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Reported BaGk to the Houscas Com
mitted told Goes on the Cal
endar tor Wednesday..
Even Senator Muehlbrouner Says the
Bill Will Have to Be Amended, but
the Chances Aro Senator Quay Will
Not Allow Anything to Be Dotie
That Will Be Liable to Rub Scrnii
ton the Wrong Way Representa
tive James Introduces a Labor
Heasure That Will Revolutionize
Siaws Governing Liens New Pri
mary Elections Bill Introduced.
Pp i l.i. t . .mi a Sli.lf ('
llarrlsbiirg, Feb. IS. The Mlteld
broiuier Mil was reported from the
municipal affairs committee by Chair
man Caldwell, this morning. As told
In yesterdny's report of the meeting
I" tho committee, It was decided nut to
amend the 1)111 in any particular, and j
vhen It came hack to the house to
ilav It was lti the same shape at when
It will come u on first readliifr next
Wednesday night. An attempt was
made to delay Its progtess by ad
journing until a week from Monday,
hut the ft lends of the measure stio
eeeded la preventing this. The fwt
I hut no session will he held on Fri
day. AVashliigton's birthday, was used
s the main argument for having u
reeess all of nevt week. The hta!
atts, however, refused to listen to
I Ins argument, mid ns n, consequenc..'
the legislature will come h.iek for a
session Wednesday night and Thurs
Iny. it Is almost certain that the bill will
iot pass In its present shape. Some
nnendments must be made to its
.ihrasluu to put It In legal form, and
some other amendments must be mado
to Its ptovfslons to make It acceptable
to the Allegheny and Pittsburg people,
not excluding Senator Muehlbromer
himself. The coucesslonsi to Seranton,
which makes the treasurer and con
troller elective by the people, is the
principal objectjonnble leatuie. Alle
gheny has ulways tilled tho?e ottlees
by counellmnnk election, and they
want this method to be retained, al
1 wing, however, that the recorder
sha'l nominate, ns In the ease of the
other heads of departments. Should
this tevlslou be made, the only officers
to be filled by the people would be
mayor, assessor anil councilmen.
mendmeuts to effect this and other
less Important revisions will be pre
pared bv the western friends of the
ineasinv between this time and Wed
nesday. Eliot ts to Determine Vote.
Klienuous offortn have been made
ti got a line on the probable vote for
and against the "Hipper" In the house,
Hit owing to the fact that the Quay
republicans who will not support it,
and th'- Quay Democrats who will sup
port It, do not propose to commit
themselves until they io, makes
nil estimates a. matter of pure guess
work. Speaker Marshall sayr. the bill will
avsureillv pass, and that if it is
amended the amendments will be
made only by friends of the measure,
liopiesentntlve Harry Hall, who will
likely lead the light against the hill,
declined to make any estimate of thn
nnti-"IUppcr" strength, but expressed
himself as confident it would not pass
with the "Hipper" clause -attached.
If Senator Quay la on the ground by
Thursday next, as he promised, the
chances are the bill will ho passed
practically us It stands. Those of the
Lackawanna delegates who will "swal
low the ripper" have served notice that
they must have as an aid to digestion
everything that Scrunton has asked,
which means practically all the most
recent amendments. The stand taken
by Congressman Council, the defection
of Senator Vaughan and the refusal of
Representative Phllbln to commit him
self for the "ripper" under nnv con
ditions, will make it advisable to go to
extremes to placate the Lackawanna
men and Senator Quay Is the kind of
man to see this necessity and act ac
cordingly. To the Allegheny people he
i will likely say: "You are getting re-
form, and you must be willing to mako
, some concessions," If, however, the
Ripperltes can show they are able ti
get along wljhoul the majority of (he
Lackawanna representatives, Seranton
will have to be content with such con
cessions as aro not objectionub'.e to
Allegheny. T. J. Duffy.
Representative James Introduced a
Bill Amending Lien Laws.
Special from a Start C'oiuspn-.ili.nt,
Harrlsburg. Feb. in. Iiy a bill Intro,
duced In tho house of representative
today by Mr. James It la proposed to
effect u revolution In tho .natter "t
preference of Hens by making labor
claims superior to almost all others:
The net Is entitled an net "to providu
a Hen to secure tho payment of money
duo for caro nnd diligence and money
expended in or about personal property
by reason of any contract, express or
Implied, and for labor at agriculture,
mining, manufacture and other man
ual employment, excepting only such
labor as is now protected by luws re
lating to mechanics liens, liens upon
ships and vessels and Hens of keeper
of boarding houses' und livery stables."
It provides that luborers and employes
of any person, association of persons or
corporation whether such employment
he at agriculture, mining, mumiructui'o
or other manual labor shall have a,
Hen upon the real property or upon any
estate or Interest therein of their em
ployer for their wages, which Is hereby
declared to be superior to the following
liens taken or attaching during the ex
istence of said labor claims; Hens of at
tachments, liens of mortgugo given or
taken nt the time of actual Insolvency
of the debtor or with a view of pre
ferring creditors or to secure a re-ex-Istlng
debt and superior to claims '.'or
homestead or other exemptions.
On Ballot Reform.
Representative Van Dyke, Quuylte,
of Westmoreland county, introduced
the bill prepared by the committee on
ballot reform of 1'lttsburg, nnd drafted
by George D. Guthrie, of the chamber
of commerce, which provides that pri
mary elections shall be conducted by
the regular election olllccrs on the
same lines ns a general election, the.
candidates to register with the county
commissioners and separate ballots for
the several parties to be prepared at
the expeiice of the county or munici
pality, ns the case may be. .
Railway Platform Bill.
Last week Mr. James set about the
task of preparing a bill to compel
street rallwny companies to enclose
the platforms of their cars, that the
motoimcn and conductors might he
protected from hardships hi Inclement
weather. To his surprise, If not chng
tin, today Mr. Davls.of Fayette county,
introduced a bill drafted nlolig the
Identical lines that were being followed
by Mr. .Tames.
tit requires all railway companies,
conveying passengers by any power
other than locomotives, to provide the
, platforms of their cars, during the
' months of November, December, Jtuiu
j ary, February and March, with en- '
i closures of wood, lion, glass or other
suitable material, sutllclent to protect
the employes from the inclemency of
the wenther.
A company will, after the passage of
the act, subject Itself to a line of from
$50 to $100 for every day any car, In
the season prescribed, shall be oper
ated on the public streets or highways,
ears known as trailers being alone ex
empt. The district attorney is empow
ered and directed to Institute prose- i
cutlons for violations of the law, when .
the same are brought to his notice.
Mr. Calder's Bill.
To the stack of hl'ls nlre'idy present
! Imposing rcsttlcllve regulations and
taxes on foreign mutual loan and
building associations another was add
ed today by Mr. Calder, of Dauphin
county, making such institutions sub
ject to a license tax of $100 a year.
Nearly all these bills come to the leg
islature hi printed form nnd the form.
In every instance nre identical, Indi
cating that the assault Is an organized
The McClaln bill (unending the gen
eral corporation act. of 1874 isoigaln be
fore the house. It provides that the
act shall be so nmended as to author
ize the formation of corporations for
any lawful purpose, not otherwise opc
cllleally provided for by the general,
"excluding the distilling or manufac
ture of intoxicating liquors, and pro
viding that not more than one kind of
business shall be conducted under one
charter which business must be set
forth In the charter."
At the last session this bill passed
and was signed by the governor, lie
fore It went out of the executive's con
trol, however, it was discovered that
some one had surreptitiously changed
the word "excluding" to "Including''
in the clause referring to distilleries,
and the governor withdrew his ip
proval. Prompted by the action of a judge
in tjie ti isil of a corporation case re
cently, In refusing to withdrawing a
juror, when the plaintiff complained
that the juror wasMin employe of the
defendant company, "Farmer" Creasy,
of Columbia, presented a bill "td dis
qualify olllccrs, stockholders, agents
and employes of corporations, plalntl't
or defendant, in a civil action, or per
sons sustaining such relations toward
adulated compalnes, from sitting us
jurors in the trial of such cases," A
mandate is attached directing that the
court shull sustain a challenge made
on this ground.
Insurance Measure.
Mr. Caldwell, of Philadelphia, Is re
sponsible for a measure requiring in
suiauce companies to publish an item
ized statement of their assets, with
the value of each Item, In the two
papers of largest circulation In the
eitles where their headquurters ure
Three measures that will huu a hard
time of it In the end-uvor to cscaoe
the freak morgue wero among today's
new bills.
Mr. Orr, of Philadelphia, presented
one to legalize "bucket-shops" nnd tax
them $.0 a year. Mr. Payne, of Me
Kean, would intllct u heavy penalty
on "parents, guardians or others" who
would be guilty of locking any child
under ten years of age "In a room,
closet or other apartment of a house
or other building, and then absenting
themselves from the aforesaid house or
other building in which the child was
restrained." .Mr. Strieb, of Philadel
phia, wants to tax dealers in clgar
etts 25it a year. ,
Mr. llaldenian, of Montgomery, who
was 111 when the legislature organized,
took the oath administered by Judge
After the calendar was cleared of
tlrst reading bills an adjournment was
taken until next Wednesday evening
at S o'clock.
The senate did business today with
only eight members. On motion of Mr.
Grady, of Philadelphia, the lesolution
to adlourn until February 23, adopted
yesterday.was reconsidered nnd amend
ed to read February !i0, lifter which it
wan adopted. Tim senate then cleared
its calendar of bills on llrst and second
reading, passing the nntl-clgarette bill
and postponing action on the hills for
the consolidation of manufacturing
corporations and for the general for
mation of corporations, T. J. Duffy.
On Governor's Staff.
By Huliulvc Wire from Tno Associated Press.
llariUburtr, Feb. IS. Heneral orders weie ImuM
today from the headquarters of the National
Guard of Pciinstltunla announcing the appoint,
meiit of Colonel W, 1'red llcnohli, of Hello.
fonte, us an aide on (iovernor ritonc's staff, Io
fill the vacancy created by tho resignation of
Colonel (ieoue A, Huber, of rhiUdeluhli,
Senator Teller Arouses Impassioned
Speeches bu His Opposition
to the Measure.
He Emphatically Denounces the
Methods Employed by the Sena
tor from Colorado to Defoat tho
Measure and Resents the Insinua
atlons ns to His Honesty Mr. Per
kins, of California, Delivers nn
Eloquent and Forceful Speech.
Ily Kxrluslte Who from The Associated Presi.
Washington, Feb. 1.". That the op
position to the shipping bill In the
senate will not permit n vote to be
taken, on the measure at the ptesait
session was made clear during the
closing hours of today's session. For
several days it has been evident that
It would be dlfllrult to gain unani
mous consent to take a vote on the
measure, but not until late today was
the frank asflortlou made that a vote
j could not lie I mil.
j At the conclusion of several hours
consideration of the bill, Mr. Teller,
of Colorado, announced his purpo'-e
to prevent n vote at this session. In
an Impassioned speech he decIar.M
that he would not consent to any
agreement to vote, and that it must
be evident to the advocates of the
bill that no vote could be had.
The statement by the Colorado sen
ator elicited a sharp response front
.Mr. Aldrlch,
of Ithodo Island, who
despite the declaration
Insisted that
of Mr. Teller, the business of the sen
ate would be proceeded with In ac
cordance with the wishes of the ma
jority. Mr. Teller's statement also drew
the lire of Mr. Chandler, of New
Hampshire, who stated that the posi
tion of the opposition was preposter
ous. Mr. llanna, of Ohio, u-plled to
Mr, Teller In n forcotul speech, in
tho course of which ho became Im
passioned In his denunciation o' the
methods employed bj- the opposition
to defeat the measure. The advocates
of the bill, he said, were honestly en
deavoring to advance the best Inter
ests of the country, and he resented
tho Insinuations against their honesty
of purpose.
Prior to these remarks Mr. Perkins,
of California, deliveted an eloquent
and forceful speech upon the bill,
which attracted much attention, lie
supported the bill, particularly tin
Idea of giving subsidies to American
vessels, but pointed out what he b -lleved
to be defects In the pendlmr
measure. He attacked especially tho
provisions for the admission of for
eign built ships.
Earlier In the day the agricultural
appioprlation bill passed after being
under discussion for neaily tour days.
There Is considerable pressure upon
tho friends of the subsidy bill to with
draw It, but so far they have declined
to yield, taking the position, ns they
did in the steering committee, that It
was more desirable to have the 1111 de
feated by Democratic antagonism than
to have It voluntarily withdrawn.
In the House.
Under the leadership of Mr. Cannon,
chairman of the appropriations com
mittee, a long filibuster consumed the
time of the house today. Mr. Cannon
desired the house to proceed with the
sundry civil appioprlation bill, hut was
caught napping by the Democrats,
who desired to devote tho day to the
consideration of private claims. It was
the last day under the rules which
could he devoted to claims at this con
gress and notices had been t-ent out
yesterday asking the Democrats to he
In their seats today. As n. result, Mr.
Cannon was outwitted, but ho kept up
the tight all day, forcing roll-calls for
three hours nnd later filibustering In
committee of the whole, and winding
up by making the point of no quorum
against two small bills favorably ncted
upon In committee. The net result was
that the whole day was wasted.
Twenty-Five Informations Made
Against Dealers at Pittsburg.
Dy lixrhuhe Wire from Tho Asniated I'reu.
I'lttabinir, l'eb. 15, Twinly-tliu Informations
cre made aKaiiut dealer today by I ho Puro
Pood Coinmifeloner James Terry on the charee
of iohitlni; the utate dairy and food laws In
elllnic oleomargarine. The wilts have been en
tiled before Alderman John Caldll. The nanus
of the defendants will not lie nudo public until
Ihe.i iippearini; for a lu'.irlni;.
The uiisade will continue and other iiifonna
lions will follow.
Sovernl Thousand Persons Out of
Work March Through Streets.
Ily Kvclusivc Wive fron The .Wou.itrd Prmi.
Hudapesi, lVb. 15. Social thousand pcrnm(
out of work manhed tlunuuli the prlnclpil
trcct here tudiy carrinK mottoes such at
"llread or Work Is Our IIIkIiI" and slnglus (he
Marselllile. They also ben nnihlnic the win
low of icntauraut und tluic.
The pollic, in foice, the mob after
scene of violciKf, iliuint; uhlih many aricit
were tnuile.
"Joints" Raided nt Wichita.
Ily l'.xcluslic Wira from The Associated Prcas.
Wlihita, Kansas, I'cb. 15. A special fiom
I'iiK, a biiiall place loui teen-miles south, says
liu) men .and v-mun rahhd too "Joints'' and
oiden il tho proprietor out. nlued th.'y
completely smaihid the bulbllou. the stock
of liquor was rarrlid to the railway station ami
oidereil shipped to Wichita,
Decoration for Michael,
fly nsclushe Wire fMn The Associated Press
Imdoii, l'eb, 15. The fiaictte this ct ruing an
nounce that Klne Kd'aid lias bestowed on the
izirewltch, tlrand Dul.e illiluel, the grand (loss
of tho Older of tho Hath.
Conflagrations nt Chicago Aro Sus
picious in Charncter.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Prfsi.
Chlc.iKo, l'eb. 13. four small fires, all ol
which are believed tu have been of Incendiary
origin, were discovered today at different time,
on in many different Moor of the Hotel Majestic,
which udlolni tho Dreat Northern hotel on
(julncy jclrnl, between Jlearborii and Mxtii
street, mid which Is under tiroccM ol renova
tion. following the evident attempts at ilicciidl.iri.-m
hut nlifht In three prominent hoatelrlc, today'
Ore created considerable excitement anJ result
id ill tho police and detective tone around the
Ida; hotel being tiebled. Tie pollen otttclali
believe oritJiilrnl attempt arc being made to
create panic In tits bin hotela for the purpose
of rotilierj .
Today' fire In the .Majestic caused no dam
age. The woie (tailed in pile of abating and
ufue nlmnt the shy scraper.
Three Men Killed and Others Wound
ed While Thawing1 Dynamite.
By r.xcluslvo Wire from The Associated Pre.
1'ittOr.irg", l'eb, 15, While thawing dynamite
at the cant end of the tumid at the Ilaltlmorc
nnd Ohio cut olf nt Pinto today, (Illmotc W.imier.
aired in, of Cumberland, Md.; Mitchell Vandrr,
nKcd Pi, of Klchmoml, Vn., anil nn unUiotMi
li.ili.ui, wrre Instantly killed. had both
liu Mown oir. lie hid J'Nt ilt railroading
for frnr of being hilled. OiIicim wrie tioirihly
.n cnzliioer mined Hopkins of IIiiiThIo, X. Y. ;
n man n.ini"d I'.iiilkuer, from Virginia, and an
unknown driver weie t ikeii to the Cumbtiland
hoxpltnl fatally hint
Car Jumps the Tracks and Is Totally
Wrecked Twenty Passen
gers Injured.
Ily Kxclmhe VWie from The Associated 1'ieio.
Pittsburg. Feb. 13. Car :." on the
Hamilton avenue division of the Con
solidated Traction company jumped the
track toulgnv at the corner of Fifth
and Hamilton avenues and toppled
over against the curb, completely
wrecking the car nnd Injuring twenty
or more passengers, four of them seri
ously. The seriously Injured:
Alice Paul, scalp, face nnd back
wounds; K. U iAldwIg, leg fractured,
hurt Internally; Robert R. Kagan,
scalp wound and badly bruised; W. II.
h'eager. niotornian, crushed.
Those not so badly hurt, whose
names were secured nre: Bessie Mc
Aleese, Jacob drogglns, Clayton Mc
Coy, A. Abrams, three ribs broken:
I.ulu Martlndale, Alice Reynolds,
Florence Farmer, Miss M. Kelly, Hes
sle Urassell, Helen Kurz, Mrs. Farmer,
Mis. M. Frank, Margaret Sperling and
Mrs. J. Donne.
There were others hurt, but they
were taken home before their mimes
could be learned. All of the injured
live In the Fast Knd.
The car. coming down the Hamilton
avenue grade, just at the junction of
Fifth avenue, became unmanageable,
owing to the slippery rails, and liter
ally skated down to the turn, where It
jumped the track and crashed into the
curb. It toppled over and was crushed,
throwing the thirty or forty passen
gers Into an Indescribable heap of
screaming and groaning humanity.
The wonder is that many were not
killed outright.
Their Decision Regarding tho Guilty
nt Pekin Has Been Declnred Irre
vocable Fu Siang's Sentence.
Hy CacIiisIio Wire from The Associated Press.
Pekln, Feb. in. The Chinese peace
plenipotentiaries have replied to the
latest telegram from the Imperial
court that the decision of the foreign
envoys with tespeet to the punishment
of the guilty Is irreocahle, although
tho sentence upon Genera! Tung Fu
Slang can be suspended "until such
time ns It comes within the power of
the court to plure him In restraint,
when his death will lie demanded."
Although there have been no otllclul
communication!' en the subject be
tween the envoys nnd the chlneo
plenipotentiaries, there have been long
unolllclal consultations between tho
Intlcr and M. De Olers and Sir Ernest
rsntuw, the Russian und Hrltlsh min
isters. A definite reply from the court Is
not expected until the end of tho new
year celebrations, at least ten days
off, but the envoys believe that the
court must yield,
Count 'on Walderseo has Issued a
fm mill denial of the published state
ment that tho Herman troops are
leaving China. Ho says he could not
move one without Instructions from
Herllti. and that these have not been
Tien Twin. Fob. 1.". It is asserted
here that tho real reason for the dead
lock In Pekln Is a difference of opin
ion between the foreign envoys and
tho military mtthoiltles. tho former
favoring u withdrawal of the troops
to Tien TkIii and tho latter urging n,
fi.riMird movement.
It Is regnrded ns vcssible that a
certain power may" advance Independ
ently should the deadlock continue.
Steamship Arrivals.
Ily llxilusim Wire from Tho Associated l'it.
Sen York, Keb. Ift. Arilvnl; Sardinian,
(ll,.iTow. lliaicd: KiUuin Mail.i Tlu-rc!a,
lleiious I'mbrla, I.berpool; I'oMain, Hotlir
dam, i la lloulognc. Failed: Koenlgen Louise,
llreiruii, U Southampton. Itotteidam Arrived!
Amsterdam, New York, tlenoa Arilvedi All
ClisU' Viilorlii, New York. Moille-fallcd:
lllhlopa, (ilai-uow fcr Xc Yoik. Iloulonr
Sailed! Phoenicia (from llamuurir), New YoiW.
(Jiuriistottii Aiiltrcili I.uiunhi, New York for
l.lerpool (und piocfHlul), l.Uard Passed! I.u
llretaniie, New Yelk for Havre,
Bonner Gets pecislon,
tly 'cxrhtslvfj Win from The Aivoclated Tress.
Yoiuuptimii, l).. l'eb, 15, Jaik Hornier, of
Philadelphia, ami llillv Hanrahan. fought twenty
round before tho Youniistowu Atldttio club to
iiliilil. lloiuiT ai the arcrcNtor tlirounhaut
und va iflun the decision.
Terrible Results Follow an Explo
sion at Victoria, Canada.
Explosion of Gas Ignites the Mine
nnd Destroys tho Shaft Sixty Men
In tho Mine at tho Time of the Ex
plosion, and Not One lias Escaped.
A Rescue Patty Hard at Work A
Hopeless Task.
Hy Inclusive Wire frcm 'flic Aworlaled Tick.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. Hi. A special to
the Post-Iutelllgenccr from Victoria,
AVhat Is feared will prove to be one
of the most horrible mine accidents In
the history not only of tho province
hut of the Dominion look place today
at the Union mines, owned by the
Welling Colliery company, of which
dames Duusmillr, the premier of the
province, Is the principal shareholder.
The telegraphic advices received so far
give no complete story of the accident,
but newspaper correspondents are now
hurrying by steamers and tugboats to
the scene, and tho full facts will noon
hi obtainable. As near as can be
gathered, tho explosion took pluce at
about 11 o'clock this morning In No. fi
shaft.- This small shaft is situated in
the village of Cumberland. There were
sixty men In it when the oxuloslon
took place and not one of them es
caped. The explosion Ignited the mine,
wrecking the shaft from midway down
to the bottom nnd filling It with a solid
mass of rocks, earth and timbers. Tho
first explosion was followed by several
more, while a dense volume of smoke
pouring from the vent holes Indicator,
that fire, as well as gas, was doing de
structive work below.
As soon ns possible after the accident
the men of the morning shift in No. 5
shaft organized a rescue party. Xo. 3
Ih situated about a mile from No. 6,
but the two workings are connected
by a tunnel and through this channel
an uttempt was made to help the un
fortunate fellows in the wrecked shaft.
xney nnu not cut their way many
yards through the debris when they
encountered lire, which rendered tho
place untenable and obliged the party
to desist.
The message came hack by tele
phone to the surface conveying the
heart-breaking news to the relatives
of the Imprisoned men, whose urging
was not necessary to Induce the relief
party to return to their apparently
hopeless task. Overcome tit last by
gas and smoke they reluctantly with
drew from No, 5 and commenced work
on a long cut from No. 4, the only
other means of reaching the men. Work
on this was prosecuted with the great
est vigor until abatement of the lire In
No, 0 enabled them to once more re
turn there.
The latest news Is somewhat en
couraging, it being stated that the
fans nre again working, that the cage
has been sent down IT." feet and is
still going down In No. 4 shaft.
Men in the Mine.
Of the sixty men imprisoned In tho
mines, the names of the following are
obtainable: Walker and two sons,
John White, Thomas herd, Robert
Steel, George Turnbull,
Many of the men are married nnd
have largo families.
Immediately upon receipt of the
news today nt the head office of the
Dtinsmulr company here a special
tiviiri was made nn anil iirnrn.sdml nr I
1:13 o'clock to Nanalno, Premier Duus
millr has not returned from Ottawa,
buiit his personal representative. A. L.
Lindsay, his son, Robert Dtinsmulr,
Mr. Little, the superintendent of the
mine and Inspector of Mints Morgan
left on this special. At Naimiino,
which was reached this evening, the
Dtinsmulr steamer Joan nwnlted them,
and on her they were to proceed sixty
miles by water to Union Day, the re
maining six miles by land to Cumber
land, to bo made on the Duusmillr
colliery railway.
Dr. Wnlkem, the colliery surgeon,
Joined the party of olllclals at Nuln
aluo, and will nccompany them to the
mine. Kven should the rescuing party
reach the Interior of the wrecked
workings tonight, there Is little hope
for any of lh men locked up In the
shaft. John Uryner, ex-member of
parliament, brother-in-law of the
premier, and ex-manager of a portion
of the Dunusniiilr mining business,
fold to the Posl-Intolllgencer tonight
that scarcely tiny hope could he held
out for the men. The only way In
which any of them could escape would
be by reaching some remote portion of
the workings, to which the fatal gases
un.l smoke could not penetrate. The
gas in a coal mine, ho Mild, did its
work in a few minutes. Hence tin
hoVelfSHiiess of the tank of saving
men who had been In h for hours.
The report of the Inspector mlnea
pronounced the shaft ns complying
with tho regulations governing coal
Suffocated by Natural Gas.
ny Inclusive Wire from The Associated Pre.
Canton, O., l'tb. 11. l.dward firiinm, local
inanaitrr of tho Clevelaiul Provision company, I
dead, and hi wife, two clilldrtn and hi wife'
sister are in a prernriou condition from suffo
cation. (Irlmni and bis wife had been III. When
the physician lulled this afternoon they found
the whole household pnsitialed, It Is supposed
natural if a cscacd fiom a leak and filled the
liousss (Irlmni uiiid heir, troui Youngstouii, O.
Protector to English Masons.
Dy Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
London, Feb. 15. tin I Amherst, presiding th!."
afternoon at a special meeting of the itrand
lodge of I'ne Masons, announced that King tab
ward will assume the title and position of pr)
tector of the KnglUh Tree Mason. The Duke
of Connsucht vras ucmln.'.ted for grand marker,
In tueccsilon to King Kdward. The election will
take (dice Martli 0.
,Wathor Indication Today,
1 (lenerat lllMier Hill ltrpotted Hack to the
House at ILrrlsl urc.
Kruger SVek Arbitration.
Sixty Miners Kntcmbed In a Victoria, Can
ada, Mine,
Stnatc DUciissr the .Shipping Hill,
2 Oncral-Caiboiulale Department,
3 Local Practical Tralnlm; for the Ynuntr.
4 IMitorlal,
Weekly Letter on Hunliipnl Affair,
Note and Comment,
5 Local Social and Peisonal.
Scientific Salad.
fl Local Alderman l.tntes Acquitted.
Lieutenant Ho veil on Hating; at West Point.
T Local-Ml llcdraw Lvoneiatrd,
Opinions of supeilor Court on Seranton
Local Wist Sit.inton ami Suburban. l'cnnsliniila New, und Commercial.
Albert laeiiivnt.
Loral -HcHirioii Neus of the Meek.
Sunday Sdiool tansini f"l Tomorrow.
l'J Will lniluMil.ll .Totting.
Pugilists and Their Managers An
nounce They Will Take No More
Chances on Exhibitions Un
less Piotected.
Py Ktchwbo Wire from The wor Piled IToj.
Cincinnati. Feb. !". Plans fur the
meeting of Jeffries and ltuhlln In the
ring here tonight were olllehtlly
auashed this afternoon following the
Injunction Issued yesterday. Managers
llrady and Madden drew the forfeit
! money from the Atlas National bank.
No time and place was even suggest
ed for n future meeting between the
Hoth mnnageis Issued a card an
nouncing their regret at the outcome of
the affair.
Brady and Jeffries announced their
willingness to give a benefit here for
the Saengerfest Athletic association
but no date was set. Hoth declared
they will never enter Into another
ngreement for a championship contest
without a guarantee for protection tin
der the law as well as financially.
Steps were taken this afternoon to
wind up the affairs of the Saengerfest
Athletic association and all prospect of
appeal from the decision of Judge llol
llster lias disappeared.
The ticket ofllce for (he event at
Straus' store, which had been open
since Janunry 23, was closed today, as
well ns the otllce of Manager Cook and
other promoters. About jno.OOO had
been taken In on tho sale of tickets,
nnd this will be refunded on the pres
entation of the tickets at the Atlas
National bank on and after next
Immediately after lie received the
forfeit money, Manager Hrady Issued
a statement In behalf of Jeffries, ltuh
lln. Madden and himself, expressing
thanks to the Saengerfest board of di
rectors for the manly and straightfor
ward treatment they had received
from the board and expressing sorrow
that the match arranged for tonight
could not be carried out. The state
ment concludes us follows: "In ac
knowledgement of my gratitude to the
Saengerfest directors, I take pleasure
hi offering to conduct an eiitertulii
ment for the purpose of reducing their
debt, said entertuinment to take place
nt the Music hall or any other nlnee
they may select, tiny evening or after
noon of the coming week- that they
may designate, and to start the good
I cause Mr, Jeffries anil myself take
I pleasure In paying $10 for a gallery
I .1..,... r ,.t.i ......'.. ....... ...... sr.. t..v
iiutsci iui emiw iiriiuinimii'. .,n . urn-
lies and his company In their play will
gladly appear as part of a monster
performance that 1 shall Immediately
start to arrange."
Tonight the Saengerfest Athletic as
sociation formally accepted the propo
sition of Manager Hradyand unnotinced
that "would be an auction sale of
seats for the benellt performance In the
chamber of commerce early next week.
General MacArthuFReports Another
Important Capture.
Ily Inclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Wushlngton, Feb. ir. News of an
other Important surrender In the Phil
ippine is contained In the following
dispatch received at the war depart
ment from General MiicArthur:
"Manila, Feb. Jli.
"Adjutant General, Washington: 112
rllles and 1,500 rounds of ammunition
surrendered at Itaganey, February 13,
mostly from supply secrot'-d In con
tiguous swamps. Tho Incident ii Im
portant and indicating a gte.C reac
tion favorable to the American inter
ests In region of Hulacan, heretoioee
one of tho worst in Luzon. The result
Is accomplished exclusively by long
continued, Intelligent nnd persistent
efforts of ofllcers ijt the Third United
.States Infantry.
"(Signed) MaeArthur."
S. E. Wilkinson Dead.
Ily Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Chkago, l'lb, Ifi. -A pilvato teUgrant ueeived
hero today 'announced ilio death in New Y'ork
city of S. 1'.. Wilkinson, former giaiidmasler of
tho lliollieihood of Hallway Tialnmen. He was
at tho held of thU mdir lor tleun car.
liming tho pil two .scar he had Iwen win
l.eelul wish the liuiuinration ml Ice at Hilt
bland, until tiaiisfened iieently to tho Interbr
dipartmriit a speiial laud agent,
Absolute Quiet nt Madrid.
Py Exclusive Wire from The Associated l'rrsa.
Madrid, l'tb. 1.1. Absolute quiet prevails. Th
situation It ameliorated. All the troop Late
been .withdrawn and tho censorship i less ilg
oroie', but no uference to tho disorder of the
past few da) I permitted to appear, TUd
ci Ills Is regarded aa postponed It not ended.
In an Interview in the Pall Malt
Maoazlnc He Asks tor Some'
One to Interlcre.
But Says That the Hands of tho
Boers Were Forced The Ex-Probl-dent
Bitterly Disappointed with.
His Recoption in Europe Grateful
for Bouquets but Cares Nothing
for Them Ho Only Wants a Fall
Hearing Tho Situation at Capo
Town Lord Methuen Gathering
Them In.
London, Feb. If., The Pall Mall Mag
azine, which will Issue February lx,
will contain an Interview with Mr.
Kruger in part as follows: "Will no
one arbitrate? will no one give us a
chance of defending ourselves? V
may have done wrongly; we have oil"1
faults and our weaknesses. We de
clared war. but our hands were forced,
nnd we can prove it. (let some one to
Judge between this England and our
selves. .
;"But the T.ord will help us. In the cud.
We shall win. I do nut know how or
when, but we shall win at hist."
Mr. Kruger says the Transvaal of
fered more reforms In one week than
an older country would make In forty
years, giving In on all points almost to
the uttermost hut that the uttermoat
was seized upon as a stumbling block.
lleferlng to his reception In Europe,
which has bitterly disappointed him.
Mr. Kruger said:
"I care nothing for flowers, nothing,
nothing. The people who send them
mean well and I am grateful, but I
care nothing for them. What I want
Is a fair heurlng. If they wdll only
give us a fair hearing and Justice, 1
ask for Justice. We are a little folk
but wo have made great steps."
His Mission.
When asked why lie came to Europe,
he said to tho intervlower:
"I could not go out with the com
mandoes ns Mr. Steyn can. I am too
old, but I may bo of some use here."
ltegardlng Mrs. Kruger ho said:
"I urn sorry for her, too. I have :i
deep sorrow for her, but I have far
more sorrow for my country. My wlfj
has her children. Six nre still wflh her.
They were left with her In her horn-.
Two -of my sons have died on the bat
tlefield, Two wero captured. I belleo
two more are dead also, as I have pot
heard from them for two months, and
I know they were In the thick of tho
light, Thirty-one sons und grandsona
I have In the Held yet I could not go on
commando. 1 have not heard from
my wife for sixteen days, but sho has
six children with her and she Is not to
be pitied.
Situation nt Cape Town.
Cape Town, Feb. lfi. For a mouth
Lord Methuen has been scout lug tho
count rv between Kuriimaii and the
Transvaal, bringing In women and
children, cattle and food, from all the
Fifty women nnd one hundred chil
dren, together with a few men, he has
sent to Vryburg. Oil one occasion,
while he was pursuing a commando,
the Hoers sent off their wagons In
charge of women and girls In one di
rection nnd went themselves In an
other. The women wero such expert
drivers that the Iiritlsh had consider
able dlfllculty In catching the convoy.
General Smlth-Donlen occupied Am
sterdam and Tnungs, February n,
J'olesburg, Feb. 14. Plumer's column
engaged De Wet, between Colesburg
and Phllllpstown. February lb", and
gradually pushed back the Ilocrs. Tho
Hrltlsh had a battery of field artillery
nnd the Hoers one llve-pounder. Tho
shrapnel burst spendldly. Ten of the
Hrltlsh were wounded during many
hours fighting. An occasional dead
llocr was found. The engagement Is
being continued today.
All the 11111108 nt Urassfontoin have
been arrested. There Is plenty of svl
denco that they were assisting thu
Services Over tho Remains Held in
the Servian Orthodox Church.
0y Inclusive Wire from The Associated Prea
Vienna, l'eb. 1.1. A memorial cnlcc over the
remain of tho lain King Milan, of Servla, who
died here Fib, 11, took phuc this afternoon at
the Sen Ian Orthodox; liiuich. The emperor, ev.
eral of the archdukes, the Servian minister, Ivn
ta Chrlitleli and many notabilities wire present.
Tin body iva atterwaid taken tn the railroad
station, tho emperor and archduke followins
the hiarw on foot. The cofrin was taken by way
of Cailowitr. tr. Kuuelieitol, near llelgrado. fn
torment vlll tako placo tomouow afternoon
at 1 o'doik.
fly Kxrlualta Wire from The tsmclated Tress.
Craw fordsi Hie, lnd 1'ib. 15.-Maurice Thomrx
son, author of "Alice of Old Vicennes," whlili
will bo ilr.iiuatlcd lor next season, died thU
turning nt it. o'tloik, after a lingering Hints.
He um oio of the best known lltirary char
noUm of the count ly. Mr. Thompson vru uoi
In ralrtleld, bid., Sept. 0, ISil.
Negro Hanged.
Ily Exclusive Who (roui Tho Associated l'ress.
Charleston, l'ib. 13. (leorgo Thomas, a negro,
was lunged at Hcjuforl loday for assaulting and
murdering Mr, piiiikeih, of Saiunuali, nearly
ytir ago.
Washington, l'tb, 1,1, I'nrrctit ',1r s,,t'
unhit and Surdayi lasteiu l'inns.ivanl.i -i-
- Kulr s.itiuday and Sunday) fnslj west
to ii'irlliwVal wind.
ttt-fttttttttt tttt-!