall bo under tho control of such soci
ety. From u humnnlturlnn standpoint
tho bill appears to contain some ex
cellent fentures that ought to relievo
considerable suffering at times to tho
victims of mine nccldsnts, and will en
tall but u small outlay of money to the
Misses Sadie and Manila Timlin, of
this borough, were at Avoca last even
ing, where they took part In the an
nual entertainment of the Young Men's
J. D. Stocker will leave todny on a
business trip to Alabama.
Public school report for tho month
cneilng February 7, 1901. Those who
had no mark below 90 per cent, are as
follows: High school seniors, Mary
Jenkins, Ida Giles. Cora Batfenberg,
Hilda Swlck, Louisa Moon; Juniors,
Ellis Fowler, Flunk Pendered, Mamie
Evans, Leoln Hennle; sub-junior, Nelllo
Evans; llrst year, Buelu Sprngue. An
nie Powers, Nellie Blglln, Flora Depew,
Reginald Houghton, Wlnlleld Stone.
Stanley Hills. Hnrold Davis; grammar
department, tenth grade, Willlo Allen.
Bernard Bell, Preston Badger, Gerald
Whltmore, Ida Penelered, Lucy Vail;
ninth grade, Thomas Jones, Suth
Sprague Nellie Murphy; Intermedlu'e
department, eighth grnele, James Mul
doon, May Dempsey, Alice Jones,
Thomas Muldoon, Leona Hall, Mur
Jorlo Mumford; seventh grade, Rex
Townsend, Mlnnio Oakley, Edtui May
nard, Stanley Evans, Lorcttu" Irving,
Alvlrn Day, Lee Stone, Mary Splllane,
Delia Wndemun. Minnie Parks, Mar
garet McAndrcw; sixth grade, Thomas
Hogarth, Thomas Harvey, Anna May
Smith, Elolso Shields, Margaret Jen
kins, Mamie Furey, Genevieve Mur
phy; primary department, fifth grade,
Clara Yarns. Anna Clark. Rulph For-
I kel, Esther Feeney, Kate Hosie, Wal
ter Mlnnlck, Charles Games, Willlo
Davidson: fourth grade, Charles Win
ters, Belle Prynn. Herman Wood
worth, Lowell Wall; third grade, John
Burns, Elmer Blake, Annie Collins,
Edith Couch. Mildred Couch, James
Dempsey, Emma Davles, Dorothy Eh
don, Blodwln Evans, Alice Forkel,
Leuch Farley, Mildred Fnrschner, Wlll
ard Griffiths. Cinmer Griffiths, Leslie
Jones, Mary Langmnn. Willie Morcom,
Harold Mellow, Rheama Oakley. Ros
Stanton, George Howe, Altn Wndepinn,
Genevieve Smith; second grade, Mary
BIglin, Walter Berryman, Blanche Mc
Hale, Earl Rennle, Carrie Blake, Helen
Davidson, Willie Martin. Maudo Veale,
Roswell Salisbury. Alex. Muldoon, Al
bert Long, Viola Luxmons Maggie
Nnseby, Irene Smith, Joseph Dottghor,
Reglna Median; first grade, Harry
Davis. Joseph Day, Willie Feury.
James Murphy, Mildred Pryor. H. N.
Barrett, principal.
Mr. and Mrs. Jtfklns. of Serunton,
spent Sunday with Miss Dora Tennis,
of North Main street.
Dr. I'. C. Manley. of Serunton, spent
yesterday with friends In town.
The new telephone exchange wns
opened at noon yesterday In the Press
office building.
Frank Hcmclrlght nnd Mrs. John
Woodworth, of this borough, attended
the funeral of tho late Miss Maggie
Bowles, nt Herrlck Centre, on Friday
Miss Jane Mann, of Third street,
spent Sunday with Serunton friends.
A very enjoyable concert was given
In tho Father Mat how Opera house
last evening, under the auspices of Div
ision 27, Ancient Order of Hibernians.
The programme published In Satur
day's Tribune was rendered nnd heart
ily appreciated by the lurge audience
present. At tho close of the concort a.
social was held in Mnlion's hall, which
wns attended by a large gathering o
young people. Hayes Bros.' orchestra
played for dancing.1
The funeral of Eleanor, tho littlo
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. J. Burke,
was held from tho family home In
Blakely yesterday afternoon at 3
o'clock. Interment wns made, in St.
Patrick's cemetery.
Miss Mary Rogan hns returned home
after spending a few days with Jermyn
Rev. P. J. Murphy left yesterday for
St. Augustine, Florida, to spend a few
weeks for tho benefit of his health.
During his absence Rev. John Ruddy,
of Serunton, will have chargo of St.
Patrick's parish.
Miss Helen Dennlre, of Forest City,
wns the guest of Miss Mary Davis, of
Lnckawunnn street,' over Sunday.
Alden Benedict, with a strong com
pany, will present "Quo Vadls" ut tho
Father Mathow Opera house next Sat
urday evening. '
A number from hero attended a pro
Lenten social nt Pittston last evening.
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. C. Evans, of Sus
quehanna street, visited relatives at
Greenwood on Sunday.
Jeshe Scott, of Mill street, lias re
ceived a government pension of $d
per month. Ho also received several
hundred dollars back puy. .Mr. Scott
was a veteran of tho Civil war.
Miss Hannah Nye, tho obliging clerk
at tho postolllce, spent Sunday with
Mlnookn friends,
Tho Forest nnd Stream club will hold
a live pigeon shoot on Friday after
noon. In tho evening the members of
tho club und Invited friends will ban
quet at Hotel Wilson. A delightful
time Is anticipated.
Class 13 of tho Baptist Sunday school
will hrdd an Inauguration social at the
Buptlst pursonuge on Monday evening,
March 4. Mr. James Green, an nrtlst,
will glvo an exhibition of Japanese
paper cutting.
Mrs. C. J, annzemuller returned on
Sunday from n visit with friends ut
Better Groceries for Less Money
Than In Any Other Store.
SUGAR, H. &b finest granulated, 17 J4 pounds for 1.00
CRACKGKS, Hitchners famous Tid Bits, per package 7c
RAISINS, new seeded in large packages, per package oc
RAISINS, real-crown loose Muscatels, 3 pounds for. &
PRUNES, fancv extra large Californias, per pound! lac
SARDINES, boneless, large one-half pound cans for 33c
PRESERVES, whole fruit, absolutely pure, per jar 35c
JELLIES, pure fruit in any flavor you like, jar toe
KhTSUP, genuine Grape, good size bottle for Mc
SOAP, the "" brand, pure and good, 8 bars for. 35c
STARCH, large lump, best for laundry use, 5 pound pkg.... 35c
PEARS, large can of fine Hartletts in, heavy syrup 15c ,
ROLLED OATS, white, smooth and clean, finest flavor 10 lbs 35c
WASHING POWDER, real gold dust, big 4 pound package.. 18c
CORN, the "Floral" brand fancy New York state, 3 can's. . . . 35c
BAKED BEANS, Eureka brand, 3 pound can for toe
LIMA BEANS, small and tender, 1.15 dozen; per can 10c
SIETED PEAS, sweet and tender, equal to French, can 16c
RALSTONS HEALTH FLOUR, makes brain bread, per sack 55c
APRICOTS AND PLUMS, evaporated and pitted, pound.... 15c
PEACHES AND PEARS, evaporated, fancy fruit, 2 lb 35c
APPLES, evaporated, New York state, per pound 8c
PRUNES, eenuine Californias, large and meaty, 5 pound.... 35c
MALT EXTRACT. Belford Harris's best, 2 bottles for 35c
PICKLES in bulk, many kinds per quart 15c
ROYAL Baking Powder, in pound cans for 19c
SOUPS, American Food Company's, all flavors, large can.... 15c
CAKE ICING, the "J.ick Frost" ready for use, package 5c
BROMANGELON, for jellies, all flavors, fresh package 13c
BUTTER, strictly fresh in pound prints full weight 34c
FLOUR, our best Minnesota patent hard spring wheat, every
sack hilly guaranteed, per sack 1.15
Hosiery and Underwear
Phenomenal Price Concessions Now.
At 19c Children's sanitary sleeping garments, with feet. Made
of heavy grey fleeced cotton, ribbed; just tho thing for
cold weather. Alwavs sold at 29c.
At 59c A closing price ol ladies' grey and white wool ribbed
pants, the genuine Norfolk and New Brunswick goods
that has never; been sold for less than 75c
At 15c A splendid lot of ladies' fine quality split (white) foot
hosiery, made of the best maco yarn with double heels
and soles. Cheap at 2sc the pair. ,
At 3c The filial price on a good lot of men's black cotton half
hose, thade perfectly seamless, of good weight and
never sold in any store for less than 6c.
At 3ic Ladies' all white foot, strictly guaranteed fast black
hosiery, the genuine Hemsdorf knit from superior Maco
yarn, the regular 25c quality.
At iqc Children's extra heavy weight and fleeced lined fast
black ribbed hosiery of best quality, double all through
where wear is greatest. All sizes from" 5 to 7J. Cheap
at 25c the pair.
Jonas Lod
The Sewing circle of the Cnlvnry
Baptist church, comprised of a large
number of young ladles of the congte
gatlon, nre working assiduously for
the success of the church fair and fes
tival, which will be held ut Weber's
rink, commencing on March und con
tinuing until the 9th. The Sowing
circle will have charge of one of the
principal booths during the progress of
the event, where A line display of sub
stantial and useful articles will be for
The lteptibllcaus of I.ackawannrf
township have placetl the following
ticket In the Held for today's election:
Justice of the peace, William Thomas;
supervisor, Benjamin Fern: school
directors, John Morgans and John
Williams; township clerk. William
James Heffer, of Union street, had
his leg painfully Injured at the Arch
bald mine yesterday, where he Is em
ployed as a miner. A piece of top coal
fell on the member.
The Jermyn Coal company paid their
employes on Saturduy.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Peter Williams,
of the Pyne, occurred on Sunday. In
terment, was made In the AVushburn
street cemetery.
Tho fair of tho Lawrence Hose com
pany, of Old Forge, opened last even
ing under most auspicious circum
stances. The following programme will
be rendered this evening: Becltatlon,
Duaue Dills; giuphophone selection,
Toole brothers; solo, Bert Kerr; solo,
Miss Elvira Titus; solo, Master Willie
Thu evangelistic services being con
ducted nt tho Methodist
church nre being largely attended. Tho
services are in charge of the pastor,
Hew C. B. Henry, assisted by the sing
ing evungellst, C. B. Buck. All aie In
vited. MOSCOW.
The s-ernnd local teachers' institute
of tho school ypnr was helel hero Sit
uvday, February 1(5, at lu:30 n. m.
Tho Institute was opened with prayer
bv P.ev. G. II. Ptvntlree. As titer.1
were only a few persons present It
was considered best to wnlt until
nfternoon befeue taking up the regu
lar Institute wotk. However, Prof. AT.
M. "'uinmlngs, of Olyphnnt and D. II.
Krlcc, of Mnylleld. talked for n few
minutes on our subject of compulsory
education nnd Its relation to tho state
appropriation. In the uftcrnnon thtt
following programme was ronderil.
All were excellent In their llne:Mornl
training, Miss Sadie Mahoney; reci
tation, "Jane Couriuest." Miss nrmey
Fre; ro-rolutlon of Geography nnd
History, nud How to Teach Them,
Miss May Schlmerllng. &0I0 and chor
iw, Miss Kdr.u Mttlone; nn interesting
und Instructive talk, now Guy Snow
den: writing, Miss Laura Spiegel;
How to Secure Truth-telling In tics
School Boom, .MIsh Muy Pougher;
School Discipline, Miss Grace Hortree;
The llelatlon of Teachers to Parents
or Guardians, Miss Surah McAndrew:
solo, Mis, John Nonck. a lectin e on
"Our Stuto Judlclury" was given by
Prof. M. W. f'umnilngp. of Olyplumt.
and also a lectuio by Pmf, p, u.
Krlse, of Mnylleld. cm "Chnraeter
Building." Both contained many help
ful suggestions and were well appre
ciated. Prof, K. L. Kemp, of Htroudsburg
State Normal school, gave nn clociuent
and Inspiring lecture In Iho evening
ncfaro a well-fllled house, His sub
g s Sods
ject was "Golden Treasures." Alt
wero highly entertained throughout
the evening. A violin selection was
given by Mrs. Charles Adams, Mrs. W.
B. Miller and Mrs. Florence Pel ton r
nlso a duet by Mr. Charles Storm and
Miss Mamie Bortroc
Prof. K. L. Kemp, delivered a very
nble sermon Sunday morning In tho
Methodist church to a largo congTu
gtlon. In the evening tha former pas
tor, ltow S. Guv Snowden, of Nichols,
N. V., preached to a Inrga number
of his friends.
Tho Misses Gertrude nnd May
Kschenbach, of Hyde Park, spent Sun
day und Monduy with their aunt, Mrs.
Nathaniel Eschcnbach.
Friday evening, February 22, Rev.
O. Ij. Sevcrson, Ph. D of West Pitts
ton, will give his famous lectures 011
"The Battlo of Gettysburg." All will '
be well paid who attend. The admis
sion will be, adults 25 cents and chil
dren 15 cents.
Miss .Mary Wells, of Scranton, ?
tho guest of Mrs. Fred Snyder.
Mrs. Clarence Stone entertained h'
brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Brace,
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Mason enter
talned friends from Carbondnle last
Mrs. T. A. Purdon was called to
Tunkhnnnock on Friday last, on ac
count of Uliuss of her mother.
Mrs. Crlppen entertained a number
of friends at her homo on Saturday
John W. Dershlmer haa returned
homo from a week's visit In Philadel
phia. John B. Owens has gone to Canada
to attend the funeral cf his mother.
Mrs. John Swartz Is seriously ill at
her home with measles.
S. G. Shoemaker, our hardware mer
chant, Is conllned to his homo with nn
nttnek of measles.
ltemember tho public school enter
tainment in tho Baptist church on Fri
day evening next. The admission will
be lii cents.
Mrs. I.lster, of Scranton, spsnt Sun
day with Mrs. Brown.
Mrs, Frank Colvin Is quite III ut bei
William A. Stanton, of Stantontown
but who, pint of the tlmo. has made,
his home In this place, met with a
fatal accident on Sunday nfternoon on
the Delaware. Lackawanna and West
ern railroad. In the borough of fSlon
burn. He, with some others, was rid
ing 011 a through freight hound for
Scranton, nnd while stundlns upon
the front pnd of nn empty coal cur
his foot slipped and he fell down be
tween the cars, and both of his legs
wete badly indurated and one wa
considerably crushed. Wo.! was sent
to this plueo of the accident und Clar
ence Stono went after him with his
carriage and brought the unfortunate
r,ung man to the Dalton house, where
be was placed In ono of tho dedrnotur
Dr Charles Heller was cullel In, and
Liter Dr. Mackey, of Wawrly: Dr.
li."er and Dr. Fitch, of Factory III
r.nd Dr. Price, of this place, wor-s sum
moned. The condition of tho young
man was so critical that no attempt
ut amputation was made. Gradually
he grew weaker, nnd at 10,20 o'clock
Sunday evening ho died. Mr. Stanton
was 20 years of ago and leaves a wife.
Coroner Itoberts conducted un inquest
yesterday over the remains, nnd tho
funeral will probably bo held on Wed
nesday. To Prevent the Grip
Laxative IliumoQulnlne removes the cautt, "