The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 18, 1901, Page 5, Image 5

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rrr. Monrnv iiAttmvARE stone.
Beauty and
Are combined in the
new thermometers this
year. Some have fancy
llovver borders, others
are gold plated. Yon
re quite sure to find
anything you need in
the thermometer line
Prices from 10c up.
Footc & Shear Co.
119 N. Washinjrton Ave
United States Depositary.
At tlie close of business Dec.
i$. 1900.
Loans nnd Investments
Banking House . .
Cash and Reserve.
Capital ? 20002'
Surplus 500,000.00
Undivided Profits . . . 57,005.20
Circulation 100,000.00
Individual Deposits . . 8,415,536.08
U. S. Deposits 422,720.39
Due to Banks 54,785.53
HENRY BUUK, Jit., Vice-President.
Bonds and
I am pUtin; a few diode jeenrittej connNttiu
of 7 por cent, fully giilMnteed utock and 3 per
frit. M;inl-jttnuil Interest Gold Bond. In blocu.
$100, 0O and 01,000. accompanied by a'oo;
liriniH, atlardlns a r.ire opportunity for large or
.null tMkiliocnt. At Office. C und 8, Ljuenm
icc1e. Mondays and SUturdaye. At thr tlm-?.
I" p;Jl s pointr,i.:it.
Robert Van Schoick,
AiiiIiMtite llMilet Matuscr of The North Anuil.
ieu rinapi'leiln; votppany.
Lewis, if
Ruddy, f!ttij,!ll
Dairies JflBliHLii
Vijjgjr A.B.WARMAN.
Local data tor rrbiujiy 17, IWJli
Highest limpratnrt 4 ilri-
I.ourtt temperalum II ilixire
llumldil) .
S.i. m. HI pel ci m.
e- p. in vi por e-enl.
Pnnvvfall, JI livma ni.lin, t p. i.i 'Iijip
("aptulii .1. ('. IXl.iney, i,f Haul-In ic. u .11
tlm Co.vne House.
Mli (Inilh, f AUciiIomii, l tie sum vt he.
vulcr, lira. -I. .MruiiiJu, Ji., ol CUy ntemie.
M'rlmlpal Of'tae P. HILlo, ot miiuhIJiihr
Niiiiul aihool, it btmiiSF N'riiiilon't aliinb
Utorge Power, ol llullii'if iinihie tiie, n
louipanlcd liy hlx iU runil je.lnJjy ul V. j-i
I'lttiton, tlm Kui'iU vt Mi. jnil Mih. ll.iiiul-ter,
f I'aiKe' ttiert.
'Ihornui D. Van U-un. tlm mil l.iiuii the
atrkal iiuiukci- fonnrily hi iluixc in ili- liairly,
j In the (ity lat ulglil ulllnir en old filcnd.,
Mr. Van d-ren 1 till connected with the Al
IUeei company width will he In Hie city thl
MKt 1-ie W ill, ot ( lii'ttliul Miiet, whu h,u
Ln emplojed ui klinotrapher in Jolin T. I.n
etl'n olllce for the pa,t .teal, lu. lednued her
portion and hai ntrcd the employ nt tlm Col.
licry Cnplneer company ot Stianlon, pj,, a
! until ( the International L'uiK.pondiiKo
fi'.licol of fiiiaiitoii, V-Jlt Will wa c onnecliJ
illi tl.c International Loirr'poiidrrku Khodla
t'tfme the? eaiiio to Hid Paul.. lied null., V. '.,
lire, lttctard O'llileii and manddjucldei, Mar.
Joile, n leave th mornini; to attend thu an
nual cooientloii cf the "P.iiijhtcn uf tho Amcil-
Uan Reolutlon," In hi held In Wahl!iftuii due.
I lug the pifsent weel.. IIeadiUJilcia will ho al
the hbbltt Hoiue. Girat Intcic.t inunlfe,ttl
In the expected election of a president evihi il
to aneceul Mr. Daniel Manning. Mr. Donald
McLean, of w York! Un. Senator KahbanW, o(
lidiaiui, and Mn. Wa.hlntoii A. ItochlluE, of
New Jeraey, r promliKiitly mentioned for the
onk. 1h "Children ol the American Reo
lulloii" lll l elvrn a reception by Piraldeit
Mcriluley on Tnday ond aw on Wadilncton'a
birthday ) the olrurr of Hie fccnnul toiiety,
DiucMtrs of (he Ar.itrlcin involution, t Hottl
At tlic-lr liomc, Ml Aittni nvrntie, on Salur
day evening, Mf. tid Mr. W. Holies enlcrtalncj
a liumbrr of iweei In honor of their Utile
daughter, Mjrllt', Mttlidiy. fltmn of alt
klml rie lnduliteit In by Hie tllllo on" 'lll
0 o'clock, Wrlin tlif.v vte lnllrd to tin rlln
ln loom hcio ihlnly lunch awdtlct tliciit.
After pattnUnn of tlif-e Silt ilooney look a
ItjelilUlit pkt lire of the luii.i pjrty. "aIihi "II
departed for tlelr liniw, ldilte Jll Mjrtlo tuiTJ' liltthdijf. Tlio piewnt viici
I'lorciito and Helen Complon, fylli Koote, Hello
Tcote, Arlltio IVmte, I-ni nnd IMItli HciiiM.,
Matilda, I'liui. Mb" and t'red Imt, Oriee Hall,
I' ll'tmle. lUlic-l I'liUHl. ltnlttt Siinpwn,
Mik. V. II. WII.on. Jbrlle ll-Un and drnnle
Wutner from Stroml-bur.
Charter Piesented nt Meeting Yes
terday by Lindeny McMillan.
The pecond of a series ot Unco meet
ings Tor tins admission of charter mem
bers to the Federal Labor union, No.
SSiS, whs held In Carpenters' hull yes
terday afternoon.
President Humphrey B. Campbell
called the meeting to order. Lindsay
McMillan, of Klcctrlc City lodge. No.
230, of the International Association of
Machinists, presented the organization
with n charter from the American Fed
eration of Labor. Mr. McMillan's
presentation speech was brier, but
In It he urged th members never to
do anything: to bring reproach on the
Over eighty names weie enrolled yes
terday and a very careful list taken on
specially prepared enrds, which when
the lodge Is fully organised will be
used In making m the vole on the
nine hour day pending, ho that any
petition to the companies will repre
sent the sentiment of the entire force.
Tho meeting adjourned until Satur
duyy February 23, which will be the
last meeting for tho enrollment of
charter members.
Small Canine Leaped from Roof of
Three-Story Structure and Was
Instantly Killed.
A uiunbet' of spectators yesterday
afternoon witnessed the suicide of
"Pilnce," n young dog owned by
Frank Monroe, of SOS Washington" ave
nue. What prompted the nnlmal to
Its desperate djeil in not known; and
the motive Is likely to remain ob
scured in doubt forever. The canine
leaped fiom the joof of tho th rep
story brick structure at Washington
avenue and Linden street, and striking
on tho pavement directly In front of
Itelsman's news stand, was instantly
Fracture of the skull and vertebra
nt the base of neck are pionounced
to have caused death.
It was 2 o'clock when the suicide
occurred. The dog, a small specimen
of the senna "yaller dog" was frisk
ing playfully about the roof, on which
Its young muster allowed It to take
a short al rills'. Suddenly, ns bilsk
Ixuk from the street attracted Its at
tention, Prince scampered to tho edge,
looked down, nnd recognizing either
canlno friend oi- enemy save several
shrill yelps, and then wildly scam
pered about the playground once niotr,
A few Instants later, however, it gath
ered up speed, and lushing again to
the end slopped abiuptly, directly
over the Tuiklsh Uaths' establishment,
nnd then, with a sad, plaintive howl,
leaped off.
The Monroo family ate of the opin
ion that the untortunate dog, to which
they were greatly attached, was pois
oned. Dr. W. S. Decker, who exam
ined the remains, dcilaied that the ani
mal was poisoned.
Says Another Man of the Same Name
Did Deed and That He Is a Vic
tim of Mistaken Identity.
AHIiourIi Joseph Uestovcr was i ou
vloted by twelve good men nnd due of
the chaise of being one of the quai-
tettu win assaulted Joseph liugots,
dm lug tho strike trouble ut Old Forge,
the court Is so impressed with Ues
tovcr's claim that It Is another man
of the same name and not hf who did
the deed, that it refused to sentence
him with the other three, Hnlmduy,
and let hint go under ball until County
Detective Phillips Investigates the
All dining tho trial Uestover Insisted
that ho was the victim of mistaken
identity, and when railed for sentence
his attorney vigorously contended that
his client's claim was true. The court
wts moved to give him the benefit of
tho doubt, und now it devolves upon
Uestover to show the county detective
that tho other Restover H the nun
who should have been arraigned.
Joseph Derovnnko and Paul rhun
duk.viho were convicted with Iteslover,
were given four and throe months, te
speotlvely, and In the case of Mrs.
Pevevanko, tho fouilh of tho convicted
(liiartette.sentenco was suspended until
It as Hie intention of the court
that Frank Wcopp should servo a
year In the county Jail for tho two
eases of larceny and receiving of which
hi was convicted last we 2k, Inn owing
to tho fact that Judge Arclibald, be
fnie whom h was convicted of the
second cliHlge, supposed that Judge
I'.dnaids had alven him eight months,
Instead of six months, as was the case,
Wcopp sets off with only ten months'
IMward Rush and Mary Costello,
convicted of selling liquor without a
license, were each sentenced to n line
of $500 and thice months In the county
Wllllum Mlttlemau and Nicholas
Goplello, who were found guilty of
tiu flic-kin? in registered bottles, each,
wcio sentenced to pay a line of $25 nnd
the costs.
Frank Zllhiskl, who wtis convicted
of assault ami battery on an indict
ment which also charged robbery, ,vas
given six months In the county J.UI.
Thieo months' imprisonment was tho
pot Hon of Itaifaello f.amarta, convicted
felonious wounding.
Sentence was su&pended In the cases
of Mouls Posner and Hairy Tlossard,
ponding the disposition ot rules for
new trials,
Sentence on Frank Compton was de
ferred until othercases pending against
him am disposal of at the next term.
Theie will be a rummage sale for
the benefit of Penn Avenue Daptlst
church next fiaturday, all day and
evening, also during the day Monday
nnd Tuesday, February 18 and 10, at
1S6 Wushlnston avenue. Send contri.
tuitions to ISO Washington avenue,
Thuisday and Friday.
Those Who Weie Present at This
Annual Event Supevlntedent
Schubeit, Who Has Charge of the
Scranton District, Was the Toast
master Address Delivered by Di
vision Manager Xing, Who Told cf
the Splendid Woik That Is Being
Done Others Made Addresses.
The 1'iudeutlal lusilianee comp.iuy
of America have icasou'to feel pioud
of their Scranton staff, and the latter
In tuin are mou limn proud ot their
superintendent, II. J. Schubert, because
of his Unliable disposition and genet al
good will towards nil ot them, and be
cause of the mngulllcenl reception nnd
dinner which Mr. Schubert ptovlded
for them ut Hotel Terrace Saturday
evening, al the lllth annual gathcilng
of tho Insurance winkers In Ibis field.
In point of excellence Mine Host
White outdid his splendid effort of a
year ago.
Tito menu was par excellence and
consisted of blue points on half shell,
bisque of clams, fried Iong Island
smelts, tartar sauce, Julienne potatoes,
celery, olives, tadlshes, York state
turkey stuffed, cranberry Jelly, mashed
potatoes, brown swept potatoes, string
beans, bread and butter sandwiches,
punch n la Terrace, chicken patties,
French poa. cutlets of deviled veal,
potato croquettes, hot house shredded
lettuce, mayonnaise dtesslng. Ice cream
and assorted cake, Impoited sbeny.
Fast mountain llthla, coffee, cheese
and crackers, .cigars.
From 7 to R o'clock Rupeilntendent
Schubert and his men held an Informal
icceptlon In the parlors of tho hotel,
wheie lepiesentntlvcB of Ihe home
ofllce, superintendents and assistants,
Inspectors and agents nil joined In a
genet ul lencwal of friendships and
handshakes. Among them were:
II. ,T. Sclmbut, sHpeiinteiideiit. Scranton. W.
1. Kinir, diilon manage!, Newark. N .1.1 'siir
wl T. Tronic, aiWant ililion manager. Niwailc,
V. .'. : W. S. S'orUnif, In-peetoi, rrli.refon.
X. .I.i Superintendent V. K. (jiiinlin. PolKillIc;
P. I'. Klclty, Jlarleloii.
JlodUat Kvainlii. r. Dr. I". I., ilrandrr, i'or-a
City; Dr. Julm S. Jillc. Culmndalr; Pr. S. I).
l)al, .fenum; Hi. William Vim Dnreu, An'.i
luld; IV. V. 0. I'uUoii, SiMiitmi; Dr. I). .1.
V.Vhb, S-ranton: Dr. .. .1. ll.-ker, Dnryea; Dr.
II. II. Clbby, rut-ttm; Dr. A. K. I'lltK lla.
l.y; Dr. .1. P. .laenb, Tlirocp; Dr. W. W.'e.
(ihphant; Dr. '. A. .fcnnlna, Plttslnnj Hr. I".
II." liU; White Mill! Hr. .11. W. Hrail;..
Strantoti Marl .1. Mow in. luM I. IS. Hi'l.
niktant siipeilntendent: Atint", .1. llnppenlhil,
.1. X. Tramer, V. J!rf'ahi:i, tl. M.'. v. V.
A-"i-tant Siipoiliitendent, M. HlffKerry; Asenlt.
. .1. Iloran, C. 1.. Iliuait. I. (ircii. It. I'
I.iwrio, 1.. W. IVelter. II. V. Tajlor.
AittrUnt, A. II. S'niihi Aseni.
.1. V. Mcr.irlhy. . T. De. oe, J. II. MnrJn, C.
II. (libb, V. A. Coki.ian.
Asdi-tant Supciintindtnt, A. II. Kie.levj
Rnt, S. .1. ILiiL-ie, (. II. Kiele.i. . II.
llecli, John Kane.
Altant Siipfiliiteud'iK, '. Ainiiieriiim,
Aeetit. ,T. ('. Ilin-a, .lulni flionei, line-dale.
Aitant Siipiriiilendenl, .1. O'Milleyj Acente,
D. II. liiger, 1!. P. Ileee, .1. IVotho, A. V.
Ui'jlief, Caibmidale.
AM.Ut.1i1t Siiperiiitiiuhiil. (I. . i;rioi.l;
lieiil. .1. Allan, .lo'm Cahano, P. Mnlljllj, .
I. Hill, .loeph n. WalVir, PaibMnlile
AwMuiit Supei Intend' nt, ('. ". (.'jiui'.ir
Agent. W. T. Cuiiiniiiia. 'I'. lhirl e, .1. .1.
Dowdier, . (!. llet. V. I.lnde, Willi mi 'iil.fii,
..ll ml Siipciliilriidinl, .1. I. Xriirrr; A-fi n' -.
.1. II. W.ii.l. .1. J. lJing, .1. II. MiDiiiiioll, Tjv
Akdl.inl Siiperiiitdidenl, 1, W. (liiei; .Uelu,
W. ,T. Selull, D. W. Schill, .Insepli I'o.ine, Pitt.
Ion AgMitsC. Ii. IleBnil, !'iile Ariel; K. 11. Luii,
.1utu; M. (!. Cti.lO. mid P. .1. MiilUiiin. Mi
nooUa; .1. J. Gallagher, Nr.mtor.
As Prof, Johnson, the blind piunlst.
began a march on the piano, tho guests
began filing Into the dining hall. When
all bad reached their chairs, Supotin-
lendent Schubert gave the order to be
seated, and then followed the serving
of the menu already referred to. Dur
ing tho Intel vat between the Hist and
last couises, the boys couldn't net
"Too Much Johnson," and the accom
plished player tipped out lastinic,
patriotic and popular music as fast as
his Instiument woul( permit.
The performance by this aitlsL was
really worthy of special mention, nnd
when he played "llally 'Round the
Flag, Hoys," Immediately theie was
nn uproar, led by the "Uncrowned
King," and instantly every one in tho
loom was on his feet singing nnd wav
ing napkins. It was the signal given
by Division Manager King for the men
to jnlly around the Hag of their com
pany, and the Inspiration for the
Scranton men to place Superintendent
Schubeit nnd his division nt the head
of the business for the year lliOl.
At 10 o'clock order was lestored, nnd
Toastmaster Schubeit lead letters of
resiet fiom a number of otltclals who
were unable to attend. Division Man
ager King was then Introduced and he
gae Ihe men a lengthy argument of
what was expected of them during the
current year. He said the Prudential
rnmpanv was highly pleased with its
foiren In the anthiaclte regions ot
Pennsylvania, and pointed with pilde
lo their conduct dining tho leceiit coal
slilke. "You faced it like title Piuden
tlal soldiers," he said.
Tho lon of business dmlng that
period, the speaker said, was compara
, Fruit
2jo box Orauges ou -sale
this week,
California and
Florida Oranges.
E. G. Com sen
tively small, and during the entire year
the Increase otor 1859 wns $280,529, and
jr2,703 over lDflo. The collections were
kept up to 99 per cent., and they came
out No. 1 In luciease ordinary. The
year limi, said the division manager,
Is lo ba the best lu the history of the
company, and ho predicted that Inside
of the next twenty years the Pniden
tlal will lead all the Imurance com
panies of the world,
Already the company 1ms u loial
field forco of 10,fl:',l men, ami u total
working foice of H.9.10. Over $131,003
win paid out to policy boldeis last
your, and there are four million policy
hotdeis lu the company. The icmiiltider
of hit talk was devoted in Instructing
the men In Ihe sen-Ice. and his re
nutrltf wcio attentively listened lo, and
liberally applauded. Hefore closing,
Mr, King exacted a pledge fiom bis
men lo each write ut least one nollcy
n day during 1001.
Then followed n number of chal
lenges and acceptance) among the as
sistant supmlntcudcuts and their men,
for contests on eniollmcnls, which will
mean special u wauls for the wlnnois,
Asslslnut Division Mtiuar-cr Frome ad
UliI tho assistant superintendents not
to look for a Ken Is among the clgnicttc
smoking corner loufois, and gave the
agents some substantial advice i da
tive to the woik In which they are en
gaged. SCT.ANTON M:D.
lie also said that Scranton led nil
the supeilntendents ot Pennsylvania
riming the past year, and that lh
Prurientlal was the only Ameilcau in
surance company that received a gold
medal at the Paris exposition.
Short addresses followed by Assist
ant Superintendents (Irlswabl, Hog
get ty. Allen. Qulnlan. O'Malley. Hull,
Smith, Kielty.Amcrmau, Agents CJreen,
Ward and others. Inspector Htocktorf,
of Princeton, also spoke, and Intimated
that the company needs tho faithful
nnd loyal service of the staff. He
closed by urging "the old gunrd to gut
together and be up and al them."
Following the speeches, Supei Intend
ent Schubert was presented with nn
alligator traveling case, nnd special
prizes weie awatded to Agents John
Kane. S. J. Ilanse, J. J. (lallagher, P.
.1. Mullally. M. fi. Cuslck, W. Hauison
and O'Malley. It was after midnight
when the guests dispersed.
Theie Is a Great Hole in His Leg.
Hns Lost so Much Blood That
Death Is Inevitable.
"tliuee up, dad: we aie going to pull
through all light." Although moi tally
wounded, Chester Staples, of Ciesco,
slowlv'und painfully inlseri himself on
his elbows, clenched his teeth, and
tiled to console his aged father.
Stnples lies ut tho Lackawanna hos
pital with ii great wound in his left
leg. the result of a shooting In a lum
ber camp near L'resco, on ihe Pocono
nouutaiu, about thirty-five miles from
tl'ls cliy. AVhlb- the wound In Itself
Im not sufllclent to cause death, the
amount of blood which Staples lost
has so weakened blm that the doctois
rogniri death as Inevitable.
Staplfs was shot about 11 o'clock
S'lturd'iy night and did not iccelve
medical attendance until 1 o'clock yo
lerdav afternoon. Several circum
stances are respionslble for this. Cres
co, the neaiesl place of habitation,
ios not boast of a physician, and a
doctor had to be summoned from K,Tt
S'ttoudsburg. When the word reached
Kwt Stroudsburg, Doctor Tiavest was
not at home nnd could not get to
fiesio until I o'clock the next day,
fourteen hours nfter the wounding.
Pitting that tlmo tho wound bled
piofusely. It Is due only to his sturdy
constitution that Staples lived to reach
this city.
S'taplos and his biolher. Charles.went
to the piopilelor of the lumber camp.
0eu P'dtrleh, and demanded wages
li them. Theie was tumble of some
kind and Peltrlch ordered them nway.
The two men retreated to the barn
in the rear of the house, followed later
by Peltrlch with a shot gun In his
hands. Pelllich sized up Chailes as
the cause of the trouble, and It Is
slid put the gun to hl slinuldii and
took aim.
JllSl OS be pulled the ttlggel Mlllll
one stiuck the gun. causing the shot
lo inli-s the person Intended nnd enler
Ihe Jolt leg of Chester above the ankle.
Staples fell to the ground and the
other lumbermen lushed to his ni
sUtnnce. When Staples was taken to the hos
pital last evening. Dr. Gates, assisted
by the hospital physicians, examined
the wound. The shot which stiuck
hlni was blrdseye. and literally blow a
hole through his leg. Doth the large
bones of the leg and other smaller
bones were ftlghtfully shatteied and
the muscles and flesh lorn to bits. A
large quantity of bltdsoye shot and
also a big piece of his trousuts were
extracted from the wound by Dr.
Oatrs. The finding nf this piece ot
clothing illusti.iles Ihe fence of ihe
dlsi barge. The fact that the shot did
not spiead far Indicates that the gnu
must have been held pietty i lose to tho
victim when llreri.
Staples Is tibout Ihlity ,ir of .ikc.
He Is a muscular, well-built man, with
a constitution of lion. l.ile last night
he was still alive, thanks to stimu
lants ndmlnlstercd by the doctors, hut
nothing short of n miracle will save
his life.
Piopose to Supply a Number of Up-the-Valley
Seeral of the citizens of Olsphani,
Blithely. Dickson, Throop nnd Wlnton
have fouued themselves Into a water
company to bo known as the Consum
ers' Wnter company,
Mooslo lake, Jefferson township, will
furnish tho supply of aqua punt. Stock
. Ill be retailed at $10 per share and
will be sold to any resident of the
live boioushs desirous of purchasing
same. The rate per family has been
fixed at M p""!' unnum. Olyphant tla
zette. 8 O'clock Shnip.
The entertainment for the benefit of
the Men's Oulld by Frcd'k. W. Tin
man, Prof, Conant, Miss Kunn and
Mr. .ToncOLWKR TWIST and
MUSIC will conimenco pmmptly ni
S o'clock this (Monday eenlng, nt the
Patikh liouje.nudltoi'luni.
A Pine Piano for Sale.
But slightly used and nearly as good
as new. Latest design, upright grand,
ot a. great nargaln. Please call and
Mr- It. Oueinsey, Hall, Scianton, Pa.
J. W. Guernsey, Piopiletor. "
Large Number of Delegates fiom
Xlngsley, Hopbottom nnd Nichol
son Spent Saturday nnd Yester
day in This City, Meeting In Con
vention nt All Souls' Untvcisallst
Church Rev. L. L. Lewis, of
Nicholson, Spoke on "The Edu
cative Foice of the County Union."'
The qua) let ly convention of the
Young People's Christian union ot the
Susquehanna Fnlvcisallst association
wns held lit this city Satin day and
yesterday, between twenty and thirty
out of city members being lu attend
aiue. All of the session were held in
the All Souls' l!nlveisalll chut til, on
Pine stieet.
The convention was Killed lo older
Satunlay morning by the piesldcnl,
Mls (lei ti ml. Waldle. of lliooklyn,
alter pinyer by lte. o. It. lteardsley,
nnd the work of oigaulzlng then took
place. Committees weie appointed and
the meeting iidjouinerl until the after
noon. At ; o'clock Itov. I. L. Lewis,
of Nicholson, lead from the Scriptures,
mid after prayer. lie v. Beardsley dellv
eieri a waiin address of welcome to the
visiting delegates.
Reports of the different unions In
Scranton. Klngslcy, Hopbottom and
Nicholson weie heard, and Miss Amelia.
Drown, of Hopbottom, secretaiy of the
association, lead an Interesting paper
on "A Live Union. ' Jesse Tiffany, ot
Nicholson, read an excellent paper on
"How We Can Impiovo Our Conven
tions," ond the committee on resolu
tions In ought the meeting to a. close
by presenting ita report, in which si
vote ot thanks to the local members of
the union was Included.
Saturday night a literary entciluln
mpiit was given at the church. Sev
eral selections were sung by thd choir,
and enjoyable i collations were given
by Miss Kllsuihoth Walsh, A. J. Don
ley, Miss Mildred Oreen, Mls Helen
Kstei brook and Miss Ida Smith. Miss
Nellie Loomls, of Klngsley, treasurer
of the union, lead a paper, and Mrs.
K. N. Tiffany, of Hopbottom. gave a
solo, as did also Miss Davis, of this
city. Theie was also a quartette, made
up of Miss Smith. Mis. Aithur Loomls,
.Maude Pel'ew and Miss Hcitunn.
Yestei day's services at the All Souls'
church wefc In charge ot the union, hi
the morning Rev. O. It. Reardslcy be
ing in charge and Rev. Lewis during
the evening sci vices. Rev. Ucardslcy's
subject was "Looking Over the Fence,"
and he treated It In a most able man
ner. Rev. Lewis spoke on "Tin Young
People's Christian Union as an Indu
rative Force." and delivered a thought
ful and most Interesting dlscoutse.
"That the Young People's Christian
union," ho declared, "has come to stay
Is a fact generally acknowledged In
our church. It has obtained a strong
foothold and Its possibilities for at
taining a hplendld end aie wondeiful.
Its mission Is prlmatily to do good. Its
aim Is to start new Impulses lu men
and women and lead them upwanl. It
Is our union's purpose to bilng in the
kingdom of righteousness to earth.
"The union Is pre-eminently an edu
cating force. Ily constant perusal of
the gospel of Jesui. Unit unerring rec
oid of the life of Christ, we are
brought face to face with nil Ideal
manhood, the study of which cannot
but be tusphlng, and learn from Him
how to be like Him.
"The Christian lellgtou is ever "Hiv
ing onward and upward, and out union
encourages and provides for a. correct
expression of lellgious thought and nt
lis meetings provides a medium for till
that Is best and noblest to manifest
Itself. In Its songs we can expiess
our noble,t feelings and In the prayers
i. in pom out our longings for the life
for which we were cteated. The
prayer Is also a confession of our
weakness nnd of self-surrender. Then,
too, there Is a freedom of expression at
the meetings which Is absent at ihe
"The union Is made up of young men
and women who know the vast piom
Nes of life and shau in tho gloiy of
splendid oppoi Utility. For many yenis
people used to think religion was a
thing to bo only used Sundays, and
Indeed 11 may even be said that some
people still hold this wiongful concep
tion. Christ's lellglon, not nlways un
fortunately the Christian lellglon. Is
Intensely pmotlca! and exists not for
one side ot man, but for every phne
and pait of his being.
"The conclusion to be reached Is
that society has a natural and at -some
(linos a special phiro In the church
ot Clnist. Tho union was not born
outside of the church, 'nor was It
i eared In ulterior surroundings, but
P grew up naturally In the chut eh
and one patt of Its gieot value to the
Individual Is that It Imposes tho great
and potent lesson of discipline, by
making minds subservient to the lofty
piluolplex and teachings left us.
"The society stands for all that Is
pine, title and lovely and wv owe on
uulalteiing nlleglnnce to Its loyal ser
vice. We must contlnuo in our woik
ond Htilve unceasingly so that the
linn! lesult will be that we out selves
will bear Clnlsl's likeness."
f -f H
$3. and $3,50 Hats at
Wo want to close out ml oin
Winter lials now.
e have mado the pi Ice so low
that they aie sine to go.
Tho styles Includo Peail and
Black soft hats, Ulaek and
Brown Dei hies.
t -f f f 1 1 t IHHlf-rtt
4 a
All J
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.
Masons and Thirteenth Regiment
Will Be in Charge.
The funeral of tho laic Isaac lirown
will be held nt .'.HO o'clock this iiUer
noon from the lesldence of the paienls
of deceased. 120 MnriNoii avenue. Schil
ler lodge, Free and Accepted Order ot
Masons, will be In chaigo of the ser
viced, and ihe Thhleenth icglmenf will
also be ropi created lu the observance
of the lltcs.
Ml. Diou'n wa llrst lieutenant of
Company K, nnd a number of the tegl
mental olllceis will u tie ml the funeial
lu uulfoim. A mllltmy escort will also
bo provided, and .it the giave a volley
will 'be tired by a lliing siiund.
The services will be conducted a.
the houe, und Intel ment will be made
In the Jewish cemetery at Pumnote.
Th following order has been Killed
by the captain of Company H:
ijii.iiler (-niui.. D, TMilecntli bit.mliy, i-
tlonal (iiunl ot lViiii.jb.uiia.
Pctniiton, Pa., rMi. Ii', 1 '
Company Older No. 1
Aiinonrrrnirtit I.i hueln made cf tho d.uli "f
Lieutenant Kiae Itu.'ui, uf ('uiiipnee K, Hil
rcgiuit nt. Iitertenant Hin.ui tnti'ted in ''
puny 11, Jaiui.Ty M, l-i'.'i, nnd vruil tn tlii
company tilthltilly until piuiuiitod In
noiitf'iimili-rlotifd lair. Ir. m-iM-ft Id nirin
ory the olfluM uiul iinii-ioiiiniiN-iomil clinii '
thl coirpaiiy mitnldo at the nonory. Min
dly, IS In-l.uil. nt 2.11 u'liml; In the nitci iionn.
In iinlfoitn, to intend He f.mrral i-eivUe.
In .1" mil. .Lie with mlir e. .,.
e. ,, lid dite, am nl'ier .urn of tin mi.tpu
vho aii eoiueulinib ,lo ,,, will inTt .ii t,
irnir hour. j
111 eld-l ol Wl'n.r I!. 1'oulp.
( .tpl III! 1 .M11111..U1I11IV.
One Fnie to Washington D. C. nnd
Return via the Lehigh Valley Rail
road. On acioimt of the limuguiaiion ceie
monles ut Waxhluglon, the Lh!gh Val
ley lallioad will sell tickets 10 thai
point and leiurit, .March 1, 2 and "., at
ih" low rate of one fare for the round
trip. These tickets will be good to , e
turn to March S, Inclusive, and will
be honoied on any train except Un
made Diamond Hpic-,s. Stop-over al
lowed at Philadelphia and P.iltlmoie.
by deposit of ticket, irovldnd ticket
Is used within original limit. For fur
ther infm mutton consult Lehigh Valley
ticket agent. '
'lie meliibfis Of Schiller lodge, No.
."41, F. V A. M., are requested to at
tend ihe funeinl of our late biolhef,
1 aae Tliowu. from Ills late lesldence.
120 MadWon avenue, Monday, Februiuy
the ISlh. ll'Ol, al -' o'clock p. m. Mem
bers of hlsler lodges nn fraternally
invited to attend. I!y ouler of
Isadoie iioodmau, W. M.
Aiiest: Chailes S. lielbei t.-'Sec.
Special Notice.
Sei-iei oiganlvtatlons In the clt- run
templatlng changing their headfiuar
ters, aie icspcctfully solicited to cat!
nnd get teims, ilates, etc., In Ouein
i.ey Hall, ,1. W. niiorntey1 iopil tor.
The Scianton Gas and Water Com
pany nnd the Hyde Park Gas Com
pany. In aiMiiiUiui 11I1 tin- poll, u' ih-e . ,pin
pitiue lu ledtlie iaic I'iiiiii lime to linif a'
111.1v hr wii.ntted li jnitpj.f-d uiiuniiii'
notice l faeiilo uivn Hut. on mid jiiii Api.
1 nrt. the piliu ef tn will l.e one Hidlai p-i
uite th'ivivinil inhU f(l inimiuned, ulit, I
the following discount.: I'ie pr iinl. n al
liills l.l.flO Hr lOII-.llliiplllJll h'l il 11.
rui"iint-i In leu llun Iwriu., Iif dull 11, in ne
lint. 011 ull Mil wheie the i nu-iiiiiplinii '.. i1
lllOlllil I.I1.1.UHU lu U'fl.l.S flil lioil.ll illl'l lip
Imlded tin- Mil I pild on or l.eiou iU
.'Olli day ol Ihe month In whlih Hi! Mil !
irndeicd. Il unlu of tic I . ,.i rl..
(!. II. HAM), t-euetal.1.
Clarke Br
Tim Dickson Mnnuractui'ini; Ct.
tcrnatoa unfl WUWoi-l'.irr. t'-i
Muuuractureri of
Hollers, lloltllngind Pumping AWJilnery-
Qenernl Office, Bcrinton, Fa.
Im the way of those who hold tho
upper hand. We hold the upper
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superior goods is all we need to
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Fiom the new
est spring styles of
colored goods linve
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fects of the season.
;$0" Lark a, Avo.
mo n ds!
Still I1.11 pin;; on our old subject,
but we won't stop till we know
you aie assuied th.t we handle the
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biilliant til-.MS handled in the
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317 Lackawanna Ave.
m stoves,
Steam a,i:i
Hot flats-
:..::: ibj; avi-:sik.
Sale of Shades
Shades which have ac
cumulated during the
past season should have
been closed out in Jan
uary. All good shades
variety of colors some
with lace edges others
w th deep fringe.
Standard Opaque
shades with best rollers.
Sold all through the sea,
son for 50c, 60c and 75c,
Trade Sale Price
19c and 29c.
221.223.25.a7Wyomlng Are
' 1 j 1
F4 H
nii tnwn"
UN OiuVcdi