The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 18, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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f Ht V "Vi1"
' .j. mil Ti "
rfi t -wr fi m--m.
-. ' " .... v- t"..' -
Indications Are That February Will
Also Bo ft Record Bleaker Orders
Issued by Superintendent Bine.
Grand MaBter Sergeant of the
Brotherhood of Trainmen Coming
to the City Blchmond Has Leased
a Mlno at Yatcsvllle The Make
up of the D., L. & W. Boaid.
The Junuury output or .',l.::,40u toiw
InoUe nil recordH for Hint month ami
ilio jirescnt Indications aro Hint Hit
February production will be u iceotd
breaker likewise. The iiiwpnt fold
wave lias buen .irconipanii'd by hlirh
wlndf, ii more poti'iit fiirtoi In foul
onRimiiitlon tliun I'Xtioniely low tuni, ami It 1ms uheudy Kent a lot
of tool up tlio chimney. -MinUier neck
.if thin kind of weather will put pro
flucuiH and ilwiltM'M on eiixy hIiti-I l 111
npihiK openy. At present the demand
lur coal In wldenpieml. Ciinstiiiui'n t
the head of Uike Superior will appiir-
ntly have to burn coft coal or net
nnthruclto by rail hefoi n.ivlRiuloti
ipcn, suppllert on tne ciockm wen
nhort a month uko and now llun I"
not euotiKh on IiiiihI to lift llirounl'
At St. l'.illl ami Mlnneiipolls the ll.lde
i iiipplled lij all-rail xhlpnionts
In ChleaKo tenltoiy demand pit ked
up at the Hum time that heavy hiioav
mhi'itim In New York, lVniiHylviiiilu and
Ohio Iniei'leied m Ith all rati Nhlpnicutx.
.s ii leciilt, a lather dull market pooii
lieeame all active one and at
every ton of coal that prets Into Chl
iik It wanted. At polutK In WoHii'in
New York lclall luiylne. has been mi.
mutiny lills-k. Till" W due to the
weather and the lallltut on In the xup
1lle of natural inm. TIiIh falllmr off
win noticed In the cold weather two
wlnteiH uko; the pieaent weather cm the fait that It Is llkelv to
he but n short time before many ut-eis
if nut j..i., who have not binned
coal for yiais, will have to il. mi
anthracite as their ivkiiIui' source of
heat. At Inland points In the oast
and ilium; Hie seahoaid the cold, liltist
rlnir weather contliiiies and tetiill
buying H correspiiiidliiKly active.
'ontwlse shipments ui e suspuiaK'd, f.o
there It' likely to he n ennsideiable
coastwise movement when the weather
moderates. At New York haibor therf
Is enouuli oal coiulnn forw.ud to sup
ply all demands. 1'rokcn and ess hlzos
continue In liberal supply, stove, nut
and pea are wanted. Movement ot
barges Ironi doik to dock is slow on
account of the Ice. AVe quote for Iroe
biirnlns white ash, f. o. b. New York
harbor pen Is: llroken. $?"; ckp, H;
stove. $.."i0: nut. J4.50: pea. ?.. I.iikI
ueerlns and Mluliipr Join mil.
Orders Issued by Sunt. itiiie.
The following ordeis have been is
sued by Superintendent Klue:
Supplement A to time able No. I will
take elfeot III 12.01 a. 111. I'eb. IT. lU'll,
cliaiiKliitr time of train 13, All em
ployes must secure copy, note carefully, receipt and roluin to Stipeilnteiid
eiit nine's otllee.
Two hiindied-i iile ticket No. ..'Jill In
iiunifj of J. J. Cummlntff. Rood lietween
Scianton and Nay Auir, has been lost,
if presented for passaRe please ltd.
I'asf 2204 has been Issued to C'liinmliiBs
in place of the above.
Your attention Is called to uile 2 In
time table No. 1, special lilies guvem
liiB the movement of trains HiioukIi
Oxford tunnel. Under no clicuni
c.iuces must this rule b.? violated.
CommencliiK at once, and until fur
ther notice, no conductor will be per
mitted to lay off or absent hlmielf fioin
duty without llrst securhiK pcrinls.slon
liom the chief tinln dispatcher.
Quadrleunal mall wcIkIiIiik will take
plac? comnienclui,' 12.01 u. m. Tnesdaj,
the 19th Inst., and will continue for a
period of thirty days (walking days),
possible longer. For this purpose plnt
t oi in scales have been placed In full
postal cars and balance scales In t
meiil cars.
Sargeant Coming.
It 1.4 saM that Grand Master Sar
Kcnt. the head of the llrothfrhood of
Locomotive Flicincn, will be In the
iity today to confer with l.a.-kiiwaniiii
lalliond ofIlchil, relative to some
nilevances which the tlieiaen have.
As fur as an b1 learned the men
I'l.ilm that a mmiber of the brother
hood men uie b.'iiur discriminated"
Another objection ialsed lies In ilio
fact that men who are walking haw
been called to ro out on inns, before
they have icceived u pioper amount of
i est. Complaint Is also iiirnle about
tlio bunk house ut I'mt Motrin, and
tlio letiKth of twine of the runs, lay
oveis and lay-otfs they ate subjectetl
Meeting" of Bake is,
'At a inuotlnir of the iH'wly l
Bakers.' ruul ContVc. loners' union, liel.l
on Katiiifluy night In Hmib's liall. tlm
tnlloiiliifr purmuncnt ullicort-weix" eli'el
til: r.'CKlcliMit. John I'. Nallln: vUo-pref-liHnt,
I'hailes Muiul.iy: financial
heiTutury, John JI.ikcI, rwnrritiiK hoc -n'tnr.v.
Hurry Vluy: tiviihiirer, John
l.linler; sergeant-at-anim, Thuodoro
Jill tier; tuistecs, ('liurlPH Hiirkul, Peter
T. Wynn. M. Volt.: delegates to Cell
Hal Labor union. Charles JIayer,
Charlort ivleln ullil 1, Kill;.
The follow ini; weekly scale ul wuKex
wa uKivt'il upon and will bo pre.sented
ti tlio various bakers by a conimltto: and cake b.ikern foreman, $lfi;
hecond liaiul, V1 third hand, $10;
eraeker bakers fprenuin, 0; xeromt
band, $12; boy helpers, $7.50, Ten
houiM Is to constitute u day's woil;
mid overtime Is to iw paid oxtia
.tins Leased a Mine.
AVIllljlil Rlehiuoud, ivho was eiiHUged
In the wnuhery lunlness In tills city.
has leaved tho William M colliery at
.Tatesvllle and L',000,000 'tons of coal.
Ho will commence operations on Thurs
day and will employ at tho start sev
i nil hundred hands.
.Jilppliiff arrangements have been
mart., with the ICrie Hullio.ul company.
D., L. & W. Board for Today.
Tin Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western board for today:
mniiav, n:u.tUA:,'Y it.
Mild ( al K4tS l, m., It. C'aitncr; -0.30 p.
in., (I. lluut.
Wild Out I.Vl-l-'.Cn u. m., 1'. Van Wountr.
!l a. in.. J. DuikliAt; I a, til.. (I. Ihorni., .villi
It, (III1Ujii' iiifn; 6 u, m., J. J, O'llaia; 7 i.
in., M, ilolilcinii. M. iToldrii, Dcvlne'ii men; 0
, in., rt,i,--wiMi lo.oo a. in., o, Cur, ii. sn
ii ui'.. i, lmjhii'.M 1.M p. m., '. U 11ocl
:i . ii M. Piiinlyj I. .5 m., J. A. Bar-
KIUlAKItoOt wiKiny
i Great Fire Sale of
The crowd which thronged this store Saturday from morning until night
was larger than we could handle. Several times we were compelled to lock the s
jj doors. Many left without being waited on. We are sorry- but couldn't help it.
0 Come again today, we'll be better prepared.
o. . . -.--... . ii
I his hire aie
Differs in many
has been over-run.
H city
The Facts
Our stock is known to be one of the best stocks of Ready-Hade Clothing
in Scranton.
It was slightly damaged by smoke and water, (mostly smoke), dining the
big fire of February 7th.
We must now get rid of the entire stock before the arrival of our spring 5
goods, and have marked the entire stock hefow factory prices. q
You Run No Risk
By buying during- this Sale. Kvery article is fully guaranteed. 55
If you are not thoroughly satisfied with your purchase after you get O
home, bring back the goods and you can have your money on
the spot. Q
J; The assortment is now at its best and
a great money-saving opportunity.
1 Richards & WirthJ
X 326 Lackawanna Avenue. JJ
U ii
SunimlU. Ktc -.s;) n. i.i , et. I! 1'iouii
Mker; W..VI ,i in,, w..t, W. II, (clml: 0 .
m., .inI, A. I'lirsoml iili IIiikIi lMicilj'ii mi ii ;
T p. in., (nun Viy Ati,f, IMivaul Mi MIUlu,
T p. in., utM iidiii l'nn-i. Iliri'i uirfliiri., ,l.ui.i
UIijIiv; 7 p. in , Mi'.-.L imni ( .imiitj. .Mi l-.nii-'.
Puller V. II. Vcoi.
I'ii-liir S i.. M. i;in!o ; II i a, m.. II"-
r.m; 7 p. in.. Murpli.i : ' p, in., I. iin.jiir.
I'.iciau' 1.iikIiii 7 n. in. i;.iflin, 7 .i. ' i ,
Sins. i ; r,.:j p. in.,; 7 p. in . Miiioiuiii
Wild Cm Wcvt I a. in.. .1. II.; ." .1.
in., John Hi iinl.iu; S ,i ni P. W.illj 1UOT 1. in ,
1. KrUhiin; 1 p. ni .1. li-pr: ! p in . Ii,
MiiRKcrii ; I p in.. .1. I,; ' p. m . .1 M
Vittris; c p. in , J.iinfi ( arnirK
oi in:.
f oniliuti.i' 1, lljllot will run .:!.', p. in il
i at SuikIij I'ttmun 17 in pi in ut I!. it.
f 'ontli.. tor W. . r.nilioliiinn will i.ill il
Mi.K'iintci.'loir.. olllrc r. in, ion.,n. I'lli. 1
This and That.
When the ImpiovenieiitR on the Phil
adelphia and Erie. IucIihIInk the
double-trcieklni; of the line, for which
SMO.000 has been appropriated, have
been completed, the line to Btiftdln of
the Penncylvanl.i, of wlileh this io.ul
Is a part, will have been mateilally
slreiiKtbelied and tnellltlH improved
for iKuidllni; an Inn-eased trutlle.
The I'nlted Hallways and l.le.-uif
company, ot P.iltlinute, leporln for tlm
year ended Dec, Si, IflnO: liross e.nti
Iiirs, ..IHl.Tt::, iiiereae. $-Jnii.4!.". Alter
paying operating epens?.., Iiid
eliaiKes. dividend rm tlm pteii'tifil
sto( It, Interest on I in nine bonds, tiiM-H,
I'll'., there is a sin plus of .ii.,fiOi. Thn
lellilni; boaid of dlreetois was r--(!
The Itiiltjinoio ttlid Ohio is suspected
of helm; on teuns of undue Intimacy
with the Cleveland eyndleate now
tlireatenhif,' to build Into the Wlieulliif.
und I.uke :ili teiiltory. The inteiestt
back iif the syndicate ale tho,e of the
Win-cling, Alliance and Lake lOrlo Coal
coinpiiuy, and It is said that the Ualtl
innie and Ohio has acreed to build a
link which will old the undi'i
taklii'. There was un Inue.iso of no less than
!7.(.00 ions In the weekly capacity of
the active blast fin nates In Jauntily,
and the production Is now at the rate
ot 14.000,000 tons ii year. At tho same
time slocks ol lion unsold we're piaetl
i.illy tho same on Feb. I as on .Ian. 1.
and 1I0.0II0 tons less than they were
In October lust. This indicates certain
ly an Incicasa In demand.
TON. Via Pennsylvania Rnlhoad, Account
Inauguration of Piesldent Mc
Klnley. On account of the lliaUKUcatlou of
1 'resident MeKlnlcy on lnich I, the
Vennsylvanla llnllroad company will
sell excursion tickets fioin all points
on Its lines to AVnuhliiRtou at late of
one faro for the lound trin (inlnlinim.
into BO ccntH). Tickets will be sold on
.Match 1, ! and 3, good to return until
Mn nil K inclusive. Tickets will also
be sold fiom Haulsburg and Interme
diate stations on Muvcli 4. These tick
ets will be Kood to stop oiT at Haiti
more and IMilludelphlii within limit of
Marcii .
fspeclul sldo-tiip tickets, limited f
Mutch S, will be sold from Washing
ton In connection with above-men-tlonod
tickets as follows:
Old Point Oomfoit and return, via
all-rail line. iCOO; Ulchmond and re
turn, U. 00.
Via Norfolk and WiiKhlnuton .Steam
boat company: Old Point Comfoit or
Norfolk and return, $3.60; Vlrnlnla
Unech and return, Including transfer
through Norfolk, $4.50.
Prom Baltimore, vU Bay Uno or
Chesapeake- Steamship company: Nor
folk or Old Point Comfort and return,
J3.N.; Virginia Peach and return, in
cluding transftr tluough Norfolk, JiM.
ot Clotning
ways trom tne .so-called
of This Sale
(( Din In. Uil fmui I'.i.f I )
fi'soil .i uririi,. to tin" int. in it) of lli
( IiiMIiii M t om.
11 I ho niluilcn ot Hie llililo woio i nultir t
li.nlilliiii, tin'' wonlil lie ilillninl. (or, in
tint i j-,.. thf.i inlalit lie protcil to ho -Hint a
IIikmI mini i i lcj-1lcat trtirilliotis me u miIo.
of "o. lnV talilc." lint Instrail of ln-ini;
Ir.i.Iilion-, tii .ire xcritaWo Mtr), .mil we
lui' ai tjuod rfaon to IjoIIcm- in Hip rrnrr'i tion
of Li11114, amr in tlir rp.iniertloti of llnl.t, as
o liie to brllrie in tlic ilcatli of ci.ito, or
in tlio"liution cf JnlliH ( IC..U'. mien), it
t(tlinuny Krowi wejkir on acioiint of io. ico,
i" Imc lc. rca-on to lii'lloip In tlio
of .IiiIIih f ,irar tli in c lia.o to IhIiom In the
rt'.nti.i tion oi .tciiH t'lirit.; Jim ci,i.
I lie If il,le .uti ns .icilnt tilc inltai Irs jml
.i,'Ih ami ondei. Jimh put lll iliclpli" on
llioir Rtunl In if'poct to all mli ukUilnc.
lie Mid: 'ilmwn? of (al.e (implu'ts"; ami again:
"I'lieic tliall arl-f dl" OIiiNk, and fibf pro
pin t, ami lull thow sk.U mhih .nul wuiulrrs;
inomncli Hut. If it were pilWp. tlicy shall
tloii'lie tho ni olert." In liarninn. wltli tlio.e
wuiili ot I'hrM tho Apcntle l'anl wrote to Turin.
tin, failiiK: "o tlio spirit pml.clli cprtaslv.
Dial in the lailrr tiinox oine kImII ilopart fiom
the filth, elilri; lnoil to vilnoi'i jiiiits.
'Ilieio Is ii "ni.uWry of lnliiiit," a. .1 a a
lll.i t-lt l of liiillnif-. It is qilllo Oliil.'lil,
fur ..!o if-mhi', l.' h.u liom llnio to time per
tnllteil eil vplilt to ioit Mipcrhui.iin, if not
upeinaluul powoi llllnl wllli n Satanlo spirit,
.nul ...(.Mini: a Satanic pomrr, tliev attracted at
tention liy their "idem and l.UiiR wondem," and
li "tin ii- ilcfilr.iblenei4 of iinrlk'liteo"ne(n,"
and Hie teroid is tliat thou who did not lo.e the
truth, lifiaii-o so lull of "Mioiib ilelusinns," tint
thrj lielioMd "lie "
MliaiiN o( IliN ldnd ale no nnnlly. Cliurili
iiltory l full of thtm. 'Ihe niaelolain ol Kujpt
iviiild ImitHtc Mom, and all .iloiir the ChrUtlin
ages Antichrlsn lia.f tried to rlial the Christ.
Hut mli.iclis wiuuclit by Satan and hN agents
unit not lie lonfoiindod ullli mlruclc
In t Inlst and Ids aiKi.tlen. Modern ccclelaitlfil
iniiailes niibt not he placed In the Mine rate
ory wllli ant lent lllhlo nilraflos, Tluj lannot
ho inuipaii'd. tin the rontiaiy, tlio miracle
uroiiiilit by t'hrit and by His iliftlples. wlildi
are molded in the New Testament, stand out
In bold ronlrnt with tho so railed miracles that
aie uioiileil in the apoirjphal "co-pilf," 'and
in tho mjthlcal Moitrapldcs o( "alnt."
l'Mt TOO M'Ml.ltors.
I lit- littucnry wllli width leiUiu .illigeil
lull u Its .no nouadai pcitonued is In stiililne
fonlutl with the rirlty of Itlble nilraile. If
we toiild Ulleic reports tint line hoen widely
(in iilaloil, there were inure miracles wrought
la,t jcar in tlio t'nltril stales hi a lew of our
isntrriu (ellowr citinns than weie wiought by
Mmluhty tlod durlnif Ihe whole p.rknl of liu
iiiuii hUliiry fiom Adam to C'hrit or four thous
and .umih.
Ilihlo hlklory It significantly parsimonious in its
ii iord of mlrailrs, hut our csotirlo friendH .ire
I "l0,t """" 'n lll( u' n' l,ieir mlu'-ulous
' I"3"1' anJ 1110,t )"1'' ' pul.ll.liinij ahroi.l the
.IaJ-j Kli
lories of their miracle. In the llit.1i" we have
an uciount of (lie or sl mlraelcii duniiK the
lirot two thousind .it an of liuiu.ui liiatur.i, or
one mliaclo for eicr) thice or fom en(iuies.
Ml tho uiirailes retordiid in tlm lllhle imiiibt r
)is tlun a hundred and twiutv, whitli, on an
u i'ii a 1.0, is one lulrjile fm rmy (lirco and one
halt it ntui le tin; lllhle louilm: a period of
iliout four thousind jejr-.
It appeals, therefore, that It U not nercMry
tint inliachs sliould he fieitient In order to make
their testimony .aluahlc. Ihe great trouble
with the :illeret inlrailei wrought by our cooterlc
lilcnda in tln.o iliis Is that ihey are altogelhrr
too numeioii'. It U no llhi.1 to sj) that their
lislliiiony is wiah In proportion tu their number,
Moiemer, Hum- iilleitcd mlrailes will lint ciidiild
any kii.h ilchl lists aa hive htm applied to
lllhlo mimics. The lllhle niiracl.s weie not
wiuukIiI 111 ti'irol, nor "done in a coiner," hut
In puhllc, and befuru the eyca of adterse wit
liesses, 'IIimo "miraculous" cuirs and "hcallngk"
which are publltlud shield, and ulikh arc if
(ictid without midiclnn or turgery ai utterlr
useless as ciidcnce in favor ot tho Christian re
ligion. Ihey do not bear the .li.htcst ic.eni
blame to the lllhle miracles Io such a miracle,
(or example, as the Instantaneous opening of the
cjes o) a man who was born Mind, or to such
mliaclri as the resurrection of I.annis and Ihe
u;.irci.tIoa ol Christ, 'Ihe only truth of Sctln-
bales with which this
Are Plain
the stock presents
lure wlileh these alleged mlncles seem to ra
lohoialo N lint Mlik li fmctt'lN that 'Vinn. hall
tli parr iroui the filth," and gnc hod to "seduc
ing spliils."
Tiii:in cnii:r v.M.n:. I.m aie saluable beau-e they fuuil-h on-ilil-lio
eiliknce of the tiulh of the flirUllim
nllglon. Hut liny base ,i ..till higher and
holler .aluo. Prophet y U a miratlc ol Kuowledgo,
nnil Ilio fict that piophetv Ins hceii fulfilled 111
the adirnl and tnejruillon, antl In. the rcilenip
tle work of 1'hrlvt, giws to the miracle of
piopli.e.i, antl In all the mlrailes of our Lonl,
an inteiosi and a aIuo in whith eicry ( hrlstian
i .Italb r uric pi mil. The intai nation of Cod i
u lunilainenliil tact of Christianity, ami the ti-tii-reclloii
ol Jesus Clirikt is its cardinal and iown.
itig doi trine. The miracles of Christ heir ample
testimony to the character and dliine mission
of f lirM. WV know that He is a Teaiher come
from Cod, for no man rould do with miracles
as lie did. without Ood's help. The blind man,
1iom- ejus OirUt openid, did not need any
further pmof of Christ's tllilne power, or of Ills
di.ine mission. To the eritlcs o( Christ he said:
"Why, hetein is a iiianelous thing, that ye know
not from whence He is, and yet He hath opt in r
mine cjes." Jteiis said: "My woiks hear wit-ne-fi
ol Me." And St. l'etei, on the diy of
Pentecost, appealed to Christ's miracles in proof
of Ills ill. hip cliims. "Ye mm of l.racl,' ho
said, "hear thuc wonls: .lesus of N'arercth, a
man apprcned t( God aniopg ou by miracles
and by wonders, ami signs, which Cod did by
Him In the midst of jou, as ye .soiirehes abo
know." Mliacles are not all the (ildciice we
hit that Chiisl is what he ilalmed tn be, and
that Christianity U the only tiue teligion. We
line stronger testimony on these point-i thin tint
which miracles furnish; hut lnltaclcs constitute
s. necessary link in the irretragihle cluln of Clni,
tlan evidences. While we must rot underrate
the evidence of miracles, we mint be careful not
to overestimate Ihcir evidential value. The
divine warning thai was so needful In Pihli.
times is needful Mill: "If there arise among jou
a piophct, or a dreamer of dieam, anil glvetli
thee n sign or a wonder, ami the i-ign or the
wonder ionic to pass whereof he speaks unto
tine, sa.vlng: bet us go aftir other gods which
thou lust not known, and let us wrvc them;
thou hilt not hearken unto the words of that
prophet, or that dicamcr of dnarns. (I)tut. 13:
'Die lesson Is obvious: If false teaihcis should
ptove their ability to work wondirs; If their
ptetllctlons should come to pass; the are, nev
ertheless, to be t-imnni I, "Thou shalt not hcaik
en to the worda o( that leather or that dreamer
of tlreani.s." Tho character ol the miracle
vvoikcr, and the design and effect of tlio miratlc
havo cvc-r.i thing to do with IU value as evldenee.
If the object antl crteit o( the miracle be to
propagate ciror, and to contravene and ronlri
diet divine truth, then, though the miracle be
real, It is, nevertheless, fabo and wicked, and
those who are deceived by it arc In a pltlihfc
rOsSS-HllUTY Ol MlltACLi:-.
I daie not say tint miracles are now impossi
ble, or tint no miracles, in the Interests of the
Christian icllgioii, will he wrought In Ihe future.
I believe In the possibility ol mliaclci, because
I believe In Omlj and I bellevo that in attest .
Hon of divine liuth Cod will work mighty mir
acles In the future. When fiod shall judge the
woild in ilghtiotisness, by that man whom He
hath ordained, wheitof He has given assurance
unto all men, in that He hath raised Him from
the tit -nl; when ull who arc In their graves shall
hear Christ's voice, and shall roine forth; when
the dead, small and gnat, shall stand before
(I'M: when those who aie living at the time of
Christ'it second advent shall he i lunged and
llttril (or heaven, and shall he caught up to
nuet the Lord In the air, and so be forever with
the Lord; when these events occur they will bo
mighty miracles, We hive Cud's word (or it
that they will occur, ami hence I .date not Jiy
that miracles are no longer either necessary or
poiuible. Hut I dale say that those among us
who claim that they have ability to work nilr
sell now, and who pi el end to exercise that
ability, ire either of religious reason or
woefully deceived. The) may pioduco results,
which aro unaccountable In any ordinary trjpo
thesis, but that ha been done all along the age.,
l-oiiid whom phvsldans pronounced Incurable have
bent cured; and some who were carried to "ti
ered shrined," os- who went thcio on irutchea,
have testified that the) weie miraculously
healed. "Wonders I! 'never cease." Itut won
ders are one thing,, and miracles that have upon
them the divine stamp, jtld that can show their
dlvlnu credentials," are quite another thine. s'esiiH
ssys: "I. very one that is of the truth htarcth
my voice." lie known that rlclaieu Is a terrible
reality, and He sajs that tho sKk nerd a nhyal.
elan, The Apo.i'.n Paul hoi glad to listc In his
iblnpaAy "Luke, 'the beloved physician." He
rccviniiieniletl Timothy .to .tale a little wine (or
Loveliest of Cottons.
Cotton Fabrics of 190 1. The writer lias becu gazing at them drinking in their
beauty matveliiig at the Connelly &. Wallace collection.
They represent Textile Art in its most exalted form the apotheosis of spinning,
designing and tiuting.
The makers of France, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and
America arc fighting the same fight that waged between the mortal Arcbane and the
goddess Minerva when they contested for supremacy in weaving and embroidering skill.
The product ot all are outspread on our counters. Accord leadership to whom you
please. It is for your fancy and taste to decide. Kvery yard exemplifies elegance.
Imported Mouseliuc D- Soie mere
tissues, plain gauzy grounds, with em
broidered stripes of self colors, q
fifteen different shades, price 05C
Embroidered Scotch Ginghams, one of
the strongest and handsomest f
stuffs in the whole display 5C
Embroidered Swiss scores of designs
varying from tiny dots to fancy stripes,
self and contrasting t1 IE
colors J.0C 10 pl.x5
Imported Silk striped novelty Ging
ham in the best shapes of pink, blue, helio,
red, etc., very new and hand- ,.
some . 5UC
MercenV.-id Cotton Gnghams of very
fine finish and in new designs, all .
the best colorings '.., 5uC
his stomach's sake. Our Lord commends the good
Sam.riHn lor binding up the wounds of the
"half dead" traveler, ami lie also tells ns that,
in heating the sufferer, the good Sunaillaii Usui
"oil unit wine." The lllhlo gives no countenance
to any esoteric mt tluxl of trcillng Ihe sltk ami
the Milhrlug Me i annul appeal to the lllhle
in defense of those who ilbptuse .villi the skill
and tounsel of li.ilnetl pluslolins In tasos of slcl.
nei.s sml disease. Such loudilct Is both uuscrip.
tural and iriatlonil.
Ilium "sPllini'AIi V M.l V.
Hut il is the iiimal and spilltuil value ol
( hrl-t's niliaclcs tint should most interest us.
Like all His te.uhlngs, the lessons of Ills miracles
aie instiml with love. lie Ills iuIijcIch lie
proved tint "He Is the Pivlur of the bod" as
well as of the soul. The miracles of Christ arc,
in a wrist, pirahlcs, Ho healed the sick, and
opened blind ic, and unstopped deaf cais, ami
cur"d cripples, and lal-cd the dead. Not only
tint He might bestow health, and impart conilolt,
ami biing Joy and gladness to the aitlleted, but
more thin this, ind bottel than this. Ills mir
acles weie intended to attract sinners to Him as
their only Savior. Those who weie the subjects
of His gracious miracles, as well as those who
weie r.vr wilnessoH of Ills majesty, had good
reason to believe in Him "lor work's sake."
Ills mlncles aie mirrors that reflect both his
tlivlne power and Ills divine love. They prove
Him to be the Son of Cod with power to save.
They are not only in liinuuny with His gospel,
but," also, a nessai pail of the gospel; and If
wo listen Io their lotlmnny we will hear them
t-altig: "Hohohl the Linili of Cod, who lakcth
away the sin of the world."
llcv. W. Dudley Powcis give a most Interest
ine talk lust night il. ihe Church of the Oood
Shepherd on "-panlsh-Amrrican Missions."
Hev. V, f. Iialleiitine, rtctor ot Clnbt'H Tpis
i opal ihureli. and Id v. Pr. W. ii. Simpson, pas
tor of Asbiirv Methodist l.iilspuc.l church, cv
cliaiie,cd pulpitH -tciili momliij.
Hev. W. .1. I'M el, pastor of tho Ciccn ltldge
baptist chui-eh, ilie-vv a mimlor of modem Ap
plication from t hiist's kcni.on on the Mount
at etirdav iiimmng's seivire, At night ho
spoke upon "iniiw Ohsiiuctionlst."
Tlie tut tubus, in i uli.'rbus eonimandi r', .'.o
Cs.-,, Knights of M ill 1, iitttndttl tho services at
the Zlon I'liltcd Uvaiigellial ehuich in a boilv
list nlyht. 'I'll pastor. ISov. .1. W. Mrsscgir.
(.leached a spctlil ermoii taking for hia text
The Cowl 1'ight,"
Dr. C M. f.lllln, pi.toi o' tlio 11m Park
Mithoditt Upiscopal rliuiih, piiaihsd a sermon
espifsoly fu oiing men and women Inst night,
taking for his theme. "Huw- Hi; Cot lonj; "0
Well." There was an espetlilly laiso tongic
ml inn in attendance.
"Modern tkeiticlsin Versus l.ttinal Veritle,"
was tho topi,: of an able sernon dcllvciid j'S
terday nioiniug by Itev, Uoheit K, , Pieue,
I). H, the pastor of I'.lm Aveuc lliplist churtli.
t the evening seilleo tho choir, under the leil
crslilp of Profewnr Ha.viln Kvaiis, iiudrred Ihe
In inn, "Woithy Is the 1.,-imli," whlth was bull':
nt the Moild'n fair In JMBI b,v the v union ilmli
led by Professor Uvans, which took the Sj.OOO
gruad prize.
PerBonnlly-ConduotetlTour vlrt Pcnn
sylvnnla Itnilrontl.
Tlio second Juultbunvlllc tour of tlict
Heason via tlio rentisylvanla latlroail,
ullowine t'Ao weeks In Klotldu, leaves
New York, I'hlluclulpiilu, niul' Wash
liiKton by speelnl tmln Iebruury 19.
l-.xcut-blon tlekutK, Inchuiliiif railway
triuiBportutlori, Pulliiiriu accoinmoda
tiotiM fono berth), and meals en route,
In both directions while traveling on
tho upec'lul train, will be hold at tho
iollDWlnu rates; Now Yoils, $30.00,
Hocheslei". S31.00; Ulnilra. $31.1.1: l.i'li.
$31.83; -Wilkes-Hal re. $:i0.!3; und at
pioportlonttto rates fruin oilier points.
For tickets, Itineraries, and full In
foimatlon, apply to ticket tments; II.
I'. Fruzer, I'assenBer Atrent liuffalo
Distllet, 307 Main Ktl'uet, Ellloott
Sfiiure, Tluffalo, N. Y.: F. J'almatcor,
City Ticket AbciU, 20 Htato street,
Itochester, N. Y,; or uddicss Cleorgo
W, Koyd, Assistant aeneial Pnssenger
AttPtit, Uroail Stieet Station, I'lillade-l-phia.
4. .j. 4. 4 4. 4. 4. . 4. 4. -. . . 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4.
Save 50c
On every yard of Axtuinster Carpet
duriug our special sale of
Axminster Carpets
$1.00 Per Yard
Williams & McAnulty
129 Wyoming Avenue.
Rooms 1 and', L'om'Ith B'l'd'g.
nining and Blasting
Mede at Slooslo and Rush Jals .Vor'jci.
-Electric. Batteries. Ulsotrlo Krplodsri,
zploctlns blasts, ftaftty Kuis mii
Repauno Chemical Co.'s dxplo '.Vo
Hiiniifftctu.'cr1. or
430 to 465
N. Ninth Strest,
III. Si1
Tclcphons Cull, -2X1 J.
Mercerized Chev:ots another new
cloth has the appearance of Mohair
Brilliautine. in plain colors only. ... 5UC
Batiste Brilliautine shier and filmy
like unto mull mercerized finish all in
the finest aud newest foulard de- r
signs, price ' jtS'
Mercerized Chambray entirely new
in plain colors ouly, very rich in .
effect 35C
Scotch Corded Ginghams, plain ground
d.vidcd by clusters of stripes and
cords. 30 designs .' .Z5C
Embroidered Swiss, plain colors with
white designs, in neat embroidery -.
very uew and handsome 5UC
Plaiu Swiss, of a very beautiful fi
quality, with silk embroidered dots.. OOC
127 AND 129
.- t "r -r f n "r r r i" r v r t t "T r r f
A Bad Brake
Is worse
at all.
than no brake
We are now ready to
fit your wheel with the
latest coaster brake. If
you contemplate any re
pairs on your wheel for
the spring riding now is
the time to get it to our
shop. We will send for
and deliver your wheel
when finished.
IE! J Ii
211 Washington Ave.
Ctneral Ajrnt tor the Wjromiig
District lor
IJlnlDjr, tllsstlnr, Sporting, Smolelt.i tod t
Itrpauno Chemlial Coinpsnj'j
High Explosives.
Eifct fuse, Csps end Eiploden. Itoom 401 Cox
sell (lullilin;, iicrtntOD.
inos. roun pitrsttn
JOHN B. bMITll i SON riyraouU.
. 1:. MUU1UAN WUktiBrr