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The Efforts ot Congressman Gon
nell In Behalf ot a Scran
ton Scientist.
Senatois Quay and Pentose Will
Urge the Passage of the BUI in the
Senate The Opposition to the
Meaturo from Plttsbuig Will Not
Be of a Strong Character Sena
tor Hoar's Consideiation Pen
sions Ginntcd.
Ppeilal hum i Marl t'lirrt'-iioniKiit.
Washington, Feb. 17. Congressman
Council called on the president yes
tot clay to urge the appointment ot
Frank 11. I.ltlell, of Scruntoti, us pio.
fesor of the naval eibsennteuy.
Mr I.lttoll locontly passed an exam
ination lor this professotslilp and. It
Is itndu stood, pissed (list In the ex
ituliiutliiii. Considerable Intluenio N
i ing brought to hear on tin piesl-lU-iit
tor tho appointment ot a Mr.
I'-oed, hut It Is believed, since the ex-
m 1 mi ti on was unlet oil by the pusl
dent and Mr. Llttoll standi at the head
n' the list, ho -will receive the appoint
ment 1'our of the pioiessois culled
on Mr. e'onuell osteidny morning In
lhalf ot .Mr. I.ltlell, and soveinl of
theni iicenmpuulcd htm 10 tho White
hous". Mr. Llttoll Is now on his way
t Sumatra by order of the piesldont,
t i olx-cne the eclipse of the sun.
Middle Disttict Coutt Bill.
The eongiossman ban boon, Mnoo his
i itnri tiom Iluitlsbiiig. trlng to set
'.- M-njtc Judlclniy eoinmltt'e to
in ike a luveiiublc npoit on his bill
luentlv passed by the hou-c, clouting
.in additional Judicial dhtllct to he
l'lown us the Mlddln dhtllct. lie
llcl, in (ninp.iny with Senator IVti
iiwe, on Si niitnr chairman of
lie committee, anil explained the pio.
msIoiis and meilts of the bill. Sena
tor Hour told his cullers that the- U"
nublleuns of lils homo had got Into a
tow. and the light was close, and that
lu felt It his iluty to go home to oto,
mil would not bo able to return until
innit tlliu' on Wednesday. He of-
i i. tine" the tlnu w.'s Mum t b-iv.e-n
now and adjournment of eon-,'ie!-.
in appoint u Mib-ccminlttec, but
the Mii.itor and oongtes.uniin eonclud-
il to alt until he ictuuied. Senator
Hoar then agieed to call a meeting of
the committee for Thui.sduy morning
n -xt .it k'.'JO o'clock, III order to give
tho who nie opposed to the passage
o: tho hill, as well as Its ft lends, an
oppeii tunliv to bo heard. Judge Uuf
liht ton, of Plttsbuig. Is opposed to tho
bl'l and has wilttun Const essniau Or.a.
ham icquestlng him to let him know
when lf i an hac an opportunity to
be heard It is not known tot certain
th it tho Judge will go to the expense
an 1 tumble of making the trip, because
t'ongiesMnan (Srnhiini tc plied, s.ilug
Mrtt he expected the senate commit
ter, would make a favoiable lepoit on
'iv bill, and that It would pas the
fiiatf at this hpshlon, and that he had
potior put his Ideas lu wilting, and
send thein to the committee.
Senator Hoir told Senator 1'enioso Mr. "oniull tluit Senator Quay
hi.! wired him as will us other mem
beis of the eoinmittee loeiuostlng them
'i iipoii the bill faorably and to
m go Its passage In the senate. The
s nutor eontlnuod b saing. that It
is seldom If net that a bill of this
kind H obleeled to lu tho senate, and
especially when both senutots iceiuest
ts passage. Mr. I'ontiill has wltcd
simi.i1 Scianton tittonns and io
quested tln-m to be hcie In time to
ippcar befoie the lommlttio on Tliin
diy. Pensions Granted.
i iii;iesniau Cnnnell lrit been ad
vk'cd that the following lit in
riinted pensions. Ciitheiliio Viulij,
inothei of Thomas I). Aarle, Kilban
non, 1'n.ini, (iiilwny lounty, lieland,
! per mouth lioni Jlaich 1. ivi't;
.John Hunts-nmn. No. UJ rnlrltw inc.
nue, Si i anion, claim for oilKlnnl pen
sion at &i: per month fiom .Ian 20, 1'JiO;
Thomas Iljan. No. S'JO Mooslc sticit,
Sci union, ilaliii for Ineieat-e pens'on
from JS to $12 pei month fiom Nn.
II, 130D. J. It. AV.
Considerable Business to Be Ciowded
Into the Remaining Weeks,
Pj Ktclutiw Wire mm The Aocijlnl l'u
Washington, Feb, 17. The senate will
devote practically nil its lime dm lug
the present week to appioprlatton bills
Tim postoltlce iippiopiiullon bill piob
ably will bo taken up tomoiiow upon
r nvenlng, although It may glvo plau
to the diplomatic and consular nppio
Dilation. Tho time to be consumed in
discussing these meusures will depend
hugely upon the detei initiation which
may be cached with refeiento to the
ship subsidy bill. So long as the Demo
crats feel that the subsidy hill Is to be
ptessed, In case of a lull, the) will In
sist upon debating all mcasmes pie
scutcd. The bill making appropria
tions for fortifications will also io.
eelve, attention dining the week, and
It Is expected that the conference le
port on the Indian bill will be tjoiudd.
i red, th uiiny bill piobably will be
i lachsd late lu tho week, but not In
llino to he debated before the begin
nltiR of next week.
There Is some talk of the renewal of
night sessions, but It Is not piobablc
that they will be again undertaken
until the closing days of the session.
House Will Be Busy.
'Ih lust week but one of the present
session of congress will bo an exceed
ingly busy one In the house. Much
business I cumins to be disposed of, and
the Inevitable crowding which charac
terizes the closing bonis of a congtess
has begun alteady. The apptopiiutlon
bllh, so far ns the house is concerned,
aie In fuitly good shape. The last of
them, the general deficiency bill, will
follow on the heels or tho sundiy civil
bill, which Is about half completed.
These bills and conference reports will
be given the light of way over every
thing elfc. All other matteis, some of
them of gieat Imiioitance relatively
but not ot lmpei.itle necessity to be
passed, will have to take their chances
In the ilnal lush. Speaker Hendeison
Is almost constantly besieged by ineiu
bcis importuning him in the luteiest
of various measures. He Is keeping
oerytblng clear for the great rush nnd
letting the dilftwood of legislation Into
the curient only when It will not Im
pede the piogiuss of things which
must pass eongiess befoie March 4.
Theie aio many knotty problems to be
solved In connection with the upnro
piiatlon bills over difference!) between
the two houses, and many good-sized
lows ure promised.
River and Haibor Bill.
Tile ultimate late of the liver and
haibor bill will piobably depend upon
how heavily It Is loaded when It comes
buck liom the senate. The biggest
tight between the two houses from
piesent appearances is likely to occur
over the war revenue iceluetlon act.
The senate conferees seem determined
at present to foree the senate substi
tute or allow the bill to fall. Itut tho
house confeiees ate standing firm, and,
hk many membeis of the house have
their backs up. the Impiesslon ptevalls
that the house will suppoit their con
teues. and If It dees the senate In the
end may be compelled to leld. To
morrow Is suspension day and the bill
apptopi lating t3.000.000 for the St. louls
exposition will be put on Its passage.
A motion to suspend the tules will cut
olf the oppoitunity for amendment and
no doubt Is entoitalned that this bill
will command the. two-thirds ote nec
essaiy to secttio its passage upon a.
motion to suspend the rules. The pio
gi nmme with reference to this nnd
other measuies, however, may be ma
terially modified if It becomes rot tain
befoie Match t that an fvtr.i session
Is to be called
Water Is Still Being Pouicd Into the
Burning Mine, Whete Sixty-one
Men Are Entombed.
llv lvliiMte W n- (rein llf -oitiil l'rrn
Vancouvei, U. C. Feb. 17. Additional
details continue to lonn tiom the
Union mines on Vancouver Island,
whtie the teitlble fatallts oecurreil
Filduv afternoon. The ace blent has
thrown the towns of Cumberland and
Naualmo Into a state of gloom. The
Caniidlun Pacific Itailwny company's
steamer Tartar anlved at Vancouver
this afteinoon fiom the coaling station
at Fnlon, twelve miles from Cumbei
land. When the Tartar left Union at
7 o'clock this morning the late news
fiom No. 6 shaft was that the flood
ing piocess was still being continued.
The the was still burning, although not
so fiercely as during the preceding
tlili t -lv bonis. The tiemendoiis vol
ume of water pomlng Into the mines
fiom the continuous supply furnished
by an elghteen-lnch main w'as gradu
ally peifoimlng the desired service,
nnd by tomoiiow It Is confidently ex
pected the Hie will be extinguished. It
will be several das, llaymond .says,
befoie the bodies of the sixty-one en
tombed mlneis can be iccoveiod, be
cause after the fire has ben put out It
will bo necessary to pump the water
out of the mine befoie a rescuing
patty can hope to get nt the coipscs
now lying at the bottom of the shaft.
Shottly befoie the Tartar salleil from
Fnlon this morning the steamer Joan
at lived, having on bouid Premier
James Dunsmiilr, of the Biltlsh 'ol
umhla government, who Is one of the
owners of the Cumberland mines. The
families of the dead mlneis icqiilro
ffnnnolal assistance, which will be
fin flu omlng fiom nunc than one
souiie. The major of Vancouver has
ulieady taken stops to aid the bo
leaved families, and othei cities ate
taking similar action. In the mean
time. I'lemlei Dunsmiilr has oulucd
the sfoickeepeis at Cumberland to
give tin tllstussed families what sup
plies tln may need.
At lei the an lull of Fieuilei Duns
lnuli and his patty at the mine Hh.ift,
No. ,". which connects with No. 0, was
opened and the big fan slutted to dilvo
a oluiuc of ah down and to foue
b ick the gasses and aftitdamp flio
fiom No. fi
t fi l", Thomas Hussell and a number
of other mining oiiglnocis went down
and wi'U below ubout two bonis. They
imported on coining up that they had
ptooeedeil in tome S00 or 900 feet whn
they mot body gas. Shaft No. C Is
flooded to a depth of 12 feet and It Is
blleved the flie has been extinguished.
The members of the party who went
dowt' No. C found no smoke or sign of
lite, Sonu believe that they will be
able to get tlnough to No. C. to en
deavor to get out slime of the bodies
tomoiiow or Tuesday.
Blizzard in Euiope,
fl l.uIiMw Wirr from 'flic .WoiUttil Puj.!,
Iitiduii, I'di 17 All I'm one la ixriiiknc'ii
a 1 1 in e( w Inter wiuthir. Severe colj ami
tuuu' JhiriiH ate upoilrj ficm M iuiU of
I mil, Ccri', Hal), UimIp ami AuMnllJ. 'Ihe
lillunl conlliMie lu I In; U.le-.i ilUtilol. In
hlli rlji.'l imiii.i xlllik'rK lie rut Vuimr.
ius ilfallu arc reioiled,
The Tight n Diav.
11) r.uliuivo ilre rom The Awocutdl 1'ieji.
Ton mo. tint. Ili 1". -M the ltojal tlientv
I lit : IklU llulli, 'I Ix'titrvs il. of Tmoiitu, mi1
luvi ii'.ji,iirll, of I'lilUilclpliu, fought tuint
icmiili in J ilr.iw.
Count Von Walderbce Plans an
ExDodltlon That Will Last
EIqIhu Da us.
It Is Not Thought That the Ameii
can General Will Agiec to the
Plana Without Institutions fiom
Washington It Is Believed That
tho Destination of the Pioposcd
Expedition Is Siam Fu The Mili
tary Elated at the Piospect of Ac
tive Service.
11 Kxelulo Wire ficm The V'ooclJlul l'ns
Pekln, Feb. 17. A few das ago
Count Von Walderseo wioto to the
geneials under his supervision, notify
ing them to have all their available
troops ready In two weeks for an ex
pedition lasting eighty days. Today
Clcneral Chaffee and Geueral Voyron,
the French commander, tecelvcd' let
tors asking for their eo-opeiiitlon and
expressing a deslte to know what
forces they can spare. In commencing
his letter to General Chutfee, Count
Von Waldetsce says:
"Owing to tho unsatisfactory tiatute
of the negotiations lor peace and also
to eliouinstanccs tendering such a
course desirable, it will piobably bo
necessary to lesume military opera
tions on a large scale, espeelull toward
the west."
It Is not thought likely that Geneial
Chaffee will agree to such a plan with
out institutions from Washington. The
French commander, however. Is ex- t
pected to do so. Count Von Waleler
Hee'n plans contemplate offering the
command of the expedition In the Hist
Instance to Sir Alfred Ganz.tlec. the
British commander, but It Is believed
that In ow of his recent Illness, Hon- I
oral Ganzaloe will litfoim Count Von
AValdersee that he is unable to aiccpt
the command. In that event it will be
offeteel toGelieiiil Voyion, piovlded Ihe
Flench full hi with tho nuungemont.
which Count Von Valdeteu believes
will be the rase. Such an oiler to
Geneial Voyion would huvo the effect.
It Is thought, of overcoming tho dllll
cultles which have existed between the
Fietuli and Germans, bocam-e It would
be a demonstiatloli of Count Von AVnt
doi see's contldonco lu the milltaty abil
ity of the French contingent.
Fie long an announcement is expect
ed that the destination of the Pro
posed expedition Is Skin Fu. Tho for
eign emojs believe Its object to be to
compel the Chinese to accept the teuns
of the powers. It is thought that when
It becomes known that the expedition
has started, the linpciiul coutt will
hasten to comply Immediately with all
the demands of the Joint note. The
milltaty are much elated at the ptos
pect of active service. Many believe
the Chinese army will strive to tho
uttermost to protect the province ot
Shen Si against Invasion.
The Vice-Piesident Annoyed at the
Hunting Yarns Cliculated About
Him by Malicious Yellow
Journal Conespondents.
Lvlintvp iie from The oeianl I'iom,
Colorado Springs, Colo., Feb, 17
Oovernor P.ooscvelt was In Colotado
Springs today, the guest of V B. Stow -ait,
who wuh one of the memoeis of
the hunting patty In Itlo Hlanco county
dutlng the first thtee weeks of the o
govemoi's outing. The !ce-probident-eleot
Is In most excellent health and
spit its will return to the east In
perfect condition for the arduous du
ties upon which ho Is to enter so soon.
His time until the Inauguration will
be taken up with attending i.i his cor
uspondonco, tho accumulation of sl
weeks. A public reception will be tcn
deied him tomorrow afternoon at .'
o'clock Ho e.piessid the dosiro that
nothing in tho natuic ot a bi"iiuet be
held and the i crept Ion will simply be
public hund-shukliig granted to tho
people ot i oior.iuo T-piiiiK1.
(ioveinor itoosevoit ts mtii n au
nojed over the hah -raising stoiles that
have been clr. mated concerning his
hunting exporieiuos To a toporier of
the Assmlatid Ptess ho gave the Pil
lowing slat 'incut today:
No nun who vwute to er icivc Inform moil to
un inwp.iiier, tt.i Mlltiln lori.v iiiiii ni wu-ic
I vjs hunting it m.v time liintw Ih, (lie iiK
t n nut 'Ihe in6illonal Merit. uih n
tl oe dokiililnc iilenturr with hean. nnd
,ibi, ueio vlelllxnte and ullfnl fahrteatlimi
anil, 1 unileitjinl, were written lij men a
wtro rot vlllin humlredj of miles of vvhers I
V i. Wo did not io a heir or vvnlt en tho en
tire trip Afhle from lynx md unallcr i,ime
our limit In? counted to bunting the w
enllod lions ot p.-nthir I got twelve of tin tit
I not 1 1'd a llM.iv mule. I hne never
been out lth a better hunler than John (loft
UK hound axe nilhout exception tic hem 1
luvo ever seen fur the orl.. U I .in ohlliced
to k'o iat In view ot tho mamc. ot the In
misurjtlen, I Jilt to my i.n it leitt, uuahle Io
.iddnu tho (Vlorido leifUlituie, In aiioriliii:e
ivltli their nriiet. 1 cannot nifficlmtlv n.
rcM uy appriiUtlon of tie lomtmH lni
illnllty with Vklilch I havn hem heated In Co.
orailo uril I klnll (Jjulv hall the Hut ehaiue
to ajiln ecine to the talc
Fiench's Cordon Broken,
flv r.xelmlte Wire fri.m Tli Auoelated Pim
lmilon, Teb. Is lllipafihef fiom 1'ielorli
oiinoiKc that the ( nrolhi eonimandn lm brul.m
tlnoii,li (lencral Krench'c eoidon vetnard
Teunle Oaflln's Husband Dead.
lly Kviluthe Wire doiii The uociitl Pien
London, Keb. 17, Sir- KrmcU (Vuk, vvh" In
I tv.5, nurrled MUt Tcnueavce Clafllu, of New
Uili, died at 10 o'clock toulcht
Heio of the Soudan Is to Have a
Financial Manager.
? Kxcludvo Wire frem Ihe Associated Pims.
London, Feb. 17. The war depait
ment has made tho following an
nouncement: "Loid Kitchener has wheel express
lug a desire for a tlnunclal assistant,
in view of the heavy expenditute pro-
cedilla' In S,oulh Afilca, the seeretaiy
of stale for war has appointed Mr.
riuy Douglas Arthur Fleetwood Wil
son, under societal y of slute for war.
to proceed to South Africa and to act
temporal lly as financial ndlser to
Loul Kitchener. Mr. Wilson will leao
London, Feb. IS. A despatch to the
Dally Mall tiom De Aar, dated Feb. Pi,
coullinis the leport ot the aitlvat tiieie
of Loul Kitchener i.d hh stiff t
superlnteiid"iit the ihase of (iettcuil
IV Wet Tho eoiiespoiident sa:.
"Do We t's forte Is now denuded of
all liauspon chicles, and bin hor-i")
uto cchaus d '
Other Soui'i .v'rlca dispatcher leport
that several columns arc pin suing
(eiieral De Wet, whose exact whete
aboiits, hovwner, is not indicated
The Missouii Pacific Haihoad Will
Piotcct Piopeity in Its Posses
sion in Futiue.
By Kxeli'MK Wir trim Ine Vwcilateil Prej).
Atchison, Kans., Feb. 17. U. P. Wag
goner, geneial at tome of the MLs
soml I'm Hie tailioad, In view of the
m cut bieaklng open of the Mls&uurl
l'uclllc depot at Clofl's, Kansas, by
women tempoianoo crusudeis, has ad
vised tho company, as u means of pio
toctlng Its depots against 1 alders, to
treat them as common burglars. Mr.
Waggener Is sttong in bis denuncia
tion of the milliner In which the elep
ledatlons weie committed at Golfs
and Ftllnghum last week and sik tho
pi (Deflators at both places will be
piosecitted to the fullest extent ot the
law, as will aIo nil other crusaders
who foiclbb enter Missouii Pacific
He suvs a penitentiary offense was
oiniultted at Gofi's. as tho depot door
was biokeii open. Mr Insists that the
compaii as a omnion can lor has a
light to piotectlou under the lows, no
matter whether the liquor In Its hands
comes fiom another state or not.
The Counsel for Thomas Baiker Be
lieves That Accused Man Should
Be Allowed to Give Bail.
II; IviIiimvp Wire tiuui The A-tii Kited n
Xcw York, Feb. 17. Minshal Van
Winkle, inutioi'l for Thomas (I. lUr'
ci. wlo shot t'i Jb v. John Keller in
Atllngtoit, said today thut he was in
formed that the ph.vslclans attending
the K?. Keller had assured the pa
tient's 1 1 lends that he was out of dan
ger. Sir. Van Winkle said he could
piove that this assurance had been
given last Thursday. If the physl
i lans do not make an eutly report to
the" couit on Mr. Keller's condition,
Mr. Van Winkle will usk the court
to send trre county physician to see
Mr. Keller and repot t on his condition
to the court, so that Mr. Barker may
bo admitted to ball when the cletgy
liian Is reasonably sure of recovery
Mr. Van Winkle ciltlclsed Prosecutor
Frwin for visiting Mr. Uarker Satur
day afternoon with two physicians
without having given Uarkei's counsel
a. notice mid a chance to be present.
Dr. John D. Mcfllll, the president of
the Jerajy Cit police boaid, and Dr.
William IS. Fisher, of Hoboken, who
called on liaikor with piosecutor Fr
wln, will not speak of the call, and
I'toseoutor Ft win will not discuss It.
The visit Is helloved to have been made
to gat evidence against a possible plea
of emotional Insanity. Mr. Van Winkle
. . 1 .1.,.. l.r. 1..1 ..... tnl.l I..1
I siaieii loony uuu ut- iiuu iiwc n.mi in-
wouhl make a sucn u uoioitse ine
Jailor who escotted Uoclorrt McHill and
Fisher into the room whete they taw
Hntkor sts tin ptlsoner lefused to
mi an thing to them. The doetois
and the piosecutor renialtted not over
ten minutes,
The First That Has Fallen in Half a
11; i.vliuiio Who (Kin Tie Vvoelitod Pre.
Mixltn Cit, I'll' 1. I arb tlil inornliis mow
(-11 In thl i it nnd In the vullei of Mi tit o "Hie
laoiinil v.ue (iiMinl with mow In the hluhir
nuburlH. nheio tnn U"l planti vvein
I c.iutiftil ttltli .i vvlilto mantle, meal) aivu-n)
the iitnoBit' of the peuplc and ueitfil nuu'i
Snow had not falbn in till rll hifm-o for
nearb hilf a eintur. In thli i It-, liuvicvi-r, It
melted as fast ai It tell
Illness of Dowager Empiess.
Ilr lAcliube Wife (i-oni 'Ihe sioelated I'U'1.
Ittrlln, I'eh. 17.--Tim lepoiti as to the londl
tlon ot Dowjcer llii'picni Prrderlcl,, who U 111
nt C lonlicrir ore quite contradlitm V'rom pri
vate dnurres, however, It la nwirlalned that
ill' r ml Ii eupcitcd lu few ueikx at the latent.
Tiain Kills Two.
llv i:clnbo Who from The AwocUtid rrcai,
Uj'rl-huii. Tib. 17 -l'ltlru l'an-elu and
lUUo Tanori, a-nl 21 and S'i car, repntlvely,
ueie attui'i h u I'tiilw.ilvunli rallrmd freight
tialn lit Pinue Civelt lodaj- and l.lllij 'II ey
weru eniplojul on coiulriutlou train
Gtaud Duke Ptoclalms Amnesty,
fly i:seliwhe Wire fiom The AisocUtnl Preii.
Weimai, I'eli. 1". Tlie Krand duV.e of sae
Weimar hai i.lKiiallrrd hl aeieiwlon to the
throne hy pnlalmln(f a conipubenube amnesty,
Includlnc polltlul oflene.
Queen Sophia Impioving.
Uy i:cliile Wire from The AnccUted TrtM
Sloehholin, Teb. 17. Tho londltlon ot ueen
SopliU N mi mmli hr prated that It la now be
lloied lm will no longer be confined to her bed.
'Rlpncr" Bill Is Not to Be Jeopar
dized bij Inviting Further
SGranton Hostility1.
Senator MUehlbromier Now De
claies That Bill Will Pass as It
Stands Friday Morning He Was
Dcclailng That Changes Would
Have to Be Made Governor Stone
Ci edited with Having Brought
About an Understanding' That
Will Prevent ruither Locking of
Horns by Scranton and Allegheny.
iip-clil fiom i htali Ci)iie,ionJeiit
Ilurrlsburg, Feb. 17. Now comes a
statement front no less a peisonuge
than Senator Charles A. .Mttehlbron
nor himself that the "ripper" bill Is
to pass the house essentially as It
stands, the only changes to bo allowed
being such as are necessary to correct
some minor Inconsistencies and faulty
That tho bill wilt puss the house i
not now and never was a matter of
question nccoidlng to tho utteiunces of
Its lather.
"They doclated It would not pas.?
the .senate," Mr, Mtiehlbionner went
on to say. "They also declnted Mar-
shall would not be elected spe-aUor I
and that Quny could not be elected
senator. It Is tho Insui gents' old
game of bluff. The 'ripper' will go
through the bouse with tho same ease
that It went through the sennte, and
it will go through In Its pr?ont form.
The people of Allegheny want sonio
changes, I know, but they cannot get
them. Tho only changes that will be
made In the bill arc such ns ate neces
sary to make It purse "
rho onlv ohlertion now talhC.l to the
bill, leaving the "ripper" clause out eif
consideration. Is that -which comes
from Allegheny. That city wants the
bill amended so that the tieasuror and
emit! oiler shall be chosen by the may
or and council, Instead of being elected
by the people, ns demanded by Kcraiu
ton. Senator Muehlbronner does not
believe this matter Is eif such tmpott
anco as to wanant delaying the bill
and offending foianton.
A complaint K also being nude by
some people of Plttsbuig agauist tho
retention of tho olllce of dellniuent
tax collector, but, as It Is an eleventh
hour mutter and because, further, the
bill leaves it ellscretlonnty with coun
cils to appoint a dellniiuent tax col
lector, It will not likely be given much
The bill originally dispensed with
the collector of dellniiuent taxes. The'
reformers of Pittsburg didn't want the
office because of its powers being
abused, and because of its being, as
they claimed, an expensive luxury.
The delinquent tax collector of Alle
gheny Is a close ft lend of tho Allegheny
friends of the measure, and when
the bill camo to be levlscd the last
time tho oflleer ot delinquent tax col
lector was preserved. Scrunton die)
not oppose it, but Insisted upon a pto
vlso to the effect that the e Ity treas
urer might be designated as delinquent
tax collector, the intention being that
Instead of allowing n separate ofllclal
to conduct the ofllce on a five per cent,
basis the treasurer could be given a
teasonable addition In salary and ic-
qulreel to do the work, the penalties
being turned Into the city Instead of
being gobbled up as fees for collect
ing. As the law- now stands tho new
complaint Is not well groundpd, as It
Is within the power of the councils to
practically abolish the ofllce under tho
Scranton proviso.
Gov ei nor Stone Is credited with hav
ing brought about an undeistundlng
which will prevent the further possi
bility of Allegheny and .Scranton lock
ing horns over amendments. Tho new
position of Senator Muehlbronner, who
on Friday morning was favorable to
milking the concessions demanded by
Allegheny, Is strongly corroborative of
tills. T. J. Duffy.
Katie Rvan Di owned.
fl; I'ulndio Whe from The .WieUted I'ue.
Wllket Harre, Trb 17-Thl Jlteinnon four
fhlldien rinclni; in ean from 7 to II vero
plilnir on the lee in "libv'a eirifc, near Kings
ton, whi-ii tin Inoke thmcKh into the witer.
Twn men who were pmlnir nearby heard their
fiieann and ran to their usManer. Ml wrrn
n lined but Katie Uy.m, used D, uho link ill
ten (ect of water,
lie Kxelitdve Wlro horn Hie, Aoclited Prrs.
Mtoom, Pa.. Ktb 17. Mr. nnetla Dell, wife
of llev. Peter (J Id II, and mother ot Warner
II, Pell, editor of the Mtoona KvrnlnR (Ja
retteS, and Frank V. Hell, of the Philadelphia
Jiiirlli American, died at her home In thia city
till attcrnoon, agtd ffi ean
ChleJKO, Teh. 17, atallleI Sitl, brothii or
OiMavlut F, Suitt, the mlllloiialie iiieker, died
hero today altci an Ilium of four dam. thi Im
mediate caup of hl death helnu CGticf.tlou of
the briln, Mr. Kwiit was bom In Sai;amire,
Mj.j., ll-thui' eara auo. If v.u ordained a
mtnlxttr of the Mclhodkt de nomination and look
hU flMt piitorate at E."4llnn, .Man., when he
vaa only 2J i-nn o( .ikc.
Ilutlalo, 1'tb. 17. Ilarton Ml.liu, 7t .veau of
s?e, .i pioneer lenident of liiiftulo, dhd heie jit
terday. In early life Mr. Atklm viaa piotnlnentli
jucntllled with bu-ln'3 Inlciet on the great
lake lie ua il pemoual diend ot l'oiiuer
Picsldcnt Cleiehnel and In lfei went Io Aliski
wlh a rommlwlou to be Piillcd Statin maulnl
toy the diatrld of AIiki,
'ew Haven, Conn., Tib, 17.-i.tlitlbeil ciln,
mtniclan and composer, died unldetdy hue lodav
of heiit diea. He wai Sts eau old. A a
compoter Neiln attained it name hardly neiond
to any American miulelan and hla konK4 aro
known throufhout two contlncnU. Anient thee
are the "llfary," "Sarclu," "flood MbM,"
"Oood Night Beloved" and an airanginient of
lUinea "llabbin lUaldn."
Weather Indications Today.
IfAIN pr70BaaU.r.
(icnerol War to De IteaunuJ In China..
:o Further beinnton lloitlllty to tho nljpw
S'nnk P. I.ltlell li Oc I iofcicor of XaI
Mrs. Xitlon t'.Ji Her llitihtt In Tcpekn.
An Iowa IMllir UKuvria Pit Crouo.
OfniralCinbinitilo Department.
I.ocil Itr. MeteoJ on ChtMlan seleine
Captain Ihibbcll Wmilil ti;lliite AgJIiiAt
( lirlfthn Sclenre.
Note and CViiim.iht
knell llniurt i f Men,
ejiwiterly Convention ot outu IV'Vli' t'nlon
Sliutillni; AtTrav at Cicn.
Hog t'wnmlls Sulclile.
Iiml Werf Vrai.tdi nrJ "iilmlnn.
(lemral -orll r istcui I'i in. v Ivatiij
1.d(j1 Lite Ni f uf the Wi.iM.
The Cudahy Kidnapper Kegales an
Iowa Editor with a Snd Story.
Van Metre's Big Scoop.
He Kxtlu.he VMio friu 'he VuOilatnl I't .
Chlengo, Feb. 17. X despatch to the
Tlmes-Hciald from AVatuloo, Iowa,
"Pat Crovve coufv.'sF'd the t'uduhy
Kidnapping to lsilah Van Metie. the
edlteir of the M'nteiloo Weekly Trib
une, with whom tho hunted fugitive
toimd shelter and food Tupsdav night
of this week and Mr Von Metie pub
lished the details of the visit In the
cm rent niimbet uf his p.ipei.
"Buck of this, pet Imps tho most
ilr.unatlo epHode ot tho long scotch
"!t '" Kmwn "t "' "' eolebiated
child-stealing cave Is a story of how
Crowe fcaved the life of the editor a
doen years ago. so establishing the
ctedil of Ktatittide upon which he felt
safe in drawing, now that he Is an
outcast with a nrlie of $30 000 sot upon
hW head
"The statement of I'invve to the
W.itoiloo edltoi,' ,u milling to the de
spatch to tin- Tlnv-llttald, "e overs
tho following points. n A frank eon-
. feeslon of the kidnapping. C2) All ox-
, planatlon that ho had no Intention ot
' harming oung Cuduhj and would not
have (lotto so even had the money not
b'eti d1!eicd. (.1) A Htutenieiit tbu'
he hid :o,0HO 'pl.iiitid' which ho wish
ed to gel In oidcr to be able to leave
,the lountry
"Accoidlng to the Iowa edltoi' stoiy,
thi man silel Io be Fat Crowe came
in h!s burnt after 11 o'clock at night,
was admitted, was given food and was
pei mltted to sleep theie until Just be
foie dajllght The man, according to
the Iowa editor, vviu in a stale of ab
j"d fear and seemed all but hopeless
of avoiding the oflicet-. who .no search
ing for him. In tills alleged confession
tho fugitive is repotted to have stateil
that he could no loiwrei trust those
who had bcn his friftids, owing to the
big rowaid olTcied fol his appieben
?lon, and that he knew not which way
to turn. The fugitive teild tho editor,
the stem says, that the few houis
.-lep In the latter's house was the
first unbroken lost thut he hud had
for weeks. The fugitive Is tepoited as
having explained tliRl his only object
in lrmalning In this Iclnlty was to
secure tho burled tieasute, and that
so great was his fear of detectloh that
he could not come to the point ot Ming
ufter it."
Scranton Men Begin a Movement to
Gather All Silk Workers Into One
Fold What They Hope to Do.
Special to the Siranton 1 limine.
Now York, Feb. 17.-M. D. Fluheity,
of the American Federation of Labor;
It. X. Couitilght and .1. T. Hempsey.
national organizer and secrotarv -tiens-uter
of Fnlon No I, Flitted Mine
Wotkers ot Ameilca. respectively, nto
In th city tonlgnt, hiving come nom
Fiiteison, N. J., whet they spent to
day lu confetonie with the otnduls
and leaders ot the Silk Wntkeis' union
of that olt. Th Scrunton labor leud
eis weie sent us repiesetitatlves of the
National T Mile Woikeih The object
ot their ttlp wits to furiher the- movi
nieiit now on foot to constitute) under
one head all textile and silk wotkers
unions of ihli- eotintiy.
At present the Silk W'otkets unions
of Patethon, Fnlon Hill and other
towns, togethei with the dlfitilf t neat
id and otgaulml b the IMterson peo
ple in the Lehigh Valley In I'ennsvl
vanla, are lndepeudnt of the National
Textile Woikets, which body Is recog
nised by the American Federation of
Mr Fljhoity stated tonight tlat the
result of today's confeienco was trout
gi.itlfylng and he look" for the amal
gamation of both Doilies at an eutly
date under tho head of tho National
Textile Wotkers
Incident to the silk wotkers' strike
now In progiess In Hcianton, Mr. Fla.
herty further sutd that the Faterson
ofllclals iissiti-ed him of unlimited
tlnunclal aid and that in the event any
Scranton woik Ih sent to Futerson to
be finished, under no clrcumstunces
will It be handled. Futher as3uraiu"
were given him that any etforts tovvt'rd
Importing 1'ateison operatives to
Scranton to till stilkeis' places would
be unavailing.
Killed on a Ciossing.
fly i;cliuha Wire (rjin Tho Woii.tcd VtttU
Ijneaiter, Pa., Feb. 17. Frank W'iekenheUer,
aged 21 ,vear, ot Milton fJrou', uaa killed early
thU morning; at a crcuuln? ot the IVniujl vanla
railroad two miles tut of Mount Joy. VounT
Wlckinhelber attended a eoclal catherlng- at the
latter plate on Saturday night and ai elrivlnc
to hla home when struck by the ttaln. He vvaa
hutantly killed and tho carriage amathed to
pleie, white the borne etcaped v.lthout a w.ialch.
The Ladu with a Hatchet Literally
Grains Topeka with Thrill
ing Episodes.
No Excitement of Equal Volume Can
Bo Recalled lu tho Hlstoiy of the
Capital of Bleeding Kansas Men,
Women and Collego Students Tol
low tho Leader Tlnough tho
Stieets and Assist In Wrecking Sa
loonsShe lb Anestetl Several
Times Duiing the Day.
II; KmIimivp Wire fiom lie Vvnudueil Pim
Topeka, Kans., Feb. 17. Mrs. Can Ie
Nation put In u busy Sunday In Topeka
today and as a icsult the capital cltv
has experienced litoio genuine excite
ment than can I13 lenteinbered bv the
oldest inhabitant.
JIis. Nation lltetally ctnmmod the
day with thrilling episodes. She uio
ceoded in having the contents of a
nototlous Joint smashed, Inoke Into 11
cold stutage plant In search of liquor,
ruined the Illinois 011 scveial bins
found .stored hi a livery stable, ad
dressed a large mass meeting of men
and w onion, and wuh attested thtee
times The last time that the law laid
Its hands upon her was when Mrs.
Nation emerged from the chinch whole
the mass meetings have been held.
Tonight Alts. Nation iinnotinccs that
she will begin toiuoiiow morning vvhetc
she left oft teulay. and will not test
until all the Joints lu Topeka have
bien closed.
This morning at C o'clock Mrs. Nation
sallied foith from the rtnte house
Kioittiels at tho head of T0u men and
women, nil mined with hatchets and
ac. and moved on the JuIntH of the
cit. Nobody but Mt.s. Nation know
what plans she had laid.
In the cjowd weto a. huge number of
students of Washburiie colli go, some
eil the ministers of the cit and a
number of professional and business
men. The men and women follow eer
their recognized leadcrolnvvnKunsis
uventio to the place on Fast Sixth
slnet. kept by Fd. Miltphy, and the
wotk of iltmolttlon began, Airs. Na
tion, blandishing a new hatchet, head
el the onslaught. Others followed Iter
lead quickly. Iieer kegs, bottles, nilr
lots and everything smashable were
uttaekeel and baldly live minutes after
Mis. Nation bad begun the smashing,
what was once 11 well t mulshed saloon
was In complete ruins.
Hot work over, Mis. Notion pioudly
eineigtd trom tho place atnl was str
lesled she went along with the ofll
eer, followed bv her band and tho
ciowd that hud gathered. At the po
lice station she was teleased pioinptly
and huii led back to her weak.
Taken to Jail.
She enleied a llvoty bain. In which
some bats had been stotod, and smash
ed them. Then at the head of Iwcnty
11 vp of hor stoutest tesl follovvei.s,
she went to tho Moser Cold Storage
plant and onte-ie'd upon a seaich for
come liquor that s'.ic thought had
been stoied thue. Till.? time Mis. Na
tion was arrested by the county ati
thorltlts and was taken to the lull
In a putted wagon. It wes afUiuooit
befoie she was released tiom Jail on
bond, and utter taking dinner with
Shetlff Cook she went o tho Flist
Christian church, vheie altu uddiess
Ing the assemblage she was accosted
bv an oflicer with a wairant and tak
en to the county Jail ngalii. She say
el this time tor two hoius nnd final
ly her bond wits signed by one ot tho
joint keepcis of tho city, a pionilrient
Full ".0f0 persons followed Mrs. Na
tion and the oillcer fiom the chinch.
The, policeman was obliged to draw his
pistol to keep the crowd back, and
it was with the utmost dllllculty that (all was 1 cached.
The news of Mis. Nation's latest ai
icst hud leached tho down tov.n dis
trict and us .he oflh er hovo In sight,
with his piisoner tho stieet lu trout
of the Jail was one seething mas of
The chief of police, with a detail of
otlliets, was soon on the scene, and It
took much bind xvoik, together with
the vigorous use of clubs, and threats
of woise tieiU'iieiit, to got an opjiiinir
In tho crowd sulllclenl to permit Mrs.
Nation to bo taken Into fie i.ill office-.
For a time It seemed thai serious
trouble would ensue. At no time was
Mrs. Nation In the least alarmed. There
was, as stated above, about two hours
delav in getting a bond for Mrs. Nation
and Jn tho meantime she entertained
the law eis r.nd newspaper men pres
ent in her chancterlstie mannei.
Wijl Seek Recruits In Australia.
Cy i:i.liile Wire (11.111 The Auoelated I'rcaj.
"fSjilin. X. 8. W. l'cb, 17.-Slr Alfred Mil.
ntr having notified tho ov eminent of New South
Wales of his Intentlui to send an officer to re
did! In A'tralh for the South African con
itibulaij. tho government ha replied that tha
colony objects to ruth a piocecdincr.
Steamship At rivals.
lly Iai.Iu.Iio Whe from Tho Associated Trcsi.
Xew York, Tcb. 17. Arrived! Pretoria, Ham.
burg, trailed: PoUdim, Boulogne a4 Rotter,
dam. Muville Anhcih Anchorla, Jfaw York fn
OlasRow, and proceeded Queenston Salledj
lHrorla, (html I.lurpwll Xew Yotk.
H f f t
W'a.hInglon, 1'ib. 17. Forecait for -
tonday and Tuenlae t For eastern Venn- 4
fyltaida; Prelmhly 1 iln Willi llslnj teui. -a.
peralino Slnnda) ; 'IVenb, talr; (nth -
north ti nuithv.iJl M.mU. -4-
trttt-tttt-ft ttt-